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Brand Positioning: Transforming your brand from MEH to WOW !

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Reverse engineering the WOW factor


    • 3.

      People BUY why you do it


    • 4.

      Creating An Attractive Brand


    • 5.

      Ingredients to sexy up your brand


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      Action Steps


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About This Class

Do you find yourself checking out your competition late at night? Are you wondering how you can make your brand sexier and get your audience to engage more?

In this class, my goal is to reverse engineer what successful brands are already doing, so you can apply it to your business.

We will discuss:

  1. How to reverse engineer the Wow factor
  2. What makes people BUY
  3. How to create an attractive brand
  4. How to rebuild your brand story
  5. Action items to reposition your brand

We will focus on helping you dissect what makes your brand unique & injecting following across all your communication channels.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: since you find yourself perhaps late at night, checking out your competition, scratching your head and wondering what is it that they're doing in order to get such engagement from their audience? And how can I replicate the following? So the goal of this class is to help you transform your brand from May into Wow. So how can you sexy up your brand? How can you have people engaged and excited to be part of your tribe, if you will? So we're going to reverse engineer with successful brands are doing in order for you to be able to understand what the key ingredients are that you need to inject in your brand. And most importantly, we're going to do a brand positioning exercise so you can do the following within a few hours. So we're going to help you, Rio. My goal is to help you revamp your brands. You can get more engagement, and you can get people excited to be part of your community. All right, well, I hope to see those inside. Who am I, exactly? Well, my name is Luna Vega. I'm a e commerce consultant. YouTuber podcasters skill. She'll teacher as well, and I'll be more than happy to have you in this class, so I hope to see you 2. Reverse engineering the WOW factor: So the first step is understanding and reverse engineering the wow factor and the best way to do the following is by looking at some of the successful brands that are currently out there. So the 1st 1 that I'd like to bring up is glossy A. It was founded by Emily West, who was actually a beauty blogger for quite a long time. I believe she started to her block back in 2010 and through being a blogger, she realized that there was in need within her specific me. She was a beauty blogger in the beauty industry. She felt that ah, lot of, ah, the beauty products out there had a lot of different chemicals and dumb and also didn't really feet fit the demands of a modern women. Someone who is busy obviously wants to look put together. But doesn't nestle have the time to put tons of products on her face and needs something that fits her schedule and, most importantly, doesn't have all d nasty ingredients that some of these other brands have out there. So the way she launched her brand was essentially, she already had market insights, if you will, because she was writing Ah Blawg And she knew directly from her audience. What the specific problems where? So we're going to talk more about the following. But, um, I encourage you to go on glow say's website and look at her about paged away that she explains the brand and all the different component because they will show you how she really, really understands her demographic. So this is a good brand to look at because again, this, um, this blogger already had a community and place. She really understood what the problem Waas and was able to bring a solution to the table. Another great example, which is Altenburg, uh, brought up is ever lanes ever. Lane was founded in San Francisco, and their whole premise was, ah, sustainable clothing and price transparency. So, essentially the importance of showing how much they're paying their factory, the fact that they're using higher quality products, your clothes are gonna be, um they're the type of items where you're going to be able to wear them. There's going to be longer aware because you're buying higher quality products. So even though they do print basics again, it's meant for individuals. Shoe, Don't I mean essentially the minimalism trends, I think, is the best way to refer back to, ah to what they don't demographic they're seeking after. So essentially, the premise there is having garments dot our basic where you can have a longer wear Well, you don't asleep need to have as many the provider or itchy, and it's a great week to compete with the fast fashion nuts out there where you by something. But after a couple washes, you have to either get rid of it by a new item. So this was meant for individuals who are again busy and have, um, and have creative jobs. Or we're not demanding jobs where they need to look put together, and they rather have an option that essentially helps them where those items, um, on on a ongoing basis while being more minimalist. So again, ever, Lane really knew what to seek after and how to speak specifically to dot demographic. Now, another example actually love to bring up, even though it's not fashion or retail related, and this probably applies more for some of you guys who might be consultant is Shopify. So what's great about Shopify is that they were able to completely obliterate, um, their competition and strictly through de, um, effort that they've put through content marketing. So obviously same like when Shopify came along, doing e commerce was extremely convoluted, took a lot of time, and it required individuals to hire usually a team. So Shopify so sort of came in and revolutionized this by making it much easier for people to create their own e commerce platforms. So now they weren't the only ones in the market. There were plenty of other platforms, and there still are. But the reason Shopify was able Teoh take over in that specific niches because they put a lot of effort into their content marketing. So again, it goes back to really putting in a lot of effort and building a community, really understanding what the problems are. A lot of the content that they have, um, is entrepreneurial focused and really helping their community build up business. So we were gonna talk more about the following, but essentially the reason that separates these brands and let's go through it like, what's the overall common threat? Ah, that these brands have. So the first thing is that there Bolden confidence. So they really own what their subject matters are. And they aren't afraid to state, um, to stake their mind and in some cases as well. Um, alienate some people. You need to make sure that you are strong, you have a strong position, and it's best to alienate someone versus being safe. Um, and the reason being is because then whomever agrees with your point of view, whether you're a product based brand or your consultant, it will make them stronger adherence to your brand, if you will. They also make an impact. So because they are bold and confident, they are able to make an impact and create a community of people who really believe in their products or whether it's Shopify, whether it's ever lane or glossy. A. These individuals are really keen, admires a deep of these brands because they understand the overall gold it can resonate with, Ah, the Bren mentality. And they are also, um, yeah, I mean, essentially, they're really these brands know what their consumers want, and they're able to provide them with specific solution to their needs. Now they also have a very unique story and value proposition. So again, they really knew what the core issues that their customers were going through and they knew how to address them and will go more into details to how you can get to the quarter that for your specific brand in the following chapter and again they're focusing on building a community first. It's their audience is more important than the product, if you will. So making sure that they're providing value day in and out to their audience and they have a bold and confident voice is making all the difference. And the following is, uh, is seen whether in their copy and their overall Web design and their overall tone brand positioning tone, it is reflected so important for you when you're building a community is that you really understand the wise and that we're gonna talk about that in the next chapter. 3. People BUY why you do it: people buy why you do something versus buying the actual product, and the brands that we reviewed in the first section really understand this fundamental principle. You need to focus on the solution that you're providing your customer before anything else . Before you sell a product, you could have the best product. But if you don't make your customers understand the reasoning behind the reason why they need it, you won't be able to have as much traction. So we need to remember that emotions is what builds bonds with customers versus dry fact. You could, for instance, be selling a Miss Kara a mask. Mascara. Sorry, my accent, Um, or even a lipstick, Let's say, or a pen go through all the functionality of or LD items or all the properties of that specific item. Well, chances are, it's not gonna create strong emotions to someone, and they're not gonna want to purchase that item because they're not able to project themselves like the necessity of it. Like, why is it that I need that specific item? But when you start with the Y in building emotions? So for the example of glossy A, she felt that all the products out there that she was trying had too many chemicals and they were just too complex and there's too many layers. So she made things much easier by having the first thing she came out with was everyday lotion, which hot a little bit of shimmer in order for women to not go through the process of putting on lotion and then putting foundation. So it was kind of like a one fits all. And also she was really interested in having products that where didn't have as many chemicals, for instance, so she focused on the fact of having individuals being able to put on something quickly. Ah, that's able to meet all their needs so they can have a fresh They can have a fresh glow all throughout the day, for instance. So a book that I really encourage you if you haven't read it already, um, is start with Why by Simon Scenic. And if you don't want to read the book, he also has a tattoo talk, which is Ah, you can review on YouTube. So I really encourage you to check that out because he speak specifically about that concept as to y certain leaders were able to gathers such a strong community behind them when others felt. And it's because Day focused on the why why they were doing something. And really, it really resonated with people and great example. He gives, um, is Martin Luther King and speaking about what made him different from other politicians or other activists in the time. So he gives a lot of different examples, and I encourage you to definitely check out a stat talk because it's gonna give you create insights on how you can essentially apply that knowledge to your brand. So let's go through how you can get to the source asked to What is it that makes your brand difference and really understanding the wise? So a technique that I absolutely love is sake. She's Toyota's five Weiss technique, which is used in factory production in order to understand specific problems within a factory. But you can also use it for your personal brand to get to the core of the problem you're resolving. So why are you customers buying from you? And if you go through that process five levels and ask the questions five times, you're going to understand what the emotional core of your brand is. So let's try to identify your wise. First of all, what is the specific problem that is currently in your niche? You have the answer to that, I'm sure, and if you don't will walk you through how you can get that information. But essentially, you really need to understand what the problem is in your specific niche. What is it that your audience needs the most help with? And then you need to figure out what the common thread is. So, for instance, if you are in the fitness industry, ah, problem could be weight loss, right. But then, within weight loss, there's different, different categories. So what is it about weight loss that your potential customer is having issues with? Is it because they don't have time? So they end up, um, not working out and not having healthy habits, for instance, like make sure that you have a clear understanding of who your specific demographic is and not wanting to try to conquer too many things right? And so we'll talk more about that in the following chapter, like figuring out who your brand persona is. But essentially, you want to make sure that you understand what the common threat of the problem is within that specific, very specific segments, and then figuring out how you consult that problem. So here's how you're gonna find your wise once you of a better understanding of your specific demographic, and you might have already done that exercise. But we'll talk more about brand personas. You're gonna want to go to different forums, so you'd be surprised. There's still a lot of different forms available out there beyond just read it. So make sure Teoh look for forms by simply Googling whatever your nations plus forum. That's a great way to get started. Facebook groups as well. People are really vocal on Facebook groups, so make sure to get a sense of the type of information you're finding in there. Twitter discussions as well. Perhaps instagram by using different hashtags that are specific to your niche. And if you already have a mailing list, you can also survey your audience. So don't be afraid to essentially put together a survey, Cinema said. Send them an email to really get to the core of what it is that they need them was help with and perhaps you can give them a discount or some form of incentive for them to finish the survey. So let's walk through what you can do in order to create an attractive brand and, most importantly, create a brand personas. You can have a better understanding how to do the following. 4. Creating An Attractive Brand: Let's talk about what you need to put in place in order to create an attractive brand. So what's the kind of work you need to do? We talked about in the last chapter the importance of really understanding your why and also building a community. So what is your story? Where do you where do your customers Sorry. Want to go? So we I gave the example of someone who was trying to lose weight. For instance, If you're in the fitness industry, why do they want to lose weight? What's the psychology behind it? It's going to be very different for a woman than it is for a man. So it's really important for you to understand that, like, what's your overall goal? Is it to be able to be healthier? Or is it because I have AH specific goal meaning, for instance, they might want to look good for a special occasion or what not? So where do your customers want to go? It. Perhaps, if you have a consulting business, why is it that your customers like, need help? So let's say you're running Ah, Facebook as your Facebook at consultants or your designer. What is the overall goal that you're trying to help these people achieve. So what goals do they want to achieve and how are you helping them? How are your solutions helping them get to those goals? So what you need to put in place is, um, understanding of who you're attractive character is and, ah, taking some of the success stories you might already have, right? But let's go back to that in the minutes. So the first thing you need to do is creating up her. So no. So if you haven't already done, the following is really understanding all the different personas that are within your niche . Personally, I recommend, and it depends on how big your business is and what stays your business is and is to focus on one persona at the time. So going back to the fitness example, if you are helping individuals lose weight, who specifically within that segment is it? Mothers are our new mothers who just put on weight after the pregnancy, and I'm trying to lose it off. Or perhaps um, someone who's always been struggling with trying to lose weigh and getting healthier. So try to think about all the different segment? Or is it perhaps a man who's trying to build a six back? Whatever it is, you need to make sure that you go through the exercise of really imagining who that customer is. So actually writing down what their name is, the reason for them to want to engage with your brand. What are Ah, what are they like? Sort of their dislike? What is their personality like? What are their dreams? What are their social environment? Really? Put yourself in the head of that customer in order to really understand how your brand retro fits into their lifestyle. So the more Grandal you are, the easier is going to be for you to create messaging that really resonate with our audience, right? So once you've done that, due diligence is where you can essentially build this attractive character, and the attractive character is what it's going to help you solidify and explain. The overall mission statement of your brand so great example I like to give actually is subway, for instance. You might remember the some assembly sandwich guy who dropped a lot of way after eating Onley subway sandwiches, for instance. So I mean, that's like an example of a brand using a character in order to identify the specific goals of their audience and really make their brand more emotionally relevant. So I mean, sure, there's plenty of other examples and other brands you've come in contact with. So, for instance, Glow see a going back to that example because she was the face of the brand and she was a blogger herself. She was speaking about her personal experience with other products and how she decided to create her own brand in order to fit her specific needs. So it's important for you like you can use some of the testimonials. Um, I already have in place six stories, But when you're doing the following you need to use, um well, I mean essentially the framework of how to tell a story. Right? And the following framework relies around rebuilding your brand story. So once you have the attractive character and understanding of who the potential attractive character is, I mean, granted, the first thing you need to do just to recap is build. Your persona has really understand who you're cause customers are once you have that done done that work, you can think about who you're attractive customer is attractive character apologize is and then from there, rebuild your brand story. So what's the problem that you're attractive character had? Where was there turning point their ah ha moments? What was the solution and what was the outcome? So the question do you need to answer is why, How and what? Why's the following important? Well, normally yearning. Inject some of that within the overall a copy of your website, but you will also leverage to following within your welcome emails Siri's and we'll talk more about that in the following chapter. 5. Ingredients to sexy up your brand: talk about some of the elements that you should be tweaking around. Not that you've done the due diligence of better understanding what gets your audience excited. So the first thing is your about page crucial for you to put in the time to give personality to your about page. So what is it about you as an individual or your Brennan general? Why are you passionate about specific niche? The specific problem? How did you start the business? Whether it's consulting, whether it's a product that you're offering, so make sure to write as much content as possible. It's fine. You can edit it later, but best for you to have a good, solid ground for you to be able to extract some of that information within some of the other content. So first thing I want you to do is to do the due diligence of really extrapolating all the key elements as to why you got started with your business. What the overall mission statement wants. Obviously, understanding what the the reasons as to why your audience is excited or the problems that you're helping them solve, and making sure that you have as much as many personal touches as possible, so this is the first thing you have to do. Once you've done that, the second thing is reassessing your website copy. So looking at the overall Web site copy that you have in place and see where you can plug in some of that passion that you were able to perspire from your about page that you were able to essentially communicate to your about page. Then you want to make sure that you're using words that have high emotional triggers. So there's a headline analysis. Here's a link, and I highly encourage you for you to use the following in order to gauge how the types of words that you're using It's a tool that's a lot of bloggers use in order to make their headlines more sensational. In orderto help, people feel a click baits or create click baits or have better pulls. It's very important for you to have the same with a lot of the different headlines that you're putting together or if you have product description, you want to make sure that they feel exciting, that there's emotions behind all the difference items that you're describing so very important toe have as much emotion as much character as possible to transpire within your website. Copy the second thing. The third thing sorry that you'll want to do as well is revisit your overall website. Looking feels so. The following can be a little trickier. This is not a must. It's a nice to have. It does help. Obviously, it really depends on essentially how comfortable you are with designer. If you have a designer who's helping you on board, so what do you want to do? Same exercise where essentially, like some of the birds that we've reviewed, you want to understand now that you know what are some of the key core emotions that your audience wants to feel? How can you inject the following within the overall design? How can you take more risk, perhaps with the color schemes that you're using? What are some of some of the imagery that you might want to be leveraging and not using, as well, some of the stock photography etcetera. Now, the fourth thing that you want to do is revisit your overall communication for your social media. So what you'll want to do like we talked in the about page is take a lot of these personality amuses. She's like You're building your attractive character. So how can you have your attractive character speak on a day to day to your audience on social media? So a giver remember Seinfeld episodes and how Seinfeld episodes where kind of, I mean essentially they were, but they were just a syriza about a Syria about nothing, right? So it's just her day to day, and there's always some drama that comes out of it or a story that comes out of it. So when you're doing social media, it's very important to feel riel are essentially have a story transpire from any other images that you put out there. So a lot of people with, for instance, on Instagram will just put quotes. And then there's not really an explanation. Yes, they're nice, but if you want to get more engagement, you want to be able to share your day to day as an entrepreneur or as your brand. What are some of the things that your team is currently working on? The more you're reveal the more of an engagement you're going to get. You also want to make sure that you're asking question to your audiences and that you're finding ways to interact with them. So you might be Luna. Tried all this already? Yes, you might have tried a list in the past, but really take a look at the copy that you were using. Where you again? Using emotional trigger points on what I mean by that with upper words. Were you using? Were you really carrying about what your audience had to say? Were you really sharing or were there things that you weren't necessarily telling your audience that you were hiding? So make sure that you're trying to be as transparent as possible on again. Try to think as to what the problem that you are solving is and how you can embed all these different ingredients within your social media. You can also use live streams, or you can also use story feature in order to really make your audience feel like they're connected to you as a brand. Whether you're doing consulting, whether your coach, whether you are any commerce brand, whether you're selling a product, it's important that there is a human connection 6. Action Steps: Finally, you will want to look at your overall email. Siri. So you welcome email. Siri's is where you indoctrinate and you start telling your audience who just registered to your newsletter about your brand. This is where you're going to take elements of your about page. This is and tell him about your journey, what you're trying or hoping to help them with. What is the overall solution that you're providing to the problem in your niche, etcetera. And this is a series of anywhere between 3 to 5 e mails that you're going to see send every two days or every day. It depends on your audience and how frequently they want to receive those emails. You might want to test the following, but any case of the purpose here is to really this is where you build your connection with your potential customers. So again, look at the about copy. You've already gone through that exercise and sequence the following within your email. So the first email should be just a welcome email where you tell your audience how excited you have them being part of the tribe, where they should be expecting from you and perhaps a problem you hope to solve or the overall mission statement, etcetera. The second email is where you go into deeper detail as to what you're all about, your personal journey as a business or as a consultant, etcetera. So really sort of sharing some of the night and greets of what makes you special as a business to certain email, you might want to share some articles you've written some block post, etcetera. So again they confirm, realize themselves more with your business and how you can potentially help them. The fourth email You might want to do the following, or you might want to share another anecdote, another story and the fifth email. Usually this is where you continue the conversation. You might want to have a 10% discount, or you might want to have a special offer. Don't notable whatever it ISS, just making sure that you are continuing the conversation. So this welcome email. Siri's is the most important part because thes e mails, usually when somebody just subscribe to your newsletter their super excited, and they are more likely to open those email. So these emails are so important because it's going to dictate how these customers are going to interact with you in the future. All right, well, so that's, Ah, high level of all the different elements that you'll have to change around or transform in order for you to be able to get better results with your engagement and make your bread sexier to your difference audiences. So make sure you do the following about page website copy revisiting the overall visuals that you're using the overall design, making sure that it's a line with some of the wise that the wise that you found to the previous exercises, your social media and you're welcome email Siri's.