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Build Your Online Business with Trello

teacher avatar Richard Phu, Virtual COO & Systemizing Geek

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Foundation Building


    • 3.

      What is Trello?


    • 4.

      Creating Your Virtual HQ


    • 5.

      Building Your Process


    • 6.

      Visualize Your Process


    • 7.

      Transparency is Key


    • 8.

      Dumping Your Ideas


    • 9.

      Designing Your Process Flow


    • 10.

      Weekly Review


    • 11.

      Onboarding Your Team


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About This Class

Starting your own online business isn't just about getting you out of your day job. It’s about getting your time back to do what you want.

In this 50-minute class, I’ll be sharing with you the systematic way to build the foundations for your online business to scale to eventually work without you. I’ll be sharing with you the tools, processes and tips to make your business more productive, so you and your team can save time and do more of what you love.

You’ll learn to:

  • Systemise your business to allow you to scale your team
  • Build custom workflows to your business to maximize team productivity
  • Use productivity methods to work collaboratively with your team

Learning these foundations will transform and prepare your online business to work without you, so you can work more on the business and stop being trapped in the business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Richard Phu

Virtual COO & Systemizing Geek


Hello, I'm Richard.

With over 8+ years of corporate experience as an IT Auditor and Management Consultant combined with business and remote team building experience. I am well accustomed to taking on and executing projects working within defined deadlines, budgets and managing stakeholders to ensure delivery.

I love to work with people and have been responsible for consulting, recruiting, managing and training remote teams for over 3 years that included building a remote team of 15+ staff from across 6 different countries to work together to deliver projects for clients around the world.

I have a strong foundation in critical thinking, analytical skills and with varied experience enables me to operate in dynamic environments across a different of industries. Ranging... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hey, it's Richard here. The virtual CEO of now Love to welcome you to this online course here with school Shit. It's the how to build your online business with trailer. And I'm excited to share this with you because you're gonna learn how to build the foundations of your online business so that you can get your first hire or your next higher on the share with you had a build processes insistence for your business to run without you , whether you're a one man shop right now or you have a small team with yourself. Not only that, I want to show you how to manage your online business in a logical and systematic way, so that eventually your business can run without you. But why listen to me? See, I built an online Monte agency from 0 to 15 people across six different countries all within a year and now on head of operations here at Outsourcing Angel, where we're looking out the 80 plus a virtual assistants all over the world, and this is when I get to do I love building systems. I love being processes, and that's what I want to share here with you how to grow your on my business. Whether you're stunning up as a solar for know whether this is a side gig or whether this is your full time thing, whatever it is, it's here to stay. And it's here to help you make a big impact on The only way you can make it is when your business grows from just being one person to being many, many more. And you can only do that with sister. So, guys, check out the rest of this. You're also gonna get free trail. Oh, template that we've built for many business owners. And you're gonna use that as a project going forward. Please make sure dropping comments. Share your projects. Ask questions with me. I'll be in here to make it work with you guys. See you for the next one. Bye for now. 2. Foundation Building: hes Richard here and today I'm gonna be talking about your foundation building for your online business because I want you to build your online business as a machine so that you can work eventually so that he can work without you eventually. And so if you're running your inst online business, it could be on the side. It could be a full time, and sometimes it might feel like it. Sometimes it might feel like startup life, right? Real startup. Like where you find yourself fighting fires every day. And the real problem with this is if you don't set up the right foundations for your stuff , you're gonna be capturing yourself and trapping yourself in your business and being unable to escape from it. And so this is the thing I want to talk to, you hear about. If you thought you could just get it done faster if you could just be more efficient, right, then maybe you have more time to do the stuff that you want. Todo that this is the real problem with trying to be more efficient is that the amount off work will always expand to the fit. The available amount of time as you have, it always expands. No matter what you wanted to do, it's always gonna expand. And Philip, all that time that you have with more work with different work. If you even if you become more efficient, it's what really happens. You always flying way to stuff in more, even if you become more efficient. So that's the first problem that I see with a lot of entrepreneurs. Although people running their own businesses, they think that just maybe a more efficient what if you think you just need to prioritize your tasks right? And if all you do is just list out what needs to get done first, what's urgent? What's important, then it's easier for you. But this is a real problem with prioritizing your tasks Is that prioritizing doesn't actually create more time for you? In fact, you end up spending more time prioritizing than performing the task. You end up thinking back what you need to do 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th as you get more and more toss coming in because this is the thing is even if you have a you start your day with 10 things that you need to do you prioritise that throughout the day? More and more new things come in and they keep coming in. And if you're a startup is probably gonna be urgent, right? It's probably gonna feel like you have to do it now. And in that time, you're always having to re prioritize your list as that information comes in and as the trouble or the fires stop building up. And so this is the really important thing here is that even if you tried, prioritize, it's not actually gonna create more in time for you. And this is why we created business. We create businesses because we don't have that freedom. We wanna have that time freeing that money, freedom to do what we want. But if we're not creating that time for ourselves, then what are we doing? We just building a cage for ourselves to be trapped ID. And so this is what real successful entrepreneurs actually do is they don't go out searching for gold. What, they actually go out searching for his time. And so this is what you need to do. This is why you're in this course is because you're trying to create more time with the trailer blood. You're trying to make it sure that your online business works. That gives you more time, freedom. And so to do that, you need to multiply yourself through organizing your business. If you don't organize your business, you're gonna be struggling to grow and make a beer than just you. But if you do, if you're able to organize yourself and your business, you're gonna be able to find that it's so much, much easier to scale your business in a fight allows you to help and have more people come in and take over from you. You can hire more people. You give them jobs and give them freedom to, especially Justin on my business that I need to come into the office right, just like that I built with my team. And on top of that, it allows you to have more time freedom to do what you want to really go for what it is that menace to you in your life. Whether that means traveling more, whether that means spending more time with family and friends, whether that means looking after your health more as well. But the thing is, if you don't spend this time right now. You're not going to build this foundation here. You're gonna be struggling. You're gonna be troubling when you actually have to get a team together and you hire them and then you don't have the foundations here to teach them. You know that the process of the systems, then they won't know what to do. Not only that, you're gonna be the bottleneck in your business, and this is the worst thing I've seen in a lot of businesses that are consulted for help with is that the business or is often the bottleneck? Because either they cannot let go of control to give it to other people. To do what? I think no one else is NASCAR's them in it. But the truth is, they have to let go that ego, they have two. They go their belief. Because of that belief, it's gonna be holding you back in your own business as your business expands and grows, that everything that your team wants to do has to go through you, and that's just going to stop period with being more efficient. Not only that, as I said here, you're always and be stuck working in the business, not on the business has other people want to be, and this is a really important buys. When you're working in the business, you're putting out fires, being working up on the business. You can see the fires before they even start. And that's really the important part, Terrence. And you just have to start right now, even if it's just you by yourself in your online business. And this is a side game from your full time job. You need to start having the foundations. You need to start having the organization so that even if it just ends up being you in the business the whole time, then at least you're gonna be more organized. You have more time to do the important things for you, making sure that it gets done so that it gives you more time freedom, because that's the reason why you started business. So make sure you grab your trailer board so that we can get started building it in a customizing for your business. I'm gonna go through how to make this your virtual headquarters for your business, and that's what's gonna happen in the next video. Can't wait to talk to you, then see you on the next one 3. What is Trello? : so Hey, guys, welcome back to another session off How to build your online business with trail. Oh, this is the introduction video. Two trailers. I'm gonna walk you through. What is trailers could see on the screen here. Don't worry. Don't get overwhelmed by when you see here. You're getting this temple and I walking through each off these lists one by one going into details. We just want you to see the your picture. What Trillo is an urgency. You Trillo is what what it's called is basically based on this idea of called the can ban system that can bend system is really all about movie from items from the left to the right inside and ideas said that you can easily see the flow and where things are at at one point animal what at one time. So basically, if you take in this process here, for example, if the idea is you move from us, Daniel cream block ideas to drafting up your blog's to to making the layout for to go on your blog's adding in issue and then scheduling it so people get to know about. So the idea is you move this these cards around so that you can HTC where each blow is that at one point in time. Okay, So when I will not go into detail here for you is really just understanding what is how to use trailer and war had a man to make it the best way possible for your business. So if you look here, each of these columns unknown as lists you can create another this by just clicking over here, right? You know, so copy lists. If you like Teoh then and basically enlists It's kind of like Stage, gate or Milestones for particular project. Or you could use it to just be a list for itself, right? So most people do, like, you know, to do doing and done. And, you know, this is just a bit more advance for online business. So enlists you're gonna have multiple cards, as you see over here, there are multiple cars in this list because they belong in this list. And I want to show you what is in a card, right. So if you look in the car you have the title of the card. You can put labels on it so that it can be their meaning. Different things that four different colors. You can add a description for your card as well. Not only that, you can create checklists, and you can create these things over here by just clicking on this, and then it will add a new chickens in their issue. If you put it, put one in okay, and you can create checklist so that it's a step by step system to make it easy for you, or maybe your team to use it later on. OK, then the next thing I want to show that you know, is you can also add attachments. So let's say you have our do drive documents. You have drop offs, documents, more stuff on your computer You want to share. You can basically quick on that and added into these cards so that it's a one stop shop just to make it super easy for someone to use okay, and so that you don't have to click through multiple other things, you know, to go searching through other photo. It's OK. Another great asset. That that's really awesome with trailer is you can add comments into specific cards. So let's say this is my blood post for blood. Post A. You could see maybe hey, changed the title to this or whatever, right. And then you can also see the activity of what's happening with this card here. Okay, so that's pretty much a big overview. Off trailer, you move cards from left to right. And that's how you normally see the board, This whole board you get for free as part of this course and you on you to use it as your own projects. So make sure you head over to link down below in the comments and grab your copy off your trailer board so that we can get started. Make sure sign up for free accounts as well. All right, I'll see you on the next one. Bye for now. 4. Creating Your Virtual HQ: Hey, guys, Richard here, Welcome to create your virtual headquarters. This is for any business owner is running an online business, whether it's by himself or with their team. This is really the place that I want you to build the headquarters for your business so that it has all the resources that your team needs. All your future team will need when you get to get expanding your business. Okay, So over here we want to walk through the high level each of these lists and what they really mean. And then I go into the details of it after. So, resources is where all your log in information, all the assets, all the logo's, anything that relates to you and your business is there and it can be easily accessible so that someone can find it. Okay, then what we have here is the schedule routine, toss or sort, as we call it. It's really just to highlight, you know, the key activities that must happen on a weekly basis on a monthly basis so that none of it gets missed out. OK, and then each of these kinds over here are going to details about it. But They're different processes, then does it? What we call the project focus. It's so that you and your team, really You know what's happening in the business and what they should be with me. Okay, then you have the review list, which is really where? For you. As a business owner. If you have your own team, your team would populate this. This with things for you to look at so that you could check in on them, make sure that they're doing the right things and giving them the support that they need. Okay, then what we have here is a really great list. Over here is what we call the project pipeline. All the dumping ground where, um, ice highly suggest that any entrepreneur, any business owner will always be fresh of new ideas. And it's best place him down in the in somewhere so that eventually when you do have this space, you can come in and pick one of these ideas and work on it, right? And the reason why it's important to put it in there is because it creates that space for you. Okay. And then there's the example process flow over here. That I'll go into more details with you later on. Okay? The first things after downloading your board, if you haven't gotten already, go back to the last video and grab your board for free to get started on your project. That in this video what I want you to do as your action is to enter this resources list and fill in the details that you need to run your business or that your team needs you to have for them so that they can do their work. So whether it's filling in each of these details and make sure you take them up as you go, you can complete it as a comments. I will put it in the details whichever works best for you, right? Just fill in the details and won The miss happened in each of these cards so that your team can actually use the resources that they need off so that you can one day come back if you're running your business by yourself. So you don't have to look around everywhere for something. Okay, so that's your action today. Work towards this off course. If you don't feel that you need maybe a podcast details. You can click on the pencil, but it you can archive the card so that it's cleaner and you don't need to see it over there. Okay, so if you have any questions, let me know in the comments on the next, There wouldn't be going through the studio routine tasks so that it gives you a better picture of what needs to be done in your business as well as how you want it done for specific processes. Okay, See you on the next one. 5. Building Your Process: Hey, guys, Richard, here and today we're going to talk about building your process. And so if you watch the last video, you saw the overview of the board. And today I want to go into a deep dive into the sort this the schedule of routine cars here you can see on the left. And so what I want to outline here to you is, even if you're running this business by yourself, even if you don't have a team, this is still very critical for your business. They could eventually you're gonna be scaling your business unless you wanted to be just you by yourself. Even if you have one extra person building, this previous foundation is gonna make a lot easier for you to hire someone and get them obscured very quickly. So on this card, here, you can see, is the description. So typically, there's no need for description here. You can put one in if you want, but I usually create a weekly checklist of what needs to happen in my business and on a monthly check list of what needs happen at the end of each month so that I don't forget it and This is really important for you, with its for you or your team, I said, just putting it in here so that it's just very clear that when you do get someone who endure expand that this is what they need to do. OK, so it's very important to put this in. Otherwise things get missed and that could bean, you know, maybe you're missing to pay the taxes or whatever else, and that could cause a lot of problems. But at this level here is high level. We're not talking about specifically how to do it. It's just what is the result that we need? So it will be scheduling Social Media Post. It could be on boarding new clients, right? But, you see, it's high level processes, not the name, not the specific step by step of each process. Okay, so the next thing is, we're gonna go through how to create your own process for your business. And here I have three examples from my own business personally that I built from scratch. And to show you an example of how detail anyone it should be. So each of these Kalajian creative for your own business. You create one kind for one process of years. Client on boarding tasks. I name it as read Meka Remick on meaning it's black. So the team knows this is their I guess their guide or that s o. P standard operating procedure if they need it. No description here, because the name of my the task all the the activity is very clear. Then I usually created in a check this form here, okay. And so you, when I do, it's typically very straightforward. It goes deep into a step by, step up exactly what needs to be done here. Remember, these processes you're doing is more off the things that is. That's like click here, do this at this right. Do not use this start type of work for anything that requires a lot of critical thinking and decision making to happen, right? It's very hard to do at this that we're especially. We're gonna build a remote team, a virtual team later on, right. So I built this for my virtual assistant back in the day where she would then literally walk through say, Hey, new client is coming in. Can you create? Can you on board them and they would literally go through each of these steps, grabbing the name and email. Now, then, remember, climb with this specific email, which is not attached, but it would be normally attached. So anything that says using this right, I would add an attachment and then attachments without peer down here, right. Then log in with Richards Dropbox account, which is back in the resource of section, then go into this specific thing and then create a folder with the name that step by step of how you would exactly expect someone to do it. And, of course, if there are, like, you know, challenges or if it's special conditions, you may might want to add it in here as well, so that it can be done. So that's an example of the on boarding when I just want to go through another one just for you seven, for example, you don't have to have this. Financial One is a monthly thing that needs to happen that what we do is I put in one kind because it doesn't need to have three different kinds for each of these, because it's very simplistic at steps, right? So I didn't put in the checklist items here. But you can do yourself that. I broke it up. It's going to see here you have invoicing here. This is how you do invoicing for clients. This is how you do expenses. This Haider receivables whereby if someone to pay, how did we go? Follow up and make sure they get paid. So feel free to use this as a base. And then the last one here is really the podcast interview. As you can say, that attachment it headed here and then the sequence is here as well. Really small little sequences. Basically, this is what we do at a very high level. Send this one out after they booked into send to write and then just keeps going on, and it's really just straightforward. Try keep it as reduced as possible because if you don't if you overloaded with like 100 like specific check Miss items, it can feel overwhelming for a staff, right? And if it's 100 then you or more or something huge you need to think about. Maybe there needs to be broken up into multiple different cards. Yes, so that it's more size of one so I can take it on board. Okay, I suggest I shouldn't say this three processes here. I suggest when you first start Don't go for trying to process your processes for all of the things you're doing. Your business. Just focus on the 1st 3 or four that are repetitive. And you know, you could price start handing off to someone first up if you're running business myself, or start with something that your your team members are already doing for you. But then maybe they're not doing it consistently the way you want it. Okay, So start by doing that, I suggest for you guys, right. Your actions is the first update this right after your weekly check, please. On what needs to get done every week. What needs to get that every month? Yeah, And if you want quarterly as well, uh, to you, on yours, the site. Then start doing one process, right? Just pick one of these a za base and create a process for Europe business to make sure that it's very aligned with how you like it to be done and chunk it down. What? I mean by chunk of Danny's goes step by step just like this here. Step by step of what needs to be done and to help you with that below. I've attached a document that's gonna help you really ask the right question to help you pull out the steps that are inside your head, especially if you're working by yourself as your as your own business owner. And there's no one else in your team. It's really hot. Sometimes it pull it out. He headed. So we created this little chunk it down, guy where we're gonna we dive deep into your process and really extract the actionable steps. Remember, your each step should be accessible, so it should start with them verb. So that's one could do something like email this right this add this and so just work for each of these questions to stop building your steps. If you're struggling with it, right, So work through each of these questions just for one process from and stay focused on that one process first and go through the steps right, And then, you know this will help you. Great. Those check this island's over here, some of them, then they can be executed by someone else. Okay, That's your actions for today. Guys. I hope you go ahead and create at least your first process. Were using the chunk of down process as well as leveraging the guides over here. Okay. You have any questions? Let me know. Allies will see on the next one. Bye for now. 6. Visualize Your Process: Hey guys, Richard here and today's classes talking about visualizing your process. So if you watch last year we talked about how you, you know, focused then is to really chunk down your one process right? Very start small one process at a time and tumbled down two steps so that people could do it. An action whether it's yourself later on. As you may know, forget how to do that that fast. That's not so Regula or when you expand your team and if you already have a team and making sure that they create the assets or the work that you need it to the standard that you wanted to be. OK, so this is a DNC here, like you can do it. Check this star, which is great, but this is a thing not everyone learns through, you know, checklists. But everyone likes to read text, right? And so the foot side is. I've realized personally through my own experiences that a lot of other people are very visual, especially the higher virtual assistance over online, and that working with you online it's very hard to us. I click the X right. It'll take them a while of finance sometimes. And so this is why I want to share here with U. S special tour we caught. Usually, right now it's free. Do I think 100 videos for free? And so what it is is a chrome extension, right? So you can get a full, I believe safari and maybe other other prizes as well. Yeah, I didn't. You extensions here. You just go to our website. Could use bloom dot com. Right? Well, type in just loom videos recording. And he records a screen just like what you're seeing here. Where you need to do is click on this, right, and it'll pop up saying, Okay, I want to record the screen here. Here's the auctions. I can have screen and camera on your screen on me, right? I wanted to be a full desktop over it kind tab and a bunch of other like details and eras. One. Then once you hit record, it pretty much starts recording what's going on with your screen. And once you're done with the recording, what happens next is gonna open up a window just like this. This is a video shop for my team. Ages ago, right and so will pop up exactly like this, and your video will be uploaded to the cloud right, and they'll give you a link. And this is the link that you can copy and basically paste into and was by suggest, is paste into your just your description up here so that your team or yourself can refer to a video of how it's done in the future. Okay, so what's the one of the great things about used Loom here, right? Is that you can also put in comments. People can comment on the video in your team when they have questions or if something's not clear. And the best part is you can even time stamp in. So what do I mean by timestamp? But I mean by that is you can see in here each of these comments to says Zoo. You know it started zero. Here's me referring just like dot com for someone to to log in. And this is me creating a comment for each particulate segment off the video where two or more specific things. So at 207 you click on it. The video will then go to to a seven right where I talk about turning on your do not disturb here, right? They can see that in this different little like, uh, check marks here said that your team, if they don't have time, let's say it's a long process and they want to look at specific parts. And then, like I gotta find which one I'm caring about, slash commands and in slack. Let me just go. What's just back section? Always. They would have to sit there and try to watch the whole 8.5 minute video to try and find that one little segment there. Right? So you can literally post in specific time frames here, like you can click on here and change the time frame up here and then posting their created comments so that your team can easily find out what they need really fast. Right all through here. And this is really amazing tool. It's free. I highly recommend you use that as well. Okay. And as I mentioned before, it's important to include any attachments that your team needs in order to do their work, too. So in this example here it's like I say, send email number one And then, if you don't attach it, if you don't provide the link, the team is incapable of being able to execute it, right. So that's why you'll have to make sure that you add in the details that they need to get the work done. And even if this is you just running your own business by yourself, I suggest this. Build the foundations early. Don't wait until someone you have to hire someone. When you're flat out and busy build it for yourself. NASA Late. Easier for you to do that. And so that's really what I want to share here with you guys on the video here, make sure you upload templates. Make sure you use loom right and copy the link there so that you can add into description. So then your team has not only a checklists, no early a visual video of you doing that, the process, but also any supporting documents that makes sense for them to execute their job to make it work. So, really, let's focus on one con. First you build your first process, then just flesh it out. Do a short video screen consulate to make sure it's very clear on the steps, and you may even miss some stuff in here, and then you just need a tweak it later on. Okay, So do that. Actually add a looming over here on your process card. And then on the next year, I'm gonna be talking about the next list, which is the daily flowing when you have a team. What? You really need to be making sure off each day so that you have full transparency of what's going on in your business. Okay, I see on the next one. Bye for now. 7. Transparency is Key: Hey guys, Richard here in today's videos, all about transparency, because transparency is key in your online business and in your team's. Even if you don't have a team now, it is key to be transparent. And so what I want to talk about today is this list here called the Project Focus. The work in progress, the W I. P. And so the reason why I want to go through this card is it's really important whether it's for yourself. If you're running us this online business a side gig. If you're you got one virtual assistant or you got a tame of 20 people, it's important that each of them are working in synchronization with you and your wrist of them to make sure that they are moving that business in the right direction. So when you see here, this is built for purely if you're a solo printer for a one or two person team, and this is maybe you hire virtual assistant, or maybe you just trying to measure out your structure your own day so that you're not putting out fires every day. So what we suggest is create this card here, right? You should have on your project. And then in the description, I would usually highlight what I want myself to be focused on. And this is the really important pies. Everything about business is focused. You can't be doing too many things at once. Otherwise nothing gets done. And so you need to have that focus. And so the way I work Ah la dispatching stuff together So I would batch social media so that at least you can see in here on Monday. I would work on social media scheduling, right, so that we have at least 10 days in advance, maybe true days. When I do podcast interviews. Wednesday's might be video shoot. Those eyes might be, you know, uh, speaking events or whatever it is right. And I do that create that structure for yourself for your virtual assistant, where your team that gives them very clear focus off. This is what their objective needs to be today, and that needs to be done regularly. Okay, of course, it depends on your or your business and your service as well. So tweak it to however you want it to be okay. But then the next thing is, this is really, extremely the most important part when you do your first hire, when you have the first extra person with the extra pair of hands to help you. Whether it's, you know, your partner with his contractor, whether it's Yoon a full time, part time virtual assistant, right they can get it's always important to have daily meetings with them at the start so that you can get in sync faster. And you know what we provide here is a really simple 15 minute core that you could do with your team that really outlines just three main questions that you need to know to create transparency. Yeah, first time is, as you see, what did you accomplish from your state? What did you complete so that I know that you're doing stuff right? It's really important, as in the business side of things, to know what someone is doing. Okay, then your second question is, what are you focused on today? I need to know, what is it that you're doing today so that I can either tell you it's not important to do that to do this instead? Okay, so that's the second question. Really understand? What are they gonna be working on today so that you can gauge whether they need to work on that or not. Okay, then the third thing most people forget is really one of your roadblocks. What are your challenges? What did you get stuck on right that you need my help with. And ideally, this very block, if if their focus is, they're gonna do no such communication. But the roadblock is I can't log out of Facebook. You know, it's ideal that you know that early on, right? You catch it early on, compared to touching base once a week and then not hearing about it until it's too late. Yeah. So this is what we call the daily flow. This is what we suggest is every day, 15 minutes a day, when the person starts a new day, have a chat with them. So that is very clear. On what? What's gonna be happening that day? Okay, then. Of course, as time goes on, you feel that or you build that trust with each other. You don't have to do it so much about that. Yeah, but that's pretty much the work in progress. And ideally, if they finish anything than they put in my card over here to let you know. Hey, Bob, I finish Week 27 on the social media. Can you review it right, that card, any kinds that are placed in here, Right? So that's a win 37 Social gets put there so that you as a business, I only need to focus on here rather than trying to get overwhelming looking at everything else on the board. You should just focus on the reviews column here, the review list so that it's easy for you to know how much I just gonna review this. You click on it, and then you can do your reviewing at in your comment in here. A swell. Okay, so that's pretty much it on this video. In terms of creating the base level of transparency, especially even if you're running a business by yourself at the moment, it's most likely you're gonna get at least one extra parent has to help you, and so make sure you put in a structure full of them, right? You don't have to do it right now, you know, if it's just you, maybe you just do this for yourself. right to these. Create that structure for yourself and then applying this three questions. If you're really working with someone, right, if you already have a team. Otherwise, I suggest updating this section so that you are clear on when you're doing each day, even if you're just working on your own business by yourself. Okay, said. That's what I want you guys to focus on today. You have any questions? Let me know. Always on the next video, we're gonna be talking about the dumping ground where you dump all your great ideas in there and why that's important to do that. See you in the next one by for now. 8. Dumping Your Ideas: Hey, guys reaching here today, talking about but dumping grounds, the place where you should be dumping your ideas and so on the trailer board here you can see on the left inside is what we call the project pipeline or the dump the dumping ground . And the idea is for you to put in any new projects you want to work on or that you didn't inspired by or that you see in your like. That sounds like a really good idea. We should do that. The reason why we create this list was because so often we see with entrepreneurs with business owners, your great visionaries, you come up with ideas all the time, and it's just always popping in your head. The problem is that if you try and execute and all the ideas that once none of them you can forget about, and so that's why we wanted to create this special list of here. But you could dump ideas so it could be started on cash flow logs, whatever it is that pops up in your mind that's related to your business and how you price Soviet customers better do something more different and you know, be more valuable to them, then put it in here first, right? And the reason why we suggest to put it down on the trail aboard is one you're voting gets to see it right, too. It's also a place so that you can leave your ideas there and let it fester. Letter grow that it. But it let it sit there for a bit and and then for you to see which ideas should be for working on first. But not only that. The really important part is getting the the idea out of your head and onto the board here . Really? Then creates that that space in your mind so that you can do more creative work. You can do come up with even more creative, my dears, or you can just continue to learn and expand yourself even more. But if you have all the ideas stuck in your head, they're just sitting there at the back of your mind and taking up that space that could otherwise be used to do even more amazing things with your business. So that's my wish. We created spent this. Look this here, and I suggest your one action right is to at least put one idea you have in your head right now doesn't mean you're gonna execute. Doesn't mean you're gonna put a timeline. Say this is gonna be done. This is just an idea off what I could do with the business. Okay, I'm pretty sure he could do more than one, but let's make it easy, right? Let's get things rolling and just put at least one idea down that you like to work for your business right here in your own dumping ground. Okay, So do that. On on the next video, I'm gonna talk about designing your own flow, making it easier to see projects and big processes in one go. So that is super clear for you to know where things are. At which point in time. Okay, allies, see on the next 15 for now. 9. Designing Your Process Flow: Hey, Richard. Here again, today's video we're gonna be told about designing your own flow. So this part here is focused on the section over here. You can see your from blood ideas to dropping, to lay out a necessary to schedule other. Here is really the bigger processes that you want to know where things at in terms, off each process, each of their task. It's no client. Could be project as well in here. Yeah. So the reason why we created this is that this small and simple way for you to be able to view at a glance Where are the key audience for your project or your process at in any point in time? So you can see here we use block ideas is an example of it here. And I want to show you what this looks like. So you see your I mean, if I had a look at it like, you know, what you would do is each time you wanted to crane, you belong. You had mutually copy this card, right? Make sure antique may was otherwise we'll have the black label still on there. Then you have you no longer want if and they will move it to the bottom part here so that it keeps to this clean. Otherwise, just around you can move cards up is down as well, and that there is. Each of these cards have the exact same process. To copy this kind renowned into the blogger article that upload to whatever right, maybe how you do your blood posts and as it goes through the process, where you should do right is tick them off as they go through each process, you or your team, so that you know the exact steps every single time. And you can make sure that it follows that exact same process, whether it's for you or your team. It's a standard so that you know, you don't forget things because at the end of the day our minds and our lives are crowded. With so many things going on, it's important that certain things get done, and this is how you would create that the that structure so that the important things always get done. See so here, like, for example, for blood post. Sometimes it's often I might forget to be adding images. I forget at the video too good Dr or whatever. And dressed and drafting up the S e hosts, keywords and all those things, right? And as you can see here, you can see at a glance. Here's all the articles that are currently in the process. This is this is an example. All right, this had a minute. Your virtual assistant is being scheduled, right? The reason why I said 07 because I haven't gone in and cleaned it up and say, OK, here's where we're at, Right. We've done all this kid on the block, but we haven't done upon the Facebook music and email newsletter yet, right? And so that's the idea here is that you can see at a glance. Okay, this article is in the layout section, meaning it's now being worked on to the published on To Work. Purcell, The blood side. This this 10 interview questions you need to ask when hiring your Via is in S e o wright. Meaning we're getting key Seo keywords put into the page and put it into the belong post so that it can be found. And so it's very easy here so that you can have your ideas all this about any kind of like that idea dumping ground. But this is purely for the blocks. And then, as you decided, Hey, I'm ready to write this one. Then we're gonna move it over here and then get started on it, dropping it up and working through that process. And so this is really to make it easy for you and your team to be very clear on what's happening in this example off the blood posting schedule. Okay, so you can do it for blood posting. Right. Some other ideas can use this boy is for social media calendar, right. So let's say you have no ideas for your so sure it could be drafting at the social elite sourcing images. It could be riding up copy in review and in schedule, right. So he could eventually create a list like that as, well, social media. It could be used for podcasts or video editing, right? She's I didn't imagine each of these this says as a master or the a major activity that they're working on at that time. So, you know, maybe it's in video production at the mother right postproduction maze getting Subtitles done and it's it's in being transcribed or into a blood post. Okay, so the idea is to use it as where you can. Another great use is for client on boarding, because with some people, maybe when they get did new clients in that get I get email number one that need not number two. Then you know they need to get this thing. And I have a phone call or something like that, so that it's easy to see where your clients at each stage and you could possibly to use this small flow for many other tours and many other processes in your business as well. And I love for you as your action for this class here is to tweak this flow, whether it's for the block post I did, I'm happy for you. Rip it out and use that or you want to use it for something else. Maybe it's for social media. Maybe it's for climbed on board. Maybe it was something that I even don't know you could actually do right now. Okay, so give it a go, and I love for you to post in strangers of what that looks like to the group and one on your projects so that people can get inspired of what's possible with the activities that they can actually see it. A glance. Okay, that's what I want you to do from this class here. On the next class I'm gonna go into had approved your trailer board, said that it doesn't feel like it underwhelming. Doesn't feel like get out of date. Kind of like a gun and making sure that you keep it up to date for you and your business. OK, see the next one bye for now. 10. Weekly Review: Richard again. And today's video, we're gonna be talking about conducting your weekly review. Exciting, I know. But it's important that you do this especially for your online business, especially if you have a team, because it's super easy for trailer. As great as it is to look at it now, it could be easily flooded with old items that need to be removed or updated. It's so that you need to keep it clean. And I said, Just doing it on a weekly basis, anything longer than that is a lot of old cars will be stuck there, and you'll be like, This is just a mess, right? Just looks crazy. I know it do. So the idea is I would suggest you leave your resources right. You don't really need update down every week. You don't really need to update this sort list project focused. Maybe you need update arrived, but usually starts from this review section downwards, right? Some of that look here, So if you see a kind of A I don't need this kind anymore. When you do is quick enough pencil and you know they move it to somewhere else. Or just archiving, archiving it doesn't mean it's it's deleted, are kind means it's just put into like, a locker, and you can get it back later, basically to go back in a non archive, a cargo into the show menu. Over here, they go into the three dots right away, says more in Quicken archive items, you can see all the closet you archive recently, and then you know you can send it back to the board so that you can find it. And if you accidentally the leader by accident, okay, and you know it's really important to always make sure that you know if it's you or your team to tell them, especially some team, to keep them on point to make sure that they continuously clean up the board as they go. If they haven't been called a mountain, and that's the only way you can teach people how to use the system properly. Because if you don't do that, then people will not follow it to this not honest truth here is yes, you can have standards to say Yes, we want up trailer board to be maintained at this level that, you know a standard is nice to have. But the real standard you get is what you tolerate. So you tolerate people not in the cards, not doing their actions as post the processes. Then that's your standard, that they're true standard. No matter what you have in your head that you think is your standard, that is your true standard. Your standing is what you tolerate. So you tolerate lower standards. You'll be at lower standards. Even if you wanted to be high are right. It's what you would tolerate in your life and in your business is what you get. And so it's really important to really check through this, making sure like, look here, for example like, Hey, look at this, uh, this year, one right? Isn't it done? How come you given Tick through this right so that go through this and make sure that it's getting getting worked on an updated correctly for each of these cards so that we know it's being it's being worked on. So that's what I suggest here for you guys. Remember, Quicken the pencil archive. It kind of you want to clean up your ideas. This is well, maybe come back. You know, I actually I don't really care about them belongs anymore. Not very good in video. So it's got that. Okay, So make sure you're marking your calendars to do this every week. I suggest enough Friday afternoon just to clean it up because they really honestly, if you do each week, it doesn't actually take you that long to clean it up here to make sure that your board is clean because it's just like a God. And if you don't can your gun and they maintained, then we two gonna grow that in. Weeds in trailer are basically old cargo in completed activities that just linger there, and then it just creates clap. So that's what I want to share here with you guys really important. You do that. And on the next video, I'm gonna share with you. How do you on board team members will try to give them access and some little court tips and tricks to make sure that they know how to maximize that. You sounded OK, guys. See in the next one by for now, 11. Onboarding Your Team: Hey there, Richard again. And today's video we're gonna be tone up on board your team in trailer. So if you set up your board, it really doesn't to be perfectly just happened to get it's done it even if you don't have a team in between. I've been looking for getting a team in any time soon. What's important here is that you learn how to do this full future needs in case you get a contract that Freeland. So someone who may just come in to help for short term or whatever it is and they need access to the board. Okay, so that you just wait Adam team members to your board is by looking above the section here where it has this little plus pup posting. Here, you click on invite to board and just type in that email address. Alternatively, you could create a link, right? You just need to send in this link by email by messenger, whatever it is, and you can send them them Inc. And they can actually just click on register for a free account. And then they're going to have access to this port, and you know that have access to the boat because you see that the name will be here, right? And so, if you want it, like, look at what is the point members here? You never look at it that way, Aziz. Well, as going into I think it is settings. Right? And then you can change permissions, those types of things. I don't remove people from here. I just going into the city's mish area in the show menu. Okay, so that's how you had uses to your team. Remember, I also suggest that you do bit of small training, set of their familiar with your process of how everything set up, but otherwise looks full on here. So remember, you can use loom to do over the screen, cast the show them and talking through exactly each of these lists and what it means and how they use it. So it makes it easy for them. Okay, then the other thing. I want to make sure when you do that low training, you can tell them that there is a search function here, so that makes it super easy to find anything. So let's say I need a final longer right for our business because I have multiple body. You'll see that multiple logos here that pop up. But that's really I guess, an easy way for your team to you know, they don't have to click through every car to find something they don't know where something is. Just type search in there and there's a search function. It works very well in that sense, to so highly suggest that you do that, given that level off freedom and understanding how to use trailer in the best way possible . Off course you did. Have you played every play around with, like, the sittings and stuff like that as well? You can change like you know how the board looks and all these other things if you want to . But you know I'm not Big Five and of that stuff. So you do whatever you think make sense then for the action for you on this class here is just just add your first member onto your trailer board once you're happy with it and ready for it to go. We're just click here and has them by email with copy the link to them and they can click on it. It gets started, right? If you don't have someone yet, if you know 100 plan are getting someone soon, then you can skip this, that it's a good to know. And so that's what I want to share with you guys. I want to say Thank you so much for watching the video Siri's. And on the next video we'll be wrapping up all the key points that you should be taking on and making sure that you have built into your trailer board so that you can run for your business and eventually scale your business to a point where it runs itself because you're laying this foundation here. Are you guys talk to you later? Bye for now. 12. Wrap-Up: Hey, guys, it's rich here. Your virtual C o and I just want to say a big, big thank you to you guys forgetting all the way through to this video here, the very last video off this online course how to build your online business with Trillo. So I always want to make sure you get the right points throughout the in here. Make sure first up, if you haven't already download your template download you troll aboard that we've posted here and create your own project so that you have your own virtual headquarters. After that, I want you to stop building that one business process for your business. Get a focus. Focus super clearly on that one process. Just focus on one. Don't worry about all the other ones. Then what about the 10 200 other processes you have to do? Just focus on one and build up from that starts wars not with one first. Tweak it as it goes because this is the thing here, and I want to make sure you understand. This is it's not about getting everything to 100%. It's not getting it rolling. That sound system izing works it's about putting in that 0.1 version on your system and process. Not the one point, because this is a thing. Any system, any process and will always need to be tweaked and reiterated when your team expands your business pivots or when there's changes in your own lifestyle. The last thing I want you to make sure is to always dedicate to commit to doing your weekly review of the board, to clean it up so that you maintains its relevancy in your business. That's really important to make sure that you do that. Otherwise, the four just sit there collecting virtually dust for your business. No one using it, of course. Finally post your project up here on Scotia so that other people in the course getting spire can learn from what you have done and probably been learned from others on how you could tweak it to suit your own business needs. So make sure you do that. You have any questions. Reach out to me. I'm available. Otherwise you'll find more information about system izing over that richard food dot com. Thank you so much for sharing this court. I love to hear how you're going to shoot me. Messages of how this has helped you in your business cover and expand in the future. Bye for now.