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Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course B)

teacher avatar Winkie Wong, Chinese Mandarin Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course Introduction: Chinese Intermediate 2B


    • 2.

      11.1 Introduction of ‘把bǎ’


    • 3.

      11.2 Borrow a book at the library


    • 4.

      11.3 Use of words ‘end’ and ‘forget’


    • 5.

      11.4 Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner


    • 6.

      11.5 Let’s drink some beer


    • 7.

      11.6 I’m used to using computers


    • 8.

      11.7 Additional words - L11


    • 9.

      12.1 Introduction of ‘才cái’ - Emphasise Lateness


    • 10.

      12.2 Introduction of ‘才cái’ II - 1) only when.. would then, 2) only, 3) rebut


    • 11.

      12.3 Introduction of ‘才cái’ III - because of... that's why...


    • 12.

      12.4 The Manager got angry


    • 13.

      12.5 Coming back not until a week later


    • 14.

      12.6 How come you only came now?


    • 15.

      12.7 Things need to bring


    • 16.

      12.8 Additional word - L12


    • 17.

      Listening & speaking L11 12


    • 18.

      13.1 You’re finally back!


    • 19.

      13.2 ‘一边...一边...’


    • 20.

      13.3 I encountered an old friend


    • 21.

      13.4 ‘Willing to’, ‘Should, ‘life’


    • 22.

      13.5 Eat and watch at the same time


    • 23.

      13.6 He’s dead tired!


    • 24.

      13.7 non action verbs-下來/下去/起來/出来


    • 25.

      13.8 Additional words - L13


    • 26.

      14.1 ‘And then’


    • 27.

      14.2 How come you're not cleaning the room?


    • 28.

      14.3 Watching TV programme


    • 29.

      14.4 ‘像...一样’


    • 30.

      14.5 Tell a story


    • 31.

      14.6 It’s very simple


    • 32.

      14.7 Additional words- L14


    • 33.

      Listening & speaking L13 14


    • 34.

      15.1 ‘除了...(以外)...都/还/也...’


    • 35.

      15.2 ‘enhance’, ‘complete’, ‘other’


    • 36.

      15.3 stay at home


    • 37.

      15.4 not much problem


    • 38.

      15.5 I’ll explain the requirements


    • 39.

      15.6 He’s extremely satisfied


    • 40.

      15.7 各 = each, every


    • 41.

      15.8 Hosting beer festival


    • 42.

      16.1 如果...的话, 就


    • 43.

      16.2 adjective-得-information


    • 44.

      16.3 I’m too tired that I want to sleep right after work


    • 45.

      16.4 adjective-adjective-的


    • 46.

      16.5 Your daughter looks chubby


    • 47.

      16.6 It doesn’t have much use


    • 48.

      16.7 The relationship between people


    • 49.

      16.8 Additional words- L16


    • 50.

      Listening & speaking L15 16


    • 51.

      17.1 Can I apply for leave?


    • 52.

      17.2 He has many hobbies


    • 53.

      17.3 Flexibly use of ‘Question words’


    • 54.

      17.4 Anyone can cure your sickness


    • 55.

      17.5 ‘According to’, ‘situation’, ‘generally speaking’, ‘sentence’


    • 56.

      17.6 Everybody can understand this phrase


    • 57.

      17.7 Additional words - L17


    • 58.

      18.1 Intro of 向


    • 59.

      18.2 只要...就/也/都,只有...才


    • 60.

      18.3 I want to borrow money from you


    • 61.

      18.4 This period of time


    • 62.

      18.5 不但...而且...


    • 63.

      18.6 贵-company/person


    • 64.

      18.7 adjective-ly


    • 65.

      18.8 Each culture has its own specialty


    • 66.

      Listening & speaking L17 18


    • 67.

      19.1 看上去,看起来,听上去, 听起来


    • 68.

      19.2 I also recalled it


    • 69.

      19.3 What I like is...


    • 70.

      19.4 What he wears is sports clothes


    • 71.

      19.5 He copies how birds sound


    • 72.

      19.6 使,让,叫


    • 73.

      19.7 I sat on the boat


    • 74.

      19.8 Additional words- L19


    • 75.

      20.1 Introduction of ‘被bèi’


    • 76.

      20.2 差不多


    • 77.

      20.3 Don’t be sad


    • 78.

      20.4 Start caring about P.E.


    • 79.

      20.8 When truly do things


    • 80.

      20.5 How to distinguish it? How to divide it?


    • 81.

      20.6 What other identical points do you guys have?


    • 82.

      20.7 ‘Have to’, ‘how’


    • 83.

      Listening & speaking L19 20


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About This Class

“Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course B)” is tailored for non Chinese speakers who are at beginner level and are ready to progress to Intermediate level. “Chinese Intermediate 1 Course” fThe full course is composed of Course A (lesson 1-10) and Course B (lesson 11-20).

Composed of 10 lessons / 82 videos, all lessons in "Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course B)" would include a set downloadable lecture notes, which cover the entire lesson’s content, a set of practice exercises. Regarding the practice exercises, they include speaking questions, reading comprehensions, short passage writing opportunities, and more. Additionally, supplementary interactive online study sets are provided, and each set would contain audio flashcards, quizzes, games, etc. Moreover, Chinese characters worksheets are attached, assisting you to learn and recognise characters by practicing writing them, which would enhance your reading ability as well.

Apart from education videos, Speaking & Listening practice videos are also arranged every two lessons. They provide more interaction between students and the instructor, as students are expected to listen to questions from the instructor, and answer by themselves. This also further hone their listening and speaking skills.

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, with most content animated. It aims to provokes your interests and enhance engagement in lessons, while allowing you to learn more enjoyably and effectively.

What to expect upon completion?

  • Over 150 Vocabulary
  • Cover lesson 11-20 (50%) of Intermediate 1
  • Hold a short conversation
  • Build more complex sentences
  • Essential grammar

What's included in each lesson?

  • Downloadable lecture notes
  • Downloadable exercises
  • Downloadable Chinese characters worksheets
  • Online interactive study sets (including audio flashcards, quizzes, and games)
  • A full vocabulary list

How's the course designed?

  • 10 lessons, with 82 sessions (6 hours in total)

How to study?

  • suggested to study with Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Standard Course Textbook 3 & Workbook
  • suggested to respond with 2 or more sentences for each Speaking questions or topics

You've come to the right course if you are either...

  • reach entry intermediate level
  • have completed the remaining 50% of Chinese Intermediate I
  • know around 450 vocabulary
  • are at intermediate level and would like to consolidate their knowledge

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winkie Wong

Chinese Mandarin Instructor

Level: Intermediate

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1. Course Introduction: Chinese Intermediate 2B: Yeah ha, they're happy to see all here again and welcome to a new Chinese intermediate course. You may already know my name is Twinkie and based in UK and our delivery Chinese classes to students there. Because of the passion for teaching, I started putting courses online so that students from other countries can enjoy lessons with me as well. Regarding Chinese intermediate one course, we cover things in entry intermediate level. And it's composed by two courses, a and B. And here we are in course. For each lesson package, it would include a set of downloadable lesson notes, practices, and a false vocabulary list for the course. As we know, efficient is very important. So in addition, we will provide online study sets which are engaging and tailored for the course. And the study said would include audio flashcards, some interactive, online quizzes, etc. Also, if we find some additional YouTube resources, such as songs, stories that fit the lesson, we are going to include that as well for your reference. Our course basically cover everything in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. But we focus so much on communication because we hope that one day you could successfully communicate with Chinese people. So if you're at roughly intermediate level and once a progress the upper intermediate, or you have completed our Chinese intermediate one level. This is the right course for you. Sign up today and I hope to see you in class. 2. 11.1 Introduction of ‘把bǎ’: That, yeah, ha, demons and the young. Very happy to see all again. And this is lesson, in lesson 11. We are going to introduce a very important word, which is, let's see this word, bat. We have land. It could be used as a measure word for objects with a handle, for example, umbrella. But today we're going to learn how to use it as a initiate word. Bat. Bad. How bad is going to make an initiate? What? Generally, you would say a person ban phase, followed by verbs of result completion. Therefore, it indicates that the person get or half something done, which kind of represent the Get or half word. Also, because you want to say you're a half, something done. You would need to say the verbs a result completion in the sentence. Oppositely, if you want to say the negative form, you will go. Person may be the thing followed by verbs, a result completion. And that indicates that you haven't get or have something done. So in what situations you wouldn't use back more than other normal sentences? Actually, you tend to use when you want to emphasize that you initiate something to be done. Sample, instead of saying you finish the homework, you use fat when you want to say you have the homework completed. Therefore, it shows that you're more Initiating to have something done. Let's put the structure into practice. I have your clothes washed. War II, the uvula law. He has the homework revised habits or year for sila. Younger sister has the milk finished? Mei, Mei Ban new neck when mom has the meal, coke, mama bat head. Three more examples. I didn't have a school bag brought back home. Or maybe I didn't have the cake finished. Wall MI bad, then go through one. I didn't get the newspaper finished. War maybe about drew. 3. 11.2 Borrow a book at the library: Today's topic is borrow a book in the library. The first way we need to learn is library tool for Guanyin. In fact, you may already know. Means patriarchy means buck, while refers an indoor place. Therefore, library as in tool Shu Guan makes total sense. Guan. Guan. Our next word is CA. And very interestingly, it could mean borrow or lend at the same time as a verb. Ca. Ca. May think when TA can mean both borrow and lend, it could be quite confusing, isn't it? However, it's not that confusing. Because when you see a person things, we just mean you land that person things. However, when you say you an object or things, it means that you borrow that objects or things. Let's see some examples. For as embargo. Was young had sila darts Shen. I borrowed some money from him. And a literal translation is I to watch him borrowed some money. Because it's towards, therefore, this is mean. One more example. Torsional CFU. I go to the library to borrow books. However, for it, as inland. Can you lend me that dress? Lend it to you with the day and make it more clear it to you for you. But of course, without gay is the Make sense. Now that we have borrow and lend how to say return. Happy, notice this character. It has two pronunciations. When it is returned. We pronounced one when it means still. Say, hi. Juan. Let's see examples. What Batson, when I return you the umbrella, you can even say, return it to you. While the gay make it more clear, it's for you to you. Next. Dictionary in fact, means word terms. Next, which means light or in land. Turn off or close. And the character looks like it's closing as well. We're Shinto law. I'll go first. Geometry. Very soon. Where do I have to go to the library to borrow a book? Helped me to also get these dictionaries returned. Ha, ha, ha. Okay. When you leave the classroom later, remember to turn off the lights. How the fancy just relieve. Let's see the dialogues. You see it's 38. Yes. It is actually using the structure a, bat B, followed by verbs or result completion. It shows from water bath just yet. Let's see another dialogue. How Dung you need the KDEL through the Shrew hall. While in LA. Again, it is using a bat B verbs and resell completion. And it shows from bad. In fact, ni is a hidden word before the whole phrase. So it is actually say, you get lights to be turned off. Within the sentence, Dung, you may be something new to you. Dung means wait quite a while. So the whole phrase would mean a while later. You can say, for example, water through culture. I'll go to the supermarket a while later. What do I write the byte awhile later. 4. 11.3 Use of words ‘end’ and ‘forget’: Welcome back. This lesson is going to be quite easy. And we're going to just learn 21. And forget. Let's try with, and it could be a verb or a noun. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Now that we know is, and you may ask, there is a very similar meaning to and which is finish one. So what's the difference between the two? In fact, she would sound more official. For example, time's up. The exam is our company cooperation is there SIO2? Yet when and tissue can still be interchanged, often. One more difference. One has the application of verb when, which shows so verbs and resell completion, however, cannot do it. For example, when it's finished watching. So when it's finished doing. The final word is forget. One C. In fact, one on its own already means forget. And C, which means seed to remember. So the sum of it suggests forget to remember. So you can always consider one as a short form of Wang. See. As we have said, one is a short form, which means forget as well. Let's see examples. What Cynthia one, hola. I forgot to bring the map today. Wall bad password, the Juan de la. I totally forgot what he said. Dad, one and C4, C2. A younger brother forgets who revise homework. 5. 11.4 Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioner: Hi guys. This is lesson 14. Don't forget to turn off the air conditioning. Let's start with the first word, meeting or a conference. In fact, if you want to say Has meeting, we often just say, which way is from. You can imagine you open or start a meeting. That's why when you conduct a half a meeting, it's chi for example. Jimmy for woman who didn't care. Manager says, we'll have meeting at 01:00 PM. Knew what air conditioner. In fact, home is the word from coal, which means air. It actually means a Jess. Therefore it's adjusting the air. Zhao. Zhao next underground. As you know, it means ground and TA actually means steel. So it is like an underground metal. B12 Cong Cao who hadn't gone law. After the meeting. Don't forget to turn off the air conditioner in lines. How once in your life? Sure. Manager while made a call around 20 clock. Then the pie eating palpating llama. He already arrived to Beijing, China. Yes. He's taking the underground to accompany right now. How to counsel? Okay. Let me know. Wait till he's arrived. Let's see what happened in the dialogue. How the 12 unique than DMSO, your Laila one. Let's introduce when you say number followed by Saw Your, it actually means around or approximately that number. Therefore, non-GMO soy means around 200 clog. More example. Ywca seemed Kitoi around one week. Around next year. Great. In the dialogue. Means came got a call. Therefore, the whole sentence implies had an incoming call. Finally, true the drones or deep yet live woman goals sooner. Jiang saw. It is a short form with Jiang Zai. So a DTA. Therefore, it still means at the moment, taking the underground. 6. 11.5 Let’s drink some beer: Good afternoon. Our topic for today is, let's drink some beer. Let's start with the word, a pair of, which is a measure word. Sure. By looking at the character is like doubling the same character. Let's see how to use Shuang. A pair of chopsticks. Guanyin, a pair of eyes. Show. Next. P 200. For your information, Seo means wine or alcohol. She GO TO bottle. Peels. Pions are high, or one to one pair of chopsticks are still missing. I will quickly get it. So much. Gentlemen. How come you've made such many dishes today? It's your dad's birthday today. By the Shanghai. Oh, yes. I almost forgot dad's birthday. Semi Yang. So let's drink some beer today. How is it? The doctor said your dad can't even drink a mouthful of alcohol. By Joe Fountain. Family can quickly get the alcohol put into the room. Don't let him see the wine bottle. Okay, let's see what happens in the dialogues are high. What we have learned a means differ by. So Zhuang, quite literal meaning is differ by pair of chopsticks. Hence, a pair of chopsticks missing. For the dialog. Watch. One law for the literal meaning is differ by a little. Hence, it actually means nearly or almost. For example, while I almost got late. Separately within the same sentence. For it actually is an expression word which is like, Oh, great, Let's see another sentence. For me. Call. We know it means mouth. And in fact, we can use it as a measure word to mean mouthful. So coach you all a mouthful of alcohol. And final sentence. Quite bad. Your funds in fondly, for a farm. Actually a could be the short form for Fung CAN or funds. And obviously in this situation, we are referring to Fung Tien, which means room. 7. 11.6 I’m used to using computers: Good morning everybody. Our new topic for today is, I'm used to using computers. Let's start with the first word. It means notes. Because b means pen and C is two, remember? So it's a node set, you write down B. B. What about B? It means notebook, because is a measure word for both. Be. With knowledge. Now can predict that. It means notebook for a computed indicating laptop. Next, your email, electronic mail. And the short form for email is the end yo yo, yo. So how about traditional letter? Scene? Final word for today? See, it has a couple of meanings, but all of them are related. First, habit, second, the verb as in use two, or accustomed to. See example, sequent as inhabit. Neo Mayo. How the CC, Do you have a good learning habit? Sequence as in use two nice sequence Auschwitz out cima are used to sleeping early and wake up early. Drug. Vietnam War. Hope. Yo. Yo was young bad law. Since I won t d, t and t ocher that idea now, yo tn, tn, tn, tour I may Allah. Woman. Great. Now let's discuss about the first paragraph for PNG, Douala. If you remember, when we say adjective followed by two, it means much adjective. Therefore, need to Allah means much cheaper. Second paragraph. For GM. Sure. It means first thing. In fact, CN, which is a measure word meaning a piece of is also the measure word for matters. Sure. Or shrinks hill. What about that? Some back hi again. Now, that hit means open. So that high of turns referring to push open. Third paragraph from the last sentence. Didn't know Lai soon see, we have learned means come. But the new function is a means to followed by, achieve something other than lie, to, which we learned to mean SCO can also have the same function as in to achieve something. Let's see an example. For a lie or two, as in to achieve something. One night European TO lie or two. Song Gay, bad. I buy this bottle of wine to give it to my dad. At the end or two. I buy this dictionary to learn English. Blucher shuiguo, lie or wrong. You have to eat more food to make you more healthy air. Great. Getting back to the last paragraph. Now, ETL terrane may allah, woman send a bang. We have learned a new way to interpret as in whichever. So, whichever day. The law in the sentence actually refers to the change of state. Therefore, male law, meaning no computer anymore. 8. 11.7 Additional words - L11: This is the last session for this lesson. We are going to see some additional ways. We know means word is dictionary. When we combine the two to form, it actually still means dictionary. Next, you in DOM sports, we know it means meeting. And when we combine the two forming way, it's sports events. Last one is to start meeting. Combining the two, for me means conduct meeting or half meeting, which we have learned before. 9. 12.1 Introduction of ‘才cái’ - Emphasise Lateness: Yeah, Hi, My Lai Dao. See me. Hello everybody. Welcome to our new lesson. Today we're going to talk about very important thing. It's the introduction of the word. Let's see the meaning for its high. It is supporting word and it's got so many functions. Firstly, it is say, supporting what to emphasize, lateness or the difficulty in the sentence. So the meaning is similar to not until second application. You use it as in width then. But previously, you would say only when a circumstance happens. Another circumstance would then happen. The third function, it access only, and normally it will be followed by a quantity. Last but not least, it adds emphasis. And often you will use it when you're doing the. But. Finally, tie can be similar to that y, where a is the structure would be like because of a cause. That's why or tie lead to something happening. K. And today we're going to focus on ties. First function, which is the emphasised lateness or a difficulty with meaning similar to not entail. In fact, This function of time is an opposite of seal. If you remember TO. It emphasized earliness, smoothness, easiness to do something which the meaning is similar to as soon as or immediately. So how you put tie in the sentence is base equate the same as how you could still. First, you can put it after a time expression. Second structure, you can start with an activity, one, followed by a tie and followed by another activity too. Which suggests that you would only do activity to not until you finish with activity one. Let's start with some examples. Knees, sag is in T tech house. Boy own tagged out C. Do not have exam until next week. No need to be anxious. Century CE, the Shrew Hall tag drought out. The Fenchel saw. My mom found her first job as late as she was 30. Wall. Either band sulfur is high dollar. I spend 1.5 hour to arrive to the airport. So with the tie, it emphasized the 1.5 hour is really long. Knee away from our drama. Want highlight out. Why you only came to the cinema that late. Le cafe, take high frugal and thaw. I start working only after I've drunk coffee. Don't you? Wait, woman tied to a kinda yo we go wash me the weight hill, you're back home. Need for C1 high. Clearly one can know yo see, only after you have finished revising, you can then play the computer games. 10. 12.2 Introduction of ‘才cái’ II - 1) only when.. would then, 2) only, 3) rebut: Following our last lesson, we are going to continue with more applications for high word. In this lesson. Let's see the second function of time as a meaning would then. While priority that you would normally say only awareness situation happens, that high lead to another thing happening. Therefore, the whole sentence structure is like situation and then high, and then cause a desired situation. And yes, Usually the second situation that caused a desired or positive one. Let's see how we do it. Lao Shu schwa seal, tight seal. It would then be okay. Only when the teacher said so Jiangxi its height doorway. For this character. It would then be correct. When you write this way. Final example, you can use it for a question. Ultimately. Tannen Rawlsian theory, Kantian, calm mom, what do I have to do to make my body even healthier? Hand? Ha, let's move on to the third function of tie, which simply means only. However, normally it's followed by quantity. Therefore, it basically indicates only a small number, short-time, young age, little amount, etc. It actually can be interchanged with either true or true shirt. As we learned, drew is only had he only started work for two weeks. Needs highlighting you so much drama quiet to your leak Hannah. You've only come for a short while. How hmm, you're leaving so fast, so early. Judge, how chins quite yen. This dress is only 50 Renminbi, just buy it. Finally, let's see. Less function for today, which is to add emphasis to the sentence. And usually you wouldn't be doing it when you rebut. And the emphasis you're putting would be the statement after TY. So let's say examples. Maybe someone has said you're not smart. And so you would say need titled, told me You're the one who's not smart. Maybe someone has assumed that you're interested in something. And so you are saying, I'm not interested, which contradicts to what the other person thought. Or maybe somebody is trying to smile and tells you how you should do things. At this point, you would say need Bobo doll, trans had hostname. You completely don't understand. It's good this way. 11. 12.3 Introduction of ‘才cái’ III - because of... that's why...: Finally, finally, we're going to end the discussion about tie. In this session. We have mentioned there are many different functions and applications for the word tae. And we're going talk about the last function this time. Which access? That's why. But it has to be used in this structure because of something. That's why something happens. Therefore, the note for you is that you would say because of a cause, hi, and then cause an outcome. Example. Silver Youwei, new Bernoulli foresee susie is just because you don't pay effort to revise your studies therefore, are this bad way ne ha, the bush. It's because the teacher has your best interests. Therefore, it would say your mistakes. For your information, neat that it actually can mean your mistakes, what you did wrong, and white points, you're not good enough, et cetera. Finally, anyway, what? Auschwitz? Because I'm tired, therefore, I sleep early. 12. 12.4 The Manager got angry: Let's start a new lesson. The topic is the manager, he got angry. Great. Let's start with the first word. The Sun. Yang. Yang Yang. How to say angry or got angry? Shang t t t. In fact, there are different ways to use Sheng see. As an angry. For example, boys, don't be angry with me. Sean law was that she she got angry with me. Tom, CBN cooler, llama. What has gone wrong today? Semi law. Whatsapp needs traumas out. So yeah. How come you are going to sleep this early? Halfway Zhao? You would only sleep after 12 O'clock previously. Warming Jian to your dogs, Lola. I'll have to arrive to the company by eight o'clock tomorrow. Your Sherman. Is there anything Jin Li Zhang, Sheila polygons or war? The manager got angry. He told me the whole JOB, a Laila, I don't arrive by tomorrow, just don't come anymore in future. They can ha, let's see what happens in the dialogues. Seen. Tnt Haiyan, tone, CBN cooler llama. The literal translation is the sun came out from the West today. In fact, it is a stochastic metaphor, implying that is the world changed as there's no way the sun is coming out from the West. Next dialog holds halfway Jiao. The literal translation is previously totally have to sleep after 12. And with its high here, it is indicating for after 12 O'clock, it's really late. So you're emphasizing the lateness of sleeping after 12. 13. 12.5 Coming back not until a week later: Today we're going talk about coming back not until a week later. Let's see the first word, luggage. Next word, the box and often is just not a small box but a bigger one. So Yang Xiang Xiang. And now with the previous two words combined together, for me, it would mean suitcase. Xiang. Xiang. Final y for today, bags. Does beg sound like Bao? Bao. Bao. Why do you mean kinda AF AG? I have to go work abroad with managers. Oh, it's tomorrow's flight. Now what you do for fun taus. Then I'll help you put the clothes into the suitcase later. Shall mature. When they're you coming back? I'll come back in just one week. He holds hair. Coming back not until a week later. To talk with hostility. Yes. You have to take care of yourself. Well, how about Xiang Gei Wo bei, how true the sign? Then? Don't forget to first prepare food and drinks for me. What don't you heard about the job Here? Santi me the Bali. Get my photo, put into your bag very soon. Fade. Let's see what happened in dialogues. First one, boy alkyne protein me to weigh the bank should mean kinda fade c, y, d. Y means outside. D means place. So together, it's like foreign places or abroad. For the sentence. Who? For CTE hall, way lie. What happens with a tie? As it follows a time expression. Therefore, the function of it is to emphasize the one week later as in being really late. So emphasized lateness. Next, dialogue. City will house. For me outside da drug will halt. See, there are two. It actually suggests you have to buy yourself. Take good care of yourself. This guy's a little bit long winded and Senate. Moving on. How about not be a one-line Xiang Gei Wo a trip bear how true that Posada. Let's talk about that in the sentence and make it one law for God. In this situation, it has the function of being a verb, a result completion. So V01 law suggests that don't have something before we go on to be done. Is it clear within the sentence? What is it? In fact, there's hidden word. It implies a true the stuff. The stuff. However, it's very obvious that we're told me about the things that we eat and the things that we drink. Therefore, the stuff word is just hidden. And just means the food and drinks. 14. 12.6 How come you only came now?: Welcome back. My new. Today the topic is, how come you only came now, let's see, the first word to discover. Can. For your information. For this character is often related to something. Eggs glowed, like fast shot, which is half fever. So it's kind of exploiting the heat. And for fast shin, it's something appearing suddenly your face. So exploding. Next word, passport, job, job. Take off. As you may know, a means up, say as you know it means fly. So inside you fly. So the last word, driver, needs a much higher lie. How come you've only come now? The booty, Georjean Lee, I'm sorry, manager Joe Andalusia was hyphens here one day. I realized I forgot to bring my passport. Not until when I was on my way to the airport area. The plane has to take off soon. The booty. Cindy, your Shama. I'm sorry, manager. Do you have money? Concisely you onwards when the drivers and me to the airport just now was hyphens here one. Not until then I discovered I forgot to bring my wireless. Or can we have your back? We don't see dolphins. I worked. I think you'd better put all the important things here with me. Let's see in the dialogues, needs a much highlight. Why the translation is, how come you've only come now. In fact, there's a hint word which is neat. So it tells you why there is a, now what in the translation. It's a mutual understanding that we all know we're talking about now as an, at this moment while the sentence want to focus the lateness. Therefore, the word CAN say now can be eliminated. In the sentence. What's the function? For high? It actually emphasized the lateness as the time now is very late already. Moving on. Let's see. Like cecum that Lu Shang was high fascia one day who draw law. In respect of Thai. What's its function? Electrons in size and lateness. Because by the time when he's on the way to the airport, it's already late. Great. Next dialog. Guns, ICT by wars Song Tao Te calendar, sure Hall, wards, high fascia once he takes him bola. This tie again emphasize and lateness. Because the time when the drivers sent him to the airport, it is already laid. So it suggests that not unseal then not until that time. He discovered he forgot to bring his wallet. The last dialogue, While Mihai through by Julia, don't see dolphins. I want jar for water. Can. The literal translation means I see. In fact, it suggests that from my point of view regarding high shoot within the sentence. And so reminder, it means you had better. 15. 12.7 Things need to bring: Welcome to the new lesson. The topic for today is things need to brain. We'll start with the first word. First, it means draw as a verb. And second it means the drawing or a picture as a noun. Dry picture is. Let's see the second word. You may ask, what's the fence between? And ya'll, don't. They both mean like half to or need to. In fact, you would use when you want to emphasize the need of doing something or you're in need of certain thing. Final word for today. Blackboard. Hey ban. As you know, hey means black band actually means board. Hey, hey ban. Was sure, eager to allow Tiao situation. Do way baskets. Don't see CSI, Hey bank from then made so Xiang kosher. So one law, be war yo darshan, way Pam and may die 10 way Tannen male. How the Swiss C. C. Very good. Let's take a look at the first paragraph. From the last few words. What's the meaning of it? For the first plan, it means draw as a verb. And the second one is a noun as in picture, why it is followed by r at the end. In fact, the northern Chinese practice is to add the R After the picture. Therefore, it becomes. Finally, let's see the second paragraph. For the song. It actually is, is a short form of so it means all the time. 16. 12.8 Additional word - L12: Lehman HA, here is the last session from this lesson. And we're going to learn some additional words formed by some old weds. We know means money. Bow means bag. If we combine them together, it would become ball, which means wallet. 10 ball, 10 Baal. Next, job means mail box. If we combine them together, they will become yo. Which means mailbox. Yo Xiang. Yu. Xiang. With that said, Joseon would means email inbox. 17. Listening & speaking L11 12: Make that goal more sequence to make it go more sequence to watch had R1. See that. Cannot watch, had R12 that be cheap and cannot love. Nice, nice. Century. So it's hiker century. So it's hiker. Fancy award, assume. Fancier word assume. Needs a melodrama. One's head out what the shoulder needs and what they're showing here. 18. 13.1 You’re finally back!: Welcome to our new lesson. You are finally back. Let's start with the first word, which is finally. And we would say, and usually you would use Django as finally, when finally some thing is achieved. For example, Joan, Good. Finally, the lessons finished job. Finally, the exam is over. Finally, Joan, I get promoted. Let's see our second word. Gift. Something that everyone wants to receive. The wall. So you're finally bag. Where did you buy bags? So much stuff. It's all bought from the shop nearby our house. Shape. How come you're still buying red wine home? Who is drinking yet? To show you again, this is the gift for grams. Let's go over to give him tomorrow and visit grandpa and grandma. So how about my quickly to get out and let me see. Am I not back already? 19. 13.2 ‘一边...一边...’ : Neiman, fellow students. Good morning. Today we're going to learn something new if the structure called EPS. Eps, Let's see the word E, bn. It literally is translated to one side. However, today we're going to learn the structure E bn, bn, which is to express, you're doing one thing and at the same time doing another thing. Let me repeat that again. E bn literally means one side. So you can consider EPA then EPA in this structure as in one side doing something while on the other side doing another thing. Vpn. Vpn. Great. Let's see how we use the structure. Cbn. Cbn. Normally we would do E, bn, the first verb, followed by the second verb, which is to express, you're doing first verb, while at the same time doing the second verb. Is it pretty straightforward? Now let's see some examples. Why EPA and candy ensure EPA and out. Yeah. Do you like to watch TV? And at the same time chatting on the phone, tablet or VPN Franca EBI. Why should see? He always plays with his mobile phone at the same time having lesson VB and conquer, IPN Tao Qian, how can she sings and dances? At the same time? It's really good to watch. The, remember the below structure. First bug job, and then second thought, which means you're doing the second verb while doing the first verb. In fact, it is very similar to our structure this time. Ebm. Ebm. However, just that EPA, EPA and structure. It has to kind of emphasizing two activities, E coli happening at the same time. While the below structure is more like you are doing the second verb. While it also happens that you are doing the first book. So there's just a little bit of difference. 20. 13.3 I encountered an old friend: Hello, welcome back. This lesson's topic is, I encountered an old friend. So let's start with the word encounter. You doll. In fact, tau is originally a verbs, a result completion that's saying you actually, or a success, we bump into someone. You apart from youth Dao. You can even say as encounter. This situation is just similarity. Kantian, Tin, Tin, et cetera. Cn. Cn. Next word for today. The past. Or two. We have learned that goal. And two can be combined together to form verbs. A result, completion, meaning go over it too. However, this time, the water together as a combination, it has a new meaning, which is the past. Well, it's Indian cell wall candy, a nice cafe. I saw you and a woman enter the coffee shop this afternoon. Who is she? Harsher working without ego allow? She's an old classmate that we made on the street today. We're eating shinier law. We already knew for ten years. You guys went drink coffee together. They are after EBM who had cafe EBL geology and cocci dashes here? Yes, we drink coffee and at the same time chatted about the past. Shear schwa. You came back this late. Is it that you have talked a lot about the past? Bushy CUA may often gone C2 law. No, it's because there was no bus anymore. She told me later. I came back on foot. They can't ha let's discuss a little bit about the dialogues for what seemed he and south wall Keynesian knee has seen a cafe. Yet. What is nu? Nu? That is basically from the word new yen. So newdata is the female. So new the addressing a woman is a short form. This way it would sound more casual and sometimes it would sound a little bit less respectful. So you had used this word to address somebody you don't know? With that said with air for a mean, the male. Very good. Let's see the next dialog. Tasha awards in Tiantai Lu Zhang Lao Shu. The literal meaning is old classmates. So really means old classmate. You can even apply this to other things like loud d Phi, old place. For example, let's meet at our loud HA, Sega. Great. Next one. The Manchu cafe le. This shoe in this situation means immediately. So it kind of suggests that. So after you guys met, you, seal or immediately drank coffee together. Final dialogue. Ni, drama one. Sure, sure. Law handoff to the Shema. For German is actually using the adjective structure, which we learned to knee chest K2. So it literally means returning this late. 21. 13.4 ‘Willing to’, ‘Should, ‘life’: Hello guys. In this lesson, we're going to learn a few words which is willing to shoot and life will start with, should you? To use? There is a couple of situations that would use it. First, you would use it in a command or a stating the fact. Second, you can use it when you're uncertain. So your suggests they should be that or I suppose, or probably that. So for situations when you're not exactly sure, you can use guy as in, it's supposed to. I suppose that it should be et cetra. Very good. Let's see some examples about using AI. In the first function, which is in the command or stating the fact SRE law, you should go to sleep now. Or CNC, a guy out, so I should get going now. Fe Trail, ha, let's see how we would use, even when we're not certain about things. Using guy as in should be that, or I suppose tagging guidebook. I think you won't like me. So literally the person is saying, key, shoot, not like me. Next one had drama, mom, mean, he's so busy. He probably won't becoming tomorrow, right? For this matter. He probably don't know it. Jug a BSA for this competition. He should be joining too. Now let's see the new wet, which means live or living. And this word can be both a verb and a noun. Xiang call Shang hall. Hall. So Sheng Hall as in lift or living as a word, illustrates moments within your life. Example. How to avoid Jan. Neither shown Ha Ha, Long time, no. See how's your life or how's your living time and Ben to you or hurt that they move to live in the UK. How final word for today? Willing to look at both characters. They both have the radical part. Therefore, it's related to your will. You Ng Yi, Yi. Examples or warmer. Are you willing to live in the South with me? Had its assume? He said he's willing to lend me his bike. 22. 13.5 Eat and watch at the same time: They're happy we're moving to a new lesson. Eat and watch at the same time. Very good. At start with the first word. It means in general or generally. Ban. For example, generally my neck rarely hertz. What the boards. Wei Tang, Yi Ben. Ben knew what. Get up. Look at the picture. It could relate to any action that getting up. So it doesn't necessarily related to getting up from bed. In fact, within T, C means up. Lie could show that the action is moving towards your direction. Cli CLI shelly, do you generally go out watch movies with Shell gang in the weekend or headshots. I rarely go to the cinema to watch movies or Shrina. And even more willing to watch TV at home. How would it be meaningful to watch TV? Hawaiian. Can there is, I can watch an e at the same time. So a Jolla High ISA. I can even stand up to rest for a little while. After sitting for a long time. You should go out more to have a walk. You can go east. Your life will be even more interesting in this way. You'll say what the Shanghai, with him being here, my life is already very interesting. Fade. Let's have a little discussion about the conversations. From the line. Literally, it means watch TV. Where is it meaningful? Therefore, it's indicating that how is it meaningful to watch TV? Next line. So a high clay giant slice you see in this situation, high kind of mean still, but also it can mean even. 23. 13.6 He’s dead tired!: The Manchus see that the median house your study going. We're moving onto a new topic today and he's dead tired. Let's start with the first word. Headmaster, CEO, John. For a cell. It actually is from cell, which is cool. While for the word John is like any job would be any leader. So cell drawn together it is like the school leader sao Zhang. Zhang Fei Chang Hua, see newlywed bad or broken as a word is a negative word. So there is a bull in it. So usually you would use y as in bat or broken to address a person going rotten or electronic devices broken. Why? Why? Sure. Hope. For sure. Jiangxi allow for T Hall. Epa includes our fan. Le le way tie mom made Shuang see. What DO Cambodia out. When he found Hawaiians have had takeaway? C1 panel for ECA. Eca Susie, who heads it's AID. C. Very good. Let's see what happens in the dialogues. For this second paragraph. Or true law. As quote, shoe, means past is showing as a past-tense which is gone. So Srini unquote Sheila, meaning ten years gone past. Moving on to the next line. Maintains our shanty town hall. What though campbell doll can't have you noticed the combination of May and though is used here. And moving on to the next paragraph, what Jim path halfway lay while for the pan. It actually is coming from the word hi Pat. So it means scared. While. What does that mean? Lei is tired. Why is broken? So the two of them as like dead tired. And generally you would put the LA after the whole thing to make it lay while as LA represent change of state. Hence, lay white already. Furthermore, you can substitute late to other adjective to make it adjective, meaning dead. Adjective. Mind you because of the word white, meaning bad or broken. Therefore, adjective, why LA. This combinations often use to make the whole thing become negative. For example, mile, et cetera. 24. 13.7 non action verbs-下來/下去/起來/出来 : In this lesson, we're going to learn something special about the phrases formed by non-action verbs, followed by or sad or CLI. Tool. Let's start. Let's first revisit the structure that we have learned before, which is action verb, followed by a direction for and with either lie or chew. This kind of combination which show how the action is performed. And for lie. And two, at the end, lie was show that the action is coming towards your direction. And two, is often a direction moving away from you, for example. So who Ally come over to your direction? Fei Chang Lei. Fly up to here. How it's going to jump into their way to bring back there. Yet, today we're going to learn the structure formed by only non-action verbs and followed by either sell a statue or play. If we use non-action verbs to combine with the below phrases, the combinations we have different meaning or indications when compared to using action verbs. Let's have discussion about non-action verbs followed by SAT lie. First. It will show that the non-action verbs has some motion of gradually slow down or gradually back to its original state. How is it possible? For example, slowed down and calm down, which means previously is noisy. Teams July, graduates stop. So what about non-action verbs followed by statue? It will show that non-action verb has the motion of being continued to do it and not stopping until it's dumb example, truce yet you continue to eat. So it's like eat it all up. And even if life is difficult, you would still want to continue with your living. And even time is late. You still want to Asiyat to continue to do it until it's done. If this concept is clear, Let's move on to see what happens with non-action verbs followed by CLA. It has three different functions to show. First of all, it could mean that you start to do that third. Second. You basically just mean you're doing that for up. And thirdly, it could mean that appears to be. However, for this application, the verb is normally CLI, etc. Let's see the first function as in start to do that verb. Agile us shout, see Laila. He finally started to laugh. Needs a maltreating Pontiac. How come you've become fat recently? For the second function, which is to make it sound like the purpose up. Example was Hans Selye. Sure. I think if a matter sand is just like in your brain. You recall something or you think of something because in your memory something appears up. What would she had immune two. I cannot recall his name. So finally, what about appears to be why non-action book plus c lie when make it appears to be. That's because the whole thing appears up to you. He looks angry at TNT lab Bowtie Gaussian. She doesn't sound too happy. Say Can't haul. Let's move on to the last phrase that we're going to learn, which is non-action verbs, followed by two. Let. It would show that you either act or a figure things out. Example, the shore to lie but say it out. Or Kang Fu tab. I can tell that he doesn't like me. While 10 True Lies simply suggest that I can tell by seeing, it could be seeing his action or is seeing the whole situation. Finally, once young for Leyla, I figure it out by thinking. So this whole phrase indicates that you kind of think of a solution or think of an answer. 25. 13.8 Additional words - L13: Aha. Finally, Joan, we are going to the last session of this lesson. We're going to see some additional ways. As you know, is class Yao Jiang. It means headmaster, which is the head of school. When the two of them combined together forming Ben Jiang. It when class captain, which is this class leader. Ben draw, draw. Next one. Whole means red. And by means white. Seal is wine. When they combine together to form home TO or by t 0, it would mean red wine or white wine. Home to. Home TO Bye. Bye. Hi. 26. 14.1 ‘And then’ : Let's start the new lesson. We're going to learn. And then let's see how do we say, and then after that, ran ran ran home. So normally we would say we do something ran home. We do a second thing. For example, what does she or he holds a in Hong Kong. So I worked in a bank after university. After that, I came to this company. Please. They reminded that celiac can act as a measure what, for something with a roof, for example, company. Fake Ha-ha. Very good. So apart from just nows examples, we can go according to a new structure, which is you say cn. And then ran WHO? Which means you first do something and then you do another thing. Example, wall 20. Now Yossi, I first do my homework, African back home, and then play the computer games. Me century culture may shrink. Well, Warhol like Johnny. You go to the supermarket to buy fridge first hour, come find you afterwards. Very good. Fei Chang HA. So how about adding some more things in the previous structure to make it seeing something, psi or yo, something follows by brand hope. It would basically mean first do this. Do this again, or further, or continue to do this, and then after that, do something else. Let's make it more clear by seeing some examples. That should he do show ran weights. Yeah. He went to work out first. He further went to play football and then went home. You may ask, how come we learned as for future tense is an int. However, this time it means further, but not really. Again. So even if it is past tense, we can still use say, pass into law. Dta, your Toile de la CSR. He first took 15 minutes underground, and he took awhile of train again. After that, he arrived to school. 27. 14.2 How come you're not cleaning the room?: Home. Shimon Neiman though Hartmann. Are you all good? We're going to start a new topic that's called How come you're not cleaning the room? So now we can start to learn the new wood, which is to clean or to sweep saw. So this word is meaning that you're tidy up your place or a cleaning up the place that saw bass saw. After you have cleaned things, everything would become clean. So what about clean the adjective? It's called Gang. Gang Qin. Gang theme. Next new word. The fridge. Beam in fact means eyes. While CRM, as you know, it means box. Therefore, beings Yang is like a fridge or icebox. Current needs a ma habitats often. Our guess is coming soon. How come you are still not cleaning the room? Ph LG were young heightened uracil RNA. Don't be anxious. I have asked the kids to clean. Cooja in lighter shadow, Tannen Ganges. When the guests arrive, they'll have the room cleaned. Fanon, true, sushi, chef Madaba toya. Then you also cannot just rest and not doing anything at all. What do you want me to do? Fung Ha, round hole but being semi the Coie natural law plays the cups well first and then take out the watermelon from the Frage. Federal law. It's too hot. I should instead turn on the air conditioner first. Vacant. Haha, let's see what happens in the dialogues. Quran led the Shrew Hall, Hammond weight bath on Jian basil ganglia. As a reminder, it is using the structure a, bat B, followed by verbs or resell completion. So in overall, Tamil, fountain, basalt gain deal. There's our guns steel. Yes, it is a FERPA R3. So completion because it mean clean to become great. Let's see the next one near roundwood. So Oshima, literally it means that what do you lead or ask me to do? So it would mean, what do you want me to do? Moving on. Sinbad beads, that Fung Ha brand hall but being Sandy, the segueway neck hula. Again, the structure is using a, bat, B, fabs, a result completion. Why? Firstly, seem bad? Fung Ha, get the cup first pit well, and then bad being Sandy. The sequence. For natural law. It is a verbs a result completion because it indicates the action that you take it until it's taken out. Next dialog, will have you seen back home shout DAG for high should. As a reminder, again, the ODE meaning is, is still while the new one is suggest that you had better or instead. While the use of instead is that you're choosing a less preferred option. 28. 14.3 Watching TV programme: Welcome to a new lesson. The topic for today is watching TV program. And we show start with the first word, which means to wash. C8. Look at the character. It's got the three drops, which is the water radical C. C. So how do we say take a shower? Seeds. Seeds or seeds out. Next word, program. And CMO often refers to TV program performance or a concert programs. Cmo. Cmo, contact then either short z. What are you busy with? I call your mobile phone just now. And you didn't pick up also people she made him sorry. I was in shower and didn't hear the Shema. Is there any matter you are looking for me. Was that when when nice. Also lead the ECA Churchill. I want to ask you quickly something in the company. The weight of well, first, I'll go turn off the TV. May quite see the CMB, bad Shruti, a MOOC. No worries. Finish watching the TV program. First. Row, holiday gay, well, and give me a call back afterwards. Great. Let's talk about some lines in the dialogues. The downside, Danny, the Shruti, Nearpod for needs a monk from mom. The literal translation would be, you are busy seeing what? Therefore, it's actually asking, What are you busy with? Next line? Put C or gang sila may team. As we know, seeds is take shower and see. It's all, therefore means take a shower. Finally, for the line ran Jose K. Well, wait what it means and then return the call to me. So all of them are pretty straightforward. Is it? Sac? Will finish lesson here. See you next time. 29. 14.4 ‘像...一样’: Welcome back. In this lesson, we're going to learn a new structure that's called something. Let's start with Xiang. In fact, it means similar to or a lake. Shang Yang. And a reminder that e is the same. So the new structure that we're going to learn, which is CAN, something is actually saying similar to some thing? Let's go ahead to see examples. Has sent him mama young Tamu, the kid as smite like his mother was young. I like wearing dresses, like you May sound what young see. The low SR likes to drink Coke, just like me. So basically something the structure is very similar to something that we have learned before. And today. We'll also learn to other new words. First one, it means wind blowing, which is the verb. As one on its own means scrape or a shave. And Fung means the wind. To be more concise. Gua as a word, meanings grape or shape. Just like that. Therefore, meanings the wind blowing. Just like that. Again. Gua, gua, fall. Sino new wet. The moon. While in practice, we would say the Leanne has no tone. Therefore, Leon, Leon, Leon. 30. 14.5 Tell a story: How are you guys? Today? Our topic is tell a story. Let's start with learning some words related to family members. That's Uncle. Sure, sure. Sure, sure. Sure for next. Very good. Let's see how to say that story. And finally, knew what sound, boys or noise. The moon tonight is really pretty. Shang Yang. It looks like a white plate. Yes, it also doesn't have wind outside. Woman to die. Why being EBM? Let's sit outside to watch the moon and eat at the same time. For me, yeah. How is it? How would you rank 0 nibbana trade show. I'll move the chair and the table at first and you bring the food over after. Woman Qin Shu Shu IE, John Tammany Hall, the Galatia. Or listen to unclick on talk about the stories when they were young. Tda k dash and targeting and that's great. Remember to give dash on a car. Young asked him to come immediately. No need to call anymore. Listen to the noise outside. It's definitely Duchesne. Very good. So let's see a little bit about the lines. Cnd badge, Royal Bank food tray, Gua, gua, and joy is actually draw it yields by presenting table and chair. It's just a short form. 31. 14.6 It’s very simple : The topic for this time it's very simple. The first word where you're going to learn is none knew. Hey, then means dish, as you know. Then actually means list. So tight. Like a food or dish list. Hi Ben. Tide. Then next word. It's a combined word to mean simple. Cn then. So this time, thin dan is an actual word. So that then is an referring to list. Then Cn, then more words. Banana, Xiang, Yao. And for your information, is an adjective describing smell nice. So next time you can try to praise other people as in your fragrance. Hen Xiang. Xiang. Xiang Yao. Find a word for this lesson. The two of them together would mean if your shirt, your shirt. Let's see example. Yao Shou Walkman who can't hack or Schrodinger pathway shown CDA. If we don't celebrate her birthday with her, she'll be angry. Yao Shu unique sure that woman and you put down near LA. If you're late, then we won't wait for you. The true Gua SRE Guofan man needs I sank when that head and trunk Tiao Guo afraid or Fatma. Nice NCHS to Oswego, Fatma to our shrimp will thank me fence or HA setback. Quite sincere into shrink Gua funds in Shu Shu Guofan to appeal or Fan Xiang Yao Fen Yasukuni you hear me hi, likely to see Gua, gua, duration T HA, hey, con ha. Let's see the first paragraph. From the line. Nice anesthesia or to a shrink or Fatma to assuage fan. It's like making fridge rise while learning. So it suggests that do you want to make and learn fridge rise. Moving on to the next paragraph. Sre, go up. What is e? Is just that one by one. In fact, if we say E and then double the measure word or measure what E measure word. Both structure would mean one-by-one or separately. Example. So true suicide, alderman call. They leave the school, entrance one-by-one. Eta, ETA. Sheila. Days gone by. Speak slowly. Say the white, one by one. 32. 14.7 Additional words- L14: It's so good. We're already in the last session for this lesson. Again, where you're going to learn some additional words. Let's start. We know means it is a tie, then is maneuver or fruit list. So the two of them combined together and form. Meal then is the name list. Then mean, then. So how about changing it to math? Which is by again, type means food list, while the ban means list. So the two of them combined together to form may, then it means pay the bill and it would be used in a restaurant. May then my then finally tool is to read or read out loud a sound or a voice. While the two of them combined together forming. It was just the pronounciation. Great day. 33. Listening & speaking L13 14: The short form may need beanie the show for many. Phyla. Way for my dad, 24, way for my needs and my needs and funds the funds among Jim, woman, woman. But you also need to add the gingiva and the culture. And the culture. What Huygens, you need that guy out. 34. 15.1 ‘除了...(以外)...都/还/也...’: Hello everybody. How are you guys? Today we're going to learn a new structure that's called something. Followed by or yay. Let's start with the word. In English it means a pie, firm or, except. In practice, we normally would do the structure Tula, something way followed by or high or yj. Which actually means apart from some thing, other things stale or also for the word you weigh is actually used to only to assist the meaning of outside of. Therefore, you can choose not to say it. And additionally, some people would just say y instead of y. So either one would work. In fact, for the word E, which is in bracket, it is optional. The whole sentence would still make sense without way. While some people would just say why all of them work for this structure. Let's see example. Jirga funds truly bookends This house apart from not being clean, others or other areas are also quite good. Chung Hung the HA high. Apart from good singing, she's still able to dance. Taller, shallowly. Woman, though tissue is I'll do ECO. Apart from Sally, we all go to the school trip. For this sentence, we can interpret it as not only slightly, so a pot from stoutly. We also go to school trip. While for the second meaning it is except for stoutly, we all go to school trip. So going to the school trip without shortly. 35. 15.2 ‘enhance’, ‘complete’, ‘other’ : Welcome back. Today we're going to learn a couple of words. Those are enhanced. First, we are going to learn as a or the rest. You may ask, we have learned, what's the difference between C and B EDA. In fact, they are pretty much the same. Whether you want to say others, dove, other things. We can say something or something. Third is same. But there's just only a little bit difference, is that when you use a low, it could mean others, but also the rest. While if you use alone, it not only means others, but more often, it will be used as another one. So basically and beer that are very similar. For example, do you have other friends or polyoma with Ben to this restaurant before? Let's go to averse or another one. Thank one woman tube or LA woman treats. Or B.Ed. As today we are focusing on t. Let's see more examples on that. I'm not too sure. You may ask other people or boot hedging tool. Apart from America, I also went to travel in other countries. Make war, will hide, show, Let's see. Lucille. Fake ha ha. Let's move onto the next word. That's complete. When Chong. Yes. When, which means finish. So that's why it is within the word complete. S1 Chang is complete. So it's often used for big thing or important stuff. You want to say you accomplish it or you complete this task. When one child, for example, was drawn you when tongue or drug a gold saw. I finally completed this task. Or may sound World War known why. I haven't thought that I could accomplish this being final word for today. Meaning enhance or enhancement. While for your information, t means to lift. For, as you know, it means high or tall. Therefore, it makes sense that lived high is how to use tea gal, SUSE, Jolla, data Tikal. My Chinese learning had a big enhancement way. Can you lift your leg a little bit? 36. 15.3 stay at home: Today our topic is called stay at home. So how do we say day? It is a word that it means that leaves something or stay in the same spot. Leo. Leo. Leo. For example. I stay at home. They all die. Bali. Leave the phone in the bag. So what will happen if we say Leo soon? In fact, a means to study abroad. That's because you stay at that country to study. The OCI. Next one. Standard or level. Example, you can say Chinese level, gouache, heal or service standard. Sre, PAL. More weds to come to practice or practice as a noun. How to say a sentence? Final wed. Send out is a verb that means send out a normally it's for electronic stuff like email, short text. So fat. 37. 15.4 not much problem: Welcome to lesson with the topic for today is not much problem. Lousy teacher. I've come to China for overseas study for almost two years. Then she usually PNP got a variable. But my Chinese level doesn't enhance quickly at all. Knee may. See. So let's see. When you study series the every day, do your practices, complete Homework. Ii group or twice. It's been quite good all along. Here. This is my homework yesterday. Please help me to see if it's correct. It's quite good. Tool I drag a juicy ESA by. Except the meaning for this sentence is a little unclear. It'll make him a when t. There's not much problem for the rest. Thanks, teacher. He yeah, yo Shama Bamiyan, better defined. If there's any areas that you don't understand in future that yeah. You can give me a call or send emails to me. Sure. Very good faith. So let's see what happens in the dialogues. For larger. Isa. In fact, the long form should be the yeast UCI way. So meaning, except this sentence, meaning is a little bit unclear. Movie on my 20. The literal meaning is the others or rest, or don't have much problem. So you may ask, what don't have much problem is maybe Shama went he yes. In fact, when we say may share something, it equals to half, not much something. For example, while may share my polynomial. I don't have many friends. Drug or Fan Kuan may share my gun. There are not many people in this restaurant. Or Xinjiang may show a machine tool. I don't have much I want to do today. Finally, for the dialogue, johayo chamomile, tea farm. The farm. It means a physical location. How far apart from that? It could mean a place or area that's not physical. Therefore, pool mean by that is referring to the areas that you don't understand. Is everything clear? Though it seemed true, llama. 38. 15.5 I’ll explain the requirements: Hello everybody, Welcome back. We're going to start a new chapter. And the topic is, I explained the requirements. So the first word is requirements or requests. It could be a verb. And now at the same time, yeah, she'll have you noticed at this point, this character originally is fourth tone. Yao has changed to a first tone. For example, I require you to do something. So I would say, while ya'll show me, saw something. For example, the company has requirements. Your CEO, CIO. Next word. It's pay attention to or attention. E. As in pay attention to, is a word when you want to say, you have to be cautious or be careful of drawing. Teacher. Except for a cell you can see all the others have come. Besides Sheila, tags of the competition is soon starting. How come he's still hasn't come. Dance. I had that one. I gave him a call just now. He was on the way. Now, not waiting for him. Then I'll explain this competition's requirements first. And areas that need to pay attention to. Lusher, mean funk seen. Teacher. You may relax. Well, we definitely can get number one in this competition. Great. Ha, ha. Let's take a look about the lines for where Xiang Gei Yang down beside the Yao CIO. For as you know, is this is time for a frequency. Be say competition. So the whole thing is this competition, as we know, meaning this time. So that would mean that time. All understood. Though teaming Biola. Next line. From a reminder, in this situation, the firm is not the physical place, but it is like an area or a point that you have to pay attention to. And finally, lastly, would be say, well may eat. As we know, it means first. So it is referring to the first-place champion, number one. In this situation. 39. 15.6 He’s extremely satisfied: We have come to the new lesson. The topic is, he's extremely satisfied. So now let's start with the first word, which say activity or a verb to mean go online. Shang Yang. It's a verb or action that describe that you serve the Internet. While Xiang, as you know, it means up and won actually means net or intranet. So it makes sense that you're going up to the Internet. Also, if you look at the character of what does it look like in net. Shang Hua Shi Huang. Next word. News. When we already know scene is new, so seen when is nous? Seeing one? Scene, one. And final word for today. Extremely. See. How do we use it? We normally would place adjective follows by z to make it extremely adjective. For example, how? It's so good. Night night Gausian CLR. Grandma is extremely happy. Yeah. It's really convenient to use computers to surf the Internet nowadays. Can seem one. Yes, apart from watching news, gentleman haiku is I want from my don't see. People can also listen to music. Watch movies, buy things on the Internet. They lack the song. Oh, by the way, where's that clothing you bought from Internet? Semimajor. How come I didn't see you wear it. Nagging, you fall for Twilio Darcy de de la. Light clothing is a little bit small when I wear it. I gave it to my brother, Tom AHIMA. So we see satisfied with it. Boil, hyoscine you for 20. No need to spend money and still have new clothes to wear. Sheila. He's extremely satisfied. Very good. Now let's take a look of the lines. German hikers Taiwan found tinker made. Don't see. What is Huang Shang while the intranet is on. So one found in suggesting want the internet is a place while you're on the internet. With that said, we normally would put say before Huang Shang to indicate its location. So this they remember we have learned in HSK 1, have to tell the locations. Huang Shang and Shang Huang is totally different things. As Huang Shang means you're on the Internet. While Xiang Wang is the first saying you go on to surf the Internet. Moving on to a law made the 1984 now four. It actually means, oh, by the way, do a law is normally used when you're talking to somebody and you suddenly think of something else. So with Puebla, you would then change the subject of your conversation. And finally, for the line 19 year for y dy, the lab, we have learned. For j equals 2, you're doing that verb in a still state. While you're Yoda is like, when I'm wearing it, it's a little bit small. 40. 15.7 各 = each, every: In this lesson, we are going to learn a new word, meaning each or every. As you know, each and every is a new wet. Let's practice how to say it again. Does remind you may. Yes. So what's the difference between God and may? In fact, both of them mean each or every. But for good is shows every or every different of that thing. So it has a little emphasis on each different. Given the below examples. Harmon, baffle or SRE Pinky got the company requests each of them to increase the service standard. Good. Though hump. In this country, each of its different places is very pretty. May go via the phone. Every person, each has their own special points. Next, what? Festival? Ca, ca, ca, next one to host. In fact, there's another way to say to host ban because you know, Ben, meaning to deal with or to do some important things. Jcl JCL Ban, ban. 41. 15.8 Hosting beer festival: Finally arriving to the last session. The topic is hosting beer festival. Let's start with the first word. The world. Cia had to say street. In fact, without the top, which is CA, still make sense. It would still mean Street. Caa. Caa. Next one, coat. When? When? When. One as GA means festival. You realize a lot of festival would end with the word CA, for example. Well, what's yet? One more example? It means spring festival or Chinese New Year. 2020 minutes and festival. Dong Zhongshu it yet. Hey, Jada, IGA seizure, drug d phi p. P to a. Nicu, bought home TEA Fund, the PTO. Pto. The hiker can now treat the foot home, define that. Laozi. Laozi I found the pH, you're well. Lie, journey the zodiac can Kanban. Fair, good. Let's see the first paragraph from the line, PHOs yea, yea future the Hangzhou IATA IGA. In fact, that is hidden after July. That's because otherwise there will be too many the US. Hence meaning beer festival is also a very important festival of here. Moving on to the next paragraph, psi p. It means on the beer festival. Next, a means on the world. Both home Di Fang, different places. So the whole lines actually seeing different places on the world. Next paragraph. For the line side pn. In fact, there's this hidden would do, which should make it. So the two sides of the street. From the same paragraph, what is good? A literally means singing and dancing, hence mean a musicals. Moving on to the last paragraph for the line, it simply means in the world, different places. Therefore, different places in the world. 42. 16.1 如果...的话, 就: This time we're going to learn a new structure. So what's the meaning of rule? It's if no Gua, gua. You may ask, is it the same if as in Yao? Sure. The answer is yes. There are two waves. Getting back to today's structure. That's called rule or something. The one. And then she'll something. It means that if given that something happens, then the results follow. For the structure. It is quite interesting that you can remove rule goal or remove the hot while the whole structure still make sense. In fact, this is the long form of this structure. We can also say rule or something TO results happen. On the other hand, you can also say something happens the Hua Jiu followed by the results. A little reminder that if you have any subjects put before the job, for example, watch Joe. Joe. Let's see the overall examples. Hi Poli, the one woman to put Dani law. If you're so not coming, will then not wait for u, d, y two Gaussian mama, little brother. If you don't practice, then I'll tell mom. Lu Guan Huan NADH UPGMA bar. If you don't like it, then just don't buy it. In fact, for something the Huan, it doesn't necessarily have to be followed by Joe. If you're not looking to say any consequences resulted. Example, guanine format either. One. If you're not satisfied, I can help you to change through guanine, thymine, the HA walk her she had whole shebang miao. If you're too busy, I can ask other colleagues to help. 43. 16.2 adjective-得-information: Welcome back. Today we are going to learn in another new structure that's called adjective, followed by information. So what is adjective, the information? It actually means that your adjective, that it leads to some other things. For example, was SRE Ciao. I'm too tired that I only want to sleep. Was Gaussian that delay. And too happy that I jump up. Or either polio here. I'm too busy that I don't even want to meet one friend. 44. 16.3 I’m too tired that I want to sleep right after work: Hello everybody. How are you guys? See today's topic? I'm too tired that I want to sleep right after work. Let's start with learning the first word, which means city or town. Changsha. Changsha. The next word we're going to learn is to think, which this thing relates to. Give the opinions. Dan way. You may think runway and are fairly similar. Is that right? Actually, they are similar because they both mean think while the thing is like giving opinions. However, it has one more meaning, which is to feel, for example, feel cold, feel tired, etc. Jiang Wei. Wei. I don't like to live in the same city the whole time. I want to go to other cities to have a luck or an incident Lusher Hall drama. I also thought this way when I was young, but I didn't have money at that time. If I had money, I didn't go. Gucci. Then why don't you go now? Porsche went HeLa. Now money is no longer a problem for me for IT CAN mainly is that I have no time. Well, your way. I think even if you have time now, you will not go out for fun. Still need to sell a banjo sanctuary. Uri, correct. Now, I'm too tired that I want to sleep right after work. They can't ha, let's start to see about the dialogues for the line War II drew, cuz I told IGA. Let's look at IGA. As a reminder, tome means saying. We also learned that from IHS k1. When we say tone, something in equals 2, same something. Example, same school. Tone, same interest. Therefore, same city. Home. Lastly in the line, was seen as a leader, sell a band. This line has used a structure adjective. The information. As there is a way to tire that I want to sleep right after work. 45. 16.4 adjective-adjective-的 : Hi everybody, Welcome back. Today and let's look at the structure. Adjective, adjective. What is that? Let me give you a reminder. We have learned before. We would say adjective link with the day before describing the noun. For example, The heads. One more example. How can the shoe by so the chins? From the previous examples where using adjective does. However, in this lesson, we are going to learn Adjective, Adjective. What sat. In fact, this structure would make the whole edges sound more acute. Or it has another function that put more emphasis to the adjective. However, to use the structure, you would need to use single character only. Let's see how we use it. Dd powder un, un, either runs 55 away. She tau, home, home the courts. This is a pair of red trousers. Neither showed some alone Lambda shown below. How come your hands are cold? You got sick. Had drawn the xi's, show it. Very good. So now you may ask, what about those adjectives with two characters which do how to put it in the way as an adjective. Adjective does. In fact, there's also a way which when the double character, given it's a B, you would do a AA, BB. In this way, you will make extra emphasis in the adjective. Example. Scene. When the longer way, way out, when the PAO for tonight's birthday party, I have to wear pretty boy Yoshua. You have to be quiet when watching the concert. Don't speak to the Lola, Kendra or acquire LA. Look at the sun is very happy. I'm also happy looking at this neat area away from absorb. Why you always can't be serious at work. 46. 16.5 Your daughter looks chubby: How has your life been? In this lesson, we are going to start a new topic. Your daughter loves chat. Very good. Let's start with the first word, leather shoes. Pca. In fact, p is leather shoes. Pca. Pca. Next one, hat Mau, Mau, Mau. How to say Q or Leslie. I actually can consider as an E, I can love airfoil. Lastly, let's learn some facial features. Knows. Moving on, hair. Call fan. You should already know tall means head. Tall, fat, total fat. And a very important was to be born. As you know, tool is out. She mentioned that it is related to grow. That's why tool Shang is born. Torsion. Torsion. Thanks for coming to see my daughter. The little head and leather shoe that she gave a really pretty ba could see. Jiang De Peng Peng. You're welcome. Your data looks white and chubby. How keyed? See? How tall is she now? She's not even one meter and weighs over 10 kilometers on ready. Tab B cells. How the whole fine. Hey, hey, the lug. Her nose is small, in her hair is black. John. Who does she look similar to? Shanghai? Baba. Looks like her father. Khabbab, our Gaussian. When she does born, her father was so happy that he didn't sleep for the whole night. They can't howl. Now let's take a look of what happens in the lines. Tab, Gaussian that either went wrong door. For Eager. What does that mean? Does that mean one night? Actually, it is referring to one whole night. That's because sometimes when you say e plus a measure what this could actually mean one hole. For example. I'm tired the whole day today. Is everything clear? Though? Shall a man? 47. 16.6 It doesn’t have much use: Today's lesson's called. It doesn't have much use. Let's start with the first word. Check. It could be the verb or a noun. Cn, CN chat. Next one. The action as brushing teeth, in fact, means brush your teeth. However, interestingly, when you swap the two words, make it it would make it toothbrush. Next one. A full. It means doctor, however, is quite a traditional way. In practice. You would say the full as a no tone by four. By four. What? My TD still hurt. What to do. If you were not feeling well, then go to the hospital to have a checkup? Measure? May for my you all checked for a good few times, but there's not much use. Five-folds. How did the doctor say? Maid, daughter Chicago saw? Every time the doctor only tells me how harsh. Why? Yeah. Go back and brush their teeth properly. Anyhow, let's see what happens in the line. Can House seats in the LA area. May show me all. Let me introduce something new. May Sharma. It means have not much. Therefore, may show my job is doesn't have much use. Next line, DE foods, mesh water. In fact, this is actually from shrew and the combination how to, for Dave with so much water. In fact, the original way should be dy for the mushroom. Just the SRP is cut off. However, the whole thing still make sense. Final line. How harsh? Why? Do you still remember the structure? How high it means? Do that for properly or do that very well. So how harsh? Why is actually saying brush their teeth properly? 48. 16.7 The relationship between people : Welcome back. Today the topic is the relationship between people. Let's start with relationship c. Therefore, when people say sorry to you, you say may see, which means it's okay. However, the literal meaning is doesn't relate. So, oh, it's not related, it's okay. Next, what we have mentioned that before, other people. Although affluent, is another one or others. However, Ba Ren is like a term saying other people. So therefore no need the final wife for today. A word or a word. The Guan see lung, lung manga may Fujian can see MEN laid up boy and you see CSEA, Jiang, Guan, see gung ho ha ha ha. Let's see what happens in the first paragraph. For Guan see, the literal translation is people and people's relationship. Therefore, it is talking about the relationship between people. In fact, you can also say the Guan's see the relationship between me and you. Tong Guan see the relationship between colleagues. Great. So now let's see the other paragraph. For sure. Hash. It's actually saying Sure. I sure hope. So. Whenever it's something sure. Is actually the short form of something, the law. Finally, for CSEA, how are we going to dissect it? For ECA? Use some more. And CAC. Hello, thanks. Finally, these kind of words. So the whole phrase would be, use some more. Hello, thanks. These kind of words. Is everything understood? Though t mean by Lemma. 49. 16.8 Additional words- L16: Welcome to the last session of the lesson. Why Ni laidao? Cindy. Again, we're going to see some additional whites. As we know. Sports shoes. Therefore, the combination of the two, we don't ca, ca, ca, next one, body or health CAN to check. So combining the two, they would become Body Check. And actually there's a short way to call it. That's Shen TTN chat. Shen TTN chat. 50. Listening & speaking L15 16: The founder, your foot hold the founder your target sheets. Joe, more high-fructose, you draw more fancy. High-fructose. You need to click on man, new polio. They need gouache on man. Knew polio. Torsion. Torsion. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait for my meeting. Can see how when I see group one, group one new one. 51. 17.1 Can I apply for leave?: Hello everybody. Let's start a new lesson. Topic is, can I apply for leaf? First word? Apply for leaf. Actually is asked, which is in a polite way as you know, while it means holiday, therefore it is asking for holiday. Let's see some example. What I plan to ask for leave for my company. Next one. In total. How do we use eagle? It is used for a suggested amount of things. And to use it, you place it before the number. I spent 30 duet in total today. While men sing to you. We'll go full in UK on Friday, going for a total of eight days. Magazine was ancient manager Joel. I'd like to ask for a few days of leave next week. Is it okay? What is it? Will either allow polio? Yeah. An old friend of mine is getting married. Woman. We haven't seen each other for two years already. So how many days of leave you'd like to ask for buoyancy and I'd like to ask for three days of leaf. They can't hop. Very good. Let's take a look of the dialogues. George the III wasn't cool. Let's take a look at the word. As we know, C0, which is the ash or apply for, is the main verb. So we can put something in between the two to make it as in, apply for a few days leaf. 52. 17.2 He has many hobbies: Welcome back. Today's topic is he has many hobbies. So how do we say hobbies or interests? Hi, How have you recognized the usual word, which in this case has changed to a fourth tone. As you know, is love. How in this case, it means to like, so hobbies or interests is something that you like. Ha ha. Moving on. How do we say neighbor? Is the person living next to you? Final word for today. Later on. Hold lie. As whole line means later on. So it's not exactly like afterwards because it would imply a longer time span between two incidence. How do we use later on in Chinese? Well, let's see examples. Woman dash your whole team. Sure, tab Ben to make wallah. We haven't met Soon after university. I heard later on that she moved to America. Was younger way during the OLA you acquire whole lie. I only stay awhile, at least birthday yesterday and I went home afterwards. Jin Jin. Jin Jin is the man at the back from your company. Do you know him well, while banquet? Whole life, we were neighbors in the past and we're universally schoolmates later on. When CA group was War II, relationship is quite good on long. So what does he like to do generally? He has a lot of hobbies. T2 till balance. Shen Wei, singing, football, basketball, drawing. He knows anything. Really. Then introduce us to know each other. Don't share what I know is already my husband now. Well done. So now let's take a look of what happens in the lines T22, that angio shim adult way. What is Shamata way? Literally it means anything he can do. So it means he knows anything or everything. Great. See you next time. 53. 17.3 Flexibly use of ‘Question words’ : Welcome to lesson. Today we're going to take a deeper look of how flexibly use question words. As we know what our question. Let's see examples like Shea, Shama, Matt, door shop, etc. Revisiting of what we have learned before. These words can be used flexibly. For example, Shea, meaning who could mean whoever. How could also mean however, some man. How is it? However? What break could also be whatever. Where wherever that which is where or which could mean wherever, whichever Doerr shop. How many or whatever amount. See how much oil, which number? Whatever amount, or whichever number. We have learned. To make these flexible use of question where it's what? We would use them in the structure. Question when x2 and then question word. And this time we are going to learn a new one, which is to use a question, what followed by DOT or yet? So what would that become Though? Or yet after the question, what's it would have the emphasis making the whole thing as an any question Would such as any number, any thing, any amount anywhere, etc. Please, please, please note that this n in this situation is not talking about like, do you have any Apple, as in do have at least an apple. However, this NE, is talking about all of the Ani. For example, anything will be all the things anywhere. Everywhere or all the places. Anyone. So all unit, et cetera. One more information though. And yet you usually would be followed by verbs or adjectives. Let's go back to see examples. Starting with shea. Nobody likes you. Shade, oh boy, C10. That's because it's coming from the sentence. Anybody does some like you. Moving on. You can say any way you like. For semi Yang y I can get number 1 and exam with anyway, I revise way from our watts and the Yang Fu see though cope without again sum and sum EOM can be interchange as they are both meaning any kind of way. He's smart and knows everything. The literal meaning is, he is smart and he knows anything. In my body. I feel painful everywhere. What does Shen Ti though tongue, the literal translations actually in my body anywhere is painful. Next one. Any luggage in this shop looks pretty jug or Xiang. Xiang though, how can? In fact, you could see the literal translation is for the leg ages in the shop. Anyone looks pretty further examples for you? Any numbers, not a problem. Or my gain knee back, Neizha, my boyfriend, DO bushier when T In fact, it literally means our BI for you. You want to buy any number, it's not a problem. Final example. I can have meeting on any gauge. What see how K way though. 54. 17.4 Anyone can cure your sickness: The mantle, How are you all good? So let's start the new lesson. Anyone can cure your sickness? Let's see the first vocabulary, method or ways. Band fat. As you know, Ben means to do or to deal with. While. It actually means the way of doing things. And you were put in this way, like something bad would be the way of doing something. Next one. How do we say full? When our tummies full, we call Bao. Bao. Bao. Next and final word for today, decide or decision. When you want to say you make a decision, it's thought. More example. I don't want to make the decision. You help me do it. What you had an Arabic UFO. I feel unwell recently. Bring me to the hospital. If you have a checkup that bill. No need to go to the hospital. Anyone can cure your sickness. Well, let me let me ask you. How long has he not been exercising? You guys Sania and maybe you don't love I suppose for three years I haven't been exercising. Hey, don't do that. Anybody knows doing sports is good for health. The true Bala. But you sleep soon after your full from meal. In order to have good health, you really should work out more. How? Starting from tomorrow, John Paul, I decided to go for a long run every day. So while then. So let's see what happens in the lines. Though. Bushel for, for, not sure for the literal meaning is anywhere not feeling comfortable. So it actually suggests that anywhere in the body not feeling comfortable. Next line, boil shade. You may ask, what is Karen, How need the bill? What does it mean by well, seeing your sickness? In fact, let me give you an overview. When you say Shang, immune to see a doctor. Y0 from the DR side, it is cambium, which means a doctor diagnose ones illness. So get back to the line. Can't haul need the beam actually refers to, well, diagnose or cure your sickness. Next line. Sania may you and don't lie. For the guy here. It means, I suppose, or it should be that. So he's not very shortly when he say it. For next line. Thanks. Unique true bottler. For these two words are actually the verb, sorry, so completion. So it's suggesting eat until your tummy is filled up. Next line, but a very important line. Ha, told me, for something T, It is actually the same as toll something tie for a equals to, from a time on. So you can say from next week on. Taunting Kinte saw from today on our work every day. Sign no one. Or you can pop. It means long run. 55. 17.5 ‘According to’, ‘situation’, ‘generally speaking’, ‘sentence’: Welcome to our new lesson. We're going to learn a couple of words, but today they are according to situation. Generally speaking, sentence. Let's start with situation or condition. How do we use Team column? For example. The weather condition today is not to get next new wet according to or based on. For example, Walmart awakens your attention. The doctor says, will make decisions based on his health condition. Next one. How do we say generally speaking, the band life for? As you know, E band means general or in general. For example, you would say woman bangles, surest. Way Kamen. Generally speaking, are office won't open on Saturday. Final word, which is a reminder, means sentence. But today I'm going to let you know too. Can be the measure word meaning a sentence. For example, weishenme, ESA. What this is what phrase mean to dissect joy to La. Jolla means this meaning a sentence, meaning variable. What? So it means this phrase. Another example. This sentence, we simply say Joe got pizza or geology. As easy as that. See you next time. 56. 17.6 Everybody can understand this phrase : Hello, all fellow schoolmates. Let's start our new lesson. The topic is, everybody can understand this phrase. We'll start with the first word, which means choose. Or the choice or the option. Can sense for the verb apart from the short form can be sued. So both are fine. So to use Sudan as choose. Example, was CON law hacer that twins, I picked the black dress. You have to make your own choice. Next one must be soon. Be sued. How to say thirsty? In fact, there's also another way which is coal. Could mao thirsty? Coal? Coal. Coal, coal. What about location or venue? That's DN. Y. D means floor or ground. And dn actually means point or dot. So it's like the ground dot. Do you handle hand-drawn? Yeah. Just you wash 80. Don't. Thank me. Drew lots. Lemma, you end-all Ma Yao stanza today, the Phrygian IEP and live Shuo Dao Xiang Zou the end should say how the SRI it yet. Then don't. Yeah, you see it? The Gaussians to the end. Goal. Changjiang Yong Guan. Just CAT fun though clay you install The San b, c, d that Jeong Kang team quandary in dong drug war. You had your mail passion, Voyager, Yo-Yo, Ma. You and don't use Susie, Susie, high outside the window one Kolkata through hot. Boy. They can't ha, very good. Let's take a look of what happens in the text. For the first line. You drew. Judge, you flash a total. What does that mean? It is saying that anybody understand the phrase exercising is important. Next one. In the second paragraph. For psi, it actually refers to further. Therefore, Zai Wang ECA together means further. Later. On the next page, first paragraph, Shang, Shang. It actually saying on the mountain, while yo-yo Guan could be a new Y2. Y2, it means swimming Santa Fe. For the last page. A reminder that X2, in this case means immediately. Next high Yao see the High we have learned to mean still. But in this case, it could also mean also because still also they're pretty similar. So in total, hideout CDA also are still have to remember. And duncan don't want. Kolkata is saying, when just finished exercising and feel thirsty. 57. 17.7 Additional words - L17: Welcome to the last lesson, lesson 17. Different Chicago to a holy cow. Again, we're going to learn some additional words for him by old words. Firstly, we know Beale means illness. Apply leaf. When you combine them together, forming being Jan, it means sick leave as a noun. Next, C means love. We add them together to form C, which equals to like or a door. 58. 18.1 Intro of 向: Welcome to a new lesson. Lesson. Today we are going to learn a new word, which is to introduce a word. What does that mean? Xiang means towards Yang. Yang does sound remind you want and delay. All of them we learned is towards. So what's the difference? In fact, sometimes they can be used interchangeably, while sometimes they have different applications. Let's have a deeper look about it. So now is a good opportunity to compare the differences between while and sijang. First of all, for one, it's only for directions. So it's pretty straightforward. And for today, if you use most time it's directly towards or aiming and immediate focus, which could be a person or object. So basically anything you want to focus on. While lastly, for some, it could be used for directions. While at the same time, it could be for actions that have directions or goal. They sound pretty abstract, right? But let's see some examples. One, which is four directions, only. 110 saw. Walk straight ahead, which we said it's directly towards or aiming and immediate focus. He smiles at me. Bad, bad to a mama. Dad is good to mum. Had to do it would see. He says sorry to me and passionate to what's my job. So you will notice for the US, for example, a person doing a job or anything, they are all aiming at a focus. Great examples for scan in directions, which is pretty straightforward. So walk straight ahead. So you will have noticed in terms of directions, while, and can be interchanged. We also said will be used for actions that have directions or a goal. What does that mean? Example. He's miles at me. He says sorry to me. So you would notice from the past two examples and can be interchanged. That's because when you use the way you would directly aiming at a focus while voice Shang, because the whole activity has a direction or leading you to a goal. I learned from him. He asked for leaf from the company. He asked borrow money from me. You'll notice from the past three examples, you cannot use, but only you cannot use day because you're not directly aiming at the person or thing. However, because you are going along a direction or trying to lead you to the goal, using the person or thing, therefore, can only be used. 59. 18.2 只要...就/也/都,只有...才: Neiman helpful. How are you good? In this lesson, we are going to LAN two structures. First one, followed by second one. And then let's start everything from the beginning. It means as long as y because Drew is only ya need to. So as I only need to do something, as long as during ya. During Yao. This structure is called drew something. And then she'll something which equals two as long as. And then let's see example. Dream. Need Dao. As long as you work hard, You definitely be able do it. Giuliani. See how for it you may want. As long as you study seriously. The exam definitely is not a problem. What's you're making me? As long as you like it, I would then buy for You. Hen law. Very good. Now let's see the next word that we have to know. Dreary y'all, only when only if we can still understand Lowe from its literal meaning. Drew, only yeol is half. All. Getting back to the structure, that's your something is high. Something is actually saying only if or only when would then. Do you still have any memory about the TI function? One of his function is with them. And normally for these situations, the result would be the positive one. Drill, no legal needs. Handle your only if you work hard, you would then be able to have an even better life. Drill to a career in yachts Hill, commons high voice, you one woman, the four. Only when we re passionate to our customers, they would then like our services. Drill. There's only you who can do this thing. 60. 18.3 I want to borrow money from you: Welcome back. Let's see a topic today. I want to borrow money from you. Why? Damning? I'm finally planning to buy a house. I want to borrow some money from you. Is it okay? May when he joe ED and t Again. No problem. As long as I have, I will definitely lend to you the hydra. How much is it still lag? 1. I still need 50 thousand renminbi. How tailwater? Yeah. Sure. I'll transfer you the money in the afternoon. Ninja and RMI found where do you want to buy House? Georgia woman comes or the Un Chien yet. It's just at the front of the hospital that we work at. Georgia law. Then you just be convenient to go to the hospital and future. Ca, ca ha, let's see what happens in the dialogues. For outdoor shop. It actually means you still differ by how much. So how much do you need? Next? How we can interpret as for the money? I'll transfer it to you in the afternoon. You may ask, that means transfer. How is it possible? Actually, when we say transfer money, we can have different ways. For example, bad or the other ways. However, normally it's ascending. But using electronic. Last line. Nice and my Fang Lu information for you is a short form of funds. So meaning house. 61. 18.4 This period of time: Hi all fellow schoolmates. Let's start our new topic. This period of time. Let's start with a new measure, what, which is often used for small animals. It's looking at the character, is a character meaning only While at that time it's third tone, which is true. And for now as a measure word for small animals, it's first tone. Having learned the measure word for small animals, how do we say animals? Don't actually suggest moves and pull. It means object. So is talking about moving objects. Next word, which is the main word for today, is, is a measure word, meanings segment, or a section or a fragment. For example. Moms said they speak. And it is actually say, Oh, mom said a bunch of words. A period of time while men doubt. So we need to walk a segment of drought. Last word for today, which is mouth. So we have learned before, which means mouth. So what's the difference between soil and coal? Basically, both of them are the same. However, if you really want to find, the difference, would be more like including entire map parts of the mouth, for example, the outside and inside. However, is more like about the appearance or the outside of the mouth. Madman. Door. Mom will have Q is that dog? Woman? My which its eyes are big. It's Mao the small. Let's buy it back. Those animals and little children are the same. Both need people to look after them. Maya, who is buying back home, who takes cares of it? I look after it. In this period of time, you didn't wash your own clothes at all? The Neng Jiang call, how can you take good care of it? What Jill, non-GAAP. Well, how can as long as you buy it for me, I can then look accurate. Well, they can't ha, very good. Let's take a look of the dialogues. Don't want social hire young girl who framed the first part. Herschel high. It is actually using the structure a or B, which is talking about a, is the same as B. So it is meaning animals are the same as little kids. Next one needs TO may see. How do we interpret. Needs. May see. Do you still remember we have learned the structure. Something though, or yay, followed by bool or May, which is talking about not even something at all. In this case, it means you didn't even wash your own clothes at all. Let's see some more similar examples. Century swale LA, Other, he's 30 years old already. He can't even coke. C inside c, d, and La Jolla make war. What time is it already now? How come our sun hasn't even started doing his homework? Yet? Bu Henningsen's eager to learn yo you can't even read maps. It's difficult to go travel on your own. 62. 18.5 不但...而且...: Hello, fellow students, you would come to a new topic. We are going to learn the structure. That's very good. Let's start from Bhutan. It means not only bought then the next word, it means also or furthermore. Our TA. Ta. In reality, we often put the two together, forming both then RTA, which means not only but also gaga. Gaga, gaga ITA town hall can not only as my older brother tall, but he's also good-looking. I boundaries. Its not only loves to help others, but he also worked seriously. Working out not only is good for health, but it's also very interesting. Very good. Moving on, we are going to learn a few words for today also, let's start. Famous or well-known. Your meal. You can see that you're all means have medium is for means, which is name. So it's like half at brand name. Your mail, your male. Next, what Agree or approval. Column means same. D could be the word from yeast, which is meaning. So when you say a person has the same meaning, so it's agreeing. Last slide for today to believe or trust. Xiang. Xiang scene. 63. 18.6 贵-company/person: Welcome to the new lesson. In this lesson, we have the topic called company or a person. It sounds strange. Let's see what is it about? So how do we say about Guan? Guan, for example? Was Shi Huang Kang when you leave for the shoe? I like to read books about history. Why a book? About this questions? I also don't know. Next what chance or opportunity. When you need. Welcome. Change or show me where emotions are live. Woman diagonals. Please tell me a little bit why choose to come to our company to work. Meal. Company is not only well-known, the work environment is also good to lay out in Country Y, the doing this job is a little demanding. It needs traveling to foreign places often. Need a child. And Tommy, your family agree? Or sensing time manga. As long as I wish. I believe they are also agree. How now the NBA great. Then start work next Monday. About this job, do you still have other questions? Nala, seasoning, gigawatts yoga team. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. While I work hard. Very good. Let's see what happens in the lines. Are what is weight? Does that mean? Expensive company? No, not at all. In fact, you can always say before a place or a person, and this will refer to your place or you get, it will show that you're extremely polite and very respectful to the person or the place you're referring to. So for example, it means that your respect to company, meaning you the respect to miss. Next line. So a drug Lei Zu out soon come to white d. For your information. Why d means outside places? It could be across cities or countries. Need a home schema. Another thing that you have to take notice when referring to family people. Final line, drawing. What sensing chlamydia, wait, hold up. You may ask, we have already learned the structure would be followed by Xu. However, in this situation there's no Zuo. How calm? In fact, as long as the sentence makes sense. You can also use other words, such as Drew, followed by yay, oil, or high as cetera. So please note that it's not a rule that you have to do this way, but you can mix and match other words to form reasonable sentences. 64. 18.7 adjective-ly: Newman's and how are you guys? In this lesson, we are going to learn adjective. Let's see how to do it. As if a reminder, di this character means place. However, in today's lesson, we are going to learn the same character. But this sprint pronounciation, it is a supporting wet. And it will also act as the LEA after the adjective. For example, happily, quickly and so on. The, the, ah, as we know, there is a leaf from adjective Lee. In fact, the adjective in this case at least needs to be two characters. For those, that single character, No worries. You have to double it to make it too. And in general, you would follow the structure saying adjective and then followed by a verb. Let's see examples. Why gold man, man, dad, grandpa walked slowly. Dd Chu Hsi, a little brother runs quickly to school. May make Gaussian. The little sister sings happily. The gender. Big sister like seriously. Usually the sentence where it go according to this sentence structure, which you would say adjective there. And then followed by verb. However many times, just like the possessive. When you want to go quick, this will also be cut off. So it would just make it as assertive followed directly by a verb. So when you see this kind of structure, don't worry. It's just that the LEA the being cut off. Very good. Ca, ca ha. Ready to move on to the next phrase. We are going to learn a new what. That's a measure what, which is a type of, or a kind of Draw all, draw all drawn. For example, eagle was a kind of culture. While men, Sri Lanka, Dongen. We are two different types of people. And ha, let's see our final word for today. See you. It means pass by, OIG, go through. Seeing. To use this watch. Normally you have two functions. The first one, you would use it as passed by a place. Yet the second function is light. You would usually use to say you undergo or gone through a period of time or an incident? How to use it? Seemed true hall. When I go to the school today, I passed by a shop. Nice boy culture, the Shrew Hall. County my EquatIO, either new name. When you finish work and pass by the supermarket, can you buy back home some milk? Seeing what Guanyin, the newly tackle use IP, say Nala. Having been through many years of hot work, he finally got first place in the competition. Tsinghua Sandy and gone saw deleveraging Lila. Having been 23 years of whack. He's now already a manager. 65. 18.8 Each culture has its own specialty: Hello guys. This would be the last session for the whole lesson. The topic is each culture has its own specialty. Let's start with a new. What? Strange or weird. C. C, T. Next. Specialty. Dn means special. And dn actually means spot or point. So again, kind of refers to special point. Put Honda. Honda, well, plan. Make a plan. Hi, Yossi. Csi, assume 10 million. You'll see a whole Mia sequel. Let's see what happens in the lines. For the first paragraph. For a poem, it means not the same. So in this case is like different. Second paragraph. Sh'ma CCNE. Literally it means anything is fresh. So anything It's new. For arts. As a reminder, it means and also, or furthermore. So in this case I, furthermore. Moving on to last paragraph, it needs some attention. Joe CA. There are some countries or half some countries. So actually means some countries. If you're starting to get confused, Let's see. Whenever we say yo yo, followed by a thing, it means something. For example, your rent wall. Johann see honk, Honk. Some people like to dance. Some people like to saying, drag a color. For the exam question. Some classmates thing, it's easy. Something gets hard. Gong Guan Li, job runs, I can't bow. Your enzyme. You see in the park, some people are reading newspaper, some people are resting. Is everything clear? Now let's get back to the texts. People's name while for seeing him in surname. So this whole thing is talking about some countries people's name is written at the front of surname. Some countries people's name are written at a bag of surname. But as long as you have gone through a period of time, you slowly get used to it. 66. Listening & speaking L17 18: Warfarin. Warfarin, former. See you soon. See you soon. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. While Shamma way from my types or trisomy cell types or tissues. Num. One num. So the drill, Tanenbaum woman to woman 11, 11, 11, lot of Sheba. Hi, done. Tie for the downtime. 67. 19.1 看上去,看起来,听上去, 听起来: Welcome back. In this session, we're going to look at these four main phases. Great. Now let's revisit the structure. Non-action verbs, followed by Ti. Do you remember it's got three different functions. First, it implies that you start to do that verb. Second, it implies that non-action verbs up. And third, it implies appears to be, which often we would say tilde, t lie, etc. Getting to lie. It's a jazz appears to be like, looks like example. He looks desperate. How about teams? Means that appears to be or sounds like. Let's get to see some examples. She sounds satisfied with all these warm-ups. Let's see what we're going to learn today. It's about non-action verbs followed by shrunk. In fact, it also means appears to be. Therefore the common ones would be too happy. Notice he found to basically equals to Kangxi lie. While basically equals to t lie. It is just like when you're saying you're looking or listening to something and the thing appears up to you. Let's see two examples for it. Can and can't see lie. Or a counselor. He seems like he's not too willing to help me. Geology and tritium can found two or canceled both hygiene. Dan, this matter doesn't seem to be that simple. Great. Another two examples for team found t2 and t1. T2. Or she sounds like she's satisfied with my job. Team or a team. This song sounds nice. 68. 19.2 I also recalled it: How are you guys recently? Here it comes to a new topic. And it's also recalled it start with the first word. The next word, which is also face-related, and its face. Leanne. Leanne. Leanne. How to say short when we're talking about length. And that is not for height, it's for length. So you cannot say a person Hen Duan. It would sound weird. Duan. Next what to cause, which is like to call something happen or to make something happen. In fact, she rung by very similar because RAM, meaning to make or to ask to let. It is likely to cause as well. Therefore wrong and can be interchanged. Yet. Sure. As to cause is rather more formal. Sure. You are the funds that are adore home. Yeah. Our daughter likes to put her hair behind her ear reasonably tissue where this is for what reason? This way can make her face look prettier? I recently think she's not the same as before. New IP Usha, our daughters changes quite vague. He liked short hair when she was little. Hides the young, like a boy. I also recall that now passions, I'm Amanda. She now slowly getting to be more like a girl. Say ca ha, let's see what happens in dialogues. Do you remember Up, which is using? So it means that they think or memories coming up. So means recall. Next line. Yes. What is man, man? Have you noticed? It is actually from the structure adjective, like English Lee. For the English, Lee, the Chinese is for the adjective. Do you remember we need at least a double characters. Therefore, men alone is not enough. You gotta double it to make it man, men. So overall, namenda means slowly. 69. 19.3 What I like is...: Let's see a new topic. What I liked is let's start our topic with examples. Was C, E for sure, Judge yen. The clothing that I like is this one. And when we already know we're talking about clothes, we do was see, shrink god, CN. The one that I like is this one. Example to war for. The person I'm talking about is him. Yet. If we already know we're talking about people, we can do y for the shirt. The one I'm talking about is him. Example 3, packed out doll, the goal too loud. The Joppa he found is school teacher. Again, if we already know we're talking about jobs, we can club the word and do. Hatch out though they're sure she shall love the one he found his school teacher. So here we would notice there's this structure we can follow, which is like whatever or something. The shirt means what? Whatever is. Let's see more examples. What suede Zhao, what I like to do most is sleeping. Either young shrew wall, who he loves is me. Pass Yang true that the function of fat or the place that he wants lift is fronds. Jj candor. Sure. Gantry, GMO. Watch older sister watches TV program. 70. 19.4 What he wears is sports clothes: Welcome to lesson. Today we're going to look into topic. What he wears is Boyd clouds. Let's start with loving and measure what? Which is a measure word for flat and thin object. Jiang. Jiang. Jiang. For example, a piece of paper, a table, Zhang Kuang, a bad grade. Another word would be a measure wide again, which is for people. And it's a polite form to address people. Way, way, way. You would say, you weigh a woman. This cr shown for the woman Tanja, for the photos of us participating in horse riding competition. Can't see you for Laila. I choose a few ones to print a wash them out quickly. Give me to take a lug. See that require the drill way. Sure. Shea, who's the one who writes the quickest? You may control? I'm a partial Shao Ganga. Did you not figure it out? He's Joe gang, semi carrier density and I put high Yang. How come it doesn't look the same from now. On van 24 tension. When he goes to work, he wear a suit and shirt beside you and don't fall? When he was in competition. What he wore with sport close. What can I say? He wears a blue sit today. Say he appears to be like over 40 years old. Hive, you're 20 you and don't fall wrong tag on it. Still wearing sports clothes that would make him even younger. Very good. Fake haha. We can take a look of the dialogues. Was soon. Let's see Zhuangzi true. For C true lie. What does that mean? It means wash out. In fact, see really means wash. But that's because in the old times, people will really go too dark room and print out the photographs while the process is like washing it out. Of course, nowadays you don't really go to a dark room and see the photo. You can simply just print it or safe in in your phone. Next line. See that require that Joe way through Shea. We have mentioned whatever the shirt It means what? Whatever is. So see that Joe wafer. It means the one who writes a quickest is moving on. Ulama pantry cell gun. Yeah. It means figure it out. And usually it's width site. Next line. It's a mechanic found true can see as I've bought hey Yang, a reminder came home to me. It seems like we're appears to be like last line. Tantra bankruptcy for 10 Shan. Can you guess what's S4? As you know, C is West or Western Wall is from E4, which is clothing. So S4 together is sued. Hi. 71. 19.5 He copies how birds sound: Yeah, Hi, Sarah. New topic. Copies have heard sound. So how do we call Burj? Meow? Does it look like a bird? Meow. Meow. Next one. Cry. Look at the character. Does it look like a pair of crying eyes? Woman? We haven't met for a year, right? Heard that you already have a daughter. How old is she now? Tachypnea CIPN, co-founder. She was born last year, somebody she has just passed her one-year-old birthday was some gait her what does she like? I'll give it to her. She just likes to listen to his dad copy how bird sound. Cool the Fisher Hall. When she cries. Draw tab. As long as her dad copies have bird sound, she immediately comes quiet. 0 for this gift. I have no clue how to give. Ah, let's see what happens in the dialogues. Key and crucial. In this sentence. Actually there's a hidden word with kids. Sure. To make it past two years at Yangzhou Shonda. So it's actually using the shirt and the combination. Which overall it means that it is that she was born in last year, summer. Next one down is facial her as a reminder, goal as avert means pass or spend. So this whole sentence is saying, she just finished passing the first birthday. Great. Next one. What is its literal meaning is learn birds call or shout. So in overall it's saying copy bird sound. For the next line. Draw tab asks us for, do you remember for the structure, non-action verbs followed by SAT, meaning gradually slow down the motion or back to its original state. Exactly. So it's saying becomes quiet. Last line. Drug allele will make band fast song. May bend fat. As a reminder, means do not have method. So this sentence means that she has no way to give this gift. 72. 19.6 使,让,叫: Let's start our new topic. We're going to compare it to use. Let's recap a little bit about their meanings. Sure means to cause. Rung can mean let and ask. Cedaw means to call or ask something related to verbal speaking. Very good for sure. Meaning to cause. And because of it, it could also mean to make, because you call something happen equals C, make something happen. Next one rung. It means let or ask. It's because you let something happen. It could also mean to make or to call something happen. So how about the last one, which is to call or ask? Well, it also could mean to make. Why is that? Imagine you ask them, they happen as the same concept as to make something happen is an int. Therefore, we conclude that all the three what Sure, wrong in Seattle could also have the meaning as in to make or to cause. So let's see some examples. Judges, tritium shirt or rung or shall. We are shown see, this matter makes me angry. Next, tag down for sure or wrong. Or it's Yao War II. He does this way, making me very dissatisfied. Or run or walk handle seats. That glass is made me see things clearer. Yet sure as to cause is rather more formal. For round and gel. They're both less formal and they could be used for both speaking and writing. And it is suitable when you want to communicate with others. You can use ROM and Cl. 73. 19.7 I sat on the boat: Hello guys. Are you all good? Let's see our new topic. I sat on the boat. How to say boat? You will be expecting the sale your bow in the upper right. How to say River. Next word. Unforgettable. As you know, nan is difficult. One is forget. So NAND one is difficult to forget. Next one. It is another way to say Take Photo. We already know it means take a photo. Xiang could be new. It is a wet related to photo. We have learned that job, job Pn is take photo. So the same action now can be used for Jiang, Jiang Zhao Ziyang. Zhao Ziyang jets. Joe was true law. The farm, the farm do round war. Fei counter. As I can be in Java, Xiang Yu Zhang Qian Gua hand may good the Fung Yang Yang back gate that Xian Tao polyoma, Gaussian, gaussian. Very good. Let's start with the second paragraph. For Huang. It's actually the Yellow River, the famous river in China. And it means on the whole way. Remember we have said that means one, but it could also mean one hole. On the second page. A reminder means send, and usually it's electronically. And finally, Tiao, Ponyo man. Yet Gaussian, gaussian. The literal meaning for it is because my friends to also be happy. But why Gaussian? Gaussian. Well do remember we have learned for third equals to do that for lightly or casually. Yes, in this case, we have to consider Gaussian as a verb. So Gaussian, Gaussian, it is like happy for a bit. 74. 19.8 Additional words- L19: Here it comes to our last session for this lesson. We're going to learn some additional words. Let's see the first one. Animals park. So when we combine them together to form un, it would turn it into x2. Don't avoid un, un. Next one. Self or own. Trust and belief. If you combine them together, forming seen, it means confidence or confident. The next front or a go. Nguyen year. So combining them together, forming it means a year before last year. What about Tsien? Meaning front and ago? Tn, meaning day. Combining the two, they would be tn, tn. So it's pretty straightforward. It means a day before yesterday. Tn, tn, tn, tn. Next. Sports clouds. Now combine them together. It will be or they both have the same meaning as in sport clouds. Dongyi, Dong for you in For next. Pass by. If we combine them together, forming it would mean pass by. But because it means road could only work when you're talking about pass by a place. And how exactly do we use hall song? When I finish work at passed by this bank all the time. Okay. Kosher. Can't see light boots. I pass that restaurant when I drove today. It seems quite good. 75. 20.1 Introduction of ‘被bèi’ : Why your life Hong Kong. Welcome to half lesson. Today we're going to learn a very important word, introduction of Fe. What's the meaning of Bay? In fact, it is a passive word. Bay. Bay. What does that mean? Do remember we have learned bat, which is an initiative word. Yes. Bay is the opposite of fat, which is a passive word. Let's revisit a little bit. When we use ban, the whole structure would become a, bat, B, followed by verb, sorry, so completion. So what about Bay? Yes, it has the same structure or changing to pay. So you would say a saying, bay, normally a person, verb, so free, so completion, which indicates that a is done by b, which the bay is like by oppositely, you would say May, as in don't have. So thing may bay person FERPA R3. So completion indicating that a Watson done by b. The structure used for Fe is basically the same as bad, which is the initiate word. Let's see how to use it. My mobile phone is taken away by someone. What this showed see Weberian that sola, my car is driven away by who were the chore face? Chez la. Some additional knowledge. If you say a verb followed by, so it means the verb away. And total it has a verb, sorry, so completion. So remember, but so as a result, completion. The cakes are all eaten by who? Thank God, obey, shake for LA. Why was little brother was hit by mom today? The way from marching campaign mammoth. The dot wasn't brought back home. Cellco may pay. You may ask why Bay this time is not followed by anything. There's no subject. Yes. When there is nothing, it will assume that it's somebody. Money hasn't been completely spent by me. When my bed hasn't been moved to the room by them. What the twang may pay time and Ben Chu function. 76. 20.2 差不多 : Hey guys, welcome back. In today's lesson, we are going to learn how to use. Let's start with this void. What's the meaning of board door? Well, as an adjective, it means similar or pretty much their. Second, it could also mean about or around. In practice, we would say the bull as no tone to make it cap would door. The meaning of taboo door is coming from Chad, meaning differ by pool. Not too much. Because chop wood door has a literal meaning of differ by not much. Therefore, it could mean quite there or similar. And also because of the literal meaning of chapel door is differ by not much. So it can mean about or around. For example, about three o'clock. Tap with DAW, chop wood door. So let's see some examples for chop wood door as an adjective which is similar or quite there. Before we start, please note that you can put chop wood door at the end of sentence, which is like, Oh, it is similar or it's quite there. And a parson, this, you can put chapel door before an adjective. This would suggest that it's similar level in terms of the adjective. They look similar. Tam and Kangxi like hardwood door. Literal meaning is they appear to look similar. My job has been done quite there already. What the thoughts or the Taboola, it means that I have almost finished doing it. It's quite there now. We have exercise quite enough now. Let's take a rest woman to unlearn the trap would do Allah, CISC ISA. It means that we've almost finished training. So it's quite there now. My little brother and I are similar in height. Wall hood, the decoupled dog. All these two movies or both as good, door hall can end. The literal meaning is these two movies are similar in terms of good to watch. Moving on. We also know Cappadocia is about or around. Now it's about time to finish Lesson. Scenes a taboo doors. Jacques le. Let's meet about four or 05:00 PM tomorrow. Woman drinking cappuccinos, would the NCAA member. So good. I'm about to be able to get off wag. Watch, have a dog. 77. 20.3 Don’t be sad: Are you guys all get recently? So let's start our new topic. Don't be sad. First word, camera. Zhao Ziyang, see, actually draw a CN is another way to say Take Photo. And C We have mentioned it means machine or device. Therefore, Java is like a taking photo machine. Java's Yangtze Java Shanxi. Next word. Then. Very sad. How is it theory said? As nan? Difficult while core is I pass through. And because you are difficult to go through or difficult to pass through, it means that you are having a hard time. Therefore, man poor is very sad. Man. Four. Next one, shopping center. It is formed by old boys as well. Shuang Zhang Kong isn't a big. We have learned Shang from Shang dn shop and Shang is what meaning commercial. Chong is often used to refer to large place, downtown. Shanghai. Next word, credit. Seeing your own scene is trust and Yom is use. So it's kind of related to credit. Senor. Senor. Next, what card? And the word cat, meaning card is actually an English translation. With all the said. How to say credit card. Being seeing seeing Yong can see that my camera is taken away by who? So merge job with Dow. How come I couldn't find it. Finds again, is it that you didn't bring it in? Word make out? I looked for it. I didn't find it. Be an angle, say my ego, but don't be upset by one again. Outside the door of the company, isn't there just a big shopping mall? But this month, the money, my credit card has been spent pretty much. Ca, ca ha, very nice. So let's take a look of the dialogues. In this line. It is using the structure a, B, followed by verbs, a result completion. So it's like my camera by who taken away. And she may ask. So equals 2 taken away? Yes. Whenever you say for so, it would automatically form a verbal result completion, meaning the verb away. Next line, Domain way through IGA. Just a little reminder. Why the long-term is the dolmen, the y mean, meaning the company's a0 stores outside. Last line. Was coelom cavity that Shen Douala. Just a little reminder, this chapel door is used as an adjective, meaning almost there, pretty much there or quite there. Therefore, the sentence would just mean the money my credit card has been spent pretty much or pretty much spent. 78. 20.4 Start caring about P.E.: Hello all fellow students. Our topic for today is start caring about PE. Let's start with the first word, which is care or care for. It's both a verb and the noun. Guan scene. One, scene. One scene. For example, CSA need the scene. Thanks for your care. Taffy conquest. He cares a lot for the World News. Next, what results? So this chunk could be used for many things like school, academic results, company results, et cetera. Chunky. Chunky needs a material. How come you are suddenly starting to care about p? What they're non-polar. Yossi, Why can't go to war? Shanda. My boyfriend likes to watch football games. I was affected by him. Looks like only love can make a person have changes. How young? Yes. In order to have the same interests as him? What DO can't choose? Say, I watch football games every day. Apart from football, what else has he affected you? Jade seen what THO1 wire you see? Recently. I go online to play games every day. Or the chunk see my results gone worse. Though TIM, don't lament. All understood. So now we're going to take a look of the dialogues. Needs a mature and cleansing TT you Laila. For NLI. As we have learned, for Selye, is used when you want to say start doing the verb. So why would mean start to care? Yet, if you want to put something in there, like Guan seen CTU lie, it would mean start to care about the PE. Let's see some more examples with object in their county, girls start to sing a song. So let's see. So yeah, lie. Start doing homework. She could lie, start drinking Coke. So remember you want to say you start doing something with the verb. Then you say, For see something. Moving on to the next line. Drill, I 1000, long-run your piano. We haven't exactly learned can lie. In fact, it means that seems that or appear to be. Example. Had been hung drawn. His illness is severe. Seems, uh, he can't go to school today. Seems that today will reign. Additionally. In this sentence, it is using the structure, drew yo Something. Which means only when something would. Then last line. What TNT and dog can't chew say. She'll say TO is ball size from B sat is competition. So 200 psi is that ball games. So you've way, it could be football games, tennis, basketball games, et cetera. 79. 20.8 When truly do things: How are you guys? This basic ways? The last session for whole hate GSK-3. The topic is, when truly do things. Let's see our new wet. Difficult question. How to resolve it? Resolve is CH2O the edge? Next word? True? Real is an adjective. Gen Zhang. As we have learned, Jan means real really. You may ask, what's the difference between Gen Zhang? And in fact, Gen Zhang has more emphasis as in true real. While Jen is just like rail. Given that set, Let's see examples. Sunni, Zhenjiang, the Ponyo. He doesn't tell you anything. He's not a true real friend. Me. Have you eaten the real authentic Chinese food? Jiang, Jiang? Jiang Jiang. Next, to try, you won't realize collared shirt, which means exam or a test, also has this character shirt. That's because you're testing your final word. But in fact and then sure. Both mean but and they are exactly the same. They have no difference. Just like in English you would sometimes say, but sometimes say however, you don t conquer drought, see dots in the back. Foot home the winter pea, your boot home that THE fat. You'll see I went, he can trial and then a lie. So eat a fruit to auto. You'll see when T-account drawn to surrender. Then then drill hole, tunnel notes. Yeah. Google. While men do. Let's see what happened in a text. For the first paragraph. Ban, a reminder, it means what to do at home. In the second paragraph means different because it means not the same. In this box from Joe Ci Wen Ti. Then it simply means some questions appear to be very difficult. But when start doing it, they are as simple. And for the last sentence in this paragraph, it just says you have to or mass do it while trying for a next page, drill guns or fruits him there for hot. It means only when you truly do things. And you may have noticed truly. It's formed by Gen Zhang. Just set that is hidden here. We have set that is not always appearing. And for the final line, do Ananda when T, it is using the question would follow by DOT. Or yet. With jazz, any question wed. So do Ananda went, he had to hold the questions will be resolved. So you may notice in this sentence the question, what is door, which is how followed by the combination of thought? Is everything clear though tincture ulama. So here comes to the end of our course, Chinese intermediate course one. I hope you enjoyed the course and find it useful. 80. 20.5 How to distinguish it? How to divide it? : Woman has seen the ICA. We have arrived to a new lesson. The topic is how to distinguish, how to divide it. Let's learn our first word. It means separate or defied. The use of font is a little bit tricky. Let's see how to use it. The first common combination is to use. So as a result, completion with making such as k-means open, so means separate. And to be more specific as separate out. Sally sally and Duchesne separated. So it means they broke up. Nicu EPA homes, so HoloLens, so the youthful fun case seat, Mom. Can you separate the red and blue clouds to wash? Next, common verbs are so completion using Fen is fun to play with mentioned where we save for tour LE 1, meaning is to figure it out. So sudden shoelace like differentiate to distinguish. True remark. Xiang, Ni non-central, crucial, crucial NANDA. These two cats looks similar. Can you differentiate which ones female, which one is male? Wall sandbox July, true. Liang Gang go up here and go Schama put home. I can't differentiate what's the difference for these two photographs. Apart from the previous firm's resource completion would fun. Now, I can also act as a verb. Well, as we said, Son is related to separate or divide as a verb. It would mean as sine or distribute. That's because you're a separate or defied existing things and give to the others. For example, Negril, mom, Mom, you're so busy. Pass some of your work to me then with sun, it's implying that divide your work and give it to me. Badger that, that then calcine gate that Jack. Divide this big cake and give to everybody later. Okay. 81. 20.6 What other identical points do you guys have?: Good morning. We have come to the new lesson. What other identical points do you guys have? Both start with a new What? Recognize? Run. Do you recognize? Run from the word run shrew, which is to know. So then it's like you're kind of recognize or know something. Run the run. In fact, some run the run is the main verb. So what does that mean? It means that it could be followed by another word to form a verbal result completion, such as run the true lie, can't recognize out, run Tor, recognize wrongly, et cetera. Let's see some examples with those. Jewish law, one door rumble, true lie. He has changed a lot these for years. I almost can't recognize that person is him. Walk by one Lao Shu, Zhang Lao Shu. I just got T3 or Wong wrongly recognized as T-Shirt Zhang. Next word. It means the same or identical. Xiang home. We have learned that means the same. And normally it won't be used alone. So here it comes Shang tall as in the same or identical. Xiang tall, tall, neck, Nagar when Trump fake true fan, the new hire. Sure. Ni Mei Mei man. That girl who is holding a bowl preparing to eat, is your little sister drowned. She looks really similar to you. Woman Team. We often get recognized John by other people. Drill, need a madman. That cool. There's only your dad and mom can tell. Schaefer. Schaefer Mei. Mei. Who is the older sister, who has a younger sister, right? Two-level movie white woman, Sue-Je and the law. Apart from parents, we ourselves can tear Neiman, the younger toilet gang then Shan hi osha, my cell phone. You to apart from looking similar, what the areas are, the same woman, colleague, fellow colleague. We live in the same building scene rim. They can't ha, we can take a lot of the dialogues. Draw neat. A mom at the true lay. Well, lie. We said it means differentiate out. And now if we put the in-between it to make it fun, to lie, it's got the function to emphasize. Can differentiate. Next. Taller for more way. Woman. So GUN Nanga for war meant it has followed timeline structure rule, which start from subject, time, place, and activity. And you also know if you want to say how to perform the activity, it would be put before the activity. As such. For the sentence, war, men would go to the subject. Yan'an would be the activity. So C is a how to do the activity. Next line. Neiman longer, truly Jiang, Xiang, Xiang De Fang. In this line, the file here is not talking about the actual physical place. It is talking about the areas or points. So he's asking what other areas are points of view are the same. The final line, wall man, crusade, Tanika law, Paul UGA Fung, Tn. D. Remember in HSK 1, we have mentioned that if you want to say same something, you have to do same one. So same one in Chinese is tone giga. Therefore, same building tone, same room, tone, IGA function. Is everything clear? Though? Ulama? 82. 20.7 ‘Have to’, ‘how’ : Things are getting more exciting now. We're approaching the end of the whole session. And today we're going to look at some words. Have to look at this character is a familiar. We use to pronounce it as the. However, today we're not doing it. We have a new pronounced station for it day. And it's got new meaning, which is half to day, day. Let's see examples. On iPhone. Was Sacco whole day to you. Grandma got sick. I have to go to the hospital to see her after the lesson. Need day went home for a year. Or butcher need Boyardee, Katie ocher. You have to complete the homework. If not, don't leave the classroom. Was cell wall height date Chicago. I still have to have meeting in the afternoon. So to hiring. And you will realize the function that they is pretty similar to your next word for today. Dawn mom. It means how with exclamation. So basically it's equals to door. So the function of Duomo is basically the same as door as in how. However, due on law can only be used in a statement, may exclamation or emphasis, but it cannot be used in questions. The Walmart, for example, good Creusa, Miao, Guan Hao Cu is this cat needed at home? Sra gone to a poor Maria and Jan. How CUE is your colleague works? Duomo told me he had even do this question. How smite? Yet? As we have said, schwannoma is not for a question. So you cannot say path Duomo Gao as in how tall is he? The correct way would be cat, dog, go. 83. Listening & speaking L19 20: It's a mature 10 and seen a mature tendon runs a D scene. John Watson might then what Sam might then. Shangtang trauma. Trauma. Tina. Tina. Neogene gone the whole polyoma. Neogene drawn the whole polyoma. Sure, the Walla, Walla. Walla need the seeds and the Yang need the seeds. Ha ha, ha.