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Brand Storytelling Advertising Strategy , How To Build Emotional Connections With Your Customer ?

teacher avatar Musa Adi, Bunsiness Leader, Entrepreneur, Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course introduction


    • 2.

      Introduction to brand storytelling


    • 3.

      What is brand storytelling ?


    • 4.

      Apple's personalized privacy story


    • 5.

      What is Brand Personalization?


    • 6.

      Netflix Personalized Story


    • 7.

      Storytelling is an emotional and identification journey


    • 8.

      Storytelling Triangular Relationship


    • 9.

      Brand Storytelling Purpose


    • 10.

      Consumers distraction in today's market environmen


    • 11.

      How Storytelling can solve brands aim in reaching and Influencing their consumer


    • 12.

      The Emotional advantages


    • 13.

      Subaru’s emotional ad


    • 14.

      Doves emotional stories


    • 15.

      Storytelling is an absolute necessity for branding


    • 16.

      The elements of a story


    • 17.

      The relatability of the story


    • 18.

      Story brand purpose and goal


    • 19.

      Toms shoes


    • 20.

      The Story Conflict


    • 21.

      Developing the opposite counterparts in business


    • 22.

      Adversaries conflicts and struggles


    • 23.

      The Hero


    • 24.

      Steve Jobs journey as a hero


    • 25.

      Domino’s Pizza as Hero


    • 26.

      The hero’s journey


    • 27.

      The story Plot


    • 28.

      Robin Hood and cause marketing


    • 29.

      Mastercard Tried to be Robin hood and failed


    • 30.

      Airbnb Weaccept Sparked a Conversation


    • 31.

      Patagonia and the sustainability plot


    • 32.

      The Villain of a brand story


    • 33.

      Southwest Airlines “Transfarency”


    • 34.

      A purpose corporate core message story


    • 35.

      Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything


    • 36.

      Forever against animal testing join the fight!


    • 37.

      Sustainability is now as important as safety to us


    • 38.

      Bosch revolves around the “Invented For Life”


    • 39.

      Doing it right at first time with constant care


    • 40.

      Examples of purpose corporates core brand stories


    • 41.

      United airlines breaks the guitar


    • 42.

      Difference between case studies and brand stories


    • 43.

      Dove Real Beauty Sketches, You’re more beautiful than you think


    • 44.

      Brand stories that revolve around self-actualization


    • 45.

      Applying the brand storytelling model


    • 46.

      Allstate brand storytelling in the sugar bowl 2015


    • 47.

      How Ace Hardware applies brand storytelling concepts in their Culture?


    • 48.

      A corporate core story Vs. brand story


    • 49.

      Holistic brand storytelling approach


    • 50.

      3M’s 15% culture of innovation and sustainability


    • 51.

      The Significant role of CEOs in the brand storytelling,jack welch


    • 52.

      Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX


    • 53.

      Gerald ratner a CEO who destroyed his own company


    • 54.

      Gaps in brands’ storytelling


    • 55.

      Warby Parker brand’s personality


    • 56.

      Brand storytelling in advertising


    • 57.

      Travelers real-life story ads


    • 58.

      Nescafé gold blend love story


    • 59.

      Discover your wings – University of Phoenix ad


    • 60.

      Brand communication


    • 61.

      Brand communication routes


    • 62.

      Brand influencer cmmunication


    • 63.

      The purpose law for communication


    • 64.

      Burger King, “whopper free zone”


    • 65.

      Dollar shave club purpose message


    • 66.

      Brand Communication in social media


    • 67.

      Yoplait, You’ve Got This, Mom On!


    • 68.

      Airbnb “Wall and Chain”


    • 69.

      Buy My Barina, Barinageddon


    • 70.

      A hair-raising message


    • 71.

      Häagen-Dazs honeybee passionate story


    • 72.

      Brand communication through the psychology of color


    • 73.

      Heinz EZ Squirt Green Ketchup


    • 74.

      What is a visual story?


    • 75.

      The Power of brand visualization


    • 76.

      Social Media role in brand storytelling


    • 77.

      Lululemon, the visualization of lifestyle storytelling


    • 78.

      Patagonia environment commitment


    • 79.

      Visual storytelling instagram stories


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About This Class

  • Brand Storytelling course is about creating emotional connections with customers that will lead to building trust which is very essential in driving consumers' behaviors and purchase decisions. The special connection between a brand and its consumer is created through storytelling which revolves around brand core values, culture, identity, personality, and solutions. The goal of brand storytelling is to connect with your audience and guide them through the journey of your brand. The purpose of brand storytelling is to create a story that people respond to and buy into. Brand Storytelling is the best course for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners. It will help you to develop a strong brand identity and build your customer base. Learn the best techniques and craft your own story. Your brand will be the center of your business and will attract customers.

  • The Knowledge learned in this course can be used by both small businesses and large brands. It is a storytelling process that can be used to help people understand what your brand stands for. It can also help you communicate a clear message about your brand. The course is designed with an interactive learning style and it helps you to create and tell your brand story in a way that people will be able to understand. Building a brand through storytelling is a very important part of a business. It can help your business to reach new customers, make sales, and also keep your business from losing customers.

  • This course includes tens of case studies and analyses of successful brand story ads that acquired the consumers' attention. These case studies and their lessons learned will undoubtedly help marketers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others to know how to communicate efficiently with their customers using the art of brand storytelling. This course will help advertisers and marketers create ads that resonate with people and stick with them.

  • Brand storytelling is not about what brands sell but they are stories that clarify what brands do for their customers in solving their problems and provide better-personalized user experiences that make consumers more comfortable and satisfied. Marketers shall utilize the power of business brand storytelling in making the audience and the consumers part of the brand's story.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Musa Adi

Bunsiness Leader, Entrepreneur, Author


Musa is an entrepreneur and a senior business leader who worked in various managerial positions with  many years of experience specializing in management and compliance, marketing, business risk management, project management, operational risk, and enterprise infrastructure and operations for clients in the oil & gas, manufacturing, engineering, and food industries. Musa holds a master's degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool and a certificate in cybersecurity management from the University of Toronto, a diploma in Project Management, and a BSc degree in electrical power engineering technology.

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1. Course introduction : How many times have you skipped an add on YouTube? Why do some brands continue async tens of millions of dollars on ineffective advertising. How can you make marketing campaigns and advertisements that resonate with people and have a long-lasting positive impact. Hello and welcome to the branding storytelling course, a Mozah. And I want to introduce myself to you. I am a brand storytelling expert who teaches people how to connect with their customers on an emotional level. This course is based on my book and will address questions about utilizing storytelling to develop a great brand. Storytelling is one of the most powerful means of influencing, persuading and inspiring and audience. Storytelling forges connections among people and between people and brands. Stories convey emotions, values, culture, and history that unite people who love to share stories. Therefore, marketers can rely on storytelling to successfully deliver brand messages, enhanced brand values, cultures, and build a strong relationship with their consumers. Compelling stories do more than create a sense of connection. Therefore, every business needs a powerful storytelling to grow a clearly defined communicate the story is the backbone of a strong marketing strategy. What I will teach you in this course is how to create a viable business story that starts with an idea of innovation, a solution for customers dilemmas or problems, or in response to feasible market demand. We will frame this business story to initiate marketing awareness and stimulate customer trials. Once awareness is well established, customer trials accomplished and a successful product or service is available at an affordable price. Brand storytelling comes in place to submit the root of the business, to connect with consumers and to establish the purpose, the identity, the personality that distinguishes the brand from rivals. During the business journey, a brand will assist and guide our customers who need to overcome obstacles and struggles and buzz through conflicts to reach their goals. In this course, I teach about emotions and human memory and how emotions play a major role in building and maintaining connections between brands and consumers. I emphasize brand, story, values and culture, and how consistency is very important in communicating with consumers to build trust to drive consumers purchasing decisions are included in the course. Tens of cases studies and analyses of successful brand story ads that acquired consumer that tensioned these case studies and their lessons learned will undoubtedly help you to create your own captivating brand story. What you need in your business is a great story that must be authentic and genuine. Therefore, to find your compelling story, you need a profound reflection on a brand core values and to share personal experiences and moments with your consumers to keep them emotionally engaged with your brand. In a successful brand, the story, the customers are the heroes or the victims in the story plot. Pursuing their ambitious goals with the help and guidance of a brand. Please do not hesitate to get on board on this journey and buy this course. Now, I am eager to see you in the class. 2. Introduction to brand storytelling: Do brands have stories like the ones we see in the movies? So how do we tell a brand story? Many people think that the branding is just a logo, colors, and a tagline. However, a brand is not just the visual identity or a product or what is written in a mission statement. Any brand be emotional like human feelings? Yes, of course, because human brains are shipped to respond to stories, therefore, brands can use disadvantage to connect with their consumers. In today's marketplace, marketers are facing a big dilemma in delivering brand messages to consumers due to the high number of ads all over the place. The big question that many ask is how to look at customer and pin trade through the noisy distracted markets. A brand storytelling is not about what a brand cell, but they are stories that clarify what brands do further customers in solving their problems and provide better personalized user experiences that make customers and consumers more comfortable and satisfied. Marketers shall utilize the power of storytelling in making the audience and the consumers part of the brand's story. The earliest humans gathered around the campfire and believed that effective storytelling was the best way to communicate the information that was vital for survival. Humans figured out that connecting with their communities in an emotional manner was a matter of life and death. The storytelling is not just entertainment, it is an emotional and identification journey. It gives a sense of purpose and identity. Okay? 3. What is brand storytelling ?: A brand is storytelling is an additive to communicate a message to the potential customers and existing consumers. The goal is to attract the customers, desire and spore them to connect with a brand, to make an action, to buy your product or service. To personalize a story allows the brands to change the customer's lives because it's solve their problems and customize its products or services to fulfill customer demands, wishes, and dreams, and provide a better user experience. 4. Apple's personalized privacy story: Apple recently released the new privacy protections in its iOS operating system, which help users better control and manage access to their data. So why is privacy is so important to Apple? And how can this be linked to personalize customer user experience? Any brand is storytelling. According to Apple, privacy is a fundamental human right, and it is also one of its core values. Customers devices are essential to many parts of people's lives. What users share from those experiences and whom they share it with should be up to them. In Apple's personalized privacy story, the company decided to fight against adversaries who are using iOS operating systems to track users over the Internet. And Ethel wants their purchasing behaviors by Bombardier tailored ads without users knowledge and approval. The legs. Felix, 1986. This is what you said last night? I said. So how would they had Chana? Why does why do I do? Okay. 5. What is Brand Personalization?: In New York Times 2012 article, how companies linear secrets is a story about an angry father who marched into a Minnesota Target store. He demanded to know why his teenage daughter received coupons for baby products, only to find out later that she was pregnant. The retailer could predict her pregnancy and personalize the promotion she received thanks to a ton of data collection and analysis. Some may argue that this is not ethical, whereas others see it as just okay. The bottom line here is that personalization aims to help consumers and make them more comfortable not to invade their privacy. Harvard Business School professor general Zachman said that 95 percent of purchase decision-making occurs in consumer subconscious minds. Not along time ago, consumers did not get personalized recommendations based on their past purchases. Nor did they receive personalized offers for their for their new music, movies or TV shows based on what they had already listened to and watched. Yet personalization offers customers tailor the experiences that keep them engaged, which is essential to remain competitive in a crowded and increasingly savvy marketplace. As a result, consumers have become habituated to getting what they want and they are leaning towards the brands that recognize them as individuals at every step of their journey. 6. Netflix Personalized Story: According to a survey, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with the brands that you recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. Emulsions are personal to humans, and that personal connection is something that savvy brands are leveraging where contextual marketing. In contrast, none personalization is like one size fits all. A preference for personalized experiences helps customers to reduce their overload consumption for information. No one that's personalization quite like streaming giant Netflix and all, because it is entirely data-driven, it is an approach that is paying off as Netflix is now the top choice for video streaming in all the global regions, it has become a fact that no two Netflix homepages look the same because of the tracking with algorithms. 80 percent of what people playing Netflix actually comes from the recommendation algorithm. So it's a really big lever for Netflix. So it's a really important part of what we do know serves hundreds of countries, lots of different cultures, lots of different languages. How to make sure that our recommendation algorithms are and serving in a specific way that oscillates with Joseph innovation into accommodation space. So you may think of recommendation algorithms. There's some row on the side that says we recommend this. In fact, pretty much everything we do is that recommendation algorithm, including even things like the box out and the hero images. So it's a pretty central part of everything That's the key. 7. Storytelling is an emotional and identification journey: Storytelling is not limited to films. Stories can be told in pictures, verbally or written, or exposed across all channels from social media to billboards. As a result, stories can help marketers and achieve cut-through and reduce their ad exponentials in a noisy, distracting marketplace and create advertising that resonates with people and six with them, a successful story is a dynamic escalation of conflict driven events that cause meaningful change in the main characters live. Storytelling is not just entertainment, it is an emotional and identification journey. It gives a sense of purpose, identity, and continuity between the past and the present. It is doing more than just conveying a message. That story is a container for deepest longings, hopes, and fears, and forces, self-reflection and articulation. 8. Storytelling Triangular Relationship: Storytelling involves a three-way relationship involving the storyteller, the story, and the audience within our narrative is the customer. Storytelling is about connections, sharing values and emotions with consumers. It is not to dictate conclusions to the consumers. Instead, it helps the consumer see inside the situation, the storyworld, and the inside of the character's feelings and struggles. Storytelling includes character sitting, conflict, rising action climax, and finally, resolving a happy ending. Creating these pillars allow consumers to follow a story easily and remember it. The main character in storytelling is not a brand or a company. It is the customer. The customer must be the hero or the victim, while the brand is the guide during the journey. Let us assume a brand wants to be a hero. In that case, it must tell the audience a story about its intrapreneurial journey from rags to rich, to inspire others who face similar struggles and conflicts and want to be successful without quitting till they reach their desired goals. Od, design and MCA, D and E. Let's take a touch. Sandy Hindu come out of the fetus and the schema satellite civic development guys, Gus, I'm perfect. As much criticism was getting guns, clan mindset, and the Anheuser-Busch. 9. Brand Storytelling Purpose : Purpose is about values. Values about how brands are and what they stand for, what they do for others, and the causes they serve. A clear purpose gives consumers a way to connect with the brand and its values, products or services that add real value to people's lives beyond just selling things for making profits. For example, Nike stands for bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world, not for sports equipment. Disney stands for family happiness. No theme parks or movies. Brands that can successfully target consumers based on these shared values are the ones who will ultimately when their attention and purchasing power. That's why big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, editors, and many others are turning to purpose to perfectly connect and engage with their consumers. But of course, spare parts cannot be activated and reinforced without storytelling. As a marketer, you need to link the customers with the brand's values, drive them to the brand's purpose and communicate that story to the audience. This type of narrative is necessary for consumers to accept the brand message and be inspired to join the brand spirit, boats and tribe. We'll told the story captures people's attention of women, suspense and pays off with a meaningful emotional experience. Emotional because people sympathized with the story characters. Meaningful because the hero's actions deliver internal insights into human nature. 10. Consumers distraction in today's market environmen: Consumers are exposed to thousands of commercial messages and adds every day. So with all these huge combinatorial as how consumers can consider a brand and respond to its messages. Many people check their smartphones once every ten minutes, 96 times a day. Therefore, Alice ad campaigns are attractive and clear in its purpose and call to action. Consumer will escape and ignore them. How many marketing messages get stored in the average consumer is memory, one or 23, if we are optimistic, is three out of several thousand. If this is partially to, there must be many companies out there who waste an awful lot of money on nano effective marketing. 11. How Storytelling can solve brands aim in reaching and Influencing their consumer: Storytelling Lipton brands get inside the heads of a prospective customer. It creates emulsions, paint, pictures, and channel the deserts. Hopes and dreams of a customer. Stories are the best ways to capture customer attention and hold it. People like to repeat and share the stories and pass them around because they remember them. To retain customers logged in today's aggressive, competitive environment, marketers must create a personalized, relevant experience and differentiate the brand from rivals. The physical product itself no longer has influences that to drive the bond between a brand and the consumer. Human beings actively seek stories and experiences in a bit of a meaningful life. Similarly, companies need to communicate their messages based on values and clearly illustrate how they make a difference for ordinary estimates seeking solutions to their problems. Companies need to rethink how to influence and build emotional connections with their audience and their employees. Storytelling and purpose branding can make widely impact on consumers if they join together. The strongest brands built up on emotional values and a good story, communicate those values any language easily understood by the audience. As a result, many companies started to open their eyes to consumers needs for any emotional dimension. And the branding. The story behind the brand builds up on its values and culture, delivers both emotions and values, eventually helps to build a bridge between the company and the consumer. Communicating more than the price advantage when companies and brands communicate and connect through stories they help the customers shaved their ways. In today's world, it will perceive that the brand is the added value that the company or product represents. And it is a combination of realities and promotions. 12. The Emotional advantages: The memory of powerful emotional images and events is more vital, especially for women who are the household family purchasing driver. And investigation of autobiographical memory is found out that positive memory is contained more sensory and contextual details, the neutral or negative memories. Emotionally charged events are better remembered. Unpleasant emotions are less. Remember them pleasant emotions. Positive memories contained more contextual details. Emotional excitement helps memory to recall events. Nelson studied brand memorability decay over a more extended period for several digital video ads and concluded that memories could persist either via repetition for a specific type of memories or via implicit internalization. Emotional brand storytelling help consumers recognize and recall brand messages as their memory decay will last longer. And analysis of data reveals that ads campaign with a purely emotional content performed better about double comparing the only rationale content. Committing to the emotive branding approach requires a deep understanding of consumer motivation. 13. Subaru’s emotional ad: Subaru's adds communicate love through a series of ads that puts the auto car brand as a symbol for caring for those consumers love. Whether it is a father carrying for his son or daughter, or a pet and caring for there to be loved by. The series of ads are more about what the brand represents to the family by communicating the brands through stories. Subaru elevates its brand's values and how it fits into customers lives. Good. Hi. 14. Doves emotional stories : In a fantastic story about soap, note decided to include men in. It's a great storytelling approach to marketing those emotional story. For years dog focused on real people and their stories, specifically women who are real and not supermodels. Dove made its way by telling stories about mu Muti, whether it is the beauty of a mother and daughter relationship or the beauty of a face and money generally viewed as an average. Hi. 15. Storytelling is an absolute necessity for branding: Storytelling is an absolute necessity for branding because it builds a more profound and stronger connection with the consumer. It adds a human nature to the content and increase its brand recognition. Storytelling goes beyond advertising. It makes brands more trustworthy. The stories helped shared a brand message. Compelling stories go viral. Stories are the most successful asset to create brand loyalty, making people more willing to promote a product or a brand by word of mouth, which is the best way to popularize evidence. Hi. 16. The elements of a story : A traditional story consists of the beginning, middle, and end. First, the scene is this. It makes the progression of dynamic change, creates conflict events and sets the parameters for the rest of the story. Plots describes the natural progression of escalating events. The conflict is kilohertz, but finally resolves, marking the end of the story. A brand storytelling content should include the hero who's a standard customer, any life journey facing challenges. The relatability of the story. When a customer becomes part of the story, puts himself in the heroes shoes. The response to what the hero is confronting. The authenticity that geneticists empathy, stories sitting where and when. Curiosity, a reason to care or be curious, a message of purpose and goal, a plot of cascading evidence, a conflict and struggles that reveal emotions and empathy. And finally, a satisfying resolution indeed. 17. The relatability of the story: A story that customers can relate to and can see themselves in will remain quicker and their memory. Then the story that starts with it starts the customer who may have a stubborn boss for face the same challenges with legal complaints might empathize with the hero who overcomes the same challenges or struggles. Therefore, marketers should not rely on the customer or to interpret abstract information and concepts. Instead, they should tell a story of a similar person so the brain can visualize and experience the information vigorously. Relatability is essential when a customer puts himself and the hero's journey with any story. Humans are programmed by default to respond to stories that they can see themselves in. 18. Story brand purpose and goal: In his journey, the hero must undertake and conflict associated with this struggle, risk, and danger to achieve the purpose he cares about to achieve the story's goal. If a hero has no goal, no need, there is no reason to struggle of Orpheus the conflicts and no reason to confront rest endangered. The parent was established as a hero story goal. All elements of the story are dependent upon the hero. The plot derives from the hero and struggle. The beginning, the middle, and the end are made to serve the heroes needs. And the plot is the servant of the hero. The brand has goals that matter to the customers and sharing these goals encourages them to engage with that brand to achieve and fulfilling the purpose. Bashing must be the driving force behind the hero spirited, sued. The company solution must strive to make a difference for the customer. Who is the hero of the story, facing struggles and obstacles in his buying. Jeremy. 19. Toms shoes : While traveling in Argentina in 2006, Blake Mycoskie dance found that witness the hardships faced by the children growing up without shoes, walking tail, BS. He created Tom Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes per shares with a new pair of shoes for a child in need. Blake Mycoskie created the company and its purpose and goal. We're involved with clear message within these three words. One, for one. It's really amazing to see the growth and Tom has had allows us to get to this point, which are really, really special needs. But that first pair of shoes on my kids forever and you see a Smiley face. And he realized that no matter how many issues we give away every single child, they don't care that we've given away a million or we give noise 10 at her, 1000 and whatever it to them, it's their moments. Every single child you give choose two is a one-on-one interaction and experience you'll have and it's very special to that child. Okay. 20. The Story Conflict : That there are sending message for a company's core story shall include a level of conflict within that message. What does the company stand for and what it fights for to help its customers to thrive without the conflict. There is no story and there is no meaning for that core message. In the contest of branding, the conflicts are the obstacles customer want to concur. Thus, a brand supports its consumers and the pursuit of their aspirations. It is the conflict that creates the dynamics of a good story. The conflict is the barrier that the hero seeks to overcome to achieve the goal. Through this conflict, a brand can make it stand while expressing its core values simultaneously. Effectively, building contrasts are opposites, are just like the battle between the positive and the negative experiences. A sweet and sour, or PFK-1 versus dull. However, in business, a conflict is not necessarily a negative thing. Instead, it is the mechanism for creating a distinctive brand. American movies over the years often used the good and evil conflict plot for entertainment purposes. It is difficult to imagine a great film like George without a hungry, why char? Superman without kryptonite or the tail of Little Red Riding Hood, without a fear, swallow. The teams would have had a wonderful summer at the beach. Superman would not have had a concern about the world. And literally driving good would visit her grandmother and then go home. Boring and predictable events would not matter for anyone. No one would pay to watch a boring movie without a conflict and a fight between the good and the evil forces and a goal never accomplished. Conflict is the motivating force of a good story. No conflict, no story. When faced with a problem or a conflict, the audience instinctively seeks to find a solution. Conflict forces people to act. The characters must be challenged to take action because human beings do not make significant life decisions unless something challenge them. In the classical fairy tale story, template, conflict expresses itself as a battle between good and evil. The hero versus the villain. The struggle between good and evil. Communicate the narrators perspective, communicating their values and message to the audience. Storytelling conflict is not harmful or a bad thing. On the contrary, it is a fundamental premise that the narrators can express their perception of right and wrong. Once the Marc Itard decided on a possible transcending message for the brand core story, the next step is to assess the level of conflict within that message. How big a difference does a brand cause make, and what is it fighting to accomplish or help customers solve their problems? Hello. 21. Developing the opposite counterparts in business: Developing a conflict is about defining two opposing forces or even more. For example, determining the opposite of a brand helps explain the brand's core story. Here are a few examples. Apple, it's about inclusion, diversity, and privacy. And its opposite is the anomalous uniformity. Nike, the well-to-do in inspiration and innovation, and its opposite is losing. Lego is about creativity, imagination, and learning, whereas its opposite is the passive entertainment. Virgin is about insatiable curiosity and its counterpart is business as usual, ikea about cost consciousness, whereas its opposite, design luxury for the few elite, Harley Davidson, is about the excitement of a freedom, whereas its opposite is boring daily routines. Without conflict, it is challenging to build and maintain a strong core story. If what they brand story is fighting for delivered customer needs that have been already met, there is no solid adversity to drive the story forward. The world might say we would not need Nike if we were all born athletes. Winner is marketers need to reassess purpose and where their brand is hitting. The dreams, make a good motivator and a good story. Harley Davidson is selling a dream. Harley Davidson concept of freedom constructs with the norms of the society that places on people and the obligations that follow. The Harley Davidson conflict lies in life on the open road versus the street jacket of normal life. The conflict lies between freedom and routine daily activities which appeal to much a symbol of amity Kana as Coca Cola, Pepsi and all who believe in the MIT can dream. Harley Davidson is like McDonald's and Burger King in being part of the culture of society. 22. Adversaries conflicts and struggles: Stories happened to characters, but they out about the problems and flowing events that story characters must trace. Problems and struggles between the opposing forces are the elements that create the conflict. When conflict it becomes dangerous, it generalists more suspend in its nature. Conflict implies adversaries. These opponents may be internal or external. They may be living beings or forces of nature. The risk and danger associated with the problems and flows are what the audience care about and wants to know. Characters must have an interest in the outcome of their struggles. They must have something at risk for which they struggle. There must be some danger to characters. This danger is not physical, but it is fair to their emotions, their reputations, or their self-image. Suppose character a risk, nothing face no danger and have nothing to lose. In that case, the audience will live or feel compelled to stick around to see how the story comes out. Struggles are the actions it character takes to overcoming conflict. No action, internal or external means, no story. Struggles require a hero and he conflict to have meaning for the consumer. If the consumer to put themselves in that he was shoes, they become part of the story and they will engage and connect emotionally with the story outcomes. 23. The Hero: A story typically features a hero pursuing a goal. The hero looks like the Robinhood fighting for justice and freedom in England. However, heroes path to achieving his goal is not problem 3. The adversary tried to fight against the hero, thereby forming the conflict. The Robin Hood story, the adversary square prints Jon and the Sheriff of Nottingham who must be eliminated for justice to prevail. A traditional story emerges into three parts, beginning, middle, and end. The events, progression and escalation create conflict and set the boundaries for the rest of the story. When the conflict is close to the tipping point, it finally resolved, marking the end of the story. A successful conflict requires a hero and development with opposing goals. In the hero's journey, the adversary stands in opposition to the hero's pursuit. By fighting against adversity, the hero struggles toward his personal development and resolves the store is conflict. To get customers involved in Saudi marketers must identify the characters, problems, and goal. For a successful story, the audience must engage with both the hero and the store is Dilemma. 24. Steve Jobs journey as a hero: One of the big modern day corporate conflict stories is Steve Jobs returned to Apple after being terminated from his established company. It is a voyage and retail plot story. What makes us Steve Jobs return so compelling is the sitting time. Apple was in trouble and it's innovation driving force has stopped. Returning to his visionary roots. The time away from Apple and Pixar movies contributed to the turnaround. Steve learned that pixel, let's think of a story visualization and how that impacts the audience. He applied storytelling visualization in announcing to the world adults fair smartphone. Steve Jobs was motivated to make it change. And he successfully and brilliantly did a profound shift that affected the whole world by Apples innovative product that smartphone, the fatal mistake. Some brands make incredibly immature new brands who believe they need to prove themselves, are positioning themselves as heroes in the story instead of the guide, a brand that sets itself as the hero is to news outlets, there is a clear purpose and goal. 25. Domino’s Pizza as Hero: Domino speeds or a brand once suffered by poor customer opinions of its quality. In a series of ad campaigns, that company explicitly acknowledged these complaints and announce efforts to improve. There comes a time when, you know, you've gotta make a change. You know, you can't lead a company like this unless you love food. I love food, I love pizza. It was about 50. Dominoes had to revive the brand. Dominoes launched an ad campaign that has become legendary for his courage. Sharing comments in social media from focus group about what people thought about the product or speeds I've ever had though. So states like ketchup, the crust tastes like cardboard. They even created the beads at turnaround documentary to document the process. Since then, their sales have grown substantially. Domino's Pizza announced the first quarter of 2021 financial results showing a global growth of 14 percent despite the pandemic COVID 2019. In this successful brand storytelling gave four dominoes levers to all three elements in its favor. The character of a brand invested, any customer satisfaction that conflict with consumers disappointment and the conclusion of making strong commitment to quality. The store is purpose is that brand is carrying and courageous about earning that satisfaction of its customer. The critical point is to focus on the customers offering them heroic role in the meaningful, remember the story. Customers need to be heard and understood with the essence of empathy. Genome and empathy means letting customers know their brand, see them, and sympathize with them. And, you know, I can't wait for Adrian to try our new I think he's going to be surprised. We're going to bring her the new pizza. See how she likes it. Yes. No idea. We're coming in. 26. The hero’s journey: A character hero is that central organizing elements of all stories. Sometimes a brand may serve as a character euro, but there should be a valid reason to explain a goal or purpose around the character facing a problem. For example, if it's better off to make it the customer or the hero of the brand is story telling, stories about issues customers have met. And the stories that customers can imagine themselves in. A brand story is a narrative that illustrates its origins, exposes why a brand exists and the problem it solves for its customers in their struggle to find a solution to their problems. It resonates with the customer and attracts them towards brand values and core messages. Even if they are not explicitly stated in the story. They would fix the actions, experiences, the conflicts, and the undertakes the struggles of a story. Hero is at the core of every story element and event. No other elements has meaning and relevance without a hero seeking a meaningful goal, taking risks, and overcoming conflicts and struggles. When a customer is a hero in that story, the product or service plays the supporting and guiding role, which helps the customer finds a solution or accomplish a goal. They are character adds flesh and blood to the brand's role in the story world. On the other hand, it also sheds light on the conflict and the passion that motivates the brand to advance. 27. The story Plot : The plot is an essential part of any story as it escalates the events and the hero's journey in a logical order. It defines what the story is all about, what they will experience and what it will achieve. It sits up the motivations, challenges, the goal and the road hero takes to fulfill it. Story flowing events are vital to the audience's experience. It must have a coherent composition to propel it forward and maintain audience interests. Once the conflict is carried to know returning point, the hero, besides influencing the outcome, resolve this collision of the conflict and the heroes character progress development drives the story forward, building up to a climax where the hero finally confronts the villain. The seven basic plots, why we tell stories is a 2004 book by Christopher Booker, contained an influenced analysis of a story plots and the psychological meaning. The seven plots are as following. Number 1, overcoming the monster. It was featured in James Bond, goes, and many other movies. This plot is about a hero and an evil force. In a real-world example, this could be overcoming an addiction, fighting off a lousy boss or overcoming adept, beating an illness or anything else that requires something to be defeated for the hero, the customer to M. Number two, rags to rich, like Cinderella analyte deem that success and crisis apply to anyone with an undeniably incredible talent who wants to break through and be successful in the reward. Like photographers, musicians, artists, authors like Harry Potter, JK Rowling. Number three, The Lord of the Rings, seeking and finding. This is indeed the story for every beginning of the entrepreneurial journey where a product or service to be long-lasting tool that can last along the way. Number 4, voyage and return the time machine exploring Alice in Wonderland, a brand assets the customer at, they're alive or destination. It could be language, learning, software, cultural etiquette training, photo guides, maps, and tools. Number 5, committee, Bridget Jones, dirty from confusion to enlightenment. The comedy plot involves cold fusion that must be resolved before the hero and the heroine can be united in love. And very low customer cannot seem to get out of their way. They are constantly finding themselves in one adventure after another and could use a little assistance, the brand to be lit on the right path. Number 6, tragedy Romeo and Juliet, the price of fatal flaws. Lots about divorce lawyers, grief counselors, self-improvement books, and anyone who looks their customer gets through a tough time, because this is so self-evident, it is not difficult to identify when a customer is going through a tragedy. Number seven, rebirth. They are finding the personal life. But unfortunately in the real world, just like a Christmas Carol, customers may not even know a problem exists until a brand shows them just how bad they were doing. And most Hollywood films screenwriters use these seven plots templates to build up their stories, which often and positively restoring harmony. Most planets revolve around the hero fighting and evil, encountering it challenge profound transformation and the heroes character due to unpleasant or sudden shocking events. Or a hero pursuing a dream comes true. 28. Robin Hood and cause marketing: Robinhood marketing, but is when a company fights for justice, a brand is not afraid to battle against the dominating forces in the market. Forces that have created monopoly, which does not benefit the consumers. 70% of consumers want brands to stand on social and political issues according to a survey following in the footprints of Nike and Patagonia, the rest of the brands holding social and political stance has grown to reach over every industry. Consumers social media feeds have recently become saturated with the brands joining social justice conversations. However, consumers reported that brands do not always seem gentleman. Even before Black Lives Matter movement, 53 percent of consumers believe brands show, take a stand for public relations and marketing purposes. Thirty-five percent perceived brands as speaking out, jumping on the bandwagon. Brands should not be scared to take a stance, but they will need to sustain their credibility. According to consumer survey, a brand stand is most believable when it is about an issue that impacts its customers and is relevant to the business and it is not in there. A company will also need to be clear about what it is doing to back It's messaging by action. When consumers I agree with that, brand stands, 37 percent will recommend that company to their friends and family, and 36 percent will buy more from the brand. If a branch generally considered making a difference by taking the social and political stand and bear standing and aligning with consumers best interests is vital for creating a successful campaign and powerful results. 29. Mastercard Tried to be Robin hood and failed: Mastercard launched a similarly out of touch campaign as part of 2018 FIFA World Cup. The brand proposed to donate 10 thousand meals to starving children in developing countries for every score by Missy or EMR in the international tournament, it caused an immediate social protests, indicating that the multi-billion dollar company donated the meals regardless of which player score. Eventually, MasterCard admitted and agreed that it would donate the meals yet was left threat faced. Prove that specific topics such as starving children, should be tackled very properly in marketing campaigns to avoid backfire. 30. Airbnb Weaccept Sparked a Conversation: After prison trumped him, probably blocked America's borders to refugees. Airbnb, a Super Bowl ad to criticize the order called we accept. Airbnb also promised to provide short-term housing, 400 thousand displaced people and donate 4 million to the International Rescue Committee. They're campaign acceptance. Start with all of us. We accept was a well-received campaign by the audience. Marking is significant impact. In the wake of a troubled ban, many people shared their symptoms on social media sparking some emotional debates to steer the conversation towards the topic of acceptance. Airbnb showed support for immigrants and refugees and achieved its goal of starting a conversation by sharing their message During the most watched TV event of the year, using powerful imagery and creating a hashtag. 31. Patagonia and the sustainability plot: All companies have the authentic chrome material for telling their own stories. Marketers shall build the cooperative brands on the real life stories told by the employees, customers, and working partners. Story is anchored in the corporate culture and create a solid and an authentic brand for a company. Clothing brands like but the cornea and the North Face have consistently supported causes that work to protect the environment. But the good news campaigns have always held the brands environmental vows, all Profit Mean over 2016, Black Friday sale. Where do need it entirely to local environmental NGOs. Moreover, Patagonia's subversive Don't buy this jacket campaign helped raise awareness over the dangers of fast fashion and the importance of recycling clothing. What Patagonia has recognize is that doing good is good for business. The real message of Don't buy this jacket is Don't buy this jacket if you don't need it. If you do need a jacket, makes sure you buy something that is built to be repaired and has a clear purpose. So it is not about encouraging people to not own things. It's about changing people's relationship with this stuff. And being not just hopeful consumer, but thoughtful and careful owners over stuff. 32. The Villain of a brand story : Every great hero needs a great villain. Villains are the opposing force of a story that challenges the hero and drives the action. A good villain is a complex evil character whom readers and viewers simultaneously love and hate. Unless marketers define the brands villains, the hero will not stand out brightly. Stories with heroes and villains might inspire their customers to change. The audience, empathizes and mimics heroes behavior and suppresses the behaviors embodied by villains. A good villain makes it a lot more entertaining and exciting for the viewers as it keeps the suspense growing across the progression of the story events. Veterans than adversaries give context to the story plot anyway that no other character can do because they make the audience see the level of evil or opposition through the Veterans eyes. Villains in the contact marketing perspective often are not people or objects. Customer's frustration of our pricing, confusing processes, terrible customer support, slow service, and the complicated purchasing process could be the adversary forces of antagonism that a heroic brand shall conquer. According to research, 66 percent of respondents felt it is essential for brands to take a public stance or leading social and political issues like immigration, human rights, and race relations. Marketers can use these causes to invent an adversary for any brand is storytelling. 33. Southwest Airlines “Transfarency”: Southwest Airlines builds its pricing model around the veiling of competitors, hidden fees, the carrier celebrated customers and underscored core values such as low fares. While other low-cost airlines charge for C choices, checked bags and even water, Southwest does not. In 2015, Southwest Airlines launched the transparency campaign focused on the carriers low fare message and the newly refresh livery and interior. The 2017 campaign behind every story is the reason for the transparency, built on transparency through the emotional tearing of customer stories and the reasons for flying. They reminded customers that they were at the core of the carriers purpose. Connect passengers to what is essential in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. They made up a unique trust for the no hidden fees pricing strategy, transparency, which has a philosophy of treating customers honestly and fairly and low fares stay low, no unexpected back fees, Shange fees or hidden fees. Southwest Airlines created disability in their marketing all the time and people like it and engage with it. 34. A purpose corporate core message story: At the corporate level, a brand story revolves around values, connects with an audience with similar values and beliefs, which invites them to become brand loyal tribes. A pair post message surrounding a brand helps shape a company's identity if it uses storytelling, narrative techniques that enable an emotional responses from the audience and make meaningful connections. The message should not be confused with a slogan or a logo. Tagline is a short, catchy expression that incorporates the story message used any company advertizing Hello. Every year, thousands of older people struggled through cold winters. But there's a way to help. You can knit us a little hat. You and you, and you, all of you all knitting us hats because we need lots of them to put on our smoothing bottles this winter. And for every bottle sold, we'll donate 25 percent AGE UK to really help those older folk this winter. So join in and knit a hat for the innocent, big knit. A brand storytelling is a tool for telling stories, not for its c. Instead, marketers use stories to deliver messages positively to the company brand. But what is a well-defined message without its strategic purpose, there is no reason to tell stories. For example, Just Do It is Nike slogan. However, their message is that every game is about tuning. With effort and determination, everyone can be a winner. Nike is fighting to a customer's be more confident about themselves, overcoming restraints and just do it to em. Nike is fighting a lack of self-confidence and hesitation. According to Nike, if anyone wants to win, quitting is not an option and reaching a goal might require sacrifice. Okay? 35. Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything: In icky controversial commercial in 2018, colin Kaepernick focused on sacrificing model, initiated a vast debate in social media between the audience who split between this agreed, and I agreed on that message. Although Nike lost a slice of its angry customers, nike successfully received a larger scale of a brand recognition created all over the news and in harsh debates between potential consumers. The controversial ad won the award for outstanding credential at the creative arts areas. According to Business Insider, the ad was successful despite its high risk, it was trending on Twitter for millions. Nike received more than 43 million US dollar worth of media exposure. Nike fully invested in the cause and the goo is in that Kaepernick portrayed. The tour was him brought was the essential part of Robinhood storytelling add, confronting the adversary forces of this aggregate Trump supporters During the escalation of conflict events. If people say your dreams are crazy, if they laugh at what you think you can do. That. Because calling a dream crazy is not an insult. It's a compliment. Don't try to be the fastest near school, be the fastest ever. Double leave. You have to be like anybody, to be somebody don't become the best basketball player on the planet. He bigger than basketball. Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. If you have only one hand, don't just watch football, let's play. So don't ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they're crazy. Mouse. 36. Forever against animal testing join the fight!: The possibility for animal testing is still a massive risk worldwide. No laws against testing and cosmetics on over 80 percent of countries. Cruelty free international estimates that approximately 500000 animals are still used in cosmetics listing every year. Anita Roddick established a body shop beauty brand in 1976. The founder wanted the company to stand for important values associated with the brand identity. An important message accompanying the brand, launched by an alliance with internal employees and customers in 1989. The Body Shop, which has over 3000 stores in more than 60 countries, was the first international cosmetic brand to campaign against animal testing in cosmetics in 1989, opec and the way to a UK ban in 1998, and the European Union wide ban on animal testing and 2013. The Body Shop continues its efforts to fight passionately against animal testing on products and ingredients, which is cruel and unnecessary. The Body Shop implemented a Robinhood storytelling plot, fighting for animals against the adversity forces over greedy, unwanted competitors. Lebron and usefully delivered its messages and one in some ethical battles. 37. Sustainability is now as important as safety to us: Since the beginning, lava started as a car brand associated with safety as a purpose-based company. Logo is always proud of its invention that 3.60 built and the millions of lives it's saved over the years. Volvo weaved its patent rights to allow other car manufacturers to use this technology in 2021, Volvo change its direction towards electric currents and green energy as a sustainable strategy towards the future. World was ambition is to become fully electric car company by 2030 and climate neutral by 2040. Sustainability is now as vital as safety to us, and climate change is the ultimate safety test. The CEO of Volvo cars announce this direction of the company in a YouTube video, Volvo cars momentary charge with the hashtag for everyone's safety. Welcome to this Volvo moment. Today we will talk to you about how we will re short sharp business, how we will recharge or cars with the customer care and sustainability. Key to sustainability is electrification. Together with investments in charging infrastructure, that is there a way to go? And that's the courts we have chosen at Volvo. And we are well underway already last year. One color out of three we sold in Europe were recharge model, that is a short shovel plug-in hybrid. By 2025, we plan to build half of our course, pure electric. And by 2030, then all our cars will be pure electric vehicles. The future customer offer cannot just consists of an electric car. We also need to listen to our consumers and they expect transparency and this seamless experience getting and having a car. That's why all pure electric cars from volume will be available only online. The company posted the catch. The ultimate safety tests to emphasize to its customers and the world that the biggest threat to safety now comes from climate change. And then you add a spokesperson, takes viewers on a tour of Volvo safety tests over the years and then moves up north to the Arctic poll, where he asked whether a 100 foot drop is suitable as the ultimate safety. This a collapsing glacier delivered the shocking answer, interrupting the ad with a bold reminder that the biggest threat to safety is not on the road. And VR. And I my hair at Volvo to find out what is the ultimate safety test. These are the side and frontal crash tests. They are brutal. Yep. Seems fine. This one is my favorite and run off road test. Impressive, right? But is it the ultimate safety test? This is the big one from 140 crop. So is this the ultimate safe to test? Well, it depends whether you, according to Volvo today, climate change is the ultimate safety test. Volvo currently cares about climate change as a brand purpose alongside safety. 38. Bosch revolves around the “Invented For Life”: The contentious shift towards sustainability also affected the Jan German engineering company. Bosch, ranked 77 and the 100 fortune global companies in 2020. The company is well known for its quality, precision, innovative strength, and connection between technology with people. As a result, the brand had to redefine the meaning of its invented for life acclaim, and change its core value messaging and identity to make a direct emotional connection, whether it's variety of consumers throughout both B2B and B2C channels and platforms. The COVID 19 pandemic accelerated the company shift towards digitalization, creativity, technology and climate change sustainability. The company CEO, Dr. Walkman dinner, appeared in a YouTube video to talk about Bosch core values and its messaging to the world. For us at Bosch, the pursuit of technology invented for life is the driving force behind everything we do, particularly in times of profound change and unprecedented challenges for more than a year now, the COVID-19 pandemic has been demanding new ways of thinking and acting. At the same time, there is an urgent need for climate action. The world is changing. We must adapt our mindset and behavior that takes courage to assistance, and above all, creativity. This is exactly what guided and motivated asset Bush. Despite all the changes, one success factor remains the same. People for Bosch, people have the final say, they stay in control. Technology remains explainable because we must be able to trust it. It is the only way to build openness and acceptance for tomorrow's technologies created by people, for people and a better world. Or as we put it at Bosch invented for life from washing machines, dishwashers, and E drives to drilling tools. Bosch is improving products that enhance the quality of life, which helped preserve natural resources. Also, the company started reducing its carbon footprint along time ago, it achieved CO2 neutrality at it's over 400 locations worldwide in 2020, making it their first global industrial company to do so, Bush took sustainability seriously and presented the left sustainable like a bush. Look, John, our goal is for all bush locations worldwide to become CO2 neutral. That's why we thought we should keep you up with someone who truly represents the future. Then bring it back out. Why someone might have. Okay, cool. Micah. Micah. Micah. Micah class. I'd like you to apply for that one. 39. Doing it right at first time with constant care: And shipping company mercy group. The central message has always been that trust, connection, people discipline, punctuality, discipline to execution and constraint curve. Every time the company is paying attention to details, doing you tried for the first time is the foundation of a reliable business. In return, their customers can be safe knowing that things are always on track. The past away founder of the company used to express his message into words, Consent care. A term that to this day is firmly rooted at the heart of the company and its core story. Imagine if a restaurant was like chipping is an ad by Maersk featuring a story clip inside the restaurant. A couple of was rolled out of the restaurant on a rainy night due to complex overlooking. The customers are the heroes and the victim simultaneously facing a conflict of overbooking, price rise and uncertainty of their orders. Imagine if a restaurant was not shipping, what would it be like? Well, all doing what may not so paperwork. And it's in a complex. Once you place your order, everything seems fine. A mess, of course, is an overbooking. When that happens, you might be rolled. So it's quite common to place extra orders just to be on the safe side, but not always letting the supply know that you did. And all the while the price might change or extra fees might be added. This is quite a challenge when all you want is a clear overview of your price. At mass. We believe it's time for a change. And we're going all the way to make it happen. Introducing Scott and loading guarantee, easy online booking, kinda fixed price. The company emphasize its solution to that problem by introducing merits, spot loading guarantee, easy online booking, and fix the price, the company continues to deliver more core messages around its brand core values. 40. Examples of purpose corporates core brand stories: Here are some more inspirational examples of other brands core stories. Harley Davidson is about independence and power, freedom to travel, living a life without rules. Apple is about innovation and shaping technology to benefit human needs and recently added privacy. Greenpeace is battling for the global environment. Virgin is about being playful, modern and energetic. Ligo is about kid's imagination, creativity, fun, learning, carrying quality, people promise and play. Adidas builds on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. Pepsi's about excitement of now. Coca-cola is about to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit, and inspire moments of optimism to create value and make a difference. Bmw is about sophistication for these about to make people's lives better by making mobility accessible, and affordable. Uber is beyond simple bullets about energy, boldness, adrenalin, actions and adventures. A key has about 200 for a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible who will afford them. 41. United airlines breaks the guitar: The United Airlines right on its website, we are committed to providing a level of service to our customers that makes us a leader in the airline industry. We understand that we need to have a proud product and employees who like coming to work every day. Our goal is to make every flight a positive experience for our customers when IT company could predicts its values and commitment towards its customers, it's a severe problem. The United Airlines phase two major public relations disaster. The first one, United Breaks the guitar in 2009. The second one was more brutal in 2017 when a passenger violently dragged off the plane to free up seats for the heading employees. The core message of these two stories is that a brand did not learn from its past mistakes and continued to mistreat its customers, taking benefits from a non availability of enough competition and the US airline industry, when a brand fields some monopoly over its market, it does not care anymore. Musician Dave Carroll filed a complaint about his guitar, mishandle it and broken while in the United Airlines custody in 2008, the company refused to compensate or take any responsibility, which eventually led to Carl to publish a song on YouTube in 2009 about his horrible experience traveling with United Airlines. The video went viral and past 150 thousand views within one day from eating united to contact Carl to say it Hop to correct them. The video had 5 million views by August 2009, 10 million by February 201115 million by August 2015, it has roughly 20.7 million views and 212 thousand likes as of July 2020, one. Within four weeks of the video being posted online, the United Airlines stock price filled thin person costing so cold, that is about 180 million US rural and value. Six. The second biggest public relations crisis occurred in 2017. Dr. David Dao, if it means American passenger was injured while being forcibly removed from a fully boarded sold out flight to Louisville International Airport. The incident video went viral and United Airlines stock plummeted. The company in its handled the incident and the CEO issued apology letters and the first one was bad. As a result, the United consumer perception dropped to a 10 year law. Consistent lousy reputation is difficult to recover despite aggressive marketing, brand-building, and corporate storytelling messages, IT company without respecting and fulfilling its purpose, core values and actions will not positively affect the business environment. A corporate core story must be strengthened and anchored throughout the company and integrated across all departments and sections to enhance brand identity internally and externally. Without a consistently excellent customer service experience, a brand loses its credibility and trustworthiness. Hi, class. 42. Difference between case studies and brand stories: There is a big difference between a case study and the story. Cases studies are rough brush and our raw materials that need to be formed into a story shape to make an emotional impact. Cases studies are made over logic, facts, and numbers. These facts and figures cannot bond with an audience, without a story. Especially on the emotional level, marketers and advertisers are highly aware of the power of applying emotion and storytelling to make a sufficient impact on customers to encourage or influence them, to make an action or change their purchasing decision behaviors. Facts and logical information messages do not affect the customers who are bombarded daily with thousands of similar messages. So cases studies, analytical information is quickly forgotten. Emotion messages and stories Camp capture customers attention much longer than case studies and are more attached to the memories. When the motion is activated, the brain sorts as many details as possible about the related event and prepares for a quick recall for the information back by solid emulsion remotely can often pop up instantly, even years or decades after the event. Recalling these events can bring to mind the full spectrum of human emotion, from joy to fear, anger, or grief. The concept of emotional memory helps clarify why some memories can stay fresh in human minds 40 years while other memories become blurry and eventually fade. Emotion is the anchor that holds memories in humans minds. Memorable events in someone's life often become anchored in the brain in clusters like episodes of a story. Brands shall build their core stories to induce positive feelings in their consumer subconscious, thus keeping them connected and attached to brands messages even years after released advertising messages. Most companies have the raw material for telling stories such as customer testimonials, real life stories told by the employees and customers or working partners. These raw materials can be easily shaped into stories to feed the corporate culture and core values. These corporate culture anchored stories create a solid and authentic brand foundation. 43. Dove Real Beauty Sketches, You’re more beautiful than you think: According to statistics, only 4% of women feel good about themselves worldwide. Dog did something that would move the other 96 percent. Dove investigated these figures and thought about an idea to prove the majority of women are wrong about their self-image. Dove ship this idea into a storytelling add in YouTube video, made over 69.5 million views and thousands of comments and engagement. In 2013, Dove soap brand company posted ads featuring women who were the subjects of n FBI trained forensic artist without seeing this woman, the artists do every woman individually based on here description. Soon after the artists do that same woman, based on a stranger's description, the result was astonishing. The sketches drawn from the strangers description, we're always more beautiful than those in which no woman depicted themselves. Many women do not realize how beautiful they are. The AD attempted to help women accept themselves and find the greater happiness in their intrinsic beauty. Whether by fulfilling some purpose or accepting themselves as they are. The story revolves the internal conflict in human minds. The desire for self-acceptance. 44. Brand stories that revolve around self-actualization: Many ads do not carry emotional stories. It markets a particular product or service benefits starting the brand as a superhero. These ads are a waste of effort and money. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Red Bull, Rolex, Under Armour, Tiger Woods, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Porsche developed athletic and intellectual accomplishments and a sense of self-actualization. Brand realize how much sports fan love their sports heroes. And we'll put up much money to get their brands in front of those cheering and passionate fans. If athletes who worked for their entire lives to achieve valuable objectives and meanings can achieve something. This purpose can be associated with the core aspect of a brand promise linked transferred to the fans. 45. Applying the brand storytelling model: When marketers want to create a brand story, the need to set up the purpose, objectives, problems, and conflicts, assign heroes and villains, convey the plot climax, and then close with a satisfying ending to innovative tailor to customer perception, immediate frustration is a recognizable winning of evil in the consumer's mind, the story problem starts from faulty products, too cold coffee to maintain the icecream. Two lousy customer service or LMP purchasing process or unjustified higher prices. All the story characters need the name, identity, and recognition. The victim and the hero are the customers whose brand must resolve their problems and make them satisfied and comfortable. When telling a story, customers difficulties are apparent and the escalation events will end with a brand solution. Let valence count from the audience's perspective. So they recognize themselves as heroes. A branded product or service would act as the heroes guide in the consumer has struggled journey for a satisfying happy ending solution that ends up their problems and frustration. Hi. 46. Allstate brand storytelling in the sugar bowl 2015: The story must be remarkable, emotional, and authentic to inspire the customers, to push them to consider buying a brand and keep them as loyal fans, a brand must help them step further towards their dreams and feel they are not alone because they both pipe for the same values and cause. For example, in the software industry, the valence are unreliable programs, slow processing, lack of security. The heroes are the consumers who are frustrated or hacked. A brand solution shall be a technology that works quicker, safely with more robust security and affordable price. In another example of college education, the villains are high tuition degrees that don't lead to helpful employment. The heroes are students who graduate with a stack of depth and no job prospects. A brown solution shall be providing affordable education with marketable skills and higher employment opportunities in 2015 during the sugar bowl on a New Year's Day. All state, the insurance company and the advertising agency, Leo Burnett, launched a campaign highlighting the risk of oversharing location sign-in posts on social media. The story him to make people aware that sharing their whereabouts on social media might tip off criminals when burglarizing their homes. All state found a real coupled to announce the project and lead them to believe they had won a prize. First day, visited the couple in their home, secretly taking pictures of their household items and duplicating their belongings. Next, they invited the coupled to attend the sugar bowl and we're given their private bucks. The mainframe, began auctioning of the couples belongings on national television during the game, people were directed to me Hand for bargain basement prices on everything the couple used as the coupled watched their positions being sold on the big screens at the game, they panicked, hidden cameras caught the reactions and broadcast them on live television. But of course, the couples actual positions were safe. The campaign agitated the fear in many Americans. Us news outlets, including ABC News, Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times covered the story. Suddenly the threat of criminals walking into homes as people announced this tent whereabouts on social media became a US national fear. The happy ending of a story was that made received 6 thousand to 10 thousand hits per second immediately following each commercial. The side received over 18 million hits during the game. Also made him trended in the top ten hashtags during the game and immediately after the commercials aired, search to number 1 worldwide made himself Twitter followers increased by 24 thousand during the game. And the first commercial of the campaign resulted in over 20 million impressions on Facebook and almost 70000 likes. All states had foreshadowed a potential failure for their customers during one football game. It's sold insurance protecting customers, opening story loom, and offering to close it in a single campaign using social media to brag that urine. Again, it's just part of being a football fan, reading these posts to find out who's not at home. That's just part of being a burglar. Allstate Insurance found that 78% of burglaries are using social media to find their next target, to warn the country. We took over one of the biggest nights and college football and made an example of one real oversharing couple. While mentioned, we're tweeting from the game. Social Survey burglar appeared in their house and start sounds that live on the Internet. I may be the burglar, but you're still in this from me for 20 bucks by Matt This is the mayhem cell, January 1st surrounded by 74 thousand people and with another thirty million, two million and TV not in Shannon's make took a turn. The kind of social media and I'm also kind of a burger. So on the people who live your life in tonight's game, self-respecting nerd burglar would do from the moment the first commercial air cells are eight commercials and 18 online videos announced every overshare special Twitter type of television type of e-commerce as we sold over 258 people in real time. Yes. We saw the 60-inch TV for a buck an inch stainless steel fridge for $99. The washer, dirty laundry, crystal crap furniture, power tools or pink staples, this thing and more even down to the last cotton swab and oh yeah, thirty-four thousand dollar car for just 200 bucks, somebody buy it now before I digit in a lake, as people caught on mayhem sale rose to the number one trending hashtag in the world. This could be you. By the end of the night, everything had sold out in a matter of hours. All still taken an issue that was off America's radar. Think I made national news, guys heard about that. The sugar bowl. Did you post about it on social media? But this wasn't just a social media stuff. The campaign contributed to an 18% increase in home insurance sales. 47. How Ace Hardware applies brand storytelling concepts in their Culture? : To apply brand storytelling concepts, marketers can create stories around the customer is using the brand. Story about why a brand was created and for what purpose or a story about how a brand helped customers to change their lives for the better. Marketers can create a story about how a brand is disrupting the business environment. For a better consumer advantage, a brand is fighting the monopoly of other competitors who would not change the direction. Brands can tell the stories of staff and employees. So emphasize a corporate culture and values is story about dedicated employees, their motivation and their passion for working for the brand. On the website, Ace Hardware states that they believe everyone has a story to tell. If you go through their website and social media accounts, you will be amazed at how many stories they tell around their brand, loyal consumers and employees. They ask everyone interested to submit a story using the hashtag heart where stories. What he has been working at the company since 1958, the 90 years old one appeared in a YouTube video to discuss why he comes back to work each day for almost 60 years. This thought it gives a symptom of how your emotions and the vacations or employee who has a passion for both his job and the employer, which is accidentally read in our current days, you hear people talking about Wally at any store. So anybody who's ever interacted with Wally, they wanted to tell the story of wally because it is unique, it is different and to have somebody who still works today, who's 92 years old. How many times have you ever heard that story? While he is our first employee. So he was the first non-family member ever to be hired, come up on my vacation and avoid. We haven't said Well, we think we can afford to you want to come to work there? My resignation and move. Coming up. You're acting funny. Coming up to be back with you, my brothers, so to speak, probably had maybe 200 customers a day who we're lucky. Our taus and day 30 changed. And we started out very small. Four or five different sections has been built on building it was built add on as we needed space. Wally is sort of a local treasure because there isn't anything about hardware that he doesn't know. Having an employee that works out long or for so many years I want establishment was a big story nationally. It was something to be proud of and that's kind of when it went from while it was special for us and something we celebrate it on the local level to a legend. I think while he became a legend in that moment. So we have a wildly doll in fact, they kinda looks like an in fact, and when kids come in, they like hunt off to the store and when they find them, they come to the right and they go, we found while a, and so we give them a lollipop. While he is the epitome of helpful, he will help any person do any project no matter how big or how small. The Press, her copper washers, there were happiness. I make it a good diverse two are good customers that you get along with and they need to know something and you can help him out. Putting able to see the customer walk out the door. The nice smile on his face that he handled property and got what he wanted and didn't have to go charging around over the countryside looking for it. And he doesn't loves the facts that, you know, ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks and he's been helping people for 61 years. I don't know if it gets more helpful than that. 48. A corporate core story Vs. brand story : According story, outlines the strategic direction and the purpose of the entire corporate brand. It acts as a campus directing all company communication internally with its employees, investors, vendors, and externally with its customers, and the business environment. The modal, authentic and genuine store is promoted about the company's values and purpose. The more that company will sustain its core story and the identity. A corporate core storytelling goal is to anchor the company's values, visions, and culture. The next step is to explain these core values delivered him through emotional stories and communicate them to both internal and external audiences. Definetely, the more impact will be through passionate storytelling. Monkey is a corporate core brand that exists independently of individual products. Nike Air is a sub as dairy brand that supports the overall Nike corporate brand, emphasizing that soul of Nike and its core message. Procter and Gamble, multi brands like Pampers and tied have solid self-styled product brands and each individual has its own identity. At the same time, corporate gambled stays silently in the background. The biggest challenge of the multi-brand corporation is to create individual brand identities and core stories that do not contradict each other and connect with the corporate core brand. 49. Holistic brand storytelling approach: The most effective storytelling tool as a branding tool is to adopt a holistic approach to build the central brand message. First, the core brand story communicates with the customers why a brand exists, what it stands for, who the buyer's persona as a brand is needed, and how customers can connect. Secondary corporate core story represents the heart and soul of a company, builds the bridge for the company's internal and external communication. In the business world, the adversary can act in any form. It could be the competitors or the companies themselves who do not innovate for a reason or do not have reliable customer service. Using storytelling elements helps a company create a sort of exciting internal challenge or an adversary that employees should overcome through teamwork. By applying a developed unique solution skills or some heroism. The customer is a hero seeking to achieve a goal. The personalization of a throw character adds heart and soul to the company's role in the story world. It sheds light on the conflict and the passion that trans the brand forward. A brand must have a driving passion force for making a customer's life more positive. The supporting role is the product or a service that helps the customers accomplish their dreams. Thus, the customers are beneficiaries of the company's effort to achieve its goal. A challenge is a villain that helps to deny the internal and external team players to confront it. It reinforces brand spirit and culture while Cindi, a coherent and bold message of their culture and values to the broader surroundings. The chorus story aims to assemble a consistent structure of a company brand, both internally and externally. If a company or a brand does not stand for something other than making money, it will not make remarkable experiences for employees or customers or have remembered emotional impact. That challenge is to summarize the brand's core story in one sentence and deliver it to the world. Okay. 50. 3M’s 15% culture of innovation and sustainability: 3m is committed to sustainability, improving every life for over 17 years. Three M's unique 15 percent culture has encouraged employees to set aside a portion of their work time to develop and engage innovative ideas that motivate them proactively. The three and 15 percent can't chart gives employees the license to innovate. It empower every employee to develop visions, allowing all employees to spend 50 percent of their time on personal experiments and projects. And 3M storytelling is an integrated part of the culture. Stories help employees understand what the company stands for through stories and ideas that encourage a culture of innovation. One unique idea may bring in an even chain to the world, like some papers or sticky notes. The story behind the invention of three M's classic post-it note as written, and several management books as an example of how a company thrives through a culture of innovation. 3m score is story is about purpose. According to micromanage, the MCO. The company believes that innovation is not innovation without sustainability. For example, 3M integrates to reduce plastic queues, improve environmental footprint. In addition, 3M commits to achieve carbon neutrality, minimizing water use, and enhancing water quality. The adversaries in these stories are all the things that stand in the way of ecosystems, thrive. Innovation, thinking for purpose, diversified communities and sustainability. How can we make spawned as the green arrow is if 3M story told by curious kids about solutions to global challenges. How could we make sponges, green? Food coloring, army wacky? We thought so too. That's pre-read. Cool, curved. It takes big kid curiosity and to help protect their future. Where on it. That's 3M science applied to life. 51. The Significant role of CEOs in the brand storytelling,jack welch: See you or stories are essential in the branding process. The CEO is a symbolic figure for any company besides his managerial and leadership duties, the CEOs must be more cautious and aware of their role in enlightening layer company's brand and core values, CEOs actions and species director path of the company is following. You see you can destroy a company or a brand by a very tiny mistake or be the icon of its success. General Electric's former CEO, Jack Welch Pool passed away in 2020, is famous for his candid tell in centric management style and has logged talk that companies are only as strong as those who keep them running. Once you estimated he devoted about 60 percent of his time to human resources. This entire game of business revolves around one thing, he said at New York's World Business Forum. You build the best team. You, when you want your employees to feel like they are part of the company, tell them a story that makes them want to choose you. Let me consider Jack Welch as the most outstanding leader of his era. As a CEO of General Electric from 1981 to 2001, he transformed it from a company known for appliances and light bulbs to a multinational corporation that stretched into financial services, media, and industrial products. Under his leadership, G is company value or sort by 4000 percent. When he retired from GE, he received a severance payment of 417 million US dollar, the largest such payment in business history. Hello. 52. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, is famous for innovative products and solutions. Moscow, South African American entrepreneur and businessman founded in 1999, which later became PayPal SpaceX in 2002, and co-founder of Tesla Motors in 2004. Mosque made headlines in May 2012 when SpaceX launch a rocket to send the first commercial vehicle to the International Space Station. Mask is working to transform transportation on both air and space. Must be kin, a brand himself, and an icon for innovation and recently becomes a suits for pushing cryptocurrency and the stock market. For example, Moscow has behind games stop epic surge in January 2021, the tweeted out a link to their board that is largely HIV. The stock shares of GameStop, we're up over a 60 percent following Musk's tweet. He had an enormous influence over his 59 million followers on Twitter. Using his charming influence to promote many ideas and theories. The CEO performs the lead role in stories, both internally and externally in many successful brands. Cos became the story driver of the company's core story. It occurs in companies where visionary and charismatic founders manage themselves. All companies and CEOs stories must him in the same direction to enhance the companies one core story. It is a prerequisite for creating a consistent brand that can penetrate a highly competitive and a crowded market. Hi. 53. Gerald ratner a CEO who destroyed his own company: Here I'll drag the CEO of his family's generally business partner grew. The company was struggling upon his arrival. We inherited it from his father in 1984. He transformed the company into a phase of prosperity and rapid expansion through his rebranding and cost cutting. The company was a low price competitor on more than a thousand stores throughout Europe and the United States, 50% of the UK market. The road to ruin began in April 1990. One partner was invited to speak at the Institute of Directors meeting. It was a prestigious event attended by thousands of the UK's most influential investors and covered by media and journalists. Kemeny joke about one of his company products in his speech. People say, how can you sell this for is such a low price? I said because it is totally crap. Then he also said, we sold a pair of earrings for under a pound, which has a cheaper than a shrimp sandwich from Marks and Spencer. But probably what not last as long. People say to me, how can you sell this for such a low price? I say because it's total crap. It's no point beating around the bush anyway. All right, and his shots will never win any awards for design. They're not in the best possible taste. I admit that. In fact, some people say they can't even see the jewelry for all the banners and posters smothering the shop windows. So it's interesting that these shops that everyone has a good laugh about take more money per square foot than any other retailer in Europe, we even sell a pair of earrings for under a pound, gold earrings as well. And somebody will say, well, it's cheaper than a prawn sandwich from Marks and Spencer's. I have to say the salmon should probably last longer than earrings, but the newspaper and TV outlets to crowdedness words literally which the graded his company brand after the speech lab value of the Recolor group permitted by our own 500 million pounds, which nearly resulted in the firm's collapse. Brockman has said in his defense that has remarks were not meant to be taken seriously, but the jokes backfired and destroyed the company to the irrationals speech is still famous in the corporate world as an example of the value of branding and image over quality. 54. Gaps in brands’ storytelling : For developing a corporate core story that brands can revolve around in harmony, it is essential to know the nature of a likely gap between brand and corporate identity, image and purpose. Some companies may experience a customer perception gap for several reasons. It could be a sort of definition or a communication problem. Without a proper explanation of brand's identity, image, and purpose gaps will insufficiently influence and degrade marketing messages. Therefore, marketers shall define the gaps elements to fill them with none contradicted and integrated storytelling messages. Sequentially, these consistent stories shall be communicated to the audience adequately to explain what it stands for. A brand identity, a promise a company makes to a customer involves a brand's name and logo to reflect your brand's vision and message, the brand fully controls the brand identity. Brand personality is about attitudes, emotions, and characteristics. It builds personal relationships with consumers. Sets of personal characteristics that are assigned to a brand. Brand images about customer perception of a brand. As a result of awareness and attractiveness. A brand that builds up on customer interactions with the brand. The brand has less control over the brand image. Brand purpose is about product lead initiatives which strive to achieve business and society benefits simultaneously. Why a brand exists and brands reason for being beyond making money. Then Woman 2017 study found that 50% of consumers worldwide consider themselves belief driven buyers. And 67 percent bought a brand for the first time because they agreed with its position on a controversial topic. That is all, concludes that a powerful brand purpose can set a company apart from the crowd. The Edelman Trust Barometer special report revealed that 70% of a brand's impact on society is why brand crust has become more important. 64 percent said that trust is second to price, making brands trust the make or break difference. The dynamics of a powerful brand exists precisely because the brand is constantly fighting to overcome challenges and adversity is to achieve its goal. A purpose does not necessarily mean that as a brand must pursue an idealogical request. However, it means that brands need to position and differentiate themselves in the business and support societies and communities with a worthwhile cause. For instance, Black Lives Matter created a social reason for brands to talk about and interact with audiences to gain trust. Consumers are looking to brands to act and advocate for change in a systematic racism environment. 55. Warby Parker brand’s personality: A marvelous story shows the brand's personality, solution and social commitment. Warby Parker is a lifestyle eye-wear company that offers designer eyewear, category evolutionary price, brand story to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for social businesses, the company wants to fight market monopoly and satisfy the customers with unique designs. Higher quality, and affordable prices is a commitment to benefit society. It's website's story, 1 billion people worldwide lack access to glasses. Warby Parker partners with non-profits like Virgin Spring to make sure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is delivered to someone in need. The brand existed because one of its founder lost a pair of glasses on a backpacking trip and waited and in third semester over graduate school to replace them because of the prohibitive cost. This bad personal experience was that driving force behind the brand. The brand sympathizes with customers who have our issues. Warby Parker is not just some startup with its eye on disruption. A company designed to serve as segment of the population that is being ignored. The company is compelling brand storytelling has paid off by a series of videos, social media posts, and by making a documentary showing the interrupt process of making Warby Parker glasses from the initial design to cutting the lenses. They simply a personalization message to the customer. When you make an order, a new pair is made just for you. The brand is valued at 3 billion US dollar in 2021. By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in house and engaging with customers directly. We're able to offer a premium eyewear at a fraction of the going price. Plus for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. Creating a new pair of glasses starts at the Warby Parker headquarters in New York City, where our in-house design team puts together moodboards for inspiration, sketches, initial designs, and maps out product details for prototyping. Once a new style gets the go-ahead for production, the magic begins at the factory. And by magic, we mean a mix of traditional hand craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. We use the best materials to craft our frames, like cellulose, acetate, a renewable, plant-based material. It's not only extremely durable, but also quite flexible, allowing the frames to adapt to a wears face. Since acetate can be colored, cut and layered, it's able to be produced in a wide range of rich finishes and combinations, all while continuing to stay vibrant over time. Using a CNC machine, single sheet acetate is precisely cut into its desired frame shape, is then placed in tumbling barrels and tossed with wood chips, an extensive polish. Next phase fronts are pressed into the perfect Head curve for that particular style. Once the face fronts and temples have core wire and hinges inserted, the logo on the temple is carefully applied. The frames are then fully assembled and handled, loved multiple times on a polishing wheel for an unbelievably rich and glossy finish. After one last adjustment there compared against the original design and sent through a series of quality checks that leaves no detail behind. When you order a new pair is made just for you. We custom cut and polished the edges of your lenses, which had been treated with anti reflective and anti scratch coatings. Once lenses are inserted, the completed frames are sent for a final review where they are individually inspected, warmed, and venture lined. The lenses are then checked again and treated to a steam cleaning. Then they're packaged up and ready for you. 56. Brand storytelling in advertising: S metrics measures the performance and strengthen emotional connection and it's storytelling advertising. They released Report 2019. Business storytelling adds reveal that outstanding storytelling alone does not make an effective ad with over 8,400 video ads analyzing 2019 and over 3 million viewer comments that tapped in ads distinguish themselves by telling real life stories, historical tales, and inspirational acts. While they differ in their delivery, they all cause a magnitude of emotions and viewers. The top team adds in 2019 basis storytelling. The ads are emotions that firearm, mercy. This bursa bins rank the top storytelling add with the highest emotional connection, portfolio messaging, inspiring and heartfelt feelings. The respondent comments, phrases like the love, the story line, dramatic story, our full history, all measured and analyzed by natural language machine learning. Telling powerful storytelling ads create long-lasting emotional bonds with customers, which help the brands remain attached to customers. Subconscious memory, in addition, is stored is necessary to become the driving force behind its brand values, differentiating them in a very crowded, noisy media outlets. Therefore, companies need to re-evaluate and analyze performance of their ads to understand brands reception and consumers behaviors. A consistent this strategy is crucial for ads to reflect core stories, values and promises to avoid contradictory messages. Consistency will help the customers understand brand's identity, personality, image, and purpose. Brands shall encourage engagement, which involves two-way communication. Ads showed me tailored and personalized according to the buyer persona, not based on an irrelevant audience. Consistency enhances brand confidence and trust and essential trigger for customer purchasing decisions. Second to price, stories should be enjoyable and engaging with their niche customer audience reflecting their early life stories, concerns, struggles, conflicts, and challenges. The customer shall play the hero or the victim role in the conflict story plot of escalating events, pursuing their ambitious goals. A branch or clay is supporting and guiding role in the hero's journey. The emotional meaning of the story is a prominent part of a successful ad, encouraging the customers to connect, respond, and interact with the brand message. 57. Travelers real-life story ads: Travelers is an insurance company in the United States. The company's storytelling techniques, ads to promote their services. They interviewed some relatives of accident victims to talk about their beloved real-life ones who are lost in an accident. Travelers continue to tell an unfinished story about an accident victim, which triggers emotional connections and empathy among the viewers. They presented the victim as the hero of the story while the company solutions sit in the backseat. This is about Howard's who was a self-taught grandfather carpenter, a distracted driver killed him while he pulled over to the side of the road. Travelers wanted the audience to be aware of car accidents caused by the distracted drivers that can be avoided. In the video description. Each day, nine people are killed by distracted driving. Leaving their story is unfinished. We all aren't hard by bringing his unfinished story to live, by imagining what could have been. Travelers transform this valuable openness message into emotional storytelling to promote their service cleverly and indirectly. My dad Howard, was at self-taught carpenter. But when he walked in to the studio, this workshop, he became an artist every morning from as young as I can remember, he would be in the shop building pieces of furniture, creating things. He really had a vision. The middle of the night, I got a phone call. My dad was driving home from work and he pulled over on the side of the road to secure a tarp on his truck. And a distracted driver who is programming her GPS, swerved out of her lean and hit him. It was just Tempest eating everything in my body. Just said this was so preventable. I was pregnant with my first grandchild that my dad never got to me. She loves to draw. And every day I think about my dad and how I imagine he would bring her into his workshop and invite her to work on a project with him. I think he would have loved to do that when calculating that. So when you add me, that's fast, it's just you and me. Then to square this value Q and where the web where we can see that sad zoo in me. Yeah, My best friend. And aware that it's gray skies. I love. And it's best for me. That's been together. There's no other place in the outward whether that's B together. There's no other place. Now, the hour. That's the ticket. Ooh. Best friend. 58. Nescafé gold blend love story: In 1987, Nestle launched its campaigned for Nescafe gold and blend in the UK. There's any stop ads were about a suspense romantic, love story. The ads told the story of Tony and Sharon, two opposites whose slowly attract tends to their shared love of gold blend coffee. And I, I didn't like the coffee. Golden roasted, which smoother Nescafe gold blend in miter. Join me in the UK. Who gave you that? The campaign run in the UK from 1987 to 1993. The Nescafe brand was not the hero in that story, but it was why the two lovers meet each other for the first time simply because they loved drinking coffee. And it was a Nescafe brand. Usually humans love to interact with other humans who share the same taste, traditions, values, culture or religion or language. It was the core, the story of Nescafe that lasted for several years. It was a story about good taste and fashion and entertaining story that got viewer's attention. The focus was on the characters and their actions while Nescafe took a supporting role in the backseat. However, it is still managed to play an essential role in developing the story. More importantly, since 1987, Nescafe gold they blend has increased its sales by 60 percent. While the goal, the Blend campaign was running, there used to be newspaper ads that advertised when the next installment would be on TV. Did a great job of building anticipation. Marketers could do similar stories with the power of social media, inviting the audience to develop brand storytelling and use social media hashtags to build excitement for each episode. This kind of ad campaign would undoubtedly probit many conversations around the brand and the extended its exposure. Smoother Nescafe gold blend, coffee. I love you. 59. Discover your wings – University of Phoenix ad: As a working adult, it is normal to feel like you are too busy to earn your degree. But it is an ad story about a mother struggling to raise your kid. She wants a better future, a more secure and paying job. Therefore, when she saw an ad for a part-time business degree by the University of Phoenix. She dreamed of flying into a better future. The university commercial sending a message to the people with the ambition that it will help them reach their potential goal. It is time to see how far you are. Wings can take you. The emotional narrative built on a strong connection with viewers, especially with people who may have the same living conditions as the hero's story. The commands and the viewers interactions are also emotional. The audience sympathizes with the struggling mother. One more time. That brand did not take LET role in the story and remained in the backseat to support the hero in her journey, pursuing her goal. Once upon a time, there is a dragon who never learned to fly. She was always doing others. Keeping the town's fires lit and using her wings to keep her family warm. But one day, a bird, a period from very, very far away. Your wings can take you places you've never been before. The birth said, here, I'll teach you out or fly. And I don't have time. The drag and said, who keeps a fiercely and make sure my family's always warn. You will set the bird. You're a mighty dragon. And soon she was trying. 60. Brand communication: Consumers picked the system has always been a problem for brands. Therefore, brands need to be trusted, authentic, and effective in communication. The Elfman 2017 Trust Barometer, a special report, showed that 81 percent of consumers across markets, ages, incomes, and gender say that brand trust is essential to buying. A brand communication is a direct interaction between a brand and its internal and external stakeholders. It is a combination of TV or radio or online advertising, social media reviews, emails, online or paper newsletters, and billboards used to communicate internally and externally. Consistency is a crucial between all channels, which requires using unified and non-contradiction messages. Brand visuals such as colours, logos, tags, symbols, all must be consistent. Mckinsey and Company 2017 revealed that only 13 percent of customers remained loyal to a brand. 87 percent considered other brands, while 58 percent switch to a new one. This switch off from one brand to another is evidence of poor communication and some respects, there might be other reasons related to their brand itself for not adding value or solving customer problems. For instance, the evolution of mobile shopping apps that showcase options, simplify pricing, compare products specification, and facilitate peer reviews, make it possible to size operands effortlessly. In addition, social media consumers know what their friends are buying and what they like and dislike about those purchases. All this encourages consumers to shop around and change patterns that marketers have counted on 40 years. In contrast, the primary goal of marketing communication is to reach a clearly defined audience and the influence its purchasing behavior by building awareness and stimulating customer trials. On the other hand, the brand communication is successful if it creates the desired response in that audience. The goal is to keep consumers connected with the brand and enhance customer loyalty. Brands need to improve products and services and make them more valuable for the consumers. A pill has outgrown competitors by offering differentiated product innovation and a better consumer experience. During the recession that occurred in 2008, Hyundai did not follow the usual car industry playbook by stopping the bleeding with short-term sales incentives. Instead, the company used and innovative marketing campaign to build consideration, promised to take back cards from customers who had lost their jobs or incomes to drive up consideration among consumers financially unsettled by the recession. Further on, Di was one of the very few auto companies to grow in the industry was widely losing ground at that time. In times like these, buying a new car is a big commitment for most people. So what about the company selling it to you? How committed are they? Introducing the Hyundai Assurance? Now finance or lease any new Hyundai? And if you lose your income in the next year, return it to us with no impact on your credit card company that stands behind its customer. They be Commitment isn't so scary after all. This is Hyundai for details. 61. Brand communication routes : Here are several examples of brand communication routes. Number one, leadership communication. The decision-maker at the top of the pyramid need to be at the heart of the branding process. The leaders will be ultimately responsible for crafting the messaging proposition, defining the brand direction, and cascading this message to their teams. For example, in a recent video cards, momentary charge ship executive Volvo cars announced wall was a new strategy. Sustainability is now as important as safety to us. The purpose is to influence many sensory change to motivate stakeholders and create a buy into strategy. Number 2, exchange communication. In a business lifecycle, companies may face several difficulties. For example, there might be structural changes or mergers and acquisitions or simply economic do down periods or disruptive technologies pandemic, such as COVID 2019 where jobs must meet, eliminated, and staff to be laid off. Communicating these changes in emotional storytelling to the stakeholders can help to increase that trust and the transparency of the brand. Number 3, sharing the company's mission, vision, and culture. Ligo had created an animated video to celebrate its AT university through the art of storytelling. Legal beautifully communicated how it started its business, combating struggles, ups and downs, and how its culture and values we are shaped over the years. You've probably seen one of these, a Lego brick. But have you ever wondered how it all started and why it's called ladle? Actually, the name is much older than this plastic brick. Are you curious? Let me tell you how it all began. Many years ago, there was a skilled and hardworking carpenter named only Christiansen. Ollie was a respected carpenter with his own company, but times were hard. So he didn't have much money and had to dismiss his magic worker. Number for learning and development. Storytelling techniques can share personal experiences, technical frameworks, technologies, and models to help learners understand the practical application of knowledge. Number 5, coaching and learning. Coaching techniques are better delivered to the audience through a life story. Coaches take their learners through their journey, ups and downs and turning points. It helps the learners connect with their coach, and it also keeps the coaching authentic and not a hypothetical Jeremy. Number six, customers testimonials where the image is store in context customer system monomials are more exciting and far more memorable and impactful. Customer testimonial stories demonstrate a customer's need. Show how the company or the brand fills that need and improves the customer's life by using brands, services or products. This last successfully did this by posting a series of customer stories, a mix of video testimonials and stories spoken by the Teslas customers themselves. These stories show real Tesla customers interacting with their cars and how being a Tesla owner has improved the customer's life positively. And Grippia, Tesla, because I've got Tomasulo, consumer Morpurgo. Tesla is conoid, a well-tested, and several operators, Yamamoto, other two. Domega, particular linear dollar invested in February nobody said my photo. Number 7 employee is testimonials. Employees are a fundamental element that shapes the company's core values and culture. Marketers can use storytelling to showcase employees achievements and assign them ambassadors for the brand, the types of people that company employs, and the things that are passionate about communicate massively about the company's values and culture. Employees stories help communicate that culture to audiences who will connect with employees stories on an emotional and personal level. The environmentally friendly clothing company formation showcases the employees story video on Instagram and YouTube. The videos feature reformation. Employees are working in the factory where the cloths are produced. The video series showing the factory employees stealing their life stories and daily routines. Solid storytelling abroad. Milliohm, we have a Martinez. They may he copes. Hierarchy. The Reformation, chameleon, nice bizarre request to the angle. If I move anymore, progress. I said eyewitness to pace. 62. Brand influencer cmmunication: According to the Akami 2020 research, the COVID 2019 has led their clients to lean more heavily into influencers from a cultural perspective with social media consumption up significantly, influencers are more influential than ever that are from them use fine. 2018 report show that 92% of consumers trusted and influencer More than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. Another study in 2017 found that 33 percent said the influencers were trusted sources when making shopping decisions, while only 17% trusted friends and family for shopping recommendations influence service, provided insight into their personal lives and interacted with their followers by responding to messages, giving their opinions, influence others are more impactful to followers then their celebrity counterparts. The Akami 2020 researcher reveal that people most trusted YouTube content creators, influencer marketing is estimated to be worth 15 billion by 2022, almost double its value in 2019. 27 percent of 16 to 4040 years old were influenced to buy a service or product by YouTube influencer is during the past six months of collecting the data. In contrast, 24 percent were influenced by Instagram creators and 15 percent by tiktok creators. Furthermore, younger consumers are more likely to buy a product or service due to TikTok influencers as 30% in the United Kingdom and 40 percent in Germany were influenced to purchase a product or service by tiktok influencers. In comparison, 37 percent of 33 to 44 years old, we are most influenced by TikTok influencers in the United States that accompany research show that consumers trusted influencers more than they trust the information coming from a brand. Now more than ever, a brand message is competing with traditional media. Word-of-mouth. Online reviews plugs them more. Brands that can educate and entertain their audiences via influencers, we'll capture consumers hearts and wallets compared to traditional media. However, marketers trust in different channel differs with Instagram being ranked on top, followed by YouTube and TikTok. One of the top three concerns for marketers included a lack of familiarity with Tiktok, while 96 percent of marketers build familiar with Google's YouTube. With that being said, the ability of creators to demonstrate return on investment could enhance the trust of marketers. The report also stated that customers recognize the Instagram as most aspirational, informational, and easy to use then Tiktok. In contrast, consumers consider Tiktok more engaging any creative than Instagram. To leverage influencers for brand storytelling content for maximum impact, a brand must learn how to discover the right influencers and sign them up. Measure the success of influencers. Brand storytelling and needs a storyteller. Some of the most compelling story tellers are influencers. The best ones already love their brand. They can be found through social listening or agencies. The high-quality content creators that already used the brand has tags and talked about the products on social media out of the best choice to leverage communication and emotional reactions. 63. The purpose law for communication: The ultimate reason for every company is the purpose for its existence. Brand purposes, the reason that business exists beyond making money. Of course, not every company has a solid basis for its existence beyond making profits. Nowadays, many companies and big brands tried to show their purpose to become more recognized in the noisy, crowded marketplace. Big brands such as Dove, Body Shop, Unilever, Apple, and many others created social media campaigns to deliver their purpose messages in the shape of storytelling. But level stated that its purpose let Brands Grow 69% faster than the rest of the business. It is a clear signal that brands with sustainability at their core are beneficial to both people and the planet. Here are some example of brand purpose inspirations, good ideas worth spreading. Dao, help women everywhere develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them realize their full potential. This led to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. But the goal area, we are in business to save our home planet. The purpose is identified. Communicating brand's identity becomes more straightforward and incredibly powerful. It provides customers partners when there is and the employees possibilities to feel like they are a part of brands stripe. A brand's purpose provides a sense of belonging and together and is initiating a movement to build up around its purpose. The purpose should be at the core, the soul of a business. Every action of that business should authentically convey its purpose. Meaning. If employees can recognize the company's core story, they will proudly share it. A stronger brand always starts internally to enhance its purpose message with its employees to have a long-term effect externally. If Nike's employees could not identify an advocate, their belief and the will to win sooner before later, the prestigious brand commercials will seem silly and forgettable. Employees are the single key ambassadors of the company brand. Consumers respond to authenticity. Storytelling allows to bring personality and the authenticity to brand marketing messages. And it is a powerful tool for delivering what consumers deserve. Brand communication requires consistency across multiple medium and social media channels. Consistency is a crucial deliverable because brand promotes its offering by including storytelling in their brand communication strategies. Brands can also provide a platform sports spreading stories about their consumers and building brand loyalty. In addition, we told and communicated the stories, prom it ongoing conversations and generate followings and patronage. Hi. 64. Burger King, “whopper free zone” : Burger King grouper free zone ad campaign is an example of communicating the purpose and the company's culture core message. In 2007, Burger King carried out a social experiment to remind the Americans love of our part is visible. First, they declared a random Burger King restaurant, the Uber free zone. Then they temporarily took that were part of the menu to major consumers reactions. Naturally, the consumers were unhappy and many were annoyed and complained about the unavailable beloved burger. The campaign affected Burger King restaurant sales. We'll do upper quarterly sales increase up by double digits. That campaign was awarded a gold if in the restaurants category, the top award given to acknowledge the effectiveness for the campaigns boldness and creativity across multiple media platforms. Moreover, fewer customers visited the competing Burger King restaurants. Burger King proved that Whopper is much more than just ever gotten. It is a part of American culture. This Burger King is a whopper, frees up any customers come in here or go to the drive-through and ask her walker, they are unfortunately going to be met with a no, it's no longer on the magnesium. Welcome to the Whopper free Burger King. I love the walker. So it's a great sandwich. It's a fulfilling sandwich. Dance would Burger King is home of the wrapper. Recently we conducted an experiment in a Burger King. The following are the results of that experiment. The cameras are hidden, the customers are real, the reactions are authentic. This is whopper freak out. If that's your thing. Yes. And it's got all my all my discontinued the office I guess. Why is the author? Unfortunately, corporation is not telling us why they're discontinuing the offerings. I'd ever since I was 10 and boys came here and have the level of one to ten. How piston to say you guys were when you heard of like a kid right now I'm a little heated right now. We also had a member of our crew act as a reporter to capture people's candid reactions, signs you feel when you heard that flapper wasn't on the menu anymore? I was livid. Just complained, gave the guy near for what was their thinking? From what I understand, they were too popular. Sandwich got too big, but a menu offerings like that's it. You don't have to work with cheese anyone? Seriously? All of them, not just you. Partner way we no longer have Whopper. Why do you think is a huge mistake? Things the best burger nationwide and the Burger King doesn't have the Whopper. They might they might it'll change the name to bigger clean. Yeah. What do you got to put a logo now? Komodo, whatever we got her ticket. So in the end, we'd accomplished what we set out to prove that once and for all, the Whopper is as we thought, americans favorite. The next time you hear those words, just think back to the town and the day when the Whopper went away. Think back to whopper freak out. Recently we conducted an experiment in a Burger King. How would people feel if they ordered a walker but got something else instead? And the cameras are hit by, the customers, are real, the reactions are authentic. This is water freak out. Thanks. Supposed to be a whopper of that nature. That's when I know. That's what will sit at the back. Okay. This is a Wendy's burger. They make no doubt about it. I came in and telling him, I understand. This is burgers or fry reclaimed boil everything here. I'm not trying to pull a scam on your walk. My walk. I like it, but you guys have for a long time. I come in here a lot, just throw it away. I opened up my bag. That was in that you have to look at the facts. You have a fried burger, you're asking for one of our flame broiled burgers. I hate McDonalds. What if I gave you a pie? What's inside there? That's a Wendy's burger. We wouldn't serve that. There's no possible way we can make a square hat. We don't have the facilities. They even do that. I hate Wendy's. Well, we can get you walk reviews. Yes, please. That's what I ordered right here. And you weren't satisfied with that whopper? After all this, we just couldn't deprive our customers of a walker and we had just the guy to give it to them. Okay. Would you like to see these are bid on loss? Yes. Get the boss. I get the MOSFET device. And now I get to meet the key. This has all been a prank. So in the end, we'd accomplished what we set out to prove that once and for all, the Whopper is as we thought, americans favorite. The next time you hear those words, just think back to the tone and the day when the Walker went away. Think back to whopper, freak out. 65. Dollar shave club purpose message : In 2011, Michael Do been met friends, father-in-law at a party who had a warehouse filled with razor blades he wanted to sell. The concept for Dollar Shave Club is about building a passionate tribe around a feasible demand. The idea behind the business is to compete against those dominant brands such as genet, which offers high prices for its several blades razor packages. While Dollar Shave Club provides low prices, it builds up a community movement around itself. Establishing a social movement community would make it more appealing for customers who want to fight big dominant brands. The rise of social media apps helped spread the newborn brand. Michael Durbin had a brilliant idea about a promotion video that starts Michael himself walking through a warehouse while talking about the company's purpose. The video generated over 12 thousand orders on that day and has since been viewed over 27 million times. But while one viral video makes for a splendid start, Dollar Shave Club knew it could not stop there if the company was genuinely going to improve the customer experience in purchasing grazers. Michael, we knew it needed to do more than so. So inspired by the notion of member's club, Michael branded himself to the club pro it confidently trusted mentor who would answer all the weird and wonderful questions is customers could dream up. The company then decided to lead the conversation with helpful humerus, socializing, engaging content, Dollar Shave Club score, belief I'm purpose have not changed since its inception, even though business strategies change and grow, the core purpose stays consistent. For example, for its purpose is to open the highway to all mankind. Southwest Airlines purpose of providing affordable transportation to the common person. Walt Disney's purpose is to bring joy to children everywhere. And Coca Cola's purpose is to inspire happiness. Serving its purpose. Dollar Shave Club went from a one-person operation to a mega brands. Unilever eventually acquired it for 1 billion US dollar dollar Shave Club's website or social media channels today still at the same spirit and purpose and everything that it does. The company's purpose will ship it's brand's values as well as its personality and voice. Hi, I'm Mike, founder of Dollar Shave What is Dollar Shave Well, for a dollar a month, we send high-quality razors right to your door. Yeah. A dollar or the blades any good. Now, our blades are great. Each razor has stainless steel blades and elevator lubricating strip and a pivot head. It's so gentle a toddler could use it. And do you like spending $20 a month on brand name razors? 19, go to Roger Federer. I'm good at tennis. Do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, flashlight, a back scratcher, and ten blades, your head some ass grandfather had one blade and polio. Stop pain for shave tech you don't need and stop forgetting to buy your blades every month. A 100 aren't going to ship and write two. We're not just selling razors. We're also making new jobs of a 100. What were you doing last month? What do you do? And now I'm no Vanderbilt, but this train makes, Hey, just stop forgetting to buy your blades every month and start deciding where you're going to stack all those dollar bills. I'm saving you. We are Dollar Shave and the party is on. Hi. 66. Brand Communication in social media: People believe brands and social media can empower connections. 91% of people believe in social spore to connect people despite feelings of division. Further, 78% of consumers wanted to brands to social to help people connect. Customers feel connected to brands. More than half of consumers, 57% will increase their spending with that grand, and 76 percent will buy from them. Over a competitor. Consumers wanted to learn more about the people behind their beloved brands. For instance, 70 percent of consumers feel more connected to in a brand CO is active on social media. 72 percent of consumers report feeling connected with employees, share information about a brand online. According to Sprout Social Research, 65 percent of consumers feel more connected to brands with a robust social presence. That means brands must focus on their contents, consistency, and quality. Notably, consumers want material that humanizes and otherwise faceless brand. And they wanted the people behind that brands doing the posting. The social behavior from highly engaged brands with customer enhances sales engagement. Answering customers questions on social promote sales. According to sprouts 2017, 48% of customers purchase from a responsive brand on social media. Companies shall modular mentions and conversations about brand's products, hashtags, employees, competitors and customers. Social listening helps track, analyze, and respond to discussions across the Internet. The brands need to use hashtags to centralize conversation on social media so that the customers can find it and engage with it. 67. Yoplait, You’ve Got This, Mom On!: Imagine that and Australia and yogurt brand wants to tackle is social issue about mothers to shine among its competitors. As a genome value of brand, the applet are spur to send this message to its female customer mothers. The first rule of motherhood, someone's always judging. So to all the moms out there, we see you and say, Mom on the applet tapped into a shared public debate. Mom shaming. It relates to the often preachy or patronizing information given to mothers about being a good parent and shaming those who do not follow it. 2008 campaign mom on depicted mothers addressing common criticisms they face, such as a judgment over a breastfeeding, going back to work. While the AED did not focus on a current event or overly controversial subject, it presented the brand stands bolt on a specific issue with the potential to affect those who might disagree. The social stance made the campaign usually enabled rebel standing out MDSC of similar and formulaic ads from competitor brands. First rule and motherhood. Someone's always judging, breastfeeding. It didn't work out. Guess what? World still turning. Go to work. I'm missing his childhood. Stay at home. I have no ambition. Yeah. I've run my kids. How has your stuff gets done around here? No, I'm not the grammar. Do I look like her grandma? Yoga pants? Big thing. Now if you think that shopping, check this out. Good old-fashioned, we'll play. It's not made with cage-free Norwegian hippo. And guess what? She loves it. Okay. 68. Airbnb “Wall and Chain”: Catherine was an Airbnb guest in May 2012, she traveled to Berlin with her father, George, Berlin Wall guard at the Cold War. Catherine told Airbnb about an incident that made the trip powerful story. She wanted to show her father, the vibrant city of Berlin, how it changed. But coincidence happened that it was the man they emit that they rented Airbnb apartment that changed everything for jar. As a result, Airbnb connected to Berlin wall border guards back together. Airbnb felt that telling an inspirational story is the best way to connect and belongs to each other. Making them feel emotional and associated with them around the intelligent, fantastic and cool animation all and chain tight immediately into the International be anywhere, feel the company has worked hard to create that story at the heat of the animation is about a genuine and authentic story to let the customer buy into the core message and believe in it. Anyone who watched the animation will be impacted by the simplicity of the ideas at its heart. It's about connection, family, and being a global citizen. What made the captivating story more compelling is that it is delivered with such simple animation. The animation was told in an intense and instantly memorable story as the emotions that poor out of it are phenomenal. 1987. My father was a god on the west side of the Berlin Wall, fell another man, kind of the East. Eventually the wall came down. But even after moving away, my father carried a piece of it with him. Well, I grew up in lingered over all of us, a barrier between him and the rest of the world. I decided I would help by taking him back to Berlin to show him the beautiful place it had become. When we arrived, the stranger who answered the door became familiar. The guard who the opposite side of the walls now, well, combust as a friend. After that, things were better for my father. Airbnb, belong anywhere. 69. Buy My Barina, Barinageddon: David decided it was time to sell his beloved 1999 battery in a car with a 188 thousand kilometer on the odometer. Only three hubcaps and its share of dents and scratches. David, who worked for a video production company, had the brilliant idea with the help of his colleagues to bring Burkina to live in the most epic used car sales video ever. They came up with a clever tagline, don't just make history drive. It did seemed valid offers of 102 thousand Australian dollars doubled the asking price. Finally, Australians in RMA insurance made David and offer he could not refuse in RNA insurance company that offers a range of automotive and home insurance solutions, wanted to buy the car. David accepted and donated the money to Cancer Council Australia. Yes. The company wanted to use ballerinas fame to tell a story about the work that in RMA intrude on Citysearch syntax carries out with physical testing that the analysis, Consumer Advisory and care safety and comprehensive car insurance reduction. It was a brilliant move forward in RMA insurance to jump onto the board of blurriness story. And RMA insurance took ballerinas success story and leverage it to showcase the work it does in its R&D lab. We have some very special plans for the silica. So don't worry, we're just going to run a few tests. What could possibly go wrong? Gentlemen? We have our first test to subject arena. You gotta watch what the hell is, Marina. I want you to start testing asap. You get these numbers, doesn't make any sense. Run the tests again. The hell out of here. Marina has escaped. Told us he had it under control. No one could have predicted this. We have no idea what's your dealing with when it ran? The industry is more formal, like an insurance company telling his story in a fun, creative way differentiates it from its counterpart competitors. Hi. 70. A hair-raising message: The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation wanted to make a bolt add that emotionally affects the people passing a subway train to help donate for children combating cancer diseases. So as just as the passenger arrives, it's static billboards or we young woman with long hair comes to life and her hair started to glow around. It is as if the wind generated by the trends arrival, it's propelling the movement of hair, hair in real time. However, as the train slows down, the wind blowing the woman's hair exporters here, bald head, a shocked expression likely replaces the passenger surprise and smile. They are stunned trying to figure out what just happened. The billboards animation ends with a message. Every day a child is diagnosed with cancer and invites people to take a specific number to donate to the Foundation. A video released by the non-profit capture the powerful reactions to the billboard from people on the train platform expressing their shock and sadness. That soon out of that video was shared across social networks and the news media. The passionately it responded in Sweden and worldwide. Hello. The foundations pioneering use of innovative technology and it's visual and storytelling successfully raise the awareness and funds for childhood cancer that I did. Jewels appeal to human evolution and make a story memorable. Stories communicate values, but they also communicate knowledge by exchanging stories, brands share knowledge. Stories information packaged in a meaningful context is more accessible for the audience to understand its depth and relevance. 71. Häagen-Dazs honeybee passionate story: Since 2008, Haagen-Dazs has used its platform to talk about their winning a honeybee populations, telling stories to persuade the audience to action. It has been done through its honeybees initiative, honey bees ball unit 1. Third of the foods we eat, including many of the ingredients Hagen does use to make their pure icecream, sorbitol, frozen yogurt, and Barres. Unfortunately, honeybee population are disappearing at an alarming Great. So Haagen-Dazs ice cream has teamed up with leading research facilities to donate more than 1 million US dollar to honeybee research. One of the results methods of highlighting the honeybees plight as the modern virtual reality methods. The educational VR video invites W or to fly along with AB named Alex, as he shows them the threats facing his species. Hugging does hopes that this award winning video will help bring the plight of the bees that attention it deserves. Hey, over here. Now, over here. Just follow my voice. Hi, I'm Alex. I know it's a little strange talking honeybee, but I have something really special to show you. Unfortunately, I can't show you at your current size. So hold on. This might tingle a little. Now you can see the world the way I do. C'mon, let's fly. You know what? You're watching this in the R. You know what most people don't realize about us, honeybees, we do a lot more than just my honey. And our way of life is being threatened. Follow me. This is where my friends and I live and work. Everyone is busy pollinating. These are almond trees. Without us bees and pollinators, they wouldn't produce almonds. In fact, our simple pollination accounts for an extraordinary 1 third of the world's food. Our handiwork gives life to everything from almonds to avocados to strawberries. But something happening. The farms where we live are only growing one type of food. And when they're blue men's, our food, our homes, and our way of life, go with it. In the last few years, we have lost a devastating amount of our colonies. Without diverse flowering crops. We won't survive. And without bees, the whole world will change. Plants, animals, and the Earth's entire ecosystem would drastically be altered. We may be small, but we play a major role in your world. You have to help us. Then together, we can reverse what's happening. All it takes is a little extra effort from all of us. Be friendly companies that grow biodiverse plants help give us a constant source of food and a year-round habitat. You can do the same at home if you plant native wild flowers like lavender and lilac, these simple steps can help make an extraordinary difference that might just save the world. Now, I'm counting on you to tell everyone about our struggle and how simple it is to help us. I'll see you around. Bye. Okay. 72. Brand communication through the psychology of color: The psychology of color relates to persuasion, aspects of marketing and branding. It helps to understand perception and consumer behaviors. Further, color helps human memorize certain information by increasing their attentional level. The Secretariat of the soul International Color Expo research in 2004 reveal the following relationships between color and marketing. 92.6% said that they put the most importance on visual factors when purchasing products. Only 5.6% said that the physical field via that sense of touch was most important. Hearing and smell each. By 0.984%, 0.7% of the total respondents, though that color accounts for more than half of the various factors essential for choosing products. The University of Loyola motherland performed the study revealed that color increases brand recognition by 80 percent. The Midwestern US insurance company use color to highlight essential information on their invoices consequential in they began receiving customer payments and average of 14 days earlier. Customers, remember the humans and presentations better when color is used. 73. Heinz EZ Squirt Green Ketchup: Heinz introduced ease it, squirt ketchup more children. In the early 2000s, the company introduced artificially colored ketchup that featured a nozzle like a glue bottle and allow the user to square the color for mixture on foods. New high and gt squared ketchup as a noun, so that makes it easy to draft. It's fun for you. The first color rolled out was green, followed by blue, purple, and a ministry color that kids love, which could be orange, teal, or purple. From 2002, 2003, the company sold over 25 million bottles of the condiment. However, like so many color for this one, we're off as usual and the product was discontinued in 2006. As time went on, consumers have become more health conscious, limiting or banning artificial food dyes in some areas. While this may not have directly affected, is it squared, it was likely effector in its waning popularity. Colors express different emotions and personalities. Here are some popular colors and do what they symbolize. Yellow, optimism, clarity, warmth, orange, friendly, cheerful, confident, bread, excitement, all useful. Purple, creative, wise, imaginative. Blue, trust, strength, dependable. A green is full growth, health. A gray, balanced, neutral, calm. Many brands whose products deal with the environment utilized Greene, John Deere, Animal Planet, and the Girl Scouts all use this color. Greens value goes beyond nature focused companies. Food manufacturers, take advantage of the fact that people associate green with health. A great plays an essential role in the logo world. Especially we need to shine to a silver finish. Car companies like mercy that spins and Honda use logos that feature silver. Some companies that are partial during include target, Coca-Cola, and Netflix. Trust iconic technology brands such as Dell, IBM, Intel, and GE leveraged blues robust and trust towards the persona to represent their brands. Whole Foods, Starbucks and Girl Scouts use green to showcase a peaceful, helpful brand identity. 74. What is a visual story?: Visual storytelling uses images, videos, infographics, presentations, and the other visuals on social media platforms to craft a graphical story around crucial brand values and offerings. Everyone's story is a visualization of his story containing a conflict and an escalation of events with a satisfying ending resolution, a brand must present its story that includes a solution to the customer's problem or struggles that satisfy their needs and desire. The purpose of the visual story is to convince the customer has an impact their purchase decisions, to take action and enhance an emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Individual historic transforms the selected set of information into a single completely static or motion picture that contains the fundamental elements of a story, designed carefully to draw the audience's attention from their starting place to the desired conclusion. For example, people dislike changing and we are possible, most people will avoid making decisions. So that story must give them an upper in treason to act and make a change. In 2018, the new TripAdvisor when social interpersonal, social assisted trouble that enables members to get relevant recommendations and inspirations to become the alarm trouble side to plan their perfect. I love planning travel with the new TripAdvisor and getting great advice and ideas in my personal travel feed. I can follow my friends and travel experts for recommendations that match my interests. Hey, check this out so I can discover exactly what's right for me. Like the perfect barbecue joint. Yeah, we have that y would do. Great. I'll save it. The travel feed makes it easy to save ideas and plan trips together. Regatta, see a show though. Definitely. No matter what your interests are, your travel feed keeps you inspired. By my God, we have to stay here like a review of a great hotel from your friend Debbie. And because you're on TripAdvisor, you can plan and book all in one place. Yeah, that looks great. You're hungry. When you travel. You can refer to places usaid and your friends recommendations. Julian Dan apparently loved this was we should check it out. Plus it's easy to book your experiences on the doubt. Designers negative this size are for their poster. The granny. My travel feet even notifies me when I'm near something my friends are viewed. All right, guys, welcome to her warehouse, a nameless publishing. What's next? Let's go check out the music. By saving things I want to do to my trip. I never lose track of the places I want to go. Whether planning at home or on the go. My travel VDD keeps me inspired. Music are exempt and helps me share stories to inspire my friends. Welcome to the OEM new TripAdvisor, and say hello to your personal travel feet. Where will you go? Travelers can follow friends and travel experts they trust, including publishers, brands on social media influencers, who share information relevant to their interests. Tripadvisor allows members to post images of their hotel stays with a million photos posted to the site. The value of seeing these photos is that travelers can see if the hotel truly matches the pictures shown on the hotel's website. One way to show them more human side of a brand is by putting kids, communities, user-generated content in the spotlight. 75. The Power of brand visualization : Marketers should rely on visuals to amplify social media engagement for marketing and branding purposes. Bright cough 2018 found that 76 percent of consumers said they purchase the product or service after viewing here, did you, while 85 percent of millennials, 18 to 34 years old, reported the same. The report prove that video is preferred for a brand and marketing communication as it enhances loyalty, strengthens customer relationships, increases our ness, right? Covariances showed that people respond to visuals more intensely and quickly than the external on 36 percent of consumers overall and 46 percent of millennials. Favorite video content to other forms. Consumer believe it is essential to watch a video on shopping for a particular product online. Personal electronics. This experiment, household appliances, 52 percent tools, 48%, software, 47 percent, clothing and make up 35 percent, and personal care, 27 percent. Marketers shall understand brand identity, image, values, and what it stands for as a purpose to convey it to the audience, a brand's message needs to be delivered efficiently to the customer by meeting the customer's need, crafting their brand message into a powerful, creative, visually story and communicating the brand values and culture message to the audience. Clarity and consistency are essential and visual brand storytelling to build connections with customers and grant their loyalty when selecting footage, stock images, brand photography, and illustrations, the first step is to clarify how the rituals were represent and communicate the brand, the story across multiple marketing and social media channels. 76. Social Media role in brand storytelling: Video content is still booming. Interest in binge-watching content. It grew significantly during the COVID 19 pandemic, with 70% of marketers looking up the reinvestment and video, the competition between Instagram Reels and Tiktok over visual content is getting fears. 29 percent of teens preferred Instagram as a social platform of choice compared to tiktok, 25 percent. In terms of content, as the ground continues to push story reels, brands should consider posting short-form videos across both Instagram and TikTok rather than choosing between them. According to data reported 2021 report, there are 4.3 billion social media users worldwide, starting in 2021, equating two over 55 percent of the total global population. An average of two hours and 25 minutes are spent per day per person on social media, then billion hours spent globally using social platforms each day, which is the equivalent of nearly 1.2 million years of human existence. Facebook's active monthly users are 2.7 billion. Youtube's perspective advertising reaches to point to 9 billion. Facebook Messenger exceeded 1 through billion monthly active users, ends the grams, which is 1.28 million, which provides an ideal platform for brand storytelling advertising. Social media users are increasing each month, 1910 Internet users now use social media. In addition, 91% of all social media users login to their accounts via mobile devices. This number justified the demand for mobile friendly content across social media sites, which is skyrocketing. Likewise, almost 80 percent of the total time spent on social media sites occurs on mobile platforms. The Instagram platform is an ideal place for posting brand video and stories. And Instagram story is a vertical slideshow of images or videos. Each story last for ten seconds and the complete story real, expires after 24 hours unless users choose to highlight it on their profile. Recent social media statistics show that the number of daily active Instagram stories users has increased from 150 million January 2017 to 500 million in January 2019, Instagram themselves reported that 500 plus million people use stories daily and 33 percent of the most viewed stories come from brands. Additionally, 87% of people said that an Instagram influencer had driven them to purchase. Instagram also revealed that 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to the Instagram platform for product discover. Even if people are not buying from influencers directly, there is no denying their impact on cementing Instagram as a shopping. According to media kicks 2019 for those who purchase from influencers, standard images post 78 percent, store is 73 percent, and YouTube videos 56 percent, are considered the most effective types of influencer content. More than ever before, people are following brands on Instagram marketing, how the platform becomes arrival to Facebook in terms of shopping and adds in the long run, even a VC gram is not steaming in direct sales. The social platform remains a vital vehicle for any social marketing funnel, for educating and nurturing customers. And Instagram is one of the many other social media platforms that can be used for compelling storytelling through the unique format of Instagram. Several techniques include creating one anonymous picture composed of several smaller images to appeal to the reader's eyes. This technique is called Instagram kids. Another excellent example is Herschel supply, which use interesting photography displays to showcase their new products or collections. More Actions can be added to Instagram stories to make them more engaging, such as adding questions, polls, and fun stickers or music to create branded content as unique as possible. Instagram stories invite brands with the possibility of hierarchy, the freedom which might help their campaign become S axis with the audience. Standard Persuasive Technology Lab and 2000 to ask 2440 participants how they evaluated the credibility of websites. Graphics has shown that website's design as the number one criteria for recognizing the company's credibility. According to 46.1% of people. In the same direction, MDG advertising 2018 has shown that 67 percent of consumers consider clear, detailed images more important than product information, full description, and customer rating and selecting and purchasing the product. Hubspot is a fantastic example of a B2B company that leverages visual content and storytelling across social media channels. Many of the companies social media channels, our showcases how B2B companies personality and creativity shine, encouraging engagement with influencers and prospective clients with Pinterest boards dedicated to company culture, helpful e-book, webinars and infographics. The visual content shared is a mix of informative humerus and inspiring. The concept of will compose photos is nothing new to companies. It is something they have been sourcing for their websites, advertisements, retail locations, and for the news media for a long time. But is a new though, is the concept of social media friendly images. Let it drive an immediate response with professional images, techniques like retouching, food styling, set design, and lighting are commonplace. However, with social media, people are looking for images to be more realistic and in line with the company values and offerings. 77. Lululemon, the visualization of lifestyle storytelling: A lifestyle brand is a company that will mark IT, services and products that appeal to a culture or groups interests, opinions, and attitudes. Lifestyle products would inspire and motivate people. The goal of the product is to contribute in one way or another to the consumers like a style. Bruno lemons primary focus is on thickness and yoga that changed the fashion industry and has been widely successful since its founding in 1998. The success of this brand is related to the strength of it's like a style, a brand, and its continuous podcasts on product innovation. In addition, they use consistent visualizations, storytelling around yoga and the other social related matters in the respective digital marketing campaigns to enhance their core values among their audience and communities. For example, in one of the YouTube videos, lunar, we won't elite Ambassador, Maddie Berman talked about her journey through life's challenges and how fly fishing keeps her grounded. Sometimes you don't know, you're on the wrong path until it's too late. But it's important to remember that it's never too late to turn around and find a different route. I went straight into a job working for the travel company. I realized three years into that. That was not the right fit for me. That was a really scary moment for me to step away from what was, you know, a job in a salary and everything that felt comfortable there. It's just a change of paths, sort of like a river. Rivers are constantly changing around each bend and and that's okay if you want to go a different direction. I remember as a little kid, my dad had bought me this cheap little fishing rod from the convenience store in town. And I was with my sister and she hated putting norms on the hook and I was like, I love it. So I'd put the worms on her hook and on my hook and we would just catch these tiny little fish. And that's my first memory efficient and loving all elements of it. And there's so much more than putting a worm on a hook. It's being outside and reading the water and really understanding that environment. Every single day is different. But each year that I've been a guide, I've learned a lot. I don't have to be the best guide in the world. They don't have to catch the biggest fish. I simply have to love it and want to love to share it. And that can be enough for others. You know how water always finds its way to the ocean. I feel like that. I feel like I may not know exactly the path I'm going to take up where I meant Lululemon founder ship world. Since passion for active we are and yoga outfits. Let him to build an elastic community around the brand movement, leading to the brands grow. In addition, the brand's product is sense of belonging and the customers and gets them to shop repeatedly. Lululemon social media is carefully used to the best of its function, Pinterest as a catalog for its products. Youtube for easy to do yoga tutorials, videos, Facebook and Twitter for updates and hashtags. This is done cleverly by Lululemon, by putting on classes and organizing your out-groups and that active communities. The company's purpose is to be the favorite brand of those who wake up in the morning with an objective in mind, then go to bed at night. With that completed Bruno level insurance, their customers remain connected with the brand through social media accounts, committed to replying to as many fans as possible the Twitter hashtag of Lululemon which exceeded Emily and pause. Thus we live, provides a glimpse into the versatility of its products. 78. Patagonia environment commitment: But the cornea is one of the most infinite one shall brands and most patching it followings their marketing strategy by glitz demand more points to their commitment to quality, deep integrity, and cares for the environment. According to Patagonia, the clothing industry contributes up to 10 percent of the pollution driving the climate crisis. Today, still less than 1% of the cotton grown worldwide is organic. So Patagonia ask employees to take cotton to 100% organic by 1996, earlier in 2021, they asked its customers and followers to demand organic cotton. 30 years ago, our employees began suffering headaches that are Boston store. After investigating, we found from aldehyde theme is off-gassing from our cotton clothing. So we started to ask some hard questions. We found toxic chemicals at almost every step in the production of cotton clothing. So we made the switch to organically grown cotton, or it's all we've used for virgin cotton sense, but the problem persists today. Only 1% of cotton grown worldwide is organic demand organic cotton. The individual is storytelling maintains this course is story of integrity and environmental stewardship. Without using supermodels, each image shows the real people enjoying the outdoors, holding two cliff sides, marching through snow mountains or throwing themselves off the sides of yets in the Caribbean. But a Gandhian, so ongoing wall WE campaign praises the stories of the consumers that where the company is clause. It also keeps the Patagonia gear in action longer and provides an easy way to recycle Patagonia garments beyond restoration. And some friend's house in Dublin. And they gave this to me as a Christmas present is really special because like 15 years ago, I got this and you can have an issue with 0 Torreon. There is this t-shirt and this image that inspired me to go and climb this mountain is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Pakistan and Patagonia a few times here. This is one of the few places I preferred to saw the news tape just because it feels more comfortable than men. And the furniture shop. Greenland twice Baffin Island twice ten meters sailboats winning aftermath. I love vacuum zooming it, feel alive. I love 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. Did a lot of sense climate Fitzroy with it in 30 hours. It was on me and which is part of when I was up there on our didn't come on. So it's been a node is adventures. I mean, it was really special piece to me and is workman came along and he sort of ozone and it's like up must be just an old rag or something. So he grabbed it and use it to put like a silicone between Windows. And this guy is my t-shirt as derived, you know, I know it's like so disappointed. And I still were like silicones practice. In addition, the company asked as customers who may have all Patagonia items to trade and get paid credit towards their next purchase on a used or a new garment world where it is. But the gonads Instagram hub for building community are on the brand values of environmental responsibility, of cutting waste by less demand, more everything we make has an impact on the planet. The clothing industry, Dempsey waste into landfills, rivers and oceans, exploits workers and contributes up to 10 percent of the pollution driving the climate crisis. I'll sell you this t-shirt. But it doesn't have to be this way. What x2 bi is, what the industry becomes. You have the power to change the rate codes are moved by less demand, more. The tagline, the stories we wear, our profiles or professional athletes and real people who associate holes, bears, and batches with the actual end scares them together on their adventure. And where as vectors of honor and accomplishment, by stitching together the people who take pleasure in their Patagonia products and Deming. What is the key at wearing these products tells a story of things. Words preserving. The company wanted to prove that it produces high-quality clothes that lasts for years and customer do not have to buy more. But this tends consumers more loyal to the company. It is a brief message to ask consumers not to buy more unless they need to. The tagline better than he knew, immediately show that this is no ordinary marketing effort. The one with wagon drives around the country with Patagonia to refurbish all garments and gear, sell US clothing on hold, do-it-yourself workshops. Along the way, they are also reinforcing the brand's values and boosting their community of loyal fans and telling their stories Ellen YouTube videos. In addition, the spread the word visually on social media platform for brand followers to meet up and Min their governments. Hi. 79. Visual storytelling instagram stories: The Harvard Business Review, HBR social media posts are around management, professionalism, and carrier life. It uses an informal tone of voice and similarly adapts long form content and to shorten stories. However, one key difference is that HBR is a bit more interactive, while HBR embraces Instagram's balls, quiz, and other interactive story features. It also gets creative by adding its spin on interactivity to a story. The story then gives the viewers advice on what to do if the ship to any of the boxes, the return x2 want to know more about that topic, offered a swipe up to a long-form article on HBR website. Another startup brand is more normal, which first launch on Instagram, a series of videos to introduce their brand with a bank visualization. It was an impactful and stand out campaign for their new followers. Launching a brand visualization on MSD Gramin grid with the hashtag a leverage your routine partnering with celebrity can they'll genome for the first time, is truly creative and sure-fire way to help the new brand stand out from the crowd.