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Business Fundamentals : Effective Marketing Strategy

teacher avatar Streamversity Academy, Experts in every field

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      00-01 Introduction


    • 2.

      00-02 About me


    • 3.

      00-03 Why should we learn business


    • 4.

      00-04 The principles


    • 5.

      02-01 What we are going to cover


    • 6.

      02-02 Good product is marketing


    • 7.

      02 03 customer filtering


    • 8.

      02-04 Creating Avatars


    • 9.

      02-05 The end result


    • 10.

      02-06 Branding


    • 11.

      02-07 Framing


    • 12.

      02-08 Preoccupation


    • 13.

      02-09 The recipe of attention


    • 14.

      02-10 The hook


    • 15.

      02-11 Forms of messages


    • 16.

      02-12 The reputation equation


    • 17.

      02-13 Sales Funnel


    • 18.

      02-14 Outbound vs. Inbound marketing


    • 19.

      02-15 Content marketing


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About This Class

What we are going to cover.

In this course I want to share the things that I’ve learned the hard way from almost 2 decades of running different types of businesses, combined with the things that I’ve learned academically from university and from many other sources.

Just for a quick summary of what we’re going to cover in this course. If we look at business from a macro overview. Every business in the world, whether it is a large business or a small business. They all have to do these 5 things:

  • Creating values
  • Marketing
  • Making sales
  • Delivering the values
  • Managing finance.

If just one of these missing, then it is not a business. If you take a master degree in business or read any book about business. Every skill or topic you learned will fall into one of these 5 categories. I call these “the 5 pillars of business”. If you can understand the principals behind these 5 pillars of business, then you should understand how every business in the world work. Is like you are Superman looking at a building with your x-ray vision. You’ll able to see the little pieces that make up the building, like: the steel beams, the woods, the bricks, the bolts, etc.

In this course we’ll be focusing on the second pillar of business which is marketing. We will cover topics like: the importance of having a good product before engaging in marketing process, customer filtering process, creating avatars of our ideal customers, branding, framing and marketing concept called preoccupation. After that, we’re going to learn the secrets of how to draw people’s attention effectively. Learn how to create short but memorable hook of our offer and then learn different forms of marketing messages. Next we will cover how to develop good reputation for our business. Then we will cover more important topics such as sales funnel, inbound versus outbound marketing and finally content marketing.

Who is this course for?

This course is important for anyone whose life is affected by business in any form. Whether you want to start your own business, or you are responsible to lead a business, or perhaps you work inside a business or maybe you sell something to businesses. If you are in any of these conditions, then I strongly suggest that you take this course. Because understanding how business works is the best way, if not the only way, for us to make better decision related to business.

So, if business is your thing, join the course now and I’ll see you on the other side!

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Streamversity Academy

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Hello, we're Streamversity. We're a team of dedicated experts committed to aid humanitarian cause which is giving foods to poor people in Indonesian regions.

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1. 00-01 Introduction: Salam aleikum. My name is we D Ma takin from stream varsity. I am an entrepreneur, er and also on academic lecturer in business management and creative industry. I started my first company when I was 22 years old. It was right after I got my degree in computer science. At that time, I didn't have any formal education in business yet, but I was confident enough to start a new company with funding from sufferer investors. I thought Business is simple to run and easy to manage. I was wrong after two years running the company, it went bankrupt, but I didn't give up. Just a few months after it, I started another company again with funding from an angel investor. But the same thing happened again. After two years, the company went bankrupt. I was depressed at that time. As it seems, my life is just running in place. I learned my lesson. They're just having a passion and a resilient to never give up. It's not enough to build a successful business. If we want to do things correctly, then we need to have the knowledge for it first. This is true for everything, including business So I went back to the university to take master degree in business management and read a lot of books about business, and I'm glad I made those decisions. I learned things that I wish I knew when I first started my business. All this time I've been making mistakes upon mistakes. We don't even realizing it now. Alhamdulillah, I have found my success. I own several businesses that can already run by themselves. No, I am not a millionaire or winner off the best See off the your contests or anything like that. For me, success is about how you live your life. By owning this out or running businesses, I can earn more than enough money to support my family without having toe work from 9 to 5 , like most people do. I live a wealthy life, but what is more important, I can be together with my family almost 24 hours a day, and this, for me is just priceless. In this course, I want to share the things that I have learned the hard way from almost two decades off, running different types off businesses combined with the things that I have learned academically from University and from many other sources just for a quick summary off. What we're going toe cover any scars. If we look at business from a macro, overview every business in the world, whether it is a large business or a small business, they all have to do this five things. Creating values, marketing, making sales, delivering the values and managing finance. If just one off this missing, then it is not a business. If you take a master degree in business or read any book about business, every skill or topic you learned will fall into one of these five categories. I call these the Five Pillars off business If you can understand the principles behind these five pillars off business, the unusual. Understand how every business in the world work? It's like you are Superman. Looking at a building with your X ray vision, you'll be able to see the little pieces that make up the building like the steel beams, the woods, the bricks, the Balts, etcetera. This course will focus on the second pillar off business, which is marketing. So if you haven't take the first course where we cover the first pillar off business, I really recommend you to take that course first before taking this one. If you already took the course, then feel free to join this course. In this course, we will learn the fundamentals yet very important things about marketing. We are going to learn the importance off having a good product before engaging in marketing process. Then we're going toe cover, customer filtering process, why and how to create representations off our ideal customers. And then we will learn on what we should be focusing when crafting marketing messages. Learn about branding, framing and marketing concept called preoccupation. After that, we're going to learn the secrets off. How to draw people's attention effectively learn how to create short but memorable hook for our offer and then learn different forms off marketing messages. Next, we will cover how to develop good reputation for our business. Then we will call for more important topics such as sales, funnel, inbound forces, outbound marketing and finally content marketing. This course is important for anyone whose life is affected by business in any form, whether you want to start your own business or you are responsible to lead a business, or perhaps you work inside a business. Or maybe you sell something toe businesses. If you are in any office conditions, then I strongly suggest that you take this course because understanding how business works is the best way, if not the only way for us to make better decisions related to business. So if business is your thing during the course now and I'll see you on the other side. 2. 00-02 About me: in this video. I'm supposed to talk about myself so you guys can get to know me better. Honestly, I hate talking about myself, like talking about my success or even talking about how great I am. Because the truth is I'm nobody. Okay? Essentially, I want this car's Toby about you giving values to you, not pitching about myself or any off my cos I'm not going to do that. But because we still need at least one session where I introduce myself. Therefore, I just put together all of the things I need to share about me in this one lesson. After these, there will be no more about me. Lesson. Okay, so my name is William Attack in. I am a native Internation living in Bakassi, which is a city in eastern side off Jakarta. I am 40 years old when I recorded video. I have a family, a wife and four kids. The first company I found it was back in the year 2000. At that time I was just graduated from the university after earning my bachelor degree. At that time, I was 22 years old. So yes has become a CEO in a very young age. I didn't have any experience running any companies before. I never started business before, whether in formal education or in higher academy clef or in the university. I was majoring in computer science and specialized in software. The Flagman. So my bachelor degree is actually in computer, not in business. And yet, Alhamdulillah, I am able to pitch my business plan toe three big investors to fund my business. And no, these three investors are not my family or anything like that. They are high profile entrepreneurs that I just met the full months before in the first year my company take off. We made a lot of money. I had six employees At that time. We had great looking office space in a skyscraper building in Jakarta. But things get more difficult in the second year, and at the end, off the second year, I decided to actually the company, our founder and literally just give away all of my shares to the investors. I did that because I'm not performing well and just lost the passion to continue running the company several months after that. In the same year I created number business plan and found on Angel Investor to start a new company. I had only for employees back then and a smaller office space compared to what I had before , and the same story happened again. In the first year, everything went smooth, but in the second year, the company performance just went down. The here there are too many problems that I must face and also pressures from every direction. So then, just like before, I decided to lift the company and give all of my shares to my investor. So after four years graduated from the university, I just found it to companies and failed two times, and I was broke. I had almost no money. I was 26 years old at that time and already had a wife. Moreover, I was waiting for my firstborn, so I did what every responsible men will do. I try anything that I can do to make ends meet. I sell stuffs like books. If Edie's etcetera, I start teaching computer graphics and design related skills, insufferable non formal schools and on international college. I did a lot of freelancing works on through the animation multimedia game, the flop Hman, etcetera. Ah, Ha Mula. Eventually, my freelancing business got me to learn architectural through Auto D deck because apparently a lot of people like my design. Although I don't have any formal education in architectural, I had more and more clients in the architecture industry, which led me to start thinking about building my own firm in the architectural industry. But who will believe in Architectural Firm, founded by a non architect. So I teamed up with a friend of mine who is an actual architect with formal architectural education. We both founded the firm with just bootstrapping. We don't use any money from any investors. Well, this is because it is just a firm. It is essentially a surface based company, So all we need, besides our skills, are this computers we don't even need on office space. That's mostly We work remotely at our own home and do everything online. Ah, Hamdullah. The company grew from just the two of us, toe having more and more employees and eventually a nice looking office. We've been doing works ever since, from large property developer companies in Indonesia and also from clients all across the globe. We have clients from Dubai, Shanghai Australia, Malaysia, United States, Lee Barrier and so much more. In 2000 and nine, I decided to go back to school and take a master degree. I studied business management and system information at the same time, mostly in system information field. There are anything really new for me as I started computer science before, but in business and management field there are so many ah ha moments. When I was learning them, I learned things that I wish I knew early. When I started my 1st 2 companies, learning about business become my passion. I read dozens off books about business essentially I both and read almost all bestselling books about business. After graduated and earn my master degree, I was full with passion and loaded with so many new knowledge about business. I eagerly started suffer more companies. I started a company in publishing, then in educational field. Then I started a new company in horse seller and imports, also in several other fields. Currently, the income from my business is can go up to $10,000 in a day. Well, most off the time. It is lower than that number. Okay, Now you might be thinking that I am a filthy, rich person. Honestly, I am not. I am not a billionaire or anything like that. Because there is a big difference between income and profit. The $10,000 number in a day is an income, not profit. Again, I'm just like any typical entrepreneurs who struggle day by day to keep their companies running. What makes me different, though, from most people is that I have freedom. Okay, I get to choose when I want to work, who I want to work with and how I do the work, etcetera. When most people go shopping with their family only in weekends or holidays, I go shopping in Monday or Tuesday or in any work days I choose. And while most sea or walks in a nice week office, I used to work from home, utilizing online tools. I built an office just beside my house in which my wife or my kids can go in an hour s day , please. So practically, I am always with my family almost 24 hours a day. I get to see my kids born and growing up and always be there when my family need me I have systems that generate passive incomes. So even if I decided to play around all day, seven days, a week, like the whole time, I'm not working at all. I'm still making money, but believe it or not, currently I am working for a non profit organization because I want to. I knew Toe found her very well and resonate with his vision. The organization are giving foods to orphans, old widows and people who are in needs. I decided to help their course because it is something I want to do in my life helping other people. Now you need to understand that if you follow all off the lessons in its course, there is no guarantee that you will be successful. Hey, I even never consider myself successful, only a lock and guarantee your success. Me? I am not God. I'm just a simple human like you. If we talk about success well, the definition off success is a very subjective Some people think that having lots off money is success. Other things. Owning a Tesla car is success some off. My friends think that having for wife's is success. Other things, having freedom and time is success and for some other people, including me, because off my belief as a Muslim success only happens in the after life in this world. There is only hard works upon hard works. You just need to enjoy the process. So again, because off this reasons, I cannot guarantee you any success. What I can guarantee in Shallow is that the knowledge you gain in his course will be very, very beneficial for you in your journey to become a better entrepreneur or a better C o. I am here to share my knowledge, my expertise, my experience on running businesses for almost two decades. That is all from me. Let's move on to the next lesson. 3. 00-03 Why should we learn business: Why should we learn about business? Some people believe that you don't actually need to learn business. You just need to jump into it and learn about business from trial and error, just like we learn how to swim. Some people also think inside a box called the job category. They say stuff like, Hey, I don't need to learn business because I'm a designer or I don't need to learn business because I'm a doctor or programmer for teacher or whatever. Essentially, these people think that learning business is just always off time. Well, here are my answers for these people. First human have been doing business since thousands off years ago. So if you ever face a problem in your business, most likely other people already facing the same problem before and already came up with some kind of solution, all of this accumulation off people's experiences and knowledge are documented inside a sheer amount off books about business. If you shut yourself from this knowledge and just go straight jumping to any business that your gut feeling tells you, yes, you may end up being success, but the course off, try and error along the way will be very costly compared if you already knew the pitfalls way before. I mean, why do you need Tofail? If other people before can and already fail for you, you just need to take the fruits the result off their trial and error process. And if you compare business with swimming, it is through that you can only learn to swim if you jump into the water. But I just want you to be aware that there are people died drowning when trying to swim and still with swimming ethnology. If you can pick which off, these two scenarios, you think is best for you first. Learning to swim by yourself without an instructor are learning to swim with a professional coach who often train athletes off course. You will pick learning to swim with the professional coach because he can guide you the correct way to do stretching and warming up. How to kick your legs efficiently. How to breathe correctly, etcetera. It is much safer and faster to learn how to swim this way. Essentially, my point is we should never underestimate the knowledge, because inside this knowledge are the experiences off a lot of people. A lot of experts who have undergone all of the trials and errors before we do before we even exist in this world. Okay, next, you may think that your job or your category has nothing to do with business. Well, trust me, every job category in the world has something to do it business. A doctor, for example, is working for a hospital, and the hospital is business. A lecturer is working for the university, and, believe it or not, university is a business. Also even, let's say, if you are working in the public field, such as the government, well, we all know that the government needs to regulate business practices right. They need to collect taxes from different type of companies, etcetera. Now imagine if the people inside the government do not understand business. How can it perform well as it is supposed to be? So my point is, business is everywhere. Okay, if you drive around with your car, you will see businesses after businesses along the side. Off the road, you walk into a convenience store. That store is a business, even if you are at home browsing the Internet. The Internet company is a business and when you purchase online. That online store is also a business. After you order, the product will be delivered by a business also. Okay, So again, business is everywhere and you cannot escape from it. Unless perhaps you are Tarzan who lives in the middle of a jungle with a gorilla community who never use money. Moreover, Cryptocurrency well, you get my point. And one less important thing I need to mention here about business knowledge is that if you are working inside a corporation, the more you understand the business process off the company, the more valuable you are to the company and the more chances you will have climbing up the corporate ladder. Okay, so this is something that you need to keep in mind to summarize this lesson. Learning business is important for anyone who wants to be better at his job. Entrepreneurs need to know how business works because they built one. CEOs need to learn about business because they lead one. Freelancers need to know about business because their clients are mostly businesses. And even if you are just on employees, understanding business is a requirement for you to climb up the corporate ladder. 4. 00-04 The principles: before we jump into the curriculum, I want you to step back and think about all off the knowledge you have learned in your life . Every knowledge in this world in any field can be divided into three laugh falls. The first level is the principles. The second level is the methods and the less one is the hex, we can describe their correlation to each other with this pyramid. The principles are the most basic yet the most important level off knowledge because the other pipe off knowledge sit on top of it. If this is a really building taking all the principles, it's like destroying the foundation. The building will break and crumbling down. The second level of knowledge is methods. It is the how toe part off the knowledge. This level of knowledge is more dynamic and more subjective. More dynamic means that the methods off doing things are evolving over time and subjective means that different people may have different way off solving the same problem. Okay, the less level off knowledge is hex. This kind off knowledge is known to be very specific to a certain problem and has a very short life. Swen, they are mostly experimental and inventor to outsmart existing systems. Okay, now what we're going to learn in this course are at the principal's level, not methods, not hex, because we are talking at the principle. Therefore, what we're going to cover in this course are applicable to any business in the world. I'm in any type off business, not just my businesses or someone else's businesses. Eventually, yes, we'll discuss some off the methods or even hacks just for the sake off, giving real world examples off the principles that we are discussing. But at the core, we are learning the principles off business, lowering the principles off business is surgeon, and you should learn about them before you learn anything else about business. Why there are at least two reasons for this. First, by knowing the principles, you will have a deep understanding about that matter. Therefore, you will look into things differently. It's like you are Superman looking at a building with your X ray vision. You can see all off the brakes, steel beams, wooden planks, bolts, nails basically all off the bits and pieces that make up the building, while common people only able to see the building, as is from the outside. By understanding the principles off business, you will have a strong insight off how business works, the inner parts off it and what makes it takes. Inshallah, After taking this course, you will not be confused anymore when reading articles about business or watching business experts talking about stuffs. With so many business Jagan's the second reason why learning the principles is great. It is because by knowing the principles, you can actually create your own methods and hacks. If you learn straight to the methods off doing things without a strong foundation on the principle fo you won't be able to see the big picture off it, you will stop with that method and unable to evolve. Every business in the world will do. These five things from the smallest business entities to large multinational corporations should have these five pillars off business. If just one off this pillars is missing from a thing, then that thing is not a business. And if you go to business school taking MBA program, for example, all that you will learn in that school will be these five pillars each course that you take in that business school will fall to anyone off these five pillars or categories, so let's quickly discuss each off them. One by one, force is creation or, in other words, value creation. Basically, value creation is the process off, discovering what people need or want and then go creating it. Every business in the world create some form off value or solution. For example, Apple and Samsung create gauge. It's McDonald's. Create burgers. Toyota create cars. You get the idea. Next. It's marketing. Now a lot of people confuse between marketing and sales. They are actually very different. Essentially, marketing is the process off. Attracting people's attention and building demands off what you have created in the creation process. Just imagine that you just created an awesome and sophisticated product that can solve a lot of people's problem. But nobody knows that this product even exists. It just said they're in your office. Are you going to have a business this way off? Course not. You need to make people aware off your product. This is what marketing is all about, creating large scale attention and awareness. Several examples off what marketing people do are copyrighting placing online advertisements on Edwards and Facebook ads are on more conventional medium, such as magazines, TV's radio's etcetera. All of these are marketing jobs. Next is sales. Okay, so you have a great product, and with marketing efforts, you make the whole world know about your product. But if nobody actually opened their wallet and give you the money to buy your product, then you don't have a business. Essentially, cells is a negotiation process to convince people to buy your product. So again, cells is different from marketing. In their simplest form, marketing is a public communication process. While sales is a negotiation process, the next biller off business is delivery or so called value delivery. After a customer purchase your product, you don't need to deliver that product with them, right? So essentially value delivery is a process off, giving your customer the value that you have promised and making sure that they are satisfied. Okay, if someone sell you something and then you pay for it. But then the product never delivered to you. Do you call that a business? Of course not. That is a scam, not a business. And of course, you are here now to learn about business, right? Not learning how to scam other people. Finally, the last pillar off business is finance. Essentially, finance is the process off managing the money in your business. The finance job is to analyze all off the four processes before from value creation, marketing, sales and value delivery so that we can answer two biggest questions in business force. Is this business bringing enough money to keep going? And second, is this business profitable? Okay, guys. So these are the five pillars off business in this course. We will be focusing on the second pillar off business, which is marketing. 5. 02-01 What we are going to cover: in this section, we are going toe coffer, the second pillar off business, and that will be marketing as we discussed earlier. Marketing is the process off. Attracting people's attention and building demands off what you have created in the value creation process. Marketing itself is a huge topic, but we can break it down into four means off processes. The first saw process is stand out product. These first sub process is actually what connects the marketing topic with the value creation topic. There are no marketing techniques that can compensate about product. That is why making sure that the product is good is the first step in marketing the next marketings. Our process is the customers. Essentially, in this process, we study deeply our target customers so we can understand them better. We need to go through the qualification for the segmentation face to separate the potential customers against the non potential customers. We don't need to create avatars for each off them, and next we need to identify their preoccupation. The next stop process is the messages Before we go into marketing the product first, we need to design how people should think about our business in general. This is where we discuss about branding and reputation. Next, we will start focusing on how we can craft the marketing message for our product through a process called framing and creating products. Hook. Next, we need to design what emotional reaction we want to provoke toe get the correct attention . After that, we need to decide in what kind of form our marketing messages will be delivered. Whether being narrative visualization, endorsement or controversy, the less marketings of process we're going to discuss his cells funnelling essentially, in this face, we want to design a system off customers experience where we bring in people from total strangers to become potential customers. We do this by providing access is for them to learn about our products and our business. Then we move these people from this potential customers to become riel customers who actually purchase our product and then giving these people satisfaction so they eventually become a lifetime loyal customers who eagerly promote our products. Okay, so those are the things we are going toe coffer in this section. In the next lesson, we're going to start discussing the first saw process off marketing, and that will be stand out product 6. 02-02 Good product is marketing: in this lesson video. We're going to discuss about the importance off having a remarkable product. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are now on the first subject, ER which is stand out product. OK, although this lesson is in the second pillar off business, which is marketing. But what we are going to discuss now actually tied up with the first pillar off business, which is the value creation. Before we jump in into any marketing activity, we should understand the first concept off marketing, and that will be the school. There are no marketing magics that can compensate a bit product. A few decades ago, marketers can get away with promoting bad or mediocre products due to a condition called information s symmetrical. What information a symmetrical means is a condition Were information not distributed uniformly across customers. One customer may know that certain product is good or bad due to his own experience, while other customers may not. At that time, there are little or not much medium where customers can share their experiences. No days relying on information. A symmetrical will not work because nowadays there are abundant ways for people to share product experiences. For example, in Amazon or in Ali Express or in any other online marketplaces, buyers can easily publish their refuse about the product they just bought. They all have the privilege to give star ratings to any product they work. Moreover, the system even enforce them to give star ratings on the products. So essentially, we are now living in the age off information and social proof driven economy. It is like a rolling snowball effect. If you create a good product, customers will be happy, and this customers satisfaction. We leverage your product to get even more customers. On the other hand, if you create a bad product, customers will complain and these customers be satisfaction. We'll punish you very hard, which will eventually put your products sales down the dream. In this Internet era, there is a new type off. Celebrities emerges. These celebrities are not actors. They are not at Leeds. They are not artists nor scientists. They are simply product riff ewers. They are people who like toe unbox new products, try and test different products and then give their opinions about them. These Unbox celebrities are two days market influencers. Most off them have thousands or even millions off followers. Why is this possible? It is because people are craving for honest and correct products. Information. People hate losing money and feeling stupid when they purchase bad products. And these product reviewers give people the value they needed the most when deciding to purchase a product. So again, having a good quality product is essential In today's information based economy. You cannot just hide a bed product behind a good marketing campaign. Okay, now there is one fact that may surprise you. You can actually have a product that can market itself without having you to spend a lot of money or marketing campaign. How can this be possible? Well, this is possible because off two conditions, the first condition is just as we discussed earlier, which is essentially already happening. Now we are living in information error, where information a symmetrical is almost non existent anymore. Customers can find out about the quality off a product almost like instantly. The second condition for this to happen is to have a remarkable product. So what is exactly remarkable product? Remarkable product. It's a product that is not just good in quality, but it also so unique they they attract attention and curiosity out off the box they are products were noticing and talking about. If you want to know on example off remarkable product thing products like Tesla Electric cars When the world filled with gasoline cars people didn't pay attention to electric cars because they were mostly only exist in labs and inform off oversized bicycles. Even a usable ones are mostly, awfully priced. Fessler, which was led by a visionary CEO, Elon Musk, broke all off these rules. They managed to produced electric cars that are fast, efficient and affordable. It was just an offer hard not to take notice and hard not to pay attention to like the whole media in the world was talking about Tesla cars when it was first announced. Okay, so how can we create a remarkable product then? Well, honestly creating remarkable product. It's not easy. It is never be easy, but at least you can follow some off the steps. First, you need to make sure toe apply all of the things that we have learned before about the seven economic drives, the 11 forms off value and the nine Economic values, and Leslie make sure our product has a unique selling proposition. Second, you need to aim for the extreme or in set Gordon's term in his book Purple Cow. We need to make our product on outlier, meaning. Try to make it the chippers for the most expensive. Make it super fast or a super slow. Make it very big or very small. Just try to avoid the mediocre because designing something to blend in equals designing it to be invisible. The 30 and this is hard. Create revolutionary products that solve big problems. Air pollution is a big problem that all of us humans have to deal with, and Tesla created revolutionary cars that can solve this big problem. Okay, the fourth tip is not to focus on the mass, but only focus on the market influencers. They are product we few hours, as I mentioned earlier. If you can approach them and dig in about their criteria off remarkable product, if you manage toe built the product and be able to impress the market influencers, you will certainly have an age off marketing that product from the beginning 7. 02 03 customer filtering: in this lesson video we are going to discuss about customer filtering process. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are now on the second sub chapter, which is the customers. Okay, before we can start crafting or marketing campaign, we need to really understand the customers, which will be the target off our marketing campaign. This is important so that we can separate the perspective customers against the known perspective ones so essentially customer filtering process. It's a process off determining whether or not a prospect is a proper customer before they purchase from you. Customer filtering helps us to avoid wasting time and energy from marketing to the wrong people. Not every customer is a good customer if you spend a lot of money to acquire a certain customers, but then those customers only worth less than what you have spend. It means they are not work but writing in the first place. Now some people Mary for customer filtering as pre filtering or qualification or in any other terms. Again, these are just names. Different people may name this process differently, but the core concept is essentially the same, and this may sounds crazy, but customer filtering is also applicable in sales process, not just in marketing process. It is actually wise to turn away paying customers if those customers are not fit with our ideal customer criteria, and this concept becomes even more important. If you are doing surface based business, ask any veterans in surface based business, and they surely will advise you to stay away from that clients at all from the beginning. Even if this bet clients come with loads off money. Okay, so now how can we filter our customers then? Well, at the value creation process, we already done the market research, and so most likely we already know who are we going to target? And we also understand deeply our products characteristics. What we need to do is just to continue from what we already know to map the customers through a process called market segmentation. Then we need to define the internal factors called the perceived value and finally create avatars for our target customers. The better we can do this, and the more clearly we can define our ideal customer, the better we can screen out the customers that are not worth our effort, and so the more we will be able to focus on our best customers. So let's go over each off. This process is one by one. So what is market segmentation now? There are many books written about market segmentation. What we will try to keep it short and simple in this lesson. In general, the term segmentation means splitting data into subgroups and then add context or relationships between these groups. If we bring this concept to marketing the data, we are splitting here, our customers. So essentially market segmentation is the activity off dividing existing and potential customers in tow subgroups based on some type off share characteristics, and then we at the contacts and relationship to them as needed. Now there are different ways to segment our customers, but at least we can categorize them into three main segmentation methods. First, by using past performance second by using demographics and third by using psycho graphics. Quick explanation off each off this methods press performance. It's mostly used on existing customers. We can study a lot of things from the past actions off our existing customers. For example, we can segment customers based on the sales data, comparing them to the new customers sales data. Another example. We can segment our customers based on their field or industry category and compare that with the sales data, etcetera. I have my own unique case about these past performance customer segmentation. Before 2005 I was doing a lot of three D computer graphic works with different clients for different range off needs. But after studying my freelance in business through pressed performance customer segmentation, I found out that the most satisfying jobs for me was doing three D for architectural field . It was less complicated, less provision. Most off the clients are nice people, and so that at the end it was the most profitable market segment for me because off this I decided to take the leap. I built a new form with a friend off mine, focusing only on doing three D for architectural field and forget the rest. I literally reject a lot of projects outside architectural fields, but guess what? I managed to multiply the from income toe almost five times compared to the previous year, freelancing income. I also read a case about the Web development company who found out through past performance customer segmentation that their greatest customers are book outers. And so they decided to focus their business only to serve, book others and forget the rest and their decision paid off. It may seem that working on just a subset off your press general customers can hurt your business, but it is not. They actually multiplied their income eight times compared to the previous one. The next segmentation method is through demographics. I'm sure you already know what demographic means. Essentially, we are segmenting customers by their external characteristics, such as their gender, their race, their age, their educational levels, the economy, status, etcetera. Also, you can segment them based on geographic or their location. Now your graphic can be its own segmentation method. But for simplicity's sake, we can safely put geographic as part off demographics because from marketing related research standpoint, they are both part off external characteristics off customers. Okay, for example, knowing that our best customers are females between the age off 17 and 32 who live in major metropolitan areas and have over $1000 per month in this possible income can be quite useful. With this segmentation, we can focus our marketing efforts on reaching more prospects Who have those characteristics. If you used Facebook ads or Edward ads or any other similar online advertising surfaces before, you should already know that these advertising platforms can provide you with laser focus advertising placement on if you know your target customers demographics very well. That is why it is important to understand the demographic segmentation before you actually embark on any marketing activities. Okay, the last segmentation method is through psychographic, basically psychographic segments customers by their internal psychological characteristics . Now this is a more complex topic to discuss because there are many subjective factors involved. Typically, you cannot just determine this without proper market research. It is connected to people's believes and attitudes, how they see themselves and how they see the world at large. Also, their current situations and their past experiences play an important role. Now this bring us to not related concept in marketing, which is perceived value. We have talked about for more values before also economic values and economic drives. All of these are true and important, but what you also need to understand is that all values are not created equal in other words value is in the eye. Off the beholder. You can have the same exact offer. Toe to similar customers belong to the same exact demographic. But how these two people value your offer will be different. Just for simple example. If you are selling fire extinguisher, a customer who happen just had his house on fire will value your product much higher than a person who never had any fire problems before in his life. So again, these internal conditions can affect how people perceived values, and this can easily fluctuate over time in days, hours or even minutes. Okay, guys, so those are the things that we can use to better or filter our prospect customers. The final outcome off this process is is creating an image off our ideal customers, which we are going to discuss in the next lesson. 8. 02-04 Creating Avatars: in this lesson video we're going to discuss about creating customer effort ours. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are no on a second sub chapter, which is the customers. Okay. Previously, we've talked about customer filtering process. The output off the customer filtering process is the customer effort. Ours. So what is exactly custom or avatars? Well, essentially, they are the personification or the representation off your most receptive customers. If you read a lot of books about marketing, you will find many different names for this effort. Our term, for example, Buyers persona probable purchaser, ideal customer. But if a client ultimate prospect at cetera, the names may be different. But at the core they are the same thing. Okay, so how Arby's customer effort ours look like? Well, if you ever play video games, especially RPG games, where you need to create the main character off the game by mixing different traits and categories, etcetera and then finally, you need to give it a custom name well, creating customer effort. Ours is more or less like that from the customer filtering process. We already have the data off different traits for our ideal customers. You might have their past performance, demography, psychographic and the situational perceived value that will trigger the purchase decision. All we need to do is to write down all off these traits and imagine that all of these belong to a single character. Then we give this imaginary character a name. Okay, now having a single effort are might not be enough due to the variety off the data we have our when it is impossible to put all off the trades into a single character. If these are the case, then we need to create more avatars. Each effort are represent a specific group off our prospect customers. Beside the trades mentioned before it is also important toe ask and try to answer these questions. What are their main problems? What do they need the most? What do they want the most? Where do they hang out? And where do they put most off their attention? Essentially, the more comprehensive we can describe the effort are, the better we can design marketing strategy for them later. I think you can understand this better with really examples. Let's say you are producing and selling high performance left off computers. OK, first, you need to know who will purchase these expensive laptops that you are selling. We can hypothesize that hard core gamers are the people who want to purchase and use this laptops and after best performance study. We also found out that graphic designers, big data scientists, US architects and video grabbers also need and willing to purchase these kind off laptops. After more studies, we also understand their demography, psychographic e and their perceived values. From this data, we can start creating the first ever tire, which is the hard core gamers. We learned from the study that we actually have two types off hard core gamer now the teenager H Class and the adult each class. Okay, so the first hardcore gamer effort are is male and has aged between 13 to 20 years old. Because he is a teenager, he should have upper middle class parents, which can afford to buy expensive laptops. For him, his biggest dream is to buy and play a new game titles. The biggest barrier between him and his dream is to convince his parents to buy things for him. He used Internet heavily for online games and also for watching to its streams or YouTube for game channels for this effort are will name him Rick. Okay, Next, we need another avatar to represent the adult class off hardcore gamer, his mail and hey single. He is in a very productive age between 20 to 35 years old, so he already has a job and makes his own money. He has at least arrested two income around $1000 each month. Toe allows him to purchase games, gadgets and gaming years. He liked to play games while streaming toe twitch. He also often re few different game titles and start earning money from his YouTube channel . He already has a lot of followers or subscribers. His biggest dream is to get more money from his gaming hobby. In order to do that, she needs better gaming rig and better broadcasting tools and also better video editing tools. He is a very attack savvy, so here it's a lot off technology related blog's and news for this evitar. Let's name him then. Next, we need to create more avatars for a graphic designers, data scientists, US architects and video graph furs and so on, but I'm sure these two examples are enough for you toe graphs. The main idea here. Okay, Now you're probably wondering why is creating these avatars Important unions are is they are important because off suffering reasons. The first and foremost reason is to clearly focus our efforts to market our product to these types off people. Sometimes without this clear vision off the effort, ours will get easily lost in the daily bustles. The second purpose off creating these effort ours is to create better or more effective communication between the team inside the marketing and sales department by just referring to Rick or Ben or to any other ever tars names. We can quickly referring to a certain class off prospect, customers with complex and specific trades. And this benefit goes along the way. We can craft different strategies for each avatar because we can better understand their world, better understand their language, better understand their interests and their reoccupation 9. 02-05 The end result: in this lesson video, we are going to discuss about the end result. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are now on 1/3 sub chapter, which is the message is okay. Previously, we have talked about the importance off having a good product to start with and then how to filter and define our customer avatars so we can better focus or marketing effort to drive people. Now it is time to start thinking about the marketing messages we want to communicate to our prospect customers. The first thing we need to understand before we craft any marketing messages is the fact that customers don't actually like toe byproducts. What they actually like to buy is the end result for the benefit off the product. For example, do people pay money to go to the gym so they can run on treadmills or so they can pull iron bars and get a lot off sweats? No, they are not. What they actually want is to become more muscular or look three murder and healthier. They actually hated the exercises, but because having to exercise in the gym is the only way to get to that and results, they are willing to pay for it. Another example. Do people pay a lot of money to go to university so they can sit down in a classroom or writing papers or doing research for thesis off? Course not. They are doing that because they want to be perceived as an expert at certain field and so that they can have better options in getting jobs. People don't buy books day by the knowledge. Inside the book, people don't buy drills day by the holes in their walls. This is something you need to think about now. We've talked about the seven economic drives before, right? If you look deeply in every and results people willing to buy, they are all actually correlate with one or more off the seven economic drives. These are the things that people actually want to buy. The products are just the means to get there. Okay, we are not going to discuss these seven economic drives again in this lesson, as we have already done so in depth in the value creation chapter. What we want to discuss now is where we should set our focus when crafting marketing messages. You need to truly understand that marketing works better when it focuses on the end result , not on the features for the functional parts off your offer. Now don't get me wrong here. As an entrepreneur, you do need to design an offer your product Toby, fully functional and in their best condition. Because, for example, if you open a SportsCenter, people do come to your place to run on the treadmills and also use other sport facilities in there. So making sure you're facilities Toby in top condition is, um, us are. If you own a school or university, for example, making sure the classroom and it's teaching facilities in good condition is also, um, us. Essentially, customers buying your product will eventually use the product as the tool to get to the end result. So I'm not saying that the actual function off the product is not important. Not at all. It just that what the prospect customers most interested in hearing about is the end result , which is usually a distinctive experience or emotion related to the seven economic drives. Okay, so to recap when doing marketing, it is easier to focus on features off your offer, you might be tempted to do so by creating long lists off features in your marketing campaign. Yes, this is doable, but it is more effective to focus on the desired and result or the benefits off what our product can provide, because this is what the prospect customers actually care about. 10. 02-06 Branding: in this lesson video we're going to discuss about branding. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are now another sub chapter, which is the message is okay, What do you think when you hear the word branding? Most people think that branding is a magical trick in marketing space that will guarantee any business is to be successful. Branding now become an overly hyped and on overly used business jargon. The funny thing is, when people refer or talk about branding, they are actually talking about reputation. These two terms got mixed up so bad that it is now hard to differentiate between the two. We will cover about reputation later. For now, let's focus on straightening the definition off branding first. And what are the action steps that we need to take in a branding process? So what is actually branding? Simply put, branding is the process off designing how people think about our company. Now we need to understand that branding is not the only factor that defined the reputation off our company. But at least branding is the factor that we can control. So what are the action steps in rending. Well, the question is simple, but the answer is not because different industries have different ways in building Grand. But overall, we can simplify the process into these five genetic steps, define your audience, study the competition, create the connotation, designed a corporate identity and the less one managing the use of experience. Let's discuss each off them briefly. The first step to build a successful brand is defining our audience, meaning we need to truly understand our target market. Now we have discussed this over and over again before, so I won't go into the details again. Right now, the only thing that you need to make sure is that all off the steps in the next branding processes should correlate with your audience. Okay, the next step in rending is studied the competition. What I mean by this is we need to learn how other companies in our market space built their brain off course. This does not mean that you should imitate exactly what the big brands are doing in your industry. You just need to be aware off what they do well. And where do they fail? Essentially tried digging deeper to find the reasons why a certain companies brands so successful and why others are failing. Understanding the positive and the negative factors will be very beneficial for us when building our own brand, go for the positive factors and stay away from the negative ones. But also remember that at the end, our goal is to make our brand stand out. We went to differentiate from the competition. We want to convince the customers to purchase from us over them. Okay, Third, we need to create the connotation. What I mean about connotation is when you hear a brand name, what is the first thing come into your mind? What are the words or the first sentence? Show up in your head to create great connotation. We need at least two things. First, you need to have strong company mission statement, and second, you need to create a tagline for your company's brand. Let's discuss mission statement force. So what is exactly a mission statement? Well, in essence, it is a clear expression off what your company is most passionate about. The mission statement basically defines a purpose for existing. It will guide every other aspects in our brand building process mission It's not about money, it's not about profit. It is beyond that. It is for something greater or something that can truly touch the human spirit. Just for example, we all know Nike right, a famous sport where company, their mission statement, is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. After the mission statement, we need to define the company's tagline while Mission statement is a full sentence tagline . Usually just a couple off words. Tagline is supposed to be the essence off our mission statement just for example, we all know the night tagline. Just do it. This couple off words tagline really embody their mission statement. First, they create innovation to empower the athletes, and then they inspire the athletes to just do it. It works so well that if we only see the Nike logo, the words just do it just automatically come to our mind. Okay, Next, we need to design the corporate I D or identity Corporate idea ranges from logo, corporate colors, business card website, letterhead, envelope and even your office interior design and your employees uniform, etcetera. All of these will signal the identity off your company. Now it may seem that having a corporate I d is a lot off works, but really corporate I d is a very basic credibility builders. What I mean by that they are the things that you need to have in place toe appear credible and professional in front off your prospect customer. So having a good corporate I d is not exceptional. In fact, it is something expected at the lowest level by your customers. The last step in branding process is managing the use of experience. What I mean by this is that you need to have strong S O. P throughout your organization to make sure that the customer's always have the best experience possible. This is especially important for staffs that are interacting directly with the customers, such as the salespeople customer supports tellers, security guards, etcetera. And don't forget that these use their experience. Concepts also apply toe online interactions where there is very little or no human involvement at all, such as designing a good you I for your mobile app or Web store or 80 and machines, for example. Okay, guys. So those are the five steps in branding process again. Different industry may have different processes in details, but these five steps should be enough to represent the general process 11. 02-07 Framing: in this lesson video we're going to discuss about framing. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are now on 1/3 sub chapter with ease the messages. Okay, in a previous lesson, we've talk about branding. Branding is part off marketing process that affects the whole company, not specific to a certain product. Of course, the effect off branding is rewarding in general, both to our company as a whole and to our products eventually. Okay, no starting from this lesson and the lesson After this, we are going to shift our focus to marketing the products, not marketing the whole company. Okay, When crafting marketing messages for your product, you need to be aware off two things. First, our prospect customers attention and time are very limited. Second, our products, benefits and features are just too much to cover in a single marketing message, because off these two reasons, we need to frame the marketing message. So it really hits the most important part off our product based on the characteristic off our customer avatar. Just for a quick example, let's say you are producing and selling high end smartphone that can do a lot of stuffs for a lot off different people. But when you are targeting Selfie Shooter Prospect customers, for example, you really should focus on the camera off your smartphone show. Beautiful pictures the phone's camera can produce. Explain why the lens is great and how many megapixels the camera sense or has explain Onley technical stuffs that the selfish shooter customers can understand any to know. Now when we need to craft another marketing campaign, which target different effort are, for example, multi tasker prospect customers. You really want to focus on a processing power or the performance off your phone. You need to show how smooth it is to jump from one to another app. How fast the processor is and how big program is. Explain technical stuffs that multi tasker customers really want to know from a smartphone . Okay, so in essence, framing is the AK off, emphasizing the details off our product that are critically important. While the emphasising things that are not important with framing you can communicate the benefits off your offer to your prospects in a clear and concise way, and this should maximize your persuasive power while at the same time honoring your customers. Time and attention. Now you might be thinking that framing is not natural and deceitful. No, not at all. Let's take a why framing is actually natural and later, Tekle why framing is not deceitful. Believe it or not, we actually do framing every day when communicating with other people. Yes, we don't name it framing consciously, but the AK off framing is in our nature and part off our communication. It's simply not practical to include all of the facts and contacts when communicating with others who emphasized some details and leave out other non important details to save time. We frame because we have toe. Otherwise it will take a huge amount off time to communicate even the simplest information to other people. Okay, next framing is not the same as lying or being deceitful. Trust me, being honest is always the best policy, and not just from a moral perspective. Creating a misleading offer may get used to throw more sales in the short term, but in the long term, deceiving people will eventually destroy your company because you violated customers expectations again and again, which permanently harm your reputation. Okay, so there are suffering key takeaways about framing here. First, emphasizing the details does not mean you exaggerate or even lying about your product. And precise ing is simply exposing the truth about your product that matter the most to your prospect customers. Second, the emphasising or minimizing does not mean you are hiding the truth about your product. We simply choose not to expose certain details because they are not important or relevant to be discussed. At that moment, customers still have all the rights to know everything about your product. So, for example, although you expose certain benefits off your product in the front page off your website, a spark off emphasizing it, you still need to give access toe another page where customers can learn everything about the product. We don't any misinterpretation. 12. 02-08 Preoccupation: in this lesson video we are going to discuss about preoccupation. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are now on the third sub chapter, which is the messages. Okay? Previously, we discussed about framing after we frame our products, benefits and features correctly, it is time to create the marketing messages. But in order to optimize our messages, it is important for us to step back a little and try to understand the psychology off attention. Why? Well, because marketing is all about getting people's attention right In this lesson, we're going toe kaffir, a concept called preoccupation. And then later in the next lesson, we will cover how to actually break through the barrier to get people's attention. Okay, so what is exactly Preoccupation? Preoccupation! Is the condition off our prospect customers where they already paying attention to something else. So in essence, getting to know our customers Preoccupation means researching toe. What and where are prospect customers spending most off their time? Now the funny thing about Preoccupation is that it is both our friend and our enemy. Why is there? Well it is our friend as a marketer because by knowing where our customers already paying attention, we know exactly where to place our marketing materials. But on the other hand, preoccupation is also our enemy because our prospects are already paying a lot of attention to something else, not to our product. And so the effort off breaking and diverting their attention to our messages will be harder in this condition. It will be a different case if our prospect customers are bought or looking for entertainment or distraction. If they are in this condition, then it will be easier for us to attract their attention. But boring places like waiting rooms or bus stations or trains or any other public areas are filled with too many diversified people. Unless you have a large finance, your backup, you will lose a lot of money placing ads on public places like these. Okay, now, although it is hard to break the preoccupation as marketer, we always have to assume that our prospects begin in a state off preoccupation. People have limited time and limited energy for attention. And what more worse than this is that by default, like 99.999% off people in the world don't want to give their money to you. I repeat, almost everyone in the world don't want to give their money to you. Okay, As a businessman, it is a bit depressing to know this fact, right? But it is true when people see ads they want this adds to fail. Why? So that they can keep their money. This is very contrast to something like Comedy Show. For example, when people see stand up comedian, they actually want him to succeed so they can left together and have a good time, right? So after all of this discussion about preoccupation, we know realize how important it is to identify and to understand the factors that can block people's attention. In the next lesson, we're going toe cover. How to overcome the preoccupation so we can have people's attention effectively 13. 02-09 The recipe of attention: in this lesson video. We're going to discuss about the formulas toe, Get people attention effectively. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are monitored sub chapter, which is the message is okay. There are three formulas that you can use to break their preoccupation and get people's attention. You can mix and match these three formulas, and if you can manage to do all of these three things together, that will be even better. So these three formulas are contextual, more compelling, and the less one provoke emotions. Let's discuss each off them. One by one first is contextual. What this means is that your message should be aligned with your customers life with their problems, with their struggles, their needs and their dreams, etcetera. This first formula should be automatically achievable if you already done. All of the steps we have discussed before correctly, such as customer filtering, creating customer effort, are framing etcetera. Just think about it. When is the last time you ignore an ad like almost every time? Right. But why why you choose to ignore it? Most likely because the ad has nothing to do with your life. It does not offer something that can solve any off your problems or something that moves you closer to your dream. It just off contexts. I'm sure you already understand this by now. Next is more compelling. Remember, we always. I mean, always assume that our customers are preoccupied. They may be watching a TV show watching a YouTube video greeting blog's browsing Facebook pages anything. Now the biggest reason why they are so occupied is because the contents that they are consuming are compelling to them. So by knowing these, if you want to grab their attention, you need to create something that it's more compelling compared to what they currently occupy. Two. It makes sense. The less formula and this is very important is to provoke their emotions. You may not realize this, but messages that only tap or logical thinking has a small impact to create strong and long term attention. But if you can create messages that can touch people's feeling, that will be the moment when you can truly invoke and seize their attention. You can see the proof off this concept everywhere. For example, just think about all off the memories you have from your childhood until now. What are the best and worst moments off your life that you just cannot forget them? It just stick their in your head for better and for worse. If you think about this memories, they are actually the moments when you have the most invents feeling about something right . Our sensory captures the information. Our logic will filter them. But it is our emotion that will reinforce it and making it impossible to be ignored. Okay, so the next question is, what type off emotions are we looking for here? Well, there are at least three best emotions that we can make use to get people's attention effectively. Curiosity, surprise and concern. First is curiosity. Curiosity means that you need to craft the message so that it will arouse people toe. Feel the earth about knowing certain things. There are many ways to do this. One simple example here, just by beginning your marketing message with the words, What if I told you can really grab your audience? Curiosity Next is so price surprised means you need to create something out off the ordinary, something that is truly unexpected. Just think about it. If you go to see a movie, and the story is just so plain predictable. I mean, you can easily tell or guess what will happen from one to another. Section off the story. What were you ting about? The movie Good or bad movie? I believe if you can read this movie, you will rate it very, very low. It is just not interesting and not work off your attention who see things that are predictable. Okay, and the less one is concern. Human are a social creature. We feel connected with other people around us. It's like our feelings are wired with other people's feelings. If, for example, we see other people or even other creature in pain, it somehow make us feel pain. Also, to a certain degree, we care an easily if you're sorry about other people's suffering. 14. 02-10 The hook: in this lesson video we're going to discuss about marketing hooks. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business with this marketing, and we are no on Earth or sub chapter, which is the messages. Okay, after we know which customer evitar we want to target and we already done the framing process. It is time for us to create a marketing hook for our product. So what is exactly a hook in marketing term? Well, who is a single phrase or sentence that describes our products primary benefit? It is very similar toe tag line in a branding process, but hope is not designed to describe your company's nation globally. Instead, hope Onley focus on a particular product. It's primary goal is to entice prospect customers to purchase it. So commonly, hooks conveyed reason why people would want the product you are selling Now. You might be asking, Why do I need a hook? Why can we just create a long Selves? Copy that can really describe the products benefits Well, there is nothing wrong toe have a terrible sales copy because you will need that also for many different scenarios. But having ah hope is also important if not more important, because your prospect customers have limited time and limited attention to read long sales copy. In fact, studies show that on average, people see 362 ads per day. However, our brain only take notice about 156 off them and out off this 156 only 86 produced awareness in our brain, while only a mere off 12 ads can really make an impression, tow us in some way, so 12 against 362 that will be just around 3%. What I am trying to say here is that having a long and complicated messages is the recipe Toby ignored or forgotten People are Bombarda with marketing messages every day, all day long. If you want people to remember who you are and what you are offering, you have to grab their attention and hold it in this matter off seconds. One great example off successful hook that many experts like to talk about is the Apple iPod. Apple used hook for the launch off the iPod 1000 songs in your pocket. Now I am not trying to say that the only reason for iPod success is their marketing hook. Not at all. Before we already talked about the importance off having a good quality product, and I pod is a good quality product. But the way Apple craft the hook for iPod is so clever that it attracted a lot of people's attention, which eventually lead to its huge sales. In a little under a year, 236001st generation iPods were sold. These is on outstanding start, considering that this was the company's first venture into the portable music category. The who grabbed attention and the quality off the product closed the sale. Okay, so how can we write a successful hook then? Well, we actually already discussed all off them in depth in a previous lessons they are focused on and result contextual, compelling and invoke emotion. These are the success keys to all marketing messages, including short marketing messages like Hooks now, although we already discussed all off them in depth in the previous lessons, but we haven't discussed them in the contacts off marketing hooks, so let's revisit each off them briefly. The first success ski tow, a good hook is focusing on the end result. Essentially, we need to expose the primary benefit that matters the most to our prospect customers something that they can understand and care about. Let's take Apple iPod case again As an example. When the first generation off iPod came out at that time, portable music players informs off. Bulky CD and cassette players are still exists. And although plenty off digital MP three players already available in the market, their marketing hooks are focused on geek speak, such as how many megabytes off this space, etcetera. A lot of people who listen to music are not tech savvy. They have no idea how much is 100 megabytes compared toa gigabytes. And how will that affect their life? Apple iPods Hook highlighted the primary benefit, not the technical features. Instead, off saying I pod with five gigabytes off storage, for example, they use 1000 songs in your pocket. Simple yet effective hook because it uses language people understand and corresponded to their problems. People are tired off having to carry around hundreds off tapes or CDs, and with iPod, they could carry their entire music collection in one elegant if ice, The second success. Ski tow. A good hook is complex jewel marketing hope. It's like fishing bait. You cannot catch every type off fish with the same bait. Certain bait is best used for certain fish. The same concept holds true in marketing. Not all people are lured by the same hook. A different hope is required for different people based on their personality and interest. This is where customer ever tar and framing come into play. We have discussed about avatar and framing in depth in the previous lessons, so let's just move on to the next success Key. The third success Key is compelling. As we discussed earlier, we must always assume that our prospect customers start with a preoccupation state. Therefore, we need to create a hope that it's more interesting or more compelling than the content. In a preoccupation state, there are abundance off books and articles about how to create compelling marketing hooks. Most off these materials are filled with brilliant ideas that you can use right away to create your own hooks. Let's just discuss some off them now. First, you can make use off powerful words such as secret instant proven new discover, etcetera, second you can use absurd or ludicrous anecdotes inside the hooks, but remember, they must. He'll be true and not overuse. For example, a dental clinic can use this hook. Just relax. We know the drill. Another example. A cleaning service company may use this hook. We do the dirty work, etcetera. Next, you can use numbers inside your hook. Studies show that people will be more interested tow hooks or titles that have numbers in front of it. A classic example Off This is a best selling book, seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Next, you can use superlatives like the biggest or the smallest fasters, or slowest, best or worse, etcetera. Essentially, anything that is on either side off the extremes can grab people's attention effectively. Okay, so these are just some examples strategies that we can use to make our hooks more compelling. There are still many methods and strategies out there that are just too much toe cover. In this lesson, the final success key to marketing Hook is invoked emotion again. We have already discussed this before in a previous lesson, essentially, unit. To entice at least these three emotions, curiosity, surprise and concern, the deeper your who can patch the emotion off your prospect customers, the harder it is for them to ignore and to forget the hook. Okay, guys, crafting effective marketing hooks takes some practice, and I recommend you to use any content that you create as an opportunity to practice using hooks, whether we bloke posts, tweet pin or Facebook posts etcetera, if you want your marketing hooks to stand out from the crowd, just used the success case above as the guidance and keep fishing. 15. 02-11 Forms of messages: in this lesson video. We're going to discuss about the forms off messages. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business with this marketing, and we are now on 1/3 subchapter, which is the messages. Okay, when I mentioned marketing messages in this course, it means any ideas get you want to convey to your prospect customers. Marketing messages may come in different variety, off formats or media. It can be short texts like taglines or hooks or book titles. For example. It can also be alone sells copy. It can be in image formats like photos or diagrams or comic strips. It can be a promotional video or focal audio or Dingell's. It can also be objects inside the virtual treaty environment, etcetera. But out off this different media or formats, we can actually categorize them in five distinctive forms. They are narrative visualization, endorsement, controversy and education. Let's discuss each off them. One by one, Forced East narrative narrative is essentially telling a story. Marketing and storytelling are so related that many marketers consider themselves simply as storytellers. Human are creatures designed to be easily and deeply immersed in stories. We like stories so much that we read comics and novels and watch movies, even though we know exactly that. The stories in the media are fictional because off this effect, stories become an essential part in any marketing campaign and used heavily estimate vehicle to deliver marketing messages destroyed. Recall some off the most compelling commercials you see in TV or YouTube. You will see that most off them, if not all of them used great story to back up their messages. Testimonials, case studies and other stories above the customers that have come before are extremely effective toe great prospects attention gain their trust and, at the end, encouraging them to accept your offer. Second is visualization, So what is visually she ation In term off marketing reserve initiation is a process off, helping your prospect customers to imagine or to experience what their life will be like if they buy and own your product. By doing this, you increase the probability that there were protests from you. Now Reza Lishi ation can be achieved in many different ways, But the success key Invisible initiation is to expose as much human sensory as possible in the process. Let's take property business, for example, since around two decades ago. Property developer companies already used three D renderings and scale models to visualize their real products. Day make sales, even though the real products are still in development. But nowadays, when I record this video, some off them started to use a VR, or virtual reality technology to visualize their product with the Our customers can really feel and experience how it is like to live inside the property they want to purchase. Another example is in automotive industry. Do you know what happened when you goto a car dealership? As soon as you step in there, the sales person has only one objective and readies toe. Get you behind the wheel off a vehicle for a test drive. Why? Well, because it works. Most prospect customers who test drive a car will eventually by the car. So this is what actually happens before the test drive. Prospects are capable of freshen Aly, comparing makes and models features in prices. They can convince themselves that they are just looking with no intention off purchasing anything just yet. But once they are actually behind the wheel off a car, the emotional parts off them take control. They start to imagine what their life will be like if they owned the vehicle. Suddenly, they stop comparing and started wanting, and so buying the car is just a matter off time. Next is endorsement Now. Endorsement has various definitions, depending on the context off the discussion. But in marketing term endorsement is the AK off using influential people or trusted figures toe help with the marketing. These people can be celebrities, famous athletes, experts in their fields, certain authoritative organisations or even just common public in general, etcetera. Why endorsement works? Because human has a tendency to follow or to trust other human. When we see a lot of people buying something, we tend to believe that something is good when we see a famous person using a certain product within toe believe that the product is worth purchasing. I believe you already know about this and see this Everywhere you see pictures off celebrities, drinking soft drinks or wearing certain shoes or using certain smartphones, etcetera. There is one unique case about a Norseman strategy I like to mention here in my country Indonesia. There is one successful restaurant that sells fright ducks. When they first opened the restaurant for several days. They manage toe, have people queueing all the way outside at the street. This Q really have boosted their marketing because pressing people who saw this Q thought that the foods at this restaurant must be very good to have such a long queue. Now, what actually happened is like these a day before the opening day, the restaurants staffs distributed free coupons to the people in the surrounding area. But those coupons can only be exchanged at certain limited time in the afternoon. We just the time when a lot of people returning home from work with this strategy, the rest or on ableto get a lot of visitors since then. Next is controversy. In term, off marketing controversy means a way to attract attention by intentionally taking a position that not everyone will agree with or may even often, certain groups off people. It is okay, tohave opinion and take a strong stand, which not everyone supports because controversy provokes a discussion and discussion is attention at the end, it will encourage people to seek out more information about what you are doing now, although controversy is very effective in attracting people's attention. But you need to be aware off its risks. If you don't do this carefully and constructively, it could backfire and destroy your reputation at the end. Essentially, not all controversy is a good controversy. A constructive controversy means that the controversy needs toe have a high level off purpose, something that you really truly believe in. You should avoid creating controversy for the sake off controversy. Only people are smart and half good senses. Eventually, they can tell whether you are really creating genuine controversy for displaying soap opera . As long as you are able to maintain this sense off value, creating a bit off controversy can be a very effective tool in marketing. Less form off messages is education. It means we use educative contents toe, attract people's attention to build credibility, which at the end, we'll trust now this education form Off messages relate closely with content marketing, which is a very important topic. We are going to discuss in a few lessons after this 16. 02-12 The reputation equation: in this lesson video we are going to discuss about reputation. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are no wonder for sub chapter, which is sales funneling okay, in this less sub chapter off marketing, we are going to start discussing the connections between marketing and sales and one off the most important aspect that relate toe. Both marketing and sales is reputation. Okay, so we all know about reputation. But the question is why Reputation matters well, because you can only make sales or business transaction if the customer cross you. Trust is the prerequisite off any sales, and your reputation undoubtedly is the most important factor that will drive people's trust . Basically, having a good reputation is not an option. It is a mask, no matter what type off business you are running. Okay, so now how can we create good reputation? Then reputation follows this simple equation. Reputation equals toe branding, plus marketing messages plus customer experience, plus the external factors. As we discussed earlier. Branding is actually just one off the factors that drive reputation. But when people talk about branding mostly what they are referring, it's actually reputation as a whole, not just branding. The big difference between branding and reputation is that you can fully control your branding, but you cannot fully control reputation as there are many factors involved. Or, in other words, reputation is the result off branding plus with other factors. Okay, we have discussed branding before and also how to craft marketing messages. So let's just focus on the other two things in here, which are the custom or experience, and the external factors first is the user or customer experience. Now, as we discussed earlier, we can put our best efforts to manage our company in our products to create great customer experience. But the experience off each customer will be different. This is the internal factors, from the customer's perspective about our company's best performance, what they experience before we will determine what they feel and think about our company and our products in the future. Next is the external factors. When prospect customers one or need to buy your product, they will try to dick more information about their product. They may ask their friends or families or search for user reviews online, etcetera. Sometimes they stumble upon news coverage or a bloke article or even hoax about your product, and you need to be aware that it doesn't always have to be about the product directly. For example, if you own a private school, what looting will happen if one off your staff or a teacher or even the principal do something bad? And information about this case spreads widely among the public, maybe killing an innocent or has an affair with another staff or stealing a lot of money from school, for example, basically anything that is considered to be a shameful AC after this case, do you think people still willing to send their kids to your school? Well, maybe yes, for a small part off them, but it were definitely put off most people away because they will think that if a trusted figure can do something that bad, then there must be something awfully wrong going on in your school. So again, pull off these external sources, such as reviews, news, word, off mouth, social media, etcetera will affect how our prospect custom or stink about our company in our products. Now you might be thinking okay so I can design my own branding I can craft my marketing messages. I can also put my best efforts in managing the customer experience. But how in the world can I cope up with negative external factors? Well, the answer is you cannot fully control the external factors, but you can at least minimize the negative factors by proactively providing positive reactions. There are many ways to do this. For example, if you discover a bad product review from oppressed customer and you have to mean toe answer our reply toe that bad review, then you showed. Just remember that you always need to show positive attitudes. You should ask them politely about the problem. Tell them that you sincerely want to help out and finally give solution to the problem for the solution. Perhaps you can replace the product with a new one or give them refund or any compensation that you can give them. You can also call them personally and try toe. Have a warm conversation toe, find a win win solution. OK, now, in a case off negative public news such as the school case example before then for this matter, you should proactively hold a press conference and explaining all off the details about the problems you need to clearly explain your good intention and that you or your company have taken serious measures to resolve the case. For example, maybe you can fire the problematic staff, or better you can bring him to justice yourself. Etcetera essentially showed that Houston with the public and become their hero. 17. 02-13 Sales Funnel: in this lesson video we are going to discuss about sales funnel. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business, which is marketing, and we are no under four sub chapter, which is cells funneling. Okay, so what is exactly cells funnel cells? Funnel is marketing term for a design pattern. Off customers journey from being just a prospect all the way to purchasing the product and eventually recommending the product sales funnel connects marketing activities with sales activities and finally valued livery activities. Now you may find different names for sales funnel in different books or articles. Some people may call it marketing and sales funnel. This is also correct because it does start with marketing. Some people may refer to it as sales, pipeline revenue, funnel or sales process. Etcetera. Names can be different, but essentially they are the same. A system or a designed pattern off customers journey. Okay, so how these sales funnel looks like, Well, there are no exact formula or right or wrong about creating cells. Funnel the steps may very depending on the company's sales model, you can find many off these cells funnels. If you brought the Internet, some may suit your business. Some may not. Let's just create the most basic and generic sales funnel we can think off just for example . I'm sure you can expand the concept yourself from this example. First, let's divide the funnel into three big steps. Top, middle and bottom. The top one is where the marketing activities happen. The middle one is where the sales activities happen, and the bottom one is where the value delivery happen. Now imagine at the top we have a lot of people indicated as our prospect customers. Only some off them show interest in our product and from those who are interested. Not all of them finally purchased our product. So essentially the more we go down the funnel, the fewer people we have. That is why it is described as a funnel. It is large at the top and small at the bottom. The first stage off the sales funnel is called the awareness face, because it is where people first become over off your product or surface. They may hear about you from your advertising. Social media even work off mouth. This face can also be considered as the no face because people change from not knowing to know about you or your company. The second stage is the interest face in which prospects demonstrate interest in our product by conducting product research in online businesses. The interest face can be indicated by the customers frequently visit our website or blawg, toe consume or contents. These face can also be considered as the like face. To succeed at this stage, we need to provide a lot off valuable contents. The more we show valuable contents, the more we can show that we are experts in our fields, which is important to move the prospects to the third stage. The third stage is the conversion face. This is where the prospects give up their emails or contacts in exchange for a value we provide. This face can also be considered as the trust face because people won't easily give up their personal contacts if they don't trust you. In this face prospect, customers are now called sales leads because they are the ideal people for the sales team to contact further. The fourth stage is closing face or, in other words, purchasing face. This is where ourselves team reached out. The leads negotiate and finally close the deal. Our sales leads now become our customers. The less face off the sales funnel is the delivery face. This is where we deliver what we have promised in the sales process. It is important to over deliver what we have promised so that the customers are delighted and become our lawyer customers. That is why we can call this face also as the love face. Because this is where our customers truly pleased with our products or surfaces so that they are willingly to purchase more from our company and even recommend our company to other people. Okay, guys. So this is what sells funnel is all about helping cells. Funnel is important, so you can approach your marketing, sales and value delivery processes more strategically with sales funnel. You have a grand map hotel where your prospect customers are located. This way you understand what they need and provide that to them correctly. One off. The biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make is trying to close a deal with a complete stranger. This is like pushing people from the awareness face directly to the closing face. It may works in certain cases, but in most businesses, this just one work, you will be putting too much efforts to the closing face with little or no gain at all. At the end, What you need is to build the no the like and trust first before you can close a deal. 18. 02-14 Outbound vs. Inbound marketing: in this lesson video we're going to discuss about inbound first US outbound marketing. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business with this marketing, and we are now on the four sub chapter with these cells funnelling. Okay, we have talked about cells funnel before. Now, if you look closely at the awareness face, this is perhaps the most demanding face in term off marketing process. What I mean by there. There are so many marketing tactics that we can use or need to use to move people from not knowing toe become aware off our business. But from all off the marketing tactics are methods available in the world. Nowadays, we can at least categorize them into two distinctive tactics. Outbound marketing, an inbound marketing. Let's discuss what out bone marketing firsts and in later inbound marketing. So what is exactly outbound marketing? Well, outbound marketing is marketing tactic off using mass media toe push marketing messages to the public. The basic idea is there. If enough people who are in our target audience here the message, they will respond. Outbound marketing is actually just another name for traditional advertising methods. It includes television and radio advertising print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, an outdoor advertising, etcetera. These marketing tactics used to be very effective, but nowadays these ads are so saturated and so similar that people paying less and less attention to them now don't get me wrong. Outbound marketing still works for certain products and in certain high range budgets. But by using outbound marketing, many people who are not in our target audience are also exposed to our messages, which makes the course off advertising on this media relatively high or, in other words, less efficient, not really suitable for a small to medium businesses who have a very limited marketing budget today. Technology has changed how people obtain information and consequently, marketing has undergone a massive transformation. Beside the old outbound marketing tactic, we usually have born a new marketing tactic called inbound marketing, which exists and live in by the Internet and the social media. So what is in bone marketing? Well, in essence, instead off pushing out marketing messages to the public to get prospects, attention inbound marketing works by pulling visitors in through the creation off valuable contents and building online authority. These valuable contents include blow articles, websites, YouTube videos, paid online ads targeting specific searcher's social media presence, reports Infographics, Mobile, APS and much more. Our prospect customers will find this contents through the use off search engines such as Google being Yahoo or even YouTube. As lot of people use YouTube as a search engine nowadays, etcetera just for example, let's say a car owner is interested in a car modification surface. How is he going to find such a surface? In the past, he might have looked in the Yellow Pages, the newspaper or direct mail's. Today he only need to get on his computer or simply his smartphone. Go to his favorite search engine and type car modification in North Jakarta and look for the best results. These search may lead him to some bloke articles or YouTube videos about car care and how tocar modification. He may even download a pdf file about car modification guidance. He also may go to his Facebook or a Twitter account and asked his connection for their recommendations. The car service company that can deploy online contents that cover this whole spectrum off online opportunities will eventually win the business. Okay, now you might be thinking that inbound marketing is complicated. It looks complicated because, well, it is complicated. Inbound marketing is more complicated, compared toa out Bone marketing based on the amount off works need to be done, but it is very efficient based on the course off the execution and long term sustainability . 19. 02-15 Content marketing: in this lesson video we are going to discuss about content marketing. Currently, we are discussing the second pillar off business with this marketing, and we are no on afford sub chapter witches sales funneling okay in the sales funnel that we have discussed before, looking closely at the interest face where prospects are actively and eagerly looking for more information about our products. Also, after discussing the difference between inbound marketing versus out born marketing usual realized by now how important it is to produce quality contents in today's marketing. Really, by definition, content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing content to attract prospect customers toe or product or our business content. Marketing is the core off inbound marketing. Now you might be thinking that this whole concept off content marketing is new, just as with the term inbound marketing, which was just emerged recently. Well, this assumption is not correct, although the term content marketing is perhaps new to our ears, but the concept behind it has been practised by people for a very long time. Remember the old days off the soap operas, the drama or the TV show is the content and the soaps are the actual products that they are selling. Let's give another example. In several countries in early nineties, Tommy, a toy cars become a big hit. It's like every kid did. I knew at that time played Tamia cars, and there are so many Tommy arresting events happened all over the place is what drove Tommy's success in selling these toy cars Waas, not common advertising campaigns we saw in TV. This success was mostly caused by an animated fee serious produced by Tom AEA, which hugely inspired Children toe both and played the poi cars. These examples are the proof off content, marketing effectiveness. They are also the proof that content marketing as a concept and as a practice has been around for longer than the existence off Internet. Nowadays, we all know and realize that the marketing landscape has shifted from one way communication such as TV and radio. The words are more interactive medium, which is the Internet. What walk back in the eighties won't necessarily work today, and with new marketing channels like video streaming, social media, etcetera, new opportunities are knocking our door. There are tons off different content. Marketing strategies exist today with the ever growing number off strategies and channels, the number off specific success keys, tips and tricks grow along with them also. So in this section I will try to point out just five generic success keys that I believe are the most important things we need tohave. In order to succeed, these five success keys should be applicable to any business type that you may have first is production system. What I mean by this is that you need to create a system that can produce quality content on a regular basis. This is perhaps the biggest barrier for small business owners to empower content marketing content. Marketing is not about writing 1 to 5 articles and then everything magically transformed into CEOs. Figures, Content marketing is long term strategy that focuses on building strong relationship with our target audience. Just think about it. Are you willing to subscribe to a blawg that doesn't get updated for years? Most likely, no second is answering questions. People often go online searching for answers to questions in areas s Monday in as fixing a bicycle tire toe s exciting as planning a vacation. So when your content answers their questions your website may lend at the top off their search results, putting you at the forefront off the very people you are trying to reach. So try to find out what are the questions your prospects often ask and create content based on that, third is use multimedia. Creating text content is great for search engines and for discoverable ity, but you also need to add images and videos and podcasts is to your content portfolio just like the old days. Some people may prefer reading magazines. Some people may prefer listening to radio, and others prefer to watch television. If you want to spoil your visitors, create longer retention and eventually will loyalty. You need to use different variety off media in your content for his goal. Mixing. When you create a content, you need to have a goal in mine. What I mean goal is there. It can be at least one off these five things educate, entertain, inspire, inform or convert. Educate means creating content that teach people about a certain skill or knowledge. Entertain means content that they're Splain fun. Inspire is content that awaken people uplifting or encourage them to take important actions . Inform is essentially keeping them up to date with the latest industry news and trends. The last one is convert. Convert. ISS can 10 their tries to move prospects to the next stage in the cells funnel and eventually turned them into customers. Okay, so the idea off goal mixing is that you need to create a strategy toe, makes this different goals together, or rotate them one after the other. Perhaps today you publish content for educating people. Tomorrow you create content to entertain and the day after tomorrow to inspire people etcetera. Or you can also have content that consists more than two goals at the same time, such as to educate and to inspire. And then at the next content, you have two different set off goals, such as to entertain and to inform etcetera. This will create dynamics in your content portfolio and make them more interesting. You'll get the idea. The fifth success key is Treeger discussion. What I mean by this is that you need to make your content inviting people to engage in discussion, perhaps by ending open and the questions at the end, or creating a bit off controversy we have discussed about controversy in there in the earlier lesson, so they should be clear to you by now. Okay, guys, I'm sure there are plenty other strategies or tapes out there to create great content marketing. But I believe if you can just do this five well, you will have great outcome from your content marketing efforts in Sharlow.