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Blogging Challenge: Create Your Content Calendar

teacher avatar Gabby Conde

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction to the Course


    • 2.

      Lesson 1 What Your Audience Wants To Know


    • 3.

      Lesson 2 Choose a Theme For the Month


    • 4.

      Idea 1 Answer The Public


    • 5.

      Idea 2 Amazon Final


    • 6.

      Idea 3 Social Media


    • 7.

      Idea 4 Forums and FAQs


    • 8.

      Idea 5 Websites and Comments


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      What to Do For Project


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About This Class

Get organized with the content you’re going to write for the month to attract readers and potential clients to your blog. Just logging on and writing from the top of your head does not always work. You’ve got to have a plan and stay focused on a theme for the month. I’ll show you how to create a content calendar in a few easy steps with places you can use for quick content ideas.

By the end of this class, you will have a solid plan for your content calendar you can use from month to month to create content for your blog.

Brand new to blogging?  No problem. No prior experience is required for this class.

Have some experience already? That’s great! This class is a great way to get started on finding quick content ideas and a way to get into the mind of your audience to create content.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabby Conde

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hello and welcome to the Blogging Challenge. Day one. Create your constant calendar. This is Gabby, Condi, and I'm here to be your teacher today to help you with creating a content calendar. So why should you create a constant calendar? Well, if you've read some of the latest blawg posts by some of the most popular blockers on the Net, you'll probably find that behind the scenes they have a very detailed, organized plan with white content they're going to produce when they're going to produce it . And all of the other details that go into creating a block post having a theme to go by for each month or even tweak or even each day is helpful and organizing your content so that you can avoid writer's block. Having a content calendar will help you with creating themes based on your content and what it is that you want to write about, as well as having content that builds up to perhaps a product that you're launching, or maybe a class here on skill share that we're launching, or some other type of course or service or product that you're producing. All of it goes into having a launch plan and writing content around that particular offer that you're creating will help you to create buzz as well. Aziz, get your audience engaged and really wanting to have the type of products or content that it is that you're producing because it will help to focus them on what it is that you're doing while also for focusing you on what it is that you're doing. So blocking is a great way to grow your reach and engagement with your target audience. It's also fun, and it's easy to do, and it can also be profitable. If you're doing it right. It starts with the content calendar. And during this court. The first goal that I have for you in this course is to give you plenty of ideas to write about, so you'll never be without some kind of topic in your niche that you can write about. I have a few different sites that you can go onto and always find something to write about within as little as a few minutes. My second goal is to challenge you to become a better blogger, to think about the end result that you have in mind the content that you create as a blogger can also be used in other methods and ways of marketing. Like if you're creating content on your blawg, you can use that content to create a book that you can produce by yourself or through kindle or through another self publishing medium. You can also use that content to create a video. You can use that content in a press release. You can even use that content in a course that you want to create. The blogging helps to really focus you down into what you're creating, and then think about the long term of how to re use that content. So over this course, you're gonna learn a couple of tips and ideas to use in your content calendar that will generate a theme around your content and what it is that you want to put out there. So look forward to working with you. In this course, let's get started to metabolism 2. Lesson 1 What Your Audience Wants To Know: welcome back the blogging challenge of creating your content calendar. In this lesson, you're going to discover what is it that your audience really wants to know about? How does it that you come up with content that they want to know about? Overall, what the audience wants to know and then organizing these blood post ideas around these topics. Sometimes it can be a little difficult toe. Think in the mind of your client. If you have been in business for any amount of time and you've had clients come back and forth into your business, then you probably already have some good idea of what it is that they want to know about. Let's say you're a food blogger. Then it seems pretty obvious that you would want to create logs around recipes. Perhaps they follow a certain theme like a 30 day slow cooker challenge and invite readers to participate. Maybe you're in the graphic design niche, and you want to showcase some of your logos. So maybe you do behind the scenes of how you created the logo and you talk through what it is that goes into your concept and development off this logo, Maybe you're into painting and you want to showcase some of your paintings, so you might want to think about what your client and audience wants to know. Usually they would probably want to know news about where your paintings air gonna be displayed or what you're coming out with next, you know. Or maybe they want to know more about what goes into your painting so that the painting is more personal to them and meaningful to them as well. She might want to create some content about what it is that inspires you to create your paintings or even your digital art. Let's look at a few things to keep in mind while you're creating your constant calendar so that you're thinking about the end in mind. What is the call to action or the offer that you're creating that you're going toe right? Your blood posts about. If you've ever created a launch before, then you'll want to write content around your your offer that you're going to be sitting out into the world, for instance, on elegant themes. This is, Ah, premium WordPress builder site, and they have a theme called Debbie. It's basically like a block builder, where you drag and drop things onto your pages in great neighbors, combinations there, so many different things, you can do it. The steam divvy has a core following of a lot of different people who use the themes, especially Web developers. You can see on their blawg here that I have pulled up that a lot of the information has to do with either the theme, the Deby theme itself or with certain aspects of using the Debbie theme. Like Woo, Commerce is a plug in that can be added to WordPress and used on the divvy theme. So here they have a tutorial. How to add star reviews to profile pages with a certain layout pack. It's occasionally every week they will provide a free divvy layout. Pack also gives you an idea of what you can create, where you could create a free resource tohave as part of your content calendar. Each week I'll go into more of the different ideas later in this course. But for now, once you didn't think about the end in mind, what is it that you're you're selling or you're offering to these people that you want to create your bog posts about the block posts are going to serve as more information about you, what you do and your courses or content, or your products that you're offering. They even give more tips and tricks here like how to fix. Ah, bad gateway error in WordPress If you have WordPress that maybe you sometimes have these errors that come up and this would be a useful block post for you so that you can know how to fix it. And then they have more information here about WordPress for designers and developers, which is their core audience. Let's look at another block to see what they writing about. So here's copy Blogger. It's a block mostly for writers and for copywriters. So one of their posts here that they do weekly is one that's themed around their products and services. This one's title. Get rid of writer's block for good. Instantly, this is hitting their core audience, who often experiences writers block copy bloggers talking about how to get rid of writer's block, and they tie in some of their other posts here. Inter linked into the article but at the bottom there, also plugging their episode of looks like a podcast. And then they're offers here on the site, So it's all tied in together. You know, it all follows the same theme of their audience. So you want to think about what you're writing that will be in tune with what your audience wants to know. How does it solve their problem? Like if they're wanting to get rid of writer's block here, some articles on their site that help them do that? Here's a way to reach out to them and catch up with them and San Diego. They also have this offer here. Here it is what I was looking for. It's a new course. It's called Creative Content Foundation. So they sneakily tied this into their blood post so that you go there and you learn about what it is that their offerings right now they haven't interest list. That they're taking for people who maybe need to sharpen their skills is the content marketer. So all of this is tied into who their audiences. Another one here is from Canada, and you can see that they have different articles that air based around using their product . So can va. If you don't know is une Z Teoh use type of graphic design type of website where a lot of its for free you can create like social media posts. Um, with images, they have the layouts already done for you. Um and then you can upgrade, you know, by different layouts as well. Aziz have different images in your creations. So for a can VA, they're writing about building a brand kit, and I believe in their tutorials. They take you through using their actual platform. So they also talk about consistent brand me designing a presentation, which they also have some already made designer presentations inside of their platform, for free and for paid. So they have a lot of different articles that are based around using their plot. So you wanna think along these lines with what it is that you're going to be blocking about and how to make your blood content useful for your in audience so that you helped to solve their problem with your products and services 3. Lesson 2 Choose a Theme For the Month: all right, welcome back to the blogging challenge to create your content calendar. So let's talk about choosing a theme for the month. So choosing at theme can be based on a few different things. It could be based on a service that you offer. It could be based on a product that you're launching. It could be based on ah, holiday it. Maybe you want to tie in your service or your product to that holiday. It can be based on recent questions that you've had. Or maybe you're thinking about writing a book, and you want to create content around your book so that you can be ready to launch it. By the time that comes, you may even want to pull your audience and ask them what it is that they want to have content created around. Now, if you'd also do tutorials, you might want to think about having an ongoing theme. So if you do tutorials around photo shop, for instance, let's say you have one photo shop tutorial that's based on altering images in the first week. Perhaps in the second week you have a photo shop tutorial round creating patterns and Photoshopped, perhaps In the third week, you have a photo shop tutorial around creating fancy styles for text, and maybe in the fourth week you have a tutorial around painting in photo shop. You want to really know what your strengths are, as in your work that you do and work to block around those types of themes. What I like to do sometimes is to just make a list of things that I can blogged about so you can start with a blank page. You can do this by either having a notebook or handy to write down things or use your phone and type in the note pad if you have Apple or Google docks for whatever type of phone you have. Or you can use your regular computer and type down different, different things that you can blogged about. So for ah, content calendar for blogging Challenge There's several things I could talk about. There's how to blawg. You know what, how to get rid of writer's block, how to create a constant calendar, what to blogged about how to tie in your offer with your blog's closed, and there's several more content ideas that I can come up with off the top of my head. Some of these can actually resemble a theme, so we could say that how to block, what's a blogged about and even how to tie in an offer with your block post or all parts of a deem that go into writing a blogged we could even say. 4. Idea 1 Answer The Public: all right, so is part of the idea section. I have this site that's called Answer the Public, and what it does is it's gonna help you to generate questions so that you can get inside of the mind of your audience and answer these questions for them on your block. This is helpful if you don't have a regular audience that is asking you questions through email or through Facebook or whatever other social medium you use to connect with your audience. They might not be asking you any questions, so you're just kind of like, Well, how am I supposed to know what to block about? This is a useful way to do that. So let's say that you want to write about Let's see right about photo shop so you could type that here about the key word that it is that you want to find questions about. You want to keep this pretty general because it doesn't if you niche it down too much, it's not going to generate anything for you. Um, we have English selected, so let's get questions and see what happens. So it's preparing the visualization, and here you can see a whole ring of questions around photo shop, and they have them with the beginning of how our will can wear. Which who, what, when, and there several questions you can find a few of them here that will appeal to your audience. Let's see, well, photo shop work on Mac book air. So there's one question. If you're a technical savvy type of blogged that maybe you want to answer that where Photoshopped brushes stored, that's a great newbie question. So if you're doing tutorials on photo shop, then that would be a great question. Answer in a video, or even in a blood post. So where Photoshopped font stored what are Photoshopped layers? So if you're doing a beginner type, of course on Photoshopped, these are all really great questions to put into your blawg posts. Whether you do, videos are written block posts. Here's a couple of other here how to photo shops of one into a picture that could be a tutorial that you do how to use photo shop on iPhone. There is an app for that. I don't think it's a detailed is Photoshopped on the computer is, But that could also be another tutorial that you create. Here's how Photoshopped edit ings. You can use that for anything around. Editing These questions could be generic, but you could make him really specific. Such a Z how to photo shop players work for adding metallics to text or defense. So you, when I look through all of these different questions and come up with what it is that you think really represents what you want to write about the most, and then pull out some of these questions to answer them on your blogger posts. There's also a pronounced sheet. Here's some comparisons as well. There's also a pronounced sheet that you can do here. It is the download for CSB seeking. Download all of this information and keep it on file, and you can do your research in one foul swoop and go back and type in Adobe Illustrator, for instance, get more questions if you're if you know what toe blogged about what the Dhobi illustrator says. See it didn't Oh, there it is. Okay, so there's a lot of different questions here, too, and just download, you know, however, many of these you feel like you need thio Thio, create your content calendar and use some of these questions in it. See, if you do photo shop tutorials, it takes in a minute for it to populate. And then here's some questions about Photoshopped tutorials. So it looks like some of these are mostly about how to do Photoshopped tutorials. You may want to really break it down into, like, photo shop painting, whatever it is that you're niches is really in, whatever it is that you're niches really in. So here some war questions about that. How to make a photo shop painting, how to photo shop painting effect so you can answer these according to your skill level and what it is that you're blocking about and add these into your constant calendar. That's a fun tool, the use and, um, and used to be able to find what it is that what the questions are that people are asking out there. This is based on looking through the search engines and finding the most asked questions 5. Idea 2 Amazon Final: So the next idea that I have for you to find content ideas is to go on Amazon. Of course, Amazon has tons of books here that you can look through and find their table of contents. So let's say that you're going Teoh, look up information for photo shop. So if you're blogging about photo shop and maybe painting in photo shop, let's type that in. So here's a guide to creating digital characters and Photoshopped. Let's take a look, said has a look inside feature, and that usually means that they'll have a table of contents. Here's the table of contents. It's a little hard to cease. Let's zoom in here. Okay, so here we go. So getting started it goes over setting upper canvas, overcoming a blank canvas, which is probably similar to overcoming writer's block setting up brushes, color swatches. All of this is useful information for getting ready to Teoh, you know, to create a character. And there's other information here about how exactly to create a character as well as some quick tips. Let's go back a page. Here's a digital painting and photo shop. It also has a look inside feature, and it has a table of contents. Let's zoom in to see this information. So again it has the basic tools for painting and photo shop brushes, making your own brushes brush pallets patterns, and it gives somehow to a swell Aziz different. Different chapters that talk specifically more about different types of of paintings or drawings, like charcoal drawings goes over different ways to do that. So if you're into creating courses and information in photo shop or in any other type of niche, you want to come on here and find books that are similar to what it is that you do and try to get some ideas based off of this information. There's no new thing under the sense you don't have to reinvent the wheel or rack your brain for information that you want to talk about. You can find a really structured and organized way of presenting the information from doing a little bit of research ahead of time before you start writing your bog post or before you come up with your theme for the month. So here's five different things that you can blogged about right here. If you know all of this information of course, If you're a food blogger, let's say you're into the paleo diet. There's a couple of there's a lot of different books on here that you can come through and see. You know, what are these people blogging about? What are these people writing about? How can it help your blawg? Here's their table of contents. They have a little bit on eating. Well, what's the ideal plate? What, when and how much? Also have information about fats and metabolism, as well as other information that you're audience would want to know about in order to be successful in their diet, whether this is paleo or okay, So this is high nutrition or whatever it is that you're blogging about. You want to look for a different ideas. They go along with what you're writing about their really round out, what it is that you are talking about. That way you're not so focused on just one idea or one tip like what we saw on the elegant Themes website for divvy. They don't just blogged about to be. People would probably get bored. If they did, it would be like, Oh, it's another pluck post about divvy. They also block about other things that that really helped their audience, um, of entrepreneurs, Web developers, graphic artists, whoever it is that that, you know, goes to their website. They have different posts about different things that really round out the individuals who read their content and give them information. So you want to think along those lines to come on Amazon sometime during the week and really sit down and do some research on what it is that you write about and look at what's out there and you can find plenty of things that maybe you didn't even think about writing about that you can use on your website and on your block posts. That will really help your core audience. 6. Idea 3 Social Media: all right. So for our next idea, I want to talk about using social media to create content. One of my favorite sites to do this is Pinterest. I'm sure that all of you have probably seen Pinterest before, and you probably love it just as much. What I really love about it is that it's visual, and it gives you really quick ideas that for popular content that people are clicking on and visiting sites in order to find out more information. So you can see from the screen that I have Ah, lot of different ideas here already. There's salad idea Kito summer salad recipes. There's electrolytes work Edo, also for Keto diet or some text dividers that someone created here. There's clothing, probably from Polyvore. There's a California Closets thing here. There's more kita recipes. Some information about Nicola Testa, low carb California Callie Cauliflower nuggets. Here's the a promoted item from Fab Fit and Fun. There's tons of ideas here that you can use on your site. If your food blogger then you know having the 72 best recipes here for whatever type of food you blogged about will really help you to get a lot of people clicking through to your site. Let's see where this goes. Looks like it goes right to their article of 72 best Tito summer salad recipes here. So here's information about that. And then let's see where the text dividers go. Well, I can't really read that site. But if they were, if they're smart, they would put this directly to a page where they can either download this her free for with their name and email address, or they could buy it. So it just depends on what it is that the content is about. This is a blogged where it looks like the person is going to collect email addresses. See, you can enter in your email address, subscribe to newsletter and get more of these recipes into your email inbox. These people are not exactly sure what they're doing. It looks like an istock photo, so it probably should lead to a stop a site where it's a pay for, you know, having the item so you would pay to get the item. Um, looks like California closets. This is This is really good. It's a very bright, um, very bright social media post here. Let's see where this goes. Because you know that from the name California closets, they're going to be selling closet design. Right? So here it goes, right to their website, where you can book or free design consultation. If you're looking to have your cut your closet customized, of course, she would want a free design consultation. So you want to think about this, Um, when you're posting things out there, but also what content is based around what it is that you're offering, So they're ultimately going to customize your closet. So first, they're offering a free design consultation. So in order to get that information out there, they created this social media post that shows one of their closets that they created. It looks like your craft room storage and then countertop space. So this is one thing that they probably do in their services. So to get your ideas going, you'd probably want to write something. If you're California closets, for instance, you would want to do something like this, um, to show off your different services. So if you're a fashion, you know, stylist. And here's an outfit that maybe you put together if you're a food blogger. Then, of course, here's a recipe on low carb breakfast big wraps that you can create and put out there for people. Let's see what's out there for photo shop. So if you're a designer, then here's information about building a Photoshopped website. Here's keyboard shortcuts. A lot of people could use that information that really helps to organize, you know, and cut through a lot of time. Here's information about a double exposure photo shop action and how do you even use? It? Looks like they have just a few little steps, so there's all kinds of different information and different things that people are creating . So if you're into designing for photo shop, you can come one here and find different ways to put your content together, um, into thinking about how to use it on social media but also writing on your blogged. So maybe you wouldn't have thought that you could create information about how to make this neon effect. But now, when you come onto photo around Pinterest to find all kinds of information that you can use , um in order to create a block post so it's a great way, Teoh find really quick ideas. And of course, you can always curate them and collect the Maybe you even want to talk about the top 10 pins, um, on using photo shop. And you can do that by saving them to your own Pinterest or even downloading the images If you want to do that. Um, this is a great way to come on here and to find what's out there that can help you to create blood posts around that information. Of course, you can also go to sites like Facebook or Twitter. Let's go to Twitter for a minute. Let's look for Twitter search. Here we go. So on Twitter search, we can actually type in what it is that we whenever that we want to know about. So let's type in photo shop. Photo shop has its own channel. Um, but you know, there's other things that pop up here like something here from Haid. Age H, I see. Looks like he got a star and he saying People will think it's Photoshopped. Um, of course we don't know. I don't know who a. J. Tracy is. So it could be Photoshopped. Or maybe not. Um, maybe he really did get that. So and then here's that looks like some type of information about somebody's Kickstarter. Here's actual Photoshopped Channel. Let's go there. So here's some information from photo shop. This shows that really interesting image talking about Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian artists . Here's about adding Boca overlays, so that would be a good content idea. Good blawg Post idea. Um, if you want to do something similar, maybe you have a different take on adding Boco overlays. There's something about fixing your images that you might want to also block about. So there's tons of topics here. And if there's not anything that you see that's related to what you do, you know, come appeared to this search and refine your search. Maybe there's painting universe in photo shop that you do. And maybe there's some information around some topics around that that you can find on Twitter. And, of course, there's always, um, Facebook, where a lot of people could be writing on different pages. They go in the photo shop page and asking different questions might wanna have focused their there's also linked in. And, um, there's also Snapchat, so you just want to look around and kind of poke around on the different social media sites and see what is out there as faras. What people are talking about, what the conversation is around. Another useful way. Teoh. Oops, Another useful way. Teoh. Um, look at what the latest news is is to go on a Google and type in photo shop and then go to news and you can see all the latest information like here's a nart ical for mashable about saving $40 on photo shop from Amazon. Here's um so information about ah frequency separation action. There's more about photo shop elements being on sale. Here's Boca for beginners, another Boca that must be really popular article. So there's all kinds of different topics here that you can get. Um, you can get ideas from. There's also images if you go here, and one thing that I like to do is type in. If you're into writing tutorials, how to photo shop, you'll see a lot of different for an information that comes up here and images really easily, like how to photo shop someone's face into a picture. There's something here about their smile. Looks like they're putting someone's face on this person's face and making this kid smile when maybe he didn't in the original picture. So there's all kinds of different topics that you confined from doing just a little bit of research on social media sites and in Google. 7. Idea 4 Forums and FAQs: All right, welcome back. So this next idea is based on using forms and groups to create content. So I have pulled up the format adobe dot com. It's the community for him for a photo shop so you can see that they have a ton of FAA cues already created. So you might want to start there with finding different topics to write about. And then they also have information in their forums with questions that people have have asked. So here's one. Let's see, actions cannot be recorded. So that looks like maybe a technical question for photo shop. Um, let's see if you're into technical writing that maybe you want to answer that question. If you're more into graphic design than there's probably other topics that you can write about, um, looks like changing color shade of slider panel and grid Enbridge. Um, that could be helpful for you to write about. Here's one about vertical lines appearing in your drawing. So if you've had any issues with that, that maybe wanna, you know, um, right about that for them. Here's foot a shop for beginners. How to get rid of red eye. Here's a great topic that you could write a tutorial around. How do you crop the photo If you're writing for beginners and you may want to write about, um, do a tutorial on how to crop a photo? That could be very simple for you to do. But maybe for a beginner, it's not so easy. How do you make your photo brighter? You can write about different techniques to do that. So there's a lot of different information and questions in this forum. Looks like these air Some of the frequently asked questions that beginners have, and then down here, this is the latest of what Photoshopped beginners are asking. You might want to come over here and check it out and see what people are asking about what you could possibly write about from the adobe forms. Um, if you're into illustrator than, of course, there's illustrator forms that you can write about. And if your topic isn't Photoshopped at all, but maybe something else, there's usually a forum out there for different topics. Here's a photo shop gurus forum that I found online and, um, looks like you. Can you click one? Let's see, Here's a tutorial and quick tips you can click on here and see what people are asking about by their title and, um, getting some ideas from looking at this. Here's something about what pad covers, So if you're if you know how to create want pad covers, you might want to do the tutorial around that. There's also Digital Point, which is, um, has a photo shop forum, but they also have different marketing, uh, forums as well. So here's something about a ball of energy Photoshopped tutorial, How to Do You Face Swaps and Photoshopped. Looks like we've come across that a couple of times now, in looking at ideas so it looks like that's really popular topic. Here's a square that they're looking to remove from my photo. There's all kinds of different ideas here that people are looking for that instead of answering on the form, you can actually answer on your block. And chances are, a lot of people are looking for this information so they will find your blawg while they're typing in Google. Um, in order to look for these types of topics, so you want to go to Google and then type in. I typed in Photoshopped form you can type in whatever it is that you are interested in in blocking about like digital painting. For, um, here's some different warms that already come up digital art from deviant art but a forum there. There's concept art. There's a forum there. There's wet canvas. So there's a lot of different forms that people in this community or one and typing, you know, questions and different things about. So there's an unlimited amount of topics that you can find around this information. And again, you might wanna check news to see what's going on and see what people are talking about. Here's a global art forum in Dubai. You might wanna look at that website and see what they're writing about on their blawg. There's also images, and then you can also go to videos, too, and see what people are or creating. As faras videos go and get some ideas from there. Also 8. Idea 5 Websites and Comments: So for your next idea, I want to talk about looking at other websites and also at their comments. So on this website looks like PETA pick. So there was an article about adding fantasy lighting with photo shop. So this is a great article. Maybe you have a different take on this, that you want to create your own tutorial. And of course, it goes through the way that this person does it that they created this digital art. Um, so you wanna, you know, kind of do the same on yours only around what it is that you want to write about. And then there's other articles down here. It doesn't look like these have anything to do with photo shop, but these could also be relevant. Your niche? Possibly. But down here in the comments, there's 38 comments which gives us a lot of information about what people think of this article. So here's somebody writing about replicating this for a mix take cover. So maybe you could do a tutorial on how to create fantasy lighting for a mixtape cover and give an example out of your own work. Um, is I don't know what that means like that is what's missing. Um, I guess from the original the original photo. So here's somebody who wrote about no amount of photo shopper plug in software filters can replicate good light. And while that may be true, maybe you have a different take on this about replicating good light in photo shop. Maybe you're of lighting expert, and you can write about how to really replicate good light in photo shop. So this would be a great, um, topic toe. Add to your content calendar that if you know how to do this, you know you know how to replicate good lightened photo shop. You want to answer for people like this guy here who wants to replicate good light or things that it's not possible. Maybe you can show them. Hey, it is possible. Here's how on your blawg or in your video, whatever it is that you're gonna be writing, Um, let's see. Here's something about it being a little harder. So maybe in your tutorial want to make it easy for newbies to come in and replicate exactly what it is that you're doing. Come, here's more information about put a flash behind her. Maybe that's something that you know can be added to your information about lighting. So there's different things in here. Different topics that you can get from different peoples. Calm, you know, conversation that is adding to this overall ah, block post about adding fantasy lighting with photo shop. So you want to just kind of poke around at the comments. There's also, um, the groups like one Facebook groups. If you're part of different groups, there's people asking questions on there. You might wanna look when there to see what people are talking about. You want a local indifferent, um, different websites to find different comments that people are talking about because they're all adding to the conversation, right? So they're all wanting to know about the this topic, and maybe they're giving their feedback. Another way to look at people's comments is actually on Amazon. Let's go back to our idea about writing about the paleo diet. So, for instance, this big paleo 15 cookbook has 104 reviews, so we're gonna skip right directly to these reviews and see what people are talking about. You want to look at what it is that people really love about this book and what it is that they really don't like, because this is where you can fill in the pieces for people. So here's something about low quality food recipes. So maybe your recipes are a lot better than what this person thinks about this book. Here's the taste was mediocre. Maybe your recipes have, ah, lot better taste and you want to write about that Lots of food and a few ideas, but not a good fit. Ah, looks like this person didn't have a good fit, but it doesn't say exactly what wasn't the good fit. So there's not really anything that you can answer about that. Um, here's another one about waste of time and money. It looks like it lists wondered two ingredients plus salt pepper and calls it a recipe. So again, it looks like a quality problem here about this. So you know, you can always think about with your content how to create really good recipes. So let's see what else there is. So let's go back to what people Let's look at this. 4% here gave it three stars. It looks like, you know OK, here's a great introduction, the paleo cooking. It breaks down the do's and don't serve. Paleo et makes recommendations on how to begin. But maybe there's something in in this review that says that you know what they thought that it was missing. So it looks like so it looks like there's some information and they're about what they thought it was missing. So you wanna look at the really great reviews and see what people really like about these? You know, these recipes or the this information about paleo if your food blogger, or even if you're a Photoshopped bog or whatever it is that you're blogging about to get some content ideas about, you have to plug into your content calendar. But also look at what they didn't like and see where you can plug in those holes in your content calendar and you're blogging 9. What to Do For Project: So now we're gonna talk about what you need to do for your project, which is to come up with a weekly content calendar. So if you're only gonna blawg for once a week when this should be really simple, you just want to use this handy, dandy little page that created for you. You can create your date for publication. Let's say if you're doing it next Monday than type in the date here, type in your topic. Entitle your content in details what it is You know, your main focus of what it is that you're gonna be writing about your keywords if you have any that you're focusing on who it is in your audience that you're targeting where you might come up with an avatar that you want to target for your audience, Um, and have the constant be based on what it is that they want to know about. And then what? This offer, What offer is this content going to lean, too? So if you're gonna have an email sign up where they can get more information, or maybe you have a free consultation like we saw with California closets, or maybe you have a product that you're putting out that you want for them to go and check out, Then that would be your offer that you would put here. So if you're blogging once or twice a week than choose which dates, if you're blogging every day during the week, then go ahead and fill out your content calendar for each week. And you could print this out for as many times as you want to create in advance the topics and titles that you wanna blogged about. I suggest at least doing this on a monthly basis, Um, and have that ready. So I'm going to show you an example. So here's my example here about my offer is how to block effectively to build your list and generate sales. So I have five different blawg posts here, So how to create a constant calendar would be my 1st 1 so this would be my topic. Entitle the content details is basically creating a content calendar for a weekly baseless . My key words would be create a content calendar, for instance, although it would have to do some research on that to see if that's really gonna be my keyword. My audience would be bloggers probably begin our bloggers, and then my offer and called action would be the course or the offer that I have listed here, which would be how to block effectively to build your list in generate sales. So this could be my topic for Monday, and then I could fill in the other ones for the rest of the week. Or I could do one here on Monday when, here on Wednesday, when? Here on Friday, if I went to or even just Tuesday and Thursday. So it's up to you how you want to go about creating, You know, however much you want to blogged. But having it all laid out will help you to know exactly what to block about on any given day. So I want to go over. This is one tool that you can use. You can print it out. Of course you can use blank paper. So like I did here earlier, I just typed out a lot of different information that I wanted Teoh right about. So I started with Ian Goldin mind So Thean goal was my product offer, which lets say that I'm gonna do a, uh photo shop. Maybe I want people to buy photo shopped through me through an affiliate link, for instance. So when I would be targeting what could be, Oh, a whole host of people I could target newbies and beginners I could target, you know, Web developers. Um, let's say I want toe right mawr towards Nubian beginner. So my audience would be newbies and beginners. So what kind of topics would they want to know about? Let's see, I could tell them about how to set up their canvas. You know what size is to use what canvas sizes to use for each different project that they might want to create. Um, I could tell them about RGB hoops versus C m y que color. I could tell them about using a photo shop to alter images so this could be a NA article, you know, block post about the benefits of using photo shop to alter images. I could even, you know, do a blood post about how to make money using photo shop. Maybe beginners might wanna know how Teoh how to make money quickly by using photo shop. Maybe they're creating patterns or they're creating logos or they're doing paintings or they're doing, like, custom work for clients. So it just depends on what it is that you wanna Yeah, tight you and I write about. So there's quite a few different topics right there. There's 123456 topics right there that I could right about for that could all lead back to my affiliate link for photo shop. Similar ones that would probably be the best for this type of offer would be using Photoshopped alter images. What are the benefits of using photo shop and then how to make money using Photoshopped to create these different things? And then I could just talk about the different ways you can use photo shops to giving them an idea about how to use photo shop, which would then lead to them buying Photoshopped through my affiliate leak. If I'm creating. If I'm trying to sell a course on digital painting in photo shop, then I could write about creating brushes for the digital paining I could write about. Let's say six different hopes this about that wrong styles of digital painting and photo shop. Maybe there's six different styles that you've created. Maybe they're six different pieces that you could show off, Um, that you've created that you can go over each of those into separate block post, you know, for each of them. But then have the six being one block post. That just shows the overview of what you can create Photoshopped through digital painting. And then maybe that leads to your course in digital painting and photo shop, because it shows how you create these six different styles of digital painting and photo shop. So let's see what it is that you come up with as far as thinking about the in goal in mind , what it is that you're offering, and then what content it is that you want to create around that offer and adding it to your content calendar. So take a few moments to go ahead and do that now. And if you run out of ideas to create, you can always go back through the previous videos to find ideas through the different ways that I listed, like through Amazon and forums, social media sites and different things like that on different sites like that. In order to create your content calendar 10. Conclusion: send by now. I hope that you've created your content calendar and that you're well on the way to using it in order to block create your blood posts. Um, I hope that this course has been helpful for you in order, Teoh help you to create your constant calendar, get started with blogging, and hopefully it will lead to you offering your courses here from skill share or whatever products or services it is that you offer. Um, your conf, this is concludes this. This concludes this lesson. So if you haven't already finished your project, please go ahead and do that by creating your weekly constant calendar and coming up with the topics and how everything is going to tie together in your blood post. Um, you may also want to write your and three basic ideas here for content and details if you want a bullet point list to go by, which could help in writing your blood post. And next steps are for you to use your content calendar in order to blogged or to create your video or whatever it is that you're going to create. So I look forward to seeing your finished projects, and if you have any questions, certainly contact me and I'll be glad to answer. Thank you