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Carving a Simple Rubber Stamp

teacher avatar Suzette Hussey, Artist, Skillshare Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Supplies Needed


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      Lesson One: Your First Rubber Stamp


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      Lesson Two: Carving Circles


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      Lesson Three: A Simple Heart


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      Lesson Four: Carving a Tulip


    • 7.

      Lesson Five: Carving a Bird


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      Your Class Project


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      Thank You!


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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to carve your own rubber stamps using Speedball Easy Cut. We will begin with simply patterned stamps that can be used in your art journal, in gelatin printing and all your mixed media projects. Once you have mastered that,  I will show you how to transfer a simple drawing and carve your own rubber stamp! This is the perfect course for beginners.

You can find out more about me on my blog Paper Mache Patch and on Instagram. I also I have a YouTube channel with lots of art and craft tutorials.

This class is FREE until May 31, 2018

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Suzette Hussey

Artist, Skillshare Teacher

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome: If you're an art journal er, a mixed media artist or a card maker, then you will understand how great it is to be able to carve your own rubber stems. Hello and welcome to carving a simple rubber stamp. My name is Suzette. In this course, I will show you how to carve your own rubber stamps, starting with wavy lines and circles. We then move on to other simple designs, such as a heart, but you lip on a bird. When you are finished all your lessons, you will be able to transfer your design to the carbon block and part of your stamp. Using a variety of carving rules, I use primarily speedball products in scores as they are affordable and greet for beginners . Your class project will be to design your own stamp and share a print with class. 2. Supplies Needed: For this course, you are going to need a sketchbook or some blank paper, a sheet of tracing paper and some masking tape. You will also need a pencil. A permanent Marcus such as a Sharpie, a craft knife and an ink pad for the carving material way will use speedball carving blocks . I primarily use speedball speedy cooked easy. You can use whichever blocks you like. You will need some carving tools. I recommend the speedball linoleum cutter, which comes with a variety of interchangeable tips, and it's quite affordable. There are other carving tools you can invest in if you intend to carve harder materials such as the newly um or would. These are the flex cut bread to prevent the carving block from slipping while carving and get in some nasty coats. You will need a bench hope to carve on. If you don't want to invest in a bench, use a piece of non slip shelf Lina, which works great 3. Lesson One: Your First Rubber Stamp: to begin, I have drawn several simple designs that I can use for stamps. I will start with the wavy design and circles and then move on to the heart and the jewels . For my final stamp, I will do the bird. Feel free to copy any of my designs. Begin by transferring the design to your carving block. Because this is such a simple design, I'm just going to draw directly on the carving block. Just remember that it will print in reverse. I am not bothered by that. With this particular design. Draw your design and shade in those areas that you will keep. Spread out your non skid mat and grab your carving tools car away from your hand. I am using the V Gulch Tool as I'm outlining the design change to your you couch tool to remove material quickly. This particular carbon block is great for large, bulky designs but tends to crumble for detail. For the purpose of this course, it's fine. We're learning, and it's good for practice. You can move to a more professional grade in the future. If you choose to change the tips as needed, apply into your stamp and press down firmly on your people. Remove the rubber stamp to reveal your print. Congratulations. You have just made your very first rubber stamp. In the next lesson, we will take it one step further and carved some circles. 4. Lesson Two: Carving Circles: begin by drawing your design directly on your printing block, as you did before you remember to shade in the air is that you're going to keep Carve your design as you did before, using the V couch tool for details and the U couch tool to remove lots of material. Remember to use a bench plate or a non slip mat toe, work on and carved away from your fingers. Thank your stump and press down firmly. There are a few areas that need cleaning up of it, So put the stamp back on your bench bleach or non slip mat and clean up those areas. - Thank your stamp again and make another print. You now have two rubber stamps toe add to your collection. 5. Lesson Three: A Simple Heart: Let's move onto making a hard rubber stamp. You will need your tracing paper on a bit of tape for this one. In addition to your pencil, begin by tracing your heart onto a piece of tracing people. Rob your pencil gently over the front of your drawing, covering the entire design. I sometimes puts a little F in the corner so that I remember that this is the front of the design. Flip the paper over and position it on your carbon block tape. It is in place to secure Trace your design. I sometimes use a red pen just so I know where I have already traced. Remove the tracing paper and go over with a permanent marker, such as a Sharpie shade in the area that you are going to keep in this case, the heart car, your stamp turning as you need Teoh, Remember to carve away from your fingers. You. - You can also use a craft knife for those tight cornice. - When you're finished carving, apply some into your stamp and print. Place back on your non slip match and clean up any areas that you need. Teoh. Then make another print. - There you have it, your heart rubber stamp 6. Lesson Four: Carving a Tulip: for this next stamp, I am going to try Speedball. Speedy Carved. It is slightly more expensive than speedball. Speedy cuts easy that we have been using. I had it on hand, so I wanted to show you how it carves. I'm going to try the tulip as the design is a little more intricate, which sharp corners dress your design onto a piece of tracing paper on Robbie A pencil over it. Secure the design to the carbon block and trace over. Go over the design with a Sharpie and shared the heirs that you will be keeping cuts off any of the rubble that you don't need on. Begin carving your design. Remember to carve away from your fingers. Change tools as you need to remember. You can also use your craft knife if needed. - Add into your stamp and make a print. Identify any areas that need tidying up. Return to your non slip mats at, Carve away those areas, apply into your stamp and make another print, and there's your to print. In the next lesson, I will be returning to the speedball. Speedy cuts, easy block and carving a simple bird design 7. Lesson Five: Carving a Bird: for my final stump, I returned to the speedball. Speedy cut, easy blocks. I personally prefer this for my rubber stamps, so don't require too much detail. Transfer your design and begin carving. I want to show you another way of checking your design without applying ink. Place the paper over the stamp and gently rope with a pencil, revealing the design underneath. It is less messy, and you won't waste any. I still like to print my image for these smaller rover steps. I on the feet need leading up, so I returned to my non slip mat. Fix those areas in the next lesson way will go over your class project. 8. Your Class Project: for your class project. I want you to design your own simple rubber stamp and share your prints in the your project area below. You can take it one step further if you like, and use them on a card or in an art journal page. Anything you choose, just remember to carve away from your fingers and, of course, have fun. 9. Thank You!: Thank you for joining me on carving simple rubber stamps. I really hope you have enjoyed this course. If you have any questions, post them in the discussion area below and I will do my best to answer them. Remember to share your class project and if you have a minute, review this class.