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Become Influencers on Tik Tok or Instagram in 2023 with a Growth Mindset

teacher avatar Alexandre Pereira, Let's Grow.

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Become Influencers on Tik Tok or Instagram in 2023 with the Right Mindset

The world of influencers is not an easy one, it is competitive and at times can be challenging but it also can bring the most rewarding experiences and careers. 

In this course we focus on how to Build a Mindset that will allow you to thrive as an Influencer on Instagram Or Tik Tok. 

Let's prepare you for 2023.

  • Understand what elements you need to be focusing on to build your audience
  • Understand your place in the market
  • Build an Community
  • And much More

Over the last five years, Alex has gained over 700,000 organic Instagram followers for himself and for many Influencer clients and now wants to teach you a very overlooked aspect of successs, which is your MINDSET that has been a fundamental part of his client success.

In Under 20-Minutes, Alex gives you a step-by-step course which also covers fundamental aspects of Instagram including;

  • Community Building
  • Relatability 
  • Consistency
  • Content
  • Understanding who you are
  • Psychology behind Growth

 All while teaching you exactly how to be the best version of yourself and the psychology behind critical parts of Instagram and Tik Tok.

Whatever type of Influencer niche you are in this course is for you and will fundamentaly change the way you move forward. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandre Pereira

Let's Grow.

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Hi guys, welcome to my course on how to be Instagram or TikTok influencer. Over the last seven years, I've worked with a variety of influences ranging from ten K to upwards of 1 million followers. And I've learned so much and I'm here to share it with you today. And we're gonna go through what it takes to actually be an influencer. The mindset that you need to have, the steps that you need to take, and certain things that you really, really must be concentrating. Make sure you have a coffee ready. Make sure you've got your checklist and notepad ready to take some notes and to absorb the information and fundamentally reflect on your own brand. But guys, by the end of this course, I want you to be in a position where you can go and really become the influencer that you desire to be in 2023 is extremely competitive, but it's so lucrative and you can easily make it your full-time job by doing it. Well, let's get into it. My name is Alex. Let's go. 2. Approach: Hi guys, welcome to lesson one. Now, the first thing I want us to discuss and think about is your approach. And I think this is a major stumbling block for so many of us or people that want to become influences to come into influence. And nowadays it's an extremely competitive market and we can't go into it halfhearted. But fundamentally, how we need to approach things is like a business. Now, even if you're working a nine to five, have a full-time job or kids, whatever it is that is taking up a lot of your time. I still want you to approach your aspirations of becoming an influencer, same way as if you were starting any other business. So that key fundamental point there in terms of how you approach things, ultimately, we are becoming influences so that we can start generating income and creates a business. So from the onset, even if you're zero followers, you need to have that mentality. Here are a few things that I want you to do straight away, just to put you into that mindframe, first thing I want you to do is articulate your influence, their goals, e.g. what is your passion and what type of content or ideas do you have to translate your passion into your influencing? How are you going to build that following around your passion? The next could be to put down some potential brands that you want to work with that are in your niche. And the final ones who put a number down that you want to be making each month that is realistic from your influencing. It can be a safe plan, 12 months and 24 months. Those are just basic fundamentals that you want to start thinking about and that you want to put down on paper. The next thing I want you to do is write a summary of the kind of influence a brand you want to have, including the topics that you want to post about aspects of yourself and your life that you want to share some potential ideas and how you're going to generate income. The next thing I want you to do is just have some ideas. If someone approached you right now for some promotion, some brand collaboration, how much would you charge them? And do the same again, at certain amounts of followers. So e.g. if you want thousand followers, right now, how much you would charge someone and do the same for when you get to 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, just so that you have benchmarks. And so if something does happen and someone approaches you, you're ready. Guys, this is the next thing that I want you to do, which is a very, very important step, is find a payment solution. Something that is easy for you to create invoices and also receive payment. Again, this is a business so you want to put yourself in a position where you're ready to work with professionals and businesses and make money from him. The next thing I want you to do is just create a basic business plan. Again, articulate your goals, summarize exactly what you're offering, what you're bringing to the market and do some competitor analysis. The final thing that I want you to do is to just gather some tools that are going to make your journey easier. So e.g. you can have a Canva account, you prepare some graphics, logos, etc, and sets up a link straight off the bat so that you can start adding URLs, affiliate links, etc. Everything that is required for you to turn this into a proper business. So guys, building this approach from whatever stage you're at, especially at the beginning, is going to be fundamental for your success. Because later down the line when you're creating content and you're posting, you don't want to think about these things. You want to have these things in place to make the whole journey easier because it is going to be ups and downs. These fundamentals, they need to be in place off the bat. 3. Who are you?: The next lesson is about who you are and identifying your niche. It's extremely important at whatever stage you are, but especially at the beginning, to really understand your markets. And I'm going to give you some insight and now how we're going to categorize our market and really understand our niche. Now, when someone says, what's your niche? Yes, you can summarize it and say fitness, etc. But from your perspective, as a business owner, as an influencer, you need to know a lot more than just its fitness or food or fashion. You need to know exactly who you're targeting. So e.g. we need to know straight away who is our target audience? So e.g. are they male or a female? On my appealing to be unisex audience? How old are they? Are they teenagers? Are they more mature? They professionals working nine to five? Are they based in London? Is it worldwide? Is are they based in China? Is it the income that matters to me? All of these variables are super-important because you're going to be able to create content and attract that audience to your page. You can't have influences who appeal to everyone that just doesn't work. And ultimately brands don't want that from you. They come to you because they know that you attract a certain audience. And it's important that you have that nailed. Of course, as you get bigger and bigger, it can get broader. But ultimately, you're always going to have a core audience that is fundamental to your success. Now, this is really important, understanding these variables and really understanding your audience. But as an influencer and as a business owner, I want you to take it one step further. And we're going to do that by thinking about the psychology behind our audience. So we need to put ourselves in their shoes and think, what are their interests? What are their beliefs? What are their values? This is how we're going to really understand our audience and to be really catered towards them. And some really good things to do here are reflecting on your own passions, on your own goals, which we've done in an earlier class. And then also looking at your target audience. Looking at what potential pages they follow, an Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. It's important to understand what they're looking for online. Because ultimately, if you're creating content that is catered towards them, your content is going to get a lot more engagement. You're going to get a lot more growth, and you're going to get a lot more brands approaching you. A good way to really kind of a quick bonus tip on this particular topic is build your Instagram Explore page around your target audience. So e.g. act like that particular person or consumer that's in your mind. Your Explore page on Instagram should start recommending content which you, which it thinks you'll like. And then you can start seeing what in what actually gets pushed to the Explore page. You can start getting ideas for your content and start understanding your target audience a little better, guys. So make sure you understand who you are and really identify your niche to the point that you have no questions about who you're targeting. 4. Research: Guys, so the next thing I want to discuss is research. Now, this is going to be ongoing, but it's ever so important at the beginning. Now, in my previous class, we discussed how we're going to research and understand our target audience, but we really need to take that further and research the market as a whole. We need to really focus on our competitors as well. We need to see certain aspects of their strategy, which are helping them grow and understand from there, how are we going to implement that into our own strategy? And on the flip side, is going to be very important for us to look at potential competitors which are not doing well and understand the floors that they are, that they have in their strategy. Now, guys, as an influencer, you will most likely become an Instagram expert in a year or two years if you really commit to this and researching and analyzing is going to become parts of your job, is going to be a great tool for you to grow and a great tool for you to find gaps in the market. By analyzing your competitors content, you'll be able to see which content of there's the audience interacts with the most. And from there you can really formulate a content plan that is centered around attracting that audience. Another thing to analyze is the type of comments that your audience makes on your competitors. Posts. They might be asking certain questions, they might be making certain jokes. And it's important for you to use that information, that data, and add it to your own strategy. It's going to be critical for your overall development. And I think at the beginning, it's especially important just so that you understand, you know, we're all human beings, we're all extremely intelligent beings. And it's very important for us to give ourselves the right information. I think studying these certain things of our competitors is going to put you in a great position. And then finally, you want to see the questions and the challenges that your potential competitors might be facing. There may be competitors which have been stuck at around 500,000 for over a year, or 1 million or 20,000, everyone reaches points of plateau and you want to or not, you want to analyze that and see why has that occurred? Is it because they've changed their contents style, the caption style, consistency. And you want to learn from that and avoid that by guys, research is going to be a great step for you to grow. And I think honestly, as an Instagram expert and I've been doing this for a long time without research. I would have never achieved the numbers and the growth that I have skies. Please make sure that you spend time researching. 5. Content: Now, ultimately content is at the core of everything. You know, as an influence of your, one of your job requirements is going to be to create content and post that content on a consistent basis. Now, one of the biggest stumbling blocks that I've come across all my time on social media and specifically on Instagram for influences is burning out. Now, this is going to be something that you probably will experience, but the way you want to, when it comes to content and the mindset that I want you to have is really to build a formula, a strategy which is going to work in your favor and really help you avoid burning out. In a burning out is when you've been doing it so much, so much. And you start to get demotivated because the results aren't there and you're just, you're just generally tired from putting so much into it. Now, what I want you to do is to yes, you need to be consistent. You don't need to be consistent. Every day. I know so many TikTok people are telling us we need to be posting three times a day. You need to be doing this. You need to be doing that. Yes. There, right? If it's possible to post three times a day super high-quality content for six months to a year than do it. But for most of us, and even for me, is extremely difficult, we've got other commitments. And the reality of life is that we are absolutely robots. So what you need to do is to create a content calendar. I think if you are just starting as an influencer, I would aim to post around four times a week, three to four posts per week, just to kick things off. If you're struggling to post that much, I would say you need to rearrange some things in your life so that it will allow you to post that much because I haven't saved That's the minimum and the benchmark in terms of consistency because your competitors will be posting at least that much. Now, creating a content calendar is going to be fundamental for your growth. Now, one of the consent calendar works, e.g. when I used to work with influencers back in the day on a Monday, we would say, let's post a picture Tuesday, e.g. we'd post a video. And then on Thursday we'd post a graphic or a single picture, or a swipe. And then on Saturday we'd post a video. Then we will repeat the process. And that just gives you some guidance to when you're creating your content on what you need. So e.g. if you're creating content for two weeks and under fonts, and I really recommend that you create content in advance, at least one week in advance, and upwards of three, I would say one to three weeks in advance is what you should be aiming for. And of course, leave gaps for dynamic content or trending content when you jump on it. But creating content in advance is going to help you a lot in terms of burnout. And it will give you that window in that period where you already have contents of research on next batch and just to take a break and live life. So create a content calendar which will allow you to do this in advance. And ultimately it will allow you to be consistent. So you grow on these platforms, you need to be consistent. You need to feed the vending machine on a consistent basis. Now, the reason is not just please Instagram or to please TikTok is because you need to teach your audience. You need to train your audience to expect me to post on a Monday, on Tuesday, on a Thursday, and on a Saturday. And they will be ready for your content on those days. And ultimately, you should have an increase in engagement because people are expecting it. I'm sure you guys have seen on YouTube, e.g. so many YouTubers will be like I post on a Thursday and Saturday or just on Mondays. Because you want your audience to expect content from you, anticipate it. You can, you can do snippets of your content, e.g. if you're doing reels on your story, There's a lot of ways you can maneuver. But ultimately what we want to do is just be consistent. We want to avoid burn out, and we want to train our audience. Now, when it comes to content, I want you to, obviously, if you can, and want to make reals, then make rules. I have a separate class on rules, but don't feel forced to just make rules if you work in fashion. I know that pictures and swipes are huge, so don't avoid doing them. There are so many influences out there who are doing really well. Posting just swipes are just pictures and occasionally posting a row. So you need to think about what ultimately works for you, okay? Yes, rules work, but sodas, all the other content guides. So please don't feel a need to do what others are doing. Do what works for you. Content is all about the consistency guys. And then finally guys on content. Don't feel like you need to have professional equipment or you need to have a videographer or you need to have this. Anything can be done with a new iPhone, a standard few iPhone. Everything nowadays is, makes it a lot easier for us to make content. One of my older influences that I worked with back in the day. We got up to 100,000 followers in a few months simply using a phone. So guys, if you are blaming content this and that, you're just making excuses, everything is achievable. What you have. 6. Relatability: Next up is related to ability. This is extremely important as an influence or whatever niche urine people need to be able to relate to you in some capacity. As the most important aspect is you building the community. And I would say for you to start off right now, there's two ways for you to kind of categorize this. Let's say you have related to ability. You want to categorize this in two ways. You want to be able to inspire, but also relate to pupil in terms of your struggles. So those are the two ways that you want to encapsulate and communicate with your audience. And you do that through your actual content. You do that through your captions, your stories, all of the methods that you have of actually creating content have the mindset of inspiring or showing the struggle. If people can relate to you on a deep level, you're going to build an audience and a community that are going to like every post. They're going to share every post. They're going to save every post. So it's essential for you to do that if you really want to blow up as an influence how those two fundamentals at the back of your mind. And you will be able to build a community. 7. Online Presence: Guys, the next thing I want to discuss is optimizing your online presence. So this is essentially your presence outside TikTok and Instagram. Now, this is going to be fundamental for you as an influencer because ultimately, you're trying to create a brand and something that doesn't rely necessarily on all social media platforms. So one of the things that I want you to write down as a goal or to start working on. On the side is just having a simple landing page. And you can use a platform such as Wix to create this. What this will allow you to do is to put some data gathering tools on the website, e.g. you could put sign up here, put your email address and name, and you can sign up to my weekly newsletter. Now, the reason you should definitely do this is because you will start collecting data, which is fundamental in the future when you want to start monetizing more, and you want to start interacting with your audience outside of Instagram or TikTok. And data is so important nowadays that I really recommend you start thinking about this right now. And it's very easy to set up. And you don't necessarily need to do a newsletter, but it's just a way for you to add a URL onto your page straightaway for you to start creating stories saying, sign up for my newsletter or send me your e-mail address for a reason. And from the onset from zero followers, you want to train your audience that you will be sending them elsewhere away from Instagram. And I think when it comes to the point where you're going to monetize more, you will have already trained your audience. So guys, just optimize your online presence. Started doing newsletters, build a landing page, and think of ways that you can grow things outside of these platforms as well. I think that's going to be really helpful for you just in where you think about things and long term, you will thank me. 8. Community: Community. Community is basically the fundamental pillar for every influence. So you have to be concentrating on building a community. And a lot of the previous lessons that I've spoken are centered around building this community. You do this by providing value, by being consistent and just giving your followers genuine content. And now let's put the community into perspective. As an influencer, you will be able to get brand deals. You'll be able to get paid sponsorship. You will have different ways of monetizing one of the beauties of influencer pages compared to a Instagram page which has no persona, the purchase rate on products or anything will be much higher on an influence because people relate so much to them and they've been with them on a journey. And if you've truly built a good community, then you're going to be able to really do well. Now with community, you need to focus on being genuine. Spend less time focusing on competitors and other people in your industry and what they're doing. As you're looking at other people, you will try and replicate that. Overthink your process. When your process could be perfectly fine and you could be 12 steps away from going viral. You need to focus on your own process and the genuine passion and values that you have will come out. But guys, when it comes to community, use every Instagram or TikTok feature available, reply to comments, post stories. I think at this stage you should be able to do that because we're all human. How would you like to relate to one of your idols? What would you like to see have that mindset and you will be able to do exactly what you want, which is build a community. 9. Engagement: Guys, I really want you to be able to engage with your audience. Because ultimately, if you're not able to engage your audience is going to be a big struggle for you to build a community. You don't want to be standing so far away and so idolize that. People can never connect with you. I think people often get the celebrity influencer. Titles muddled up. A celebrity can be someone who's idolized and is out of reach. But influencer really should be in reach and ways to engage with your audience should be started right away. So one of the best ways to engage with the audience is through stories. And stories should be a fundamental part of your strategy. And it also should be a really fun part of your strategy. Doing things such as asked me anything or some behind the scenes stuff, some polls, some general stuff about your niche. It's a chance to try out different content and really just ask your audience questions. Should I make a video about this? Should I buy this? You really want to just pretend they're like your friends. Obviously, you're building a brand, but to build that connection is going to require those stories. And I really think that you should build a strategy around stories. Now, a good way to build things early on is two, and comments and engage with other influencers in your industry and potentially even some consumers that have liked their content. This is just going to kick things off. You get your name out there, get your account out there, and people will go onto your profile. And if you've set everything else up, riots, they're likely to follow you guys. If you start noticing certain people that always like in your content, commenting, etc. These are the people that he also wants to engage with sentiment DM, ask them, Is there any specific content they want to see more from you, et cetera. This is going to be so helpful for you moving forward and engaging with your audience might seem like a big task base, actually really fun guys. As your audience grows, it will become funner and fun. I know at the beginning you might not have a big audience, but act like you do. Every person matters. I remember when I first started my YouTube channel, I was getting like two likes on a video. And you know, when I first went, I got my first ever comment, I was over the moon. But now obviously I get a lot more comments. I still cherish every single comment and I want you guys to carry on with that mindset. 10. Consistency: Guys, next up is consistency. Consistency is a massive one as it's a constant battle between quality and quantity. And where do you fit in it ultimately with quantity, it's about the frequency. How often can you post, I think with both platforms, TikTok and Instagram, they're slightly different, but they both require consistent content. I think the most important thing here is for you not to burn out. So you don't want to be one of those people that post for a month and then the next month they're inactive. You really need to be able to come up with a plan which allows you to do it for six months to a year, but consistently. And if that means posting to three times a week, then so be it, at least people, as I mentioned earlier, your audience will be able to learn, understand what you're doing. You need to train your audience. So don't pose seven times in one week and one the next as your audience is going to be confused by your approach, instead, post three times every week. But really what you want to do is have a balance. Now, of course, quality is extremely important. You don't want to be a perfectionist and comparing yourself to your competitors too much. Essentially, when it comes to quality, you want to concentrate on your self rather than anyone else. As just y, you simply creating content. We'll get a better look at the videos that you made maybe two months ago, and compare them with the videos that you make in three months time. And you will definitely see a difference there, consistency and the frequency will provide results in terms of quality, make sure that you are not over-complicate in your content and comparing yourself to competitors as you do not know the situation they're in. But remember, your audience needs to be trained. 11. Being Professional: I had to do a lesson on being professional as I think, especially in the influencer world. Being professional in what you do is so important, even if you're part-time and currently have what? Other commitments at job, a full-time job. And you do the influencing on the side, you need still come across like it's your full-time job and that you're fully dedicated. And your whole being an online needs to be professional unless obviously you're a comedian, etc. But this still elements where you're going to have to come across as a professional. So that word professional, analyze your content, analyse your profile. Does it look professional? Compare yourself to some of the best professionals. I know I'd mentioned earlier, don't compare yourself, but for things like bio and Avatar pictures, etc. It's very useful to just do this side-by-side. Now, when it comes to your bio, people are going to look on your profile and get information there. The information you want to provide that is, what can they expect from following you? So essentially you need to put that information there. What can they expect on this page from this influence? So use your story highlights to accumulate highlights of stories. Whether you're traveling or food you've eaten, or products you've worked with, or day-to-day stuff such as gym. You use that effectively but make sure that you're using highlights that are aesthetic and that will make your page look professional. Finally, your avatar gets a professional photo taken so that you stand out when people search your name, that people feel that you're a professional. Note, there's nothing worse than a very amateur or blurry photo. So please try to avoid that. But remember, ultimately here, you just really want to come across professional and that will translate into your content as well. I'm not expecting you to get a professional videographer instantly, but just have the mindset of professionalism. And you will see those improvements over time. 12. Collaboration: Should you be doing collaboration? Collaboration is something that has been introduced recently. And I would say it's a very, very good way for you to get exposed to other audiences are the markets or potentially even competitors, audience. And the feature is that. So why not use it? I think whatever stage you're wrap, even if someone is lower followers the new, it might be worth looking into and actually doing it. Now, obviously you need to think about your brand, your strategy. It could be worth doing, and it's something I definitely want you to consider. Now you don't necessarily need to do an Instagram colab. Or you can generally just get people onto your content or on stories. So there are ways you can collaborate without doing the necessary collaboration feature. E.g. if you're a fitness influencer, you can bring someone into your video, do a workout with them and they'll share it on their story. So you need to be smart with the way you collaborate with people, even if they're content creators, etc. There's a lot of ways that you can build this to your advantage. And at the end of the day, the more eyeballs that come onto your page, better, the more exposure and the more potential you have to go viral. Now, when it comes to collaboration, of course, one of the main things that we want is to collaborate with brands. And brands will come to us. And we also are required to reach out with brands. So if there's certain brands that you want to work with and you feel like you've got the right analytics, the right demographic, etc, because you will have to provide this. Then reach out to them via DMs, e-mails, etc. Keep the message short. Don't over-complicate things. Just say, I think I'd be a great fit. Who do I speak to to take this further? And e.g. if your food influence so you can reach out to restaurants and ask for a free meal or free service for you to go there and to get some concepts. So there's a lot of ways you can do this in terms of collaboration. And nowadays, I think you really, really need to find a way that is going to work best for you and go from there. 13. BONUS TIP: Let's make your life easier, guys. You need to be using scheduling software if you want to be consistent on social media. So please use software such as later, HootSuite, the metals sweet. Anything that will allow you to plan your content, creates an aesthetic grid and just schedule everything so you can accumulate content and go from there. And on that note, learn about batch content creation is very difficult to create content sporadically and randomly and one-by-one. Something I recommend doing is setting aside a few hours a week or even a whole day so that you can create a whole batch of content. This will allow you to be consistent, which is going to be a fundamental aspect when it comes to growth. 14. Project: Now what I want you to do as your project, I want you to optimize your buyer. I want you to, in your bio, be able to make it clear whether it's on Instagram or TikTok. So in your name, focus on a niche. So if you're a TikTok specialists, you could put Jenny TikTok specialists. And in the rest of your bio, I want you to be able to present to potential followers what they're going to expect from you. So e.g. let's say Jenny, the TikTok specialist, I make videos to help you grow on TikTok. That can be the first line. The second line could be, I love going viral on TikTok. They're going to be inclined to follow you. If that's what they're looking for, then if you're able to provide that, then they're going to be a loyal followers. You so be aware of what you put as if you put, I'm a gardener and put football content, then they will unfollow you as you've promised them something different. So for the project guys, put it in the project section so I can take a look and see that we can grow together. But make sure you put your values and your passions and what you want to bring to the platform. And I'm sure that you will be creating a great bio. 15. Outro: Guys, I hope this course has just given you some insight on what it takes to be an influence so anyone can become an influencer. It's just really about having the commitment and being able to translate your values and passions into the online world. I really think that now is the perfect time for you to do so both on TikTok and Instagram, please let me know if you have any questions. I do have other courses where I discuss Instagram marketing or TikTok marketing. So you can learn some more there, but definitely participate in the project as I'll be able to comment on how your bio is. If I feel like there's any adjustments you need to make or just to congratulate you on creating an extraordinary bio. But guys, make sure you take some time as you've watched the course, just so that you can reflect on certain points that I speak about and make notes and go from there. But yes, best of luck, and I hope to see you online. Thank you.