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Build a Better Ad or Post: Social Media & Facebook Ad Copywriting

teacher avatar Robyn Grayless, Senior Copywriter & Product Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Build better social media ads and posts


    • 2.

      Exploring social media platforms


    • 3.

      The essentials of an effective social media ad or post


    • 4.

      Understanding audience values and motivators


    • 5.

      Customizing your ad with motivating language


    • 6.

      Examples of ads that use motivators well


    • 7.

      Making the ad to landing page experience seamless


    • 8.

      Social media post or ad project


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About This Class

Connect with your audience in a way that’s relevant and drives action. 

In this course, you'll learn how to create more engaging social media ads and posts—and connect with your audience by appealing to their needs and values. 

We’ll discuss:

  1. Existing and upcoming social media platforms.
  2. The essentials of an effective ad or post.
  3. Understanding audience values and motivators.
  4. Customizing your ad with motivational language.
  5. Examples of ads that use motivators well.
  6. Making the experience from ad to landing page seamless.

Meet Your Teacher

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Robyn Grayless

Senior Copywriter & Product Marketer


Hello, I'm Robyn. I'm co-owner of Alter Ethos, and work regularly with clients in various industries—helping them define and share their stories through effective storytelling by way of writing and marketing. I began in journalism, working about two weeks as a feature writer before being promoted to managing editor of a local newspaper. From there, I wrote novels, biographies, took on marketing efforts for NYT bestselling authors, etc. Then I moved into tech. I've worked for some excellent—and some well-known tech companies—writing landing pages, emails, ad campaigns, video scripts, content offers, and more. 

I've had extensive—and a lot of hands-on—training in all aspects of marketing, SEO, and copywriting. I look forward to sharing w... See full profile

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1. Build better social media ads and posts: I'm Robin gorillas, Director of Marketing and co-owner vaults or ethos. Or we help you translate your ideas into a professional online presence so you can create a future you're passionate about on and off the clock. In this course, I'm going to share and some lessons I've learned in social media marketing and copywriting to help you create engaging social media ads and posts and really connect with your audience. And what we're going to further, let's discuss why this is important. The average consumer sees about six to 10 thousand ads per day. That's a lot of competition for anyone who's posting promotional content on social media. And using a few tips and tricks about how to create more effective ads. You can help your R's stand out from the crowd. 2. Exploring social media platforms: First off, every social media platform has different. They attract a specific audience for a very particular purpose. And they each have their own emphasis. So before you begin working on a social media ad or a post, you need to recognize which platform your audiences on and write to that particular platform. So to begin with, we're going to take a look at some of the most popular social media platforms and a few others that maybe up incoming. Linkedin is focused on careers and improving your business game and connections. Facebook is about social connections, news and everyday experiences with friends. Well, Instagram is all about imagery, travel, food, fitness, and other niche influence or topics. Of course, there are other platforms as well. Twitter has focused primarily on events and event promotion, while Pinterest is mostly image focused and directed toward a DIY crowd. More social media platforms are introduced each year. And only time will tell which of these will last. Take me we a social media platform that's similar to Facebook in many ways, but doesn't have an ad platform. This makes it even more important to create compelling copy in your social purpose. Then there's b row and Instagram like photo-sharing platform. It displays the images in the order they were uploaded. So what does all this mean for you? The opportunities to post on new social media platforms is on the rise. You just need to know how to stop your audience mint scroll. It's important to identify the social media platform that your audience uses because it influences the way they communicate what's important to them. And it also helps you know how to write in a way that engages them. Now that we've got that way, let's go ahead and look at the essentials of effective ad in the next module. 3. The essentials of an effective social media ad or post: Welcome back. In this module, we're going to be talking about the essentials of an effective God or post. And we're gonna be doing this using a very generic product. And we'll use some fictitious ads to show you how this can work over a variety of social media. In fact, of ads and posts have a few things in common. They catch the eye with bold colors and engaging images. They capture your audience's attention through engaging copy. They also set clear expectations and provide a compelling call to action. Let's take a deeper look at these elements and this event at example, we provide an invitation to our audience. In this case, an invitation to bring your own baskets, alluding to the fact that they will be picking apples at your orchard. Eclair description so you can create anticipation and interest. A few of the details your audience needs in order to begin making plans to attend. A clearer image that shows your event in action. Language that drives a sense of urgency in the audience to encourage them to act. Now, a compelling headline that plays on the urgency we previously established a description that reiterates important details about the event. In this case, the date and time. A clear call to action. This button is standard on many platforms. In others though, you will provide your call to action through text or a link to the page you want them to go register on or details about the event. And this example add also includes an emoji to make the ad Fillmore relatable and human. In a social media post. This event would come across a little more simple as we see in this example. In this post, we can see the same invitation we used in the ad example. Clear expectations. So your audience has a good understanding of what your event is all about. A clear call to action, in this case provided in the form of text and a link. An image that shows your event in action and stop your, stops your audience midst scroll. Language that drives a sense of urgency, encouraging them to act. And again, we've provided an emoji. It can really help your audience realise there's a human behind the social media promotion, though it isn't always necessary. Many companies are keeping their posts short, like the one provided in this example. And studies are showing that short to the point promotional posts are performing really well. They often result in better click through and conversion rates. So consider including some short compelling posts on your social media pages. One thing I want to point out in this example is the hook. And a hook is something you should include on every post or add. It's meant to immediately capture our attention in a very short, concise statement. Like the other example, we've also provide it simple expectation. The same colorful image, a CTA that links to a page for more details. And the emoji. If we were to take that same post, em, posted to multiple platforms, it may look like this or this. All of this is just to really engage your audience, you need to understand what motivates. And so in the next module we'll discuss ways you can understand your audiences by. So you can write to them in a way that makes them pay attention and want to take action. 4. Understanding audience values and motivators: The motivator. Welcome back. In this module, we're going to talk about how to create an ad that builds on the ideas or things that motivate your audience to take action. And knowing what motivates your audience is key to creating an effective social media have or post. I've seen in my own work where I've gotten huge returns by using motivators in all of my content. So in this module, we'll look at that a little closer and show you how this works. Rafael. People are motivated by a variety of things, including family, adventure, self-expression, health, faith, and so on. As you create ads or social media posts, you can help your audience relate to what you're offering by using images, words, and phrases that resonate with things that motivate them. Done correctly. This helps you drive your audience to pay attention to and take action on your ads. That being said, let's check out a few common values and the words you can use to relate to individuals with specific motivators. I've pulled a few common values to explore a little deeper and to give you an idea of the kinds of words that motivates certain people to take action. For example, people who value self improvement are often motivated by opportunities to take a chance, learn something new, succeed, create something, and of course, improve. People who value the ability to influence others, may be motivated by opportunities to be a leader. Discover something, make a difference, experienced something first, or share their experiences with others. The last value we'll explore here is self-expression. These people like to discover opportunities to push boundaries, creates something new. Defy convention. Be unique, and have new experiences. As you define motivating words. Connect with your audience's values. You may have to do some brainstorming. But once you begin to write content for them, this process should become easier. If you have a customer persona, I'd encourage you to add motivators too. If you don't have a persona, that's a good next step in learning to create content that your audience relates to. To reiterate, the average consumer sees about six to 10 thousand ads per day. There's no wonder people have learned to tune them out. But the right ad done the right way, can still attract a lot of attention. That's why it's so important to understand what your audience values and what words you can use that will motivate them to take action. You might want to go ahead and pause this lesson and write down some values that your audience holds and the motivating wards that could work in what your social media ads or pumps. 5. Customizing your ad with motivating language: Now that you understand a bit about how values play into social media ads, and let's look at some examples of how very slight changes in wording or images can affect an overall. And this example of our Apple ad, we're going to tailor it toward an audience that has young children lives in a rural area and is health conscious. With the details we have, we know this audience value's family relationships and health. To appeal to an audience that motivates family and health, we would call out family or words like tradition in the beginning of our post, provide expectations that show that this is a healthy family friendly offerings such as boards like organic and your favorite people. We would use an image that shows a family enjoying the experience you're providing. And it was probably a good idea to repeat family in the headline as well. And of course we'd add the rest of the elements discussed earlier that details the description, strong call to action, and a sense of urgency. And in this example will tailor the Apple ad to an audience of values, health, and self-expression. So this audience focuses on well-being. They like to do things their own way and they often enjoy travel. So what the details we have, we know this audience is motivated by health, self-expression and new experiences. To be relatable to an audience like this, our ads should appeal to the Health value immediately. Provide a few reasons that this is relevant, such as being healthy, sustainable, and offering an opportunity to enjoy and new experience with friends. Include an image that resembles your target audience. And reiterate that this is a new, somewhat exclusive experience. And again, we'd have the other essential elements as well. Now let's look at these three examples side-by-side. Of course, these examples are all fictional. Just to show you the difference you can make by altering a few words and providing images that relate to specific values with one common, ordinary product. In the next module, we're going to look at some actual ads from businesses you may recognize and see how they use the values of their audience to provide motivational language that relates to their audience and promotes relevant services and products. 6. Examples of ads that use motivators well: We've already looked at some fictional examples that build on an audience's unique values. In this module, we're going to look at actual ads from businesses you may recognize and see how they built those ads around their audience's values to promote relevant services and products. In this ad, Glenn IRI is appealing to people who value their own influence. And they're providing an opportunity for a very unusual experience. One their influence or audience can enjoy before any of their friends or followers. As Glenn iris, audience shares of other experience working remotely from a castle. It also provides social currency. And influencers love social currency, or in other words, perceived increase in value on social media. Now let's talk about the exact language they use that builds on the idea of influence. In this ad. They're essentially saying, Be the first and your coworkers will be jealous. Experience something few, if any of your friends have experienced. You can do anything you want. So what's stopping? You? See it, visualize it. And finally, the promise of an office with a view. In this ad. Stitch fix is appealing to people who want to express themselves in a unique way. So they've tailored the writing and images to those people who are motivated by self-expression. They're also using a Carousel ad to provide a look at several self-expressive styles. But let's break it down a little more. In this ad, they're telling their ideal audience that expressing yourself doesn't have to be harmed. In fact, it's pretty easy with their service. It's a custom service, meaning your experience will be unlike anyone else's. They're going to match your taste. So you're pretty much guaranteed to like what they have to offer. Their offers are unique and cater to people who want to freely express themselves. And they provide some unusual options that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Levin faith ran this ad in 2020, a time of social unrest and political upheaval to appeal to people who value faith. This ad provides a glimmer of hope to those who embrace faith. And they make the offer affordable, providing a deep discount to really drive home their call to action. This ad begins and ends with a specific offer. And the coupon code includes the word fake. It continues to build on this value by providing a message of hope. Backing that message with a scriptural reference. And like our other examples, this also helps to establish a sense of urgency. And let's look at one more example. This one from a social media platform that doesn't have built in advertising. In this case, it's particularly important to connect with your audience by showing them that you care about their values. Because there's no way to boost your post with advertising money. That also opens the door to new opportunities. And masi Creek natural Malda in this post directed toward people who value natural health and community, they've connected beautifully to their audience by emphasizing that the products are locally made. Showing that there's an artisan business where everything is handmade. Clearly showing the labels where all the products contain the brand name with the word natural enlarge. So it's easy to read. And they use subtle colors and imagery that can easily be found in nature. And of course, they've created a strong sense of urgency. You know, pick up your favorite items both for the end of the business day. The only thing I'd add to this post is a hyperlink and the text above the images so that people can go directly to their website if they are unable to visit the store in person. I'd like to discuss one more important detail when it comes to creating effective social media ads. And that's creating a seamless experience from the time someone clicks on your and to the moment they land on your website. We'll discuss more about this seamless experience in the next module. 7. Making the ad to landing page experience seamless: As you create your social media ads and valleys, you want to provide a seamless experience from the moment somebody clicks on your ad to the moment they arrive on your website. This means that you want to design your ad to have the same look, feel, and color palette as the page the ions will eventually land on. And if you're using any kind of text overlay on the images in your ad or post. You wanna make sure that you're using fonts that are already approved by your organization or fonts that greatly resemble the patient that are landing on. This provides a very strong feelings and we'll keep their attention. To show you how this is done. We're going to use some early mocks are alter egos website and some corresponding adds. This early mock of our alter ethos website is a stark contrast of green and black with empowering messages about finding balance and living your ideal life on and off the clock. This example ad for LinkedIn wouldn't necessarily lead to the home page of our website. But the same colors and tones on the homepage would be consistent throughout our site, even on our blog. This particular ad promotes a blog post that resonates with a professional audience like those on Linkedin. It talks about finding balance. Sending professionals often struggle with and it resonates with the tagline on the homepage. It also uses the same font and colors edge C you'd find throughout our website. This example Facebook ad is directed toward people who value innovation and success. Offering a way to see their ideas to fruition. It uses the same font as a website and pulls and the bold black and green field. It also builds on the idea of getting it right when right matters. Now that we've discussed the deke red platforms, essentials and ineffective at motivators, and how to create a seamless experience. Let's put this knowledge into play by creating your own social media at our cost. 8. Social media post or ad project: So your assignment for this class is to create your own social media ad or post or using your audience's unique motivators and values. Now, we have provided a guy that will help you through this process and feel free to hang on to guide after the course is complete. That'll help you in the future as you create actual ads and post for your organization.