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Beginners Speed Reading Class to Learn Faster & More Effectively

teacher avatar Arman Chowdhury, Confidence thru Communication

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What is Speed Reading?


    • 3.

      Reading with Purpose


    • 4.

      Find the Right Books


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      Speed Reading System


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      Bonus Tip # 1


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      Bonus Tip # 2


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      Final Project


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About This Class

Speed reading is when you are capable of reading fast while retaining the information. This is a valuable skill set in the information age. In the information age, it is crucial that you can learn fast, apply new knowledge & unlearn if need be.

Books are a great resource for knowledge. If you're a slow reader, then you may subtly be losing out on opportunities.

This is a beginner's class that will teach you the fundamentals of speed reading. You do not need any prior experience.

In this class, you will learn:

-What is speed reading?

-Why you should learn speed reading.

-A speed reading system that will allow you to go through books efficiently.

And you will be given a final project which will help you apply the knowledge & test your reading speed.

By the end of this class, you will:

-Find the right books to read.

-Know your reading pace & how you can keep improving upon that.

-Build a library within your mind that allows you to provide useful value to the marketplace.

Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arman Chowdhury

Confidence thru Communication



Hello, I'm Arman Chowdhury. I am an engineer, public speaker, and writer who currently owns the company, ArmaniTalks. The ArmaniTalks company aims to help engineers and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills so they can express themselves with clarity and confidence. 


A few of the core communication skills covered include public speaking, storytelling, social skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity.


Throughout my career, I have served in the hard skills fields of aerospace engineering, electrical engineering & systems design. Some of my experience with soft skills include serving as the External Vice President of my Toastmasters club, former communications chair of the Tampa BNI chapter, and publishing... See full profile

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1. Introduction: And the information age, the ability to take in information, process it and make meaningful decisions. Whether it is a powerful skill set that only a few are making the intention to master. And since you're watching this class right now, you are one of the rare few that is going to understand the importance of speed reading. Unfortunately, speed reading, there's a lot of nonsense information out there that prevents you from understanding the deep elements of it, the art and the science of it. We're going to be focusing on the why behind. We want to learn speed reading. And we want to learn it anyway, where we're not just reading the words, but instead we're understanding the words so we can make meaningful changes in our life. My name is Audrey, the founder of our money talks, a media company which helps engineers and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills so they can express your ideas with clarity, confidence. To become a better communicator, you need to learn how to learn. And in this course, you're going to understand what is speed reading, the value of it. You're going to be given a practical system to improve your speed reading muscle. And we're going to wrap it up by a class project, which is going to allow you to apply this information and speed read and context to your life so you improve your personal and professional self. I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. What is Speed Reading?: In the introduction slide, I was talking about how there's a lot of nonsense information in regards to speed reading. And one of the nonsense is that speed reading is just about speed. Now quiet, it's about speed while maximizing retention. That's what speed reading is. Really fast with retention. Because if you're not maximizing retention, then it's an ego move. You're going through a lot of the pages physically, but mentally, you're in La, La Land for the rest of this class, I want you to understand that speed reading is all about maximizing retention at rapid rates. 3. Reading with Purpose: The most important factor to speed reading is purpose. If you're someone that's just trying to speed read, for the sake of speed reading, that's better than not reading at all. But still, your two tactics focused. We need to understand that purpose. Why exactly is it that you want to read flasher? And I'll help you out with us on. One of the reasons that you want to read faster is because time is an asset that will never be returned back to us. And reading takes time. So if you're someone who takes a very long time to read a book, then you are not utilizing your time to the best of your abilities. Especially when you understand the speed reading will help you out in your journey. This is a purpose that helps you but is still sub-optimal. The best purpose that I can think of as something that is unique for you in relationship to your life. Let's say you're a plumber. In your world, you should be trying to become the best plumber that you can possibly be. Soon as you said, that. Beautiful, why? Now something starts to happen with your mind. At this point, your mind wants to keep absorbing more information that will help you become the best plumber that you can possibly be. And this is when you are going to become very curious regarding certain subjects that will help you in your journey. At this point, books are simply going to be puzzle pieces. A speed reading is going to be the fuel. Isn't this much better, is way better than just focusing on the tactics were becoming purpose focused at this point. So I want you to take some time to understand why it is that you want to become a speed reader. What exactly is it that you're trying to become better at? Because if you're not trying to become better and some part of your life, that speed reading is always going to feel like work. It's not going to feel fun. 4. Find the Right Books: Lot of people, when they're trying to speed read for the first time, they're just picking random box. But since you just went through the last module, your purpose focus right now, at this stage, you're starting to get more curious regarding different subjects. Good. I want you to zone in on those objects. And I want you to find books related to those subjects. When you find the right book in relationship to your life, It's one of the most beautiful things you can do for your speed reading journey. Because now you're not requiring as much willpower. Instead, a part of you is being pulled apart of you is taking care of the speed reading part in itself. Because you have the right book for you. You can do a lot of things wrong. But if you have found the right book in the right time, in relationship to a goal. And speed reading often takes care of itself. So in the last section, you started to figure out why you wanted to read fast. And in this section, I want you to list out a few curiosities that you're having in relationship to your purpose. And from those curiosities, spot the subjects, which subjects stick out. Let's say we're going back to the plumbing example. Something that may stick out is engineering. Some part of engineering is resonating with you. You're very curious in regards to add. Another part is management. That's another part that is becoming very curious to you. Now you have two different subjects who filled with many books. I'm sure there are tons of books in engineering and management that you can play around with it. Get those books and use those books in your speed reading journey. 5. Speed Reading System: Your mind loves targets. Because what targets? Now there's specificity that your mind can operate with. And the more clear everything is, the beautiful the action becomes. So what I want you to do right now is pick one of the books that you picked in the last section. And I want you to grab just one book. Then I want you to divide it by five. So there's 250 pages in the book. I want you to divide it, 500050505055 parts. Then you're going to give yourself the week days to finish this book. Isn't as clear. Isn't this beautiful? But let's imagine that you cannot get it done in the week days. Then you will have the weekends as buffer zones. To finish this book. What I want you to do right now is to just get a general feel for how long it takes you to read. The more that you follow this system of getting any kind of bulk, dividing it by five and reading each and every single section. The more you start to understand your current reading pace. The reason that this works beautifully is because the mind gets more data and this point, it starts to factor in different parts of you. Because let's be real. Certain days, you're feeling good. Certain days you're not feeling good. And when you're measuring this on a week-by-week basis, you start to get a holistic view of how you read. Now over time, you start to get a general feel and what does feel. You understand targets that you can operate work. Two 150 page book takes you one week. If you want to make it even faster than you could try to finish it in two days rather than five days. But start off with five days because this is a standard that can help you out and get a general feel for how long it takes you within each day for you to read those 50 pages. The more that you get specific targets, the more that it becomes easier to reduce, reduce, reduce, and go faster and faster and faster over time. 6. Practice: Thing related with communication skills always comes back to practice. The more that you practice, the better off that you are going to become. And it's no different with speed reading. Speed reading is one of those fields where they inadequacies. Just as important as the strengths. You may be one of those people right now who gets too caught up in words. Instead of trying to go for understanding first, you just keep trying to go one word at a time, which hurts your understanding. This is an inadequacy. But you simply becoming aware of the inadequacy allows you to expect it the next time that you're practicing. And the more that you can expect something, the easier it becomes to turn that in adequacy into a strength. So just keep practicing and following the system that I gave you, where you get a book, you divide it into five parts and you aim to read through it. The more books that you get under your belt, the more that eventually you'll be able to just hold a book and be like, hmm, this is going to take me three days to finish it. This one is probably going to take the entire week when you can just hold the book and get a general feel for how long it's gonna take you. That means you've been practicing very well. Dani's up, just keep going more and practice even harder. 7. Bonus Tip # 1: So for this hip, your goal is to get as much information as you possibly can in regards to the book before you start actually reading it. So leverage summaries, there are so many different websites out there that gives you a rough summary of what you're about to read. Use it behind the book. There's a thing called about the book. That's action. When did you start to get a better understanding of what to expect? And number three, you can read reviews of the book. So you can just expect where the author is going to go with the book. This is what I call warming up the mind. The more that you warm up the mind, the easier it is to expect certain things in regards to the book. And the more that you expect certain things, the easier it becomes to absorb the knowledge. 8. Bonus Tip # 2: So depending on the phone that you have, there's a lot of different speed reading apps which are available. Just go on your phone, the app store type in speed reading app. There's going to be a few that come up. I recommend downloading three of them to see which ones user interface resonates the most with you. From there, play around with it. The beauty regarding these apps is that it trains you mentally and physically to train your eyes to keep reading while understanding all the information. And the beauty regarding these apps is that you can warm yourself up. You can create measurables and you can see and track your progress along the way. But most importantly, it becomes a game. Speed reading is a game, especially when you are a purpose driven speed reading expert in the making. So try out one of these apps within your phone and the app store and see how it works out for you. 9. Final Project: For the final project, I want you to grab a book. I want you to divide it into five parts. And I want you to read it throughout the week days. Your goal is to finish it throughout the week days. And if you cannot give yourself the weekend to finish it. Now once you are complete in the class project section, I want you to write a paragraph regarding your experience. Was this too fast for you? Was this too slow for real? What are some of your inadequacies? What are some of your strengths? Did you understand as much of the book as possible? Great. What are your next plans? Be as detailed as you can? Because the more detailed you are with this class project section, the more that you can start expecting what to expect for future box. If you enjoyed today's speed reading class, I want to tell you, thank you very much for joining me. And if you want more content from the Amarna talks brand, be sure to check out or money talks are come. Within this website. You're going to get a lot more videos, podcasts, blogs, which you can speed read by the way, to understand and improve your communication skills. Check out Armani, and I appreciate you very much for joining me in this beginner's class for speed reading.