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Bullet Journal / Creative Planner Hacks and Tips: Fixing the "Oops"

teacher avatar Jessica Owinyo, Creative Entrepreneur

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

We’ve all done it, typos, accidental marks, and just straight up messing up a page. Well don’t worry, here are a few hacks to help you roll with you mistakes. It might even spice up your bullet journal design!

In this class you will find:

  • 4 Hacks + a BONUS design tip!
  • Page adaption and ways to make use of tools

Happy Bullet journaling! Let’s see those mistakes owned and conquered!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jessica Owinyo

Creative Entrepreneur



Hey there,

This is a small glimpse into my life as a creative entrepreneur. Currently my husband and I live and travel in a 1976 Airstream Sovereign that we renovated in three months and hit the road to head to grad school! All of my videos are filmed inside the our little home as well as all my other work... Well, I also spend a lot of time in coffee shops! My small business is called "Genuinely Ginger", if you don't get it now, you will! I create with my hands, hand letter, design, teach, and share. It is a huge privilege to do and I am so thankful for the ways God has opened doors for me to walk through.  

I can't help but to create, and I especially love serving others and using my gifts to bless others as I have been the recipient and blessed b... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: you guys. It's just from generally ginger. And I've got four tips to help you deal with those pesky bullet journaling mistakes. If you die wide anything, you're probably aware that mistakes are just inevitable. But I've got a method to roll with the punches and own those mistakes making pretty and to keep, um, bullet journaling. So follow along. And hey, I'd love to see your work at the end of the class. 2. TIP 1: So there's always a time when you just really, really messed up a page and it's like, Okay, I'm just gonna start fresh. And you replied, I have certainly done that here. You can see a poorly cut out page eso There definitely is a time for that. But here are a few ways to try to keep from having to do that. If you make a mistake and you just I want Teoh, you know, scratch the whole page. But guess what? There's still a lot of page left here. You can use it as a doodle page and ah, use the cross page as well as a doodle page and then just fix it up when you're done. Um, filling it up with doodles by putting it together like so. And then we're gonna put a piece of washi tape here on the edge. Teoh Well, make it prettier and just turn it into one page. And there we have a page put together and now has, ah, a nice border there. Now there's other ways to fix, uh, mistakes that you might have had by just covering up a page a spot by putting a new a little block in there for if you have a piece of paper were pretty pattern of people. You could just tack that in there and cover it up. Or you can cut out that page and make kind of a window page, which I've been here. You can see where I've cut it. 3. TIP 2: here we are on Teoh Tip number two. And this is to use washi tape. Washington is definitely your friend. You saw me. We're gonna use it in the last video. And it's really fun to get some different kinds fund patterns and just to either embellish or to corrupt mistakes. Like I said. So on this page right here, you can see I if you look really close. I actually was starting a weekly spread here, and then I messed up, and I wrote 20 twice. So I ended up covering it up with washi tape and just making a nice, like border there. And this is where actually took some notes for making this class so funny how that works. You can also use, uh, well, she taped to make, uh, things like this. Words. Ah, a tab for you to know where you're at in the week. You can embellish things like this around different pages and pages. Maybe that you wanna be able to grab and reference really fast. So you know where they are. You can see it in the top two. I actually have ah, couple war. I just have to the top and you can make them stick out a little bit more if you want to, or you could just leave it there so you can see right here. I have a tab and you can easily see the pages that I've tabbed the edges up. So these air great uses of washi tape on I highly recommend them, as it just kind of makes the whole thing were fun, and it could save your bacon a couple times. 4. TIP 3: next up is using leaflets for adding pages or little things into your journal. This one is just in the beginning. It's actually an old one I used. If I'm doing a photography set and I'm on site or something, I wanna have it in the beginning of my journal so I could just whip it on Google. But it's not permanent, so I can take it out later. Another way to use a leaflet is Teoh. Stick it inside of any of your pages and you can actually move it around. So I will show you here like this one. Um, this is like a morning routine of routine that I've been trying to adopt and just to do these things immediately when I wake up in the morning and you can just stick it there, I know a lot of people like to do this with their key when they first start, because they might forget what their key is for and what the different symbols they used means. So this is definitely a a good thing to grab, and then washi tape is great because it really does just kind of come off really easy. Islam is your careful. I mean, then it folds in when you don't want it, you can make a Miss Baker little as you want. You can even add a page. If you want to stick a page in here in just washing tape it in. That works to you. But you definitely wanna have a little bit more face on the inside. Kind of like this one. So that's the leaflet. 5. TIP 4: So I told you about If you mess up at the top of the page, you can actually cut the bottom off, cut the top off so that just the bottom remains and you have kind of a gauge that allows you to have an extra little small part or whatever. And I actually have a way of doing this that I really like. And it means a little bit more fun to dio This is the paint, actually royally screwed up on a couple times I had to rip the page out and then I messed up again. So what happened was I messed up on the title up here, so I cut it off, and then I have this great, really large, almost 3/4 of a page, and I decided, Well, I'm going to make this into a multi, um, dimensional page here because I'm gonna do this Is blawg ideas class ideas? Think, Think, think, brainstorming. And this was like product brainstorming pages. You can see here and then I just I caught around us. You can cut here, cut up here, but just leave out a little tab there. You can put a Washington tab on this. If you'd rather make it more colorful or easier to grab, that's totally up to you. But it is pretty easy to grab because I lined it with some gold in your Washington here, so that definitely adds a dimension. It kind of makes it look like you did it on purpose because other than my little tear here , you might not even know that I messed up. So this is definitely my favorite fix. And as you could see, I used the gate option a few times. Um and I know people too, who do it multiple layers, so you can have several of these times going, But I don't, uh I only do it when I mess up for the most part, because it tends to be a lot of work, and I just don't have time for that. So if you have a time court, I would love to see you do it and share what you've done because I always love to admire other people's work. So, uh, hope these tips helped you guys and, uh, don't give up on bullet journaling, keep at it and come up with creative ways to own your mistakes and roll with them 6. BONUS TIP!: Hey, guys, it's bonus time. I promised you one bonus tip for your bullet journal and this is it. It's kind of designed this two layered lettering design here. You can use it as a header or even if you want to do the days of the week, you just do a smaller one. So this is to kind of help you if you're not great on, um freehand or drawings just not your thing. But you still wanna have fun designs in your bullet journal. This is for you. So the tools you're gonna want are some washi tape. This is a big one. So for this size, that's the size of theater that's going to go right here. So I'm already getting into a little bit. But if you're gonna do a smaller one like the days of the week in your bullet journal, you're gonna wanna have a lot thinner of washi tape. But I'm gonna use the big ones you guys can see in the video butter I'm using, Ah, brush tip pen by Tom Bo, my micron pen. And then, of course, a protractor. I'm just for the street edge for these lying to. So let's get started and get you on the way to a fund design 7. PART 1: so to get started, t understand us on a regular sheet of paper. But if you're doing it in your bullet journal, go ahead and write this little I just did a pencil so that you guys could see a little bit easier if you want to make sure it's straight. Um, sometimes I mean, I like to just eyeball and my bullet journal because you have the dots, but I don't have them here. And then I'm you're gonna rip appeases washi tape off, and you're gonna line it up on that line, just they don't out. So remember that we're gonna be working from the edge of where the rip is. If you want to be really good, you can cut your washi tape straight, and then it's a little bit easier to work with it like this. So at this point, we're going to take the brush pen or, if you want to use a regular pen, are marker, you definitely can't just up to you so and then I'm gonna write. I think every do for this one. I'm gonna ride Hello. So I'm going to write in big letters. Here we go and certainly doesn't have to be perfect. You can go back and embellish it if you want and make it a little bit more, Um, substantial. That might help people. Or even you know what it says after you are dead. Okay. I'm no Rick. My washi tape off now. No, we have that nice clean line down the center and I'm gonna grab my protractor and I'm going to grab my micron pen. I'm just gonna line it up. Amazing. Good. With the invisible line that's there from the Washington And I'm just gonna make it as long as I want on each side I want my banner to be So if I want to be pretty even I'll just overlapped the the end letters just a little bit. Do you want it to be nice? And even again in your bullet journal? You have the doc grand. This will be a little bit easier. Here you go. And you can do the straight, um, and caps, or you can kind of curve them a little bit. I like to curb them a little because I like to do the, um, curly ribbon ends. So that's where we are right now. And in the next, I'll show you how to do the tales, and then we'll finish it off 8. PART 2: Okay, so doing the tails could be a little bit tricky. I know in this part a za little bit more of the freehand, artsy fartsy. But if you want to use your protractor, you can and make straight angles. I like to do the curves. So basically, you're just gonna grab this point right here a to bottom, and you could do a top one. But I'm just going to show you do the bottom one for this one. Um, grab that corner and was going to bring it out. I'm gonna bring it really wide. We're gonna go past that, H and you're going to curve it back this direction and just give it us work like that. So now if you go like this straight down and connect here, that's the backside of the ribbon. And then you've got the front side again right here, and then just get back and again. If you want to use your protractor, you should go straight back this way and straight back this way and connect it there, and you want it again to be about the same as, um, this one the width. Anyway, so and then if you want to be, like, really arty and finished off. You can put a little pin striping back here behind the each year to show that that's the back side of your ribbon, not the front side. So I'm gonna do it on the side as well. So there's our ribbon tales. They're not quite the same size, but that's okay. I'm not really particular about that. And then in the middle, I'll probably just right. Maybe I'll write Monday because we're saying hello Monday. Okay, I try to darken a little bit there so you could see it better, but that's basically the gist of it, so you can rewatch it in practice again. If you use the thinner washi tape, it will be a little bit easier with the word behind it, because you'll be able to see it a little bit better. But, yeah, just go ahead and experiment, practice, um, and have fun with it and enjoy the new tip on adding a little bit of his as to your bullet journal.