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Business Name Generation:How To Come Up With Killer Name For Your Business

teacher avatar Vinay Kumar Reddy, Founder at | Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What Makes A Great Business Name


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      Very Important Step Brain Dump


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      6 Methods To Come Up With Business Names


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      5 Tools To Find Names


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About This Class

Are You Planning To Start A New Business?And You Need A Great Name For Your Business? But every Name You Come Up With Is Already Taken?

Coming Up With Business Name Can Be A Stressful Process. But Right Name Is Really Important For The Growth Of Your Business.

  • Name Is The First Thing People Notice About Your Business
  • Name Is Helpful In Creating A Brand Identity
  • Right Name Will Help You To Grow Rapidly

So Enroll Now In This Course And Learn

  • 10 Essential Elements That Make A Great Business Name
  • A Systematic Way To Come Up With Ideas For Business Names
  • 6 Proven Methods To Name Your Business
  • 5 Tools That Will Help You To Name Your Business Check The Availability Of Domains

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vinay Kumar Reddy

Founder at | Digital Marketer


 I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

   I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

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1. Introduction: are you planning to start a new business on? Do you want to come up with a great name for that business? Every year millions off new businesses are started and millions off products are launched. Everyone off them required an awesome business name. Who will vote? Name is the first thing your customers will notice. Name is really important to create that awesome first impression. People remember what you do but your business name great name is really important to create a brand identity. Professional agencies starts upto $80,000 to come up with a business name. But what if it got a lot easier to come up with on awesome business name that is, or discourses all over. I created this course to teach you the elements that make a great business name and systematic approach to blame. Strong names. You will learn six proven methods took a moment business names and at the end, I will probably of it fighters that will help you to come up with business names easily. So put an interesting ourself time trying to brainstorm for business names. Lonely, proven way to come up with business names that stick. So let's get started. That is amazing information ahead. I'm really exited Convert to see you inside 2. What Makes A Great Business Name: or some gays. Thank you so much for enrolling in this course. You made a great decision, but I love this course. I guarantee you that you will be able to come up with amazing business names. So in this video, let's talk about what elements make a great business name. The first element Your name should be self explanatory. Your name should re prison. What are you going toe offer? Let you name Duda advertising, for example, My store. Come No. We all know what did us sedating site Second element deep your name short and simple. All of the big brands go by simple two syllable names. For example, Google Apple. So keep your name simple and short. Don't write big sentences representing all things your company's going toe offer and provide It's not your mission statement or by your own window. Look for a name that is so catchy is it to remember And that sticks your name should be something so memorable that your customers remember Even if they have a militia spelling, make sure that your business name is easy to spell. You don't want to name your band something like so personally when people want to write about your bank. They end up thinking home. NEC's harmonies for Hominy else are in your business name. Andre Mighty will stop writing about your business. That is Badri. Look for in him. That is easy to Oh Palance, you don't know under name your business with some fancy name that people cannot even pronounce. This is some business names that are really hard to parents and most of the time people presence them wrong. If your business name is really hard to prince, people might not even bother talking about it because nobody wants to embarrass themselves by burnin Sing a business name. Wrong 60 Element Check whole your business name zones As soon as you create your name, ask people dough, say And here Horvitz zones. You don't want to end up something like this. See, the company name is who re presents on the website. Okay. I don't know how to spell it. Read it for yourself. No numbers, no symbols, no smileys. Don't use them. Nobody bothers to remember them on their lost along the way. If you name your startup, I am naming my startup dot com. Imagine sharing this with difference Okay, $1.2 dollars, Dennis. Mainly eight element. Make your business name unique. You don't want to confuse your customers with other business names, or you don't want them to remember your competitors business when they hear your name. So think of a unique name ageless. Make sure that your name is ageless. Think, would you be able to use your name after 10 years? Maybe after 20 years after 20 years? Does your name still sound good? Don't name your business based on the chance that don't close strong because students actually don't last long. You don't want to end up your business as the train diminishes. So the tent element no jog on spoons or slants. Don't use them. Most of the people won't get them, and many people are offended in the last element on very important element. Keep room. You don't under name your company, Boston says. What if later you want to sell bits and expand the other city like Las Vegas, so you don't know the limit. Your name. Keep room. So that's all gays. In this video, you learn then important elements that make awesome business name. See in the next video of every lockable or the bench from the business names. Thank you 3. Very Important Step Brain Dump: good going gays In the last video, we learn, What are the elements that make a great business name? So no, they said the rules in this mortal, we'll learn photo systematically brains from for the keywords that help your dough come up with your business name. So think about all the words that come to your mind when you think off your business. This brained, um, case. There's no Nieto. They didn't know how corrupt the names that can be done later. This bring them. Just write down whatever comes to mind when you think off your business, that's all thinking keywords. So this is your startup. What are you going to offer for dessert? Unique selling proposition. What are your customers going to get? What are the problems you're going to? Seoul. So answer these questions in Give awards to make a globe clearer. Let's say you will do name if you guard that sells price. So what are you going to offer? We're going to offer place? So what are the key words that come to your mind when you think off a place that sells place, maybe by show by Stan prices on Facebook's So I destroyed on all the key words that come into Maimane when they think off a place that sells place, what are the customer is going to get? So I am selling pace so my customers are going to get fresh By Stacey Place. Delicious place. So I made set off some more keyboards here also third, what is your unique selling proposition? So my unique selling proposition is a mobile food card. So some of the key words that I can think off price on wheels by sun move by struck by Scott. So what are the problems? Are you going to Seoul? So let's say I'm pro waiting device. A cheapest price possible. So some of the key words I can think off place for about cheap eyes price on sale soon. So, like this, I made four sets off keyboards vision the Christians. So I also want your does the same thing. Just answer these questions in keywords. This right whatever comes to your mind and didn't can Biddle then later collect as many keywords as possible 4. 6 Methods To Come Up With Business Names: amazing grace. You already know the elements that make a great business name, and you also have a set off the words that will help you to come up with your business name . You're already done with the hard part in this video. We'll talk about six minutes that will help us to come up with business names from the keywords regard. So the first minute did related names or synonyms. I strongly suggest you to come up with names that are related to your business and the names that are self explanatory, because it's easy for the customers to understand what your business is. This when they hear your name right away, as we discussed earlier, see nice dorko for our food card price on wheels by some days. These are the keywords that might do an idea for the customers that we sell price on the food cart. Something. If you cannot come up with related names, the related names are already taken. Look for the civilians, for example, synonymous for wheels, maybe tires for bass. I might go in pastries or something like that. Something. What are the religion names you can come over and if the diligent names doesn't exist. Go for synonyms. This is a first preferred middle to come up with business names. If this feels go for the second middle Eido. Drop a little, for example. Apple. I did. I do. The phone made it. I fall flicker drop on E from Flicka. So for our food card, we can go with something like Place on Extra is or begin drop and is in between on Go with peso. So can you do that with your keywords to can You had dropped a little and still come over the good business name That will be also Trey a different spilling. For example, Discuss So in, Discuss the replace the Bill C with Q. For our food card, we might the place I would weigh something off different spellings off the keywords you collected and see. Hoe died. Works on the Ford Middle is acronyms. Acronyms of fun, like IBM Lee for a foot guard began gope that something like Ball Vice on Wheels or boss buys on sale. This sounds awkward, but sometimes it might work. So look at your keywords. Does any off the keywords help you to come up with an awesome acronym If everything feels go in when they name something that is unrelated leg Zynga. But I suggest you go prefer self explanatory names at the start because it takes a load off time and advertising books to familiarize people with your brand. People need to get usedto your brand name on relate your brand name with the services you offer. That takes a lot of time on advertising if everything feels this is the last option. This is our only method off naming businesses going in shells like Michael Dell for our foot guard began. Name it. Something like John does place. So these are the six minutes which will help you to come up with or some business names from the keywords lister. Sometimes all this middle scan, Finn. That's why I want to introduce to you five awesome tools which will help you to come up with amazing business time soon the next radio. This amazing information here convert to see you there. Thank you. 5. 5 Tools To Find Names: are some case you're already 80% through the course, you'll learn. What are the elements that make a great business name? You also generated keywords. Took a movie business name ideas on you also learn six mothers took a more with business names in this last video off this course, I'm goingto parade eo with Fight ALS that will help you do come up with unlimited options off key words for your business names and also help you to take the availability off domains for your business name. So let's cigarettes. So the first tool we're going to talk about is name miss dot com. Name is dot com provides to names based on your keywords in different categories like Common, similar New Short based on ASIO Mix on extra. Let's see how this works. Okay, I entered one off my cured spice on wheels. So let's see the suggestions. See, some of the suggestions are by his own meals. Dorner. So on Short citizen is spied our ears. Okay, Some of the fun names are by his own Aviles. They also provide you suggestions based on issue, which will help you to rang. But in the Google system, off the mix names. Bison wills is dot com soon. So these are amazing suggestions that will help you toe even come up with more options for your business names. So let's a second goal. Bust a name, besting him through its various combinations of keywords. This tool will help you find synonymous for your keywords. It also shows you're the availability off dominance. Let's see how this works. Okay, I entered. Make your words by food and God. Okay. It shows you sedition cart by dot com on the domain is also available for this name, so I run more options. So what they do is I go to the food. I look for the synonyms. Okay. I select one of the synonyms from the list. Okay, see more options. And I can also take synonymous for the god. Okay, there are more options. So, like this, you can find synonymous for your cured, which will provide you more options and also take availability off moments. Awesome. Dual rate the turtle. We're going to discuss a school name. Ideas. Kulim ideas dot com is one of the most sophisticated and advanced tools. There are various categories you can sell it on the stool. It will show you availability off domains and literally unlimited amount off options. Let's see, Hold these two looks. So I entered my keywords Buy food. I'm I can also say, like, four type of business on my naming. So I sell a small business and they can also select what benefits the customer is going to get, as we discussed, were selling low brace by. So a select budget club rates so words stale of business or you're naming. So I'm gonna go with friendly, fun and playful. And that's all it took for the available day off. Dark Home and Cindric demons and one more tip grace. Always try to take a domain dot com most because most of the people don't understand dot net 0.0.0 dot us, Dorsey or whatever. And whenever somebody has to search for something on the Internet, they will definitely go on Endo the website name and dot com. So you don't know Don't miss on them. So I strongly suggest you do go with dot com domain names, so Okay, no gender documents. Choose your note. The robot off course you're not. These are the unlimited options you can select from there a lot of options. Right? Awesome. Right. So the next tool we're going to talk about is gonna be dot com panel b dot com helps you to find different combinations of keywords. The combinations. It will provide you keywords by dropping a letter or adding a letter are slapping the letters So on. Let's see how the stool works. So I opened barnaby dot com on I entered my keyboard Spy and God on those search under such okay, No, you can see the absence. It profits it. Most ovals. It makes syllables. It prepared some of the letters and opened some of the leaders. So it brought did your Lord of Combinations by making the letters go here and there in the words, it is also amazing duel. Okay, The last tool. We're going to talk about his name. Um dot com name is a simple little provide to the names By opening or pretending, that means it provides two key words by adding a letter at the start or adding a letter at the end. So simple, but so effective. Let's see, I entered my keywords again by and god on I am upending it so you can see some of the words that are ending in different combinations, and you can also prepping. So just play with the options. Anti World Works for you. These are the fight Amazing Doors Gates. By using these tools, you can come up with a list off as many number of keywords as you're so go toe. Follow the procedure on news Estelle's Make a list of keywords. You can select one of the names from the list of the keywords you generated. See if any of the G word or the name from your list is satisfying any off the rules. We said at the start, does any off the name on your list has key elements that make a great business name. So go find that you're or a name that satisfies most. Most of the elements that make a great business name and you'll have amazing this Muslim, I added, links off all the stools in the north section. You can click view notes, toe get links off all these amazing tools. So that's all about this, Goes gets. Thank you so much for coming with me on this journey. I guess this course really helped you toe come up with some of the ideas for business names 6. Conclusion: or some gates. Most of the people don't even make it till here. You definitely deserve a bad on your back. You are a true entrepreneur because you took a step forward and learn how to come of it. Amazing. This listening That is how much you care for your business. So I really want to wish you all the best for your future endeavors. If you could please stay one minute toe positively review this course that will be really helpful for me to create more casus and help this course to reach more people. Thank you so much.