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Chandelier wire wrapped Flower earrings

teacher avatar Colette Kimon, Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Tools And Supplies


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      Shaping the flowers


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      Earrings Assembly


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      Making The Earwires


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About This Class

Make a beautiful pair of chandelier flower earrings with just a few pieces of wire.This class will show us how to use a few pieces of wire to create a stunning pair of earrings. The components of the earrings can also be combined differently to created other unique pieces. I will also be teaching you how to make your own ear wires with some scrap wire. This class is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced jewelry makers. For beginners, this will be a good opportunity to learn to manipulate the wire and create different shapes.

Meet Your Teacher

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Colette Kimon

Jewelry Designer, Owner of Kreative Coco


Hello! my name is Colette. I am a self taught jewelry artist, and enjoy making and creating things with my hands; I love DIY and craft projects. I have been making jewelry since 2005, and I just love discovering and learning new techniques. I enjoy making jewelry and many other crafts such as crochet, drawing, doodling etc... My work has been featured in the September 2011, Fall 2012, and spring 2013 issues of Wirework Magazine. I also have a project published in a jewelry book. I make all my creations from my home studio in Pennsylvania where I live with my family and sell them in Person, and also on my website:

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Kim, and I am a jewelry designer living in West Virginia with my family and I have been making jury for the last 15 years. Welcome to machinery, Dear flower Here in class, in this glass, I'm going to show you how to shape flowers that will be used as components in your show NVIDIA hearings and how to make the ear wires. That's where this flowers component can be used to create many over hearing designs, bracelets and even necklaces. Just let your imagination got you. So if you're ready, let's get to it. 2. Tools And Supplies: So I'm going to go over the tools what we need for this project. So let's start with the wrong those prior. So we need the wrong nose plier and also need the chain those flyer and we need a flushed color toe cut our wire and this song type of measuring tool. I have here a ruler. And so you're gonna need a ruler to measure your wire. You're also going to need a shopping marker. Lock your wire and you are going to need a metal fire to find the and a few wire. And here have a pocket knife. But I'm going to use for this project. Have a pocket knife is a thin blade knife so we can have some over type of knife. You can have a fin blade knife. Um, you confined booth at the dollar stall. Really keep Oh, you can also use the bus Carter for that. And that's fine. Also over type of knife that can work if you project And I also have here a hammer and this hammer our body that we had y stall and I only use it for jury project at low uses for anything else. And also you are going to need a bench block, uh, toe hammer your wire and have lucky Final magazine right here. And I'm gonna put my bench my still block on top of it so that I do not damage my surface off the table. So these are the tools that you are going to need, Um, call this flower hearing. So, as far supplies, we are going to need some jump rings. And I have some copper jump rings in my hand here, and we are going to need it. Copper jump rinks. Oh, if using German wire, you can get some call Seaver Carlo jump rings, and you wanna have right now four millimeter, and there may be 18 gauge wire. And you can also get some jump rings made with 20 gauge wire and vast find out where as well. Um, we are going to need a total off a jump rings to make a pair of earrings. So these are the jump rings, but we're goingto date. Okay. Next, we are the wire, and this is some 18 gauge wire, and this is copper wire, and you can choose to use some over type off while you're about like you can use some German side wire and it looks like silver or you can use some cross wire is up to you, but I'm using some 18 gauge wire. The wire has to be 18 gauge. You will also need a pair of fresh air wires and you can Bibles pre made fresh air wires at the craft store. All you can make your own, and I will be sure knew how to make your own French here wires. All you need is some 20 gauge wire, and you are only going to need three inches off 20 gauge wire toe. Make your ear wires, and I think that's all the supplies that we need for this project, so I see the next video. 3. Shaping the flowers: so thank you for joining me today. In the segment will be creating and shipping the flowers from be needed toe create the hearing and it hearing we need to flowers. So we are going to have four flowers altogether to start off. We are goingto need out 18 gauge wire. And here you say this 18 gauge why're NBC's copper wire and I'm going to need about 3.5 inch of wire. So I'm gonna go ahead and straightened wires a little bit if my fingers okay, get straight any today and next. You want a measure? 3.5 inch off the 18 gauge wire. So I have 3/2 inch. I am going to use my flush colors toe cut my wire a 3.5 inch. Next time I'm going to measure the media will be 3.5 inch and but will be 1.7 1.75 inch one and one and 3/4. And here have it. I am going to take my shopping marker and just mark, but middle. Okay, so here have it with my Sharpie marker market metal wire, which is wanting 3/4 the next step would be to take your channel spire. So you go ahead and take your channels by and put it in a major mark that you have. And we are going to bend this wire in half. So never to have your generals playing middle like that one bands your wire in her. Go ahead and ban eating. Next. I'm going to use my change. Those players flatten the and the band off wire because I want the tip. The bent tip toe be really pointing when I shape my flower. So I'm going to use the channels Flyer generals values to flatten. He bent, battle the wire and bring the wires close closer together so he had the support have. So I want a hand up me for 1.5 inch of wire on each side, so I'm going to head. I'm going to go ahead and take my roller and measure 1.5 inch right here and my kids with my shopping marker and the reason that I'm using I'm doing basis because of heavy gauge wire. Sometimes when you bandy why in half it's hard to get the exactly what you want on each side, so I'm using a longer piece of wire banning the wine half. Then I can trim off excess so you go ahead and take your flash nose pliers and cut the extra why I'm going to pull the wire inside my fist. That way, when a copy game, they're not going to be flying around the room in your eyes, Olmo's or wherever. So you go ahead and cut your wire and here you see off Esra PC's. But I don't need here there, and I'm just going to go ahead and describe that and use my metal 55 ends, um, off my wire race month. So here we double check. We have 1.5. So next step will be fighting the end off this wire. So I'm filing the end of my wire, and I wanted to be really small fools. So gonna keep filing until it takes race months. Make sure from time to time to check, you know, run your fingers over to make sure you know their way, Want them to be, And when you don't, you can start filing and we move on to the next step. Now I don't with my filing. So it's time to start shipping the flour and we are going to start with you need a bell. So what would be our first battle? You want to take you your three d knife or Ah, boss Qatar. Oh, you know, if in knife and slide it in the middle off bed wire and just we go a little bit to open it . Next one. Thank you. Next one will pick you, um, channels player, and finish opening up your wire until you have leg envy ship. So I wanna pull it apart at tape. May be like that. There have Miss V ship. They asked them to start shaping. Then go ahead and grab your rumbles, player and put it in the middle. Like the world with deep off your movie ship and make sure poses shall be wire at wide a spark off your chain of supplies like this. There You want to secure that and hold it with both your indus and from And then we are going toe switch places of if you Why so picky? Right wire in bullet toe the over side and do the same If you left wire. So here you have it, basically what you have and we have a little pedal so you can go ahead and then remove your run. Those plays. So now that I have neither, pero, Army, I'm going to go ahead and create beside petals of the flower. So I'm going to use the remaining left off wire and curve it towards the middle pedal. So I'm going to use my Randall's players and go all along the left off the wire and curve. It's slightly like this, so I don't have a C shape 1/2 circle, so I'm gonna start over again, use my cane nose pliers, starting at 13 and slightly curve it towards middle pedal and go down again, curve and go down, left wide and curved. You go down again and curve until you have something like that. Looks like it's seeing shape. All we have circle. So now that we have a C shape, we are going to use our candles flyer in gravity or B c shape and tried to bring it towards theme. Either off pedal towards towards the cross where the both wires cross right here. So this is where I want my tip toe end up. So I'm going to grab the and, um, obviously shape of gently pull it down. So the media off the off the first battle, we made a better. Okay. So gently crab and curving down. Okay. And you may have to try multiple times until you reach the middle. And if you know, start if I can go back ahead can go back in and try again until you have the wonderful wire where you want, So just stick notice. This is fraught off flower. Our decides the rights that better comes Miller. So this would be reformed. Then I stand toe walk on the other side on the left side. So we are going to go ahead and repeat the same process. We will run those players gravity and slightly curving toward the middle. Okay, I'm going to flip my walking around because I'm more comfortable. I mean, I'm right handed, so are more comfortable walking from the right side. Okay, so I'm gonna try curving remaining love off wire like I did for you beside. So game stop over. Go back and forth until you have lucky C shape. Okay. It's when they have my sea ship, I can flip it over again. And you see, I have my flower fraud. Okay? Not about the front off the flower this way. Both besides pedals, the end of said fails, Mitt. So I'm going to use my generous players and continue shipping. We said Bittles, make sure the ends of wire in the middle where I want them and make sure the kind of uniform about the same size. So you keep playing the run into you have exactly shape, but you want. So I'm going to let you watch me and just beside pedals on my flower until they have into their just perfect just the way I want them to be. Okay, I guess. Want both sides to be kind off uniform. Thank you. And I have completed my first flower and this is our looks like so we have one down and three more to go. So we have a total of four flowers to make, so let's make three more. So I have completed my second flower and this is how they look like together next to each other. It says are my earrings are going to look like when I put them together. So let's make tomorrow. Yeah, I have completely off my four flowers and here you can see them. Let's each other. It is our they all look like Now let's move on to the next step. So now we're going to do some hammering. And here I have my bench blocks and have a bunch of magazine. But I put on the table just to protect my table, and I'm going to put my bench block on top of most my consent and here have my hamburger. But that would be using for the hungry. We are going toe hammer slightly. The tape right here, this foot just gently hammer that. And I am Don't Hemery and the people first flower. And this is what I have right here. So I'm going to finish hammering on the remaining flowers. - So I'm done hammering off my flowers and this is what I have so far. And the next step will be to put them together and finish up our earrings. Here. There 4. Earrings Assembly: Now that we have all off our flowers component, it's time to put the earrings together to make one hearing. We are going to connect to flowers by the other pedals with touch of rings on each side to start off, we are going toe open one conferring, using either to change those players. Oh, you're change those pliers and your Randall's players. You want to position your players on each side of this late on the jump ring, and this slate is right here. So I we grab the jump ring on east side of cut with my pliers and you want to open jump ring by using a twisting motion with one hand moving towards you and the over away from you . Now barfi jump ring is open. We are going to connect the outer pedals. Make sure herbal flowers are front facing and slide. We can bring into both outer petals now close with jump ring with the same twisting motion , making sure both ends of asleep are flush. So we are going to go ahead and add a second jump offering on the same side, using the same steps, open jump ring slided into the pedal and then closely. Jump ring. Yeah. Now don't leave his side. We are going toe work on riverside. So you go ahead and open another jump ring and slide it into the two out of battles on the second side, then goes for jumping again the same way we did it before. Now we only have one last jump oring toe out of this area. So we are going to repeat the same process again in here. We have our first hearing, Don, and this is a front side of airing. And this is the back of the hearing. It's now time to make the second area. So you go ahead and follow the same steps to make the second airing. And I've see you in the next video to finish up. 5. Making The Earwires: Since we have finished making both earrings, I am going to show you how to make your own air wires. We are going to need some 20 gauge from the wire in here. I'm using copper wire. I'm going to need 1.5 inch for each year wire. So I'm going to measure and cut one in the half age and use that as a template to cut the second piece off wire to make the first year wire. I want to start by making a simple loop like this one. I want both off my loops to be exactly the same size. So one trick I used is toe Put him mark on my round nose pliers as a guide toe. Help my loops be consistently the same size. I don't want my look to be too small or too big. So I'm going to use my Sharpie marker to put a mark on my round nose pliers somewhere Iran Here. This will be my guide when forming my looks. Now I'm going to take my first piece of wire and five end. If I medal five by the end Next, I'm going to use my Rondo's players toe make my loop, and I'm going to put the deep off the wire in between the jaws off it pliers right away. I have my Sharpie marks, Then what you want to do? This twists your player around toe for me. Look, you may need to remove your player every position it into the loop to complete it. And here you have your finished slope. Next step. We are going to shape the hook of the ear wire so you take your run loose player and slide your wire into the goals off. Players at the wireless part. Make sure your loop is facing up like this. Then grab the end off the wire and bring it Iran. Bring it all Iran Biggio off your players until you have a hook shape. So busy what I have so far. Remove your ear wire from Blair's and we are going to five and off ear wire when filing the end off the air wire. I also like to five besides, as well, and make it a little bit pointed so that it can easily slide into the ear lobe. We are now and only for filing. So next step I want to slightly curved the tip off my ear wire, and I'm going to use my Ronald supplier to do that and give it a slight curve. The hook off the ear wire opened up Padilla, so I'm going to reshape it, using my Randall's players. And here you have it to your first year wire. Now I have my best block again, and I'm going to slightly hammer my ear wire. Heaven ring will happen. Make the wire a little bit harder and make the ear wire most dirty. And I just want to a hammer of the curve off the air while you okay, year. You you. This year wire is done, so let's make a 2nd 1 We are going to repeat the same steps as before by filing one end first and then making its more loop. Next we make the hook ship off via wire, then file the end really smooth and in a pointed shape. After world, we are going to curve the tip off E Reier, and finally, it's timeto hammer the ear wire. The hook of year wire opened up while hammering, so I'm going to reshape the hook again and here. You have it to your second ear wire. The final phase will be to put the earrings into the air wire. So open V loop of the ear wire the same way you open the jump ring. You can use your hand and your chain those player like this, and I'm going to slide the middle pedal off the earring into the loop of the air wire. Make sure the front side of the hearing is facing you. Now I'm going to close the loop of the air wire. Let's repeat that process again for the second hearing. So open off the second. A wire then slided into your hearing and finally closed the loop off your ear wire. And there you have it. Your earrings are don. I hope you enjoy this video, and I can't wait to see your project.