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Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course A)

teacher avatar Winkie Wong, Chinese Mandarin Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course A) Intro


    • 2.

      1.1 What's Your Plan?


    • 3.

      1.2 Not At All / Not Even a Little


    • 4.

      1.3 Play Games, Revise Homework


    • 5.

      1.4 Cardinal Direction


    • 6.

      1.5 Bring a Few More Clothes


    • 7.

      1.6 Additional Words - L1


    • 8.

      2.1 Body Parts


    • 9.

      2.2 Verb-来/去


    • 10.

      2.3 Go Up the Hill


    • 11.

      2.4 Office


    • 12.

      2.5 Call a Taxi


    • 13.

      2.6 Fat & Skinny


    • 14.

      2.7 Revisiting of ‘就’


    • 15.

      Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 1-2


    • 16.

      3.1 还是 & 或者


    • 17.

      3.2 Climb Up the Hill


    • 18.

      3.3 这样 & 那样


    • 19.

      3.4 Place-Verb-着-Object


    • 20.

      3.5 Buying Trousers


    • 21.

      3.6 Fresh and Sweet


    • 22.

      3.7 Both Tea or Coffee are Fine


    • 23.

      4.1 又...又...


    • 24.

      4.2 That Girl is Tall and Pretty


    • 25.

      4.3 She’s Smart and Passionate


    • 26.

      4.4 The Cake is Cheap and Tasty


    • 27.

      4.5 She’s Passionate and Serious to her Job


    • 28.

      Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 3-4


    • 29.

      5.1 I Specially Bought This For You


    • 30.

      5.2 My Son Got a Cold


    • 31.

      5.3 Grass and Trees are Now Green


    • 32.

      5.4 More and More...


    • 33.

      5.5 I’m Getting Fatter and Fatter


    • 34.

      6.1 More Verbs of Results Completion


    • 35.

      6.2 Just & Just Now


    • 36.

      6.3 I’ll Help you to Have a Look


    • 37.

      6.4 The Questions are Especially Hard


    • 38.

      6.5 Have Some Talk


    • 39.

      6.6 Additional Words - L6


    • 40.

      6.7 Couldn’t Fall Asleep


    • 41.

      Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 5-6


    • 42.

      7.1 She Worked in a Bank


    • 43.

      7.2 Interested In...


    • 44.

      7.3 I’m Interested in Her


    • 45.

      7.4 I’ll Marry Her


    • 46.

      7.5 More on ‘Time’


    • 47.

      7.6 Your Watch is 15 Mins Early


    • 48.

      7.7 Additional Words - L7


    • 49.

      8.1 又 vs 再


    • 50.

      8.2 How Scare to Look Down


    • 51.

      8.3 Hope to See You Again in Future


    • 52.

      8.4 ...Question Word...就...Question Word...


    • 53.

      8.5 I’ll Go Wherever You Go


    • 54.

      8.6 You Almost Had No Change


    • 55.

      8.7 Additional Words - L8


    • 56.

      Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 7-8


    • 57.

      9.1 跟/和...一样


    • 58.

      9.2 哪里哪里


    • 59.

      9.3 I definitely won't get fat


    • 60.

      9.4 A is in the Middle of B and C


    • 61.

      9.5 No Need to Worry


    • 62.

      9.6 Doesn’t Have Influence At All


    • 63.

      10.1 More on: ‘A比B-Adjective-(by how much)’


    • 64.

      10.2 His Chinese is Much Better than Me


    • 65.

      10.3 What Lessons Do You Like?


    • 66.

      10.4 Change a New Bike


    • 67.

      10.5 There’re 3-4 Bus Stops Nearby


    • 68.

      10.6 A没有B这么/那么


    • 69.

      10.7 Additional Words - L10


    • 70.

      Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 9-10


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About This Class

“Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course A)” is tailored for non Chinese speakers who are at beginner level and are ready to progress to Intermediate level. “Chinese Intermediate 1 Course” is designed to help you reach beyond Chinese level 3. The full course is composed of Course A (lesson 1-10) and Course B (lesson 11-20).

Composed of 10 lessons / 69 videos, all lessons in "Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course A)" would include a set downloadable lecture notes, which cover the entire lesson’s content, a set of practice exercises. Regarding the practice exercises, they include speaking questions, reading comprehensions, short passage writing opportunities, and more. Additionally, supplementary interactive online study sets are provided, and each set would contain audio flashcards, quizzes, games, etc. Moreover, Chinese characters worksheets are attached, assisting you to learn and recognise characters by practicing writing them, which would enhance your reading ability as well.

Apart from education videos, Speaking & Listening practice videos are also arranged every two lessons. They provide more interaction between students and the instructor, as students are expected to listen to questions from the instructor, and answer by themselves. This also further hone their listening and speaking skills.

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, with most content animated. It aims to provokes your interests and enhance engagement in lessons, while allowing you to learn more enjoyably and effectively.

What to expect upon completion?

  • Over 150 Vocabulary
  • Cover lesson 1-10 (50%) of Hanyu Shioping Kaosho 3
  • Hold a short conversation
  • Build more complex sentences
  • Essential grammar

What's included in each lesson?

  • Downloadable lecture notes
  • Downloadable exercises
  • Downloadable Chinese characters worksheets
  • Online interactive study sets (including audio flashcards, quizzes, and games)
  • A full vocabulary list

How's the course designed?

  • 10 lessons, with 69 sessions (5 hours in total)

How to study?

  • suggested to study with HanyuShuiping Kaoshi Standard Course Textbook 3 & Workbook
  • suggested to respond with 2 or more sentences for each Speaking questions or topics

You've come to the right course if you...

  • reach beyond beginner level
  • have completed Chinese Beginner 2 
  • know around 300 vocabulary
  • are at intermediate level and would like to consolidate their knowledge

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Winkie Wong

Chinese Mandarin Instructor

Level: Intermediate

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1. Chinese Intermediate 1 (Course A) Intro: Welcome to our Chinese intermediate one course. Let me give you an introduction. You may already know my name is Twinkie and based in UK, and I deliver Chinese classes to students there. Because of the passion for teaching, I started putting courses online so that students from other countries can enjoy lessons with me as well. Regarding Chinese intermediate one course aims to help to reach the entry intermediate level. And it's composed by two courses, a and B. And here we are in course a. For each lesson package, it would include a set of downloadable lesson notes, practices, and a false vocabulary relays for the course. As we know, efficient is very important. So in addition, we will provide online study sets which are engaging and Taylor for the course. And the study said would include audio flashcards, some interactive, online quizzes, etc. Also, if we find some additional UT resources, such as songs, stories that fit the lesson, we are going to include that as well for your reference. Requires basically cover everything in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. But we focus so much on communication because we hope that one day you could successfully communicate with Chinese people. So if you're already completed beginner to level or UN intermediate level and wants to progress further. Or you know, about 300 vocabulary and want to progress. This is the right course for you. Sign up today and I hope to see you in class. 2. 1.1 What's Your Plan?: Welcome to our trainees, intermediate level one. Come sir, Lesson 1.1. And the topic is, what's your plan? And this is when key. Let's see our new word for today. Its plan, which also acts as both a verb and noun. In Chinese, we say back when. But in practice, S1 will be set in no tone. So What's your plan for the weekend? Neil dancer? I don't have things to do in the weekend. Do you have plans? Yeah. Oh, yes. I've well-designed at it a long time ago. So I changed the F35, can Danielle Science Cafe. I plan to offer you to eat, watch a movie, and then drink coffee. Really your pain for me. She find language on how law, the anion Cao. Cao law. Yes. I've found the restaurant and I've also bought the movie tickets already. Yeah, we are good here. But I still haven't decided if I want to go with you or not. You have a little discussion about the dialogues. For the word CEO. From the line, your WhatsApp, you Sangha. Reminder, this Jew makes a sentence sounds soon, early or smooth. As in the sentence saw, it means early. Therefore, Zao Xiang ha. It actually says, Well decided it early, implying it's decided a long time ago. Let's see some more examples about using 20. St makes a sentence sounds early or longtime ago. Was shrinking JOCO way like Cato. And learn driving 10 years ago. We're going to run below. Me and him knew each other a long time ago. Great. For both examples, we know that shrinkage yen 10 years ago and hence you longtime ago. Both of them suggests it's really early. Therefore, in these cases, using two after them would be suitable as it helps emphasizing it's really early. Next one. Woman think quiet to tone Bayesian, fade out. It took us a short time to fly from Beijing to England. In this example, as quiet suggests, that the journey is pretty soon or smooth, that it doesn't have many obstacles. Therefore, it tells us pretty quick and the journey is short. In this situation, you put the two after quite as fast. It is to emphasize the timings short and the quickness or being so soon. Let's see next line of dialogue. What does unseemly true fan? Who cafe. For it? We have mentioned before, but not officially. It is actually more meaning than just being please. The new meaning is offer or invite. But having said that, it implies that you also pay for the person that you invite. If the activity is a paid actually. Let's see some examples. Person a says, what Cynthia made that CAN I didn't bring money today. Person B says, May Quincy, this matter, pay for your meal. Then. Next one is what he actually said, the Schroedinger. What similar type Kantian you, it went childless. Birthday yesterday. I offer him to watch a movie. Right? Let's see the new line. Thank why voyage or hot le. Le. Do you remember we have learned the structure for a load by hall. It means that your wealth finished with doing that for so it means that job done finding my HA, well, and basically draw holla. It means that for the restaurant, I have already found it. And it means for the movie tickets, I have already bought them too. 3. 1.2 Not At All / Not Even a Little: Welcome back. This would be Lesson 1, point 2. The topic is not at all, not even a little. We have our new wet, which is Angeles or desperate. Draw it, see, when you use Java or C. It doesn't just mean that you're worried. It means that you're worried because you're desperate or a time is running out. John. John. Let me give you some examples to help you now and have an idea of what situations we are going to use. Drought. See. You can't see ocher withdrawn for the sugar. That will Jaime Sangha hogwash. What is CSR? Drought? See soon that tomorrow. It will be my husband's birthday, but I still haven't decided how to celebrate with him. I now vary and cheers. Or to our chief fat or do your dad was Shonda handmade, put our feet TPR or drought. I'll have to go traveling to fans today after. But now I still cannot buy the air ticket. I'm really anxious. Great. So now it comes through the mouse important grammar point. In this video. It helps you to tell not even a little or not even one or not at all in Chinese. So what does that mean? How do these sentences look like? No worries. So now I'm going to show you some examples. This pen is not pretty at all. I didn't do any sports at all. I won't eat even one apple. I didn't even buy one watch. The common thing between these sentences is that not one at all. So how do we say them? In Chinese? The structure looks like follows by boo or may. For some notes though, and yet can be interchanged freely. But the use of boo or may depends on the situation. For example, past situations we use May. Does that make sense? One more note. The function though engineer in the sentence would just be act as an emphasis to say at all. Just that. In total, the formula would look like that. Or radar or E followed by measured him plus though, or followed by bowl, or May. And finally ends with a very potent adjectives. Let's go see some examples. Why EDA pin or, though, or you may match. It means I didn't buy even one apple. What way though? Or yay me. I didn't even drink a cup of water today. Either. Don't see though are yet made saw. I didn't do even a bit of stuff yesterday, though. I don't feel even a bit tired today. More examples, jogger or EDR, Shruti and DOE or yay, NAOH. I don't have even a bit of time this week. Mckenzie are called true le needs and my EDR though or UAA, UGA out. See. It's exam tomorrow. How come you're not even a little and cheese. While we just saw from the example. Or measure word is more like not even one or not even a little bit. So what I'm doing there, do you mean? So the answer is here, there is a new meaning of SHA-1, which means any or anything. So Sh'ma is quite different from English. It can be flexibly used in any, anything. What, but mind you, the application is slightly different from English. So let's see different examples with SHA-1, as in any or anything, Neal Schon, maturity and young girls Susanna. Is there anything you want to tell me? Neoformans 28 equally when war. If you have any question, you can ask me. Didi had a true passion or yet true. My brother loves eating, he eats anything. So the dough and year, there is two emphasizing at all. Similarly, Hashim, a good way, Kang, he can sing any song. So let's try to input the new way of Sh'ma, into the not at all formula. Cellco shown viola, Tasha motto, or year will ensure the dog is sick. It doesn't eat anything at all. Or it's intuition assured though. Bu Xiang, I don't want it to anything today at all. Weishenme the Ponyo though, Goryeo, mejor. I don't have any friend at all. What's in Q hot lay, shamatha Huan, Bu Xiang till I'm very tired today. I don't want to listen to any phone call at all. 4. 1.3 Play Games, Revise Homework: Welcome back. Today's lesson is going to be less than 1.3. And the topic is play games. Revise homework. Let's start with the first vocabulary. Games. We say, you'll always see, yo, yo see. Next one. It's revise or efficient. So it is both a noun and verb. So is C. C is quite similar to serious. See, learn, right? Because they are quite related. Foresee our final word for today. Homework. So a year. For the soul. It is a same saw in gold, so on, which is work, right? Because they are both related again. New drug OCR words. If your Y again now you'll see how come you've been playing the computer games the whole time this afternoon? Needed to worry about your homework. All finished. Though. It's all finished. Tolerate naming can ambush, aerial view called trauma. Isn't then you have English exam tomorrow. Needs my radar. Don't be drowsy. How come you are not a bit anxious. I had finished revising long. Shama went, he told me, oh, there is no problem at all. Then you also cannot play all the time. Like quiet, I bundled salt or fat. Combine. Quickly come and help me with the cooking. Then phi. They can ha, let's see some discussion about the dialogues. From the line. What do you see? How there is a reminder about Zuo here, which is to make sentence sound soon, early, or smooth. Therefore, what you foresee a hotline would be very early finished revising, implying that I finished coefficient a long time ago. Now, he may want to see the line. What does that mean? As not when put at the front of sentence, it would become in that case. And in this situation, not just means also a kind of have a feeling about being still. So the whole sentence means then you still are also cannot play all the time. So that should be pretty clear, isn't it? Well, men can't say how eager for the line. Now how, how, as a reminder, it is like when you say sure, but more in a less passionate or less. Now how about we then become, then it's fine. 5. 1.4 Cardinal Direction: Welcome back guys. Here it comes to our new lesson, which is less than 100 for the topic for today is cardinal direction. So in this video we are going to learn how to say North South Wales. On top of that, we are going to learn some grammar which is important to you. Let's start. East, south, west. See North Bay. Again. Yeast, south, man, West, Sea, north Bay. For many times, we are going to use these cardinal direction to say north and south eastern, western, eastern. So how do we say it in Chinese? The fact is we are going to add one more word after the direction. That's therefore eastern, southeastern, Western and Northern. They found Let's do it one more time. Eastern, Southern, Western, C4, and North. Then we're going to do your semiannually. I'll go traveling with you together next month. How does that sound? What I may need you the chin are doing how you are. I still haven't decided. What do you think is the most fun? Lanfang back? We're going to union, DO you drag a shareholder? Let's go to the South. It is just where we went last year at this terrain. Then she found were made into gorilla higher, now found hyperbola. But we've been to the South already. And also the South is too hot. Woman, Hi, we are 29 formula. Let's not go to the South. The shorter yet the way we also write fantasy and T hot ECA, bulla, bulla. So how about noise? The weather in the North is better. It's not cold and not hot. Favouring Bourgeois woman to a tree. They found that the North is quite good. Let's just go to the north. Let's just take a look of the dialogues. A very brief reminder from the word how wire. It tells us it's good to play. Therefore, it means fun. From the dialogue. Man, woman, jogger, sure horseshoe them. For the bank. What is it doing there? Here's a reminder. When is used at the end of a statement. It would be meaning to give suggestion. Therefore, none. Bang, bang is a suggestion to go to the South. It means stress, but it has the function of emphasizing things. Also, did you notice woman, union, few ocher jug, usher, horseshoe though? There's a combination of shirt and the wage, the content between truth and shall be emphasized. With that said, woman's union CEOs, your jogger sure holds true that it implies that it was just last year at this time when we went there. Next one from the dialogue, banished woman. Voila. Hi yo man. Thank you. For a woman. To Kuala. It says by four cells, we have already been to there. So it means but we have already been to the South, are ready. On the other hand, for high your decision. Remember what does that mean? It is still have OR, and, AND also, if it is used as end or end, also, it is used normally between two sentences because it helps linking the two sentences together. Let's see another dialogue. Woman hiv group, we are tuned and foreign law. We have previously learned. High shrew means is still or, or. However here I'm going to tell you there's a new meaning or new function for that, which would mean instead. However, the condition that you are going to use high as instead is when you turn down the suggestion and stick with the original or less preferred plan, does that make sense to you? Or you can simply think it is had better? In fact, this function of high shirt is very commonly used. For example, you plan to go out for a walk with your friend. However, it's suddenly rains. Therefore, you would say, let's not go out. Let's high, should stay home. Here we are going to see some examples. Drug offense again, the grand drama door, woman, Hi, forget Sheila. This restaurant has so many people. Let's not go instead. Syncytia, woman Hampshire hijab is rainy heavily today. Let's go back home instead. Judging you for takeaway law. We have from my clothing is too expensive. You should get another one instead. Well, hi football lining. What seemed TFA Kang Lei. I'm not becoming to your home. I'm very tired today. Knee high, Forbidden City earthquake gone. So adults don't wait for me. I will work till very late today. So for all of the above examples, have you noticed when saying me, hi shrew do something or water high should do something. The activity done is either in the original plan or a less preferred one. Alternatively, Have you noticed when you say, Hey, it can be used as had better? So getting back to the dialog, woman, boy out soon and formula, it is actually saying, let's not go to the cell because going to the South is the new suggestion. While we want to turn down the idea and steak with the original plan, grade and how final dialogue for today. Based on TNT, how ECA belong yet? I would like to highlight something for you. Eca actually equals to steer, which is some. So basically they can be interchanged. And it doesn't matter whether you use ECA or CAA. As such. Bei Fang TNT, how you see here based on TNT houses. And both mean the weather in the North is better or is somewhat better. 6. 1.5 Bring a Few More Clothes: Hi guys, my demons and Memento, how we have come to our lesson 1.5. And the topic is bringing the more clothes. Let's see the vocabulary for today. Bread, we say, man ball. You noticed the mean. Would be the mean for me it Chao. Yes, they are the same character. Men fall, fall. Next one. Map. How do we say it? For your information? Means ground or for two means picture. Therefore it is Map tool. The tool. Okay, let's now learn a verb brain. We say another verb. It means move or carry, but it is only used to mean you carry a very heavy things. And it is also some more information. You usually have to carry something and to move it to somewhere else. Now let's take a look of the character from the left-hand side of ban. It is actually the radical of hand. Therefore, whenever you see this radical, it may be related to using your hands, such as this time moving. Don't see though. We are traveling soon by tomorrow are the stuff of dried. May involve Dogen Bay, holla, fruit, bread and snacks are all prepared. Height, Aisha, What are we still bringing? Show now? Higher detour. Mobile phone, computer, and also the map. Not a single one can be lag. I've already prepared these yesterday afternoon. Then let's bring a few more overcoat. It might be caught by that time. Were men should she do your bushes? We are going travelling, not moving now. We should just bring less. They can ha, now we can take a look for the dialogues. Let's see the first one. There is a reminder about third followed by HA. It means Well done with it, therefore implies that you already finished bringing it. Hence, already brought. Moving on from the dialogue, SRE Guan Min Bao, self-assured dielectric by hotline. What is true with not really learned about it, but you can actually work it out. Cedaw is little, is therefore means snack. Isn't that amazing? Now let's take a look of the dialogue. Show it again now, higher detour either. For ICA, yeah, poor noun far. It is from the structure ie, measure term. Yet though. Or may that one. Which means not at all. In that case, IGA yeah. Would mean not even one can be a lag. So you may ask. Comms shop would be lag. So yes, here I'm going to tell you, shall has a new meaning which is lack. Basically it's pretty similar to its own meaning, which is little. You just have to be more flexible in terms of using shaw. Let's see some more examples. For you and warm and the draws. A shallow eat appends a waiter. There's a plate missing on our cable. It suggests that the place lag on their table. Next example, wafer mug shot lawyer. Why there's a chair missing in the classroom. Great. Hand. Ha, let's quickly take a look at the line. Just to buy hot law. Just in case you're confused of how the sentence is formed. The explanation is below. It means for these I've already prepared yesterday afternoon. So actually it's pretty straightforward, isn't it? Next concept, it's about the use of Which means is it appears in the line warming sure to do your water. Benji. What does the shirt due in there? In fact, shirt in the sentence has an emphasizing function as it is. Therefore warmer. It means it is traveling that we're going. It is not moving home. How about, let's see some examples. Woman. It means it is we're having lessons, not playing or having fun. What it is that you want to go to America for university right? Near fruit. Is it or not that you like? Now we can take a look at the yellow line. Hey, do you remember we have learned the new function of using high. Last time. There's a reminder. The new way is to use when you turn down new suggestion and stick with the original or a less preferred plan. It is similar to instead. Therefore, high free-fall means less. Instead bring less. Meaning that he asked you to bring less. Well, men can't say how IGA the last point. E ca, ca. It's something that we have learned already. Therefore, means shall die seeing, which is praying less. 7. 1.6 Additional Words - L1: Let's see our last session for this lesson. We're going to talk about some additional words today. First word, travel. Seal. We have learned travel is Joe. Yes, exactly. Equals to lose Seal. You can use either one new CL moving on, guest or a customer. And with Lucille and Curran, there's a new word that can be formed, That's tours. Because traveling, guests, tourist, does that make sense? In fact, there are two ways that we can call tourists. We can either say, New Yorker, need to do your job. 8. 2.1 Body Parts: Lesson 2.1. And today the topic would be body parts, a head to toe, toe, shoulder, chin, bom, bom. Leg. Yeah. Oh, wow. Neck boards. Show. Show. Let's do a practice. How are you going to say the followings in Chinese? Yeah. 9. 2.2 Verb-来/去: Today we're going to talk about Lesson two upon two. And the topic would be about verb follows. Let's quickly do a review. What's the meaning of lie and to have learned means Km, means go. So what does our video topic For followed by lie or to mean? The answer is, it tells you about the firm, but at the same time, give you the idea of the way or direction of the verb. When the verb is followed by lie, it means that the verb is prone to your direction. On the contrary, if the third is followed by two, it means that the firm is going away from your direction. Does that make sense? Now let's see some simple examples. Comb-over, come up. So you want to go down, say lie, slide towards, which shows that is flying towards your direction. Come out. Paul to R12, you go in. Now let's try to add some more information into the structure. For the firm, it can be divided into two parts. First, action verb, then it's followed by a direct and verb. In this way, it would have more information about the firm, which the action verb is to show how the firm is done. Let's see examples. Say Sean lie, fly upwards. You can see that psi is the action verb and Shang would be the verb for going up. So these two words would tell you the direction is going up while you use the format to fly, to go upwards. And again, lie shows you the information that it is flying to your direction. Next power tool to run out. So Jin Lai, walk into you, nag, watch you, take over it, you move or carry out delivery out to. Next, we're going to learn to put even more information into the structure for followed by a lie or to the additional information are likely to be about plays or object. So where to put them into the structure? Well, the answer is, it doesn't really matter where you put it. You put the additional information right after the verb. Or you can even put them after lie or two. And if the firm is composed by action for and direction for a pie from the two ways that we just covered, you can actually put object in between the action verb and direction verb, as long as everything makes sense. And in fact, the concept is quite similar to English. Why is that? Let's see some examples. The band drag towards your back. Move this chair out. Nice, clean edge here between Lima. Can you get some pens in Nadir? My mom buys back some milk. Was so much you polio jazzy gamma1 ball. I delivered to my friend's house a few bread. Shag, cosine t, what, Julia or Chu Lai. Soon by next week, I'll have to fly back to China. Halting function too. Younger sister runs into the room. Woman. So what should we walk over to the hospital? Hamon that swam towards in shaping when they planned to move in to the hotel. Voucher that IT band drawing shorts in IT. The teacher brought a few Chinese spokes into the classroom. One nasa load. Before I take downstairs a few new clouds. Maybe you haven't learned that. Low means building or four. So shallow implies going down the building or move down a few floors. Bab. Dad, but movie tickets back home. Zhang Zai, an actual funds into the QALY is now bringing out of the room some pencils. 10. 2.3 Go Up the Hill: Hello everybody. Welcome to our new lesson 2. The topic is about go up the hill. Let's see a couple of new words. First one, hurt or painful as an adjective. And we call it how. How trees. When you look at the character sheet, on the left-hand side, there is a radical of word. So it implies that it's made of wood. Show mountain or hill. Shen does the character looks like a mountain. Shan. Shan. Last two words, easy and difficult. Let's start with easy. What about civics? And here comes the last word, which means, okay, I cannot do this anymore. Let's quickly take a rest. What's wrong? At home? Shall he at home? My like Hertz now and my feet are hurting. Noblemen. Then let's go over there to sit for awhile. Now Bian Shu to that side has many trees. How the shore? Gentlemen by I really don't understand. Sean lighter sure. Home. So my war made sure that how come it didn't feel this tired when I came up Shuangcheng. Going up the hill is easy. Going down the hill is difficult. Don't you know? Moving onto the next bit, Let's have a little discussion about the dialogues we just had. Foreseen law. Do you remember seal means okay, while LA has some function of change of state. So while basilar means I'm not okay anymore or I cannot see it anymore. Next dialogue. What is MLA? In fact, it means what's wrong, what's going on, or what's up. Next line, not being fooled. Or for a reminder, bn means side. Hence, not being means that side. Our final line, Shuangcheng. Yeah. It is actually a saying, which means going up the mountain is easy, but going down it's difficult. 11. 2.4 Office: Welcome to our new lesson, Lesson 2. And the topic for today is great. Now let's start with a couple of new words. Sos1, office. Have you noticed is the same shirt in tau, which is classroom. Therefore, when you see this word, it's very likely to be related to indoor place. In fact, what is banned from Bengal? Sure. It means do or deal with. But usually you would use ban when you do important things. Suggests. It would mean that you deal with things, but more often, important matters. Other than this, other examples you can use would be ban a credit card or Ben, school admission, etc. Because these things are considered to be quite important, isn't it? Ban, ban. Moving on in the office. There may be a manager. How to call him. Next? There may be a secretary in the office as well. How do we call her? Me, fool me. Actually is a short version of secret and shoot. We know it means book. Do you think that jump nature as secretary is similarity you a secret? Me full. And finally, we are going to learn a fairly useful word, which means sorry. But it's suggestive, relatively lightly town. For YOU at normally used for hot ISA. When you want to say sorry, but you didn't really do something wrong. Oh, hi. So we sent out routinely. Good morning. I'd like to look for a manager, Joe seawall. May I know if he's here for how sorry. Joules, you need to Teuila who their manager Joe has gone out. He's not at the office. Law. Natasha material. Where does he go then when he's coming back? Workout title. Now, there are matters that I find him. Don't go. Wait a second, Madam. Be it out. Don't be desperate. Petruchio by Sheena Yahweh. He's gone out to do some business, will be back this afternoon. Well, I hope you see me around, tag you with that. One sees back. Please ask him to give me a call. How the May 20. Sure. No problem. Once he arrives the office, I'll let him know. Ha ha ha. Now let's spend some time using scarce and little bit about the dialogues. First line, when I hold to senior round tagging, we're DAG. For previously, we have learned that it means please. And now there's a new use of it. It would act as a verb. So when you use it, it kind of mean please, which you or it refers to ask, but in a polite way. For in the line reminder, she'll mix sentence sounds early. Soon voice moves. Therefore, the whole line we consider as this way. While we lie, Whoa, means after returning to kind of mean immediately. Finally, cuny around how you what that is. I please ask him to give me a call which makes it in overall. Once he's back, please immediately asked him to give me a call. Is in the sentence quite straight forward. With that said believed next line doesn't need much explanation or it's still Gauss data. So it means once he arrives, the office, immediately tell him. 12. 2.5 Call a Taxi: Good morning. How are you guys? Young woman can refer back to your topic is calling taxi. Our first word is a measure term, and it is only used to address vehicle or cars. Leon. By looking at the character, how you found the word, which means car or vehicle, which is hidden in the word. Exactly on the very left-hand side. This is the Radical a vehicle. Moving on to the next word, it means building or floor. Low. You may want to see some examples of how to use this word. For example, jog a law means this building or it this floor. While men the law, or a building or R4. Hello, would mean first for a second for a woman to die at home. Yellow. We live on the same floor. While men Jews at home. We live in the same building or jog a dialogue. This big building has 15 fours. Low, low. Moving onto the next word, take or hold or get. How you found the character of hand. Yes, it's in the bottom, which means hand show. Therefore, that implies it is an action related to your hands. Next, umbrella. By looking at the character. Does the character is sand, looks like an umbrella. San San. Let's see the final word for today. With the span mean. It has two functions or in meanings. So it is a measure term for objects with a handle. And second, it is an initiative word. But today we will only focus on using bad as the first function. With the character of bat. I'm going to introduce you the left-hand side of it. It's actually called the radical of hand. So examples drawn, which is fine, which means hit. They both have the radical of hands because they are actually related to hands, isn't it? Therefore, bat is also related to hand. 13. 2.6 Fat & Skinny: This is lesson 2. The topic is fat, skinny. How do we say fat or a chubby? Palm? Palm. Palm. Next word, skinny or thin? Show, show, show. Final word for today. In fact, actually, logo can be drawn upon. I'm dispatch. What to do? Some about what to do. You've still ask me. He made he and she like fun Joshi HER. You go straight to bed after meal every day. Theological and Joe Troodon, we see and eat soon when you get up. Loan pool Palma. Can you not be fat? Tissue will maintain diodes or you don't actually add the exercise every day. Parachutes are money either, I don't know. But how come you haven't gone thin at all? The Georgia law. What sports did you do? So I did cooking. Great. Let's see what we have learned from this dialog. Cema for sentiment then what does that mean? It's a new word. It means what to do. In fact, some means how to, while fan means steel. And for settler ban, what to do. This phase would be often as when one feels helpless. 14. 2.7 Revisiting of ‘就’: Lesson 2.7, we are going to revisit the use of getting back to the meaning of 2. One function is to use it to make sentence sound sued early or smooth. So the use of steel is basically similar to immediately. So what if you describe action one and put it before the action starts? It would imply that after you finish with action one, you immediately do the action TO does everything makes sense to you? Let's get see some examples. Walk how ensure THE wire. I go play soon after I finish the exam. Hall, Joseph associate. I go rest soon after I finished running a cafe joke. As you're going through. I start working soon after I have drunk coffee or Chula job. We don't come back again once you have left the door. Now for a woman to do a 1004 shown required. Once a teacher enters the classroom, we immediately say to him, happy birthday. You may not know the structure very well. But followed by an action means that the moment you start doing that action, tag IPO Gaussian job before. He doesn't speak. Once he's not happy. In Bangalore. Theogony. He works once he enters the office, dung equate yellow, woman tools, you can Daniel. We go watch maybe once you're back home. 15. Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 1-2: For every t lesson, there will be a listening and speaking practice. You will have to listen to what I say without subtitles. And the questions will be repeated with subtitles. Then try to answer the questions yourself. Please be get loud or I tried to do the questions with your Chinese friends. Draw more need. That's when Shama draw more need. That's when Shama drag and draw more neatness and polio. Polio don't need upon your Xian counter renally wire. Sunlight Bengal for a gay woman. Sunlight Bangalore. Bangalore. Bangalore. J. So j. So j. For the following questions, please respond with the structure. Ie, something yet. Or may, then something needs a pin. Pin venture. Dan dan Boyd. 16. 3.1 还是 & 或者: When the men who are atopic would be in lesson 3. We're going to talk about high. And as a reminder, high should means or. And there's a new or for the load word we call it. So how can there will be two ors? And what's the difference between them? Let's start. Is different from high shoe. When you use high shrew as ordered, it usually involves option that you need to choose. Therefore, it is often used in question. We're going to give you some examples later. For using hydrogen. As. It often involves some options that you don't need to choose. Therefore, it's often used in statements. I'll also show you some examples soon. Examples for high sugar. High SRI Newton. This person is a man or a woman. You will notice when using this or it provides you with the options that you would need to choose. Nice and high for a teacher TO. Do you want to play basketball or football or longer? How should you longer? I don't really know if his birthday is in May or June. Look here. It is a statement. However, the nature of the sentence requires you to choose between May or June, therefore, choosing between options. So in this situation, we use high. Sure. Next, whoa, whoa, whoa, and Tasha magazines, you wore your shrewd CAN as if he has time next Friday or Saturday. These are major question Biao hashing. Why do you want to buy this watch or read that one? Well, Jaime, Shanghai, China, hong soda, half your lens so that I still haven't decided if I want to wear the red clothing or the blue clothing. In this situation, you would use high shirt because you have to choose between one right? Next, let's see examples for Hoyt draw. What's in council law, hydra, so-called Troy Shanks year. I often walk or take the bus to school. You could see there doesn't involve any choosing between options. So both options are fine. Hence, in this case, we use what are the task with sequences. So the hydra offense, I think you will like the purple one or the pink one. Jo March, you can hydro passion. I'm okay with watching movie or a climb the hill on weekend. Boys and has social sway. Sway. I think she's about 40 or 50. In this case. You're just saying if she's like either 40 or 50, you don't care enough to want to know if she's 40 or 50. Therefore, no choosing between the options would be needed. Hence, using next to your hydropower, woo Hero possibly go swimming or running. Was He Gua, gua Leo? I like have linked to the UK or France. So now are you clear with the use of Georgia and how she now I'll see you in the next session. It's ITN. 17. 3.2 Climb Up the Hill: Welcome back. This is our new lesson. The topic is, we can first start with our new what, which is Klein and crawl. Pad. As we know, pad is Klein is hill. So passion would become climbed a mountain. Next. Heart, to say it. Seeing the character itself looks like a human heart. Seem seen. Now let's see what's the meaning for little hot. In fact, it means careful. For you can imagine if you have a small hot, you're paying attention to details. Do you want to know how to use self seen in a sentence? Let's see how you have to be careful of him. He's not a good guy. Mom. Can you be more careful when you do your work? Great. But CR final word for it. This time. In Russia, it's been raining the whole time. In recent few days. Is it sunny or cloudy day tomorrow? In the end, she shall show to you in cloudy day. It says there as much cloud on TV, semi LA, yo share. What's wrong is there's a matter major key out your passion. Now. But I have to go climb to heal with my colleagues tomorrow. Non-gaap harsh and the Shuo shout. Then we more careful when you climb. Or Lima. I will. Do you also want to come? No, icon. I have things to do tomorrow. Then come again next time. Great. Let's discuss about the line. What do you remember when we say last month? We say next month. Yeah, Good. Last week. Next week. So this kind of structure is the same as last time and next time, last time, therefore. Next time. Great. I will see you next time sets and ZN. 18. 3.3 这样 & 那样: When he found what is seen. Welcome to my new lesson. The lesson is 13 and the topic is to learn with r squared. Let's first start with Jerry Yang. What does that mean? It means this way or in like this. Hey, Jay Yang. With that said, how about nine young? It with airfoil become that way or light that Na Yang. Yang. How do we use these special words? First, you can directly linked it with verbs or adjectives. And both can be interchanged because this way, like this, is equal to that way or like that, isn't it? Let's get started with some short examples. Do this or it that way. Joy Yang or nine Yangzhou. Say this or that way. Joy Yang Yang for tall like this or tall like that. A young girl or nine Yang Gong. And these equate, it equals to this tall or that tall. With that said, do you remember we have learned previously, you can say Mughal or Mughal. So now you know, and can actually be interchanged with trauma. And for TJ Young, how can or Niang hawk Can means good looking like this, are good looking as that. So it also means this or that good-looking. Therefore, again, you can use drama halt can or Mahal can to save that. Great. Now we can see some longer examples. Or in Nanyang Gao, nipple couldn't be tied. Gullah. Is this or that tall? It's not possible You're taller than him. 10k and hydride ion or Niang full board. It's not too good. You say to him this or that way. Patreon or Nian. Gaussian. He treats me like this or like that. It makes me very unhappy. Mind you, for a day. We used to know it means towards or two. But now you have to know you can use it more flexibly. So it can also be new to white this person, hence, you treat that person Lao Shu for YJ ion or Nian CFU two-way. The teacher said it's not right to write this or that way. Or drama or nano coulomb. Boy Gen San Vitale weights, yeah. This cat is this or that pretty. I really want to bring it home. Or Niang need doit 20 GE for the weather. Is this or that code where a few more clothes or Niang see when drug or Yossi, what's my gain? You like this game, this or that much. I would just buy it for you. Next. I would also like to let you know, draw young and naive and can actually act as an adjective and too late to them now. But similar to other adjective, you would need to add the in between the adjective and a noun. Therefore, to make it j, n, or Niang, the nouns. Is that clear? Let's quickly see some examples. Crayon or Niang, the NAEP we'll contact. So upon your He's this or that kind of person, don't be friends with him. Jerry Yang or Nian, the e4, what shall Johann door for it, this or that kind of clothing. There are many in my whole war we see a one or Niang, the cafe. I don't like to drink this or that kind of coffee. Nice. Andrew Yang or Niang, the funds in mind. Do you want to live in dense or that kind of housing? 19. 3.4 Place-Verb-着-Object: Neiman hub or a new lesson for topic would be about a structure which is played by objects. Do you remember in our level 1 course, we have learned how to say there is something in a place. So the structure is the play's your or the object. Examples. Again, there's a cup of coffee on the table. Draws the Xirong, your eBay cafe. There are two bicycles outside the classroom. Now, let's move on to see what's happened in Java. We have also learned what is third jaw, which is similar to I-N-G form. However, it is expressing a steel in calm state at that moment. Do you recall them? If not, no worries. I'll give you some examples. Ward saw gel. I'm sitting. So at that moment, you are kind of sitting in a steel in calm state. Next engineer, she's looking at you. So while looking, it is a common skills date. So using the width is very appropriate. So combining the two structures that we just mentioned, it will form a place for an object. So what does that mean? So basically, it would tell you how the objects is being survived in that place. Does that make sense? Examples, draws and Zhang founder eBay cafe. There's a cup of coffee put on the table. C. Yeah, sure. Why? Challenger Landon newt homes year. Outside the classroom. There are two girls standing there. Can journey the means. There's your name written on the book. There's a cat sitting on the chair. What Jello from Julia, even on the floor above my home, they are lifts a woman toward the twang from your ego. Yeah. How come there's a person sleeping in my bed. 20. 3.5 Buying Trousers: Good morning. Here it comes to our new lesson. Topic is, let's start learning a few words related to close. The first one, shirt. We say Shen, Shen. Next, trousers. For the word, cuz it in fact, can be any length of the trousers. Even for shorts, you can still say, Cool. So basically it includes any bottoms that you can go out with. That's not a skirt. Does that make sense? Let me give you an example for a saying. Long answers. You say, Chong, cool. Let's go and learn a new measure term. Sheol. Usually it's used for something long. For example, each young child way, Santiago, bananas tau here. So now do you get how we use Cao? Cao? Cao. Moving on, it's a domestic currency for renminbi. Again, we have learned previously, but now there's another one which is exactly the same as how you use quite. That's un, un, un. Do you remember all the words that we just lunch? Now, exactly, the next word that we are going to learn is remainder. We say. However in practice, we would say that the no town making it seed the seed, the seed the sinusoid for today. We say ba, ba, ba. Well, you may not be tissue how to use it. So here is a little explanation. To use Beata as another or other. We usually do this way. Beata follows by a noun. However, mind you, if you want to say other people, you usually just say BS. As it is actually a term that refers to other people. Great examples, time. Let's see how we use the ADA. Woman should be at the back. This first John's people are a lot. Let's go to another one or neon job via the tortured. So amoung. I'm very busy right now. Can you look for other colleagues to do it? What's hair law? Wasn't yet a tag. I've already eating Chinese food before. I want to eat other two scenes. He likes helping other people. So the weather is such cold recently. Woman. Let's buy some winter clothes. Had a house. You may make sure I haven't buy clothes for a long time. Non-nuclear deltoid haulage, Hong Kong and Macau. So what do you think about this pair of trousers? It does look good on the board for a mom. But I remember you have already had to trousers like this, isn't it? How about now woman's I had concave here that are sure. Then let's further have a look of others can not change hands on me. Yeah. Look, How's that shirt? Hypo tour. Each indoor shots yen. Quite nice. How much for one? Show me and shigella are shoe and it's written 320 Yuan on it. Ha my EGN. Good, buy one. For the dialogue, we can have a little discussion about the line hall. What's a shirt doing there? In fact, it has the function of making emphasis. Therefore, it means is or does. In this case, would swap will become, it does. Good. 21. 3.6 Fresh and Sweet: Ha, woman, contrary seen the great. Let's start a new lesson. Three p6. And the topic is fresh and sweet. Let's start with our new word, fresh. It's seeing CAN. You will notice from the characters CAN. It is formed by two words. First part, which is fish, and second part, Yang, which is lamb. While for your information, seen on its own means new. So since CAN together actually implies it's fresh and new way something like that. Can, CAN. Next word, sweet. Tn, tn, tn. Next one, it means only. Let's see how to use drew as only when a sentence is usually followed by a verb. For example, only is only half. Okay? So we can see some wild longer examples. Why I drew her new role. I only want to eat beef. He's only a kid. Do you now get how to use what CAN Hobby Lobby? How fresh ideas for woman? How shall we buy watermelon or Apple's? See you, guava, watermelon. Look, Shall me. And it's written on top, if watermelons not fresh, we don't want money. Now. Let's buy bigger one. Georgia. Go back. Let's just have this one. Woman show. Let's further by few apples. How? Yeah. Okay, in this way, tonight we will only eat fruit. Now the meal. Now we'll hire triple my LA Galaxy. When true fan. Then I'm not going to buy it. I like eating meals. Even more. Nice. Time to see how the dialogues where law goal, he can just see a true Gua, gua CCNE. As a reminder to not only just means many, but the second meaning for it. It's how. And in this situation, we are using how in the sentence. Therefore, since Cn means how fresh or these fruit. Next line, woman may see high for pin will harm not. The closest translation would be, we buy watermelon or Apple is good. Does that make sense to you? Next line? From Mircea? Boy Scouts, yeah. Do you remember we have previously learned the stroke care about location for Java and then followed by objects. Therefore, in this situation, location is Shang Mian. And FERPA is CAN. Obviously. While for the object, it is a whole sentence saying Boy Scouts yen. And you may ask, what is C? Again, Boy Scouts yet? It means that watermelon, not sweet, we don't need money. So basically the seller is implying that they're watermelons are speed. Next, dialog now will have trouble. My law, governance, you went through fat. Very important reminder about new use of HIV. It is more like instead, but it is used when you suggest to choose the original or less preferred plan. Do you still would call it? So. Now we'll have ruble matlab kind of implies, then I will not buy it instead. So you are actually staying with the original plan. So that's why you would use high here. Great. Another reminder about the second sentence is even more. So we're going see a true fan means I like eating meals even more. 22. 3.7 Both Tea or Coffee are Fine: Welcome to our last session. This is Lesson 7. Topic is tea or coffee. Will have to start with a verb, which is put. A second meaning is let out. And today we are going to focus using this word as put. File. Next word, it means drinks. You can see there are a lots of drinks here. Now. And after you have Jiang something, you may feel comfortable. How to say comfortable. For sure. Great. And let's say our final word, which has two different meanings. Interestingly, the first is a verb, and it means spend. And second meaning, it means flower. We call for as spend. But see some examples. What Jay-Z and have spent a lot of money recently. While free tier, you have to spend more time to be with your family. However, in this lesson, we're going to focus on using y as flower. Hua foods and Shannon founder had Dojo. There are many drinks put on the table. What do you want to drink? Your cafe? Don't make tea or coffee, both don't matter. Neat. Now, what about you? What do you want to drink? Coffee but without Zhaung-Zi, you, Tom Cole, who do I have a coffee then? I like to drink coffee after getting up or before it work. Now we'll chat casual. Then I'll drink tea. Tea is my favorite. Tn La, La Jolla goals or Leyla, the shareholder. When it gets cold or when gets hired after work. For drink, a cup of hot tea feels comfortable non-use. So what do you like to drink? A new plan for your home? What those c, When I like all flower, tea, green tea, or tea. They can't help. But see some explanation about the dialogues. First line, goals or Leyla the home within both Tn Lola and goals or Leyla. The function for the law is to make it change of state. Therefore, tin law, law means when it gets code, which hints that previously Watson that code and goals or late law means when it gets tired from work and implying that previously wasn't that tired. For sure hope it means when, which we have learned that previously. Therefore, the whole sentence, Tn La, La Jolla, goals or Layla, the Shrew Hall means when it gets cold or when get tired afterwards. 23. 4.1 又...又...: Hello guys. Welcome to our new lesson. For part 1. The topic will be, oh, yeah, oh, let's see. What is yo? Yo has a couple of meanings. First it would mean, and also second it means again. And third it means. But then, and today we are going to focus using Yo as, ASO, yo, yo. So how do we use Yo and sin? And also we do the structure. Yo. Yo be. This one. Both a and B. For a and B, they are qualities or a descriptive phrases used to describe a thing. So a typical sentence structure, I would start with a noun and then directly followed by yo, and then directly followed by adjective or a verb. And repeat again, yo, followed by adjective or a verb. And often they are quite consistent. As in either both a and b are positive descriptive words, or both of them would be negative. Okay, Let's start with some examples. Had to sign scene yo, yo how can his rooms big and good-looking? Mei Mei Jiang, the yoke of your little sister logs, towel and pretty or your mom, your Lei, Jun, Yang Su. Isa. I'm busy and tired. I really want to have a rest. Url. So Hazen from Syria, fake home mom. He needs the work and also has to send a kid to school. He's very busy. 24. 4.2 That Girl is Tall and Pretty: Let's go to lesson four upon. This time, the topic is that girl is, let's start with the first word. Drop. It means take, but it will be the verb for taking photo. Do you remember job from gel pen, which is photo. And job. We be as take, which is the third for taking photo. As such, Take photo, we say Jiang Zhong Qin Zhao Zhao. Next word. It means compete or competition. Besides the next year, grade means here. And in fact, C grade. And C would be used to refer to academic year grades. Okay. So for Nancy, How do we use it? If it is countable? We would have as measured what? So one year grade. Year grades. However, if we are stating the year level, for example, Year 1, we just say year two. I see. Beside the job, he and mom. Is just your competition's photo. Family for Hoegaarden. When is it taken? Beside whole coulda is taken after the competition last Friday. Childhoods saw Memento. It looks good. Are you all in the same year? Now? The yoga, you know, that girl who's tall and pretty is from year two. So who is that person on the side smiling while holding a book. Now xihuan, that's me. Let's take a look of the dialogues from Joshua Zhang goes since he will be say, Hey, do you remember there's a shirt and the combination. This used to emphasize, Shang does seem to be say hold job. Therefore the whole line mean it is taken after the competition last Friday. For more information about Shang, guessing she wore. Say whoa. There is a timeline in Chinese that you will start seeing something big first, then followed by something smaller. As from the phrase Shang guessing, last Friday. It is bigger in picture. Therefore, it would go first, followed by b. Say how after the competition, because it's smaller thing. Moving on from the line. Gao, the bookstore, Neiman. For the NC, it means one year. So Neiman trigone in CDMA, it is like, are you all in one year? Hence, are you all in the same year? 25. 4.3 She’s Smart and Passionate: Topic is passionate. When key from Chinese keep q. Okay, let's start with the first word, which is warm, passionate, or a passion. It is an adjective and both noun. For your information. It's hot. And seal relates to emotion. Therefore, hot emotion makes it passionate, warring, and passion. Usually it is used to describe a person's personality or behavior. Are they good seal. Great. So let's see an example. Neiman, fake hundreds, hill. You guys are really cardio. But he'll, he'll next word. It means hard-working or pay effort too. Example. Suse, you have to study hard, but the direct translation would be, you have to pay, afraid to study. Next example. Badmouthing. Saw ad works very hard. And the direct translation would be, dad pays much effort, you work. Final example. Normally the CFO, he's a hardworking student. No. Next new word, smite, Meal, meal. Next. Reply with an answer. Wait. As a reminder, it means return, and in fact, can be short form for way back. Therefore, it still means reply within answer. Example, way that, or reply to the question. Way that way that finally, so it means all the time, example, Ubuntu Mama. He doesn't listen to his mom all the time. Song song. Home in the new hire for GOs yourself home. Mom. Isn't a girl at the back. Just sell home. What do you think of her? Patio, Tony, your USU, and she's smart and passionate. She also studies hard work. Your way through the winter. I saw she always answered teacher's questions while smiling. Three year town, town to town. Yes. She smiles at everyone. Ng often smiles at me to see when is it that you like? People who like her are way too many. Look, 989, 10 time encoder. Those standing at the door while holding flowers are all waiting for her grade. Now we can take a look of the dialogues from Amanda new hire yourself. As a reminder, X2 equals to justs, which is used to show emphasis. So it would just mean isn't the girl at the bat just sell home? Next line. Friend? Yes. Okay. As we know, the way has two meanings. First, yes, or it correct. Second, it means towards. Therefore, if you would like to say, smile at somebody, you say somebody CL. Another line. Nasa Johnson men colder, those rhythm. What is cn? Cn is quite familiar. It is actually from the word seems CAN, which is fresh. And as we all know it means flower, therefore, means fresh flowers. 26. 4.4 The Cake is Cheap and Tasty: Today we are going to have Lesson 4. Pump for. The topic is tasty. First word, hungry. And we say, Next, what do you want to buy in the supermarket? Maybe a cake. A reminder then would be eight. So cages made with AIG. Therefore, it makes sense. It's called then go bang, bang. When you're hungry, you want to go supermarket to buy food, right? Has to say supermarket. Is it a little bit long? But wait, it's quite easy to memorize. Means Super my kit. And ensure it. You can just call it tall shirt. For Tom. How T-Shirt harm. Before we move to the dialogues, let's see how we use child C as in Super. Why? I'm super hungry. She has her personality, super nice. Boy, that woman. Yeah, we are seeing culture. Might I don't see. I'm a little bit hungry. Shall we go into the supermarket and buy some stuff? How? Tuba? Sure, let's go through the Dang girl, European lug. This supermarkets cake is cheap and tasty. Food TO it only needs to 1909 UN for one. For me, my Leon quiet than GOP convention for me. Yeah. What's by two? Will go home and watch TV while eating cakes. How's it? What might you see? Sjoerd out further by some drinks? Now, truth and go to the washroom for eating cakes while drinking stuff. How comfortable? Great. Now let's look at certain points from the lines. Can get through the tank of your PIE, your hub. Here, we're going to introduce you a new measure word, which is C. Yeah. Yeah, in this case doesn't mean home. It will be used as mesh Award for places that has a roof. For example, it can be a bank, School, company, shop, et cetera. And in our situation, goods, yeah. This supermarket. Next line to my ECS. For that, there is a hidden word in there. In fact, it refers to the C, which is something to drink. However, we can just say, because it's pretty obvious, it means something to drink, isn't it? Final scene. Hello. Ben Gaul, door. For. As a reminder, it has two meanings. First a lot. Second, it is half. And in this situation, we are using door as how it's, how comfortable or how relaxing. 27. 4.5 She’s Passionate and Serious to her Job: This lesson will be less than four upon five, and the topic is passionate and Sirius, to her job. Let's start with the first word. Young. For your information. And reminder. Means here, means light in terms of weight. So neon's kind of refers to year is light, hence young. What's another adjective to describe a person? Siri is then to say series. Ran Jan. Let's learn a little bit more about Jen. Jen examples. What Jan and serious towards my job. What Saussure? Again, Jan. I do think seriously. In fact, the use of vengeance and are pretty similar. You can see the examples for real. It's like, what do I say? Good and nice and warm to my friends. And I worked passionately. And the final new word for today, guest or a customer actually means guests. Parson kind of refers to a guest person. In future, you may possibly hear a lot of people say, saw. So what is salt? Do you guessed? And if you say it together, so that means B guests. How to use such word, example, pathway, lie words. Yeah. He'll come to my place as guest or guests. Syndrome mean ha hello, sir. Is there anything we can help? What I'd like to look for a person? The human jar, if you pushing your ego Union founder yo, how is it that there's a young and good looking staff here? Then sure. Woman Dre needs. But we have many young and pretty staff here. Which one are you saying? Your USU in yoga and then she's passionate and serious about her work. Can you tell a bit more part on she always speaks with the customers while smiling. Withdrew the ALA named for the whole year. Oh, I know it. The one you said is probably Joe, you great. When it's time to take a look of the dialogues. First. Mean ha. As a reminder, there's a new meaning for Shen not it means any or anything. In such case, Joe from a non-bonding becomes there's anything can help. Ha Moving on the next line, name could die for her mom. For say. As a reminder, it means again further to continue to as such means. Can you further talk a little? Which actually Implies, Can you elaborate more? And finally, for the line, what Judah Allah, for, it suggests, or 0 in English. 28. Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 3-4: Nice and heard our cafe. Nice and hard. Our cafe. Nissan, your cafe wall, central sway heifers solution, say walk through doc has central sway, heifers solution say crew dot has central swing heifers solution. Treating Nissan nissan ET tube. Nice and teach you mom knew from my Changjiang wires you didn't know your CCL2 and he knew from my Changjiang wife it then now you'll see CH2 a year away from my counter Wednesday again now yo see CH2. Nice. He kinda got trauma. Trauma. Trauma. New way from Xinjiang crew, eBay shop, not away from my highlight. Ebay SU-8 nom. Nom. Your your woman, Susie Susie bang. Your lay woman, Susie, Susie bang. You lay woman Susie, Susie back. Without shift. Or you always have to draw a nice option. I do yo yo, which I'm too fat. You always had to go meet answering. I do. Yo you always have to go to war. 29. 5.1 I Specially Bought This For You: Let's see today's topic. I specially bought this for you. Let's check out our first word. Have fever. Sasha. If you look at the character show, on this Latin side, it has a radical and it's called the radical fire. That's why it's related to fever. Fascia. Fascia. Next word. Specially for way. You would say way a person or a noun. Way a person to do something equals to you, specially for that person to do something. However, you could also say what a reason, which means that for the sake of something or in order to something for a certain reason, is translated as for the sake of certain reason or in order to do something. To make it clear that first season example of way, what Cynthia way, ma'am, add solar or attack Chinese food specifically for mom today. Crusher waterway need saw the tank. This is the cake and made specially for you. How about examples for the use of Whaler? Walk away like harsher coulda ha, wall may tend to see. In order to take the exam, well, I study very hard every day. He ha, wall may Tinto true chip Hall ball. In order to have good health. I go out to run every day. Wha wha what hint? Need Ashanti, UFO suddenly law. I heard from colleagues that you're not feeling well was wrong. May refer centi piano de facto law. Now saying, I have a low fever the past few days. Now it's much better. Who they lead harbor fishery one way Nim I dilute. Drink a cup of green tea, then this is the green tea I bought for you. It's very nice things, but I have to take medicine. I'm not drinking tea. Know-how that you weren't sure. I'll get you a cup of water in a while. Csr. Thanks a lot. Great. Let's get to see what's happening in the dialogue scenes. I do a lot. Okay. Do you remember what is how do allow a means much better now? 30. 5.2 My Son Got a Cold: This is lesson 5. Continue. The topic is, my son got a cold. Let's start. The first word is get a cold. Gan Mau Mau dan Mao. And when you're sick, you need somebody to take care of you, right? What is take care of? Zhao? In practice will be said no tone. Therefore, draw goal. And to use jargon, it is normally use when you're referring to looking after somebody weaker or is somebody in a state that needs to be looked after. Zhao. Zhao Guo. Next new word. Use. You own your own. While young Jews, in fact, for boys, it doesn't just mean not use, but it can also mean no neat example. When person a ask, Do you need me to help you and be replies? Boy, on law, CSA. No need. Thank you. Baja. Forming shampoo now heard him ET wireless. I'm sorry. I cannot hang out with you guys tomorrow anymore. We Shama. Why? What's wrong? What are its shown below? My son got sick. He's a cold or yeah, Jack gulp or tan. I have to look after him at home. Tammy Sheba, Sharia law. We are too. Yeah. Is he all right? Has he taken medicine yet? Does he need to go to hospital? Boiled tree un tags or Qiang JR will again Mao yeah. Csr has CLR. No need. He took the medicine yesterday and he's better now. See around high-quality, I hope you'll be better soon. Now women sides of the die EC2 to y bar. Then let's hang out next time. Fake on HA. Now let's have some discussion about the dialogues from the line for her. Warming. True to your wireless, it literally means go out and play, which implies that go out for fun. Next line, C18, quite dark. For quiet. It means a little quicker as well. So in overall it is get well soon. 31. 5.3 Grass and Trees are Now Green: Lesson 53, the topic is grass and trees are now green. Let's start with the first word, season. Cta. In fact, for a TGA, this word, it implies the four seasons as in shadow, DOM, spring, summer, autumn, winter that we have learned before. Cta. Ct. Next new wet grass. Ha, ha ha. Next one. We're going to learn how to say dress too. So for a change, what's the measure term for it? The answer is ciao. For example, you would say young couch Kinsey as in two dresses. Next one. Of course. How would you say, of course, bang, bang, bang. So for example, person a ask, will you revise for your exam hall? And B answers down again. Of course. Another example. What data and put it somewhere now, of course, don't wear over codes. Said, hey quiet, Darla, need JC. Summer is coming. Which season do you like the most? Fungi and 220 and PNGs. We now my law, of course it's spring. The weather is not that cold anymore. Kylo, grass and trees all turn green and flowers are also blossom. What they see. I like summer the most jug and for Hall or clique. Because at this time I can wear a pretty dresses. Now. Then I also like summer. Summer. How come you also have pretty dresses? Male? What you should see one can, you know, it's only that I like to see wearing pretty dresses. Let's now take a logo of what happens in the dialogues. For the line. Tau Hooke's law. Reminder, law has the function of change of state. Therefore, when you say how her CH3COOH plus a LA, it would mean both grass and trees are green. Now. 32. 5.4 More and More...: Welcome to lesson 5 and 4. And today we are going to learn how to say more and more. To start with it, we have to learn a word which is yay. It indicates a greater extent. So how do we use? If you form the structure? Something, it means getting more and more something. But just remember for the information following us, which shows the increase in extent, are usually just adjective or some sensing verbs. For example, like lag or 12, because that's when you can show your increase in extend. So now let's see some more examples. Or you Ally USC. I like eating Chinese food. More and more. May make drown. You align your little sister looks prettier and prettier was, how can the characters are right, look better and better? Usc, whether likes going to school more and more now, apart from you, We have another structure to indicate. The more, the more B, which is yay, yay, be. Again, remember, similar to your life for you. If a, the information following are usually either adjective or sensing verbs, you acquire. The more he runs. The Quaker he gets. Which basically means he runs quicker and quicker. Needs. How can you eat a more and more hi Sharon band gets you. The longer time he goes to work, the more he feels tired. New Year 1, the later daughter gets back home, the more inches the mother gets. 33. 5.5 I’m Getting Fatter and Fatter: Aha. Here is less than five pounds. Five topic is getting fatter and fatter. So before we start with the dialogues, let's see a new word, foreign by old weds. As we know, means most. Siem means close. So tweeting actually means closest. Or recently. If we're using it in a timeframe. Paula, some a bandana. I'm getting fatter and fatter recently. What to do? Who said that? I think you're getting prettier and prettier. Knee can new home in a nutshell, Junzi should address at your bag was bought last year. I cannot wear it this year already. Now. That's because you love eating more and more. The high sugar shower. Eat less. Thanks. Sure what? The fan, you enjoy you a hug. But my cooking is getting better and better. How can I eat less? So now let's have a discussion about the dialogues from the line. Xinjiang. The seal. As a reminder, it makes things sound early sued or smooth. So the whole line basically means it's so soon. At this year, I cannot wear it. Are ready. Next note from the line. The true diabetes. Do you remember the new use of high? It means instead, but you would use it when choosing the original or less preferred option. Therefore, the line basically means you should instead eat less. And from the final line, the fan, you add saw you a hot war and trauma. As you all know, saw a fan means make rise or make food, which means cook. So while the thigh good saw with suggest that my food, the more I make, the taste easier it gets. And for war and non shout, it literally means I can eat less. So it's like a rhetorical question saying, how can I eat less? 34. 6.1 More Verbs of Results Completion: Lesson 6, part 1. We're going to talk more about verbs are free, so at completion, do you still remember we have learned results of completion in the chest K2. Let's check out some examples to remind yourselves. For example, 1000. So one, drink a day, how Jiao Dao. And we have also learned there are two ways to express negative forms for verbs of results completion. The first way is to add ME before the whole verbs. A result completion, for example, may tangent Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei, jot down. Already learned that if you put me in front of the whole firm, a result completion, it suggests that you didn't complete the job. On the other hand, we also learned that for the second negative four, you would add in-between the two verbs in the whole combination of verbs of result completion. Example, Fujian, Xiang, team bourdon tube when they draw Buddha. Under that, if you add full in-between the two verbs within the whole verbs of results completion is suggest that you couldn't do that. Although you wanted to. These are all explained in an HSK turquoise. If you have any doubt, just go back and find the details. And today we are going to learn adding done in the verbs of result completion to produce an affirmative form. So what does that mean and how do we use it? First basic way, you will add this word in-between the two verbs within the combination of verbs of result completion and the function of doing that is to provide an emphasis which you will want to highlight the fact that you could actually complete the verbs. So getting back to the set of examples, the way to do is to Santa Tao Dong. The one joint Veda ha job, the DAO. We can even check out the long examples. Mom and Schwann word saw the doll. Mom says, I can, or I am surely able to do it. As you can see with the addition of the edge suggest is stronger and firm tone about the ability to complete the verb. More. Word Florida. While today's homework is not much, I can surely finish it. For this question. Are you able to think of a solution? 35. 6.2 Just & Just Now: Are you ready to have lesson? In this lesson, we're going to learn how to save. And just now. Now let's first start with just to use this word as just, it is always time-related. And we say gang or gong, gong, gong. Gong gong. And to say just now, there are two ways as well, which is gong, gong or downs high. Gun. Guns high. As you can see, Gang, Gang can be used for both just and just now. So it is quite handy. Let's see examples for saying just Hammond or gung, soulmate. They have just come back from the US. Or gung. I've just eaten breakfast. May make gang, gang or gung. Younger sister. Just finished your way homework. Now let's see examples as in how to say just now or gone down. I heard them speaking just now. Or guns or gone down for the HA Neo team dilemma. Do you hear what I said just now? And this a reminder for the HA, it means the words that said. Next example. The guns high or gang, gang Yoshua and measure. What is the matter that you look for me just now. 36. 6.3 I’ll Help you to Have a Look: Hey, How are you ready to have lesson topic for today? I'll help you to have a look at. Our first new word is glasses. We call it Yan seal. The differences between eyes and glasses are just a little bit different in Chinese because I zz is yen. First tone and glasses. Yen for town. So don't mix up next one to leave. So basically you're leaving a place. Next one suddenly or a sudden. Next word. Clear. So it's an adjective. Next new word is help, which can act as a verb. And the noun. You may ask, didn't know that we have already learned help. In fact, yes. But the word help that we learned with bong and boundary. A little reminder, the relation between bong and Fung Jew is that bomb is the short form of bonds when they're used as verbs. So their uses are the same. So if we also use bound man as a verb, What's the difference between bong, bong? Bong, bong. Basically, there's a tip. Bong bong Jew is often for a person, you help a person. Yet Fang mom would be often said as in to help do something. Therefore, Bang, Bang Zhu is often followed by noun where he is found, lung is often followed by verbs. Let's see some practical examples. Mama around war or Fang. Mom asked me to help her cook. Band. You see a Dong Sima? Can you help moving the stuff? Great. After talking about verbs, what about boundary and found lung as a noun. In fact, their use is quite similar. Yet been Jew is more often used for assistance, while bong, bong is more often referring to favor example. The boundary or bang, bang. Bang. His helped to me, is huge. Separately, there are some additional ways to use bong, bong, which you can separate the two. Using bomb as in to help mom as an example. Drug among. Thank you for helping me with this favor. What I wear, my glasses, how come suddenly I can't find them. You saw them? For me. I didn't see them. Some Obama. What to do now? I can not be without glasses. Mineola. Without glasses. I cannot see even one word clearly. Gaga should go and look into the room. Is it that you put on the table just now? How can I see quite quickly come and help? Hubba will bang into Gaga sign. I'll help you to have loke fake. Aha. Now we can take a look of the dialogues from the line or the e-book until it is actually a verbs of results completion. Therefore, it can be used as a verb. So iso completion way, which when you put boo in between the two verbs, it would mean couldn't leave though you want to. Therefore, the whole sentence would mean, I cannot be without glasses. Let's see another line. What's a mechanic? For a candle? As a reminder, it's a verb such result completion. Therefore, if you add the in between them, it emphasize that you can really see. So basically it's say, how can I actually see? Final line? How we're bound to drought? As we have just said. But it's normally just follows by nouns. Therefore, in order to say help you, we just use bong. 37. 6.4 The Questions are Especially Hard: How are you guys? Let's see today's topic. It is, the questions are specially hard. Let's start with the first word, which means talk or speak. Sijang. Basically, it equals to how you use shore. For example, y equals two, y equals to one, EGN 1 equals to the Huan. To sum up, the use of jam is exactly equals to 0. That may sound a little bit careful, but it doesn't really matter. Yang. Yang. Let's see our next word. Special or especially and ferry. As an adjective, it means special. And because of that, it could also mean especially, and especially means vary. So they are the same thing. Because when you use specially, for example, especially happy is basically similar to very happy. Therefore, VG equals to specially. And very. Next, do you often go to gym? We are going to learn this word as two tray or the noun training for the word is often used for physical training. However, you can still use it for other situations such as training, you're speaking, scale, etc. This word means to understand. Or as an adjective, it means cleared because things are clear to understand. Mean. Did you notice mean has the character by which is white? Therefore, you can imagine that things are white, which is clear to understand way. So la, la. Hello. Did you finish today's homework? Done? So when similar? Just finished, What's up? Cynthia and facility could be an iron wall can boot on. These questions today are very difficult. I don't understand it and I don't know how to do it. Even bang-bang woman. Can you help me out? It's not clear to explain on the phone. While again Ni Jiang Jiang come to my place and I explain it for you. How la, la, la, la la Taguchi. Sure. I'll immediately go over to yours after working out. So now let's see the dialogues. Seen. Her walk hand Goodall. Saw for a t. Do you know what does that mean? As we all know, when T means question or a problem. And T on the cell actually means exam or homework question. Next line. It actually means DO highly cn means inside the phone. Down the bone meal is doesn't tell or explain clear. She also says, the war Gagne. For k, we know it means for gay. Therefore means for you. Gei Ni Jiang. Jiang means for you quickly explain or tell. Therefore, in overall it means I'll quickly explain it to you. 38. 6.5 Have Some Talk: Here it comes to lesson 6.5. The topic would be some top. Let's start with me sick. It's have you noticed the character you're from? Actually the same? From quiet? Yes. Although the sound is different, the character is the same. So how do we say concert? As our topic is, have some talk. How do we say chat? Its layout. Meow, meow. Let's chat about how to use tau tn. Basically, Liao is a main verb within the two characters. Therefore, what do you do? You would use it in the middle of a sentence. And four, allow Tn, the whole verb. It will be used at the end of sentence. Belief. This concept is not new to you. So basically saying you would just have to have something to follow Liao. Here are some examples. What are you guys chatting? They are chatting at the moment. Our final word for today, pike. It's un, un, un. Need some iodine for Gaussian Norm. How come you look a little bit sad? Xiang Xin Zhao, dial when tissue. I want to ask Shao Li out for a meal, but the problem is watch out without how Vanguard, I couldn't find a good restaurant. Way back. Then as her TA concert, Pasi. She likes listening to the music. The concert has too many people. Might without God, I can't get the tickets to go and Soto loud Harbor. Then have a walk in the park and have some tog. The park is this huge. How tiring? Fake? Aha. Now let's see what happens in the dialogues. For the line. Height door. It actually means again, type door. The concerts people are too many. Next one. Now allows higher bar. Have you noticed Sawzall? And yellow is actually using the structure as in FERPA. Which means that you do that for, for a short while. And because from Lothian, the main verb is Liao, Therefore you would double it. But then you may ask, how can we would end up with loud hair? In fact, the r at the end is a style northern Chinese style would like to add at the end of certain words. And now Tn is one of them. Final line. Goal you and drama. As a reminder, has a meaning, which means how. So? We make it how tiring. 39. 6.6 Additional Words - L6: Welcome guys. This is lesson six. We're going to look into some additional words. Let's do a quick revision. Means flower, goal, un, means pike. If we combine the two, what is it going to be like? It's UN, which means garden. Y un, un. Next for efficient, we know CSL means school. And going you n pi. While we combine it, it will form a cell. You end. The meaning is canthus. Shao un, un. 40. 6.7 Couldn’t Fall Asleep: Today we're going to talk about a new topic. It is fall asleep. Let's start with the first word. Fall asleep. In fact, John L is a verb of reseller completion. Zhao. Zhao. Next and last word for today. Gung, even more. Gung, dung. To use gung, you are usually put the four adjective or some sensing or mental verbs like C. And gung, is very suitable to use for comparing things. For example, needs a Mohawk cafe. How come you are so drinking coffee? Semi law. Fukuyama was wrong, is it not? Okay. Nia bourgeois way foul, Schwaber, drought. Didn't you say you couldn't sleep at night? It doesn't matter. I only drink one cup. Nice. Clean houses. You'd better drink milk. You can sleep even better. Okay. Where's milk? I still haven't bought it. Great. Now let's have a short discussion about the dialogues. We start with a nice way. For Wei Zhao. We have mentioned that it is verb, sorry, so completion. Therefore, if you put in the middle to make it SRE book Zhao, it means that you cannot fall asleep though you may want to. And why in the dialogue is says trip Bu Zhao. Zhao. In fact, it is just to make it more clear that it's about suites Yao sleeping. However, adding the Tiao at the edge is not compulsory because SRE Bu Jiao already tells you it's about, you cannot fall asleep. Next line, CA. For high. A reminder that it means instead which you choose a less preferred option. Or it could be had better. While for how C, it means slightly better. Therefore, how CI means even more better. 41. Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 5-6: Hey, my dad's house, then weigh less than ti ha ha. My mom had had some maturity in tax law, USC one patch and La Nina or USC one patch and La Nina. Nina can assume trauma. Trauma. Trauma for the DMA. For the mean by, um-uh, um-uh, um-uh, um-uh, um-uh. 42. 7.1 She Worked in a Bank: Let's come to a new topic, lesson 7, 11. The topic is he worked in a bank. So let's start with the new word, bank. Get. Another new word is colleagues. As you may know, Pong actually means the same. It means manner. So Tom sure is that you're doing the same thing. Therefore, colleagues. Now the PR Leon, who's that pretty colleague, was a mammalian heart. How come I haven't seen her before. She's gone live, agent. Has she just come to Beijing? Know. She worked in Beijing for three years already. Where did she worked previously? Hong Kong. Hong Kong. She came to our company after working in a bank for two years. Fake Ha-ha. Very good. Now let's have a short discussion on the dialogs. A reminder that could also mean in the past. Therefore, basically the whole sentence mean where does she work in the past or previously? 43. 7.2 Interested In...: Yeah, ha, ha ha. Today we are going to have a new lesson. The topic is interested in. So let's start with the first word, which is interests him to s2. S2. If s2 is interests. So what about be interested in or feel interested? That's GAN is actually a word related to feel, gain, s2, s2. Now let's see this structure. You would say something, you'll, or Ganz. What does that mean? The literal translation would mean to what something half interest or a be interested. Therefore, it means interested in something. Let's see our first example. What do or gas Cl2. I am very interested in music or gain. S2 is very interested in playing basketball. And one more example. Need y'all guys seen tomorrow? Are you interested in learning Chinese? With that said, what about the opposite way to express that? You would say do something either me or Gaussian shoe. While the literal translation would be toward something you don't have interests or not interested. Therefore, it means you're not interested in something. Example. What do or bool? I'm very not interested in music. Had to say com mail or bool guys. He is very not interested in playing basketball. And finally, need ME all, or are you not interested in learning Chinese? 44. 7.3 I’m Interested in Her: Tells you a man, ha, hello, our plan. Let's see our new topic. I'm interested in her job on Egan Sally tonight one law. Where did you go with sadly, over the weekend? We'll mention it Hungary law. We went singing. Jolla. How long did you sing for woman? Zhao Ziyang. We saying for two hours. We also went to a concert and evening drama. Ha That's so good. Is it that both of you are interested in music? Ice into water? It happened. She's interested in music. I'm interested in her even more. Great fake aha. Now let's see what happened in dialogues. While men. As a reminder, Chang means sing a song for the literal translation would be the main verb. Therefore, if you want to say you sit for two hours, you can either say saying for two hours or sang to our song. In our case, we use a letter one. Therefore, the Chinese way would be Lambda. That is everything clear. 45. 7.4 I’ll Marry Her: The man ha, today we're going to talk about a romantic topic. I'll marry her. So how do we say Mary? It's, however, there's a very important thing that I have to warn you. When you want to say marry a person, you would do. Or a gun is with a person. Again, a person. So please remember when you want to say a and B get married or person a, married. Person B, never, ever say person a CAN BE. Nope. It's always Person a, gun or a person be CnH2n wise. Either way. I'll get married with Dacian next month. You're welcome to come by then. Need for Sharma. What did you say? Getting married? Du Bois. Similar to young mom? Yes. What's wrong? Is it seven new men Portrait Gallery? Isn't that you guys just knew each other? Woman? Union law. We already knew each other for nearly five years. Now what's a BATNA? Your marry him. So what about me? Think, aha, that's the dialogues. For a hub. A reminder that it means by that time, but it is for only feature. That's because a direct translation is a rye that time. Next or mental law. For another reminder, it means already. While y will in the end means quake, means five years. So it means soon or nearly five years. So can you tell me how to say nearly six months? They can't ha very good. It's Luke. 46. 7.5 More on ‘Time’: Here it comes to our new lesson. We're going to talk more about time. Let's get started. First, watch 15 minutes. So there is a way to call 15 minutes. It's similar to a quarter. E could draw, draw, draw. So how do we use drawn as in 15 minutes or a quarter? Example? Needs a melodrama one. How come you're in this layer? I waited for 15 minutes already. So what about E? What does that mean? It actually means 15 minute, but it's only when you tell the time on the clock. Therefore, it's like a quarter past. Let's see how we can apply. A quarter past. It's 415 in the afternoon now. Let's move on to land 45 minute. But the 45 minutes shown on the clock, edge, 745 in the evening. Now, since I went and today we are going to learn a very important word which is differ, or it means badge. We say. However, today we are going to learn how to use chat as in defer, which is a verb. To use cat as an differ as a verb. Here's the first example. Me and him have five years difference in age. Will have, will say, you will notice the direct translation is me and him differ by five years old. Let's see another example. There are only three months left before I turn 20. High chair Sangha, you, What's your Azure sway law? The direct translation would be still differ by three months. I would soon be 20 years old. Next, we'll have two weeks left. And we would soon go halfway. Hedge Highlander, seen woman CO2 do y'all. For the direct translation, it's still differ by two 0s. We would then go traveling soon. Let's see another one. These two colors have much difference. Julian, or hung door. You can see the direct translation here. These two colors differ by a lot. Final example. These two colors have little difference. Shop. While the literal translation, these two colors differ by very little. Great fake. Ha ha. So now let's get started to use chat to apply in Times. Example. In this situation, we would do a quarter to eight. That's bad. The n 20 minutes to eight. Shaphan, bad the end. 10 minutes to seven. Trash refund TDN. So basically you would realize this chat when applied to telling the time, it's a say how much minutes left before a certain o clock. So the structure is like the minute. And then something dn. While the direct translation, we're a bit different by a certain minute to a certain o clock. Let's get some practices. Have to save five minutes, 25. And see what the end what the end. How to say a quarter to three. For the following practices, can you use either ICA to reply? First? A quarter past six, 10, 45, 47. 7.6 Your Watch is 15 Mins Early: Here it comes to lesson 7, P6. The topic is your watches 15 minutes early. Great. Let's see our first new word, which is late or not punctual. Doll. Late to arrive. Quickly, see or watch. How can we relate? I wasn't late. Need booster shots. He didn't you say you would come pick me up at 730? Since I don't see the UTLA. What time is it now already? Draw your late for 15 minutes. May OA since I know I didn't is now 730. Body and law. It's already a quarter to eight. Sra law has been sitting here for half an hour already. Bourgeois. It's not I was late. It's that your watches 15 minutes early. 48. 7.7 Additional Words - L7: Before we end this lesson, let's see some more additional words. We have learned. Yield means welcome. Cea, take up. So what would that be if they combine together to form? It means you welcome somebody at the door. So basically you're picking up that person. 49. 8.1 又 vs 再: Hello guys, welcome to Health lesson with me. Today is a topic about grammar. Let's compare the use of yo and say. Let's see the first would you, oh, it means again. Yo. Yo. A friendly reminder that before we have learned the structure, yo, yo means. And also, however, this time when it is alone, it means again. In fact, if you remember, we have learned another again, which is say from sites yen. So what's the difference between say and i? O as in again. In fact, say Yo as an again, I both at verbs. That means it would put before verbs. However, say indicates a future, while yo indicates a pass, or things that confirm to be happening. Let's see example for xy as in again, Jiang Jin, the point xy, Nemean can say Leica manager Jiang is not here. Come again tomorrow. Yoga. Tai, how Canada was young saccades. This movie is too good. I want to watch it once again. Hi Tim Buddha. Meaning I couldn't hear it just now. Can you say it once more again? So what about yo, how to use yo again? Jizya Fang Guan Shang is seen T2 goal. So a TA and Yoshua. I've been to this restaurant last week and I went again yesterday. Judge, how quotes Neil Bush or eating your llama. So my yoga mat. Isn't that you already had this pair of trousers. How come you're buying or bought? Again? You will notice for how come you're buying. It's not past tense. However, is the fact that you're doing this again. Therefore you would use yeah. Oh. One more example. Needs or some of your true that you were late yesterday. How come you're late today again? 50. 8.2 How Scare to Look Down: Yeah, ha, Lehman's and the Yang. Let's say our new topic. How scared to look down? First word, satisfied. In fact, man, on his own means full. It's an adjective. For example, need the baits are eating Mandla, your glasses are ready, Fall. Weil, man is full. It kind of relates to emotion feeling. So Mandy, the literal meaning is that your desire is fill up. Next word, floor or layer. It's it is often used as a measure word. For example, while men the tallow your kids home, there are 24 hours in the building. While mentors our tongue, we live on the second floor. And Drug a Tango your Youngstown. This cake has two layers. For the next word, it means elevator. The end. Why? As you know, it means electricity or electrical. And t actually means letter. Boy. Elevator. Moving on, convenient. Found found. Our last word for today. Scared. Hi. Hi. Hi Pan. Usual knees reaching doesn't remain found that she heard that you are planning to buy an apartment recently. Is it true? Agenda or Jason? Yes. I've been viewing houses recently. Kinda me, yeah. How's the viewing? Canada can can can can can I went to a few yesterday? I went viewing again today. I also have to view tomorrow. Don't know, Nyima. All not satisfactory. Male. Bn. One doesn't have elevator, not convenient measure that are free. Tong one has elevator, but it's on the 20th floor. I should tell them. What's wrong with 20th floor. It's too high. How scary to look down? Ha, ha ha. Now let's look at the dialogues. The first one, gender. Or as a reminder, though, always has the function is adding emphasis. For this TO doing here is emphasizing that recently I've been all viewing houses. Next line, Lacan Lacan meal. What is can? In fact, it means I can only that a shows past tense. For example, woman should go. So let's all, it means that we went to the park to have a walk or to tie the scenes. Yeah. Ulla tool. I went to his new house to have a visit. Next point, a reminder that yo means again, but it's only used for past tense or a fact. So teams can Lappin means I went viewing again today. Yet another reminder that say, it means again, but it's for a future. Therefore. You can, can, It's means I also have to view tomorrow. 51. 8.3 Hope to See You Again in Future: Today's topic is hope to see you again in future. Let's see the first word. In fact, we all know mall is cat, what it actually means, bear. Next word is a word, foreign by old words. Cn. Cn means C is base. Therefore the two of them means meet face to face or meet up. Yet, there is this important feature that you have to know about CME and it is an activity if you put into your timeline structure rule. Therefore, to use GME, you always have to say person a or person B, cn, vn. So remember that when you want to say a neat be, you never say a CNN. Know, you always do a or a wake. Wallah heard that you have to go back to your country next week. Sheila, should you go? Yes, time has gone so quickly. Think we really don't want to leave. Beijing. Was born on Tuesday council neatly. I won't be in Beijing next week. I cannot go to the airport to see you off Zhuangzi mnemonic, but it's okay. Mind your business. I will just give you this little panda. Welcome to come to China again in future. Cics, C100. Thanks, hook. We can meet in the future. We can now start with the dialogue explanation for nice magazine t2. Yeah, hey koala. Four way. It is a term that people use to say, return back to one's own country. Next line, make one see mnemonic. For me Mom. Literally, it means you busy with suggestion. Therefore, it means that you go to say with your own things, implying that don't worry about me. So this phrase is a very polite way to show your care. For the last line. Zhong Guo Lai. Do remember we have learned for plies a lie or two. In fact, this sentence use the structure as well, which the verb is Tao plus the lag. Therefore, it implies that arrive to what's your direction given the additional information for the place is June war, which the whole sentence Dao Zhong Guo a lie. So it means that arrive to China. But it is towards the speaker's direction. 52. 8.4 ...Question Word...就...Question Word...: Yeah, Hi. Today we're going to learn something new. The topic is quite interesting. Question, word and then question. Well, first of all, what are your question words? Here are a couple of question where the examples that we have learned before, namely Shea, some semi Yang Shun. Now door Shaw Z. In fact, question words can be used in a very flexible way. Let's start with shea. Previously we learned amines who, and in fact, it could also mean who ever before we learned how. But in fact, it could also mean, however, next summer Yang, how we sit and the new way to use it as how ever as well. We know a means what, but we can also use it as whatever. Next means where. And now we can also use it as wherever. We knew its meaning as where and which. But the new way to use it is wherever and whichever. Dosha used to mean how much and the new function would be whatever amount. C means how much or which number and the new way could be whatever amount, whichever number. Remember these new meanings cannot just be applied to how they are used in English. There is this Chinese way, and today we are going to learn the first way. Let's see. Before we start seeing these new meanings applications, we're going to learn the structure, starting with information including question word and then CEO, then followed by information including that question word again, Let's see. Hey, given that we want to say, you like whoever that likes you, the Chinese way is Shay's C10. Need to see when Chez. That's because the literal meaning is, who ever likes you? You would just like him. How about cinema? Do you have every way you like? Nice sequence? A mature suits are mature. That's because the literal meaning is, however you like to do it, just do however you like. Let's see, let me young. I will do whatever a teacher needs me to. Lao Shu, yeah, Watson or Zhuge Liang. That's because the direct translation is, however, the teacher needs me to just do it. You may realize from the previous example, for the use of however to sum and sum a young are sounding so similar. In fact, I'm going to tell you one more additional information. Some young can always replace x1 when it comes to how to or however to. Example as simple as that, drug inserts and messy. Basically equals to Jagger. Said my Yangzi, that data mature needs a mature ban. It equals to Baghdad. And my Yang saw me and saw a great. Let's continue to see the application for SHA-1. Mom drink whatever beverages that you drink. Monkey. Now, what mom? The literal meaning is, you drink whatever beverages. Io, just string whatever beverages. Next word will go wherever there are a few people. Now, rent shot woman. And the direct translation is wherever people are a fee will just go wherever. For example, is I0 by whichever one you like for you. Nice. For geomagnetic, again, me. The literal translation is you like whichever one I would just buy you which heavier one. Next one door. Sure. How to say read any amount of bugs that he has here. Julie, your voice can daughter. The literal meaning is whatever amount of burg here, Scott, I would just read whatever amount. And finally, see we'll watch movie on which heavy date you are free. Neat to see how your Fujian woman, to see how can gain. Because a direct translation is whichever day you have time. We'll watch movie on whichever day. Great feature on HA, or they straightforward to you. Belief will have more practices in FECA. 53. 8.5 I’ll Go Wherever You Go: After learning the new meaning for a question where it's from last chapter. This new topic is, I'll go wherever you go. First word, quiet. Next word, a horse, mad, mad, mad. Yet Shang means immediately. Why is that? Because mash on the hoist, FYI means that you are doing that really quick. Masha. Masha. Next word, wash. C. C. Therefore, C showed CAN is toilet, because seashell is wash hands and CN is always related to space or room. C. C, final word for today. You may like to drink it as well. Koch, curve is actually a translated word from Coca-Cola. La, la woman. So where should we sit? I'll sit wherever you sit. So jelly angio here then it's quiet here. Nice and wet drinks. Do you want to drink? I'll drink whatever you drink, Coke, then. Wait for me for a while. I will come that immediately. Where are you going? I'll go wherever you go. And then go into the toilet. How fake? Aha. Let's talk about the dialogues. Or mental or not, how? Why at the end there's a HA, is actually a question asking something is good. Therefore, you ask the question ending with how? When you want to ask for opinions. For example. Well, I mentioned the shareholders CFO. It sounds like when we get married is good. However, it means that when we get married. 54. 8.6 You Almost Had No Change: Welcome to this new lesson. The topic is, you almost had no change. So now let's start with learning the new wed almost. See see, see. Next why for today is held or healthy. Can col. Col. Moving on to the next word, important. Drone Yao. For your information, Joan means heavy. So it's kind of heavy to you and it weighs more. Ah, ah, let's see our new word change, which could be a verb or a noun. When it is a verb, bn is the main verb for bn. Therefore, again, when change is used in the middle of sentence, the end, the only character with the US. However, if change is used in the end of sentence, then you will have to use BNP, the whole verb together. For example, using change as the verb. Happy in the show. She has become very thin. These VAs. Sure, it's here. Druze, IBM far. Things are changing the whole time or things are changing constantly. Maintained quite Union law needs you who haven't met for nearly five years, You almost had no change at all? Schafer? Upon law. Who said that? I gone Fat. See twine law. I almost couldn't wear the old clouds. You to punch omega IC. Health is the most important. Fat or skinny doesn't matter. Sharma? Sharma. Yes. Eat whatever you want to eat. Needs will find hij Joe means old fan. You cook or zooming cooks. Saw was an intrusion man. Co2, I mean, our code, whatever I want to eat. Boy boy shop. Cook as much as I like. Very good fake haha. Now let's have a little look about the dialogues. Each and the IV for seafood. While law for, though, it is used to make emphasis. Therefore, it kind of means for the past clouds, I almost can't wear them all. Let's see the next dialogue. Sound triple or try to enjoy. The literal translation would be one to eat whatever amount, hour, just make that amount or a code that amount. 55. 8.7 Additional Words - L8: Hello guys, Neiman, some man. How are you? In this session, we're going to talk about some additional words formed by old. What's, let's see. See oneself. See learning or study. So when you mix them together to make it a mean self-study. For example, knees sequences, GMO. Do you like to self-study or do you like to do self-study? Next word, as we know, mean means face card. Exam. If we add them together and form, it would become Interview. Man. Sure. Final word for today. Leak high leaf. Mary. So what about a means to force? Because we are leaving a marriage? And similarities here. If you want to say when as a force B, you can only do a or the LEA. 56. Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 7-8: Dong dong dong. Downsides. Tdn la la. La la needs boy, girl, boy, girl, woman, woman in ZN. How courts the knee abortion? Lemme. Lemme. Just help quotes the soma Yo man. For the remaining questions, please respond with the structure. Question with a question. Well, I mentioned nanny, true fan Houghton. Meow. Meow. Meow. 57. 9.1 跟/和...一样: Thanks. Yeah, Hi, welcome to our new lesson. And today we are going to learn how to use the structure or something. So now let's learn the first word and the meaning is the same. So how do we use Yang? If you would like to say a is the same as B, the Chinese structure would be a or b. For example, this cup is the same as that one. Drug, Bates gum. Yang. My tree houses are the same as his. Water can pass a young. But in reality, you may want to add some more information to make it a is as something as B. And the Chinese way would be a gun or her be the information. Let's see the first example. This house is as big as that house. Drug funds can magnify. Mom doesn't like to swim as much, just mi mama Luoyang pools see when Jojo, dad wants to travel to Beijing as much as little weather, backpack and Yang Shang Zhou Bayesian new y'all. Sally dances as good as sail home. Chowder, Denzel, home. Runs as quick as That's Shen Sao gang, topple Paul, the Shang, Yang. 58. 9.2 哪里哪里: Hello everybody. Welcome back. In this lesson, we are going to learn a funny phrase which is called NAD. And before that, let's learn the word class. Bang, bang. You may have learned bands from the word shang ban, which means go to work. However, a low means class. What you hadn't needed to show you how law shall you. I think your Chinese-speaking has gone better and better. Woman. Gang HA. Now know Eric class leaching speaks even better than me. Some aha. How good? For the Huayang? He speaks Chinese, as good as Chinese people. Lithium, partially ASHRAE, Somebody who are mating, who had, had amines. Leguin, Hu Shih. How come? I haven't heard of her name. Hampshire Walkman. They come when Lao Shou Xi is our Chinese teacher. Now let's start to see the dialogue. Mad woman. Didn't we learn that means where? While the translation is no, no. In fact, is a polite way to reject a complement. So if people praise you and you would like to refuse it because you want to show politeness. You can say where it is actually implying which part of me or where in me has such good qualities. So it's refusing and say am no, no. For example, if Person a says told me you can reply. In fact, can also be used in other situations where you deny something and asking a rhetorical question. As such, Let's see the example. Person a claims. And person B wants to deny it. Or nanny, oh, truth. Because truth means I did get late while adding becoming one nano Troodon. It directly translated as where is it that I got late? Therefore, person B is actually denying the claim and saying I didn't get laid. 59. 9.3 I definitely won't get fat : Welcome to lesson. This lesson is less than 9. And the topic is, I definitely won't get fat. Let's see the first word. Relax or relief. Sung's seen. It could be both adjective or a verb. Sang on its own, you know, it means put. And C. You also know it means hot. So imagine you put down your heart. So your relief. Scene. Next one. Definitely. And finally, do you know what would become when say and whole mix together? Say the most. Back. So say Whoa, means the last or eventually. We have Sheila. Sheila sand. Angola. Don't eat anymore. You already A3 pieces of cake. Joshua. Okay. It's a last one. Needs own future. Can they don't see? You eat sweet food all the time? The Jiangxi, where you actually as Honda, you eat this way, you'll become fatter and fatter. Need funds seen or been palm. Relax, I definitely won't become fat. We Shama. Why? Woman? Jan Troell, triple palm. All people in our family, our skinny, we won't get fat from eating. For Ka HA. Now let's see what happened in a dialogue scene. Or VPN palm, palm. Then change palm fetch. So fin palm together become, becomes fat. For example. It could be interpreted as become pretty. Ah, become good. Next dialogue. While men jack, triple palm. Palm, in this case has become the verbs resell completion. True? Punk, e to be fat, and putting the ball in-between. Triple pump would therefore become not able to eat and beef fat. 60. 9.4 A is in the Middle of B and C: Hi guys, welcome back to our new lesson 9.4 states how big it is in the middle of B and C. Let's see how to form such statements. Our first word, middle, tn, tn. Tn. To say a is in the middle of B and C. The Chinese wing is a, say B or C. The Zhuangzi. And so you will realize the use of cn is pretty similar to the use of other direction words such as mean, median, pound, pn. Example. He sits in the middle of us. Who are men that CAN there's a basketball court in the middle of hospital and supermarket. Yo either lunch. So wildland to Tang is basketball court. That's because Tom relate to outdoor place. Next word, CN, which is first CN. Cn. But how do we use CNS? First? For English, Les do a verb first. The Chinese way would be CAN followed by the verb. Example. I come first. Or CLI. I go to the toilet. First century CE, Fujian. You tell a manager first, arrive in a bit. Moving on, Let's learn another word, which means understand or understanding. It could be both a verb and noun. The CA. Now, you would realize this same character has to pronounciation. The first one where we learned was LA. And this time Liao. We have learned other to understand, which is door and meal bat. However, now has a more different meaning than that. It involves a deeper understanding or understand more complex situations. Therefore, you can say a person's personality, loud, ca, somebody's bought the business operation. This hole. A little bit complicated situation. Example for doubt. Hope you will understand C10. I'd like to understand a little about your accompany surfaces. Once. Yeah, lousy Neiman consider for in many situations, if we want to say we understand in certain thing, the Chinese way would be something Biao Da. That's because the direct translation is half understanding toward something. I don't understand lily too well. Or how much understanding you have for our company. Your sino word for today. Compare. Comparison or a comparatively be Zhao. Zhao. Zhao. To use B tau as compare for the yen. So compare these two quotes Colors. Be Zhao as in comparison. So ACIP Zhao, do a bit of comparison. Be Zhao as in comparatively happy Jiao Tong meal. He is imperatively smite. 61. 9.5 No Need to Worry: Welcome to this lesson 9.5. Topic is no need to worry. Let's learn how to say. It could be both a verb and adjective. Or to add a Yoda. I feel a bit scared. Suddenly law. What's wrong? Shanghai eco, blue, nn. So the taller the mountain, the more difficult the way get. I also get colder the more I Klein. Your Honor. No need to worry. There's still me. I know quite well. Then let's take a rest and climb again in awhile. How May when he Sure. No problem. Where a woman's home. Let's go up from this road in the middle later. Great, Let's see what happens in the dialogue. What it is actually using the structure a, b. So what meaning eye towards here comparatively have more knowledge. And for woman Song Dong Zhongshu, direct translation, it means in a while, we from this path in the middle, go up. 62. 9.6 Doesn’t Have Influence At All: This is the last session of the whole lesson. Topic. Doesn't have influence at all. Great, so now let's learn the first word, participate or participation. Next word, affect or impact. Shang. Yang. Yin Yang. Let's see an example of the use of Yang Shang. Yang war foresee toy. Yeah, my younger sister affects my studies all the time. However, there may be situations you want to say have influence on. And the Chinese way to say that would be something yo Shang. Let's see an example. Laos shirt. Does Jesse, Johann, teacher has great influence on my study? Clergy and tritium to a war may owe. This matter doesn't have influence on me. Can take Dorothy ensure the Vientiane Yoda Yang Shang. Watching too much TV has a low influence on my eyes, meaning my site. How come your eyes are the same as a Pandas? Makes US you how? My legs hurt these few days, I didn't rest well. Lama so much for so did you go to the hospital? How did the doctor say? Pi our dog, Josie. He asked me to rest more. Suicidal you at all? How do you acquire? The more I rest? The quick URL get to L. Stack Hub will be say, for the running competition next month. Are you still able to join? Eating mountains? Yeah. Surely I'm able to join. There's not a bit of influence at all. 63. 10.1 More on: ‘A比B-Adjective-(by how much)’: Good morning everybody. Welcome to our first session of Lesson 10. And we're going to talk more on the structure that we learned, which is a adjective. And by how much. Let's see some examples to revisit this structure. The dalliance, say, oldest sister is older than me for two years, was called ECA. I'm slightly taller than you. May make hunger. Honda has to either. Younger sisters sinks a little better than me. However, in today's lesson, we are going to learn some more. How do we say a is a lot adjective than b? We're going to learn two new ways for it. First one, a B, B adjective, the door. Second, A, B, B adjective. Dual law. Both mean the same thing. Example. Or beanie told me in Douala, I'm a lot smarter than you. Need yo yo yo that be well, quite Walla. Use when much faster than me. What senior Beach Union punk the door. I'm a lot fatter this year than last year. Seem kinda two-year. Be taught young daughter door. Today's homework is a lot more than yesterday's. 64. 10.2 His Chinese is Much Better than Me: We're going to talk about the topic. His Chinese is much better than me. Let's first start with the first word, George. However, this meaning short, only refers to height. Look at hand. How do we say height? Refers to height and both meanings, size as well. So you wouldn't normally say someone is tall as in a while, someone is short, then you can say, I shade the goods that girl, you in like who is taller? Microbiome lobbied hard. He's taller than me. I'm a little shorter than him. Then within your team, who is slightly older? I'm six months older than him. Change whether for a both a very Chinese who speaks better? My hubby were shorter at how dollar, what a high you may old ha ha. Mark speaks much better than me. My Chinese is not as good as his. 65. 10.3 What Lessons Do You Like?: Hello guys. Welcome to lesson. We are going to have to topic what lessons G like. So now let's first start with some subjects. History. Leave. Sure. Sure. What about PE or spots? How do we say mats? In fact, shoe refers to numbers and as you know, it means learn. Sure. Sure. One challenge. Shareholders. What lesson do you like to have? A war policy? I like history lesson, lesson, but I don't like gnats lesson. Why? Mass is also very interesting? Udl, I think Matt says a lot more difficult than history. I cannot understand. Theodosian. Don't worry, I can help you. How woman? Boy, grade. So how long time DUE study every day. One to two hours. Okay, now let's see what happens in the dialogues. One to two hours. In fact, you can link any consecutive two numbers to show the approximate number. For example. Yeah. Sure. Is that clear? 66. 10.4 Change a New Bike: Welcome to our new lesson. Today, the topic is changed to a new bike. Let's see how do we say convenient. Sung, BN. Bn. Next word. Let's see how to say ride. To use t as ride. You can use it as ride a bike, ride a horse, ecetera. C. C, Moving on. Something is old and shabby. How to say that? Seo? In translation, it's old. However, it's nothing related to age. It is just an object being shabby. Go TO final word for today. Change or exchange. As in change, involves in a change with Object B, while b change with object a. So it's like a change with b, b change with a. So it's nothing related to transforming within a unit. So in what situations you can use one as in change. For example, you can say one clouds because through changing to another clothing. Or you can say money because you're changing into another currency. However, you cannot say one has changed his luck. Yet. If you still remember, bn equals to change, it can be used as one transforming into something. For example, one BN, his Luke, one, BN, his personality, fungi law. You've come much earlier recently, you moved home? Yes. Don't you know? I've moved past last month. Since I had so low I think on till now only walk for 20 minutes and I will arrive already. Now if I hadn't found, then it's very convenient. Ct bath and drones, you still planning to buy bike, ride for a 27 minutes and I would soon arrive. Isn't that you already had one? Yeah. That one is too old. I need to change one. Yonsei quiet. It's very key to, to 300 UN. And I can buy one. 67. 10.5 There’re 3-4 Bus Stops Nearby: How are you guys recently? Sima? Did you start the next lesson? There are three to four bus stops nearby. We'll start with learning the new one. Place. For your information. Actually means for or ground. The fall. The fall. Next word. Agent or agency. As you know, Joel means middle, is related to intervene. So you can imagine is like the middle person. Drawn, drawn, moving on, Main or mainly Draw, draw, ya'll. To say environment. It's still sine Award for today nearby, which will be used as a noun. So it seen 14. 14. And for your information, the use of 14 equals to how you use other direction words such as Shang in jianmian, saw yo mean, et cetera. For example, needs food scene. Your near me, your EDI culture. Nearby my house. There's a supermarket. Woman. She has non-bonding. Hello, were how, how agency, what can we help you? Was in Canada. I want to have a look of the houses nearby the campus. Are these two places the same? Vdb in the data do not the same. The houses outside of campus are much bigger than those inside. Thus shall make YC. The size does matter. It's mainly the environment. Which ones even why quieter? Schools inside is not as quiet as schools outside. Being ECMO. Then which one is more convenient? Via phone, via inside the campus is more convenient than outside. Fuji. Your sensitivity to that. There are three to four bus stops nearby. Say Cut. Very good. Let's see what happens in the dialogues that shall make when SI, engine for it. In this situation, it refers to big or small does another, which can also mean size. Next dialog. Suicide. Male suicide. As a reminder, means that or some edge. In fact, we previously have learned the structure a Mayo be adjective, which means a is not as adjective as B. However, if you put trauma or right before the adjective, it would make the sentence sound like a is not that adjective as B. We'll talk more about it in the next session. 68. 10.6 A没有B这么/那么: In this video, we are going to pick up where we ended in the last session, which may be or something. Let's start. As mentioned from last video, a is not that something as B. In Chinese. It is a Mayo, be drama or something. For the something, it could be an adjective or verbs showing the feeling or condition, etc. So how do we do? But see examples. War Mayo knees drawn up. How Liang, I'm not as pretty as you walk to a male drama again, Jan. I'm not as serious as do about work, which the direct translation is. Eye towards work is not as serious as you. Next one, drug again, young male NAG NAM a Yogi's. This movie is not as interesting as that. One. Final example. Or male need. Passion. I don't like climbing a mountain as much as you. 69. 10.7 Additional Words - L10: The final video. Today we are going to learn some more additional words. Foreign by the old ones. For example, participant, be say, competition. However, when the two of them mixed together, forming 10 sang, it would become participated in competition. So is a short form when you want to say participate in competition. Ten, say at sea, the next set is change or exchange. While CTA season, the two had them mixed together becoming see, it would mean changing season. So in what situation we would use, for example, Jane Doe 21. Next one, as we know, d means ground or floor. From sham mean means side. And the median together means on the surface of the floor. So it is like the size of the floor. The final word, main dish. And Jules, Hey, actually becoming main dish. Draws, hey, hey. This is the last video of the whole course. And it will account for the first 50 percent of the whole intermediate coils. Fei Chang CSEA bad. Yeah. I hope that you enjoy the course and hope to see you in Course B. Thank TN. 70. Speaking & Listening Practices - Lesson 9-10: Hey, yo, yo. Need, need, need to be told me You Wen Ti Mu drug. Drug a when t I mean, the nice drama. Ten jack. Nina. Nina. Nina.