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Cap Embroidery Design In Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Youssef Raafat, Graphic Designer.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      pen tool lecture


    • 3.

      Emproidering vs screen print


    • 4.

      the text


    • 5.

      1 choosing the text and applaying shadows


    • 6.

      2 compeleting the shadows


    • 7.

      3 finshing the shadows


    • 8.

      4 final touches on the shadows


    • 9.

      5 wrapping the text


    • 10.

      6 stroke and 3d look


    • 11.

      7 finishing the black stroke


    • 12.

      8 snapback mock up stage 1


    • 13.

      9 snapback mock up stage 2


    • 14.

      10 here it is our work


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About This Class

Hello, everyone, my name is Youssef Sanad I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. in this class I will show you how to design snap-back cap embroidery in adobe illustrator from choosing and customizing the text. also how to apply strokes and shadows to the text and how to make the best mock-up for your embroidery.

here it's all the steps:

- choose a sporty font like the long shot font.

- try to customize the text as possible to make it unique.

- make another copy from the text and make it the last layer without moving it.

- add a thick stroke to that layer and make it black.

- while the last layer is selected go to object and expand that layer.

- also, go to Pathfinder and unite the expanded layer to make it one shape.

- repeat the same process again and give the expanded stroke a hot glowing color like hot red. 

- to add shadows to the text, make a circle or a rectangle above the text and give it a different color than the text color.

- align the shape you made and the text vertically to balance the shadows, make the shape in the middle of the text.

- select both the text and the shape you made and use the shape builder tool, press Alt and delete the unwanted parts. 

- group all the design. more advanced effects in the class lectures.

see you in the class.

Youssef Sanad.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Youssef Raafat

Graphic Designer.

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my class. My name is Usef Senate on my graphic designer and illustrator Today I'm going to design a cap embroidery in adobe Illustrator from making the text to adding shadows strokes and putting the design on a snap back. Look up and that's it. See you in the class. 2. pen tool lecture: hello room and this lecture. We will learn how to use the pen tool properly. Okay, The licked Zabin tool and they looked a color for it, read as good and then started tracing or over the sketch, the key to make a nice Cymbal and elegant design on DA Tracing. This design was a been tool. Professionally takes just one thing or one way is to make you are points and anchors as few as possible. Okay, so let's start to explain what I mean to make a few. If you are anchors and Bryants, click inside and the other side right here and a drag to make the best curve that exists. And did it just buoyant and dry. You make the best car for now. Ah, this leave off the apple logo has two anchors. As you know, as few as possible. Let's try to make the body off the apple until select this point and go here not don't go there and make like this or reckless you can do it. But let's try our mission. Make fewer points as possible. If it didn't work the legs as our you know method, I exist and come leaves other turn go If you go down nous and does this and try to make it no and appropriate and go here you like this and this one also, Ondo controls that on your keyboard All down the drag This anchor, right click here Oh, and a drag hope like this election toe highlight. Now we just made a good design with fewer points as possible. Okay, now let's learn how you know toe delete any anchor point with the bento Any unwanted anchor point who? The leader, the licked at his own First ends in selected a pen tool. You can delete any anchor while selecting over it on clicking it legs. Anchor to relate it. At least this one, this one right here on this one. You can delete any ankle by just selecting the design with selection tool on and hearing to the pen tool. Choose it, and you can delete any anchor you don't want in the design like Adventure Tour. It's right here. It's very important, you know, making a good curves Oh, are adding ah, more anchors and Boyens, for the design is very important. Give it in mind to use Zika richer tool at the first selector designed self and select the curvature tool. Try to add more bones like this and you can adjust the position of any anchor buying like this who is a virtual tool to make a good positions and, you know, refines ages and the curves off your design. So it's very important. Tool. It's right here next to the Ben Tool and you know it has, you know, similar job toe bento ah itself you can make in the various curves. Was this stool like the ship here? It's very rounded, you know, it looks like an egg. And as this is the job off the curvature tool, how to adjust the curves off any design, the legs, the whole design and was a bento ondo you can at just any curves of the design by selecting the selection tool and hovering over any point, you know, as these handles are very important to be able to you to use or ah, the modifies the curve off the pass First their selection to Andi try toe manipulate with this anchors toe make the best Ah, the suit. Your design licked the anchor and try to make the best occur its's. It's simple, of course. It's very important. Tips for our course. You know, I'm reviewing Ah, on revising. Ah, this steps as he steps with you to just making sure that you understand all as the coming, you know, explanations and the common lectures. Okay, though, stay tuned for the common lectures on key upwards bees throughout these quick tips. Okay, you got to select any of these anchors. And what if I the whole curve? Ah, with it. Okay, you can select this point with a direct selection tool. It's right here and manipulate the anchors to make the best care you want, OK? No, that's ah, very cool. Too bright here. 3. Emproidering vs screen print: There are two ways to Brent your badges on caps or hats. The 1st 1 is the embroidery Brent, which is very common. It uses Ah, sewing machines to so and embroider the designs. You submit to it digitally, okay and the second way as screen granting, which is used more in the more complex to detail, designs or pictures. And it's ah, high quality Brent method, which uses boards dubrin their designs on the caps or hats. 4. the text: Welcome to the text. First stage. Okay, Now we need to write down our you know, our text. Yours the type tool right here. Or breast e on your keyboard and click anywhere. Maybe makes a phone bigger first 72. Okay. And write down. Where's caps? Lock on. Okay. On Did write down eagles just like that. Okay. Wrist right to you. Maybe make it bigger if all and re size in place with your mouth. Okay? And go to the front right here and choose the long shot I right here. Okay. We need to add some spaces. Okay. The text right here is called long shot. OK, so you can find the free version online. You can download it as you want. OK, let's make some spaces or increase the spaces between the letters room right here, die or character and go right here. Maybe goto 100. Yes, 100. It's good. Okay. Now we need another Kobe of the text right here. And breasts I on the keyboard. You select the white color and apply it to the text. Okay. Here it is. Our text. Let's go. Toe object. Expand. Okay. Now our ticks, our text is expanded expended, and we can, you know, oblige shadows to it as much as we want. Okay. Do you and the next lecture? 5. 1 choosing the text and applaying shadows: Now let's start. It's grabs a pen tool right here and start making the shadows to give official effect to our text right here by just, you know, designing shadows like this, making sharp areas and looks a shape the Lexus yellow color right here. Breasts I on the keyboard and selected. And from blades a shadow all over the place like this. Go straight until you reach a decent world and make a sharp edge and families your shadow and look it right here. Yeah, Elect columns, objects and was a shipbuilder toe klik out and delete any unwanted Bart's just like that. Okay, now I'm looking. You know how to make a cool effect? Yes. You know, seeing it from a distance. Look, this part and deleted make it again. Was have been to like that. Make a short bridge right here and connected dry. Two year. You can close the shape right now. Easily. Okay, Now, let's make the other shadow right here. Okay? Not from here. Try to make it, you know, balanced. Andi, line it. Okay. Like the act. Okay. On, right here. And connect the sharp edge right there. Okay. Collect all of the objects and was a bit was a shipbuilder tool. Delete the bart you don't want. Okay, you get, you know, a very good chattel. Let's delete this part. There's have been to and let's make it again with a good accent and sharp edge. Right? You okay? Unlock your object. There's the whole objects and the leads about you don't need with share. Builder tool. Okay, now let's make a shadow on the letter. A Okay, not from here. Problems are left edge. Okay? And make the sharp edge and go down straight. Make sure that the pink line at beers, okay? And look down your object. Maybe under that, you can control that. And just look, it was one symbol step you get, you know, very good Garrow effect without needing the share builders tool. Okay, let's under that control that but a man that own the Mac OS system Okay, go up. Maybe under that inter. It was a letter, okay. And go up was a straight Okay. Until you reach that point and click and make your shadow okay, Just like that, and connected. Okay. There's the whole objects. And with the shape builder tool, the leads abouts. You don't be okay. That them simple. Okay, Choose a part on with the pen tool elite. This points because we just don't need them. It's that easy. Okay, now we just made Ah, the inner A shadow, okay? 6. 2 compeleting the shadows: Now, let's try to make a shadow from this point right here, connected with the fittest shadow and see what happens. Okay, Go around. Just like that. Under control. That and mix up our entire was the arrow keys. When draw that so under any movements un start the shadow again from the first. Okay? And connect all the points you just made the lives of whole shape shift, answer Look, the white litter and deletes a spark with share. Build our tool. Okay, Now let's make a shadows for Ziggy letter and connect all the letter was each other and the lead This part right here with shipbuilder to person all and the lives about you don't need Okay, control is to save your desire on more to the letter G was a shipbuilder toe. Sorry weather, Ben Tool. Just make the sharp edge right here and go straight down and look your object like that they zoom in was all tends. Ah, roller off your mouse. OK, on. Try to get it centered and clean and balanced. Okay. Just like that. Go down like this and make you sharp edge easily. Okay, Get it right. Year. We are just done. Okay. It's very easy to do. Needs a little bit of work some time to get it right. Okay. And just try to get nicely and lean like that. Okay? Maybe like that. Use the white letter. And with shape, a little asked and the lives about student need. Okay. Very cool. So far, I guess it must be redone. Okay, because not alarms. Okay, maybe makes a spine go up now. It's balanced. Okay. And here is the L letter start was a sharp edge. Okay. Like that. And making the shadow from here and aligning all the shadows together. Okay, Zoom in all times, a ruler off your mouth elect the white chip and was a share builder. Tool dilly, despite right here. Okay, control is to save your design. Now, start was a shadow garbage and connected right here. Very easy to do and go around and connect all the share. Okay? It's very easy under that control that it's made the other edge gay from here. Yes. And go down great. And connect your shadow like there. Go around and lock your ship. And up here. May the other shadow. Yeah, from there and connective toe this one on could make the whole shadow final shape. And you have the share builder to to God oh, delete any unwanted Bart's like that with all and select out and select to delete any unwanted parts. Hey, it's that easy to metsa letters more clean on, more straightforward okay? 7. 3 finshing the shadows: now it's balanced. Okay. It was that part right here was shift to choose both the points and lower them down was the arrow keys who get straight with a shadow beginning. Okay. They're easy to do it some practice, You know, it won't come from the first try, but it's very easy to do on very handy your rings, the design process. Okay, even mind that. Okay. Celebs a wide shape and was shipbuilder to delete unwanted part. Very easy. Okay, control us to save your design. Romanus on the Mac os X gay. Go straight down. Look, the final shape, Okay. Trying to find the right spot gay under that hidden control that connected from here and go straight to the middle and go down under that in and control that numerous of times you'll go to the right burn at the history. Okay, If your design and local final shape okay, completes shadows, maybe select the white ship also with shifty and early, the unwanted part with share builder tool while bracing us. Okay. Use of into again on makes shadow and was sharp edged right here. And lock it from a year gay. Just, you know, seeing how the shadow works, Whether we, you know, have some differences or whatever to get the shadows right, you have to look it from a far distance. Okay, You design our embroidery batch right here. Okay? To bid it toe bought it. And cool cap. Okay, well, cape. Yeah, and control that to and o this shadow on. Look it. Not from here. I'm trying to get the nice look, OK, we will fix the other shadows toe to go as the same. You know, following. Okay. I'm trying to start from here. No, under that. Didn't control that the connected from here. Go there. And lucky your shadow. Okay, maybe that's not right. We we have to delete last shadow right here. Really? It Okay, on whether been to make it right. Okay. Like that until we get the pink line. Okay? And go down to the shadow if OK and locked down your shape. Just like there. Okay. Elect the wired shape. And was shipbuilder shoe. Really? The bar Children found, but selecting out on the keyboard. Okay, Now let's fix the other shadows. OK, Legs, a little e. Okay. Right here. And the l Onda School right now. Okay. This part right here, it leads this one and start making a good shadow by just looking from here and make it like the first t okay to, you know, have more formal on more, you know? God, Look OK, not from here. Okay, on. Look it from here and there. Okay? There is a wide shape on Was the shape under, So delete that Bart A Now it looks school. 8. 4 final touches on the shadows: Now let's fix their letter. L okay, the leads A straddle right here. And were there been to go over and try to make the right shadow? No, that way down. Okay. From here. Okay. And make it like that and connect all of your shadow just like that. Make another one and connected the tip. They go straight up, and it was the right shape on was Shipbuilder Tool. Delete the unwanted part. It's maybe a little bit advanced, but it's very easy to do from the first time. Okay, control is to save your design. Commanders s in your math, okay? Just, you know, trying to get away the shadows. Right? Let's fix the last letter right here. Don't try to align it. You know, horizontally, I'll tell you. See that? Think guide lion. Okay. And look it from here. Also. Align. It was a tip of the last shadow and just we just made it. Made it clean on very easy to do. Okay, He was this point right here. And this one with the direct selection tool on Lower them down. Okay. To select more than an anchor point, you have to press shift and select as our boring too. Okay. Maybe makes the students high to give the sharp edge off there. God. Okay, we just made okay. It's very easy to you. Okay. Control s to service To save your design and choose this point also was a dark selection tool and make a sharp edge. Okay? And control its position with the arrow keys on your keyboard. It's very easy. Just a us is a direct chair selection to next to the selection tool. Okay? And control the and select any points on your outboard and control its its its position with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Like this one also. And go up. Okay, move it up. You get a cool looking edge, Caddo. OK, now our text is finished. Control is to save your design command as to save your design at Mac OS. Okay, But you have a Mac. Okay? The legs, the whole object. Okay, make another copy. Right here was all tender drag on. Make another copy like that on control de control the control de or command equal Mandic, Omondi, toe get and numerous copies. Okay, As much as you want. Let's angles a white chip and select every letter was its shadow and grew bit. Okay, Why we are doing that? Because we are going to We'll wrap all off our letters. Okay, so we must group all off our letters now. Do when we rabbit, it will be wrapped with shadow. Okay, it's very easy to do. Just select the letter with shadows. OK, where's the selection? Tool and control G or command G on your Mac too. Group the whole layers. Okay, off that letter, whether it's was a white that ground or, you know, a shadow background. Okay, very easy to do. 9. 5 wrapping the text: Okay, Now let's zoom in and and wrap our next. OK? Uses the text and go to effect Rap and arc. Okay. Just the scale to get your will. Wrap or bent as you want. OK? Make sure it's horizontal and goto our upper. Okay. And just the scale to get you know, we'll look in effect as much as you want. OK, maybe make it 1960 and or more. Increase it more. It is good. And go to budge or blood or abolish. Sorry. And try to squeeze your text. Maybe try a couple off effects to get the white one. Okay? Just try. In effect. You want very easy to do. Okay? And I just the scale as you want. Maybe go back to our upper and go higher until 14. Maybe choose the vertical one. We're back to horizontal. And maybe it's school right here. Just don't adjust the scale, okay? Go to arc right here. Never dry different styles or go to our okay right here. And try to bend your local as much as you want. It's very easy to do just to get a drive. 15 is good. Maybe 14. 15 again. Except review box and hit OK Noto object Expand Appear Ian's right here. Now our object has been expanded. Okay? It's very easy to do. We just need to make Markab is out on the drag and all tender drive to make two copies. 10. 6 stroke and 3d look: Now let's makes a full embroidery. Okay? Right here. OK, select our fixed right to you. Okay, Control C control F to make another Kobe and controlled shift and the left bracket key to make another copy and select the lost Kobe and make a stroke around. You know, maybe 60 is good. Okay, 65 maybe 70. Just go up until you felt all the gaps between the letters like that. Okay, 110 is great. Okay, Go to object and expand and hit, OK? And go to the bath finder and unite the whole object and select the pen tool. Rome, The lift Fana. Okay, a pinto on delete. All this Bernie Bytes right here was been to adjust, you know, selects a point and it will be deleted when you see is negative. There's a minus. Fine. OK, it's very easy to do. Just select the point you don't want and it will be deleted when you choosing the mental. Okay, It's very easy. Delayed all the spines, all the thorny points just like that. Okay, on delete these other points like that. And that's run right here. The leave them all okay. And the lead. Just point right here on this one. Also to give red line. Okay, but it easy do. Okay, go to this the selection tool and go back to the bento under late. All the points in the middle right here who believe Just gap. Okay, it's very easy to do. Just, you know, sometime and visions. Now we deleted all the gap. Yeah, it's very easy to do. Who is this layer and right? Click and choose. Ah, more stool. And from the second burn to the other 2nd 1 Okay, two of them. And go down the road to the last one. And we just deleted many boys toe simplify. You know, our layer right here. Very easy. And it makes the layer plane okay from you know, many, many points. Okay, control sequin troll f to make another layer on control shift and, uh, lift a bracket g to make it the last one and give it a stroke around 60 or 65. Okay, maybe 60 is good. Just like that. It to object, spanned and ok, and then united from the Pathfinder window and give it that yellow color with eye on the keyboard and selected the color on you your art apart. Okay? It's very easy to dio that part right here and make another copy with Ault and Dragon. Okay, you lead the stroke Mart. Okay. Control is to save your design. And the lead is this yellow part. Make another Kobe of this layer control list. Control, Control C control F and make it the last layer with ah controlled shift ends a lifted bracket key. OK, And lower that layer that layer down with the arrow keys until you reach a good spot. Okay, Make it smaller. Control all shift and recite it in its place. Okay. It's very easy to do just like that off and shift. And was ah, selection tool You can, you know, recites that layer in place. Okay, The grooves, the text was Ah likelier. 11. 7 finishing the black stroke: black layer on. Choose the smallest one and make it down a little bit. Okay. On a start to make and connect the two black layers with each other just like that, with the pen tool and go around and do it like that. Okay. Select all the layers. Okay. Just like that. The behind layers. And unite them in tow. A one shape and make it the last layer control shift and left bracket key. Yeah, it's very easy to do. We just made, you know, a shadow or a three D look for our embroidery. It's very cool. Okay, make another one right here. Okay. Who is that? Layer on? Grube it, of course. And select the background layer and go to the color right here. And maybe choose a lighter black color to give it, you know, a light in effect, or a mortar bride took, you know, color. And look, that color is great. Okay, Now we can see ah, thickness of Zellers and group all of the layers make another Kobe okay. Control shift and the last record key to make its the last layer on united and give it a stroke around 60. Okay, 65. Maybe And click on stroke and choose the rounded cap. Hands around it corner. Okay, it to object and expand. Okay. And your night from the Pathfinder. And give it that yellow color right here. Okay, It's very easy to do, and Ah, this one right here also is great. Ah, Make another Kobe off the yellow thickness. Groups whole layer and make it behind this woman and align it horizontally and vertically. Rooms are lying window. Now we got school effect and we just made our embroidery. That's great. Okay, And very easy to do. Now we got three sound bells off our embroidery. It's very easy. Very, very beautiful. Very good looking Design. Okay. Controlled uto group The layer afters hovering or selecting them all control is to save your design. 12. 8 snapback mock up stage 1: Hello, everyone. Let's open this cab. Woke up right here. Okay, First hides a background. OK, hide the background. Double click right here, Toe, but your embroidery badge design. Okay. Your toe finder. And select this design or anyone with them. And what it tried to you. Okay, him out was out. And the ruler click shift and all to Andrew. Size your design in place. Okay, Lower it and align. It was guideline, and horizontally and vertically. And control is to save you. Is a design embroidered on? Ah, the hat or a cap. Okay, go to the cab embroidery, and our design is embroider right here on the cap. Okay. We need to zoom in to see the details, because it you know, it's high risk quality. Okay, It's very easy to do, and it's looking great now. Okay, Maybe it needs to be higher. Okay. Like that. Use it and position it with the arrow keys. Maybe resize it and make it bigger with the shift and out. Andhra sizing in place and control s to civil. Design our command. Esto David own Mac OS system. Okay, very easy to do. Go to the file right here. and you will find the design embroidered with the full size. You just, you know, recited it very easy to do. Let's exported it. Go to file export and quick export as a being G. Okay, that easy also and choose a file. You want to save your design? Okay, maybe. Let's see Windsor. Ah, sticker is God or not? OK, they lied picker or hide it and export the photo again. Go toe cap badge course. And here But number one when the keyboard and save it just names a file as you want. OK, it saved as a BNG file because you're, you know, at the first we hide way I already know. Ah, either background first. Yeah. Now mix. Ah, runt This a beer or hides a front and make the front 3/4 a beer. Okay, Double click owns a smart object And go to this one. Do right here make another layer and delete just the badge right here or embroidery on. Get our design from here and bought it right there. Align it and recites it as much as you want. You get the right feel and the right look OK. Control is to save your design. Maybe makes the badge smaller and like a Bligh. Okay, The lines are designed vertically, or is only first until it you know, plex. Now it's aligned vertically. Okay, maybe I'll line it again to make sure the position is right. Okay, Now it's good. Control is to save your design toe. Apply it. You know, at the hat photo. Okay. As an embroidery patch or badge. Okay, Go to is a design pile, and we find it, you know, embroidered and ready for use. Owns a hat right here. Go back. Make it bigger. All shift and the dragon blaze to make the Badji bigger. Okay, Mick attire. Select the badge and make a tire as Russia has. We won't. Okay, align it first vertically like that. And control is to save their design. 13. 9 snapback mock up stage 2: go back to this window. We were buying that. The logo is already embroider right here. Okay, It's ready for use. Maybe if we just doom in a little bit was altered. And the roller off our mouse Now it's a higher is quality. It's very hazy. Ah, very heavy on my graphic card. Now it's looking great. Okay, it to file export and quick export as a beauty and at number to distinguish your file and hit. OK, now our being your file or picture Aziz being export or already exported. Okay, Now let's go toe the third look, which is the back off the now back gap. Ok, where is it to do? And Texas Arrow and hide the front 3/4 and ah, make the backs 3/4 a beer, which is the third Look off our snap cap or snapback cap. Okay. Make the guide at the middle. Okay? Antes are designed. Make it right here. But gay undersize it while bracing out and shift under sizing in place with your mouse Crows are okay. It's very easy to do. Maybe make it smaller again and check Tabligh button right here. Okay, then align it horizontally. and vertically and control is to save the design and go to the design. And we will find our badge right here. Embroider tones, the backside of our hat. Okay. You can also change the color of the cap as, um as you want. Which is the visor or the cap color? As as you want. OK, make lower. Okay. Lower the design like that with the arrow keys on your keyboard and make it bigger recited . Recites it and make it bigger. I'll shift and re size in place, okay? And control us to serve your design and close this window. And now our design is embroidered at the back off our snapback cap. Okay, Control is to save your design, it to file export a quick export as being G on, right down number three and hit. Save. You know, we just saved our design. Has a BNG file 14. 10 here it is our work: and finally, here it is our war. Enjoy it and see you in another class.