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Canva for Beginners: Create 6 Types of Instagram Content in Canva!

teacher avatar Kartikay Ungrish, Asst. Prof | MBA | Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Trailer!


    • 2.

      Introduction to Canva for Instagram


    • 3.

      Know 6 Types of Instagram Content!


    • 4.

      Design a Single Photo Post from Scratch!


    • 5.

      Design a Single Photo Post with a Template


    • 6.

      Design a Carousal of Photo Post


    • 7.

      Design a Video Post


    • 8.

      How to use Frames & Grids in Canva


    • 9.

      Create an Instagram Story


    • 10.

      Art of Applying Animations to Stories!


    • 11.

      How to Design a Story Highlight Cover


    • 12.

      How to Create an Instagram Reel


    • 13.

      Class Project: Create a Reel!


    • 14.

      Immitate Brands Kits in Free Canva Account


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About This Class

Canva for Beginners: Instagram has become a popular platform for businesses and individuals to showcase their products and services, and Canva has made it easier for everyone to design stunning graphics and videos for their profiles. However, not everyone is aware of the different Instagram content that can be created using Canva. This is where this class, “Canva for Beginners: Create 6 types of Instagram Content in Canva", comes in handy. Let’s dive even deeper into the specifics of this course.

The first part of the course focuses on creating the three main types of Instagram posts. The Canva for Instagram class teaches you how to use Canva to design a single photo post, and how to use the platform to create a carousel post that allows you to share up to 10 photos or videos in a single post.

The Canva for Instagram class further highlights how to edit and design your video posts for Instagram. You will learn to design Instagram posts from scratch as well as how to choose the right templates and how to edit them to create eye-catching graphics that will engage your followers.

The second part of the course is all about Instagram stories. This Canva tutorial teaches you how to create beautiful Instagram stories that will capture the attention of your followers. You will learn how to use Canva to create Instagram story templates, and how to add text, images, and videos to make them more engaging.

This Canva tutorial also puts the spotlight on a lesser-discussed but very crucial topic of Canva frames and grids. It teaches you comprehensively the art of using frames and grids in Canva and how they are similar and different from each other.

This Canva for Instagram class further forays into the topics such as how to design custom story highlight covers to collect and organize your key stories. Aesthetically designed Instagram Story highlight covers will make your profile look more professional.

The latter part of the course focuses on Instagram reels, the newest feature on the platform. The Canva for Instagram class teaches you how to create engaging and creative reels that will keep your followers interested. You will learn how to use Canva to design custom templates for reels, how to add text and effects, and how to edit and export your reels for publishing on Instagram.

Finally, the course ends with details regarding a very fascinating project that employs all the skills taught in the class, and the last video talks about how to keep brand consistency by imitating the functionality of the Canva Pro feature of Brand Kits in the Canva free account.

I can say with ample conviction that this is one of its kind course on Canva for Instagram and covers all major aspects of Instagram Content creation using the power of designing ace- Canva. This course is an excellent resource to be used as a tutorial to learn Canva for anyone who is new to this amazing graphic designing tool.

Although this class stands tall on its own shoulders and delivers what it promises however, to get the maximum out of it, I advise you to check my other complementary course on this platform, Canva for Beginners editing pro hacks too, which teaches you about Canva editing hacks and Canva Pro tips.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kartikay Ungrish

Asst. Prof | MBA | Content Strategist


Above this section, all my existing Skillshare classes are listed. I will keep adding well-researched and engaging classes in marketing, business & entrepreneurship, and content writing on my SkillShare Account. Kindly follow me to receive updates regarding my new classes. Keep learning & keep growing - Kartikay Ungrish

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1. Class Trailer!: Welcome learners. This is Kartik English and Assistant Professor of Management, a certified content strategist, and a season corporate trainer. I've been teaching people digital content writing, marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship for years now. I have crafted this beautiful and one of its kind course on Canvas for Instagram. This course teaches you all six types of Instagram content and guides you through step-by-step procedure to create each one of them using the power of Canva. Let us look at what will be covered in this course. The code starts by introducing you to Canva for Instagram. And it talks about six different types of Instagram content. Then I'll discuss in this course how you can create single photo post from scratch as well as from templates. Moving forward, I'll be taking the post-condition to the next level by showcasing you how you can create gorilla photo post and also designer video post. Then this course talks about how you can use the power of frames and grids in Canva to create effective video and image based designs. Moving to the later half of the course, I'll discuss with you how to create an enticing Instagram story. How you can apply an emissions to your stories. And finally, how you can create story highlight covers to collect best of your stories for future reference on your profile. In the last part of the course, I'll discuss with you how you can create an effective and engaging instagram Reels. The next video is about class project, which talks about how you can create a real or a story from scratch. And I've shown you step-by-step instruction in that video, how you can go about your project work. I'm sure you're going to like the project. Finally in that including video, I'll be sharing with you a pro tip. I'll teach you how you can maintain the brand consistency by maintaining the same fonts and same set of colors throughout your designing, even without using the pro Canva features. So there is lot to learn. I'm sure you will be excited to join this class. So see you on the other side of that class. 2. Introduction to Canva for Instagram : Welcome to this new class on Canvas for Instagram. As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media channel out there, especially for the youth. It has become a sort of rich. And it is not that it is only for the people who are most engaging content on Instagram. People today are building their brands, their purse sub branch, their business brands on Instagram and benefiting from it. But for building brands, you need to post consistent and quality content on Instagram for a prolonged period of time. And this is where Canva comes into the picture. As you might be aware, that Canada is one of the most powerful and prominent, yet easy to use graphic designing software out there in the market, Kendra can be used to create a variety of graphics for variety of platforms. And Instagram is one of the most popular platform for which people create graphics on Canva. So in this class, I shall be discussing with you how you can create your brand, your identity on Instagram using the power of Canva. I'm sure you're going to love this class and you're going to gain tremendous skill sets from this class. In the next video, I shall be discussing with you different types of Instagram content that can be created using Canva. So stay tuned, keep watching, keep learning. See you in the next video. 3. Know 6 Types of Instagram Content! : Welcome levels. In this new video, I shall be talking about different types of Instagram content and how you can use the power of Canva to create each one of them in a professional and attractive way. Broadly speaking, there are six main types of Instagram content. And all six of them can be created using Canva and post it on Instagram for building an inspirational brand. So let's have a look at what are the six types of content I'm talking about. So first and foremost, let me talk about Instagram photo post. Let me select a template. So this is a broadly Instagram photo posts template. I can create three different types of posts using this template or any other template for that metal in Canva. Number two, if you want to take it to the next level, you can create a carousel of photos in Instagram post. You can have up to ten photographs on Instagram carousel post where you can have ten sliding slides, 1 after another to convey a holistic and longer message. And number three or third kind of Instagram posts that you can create his Instagram video post. You can create Instagram video post or carousel post or a single photo post with any of the templates, as I have told you earlier. So far, we have discussed three types of Instagram posts that you can create on Canva for Instagram profiles. The fourth in the line is Instagram stories. Stories are very interesting concept that is used by Facebook and Instagram in case you're not aware that we briefly tell you stories, something that stays on your profile for 24 h. People can come and over eight people can like it, share it, send their heart messages and review the stories, whatever message you have in the story. And after 24 h, it automatically disappears. It doesn't stay on your profile until, and unless you use the fifth kind of Instagram content, that is Instagram story highlight. So what is Instagram story highlight? You can collect their stories in your Instagram profile under the story highlighters, where then we, we actually cover meat and different kinds of stories can be clubbed together under each highlighter so that they appear on your profile on permanent basis and your views can wash them as in when they want, much like the Instagram post content. So far we have discussed the five types of Instagram content. 16 line is Instagram breeze, which is a rage these days. So what our Instagram instagram Reels or 15 s short videos. And they can be shorter than 15 s as well, but not more than 15 s under any circumstances, there is a limit allowed by Instagram. And they are meant to be entertaining, engaging, and made in a very fun and attractive way. Instagram Reels have taken Instagram by storm and people have built their profiles in the last couple of years, purely on the basis of Instagram, please. So in this class, I shall be discussing with you all six types of content. And I'll be showing you the way how you can make them professionally and take your Instagram accounts to the next level. 4. Design a Single Photo Post from Scratch!: Welcome learners. In this new video. As told in the previous video, I'll be showing you how you can design a single photo post for Instagram using Canva, I'll show you two ways of doing it. One using a blank canvas without using any template, and another using some sort of template available in the canvas catalog. So let me start by writing Instagram post in the search bar. That is the easiest way to reach to decide graphic dimensions. I'll be selecting Instagram square bossed here. I'll be selecting this, create a blank Instagram post option. Now my perfect Instagram square post dimension is ready and blank canvases in front of me. I can design it in whichever way I want. If it seems a little smaller in size to you, you can always increase the size from here or adjust according to your comfort level. I'm comfortable with this much only. So I'll go ahead with designing this particular template. Okay, whenever you have the blank template, the first and foremost thing is to have a background. Let me have a background here. I can always change it later. But let me have something to begin with. I can pick from landscapes, patrons, gradients, or some sort of abstract or tropical or textures backgrounds as shown here. You can see the red actions backgrounds present here. I can also have the flowers here. I can have nature and all sorts of variations that are available here. I suppose I'm selecting this green grass kind of background, green landscape. Let me adjust its transparency little bit. Is it gives it a different view in color altogether. It is optional. I felt like doing it. It is not necessary. All the steps that I'll be showing you are optional. It is only up to your creativity and your experience level, what you want and how flexible you are with experimenting different features in Canva. So there's nothing right, nothing wrong here. It is all about how you go about it. What are your personal preferences and requirements and what is your skill level with Canva? So after selecting the background, let me have some geometrical shape here. Okay? I'll be going to elements and adding a squared here. Okay, let me add this square here is broadly at the center of it. Now, let me change the color of the square to some lighter shade. Let me add some text here. I'll be putting some pictures here, which goes well with this text. I'm designing an Instagram post for some organic store. So that is a hypothetical idea, hypothetical store. I'll be putting some elements according to that particular theme. So it'd be putting some fruit or vegetable pigs. Let me adjust a little bit. I let one more rectangle here. Let me change its color from something this big. Have you noticed the moment I selected to change its color? There is an option from the colors taken the photo. Note this photo color option. This is amazing feature in Canada, It can pick colors automatically from the pictures and the templates that you're using. And you can align your other elements and texts according to that. I may try this one also. This looks better. Or maybe this one. Yeah, this also looks nice. And maybe I would like to have some branding here. Let me take some designer text here. Let me have some line spacing between these two words, purity organic. Similarly, I should reduce some space here. I think I should change the color of it. This looks nice. Letter spacing will do. You need to constantly try things? And they, unless you come up with something that looks aesthetic and appealing to your eyes. If it appears through your eyes, chances are it will appeal to other people's eyes as well. Maybe this color is not going well. Let me change it to darker one. Now, I have assumed a hypothetical organic store named purity organic and designed a very basic message post, eat organic, eat healthy with a nice photograph of fruits and a very simplistic background. And I haven't used any template for this. I've created my own template from the scratch. This looks beautiful and appealing and it is ready to be downloaded. Now, I can download it and share it in my Instagram or wherever I want to share it. And I can certainly copy this format and create more posts like this. So this was it in this video. In the next video, I'll be showing you how you can design single photo posts using a template. I'll be picking one of the templates from the collection of templates. And I will be modifying a template to suit our requirements, will continue with this organic food theme and this hypothetical purity organic store. So keep watching, keep learning. See you in the next video. 5. Design a Single Photo Post with a Template: Welcome learners. Welcome to this new video. In this video, I shall be teaching you how you can design single-photon host for Instagram using a template in Canva. So let's start by going to the Instagram post. Now there are two ways to pick a template. Either I can pick a template from here itself. I can type something, say organic food, which is related to my theme. If you remember, the theme for this particular post will be a hypothetical store for which we are working from the previous video onwards. That is purity organic. And the message is very simple. The messages, eat healthy, eat organic. So we'll be designing a template for this very message. I can type hear organic food. It will show me potential templates of all shapes and dimensions. I can either pick it from here or I can simply select the blank canvas as I did in the previous case, and then pick the relevant template from here. Both way it can be done. I find this pathway more conducive. I'm more used to have this pathway. It is up to you whichever way you want to reach here. So let's do it from here. What we'll do again, we'll type some keywords related to our theme, organic food. Now, benefit of doing it from here is that I'll only get the square root templates. You might have noticed there were vertical templates, there were landscape more templates and all kinds of dimensions are available there. Here I'll only get Instagram scared ghost template designs dimensions will be standard and it will be easier for me to pick. So I'll be picking any of the template from here, whichever I want. Since I have approved version of Canva, I can have the luxury of picking a program plate like this one. Else there are plenty of free templates as well, like this one, this one, and this one. And there will be quite a few more as I scroll down. In case I don't find appropriate template, then I can try with something else, maybe organic diet. See, now I have a different kind of templates available. So it is up to you. You need to experiment whichever keywords fits in your niche. And you may find something more interesting and appealing using a different set of keywords. So always explore, always keep trying until you find the desired template. But again, don't overdo it. Don't fall into the trap of analysis paralysis. So pick any decent template. Anyhow, we're going to change that. Suppose I am picking this template. It has a picture of some fruits very well presented and it looks appealing. It has some leaves also gives natural organic field. So what I'll do, I'll change the text and then we'll see what else we can modify in this template. So I'll change that text to say purity organic first and foremost, the brand name for which we are creating this message post. Now this text is too cluttered for my liking. I'll delete it. I don't need these texts, these icons, so I'll delete all of them. Bidding, few, which I will modify. I'll keep this one and I'll just increase the size of it so that it is more readable. And simple message of eat healthy, eat organic can be written over here. I'm changing this text to eat healthy eat organic. Let me just resize it a little bit more. Now, I don't find these forms particularly tempting here. I would like to experiment with some other phones. Let's see how this text appearance of different fonts. I'll go with say, Nexa Slab again, it's approved feature here. I can have the luxury of pro fonts here. The pro version, LCL have to limit myself to the free versions available. So let me try this one. Maybe something else. This looks better. And I'll change the brand name to this font as well. Now, I'll increase the size of the brand name. Maybe I'll put it somewhere here, since it is not very sharp over here, I may try some changes which may help it stand out. So what I can do here, I'll put in a rectangle here. Let me go to the shapes and elements. See automatically it has taken a color from the template, which is a nice feature in Canvas. It automatically matches the colors for you. Okay, I'll put it here first and maybe increase the size a little bit more. So that message is loud and clear. I would try a different color here. Let me see if it works. No, I need to change it to something more darker. Perhaps this might look good. Yes, purity organic. It is quite readable. And what else I can do? Maybe I can select the background rectangle and reduce its transparency a bit. Yes, it looks nice. I may alter these leaves a little bit. Maybe. I can put it here only. That. My fruit pigs are not interrupted by this. Let me check the balancing of it. It should be in the center. As you can see, it is 18, 18 from left and right. And similarly, I must try to put it in the center, 45, 45 here. It looks nice. It is not necessity that you are every time you do it. But in most cases, if you have the standard dimensions, if you are presenting the objects in a balanced way within your graphic, it looks appealing. Sometimes you may need to manually check, just don't go by the meters. Suppose it, it looks better a notch higher, or there is no hard and fast rule that I should not do it. Maybe have some effect to this text here. Let's try a different color here. See, the black looks really nice here. Black. Let me have some other background. Yes. This splice background, this black color, gives me a border around it. And intercalator is same as this below one. So it looks much more attractive and much more appealing. I may adjust it here little bit. So my simple message post for my hypothetical store, purity organic is ready. And it has nice images. A simple, loud and clear message without any clutter or overdoing of texts. And a brand name is pretty much visible over here. That's what we want in a social media post. And if I need to add more pages here, I can simply click here and add a blank page here. Or I may easily duplicate this page and see now I have two similar pages here. And I can alter it a little bit more if I want to have a carousel post that I'll be teaching you in the coming videos. So there are a lot of editing hacks that can be applied. And in case you're new to Canva and you have not seen my Canva for beginners course on this platform. You can check it over here. It has got all the details about basic editing features, advanced editing features in Canva, and whole lot of more information that will come in very handy while working with Canva. So don't forget to check out that course. That will only help your understanding of the Canva. This was just for illustration purpose, so I will simply delete it from here. So I can add more pages from here as well. Or I can simply do the add, which is here. In the next video, I'll be showing you how you can develop this single Instagram post into a carousel Instagram post by simply adding new pages to it, adding more relevant texts to it, and creating a more comprehensive messaging using Canva. And once your template is ready, you can use the same template again and again with different messages. And it will be easier for you, quicker for you to design subsequent Instagram content using Canva. And besides this, there is one more advantage with this. If you keep doing this, your Instagram will have a kind of consistency that will give it a brand identity of its own. And that's what you want from your social media profiling, isn't it? As always, I can download it from here. I can download the JPEG, which is the best for sharing. Or if it is for social media, I can download PNG as well. Png is lighter, but it gets pixelated once it's size is increased to a certain degree. But there's no problem. You can download JPEG as well as PNG. Png is lighter, remember that? So it is always advantage when it comes to putting it on social media or shareable web platform. So I can download either one of them if you want to upload it as a project video, you can certainly use the JPEG version because it is best for sharing. But for your actual Instagram accounts, if you're designing something, you should always prefer PNG. So that is a simple thumb rule. So this was it in this video. In the next video, I'll be showing you how you can develop this single Instagram photo post into a carousel Instagram photo post. And it will be very easy from here onwards. And we'll be taking forward this particular design only. And later on, we'll develop it further into a video post as well. So thank you for watching. See you in the next video. Keep watching, keep learning. 6. Design a Carousal of Photo Post: Welcome learners. In the last video, we have created a single Instagram post using a template for our hypothetical store, purity organic hair. What we'll be doing, we'll be developing the same post into work, terrorism of post using the same template. And you will learn how easy it is once you've ever front-page or a single photo post developed how you can multiply it or add more pages to it and create a more comprehensive and detailed messaging for Instagram using Canva. As I've told you in the one of the previous videos, that you can have up to ten images in your carousel post for Instagram. So what we'll be doing will be having four or five pages here, which is a standard of their most parasol poster, about four to five pages only. Rarely you go to that standard of ten pages because in social media, shelf-life of content is relatively lesser and people don't like longer version of content. So four or five gives you a almost appropriate length when there is a balance between the quality of messaging as well as length of the post. Both are important for you. You don't want to create something which people will find it taxing to scroll or texting to read. You want something which is readable, which can be caused by that audience. Four or five visits standard here. So we'll be going by the standards here. So let me add one more page here. So what is a static way of doing it? I can keep the background color constant. There is no problem with that. Again, my preference as well as my observation is that most people like to use the alternate colors, the dark in the lighter shade in alternate slides. And that gives you a kind of more aesthetic look to your post. It looks more professional and you don't get bored and doesn't give you a kind of monotone us feel while scrolling your Instagram Carousels. I'll change the color of this particular post to a lighter version, lighter color, which we have used here. This one is perfect. Now what I'll do, I'll add one more page and change its color to the darker shade. One more page, I'll change it to the lighter shade. Now, we have four pages over, front-page and lighter shade, followed by darker and lighter respectively. So what I'll do here, I'll design the page number two first. That is clearly mentioned it is a page number two. I may also assign it a title, but there is no requirement. For the sake of ease, you may use this option, but I honestly think it serves a little purpose, so I won't be adding any name here. Only page number is sufficient for me, rather than opting for a new text. One shortcut we'll be trying here. I'll be simply copying this and duplicating it. I've selected this and I'll do control D. And I've duplicated it and see how easy it is I can drag it to another slide. Isn't that awesome? By doing this, I've achieved two benefits. I have created the text in the same font as well as in the same size. It just quickens up my design process and saves a lot of time. So I'll change the color of this text to something darker. Again, see consistency is the key here. If you are not consistent with your color scheme, you will come out as an amateurish designer, as unprofessional designer. And your post will not look like an professionally made Instagram account or a professional and serious brand. So it is always better that you stick with a set of colors and your customers will take you more seriously once you develop a template, wants to develop a color scheme, or once you pick a set of fonts, stick to that as long as possible. And just keep changing your messages and images and broader color theme fonts and your style of presentation should remain consistent so that over a period of time, your audience will get used to it. Once they'll see your post, they will instantly recognize that it is from your store. And you will develop that recall value, which is very important for any business. So coming back to this, what we'll do, we'll change the message here and see what we can add to this. Don't overfeed your slides with the text. Choose lesser words and remaining message should be conveyed through your images and overall slide. So if you over burden your slides with them text messages, then it looks clumsy and nobody liked the clumsy content on social media. Remember, they are not looking for a blog, they're looking for social media image. Let me add a matching graphic here. This looks nice that we place it over here. Little more line spacing. We'll do this one. We'll use the white text. Again. I'll simply duplicate this text Control D, and drag it into the next slide and change the color of it. Let me make it white. I mentioned here, choose from the best quality fruits and vegetable, and also enjoy our range of nuts and seeds. So let me have a picture of some nuts and seeds here. This looks nice. And have it here. Now I have this one here. Let me try it without a background. It has a table background. Let me see if it works well without the beggar mode else will revert to this original picture only. Work for that what I'll do, again, you can go to my course on Canvas for weakness for more details on how you can remove bedrooms using both pro and free version of Canva. Explain that in greater details in that class. So please go and watch that class on this platform. So let me select this one and see what we can do with it. Edited image and we click the background remover. Just wait for the magic to happen. And magic happens. So there it is. It looks very nice. Let me resize it a little bit. It looks perfect now. See Solver slide three is also ready made three slides so far. The homepage or the front page of the Catechism. The second page where we have mentioned about fruits and vegetable as a product of our company. Then in the third phase you have added about range of nuts and seeds that are sold by S. So finally, on the fourth page, we can maybe write, contact us here that we add text again. Again, I'll duplicate this. I'll drag it below, change the color to the darker shade, which we're using throughout this template. And what would be there, that would be this brown. And I'll mention over here for great offers and discounts counts per visit us at purity organic dot or something like that. I'm assuming this is a website of my company. And I've given a message that for great offers, you can contact us at this website. It is important to mention your contact point, your call to action in any of your social media postings. So Instagram is no different. Instagram carousel post also works on the same principle. Once you have showcase your product about your company, you want people to go to address where they can actually buy your products. So call-to-action is very, very important, and usually it is given in the last slide of your carousel post. So I have developed my single photo post for purity organic with a simple message, eat healthy, eat organic into a much more detailed messaging where I'm advertising about fruits and vegetables, seeds the nurse as offering of my company. And in the end, I've also given the call to action where I'm driving traffic to my store, I'm mentioning the name of a website. Of course, more details can be given in the Instagram description where there is a limit of 2000 words and it should be utilized to make your photo post or carousel photo post or any other post on Instagram effective. So this was it in this video. In the next video, I'll show you how you can create a video post for Instagram for the same theme of this organic store named desperately organic. So see you in the next video. Keep learning, keep watching. 7. Design a Video Post: Welcome learners. In this video, I'll be teaching you how you can create video-based post for Instagram using Canva will continue with our existing theme of purity, organic, hypothetical organic store. And this is the template that we have created so far in this class, where we started with a single photo post and develop it into a carousel of photo posts. We'll take it one step further. We'll add some video elements, some videos, slides to this carousel. We'll start by adding a page to this existing template from here. In case we don't need any of the existing slides in this template. We can always delete that before downloading the final version. So see how it can be done. I'll simply type fruit video because it is related to my subject here. And from the Canva library, it has given me the option of quite a few clips related to fruits, and I can pick any of them for the illustration purpose. Suppose I have decided on picking this one. The moment I click this, the whole slide will be covered with this video. It's dimension will be automatically adjusted according to the size of the slides in hand. This is easiest way of creating a video-based post for Instagram in Canva, simply add a slide and click on a video and it will automatically be taking over the whole slide for you. And you can edit that video clip, the text elements on it, and sometimes some images on it, and make it your own by adding your own creativity and customizations. So let's do it here. I'll be adding a brand name here. Let's change this text. I have written over here, enjoy over a range of organic fruit juices. Let me resize it a little bit so that it is clearly visible since there is no option of ordering from the slide in Instagram. So I won't be using this particular option. I will use this beautifully designed button for some other texts. Maybe I'll write, visit our website. Let me resize it a little bit so that it covers the text. Let me adjust this arrow now. I made it bold so that it is clear and easy to read. Let me change the color of this text from white to brown over slight color. I will also change the color of this background to something different. Yes. Just see how much this color scheme is already in sync with our existing slide. This is what I meant by consistency in using color and fonts. I would be changing the font as well in order to maintain the consistency. Although I'm tempted to retain this particular font because it is going really well with this. But for a branding sake, there should be consistency. And this is a thumb rule, and as far as possible you should stick to this. So let me change it to existing phone, your silver one, which has been used throughout this slide. I don't need this number. I'll be deleting this text here. Simply select this and delete it. Let's try and retain as it is. It goes well with our existing theme. This was very basic kind of video elements that I found in the Canva library. It is more of animation or Jeff kind of thing. But if I want a proper video to be inculcated in my Instagram slide, I can do that in Canvas as well. For that, I need to have the video in the upload folder of Canva fast. I will be downloading a video from Pexels. Upload that video to the upload folder of Canva. And from there I'll be using that in separate slide. So let me download the video from Pexels first. My video is already here. I have downloaded from Pexels and uploaded it here. You can use any of the sources for free video clips. There are quite a few available. Measure one or Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, et cetera, where you can get royalty-free photos and cliffs for using with your Canvas accounts. So what I'll do now, I'll add another slide. Maybe change its color to the lighter one. Then I'll add this video here, resize it and adjust it in the slide. I'll duplicate this text again. Control D, drag it to the next slide. See workflow is similar. Once you get a heck of things it is very easy to do. I'll change the color of this text to darker one and change the text itself. Choose from the choices range of organic apples. This is what I have written over here. I'll align this text properly in this slide. Maybe increase this video clip size little bit. This looks fine and balanced. Now I will adjust the slides and delete the unwanted once. Let me delete this one. This one too will retain this Call to Action slide and the homepage slide, the front one. And it's just a numbering of the slides. I'll bring this one to the last. It's very easy. Simply click here and it will go down. One more step. Notice at the end of the slide, let me adjust this one. Let me make it as a second slide because we want to maintain that consistency of alternate colors, color, backgrounds. Now I have two video elements, slides in this carousel post. One is a full fledged video and other is a sort of an emission or GIF. And this is our homepage and call to action slide. I may change the homepage as well, but I would like to retain it as it is only for the purpose of illustration. Now my video template for Instagram is ready in Canva. I can download it from here. Let me click the share button, then download. It is automatically showing me suggested MP4 video. This is what I want because I don't want it in the PNG or JPEG format now because it has some 3D elements. So all four pages, default settings are there and sizes 1080 by 1080 pixels. This is what I want. And simply I'll click on the Download. And my wow video template is ready for usage on Instagram. It is now loaded. Let me show you how it appears. This is all it appears. I'll play it from here. It has default timing of 5 s per slide. I got to change it to anything else if I wanted. But this is standard and it's good enough. I hope you liked this video. In the next video, I'll be showing you some advanced techniques of adding videos as well as images to your slides. Next video will be about a very important concept in Canva, that is the usage of frames and grids. So stay tuned for that, keep learning, keep watching. 8. How to use Frames & Grids in Canva : Welcome learners. In this video, we shall be talking about a very important concept in Canva, that is a use of frames and grids. Friends and grids are incredibly useful tools for adding videos and other media files to your designs in Canva. So if you are familiar with frames and grids, it will make much more easier for you to create quality video and image based designs in Canva. And for this course on Canvas for Instagram, this will come in especially handy. Let me show you what frames and grids are. So let us start with the frames first. So this is our existing purity organic theme design, and I'll be adding a page to it. So let me go to the elements first and I'll be looking for frames here. It is showing me a range of different frames. Let me see if all of them first. Suppose I want to use this particular frame here, I'll be simply clicking it and it will be read to my slide automatically. I can resize it whichever size I want. And what it does for me. It would make it easier for me to add videos and images to it. Let me just show you how I can add a video to this particular frame and what we can do with that, let me click on the photos and mentioned video here and see. Suppose I want to add this particular video. If I click it, it will come. Normally. This is the way it will come. I can resize it, put it on the entire slide. That is the normal course of action. But I want to do something else here. So I wouldn't be doing this. What I'll be doing, I'll be dragging this to see I selected this and I'm just moving my cursor over the selected frame. And the moment I live it, just see what happens. The image, the video, whatever file it is, it is automatically adjusted to the dimension of the frame in hand. I can increase its size from here itself. But as you can see, scale and proportion are constant here. That is the beauty of frames. Suppose I want to showcase a particular section of this video file in this frame, then what I need to do, I need to click on the picture itself within the frame. See, it appears in this way. Now, it means that I'm able to resize the picture according to my whims and fancies. I'm not bound by the preset dimensions of this frame. See, I can increase the size of this picture. I have taken this whole video portion out of this frame. Only this corner of the video is seen in my picture. If I click here, now, see only that corner is seen in this frame, rest of the picture has gone out of the focus. Let me undo this. Remember I can enlarge the photo ensure corner of the photo or a portion of the photo, but I cannot reduce the size of the photo lesser than the frame itself. Remember, you need to double-click to resize a photo or a video within a frame. Again, I'm double-clicking here. Suppose I want to make it smaller than the frame itself. See, it is not happening, it won't happen. So you can enlarge it. You can make it larger as much as you want, but you cannot shrink it below the size of the frame itself. So this is a limitation you need to keep in mind while working with frames in Canva. So this was our frame. Now let me add a grid and I'll also tell you the find new and it's fine difference between the grid and the frame here. So let me first write a grid here. Then we'll talk about what is the use of having frames and grids, and what are the difference between the two? In Canvas? I'll click the elements here and write grid here. Now, it is showing me grids. Suppose I've decided to add this particular grid here. Let me just reduce its size. For the sake of understanding, let me just enhance the overall size of the canvas from here. This is a frame and this is a grid here. So what can I do with the grids? I can add videos, images, or my uploaded photographs or any other media file that I want to use in my slides using both frames and grids. Where the fine difference comes. I'll tell you, let me use this particular video. Say I'll be adding these two portion of the grid. I can add another video to this portion and another to this motion. Now have three simultaneous video designed in a beautiful set of frames within this grid. How it is different from this frame feature? Where does it require to offer us grid as well? Why can't it just offer the frames? I'll tell you why. See what is happening with grids. If I resize this grid, what will happen? I can virtually changed the scale and dimension of all the images are all the video files within this grid. It cannot be done in the frames. Let me show you the scale and dimension will remain same until unless I'll double-click on the image and enhance it. Again, I cannot reduce it, but certainly I can enhance it, but I need to double-click within the frame itself. But if I want to resize the whole canvas here within the slide, then. I can resize it by clicking on the side option. This side option is not in the frames. Notice this there is no side option in the frames, but in the grid case, there is a side option. I can reduce it or enhance it from all four sides. So that is a subtle difference between frames and grids and both home their utility in Canva. And suppose I want to resize it without distorting the scale much like the frames. Then there are corner buttons here. What I need to do simply need to press the Shift key and then drag it. See. Now the scale will remain much as was the case with frames. Now this grid is virtually acting like a frame here. Isn't it? Beautiful? Remember, I need to press the Shift key and then read through this corner butter. Any of the four corner button will do the trick for me. If I'll use this one here, again, it will distort the dimension. I need to drag either of the four corners with Shift key pressed. If I want to alter a particular frame within a grid, I need to do the same thing as I was doing with this single frame. Simply double-click here. Now this image, this particular frame will work like independent frame and I can enhance it and apply this corner or this portion of the image within the frame. I can only announce the image. I can introduce it lesser than the size of the frame. I hope this subtle difference between frames and grids, as well as similarities between the two is clear to you now. Now question comes, where does frames and grids come in handy? So they can be used to add layers of designs to your slides, make them look more professional. Or I can simply add some colors to this and give it a different hue altogether. See this, this is a matching color. Or I may add a contrasting color to it and use a portion of it as a design element within my slide. Again, I can play with the editing features as usual. I can position it backward. I can change the colors, I can add images, I can add videos, and it just gives me a layer of creativity, an option to work with my slides and make them look more professional and more pro guide of field, which is different from most common slides, are most common designs that people see on social media. Not everybody is using frames and grids. So if you are using it, suddenly your slides will stand out from the crowd and your content will look like a pro content in your Instagram accounts. So this was it in frames and grids. You can use them in single post images, in image or video catalogs are standalone video slides, whichever way you want, it just gives you another option, another set of tools to work with your designs. I hope you found it useful and helpful and you would be excited to use this tool in your designs. So with this, I'll be concluding this video. In the next video, I shall be talking about Instagram stories. And I'll be teaching you what are they and how you can create them using the power of Canva. So thank you for watching this. See you in the next video. 9. Create an Instagram Story: Hello friends, welcome to Instagram stories. In this video, we shall talk about how we can use the power of Canva to create, enticing, interactive and powerful stories for your Instagram profiles. Let me just pick the Instagram story template from search bar. Here it is 1080 by 1920 pixels or nine by 16 aspect ratio. Let me click this. Now I have a range of templates available for Instagram stories. I can pick any of them. So I'll start by a blank Canvas. As always, I always prefer this mode. Since our theme is purity organic, we'll continue with that in the story segment itself. So we'll be designing a story for some sort of organic fruits and vegetables supplies. So let me pick some templates accordingly. I have typed organic food, and I have the range of templates available. Suppose I go with this one. I'll change the title here to my brand name that is purity organic. Let me deal on it and change to over continuing font voiceover one. Let me resize it a little bit. Maybe change the tagline to eat healthy, eat organic. Let me resize it a little bit. Adjust this image a little bit, make it bold. It looks fine. Maybe I should change this image to something else. Let me show a bowl of fruits and vegetables. Yeah, this looks nice. Let me put it here. Let me change colors of it. Standard colors here, which was roughly brown because it is a new template. So it is not reflecting over earlier color. I'm not modifying an existing template. I've started from scratch, as it would have shown me the standard colors that I've been using throughout. More or less, we have found the same goddess. But ideally there should be a brand kit or we should have stored over colors. I'll talk about how you can build and use brand kits in a separate course. I'll be coming up with that sometime in the future on this platform. So keep looking out for that also. But usually if you are modifying our template and how you can modify a template, just copy the template. I'll show you at later stages in this course how you can do that. Just simply copy your existing designs and modify it. That way you can keep your colors and fonts constant. And it won't be difficult for you to recall your existing set of colors and fonts if you are not able to get to the brand kit, of course, brand kits are the best way to do it. I'll talk about it later in the concluding video of this course. So let me add one more page here. Let me change the color of this page to duplicate the texture Control D. I'll take it to the next slide. Let me add some frame here. Let me change the text first. You are what you eat. I'll change the color of it to the darker one. Let me announce the frame little bit. Some relevant images here. Resize it a little bit more so that it is more clearly visible. Change the color of this text as well, too. Dark brown. This one to lighter, wrong. Let me add some leaves here. Let me duplicate it. One more slide. I'll make it darker. Duplicate text here. Transform it to the next slide. Change the text color to light driven by a range of organic products from over stool at some line spacing to it. Is it purity, organic dirt? I have added a frame here and I'm putting a relevant image here to make this slide little bit more appealing. So let me add some, maybe lemons to it. See it looks beautiful, isn't it? The text in the bottom half, an image in the top. Put it horizontally, increases size. How amazing it looks. So I have radar Instagram story for our hypothetical organic store named purity organic. The simple message of eat, eat organic. And you are what you eat. And you can buy organic products from our store. That is purity organic daughter. Again, it is a hypothetical name. See, stories are more or less same as your other Instagram content. Only difference is that its dimension is nine by 16. That is a vertical format, not the square one, as is the case with the Instagram post. In other words, it is mobile-friendly and more conducive to seeing it on mobile. And since most traffic these days on social media comes from mobile-only. So stories are incredibly powerful and useful tool in your hand. One more differences there. That is the ability to add music to it and create a video format. Let me add music to it. There is amazing range of music available in Canva audio library. And you can pick any other tracks since I hold a Pro account. So I have the liberty of choosing from the proof. But you can get free music files nonetheless. They're also very good. So let me pick broom music file here. This looks nice. I can adjust it. Suppose I wanted from here, see, from the beginning it was building a nice tempo. So it looks more smooth and more organic. Here. It goes well with our team design. By default, see there are three slides. 15 second timer is there. I can increase the time, but 15-second for three slide is good enough. So normally there's no need to change it. There's no point in creating a longer content for a format which is essentially made for shorter content. So we'll stick to the standards here, but there's always the option to increase the timing of the slides. So let me just play this one. Okay? So there are certain amendments that can be done to this, which I've noticed while playing. So let me do that first. So you need to play it multiple times before coming up with the final version, especially in the initial phases of your design process. Once you are getting a hack of the canvas or you're used to designing your story. You are clear with your fonts, colors, and standard practices. It will become much more easier for you, much more quicker for you to design your stories, or for that matter, any other content for your Instagram in Canva. So first I need to maybe reduce its size a little bit. It looks nice now. This color, I need to get it a little lighter. I believe. It is still on the darker side. I think this looks better now. I'm going with a tentative colors because I don't have my brand kit ready here. It's a brand new design which I have designed from scratch. So I'll be taking only tentative colors. So this one looks fine. So this was it in this video where we have created a beautiful audio visual story for our Instagram accounts using Canva. In the next video, I'll be teaching you how you can add animations and effects to your story to take it to the next level and make them more interactive and appealing to your audience. So stay tuned for that. Keep learning, keep watching. 10. Art of Applying Animations to Stories!: Welcome learners. In this video, we shall be adding an emissions to over existing story that we have created in the previous video. And emissions can enhance the quality of your stories and make them look the next level stuff. So in this video you will learn the tricks of the trade, how you can add an emission one-by-one to the different elements of your story or the full pages of your story. I will teach you both. So continuing from the previous video, we'll be adding animation to the same story that we created in the last video. I made an emission to the entire slide at one go or particular elements within a slide, I'll show you both. So let me start by this entire slide. Once I click here, you can notice a blue line over here. This blue line indicates that a whole slide has been selected. So any animation I apply here will be applied to the whole page as such. So let me show you how it is done. So this is the whole page animation. I'll try different animations and see whatever works best for me. I think this one looks nice. Party one. So I'll go with this one. I have an option of applying the same animation to all pages in case you're short on time, you can always go for this option. But for sake of instructing you, I'll be showing you element-wise animation in a second page. You get to know that method of applying innovation also. So let me just add an emission to this text. This is fine. I led to this frame. This is also nice. Similarly to this frame in the third slide, I'll add something else. It gives a kind of variety and makes your content a little more interactive and catchy to the eyes. I'll go with this one. This looks nice. And again, writing any mission to this on maybe send to this ascender is fine. And now I have applied full-page animation to the first page and element-wise animation to the second and third page of this story template which I have created. I've just used a template for reference in the frontpage. Last second, and third pages have been created by me from scratch. You could use a template which already has 345 pages. You may choose to retain couple of pages, 3 pages, 4 pages, or maybe two pages and add two pages from your own side. It's up to you. It is up to your creativity and your expertise with Canva. And that expert eyes will only come with practice. The more you practice, the more good you'll become at it. So let me just see how it appears. But playing it, see how much better it appears now. It has got life into it, isn't it? No, my stories ready for download. I go to the download as a standard procedure. And by default it will show me MP4 and that's what I need here. All three pages. I need all three pages and I'll just click the Download here. Know the story. Video file is downloading, which is 15-second long, has three slides as different kinds of animation in it, as my brand's color, fonts and overall message. So this is all. I have created an Instagram story in Canva for my hypothetical brand purity organic. And I've done that in a metro few minutes. So replace this purity organic with your own brand and see the potential of these stories for your brand messaging and for your business growth. So I'll just check this downloaded file, see how it appears. I hope you liked this video. You have learned something useful in this video. In the next video, I'll be talking about how you can create story highlights and keep your stories. Usually stories are for 24 h duration, they vanish automatically after that. But in case there are some good stories, stories which are timeless, which you feel should be there on your profile and can be used in some other way. In future. You want to keep a collection of that. You can do that by bundling them together and putting under a story highlight. That highlight. You need to design a highlight cover. In the next video, we'll be doing precisely that. So keep learning, keep watching. See you in the next video. 11. How to Design a Story Highlight Cover: Welcome learners. In this video, we shall be talking about how we can create our Instagram story, highlight covers in Canva. So far you have learned how to create powerful enticing Instagram stories. And you have also understood that stories are only meant to be for 24 h duration on your profiles. But in case if you want to keep them for a longer duration or reuse some stories in some other way in future. Then there is option of collecting them under the story highlight covers on your profile. So first we will write Instagram story highlight covers. In the search bar. From here we'll be clicking this option. And it will show us by default, templates for story highlight covers. As you can notice, these templates are, I can reach most of the covers only have icons in them because that is what suits for the covers. You need too many graphics are too many other elements on your Instagram story highlight covers. You only need the icon that is symbolic, that tells you what this story is all about. I will again start with a blank canvas here. As usual, I always prefer that. So let's click the blank Canvas here. I have an option of adding templates here, or I can simply add colors here and then add icons as per my own Requirements. Suppose I'm adding a color here, Let's change the color here to something which is relevant to my brand colors. Let me just choose this one. Since our theme for this course is purity organic, hypothetical organic food company. So we'll continue with that only in the story highlight covers sections to this was roughly over color here. So what we'll do, we'll simply add icons here. So I will be clicking on the elements here. Then we will write fruits, and we can pick any of the icon here to make it look even more stylish. We may offer this fruit shape frames here. Let's try this one. Okay? And what we'll do, we'll add this apple here, see how beautiful it looks. It is not going well with all backgrounds, so we may change it to the lighter region of this particular color. If we want to retain this icon, then let's change the color of the background. Yeah, it looks fine on C, makes sure that you only have a little bit of texts if at all any texts on your story highlight covers. Most people preferably icons here, but you can have a little bit of text to guide your audience what this story highlights or this collection of stories all about. So I'll use a texture. Let me add heading here. I may even add a background here. If I don't want to go with the colors. Let me make it bold. Little bit larger. Organic fruit stories. See I have duplicated it and a second page is ready with the same dimensions and same elements. So I'll change the text here to healthy lifestyle. Change this image to, I need to change this frame as well. Let me add a relevant image here. See, I have created two story covers in Canva in a matter of few minutes. And I need to be consistent with all my covers. I may have 456 different story tags. I may segregate my content into organic fruit stories, healthy lifestyle tips, or organic food recipes. Similarly, I may add something like healthy travel tips. See I need to segregate my stories into four to six different subcategories which are relevant to my audience and all my content, which is in the stories form. It will be classified in each one of them. And my audience can watch them in future as and when they won't. I may also retrieve very easily from my Instagram profiles if I want to use the same story as something else in my account in future, maybe if I've created a good enough video because there's a vertical format and reals are also vertical format. So I can easily use my stories as reals at some other point with little modifications or even without modification. So collecting stories makes lot of sense, especially if you have put in the hard work to create enticing and quality stories, you don't want to lose them after 24 h. This 24-hour things gives you a formal effect, fear of moving out. So people are more interested in watching them before they disappear. It has its own purpose. But once you have shown a story, maybe you can use them few months down the line are few weeks down the line in some other format. I hope the point is clear to you. So stories have their place in Instagram and it is very easy to create story covers. In Canva as a thumb rule, you only need one or two icons, preferably one I can only purchase to recover, and one or two lines of text. Or you may even go without text also. But I prefer with very limited descriptive text that helps people recognize what this set of stories are all about. I hope this section is clear to you. You can easily download these colors from here as usual, download them in the PNG format. So I have downloaded two stories. They are in the zip format because there are more than one. I can simply unzip them in my folder in computer and upload them in my Instagram accounts as a story covers. So I hope you have understood the concept of story highlight covers, and you will find this video useful. In the next video, we'll be talking about how we can create Instagram Reels. And reals are undoubtedly the most popular and most powerful content type in Instagram that can be created using Canva in a metro. Few minutes, I'll be showing you that in the next video. So stay tuned for that. Keep learning, keep watching. 12. How to Create an Instagram Reel: Welcome learners. In this video, I shall be talking about Instagram Reels, and I'll teach you how you can create Instagram reels in Canva with ease. Instagram Reels are undoubtedly the most popular and most powerful kind of Instagram content that one can create for their accounts. I'm sure by now you will be convinced Canva is one of the best tools to create any form of Instagram content. Instagram Reels or no different. So let's take forward our hypothetical team project purity organic, and create an exciting instagram read for that project, I will be writing Instagram Reels here in the search bar. As you can see, there is no dearth of templates here. We can pick any of them to create our Instagram real. Again, we'll go with the scratch only. So we have a blank canvas here with a vertical aspect ratio of nine by 16. That is what is needed in Instagram Reels, as was the case with Instagram stories, I'll be choosing a background here. I will add a frame here. Let's click the element first. Then frames. I'm looking for a mobile kind of frame. Here it is. This is one of the best friends for creating Instagram Reels and as well as stories, especially stories are also video-based. So I'll be clicking here. And this premise on my canvas that we resize it. I won't be covering the whole screen. I want to leave certain space on all four corners so that the background is visible. Now, let me add some video here. Since I have not found any good video which is vertical here, I will be going to Pexels first and downloading a video which is vertical and is in my domain, which is organic food. I'll be selecting videos here and look for vertical by filters. Orientation should be vertical. And this way I can now load a plenty of useful videos from here. Suppose I go with this one. Let me download this one. I'll be uploading that downloaded video from my system to canva. Now this video is here, I can play it from here. Maybe I can try different backgrounds. This is not going well with my chosen video. Yeah, this looks better. Here. Add one more page to it. Replicate this first slide. By default it is thirty-seconds because the video which we have used this 30-second a length, I can reduce their size if I want, but I'll stick with say 10 s. Let me duplicate this. Now I will remove this frame and add some text here. I'm typing a message here from a real let me resize it, then I'll read it for you. Treat your body with a power pack breakfast of organic eggs, and milk from purity organic. Let's change the font to over-regulate for this particular theme that is, rise over run. Let me add some effects to this text. Me change colors a little bit. This affects looks nice. Light in the background little bit. Now the text is standing out there. So what we want, let me announce the size of this particular frame little bit. Make it maybe 8 s. Okay, what should be the ideal length of your initially Instagram allowed only 15-second length of reads. Then they doubled it to thirty-seconds. Subsequently they made it 60 s, the middle of 2022. They came up with another update where they made it up to 90 s. But it is believed that most trees, which tend to do better or get viral on Instagram are in and around 30 s. So anywhere 30-60 s should be your target length. For the purpose of explanation, I'll be using three slides and the total length of around 30 s, but you can make it anywhere 30-60 s. And this much time is this maturation is good enough to convey meaningful message to your audience. So let me add one more slide here. Duplicate this one. Okay, I have written this text here. So let me add some animations to this text here. Again, to the second slide also, let me add some animation. Okay? Now, let me enhance size to 10 s perhaps. Or I'll reduce this text portion to slightly lesser and increase this video portion to the maximum, which is 32nd here. It is roughly 30 s. Let me play it out. The frame is not in the center and I need to correct it. That is a benefit of laying it out before downloading any changes that is required you can easily make. So I have noticed two changes. Now it seems fine. In this one, I need to change the animation to something else, maybe because it is going out of the frame. Let me change this drift to baseline. This should look good. Now, let me play it again. You can notice it is very much in the center. Now, this first slide, the frame that we have used in the first slide, is at the center of the canvas. Again, an emission is working very fine in the second slide also. Finally, in the third slide, we have corrected the inhibition, which was not working well. Now the question is, should I add music to it? Yes, of course I can add, there is lot of music in Canva or delivery as I have taught you in a story segment of this course. You can add music in the same way as you did in the segment. But there's an option of adding a whole lot of more range of music. In Instagram itself. You can access movie Tracks, some other iconic pop songs also, some tunes also, which is much, much richer than what Canva is offering you. So it is advisable to download your rails without music here and add any relevant music from your Instagram account itself. That will give you more options. That is a better and preferred choice of action. So I'll be downloading this without music. And again, the process is same. Just simply click the Download button. You need MP4, you read all three slides and download it. And this really will be downloaded into your system. From there, you can upload it in your Instagram account. I hope I'm clear with designing the reals. In this frame, you can easily replace a video with your own face cam video, where you can talk directly to your audience. That is also a very good way of creating wreaths and upload that in your Canvas accounts. From there you can add, as we have added this particular video, this has it in Instagram Reels. I hope you liked this video and you learned a very important skill. And you know how to create an Instagram real for your Instagram account. Now in Canva. With this, I'll be signing off in the next video. I shall be talking about project for this course. So stay tuned for that. Keep learning, keep watching. 13. Class Project: Create a Reel! : Welcome learners. Finally, we are in the project video of this course named as Canva for Instagram. For this project, you are required to create a three slide Instagram story or similar sized Instagram real for that, I'll be showing you steps, what you are required to do. I'll be giving you an example of a real, almost similar steps apply to the Instagram story. So let me just select a blank canvas for Instagram Reels. I'll be starting by a blank canvas. You may opt for a template because that will give you an opportunity to apply more of the skills that you have learned in this class. So let me just open a blank canvas first. Once the canvas is opened, you can add a background to it. Suppose I have added this background. I need to add some photos or some videos to this. So for that, I would suggest you to add a grid. To get to the grid, just click the elements first and then type grid. A grid is available now, resize it, keeps some blank size on all four sides. Or maybe you can even not for putting the grid in one half of the slide, you may leave the top blank or the bottom blank, but it is advisable to keep it in the center image. Click on the photos first. What some image here. Duplicate the slide. Remove this grid types of message. Do some formatting with your text. Size. Maybe add some effects to your text. See there are quite a few things that you've learned in this course. And it is up to you whatever you want to apply in this project. Maybe add one more grid here at some relevant images. Or maybe a videoclip. Found this video clip. Let me add this here. And I'll be arranging the slides. Adjust the length of this particular slide, add one more space here. Maybe I'll go with this greenish background. Contrast can be used, so I'll use it as a contrast. Try adding images or video clips without grids and frames at times just to see how it appears. And it just gives you a kind of variety. And variety is always good for your designs. So I will be writing a message here. Let me change the color of this text to something else. Let me add some animation to this, to all the elements here. And this, something else. Maybe I let animation to this one as well that may typewriter here for this text. I'll add an image into this one as well. My Instagram released roughly of 22 s is ready. Let me check how it appears I'll be downloading it without any music, as I've taught you earlier, you have opportunity to add music while uploading it in your Instagram accounts and Instagram audio libraries, much, much more advanced than Canvas audio library. So you can get a better choice of music and tracks from Instagram itself. So it is preferable to download your stories and your rails without music. And Canva. In a metro few minutes, I have created a three slide, Instagram real. I've added grid, I've added image, I have added videoclip, I have Edit Effects. I've added animation. I have at its light background, and my real is ready. So you can also do that for your brand, for your business, it is up to you if you have an existing business, create and reload our story for your business, or you can create for some hypothetical business like I have done throughout this course. And now you can easily download it. Click on the download button, you read MP4 format. You need all three pages and simply download this. And this will be downloaded in your system and you can upload it from there to your Instagram. For your reference. I'll be uploading this particular project files that I've just downloaded here. I'll also be uploading parody organic content that had created while teaching you this class. I hope you're recreating some very exciting projects and submitting it for my perusal, I will be giving my feedback to all submitted projects and help you get better at your work. This was it in this project video. In the next video, I'll be teaching you how you can retain the color consistency, the font consistency, even without using grandkids in Canva. Because grandkids is a feature that is available with pro Canva account. And in case you have a free account, then I will be showing you a trick to retain your regularly use fonts and colors for your regular work on Canva regarding your Instagram accounts or otherwise. Keep learning, keep watching. Stay tuned for the next video. 14. Immitate Brands Kits in Free Canva Account : Welcome learners to this final video of this course, Canva for Instagram. I'm sure you have learned a lot and coming to the fake end of this course as promised earlier in one of the earlier video, I'll be discussing with you as substitute for Canva brand kits. As you know, Canva grandkids can help you retain your consistency in colors and fonts that you use for your designs and make content creation breeds and save you a lot of time. So if you don't have a Pro account, what should you do? I'm giving you a very important and very interesting tip that can help you implicate some of the brand kit features, even in the Canva free version. Normally what you do whenever you need to create a design, you click on Create Design button and choose the kind of content that you want to create or simply search in the search bar, the kind of content you want to create. And from there you go to the templates or a blank canvas to create your content from scratch. But in case you have already done the hard work, chosen few colors, few phones type that goes well with your brand messaging. And you have created a piece of content is suppose you have created an Instagram story or Instagram post. And next time around you want to create another story, another post. So what you should do, rather than creating a fresh design, you should simply copy the design. Let me show you, suppose this story which I had created for this course, for purity organic hypothetical brand. If I want to create another story, what I should do, I should simply click on the three dots here. And there is our first option of make a copy. I should click this option. And by doing so, a copy of the same design will appear as a first entry in my homepage of Canvas. Now, whatever changes I will be making, I'll be making to this copy of the design. You can notice here it's a copy of my earlier design, copy of purity organic. The purity organic was a name given to that design. It's a copy of that design. Fine. In just one swoop, what I have done, I've imported my text, which is reservoir one. I have also retained my colors. The color template that I used. You can notice the shades of brown and lighter brown, which I've used throughout. This brand is available here. So I have imitated some of the functionality of brand kit. Of course, brand kit has much more functionality. But I immediately it some of the common most usage of brand kit in my free Canva account by simply making a copy in doing the changes in the copy instead of the original design or creating a fresh design. So this is a great way of saving you time and increasing the pace of your workflow. All I need to do is change some images, change some messages, and maybe add a video to end my story will be ready containing the same colors, same set of fonts, and giving my brand as sort of consistency throughout my messaging. I hope the point is clear to you and you will be benefiting from this tip. With this, I'll be signing off. It was great teaching you this course. It has been a very exciting journey for me as well. And I'm sure I've contributed to your knowledge of Canva and you'll be much better equipped to create your Instagram content in Canvas. And if you like this course, there's one small request. Kindly leave a positive review because you're positive reviews will help me reach to new students on this platform. And they will be also benefiting from your reviews before choosing a course. So thank you for watching this. Have a good day.