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Branding on Instagram for Graphic Designers

teacher avatar Franzine Mackley, Brand designer & strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Save Time & Brand Properly


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      Planning Your Content


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      Research Your Audience


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      Mind Your Color Palette & Closing


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About This Class

Leverage your skills and talent to brand your Instagram. In this class, you'll learn how to plan content in order to land paid clients instead of just passive followers. I'll teach you easy ways to brainstorm what you'll post, research your ideal customer, and make it all look good.

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Franzine Mackley

Brand designer & strategist

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1. Introduction: Hey, everyone. Unwelcome Teoh Branding on instagram for designers for this class, I'm going to show you the right way to brand your instagram to get clients and not just follow worst as designers, I feel like sometimes were not always guided in the way that we should be seen in the public. A lot of times, people think that it's all about posting work and nothing else, but actually there is a strategy to it. So today I'll be teaching you how to brand your instagram so you can get more work and more clients, and I'll be teaching you ways to do it. With content planning, I'll also be teaching you how to make your grid consistent and look good based on your goals. This classes for all skill levels. So whether you're a newbie designer looking to start fresh on a new instagram or you haven't been getting the clients you wanted, and you just want to learn more tricks on your already existing instagram than come fall along and join me for this class 2. Save Time & Brand Properly: So here's the thing. I don't have that many followers on my instagram. I'm what you call a very small account, and I feel like that's defined as anything that's under 10-K followers because you know the magical 10 K's when you have the swipe up feature and everyone thinks they've made it. But here's the reality. People who have lots of followers don't necessarily get a ton of clients. So as a graphic designer trying Teoh, start your career or grow your career, what would you rather have? A bunch of followers, an inconsistent income or a small group of followers, but a consistent client base and consistent income? You told me I'd rather choose the ladder, because for me, it's not about being an instagram influencer. It's about being a graphic designer and using Instagram as my platform, so I'll show you ways that I save time. And the best way to do that, as most designers know, is to brand yourself and brand yourself strategically so and not just with a grid, but I'll show you how to do that, too. So this is what a brand focused social media looks like. Number one, you won't worry about the numbers to you'll have an easier time posting. Three. You'll have high quality content and for you'll have things that you actually care and love . So you won't have Teoh make it such a burden because you think you have to be posting certain things. We're gonna do this from the beginning. That way you are posting what you want but also attracting clients. That way you can bring the jobs in. 3. Planning Your Content: so number one, let's start with your goals were going all the way back to the beginning and making sure that you have the right foundation. So here's a quick formula for you. If I want them to say blank, then I should have blank. Now this means that if you want them to say a certain thing, then this is the kind of content you want. We are are kind of reversing it to make sure that, um, the people that are saying these things are what you want them to say. So it's like reverse engineering, your branding and starting from the beginning. So here is an example. Here is something that I would want. So if I want them to say, Wow, she knows a lot about branding and design, Then I should have examples of my work branding tips and stories and with stories. I mean personal stories. It could be behind the scenes. Could be things about me. And here's how you can plan what you're gonna post on your instagram, and one way is to give yourself a few categories, so think of them as blood categories, so you don't necessarily have to have a block. But just think, if you had a blawg, what are the topics that you would write about that would make you stand out as an authority or an expert in your field? So I'm just going to stick with the niche of branding expert. But this could go for anyone who's an animator, a Web designer, motion graphics, anything like that. So just fill in the blanks as I'm talking. So you're thinking of them as broad categories and you're alternating between certain topics, so that way it stays interesting. So here's an example as just like me as a brand designer. So some things that I'm gonna wanna post on my instagram is obviously client work and not just any client work. If you have a very specific type of person you wanna work for, then this is where you really need to get creative and you need to curate your feed. So, for example, if you are targeting product based businesses, we can even be more specific and say that you are targeting clothing companies or retail brands so your client work would include things that you've done in the past. But maybe some mock ups Maybe you have some stuff on some T shirts or some tote bags, so think of all of that and make sure it's targeted. Exactly. It's your client number two. This is where you can have personal projects because it's instagram. It's just like a nice, dynamic portfolio, and you really want to just show all types of work. This way, people will know what you're capable of. You don't have to have just client work because at the end of the day, most clients just want to see themselves in your work, and if they can see that, then will hire you. Another thing you want to really spice things up is have behind the scenes. More than anything, I think clients and even other designers are so curious about your process that having your process in there are just showing a little bit of what you do can really make or break it when it comes to the decision of hiring you. So if you can have maybe sketches of your work, if you can have before and afters or anything like that, that would be super helpful. Next is about me and I actually wondering if I should have put this all the way at the top , because this is one thing that drives me crazy, that designers don't do often. So I'm sure you've seen a lot of these designer account toe have, like 200,000 followers or more. And that's just logo after logo after logo or it's I don't know. It just, um you know, one type of thing and they're posting it, and it looks great. But here's the thing. They are attracting a lot of other designers because now they're instagram has almost become, like Pinterest or a dribble, where they're using that as a source of inspiration or someone to look up to you. Which is fine because you want that audience. But in terms of clients, though, you want to attract the people who would most likely hire you. So a lot of those people who have tons of followers aren't necessarily getting, um, high quality work or high paying work, some of them dio. But I guarantee that not all of them do, because their portfolios, which is basically their instagrams, aren't set up the right way. So what you want to do is is have more photos of you if you have more photos of your face and for really personalized experience, it really takes out that Barrier Health's customers be more confident when hiring you that there is a person behind it and a reliable person. And if you can keep it nice and friendly instead of just hiding behind your work, I guarantee that you'll get more jobs this way. And then the last thing you could do is give business tips for clients just showing them that you know your stuff, and whatever industry you're in really goes a long way. So for me, and maybe have different branding tips, maybe ways that people are, um, making mistakes in their businesses or whatever the case, you can have different categories in this alone. So here is some of my time and sanity saving tips. So if you can try to plan at least a week ahead, if you're really good, if you want to be an overachiever, then try doing a month ahead of time because this takes out any sort of burn out, you know, and what it does is like you can just sit back and relax, and we have one or two days were you organized all of your work and all of your content and all of your captions, and then you could just schedule it out. And then this way you can spend that time engaging with other people who could be your clients. The next tip is to take photos now and use later, so this kind of goes along with the next point, which is batch photos. So if you're having a good hair day or you're just out and you're feeling good, just take more photos that day, and then you can use that and spread that out through your feet because people don't care if you have, like a different outfit for every photo because you're not a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger. Are you doing this as a graphic designer? So the point is to show your face, show you're human and sure that you're likable because ah, lot of it is work. But if people can really be attracted to your personality, that goes a long way. So use planning acts like plan or later or plan Aly and they have really cool grid previews on there that we could see if your grid looks good. If you have a photo here and then you have maybe a flat lay, you have a mock up, you have another design. So just to make sure it does look good, you don't want it to look to stiff or like one of the same thing you. There's a difference routine, like having a consistent grid and being kind of lazy about it. So just make it look creative and interesting because people would rather see that than something like so highly curated it's almost stiff and corporate. 4. Research Your Audience: So now we're going to research your audience, so make sure you get this rate. The number of followers alone is not equal success or it does not equal profit. It doesn't equal more clients doesn't equal higher influence. Ah, website traffic or community. So remember that I know a lot of people who are way more successful in the lower amount of followers because they worked on their businesses and they weren't so obsessed with instagram numbers. So again, it goes back to My first question is, if you'd rather have a low amount of followers but a ton of work or a bunch of followers and not that many enquiries, which one would you rather have? All right, so here's how to get quality over quantity. First of all, who do you want to serve? And when you think about that, let's go back to the retail brand. I go to a few accounts and then see who they follow, and how do they engage in use social media platforms. You want to find people who are engaged in the platform you're using. So in this instance, since we are talking about instagram, just see the different behaviors they have See you The people who comment on their stuff, see who likes their stuff and then see what they're doing to and see if there re posting other people's stuff. If there commenting back, You know, all of these things can really give you insight to your cloney. It find out what they struggle with and what they want. So next you're gonna do an audit of your content. So does your audience care about what you're posting? So this is a really big question. If you're posting stuff like, Oh, here is, um, part of the day or, you know, like, let's say, or a graphic designer or let's say you're a Web designer and then you're posting stuff in, like art galleries when so, like going to the art gallery and then here is this, like, is not consistent to what your followers want. So that's one thing you have to know is like before you post this before making sure that, um, you know, you're just checking off all the boxes like, OK, I just need to post one every single day. Does it actually make sense? So if it doesn't, it's almost fourth not posting that day. If you don't have content and it be better to just engage with people rather than putting something up that actually messes up your feet and your consistency with the type of work you have next is how is your overall engagement? So the way to do this is find out your likes and comments and divide that by your followers , and it's a pretty low percentage for most people. That's between two and 5%. But, um, you know, this is a good way of seeing if it's higher quality. If people are actually interested in your work that they're liking and they're commenting and they're talking to you because if you have 10,000 followers, let's say and you're only getting like 10 likes or ah, few comments here and there, then maybe the quality of your audience isn't that good. And you might want Teoh have just like a smaller amount of followers or just do some sort of purge. I don't even know how to do that for the on instagram, but, um, if that's the case, if you're seeing that is a lower quality of engagement than you really want to focus in on these kind of clients you want. So once you see all that, yeah, just, um, make a decision from there if you need to pivot your strategy. 5. Mind Your Color Palette & Closing: Now it's time to mind your color palette. So think about the words that describe your brand. So here is mine. I wanted to be approachable, professional, visually appealing, happy, natural and this sort of desert sunset feel, which is like all the nice things about the desert during the day. But then when it hits sunset, you get all these beautiful colors, and that's sort of what mine is based around. So think of what you want people to feel when they look at your color is alone. So if you want to observe your overall color, Skoda color is a color cooler dot com or color on color again. Anyway, every pronounce it. Go to that website, type in your Instagram name and then check out the color is that you have on your feet now . Was this what you wanted to go for? Is this like the type of feel that you wanted? If your colors aren't matching up with the brand that you are and you know going for, then it's time to change up what you have and make it look a little bit more consistent. And here is just a quick cheat sheet of Ah, few things that people can think of, like the psychology behind colors. This is very, very subjective because psychology depends on a bunch of different things. It can depend on your upbringing, your environment, your a gender, um, and you know, your industry, maybe even your friends. And it also depends on your mood. So one day you might be feeling depressed, and another day you might be feeling happy and the colors translate differently. But this is just a guide to get you going. So next I think about the color is that you have in your color palette and try matching them with your photos. And this is a great tip. If you are kind of bad with photography, you don't really know where to start, but you need to do something. So go on Pinterest because Pinterest is your best friend and look up color schemes. Look up things for a Visco cam filters, and you'll find all these things were they even give you the specific settings for each, So that's really cool. So that way you can play with each one on. When you line everything up on your feed, see if it it works while it goes with the mood you're you're trying to go for And, um, see if that works. And if you like it, then keep that up If you don't like it, if you're not getting the kind of clients you want that you know, just keep changing it, because I'm not guaranteeing that this is gonna be perfect the first time. But I'm giving you a guide to show you how you contest things out until you're finally at your sweet spot. The thing is, as designers, we always pivot and our styles are going to change over time with experience or if we have different goals. So none of this is necessarily to be set in the stone. But again, people want consistency. So keep that in mind, and that's all we have for you. This is a very high level topic of instagram and how you could be a successful as a graphic designer. So as you can see, we weren't just talking about me telling you to find a style and pose the same thing every day. That can work for getting the followers. But it might not work for getting the clients to get the clients. You have to get in their heads and figure out how to attract them and then post that on your instagram. So hopefully this helps you to map out your instagram to convert better for your clients. Thanks so much for listening and go to the comments below if you have any questions.