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Building a typographic grid and designing a clean and modern layout

teacher avatar Magaly Valette, Graphic designer and pre-press operator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      class project


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      what is a typographic grid


    • 4.

      three basic graphic design rules


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      choosing the right font


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      building the grid


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About This Class

If you quickly want to step up your design game, it’s time to start designing on a typographic grid !

In this Skillshare class I’ll take you through my workflow and guide you step by step though the process of creating a precise typographic grid using Adobe In Design.

A grid is a powerful tool that will help you :

  • Keep your content organized by having elements aligned and ordered
  • Make your workflow much quicker
  • Enhance the legibility and readability of your content
  • Make collaborating with other designer much easier

In this course you will learn :

  • How to choose the right fonts
  • How to set up the perfect grid using margins and gutters
  • Sketching techniques and why it is important to start any project by sketching
  • How to place and align elements inside the grid and taking in consideration blank space as part of the design

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Magaly Valette

Graphic designer and pre-press operator

Level: Beginner

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1. introduction: Hi. My name is like me. I'm a graphic designer and previous operator from Sicily. About a year ago, I put my job working for a printing company to be my own bus while traveling the world. I've always been fascinated by Swiss design, which used to be called international typographic style. I could go on for hours, but to keep it short is the idea that design should be as invisible as possible. So only the content can shine too. And the best way to achieve this is by designing type artifically. It will help you structure your design. You know, whether would otherwise be difficult and time consuming. It will keep your content organize, make your job much easier and quicker. And hence the legibility and readability of content make collaborating with other design much interior and go home. You create dynamic layouts and keep consistency over. All you need for this class is a computer little being designed, something to write on a pencil, a cup of coffee and analogous. Okay. You might not need yellow this class you to begin here. Want to learn and you wish you were more efficiently. Us well less designed. What came Children technique. But the end of this class you'll be able to understand the principle about typography. Great. How do you quickly shoots right from the three fundamentals of graphic design and how she set up a grid and place your intimate along with some cover fit tips and tricks? 2. class project: former excess project. We're going to create a later visit time com Perfectly be newspaper, magazine, commercial foreshore or whatever you like to warm up throughout this class. Differences between simple grid and power recreate and all the benefits of using it. I'll show you how to choose the typeface for you. Lay up instead of a perfect great using margin columns and letters, we'll do some sketching. We'll show your technique electric use, then uses slows. She is your own simple, powerful later, and I believe Sherry used probably tics and tricks along. Once you finish your your final design as loads a screenshot of your design showing the Greek you've created with the margin columns on God and the best like greets. Everyone can see how each of you made it work, So go ahead. Think about the former of your document. I suggest you to forget standing former. Just go crazy with it. She was 1 to 2 typefaces group some text and images of your own or online from open sources like Wikipedia and follow along 3. what is a typographic grid: So what is even a typographical? Well, a simple, but it is a structure made above intercepting vertical and horizontal lines, but it's a perfectly consist of three main elements. The margin. The columns with the gutter and the horizontal lines. But what is it to awesome? Well, it will keep you content organized, but having you elements align in order, it will make your job much quicker as they can act as the guys that tells you where is the best place to place position in scale elements rather than just randomly positioning elements until you find a decent looking composition, it will enhance the eligibility and readability of your content and will make collaborating with other designer much easier as it. Someone has to make a change in your design like being a new photo. If you have a solid, great set up, they should be able to see how you intend to position everything. Here's a great example of a layer that uses the power grid. In this layout created by the Bren Design Agency, the council, based in the UK the designer used agreed to position in scale his helmets as there's a lot of information going on. He choose to use infographics in diagrams to bring all these not so interesting information to an easily understandable way. 4. three basic graphic design rules: keeping the same example quickly walking through three fundamentals of graphic design, which will help you create you only out at the end of the crust. First and super important, we have hierarchy, which is finals off separation. You have to several elements people to be able to see that as a designer, you choose where you want the reader to look at. You need to guide your origins through all this information. We can see here that the designer did a good job separating the element to guide the reader size three layout musical version of this part for the titles and decided to underline this one to bring more attention to it. Here, use a Tell it to direct the art of reader president. There's many ways to separate elements with the use of colors with the phones, both like lower case capital letters, Roman or italic. You can highlight important information. Separate them from the rest of the text. I mean, you can get really creative with it. Then they're scaling, scaling feei dynamics in your design here. The designer decided to put this information really big. It surprises the reader and makes a nice impact where a plane block of text could look boring in middle of page. You can scale your text, but also your images. You can have really small picturing one page and a full glee one on the next one and talking about images claiming your super important, too. But I said, before you have to direct your audience so you choose what you want the people to look at in this layout template front on creative market that come, we will see how margin and bleed affect the feel of the image and how it occupies space. So for this one having a white border margin around it, let us see the image as an object. This one, though, doesn't have a border around it. It bleeds outside the page, and it brings a view over inside the picture you choose how you want to crop your image to dropping cannot only change the size or shape of the image, but the mood and meaning of it. So it's really something to pay attention to 5. choosing the right font: here. I made a selection of pictures I took a couple months ago while travelling Asia, but she's them because they thought they had interesting texture or lying going on that I could work with or aligning elements to. I decided to cover them in black and white because I wanted to try something a little more dramatic. Also went on Wikipedia, and she's copied a couple paragraph numbers from relevant to my subject. So now that we are everything we let's open up a new document, I want mine should be horizontal. So I'm just gonna shoot a standard a four format and flip it, which he's going to be to 97 by 2 10 millimeters for the margin. I'm going to set mines, too. Let's see. 12 millimeters. I'll change the value of the bottom one later on, and you'll understand why. Don't forget to set you bleed to three million matters all the way around. Okay, well, let should you first before jumping and she's sketching and setting up my grade is finding the perfect type fit for my design. So the best way to do that, it's simply by testing, so I'll give my textile Quicken drug, and I'm gonna go to type feeling with place, older texts and justify left. So now I'm going to play different fonts to see what looks best. So let's see Roberto Mo No regular for this one. There's a couple other version available for free and Google phones, so I'm just gonna duplicate it. So by holding option, she's click and drugs duplicates for this one. Let's see the Swiss. I love this one. It's from the BP. Hungry. You can get it at Swiss typefaces that come. I'm also going to try the din. This one was What do you use for traffic sign? But I like it. It gives them more industrial feeling. So another Have my three funds. I'm just going to make some quick adjustment and see how it looks. So maybe tweak the leading a bit by default takes always come in 12 point, but for this kind of layer, I think it's too big. So, depending on the type face, I usually go for something between 11 and 9.5. But again, try different sizes and you'll see what were expressed when your print your simple out, I'm just gonna deeply get this three and try a different site. I suggest you to also try to work with titles you can use different fun or Jews. Try with the bold version of the one you selected. So here we have a little simple. So now what you're gonna want to do is print them out and see the outcome and choose what looks best. Be careful when printing, because some fringe is our default setting that we are just a composition she to page. And we don't want that. We really want to keep the actual size of our front. So we're actually looking at what we call the typography color. We're not going to find a color like blue, pink or yellow, but a shade of gray that defines the term for block of text and what to find. The stone is the lens casing the size and weight of a character if it's bold light. So if I look at my block of text as just a great shapes, help me evaluate the impact of it and see, maybe I shouldn't make me just make the change may be making the lighter. I find it easier for me to look at it from further and treat my eyes bids. But I think I'm gonna go with the 2nd 1 sweet side face. It's a little older than the other one, and I find it more. 6. building the grid: So now that we have found right typeface, it's something to jump into more technical part of this place. There's many other way to achieve these, but this one is my favorite. I find it more precise and by the end it all depends on you in which where you want to use , you can tell, believes it in you sure, if you feel more comfortable using it. Here we have our document. What I want to do first is set up by based on greed basically will use it chilling all of our attacks to a horizontal great where the bottom of each letter is positioned onto the grid just like riding on the line paper. To do this, you want to go in the view menu at the top, then under grids and guides you want to click show based on greed, you can switch easily between the standard view. More to do preview marred by just hitting w on your keyboard. So now that we have the standard great showing what we want this You said it up according to the front and setting, which is earlier. If you go back to my fund selection, I can see that choose a leading off 13 point. So what we wanted, you know he's go under in design preferences, Grid's and under increments. Every I'm going to change it to 13 points and remember at the beginning that she's my top margin to be 12 millimeters. So what's that also wants to do is change to start to 12 million metric. So my great will begin right at the margin now that we have or based on rates set, If we zoom into my paragraph, we can see that the text is not yet a line to it. So we're just going to say like, Oh, go under paragraph. If the menu is not showing on the right side, you can get it under window type in table and paragraph. Once you selected you techs, she's click the little icon on the bottom right corner that sees a line on Paisley and Greed. Now we can see that the bottom of each letter is lying perfectly on the Great. The next thing we're going to do is divide a document into columns and getter. To do this well, first start by measuring just pace. We have between two lines of our baseline greed because we want our gutters to be the same size two digits. Quickly. I'll just draw a rectangle between the lines and it will show me the heart. So for May, it's for that 586. I can go now under layout, margins and column. I'll choose to divine my document into 12 column white. It seems like a lot, but keep in mind that the more rows and columns you create, the more creative you can be under. Together I'll enter my value of for that 586 which corresponds to the spacing between the line of my baseline greed and actually to the leading off my text. I know that we have our column said. The last thing you want to do is at some horizontal lines and gutters, for this will go under, they out and create goats. I'll choose to create eight rows under getter. I'll answer the same value as before. So for that 586 under option, make sure to check the books that say's fit guy to margins when you click. OK, there is a chance that the guy don't align to the baseline grid, but no worries. What I just do is select them and drug them on tumor basil in great lines. It's pretty quick and easy. Just make sure at the end that all your guides of the same spacing and that you've aligned them to the right horizontal lines. When I said my margin at the beginning, I told you that I would change the bottom one later. Well, here's why. As I divided my document into eight rows, making sure that my gutter were the same size as the leading of my text, there's very little chance she fought right onto the margin that she is at the beginning. So what I'm going to do is set up my margin. She fit my rose, not the other way around. By selecting the last guy, I can see that it's place That's 1 98 158 millimeters. So under layout, margin and column, I'll change my bottom balance sheet the height of my document to 10 millimeters minus 1 90 That's 8 58 and while that we can see that everything is aligned perfectly and I lost, you have my bottom margin bigger than the top one. It gives them more positive feeling. The content is flooding towards the top and doesn't feel heavy or pushing down the bottom of the page. But again, this is not rule on depends on what you want to communicate through your design. 7. sketching: we're not done with the more technical part of this last. So let the fun begin. It's important to start every project with some sketching. This will allow you to quickly play around with your events to find the best hierarchy between your Texan images, which is actually the key to get an efficient design and building great composition with consistency. So we'll just grab a pencil and start sketching. It will save you a lot of time to work through concept on paper before going to the computer. It's not impossible to scare directly on the computer, but you won't be as fast as catching multiple concept on paper. Plus, it's good. Sometimes you let go of the screen and grab a pencil. If you work for a client, you could save you an enormous amount of time because you don't want to spend 10 hours designing something for you claim to tell you afterwards that it's not what he wanted. You want to be quick when you're sketch for me. I like shoes, different techniques to differentiate my headlines or a title to the rest of my text. I'll just try some way for the bull titles and straight lines for my paragraph for the Energies unit. She spent too much time drawing either. I like you just quickly recreate basic shapes or line just to get an idea of the look it could get from it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that we really want to keep our element instinct. You want to try and find ways to create some contrast. It could be by scaling elements using different colors. We already want to get a sense of hierarchy and how you plan to direct the ID of the reader . Try as much concept as you want it be great to share you sketches in the class projects, too. 8. designing: know that we haven't really set up. And Nora sketches, Really. It's Tonci create or layout design. I meant to differently out using the same text and images to show you that working degree doesn't have to restrict this one is more a graphical. I decided to use only two colors green and black, play with the opacity of the images and created this kind of graphic pattern using these Ron shapes that I will be able to using other pages as a way to keep consistency over many pages for this one, I decided to line my takes to the left for the other one, which looks more like a travel magazine. A justified everything. Here's a quick tip on how to decide if you should align your takes or justify it. Justifying is great when you have a lot of text a book, for example, the idea of the region doesn't need to pitch must effort to read it. It flows easily. But true, though, this the number of characters Elaine should be between 15. She 70 so around a to 10 words of depending on the language. If there is less than 35 words online, you will see these weird cracks or white space between the words and the Isle of the Reader will get quickly tired from going back and forth from one sentence to another. You don't need to call each word or character. There is in your line. You can just select it and go under window and info, and it will tell you automatically. There's another way to avoid these on aesthetic crux. If you go under in design preferences, composition and just check the books that say's H and J Violations. Agent J actually stands for hyphenation, and justification in design will highlight intense off yellow what it considered as bad, really but or worst space line so you can try and fix them. The other option is to align your text left. It's a better option for a more narrow composition. It's more dynamic than Esteve block of text, but you create the more aesthetic flow and make it easier to read. You need to manually revised the end of each sentences you really want. You avoid weird shapes appearing in your composition like this aero or this Rome type of shape and look up for, but with them, you also want to be careful when you cut words. Each language has its own rules you don't want to break. Try not to leave small two or three letter words at the end of a sentence. It can be a bit challenging to respect all of these rules, but that's also what makes it fun to get much my layout. I stayed focused on the three design principle that we learned before. So for the hierarchy, you can see that I created these table to highlight simple fact about the elephant and make them easier to read. I also pulled out this quote from the texture, attract the reader's attention. It gives a little, hence, on what's this is over and hopefully make them want. You know more about it. To differentiate my title from the rest of detect. I made it a bit bigger in Bolt and push it in a bit about Skilling. I decided to make the numbers of white elephant left in Asia really big to surprise of uber and attract his attention here. I even decided to use a whole page with only one really big sentence in a couple of pictures, and that's the great thing about the grid. If you have to make this widow that it really difficult to end up with a big mess here, Degree really gives a nice structure and help keep everything organized. Aligning on the greed is great, but you also want to create alignment between you text in images which will then create structure to your spread. Here I decided to align horizontally the bottom of the quote with the bottom of the big numbers on the right, but also decided to around the top of all my block of text. So we create this nice imaginary line that Christ the entire spread. About the second layout. I wanted to look more like a travel magazine. I choose to justify my text to have these Klingeman art blocks choose another typeface for my table. This one is a serious here. I check this little part of the text and put it in bold and I tell it to create a kind of sub it. I made this image bleed on top and on the left side of the page a one. The people she feel the immensity of the jungle. So I exaggerated. Decide of the photograph to about Redoute. Kinda enter inside it. I like the curve of the river. It's sort of showing the way, like in a row, pointing to the next page. Here, I scale my photographs. You get so my symmetry and tension between the small kind of term nails and this really close up of the elephant I and talking about framing. You can see here that I got rid of a lot of unnecessary jungle leaves to focus only on the man in the middle. It's also important she consider white space as part of the design. If you've used agreed right show than your Texan energies, you will get a nicely structure and negative space that won't feel empty and that we, at some lightness to you composition. So here are my two different layout. You can see that using the same images in the same text, I can get a completely different feel. I encourage you to explore many composition and don't hesitate. You look for inspiration online or from magazines, flyer posters or ads you see around you or on the street, get inspired and and have fun creating something beautiful 9. conclusion: Thank you guys for the course. I hope you guys enjoy it when you see all of your project, forget to share with your final design to screenshot showing the great you've created with marching columns and gathers. Everyone can see how you work The next course like to be about creating icons for your interview. I don't use you there.