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Build your WordPress Mailing List with Mailchimp - The Complete Tutorial

teacher avatar Alexander O., Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the Course


    • 2.

      Setting up our MailChimp Account


    • 3.

      Configuring our Mailing List


    • 4.

      Setting Up our Automated Emails


    • 5.

      Connecting WordPress with MailChimp


    • 6.

      Campaigns and Conclusion


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About This Class

Are you a WordPress user interested in building your mailing list with Mail Chimp? In this short tutorial I am going to walk you through how you can setup Mail Chimp to work effectively with your WordPress website.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to

  • Setup your free account with on Mail Chimp
  • Create and configure your mailing list
  • Setup automated emails to new subscribers
  • Connect Mail Chimp with your WordPress website
  • Create and send campaigns

Meet Your Teacher

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Alexander O.

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: Well, hello and welcome to this very special tutorial on how to walk with Milk Chimp And what first? My name is Alex, and I'll be your instructor. So coming up, I'm gonna share exactly how you can configure and create your middle chip account. I'm gonna show you how you can set up and configure your mail in listing, and I'll show you how you can set up automated email so that whenever in new subscribers as subscribe to your list, it will receive an email. And then, of course, very importantly, I'll show you how you can connect war press with your military account so you could begin to collect all those delicious emails and grow your mailing list. And finally, I will show you how you can create campaigns saying e mail step subscribers and make cells as a result. So this sounds good to you. Let's jump right in 2. Setting up our MailChimp Account: Alrighty. Welcome. So the very first thing we're gonna do here would be to create an account with Mill Chimp. Now, if you already have an account with milk chimp, you can skip this part of the tutorial and just go to the part where we begin to connect Mill Chim to Ward Chris, if you don't have an account with milk shrimp, well, keep watching. So basically, this is the home page. Now, you may be wondering why mill chimp is very, very popular out. Well, if you come down here to Price in Milton actually offers you a free account. And with the free accounts, you can actually get up to 2000 contacts. You'll have access to some really cool features like tags and segments, your basic templates and a host of other cool features such as, ah, ability to send emails, build landing pages and so on. So real militant is a very good marketing platform to start off with, and then eventually you can either decide to go with their paid plans or maybe even switched to a different platform. You can easily export all your contacts of milk shrimp and take them elsewhere if you wanted to, but let's go ahead and create our free accounts. I'm gonna come over here and well, you can see right now that I'm kind off logged in. That's because I do have an account with milk shrimp, and Milton knows that it's me again. I'm just gonna click on Log in. Ideally, this should be the page that you would see she can click on, create an account. So let's do that. So you're gonna provide your email, and I'm gonna use one of my sample email addresses right here. Dick Jones, 843 and then for the name. But I was gonna go with Dick Jones eight for three, and of course, that's available. And then for the pass, it'll just go ahead and create a very strong password. Okay, so I'm just gonna go ahead and click on get started. All right? So what's gonna happen right now is I'm gonna go ahead and check my email for the link that it sent to me. All right, is this is going to see right now in my Yahoo accounts and I do have the mail for mill chip . It says we're glad you're here. Otik Jones it for three. Activate accounts. I'm gonna go ahead and click on the link. And of course, we have to confirm I am a human, not a robot. So, yes, I am not a robot. I am, really. I'm flesh and blood. All right, We're gonna go with the free account for now. Let's go ahead. Hit complete. And so now we have to add first name, last name, stuff like that. So I'm just gonna go ahead and do That's what's in them. A few business. Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and say Web A Monkey studios. Do you have a website? Yes. And you have websites. It is the web monkey online dot com. You have to enter a fool. You are. Well, so let's go to http at that as well. Okay, so let's click. Continue. All right, Now, here's a thing. Okay, this is very important. You must have a physical address associated with your middle ship account, so you can see right now, it's actually part of the law. You have the international anti spam laws. So you do need to add, like a riel address in here. If you don't have an official bins address where you can click on the link, waited to get alternatives as to how you can add one. But if you do ideally pleased you add your real address in here, You don't want to add your home address. I will not recommend you do that. Just add a separate address. So what I'm gonna do right here is I'm gonna add one of my sample addresses. Right then. So it's the city. Opens Mills, Maryland zip code country. Let's continue. All right. You have a list of email subscribers right now, I don't. But if you do, you typically you will click. Yes. And then you would select the size cell. The process is a little bit different, but it's also a very, very easy multiple guide you all the way. But I'm going to do right now is I'm just gonna say no because we're resuming that we're building our email list for the very first time. So let's go ahead and click. Continue connect social media. If you do have your accounts, you can click on the plus button right here and there to connect you to either Facebook or Twitter and then you can connect from there if you want to. I'm just gonna go ahead and click. Continue for now. All right, let's find your market in path. Well, I'm not going to do this. You can do this on your own time. If you want to click. No. Right now. All right, accounts ready. Freddy, come on in. Let's set up your list and build the campaigns you dream about. Now, you can decide to subscribe to the bi bi weekly newsletter, and I'll recommend you do so if you're looking for tips on how you can build your email list, it's a good idea. So I'm gonna go ahead and take the bucks. Let's go. And Okay, so what about 1/4 of the way done? We still haven't finished, but will soon be there. So in here, right now, you'll be taken to this page where you can design your very first email to you. All this if you wanted to. But I'm not gonna do this. I'm just going to simply start, Click on. I'll do this later. Okay? All right. So now we're 50% complete. Add your contacts. If you do have contacts, you can't either important file if you want to. You all use a public form to collect subscribers. But again, I'll click on. I will do this later. You can do this. Okay. So, Well, we can send a very first email. But of course, we don't have any subscribers just yet. So again, I'll click on. I'll do this later. Okay, so we're done. It's 100% complete. And, well, Milton offers you additional features while you control your first land page call you or the ends set up an automated welcome email stuff like that. I'm just gonna go ahead and click on Go to my dashboard and that is it. Oh, it's so let's just go ahead. Uh, close this. All right. So you can see right now we do have our account all set up already. Audiences, of course. Plus zero. Because we don't have any existence subscribers, But so far so good. We have successfully created account on mill chimp 3. Configuring our Mailing List: already. Now that we have account with Mill Chimp, it is time to take a look at all a list. Now, by default, What's gonna happen here is mill chimp automatically will create one list for you. It will add your email address to that list. So from here, right now, if you click on view lists, it will take you to this page. You will see the notice saying, Hey, you know you've hit your audience limit. So basically, with the free vision of mill champion Turtle to warn main list. If you want additional lists, then you will have to pay for that. So in here, right now, you can see that I do have the list titled Monkey Studios. Remember, this was the name I used as my business name. And you can see we have one contact, one subscriber, and basically this is me, my own email address. So if I clicked on stats in here, you can see we have one subscribed contact. You click on that one, and in here right now, you would see my actual email address, my name, address and all that. Okay, well, there's a few things that we can do with your list, and I'd like to show you some very, very important are features. If you click on settings right here. Okay. You can go to the audience name and defaults right here. You can change the name associated with your list so you can change this to something else . Maybe My students, my subscribers, my YouTube subscribers, What have you can change that over here, you've got the form, settings and out. Highly. I strongly recommend that you enable the double Opt in the double often simply means that once a subscriber has given you the email that subscribed, they would receive an email asking them to confirm that indeed, they have chosen to subscribe to your mailing list. This way, you can truly ensure that whoever subscribes to your list Israel and interested in what you have to offer also automatically this will be enabled. They've recaptured yourselves to prevent spam bots. All strongly recommend that you live this checked in here. I would also recommend that you enable the GDP are filled. Zits become quite important now, so I'll take that box now. In here, you can change your campaign defaults whenever you send an email or a campaign. Your newsletter In here, You can change the default. You can change the name, the default from email. Address the default email servant subject as well. This is kind of optional, but who knows? You might be feeling very tired one day or having a bad day, you send an email with no head. Oh, well, you know that happened sometimes. Yeah, You can just add, like, a default subject, which, of course, you will have to change our every time you send a new email. So over here, old recommended you send a final welcome email. So once someone has officially subscribed, you can send them an email saying, Hey, you know, you're the best person ever. You're gonna have a lot of fun. Thank you for subscribing. Get yet up. Stuff like that. You can let users pick between the plain text or the HTML emails. I'll recommend you live this on checked because if you're gonna send emails, you want them to see your beautifully crafted email so you can only do that with the html version. So, Aldo, command, you lived this unchecked over here. I will strongly recommending you check this box where you can send an own subscribe conformation. She's subscribers to. Basically, whenever anyone on subscribed from your list, you can send them an email saying, Oh, I'm so sorry to see you go. Please don't go stay. You know his stuff like that. And actually, sometimes you actually have people who are on subscribe mistakenly, so you can prevent that from happening by check in this box right here and then over here. Finally, you have the notifications. Do you want to be notified every time a new subscriber has subscribed or whenever subscriber has unsubscribed, you can go one by one or just get a summary out stronger community. Go this somebody this way. At the end of the day, multiple just send you a breakdown of Hannibal. Have subscribed Hamlet will have on subscript. I think it's a lot easier to manage. Our one email is supposed to lots of email so you can come in here right now and just add your email and then save the audience and campaign defaults. If you go back up here under settings, you click on the drop down box. You've got some other sentence you can play with However, one old the command would be the required email footer content. This is very, very important. So over here every email you send will have setting information. So over here, right now, this is the very 1st 1 the permission remind. There you want to remind people why they receive in this email People received lots of emails every day. So it's a good idea to remind them that hey, you receive this email because you subscribed to you know, the monkey academy or because you subscribe to this and that so inhaled recommend that you make some changes to the full text in here. Remind them specifically about your website and it kind of content you provide. So it could be something like us seventies email because you love movies and I send you use that as a but of those movies and reviews weekly something like that. So you want to do that over here and in school down over him? How can recipients contact you? This is the information will be displayed at the footer off your email. So very important. Make sure that all this is legit and then the address if you ever need to change the address shown in the emails that you sent your subscribers. This is where you can change the address. Very important. And finally, if you do have a website obviously out of committee coming here and add the UL for your website and it just click save to save those changes. Soap. That's it for managing our list. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 4. Setting Up our Automated Emails: before we connect our military account. With what? Purse website there is one more thing we need to do. Not remember the previous video we said it so that we can send an automatic welcome e mail once we have any subscriber. So to configure that particular email what you want to do is you can go to campaigns. Just click in there and you will likely see welcome message in the draft mode. If not, you can just click on, create new, and then you will see the box to create an automated ah, welcome email. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on the welcome message right then. So I hear you can see we have ability to change the from the subject as well. And then the content. You can change the actual content over the email that your new subscribers will receive. So what I will do here is I'll just click on edit that Zain and while we wait for that. Okay. So All right, so you go. That's it. So right now you can add your logo out highly recommend that you do so just click on the edit block right there. and then in here you can just simply add your local. Just click on one place and then you will be acts to upload file. It's pretty easy. Let me go back to edit sign. All right, so for me, right now, you can click on the pen to edit the text block. Now, if you wonder what exactly is this? This is just basically a code saying, Well, if this subscriber has a first name, display the first name and end this coat, so that's basically what this meant. So you don't have to change anything in here. Just live this as it is in coming here and change the text film. You know what you have by default to something else, and then just click on save and close. You can add other things like your image caption. You can add a video if you wanted to. Very easy. Just click on the block and then drag and drop me. Where are you going to this place? So, as an example, I can drop the video block right there and in for me. I'll be axed to add the well off the video, so everything is very, very easy, Very straightforward. Alum, Go ahead in the lid is block and then at the bottom you will have access to the social media. So all the hell recommend if you have ah, platform on social media, say Facebook, tweet up your coming here and add the your bells. And then down here you can click on add and service and you can go with all the kinds off All social media platforms YouTube, tumbler, Google. Plus you name it. Let's go ahead. Click on Save and continue. And OK, so to get this open running, just click on stat sending and I'm gonna click on Stop now And there you go, Rock on. You've started an automation you can click on create another automation. So for me right now you can see that we have the email. Your tact Contacts are welcome. New subscribers You can create a particular email for birthdays. If you have access to that, you can share your blawg updates as well. Now, over here you have subscriber activity. You can send emails if their information has changed. I can also send a warm welcome for people who joined from some sort of a papa perform, they can create on mill chimp and then e commerce. If you have like an e commerce website where you sell thins, you can send special emails for people who have our purchase for the very first time, people who've enabled ordinary notifications you can afford your best customers and so on and so forth. So you can create some really cool our ultimate ID emails in here. Just go ahead and close this. All right. One more thing I want to show you before around this up is how you can customize the goodbye email in case some our someone on subscribes for your list. So to do this, you can go to audience and then from audience, you can go to manage audience right here, click on the sign up forms and from here you will have access to something that one asked the form of builders again clicking here for the phone buildup. And now in here you have the forms and response emails. You can click on the drop down arrow and then in here you have access to different kinds of emails that you can customize. So in here right now, you have access to the also scrape perform the unsubscribe success page and then the email that on subscribers would get so you can click on goodbye, email. And then from here, you can check this box to make sure that this email is sent. And then in here you can customize the message. Just click on edit and in here you can make your plea. It's the unsubs, careful not to leave. So that's exactly how you can configure all the our final email to on Subscribe it. So thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 5. Connecting WordPress with MailChimp: Welcome back. Now that we have our list all set up, it is time to connect our mill trip account with WordPress. Now over. Yeah, I do have my what? First website. It's called the video off. It's basically just a sample website with blogged articles specifically on movies. Now to connect our website with are no chip account. There are lots of the functions of plug ins you can use. There's a whole host of them. However, one of the very best I have found is male. Opt in now, full disclosure. These guys paid me a few months ago to make a review for them and on their home page. You can see right now this is the video I made for them. That's me, Some Ellen happily right there. So in full disclosure, I have been paid by this particular developers to make a review for them. But this was several months ago, and I promise you I am not affiliated with them in any way, which means that if you do decide to use the plug in, I am not getting any commission. The reason why I chose to make the review for them is because the plug in is actually really, really good. I get lots of emails from lots of developers and hey, please promote our new plug in on your YouTube channel and very often night on them now because the plug in isn't that good. This, however, was a major exception. They do have a paid version, but they also have a free version that you can try out and all hell recommend you check out the free version. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and go to my website. Let's go to the back end. Let's go over to plug ins at new and in here. I'm just gonna type in, opt in and you should see. Okay, that's it. Miller often pops in eloped, informs by the Mill Upton team. Let's go ahead and install now and we'll go ahead and activates the plug in. So this is the free version, and you can do lots of really cool things with it. All right, you will see mill, opt in down here, go straight to integrations. All right, so we want to integrate the plug in with our mill chip account. So any right now, you can see all the different platforms that you can integrate with this plug in, there's a whole bunch of them were gonna come down, hit you mill chimp. So Milton. Right now we need to get and a P I key. So to get your key, it's pretty easy. You go back to your mill chimp account and then from here. What you want to do is you can come over here where you have to drop down the elbow, clicking there, go to account and then on the extras, click on the drop down arrow click on a P I keys. Now I'd already have two that have created previously, but you should see something near page saying something like, You don't have any A p a keys. Click here to create one so you can just click on, create a key, and then you'll have an A p a. Ki. It's very, very easy, actually. So what I'm gonna do is I'll just go ahead and enable one Kiev quit it before, So let's go ahead and copy this key and then I'll go back to mill, obtain or come down here paste the key safe changes and we should be connected today. Gober now connected Mill Upton with our mill chimp account. Awesome. So how do we now display some sort off often form on our website? Well, Millie Upton has always covered what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come down here to obtain Campaign's gonna click in there. And now, over here, you have access to three different kinds of opt informs you can Kuwait. You can go with a light box in post site bar. With the paid version, you can create a notification bar and even a slight in if you want it to. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on, consider creating one and now in here. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and choose the imposed form this where we can display a very nice, often form and our post. So click on in post. So over here we're gonna add a name. So there's just say, obtain Ah form for posts just as an example. So, by default you have access to 33 different themes provided for you by the plug in. We've got the Columbine be a metal elegance with the pay division you have access to a lot more, obviously, as you can see. But I designed board different version, you see? Have access to some pretty cool nice templates. So I'm gonna go ahead and choose the Columbine the very 1st 1 So let's select the theme. Now, What I like about this program is the fact that you can actually customize the design. So for me right now, you can change the design, change the back when Coehlo the border. Coehlo You can change the headline so it stays. Don't miss out. And then if your school down here, you can say subscribe to Let's go with the gonna make some changes that subscript Teoh Aw, movie newsletter as an example. So that's nice. Let's go back and then description. I'm gonna change this. We save top showbiz showbiz news lesson ideas, teaching tapes? No, that's not related to showbiz. So does they receive top showbiz news and movie reviews? Okay. Yeah, let's hit back. And then you can change the notes. You can change the fields. A configuration as well. So in here right now you can choose the position. Where would you like to display this particular Our form. Is it gonna be after the content or before the content? Ideally, you wanna go with after the content. So let's hit back and then integrations Very, very important. You can see right now we've seen the message it saves. You haven't set up an integration. What this means is we haven't actually connected this particular form with our mill chip accounts. So from here, I'm going to click on the drop down arrow, go to email providers like milk Chimp, and then I'll have to choose the form with Monkey Studios. Okay. Yeah, let's hit back. And then we have after conversion, which is pretty awesome tool. So once they've subscribed, what do you want to do? Do you want to display a message saying Hey, thanks for subscribe in Blood, Yetta. Yetta, all you can read them, make them to your will. So you can quit like a very special page. We can offer them like a free pdf. Download the book. What have you So you can create a page and then simply add the your bill in here? All four free. Pretty, pretty awesome, right? So I'll stick with the displays. Success message. Let's go back. And then finally, the display rules. Where exactly do you want to display this form? Do you know, displayed on all your pages and posts? In that case, you will leave the globally load often checked. Or you can turn this off, come down here and then choose the specific posts or pages where you want to display this particular form. I'm gonna go with the globally load often. Let's hit back. And finally, I'm gonna go ahead and turn it on right here and then save the changes. All right, let's close this. Okay? So you can see right now we have the option from for posts. It's activated. So let's see. I'm gonna go to my Web sites. Let's go to Avengers. Infinity War all. It's cool down here and they you go So you can see right now we have a newsletter. So what I want to do is to give it a quick tests just to make sure it's working. So I'm gonna go ahead and say My name is Jon Snow Kigen and Loss. And then into my email. Ah, Video buff 243 at yahoo dot com. Let's go ahead and subscribe All right. So let's say I'm going to receive any e mails for mill chimp. Let me just bring over my Yahoo mail account. Oh, so you can see right now, I have received the email in my Yahoo account, so I'm gonna go ahead now and subscribe to the bed monkeys to deals list. Confirm. Um, human. Let's hit. Subscribe. And there you go. So subscription confirmed. Awesome. So I'm gonna make sure I'm gonna wait and see if I will receive the actual welcome email that were configured earlier. And Okay, so it took about 20 seconds to receive the second actual welcome email you can see right now. Hi, John. But glad you're here will keep in the loop with the latest news and special offers. So there you go. Both emails work, and that is pretty awesome. Now, if I go to my actual account and mill chimp and go to our audience are now you can see that our contacts has increased by one. Who Hey, so let's check new contacts. And there you go. Jon Snow read above two for three at Yahoo. Don't calm. So there you go. We have successfully config Aled Milton toe walk with all what press website and our mentalist is now populated 6. Campaigns and Conclusion: always in the people's video is successfully connected milk shame with, ah, what press account and were able to send emails. And our mailing list has now been populated, which is pretty are awesome. Now, going to the mill often plug. And if I go to the opt in campaigns are in here right now you can see the stats We had three impressions are one subscriber and then we have the conversion rate so you can keep track of how will your opt in campaigns or performing right here. Keep in mind, of course, that with a paid vision of this plugging, you have access to more stats like the actual real statistics, the live bank and so on. So if you're interested, you can check out the Prem vision off male. Opt in, but one final thing I want to do before I round up. This too terrible would be our campaigns with mill chimps. So as you begin to build your mailing list, you can decide to create a campaign by simply clicking on create campaign and information. You have access to different kinds. You can create a landing page on email as an example, so let's click on email and let's if example, are you under to promote? Maybe like a new course, for example, of so I would say, the absolute beginners guy to cybersecurity. As an example, I can begin. And then from here I can simply choose to recipients who is going to receive this email and then go ahead and choose all the people in my mailing list. And then that can personal personalized the total field. So their first name, I will go forced it to be something like, Hey, John, Hey, Alex, something like that and conceived this and then I can add the subject for the emails, if example, by this course or something like that. You know, let's say that. And then finally, we have the actual content so I can click on design email. And then from here, of course, you have access to different pre built templates by mill chimps, so just choose one that fits with what you're trying to accomplish. Or you could just go with just like a blank. Ah, basic example. So up here you have access to lay out. You have access to our themes that's been pre built for you if you want to, although most of these seem to be available on Lee with the paid visions off Mill Chimp. But it's OK. You can also always just code your own as well. Let's go to lay out. So let's choose sell products as an example or making an announcement. Let's go with. Make an announcement by clicking here and then you'll be taken to the actual layout. Wake and begin to our configure all or customize the emails that can add logo. Change the headline at images at some text so you have access to all of this. You can click on preview and tests right here. So as an example can click on Sandy test email. You can add whichever email you want to send this test campaign to, and then just to see ah, what it looks like. So pretty much That's eight for sending campaigns with milk. Jim. There's, of course, a lot more to mill Chim than just campaigns. You can walk with tags, and it's pretty well, boss. It's a very, very powerful male in management software. Maybe in the future I might make another tutorial fully on how to use mill chimp to its fullest capabilities. But for now, that's pretty much it for this tutorial. I hope you've enjoyed a ticket here on skill share. And if you're happy with the course, please leave a review. Let other students know that you've enjoyed taking this particular our tutorial on sculpture. And, of course, if you've got time, be sure to check out my other courses here on sculpture Aval bunch of them on both our WordPress and cybersecurity. So feel free tube periods through my catalog off courses on. Pretty sure you'll find Ah little them Very interesting and informative. My name is Alex has been a real pleasure teaching you this course on how to connect Mill chimp and what, Chris, thank you so much. And I will see you next time. But by