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Catch Em All! Draw your Team's Badge in Adobe Illustrator.

teacher avatar Jon Brommet, Crusoe Design Co.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Tutorial Part 1


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      Tutorial Part 2


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      A Message From Future Jon


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About This Class

Pokemon Go has clearly taken over the world. No matter where you look, someone is near you catching a cute little monster on their phone. Love it or hate it, it is definitely a giant craze and it's taking the world by storm!

I happen to be in the love it category. I played when I was young and I'm back into it now. So if you are too, then it is time to illustrate a custom badge in your teams colours! Simply pick your favourite pokemon, draw it and customize your badge!

In this class we will be using Adobe Illustrator to draw your badge. We will use the pen tool, shape tool, pathfinder, type on path, layer masking, and much more. I move a little faster in this class than normal. But if you get lost, feel free to ask me a question or check out some of my other classes that expand on each subject.

See you in class!

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Jon Brommet

Crusoe Design Co.

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1. Intro: What's up Skillshare? My name is Jon Brommet and welcome to my new class, Catch Them All, Show Your Team Colors. I don't even know if that's what I'm going to call the class, but good enough, who cares? It doesn't matter. In this class we're going to go over the newest crazy craze, the craziest craze of all. Everywhere I go, there are literally tens to hundreds of people playing Pokemon all around, all different cities, all around the world. It's crazy. I'm 29 years old, I haven't played Pokemon since I was nine years old. So it has been 20 years since I even thought about a Pokemon, and I find myself walking around like a crazy person at midnight trying to catch, I don't know, a squirtle or some nonsense thing. So normally right here in this exact park, there would be tons of people ganged up trying to battle a gym and take it over. But the servers can't even handle the amount of crazy people playing this game right now. So the reason why I am outside, filming this class is because you have to be outside to play Pokemon, it's a rule. They want you to lose weight, it's genius and crazy. Why am I doing it? I don't know. But anyways, join me. If you're a searcher like me, or you just want to have fun catching Pokemon. We're going to make a cool emblem based on your team color, whether you're red, yellow, or blue. I'm team red, I don't know why, my favorite color is blue. I just picked it. It's been 20 years, I didn't even know what I was doing. Now I'm stuck, team red. Anyway, we're going to take our favorite Pokemon, use our team color, add our username, do whatever we want in whatever style, and put that on social media. We are going to let that flag fly, tell people what team we are on, and we're just going to have fun. So it's an easy class. It's going to be tons of fun, short, easy, simple. Whether you don't like Pokemon, I don't blame you. But come on, it's just fun. People of all ages are doing it, adults, kids, whatever, you name it. It's not even out in this country and I'm still playing it. All right, so enroll and I'll see you in a minute. 2. Tutorial Part 1: Welcome to the class. Like I said in the intro, we want to make this one fun and quick and I'm going to do some things I haven't done in past classes and that is, I'm going to go a little bit faster. I'm not going to break down every single step because I just want this video to be quick and fun and something easy to do. I'll try and break down anything I think that might be informative to you so that you can actually learn something, of course but I'm going to assume that you have a little bit of Illustrator knowledge and chances are if I do something that you're not understanding, I've probably already taught a class on how to do that thing. Just take a look at my profile and take a look at my other classes and see if it covers the topic that you're wondering. Without further ado, we'll get right into this. Of course, Pokemon Go is the craziest of crazies, as I've mentioned. Everyone's so excited about them and my design is Team Red, which of course you can see down here. What I've done is I've taken the basic valor symbol, which is the Red Team, and I've worked with that and then I've taken my favorite Pokemon, which I guess is Haunter. I'm just thinking he looks cool, he's interesting a little bit scary and I've incorporated him into the design and I've even incorporated the little GPS Poke Ball symbol in there, put Barrie, Ontario because that's where I am. That's where I'm hunting for Pokemon, and of course, team name. I've put 96 16 because it started in '96 and it's 20 years later, so I thought that was fun. It's just a fun, quick design. I actually put these in because I was thinking back to the old game boy. I just wanted to fill their shapes. I was thinking the old game boy with the D-pad on the left, right, and then we have an up and down. These are also shaped a little round like the select and start buttons, just stuff to throwback to the old game boy thing. Of course, I don't expect people to really recognize or pick that up but it's just little fun things that you can sort of think about when you're putting into your design. Without further ado, I'll show you how I created this. Again, it's pretty straight forward, we'll go ahead, and we'll take this little guy. What I did is I would start with any kind of shape that I want to start with, the circle being the most obvious. I'm hanging out on my keyboard, I'm dragging out a circle. I'm over here on the color palette, I put a red stroke on it and get rid of the white one and I will go over here and will sort of bulk that stroke up to whatever we want it to be. Again, I'm going quickly and if I need to point, I opened a color palette or some kind of palette that you don't understand. I'm going to show a little bit about the Transparency, a little bit of Pathfinder, and a little bit of the Character and Color. All of those are under Window, and you can just make sure there's a check mark beside them, and they should show up for you. The other thing I'm going to do is I'll talk quickly about using quickies but again, I'm not going to go crazy into all these things because I've talked about them lots in other classes. So once I made that circle, what I then did is I went Command C, Command F to Paste and Place. If you're on a PC, that's Control C or Control F and then I grab this little corner mark here and holding option or on a PC, I just dragged it out just a little bit so it's a little bigger and then I'm hitting I for the I-dropper Tool to select the shapes so that basically it is the same thickness. Now what I want to do is I'm going to use my Direct Selection tool, which is A, and I'm going to grab this top point and just delete it and then you can see that we're getting the shape here and the whole reason why I'm doing this is because I want this little arrow coming out here like that, just so that it throws in and ties into that team logo a little bit but I also want mine and have its own character. It doesn't have to be the exact same, but you guys can do whatever you want, whatever style you feel like. So from there I just went into my Brush options, and instead of Uniform, I added this little Width Profile 1 and so you can see it makes them come to a point. So we'll zoom in here, and go to our Wire Frame, which is Command Y, and we're going to drag that up and just hit that right on the spot and useful tool I talk a lot about is Smart Guides. So if you hit Command U, they'll turn them on, and then it'll snap nicely and you know that that's exactly in the right spot. So it's useful to know about key. From there, I'll just go here, I'll Click and Hold option, and just drag it out a little bit, and something like that to get that shape. So that's the basic of how I got the outside shape. From there, I went ahead and I started drawing the Haunter, which you can see how I pieced it together here. So what I did first is just using the Pen tool, I went ahead and I drew this shape. The big key, this is another cool thing about the Smart Guides is if you have them, so you click here to start your shape, and then you make your shape like this and most of these are pretty straight forward. A couple of them I added a little curve by clicking and dragging. This is basic idea and now if you bring your Guide or your Pen all the way out here, you'll see it should Snap to the line. So by snapping to the line, I'm dragging it up, and I'm holding option and dragging it up again, I can get this to line up exactly. So the cool thing about having that perfect line, and again this is a little thin, so it can be pulled out there. Cool thing about that is, now if I click on the shape, I hold Option and Shift, I'm dragging it and I'm duplicating it over here. Then I can use my Reflect tool, which is just on there on the keyboard, hit Enter and flip horizontally. I actually have a quickie set on this so you can check out my actions class to learn how to do that. So I'm just hitting F2 on my keyboard, and then we drag it back with our Smart Guides and it'll snap exactly to the spot. Then what we can do is grab both, hit our Pathfinder, go to Unite, boom, you have a perfect shape. So that's a good way to make sure that both sides of your shape are exactly symmetrical, and it just makes life a little easier for you. So I'll just undo and we get back to here. Of course, this is pretty straightforward. You're hitting Null on your keyboard just like before I drew a circle, boom, that's how I got the top of his head. So the eyes, again, pretty easy. I drew out a rectangle like so. I grab my Pen tool, which is P on the keyboard. I deleted this corner just by going over it, it will automatically give you this minus symbol, and I hit Delete. Now if you're using a newer version of Adobe Illustrator, if you go to your Direct Selection tool, that's A on your keyboard, these little dots will show up and you can "Drag in" to make the eyes rounded and of course hitting L, that's how I added the little pupil and there you go that's how I did the eyes. Again, all this stuff is so easy, so straightforward, but I want to break it down for you by selecting that circle, I can hit up a couple of times on my keyboard, but that's the basic of how I got the eyes. The mouth again, just as easy. So what I did is I drew these little points kind of like this. Now I hold Shift to make sure this is exactly in line. Then what we can do is we can "Drag out" a point here, and I get that mouth like that. Then that's the same kind of process to put them back together, line them up. Then you could use Unite and I'm using purple instead of white because obviously white on this white background would be very difficult to see and then if we hit M on our keyboard, I will draw out a square. I'm going to Shift to rotate it and then basically you can just shrink that down and use that as your tooth. Pretty straightforward there and if you want to, Zoom in, make sure that's above there, and grab that point and just hit a couple Down on your keyboard to make sure you're comfortable with that. You can duplicate it, duplicate it over here and again, if you want all that stuff to be flawless, another the thing you can do is we'll go back a little bit. Before you actually even bother with that, this is the point where you can put in your teeth and you can see he's got two in the left, two in the right, and then five in the middle. So it'll go like this. There we go. Bring that tooth down, duplicate it over here wherever you want. Rotate it. Put one dead center. One over, and over again. Now if we rotate that, we know that those teeth are in the exact same spot on both sides of the mouth. Pretty easy. And the hands are really straightforward. Again, I just use my Pen tool. I wasn't even rounding. I just drew out the shapes like this and then I made them purple in this case, I've put a white outline, just a Stroke, so that it would separate. I drew in the next finger. Command item to copy it. To put it below, we'll go Object, Arrange, Send to Back. And then we draw the palms, which is something along these lines. It's the same thing and object arrange send it back which you can use those quickies and that's basically how I got the entire Haunter character. So again, that's 90 percent of the design done. Pretty easy, straightforward. So I'll go ahead and I'll delete that. 3. Tutorial Part 2: From here, I just went in and I added my extra shapes and my text. To get in these arrows, all I did was rotate square, delete this corner, and then using my arrow tool, I shorten this the same amount of clicks just to make sure that you get it square and even and then we'll put it in there. A line is very straight forward. You got a line tool here which is a slash on your keyboard, click and drag and then you add a stroke. If you want to round the corners, you go to the stroke and just round cap, will add that rounded corner for you nice and easy and of course, make it red. So yeah, like I said, I'm going fast, I know, but that's most of the design done. The next easy thing to do is your text. So I'll show you a couple of little tips, I guess, things that you may not think about. When you're doing a design like this, you want everything to be quite symmetrical for the most part. So the problem with putting my area that I'm in, my city, is that Barrie and Ontario are very different lengths. So what I like to do is if we were to actually, let's just change the color of one of these. So Ontario's the longer word, and we're just going to drag Barrie over top. Let's snap into that a little bit. This is why sometimes you want to turn your smart keys off. So let's command U again just to get that right there, and then what we do is we go into our character and we're going to adjust the tracking to make sure that more or less stretches out so it's the same width and again, you can play with that and if you think it doesn't look quite right, you can drag it back in a little bit like I had, but that will more or less give it the same width and the same height so that a little more balance on either side except for the tracking is larger. It's just a personal preference thing, whether you like that or not. But if you didn't have that, it would look like that. Once you get that in center, but it doesn't quite have the same balance that I think it does when you extend the tracking or extend the terrain. So that's a cool way to make that work nicely for you. The next thing I did is, I would grab this outer circle and the best way to make sure everything is perfectly in line is to go command C, command F, so I'm pasting the circle there, and then I would drag it in like so. From that point, I'm just going to move it out of my artwork, I grabbed the wrong thing. This is where I would add my text. So using the text tool, we're just going to click and hold on it so that we can go down here and add our type on path tool. So for now you can click anywhere and just type in the name. Now, what I'm doing is I'm going go to my arrow and then my direct selection tool, and this is the center point. So what I want to do is I want to make sure that that snaps to the center. Sometimes it'll be finicky and if I drag it in, you'll see that the name is now inside the shape. Okay, so it can be a little finicky here, but what we want to do essentially, let me put my smart guides back on. What I want to do is I want to snap that exactly to this point so we know that this is perfectly centered, and then if we drag that in, it should be perfect. But this thing wants to play some games so we'll grab these two points here and I'll drag them to the top, and now our words are exactly centered in the shape. From here, I will just pick a font that you like. In my case, I'm actually using a hydro 74 font. If you've never heard of them, hydro 74 is a pretty cool artist. I think legacy of is where you can get his fonts and so I just changed the type, made it larger and fit it in that circle. From there, I did basically the same thing so we go command C, command F to paste that in place, and then what we can do is grab this and we're going to pull it outside, make it centered. Then we're switching back to our regular tool pulling option and shift to drag it in, and we're going to type in 96 and add some spaces and 16 and make sure that it's centered, and that's the basis of how I got all of this to fit. So you can see that sometimes, the shape didn't fit up here exactly how I want so I brought it up a little bit. Point option shift, shrunk down the font, added some spaces, but you get the idea of how I did those. That's basically the entire design. The only thing that I've missed so far is this little pokey ball GPS symbol. So I'm going to pull that up. You're going to be making a little accessory that goes on a risk man, which is shown here so this will light up on a Pokemon scenarios so you don't have to have your phone out. But anyway, this is the face on shape. So what I did here, let's just separate these, is I made a circle command C, command F and made a larger circle. I used my line tool, put that in there, and then for this part, it's a little trickier. So all I did is I grabbed my pen tool, clicked here, and then clicked here roughly and I had my circle here so I would snap to that line and then basically just drag this out. Click here, draw that in. There you go, just like that and then same process as I explained before. Let me delete this, brought that over, waited for it to snap and then using our pathfinder, we can merge those together and that's the basis of how I did that. So if we have all these shapes drawn, it would look like this, and then I'll set this to the outside. Then just to fill in this little shape, what we can do is grab all this, drag it over just so you have a copy. Keep this somewhere safe so that you can edit it. Just put it off your art board. I'm going to hit merge, pick a color and you'll see that it fills in these shapes. So delete this, delete this, and then we'll turn all of that to red and there you go, you've got that finished shape there. So that's it. That's the whole design. Pretty straightforward. Like I always say, nice and easy and fun. I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with, see what your fair Pokemon is, how you design them. I wanted to make mine just straight flat colors because that's what the original logo is, just red and white. But feel free to add color and make yours colorful if you want to, or keep it nice and simple here. Just make a really cool sticker, you can just add a big cut line. If we just made it larger like that, shrink this down. Something along those lines, that could be our cut line or that could be a nice big circle and just make a really cool sticker like that that you can put on your car or put somewhere cool and fun. The only other thing is that maybe you want to make a wallpaper or something for your phone. So what I did is I took a screenshot of my character and I just blew it up, put a mask on it, and put this little pokey ball on it and then I put the shape on it. So now you've got a cool wallpaper that you could maybe put on your phone, or you might want to use this for social media or put on your Avatar, Facebook, whatever you want to do, and if you're wondering how I got this texture on it, I did do a class teaching you how to do this in, literally just called textures, but will go ahead and show you real quick. I just took a, this is my finished design. I added a white background and I just made it 95 percent just so you could see a little bit of the streets underneath and things like that. Just a light one, and then I drag this design or this texture over top of it. Place it where I want to, if I select both like this, this is my transparency panel again, window transparency and then you can click make mask, and there you go. It cuts it out, it's just a really easy way and then your artwork is still editable, you can still move things around in there, and the texture stays nicely in one spot and that's it. So I hope you enjoyed the class. Again, super easy, super fast. I just want to come back with one quick little video with a bit of a thank you and show you guys a few things I'm working on and talk a bit about the last class. So that's it. Thanks so much, will see soon. 4. Outro: So before I say my actual goodbyes, out in the real world, you have to be able to play Pokemon GO. I'm just going to do a little bit of housekeeping would be a good way to say it. Of course, if you head over the internet, I don't promote this enough, just go to This is all things me. You can check out my Instagram, it's all linked down here, linked everywhere. You can click on it. I'm also on Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Twitter, even on Snapchat. I'm basically on everything and it's just always at John Brommet, nice and easy for you. As it shows here, I sell on Etsy. So if you go over to shop and you click that, it will bring you to Etsy and you can see all the cool stuff that I'm selling right now. If you are on Skillshare, you should be able to fairly easily click my name at the top of the class and it'll take you to my Skillshare profile. From here you can see all of my classes that I've done. Just click "See All" next to "Teaching" and check them out. Like I said, I talked a little bit about this Pathfinder, we use that, the Pen tool, we use that. Textures, I showed you how to do that. How to cut line with stickers and actions which allowed us to add those cool quickly reflecting just by clicking "Quickie". Again, I've taught a lot of classes now at this point, this is my 13th. I think that they're all super useful to you. So check them out. Now, I will say goodbye from the great outdoors. That's it. Thanks so much for taking the class. I hope you guys enjoyed it. It was silly. It was fun. We made a cool badge. Hopefully you're going to show it all over social media. I'm out with a selfie stick embarrassing myself in a park, talking to my own camera on the end of a stick. It's weird, but you got to do what you got to do to make some money, and have fun on the class. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I've got the biggest class ever coming. Hopefully August 1st. I don't know if I really want to say exactly what it is, but let's just say, I've mentioned this before that it's camping themes so you're going to want to have some outdoors cool vibe. It's going to go on a product, and let's just say you might be using it in your kitchen. It's going to have your very own artwork on it. You're going to win 50 pieces. It's the biggest value contests I've done by a mile. I'm talking huge. I think you guys are going to enjoy it. I hope you start working on your projects already. Start drawing cool camping theme stuff maybe you have a forest, maybe you've got a campfire, maybe you've got mountains. Whatever you want to do, just have fun with it. Try and come up with something really cool, because in a couple of weeks in my biggest class by a mile, maybe my biggest class I'll ever do, is going to be coming out and it's going to be awesome. So enjoy it. I thank you so much for taking the class and I will see you in only a couple of weeks this time. Bye. 5. A Message From Future Jon: Wait, one more thing, I'm adding, this future. John Brahma talking to you, I hope you enjoyed the cost that you just watched. Some of these classes have been recorded a few years ago. I just wanted to give a little up to date, on what I'm doing now. You can see that I've put out a ton of classes potentially from the class that you just watched, as you may have been watching one of my older classes. If you go over to my profile, you can click it somewhere on the Skill Share website or go to Skill slash Jon [inaudible]. It's spelled just like that with no h, just Jon. You'll see here I've got things broken down in my newest classes. This may even look slightly different for you because I'm putting out classes once a month right now. I've got my most popular classes, illustration, efficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop stuff, and then all of my other classes, and make sure that if it's not already selected, you click ''See more'' to see the rest of it. So many different classes. I hope you guys will be inspired to learn lots more and hopefully, you're enjoying my classes and want to see more. If that's not enough, I'm at Jon Brown on Instagram, so you can check out my Instagram as well to know what I'm doing and I post all my new artwork there, and of course let you know when I'm doing new skill share stuff. I've started a YouTube channel where I put short videos that are instructional. I obviously advertising in MySQL shared class, but short videos that I can't really put a whole-class out. I put it here on YouTube, and I even do things like have conversations with other teachers, like tap of the a park, plan to do that things more often. If you head over to Jon, I've newly updated my website. I have a digital shop or you can grab my procreate brushes or other things like that. On top of seeing that my different portfolio elements and things like that, I've also got a Etsy shop, which I'll click here and it would open this. So you can buy all of my pins and different art things that I've created. I will ship them to you from me. I've gotten them all produced here in my home and they look awesome and I know that they're cool. I just recently started a thread less shop, which you could click here [inaudible] sharing contact. Everything's linked from our website. This new thread less shop has all my merch that can be printed on demand on a really weirdly wild variety of things, let's just click one of these things here. It's going to open a t-shirt, but let's just say maybe instead of a t-shirt you wanted a duvet cover or shower curtains. Why wouldn't you want those things? I've got lots of different things going on. If you'd like what I'm doing and please check out more of that and I'll keep making more things. Thanks everyone. Bye bye.