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Beginner's Guide to Profile Face Drawing | Anime and Manga

teacher avatar Sensei Teaching, Anime and Manga Drawing Made Easy

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Trailer


    • 2.

      Introduction & Quick Notes


    • 3.

      Constructing the Face


    • 4.

      Scalp & Neck


    • 5.

      Mastering the Topic


    • 6.

      Draw Female Faces


    • 7.

      Drawing without Guidelines


    • 8.

      All kind of proportions!


    • 9.

      Male Examples


    • 10.

      Female Examples


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About This Class

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In this Class, you will be learning a ton of valuable information! Like basic structure, proportions and shapes, to create believable and accurate profile view characters!

You will learn the differences between male and female faces, understand how to draw them without guidelines, create your own style and dive into mastering every kind of diverse profile face style.

No previous knowledge is required, but It is recommended you have very basic notion of how to draw the face from the front view to take the most out of the class!

So! What are you waiting for? Let's get started!


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They are not being used for commercial or distribution purpose themselves, they are only being used under fair use, as an informative, commentative and educational medium to exemplify, comment and create a new transformed content, for the offered classes of the website,

The respectively taught art topics and knowledge in each of Sensei Teaching classes, are the main focus of its content, which in general is learning how to draw, and learning how to draw characters in Anime and Manga style.

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1. Class Trailer: Hey, I'm Dido and this is growing the site B of the head and the face on any May style, you will be learning from basic structure, proportions, and shapes to create a livable inaccurate characters will also learn the differences between male and female faces. Understand how to draw them without any kind of guidelines. Create your own style and dive into mastering every kind of diverse faces style. So even if you're in that, if enough, animate, this class will teach you a lot. No previous knowledge is required, but I recommend you to have very basic notion of hearted router phase from the front, the interjected most out of the class might end up with class. You'll be completely capable of transforming this complex subject into something very easy to do. Being able to draw your favorite characters from any gender, any reference, or your imagination with guides, without guides, and with a lot of confidence, everyone can learn this. So whether you take your sketchbook and let's start. 2. Introduction & Quick Notes: Hello, guys, and welcome to another class to these classes about drawing the head from the side view. We're following the previous class, stopping off hearted rather face from the from. For those who haven't taken the previous class, I had to recommend you to take, since we will be understand in some topics by being based on some of the previous explains stuff. However, if you already have a notion on how to draw the from view faces, you gonna straightly watch this class without a problem, since it has been made for people to earn this subject without the need of having much knowledge. I'm assuming you have a basic is killing to drawing circles and lines if you don't going what she only did two first meetings of the previous quest that I'm linking in the notes of the video. And if you don't need to just keep forward quick note. We're going to use the Japanese symbols to indicate when something is right or wrong, different than the traditional Western one. Instead of a check, Mark will be using a serial to indicate something is good. If it's not a nexus, always would with fine let's get us close as possible to the Japanese mindset. All right, this class has been designed by the methodology of learning By doing the only way to guarantee you will learn is to actually follow the instructions of the quest but taking notes and joined the same things that are being shown in the demonstration. All of these topics have over being made to be easily understood and progressively observed , so the activities won't be overwhelming. Take a video dating carabiner to if you're learning to draw the fundamentals and if you have experience, go at your own piece and less note. Go Prefer away for traditional drawing over digital. It will make your learning curve so much faster. I'm not talking about it without proof. Actual science accessed idea that human beings are better at learning and remembering when they are taking their notes. Traditionally, them by using the you know more into these tools are not bad whatsoever. I just personally think they're way better toward with once you have learned to do something and not when you're still learning. If you don't have any other choice but to use the you know, it's fine as well. It may take you a bit more time, so do your best 3. Constructing the Face: Okay, having said the previous, I want to start by sharing with you the way I construct the prophet face. Based on a couple of guidelines. Plays follow me as I go by taking your sketchbook and pencil drawing the same as I explained. It's terribly drawing a single circle, then add across that divides the circle into four equal pieces. Doesn't have to be perfect. Just try to make it s accurate as you can. And here is what he stars getting interest. Divide the remaining spaces that goes from the middle of the vertical line, Dan of the circle into four even parts. If you take all of this is most basis altogether way can call them for X since when it to identify the proportions of the face by naming them to make them recognizable, You only take one of them. Then we will call it one X. So if you only take two of these spaces, it will be called to ext, which is the space we're gonna extend the middle vertical that goes throughout the whole circle as a guy to create another vertical line that will extend far below from the horizon line to the end of the day No vertical line. These line is going to define the way the features air gonna be placed on the face and also this direction the broken face is going to take in this example. Place it facing to do it now divide again in 14 imparts Neil vertical line that goes from a circle and from one x near to the top of the drawn inside. Typical that extends down living another one x of distance from the bottom of the outside Syria. And that's very much the guidelines. They're gonna serve as a foundation for the whole profile. Phase growing. Now let's start withdrawing intel. See how a used red collar to differentiate the guy lines from the actual drawings. You don't necessarily need to draw it with two different covers. This is just for the sake of authority, of the whole explanation. So now I'm taking their regular to be pen zero, and I start to trace the outline of the heads cranium, which extends from the middle authorities on the line off the circle to the bottom of the inside circle we did From there. I locate a couple of lines that are gonna mark where the facial features are going to be proportionally placed. Started with the island down to the node line. Mild line on the chain. Thanks to these lines is not Berries. For me to start placing the outside proctor of the facial features, see how the knows and lives shapes. So what words line previously placed using weight, the face wrapping around the face shape to join right in the middle of the circle where the first marks, which we call one X, are located from the mouth to the nose height. I draw shape that makes the job and connects to the back part of the cranium. Close individual head shape. It's start withdrawing the eyebrows rightward horizontal cross line that divides the circle ISS, then drop by, relocating it somehow in the middle of the island and helped by the nose line on the Mount Ling Brocaded knows trail and the mouth. Finally, just at the year, which goes from where Diab Roy's to the mouth location. All right, what's the previous I want to live. This is clear. It's possible to you, so I'm gonna make another demonstration where I apply again. All of what I just explained for you to see it of interaction. So I recommend you. You again, foamy By drawing as I go this time, I'll be using just a great normal pencil again. It started making the guidelines we just learned, drawing the circle with the cross lines on, dividing the inside his face evenly into four parts. Then I locate the other circle. Inside bills clear the part balls off the circle later, which is to help myself looking the eyebrows on the ice proportion since different than from you. They appear very compressed, inappropriate, completed the guides. I started drawing oval face shape while I didn't features as they go. Then I raise some of the guidelines that I will no longer be used and drove a almost done. Now Josie raise what's left of the guides that away a completely facing him. All right, guys, we made it. These are the general proportions that it will be learning to understand the basic structure of the program inside you, head very indicating where every part of the structure should be placed and how every shape she'll be working related to each other wasn't that hard, was it? Make sure you finish the same drawing and let's move forward into the other parts of the class 4. Scalp & Neck: now that we have a basic knowledge of how to construct, decide me of the face with the right proportions, let's get further. Indeed, A with hearted rather neck and this couple the head our characters will really look, we're by just having a ball head floating around right for the sculpt part. We won't be getting much detail into hearted rather here, but we will be understanding where we should consider her to be placed for further understand police take notes again for the following demo by drawing the same stuff as I explained. Heads Shape is in a circular, as the guide circle is. So it's fine for us artists to indicate by breaking this curvature with a couple of the straight lines and by even extending the cranium just a bit right at the end part of the head, where it will be connected to the net. So to begin getting the neck right, there are also some general proportions that should be learned, and they go to be drinks and health from right below the chin. I'll be breaking it down into one x and two x and health for the sake of simplification. One x will cross the larynx of the neck and two x and house the propitious. Then, by extending the line from where the cranium mints to the end of one X right down the chin , we get the length of the neck that remind us off a squashed you. The connection between the John the neck isn't a straight ahead. Instead, there's a bit of fatness and the skin that hangs down from there. Which proportions should go to generally one x of distance away from the years position. And from there, wasting another line that closes the deal form off the neck, which also holds a little bomb that indicates the visible part of the Lawrence. Right after that, there's an extension made by as the diagonal line towards the face, which indicates the neck muscles. It should go to two x in the house after the one X that goes right below the chin and crossing the learnings. These forms are very simplified representations of the anatomy of the neck, and they indicate the stern of Plato Masto. It's the propitious and the visible part of Lawrence, also known as and last but not least, look again at the five and a skin part of the neck. I'm indicating with green, which it's extremely important to make her heads look more accurate. Way actually need to somehow know what's going on underneath the surface to understand births, strokes, shapes and volumes of the subject we drop. That's why we need to understand the next simplified anatomy. See how the strokes of the neck correspond to anatomy. That shouldn't be neither filled up with much little at the final round. Now for the sculpt with trace three horizontal lines to indicate the proportion that it will be covering. The 1st 2 indicates each one x, and the 3rd 1 indicates health. It's now let's just simply play the right shapes first shape that indicates where the heads hurt and mixed Today year goes up toward the eyebrow. Linus. He also shouldn't go further at the bottom from the island to somehow a distance of how fixed. Then it extends upwards. They said they are gonna let one x of distance somehow butter lil to where the eyebrow ISS , then another day agonal extensive bleeding. Worse to the cranium. Two weeks of distance. If we come from where the first horizontal guidelines was placed the eyebrow after that, there's a remaining part of half the next that is filled up with his most rope that goes to the forehead similares and M ship that concludes the facial part of the skull guys, yet there is arresting for that is located between the neck and the cranium. This one, it starts right at the first shape we created next today, years and even if not visible, imagine it connects down the year to the same length as where the mouth is located and then closest to the extreme of the next. Remember that all of the shapes have been shot as a two dimensional outcome. It is not considering three dimensionality of about. So if they be overhead changes. So the shapes will the master volume metrical head and face rolling frontal inside views often object must be very well understood. That's why we're exploring this, too, before going to straight ahead to the complexity of volume and perspective. We'll see that in another class. Okay, guys, our first exercise of the class. It's draw simple head by applying the two previous explanations, construct the head with the right proportions, and then at the neck and this cop sandal, then all of the proportions between each feature and play the different muscles off the next, signaling with their names as a way to reinforce You know what they are and where they should be at the end show. Zoom in parts of the shapes you consider relevant to remember us and showing the sandals and finally with dotted lines, indicate where relevant shapes should be located on or she'll be places starting the class once you're done with that move onto the next part. 5. Mastering the Topic: so we've put into practice a lot of information. Yet I'm pretty sure that you might still feel some doubts about harder confidently draw the side of the head. That's why I have come up with a couple advices to get even deeper into deception so you can actually internalize and put into effective practice all of this information. The first thing their relationship of this side of the head to the from view face. If we take the circle and guidelines who learned to construct ahead and will replicate them with the same proportions, we will see how each of the features will easily fall in place just above with the organ aligns the horizontal extremes of the circle to create a more hair like form and then finish the outlines off each part of the head on the neck. Three key here is to understand that this proportions are a general rule and that if we follow the coherence they create to draw frontal face, they should remain intact for a character to look cohesive. Unbelievable. For a deeper understanding of this subject, you can learn from a class into the specific topic, which is ember here over a note off this video. The second thing to internalize is a series of notes that closes up every gap of how every feature should be drawn so bad Inch thick eyebrow is usually followed by a bump at the face site. These little bombers starts before Di Bella and finishes in words to the same place of the island. Three eyebrow extends to almost the middle of the space between the vertical center line, and they left a stream of the guide circle. The eye is placed somehow in the middle of the island, however, is fine if you don't place it exactly at the middle. But remember, dialing should always cross between that. The eye on the side B looks a stretch, so the bill bill looks like a very compressed the lips. I'm not around circle compared to how it looks on a front booth. Extension of the I shouldn't exceed the same extension off the eyebrow, which is almost the health of the space between the middle and extreme of the face. Because of the balloon Metreon planes of the cranium, the edge doesn't rich to the left extreme, so there's a space that should always be considered to not play. The ICTR don't stress over the plains or volume a tree of their face. At the moment. We're well covered that in the following classes just keep focusing and shapes right now, right downward. The upper live in its place, the line that represents the mouth. It shouldn't exceed the center of off the ice people, since it must correspond to what the from you face. This place, a mouth that goes further from that point, is totally out of proportion. The the operate leap is a general rule must be bigger than the lower one as a result of the enemy's simplification off its general style because of extension from where it comes right down to the end of the nose. Here's placement. Those is, like, detailed down to the right not to confuse place into this straight down like the guideline . Have quickly talked about this previously, but I want to recall it because off its importance, the cranium foreign isn't a circular as the circles curve, so it's very to portray with few anglers, straight lines that create more denim is in unbelievable ity into these overall shape. The back part of the cranium can sometimes go to the same extension of the guide circle, and it also can go a bit for their away from it. As I'm showing in the demo, it's an artist choice. As a reference point, this cranium shape ends up at least a regular. The notions up to the connection between the chain and the job, or next to the year can be made by diagonal lines and Corvair lights. This subtle change cannot interest in shape. So you're different characters was nothing to know in the mouth and lips. There is a very small space between them that it's the license, the face, this little beetle make their drawing feel more any me, like so keep it that way instead of connecting them. Also, that they don't know that connects the waves and the chain over the face. Kimber, right to our different feelings for the face from a straight to slightly in clean eight it . So where's the neck? And also with a pointy or more pronounced chin ship, you can choose now something very important to remember. It's an imaginary guideline that extends right down from the placement of the eyebrow on the guide circle to the end of the chin. Considering this imaginary straight line makes so much easier the placement of, well, proportion shapes to construct the site, be off the face, see how they I brought bump. The knows the lives of the chin are working together related to these lines. All right, guys, knowledge is nothing without action. So let's make a small exercise to actually tell your mind and your body. You did effectively understand all of this broadside. You face a plan. All of that buys you just picked up from this part of the class. Sino every understood shape and proportion. Using lines, filled up squares, close ups with needles and notes, you can use a Ben Off other color. If it helps you to understand better finish this and go to the next video. I'll be waiting for you 6. Draw Female Faces: girls have some variations when compared to the males proportions. Let's check them out so we can drove off genders up from two Noise Die Bro's bump is very, very supple, almost like the recent war. The nose is much more curve ear, and the nose trail is slightly incriminated towards the nose followers by a very thin eyebrows, then the I, which is a little bit bigger than the males. One should have evident eyelashes, the other reinforcing different community off the court. Changelings goes through almost two x and x proportion goes toe one X and third homes, such in the same Ellis proportions. The shapes you usually go in words the neck and not a straight or outwards. As usually males have the years forms and to be courteous well and a bit smaller than the males on the next. Bigness is less strong, so it portrays more femininity again. Scott works exactly the same as everyone else is. All right, Please signal that the friend proportions and shapes different from the middle one and compare your previous male drawings to completely see the difference in action. We're going to drown on female face, just like the previous applying. I love the learned the information. Make sure you have done all of the previous exercises. Up to now, only watching another plan won't be enough for you to truly be capable of executing good drawn. 7. Drawing without Guidelines: up to this point. We've learned how to effectively draw this. I'd be of the head, but it'll has been made through the help of guidelines. One is an artist, she'll think. How can a draw all of these without them, so I can actually save time and avoid the trouble nous of having to raise all of these guys . We don't usually expect to learn these kind of proportions and guides when trying to learn to draw, but they're critical to can represent things. A curator, me. That's why we must always consider them, even if they're not visible at the final piece. So in order to be able to draw it up guides, we need to understand the relationship between every part with the help of them and by holding them mentally, we can actually create our drawings without the need of blazing them every time. Let's think about her. Look on how to draw these beer without. I want to briefly show you guys how I consider it, and then I'll break it down into a couple of easier steps so you can have a better grasp on what I explain. The first thing I consider when drawing this view, guys. Leslie is the cranium shape I intuitively calculated by imagining the complete circle with the gross lines inside that helps me to know where I should live. The place the neck touches to the head, and where did you she'll be drawn? The second thing that go with it's to know this, based on the next cop to the middle of the circle, is enough to feed the location of the year, which is three X If you remember. Well there is for, except for space from the middle of the circle to the bottom of it. Then, guided by the location of the year I know located facial features to the mouth, which should be at the same height as the mouth. From there. I just finished the face by adding the job on chin and proceed to locate the neck and this culpas. Final details. Okay, guys, since I've drawn the guide red lines to show how I'm thinking withdrawing when I'm not using guides, I know it can create a lot of confusion without the process, because they drew them contradict because I drew them contradictory to this part of the classical. So for the sake of a good explanation, I'm going to make a quick recap in a very order for you to get a better idea of how those steps are. More evidence. All right, Number one. I draw the cranium shape by imagining the circle number two I locate a year by acknowledging its size is off tree. It's which you go from the middle of the circle to the part, the negative that is, to the cranium. Shape number three I locate the facial features is starting with Diane knows, being guided by the years proportion, which is drinks and finally, number four. I locate the mouth and chin and close the face shape with the young by imagining the straight line that resembles the fragments of the face when compared to the roundness of the cranium. After that, you can finish your drawing by out into her and the neck as you please police put the class in practice. The priest steps. A couple of times will do. You have gaining confidence, then put into practice the learned subject and put together the steps by drawing the side facing chicken of the right proportions until finish your joints successfully, you're This is stage. Adding some hair style from a reference or imagination will make things interesting. So give it a try, then let's get finally into the last part of the class. 8. All kind of proportions!: We're getting closer to the end of the class. Here, 24, I'm pretty sure you have developed greatest skill. We now know how to perfectly draw a very well proportioned side. We're faced with an egg and the scalp. We can draw with guides, without guides and even both genders. The previous subject is only helping us to understand a head with general proportions, but there must be a lot of characters on the enemy and manga universe that may have a lot of different proportions. And you may also be looking forward to successfully drove him to. So it shouldn't worry you neither. I've got it all covered. There are some simple advices and the steps that I did allow myself to be able to draw them. And now I'd like you to know them to then watch closely and follow me. My taking notes and drawing and zygote. Formed must never lose sight that every view of the phases corresponding between each other. Principally the frontal view on the side view. So all of the proportions that are going to be out there on any of these sites should have repetitions over the other one. That being said, considers the guide circle and the cross lines we learned at the beginning of the class to be always there. If you go straight the head and draw without guides, you should always imagine them. They are unmovable. Additionally, the following to consider is that the facial features can be as likely moved from their original positions of either above or down. That will change the overall proportions of the whole face. So always have clarity over the features you modify it. For example, see how hearing the eyebrow line I can I brought to be above or below. And the availability of the character remains? The character may look a bit different, but it doesn't seem weird. This technique helps us to actually create a wider range of proportions to the same various phases. See how it also applies to the nose, the mouth, and the chin. Don't forget that if the features are changing proportions, you may have looked to change also the other ones like the year or neck proportions in order to make them fit balance. This is likely variation applies to the year as well. It's straight away. Remember to consider where the neck attaches the cranium. And the back part usually is at the same line then of the analysis place or even where the mouth is can be too. About the front part of the neck usually goes one x left toward the vertical center line is placed as a guideline of the circle. The next width can override if we change the position from where it starts closer to the facial features extreme of the face. This effect will make our character to MOOC older or more miniscule or something else that is very important when switching proportions is the way all the facial features are attached, the cranium and jaw. The farther away you are, the closer they are attached to the line that extends down right at the extreme of the circle will dramatically change the overall perception. This kind of variation, actually a lot of dynamism. Lord, and seeing which ones you think are burned to the characters you want to create. Like so not only the placement of these facial features cannot be interesting combinations, but also the way the shapes of the features are being drawn can have them too. Here I'm applying some of the general animal shapes that I've learned throughout time. See how that despite the different forms, they all still remain the same proportions as the general rule we first learned. You can also switch them as learned previously is lively up or below the guidelines, or even main radical proportion variations in the neck and the chin to make them crazy on more interested. Last thing to consider for creating new and an interesting shapes and proportions is to study your reference you love. Find the narc piece and the starboard place in the guide circle on the cross lines. Then look for a general proportion rule that will dictate the relationship of the rest proportions of the head. Looking to see how many times is this proportion being replicated all along the structure. Usually call one X. Then analyze and replicate the shapes of the features of this character and half drawing though, to see how much you have observed from the reference. You'll then can add to your will the things you liked into your own characters. Wait guys, that's it for today's class. I hope you found out plenty of new and interesting information for your art. I'm sharing tree Pinterest boards edge made for you guys. They have male faces, female faces, and head drawing resources that I personally curated and then I personally used in my own studies. Feel free to check it out and get a ton of inspiration, practice, and rewatch all of the videos that you feel you need to reinforce. Then when you feel you're ready, complete your class project. Your class project is to draw a couple of male and female faces, hopefully guidelines. And if you need the guides, it's fine. You're still learning. On each of them are either proportions and features, depending on the features you have observed from your favorite artists or your imagination. Just like we saw on the proportions variation part of the class. You can also find me on my personal art accounts, on Instagram and Twitter. I may not be uploading a lot of art right now. But if you like the class, there might be interested in things and content for you to see in the future. A lot of reference pictures that I have gathered for my own status that may be of help for you to expand your visual library. Meconium artists find inspiration and learn from different tutorials. You can find them all on my Pinterest profile, which you can click the link in the description. And finally, don't forget to leave a review if you found this class useful to follow me. If you want to say, update it to all of the new classes that will be coming or to ask me anything if you need any help. I'm always happy to help. Thank you guys and see you next time. 9. Male Examples: 10. Female Examples: