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[Beginner Friendly] Instagram Marketing Blueprint And Strategy To Grow Your Online Business in 2021

teacher avatar Cary Huang, multidisciplinary online entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Instagram Profile Setup


    • 3.

      Growth Strategy


    • 4.

      Post Description


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    • 7.

      Content Strategies


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      Media and Presentation


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      Revenue Stream


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      The DM Method


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About This Class

Instagram is one of the biggest and most important social networks for any internet marketer to consider. This unique platform has over 1 billion active users right now, which is super impressive considering that there is only slightly less than 8 billion people on earth. This is about 60% of all adults using the internet plus over 25 million businesses. This is a gigantic audience pool and the one that is constantly growing whereas Facebook is on a slow down.

One of the biggest reasons that many marketers overlook the importance of Instagram is that they assume it is less flexible due to its purely visual nature, How can you sell something with just a picture? Little do they know is that the visual nature of Instagram is what makes the platform so unique. It allows creators to minimize the amount of work and time they put into projects.

Picture speaks a thousand words. This is particular true on Instagram. Choosing Instagram over other options will give you an advantage to build a HUGE amount of engagement and turn your followers into real fans who are willing to buy the items.

Join me in my Instagram Marketing Blueprint to learn how to really utilize the platform to your advantage

What Will You Learn?

  • Instagram marketing
  • Set up your Instagram profile
  • Understand your goal
  • Strategies to grow your followers
  • How to monetize your followers
  • How to post consistent contents
  • Posting schedules
  • How to provide value from your posts
  • Utilize Instagram direct messaging to close sales
  • Hashtag strategies
  • Content strategies
  • Media and presentation strategies

Who is It For?

  • people who want to become an influencer on Instagram
  • People who want to sell products or services on Instagram
  • people who want to create a brand awareness on Instagram
  • People who want to grow Instagram followers
  • People who want to monetize Instagram followers
  • people in sales and marketing industry
  • people looking for side hustles
  • people interested in social media marketing and digital marketing
  • beginner to social media marketing
  • people interested in building an online business

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cary Huang

multidisciplinary online entrepreneur



Cary here, I am a multidisciplinary online entrepreneur with over 10 years of software engineering experience in smart metering, cyber security, database solution, and embedded systems

In addition to my technical background, I have been a very active side-hustler experimenting, learning and building multiple streams of income by taking advantage of the internet.

I have run an Etsy store selling handcrafted goods, built trading bots to trade the Forex market automatically, launched an Amazon store selling baby products, done affiliate marketing promoting other people's products, converted leads to sales using email marketing, and helped many other businesses scale their sales using funnels…

I enjoy teaching a lot. I have taught at Peking University's... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Do you know there are more than 1 billion active users right now? Instagram. That is super, super impressive considering his only slightly less than 8 billion people on earth. And Instagram. One other, that 8 billion. That is absolutely crazy, okay? And Facebook, on the other hand, is slow down. And so that is a huge, massive pool of people searching and browsing a engaging with different kinds of post and profiles and your business, maybe the one we are looking for. So one of the biggest reasons many marketers or business owners lay overlook the importance of Instagram because, because they believe it is less flexible. Okay. And the reason for that is because of its purely visual nature. Okay? So let me be wondering how can I sell something which just a picture, right? But what they don't know is the purely visual nature of Instagram is what makes these platform unique. Okay? And you know, a picture speaks a thousand words, and that is particularly true on Instagram. Choosing Instagram over other platforms would give you a huge advantage in growing your grant, growing your audience, selling your products, by converting your followers into real fans who are willing to buy from you, if you know how, of course. So please join me in my Instagram marketing blueprint, and I will show you how to utilize the platform to your advantage. So whenever you are ready, you can move on to the next module. And I will see you there. 2. Instagram Profile Setup: Hey, hey, welcome to this module in which we'll be talking about your Instagram profile setup. It is the very first step in your Instagram journey. And I know a lot of people tends to ignore the importance of the profile and jumps right into posting. So today, I want to focus on the basics. And your bio is the most important piece of information, our Instagram, because everyone is going to see it. So what you want to put there is tale about your life, story, your achievements, who you are, and if you are a brand, you want to tell your brand story what this brand is all about, what you're trying to build or what are you trying to achieve, right? So if you are selling something, you want to contain a link to your offering. This is probably the only place besides ads or stories, or even direct messages. You can actually put a clickable link to leave Instagram. So you wanna make sure you take advantage of that. It could, it could be a link to your sales page or your website, your blogs, et cetera, right? And the second thing we wanna talk about is your goal. What is your goal with Instagram? What are you trying to do here? I'm trying to be a influencer. Or are you trying to build a brand? Or you are here to try to sell something? So that's a question that you want to answer before you jump into this Instagram journey. So he basically sets the direction for you. So why are you creating an Instagram account? Question mark? Okay. So if you want to be an influencer, you will go is very simple. You want to get followers. You want a lot of followers, okay? Because it's all about followers. So with other followers, you'll get sponsors. You will get paid to do shout-outs. Shadows is basically a sponsored post. So basically you are posting on behalf of someone else. So you're telling your followers to follow someone else basically, and we'll talk more about that later. So for example, if you are a fitness influencer, you want to talk about your fitness experience in your bio and in your story. So fitness stores or fitness clothing store and they will see your bio and we'll reach out to you to do a sponsored posts as they attempt to promote their business, right? So they're hiring you to be an influencer for this store. So basically he, they will get access to your followers. So is your bio super important here, just like a billboard that tells them you're here and you're available. So this is where you're making money, okay? So if you go is to create a brand. And you will want followers as well. But you want specific type of followers that is relevant to your niche. Whatever niche your brand is in, you want to target those type of people. So quality becomes important here when you want to create a brand. And branding is super-important for a lot of business, right? You wanna get heard, you wanna get seen by relevant people. So you can sell your stuff too, right? So for example, if you are a fitness clothing brand, in your profile, you want to tell your brand story. What inspire you to create these brand? What's the goal? Your brain trying to change? And why should people buy from your brand? You want to have a few lines of pitch that tells people why your brain so unique, right? So that's when you want to do a branding, okay? Or you can also want to be trying to sell something on Instagram. Then in this case, all you really care about is clicks and sales. You are not as interested in getting followers, but always good to have followers, right? And I mean that you should always, you should always want to try to grow your followers because they will eventually convert to more sales, right? But with that said, the monetization strategy with Instagram may generate more sales for you, but probably less followers. But that's okay because you are here to sell something. You want more sales and not really on the followers, but its followers. It's just a byproduct when you want to get sales. So you'll get both in the end, right? So for example, in your bio, you want to try to give your best one-sentence pitch. Why somebody should click and link. Should click on your link to buy something. You don't want to put too much information in your, your bio. Because listen, if you want to sell something, we tend to put a lot more than we want to do. We want, let's talk about feature, why it's so good. And you will make him more, you know, a lot of sales pitch. And now that if you buy into that, so what I recommend is keep it short. One sentence, two sentences, max, why somebody should click and buy that stuff from you. So that link, you can take them to get a book or to buy a course over a physical product, Amazon, it doesn't matter. So what you really want to put is a quick show in short, elevator pitch. Why I should click simple as that. So understand your goals can really help you structure your bio. Okay, So we have talked about three main goals. The influencer, brand or to sell, right? So once you, once you figure that out, then you will know what and how you should structure your bio. Such that when people visit your page, they will take the action, right? So let's talk about page branding. So as you know, your profile page is divided by several boxes of post like this with the profile picture here and your name and your post. So they're not only going to see your profile and your bio, they will see your post as well. And here is where you want to make sure you use your branding your Instagram page properly. So what I mean by that is you want to have consistency in your post. So for example, this is not a good example of consistency because you're basically posting or all kinds of stuff. So when people see these without reading your bio, they may not know what you are trying to really achieve. Maybe you just want to share some Brendon stuff. And as a result, your followers will also be a mixture of people. And sometimes we don't want that to happen. Let's say you want to create a brand, you want only specific type of audience, right? So your followers kind of depends on the quality and consistency of your post. And this is somebody I don't recommend because that's not the best way to do Instagram. So consistency is key here. And if you follow, if you are consistent about your post, which are not saying you have to be posting a specific a specific type of post every day. So you can also have a balance. And we'll talk more about this in the next module, where you can have some post about lifestyle, maybe on the weekends. And, and the rest of the posts will be no business value, for example. So it's mixing business value post versus lifestyle post. And you want to keep that pattern on your profile, on your posting schedule. So consistency doesn't mean everything is the same. It means if you want to, you can have a pattern, but you want to keep repeating that pattern. Okay? So that's why it's so important. Consistent branding is the key here. Let's talk about Instagram stories. So, so it is important to have Instagram stories running because they reach a lot of people in case you don't know what story is you just basically a quick post now will appear on top of your Instagram feed and you will be gone after 24 hours is up there for a limited time. And guess what? You attract a lot of people, the stories. So you always want to have stories up, OK. And we'll talk about stories more later in the modules. So if you have stories up, there's more opportunity for people to visit your profile. And if you are selling something, there's more opportunity for them to click a link. And I think we store it there and just do a swipe up to visit whatever they whatever you want them to fit, right? Okay, so that is it for the profile setup. And in the next module I will talk about insulin growth tactics. So when you are ready, you can move on to the next module and I will see you there. 3. Growth Strategy: Hey, welcome back to another module. In this module we will be talking about Instagram growth tactics. How do I get followers? And that is the question. And today I will show you the three-step system to grow followers, quality followers. So first of all, we have shout-outs. In a previous, previous module, we briefly talked about shadows, which is a sponsored post. And so basically what you do is you go find other pages on Instagram that has an audience similar to yours. So if you are selling women's clothing, you want to have, you want to find a existing page that has a lot of following of women. So for example, if you are selling were working supplies, you want to find an existing page that has a lot of crafty people. Okay? So in some sense you get to control the quality of your followers by finding the right page. Or to do a shout-out. And the shout-outs can be done as a post or a story. And like I said, you will get more quality followers because you get to control who you want to do a sponsored post with. Okay? So selecting a right page or right person to do a shadow is super-important in getting the quality follower that you are looking after, right? And about the cost of sponsored post, it tends to vary depending on the size of the followers of that person or profile. So this is where you will reach out to the people and acts, how they normally do shout-outs. Okay. So here's what the shoulders. So basically that person, they will make a post to tell their followers to follow you. And of course, you guys will be working together in constructing a post that will, that will attract their followers to also follow you. Okay? So next we have the hashtag in posts. Hashtags is super, super important in Instagram because it determines what is displayed in the Explore page. So in case you don't know what the Explore page is, is just a section of your Instagram feed. That Instagram will pick other people's posts. And you don't even know about those people and show them to you based on your browsing history. So if you are constantly checking out cars, the more likely USC more post about cars. The Explore page from people you don't even know. Okay. And how does insulin know about post related to cars? They know that through hashtag. So for example, hashtag cars, hashtag, fast cars, hashtag, exotic cars. So integrant is picking posts to show to people with that interest based on hashtags is like a keywords. Like Amazon. You want to buy something from Amazon, you have type of certain keywords. And infrequent uses hashtag just in a similar way as those keywords and return you with post related to that. So it helped them categorize your post and shown to the right people. And later in the module, later in this quarter, I will show you some hashtag strategies. So for now, you just have to know that hashtag is super important. And you always want to put a hashtag in your post because it's a free way to grow your followers. Okay? Okay, The third step is the tag friends requests. This is also called a friend based referral, and it is one of the best followers you can get when someone else tag his or her friends to follow you. And more likely they will visit your posts and eventually your profile because they are friends told them to. Okay. Because they're my friends. They told me the tag me to visit some page. This is a very big change that I would actually do it and see why it is friend. One attack me about these posts, right? And the followers you get through this way are more engaging in general. And which is good because in the end, we will introduce you more strategies to actually engage with your followers and in the end, turn to profit, right? So how do you drive people to do this, to tag me a friend. So normally we will offer a free giveaway. Okay. So it could be a gift card or a special per mole for limited time. And in order to qualify, you have to tag three friends in common section, for example. So there's a little bit bait hear that, trigger them to tag their friends. Doing this way, you will grow your account very, very quickly. And we really engage in a high-quality followers as well. But you have to already have some followers to begin with. Okay? So you have heard the three steps, growth tactics. How should I go execute it? So first I would suggest using shout-outs and hashtag together. First to build your base list of fathers. And once you grow to a certain level you are based fathers were started liking your posts and which will tell Instagram to show you a post more often. And of course, if you want to really get caught in Instagram algorithm, you have to make frequent posts, about one or two posts a day. Minimum. Then this way is Y is more likely to capture your post by the algorithm and show two more people in their explore fees. Okay? And what do we have a base followers. You can start utilizing the tag friends request strategy to increase your followers even more. And normally we will give a little giveaway or the promo, limited time promo to make, then tag their friends. And remember, all we're doing so far. In the end, we're aiming for quality followers. Okay, So which means you have to find a relevant niche audience to do so and relevant page to do a shadow. And use the hashtag that's relevant to your brand or your whatever you're trying to sell. And this is what will make your followers a good quality, okay? Okay, so that is it for the three-step growth strategy in which you can employ in your Instagram posts to get more followers. And in the next module we will talk about the description of your post and how you can utilize that to provide more value to your followers. So whenever you're ready, you can move on to the next module. And I will see you there. 4. Post Description: Hey, welcome back to another module in which we'll be talking about your post description. So why is it so important? Or it is because Instagram marketing is also a form of content marketing. Similar to a blogging site, where an information is provided via different blocks. But instead of being a text driven blogging site, Instagram is more image driven. So it is all about bringing more people to your page by providing them with value. So once you provide them with value, the, you are encouraging people to listen to you more and they will keep coming back for more, right? So what exactly is a value? So what is considered a value? A value could be entertainment or additional information that you put in the description to backup your image, right? So basically entertainment or information, that's the most common form of value on the Instagram platform, right? So this is what a post look like. There's a image first, and this is what people will see first. And this is normally your hook. Hook is like an attention grabber. It grabs the attention of your followers or your viewers. So they see your image. Interesting. Wondering, well, you have to say about this image or what is images about? So you want to get their attention first and they will open your post and they will see the description. And this is where you will provide some value, okay? And like I said, the value could be information or entertainment. And this basically is relevant to the image that you have posted, right? So in the description feel you have up to 2200 characters in the description limit. So we can get away with a lengthy paragraph or lengthy essay. But you don't have to write a long essay or a story every time your description. So normally a short paragraph or a couple paragraphs to, you know, to describe your image and this wave, well, what your post is about should be enough, okay? Because you will want to do this consistently, right? So, so normally you don't want to put o is a long, long story, right? Because you have a lot of these and something you don't want to overwhelm you or your followers, right? So I want to show you a good example of this. You can go to a hashtag lender historian. So this is Instagram profile where is posting a lot of historical images. London. So followers who love history will see this interesting images. And they wonder, Okay, I wonder what this image is about. And they will click to learn more about history, the architecture, and about England, for example. So they will be learning something, some, something in the history by reading the description. And that by, by, by, by the cell is value, valuable information to people who love history. And so you see, So you're interacting with your followers by giving them the information that they are interested in. And keep, keep, keep in mind that a lot of growth on Instagram is the result of word of mouth. So which means somebody loves what you're posting. And they have a friend just like like then. So they will refer the front to, hey, check out this page is showing some interesting stuff. And the keyword is you have to be consistent. Okay? Kelsey saying you're posting and provide information and entertainment in the description to keep your followers interacted and engaged, right? Another thing about your disruption is you can also mentioned other business or other users in your description with the at symbol and type in the name out. So he has a benefit of creating a association between you and that person or that business in the eyes of your followers. So it's a good thing. But be aware that you don't want to abuse this all the time. You want to mention especially someone that you don't know or some other business. Only if you have a good reason to. Because sometimes if you abuse this, you will actually get you more trouble there any goods. So remember, you can also mention other business end users. If you have a good reason to you. And that will help you, your followers, see the connection between you and that person or brand. Okay? So a quick summary. So in the description you want to provide tips, additional information or stories. And these are all considered value, okay? And of course there's more and more, more types of values depending on your niche and about your brand. Brand basically. And you don't need to write a long essay every time. I will say a 100 words is ample enough to convey some value across. Sometimes longer may not work as well because nobody's going to read your text unless it's super, super interesting. And remember, if you can't, don't forget to ask people to share your post, to follow you or subscribe, right? You can always access it cause nothing is free. And if it, if it leads to a few more actions or few more followers, it is worth it. So don't be, don't be afraid to ask people to follow you or to share. It doesn't matter. They would they may do it. It may not, but it's okay. You'll be always asking so you don't miss that opportunity, right? So that's all about the description. And I hope there's some valuable information for you to implement. And in the next module we'll be talking about the hashtags, the most important element of Instagram. So whenever you're ready, you can move on to next module. 5. Hashtags: Hey, welcome back to another module in which we'll be talking about the hashtags, the most important element on Instagram. So why is hashtag so important? And why is it playing a huge part in leading you to your success on Instagram? So you can think of hashtags like search terms on Amazon, for example. You need hashtags for your post to be found. Okay? Without hashtags, people cannot find you. Instagram doesn't know what your post is about. So he doesn't know how to show the two relevant people, not knowing what your post is about. Similar to the Amazon platform. If you don't have these backend search term defined for your product, then people cannot find your product using the search engine, and therefore you make no sales. So it is super important to have the hashtags in order to be found and seen by other people. So once we have the relevant hashtags defined for your post, the instructions, the integral where you use the algorithm to show your post to relevant people in the Explore page. So I think I mentioned that earlier, if you are constantly looking at cars on Instagram, it is more likely that you will see more post about cars in your Explorer page. Because because insulin knows your, your interest and is trying to pull more posts with similar hashtags and show them to you. So this is why with the correct hashtag, you will help you reach more people. And that's why it's soap, so super important. And next, I will show you some of the strategies, strategies that you can use when choosing a hashtag. So some tips. Use lots. You want to use as many as possible, and you are allowed up to 30 hashtags. And each one of these could bring in a new viewer searching for something within your niche. So think of it like a lottery draw. If you can enter your name 30 times. Why not? Right? We're increased likelihood that you will get found and you will win the lottery, right? So why enter ones if you can enter three times for free? So take advantage of that. 30 packs. Use a mole if you can. And the second tip is choose a balance. The best. Hashtag is normally one that is popular, but not overwhelmingly popular. So for example, hashtag baby girl. If you post something with hashtag baby girl, then you'll be in a competition against 60 million other public posts. So this means it says on competition. And it's not necessarily a bad thing to use the hashtag, which has so many posts and not very likely that you oppose will get seen. Because there are so many others out there. And very quickly it is will be, there will always be new post and in yours will be flooded away. And on the other hand, hashtag with only tempos is too little. Okay? Now a lot of people are looking at that and that's generally not so good. So something around 30000 or so post were hit the sweet spot of being popular but not so competitive. So you will need to take some time to do your hashtag research to find any hashtag with about 30000 posts in your niche. Okay, so do some research and insulin will help you. We'll show you related hashtags in your niche. So once you start entering you or show you all the related hashtags that you can evaluate and see if it's proper for your post. Use a range. So it is important to have a balanced popularity for your tax. So previously I talked about you don't want to have something overwhelming popular, but it is okay to have a few of those hashtags included. So you want to include a few massively popular tax. It doesn't hurt. And if there is a chance that you were postal workers seen, then is good, right? But at the same time, well, we want to mix, mix it up a little bit. So we want to include popular ones, super popular ones, and normal ones, and even some smaller ones as well. So use a range of hashtags with different popularity is normally a good practice. Another thing is you want to be trending, want to be trendy. You want to find, you want to use hashtags that are currently trending on the Internet or on Instagram. So how do you find trendy terms or subjects or topics? You can try Google trends. So with school girlfriend, you can enter something very general like hashtag fitness. You can put that in Google Trends and you will show you the popularity changes time to time. But what's important for me and for you is there's also suggested related topics, something that relates to release, to fitness. Now people are also searching AND, or, OR also trendy. So you want to take a look at those recommended search results related to your main niche. But something that's trendy right now. So for example, you want to do a post in fitness. It is popular all the time. But if you want to, you also want to include something more specific like functional fitness or mobility. These are some trendy topics right now within the fitness niche, right? So another example would be a hashtag food is always popular. But hashtag avocado is winning. Right now. People are eating avocados right now. So you want to find was popular within the food niche food hashtag, right? And of course, if you can find a trendy hashtag and that is linked to something that's been in the news or cultural discourse. That's even better. But it's not always the case. But if you can use those ones, you will definitely increase your visibility on the platform, right? And you want to be consistent as well. So consistent means consistently use the same set of hashtags on your post is generally a good strategy to communicate to Instagram more about your brand or your page, your profile. So keep, keep a consistent, use the same set of hashtags are occasionally you can introduce new ones. But generally you want to have the same or similar set of hashtags in your posts. Okay? And lastly, don't use hashtags in your bio. It doesn't make your bio searchable through these hashtags defined in the hashtags. So in your profile. So stick to using only your own branded hashtag here if any. So that would be like hashtag, your name, basically. Okay. So that's, that's it for hashtags. And I hope is there some useful information in here that you can incorporate in your posting? And in the next module, we'll start talking about tagging. So it's a little bit different from hashtags. So whenever you're ready, you can move on. And I will see you there. 6. Tagging: Hey, welcome back to another module. And in this module we'll be talking about tagging, which is a little bit different from the hashtag we have just talked about. So let's get started. So the first tag I want to talk about is called a geo tag. Geo stands for geography or geological peg. So it is basically a location marker that tells people where your photo is taken. These can increase engagement on your posts and also increase the visibility of your post. Because other people can find your post by clicking on the same geotag, somebody else's post. So you can think of it, I go trying to steal steal some traffic phones, other post, as long as you guys are sharing the same geotag. So for example, if people visit your location, they could use geotag to find other businesses or attractions or points of interests within that same area. And there's a chance that they will see your post and say, hmm, interesting post. Let's check it out. So including a geotag basically opens another way for you or for your post to be discovered by, by the people, right? So I know I see these as my 31st hashtag. We can have 30 hashtags, but this is on its own. You can include a geotag and adding one is simple. You can add a geotag by clicking Add Location when you are creating a new post. Okay? The second type of tag I want to talk about is to actually tech people to tag someone else or take some other profile to get their attention. So doing so, your posts will show up in there profile, but in a separate category. Okay. So when people visit their profile, in addition to seeing the post that page is posting, they can also switch to a separate category to see other posts that have tagged that user. So, so basically your post could show up on high profile pages if you tag high profile pages, of course. So it is ideal if you want to get the attention of a big channel or big brand. And of course the audience, right? It may sound good, but you do not want to abuse these tagging people feature. Because it can get extremely annoying and get you in trouble if you abuse it. And a common form of abuse is you're tagging someone else with no obvious reason. There's a your photo is nothing to do, has nothing to do with that page or with that person. And you're attacking that because you want to take advantage of the audience. So please don't do that. You'll get into trouble. Or if you do that in a consistent way, okay? So you wanna do this. You want to tag people only when you have a very good reason. So for example, you have a photo with that person or you have a photo with that product of some brand. Okay. So yeah, be careful with this and do not abuse, okay. Okay, so that's the battalion. And in the next module I will talk about insulin and content strategy. So whenever you're ready, you can move on to the next module and I will see you there. 7. Content Strategies: Hey, welcome back to another module. And in this module we'll be talking about Instagram content strategies that you can employ to make consistent postings. Instagram. So let's get started. So the question is how to post consistent content? Well, what I have here is a post schedule that I recommend you to follow. And it is basically divided into two parts. M Monday to Thursday. The first part, we want to make a post that is more content value driven. Okay? And for our Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we wanna make a post about your lifestyle, your personal lifestyle. So what is a counter value-driven? So he's basically a post that is designed to provide some sort of value to your followers. And remember, in previous module we talked about the disruption in your post that you can take advantage of to provide value. And the value could be either entertainment or information, right? So this type of post is not to show flash a picture of you or your fancy cars. It is about them and about then getting a value out of your post. So what do we can provide in a value standpoint is really what the counter value-driven is about, okay? So the value is a keyword and you can take advantage of the description to deliver value to your followers. Okay? And the second type of post is a lifestyle post. Your personal lifestyle. And this type of posts can be a picture of you. A picture of you go into a store, going at the beach, walking with your family and playing with the kids, walking the dog, etc. Whatever you do, go into the gym to work out. Sure. So this type of posts is to tell your viewers and your followers who you really are. You normally do where you know we go. So we want to create a personal connection between you and your viewers. Okay? So we want to provide a good balance of personal and business post. So people will remember, not just the value that you provide and who is providing the value, right? So it's very important what the value is and where it's coming from and obviously come from you, right? So you wanna make sure you deliver some lifestyle post about you personally as well, in addition to the good values or you can provide to them, right. So having both together is really powerful. And I will suggest on the weekdays, post something with content value-driven. And on the weekends, more lifestyle off. Okay. Let's talk a little bit more about content value-driven, okay? So the goal is to develop business respect from your followers or from your viewers, and at the same time building that personal connection with them. So in the previous slide, we have a schedule where we're doing a counter value-driven post on weekdays and lifestyle post on the weekends. It is super important to have a balanced between two types of posts, okay? And you can use a combination of posts and stories to publish both types of contents. But generally with a counter value driven post. It is better to be to deliver that in a regular post because there's a button that looks like this. Now like banner flag that people can click to save your post. And that save your post button is your metric to tell whether you are generating business respect from your viewers. So in other words, if you are doing a good job delivering value to your viewers, okay? And you will see some posts getting a lot of saves, some don't. But that is okay. It varies all the time. But generally, as a rule of thumb, that will be your metrics in knowing how well you are performing or how we are, you are delivering value, okay? And generally business respect posts or counter value driven posts, they get a lot more saved post action then lifestyle or personal ones. And the reason is very simple, because there's value in those posts. People save it so they can refer back to whatever you post is delivering later. So again, a metric to show if you're doing a good job of delivering value. Okay? Okay, Let's talk a little bit more about personal connections. Use stories, Okay? We look at stories as a running timeline of our days. And which makes sense because stories are short-term post now will disappear after 24 hours. So it is more suitable to be used to build personal connections. But that doesn't mean that's the only way to build a personal connections. You can still make a post about your lifestyle, okay? And in fact, i'm, I'm going to recommend you to mix up both type of post. You think both story and post. So for example, on the weekdays, we want to post content value-driven. Okay, we'll make them as regular post. Okay? While we do that, we want to have stories. Remember, in the previous module, we are talking about we always want to have a storage up there because it reached a lot of people, right? So in this case, your story could be a lifestyle stories. Okay, so the key point is we're having both at the same time. So we make a post about content by value. And as MTI, we have our life's lifestyle, sorry, up and running. So when people see our counting value driven and they may get interested, and they may want to know where who is delivering these kind of counter value post. And guess what? You are stories out there. And they can easily click into and check, check you out as a person who is providing the value, right? And on the other hand, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you can do a lifestyle, regular posts. And why we do that, your story will be a content value-driven type. Okay? So we're kind of having both at the same time but in different forms. One is a story that is regular post. So when people see your value content post, they may wonder who this guy is, right? And likewise, when they see your stories, they may wonder, hey, who is this guy? And guess what? There's also see your post. And they are telling exactly who you are. So flip-flop both type of posts. Using a strategy like this, it generally works very well in delivering value to your viewers and at the same time telling them who you are, who is delivering the value. Okay? So that's all for the content strategies. And I hope it is something that you can make use of right away. And in the next module we'll talk about median and presentation. So whenever you're ready, you can move on to the next module. And I will see you there. 8. Media and Presentation: Hey, welcome back to another module. And in this module we'll be talking about media and presentation. So basically we want to know how to present your content such that you can attract the most engagement on Instagram. So let's get started. So our Instagram, you are able to publish a video or an image. And in general, video posts receive 38% more engagement than images. The reason is quite simple. It's simply because it takes time to watch a video. And the longer the people stay on your posts, the more likely they will engage with your post by dropping you like or share your video, right? So you know what to do, right? Get your camera out and start filming. So why are you feel you have to make sure your videos are short, short and concise, okay? Delivers the message in a concise fashion. So in case you need to fill a longer video, you can always fill multiple videos, multiple smaller videos, and link all of them together in one post. Okay. Now, since we're talking about videos, There's a thumbnail associated with a video. So what the thumbnail is, is basically an image that is acting like a hook that tells people what your video is about. So something that people see first and they immediately will get some idea of what your video is about. And think about, think of as your YouTube feeds. So when you go on YouTube, when you see your fees, USE a bunch of still images, okay? And there are thumbnails. And when you mouse over the image, it will preview the video contents. Okay? So the thumbnail is very important here. It basically is acting like a hook. It gets people's attention, making them want to watch your video. So you can go on YouTube and look at your feeds and get some inspiration from the different kinds of thumbnails and see which one attracts you the most. And you can get some idea from those videos, okay? Alternatively, you can also use Boomerang from Instagram to create short M bouncy video that last just a couple of seconds. So I wouldn't consider this like a real video because they're so shorter, so they are more like a gif type of animation that is super quick and delivers a message within a second. So that's one of the most popular ways people post because he grabs attention and sometimes even funnier to look at. Okay, so be creative with this. And speaking of images, you can always use your favorite means. Okay, means are always funny and attractive. So I have here an example of a Drake, one of the most popular Drake memes out there. And of course you can replace a toilet paper with your own contents, as well as the fitting with the mean. Or for January images, you can consider using a collage. Collage. It's always a good idea and you can make a collage using layout for our Instagram app. It's completely free and is made by Instagram. So basically it divides your post into several smaller pictures. So you can have multiple images in one post, basically. Now let's talk about timing. When do you post? Timing is very often ignored by many people because they don't think it matters. But in fact it does matter. And the research shows that the most popular photographs go out between 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM during weekdays in their local region. So this is your local time in your local area. And you may be wondering, how can people and are working. Well, that's a question everybody wants. No, why are they not working? And they are checking our pictures during their work hours. Interesting, right? Okay, So if you are aiming at a global audience, then the most successful tie is around six PM UTC or 11 AM Pacific Time. Okay. If you are posting twice a day, you can consider two posts during these two periods because they have been proven to have more engagement than any other periods. Okay. Getting engaged. Okay. Remember, Instagram is a social media platform and the keyword is social. And what that means is you go out there and engage with other people. We're socializing with other people. So so what you wanna do is you want to occasionally Father other accounts, big or small, like their post, comment on the post. And so questions people may have in other people's posts. And if you get comments on your own post, you want to make sure you provide answers or reply to those comments we received. The more you do this, the more you'll get noticed. And naturally people, we want to check out your profile to see who you are, given that you have provided a lot of values to other people in the form of engagement. Okay? So, so this is another way to provide a value on Instagram is to have yourself go out there and engage with other people's posts. And the more you do this, the more you will get noticed. Okay, so that is it for this module. And in the next module we will talk about integrant revenue streams. Well where the money comes from. So whenever you're ready, you can move on to the next module. And I will see you there. 9. Revenue Stream: Hey, welcome back to another module. And today in this module we want to talk about the revenue stream. So basically we want to know where the money comes from. Instagram. Okay, so let's get started. So where the money come from? Okay? First it can come from a sponsored post or a sponsor stories. So this is when another account pays you to make a post on behalf of that account. And basically what you wanna do is you want to tell you followers to go and follow that account. Who pays evil? Okay? So why do people do that? Why do other accounts pays you money to make a post? The reason is very simple. It's the same reason you pay someone else to make a sponsored post. And the reason is the followers you want to get, or I should say, you want to tap into someone else's fathers so that you can grow yours. So it's the same thing here. Given that you have already built a considerable size of followers. And now someone else wants to tap into your followers and grow with you. So I should say this is like a mutual help. Someone else, someone else helped you to grow your list, sorry, to grow your followers. And then when you have grown to a certain size, it is now your turn to help others grow their followers. And of course, it has to be relevant, right? They come to you because your followers are the people that they want to market to over this. If it's a brand owner, primarily targeting to sell to people who follow in a colleague of yours. Then generally they will reach out to you to make a sponsored post. So it is very important that you, you to be seen by other big brands or growing brands. And I think in the previous module we talked about how social media, or sorry, how insulin is a social media and that the engagement is also very important. You want to go out there and engage with other people and other account. So doing all these increase your chance of being seen by other people are the big accounts or other influencers, okay? So they know who you are and they will come to you and pay you money to make a sponsor, right? And another type of sponsor is called a loop. Or a basically a giveaway event. We'll actually see a sponsor giveaway event. So this is where another account, again pays you money to make a post about a special giveaway. Oh, a chance to win contests. And in order to qualify your followers needs to follow other specific accounts. Okay? So that gives away is like a zygote. Lead magnet. In email marketing, you're attracting your followers to take actions in order to get that free giveaway. And it's very simple. All you have to do is to follow the account that you have specified or tag x number of friends. Of course you have liked the post as well. Okay? So basically you tell your followers to take action in order to get a sponsor giveaway that somebody, somebody else pays you to do. And again, doing this is also a great way to grow your own followers as well. Okay? And last but not least, your link in bio. This is super important because this is probably the only place that you can put a link. By link, i mean a clickable link. So it's not just text is something that people can click on and leave Instagram. So it's probably the only place besides sponsored ads or a direct message on Instagram that you can actually put a clickable link. And this is where you want to make sure it takes the people to your offer if you want to sell something. So if we're doing affiliate marketing, you want that link to take them to your affiliate link. If you're promoting someone else's product, you take them there. But of course, you have to provide values in within your post so that this link is relevant. So for example, if you're selling a Amazon product research tool, then your post, you want to share the values or how tutorial about how to use the tool. And you experience with a 20 or how you produce results. Okay, you want to share that your posts. And when people who come to your page and sees these post. And again, interesting. It's interesting how you can find a Amazon product using this tool and that's great. So where can I get it? Well, you check the link in your description, right? You take them to the sales page. When they make a purchase, you get money. All right? So affiliate marketing is also a great way to generate revenue on Instagram. And I have seen it generating more revenue than sponsor giveaways or a shout-outs. Okay? So so ultimately, ultimately it depends on your goal also. So if we are, if you want to grow a brand or if you run a store, sell your own products. You want that link to take them to your Shopify store or USE Store or Amazon store or whatever, right? So again, the rule of thumb is whatever link or whatever place that you want the link to take your people too. You have to make sure that they have every reason to go to. And those reasons come from the quality of your posts or the value that you provide in your post, right? Otherwise, it's just a random link. They click it, take them to some store to buy something, and they don't know why you are showing that that. So most likely you will not cover it well. So something your post has to be relevant to whatever you're offering. Okay? You can just put a random link to by some random stuff. And it's just not gonna work. Okay? So that's all for this module. And I hope is something useful in this module for you to implement. And in the next module we'll be talking about the direct message method. So whenever you're ready, you can move on to the next module and I will see you there. 10. The DM Method: Hey, welcome to this module. And today in this module we'll be talking about the DM method or the direct message method. And this is probably what I believe is the one of the most effective method to make a sale on Instagram. Given that we have already built our followers. So let's get started. So the goal is to get people to DM you. And in order to achieve that, you must already have built a considerable size of followers. In this course, we have talked about several strategies that you can employ to grow your followers. Okay, so you can go back to those modules and revisit these strategies. And we must also have employed a content posting strategy in our page. We have also talked about this in the previous modules. Remember there's a personal connection and business respect, and we have a schedule for a week. Sometimes we'll post a personal connection post with a business respect story or a business respect post versus a personal connection, sorry, So vice-versa. And after you have these two things done in a consistent manner. And the third thing is we want to get people to DMU, okay? And in order to do this, you can create a post or a story that tells your followers that you are looking for a certain number of people to do certain things. Okay, so down here I have a little template that you can post in the description. And you can say something like this. Say Hey, I am looking for people who want to do y, d, z, and as Talk. And the x is obviously the number of people that you want them to sign up. So it creates that sense of urgency. 0 is limited number. So it's like formal triggered their formal fear of missing out, right? So really you can use as many people as possible. But this number, it doesn't matter. It just makes people feel that urgency. Okay, so it's one of the strategies that we're putting in copywriting and we're doing right here. And the y variable should be relevant to what you are selling and promoting. So for example, you want to, let's say you offer a business or I should say a digital marketing training. And y could be to scale your business. Right? So I'm looking for X number of people who want to scale their business to the next level, DME z. And as Talk. And z could be a keyword, a cue like ready or scale. It doesn't matter. You get to choose is very simple for them to send. And of course the, it can also be relevant to two variable Y as well. Right? So this is a simple template that you can use, okay? And all of a sudden, people will start sending you a message. Okay? And here's what we do a little differently. Here is where we were kind of engaged into a sales process, okay, Once people would send a direct message, this is where you can engage and start US sales process. And normally we don't do it using text conversation. We have used a voice message conversation building Instagram. So we're actually talking to people via the Instagram Messenger. And the content will be also have to be relevant to the thing that you're offering. So for example, if they want to scale their business, will send envoys message or we can get them to call in the call to talk about what we're gonna do or what method we're going to do and to understand the current situation. So in order for them for me to help them. Right. And the reason for the voice call is sometimes you just it's just hard to understand a wall of text. It is much easier to just talk, right? And maybe you offer, has a lot of features and you want to send something, you know, like a bullet points first and then followed by a phone call or a voice message. So in your experience, voice conversation experts, more of your excitement and knowledge. Okay? So once you get a conversation going, and of course they have to be interested. Of course, you can then send them the link to buy. Okay? And doing this TEM method has helped us very well and generated a lot of sales this way. And so this is what I believe is one of the best ways to close sales on Instagram is to actually get people to message you. And you are trying to initiate a sales process and try to close the deal.