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Botanical Ink Drawing | Orchid

teacher avatar Marina P., Ink Artist | Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Orchid Flower Anatomy


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      Column & Lip


    • 9.

      Whole Flower


    • 10.

      You Are Cool! Flower 2 - Soon


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About This Class

Hey there! I decided to start series of ink botanical drawing classes. Each class is a new flower. So this is Flower 1 - Orchid.

My class is aesthetic and exquisite. I am sure you'll like it.

In this class you'll learn:

Orchid flower anatomy
How to draw every part of the flower
How to add details and shadows

You’ll be creating:

Roots and Buds, Leaf and Stem, and the Whole Flower with me

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marina P.

Ink Artist | Illustrator



I create classes on Skillshare where you can learn my technique, tools and secrets. I hope my knowledge can help you to develop your own artistic skills. Join me. I can't wait to see what you make!

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1. Intro+Equipment: Heuser, I decided to start serious off in botanical drawing classes. Each glass is new flower, so this is for one rocket. In my class. You'll currency anatomy off orchid flower. I'll take you source up sketches or fruits and bots leave stems and flowers. You'll learn how to add contrast details and shadows to start grating. You just need a smooth paper off sketchbook in Japan's pencil and eraser things. Classes for everyone. I'll show you all steps that will be easy to fall on. Your class project is to draw all parts off market and to share it to its me. Let's start creating. 2. Orchid Flower Anatomy: I'm sure you all know how routes, bats and rocket leaves look like. We look at them in one detail when we start drawing. Now my intention to the flower in the center. Off the orchid You have the calm around the column. We have samples and battles the samples. Other wants that you find it back set in front of them. We have the paddles. The bottom one is a modified battle. Gold leaf is a leap is connected with the Cold Bs road. 3. Roots: here, I would say a lot of a rail routes. Fruits which simply don't grow in support and routes into sort. Let's draws them. Grab your sketchbook With most paper, we start with pencil, so it will be easy to modify form if something goes wrong. Aka Truths are seen and held. Five reforms they all come from one point draws them in any direction for the outline I'm using in pan with sin tick, - add details to some roots. To make the texture. I draw quick lines from one site to make this effect. Don't put much pressure on the tip of the plant. - A rice old pencil marks grabs a seek a pan and make more contras to the outline. - Let's find our drawing. I like how illustration and text to look together. 4. Leaf: This orchid has simple leaves with parallel veins believe has well expressed center line. So drugs shape off the leaf and the middle line with the pencil outline was in. I want to make line most iterated, so I changed the liner to zero points, resize for parallel Wayne's less use dots draw lines with dots that repeat bands off the leaf. - Make more contrast. - I don't it's a sign. 5. Stem: take a look at this time. It's so long because my architect problem Tony and Draw led to a wave. You two lights helplines him depicts a marks. Is that this time, house for texture? I make seen lines along this town without the pressure on the pump. Mike outlines Morse iterated as usual and text. 6. Buds: here we have small bots, sleeping flowers, and this papers are closed. Toe opening draws a brunch but have all form the picked first central petal. And just add two curved lines on both sides is the last but will be more mature and draw the bigger middle. All such battles need to be slightly longer. We make the effect that the but is a little open outline all and erase pencil marks. - MAGS ALIGNS CEQA for tax chap make a lot of small dots along to counter at details toe the brunch. 7. Petal: look carefully at the firm off the battle and try to revive it on paper. Draws a cold, schematically Patil and supple and start. You don't work. You can put doors whenever you want, but keep in mind that lines of dots should be directed to the coal at contrast and sign. 8. Column & Lip: central part off. Start with cold, then come down. This part is a little bit difficult, but don't worry. Take your time. Central pot. I also drew from really example. So just repeat after me. This pattern is called leap Draw some lines off battles. Time for ink. I had some detail to calm. And Choate, After you make outline darker, go and put some doors on your pedals and samples. 9. Whole Flower: Finally, we got the whole flower. Let's practice hours catching. Start with central part that we have just finished in. Privates last and then go is to front battles and three samples under, then moved to the second flower. It looks away. I sketch it from the rial. Example. - Ex stem and bots after you outline elements with ink erased pencil and start dot work. - All that steps that you learned before Final touch signs an illustration. 10. You Are Cool! Flower 2 - Soon: proud of yourself off. It's your time to shine. A drug swings me, Please upload them on. Leave a review about my class. If you are new to in botanical drawings and want to learn more, check out my class that art off in botanical illustration, where I teach how to draw different types of battle shapes on show A lot of techniques Follow me on skill shop My new class was flower to will appear soon in February.