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Build a Successful Freelance Business on Fiverr

teacher avatar Shenteria Childs, A freelancer spreading education

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1 Fiverr Intro Trailer


    • 2.

      What to Sell on Fiverr


    • 3.

      Fiverr Gig Basics


    • 4.

      How to create a Fiverr Gig


    • 5.

      Navigating the Fiverr Dashboard


    • 6.

      SEO for Fiverr Gigs


    • 7.

      Fiverr Order Page


    • 8.

      Custom Offers for Clients


    • 9.

      Milestone Offers for Clients


    • 10.

      Fiverr's Choice Orders


    • 11.

      Seller Plus Program


    • 12.

      Promoted Gigs


    • 13.

      Positive Feedback and Tips


    • 14.

      Fiverr Seller Levels Overview


    • 15.

      Case Study: Making $115 for 5 minutes of Work on Fiverr

    • 16.

      Wrap-up for Fiverr Success


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About This Class

In this course, you will learn the basics of Fiverr from someone who has worked as a freelancer on the platform since 2015 and earned over 6 figures on Fiverr. You will learn how to create your account, create your first Fiverr gig, and how to get directly in front of potential clients that are specifically looking for the work you provide. The class assignment is to create your first Fiverr gig! Or if you are beyond creating your gig, then putting your first application would be your class assignment.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shenteria Childs

A freelancer spreading education


A freelancer online for over 5 years. I went from making only $5 in online sales to making over $5000/month by using freelance platforms Fiverr, Upwork and People Per Hour. I am a professional voice over artist, video producer and author. I am self-taught and now I leverage the knowledge I have to help others achieve their freelancing goals.

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1. 1 Fiverr Intro Trailer: Hello everyone. Welcome to the class. My name is Santeria Childs Southwick and I have made over six figures on the fiber freelance platform, so I can teach you definitely how to make money on the platform and build a thriving business. So I went for making 5,000 an hour to $500 an hour. Average on line and fiber has been a big part of that. I made over $9,000 in a month in freelance sales. And I bought my mom a home with my freelance earnings in 2020. That article is from Yahoo, and it is all about me buying my mom a home in 2020 with my freelance earnings. So I've worked with Harvard University, panting, and so many more. So within this course you will learn about fiber gigs. That's one of the greatest things that you will learn, which is pretty huge and that's how many people are able to see. You're the only way to be able to get success on fiber. So I teach you how to actually create your first fiber gig. I will also teach you about your fiber dashboard, search engine optimization on your gigs, order fulfillment. I take you through that process. Custom offers how to fulfill your orders, milestone orders, as well as fiber's Choice orders, which are huge and will help you see more success on the platform. The seller program, I'll take you through that. As well as promoted gigs, which is huge and will help you get directly in front of those potential clients that are looking for what you can provide. So all of these things that I teach you will lead to success. So this is the system that I've created or that I've gone through to get success for myself on the fiber freelance platform. I also provided a bonus video for you, which most people won't talk about. But it is exactly how you will be able to get repeat customers over and over again so that you see great success on the fiber freelance platform. Now in this class, what you will need are pen paper computer and a fiber account, which is not difficult to set up, it's pretty easy to do. The class assignment will be to create your very first fiber gig, which I take you through the process to do that. So without further do, start learning and start getting that success that you want on the fiber freelance platform. 2. What to Sell on Fiverr: All right, so before I get started with teaching you how to build a thriving, successful freelance business on fiber, let me let you know about something that will be really important when it comes to fiber. You want to sell specifically skills and skills that are in demand. Now this is something that I don't know that necessarily everybody else will teach you this. But this will be really helpful for you so that you can see success on the platform a lot faster, a lot faster than I did for sure. And so that you can have success long term as opposed to just a little short spurt of somebody purchasing something from you. A few people, and then just nothing you want to learn, an in demand skill. This will be really, really helpful because you want people to purchase what it is that you have to offer. So you want it to be in demand. You don't want it to be just something that people aren't even interested in. So it has to be in demand. Now let me show you how you can just easily find in demand skills. So let's go here real quick and let's just type in hoops on in demand skills. As you can see here is a set of ten skills real quickly from Forbes magazine. Forbes online, generative AI, sustainability skills, project management. Those things aren't necessarily things that I don't know that people would really clinical health care skills, that's not something that people would offer on fiber necessarily. Interpersonal networking, not so much. But if it's something such as, here we go right here. Software development, this is Corsera. Let's check this out. Seven highly income, high income skills worth learning in 2023. Let's scroll through real quick data. We got a, sorry about that. We got data analysis, which people do offer that as virtual assistance on fiber. So that's something that people are looking for. Software development now that is big, if you know coding and all those types of things, you can earn quite a bit of money on fiber, a lot user experience. So this is like websites and different things like that. Research design help market a product, web development. Another thing with coding, of course project management. So these are also virtual assistant type skills as well as you can tell account management, content creation and management. There we go, right there. Content creation. Social media is really big. Everybody is on social media and businesses will need people to create content for them. So constant creation is something that you can learn a skill and you probably already know how do it anyways, because you're probably active on social media as you are currently. So you can show them that skill, that you actually can do content creation and they may hire you for that job. Whatever it is it they have. So let's go back. So that was a short little article from Coursera and linked in. Let's see, Can find, let's see. I'm trying to think there was a better way to find it before previously. And I'm trying to find, let's see, online in demand skills. All right. So this is maybe better in terms of something that services that you can specifically offer on fiber. If you just search for online in demand skills, here are online in demand skills, you can, you can learn from the comfort of your own home and then you can start making money with via fiber. Web design. Of course, again, that's coming up. Social media marketing, project management, Dodge analysis, search engine optimization. So you want to, companies and businesses want to show up on the first page of Google Search. If you know how to do search engine optimization, that would be a great skill to get paid for video editing. That's one of the things that I do actually is video creation. Video editing, that is definitely an end demand skill. Mobile app development, software development, and apps are huge these days. Marketing, every business wants customers. So if you know how to do marketing, you can earn a lot of money, whether it be online, on fiber, or in person with companies and businesses that you might work with. Coding, another one, coding, web development, all those types of things on the internet. You can learn how to do those things and start doing them for companies and businesses and individuals from all over the world via graphic design, writing. If you're a great writer, then you can actually start making money as a writer. And a lot of these things some of you might even know how you might even know how to do already. All it is, is you have to learn how to utilize the fiber platform. Which you will go through the process of in this course, in this class. And it will teach you how to utilize those skills that you have learned or that you already know to make money with online. It's something you already know, so why not get paid for. You want to have that little side hustle and just build it up to where it can just. Blow up for you. Cybersecurity copy writing, of course, it goes also of writing analytics, new product development, web development, digital marketing, social media marketing as well. Data science, machine learning design, subs e commerce. A lot of people want e commerce stores. Nowadays, it's doing pretty big leadership. I'm not sure about leadership. I don't think that that would necessarily be something you can offer on fiber. It's probably a one on one in person type of situation with leadership or with companies programming language, of course, that's online as well with websites and things like that. So these right here are examples of demand skills that you can learn. You can learn these in demand skills and start making money with them on fiber, we might say, how could I actually learn how to do these different types of skills? And all you have to do is search for a specific online course. Let's choose a skill that say you want to learn how to do search engine optimization, that's in demand skill, you want to learn how to do that online. And you could just open up another tab and online course for search engine optimization. Okay, So that's a ad, I think these fewer ads, so let's skip the ads necessarily know that well, okay? Okay. Skillshare actually does have, it says SEO classes online, so let's not skip the ads. Let's check that out. Google career certificates, digital marketing certification, you can get that with Google SEO marketing course, become certified in six weeks. That's huge. De Vrad University Online, it doesn't necessarily say search optimization, of course, Sarah shows that. But we'll teach you how to optimize website content for the best possible search engine ranking. So there we go, right there. There's a few websites where you can actually go to them and learn how to do search engine optimization. And then there's courses right here that show you from University of California, Simply learn University California as well via Coursera. So you can simply just go online and search for these things with and a lot of different options will come up. You should go through each one usually on the first page because they've done some search engine optimization themselves to actually get on the first page, so they're doing pretty well at what they're actually teaching. And then find one that you think works and we'll teach you exactly what you need to know to actually be able to utilize that skill. So let's check out skill share real quick and see what it says for SEO classes. So SEO in 2022 for creative entrepreneurs, Amazon SEO, Pinterest Marketing, C listings, Introduction to SEO tactics and Strategy for entrepreneurs. Tips and tricks for your creative business success. So I'm sure she obviously has to be teaching SEO as well. So here's a few classes right here. First steps of SEO, SEO today. Strategies to earn trust rank high and stand out. So it's not too difficult and it's not too complicated or complex that you can't figure it out. You just got to be resourceful. And when it comes to being resourceful, you know, you just get on the Internet, obviously you're tech savvy because you wouldn't be in this course if you weren't tech savvy. And so you just find out what find a in demand skill that you're willing to learn that you would actually be excited about learning and doing for clients from all over the world. If you're excited about it, then it's something that you will definitely want to do. But if it's something that you're like I'm on the fence about, I wouldn't necessarily want to do that long term. That's not something I'm that interested in. Then check out one of the other in demand skills that you can possibly learn. And this isn't it. Form. There's more than just thes where these are kind of generalized. And currently what it's showing online right now are these skills. And you can just, like I said, search on find one of those websites where you actually can learn that in demand skill. And then the rest of the course, you will learn how you can actually make money online with those clients on So you learn the skill in demand skill, not just any skill in demand skill. Make sure that you learn it or that if you already have one, then just apply it and learn how to maximize fiber in the best way possible. And yeah, you can build that thriving, successful fiber, freelance business online. But you got to start there. It has to be something that people are looking for, Something that they specifically want and are already out there looking for. You don't want to, you know, recreate the well or whatever you don't want to just all of a sudden be like, okay, I'm going to learn how to do this even though it's something that people aren't interested in. Because where will the customers come from? There won't be any customers there. You want to make sure that it's something that people are already looking for so that you can fill that void. You can be that person that they go to to complete that, Whatever it might be, I mean, it could be social media posts that they might need. It could be creating an e commerce store that they might want. Web design, all those types of things. You could be the person to do it, but it has to be in demand. So important because a lot of people get onto fiber and they don't get sales. And a big part of that is because they don't have a skill that potential clients are looking for or that buyers want. And if you don't have something that they want, then how are you going to sell it? So don't forget that in demand skills, it's really important to make sure that you learn one and apply it and build that successful freelance business that you want and deserve. All right, I will see you in the next video. 3. Fiverr Gig Basics: All right everyone, So thank you for enrolling in the course. So this is going to be tourist video and this will teach you a basic of the main reason why actually people get on fiber. And they quit after about a week or so and they don't see anything happening, no progression, they ended up quitting. And the reason that is, is because they don't know how to work or utilize the platform. And the best way to do that is with gigs. Gigs are really important and that's the way that you can offer what it is that you can provide, the services that you can do, whatever business it is that you can do for somebody. That's literally what it is a gig is. So it's you putting that gig up there so you can be seen by those potential clients and actually doing work for them. So let's get into the basics of actually what a gig is and what it means to have a fiber gig on fiber. So what that actually entails. So this video was recorded a few years ago in the course when I had it before. Everything changed, everything changed on fiber. And my entire course that I initially had online was irrelevant. You couldn't utilize it in the way you could before. So I had to create the course all over again. And so this one, I feel like this video was really important when I recorded it at the time. And it's still very relevant and important today. So we will stick with this video. And I recorded this video when I was in my actual duplex that I am part owner of in Illinois. I live in Las Vegas. This background that you can see, let's go back actually to the main scene. So this background behind me is my actual balcony view here in Vegas, which is pretty awesome. And so this video that I recorded, talking about gigs, was recorded in the actual duplex that I am part owner of. I own 22.2% of that duplex. And the money that came from that or how I was able to invest in that was by freelancing. So fiber is one of the ways that I actually earned that money to invest in that duplex and where I get rental income every single month, which is pretty incredible. Excuse the audio, I didn't have a microphone at the time. I was just going with the audio from my actual computer then. But it still is very much relevant and will be really well and really well put together and explains fiber gigs and the basics of what they are. Let me make this bigger for you real quick and play that for you. They step up is $100 and that's 1 minute Soto. Let's go back. Okay. All right, so in this video, I'm going to explain to you the basics of what an actual gig is on fiber when it comes to gigs. Here on this page, as you can see, these are the gigs that I have available now. A gig is a service, or a product, or whatever it is, that you can provide for potential clients to work with them. This is my best seller right now, so I will click on this gig to show you inside of it. Now when you come to your gig page, this is what it will look like. And as you can see here, I have seven orders in my que, and that's for this specific gig. Many gigs or however many orders you have that are pending to be completed by your potential clients. I may have delivered some of these already, but my client hasn't either seen it or they haven't completed the order. That means there are seven orders that are in the E for this gig. In particular, potential clients come to your actual gig. They will see that right there. They will see also the amount of feedback that you have there too. Right here is what I offered for this gig. Initially, the initial price is $75 and that's for $130.05 footage video, two day delivery. And then for the standard, you can do a three package deal, which means that they have several that they can select from. They step up is $100 and that's 15 footage video with voice over. And then the premium includes script writing, so they can know right off the bat what it is that you offer in the prices that are available for them to choose from. Then they have this convenient button right here where they can actually pay for it, compare the packages, or just contact me directly when you scroll down the gig. As I just did the first limitation about this in order, when potential clients come to your gig, they can see what you have offered. I put up these first three images myself. That's something I put there. I put there here too. Now these are actual orders that I have completed for my clients. They can just scroll over and then they can see what it is you have already done for clients already. That's great. So they can see what you can do. It's like your portfolio is on your gig page. You scroll down and this is about the gig description. I've added these for what it is I can provide my clients. It shows what I've done previously and what it is that I offer in my packages right here. It helps to actually have quite a bit of information in the description. It will help them to be able to read more, get a better understanding, or they can also contact you, as I said, either here or contact here as well. As you keep scrolling down, you will see about the seller area. There's my description again of who I am and what I have done as a voice over artist, as a video producer. Then here are the packages here as well, so they can get a bigger view of what it is I can provide for them or what you can provide for them. Also, sometimes it helps to have that extra fast delivery so they can pay $50 extra for this package and actually get it with 24 hours as opposed to within two days. But that's just for the first gig, which is $75 Then you can see, they can see the actual feedback that people have provided for you as well. It actually is really helpful because then they can decide to either work with you or not based on what other people have experienced by working with you. You also can reply to their feedback as well. That's great. Yeah. Especially when I love when clients provide feedback such as this, Oh my God, I'm over here crying. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. You heard my spirit and answered. That really touched my heart. So I responded to her by saying all your words. My heart. Thank you for the opportunity. I absolutely appreciate each opportunity that you get to work with a client on fiber is that it is an opportunity every time regardless of if the transaction doesn't go so well. It's still an opportunity because you're making money for yourself from home by working with those potential clients. Always see it as an opportunity. Relish that. Be excited about that. Yeah. You see the feedback that people have provided and what you have provided for them. If you scroll down, then you can see the other services that I have provided and can provide for potential clients as well. It's like whatever you click on someone's gig at the bottom of it will show what they also as well, if you want to continue working with that seller or if someone wants to continue working with you, they can see your other gigs at the bottom of your page. This is the basic of fiber gigs and its services, its products, whatever it is, because some people even sell ebooks, some people sell courses on fiber. But usually it's some type of a service. Like I do voice over, I create videos for my clients, and those things are services that I offer to them. I love working with clients. I love providing my voice. I love creating videos for them. It's fantastic. So you get on fiber, you put up a gig, and you actually can get to working with fines from all over the world and have a lot of orders in. Just like this says right here, this gig has really been blown up a lot lately and it's fantastic. I'm excited for that, to see where that is going to go up. It's only going up from there because when I first started out on fiber, it literally was just five bucks an hour. And that was so hard to do. It's great that I stuck with it. It kept getting better at it and building up, and building up, and building up. Now we'll see you in the next video. All right. As you can see there, that was a quick little fiber gig walk through, so you can actually know what that is. So you won't feel overwhelmed when it comes to fiber. Because a lot of people, they simply don't know how to work the platform. They don't even know to put up a gig. There's a number of people that have reached out to me on the box and they're trying to work with me, but yet I can't see any samples of their work because they don't have a gig up. So the gig is a basic thing that you have to provide on fiber so that you can actually sell your services, sell what it is that you can provide, and do for potential buyers that are looking for what it is that you have to offer. All right, so I will see you in the next video. 4. How to create a Fiverr Gig: All right, so welcome back. In this video, I'm going to show you how to actually create your very first fiber gig on the platform. And this will be a great video and it will be extremely helpful to you. And it's a complete walk through to show you from A to Z, how you actually can get up your very first fiber gig on the platform. And obviously you can duplicate that process so you can add multiple gigs. And as time goes on, the ones that are performing the best you will want to keep and the ones that aren't doing so well either you will want to do some search engine optimization, which I will teach you about later on in the course, or you might want to delete it. It depends on you and what you would like to do. So let's get into that real quick. All right, so this is also another video from previously when I first created the course. And this one I was a lot younger. You hear my voice sounds more higher pitched. I'm quite younger in this, but I did use the blue Yeti microphone to record this video. So the audio is pretty well and it's a great walk through from A to Z in terms of creating and putting up your very first gig on fiber. And so let's get into it. This is how you will be able to do that pickup. Let me make for you real quick after you go through the whole process of creating your profile, adding your picture and all those different things, your payment account now, then you will have the option to create your first gig. And the way you get through there is you click on selling and you click on gigs. As you can see, my page is already open to gigs right now. These are my current active gigs. Right now I have six. I just added these three videos, three video gigs recently with the other ones I've had for a while now. You won't have any because you're just starting out. You click on this green button that says create a new gig. Then as you can see here, you add a gig title. Then the category I'll just run through for a quick one, real quick. Let's see, animation. Video. Okay? And then video on animation is the category. It's like the subcategory here. You don't want to just animation video, I will create an animation video. This is just me putting a quick sample up though there will be obviously little things. I'm just trying to put up a quick sample gig for you. But it would say something like, I will create an animation video. So whiteboard and animation explainers. I'll just click that. I'll hit a whiteboard and file format. I'll put in before you got to be specific about what it is you're offering. And then you could add tags. But since this is just a mock up, I'll just click save and continue. Okay, there's an error. It says, gig title should contain at least four words animation video within 24 hours. There we go. Okay. And I click save and continue Tags. All right. You have to put tags as well. Video, HD, video, animation. It depends on whatever it is, the services that you're offering you. Click on Save and Continue. This is just a quick run through. I'm not actually really serious about putting this, but you have to be more serious and pay more attention to what it is that you're putting in. When you put up a gig, you have to be specific about what it is you offer, what it is you're offering right now. They have three packages. Fiber offers three packages where you can change the price of each of there's a range. Whatever you offer, this is for the videos, voice over recording, background music, logo revisions, the package, package name, and the details. But you can easily turn that off by clicking that button there. Whatever it is you offer as extras, when you click on something, we'll add the number of days in the amount that it will take for that extra. This is where the real money starts to come in because you can initially offer something for five bucks. But with your gig extras like if people really rack up on these and start purchasing a lot of these, then you really will make bank, you make quite a bit voiceovers, you can offer a certain price for the background music, logo, all those different things. Extra fast delivery, so I'll put up a quick one, real easy animation video. Video within 24 hours. But be specific, be serious about it. I'm just taking you through the process and just showing you everything on revision. I'll put background music logo in the price. I'll just put five bucks because I'm not actually going to publish this gig not, but be sure to add gig extras based on what you can offer your potential clients. Then this is where you put the description of what it is that you offering them. I will deliver an animation, do 1020, 4 hours, but add as much information as you can in description. Then you can add frequently asked questions that you think might be great for your potential buyers. Click cancel there and Save and Continue. Description must be at least 120 characters long. See, it's really good. Okay, I am a video producer, but we. Okay. I'll be more specific about the actual gig. You can deliver in 24 hours. That is, think your needs, order now or message me. Okay, let's see, that should be enough. Okay, change is saved. Fantastic. So we're just moving along. The overview was the first one, then was the pricing, the description. And frequently asked questions announced the requirements and will be the gallery and the publish. All right, sorry about that. Pause there. So as you can see, I pretty much just put a little bit in the description for this quick little walk through, but in the previous video where I showed you the basics of fiber gigs, as you could see in the description for my actual gig, there was a lot of information available such as that. I offered them a voice over, I offered them HD footage, all those types of things I put as like bullet points. So that could be really good for showcasing what it is that you can provide for that potential client. Because they want to know everything and putting things in the description is really, really important and that will be really great for you to do that, as opposed to with this sample what I'm currently putting through. Now as you see, that's not much information, but you will want to put as much information as you possibly can for that client. You would actually publish your gig so that sellers can find it. The requirement is to attach their script, then you click Add. That's the requirement, they will attach or type in their script. Here for you, that's pretty much what the requirement is. And then you'd get started on the gig. Now here is the gallery. You can put a gig video shorter than 75 seconds and smaller than 50 megabytes for myself, I always make sure I put a video there and then you put gig photos. You can take pictures from the gig video that you put and upload them here. That'll help people to see where you are offering them in gig PDFs as well. It depends on whatever gig it is that you're offering, that is what you will put. So that was kind of just a quick run through of publishing, a fiber gig on So in the next video, I will show you how to apply for jobs, because in this video I actually went to my real account. All right, so let me go back to me here in real time. All right, so obviously I mentioned in that video that I will show you how to put in applications. That's because it's from previously when I created the course where you actually could so called put in applications on fiber. So it was a whole process which is similar to other freelance platforms where you can get directly in front of potential clients. Because you actually would put in applications, so to speak, so that they know that you have what they are looking for, fiber that away. They completely eliminated that. That was the buyer's request section. And so that's why I had to completely redo my whole course because they no longer have that on their platform. So they have a system of where they will send potential buyers to you as opposed to you being able to get directly to them and in front of them. So I had to change that out. So obviously the next video will not be about putting in applications at all. That's totally done. That's not something that fiber offers and will never offer again, unfortunately. But yeah, So but there's obviously other ways that you can get in front of potential clients and that's why I've created this whole new course which will teach you how you can do it today in 2023. And as time goes on, I'm sure that the platform will evolve and change. And I will continue to update this course because that is really important. I want to make sure that everything is still relevant for you as you continue to see success over and over again. And build upon that success on fiber and other freelance platforms. So right, hopefully that was helpful in terms of creating your first gig. And as you keep going, you will learn about search engine optimization to make your gig even better and things like that. So I will see you in the next video. 5. Navigating the Fiverr Dashboard: All right, so welcome back. In this video I'm going to actually show you the fiber dashboard, what it looks like via your actual desktop and also via your actual mobile or your actual pham itself. Let's get into it. All right, so now you will see my actual dashboard right here. This is active orders, of course, this means how many orders I have in my queue. This is the price of the orders of those that are available from these different clients. Right here, this is the delivery time. Now when it says, obviously this says longer, seven days, 13 hours. When it says here, it says seven days late, it's not actually late. So what it is is that it's in revision. So when it's in revision, that means that it's been seven days since they actually put in the order. But I've delivered a revision to them or I haven't yet, but it's not actually seven days late. Fiber actually should fix that because it's kind of weird, might be confusing. It's not seven days late, it's definitely not. But it's just like from the time that they ordered. So when they request a revision is what that actually is for. It's kind of strange but that's that's how fiber actually does things. But to the left you will see my username. The level I'm at, one of the things you don't have to worry about is your level. If you're at level two, that is really fine because as you can see, the orders will still come in. Obviously, my inbox response rate. You want to make sure that you respond quickly to clients when they message you about something. Inbox response time 1 hour, really quickly, Order response time, 100% there, which means I'm pretty quickly to respond with orders. What it means, revisions, whatever, it might be delivered on time, 100% as well. Obviously, these stats will fluctuate. They won't always be at 100% but don't beat yourself about it when they're not. Don't get down about it. I mean, you can obviously raise it up again, I keep saying obviously. But you can raise your percentages up again over time. You will get better and better at it. If it drops, that's okay. Don't freak out about it. Order completion rate is 100% When it comes to order completion, that means that I have not had any refunds within that. I think it's 30 day period, might be 60 days, it's 30-60 days. These stats are they could go down and go up based on those 30 to 60 day period. When it comes to delivery on time, which is something else you'll need to know about. That means that obviously these are due within one day to day seven days. They have to be due within that time period because there will be a timer on the actual order page. And when that timer runs out, that means that it's late. So your deliver on time rate will go down if you deliver after that time. So make sure you deliver on time. You respond appropriately. Complete orders in time? Of course, Yeah. Those things will be important for you when it comes to freelancing on fibers platform. Next up, I will show you your dashboard on your mobile phone. That was a dashboard on your desktop or your laptop computer, and these are examples of actually your dashboard when it comes to the mobile phone. Again, here, the one in the middle, as you can see, order completion rate and on time delivery rate has gone down. But still the positive rating, 55 is the same. It's an average of the orders that you have. And when clients provide you with positive feedback, if it's five star majority of them, then you will have this there. But yeah, like I said, your response rate, order completion rate, and on time delivery, it may drop at some point in time, but that's okay. You can fix it and make it better again. Now, as you see on mobile, on the dashboard, things are different here. Your earnings are all here in each one of these. Now this one, I took screenshots at different times during my fiber journey, during freelancing my freelancing journey. So this one says October 14, 2021. Now, as you see, the personal balance is $311 Now that means that that much has cleared in my actual fiber account. So I can just make that go straight over to my bank account. Same as here and here. Average selling point here was $67 That means all the orders that you have done with people on fiber, I believe actually you keep going. When you first start on a five, your selling price will probably be $5 I've been on fiber for quite some time now, and obviously that has gone up in terms of the amount of orders that people place with me and how much each order actually costs. That will go up over time. Here, it was 67 here, 69, 40, and then obviously, $86 here, it goes up, as I mentioned. Now when it comes to pending clearance, that is how much is going to come into your account that's currently orders that you have completed. And they will be clearing into your account so that you can then transfer it over to your bank account, your payioneer pay, Pal, whatever it might be. Whatever form of payment that you have connected to fiber. This payment will be cleared and then it can go into your bank account earnings amount each month they have on here obviously. So sometimes you can make quite a bit on fiber and as I mentioned, level two seller, level two seller, level two seller. Each of these times I have not had top rated seller yet on fiber. And some people might be like what? Yeah, it's surprising to actually make these amounts on fiber when you're not even a top rated seller. It's definitely possible and it depends on obviously how well you work, the quality of your work, and what you actually offer, the gigs that you offer on fiber. So these are were my earnings for September, October, December, just different times throughout my fiber Freelancing journey. Active orders here means the number of orders in your queue. So on the last one on the screenshot before which formed the desktop, I showed you the active orders that were in my queue. So this is, this here, this is the number or the amount of orders, and the number here, 10109. And then cancel orders. So this is obviously when an order is canceled during that 30 day period. I believe here it is 30 days, based on these stats, I think it is 30 days. So within those 30 days, I had two orders that were canceled here, which mounted to be the price of $100 This one I had six orders that were canceled which was $432 And that will happen sometimes too. Do not freak out about it. It is. Okay. Just sometimes you have either difficult clients or they're asking for something that you can't really deliver or they decide to change in the middle of the process of you creating something. And then you have to actually whether be pivot or decide that you have to give them a refund because you can't deliver what it is that they need. And that happens. And that's okay, because obviously my reputation was still not ruined based on that. And here there was two orders, and the price of those was $140 So things will fluctuate up and down on your fiber freelancing journey. And your dashboard will look different, change over time. But that's okay, Just keep going. You will keep earning and keep doing better. You will definitely get better and better. All right, so here let me go back first. All right, so when you click on View Details, as you see right here next to Earnings View Details, it will take you to this page right here via your mobile phone. Now what this shows is a chart of the funds or the orders that you have done on fiber. Obviously, it changes each month. This is August 7 to September 5. It will go up and it will go down and up and down. This chart says from $0 to $100 1,000 was the highest that I made in one order during that month period. And it shows your earnings again in September. You average selling price, active orders that are in your queue currently available for withdrawal and your completed orders, obviously, which is the same as your earnings in September. As you can see, your dashboard is the basic of what you will need to know on fiber. It will be the navigation tool for you to be able to know what's really happening overall so that you stay on track of things. You want to make sure that you complete the orders. You want to make sure that you deliver them on time. You want to make sure that in your inbox you're getting back to clients within a reasonable time frame. For me, it's been like an hour, which is really great. And a lot of times, you know, clients that you work with might be from other countries, but that's okay because as soon as you wake up, then you can message them. And I've worked with clients from all over the world and my average has not gone down, which is great, still around that, about an hour of time. But you can also set presets within the box in which it will send them automated messages. Within this box right here, you could set automated messages that can send them something generic right away to say, hey, I'm not available right now, but I will get back to you as soon as possible. Something like that. And that would definitely work for them. Hopefully, this video was helpful about the fiber dashboard and gave you a more in depth view of it. And I will see you in the next video. 6. SEO for Fiverr Gigs: Welcome back. In this video I'm going to talk to you about the importance of SEO, or search engine optimization via fiber is actually really important. You might know about search engine optimization. If you don't, then you will learn it here and you'll see why it is really, really important. All right, let's get into it, okay? So this is the fiber. This is a web page on fiber where you actually can search for whatever it is you need. This is actually a screen cast recording that I was excited about. Again, like I told you, I was on the first page of fiber. Here you can see the words explainer video is in that search bar, you want to be on the first page of fiber. In whatever search, whatever it is that you offer, there's a fiber short order right there as you can see right there. This is me here. This is my gig on the first page of fiber search. That is important. That's really important because you will get so many more orders by being on the first page. A lot of people don't want to just keep searching. A lot of people are lazy. They will find what's on the first page at a reasonable price and they will decide to order. I was on the first page for the keywords explainer video. As you can see, these are all the other gigs that are on the same page. As you keep scrolling, it's like, huh, you got to find something, you got to find one that you're going to like. The sooner that you're up there or the higher up you are, the more possibility that you have of getting pig. Look at all those pages. That's ten pages. And then there's more beyond that. You want to make sure that you are on the first page of fiver search for whatever keywords it is, whatever it is that you offer, whatever gig you offer, whatever service you want to be on the first page. So that means when people search for explainer video, they will literally find my gig because it is on the home page of the first page of fiber search for explainer video. And that's pretty awesome, isn't it? Obviously, this is at the time, the price was $75 for this stock footage gig. And there's about 30, 30 feedback that I've had 30 clients that I'd work with that they give me this feedback. So this was when my gig was very new because obviously it's changed now, My pricing has changed. So yeah, it was pretty awesome to me to actually get on the first page of fiber. I was excited about that. It was something new and of course, I took a screenshot of it because to me that's pretty awesome to be able to say that you were on the first page of fiber, search for the keywords that you put in. The way you get there is by delivering high quality work. Of course, making sure that your clients are completely satisfied and just continuing that cycle. Continue that cycle, deliver that high quality work, make sure your clients are satisfied, even over deliver in the best way that you possibly can over delivery is really key. And to have those clients continuing to come to you for business, for whatever service it is that you offer. Now let's see. Okay, this is another one. This is the gig itself. Now, this is when I first put the gig up. Obviously they see the price is different here. The price is in 75 like it was. That means that I was on the first page of fiber in the search twice. This is when it first. I should have done it backwards. I did it backwards. I should have shown you $35.01 first because this was when I first got into the home page, the first page search, That's the great thing about search engine optimization, you can get on the first page, you get on the first page, you're great. Like you'll have so many orders in your queue by being on the first page. I started out on the first page and I was at, my gig was $35 Just $35 and that's a great thing, obviously. You see 99 feedback and the one before was more than that. This was my gig. Four orders in the queue that went up significantly. I want your gig. You want a video. You want pictures. These are pictures of stock footage videos I have done for my clients and created for my clients. And these are actual samples of videos I have created for my Can you hear that? Maybe I won't let it play. It's loud, but yeah. So this is one of the videos that I have created for my clients. But yeah, on your gig, you want to make sure that you have pictures. These first three are pictures right here, and then these are sample videos or videos that I've created for my clients. That's how it will work. But obviously, it depends on whatever service it is that you offer. The delivery time. One day I put in there 30 seconds for the video, which was very low. 32nd video for 35 doubles, and this was me just starting out. When you first start out, you want to have a lower price point because you want to get those clients that are coming in and you'll have positive feedback. So people will see what you can do. You have samples of your work. Things like that's really, really important. You can just start at this really high price point. When you're first getting on the platform, you got to start somewhere and then just build your way up. Because obviously, like I said, it was 35 here. First got on the first page of fiber search for explainer video, which is huge keywords. By the way, explainer video business is searching for explainer videos and you're on the first page. Can you imagine that that's huge. Obviously, I had more orders in my queue than this as time went on. But I just happened to take a screen cast of this one, but then obviously I raise it up from the 35 because so many orders were coming in. I'm like, okay, let me raise it. So I raise it up to the 75 which you saw. Keep touching his microphone. I raise it up to 35. The 35. 75 which you saw. Let's see here. It went from the 35 to the 75. That's what happens when you have all the orders that come in, like gig, your service is in demand. That means you have people wanting to work with you. People actually wanting to purchase and buy from you. Yeah, you can raise your price. And as time goes on, like I said, we just put your foot in the door on the platform and then get better and better at it and then raise your prices and just go from there. It's just a whole cycle. The system, you get into it and you're really good. Yeah, that's importance of search engine optimization. Like I said, you would love to have all those orders in your cue from being on the first page for a search of keywords on fiber. It's a huge thing to be able to say that search engine optimization worked for you. Obviously, of course, I'm sure it hasn't worked for everybody, but if you're going to, it also depends on the quality of the work that you deliver. Many times, fiber can notice what you're delivering to clients. If it's high quality, they will put you up there. I was so excited because all of a sudden orders started to come in. And I was like, huh, that's interesting. And then I just search for explainer video and found out that I was on the first page. And if I were searched for explainer videos, yeah, think about those keywords. Think about what it is that people will search for. That's the important thing. Because obviously I wanted to people to find offer explainer videos to me that was easy to know. I figure people would search for explainer video, clearly they did, which is great. Whatever service or product that you offer, you want to have those specific keywords that you know, people will search for in the search bar because that's what's really important is those keywords, the keywords that they will search for, try to get into the mind of that buyer to know what it is that they want based on what your service is. As you see, they also have ones that are suggested. Animated explainer video, why Board explainer video, animation explainer video script. But explainer video obviously is included in all of those. The main basic ones are explainer video and all of these gigs have that in their title. Your title will have to be something that is search engine friendly, something that, you know, people will search for. Because say for example, if I had put something like, let's see, Work video. Yeah, Work video. Something like that. Like, you know, because it's for their work. Whatever work it is that they do. That's, that's very strange, right? That's not something that people would actually search for. They wouldn't search for work video, so I wouldn't come up in the search because nobody's searching for work video, so my gig would not be found. So you want to have those keywords that people are actually searching for as opposed to something that's just out there that people won't search for. You want your gig to be found. So search engine optimization is really important to make sure that your gig is found and that you're getting in front of those potential clients that want to work with you and want you to provide the service or the business it is that you offer to them. So yeah, search engine optimization is really important and it is key to getting more sales on the platform itself. That was the basics of search engine optimization. Hopefully, it was helpful in you in terms of trying to get onto the first page of fiber search for the keywords that you have. Yeah, that would really, really help you long term via the platform. I will see you in the next video. 7. Fiverr Order Page: All right, welcome back. In this video, I'm going to show you an actual order page on fiber so that you can recognize things when you see it. Like if someone places an order with you, it will first come onto the dashboard. And you go from the dashboard to the order page. And this is where it would take you to where you actually have to fulfill that requirement or that order that that client has placed with you. So let's get into it. So this is an actual web page, Web page, sorry. This is an order page from fiber for a client that I'm currently working with, one of their orders. So let me show you this. Obviously it says you have a revision request. This little timer, this is a timer that I mentioned previously about. It will wind down and when it winds down, you have to deliver at least the very first order. Revision mode is different, so gig isn't affected, your profile isn't affected. If there's a revision request, it won't matter if it starts up again from a revision request, your profile won't be affected. This is obviously the order page and if you click on here, says your order details, it shows you what was ordered. This was up to two minute video, ten day delivery for $600 Yeah, it says what is included as well. Recent inbox conversations with them will be here, but obviously you can just go back to the inbox to find those things. Here's obviously more information about it. Order number, price, delivery date, all those things are here as well. And so obviously, this is where you will want to keep. Any sort of communication that you have with this client and the job that you're fulfilling for them. You want it to be on the order page because it's very inconvenient to go, to go back and forward to the box when you want to stay here on the order page, because this is where you will deliver the order actually to them. So when you have completed it, you will click on this Green Delivered Now button that will open up a box, which I'll just show you. It opens up this box right here and you can upload the work right there. And then obviously you type in what it is you need to your client to let them know what you did. And this will pop up as a sample that will be at your gigs gallery, which is important because you want people to see what it is you can do. You want to deliver your best work so that potential clients will know what you can provide and have provided for other clients you have work with, and you just click on Deliver. Now there's also here on this page, you can extend the delivery date, which usually I would just go to the Resolution Center. When you click on Resolution Center, they have the option where you can actually ask them to cancel the order here and you select the reason, whatever it may be, then you type that in. And obviously it lets you know, see, cancel orders can affect your earnings. You'll lose earnings from the sale. Obviously, completion rate, your status will be adjusted, which they will be lowered, unfortunately, and gig listings, too many cancellations might make your gig appear lower in search results, which is really bad. So it's difficult when it comes to canceling orders, because your gig will be lowered in the search rankings, your completion rate will be lowered, which can bump you down to a level one seller, or even potentially a new seller. But that's okay, you can raise those stats back up. If it comes down to it where you have to cancel an order with the client, it's unfortunate, but you might have to do that. They've changed it to where the resolution center doesn't have it, to where you can extend the delivery date. Now, we wouldn't click that unless you need to actually cancel the order. That's resolution center there is for canceling orders. Here is where you would extend the delivery date. I would click on that, but I need to extend the delivery date because whether it be the client may not have provided the script in time or they didn't approve the script. If I actually had to do scriptwriting for them or if they didn't provide the voice over which they were supposed to be providing in time. So you just put in the number of days you need to extend it, put the date, and it says the original date they were supposed to be delivered. And then you would help the buyer understand, explain why you need more time. Obviously, if it's something that's on their end, they would understand anyway. But if it's something of where you've been too busy and you weren't able to get around to it, sometimes they might actually end up canceling the order, which is very unfortunate. You want to make sure that you can deliver whatever it is that you can provide to them within the time frame set before they either place the order, if they're messaging you in the box and ask for a custom offer or order, or right, as soon as they order, let them know. If you're not able to deliver it within that time frame, say, hey, can we possibly extend the delivery Because I'm not going to be able to deliver it within the time frame that you need. And most of the time you will find buyers that are understanding of that. Because obviously life happens. Life happens for everybody. But sometimes you have those that are not very understanding. So this is how you would extend the delivery date, so you won't feel overwhelmed if that time is winding down and you can't deliver it within the time frame. So yeah, as you can see here, this is a delivery. And If they request a revision, it will let you know right here. And then they said they got back to me with the revision doc after that. So yeah, this is where you keep everything nice and neat and on file and you will want to do that. And every time that you deliver something to a client, make sure that you hit this deliver now button. Don't deliver it in the inbox, because if an issue comes up of where that client is asking for a refund and yet you delivered it, there will be an issue for them, that buyer that is trying to get a refund. But if you don't actually deliver this on the order page, you don't hit this Deliver now button and there's no sort of delivery, whether it be a picture where there'd be a video, whatever it might be that you need to deliver fiber will have an issue with that. So it's like you're not providing proof that you actually did it, which is very unfortunate because even if you put it somewhere else, like the box or say for example, I had a client that I was delivering their videos within Von, which is the animation software. And so I didn't download the videos and put the videos up here in the deliver now order page, which is unfortunate. So that meant that I didn't have proof that I created the videos for them because I created them within their Viond account. It didn't download them and upload them to fiber. There was an issue there. But yeah, just to give you a heads up so that that won't happen to you because it is a possibility. But just safeguard yourself. Make sure you deliver everything here on this order page that is really important. That is a safeguard for you. And so Yeah, so that there won't be any issues between you and that buyer and fiber and this is where the activities happen. These are the details of the order, the requirements. Again, as I mentioned when you were creating your gig, these are these are optional fiber. Put those up there recently. But this is what I put is my question. I put to attach or add your script here along with your logo if you ordered logo replacement. And so this is, they attach the script here. So yeah, it's very simple. The requirements aren't difficult, they're not complicated to put up there, just what it is you need in order to deliver them what they ordered. Yeah, they they have stock media now, which I never deal with. All right. Okay. So that was a quick little walkthrough of the actual order page on the fiber to make sure that, you know, you're delivering in time, on time and everything works out in terms of making sure that you specifically deliver on the actual order page itself. Because there can be issues with that unfortunately. But yeah, so hopefully this will helpful and leave some of your stress in terms of if you have a order that comes through and not really necessarily knowing what to do, you just go straight here onto the order page and just input details of what it is they need, the requirements, and you just work from there and deliver it right here on the order page. It's not too complicated. All right, so I will see you in the next video. 8. Custom Offers for Clients: In this video, I'm going to show you how to send a custom offer via the inbox. Obviously, you will have your gig. And your gig will have a set price of what you offer based on whatever it is. It could be length. Because I create videos, I'll say length based on the length of my gig. I have that set amount that people can order just right away from me. They can just place to order. But sometimes they need more than just what I have to offer on my gig. They may need to be a longer video. Sometimes it can be 235, 10 minutes long, whereas I offer 32nd videos and I offer 1 minute videos. And with the 1 minute video, I also have the package where I also offer script writing. So if they want like a longer video, they'd have to contact me via the box and then we could go from there. So let me show you how you can send a custom offer via your inbox. So here it is, right here, you will see my actual box. Now this is a custom offer. So I've already sent this to my client, and as you see it says offer accepted. So they have accepted this offer already. So the video was up to 13.5 minutes, 13.5 minutes in length, and it's an animation video, and the price was $1,700 Obviously, I don't have that on my gig. I obviously sent them a custom offer via my inbox, and this is what my offer includes. It includes eight revisions, four day delivery, which is a short time for a 13.5 minute video voiceover recording, which I offer human voiceovers because I'm also a voiceover artist, illustrated background characters included, et cetera. This custom offer right here is what I provided them with. Now let me show you how you can create your own offer. Here, right here in the boxes, you can see at the bottom it says Create an offer. You click on that and that will show you the gigs that you have available to offer to those potential clients. And you find the gig that you want to offer them and you click on it. You can either do a single payment or you can do a milestone order. Actually, I'll go into more depth about milestone orders later on, which obviously in another video, so you will see that as well. But let's just click on Single Payment, which most of my orders are single payment. Then you would describe your order right here. Obviously, the package has already been selected, which is this one Actually, you know, maybe that my three packages that I have available that I offer is probably what that means. I'm not offering a package, I'm offering a custom offer itself. You can switch to milestones if you need to discounts. You can also offer coupons, but there's a specific program you have to be a part of in order to offer coupons. If you're not a part of that program, then unfortunately you won't be able to offer coupons. But I will tell you more about that program later on in another video. Revisions is how many revisions you would offer are optional as well. But it's always a good thing to offer revisions because your clients don't want to just have the first first thing you deliver to them and be like, okay, I have to be satisfied with this regardless. Like I'm not going to get a revision for it. They want revisions. Revisions will keep your clients happy and keep them coming back, and then the price goes right here when the offer expires. I never do this. There's no reason to have the offer expire for them. Requests for requirements, of course. Request for requirements mean that they have to input the information of what it is they need for the order to begin requirements. I'll show you that also as well, If I haven't shown you already via the order of the videos in the course. The offer includes voiceover running time, scriptwriting as all text human, voice over 15 minute zoom consult, whatever it is that you need to provide them with. You can add these as extras as well. Yeah, you just put together that offer for them and these are all custom. I put these on there myself for the gig. I can select which ones I need to provide them with. Yeah, just go from there. And then when you click in the offer like I showed you here, this is what the offer will look like. The name of your gig, whatever it is, the services that you offer, whatever extras you provide as well. And then that's pretty much how it works, which is pretty simple and straightforward. And it's not too difficult obviously. But as I mentioned on your gig page, there will be times where you'll have clients that will reach out to you that need more. They need to be provided with more. So you will have to send them a custom offer which is pretty easy to do. Yeah, you just do it right here in the box. All right. Hopefully that was helpful in terms of explaining custom offers and why they are important and why you need to know how to send them. Because there's actually newer sellers on the platform, I notice that don't know how to send custom offers. They will say to just order on their gig page. Whereas they could lose a client by saying something like order on their gig page. Because maybe the client doesn't want to go back there, maybe they want to keep communicating in the box. And so you can just send them that custom offer here as opposed to telling them to go back to your gig page. So this is quite helpful for sending higher priced orders, of course, and yeah. All right, so I will see you in the next video. 9. Milestone Offers for Clients: Welcome back. In this video, I'm going to show you how to send a milestone offer to a client that is ready to buy and why it is important to actually send milestone offers, which is something that I learned recently about the importance of why you should actually send a milestone of order. All right, so let's get into it. So here you will see the box once again. This is an order that my client has accepted already and I've completed done it. It's been delivered. They provided me with five star feedback. Everything is done for this order, but this is a custom offer. This is when it comes to milestone orders. This order here should have been a milestone order. But I didn't think about making it into a milestone order because when I got the script, it was, it was the script was altogether, but it was two for two videos. And so I pasted the script into and got the word count. And so I forgot about the fact that it was for two videos, and so I sent them to offer for the total amount, which was 1,700 for the amount of 13.5 minutes of video, but it was split into two videos, and so this is what happened. Let me open it into a new tab so you can see. Let's see. Okay, so here's the order details. The order details. So the orders placed on September 8. But because I did not put in a milestone order or make it a milestone order, then what happened was it was for two videos. Milestone is it's where things are delivered in pieces. So since it was two videos, there should have been a milestone one and a milestone two. So that when I delivered video one, then they could complete that part. And then the funds would start to generate into my account. And then when video two was completed, then those funds would be generating into my account. But because I made it as one whole order, and the first video was about 4 minutes, I believe. And the second video was a lot longer, the 400 or whatever amount it was. For that first video, I did not receive until all of the revisions and everything were completed for the second video. And that was terrible because it's like you have to wait so long for your money to come through the first video. Obviously, I did it and they needed revisions, which is obviously a thing that I offer is a great and important thing to offer revisions to your client. And all of the revisions needed to be done and completed. I did all of those and I delivered them. However long it took, then I was completed. But because of no milestone order, I didn't receive any of the money from it. And so I had to work on the second video, which was a lot longer than the first video. And so I did that delivered, it had revisions. Had to complete all of those revisions and keep coming back for revisions. And in this client, it took them a while to get back to me because they're a team of people and so I had to wait quite a bit. So the order was placed on September 8 and the order was completed on September 3. I meant October 3. Order was completed on October 3. So from the time frame of September 8 to October 3, that's almost a month. That's pretty much a month with a few days off. That's literally a month. So the work that I did and all the time that it took them with their team and everything, usually it takes a lot, a shorter time for them to get back to me and for revisions to be done and things like that, But because they were in a team environment, it took them a while to get back to me. So it took me a while to actually get paid because I didn't do a milestone order. And so that was a great lesson about milestone orders and why they are important. Because you want to get paid right away for the work that you did, the hard work that you put in, you want to get paid for it right away. So let me show you how to do a milestone order. Okay, let's see. You'll just click on Create an offer, just like you did for a custom offer itself. Again, you just find the gig that you need to send to them. Click on Milestones. Right here, it says, Working gradual steps and get paid for each completed milestone, which is what I needed to do and did not do. Then you just describe the offer, what it is that you're going to provide them with. You can put the milestone name. I'll crap, hopefully that didn't change anything on my recording. Okay. Did. I'll just put video. I want to put one but I hope it doesn't change my camera. Okay, good. Didn't change my camera. Okay, Video one. And I'll just put four days delivery and I'll put 400. Let's see. Okay, and I don't have to describe, says optional there, obviously you put it up here describing your offer, so you don't need to put it here or you can put some more information about what that video is or its length of video length and you just click Save. And then for use on two, I just put video two. But this is obviously just an example of what I might put for the number of revisions or whatever. This is just a sample, this is not something I will really send out, but it's helpful for you to see this since the entire Let's see. Oh, I did switch. Okay, let me go back. Okay, perfect. You can see that again. All right, so 1,300 I have my hot keys on for my scenes to switch three, changed to scene three. Okay, then I put in that. And then I click on Save. And there you have it. So there's first milestone for video one and the second milestone for video two. And obviously you can edit it as you see these little pencil icons that come up total number of days. The amount for the actual videos themselves. Yeah. And then you can select all of these extras that you need to add on to that. It's pretty straightforward. It's simple to do, but it's one of those things where if you end up not sending them a milestone offer, then you'll be stuck with having to wait for a long time to actually get paid. And that does suck. You will want to do a milestone offer when it is necessary to do that. And that was something that I needed to do and didn't think about it because like I said, I copy pasted the script into and wholly blank on the fact that it was for two videos instead of one that happened, but it won't happen again. And yeah, I just wanted to let you know about that so that it won't happen to you. Because it does. It sucks. So yeah. Make sure that you send milestone offers when you need to and keep track of everything. Yeah. And update your clients on everything that you're doing so that they know and they're informed and Yeah. Keep things going going up. All right. I will see you in the next video. 10. Fiverr's Choice Orders: All right, so in this video I'm going to tell you about the awesomeness, that is the fibers choice orders. This is a pretty cool thing, so let's get into it. All right, so now here you see these are fibers choice orders. As you can tell via this mark right here, this little mark right here. These are two separate orders, obviously two different prices. I think just throughout my freelance journey, I've been, uh, my freelance journey, I've just been taking screenshots of stuff because I've just been excited about the whole journey of everything. Because I went from making just $5 an hour online to making as much as I do today. And it's pretty incredible to actually go from making nothing to something substantial. That became my full time income. And I've been able to travel and do and work with clients from all over the world, wherever I am on cruises in different countries and things like that. So it's pretty amazing and exciting to me. So I took screenshots of these two fibers choice orders. Now a fibers choice order means that fiber has literally chosen your gig as one that is standout and something that people should actually order. So it's like them suggesting you and your gig to other people. So as you can see on the left, this is my animation gig that they suggested for this one. And this is a stock footage gig that they suggested for this one right here. So it'll literally say fiber's choice when they want people to order it. It says fibers choice. And obviously when searching for it, I couldn't see fibers choice myself. But actually, maybe I didn't search for my gig then. But obviously, I took screenshots of these here so you can see what they are and what it means to have a fibers choice order. And it's pretty exciting to actually have that. And like I said, you don't have to be or beat yourself up about not being a top rated seller because I have not been a top rated seller yet and I'm not hoping on, hope that it will happen. That's okay. I'm a level two seller and to actually be chosen as fiber's choice is pretty remarkable and an incredible thing to do. And it's happened for me multiple times now. So that's pretty great. And so fiber obviously has seen what I can do and they know the feedback that my clients have provided for me. So they're willing to put that trust into me and suggest my gig to other people. So that's pretty great. And so you would want have fibers choice orders in your cue because that's a really great thing. And if you have a success with that client, then fiber will continue to have you as a fibers choice. It's a win win, it's a total win win all around. Just do your best, deliver high quality and I think you will do totally fine. So this one was 675, and this one was just 110, but that's okay. It still went really well. And it was a fish choice order, that's definitely something that you will want to aim for. Always deliver high quality. Make sure that your clients are completely satisfied and things will go really well for you. Platform, Just continue to do better and better. Always get better at your craft. Next you will see here is just notifications from my Fish Choice orders. And this was a night on September 8. And I was actually maybe I wasn't at the time, I was thinking, I thought it was in San Diego at the time. Because this is me and Billy Jean, the world's greatest marketer. Billy Jean is marketing. He's one of my mentors that I follow. I've taken a number of his courses. It says here, you received a fish choice order from this client right here. Deliver superb work to get more orders like this. And then right after, after this one, actually you received a fiber choice order from this client. Deliver superb work to get more orders like this. Right after this notification, I got this notification. I don't think I don't believe these are the jobs from those fibers choice orders at the time. I don't believe they are actually, But this notification, I just happened to have it and I took a screenshot because I was excited about that. I'm like, wow, that's awesome. Like two fiber choice orders back to back probably at the time. That might have been rare and it was great to take a screenshot of that and be like, oh, that's pretty awesome. Yeah, I'm just showing things throughout the course that would be something that you may want to know about and something that could be great and beneficial for you along your fiber freelancing journey. But yeah, fiber choice orders are definitely something you should try to have in your queue because they're great for getting high quality clients. They're great for fiber to see. And recognize that you do great work and that you're reliable and it's really helpful for you all around for your entire profile. Yeah. Try to aim for fiber choice orders and yeah, I'm sure you'll get there some day. Just keep delivering high quality work and just doing really well at what you do. All right. I will see you in the next video. 11. Seller Plus Program: All right everybody. So welcome back. In this video, I'm going to provide you with some information about the seller program and why it could be a plus and becoming a part of it on fiber and how it could help you help make things better for you on the platform. So let's get into the seller program. Okay. Switch this over. All right. So if you can see that right, there is obviously the fiber page. This is where you would be, this is where you would go to be a part of the seller program. Under growth and marketing, it says here, seller plus program. So I just clicked on program page so you can get a overview of everything that is a part of the seller program. Now I would suggest joining it because it has been helpful to me. But based on the benefits is whether or not you can decide if you want to become a part of it or not. It's not beneficial for everybody, but I think it has a lot of perks overall and you have to decide if there's more perks than there are downsides to it. So this is a seller plus program and it costs monthly as well, so it's not actually free, but that's okay. So obviously I get a success coach, So this is my fiber success coach. This is Adrian, so I can schedule a meeting with him or send him a message. We actually communicate through e mail, which is great, as opposed to having to communicate S25, so he's there. I can contact him whenever I want to. I can e mail him. I can reach out to him. And so he's like an intermediary between me and fiber. So that can be really helpful, especially when you have issues with clients and things like that. Well, with the platform in general. So these are some of the benefits and it shows performance highlights. So your key metrics, you also get coupons which you can actually give out to repeat clients, which is great. I've never actually use a coupon, which I guess is pretty bad on my part. I should actually use coupons so that my clients feel good about getting a discount. I don't know why I don't use that. I need to use it at some point in time. So you have that and you can utilize that average conversion rate 0.3% but that's based on whatever gig that is that they're showing. Explain your video. Top keyword is obviously my top keyword which I showed you with being on the first page of fiber, which is pretty huge. But even with that being low, there's so much traffic that comes onto fiber, you can still get sales. Obviously, optimize your gigs. There's advanced analytics so you can track your gigs, understand your orders, and explore keywords. Dedicated success manager, obviously, as I mentioned, that is my success manager of the Adrian. Get guidance and advice, highlighted reviews, chooser reviews, the future at the top of your gig page. That's pretty incredible. Negative keywords prevent your gigs from appearing in irrelevant search results. And that's a part of SE, oh, you want to make sure that your gig is appearing in the top for those search keywords and not for negative ones that you don't want to appear for convert and retain customers buyer activity insights. So you get insights onto each buyer that you work with. And obviously the coupons, again, coupons are really great. I need to really give them out to my repeat clients or new clients faster payments. So for me, this is the greatest perk, faster payments. So my earnings clear in seven days instead of 14. See that's one of the downsides also as being a freelancer on freelance platforms. I keep saying obviously, but one of the things is that it takes longer to receive your money. So it takes two weeks, it takes 14 days. If you are not a top rated seller, I'm not sure about pro seller but type rated seller you can get your funds within seven days. But if you're a level two seller, level one seller, or just a brand new seller, your funds don't generate into your account until it's been 14 days after the client has completed the order. So they have to take all the time to do the revisions and all of that. And only after they complete the order or it's been three days and they haven't completed it and Fiber automatically completes it, then the funds start to generate into your account. Then it takes that 14 day cycle for it to generate. And so when you are part of this program though, you will actually have the ability to have your funds generate within seven days, which is a much shorter time. And for me, that's the greatest thing and that's a big part of why I continue to be a part of the seller program. It's great to be able to chat with Adrian every now and then and I work with him to try and get to get to top rated seller which never really worked out. Even though I followed everything that you mentioned, I don't know what their process is for deciding who is a top rated seller, but I'm not worried about it. Like I said, you can still make money on the platform. Do not stress yourself about that at all. So mostly, like I said, it's the seven day getting paid within seven days that matters the most to me. So I keep the program going. Priority TRS betting, Mosel, you'll be at the top of the list for a top rated seller status, which I think is BS. I don't think that's correct at all because I tried everything that I could to become top rated seller based on the information provided to me from my five or success coach. It didn't happen. It did not happen. And I'm at the point where it's like it's not going to happen. But that's okay because I'm still making money on the platform and that is what matters most to me. Requests to order require customers to contact you before placing in order. So you'll have that ability to do that as well. So they can just order it directly onto your gig. They have to reach out to you first if you feel like that's what's important. Access support and new skills. Priority support. Get a response to your health center. Takes in under 5 hours, which is pretty huge seller for swap strategies. And discuss messages came through from a client, swap strategies. And discuss the best practices in this exclusive forum and develop your skills. Access your free one month creative live membership. They have online courses that fiber creates that you can actually learn how to better yourself and your skills and things like that. So this is a seller program and this is some of the stuff that is included with it. And let's see tips and insights. So these are some of the videos and webinars and articles that they have available as well. If you click on Managed Membership, see it shows you the price for the seller plus program which is only $29 a month. That's not a lot. That is not at all a lot. Especially when you have a dedicated success manager, a seven day payment clearance, which to me is huge priority support, which you want to make sure that whatever issues you have are addressed in a quick amount of time as opposed to feel like, okay, nobody really cares. And that was kind of how I felt many times throughout my fiber journey, unfortunately. So I get priority support now. Advanced Analytics, Buyer activity Insights, 20 buyer coupons each month which I need to utilize and maximize webinars and articles. And there's additional features as well. So obviously it's a monthly payment and I can cancel it at any time. There would not be an issue with doing that. So it's only $29 a month. I think it's really helpful for you and your profile to get as many insights as you possibly can from your five or success coach about how you can do better on the platform. And if you have any issues, you can contact them right away. But then you have a difficult client and they want to work things out in a certain way. Like you can also offer partial payments now. But you have to contact that success coach first or obviously reach out to customer support about those types of things. So fiber has added a few things on the platform that have been helpful. Initially, I did notice that it didn't seem like anything, any issues that we had as sellers on the platform that they were being addressed. So they've done things that are better now. And the fiber success coach is helpful in terms of kind of being a sounding board. You know that this is a program, the seller program is one that I would definitely say something you should become a part of. And obviously as a new, new seller, you don't want to do it right away. Because you want to make sure you're going to make money on the platform first before you jump into something like that. But when you start to make money on the platforms, on the platform, then you can decide if you want to join the seller post program or not. But yeah, it definitely can be helpful for you in terms of making your profile better, making sure you're getting more sales and things like that. It is definitely helpful. Yeah, so hopefully that was a good enough explanation of the seller post program and what it can provide you with long fiber. Yeah, I will see you in the next video. 12. Promoted Gigs: All right, so welcome back. In this video, I'm going to introduce you to this new feature on fiber that is a really, really great feature and it's very, very helpful for you in terms of getting in front of those potential clients. Previously they had the buyers request section which they got rid of and eliminated. Well, this here is what kind of replaced it, so to speak. And let me show you what this is about. This is promoted gigs, and this is a really, really great and important thing that fiber added because it's like running ads. Is running ads specifically to your gigs. And previously I mentioned about the fibers choice orders, right? So it's essentially suggesting your gig to potential buyers because they believe that what you have to offer or the work that you do is really good work. So they're willing to actually bet on you that you will actually provide great work for these potential clients that are on their platform. And so that's really great. The fibers choice orders, but promoted gigs goes even further because it's like, you know, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, social media, either those platforms, you know, running ads to whatever it is that offer is that you have. So this is my promoted gigs section. So currently in this, I have it for this year. So can you imagine spending $835.64 cent and making 6,000 $606,647 in sales from that. That is huge. That's not even 1,000 that was spent, and that's over 6,000 that I got back from that. And that was with 26 orders. That's huge. That is huge, right? So 26,756 impressions, 640 cliques. 26 orders $835 6046, spin $6,647 in sales. This gig that I have that I'm actually running adds to, I'm promoting this gig. Currently my animation gig cost per click $1.51 Spend $533.92 Sales $5,535 Now you can't tell me, that's not a really good deal. That's an incredible, incredible deal. I wish that there was like social media platforms in which I could put in that amount and make back that much. That is phenomenal. That is huge. That's massive. So that's the power of promoted gigs on fiber. And then you can manage your daily budget, what it is you want to actually spend each day. And they don't take the money up front, It's only at the end of the month when they actually take that money out of your account, however much it is that was spent on those ads. And I would actually suggest like checking every single day when it comes to promoted gigs, because there could be times where, you know, not enough people are actually ordering. And so you could be running the ads or to your gigs. And yet you've spent money and yet you haven't gotten anything out of that. And there has been a time, I think last year, I believe it was where I had them running and nothing was coming from it. So I ended up losing $100 but that's just $100 Especially when the spin is 835 and I'm making 6,647 So that's literally nothing based on this. So yeah, But I would definitely suggest that you try out promoted gigs because it could be substantially huge for yourself and your gigs, and actually making money on fiber. And it is definitely a great way to earn more on the platform. I would say. When they first came out with promoted gigs, I didn't know much about it, and I just saw it came up in the bar above, in the menu, and I just didn't really think anything of it. And this is where you get to it. Growth in marketing. And you click on promoted gigs right here. It's easy to get there. You just come here and you have the options to check the month last month, 30 days, 60 days the year, maximum custom, all those things and it will let you know. Let's see what it says for maximum, look at that, look at that spend spend. It was $1,379.79 cent. The sales were $10,202 Is there any social media platform where you can get on and possibly spend that much and be like, wow, that's incredible. Hopefully there is. But yeah, it's literally like running ads to your gigs because fiber will promote your gigs. It will literally say promoted gig. Let me see if I can actually maybe find one of those for you right now. Let's see. Okay, let's see, switch to buying. Let's type in virtual assistant. Let's see if there's any virtual assistance that they have that are promoting their gigs. I don't see promote a gig yet. I do see fibers choice right there though. Type I don't see promoted. That's surprising. Maybe they don't know about the promoted gigs section. Let's see. Let's see, how about lead generation? The buyers keep returning, but it doesn't necessarily say promoted gig. I don't see any of these to say promoted gig anyway. Usually it would say promoted, I believe. I'm pretty sure it says promoted, they're promoting. What about AI services? Let's see, I video Art. Let's see, maybe there's some promoted gigs here. Fibers Choice, you see there. I guess people aren't running promoted gigs that much recently. But anyway, it can be helpful because it'll get you on the first page also when it comes to, yeah, when it comes to promoted gigs, you want to do that. This is the promoted gigs. Gigs you have available. You can switch on this promote option and it can auto do a budget, a cap, or you can manage your daily budget right here. And I'll provide you with the impressions, the clicks, order, CPC, spend, and sales. All right there. It's a pretty incredible section. Yeah, it's definitely helpful. All right. Hopefully promoted gigs will be something that you will utilize in your fiber success journey because it will be definitely, definitely helpful for you seeing more sales long term. Yeah, I will see you end the next video. 13. Positive Feedback and Tips: Welcome back. Let's now talk about tips and positive feedback. These are two important things that you will need to pay attention to throughout your favorite journeys. Mostly though, positive feedback. Of course, tips can be great. Obviously they're great, but they're possibilities. But they're not necessarily things that people have to provide for you. Whereas positive feedback is something you will definitely want for sure. So let's get into that real quick, shall we? Okay, so these are some of the clients that I've worked with, of course, but let me go to the actual page. So this is a tip that a client left me and it was $55 That's a pretty good tip. And so the total ended up being $330 That's a really good tip to me. When I first started out on the platform, obviously, I was just making five bucks. Five bucks per video and voice over that I created. So that was nothing. So to actually have $155 tip is incredible. And the tip can range, It depends on whatever the buyer wants to provide you with. Depending on the service that you have provided. I've had $5 tips. I've had $100 tips. So there's no set amount that they can provide you for a tip. I mean, think if you're going to a restaurant, you decide to tip what you want to tip, right? But there could be a percentage, of course, obviously, based on what they ordered. So positive feedback is really important because you want potential clients to come to you and see what other clients you have worked with thought about what you provided for them. So if they're leaving positive feedback for you, that is fantastic. And that will give you a greater chance to succeed on the platform long term by having all that positive feedback coming in. Getting those clients to come in, they provide you with feedback. Then you get repeat clients, and then you get new clients based on those clients that provided you with that positive feedback in the first place. So that is really, really important. Positive feedback is something you should ask your clients for after they have gone through the process with you and they really loved what you have done and everything is completed. Just kindly ask them if they can provide you with feedback on the order, because then it could help you also reach new and other professional clients similar to them to work with in the future. More than likely they'll be willing to actually do that for you. It's just, feedback is not difficult for them to do. All they have to do is input the text and keep going. This is feedback she left. I am eternally grateful for your amazing work. I feel honored to work together with you. Thanks for being so attentive, responsive, and creative. Hope you see my review I posted until next time, which is pretty awesome. And then she left me at $55 tips. And I did say thank you to her in the box. I don't know why that button is still there, but it wants to remind you to say thank you. Of course. You have to be grateful for any tips and any opportunities that come along with fiber because it's a new age thing. Obviously, before working online wasn't even the thing. And so it's become a huge opportunity and possibility for people that are utilizing the platform and actually making money with it. That's a huge opportunity to be able to do that. And it was unthought of obviously when I was growing up. Yeah, she left this nice $55 tip, which is pretty awesome. And then really great feedback for me. Here, you want to make sure that you get positive feedback. Here's another one. She left me $148.70 $5 $48.75 cent tip and five star review. Great. As always, even if it's something small that's on the feedback, even some of the small, that still matters because look, it's sell five stars across the board, that's great. You definitely want to make sure you're getting positive feedback and you're continuing to deliver high quality work. And the total price for that job was 37375, So there's quite a lot. And then here, here is, he left $164 tip, which is amazing. Of course, just like the others. Thank you for your fine work. Amazing job. Great feedback. I appreciate that. That's awesome. You know, actually I think the feedback feedbacks up here, she, Terry, did an amazing job when she had the voice over. She was able to deliver the video in short order. The initial video was near perfect. There were only a few quick edits, and the result was perfect. She delivered quickly, and the result is exceptional. I love that five stars across the board. And that was a $384 order. And they left me $164 tip. I truly appreciate that. I really do. And here, $67.50 cent tip. Another amazing tip. They left a 4.7 start feedback, which isn't obviously as great as a 555 across the board, but that's okay. So they said I had a tight deadline and Shia came came through the deadline. I guess I met the deadline. They got the provided the written script and she provided voice over in the video. She got the right stock photos and videos and matches with the script. And we had a few changes of edits and I got what I needed from my project deadline. So that was great. I will definitely accept a 4.7 star feed back any day. And then they left the $67.50 cent tip and the total price was 51750 for that order. That's a lot I truly appreciate any opportunity I get. This actually was the same client different day, different order. March 10 for that one, June 20 for this one. And they left another $67.50 cent tip. The total price was 51750. Once again, it must have been the same, The video, this client left $145 tip. Let's see their fee back up here. Awesome working with interior. Smooth transaction, with great communication or collaboration. She'll be doing more work for us and I highly recommend her for your video needs. So positive feedback is so very important. I cannot stress that because you want that success cycle of, you know, those first initial clients to come in, providing you with that positive feedback. So that those new clients that are coming into you will see that positive feedback and be like, okay, I want to work with them because they deliver really high quality work and that matters to me. Total price 345 for this one, and then one more. So this one was a $100 tip. $100 That's incredible. That is incredible, and it's feedback five across the board. Excellent. Deliverable. Excellent, yeah, so that was pretty amazing. I was so excited when I saw that $100 tip, which I've had a few times $100 tips. The total price for this ended up being $600 So the video cost 500 and they left a $100 tip, making it $600 total. I appreciated that. Yeah, yeah. You will want to make sure that you are politely asking your clients that you have worked with to provide you with positive feedback. So that you will getting that success cycle of new clients coming in and providing you with positive feedback. And other clients coming in and seeing that positive feedback and continuing, and continuing and continuing, that will be really important for you to see success on fiber. And yeah, to get better with your deliveries. To continue connecting with your repeat clients and working with new clients. It's all a success cycle. And you want that to build up. You want the momentum to get going. And those initial positive feedback will be really, really important for you to get your foot in the door and keep your foot in the door and keep going forward. And keep going forward, that will be important. So just politely ask your clients to provide you with positive feedback and some of them actually may provide tips, so they may not, and that's okay. I mean, they come and go. They come and go, but as long as you delivered the best that you could to them and they recognize that that is what matters the most. So positive feedback, make sure that you are trying to get that from your clients, because that will really, truly, truly help you. All right, so I will see you in the next video. 14. Fiverr Seller Levels Overview: all right. So as a seller on fibre for the past four years, I will say that initially when it comes to the seller levels that they definitely matter because you want to rise up the ranks so that people will see your credibility, you'll get positive feedback. We're customers and we make more money because each level I thought I was saying, What use live with it. So initially on the platform, you start out as a seller, just a regular cellar. And then when you rise up the ranks to become a level one seller that you become a level sue cellar, then you can get nominated to become a top rated cellar, which is the very top. The highest off the ranks on fiber of cellar levels easily waas own guidelines to achieve so that you get to that next level. So you have to deliver high quality work. You have to make sure that your customers are absolutely satisfied and that you're actually making more money, and the way you make more money is each level provides you with something new so safer as a seller. You have a certain number of gigs that you can provide or put upon the platform when you become a level one seller than if you put up more gigs. And you can also add extra Syriza's well, so extras are something that it's it actually is up selling your gig. So, for example, as a video producer on fiber, so I create videos for my clients. But it could be just a symbol video like a tutorial video, for example. So I offer those at 15 bucks for 30 seconds. So if somebody ordered a tutorial video a woman video, that would be 30 bucks if you 60 if they if they need a script writing. And so it could just be a simple video of just me recording the voice over and then recording the video and putting the two together. So with extras which is up selling my gig, I'd offer music. I don't for arrows, Zoom in highlighting, adding their logo takes over late. Those different things are extras, and they each cost something cause a different amount. So for arrows is five bucks for music, it's five bucks Zelman 10 highlighting five their logo. Five for logo, 10 text overlay. Five. So it depends on what you want the charts for each different extra. But that is in addition to your gig. So you have an initial mount for your gig, and then you can add on those extras. And so the extras would make the gig even better or the delivery even better than what they initially want to purchase. So you always want to up sale that way. So when you become a level two seller and in a top rated cell, you'll have more things that you can offer to your clients in terms of gigs and in terms of extras. So initially, Yeah, being a level up or making sure that you rise up the ranks in terms of levels is a really good idea. You absolutely should focus on that, because that would be important. But you must know that rising up the ranks in terms of levels is not just dependent on you delivering high quality content or delivery sear clients. It also depends on the amount of money that you make on the platform. So if you're making elaborately research clients and they're only paying like five bucks per per picture video, whatever waas, whatever it is, audio what not Then you won't won't get up the ranks in terms of level as quickly. But we start on a platform. You're kind of gonna have to do that and then just raise up your prices and keep delivering high quality work, and you will get there. But there are great perks, as I said to being a level up higher from what you were before, as it's hard to sell her. The best thing that you get as a top rate of selling, which is different than the other levels, is the fact that you would get paid in a week, whereas with the other levels you get paid within two weeks, which does kind of suck because, you know, work you only there's a week that you get paid unless maybe this because I'm a tougher So I've been a top rated seller on up work for a long time, so I get paid within a week. But with fiber, it takes two weeks. I think up work has always been a week, but I could be wrong, so I just looked it up. But yes, so the seller, the seller levels can pay a role and you know you're getting business and I But if you've been on a platform for long enough to deliver high quality deliveries to your clients, then the seller levels won't really matter so much. Well, really affect you as much so. But, I mean, you can try to get up the levels in make more money because I think that is important, of course, making moment and platform because it is for making money. So thank you for watching. And may you have a wonderful freelancing day. 15. Case Study: Making $115 for 5 minutes of Work on Fiverr: This video, I'm going to show you how I made 115 bucks in only 5 min. That's right. 115 bucks and only 5 min. This is the $115 job right here where I actually it only took me 5 min to complete. So what it is is fiverr has we as a voice-over artists on Fiverr, I record audio files for my clients. And that means that they can do whatever they want with the file. But we'll of course, to Upwork. They have the opportunity to do whatever they want with the file. Doesn't matter if they have rights suit or what, but if we if we record it for our clients and give it to them than they have the rights to do whatever whatever it is they want with it. Fiverr recently incorporated the commercial rise and the broadcast rights for files on Upwork for voice-over artists. I'm not sure if they do it for logo production or whatever else, but for voice-over artists, we are backed by that. So we have the option to offer commercial rights that are audio files and broadcast rights. So our audio files. Now commercial rights to me means that you can use the audio onto your website or something like you put it in a video and you can just post it on your website or your social media sites, social media accounts or whatnot. But for, for broadcast rights, broadcast rights means pay channels such as radio, such as TV commercials, also Internet, paid, paid advertisement, and different things like that. And so my client actually use this audio file for a Facebook ad. And I had actually very, a very honest client because this is what they actually came to me and said I said first-day ordered the $15 voiceover right here. And it was only about 51 words for the voice-over. And I only my the lowest amount that I except for a voice-over is 15 bucks now, actually refused to do $5 orders on Fiverr anymore. I'm done with that. After three years, I am totally done with that. So anyway, my client initially purchased the 15 bucks for the 51 word voiceover and they wanted it to be a total of 15 s. So after doing that, they messaged me and said, one more thing. We are looking to use this on a video for our blog, but also possibly using it on Facebook, as is it said, He says here, is there an additional charge for that? And of course I come back and I say yes and or tissues, the voiceover in a Facebook ad, the full broadcast rights must be purchased. The price is 100 bucks. Would you like me to send the custom offer now? So the, the amount that I told I charged total for full broadcast rights is 100 bucks. 100 bucks for a full broadcast rights. So for paid advertising, paid marketing, 100 bucks plus the 15 bucks. And it only took me 5 min to complete this audio file from my client. So now they have the full broadcast rights to this file. For commercial rights, I only charge about 15 bucks. Total difference there. Well, this is how I was able to charge 115 bucks and get the job done in only five-minutes. And it was five-minutes because even though it was a 15-second file, because I tried to provide the best quality audio that I possibly can for my clients, which is smart because as a business owner, you have to do that is always about quality, not quantity. You have to make sure that you're about quality not quantity. And of course, my client could have just gone back to somebody else on Fiverr and been like, Hey, I want this file done. I want the broadcast rights because some people actually offer that for free. So they could have done that, but because they specifically wanted my voice, they knew that I offer high-quality files. They wanted me for the job. They chose to pay for the full broadcast rights. And when you have, when you have, when you've been in an arena for so long and you've done so much to provide a quality customer service, great content for your clients, great deliveries, and you deliver on time like you actually put yourself in the position where you will make more because you'll have repeat customers that come back over and over again and it'll start to pay more. And so you just have to make sure that you stick with that in your business, that you are on time, that you offer good, high-quality content and you will get there. So that is how I made 115 bucks. And only five-minutes as a freelancer who works from home. That was actually on 16. Wrap-up for Fiverr Success: Congratulations, you have now completed the fiber success course, which will teach you how to build success on the platform. Now that is an awesome thing, like pat yourself on the back. But don't just pat yourself on the back too hard, because you have to take action. Now it's about you putting in the action that you need to. You've just learned how to do it. You've learned how to make sales online, like freelancing. Now it's up to you and your action. You have to bring forward what is needed. You got to put forward the action. If you don't, it's not going to happen. You just learned it. Why let it go to waste? Like that, makes sense. Do not let this go to waste. Be serious about it and apply it. So what you learned in the course was about fiber gigs. The basics of what a fiber gig is and why it is important to actually have a fiber gig on the platform. Because if you don't and you're supposed to be selling, then you're not selling anything because no one's going to see what you have, what you have to sell. So the basic of the fiber gigs, that was important. And then you created your very first fiber gig because I took you through the process. You should have, you should have created your very first fiber gig. If you have not, you have to go back through the course. Pause, stop the video where you need to to make sure that you actually retain and just implement as you're watching. Like you can watch the video on your phone and implement it on your computer. That's what you should do. Watch it on your phone, which your phone is a mini computer anyway, but watch it on your phone. And then implement on your computer your actual desktop or laptop, whatever it is. But make sure that you implement what you learned to create your first fiber gig. I'm saying this stuff because it's important to note that you actually can't make money online. Because when I first started, I had no idea that I could make this from something, from nothing into something. It was really unbelievable because where I grew up in a lower income community, like I didn't know anybody that worked from home on their computers, on their laptops, nobody I knew did that. So to actually do that today and make a living out of it with a platform that's called Fiber. people think is a lower price platform. Which you might start out at a lower point, but you can build that up to something greater and greater as you get better and better and keep delivering high quality. So that is really important, that success cycle that can come about. But you have to first create your fiber gig to get it going. And I'm speaking from, I went broke in 2013. So if I can go from having nothing to you having a job currently, and actually able to just do what you need to do and invest in what you need to invest in to get yourself to where you want to be, then you should be doing that. There's no reason why you shouldn't be implementing this. So you learned about the fiber dashboard, which is very key to you actually having a business on fiber. Because you need to know how to get around the platform. You need to know what's in your dashboard, what this says, what this means. And so I went through that with you so that you know at least how to get around on the platform. Because most places, most websites today have a dashboard. And so I felt like that was important to let you know, oh, this means this, this means that so that you're ready for that and you don't feel like anxious like, oh my gosh, I don't know what this is. Like how do I do this and stuff that's important for you to know that I even had a client that I was working with and she said she was nervous about the box. Messaging people back in the box is just like a regular person, like just somebody you're going to do business with. Okay? So just messages in back like no anxiety is needed to do this. It's pretty simple to do just, I mean, this is my way of easing some of that pressure, that anxiety off of your shoulders. So hopefully this has been really helpful. You learned about search engine optimization, which is big, and when I first started out freelancing, I didn't know anything about search engine optimization. I mean, I didn't think anything of it. So I'd heard about it before, but I didn't think. But let's take you through the process of why that is so important for your gig. Because you want to be seen. That's why it's search engine optimization, it's optimized for the search engine. It's now user friendly, search engine friendly, something that people want and you want them to find you in particular. So you want to make sure that you have those specific keywords and their search engine ready for them to find you. And what you do, your gig, order fulfillment, the actual order page, I took you through the process of that and what each thing meant. You know, when you deliver orders, make sure that it is actually on that order page that is important. And I didn't realize that that was that important to fiber. But it is. Some offers I showed you how to do those as well, so you don't find yourself in a bind when it comes to orders and the length, things like that. Milestone orders, I showed you how to do those as well, which are similar. Obviously it's where you place the orders as well, but you do a milestone, so you have to break it up. If you actually need to fibers choice orders, those things are really great and it feels really good to get them. It's like you're being rewarded with fiber whenever you get a fibers choice orders. Because they're saying to people, hey, let me suggest this to you because it's really good, It's great quality. So I will suggest this to you and that's pretty big for a platform like fiber where they have money come in, in, in, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. Like so much money is being made and so many transactions are being done on fiber like. So that's huge to actually have your gig picked out of everybody's as their choice. Okay. That's a huge accomplishment that you want to go towards. H, the seller plus program. I told you the benefits of all of that and why. I feel like that's really important for you. It could be, you know, it also depends on where you're at in your business. Like I said, if you're just starting out, you don't want to just automatically be like, okay, I'm going to get into the seller program because if you're not even making money yet, how do you know that's going to help you? But if you have the money to spare, then yeah, invest in it. But otherwise you don't have to pay anything to begin working and doing business with people on fiber. You don't have to pay anything and nothing. It starts out where you don't have to pay anything. What it is, whenever you get a sale, they take a percentage of your earnings and that's just 20% The rest is all yours, 80% So that's great to be able to connect with people who you wouldn't normally connect with through this platform. And then lastly, I showed you about promoted gigs, but I also showed you other things too. But the promoted gigs is really, really huge and fiber I think recently rolled this out like within the last 23 years, I think it was maybe the last three years and they didn't have that before. And so that's in partnership with Fiber's Choice Orders, like them recommending you. And then with promoting your gig, you being recommended yourself based on how much you set up in the promoted gigs section, how much daily you want to actually spend on that. Just like ads, it's simple, but it's through fiber. And you get business from people there to doing business on fiber specifically. Whereas, you know, with social media platforms there's a wide range of people and you don't know how to get to the ones that are looking for what it is that you have. I mean, there's keywords and stuff like that which I need to learn how to do, but I don't, obviously, I don't know how to do that, that's why I'm teaching about fiber and not about that. So I definitely don't know about that. But so these are the things that I taught you so that you can actually see success with the fiber platform. So this is the system that is needed to achieve success on fiber in 2023 and beyond. So I had to update this entire course because it was irrelevant everything because I re used some of those videos. But a big part of what I taught in my original fiber success course is obsolete now. Like fiber took it away, it's no longer useful because of what they took away on their platform with the buyer's request section. And so I had to redo this entire course. But this is 2023 when I'm creating it, and it will be up in 2023 and beyond. And I will keep updating it because that's important. But this is a system. And systems are important because not everybody is talented. Everybody has a lot of talent or has a specific talent that they can actually get paid for. Whereas with skills, and we're learning a system that you can utilize those skills with. Obviously you can learn a skill that's important, you can learn any type of skill. But this course is generalized for whatever the skill is that you have learned with my students. I teach them to learn in demand skill that is really important. So that's something else I want you to know that if you are going to apply this to whatever business it is that you have, apply it to something that is in demand. You want people to really be finding what it is you do. You want it to be in demand because you want them to order from you. If it's not in demand, it's not something people aren't going to buy, then it maybe is not worth it. But his course, regardless of what it is that you do, you can make money with fiber by just doing that thing in particular. But you have to put in the action, like I said, that is really important for you to see success with this system, because this system absolutely works. I was broke in 2013. I literally went broke. I had left from Illinois. I was working in Illinois for 5.5 years at Walmart. I quit my job. I literally quit my job, and I wanted to move out west. I moved to Los Angeles. I went broke in three months. All the money that I had, I was just enjoying. I didn't really have job. I was a nanny in Beverly Hills for just a little bit. I went broke. I did not have a job. So I went either from I was going to go to Vegas or to Los back to Illinois where my family is. I chose to go to Vegas and to try to see if I could live in Vegas. I got two jobs pretty quickly in retail, so that was great. And then that next year, I ended up meeting my fiance. My husband, he told me about this platform called and I always want to work for myself. When I first started out, it was it was just me playing around with things. We had this old microphone. Okay. This old microphone from ebay, that was $15 and I took that and tried to do voice overs with it, hang on my computer. I got to plug this in real quick. Wait a second here. Okay. Uh. Oh, sorry about that. So, yeah, my battery is getting lower, but hopefully you all can still. I'm sure you can. Yeah. But so I went from having nothing going broke in Los Angeles and to moving all the way to Las Vegas. Being able to see success when it comes to the economy was far better in Las Vegas, in Los Angeles. And so when I met my husband, who's my husband now, he told me about this platform called Fiber, And so I tried it out. I was just like, oh, you know, let's try this little thing. The microphone, I hated my voice when I was a kid, but I was like, let me try this out because we had a Youtube channel. And so I used that microphone and it was interesting that actually I can't even remember my first sale anymore. It's been so long ago. But I just remember, I know that feeling of being excited, like thinking, wow, this actually is real. This is real. You can actually make money on the Internet. And with my voice, like it surprised me because I first started out doing voice overs and then it just continued to get better and get better. And get better and get better. And I saw more success and more success. And then I went from just doing voice overs to doing videos, and voice overs, and videos. Together was a great partnership of two skills to have that were very in demand. And so it just built upon itself and upon itself more and more and more and more. And I'm good at saving money and I think about investments. And so with my husband who actually has taught me a lot about investing and a lot about, you know, things that have gotten me into a better position in life. And I appreciate that so much about him. And so in 2020, he and I went half and half and bought my mom, my house. And it was half of my net worth which I had saved up, and I never was never worth that much before. And I'm worth even more than that today. I've invested in duplex, a duplex he and I have in Illinois that I mentioned previously in the class. So all of this stuff is being paid for with freelance. My freelance earnings, me working online. Like people don't know this. Do I love my family and everything, but I don't know that they know how important this could be, how amazing this actually is to be able to get paid online. But yeah, I teach it and I hope that this has been really helpful to you to see that you can actually earn income online and with It is a really great freelance platform. It was the very first one that I became a part of. If I had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing. Time has passed. The platform isn't as new as it was now, as new as it was back then, but there's still people able to get on the platform and make money online with it. You should definitely try it out. Implement everything that you have learned in this class that is important. Make sure you apply the knowledge you have just learned and yeah, just get it done. Just get it done. You will see success. Make sure you create your gig. Let me know that you've created it so that I can check it out for you and give you some pointers and things like that and Yeah, just make just do it. Just be focused. It's a side hustle. It's a side hustle. Just spend some time, take out some, don't watch TV all day. Like take 2 hours of that TV watching or even just one and just sit down and work on that side. Hustle. And keep doing that every single day, just 1 hour, sit down and work on that side. Hustle, Try it out. You might see the success that, that you think is possible. You should think is possible. Okay? All right. So I appreciate you for wanting to learn how to do this and I hope that you implement everything that you have learned. Let me know if you have any questions, definitely contact me. Reach out to me. I will be available. And yeah, I look forward to seeing your fiber freelance success, happy, freelancing.