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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Beginners' German for busy people - Part 3


    • 2.

      Day 21 - Shopping for clothes


    • 3.

      Day 22 - colours


    • 4.

      Day 23 - buying train tickets


    • 5.

      Day 24 - I'm ill


    • 6.

      Day 25 - at the chemist


    • 7.

      Day 26 - booking a hotel room


    • 8.

      Day 27 - at the restaurant


    • 9.

      Day 28 - saying goodbye


    • 10.

      Day 30 finishing the course


    • 11.

      Your project


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About This Class

Part 3 of a 30 day challenge for learning basic German in time for your awesome holiday or successful business trip to Germany.

If you haven't done part 1  (which covers day 1 - 10) or part 2 (which covers day 11 - 20) you may wish to do so first. But it isn't essential.

And if you wish to take it further, here is part 4 :)

If you are a busy person who finds it hard to fit in time for language lessons, then this course is perfect for you!

Each topic comes in a bite-sized challenge, lasting no more than 5 - 10 minutes work a day.

This will be enough to make you feel less uncomfortable when in Germany and people speak to you or you read German instructions.

And for the business person, who wants to exhibit in Germany or who is meeting a prospective client - this course may just help you get that deal!

Contrary to popular belief, not all Germans do speak English - and even if they do, a few polite sentences in German may just be what they needed to hear to be persuaded to buy from you.

Topics covered are:

  • Shopping for clothes or other non food items
  • Colours
  • Buying train tickets
  • I'm ill
  • I need things from the chemist
  • Booking a hotel room
  • At the restaurant
  • Saying goodbye

Day 29 is your turn, as it's time to celebrate your progress. Day 29 is not a video but your project, which will be answering questions about day 21 to 28, test yourself and then celebrate :-)

Want free entry to this class? Try this link: Free German lessons

if you liked this class, please give it the 'thumbs up'.

Leaving a comment or even just the thumbs up will help other students decide whether this course is good for them.


EDIT: I have now also added PDFs of the videos. You'll find them attached to the project. You don't need to do anything with them unless you wish to check something but don't want to watch again :)

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Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Beginners' German for busy people - Part 3: If you see in this picture for the third time, then you know that this is part free off my 30 day challenge for absolute beginners off the German language. Part three covers the last 30 days. Onda We looking at clothes, shopping well and other things as well. Colors buying train tickets. We learn what to say were ill, who need to go to the doctor or just a chemist. We learned how to book a hotel room, how to book a table at the restaurant. Andi saying goodbye on. We'll have a celebration again in the project where we can find out how much you we remembered. You can do this course on its own, but if you want to do the whole challenge, you may want to go and have a look at Part one, which covers the most basic things on Part two as well. But it isn't essential. Part three on his own is justice. Fine. So if you fancy a 10 day quick German challenge, click on the enroll button, I'll see you then 2. Day 21 - Shopping for clothes : As we spend a few lessons on numbers and money, we will go clothes shopping today. This may not be off interest to everybody, but the system off the sentences is the same, no matter what you might buy. So even if you are absolutely not interested in buying clothes, you can use those sentences to buy. I don't know, electric drills, cuckoo clocks or whatever it is you like to buy. The only tricky bit is that you need to remember the three words for the and then change them accordingly. I'll give you some sample sentences in a minute forwards which are masculine. And remember, it's the word, not the item Feminine Neutra and plural. Once you know them, you can look up those items that you rather by and choose a sentences that much. The gender, for example, muscular inwards. For example, Doc, the skirt could be damn Buller the drill. Okay, you've seen the sentences. Now you realize some of these sentences are not useful for buying drills, but I like it. I take it those still fit. So what do we half It is super, which is I'm looking for zum einen hook. I'm looking for a skirt. Szoka einen hook. I let you say it. They're hook is to Klein. The skirt is too small. They're hawk is to soak lying and I let you say it. It is two goals. It is too big And it is too coarse. No, let you say it now. Here. I didn't use their hawk again because just like in English, we wouldn't saying the skirt is too big. The skirt is too. This this good is that we would say it the only difference in German that it could still be he she or it now air if it's a person, means he. But if it's an item a thing than it means it a bust. We're lucky it fits air past or he may not fit their past. Missed a post Next I like it. Eggo Fage mia And I say it again. A good faith from you. And I let you say it and I take it. It's name it in this name. In Let's try another one. They pull over the jumper, it zoom in, pull over a Zuker einen pull over and I let you say it. They're Pollux. Va is to Klein. They're Pollux Va is to climb. Maybe it's too big. They're pull over is to goes they pull over is so close. Or I could say air is to cause it passed. If it doesn't a past finished Eggo Fey Julia, you could possibly guess if you wanted to say I don't like it. You're at the word nest, Egg Affairs Minister. But if you do like it and you want to take it, its name it in its name in. So without going into grammar explanations, you now know that if the item you're looking for has a masculine gender, you need to say Ironman, if you're looking for a whatever. If you think that sounds familiar, check out Day 13 again when we did similar sentences with drinks. And remember, though, that the German would air could mean he if it's a male person. But it can also mean if it if it's a thing a feminine though deka the Zohar in a yaka Hey, sue her einer yaka. I'm looking for a jacket de yaka ist. So Klein the yucca is to Klein, Remember to climb too short, too small. C'est two goals. C'est to course So now I'm using Z for it because it's a feminine Now Z can also mean she if you're talking about a person z past it fits z past or maybe see past finished siga felt mere. I like it. Seeger fella. Jameer Was it a fate? Munich? His name is he. It's Nemazee. I'll take it. Another feminine one. This is a bit tricky. D Whose or D jeans now It's a tricky because in German trousers are singular. Where is in English? There are plural. So we are using. The sentence is over in a horse now in English. We wouldn't say I'm looking for a trouser. So zoo her in a horse and we've got the same sentence. Is again the horse er ist so Klein. C'est to cause. See post Ziggo fetch mere its name is E. As you can see, if you're looking for something that has a feminine gender, you need Aina on the It in this case is C new turnarounds. Thus T shirt, for example, zu her I'm t shirt. It's true. Her I'm t shirt. That's T shirt is two goals. That's T shirt is two goals. S is to Klein s is to Klein now s is actually it just like we have it in English as well. It's past Oh, this past week Esca faded. Tamir Oh esque affect Munish. But if it does, you take it easy. Name Miss. And another example does him the shirt. And as you can see, the sentences are identical again. A zoo, her I'm attempt That's him is two goals. That's him is to Klein. It's past Esca Fage mia. Its name is this plural. It's the sentences are quite identical because we need for ah and they it's Luca. Sure, I'm looking for some shoes. We don't need to translate this. Some were just saying I'm looking for shoes. It Szoka Sure, plural. Everything is D. So be sure, But now we need Zind because they are too sure Isn't took horse seasoned to Klein? That too small Now the verb changes a bit us. Well, z pasin If they fit, see pasan need if they don't fit Siga Fallon mere If you like them Zika Fallon Me unfinished If you don't like them, its name is E If you take them a few other sentences. Rule is de Casa where is the till If you are in a big department store sometimes they're tricky to find. You can look out for the word Cassa But if you need to ask war ist DeKaser I let you say it or you may want to ask. Vou can ists Alan, where can I pay? I repeat vocalists Alan Volcanic shtick Leider unpopular Where can I try? Thes close vote can teach decliner UNP or beyond Keep this I know Home Clyde A cab Bina Is there a changing room? Keep this in a room. Collided Campina. That was quite a few sentences today. I'm sorry this is a bit longer today, but today's tasked right Those sentences into your notebook Feel free to change any items that you will definitely not buy into things. You might buy practice saying those sentences. Maybe use a catalogue and choose some items. And also, if you are buying clothes or thinking off buying clothes, find out if the clothes and shoe sizes are different in Germany to your country. You save itself a lot of hassle. If you find out before you go, there are lots of websites to tell you have fun practicing 3. Day 22 - colours: Welcome to Day 22. Yesterday you learned lots of phrases to use when buying clothes. But you may want to say that you're looking for a blue shirt or grey trousers. So here are some colors. Hoot Read GOP yellow. Get gluten Green balloon Shabazz Black Shabazz, Vice white vice Blau New below can now gray. Good. How Leela, Purple Leela Ho za pink, Hoser. They also use pink quite a lot now, but found brown bound. Oh, grunge orange, Well hung. If you want to just stay that something is a color, then the sentence is easy and the word for that color is just like you've learned it. So, for example, there Hawk ist Blau. The skirt is blue. The hacker is to hold. The jacket is rich. Does hemmed is device? The shirt is white, two shores and shots. The shoes are black. It gets more complicated when you want to say that, for example, you looking for a white shirt. The ending off the objective changes depending on the gender. Actually, another sentences. It can change even more. It would take a lot of practice and revision to really understand all the different endings . Not something we can cover in a few minutes a day. But I will make another cause just for gender endings and adjective, endings and things like this. I still give you the sentences for I'm looking for a colored item so that you are aware off them. If you do find them easy, go ahead and use them. Alternatively, it might just be enough to understand what somebody else is saying. If you know your colors, you will hopefully hear them within the words, even with different endings. So here it goes. Zu her I in an Blowen hawk So I'm looking for a blue skirt Now we've already had I known with E E n and you've noticed that the color now adds an E end as well, and that would go for any other color. If you're looking for a red skirt, it would be e So her wine and Horton hawk a red jacket. Now that was the feminine sentence is all her. I know her halter yaka. We've already had aina for feminine words. Now we adding any to the color Exoo, her China halter yaka. If you're looking for a white shirt, that's you neuter word Izu. Her ein vices hemmed. I'm no other ending, but the color now has an e s or any other objective gets an e s ending a su her ein vices hemmed. And if you're looking for black shoes, sure again, there is an e ending on the color. Today's task right, The colors a new sentences into your notebook practices. Sentences don't panic if these different adjective endings confuse you When in Germany be rest assured that if you were to say, for example, zu eine Blau walk instead of the correct iso her wine and blow unhook, they will understand you anyway, because most of the times people were only listen out in this case for the two important keywords Blau, Onda Hawk and you will get what you're looking for. I'll speak to you tomorrow. 4. Day 23 - buying train tickets: Welcome to Day 23. Once in Germany, you may wish to take the train to a different town. Here are some useful sentences to inquire about trains. One factor next to took, not Belene. When does the next train go to building? I say do it slower. One said their next took Na Bellen and again at normal speed One for the next two took nap . Ellen, Have a go setting it. One contact took in Berlin on when does the train arrive? From Berlin Van comes death souk in Bellen aan Run! Come there Took in Berlin on and you'll turn. Do I have to change trains? Most home She dragon must see Tiger, you ask. We'll see social acts. Alan, do I have to pay a supplement which you have to do on most of the fast trains? Moose. So flack silent mostly to flocked silent and you'll go Canada. And in Plexiglas of yuan kind of reserve a seat Come each einen plots reserve villain Canada and implants cause of you and you have a go for vacation. Glides fatter Took Now that question would be from which platform does the train leave? Quite a mouthful easier would be Vegas guys, which is just which platform you choose. Which one you want to learn. I read them both to you again for very him. Bligh's fed dead took from Valium, glides fair there, took have a go a long one. Very his guys very hiss. Gliwice have a goat a short one as well. If you then want to buy a ticket, there are against several ways off asking the question, but there is one easy way of doing it. You just say the number of tickets then comes to return or single on the destination for the number of tickets. All you need to say it's one times two times three times, or whichever amount of tickets you need, depending on how big your group is. I'm mother, which is one times it's my model. The high mile. You can see the pattern if you need four tickets. Fear model I'm far is a single ticket hidden on. So look is a return ticket literally means there and back. I'm so hitting on Sooke and the last bit in the sentence now and then. The name with the tone so an example. I'm all Hinault took knock own. You would say that if you wanted one return ticket to Kyllo and that's the pattern if you wanted to single tickets to Berlin. It's primal. I'm far now. Abilene. Listen to the conversation and find out what the customer wants to know on what the reply is. Don't worry. If you don't understand that straightaway, listen as many times as you need to. But this time I will only read it once. So if you want to hear it again unique, you rewind it. Funfair de nested Sukma paso on seeing war One can't get soak in Paso on on vines wanted. Who would I see most of the old tiger? Yeah, in Hanover. Was it social act Sand? Yeah. See in Oil Canada and implants because of you. Yeah, Just pregnancy Gooch. It's my Molina to look not pass a bitter this matter. I do not feel months 16 Oil from vacation glides factor took from glazed high. Do rewind it and listen to it as many times as you like when you think you've got the answers, carry on because I'll give you the transcript now and there we are. This was the conversation. One fared in a state soup paso that seeing war one company took in. Pass a one its winds Want if you do, I see mostly on Steichen. Yeah, in an Ortho mostly to flat, silent yet seen oil Canada and implants cause of you. Yeah, Just Kenzi. Good bye, Melin on. So look now. Pass a bitter. That's matter I own at four months. Once the oil for invasion belies factor took for glides dry Well done if you caught that. So today's task right the new sentences into your notebook if you have to change them appropriately if you know you were using the train but you're not going to Berlin and practice saying them. It's also worth knowing that the I'm lights my mind Divine mile if you wanted to buy the tickets. That also works if you're buying a bus ticket and it also works if you're standing in the queue to buy cinema tickets or theater tickets or museum tickets, all you would have to say at the booth time arbiter if you wanted three tickets. That's why my bitter so have a think in advance. If you know any of thes things on right, the sentences down like you will need them. If not just practicing. Maceo, I'll speak to you tomorrow 5. Day 24 - I'm ill: Welcome to Day 24. Hopefully, you'll never need today's topic. But just in case, let's look at some body parts and some illnesses That's off the body parts first on dive sorted them according to gender. So this list here they are all masculine, Which means the word is all masculine and their old dare I will read each word twice and then stop for a break to let you have a governs. Well, okay, here it goes. Their cups hint, cup, muhnt Mouth wouldn't bowels stomach bow fools, foot fools Finger finger finger highlights. Which could be the throat. But it can also be the neck highlights Looking back looking, um but you see around, um, son Truth, son, If you which of feminine now, Which is d d nozze the nose nozze Lipper Just lip Lipper, hand your hand hand and some Mutar ones. That's or your ear. Oh, uh, buying like buying Kony me Kony Gazette face, is it? Oh, good, I Oh, good to say that something hurts. You've got two ways, Andi. They're almost identical to English. You can either saying if you have ah, and then leave a gap sh Mattson. But when you would say it in English like I've got a something aches. Or you could say something hurts, Which would be to V. So if you've got a headache, you could say E harbor cops. Mattson. I repeat that one Ihab cops Mattson and give you time to say it. Or you could say mine cop told V which is my head hurts mine cops put v another example Cabot Bo sh Mattson I have a stomach ache caba bo sh Mattson. Or you could say mine bow toot v My stomach hurts mine. Bow to v have a Hultz sh Mattson. I have a sore throat harbor Holtz Mattson Or you could say mine highlights to V My throat hurts mine hearts to v cab looking sh Mattson Have a back ache, a cab looking sh Mattson. Or you can say mine. Look in to the my back hurts Mind looking to v Have it? Sancho Mattson. I have a toothache habit. Sancho Manson mind son to V. My tooth hurts my son to V cab Olin sh Mattson. I have a near eight. Have a lynch Mattson or you can say mine or to V mine or truth. V. Now if your arm hurts just like in English, you wouldn't say I Havenaar make. We would say my arm hurts on. That's exactly the same as in German mine arm Toot v Mine arm Toot V. Not sure unfortunate on both arms hurt. Then you will need the plural version. And that would be minor armor because that's my arms tune V. So it's not taught V anymore. It's Tune V, and that's what you wouldn't need for anything in plural minor arm tune V Mine. Keeney Toute V If it's just the one My kidney to three Oh minor. Any tune V? If both of them hurt my Nick Me look, sometimes people say Kenya as well. Tuned V on the last example Mine. Aga to v. My eye hurts mine Aga Truth V and if both of them hurt, minor organ tuned V Minor al Good Tune V. If you find the two TV sentences easier, you can use them instead off carb. Whatever. Mattson. It's entirely your choice. Whether you want to saying Kabakov, Schmertz or you want to say Mankoff to V now, ideally off course, you don't want to say any of them But if you have to, at least now you are prepared. So today's task right the new words and sentences into your notebook practice saying them, especially if there's something you suffer a lot and you know you may need those sentences like a set. I really do hope you never need any off them, but just to be on the safe site, we will add a few more sentences tomorrow. 6. Day 25 - at the chemist: Welcome to Day 25. Today's a little follow up to yesterday's lesson. Most times you don't need to see a doctor, and a visit to the chemist is enough. I hope you remember the word de ap Atik for the chemist. One basic sentences. Hopefully all you need I need is how her and then you need the word for against which is geek. And in Germany, we don't need medication for something we wanted against something. The English four has always amused me. Why would I want something for a headache if I like to get rid of it? But anyway, they saw some of the sentences you may need epochal her. At first. Gegen coughs. Mattson. I need something for a headache. So you've got the phrase it how adverse Gegen. And then you just add the word coughs, Mattson. It's because at first gig in Coach Mattson and I let you say it power at first gig in Gripper ba how her at us Gegen gripper and I let you say it. How her adverse Gegen schnupp often, which is a runny nose. How at first, gegen schnook often if Barca at basking Heuscher Thompson which is hay fever? A how her at first Giga Hoshi. How her ATF asking Do it fall. I need something for diarrhea. How at first gig and do it. That, incidentally, is one of my favorite German words. One reason is I never know how to spell diarrhea. Actually had to look that one up on. The second reason is because it's actually so literal in German. Dewey could mean through and Father is to fall. Okay, I'm moving on. You may need to ask your doctor about how her mind and asked Ishiba how her einen asked how einen son asked ba how Ayn in San axed If you need a dentist just in case has been an accident, you may need to ask somebody to call the police or emergency services. Hoffan Z Bitter einen conquering Vardhan Please call an ambulance Orphans e bitter einen conquering Vardhan orphans e bitter people It's I please call the police Hoffan Z bitter people. It's I. If you can't remember the whole sentences on, I guess in an emergency, everything you've learned has probably disappeared the keywords pullets I and can convey bargain will do and actually even those Germans who don't speak English will probably know what police or ambulance mean anyway. And by the way, the emergency phone numbers in Germany are 110 for the police on 112 for emergency services . But I do hope you never need them. So here are the sentences again, and I read them at normal speed this time. Broca ATF asking coughs Mattson a broker at first getting caliper Walcott basking schnook phone. It broke her adverse Getting Jewish file Enough missed out Peralta adverse getting notion of from he behind and asked behind. And son asked Orphans of Britain and Conch in Vardhan orphans, a bitter deep bullets. I I've just added the two emergency numbers again as well. So today's task right the new sentences into your notebook practice saying them, especially if there's something that you suffer a lot and you know you may need to buy something for it asked me if there's something that I haven't mentioned, but you need to know the sentence and you don't know how to say it, and I speak to you again tomorrow 7. Day 26 - booking a hotel room: welcome to Day 26. We're nearly done. So for the last two days, you will just learn a few more holiday related phrases on today they're all about hotels. I'm assuming that you will book your hotel room online. But in case you're driving around Germany and find a hotel where you'd like to check in, you need to find out if they have any rooms available. So you may ask happens e I'm simmer Fi happens e I'm simmer Fi just do you have a room or literally, actually, Do you have a room free? The plural would also be simmer. So if you wanted to ask for more than one room, he just changed the line with the appropriate number. So happens, he writes, um if I happens, he fear simplify whichever one you want You may want to add straight away for how many nights happens e I'm simmer for fine enough happens e I'm simmer for China Knocked that before one night. If you wanted for more than one night happens E on simmer foots. Why Nestor? So the plural is Nestor, And again you just changed. That's why, with the amount of nights you want to stay Hamzi on. Simmer for your friend nectar, maybe to avoid them asking whether it's a single or a double room. You may as well add that to your sentence as well. The more you could put in already, the less they will have to ask Happens. E on insult. Simmer for two high Nestor. So do you have a single room for three nights? Harbin Z on cancelled. Simmer for try. Next happens E on top. Otsuma for Try Nestor Or, as I've written down here happens, Ian toppled. Simmer for China. Maybe you just want a double room for one night so you can swap and change them around. Now I'm still Timur. Drop it. Simmer. I'm simmer. It's right. The murder item er ein enough to my neck. Did I? Nestor Whichever combination you need, the word for room number is simmer. Noma looks weird like this, doesn't it? But Germans do put compound nor denounce all together as one word. So minor. Sim anouma ist If it's just you on your own, my room number is stopped up, not whatever the number is or ones over Tim Anouma. If it's more than one person So if you're eating a meal in the hotel restaurant, for example, and you would like to be charged to your room, you can say, Which is that since he dust off Tim Anouma that we please charge it to our room number because that since he dust off 10 to Manama and if you're on your own. But is that since he dust off mine, Symone Roma, on their most likely ask you which one it is. And then you would say, Man, it's Amanuma is whatever the member. If you like to check out the emotional house, check or much else, check in notice, possibly a little bit of grammar here, that the verb is different each time. Whether we're saying we we're saying via motion. And if you're saying I was saying issue muster for the time being, I just like you to learn it as a phrase. If you are interested more in the grammar, watch out for when I do the grammar courses on, I will explain everything in a lot more detail. Can you commit credit card? It's Alan cannot pay by credit card can ish Mitic credit card. It's Alan when you're leaving You may need a taxi. Horsens Emir Bitter in taxi Wolf Lindsay Mere bitter I'm taxi or if it's true of you or even more Wolf Lindsay on Spitter Im Taxi orphans He wants better in taxi on the last race for today which is actually very useful in lots of situations, not just in the hotel. Couldn't see me hasten Can you help me? Kernan? Zima, Hef. So to re couple the phrases again happens he on simplify or you at the an amount of nights Hamzi and simmer for Indiana or through whatever next Hamzi An insult, simmer or having tea I drop it. Simmer So I know not mine. It's in Manama ist one Scot Symon Amazed. He must else check in or view motion else checking. Can you give it credit? Carted silent I often see maybe time, Taxi or orphans? It once bitter in taxi currency My head. So today's task right The new sentences into your notebook and practice saying them Just think only four more days and the 30 days are up. I'll speak to you tomorrow 8. Day 27 - at the restaurant: Welcome to Day 27. Today we will be in a restaurant. Treat a lovely meal. Oh, no, only in our imagination. But just think of how wonderful it would be when you're in Germany for really. So here are some phrases you may need in the restaurant, and Tish puts Viper soon table for two on Tisch fur. It's Viper Soon and bitter could even put the bitter there on Tisch Fur Ein a pencil If you just on your own and Tisch Fur ein a pencil. If you want the menu, you can say Despise the Carter bitter. I despise the Carter bitter If you're really brave and you want to say the whole sentence like I'd like the menu, please could saying Head began dish Baeza Carter. But despise the Carter bitter will do. It's much too bushed. Ellen. It's much to boost Ellen. I'd like to order possible orders. If you want to start a, which is the force visor, you start. You sentence with its for spies and name it. And then we asked something for your main Mir. It's helped Speiser name A. It's helped spies the name on the desert. It's Nash Baez and Mimi. It's Nash, Baez and Mimi, and we do need a little bit of grammar again. Do you remember when we asked you something to drink? If you don't check out Day 13 again, the same applies to these sentences here, except that we don't want to say a We want to saying the like, Oh, I'll take the fish or all to take the roast beef or whatever it may be. So where we learned to say Ironman with muscular announcing Day 13 we now say, Dean with muscular announce on We say D with feminine and thus with new to announce so possible sentences could be as forced by the name of HD tag a super. That's how tries animated fish or it's helped by is a name HD Pitzer attached by the name is detention, which is chicken. That's Nash buys a new meters ice because I want an ice cream. Now, if you know what type of mere you'd like to try, you can look up the gender beforehand. But if you don't want to mess about with a dictionary while the waiter, all the waitresses waiting for your order just up the name off the meal without any gender on my mother gender. But remember, I didn't tell you that. Okay? When you want you Bill, you say, do you fresh nunca bitter, do you flashing long bitter If you want to leave a tip. For example, If the bill came to 38 euros and you want to give 40 just give the money and say Stimpson and then they just take the 40 Justin so it's sort of meaning off. It's okay like this if the bill came to 32 you'd like to give 35 euros, but you have 40 then you say from from rising oil touched him and you get five year olds back. One little bit of information yesterday you learned how to ask if you could pay with credit card. Now, depending on whether you are in a big city or a small town, you may not be able to pay with card. There are still a lot of places which don't accept card payments only cash or cheques. Ondas Foreign visitors in Germany, you wouldn't have a German check book which just leaves cash. Things are getting better, and you may not have any problems. But just be aware. The smaller the town, the bigger the chance off a nine. Answer to your question. So to re couple the phrases again on tissue, it's Vipers owner or I'm Tisch. Fur Ein a pencil. Despise the Qatar bit. Head to Gandhiji. Speiser Carter. He must have a Stellan that's forced by the name ish Dane or D or dust. Whatever. Nice item off food you want to eat. That's helped by the Niemi. That's Nash, Baez and Mimi onto twin, most Ish in and coffee. I need vodka. I know I'm again. Check day 13. If you can't remember the drinks after the meal, do you hike along bitter? A possible shrimp tal If you wanted to leave a tip and bitter no, you may have noticed that Germans often use the word bitter when they don't actually mean please. And that's because bitter also means you're welcome or valuer. So if you say dunker or Duncan Xun when you thank somebody for either a service or for passing you something, they will say Bitter orbiter should. So today's task right the new sentences into your notebook practice saying them and look forward to enjoying those lovely bits of food, and I speak to you, too 9. Day 28 - saying goodbye: welcome to Day 28. You have almost completed the 30 day Challenge. How exciting is that? When you started in day one with the greetings, you may have wondered why there were only greetings and no goodbyes. That's because I didn't want you to say good bye on day one. No, I wanted you to stay the whole course, but I let you have them today. Basically, there are two ways of saying good bye. I'll feed Ezzine off video zine on. It's pronounced almost as if there wasn't a knee at the end off video zine or you say choose choose. Now most textbooks tell you that our feed a zine is used when you don't know people and choose with friends. Now this has gradually changed. Most people now use juice, even if they don't know each other, although I would possibly shy away from it. When you're in a business situation, stick to the formula feeders in, then, if you are using choose, you may just want to add a little bit more like truce bush beater. See you later. Choose this, Peter. True space spied. See you soon. Juice. Biss Bite. True space. Morgan. See you tomorrow. Juice This Margon True space. Vint Mitvol! See you Wednesday. If you forgot in the days of the week. Go on, Check day eight again. Truce Basement for true spurs. Next Avara. See you next week. Choose his next of our late at night. You can say go to not good night. Go to Not. And if you want to keep it formal, you want to use our feeders in or just videos in, which literally means until I see you again. Therefore, if you need to say it on the phone, you don't say off. Frieda's in. You say Rafidah Hearn, which is literally until I hear you again. Rafidah Hearn. So today's task right? The new phrases into your notebook practice saying goodbye and say goodbye to meet No. Oh! Yet you can do that in two days. Just this morning 10. Day 30 finishing the course: welcome today, 30 and no, you haven't misread or misheard it. It does say day 30. I know you have Mr Video either because the last video did say 28. That's because Day 29 waas Your project, I should say, is your project. If you have a look at the project, you'll find another set of questions for you to answer to see how much you remember from the last eight days. Day 21 to 28 Onda. Hopefully to celebrate that, you've managed to remember a lot. So they 30 is another type of celebration on Day 30 is actually really Day 30 plus seven class faulting I plus a week or so because what I would like you to do is take a break, not necessarily from learning German. Take a break from this course and then come back. Maybe in a week or a couple of days whenever you feel like it, and then test yourself again and see if you still remembered what you've learned. I have also added to the project to P. D EFS with the questions from part one off this course in Part two. So the 1st 10 days on the 2nd 10 days so that you could test yourself on those as well on if you find especially apart one, for example, because that was the very basic stuff. If you find Oh, I can answer all those questions, then you either have done the cause or you don't need it on the same missile part two. If you've done the course, it would be good to see how much you still remember after a few weeks if you haven't done the cause and you can answer all the questions and again you don't need it. If you look at the question, do you think, Oh, I haven't got a clue what these mean? Then maybe you want to go back and have a look apart to as well. Either way, this is the end off the beginner's course off German on. It's definitely time to celebrate. It's time to celebrate that you've actually watched all the videos. I'm hoping you've enjoy them. I'm hoping you look us cheerfulness of people in the picture and you're going a hopefully not just because you see the course is finally finished, but yea, I know some German. If that's the feeling you have. I would love it if you would give this cause the thumbs up. You can leave a comment as well, but you don't have to just a thumbs up. It's above the videos would be nice. And don't forget to do the project and let me know. I don't mean write the answers down for everybody to see them. But maybe just saying I got all the questions right or nearly all of them. I enjoyed answering the questions. Can we do something else? Anything you would like to say? But most importantly, celebrate, Have fun and have a thing. What else you want to learn in German? Next, It's bye for now.