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Branding Still Isn't Everything: Business Marketing for Creatives

teacher avatar David Sunnock, Designer | Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Customer Profile


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      Social media Merged


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      Marketing - Otaku


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About This Class

This class is for any creative types that are freelancers, craftsmen, or creators. This class will help you make your side hustle into your dream job. If you have a business idea but don't know how to get it off the ground, this is the Skillshare class for you!

The is a more in-depth version of my last class Branding Isn’t Everything

In this class, you will learn:

  • Where and how you should advertise
  • How to know who is buying your product
  • How to make them become returning customers 
  • How to use and not use social media (it's a tool and a solution)
  • How to set your business apart from others
  • All the accounting you need for a start-up
  • The importance of analytics

If you are not very confident in marketing go back and watch my last class Branding Isn’t Everything.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Sunnock

Designer | Marketer


II am a business marketer with a background in graphic design. My passion is to help creatives achieve their dreams by teaching them general business/marketing.
Your ideas are great, it's time you got paid for them!

Special thanks to Caleb Minear. Without him and his filming skills, this project would have never happened. Check out his work on Instagram @calebminear.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: No. Hi. My name is David Sonic. I'm a business marketer. I'm going to another steal share wearing over business, marketing and accounting. It's of your creative type. Small business owner. Freelancer. There's gonna be the one for you on my super creative friend Kim near shoot this one as well, so it keeps your attention. It's not born when we go over all the counting stuff. So you don't know a lot about business or accounting. You'll want to go back and watch. My last one branding is and everything will lay the groundwork for this one. But if you're ready for it, let's do this. 2. Advertising: Okay, now we're dog while advertising. So my first start out with a little myth of advertising. If anyone ever tells you this is for brand awareness, it's alive. Brand awareness will not pay the bills. Sales do. Second thing. Advertising cannot sell a bad product. If your product sucks, it's advertise is not going to you anything. So the trick is to find a good platform and two specially just have a good product because you have a good product. It's not gonna do anything. So now they read those two things out the way. Let's talk about platforms. Facebook's a good platform. Traditional advertising is dead, so don't even worry about billboards. So what you want Dio? Is there space book interests? Instagram All those things? One of my favor ads I've seen so far is Home Depot's Add on Pinterest. It's great for two reasons. Feel they are on Pinterest. Need materials from Home Depot to build those cool pin it projects. So it's a great place to be because people that are there need Home Depot stuff. So that's what you all look for. You all look for an ad or a platform that facilitates that type of person. So look at your customer profile. Where are they and where they're going to be when they need your product. Like Pinterest. When I'm on Pinterest, I need a place like Home Depot to complete those pins. So think about that. Think of some creative solutions post in the discussions. A creative way you came up or the road map. You came about to find your platform and what works with you or just treat me, we'll discuss it. So that's your task. Fill out the form below. Once you do that, move onto the next video. 3. Customer Profile : in this session, we're and talk about customer profiles. So what that pretty much is is you kind of take all the information you have on your customers and kind of make a profile out of him. So the benefit of this is you know who you're re occurring customers are, and then you can determine whether the target market you set out to go after is actually a target market, like sometimes you sell something and the people that you think are going to buy it don't buy it, and you end up having a totally different customer base. So you kind of do this the periodically to just make sure everything's still good and that you're going after the right people and sometimes you find like, a niche and you're like, Wow, there's somebody that I would never think would buy my product in a certain demographic is actually buying a lot of my pride. I'm a market more towards that demographic. The other thing this helps with is what's called wallet share. So someone like my dad love Starbucks. They have a lot of wallet share, meaning he's not going to go anywhere else. He's not gonna go to Bigby. He's not gonna go anywhere. He's gonna go to Starbucks. He is sold out for Starbucks. He is a gold member at Starbucks. He has the AB. He has everything. If there's a coffee shop, he's gonna go Starbucks. But if it's just a big big, he's in to keep on driving. So what you want to do is focus on those customers. Don't focus on the customers that haven't bought your product yet. Focus on the people that re occurring coming back and back and back spending more and more money because then you don't need to encourage them as much as someone that hasn't bought your product. Use. Need to encourage him a little bit and to give a little bit of a sentence, and they're gonna instantly want to buy a product again. That means you get more money with less effort, and it just kind of helps you out. The other thing that you want to do is get rid of what's called cognitive dissidents. So what this is is I bought a product and there's apartment. It's like, Why did I buy this? I should know about this. This is expensive and how you combat that is. You give free returns, you give lifetime warranties. Patagonia gives a lifetime warranties. So if you spend a lot of money on a Patagonia hat or vast or whatever, you might regret it for a little bit. But then you realize, Oh, if this thing wears out, I could just return at any time and get a new one. So it now only reinforces the This is made with good quality, and it's gonna last. But it also gives you the the I don't know peace of mind of If something does go wrong, I'm gonna be taken care of. This is a great way to just get that deeper wallet share and to take one more roadblock away of someone either not buying or returning. So to recap, find out who's buying your product. Find out how you can make those people buy your product mawr, and then make sure that there's no regret and buying that and that, you know, they know that they're taking care of If something goes wrong, that is the best way to find customers and to get repeat customers. All right, so what you wanna do is write that in your discussion or felt the form once you do all that move on the next class, I'll see you there. 4. Social media Merged: All right, Now we're gonna talk about social media, and this isn't gonna be like how to make your social media feed cooler or just all that like Oh, I'm gonna get you so many likes is the key to get in 10,000 followers is gonna be the business practical to your social media. One of the things that we're really gonna go over is this likes, Do not pay the bills. So when you're managing your social media account, just remember your time is money. If you have nothing else to dio post a social media capture convent. But don't get obsessed with your social media influence or reach brand awareness is good, but unless they're buying something, there's no point to it. And it's easy to get obsessed with. So for media nowadays, because it is a vital platform. But it also shouldn't be your focus. For some businesses, it doesn't matter. For others, it's very important if you're a nonprofit, it is very important to post what your nonprofit or charity is doing Your coffee shop paying a social media person minimum wage or part time probably won't equal out. So if you look at it If you pay someone $30,000 a year to run your social media, they need to make more than $30,000 in revenue to equal it out. Or that persons of waste and just dragging down your company. Unless you solely believe that eventually this The payout for this is gonna be great, But let's be real. Sometimes it isn't when you're starting out on a small business is the other thing that you want to realize. Instagram and all those things don't need to be posted into instantaneously. There's a lot of great services like Buffer that will schedule stuff out for you. And like eventually, Buffer is playing on posting instantly to instagram, which is a huge feature if you are not in that realm. So if you want to do social media and you feel like it is very vital for your business, get something like buffer or is social media scheduling content service began a month. Sit down schedule everything for that month, if not further out. Then when something comes up, that's, Ah, cool thing that you want to post instantly do it and you'll just post twice that day or you could just push everything out. But services like buffer will pose to your instagram, your twitter, your Pinterest, Facebook, everything. So do that also the most frustrating thing. Make sure you have the same user name across all platforms. You're starting out. Make sure your Facebook, your twitter, your everything all has the same user name and it's not something really weird. So just remember that to recap your time is money likes do not pay the bills. Brand awareness is nice, but don't get obsessed with social media. It is a tool, not the solve all problem. It will not sell your product Guaranteed schedule everything out You do not need to constantly be checking your phone posting stuff. Schedule out. Let those services do what they dio have a good user name, okay? 5. Marketing - Otaku: next we went about marketing, and there are three things that you need to know about marketing otaku, communication and sneeze. Er's otaku is the Japanese word for obsession and passion about a product. The reason Macy's is going under and small businesses are thriving is because Macy's is not concerned with the passion of making a good They just want to sell you. Ah, good. Can you step over to the left? Thank you. So whatever you do, be passionate about it. Be obsessed about every tiny detail about your product or good or service. If you're not, someone else will be, and they will come along and run you out of business. The other thing these small businesses they're obsessed with what they do are good at is communicating their obsession to their future customers. They do this through instagram. They do this through Facebook. They do this through a lot of different avenues, and that's the key. You need to not just be obsessed, but communicate why that obsession is valid and why they need to be obsessed about it, too. If you look at anyone that makes leather goods on Instagram, they're sweating. Blood goes into that and you, Condell, and it makes you passing about it. I feel that I'm gonna get passionate with You are called Sneeze er's. These measures are pretty much influencers. They're the people that love passion and people that are passionate about it and high quality products. And there until all their friends about that cool product to ah, that way. All right, Perfect. So these sneeze er's are gonna be the second wave of customers that come in. You get your sneeze, er's they tell their friends how cool it is. Those people want to be like the sneeze er's and come to the cool place. So once you get those sneezes coming because they sneeze like a virus and spread that virus , which is your customers, then that's how you get your brand awareness and your product selling and your piece of the pie when it comes to your segment of products or business. So to recap, the three things be obsessed about what you dio communicate that obsession to people that care about that obsession. Once you get that done right in the pdf below and discuss how you came about those answers and share with your classmates help someone out. Let's do this together. Once you're done with that, move on to the next video. We'll see you there. 6. Accounting: now. Well, I just get through this. We're talking about counting. And luckily for you, when I can get into accounting theory or anything, that's what accountants air for your small business owner. Part of a start up. You don't have time to do all that counting stuff. So what we're going to talk about in this session are two things. The simple accounting terms you need to know and what app or service is gonna be good for you, for your business and where it's playing to go. So first, bring Tebow thing called cash flow. This is very important for a lot of businesses, especially small businesses. The chair of the College of the Business Department said cash flow is the number one thing all businesses should know and understand, especially as owners. So pretty much what that is is you can have a lot of money on the books but have no money to spend to buy. Resource is air upgrade. So what that means is you have a lot of money, but it's all tied up in accounts receivable. That is fancy term for people that owe you money. Then you have a lot of accounts payable, which is your bills. And that's your pain. Those too soon. So what you want to do is collect earlier on accounts receivable and pay bills the day there do Don't pay, Murli, Don't be. You don't give extra credit for that. You extend that out the day it's do, and you slowly free up this little bit of cash by collecting early and paying later. Now you have money to grow and you don't need investors. You don't need to sell stock. You don't need to fire the intern. You have money to move. So that's the number one term and really the only term as a small business owner that you really need to understand and will help you get through the day to day in some big decisions. Now, next, we're going to talk about what app is gonna be good for you. So my wife sell ceramics, pottery mugs, all this cool stuff she uses square like square up, not squarespace. So square up has a credit card reader. They'll have a cash register style app that you put the iPad and they're amazing company, and their stock is just going up and up because they're constantly innovating for small businesses. You can even get a website through them now. So if your coffee shop a boutique, you're doing tons of small transactions throughout the day. Square is definitely the service for you. They will clock in and clock out employees with an APP. They'll send out tax information to employees during that time of the year. They'll do inventory for you. They are the best service for a small business that is selling a small product or good constantly, even like a service, even if it's like you got hair something that's probably a great one to look into. If you arm or big invoice style company where you are even mowing lawns and you're not a huge company. But you're doing bigger billions like $500 stuff like that, and it's not every five minutes. Then you won't look at QuickBooks, not of your coffee shop or a small selling tons of small products. You eventually want to look into QuickBooks. It's just where it's good to go when you're growing and you're like the next plateau of business. But if you're doing lawn service, constructing construction or anything, that's like big consulting fees do QuickBooks. They will help you invoice. They have so many plans. They have a self employed plan. They have a small business plan. They have all this stuff that you as a small business person as a start up, can utilize for a small fee. Last time I checked, they're doing a 50% off yearly planned thing. So the only thing we're just touch on a little bit. But I didn't touch on my last class, which, if you don't have a firm grasp on accounting, go watch. Branding isn't everything. There's a session on accounting. It'll be really good for you when you do mileage. Sometimes mileage with a car isn't always the best route. Right now it's mileage is 52 cents a mile. One things you can do is expense out all your repairs, all everything that would go into a car for your business. Or you get to choose the mileage. So one of things you might want to dio is save all your receipts and see how much you are actually spending on an oil changes on just anything to do with your car verse. Just taking that easy, quick deduction of 52 cents a mile. So that's pretty much all the counting. You need to know. That's really every there's so many services out there that will do everything for you automatically or just make it easy. If you want to know more about accounting, go to college and become an accountant. But really the day to day the quick hustle that and what I've already taught on in bringing isn't everything are is pretty much the only accounting You really need to know for your startup business. If you're freelance photographer, freelance designer, freelance anything or just starting your business. Eventually, when you get bigger and you get overwhelmed, go hire an accountant to do it for you. You can usually outsource it. We got through this together. Good job. 7. Analytics: So now we're talking about analytics. Sounds boring, but I'm going to save your business. So pretty much what you could do with analytics is one. Connect everything with each other. So your website talks to Facebook that talks to Instagram that talks to everything. Metrics, all that stuff. You can see how many people liked your photo. How many people shared your photo, everything. The other thing you can dio you see how well your ad to do so What you can do is take out, add on instagram So many people clicked it and then track those people to your website and see what if it completed a purchase and that's called a conversion. That meant you spent 50 cents Teoh get the ad of the person and they bought it. So you're closing the loop. So analytics Very important. The other thing that you want to do is there's so much data out there that you want to save it all and just track it. Turning that keeps being thrown around is don't bring your opinion to a data fight. So instead of guessing who's doing what or how, Well, something. Did you contract it and bring numbers to it, so you can see how long someone's watch the video where they watched it. Who, what age group watched it. Everything. And you can even see how long they've watched a video. How many people have seen a post everything? So there's Google analytics, Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics, squarespace, even his analytics. So there's just so much data. You want to look at it and really know what people are doing. The big thing is taking what's called a Facebook pixel and connecting it with your website , and I'll track all the people in all the traffic from your website and instagram page on your website so you can see how well it's going and then how far they get along to the purchase. To that, that's what's born, and that's what will make you money. So remember, don't bring your opinion to identify, connect everything, and it's all about conversions, which is when people click on the add toe when they purchase. So write down those things and check boxes when you connect everything to each other and check. Yes, I put my pixel on my website, check the box when you get all that done and everything connected, You're good to go. I also put a cheat sheet for all these analytic terms. Means you don't need to look him up that's all down below. Then discuss what your favorite analytic thing is or what you find the coolest about analytics. Share the classmates. Maybe help him understand. If you don't understand something, I'll answer your questions on Twitter, then move on to the next session. 8. Recap: Well, there we have it. A great skill share to recap We talked about marketing what makes a good business and really an idea. We also talked about customer profiles. We talked about advertising Social Media Analytics. And you know what? We even touched on accounting. So if you like this skill share, share with your friends, Sarah, give it a good review, Discuss stuff with the other students, you know, make a good community. We all love just sharing ideas. Andi. Oh, no. Go back and watch it again. So I'm trying to make a lot of money to buy a hassle. Blood, Those aren't cheap. So I promise to God that film this I would buy him one. So if you liked it, you have any questions? Tweet me. And if you want me to teach about something else, leave it in the comments, I'll make another skill share.