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Bouquet Making: Arrange Flowers Like an Artist

teacher avatar Kaylee Young, making things beautiful

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Tools You'll Need


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      Flower Ingredients


    • 4.

      Designing the Bouquet Part 1: Building a Base


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      Designing the Bouquet Part 2: Adding Flowers


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      Designing the Bouquet Part 3: Finishing Touches and Detail Flowers


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      Finished Product


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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to design your own bouquet from start to finish using modern floral design techniques. This class is great for everyone --in the course we will go over foundational techniques and tips that can be used whether you have no floral design experience, or if you’ve been designing for a long time. We will go over what components make up a beautiful bouquet, and how to design a bouquet filled with style and personality. You will leave this class feeling refreshed and inspired as an artist, with some new tips and tricks that make putting together a handheld bouquet super easy.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kaylee Young

making things beautiful


Kaylee is the owner of By Kay Floral Studio from Portland, Oregon. She specializes in perfectly curated floral design for weddings and events. 

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Meanings Caylee young and I'm the owner. Flourish. I've been arranging flowers for about five years now. I started in a flower shop, nothing glamorous. So was taking out the trash in answering phones all the time. But, you know, over the past few years, I had the ability to start my own business and be able to create a lot more. So it's been awesome. And I'm excited to be urinating. Teach friends. Okay, so after this class should be with the ability of how design technique involved and then how to put together in order in order to make up. Okay. The basics of tape being just tools that you're gonna need to be able to make the okay. And then, lastly, just I hope you feel creatively inspired. And you feel confident after this course over. The thing that I like most next is Julia Garden. I toxin it 2. Tools You'll Need : and this segment, we're going to talk about the tools that you need in order to build up. OK, so this first thing here is stem rap. A lot of people like to use this tape to tie off their bouquets. I prefer to use it with a wire and you tape the wire to the stem in order to make it more sturdy, less flimsy. So anything that you're having a hard time keeping up, this is good to use with wire. The next thing is a green floral tape. This one's a little bit thicker. It just holds a little better. I like it to tie my bookcase. You confined this at any floral supply or craft stores? Pretty easy to find. This next thing is Clippers. I have a large parent of small pair here. This large pair is sharper and can be used to get through tougher stems. So anything with a woody or fix them any kind of branches, this is gonna be good for the next thing is gonna be this small pair clippers and you can use these small clippers to get through anything with the delicate Fine. So, you know, a poppy a sweet pea. Anything that's gonna be a little more intricate and then as a pair of ribbon cutters or disappear normal scissors, anything that's gonna have a sharp cut, any kind of fabric says to give your ends of your ribbon a clean cut. The last thing is gonna be some ribbon. You want to have all your bouquets with ribbon, you don't have to, but I like Teoh, and this ribbon is from soaking willow. I like to use really soft and flowy ribbon that's looks like fabric. This kind of ribbon is kind of difficult to find. You can find it online at soak in willow dot com. You can find it out froo, froo chic or may arts, or if you don't want to spend quite this much money. But you want something with this kind of look, I would suggest going to paper source. They have some really great stuff that's pretty similar. Yeah, that's everything that you're gonna need to build up. Okay, 3. Flower Ingredients : for the same, right? I'm gonna be talking about different types of flowers that I picked in order to go this okay on the categories that they fall under or product is something that I'm really passionate about. I believe that okay is beautiful half because it's beautiful product that you pick out half because of the technique that you're using to put it together. So product is really important to me. Every Okay, that I go is gonna have to t three line flowers, 2 to 3 big head or four hours to bring medium had flowers to three small head for hours, 2 to 3. Detail flowers or little delicate transition pieces Tour three pieces of texture and then two or three pieces of foliage. So it's a lot of ingredients, and I'm gonna tell you about each one. Okay, so the first flower that I picked out is always cap hydrangea. I'm always cap. Hydrangea is gonna be one of my buying flowers. Ah, line flower is just a farmer that creates a strong line in the arrangement. Gives us some structure. So 1st 1 is like Scott hydrangea. The second, like our have picked out, is a Foxgloves, a variety of foxglove. It starts in a pink color and goes to a peach. And that's why I love this always, cause it's gonna do a really good job of transitioning colors throughout the arrangement. My next flower is a big head focal Power Cafe only, Dahlia. The next one is gonna be a Juliet garden. Rose, this is a David Austin garden. Rose. The name is Julia. It's a could be my big head flour. It's gonna be kind of a staple in the arrangement my medium had. Flowers are gonna be wild garden roses. I really like the look of wild garden roses. I like the look that gave make something look more organic and more natural with the imperfections that they have in the Rose. Next flower, small flower is going to be over miraculous and next small with flowers and be a copy. And then after that, I have Colangelo and one more. I have a spray rose and I really like this for roast whose opens up really nicely and shows the center detail what we were gonna be flowers that just break out the arrangements so it doesn't feel so bulky. I'm gonna later on all my oh my different pieces. And then I like to put detail flowers and kind of over everything. Teoh kind of lighten it up, make it feel airy and beautiful. And so this is my detail Far. It's gonna be a chocolate Cosmo. Then I have another detail Far. It's a stony. I have two different colors of Swee'pea. Then I have to or three pieces of texture. Um, this isn't wild grass. It's going to give my okay some texture. And then I have blueberries and blue carefully inch. So I like the color of this house has a little bit of a little bit of green in the very and then the foliage is gonna be good for building a structure to next. I have raspberries. Then I have some porridge foliage, which I really like the look of foraging voyage, just going out and cutting something from nature because it's going to give a lot more loose and airy feel than if you were to buy something. A lot of women by foliage, it's gonna be a little two step, so it's difficult to find really beautiful loose foliage. The best sex life is just in nature. So some more for you drink here. Dark foliage. And then, lastly, I have a fine and that's interviews as a voyage and kind of as a detail or two. Yeah, those are all my flowers, and you're gonna get started. 4. Designing the Bouquet Part 1: Building a Base : in this. Next time I'm gonna teach you how to build the base for your Okay. So how we're going to start is I usually take my non dominant hand. So I left town because I'm right handed and I make a circle. It's gonna be why My face I'm gonna put all my steps into my basement Kind of used my havas placeholder until all the standards get tighter together. Where there are you together that I could take my hand apart and no hole pretty well. So what? I'm gonna start with foliage, lying flowers, big head, flowers and vines. That's gonna be what I used to go. The structure. My Okay. Every standard walk. Strict. So what that means is, if I have a rose and it has some thorns or some greenery I'm gonna want take Rose's with clippers, or sometimes I just use my fingers on. I'm gonna want the same thing as possible so that when I'm arranging and I'm putting them into my hand, they are getting caught on anything in my hand There. Any cop on other stems are pulling them out or pushing them in. When I'm when I have this far. It should go in pretty easily and be able to stay in the position that I put it. Okay, So make sure your sums up pretty clean. They don't have to be immaculate, but just make sure that they're pretty clean. So I'm gonna start with some foliage, and I'm gonna be very intentional about the way designed, So I'm gonna make sure that every piece I put in is intended to be a despot. Make sure you like everything you do from the very beginning. So, like where you put each piece on, you'll like the arrangement or other comes along. If you kind of just throwing a bunch of greenery, which is what I used to do their own a much of greenery and then throw flowers on top, expecting the flowers to be the pretty part. You're not gonna like it as much as if you like your base. So just make sure you vote pretty confident. Bring the next step Gordon started. I have some foliage here. I'm stripping off some of the extra greenery from the bottom. Suddenly want this top part here. Everything in where it feels natural don't force anything to go anyway, that might not normally go, and I angle on my pieces to try to keep your pieces is angled as you can. That would just help them all together. Better you put anything in straight, we'll just kind of sick. And your hair should be pretty loose at this point. If you close to type me and what kind of squish all of the sudden together, which is hard to keep your your grip loose, but trying to keep it as this is possible, we'll try just trying. I really like the look of this fine, but it's a little too stripping it further, Sam, so that I can sit sure on that. The these times that they ever start Teoh bump into you might just be easier. Just simple way gray shirt throughout the arranging processes superstar. So just give him sure, so they're easier to manage. I'm using some of this least cap hydrangea. I'm creating some lines. I'm sorry. So it started coming along. I usually like to put a rose at the bottom there, just thinking sturdy. Some of these flowers are gonna get buried that you're working with, So by the end, you might be able to see this rose Super Bowl. Maybe it will just be picking out, but it's gonna provide the base that you need to work on help. Another thing they don't want to do is start clearing. So how Larry works if you don't want all of your roses or over far on the same plane eso. I'm going to do that as a mystic it in and have it be on top of this other rows facing forward. This one's gonna be out more then the other one, and that's home later, and you're gonna want to do that with all of ours. Eight pumps give your book a love dimension and a lot of movement. If everything's on the same plane, it feels lacked, and you'll see the dimension in the pictures a lot more and you'll see it better than that . Everything's on the same point. If you're having trouble keeping your base together, Adam or greenery, that's always gonna be key like fill it out when it feels like it's falling apart. I look I look at my okay, I take pictures of it to see how is living right home and look stepping, looking here, it just looks different. You look super to when you're looking at like this, as opposed to for a way or in a picture or in the mirror. I think, honestly, I always look at my book paying the mirror at least five times while I'm making it and I take a picture afterwards and I usually changed things at prices Picture. Um, just help me to see how everything is going together. You know, something is that you might not see in person. You can see which is funny, but it's just it's just characterising separately. And I'm very aware of the colors that I'm choosing to. The color palette I chose to work with is reds, peaches piece, that kind of color scheme brown into muddy it up. I don't like I don't think so too sweet. So I was trying to take money, Tom to go with it. Peace. I went out of brown, uh, so that things don't think so sweet or even a raffle just like this. So anyways, the colors are red, pink, peach, and I'm starting with really neutral colors for the base. The really more like the pop of red That's gonna be in this, Okay? I'm hoping I'm gonna have that almost last Start with, Start with your neutrals or start with your big pieces first and kind of worry about the color leader. But make sure that you're okay. Is transition. Whoa. You all your close to transition? Well, because if you haven't say, if I had these peach roses and I put them in everywhere in this space, it would almost feel distracting here. I wouldn't know where to go. So offering this more on the end when we have this. Okay, I finished. But the color should flow together and the pieces should blow together, and nothing should be overwhelming. When you look at it, you should notice each piece individually. I kind of put it together as a whole. You shouldn't feel like really overwhelmed, like their splotches of bread all throughout this. Okay. And everything should be falling on top of each other too. I like that. This fully just on top of this rose, you don't always need Not everything needs to be showing completely. In fact, when everything's a little covered by each other, it has a really natural to it drew a pretty. It's really pretty with things at Peking everywhere. I like your grouping as well. Like I said, I don't like that I to be distracted or overwhelmed with lots of things, and they feel like they're sporadically place. I have to make everything intentional. So I like to place roses together. Like to place to drink together. Generally everything I place. I'm gonna be two or three in area. That way, you can kind of you see it as a whole, like all the others, pretty fox tubs. But then, you know, you also see the individual colors on each one, So yeah, definitely like 23 groupings throughout this kind of marriage. Okay, so I think that's gonna do it for my base, the backs. A little unfinished. Which is kind of how I start all of my bookcase couple for flowers, and then we have some lines and foliage, and it's starting to feel like it's gonna hold together. So now what I do is I'm gonna take the tape and take it off. Some people will just keep going with their okay. Tell us down and take it. I had to take sections. So after the base is done. I'll tape after add some more Fars. I'll tape. And then once it's finished, I'll do a final tape and, you know, let's cut the tape off and then readjust things and take beginning. But I think it holds its shape better. If you take a few times, it's always tricky. You might want to have a friend help you the first time. I'm just holding for you. But so, uh, pure, But hey and place it around your arrangement. It just kind of rather a few times something's worshipped a little. You can always come back, remember, Not toe clutch to type me. So you're Emery adjusting a few of the things that move. Well, I take that. Yeah, we got here in the race. 5. Designing the Bouquet Part 2: Adding Flowers: Now that we have the base built, I get to do some of the funds stuff, which is more flowers. This is where firing is gonna take place even more. So just make sure the layering your flowers don't put anything on the same plane. Always be stocking If you don't like something, trying not to pull it out. Instead, try to add stuff on top of it. Because if you pull something out, if you put in a rousing, you don't like it and you pull it out in my kind of breaking a regimen apart. And so just kind of try and have things on top of it. Yeah, So let's get started. That's just acts more stuff. Like I said, if things get hidden, don't worry about it like this. Hydration is sticking out. As much as I like nobody out of this Dahlia. So I was gonna add more hydration. Make sure that you're leaving your flowers into the arrangement. It's really easy toe to just add this and stick it in and kind of hold it just on the side . If you go like that, you're far, little part what more easily you can do like that, and occasionally I will stick in a bar like that. But try and leave it in as much as possible. And by that I'm sticking in to the other bases to the other steps. Sometimes, as I'm adding flowers, my lines are less defined, and that's totally fine. It's just getting bigger. So I'm gonna add another foxglove so that I make this morning. Find over here. And if you don't like something anymore, instead of trying to pull it out like these Berries, I really like these Berries where they're going heavy and they're kind of feel like they're throwing things off for me. I'm just going to go that we don't ruin my arrangement, but something out. Instead, I just cut out or going. Yeah, don't try not to pull out, Just makes everything murder. If you feel like things are sinking, just kind of give him a cool two. They should kind of pop back up front like they were before. You're having trouble getting a summons because things are getting tight with flowers in their track, twisting this them, and that should help you get it. If you get flowers that are coming off also. I mean, it's probably fine if you want to have him be more supported. I usually just add a little bit more foliage out that way. And my studio is always a mess. I think this is the most effective way to design just little little everywhere and just go with what is inspiring you. It's gonna be a mess. It's gonna be messy, just okay, So not quite finished. I didn't reformers yet, but I think I'm gonna take because I'm having a hard time holding it together. It's getting why take, you're gonna add some part to the back so it doesn't feel quite so empty. So I think we're done with the second step. As Lewis, I have don't bipolar transition. It kind of starts to light over here with the cream ease and the pinks and a little orange balls like arrest color that I goes to these brownish colored roses, peaches, pinks and reds. So I'm like two dark over here, and I kind of put the dark foliage with the darker flowers. Essentially the darkness. Yeah, so here we are. This is the body should be finished 6. Designing the Bouquet Part 3: Finishing Touches and Detail Flowers: Okay, So in this segment, I'm gonna teach you how to do the detail, flowers and the finishing touches on your okay. Since last segment, I added a little bit more foliage and a couple pieces of hydrogen box love to kind of fill out outside. So here's what we have to work with. Um, I running all the details. Flowers over here. Chocolate, Cosmo's grasses, Sweet pea. Still be in various way you want to do is you just kind of want toe look anywhere there might be a hole or there might be pieces that are two roses together. It can get kind of worrying s I just like to add a little sleepy in between or a little piece of the still be And that gives, like, a piece of interest after you're either looking over this, these flowers kind of dance like a little bit over top all the other big flowers, which is just gonna start out in some sweet peas and some of these other details hours these air easier to add in last two because we have really delicate stems. And, uh, this sounds can break if you add them in earlier just tell you the fixed em so get squished . So adamant Last kind of helps preserve them as well. Perfect. So I'm loving these details floors. I think the last thing that I'm gonna do is just add a little bit work bringing me. I had a couple more hours to the back, and then we should be finished, - so I'm just gonna take up when I think we're done. 7. Finished Product : everyone. So here's the finished book ache. As you can see, it looks good from all angles, and you can kind of see it bouncing like I said it would. So that's awesome. I'm glad that you guys were all here to take this constituting. If you want, please post your photos on the project section of the stage or post them on social media because I'd love to see and give any feedback or answer any questions that you might have, So thanks, guys.