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Become a Top-Rated Fiverr Freelancer: 2023 Content Writing Edition

teacher avatar Devieka Gautam, Freelancing Ninja here to empower you!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the Course


    • 2.

      My Fiverr Journey


    • 3.

      Fiverr Vs Upwork


    • 4.

      Setting up your Fiverr account


    • 5.

      Understanding Seller Levels


    • 6.

      Making your 1st gig


    • 7.

      Naming your gig


    • 8.

      Keyword Research


    • 9.

      Pricing your Gig


    • 10.

      TrickShot: Utilizing Gig Extras


    • 11.

      Description & FAQ


    • 12.

      Optimizing Requirements Section


    • 13.

      Updating Gallery


    • 14.

      Publishing your gig


    • 15.

      TrickShot: Promoting and Protecting your gig


    • 16.

      Getting your 1st Order - Using Buyer Requests


    • 17.

      Using Quick Responses - Message Templates


    • 18.

      Communicating with Buyers


    • 19.

      Upselling your Gig


    • 20.

      Getting Great Ratings and Reviews


    • 21.

      TrickShot: Tackling Negative and Positive Reviews


    • 22.

      Promoting your Gig


    • 23.

      Seller Plus & Fiverr PRO


    • 24.

      Fiverr Ban - Reading Terms of Service (TOS)


    • 25.

      Bonus: @Fiverr_Feminist


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About This Class

Do you prefer freelancing and remote work? Do you love content writing or even digital marketing? Are you interested in making 6 figures from it?

Welcome to the beautiful world of Fiverr - a Stevie® Awards Winner Freelancing Business Website.

About me:

I am a successful Fiverr Seller and a Content Writing Freelancer, and I started my Fiverr Freelancing journey in March 2020 after my corporate job at a Fortune 200.  

What will you gain from this course:

For the initial 3-4 months after I joined Fiverr, I was lost as to how Fiverr operates. I wish I had this course then! Since then, fortunately, I learned everything on my own and now making decent money on Fiverr. More importantly, I get to live that digital nomad lifestyle. I will teach you how to get started on Fiverr, and not just that, I will show you how to make good money off it. 

Who is your class for?

If you're hearing about Fiverr for the first time or if you are on Fiverr but wondering how to Level up, this course is for you. With some serious hacks to quickly make your way up the freelancing ladder while making money, I have ensured that this course suits all levels.

Why my course? 

The best part about this course is that it is interactive. So you will not just find relevant content but a step-by-step method of how I operate my profile with real-life client examples and the mistakes I have committed, but you shouldn't!

This is that honest and refreshing Fiverr course that you have been looking for, for a long time now. 

Because I believe in customer service, if you have any questions or concerns about amping up your freelancing journey, make sure you write to me, and I shall help you happily!

Now, let's make money via freelancing, shall we? Cheers!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Devieka Gautam

Freelancing Ninja here to empower you!

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hi, I hope you're thriving. Thank you for checking out this course. I am Devieka and I am a Level 2 seller on Fiverr. I'm passionate about content writing so much that they call me "Words Ninja" on Fiverr. But don't think that this course is just limited to content writing. It is suited if you want to know how Fiverr works and how you can thrive on it. So if you're a digital marketer or even a logo designer, you're golden. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide in the form of 'gigs'. Recognized globally, Fiverr is a Stevie awards winner freelancing business website, which is actually more famous for advertising on Super Bowl. In this course, you're going to learn everything from the ground up. I'll take you from making your Fiverr account to learning about Fiverr Pro and Seller Plus programs that only highly rated sellers can access. This 360 degree comprehensive course explains everything from making your first gig to getting your first customer and applying tips and tricks, something that I call *TrickShot* to eventually making six figures from just this one website. I started my Fiverr journey in March 2020 after I left my corporate job at a Fortune 200. For the initial three to four months, I admit it, I was pretty lost as I did not know how Fiverr operates and how I could make money out of it. But now I am making some decent money. And by decent, I mean bomb! ;) But not just that. More importantly, I get to live that digital nomad lifestyle while helping my clients get their jobs - their dream jobs. Sounds cool, right? From pricing your gig to using the right keywords. This course has got it all. Writing your first gig description for free? On me. Check me out on Fiverr at @DeviekaGautam or find me on my Instagram at @Fiverr_Feminist. I'm so excited for you to pursue this journey with me where in I help you attain that freelancing lifestyle and help you get started on making those dollar bills. Before I see you on the other side, I made this course asking myself if I would buy it and the answer was a loud YES! So, Ciao! 2. My Fiverr Journey: I will be on Fiverr for two years now in March 2020 and the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. I started Fiverr to increase my income and try my hand at a lifestyle that I thought was suited best for me. One that allowed me to be my own boss and Fiverr fortunately, lived up to that expectation. I'm a content writer on Fiverr and my love for writing goes way back. I started to write in my college for a mere $1 apiece. Since then, Fiverr has helped me increase my confidence from starting out at $5, which is the minimum gig price that you can set to today, with an average price being a $100. The journey is still ongoing and I'm confident of increasing my freelancing income. My initial gig was about article writing, when I used to whip up some intense pieces for cheap money. An example was this when I wrote 1,500 words about British history for $5. But it was important to me because the buyer was really patient and friendly. Not only did they leave me some excellent reviews and a perfect five-star rating, but they came back to me for about five more times. Because it's been about two years now, I wanted to start giving back the joy Fiverr has brought me. This course is my attempt at the same, for you. Another thing which I started out is an Instagram account by the name of @Fiverr_Feminist dedicated to offering freelancing tips and tricks on making it big on Fiverr. You can also find me participating in the official Fiverr community forum. If you do have any questions or doubts, please do reach out to me. Apart from just making a living of Fiverr, it gives me immense joy when my buyers come back to tell me how much I've impacted them. The screenshot of a conversation is an example of the same. Leaving a 9-5 corporate job at a Fortune 500 company to today, making a very comfortable living off my skills, it's been a pretty transformational journey, I must say. I'm happy that I got this opportunity to share my journey with you and possibly hope to inspire some of you to believe that yes, it is all possible. Just keep the faith and put in the hard work to Excel. I am rooting for your success. Cheers. 3. Fiverr Vs Upwork: Choosing between Fiverr and Upwork can be confusing decision to make. It is, to date, an important question for beginners to choose between. I know this because I have been in your shoes. So let's try to understand the difference and which of these could be better suited for you. Fiverr has freelancers separated by skill levels and has 300+ categories, with more than one subcategory for each skill. It also has freelancers defining the tasks, which we call 'gigs', and their own prices. So it seems to be a more budget-friendly way of freelancing. Whereas Upwork is more about the job posting. This is done by bidding to the client and writing a proposal. One has to prove to the client that you really are the right person for the job. In comparing Fiverr vs. Upwork, Upwork tends to possess a more singular focus towards hourly and flat-rate projects. Let's compare the scale of these two freelancing options. Fiverr generated $189.51 million in revenue in 2020, whereas Upwork brought in $373.63, million per year. As for the pricing, Fiverr takes a flat 20% commission of all projects, that is the gigs. But Upwork uses a sliding scale. Upwork takes between 5% and 20% percent of each service depending on your plan. Plus. you have to buy connects to bid for projects. I was faced with this same question when I started out, but I'm glad I choose Fiverr simply because I knew that I loved content writing. However, I'm on Fiverr sure, but at the same time, I also have a data analytics agency on Upwork. I'm saying this so that you know that I'm not biased when choosing Fiverr. Sure. Fiverr may not be perfect, but it puts you in the driver's seat. You can choose the type of work you want to provide, work that you enjoy and that plays to your strengths. You can set your price in stone with as many clients as you want and even promote gig on social media and other platforms. Because there is no joining cost for Fiverr, it was my first choice. For me, it comes down to this. You never pay to get work. Rather, you get paid to work. 4. Setting up your Fiverr account: Let's get started with creating your account on Fiverr. From graphic design to web development, e-books or business plans. you can sell pretty much any service imaginable on Fiverr. These services are called 'gigs' and are free to post. But before posting your first gig, you will need to create an account. You can sign up using a Facebook account or google account or e-mail address. Once you have chosen how you'd like to take it forward, you'll have to choose your username and either create a password or enter an email address. Once your account is created, simply go to your inbox, activate it and go on to fill out your Fiverr profile. The first thing most buyers will check for prior to paying for one of your gigs is your profile. This is how your business profile looks like to a buyer. In it Fiverr will ask you to include a photo and several critical pieces of information allowing potential buyers to get to know you a bit more. Let's look at the profile picture first. Include a professional-looking photo of your natural face. This will help to ensure potential buyer's trust that you are a real person. in addition to making your profile appear more professional. In the description box, introduce yourself to potential buyers. Here, you can include your areas of expertise or experiences or anything else you think is essential. Remember to keep it relevant. Next is education. Include where you attended college and your degrees, and here, list any additional certificates that you think will help you stand out from the crowd. Next is tests taken. This part of your profile will help display the tests that you've completed through Fiverr. These tests help verify your skills and increase our potential buyer's trust. Just be careful as you're only able to take a test twice every three months. However, Fiverr does give you the option to hide your tests scores if you do poorly. Next is skills. Here, you should include any skills applicable to the gigs you intend to create. These include abilities you've gained through past jobs, hobbies, or other life experiences. Fiverr only allows ten, so choose wisely. Next is languages. This is where you let others know what languages do you speak and your level of fluency. This is incredibly important if your gig includes skills like writing or translation. Now, you have to make sure that you create a profile that delivers on each and every aspect. Once you profile has been created, you can begin creating your first gig. 5. Understanding Seller Levels: Seller Levels help you turn your skills and talents into a source of income. It is based on your monthly performance and denotes your reputation. It also improves your credibility. The three levels on Fiverr, Level 1, Level 2, and Top-Rated. Once you create a Fiverr account, you instantly become a new seller. It takes about one to three months to reach level one, and then three to nine months to reach level 2. Interestingly, top rated is a manual process. Even if you meet the top-rated requirements, the editorial team reviews the performance from the previous 60 days to confirm eligibility. After this, the Fiverr team decides if you can be a top-rated seller. Otherwise, for both Level 1 and 2, the process is automatic. To become a level one seller, you must complete about 10 highly rated gigs and should be active on Fiverr for a minimum of 60 days. For level 2, you should complete 50 highly rated gigs on time and be active on Fiverr for a minimum of 120 days and for Top Rated level, you need to complete 100 gigs, make a minimum of $20,000, and be active for a minimum of 180 days. The process for evaluation is that your accounts activity is measured for the last 60 days. This means that your stats will fluctuate daily according to your activity level on Fiverr. As time goes by, orders and conversations will become 61 days old, meaning they will no longer be factored into your statistics. You can achieve a new and higher-level status by promoting your gigs, ensuring that your customers are satisfied and happy, delivering on time or sometimes before time and maintaining high-quality services and good ratings. I am confident that I will enjoy waiting to be selected as a top-rated seller while I cheer you on. 6. Making your 1st gig: Let's get started with your first gig. But before we begin, it's important to know what a Fiverr gig looks like. I have not signed into my account. So this is how you can see my gigs. Well, this is one of my content writing gigs that is bestselling. The title is 'I will write original articles for your blog, website, and magazine.' This is the category and the subcategory of it. These are the pricing packages that are titled, basic, standard, and premium. My username, my level status, my number of reviews for this gig, and the overall rating that I have for this gig. So we also will see a detailed form of the pricing package below. But for 500 words I'm offering at this price, for 1,000 words and 2,000 words at that price, right? This is a subscription plan that is offered to select sellers on Fiverr wherein buyers can come in and subscribe to a gig. By this, they can get a discount. This is a thumbnail for the gig that I made and I input. This is a sample that I put in when I first created this gig. I still have not removed it because this is my website. So I think it kind of adds gravity to my work that I use my content for my other business endeavors as well. This is a delivery that I did for a recent client and this is the review that she wrote for me. Similarly, this is another delivery and another review. These deliveries and reviews act as samples for new buyers who come in and vet a new gig, right. This is a description of the gig. The Language, Topic, Tone, and Article type. So these are some criteria that we have to fill in specifically when we make a gig. But this is where you have to use a description to the best of your abilities, for example, in article type. there were about 6-7 options given. Fiverr only allows you to choose between 2 or 3. I did not want to limit myself to that. That is why I input this line here - that I also worked with white papers, business plans, personal statements, novels, et cetera. This is about me besides that gig and 1-2 lines about me. My total number of reviews for all my gigs, my entire rating, and my description. So like I told you before, this is a detailed form of the package that I offer to a buyer in this particular good, right? These criterias are specific to content writing. If you change the type of gig, for example, website creation or let's say digital marketing, these criteria will definitely change. You see here that it's standard time that I take to deliver which is 3 days, but I can also deliver it in 2 days with an additional price. Now this additional thing that you see here is called 'gig extra', and we'll see how we can make those. These are the other Fiverr gigs me displayed alongside my own gig in case the buyer is interested in that. The other frequently asked questions that is displayed on this particular gig. Now, while it's not necessary to input these, I feel one should leverage it and I'll tell you why. So this question, why should I hire you? I feel that in case there is a buyer who's reading the description of this gig and he or she is on the edge, whether they should choose me or not. In such a scenario, such a question will help them to take that decision and choose me, right? So these are some other questions that I have entered in case the buyer has any doubts. Otherwise, they can definitely get in touch with me by using this button. These are the reviews and ratings in detail. So you can choose either 'most recent' or 'most relevant'. Let's see. 'Most recent'. So again, she's a repeat buyer. This is the review that she wrote for me. So one thing that you'll note in my gigs is that I always write a review back. Even if it's positive or negative. The reason is - is it helps me to establish a connection with my buyer. and it shows that I'm just not in it for the money. I'm just not here till the time I do that delivery, but I'll be here even if they were to come the second time or the third time, or place a repeat order. So you have to build in that sense of customer service with your buyers. And I think this is what unknown buyer who's never worked with me before will see. So that is a great habit you can use. So these are the reviews, these are the tags which are related to this gig that I have chosen. And these are my gigs, which will be shown to a buyer. So now I know that we should move ahead and build your first gig together. But before we start building a gig, I want to give you another TrickShot. So the best way for you to really build your first Fiverr gig is to buy someone else's gig on Fiverr. And it can be as low as $5. Plus, you can buy something that you need. So, this Fiverr thumbnail image, you can get it done from some other Fiverr seller. So on top of looking more professional, when you buy a Fiverr gig, you will understand the process of buying an order a 100% better. You'll understand how a buyer looks at thumbnail images to decide which gigs to buy. Not just that, you will also see how the prices are displayed and how the ordering process works. This is very important and this helped me a lot when I started out because a lot of times in Fiverr, there are first time buyers who come in and they're on their own confused with how to buy a Fiverr gig. That is when you can help them and assist them. When you do such kind of a thing the buyer feels more confident in your abilities and they will choose to come back to you. With this, how about we craft your first gig? Let's jump on. 7. Naming your gig: Hello, hello. You know what? I just decided to create a new gig for my own self. But that do I not just increase my earning opportunity, but I also get to show you live how easy it is to create a new gig. Here's what you have to do. You have to go to your 'gig section' and click on create a new gig. A new empty profile will open up. To save everybody's time, I have it all pre-filled. But don't worry, I'll take you step-by-step to let you know where to include, what. So this is the gig title. You'll only have 80 characters to put, so you have to make it count. You have to make sure that the gig title is clear and concise. You surely wanted your buyers to know what exactly it is that you're offering. So write something that will stand out from the crowd by keeping this title original. You will see that "I will" is a default on Fiverr for all the gigs, so you cannot change that. In this case, I wanted to go with writing content on LinkedIn. So my GIF titled says, "I'll write unique LinkedIn content for you." Some other hours of content writing gig would include, "I will write captivating content", "I will write compelling content", "I will write creative SEO content." You know, the common between all the sentences is that people are using different words to indicate their originality. Some other examples include, "I will write high-quality SEO articles", "I will write well-researched, engaging and original content." So by using such words, you can really make your gig stand out. 'Just Perfect!" indicates that the length of the title is optimal. We move on to the SEO title, which automatically comes up. Next is category. So based on the title that we input Fiverr will automatically suggest a few categories and subcategories. If you feel that these categories are not appropriate, you can also manually input. Next is gig metadata. So this includes language, topic, tone and article type. In Language, it means which language will your complete your gig in. For me right now it's English, even though I'm bilingual, I may include Hindi in the near future. If you're multilingual, please feel free to apply languages which you think are right for you. Next is Topic. So as you can see, you can only select two article topics because it's Linkedin and Marketing and Retail is my expertise, so I choose these two. Next is Tone. Again, because it's LinkedIn, you'll have to see what kind of gig is it that you're offering. So Professional/ Formal, and Conversational makes sense for LinkedIn. In article type, you have to choose the kind of articles you will write. Again, you are limited here by 3 choices. If you remember, in the last course, I have told you how you can make sure that you buyers know that you're not just limited to these three by making the most of your gig description. Finally, we have search tags. So here you can use 5 tags which are the maximum, and that too only letters and numbers. So you have to put in terms you believe a buyer would most likely search for when looking for your type of gig. And these vary depending on the gig that you're offering. So you have to do your research. In the next section, I've included a TrickShot which tells you how to do your keyword research. You should really make the most of that. So once we are done with the overview, you have to click, 'Save and Continue'. And then you move on to the next section. 8. Keyword Research: So we're at Overview here. First, we have to input a gig title. Now, this has to be filled with relevant keywords. And this keyword needs a lot of manual research because Fiverr does not suggest a keyword's worth to you. For example, I mean the search volume and competition, etc. So we have to do our own manual research. But for you, I'm going to give you three ways we can do that. Mind you, these are three authentic ways which I also used. The first one is through Fiverr search engine. What you have to do is you have to switch to buying. And here you have the write, let's say, content writing, right? So by entering this, which is your gig's primary keyword in the search field, you will find some suggestions based on the most searched keywords on Fiverr that are related to your gig. These are the terms that most buyers use when searching for a particular service on Fiverr. What you have to do is to make a note of these, and include these in your gig title or gig description. So this is one way that you can go about it. We can also check out blog writing, if you want. See, these are some other keywords. The next way you can go about this is via Fiverr search tags. So if you go to the same gig that you're creating. In the bottom, you can see these tags that you can input. So, it is the same story basically you're putting your keyword and the autocomplete will guide you with the healthy keywords nearest to the data entry. So let's say again, we write content. So you come up with content writing. content writers, right? Now you can't use all of them either in the gig and in the search tab. More specifically, Fiverr allows you only 5 tags. So what you can do is that you can choose comprehensive keywords. Choose the keywords which appear on top of the suggestions, right? This was the second way. The third way is very cool. It is via using a favor keyword research tool. For this, I use a website called Keywordio. Now, even though this does not help you by giving you a monthly search volume and competition on Fiverr, but it is a more comprehensive and a more realistic way of finding your relevant keywords. Now, here we'll write content writing. We choose Fiverr, and do the search. and these are the keywords that come up. So these keywords are essential in the overall exposure of the gig. But it doesn't mean that using all these exact keywords will rank you on top. There are several factors that Fiverr takes into account when ranking a gig, right? And trust me it's very complicated, nobody knows how Fiverr does it, but we just have to wing through it. But all we can do is make sure we find the best comprehensive and the most used keywords for the gig so that we find more success in the search results. 9. Pricing your Gig: Awesome! Now we move on to another important section which is pricing your gig correctly. So in this, we have three packages. You can also choose one package. But it's seen that those buyers that are offered triple gig packages can earn up to 64% more gig income. So I think it's a good choice that we go with three. So this is the gig name. You can choose an eye-catching title for each of your package. You have to be certain that the difference between the three of them is crystal clear. So I've kept it really simple. Instead of sticking to basic, standard and premium, I have chosen Gold, Silver, and Platinum because I feel, these words can be compared with gold medals at a ceremony. So it brings more value than just sticking to basic, standard and premium. Next is the description of the package and what you're offering. So because it's a LinkedIn gig, I wanted to make sure that my content is customized to what LinkedIn is as a platform. So for the gold version, I am offering 1-2 liners to chuck out those wisom nuggets. For the silver, I'm offering up to 250 words to get your point across quickly with high impact. You should also note how I am using these verbs which indicate quality. And then for the platinum package, I'm offering up to 500 words, which channelize that storytelling. So you have to make sure that the description that you write is customized with the content that you're creating. Because it's LinkedIn. It's this way. If it's an SEO article, you will have to see what kind of content or the amount of words that you will be offering. Next is your delivery time. So, delivery time is how long you will take to complete a project. Depending on the scope of the work, this depends on each package. So even though I can whip up to 50 to 500 words in a day, To be on the safe side, I choose 2 days for delivery. Next is revisions. So revisions mean the number of times you will alter your work depending on the buyer's request. It's always done after you've delivered your order. So I'm offering two revisions each. Then, words included. So even though I've mentioned here, I want to mention it again so that we don't have any confusion with the buyer when they're buying the gig from me. So I'm offering 1-2 liners, that comes off to 25 words in the Gold package. I'm offering 250 words in the Silver and 500 words in the Platinum. I do not think that there's a need to include focus keywords in my LinkedIn gigs. So I do not choose this. Topic Research is definitely important because LinkedIn is all professional and fact-based. hence I've included in all the three packages. References & Citations, you do not need that in one or two liners, but I've added those in the other two packages. Data charts, I've not included it here, but I have in my extra services, which is another great trick offered by Fiverr, which we will see how. The pricing is very simple. I have added the Gold package at $5, the Silver Package at $20, and the Platinum package at $30. You will see a trick that I played here, which you should also use, is that when a buyer comes in to choose which package to select, they'll see that for a difference of just $10, they get 250 additional words. So they'll be more inclined to go with this package. It's a great trick which you should also use. And then we have the gig extras. This is where we can charge additional fees for whatever extras we want to give to our buyers. There's some frequently used extras that can be chosen. Extra fast delivery, which trust me, a lot of buyers opt for and even additional revisions. So this I have made use of. References and Citations - in case this is somebody who is a definite fact checker, they can ask for references from me. Data chart like I told you before, I have included it as an extra way of getting those bucks, $20 bucks. And this is where I played it very smart. So if you see here, I am not just just offering LinkedIn content up to 500 words, but actually 1000 words. And then I've added extra money for additional days. And then you'll also notice how LinkedIn has pictures accompanying the content. So I can even offer that. At an extra price, of course. So this is all about gig extra. These are the subscriptions which some select sellers have on Fiverr. This does not work well here because it costs a minimum $10. I mean, my minimum packet should be at $10, but I have it a $5, so I'm not eligible for it. That is okay. And now we press on 'Save and Continue' and move to the next section. 10. TrickShot: Utilizing Gig Extras: It is time for *TrickShot* - Gig Extras. So how can you be a Fiverr champion? Gig extras all the way. You should know that Fiverr for sellers is arranged in such a way that the basic five-dollar gig appears to be the most important thing. However, if you want to get the most out of your Fiverr account, you need to think the other way around. I'll tell you how. The big secret lies in gig extras, the add-ons that you can offer to complement your gigs. This is the secret weapon to making real quick money on Fiverr. Let's look at this gig itself. At $5, I offered them one to two liners of content. This makes my gig appear on the front page. But if you know buyers as I do, they always need more. So they look at these gig extras. Here's a breakdown of my extras, for that gig. More specifically, wherein I write up to 1000 words, for an additional $60, most of the time, buyers are more than happy to pay for it. So by luring the buyer at $5, I get them to buy a $60 gig. The trick is to persuade the buyer without them knowing. Another trick that I've already highlighted in the previous video is to use comparative pricing. You can add what I did with the 250 words at $10 difference, to your gig extras. By choosing a wholesome 500 words, the client invests more in your services and so your talent. And so just like that, this is the big secret to making the most of Fiverr - by placing the actual work in the extras and directing attention towards them, the average gigs sale will rise far more than just $5. Petition to rename "gig extras" as "gig necessities", please. 11. Description & FAQ: Moving on to Description and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. The description section tells the buyer exactly what they can expect from your gig. You should be clear and concise in this section and avoid trying to sound really sales-y. A well organized and presented offer, has a lasting impression on the buyer's mind. This multiplies your chances of getting multiple orders. Here's a structure that I've created for you. Number 1, welcome the buyer. Number 2, introduce your gig. Number 3, talk about your offerings. Number 4, Why should they hire you? And Number 5, invite them to contact you. If you feel that these 5 steps are a little complicated, then you can also choose a simple format such as for $5 I will write 500 words on any topic. As a professional content writer, rest assured that my articles are well-structured and fully optimized for search engines. Of course, you can use this line, don't worry. :) The long sentences, can disturb the look and feel of the text, which can bore your buyer. So use short sentences. Capitalize or use bullet points on the important phrases as it gives a very structured touch to the content. It also creates comfort for the reader to read what exactly it is that you've written. Make sure you use paragraphs with reasonable length. Use a two to three sentence long section and that might do the trick. Leverage powerful words such as "definitely", "obviously", "100% assured", "100% unique" and so on. This will help you score winning projects. Next, we move on to frequently asked questions. While it's not necessary, I feel it's important because it helps prevent misunderstandings. For example, if we look at this question, "Will you login to my LinkedIn?" And I've written this answer. In the case, that the buyer thinks that I would actually be logging into his or her Linkedin but I actually don't, this will help me from not getting a bad review, right? So this is it, for this section. Thank you for choosing this course. As a gift of gratitude. I am more than happy to critique your description for free. DM me on my Instagram at @Fiverr_Feminist, that's Fiverr_Feminist See you! 12. Optimizing Requirements Section: We now move on to the Requirements section. I believe that your work is as good as the brief provided to you. There are times wherein a buyer just places an order without mentioning anything, You cannot write anything of quality. This results either in a canceled order or worse a bad review. This questionnaire section comes to save your life, then. It allows you to know your buyer and what they want from the gig they just purchased. It allows you to know if the content is for business or personal use, the tone of the content, who is the reader, who is targeted audience? What is the purpose of the content? if the buyer wants to create content to drive organic visitors to the website or simply write for fun. These are two questions that I normally use for my content writing gigs, which is the title and the word count. You can also add a new question. You can choose if it's required or not. You can also get the answers from the buyer in free text, multiple choice or attachment form. Then you can click 'Add'. Some examples of questions that I have prepared for you include, "in what industry is your business?" "What is the tone of voice that you want?" "Do you have any previous samples or existing blogs that you want me to refer to?" "Do you want the article or blog posts to include SEO optimized keywords?" With these examples, we are now nearing the end of crafting our first gig. I hope you are as enthusiastic about it as I am. Yay! 13. Updating Gallery: Good images are important. Besides the gig title, the first thing most people see is the gig image. Think of your gig thumbnail as a beautiful packaging design of a product in a store. Gorgeous, eye-catching imagery draws attention from the buyer. It makes them curious to investigate more. The more eyes you have focused on your gig, the higher the odds of a the buyer making a purchase. What kind of gig images do well depends on the type of work that you offer. But there are some general rules. You have to keep your image clear with easy, readable text. Avoid cluttering the gig image as that will make it harder for a buyer to see. Remember, your gig image will be viewed on a variety of screen sizes. So design it with that in mind. Do check on your laptop as well as a mobile phone, how the image comes across to you. Do not use other people's work or plagiarize content. Buyers are very smart, trust me. They do reverse image check to see if the image is yours or not. We have the opportunity to include three images here. So you should include more than one gig image. Make sure to use all these three slots and include work samples of what a buyer can expect if they order from you. In the first or the primary slot, I've included my gig thumbnail, which is an image of me, my experience years, my reviews, what I'm offering, in bold, which is Linkedin content writer, This is something that I include in my gig images, which is "Fiverr Exclusive", So the buyer knows that they cannot have any access to me outside of this freelancing platform. And this is my username. For the other two slots, I have chosen to include work samples of my work which is a screenshot of my Linkedin content. You can also include a screenshot of the work that you've done previously. You can even include your work samples in the form of PDF, here. Another option that Fiverr provides to you is that you can upload a video of you explaining or talking about your gig. I believe that the power of words is more important than a video. This is why I've not included a video here. Remember a good image will influence the number of clicks you will get, and the more clicks you have, the higher your gig will rank. Finally, in the next stage, we publish the gig. So hold on. 14. Publishing your gig: Finally here it is, the Publish section, but uh-oh! A skills test? But why? Well, there are two reasons for this. One, it gives potential buyers additional confidence in your abilities. As a seller, this increases buyer trust in your skills and talent. Two, in some categories, mainly content writing, which is this gig, you must take a test to publish a gig. Now note that the English skills tests is different from the English language test, which means you may not choose to take the English language test. So when you try to publish a good that has a skills test requirement, you will be prompted to take the test. If you don't take the test immediately, your gig will remain as a draft, which means you cannot start earning. You should note that there is a one day waiting period between retaking the test. You may only take a test twice within three months. Now, I see this on the screen because I already have taken the test and passed with flying colors. This means that you have to take this test just one time and not every time you create a gig. To pass the skills test, you must answer a minimum of 60% to 80% of the questions correctly. And the buyers can see the test results unless you hide it. I think the questions are pretty basic for a content writer. Having said this, I hope you pass with flying colors and I see you on the other side of the gig. Congratulations should be in order. 15. TrickShot: Promoting and Protecting your gig: This is it. This is the final and by far the quickest step to creating your gig. By simply clicking the 'Publish Gig' button, your gig will now go live. Let's do it. Awesome! If you made your gig with me, I am so proud of you. Once live, your gig can now be promoted to a social platform. This is the link that you can use, to promote your own gig. According to Fiverr, gets that are promoted through social platforms are up to 3x times as likely to sell. So obviously, I would recommend for you to consider this option. Now, how about a *TrickShot*? This *TrickShot* is about making sure your work is not plagiarized. Let's see. The way to go about it is to add a watermark to your work. Simply go to your gig section. This is the new gig that is created right now. Click on it. You'll see this option "Activate Watermark". Just toggle it on. That is it. So what happens is that by toggling this option on, it helps protect your work as buyers will be able to preview your work, but won't be able to use it. When you deliver the gig, your buyer will see a watermark on the image preview until they accept and complete the order. It will look something like this. You see this watermark, here? So your original image will not be available for the buyer to download until the order is 'Marked as complete'. By activating this feature, you will automatically add the Fiverr watermark, to the images on the order page and in your portfolio. This feature really makes me proud of choosing Fiverr as it shows this platform's commitment to the talent of their content writer and sellers, such as me. and now you, I'm so happy for you! 16. Getting your 1st Order - Using Buyer Requests: So there's one question that I get a lot of times. And that question is, now that we have created a gig, how do we get our first order? And to me the answer is very simple. By leveraging something called "Buyer Requests". What you have to do is go to your profile, Click 'More' and click 'Buyer requests', this page will come up. So this Buyer Requests section lists thousands of jobs that buyers need to be completed. Usually, they put in their own budget. and this is where we sellers have to come in and match and then do the work. So this really for me is a goldmine for you to collect positive reviews and level up as a seller. To start, you have to go and bid on jobs that you can do. You may find that some of the jobs will require you an hour or two of work for $5. If you can do it, do it. By doing so, you're going to get ten orders and reviews as soon as possible. That will help you become a Level one seller quickly. Otherwise stick to the gig that you're focusing on, in this case, content writing. So you see the subcategories here and then you choose articles and blog posts. So you see specific requests that people have put in. Let's tackle one for you. So this buyer wants a unique review - article should be about 500 to 1,000 and if done well, they will require more articles. The duration is 10 days, budget is $10. There are already 24 other sellers who have bid their offers. Let's do that. So we could choose a gig. And in this case, let's go with this one. Let's write a nice note. Because I have reviews so I am writing this. But you can talk about your capabilities and how you need one shot to prove your worth. So the budget is $10, let me offer it at $5. Delivery time is 10 days. I'll take about two days to write 500 words. Number of revisions. I'm going to do unlimited because I mean, for you it's the first time going out. We definitely ask for gig requirements and then you can send it. The offer is now sent. So you have 9 offers left out of 10. So when you send out these requests, it will ask you to pick one of your gigs to offer the buyer, which we did. So to make sure you pick the same one each time so that all the reviews fall under one particular gig. So the goal with the buyer request is to give the buyers more than what they pay for. At the end, the buyer should think that, "Wow, did I just get all of this done for $5?" and that's how they become your repeat customers. So keep sending out bids every day until you hit your limit, which is 10. In this case, almost a 100 percent of your money will come from this section. Now, since people don't know you, it really isn't a lot of money, I know. I know. But it's worthwhile in the long run. I remember I started writing 1,000 words article on British history for just $5. And it used to take me three to four hours, but the process was fun. That's why I was in it. I was in it to win it. 17. Using Quick Responses - Message Templates: It is now time for you to learn about quick responses. With quick responses, you can create a templatized response to help you reply to your buyers much faster. It can be really tiresome to write the same message over and over again. So you can avoid writing the same response to multiple buyers. For example, let's take the mode of delivery. So one way is by adding it in your FAQ, which we did for a LinkedIn Content gig. What is the mode of delivery? It's this. Another way is by using quick responses. So let's assume this friend is a buyer. And they're asking me, and maybe they're the 50th person who is asking me what will be the mode of delivery. So I just have to use a quick response and go to File Format. Click on this and I have the message ready. I just send it to them. You can also edit the text and add your personal touch to it. By responding quickly, you provide better service to your buyers. Quick responses mean the buyer thinks you're serious about your work. This increases their confidence in you, for sure. I've experienced this first hand. And that explains why I have so many quick responses. Now if you're wondering how to create your own quick response, I'm here to help. All you have to do is go here, create a new quick response. You can name it, let's say - "File Format 4". and then you write whatever you want to. So look at this one. So it's a nice personalized response. and how it did that is by including this. So it's also written here, this tip, right? So by typing username, you can automatically insert the recipient's name, this helps in personalization and buyer feels as if you took out the time to type in their username. Let's save it. Then, when you are supposed to send it, go to quick response and choose file format 4. There it is. and then you send it. Viola! So it really brings down the time in sending multiple messages to multiple buyers without making you go crazy. 18. Communicating with Buyers: Commonly overlooked, but important to adopt, here are 4 tips on maintaining a top-notch communication with your buyer. Keep your payments and conversation on Fiverr. The reason for this is simple. If you attempt to take any business off Fiverr, you can get banned from the platform. Though Fiverr won't be able to ensure your project or business safety. At the same time, make sure to always use professional language when communicating on Fiverr. Absolutely no bullying, harassment, discrimination, or hate speech. Start the order only when the payment is made. Don't be lured by anybody who says they will pay you after the work is done. On Fiverr, a buyer first buys a gig from you, and then the work commences. You receive the buyer's instruction and begin working on the order. Once you have delivered a job and the buyer is satisfied with the work, they will mark the order as complete. The amount they owe you will move to clearance section as soon as this is done. But in the case that the buyer is offline and, they have not responded for more than 72 hours, that is 3 days, Fiverr will automatically mark your order as complete. That amount will move to your clearance, automatically. After 14 days, the payment will be available to you and then you can withdraw it to your bank account. Don't engage with uncomfortable buyers. There is absolutely no need to engage in any type of online conversation that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you do receive such a message, do not respond. Instead, report the sender to customer support, immediately. Do not click on any links or attachments that you receive through instant messaging from unrecognized contact, unless the context is absolutely clear. Avoid the use of remote access tools. This tip is recommended as it allows the second party to potentially take control of your computer. Some tools include TeamViewer and AnyDesk. If you do need to use a tool, make sure not to allow any operations. These may cause damage to your computer as it is accessed by another party. If required, use the inbuilt Zoom facility to have conversations with your customer. 19. Upselling your Gig: Even if you're listing a gig for just $5, the potential to earn more on that one transaction is really high. By different upselling services, your buyers, will not only be able to customize their order, but you'd also earn a few extra bucks along the way. For example, if you get hired to write an article, you can customize additional features for the buyer to purchase. Perhaps they're willing to pay extra for multiple versions or references, or maybe they want to add data charts to the order. Either way, upselling different product options will provide your buyer with endless possibilities, all the while earning you more money on Fiverr. This is way 1, how you can upsell your gig. Buil on trust. Use your inbox correctly to earn more leads and create a rapport with your client base. Be sure to reply to each message in a timely manner, even if the offer isn't something you can do. In the future, clients will remember your timely response and come to you directly for services you can perform only because they know that you are genuinely available to them. And second, it is about seizing every opportunity. If you're an article writer, it may also be intelligent to start a proofreading gig. By offering a client an additional option in the same niche, you can begin keeping their businesses for multiple projects instead of just limiting yourself to one aspect of their need. So instead of requiring various Fiverr sellers for a single job, you have to make yourself one-stop shop. Your name needs to solve your buyer's content need. Sounds promising! 20. Getting Great Ratings and Reviews: Ratings depend on three main factors. One, seller communication level Two, recommend to a friend, and Three, Service as described. Each of these areas is rated by the buyer on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest. Each of these is calculated into the final rating result. In this case, I have a final rating of 4.9, which is brilliant. Anything above 4.5, you're golden. Let's see, seller communication level. This is the level of communication you provide you in order to the seller. How much you talk to them, How many doubts are clear? How many answers you provide? and how politely you do it. Second is, recommend to a friend If the buyer would buy from you again or if the buyer would recommend you, based on the quality of your delivery. And third, service as described, If the service delivered was as described in your gigs description. Let's look at some other tips here. Communicate clearly with your buyers. You have to be transparent with your buyer from the very beginning of the order until you deliver it. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Gaining clarity not only improves your service, but also ensures that a buyer understands what they will receive from you and whether they will be satisfied with it. Thoroughly describe your service on your gig page. Make sure that the title is clear and description explains the service you provide. If necessary, please include what you will not provide in the gigs. Third, use the frequently asked questions section. I've shown you how to do this. You have to equip yourself and provide answers to the most common issues and concerns. Fourth, reply to your buyer's review. A two-way conversation can make a huge difference. Sometimes the most successful response to a negative review is an apology! Reviews aren't removed if an order is canceled. And finally, your responses are visible to the other potential buyers. Take this into consideration when you respond to each and every buyer review be it good or bad. Also, note that if you don't review a buyer within 10 days, you won't be able to add a review for them in that particular order. Once reviews have been made public, Fiverr cannot change or remove them unless they violate the terms of service (TOS) 21. TrickShot: Tackling Negative and Positive Reviews: It is common to think that gigs with a majority of 5 star ratings will rank higher than those with a poor review or even no review. You know, it is not incredibly hard to get good ratings. In my experience, most customers will leave a 5 Star rating if you deliver the work on time. and according to the specification they stated. If I had to pick one thing that can make or break a gig, it is a review. I cannot stress this enough. Having good reviews matters tremendously. They help make your gig look appealing by providing social proof of your competence to potential buyers. But bad reviews can be the final nail in the coffin. So here are four ways you can tackle your reviews, both good and bad. One, Avoid getting scammed. While 5 star reviews are great, sometimes a 4.5 or 4.7 started view is not as damaging as you might think. However, if your review is lower than 4.5, you must be careful. Never offer free work for a better review. It may go the wrong way. It's such an amateur mistake. I tell you. If a buyer asks for free work for a better review, report them to customer support. Make sure you have screenshots of the messages. Next, be polite and courteous. Be empathic in dealing with your buyers. It doesn't cost a thing and anyone can implement it into their day-to-day interactions with their customers. It makes the customers perceive you in a positive light. It helps to build trust and comfort. Next, Aim for repeat orders. Good manners leave a lasting impression. So next time when a client wants to make another purchase, they will more likely think of you. Remember, repeat customers will bring in most of your earnings. and every repeat sale from the same person is viewed as being unique by Fiverr. If you want to find any level of success, you will have to create long-lasting business relationships with your buyers. Next, reply to negative reviews, diligently. You may encounter countless situations as a Fiverr seller. So just accept that some things are part of being a freelancer. How you handle situations, shows your character, so be the person you want to do business with. You cannot make everybody happy, but you can let your future buyer know your side of the story. by replying to negative reviews. In the end, remember, a profile with both negative and positive reviews is less suspicious than an All-Star profile. 22. Promoting your Gig: For this, first of all, the foundation of your gig has to be strong before you can promote it. That means when creating a gig, you have to use the right keywords. This we have learned before. I cannot emphasize the usage of the right keywords in your gig. It directly influences your gig ranking and revenue. While Fiverr allows you to edit titles as many times as you want, remember that the URL is fixed once you create the gig. Keyword usage in the title is pretty easy to manage. There are three foolproof ways of promoting your gigs, both on and off Fiverr. Number one, social media sharing. There are millions of users present on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sharing gigs on these platforms can give your gigs massive exposure. It can greatly benefit gig performance and even finding potential clients. But the real gem is LinkedIn. It is a place where most professionals hangout. To be more specific, it is a platform where your potential clients are! LinkedIn is famous for posting jobs and hiring freelancers for projects. But since hiring is not easy, many look for freelancers to complete the tasks. So if you're good enough to pitch the right client, you can easily pick your orders from LinkedIn. I have leveraged linkedIn to not just showcase my writing abilities, but also connect with other Fiverr buyers. Leverage Fiverr forum. Even the most seasoned Fiverr freelancers miss out on this one. The forum is such a handy way to boost your gig. You should really find an excuse to either mention your gig or make people visit your profile. If you're new, post that you are new to the platform or even say hi to me. You can ask for tips and improvements on your gigs. This way, you will attract some traffic to your gig. It reflects in your gig rankings too. But be careful. Forum moderators are stricter than ever before. Just do not blatantly promote your gigs openly. Develop a twist that will work in your space. Finally, Fiverr's own "Promoted gigs". Promoted gigs is a paid advertising tool available on Fiverr. It will help you to reach more Fiverr customers. Using promoted gigs, you can get your gigs placed on high visibility locations inside category pages and search results. This will bring you more clicks and so more orders. All need to do is set a daily budget. Select the gigs you can promote, and set the bid to start participating in the auction. Usually a higher bid increases the chances of winning the auction. You only pay for the gigs and the clicks that your gig receives. However, Fiverr allows you to use promoted gigs feature only if you are a Level 2 or a top-rated seller. Or at least one of your gigs is an eligible category, such as graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation. Given we are into content writing, we are safe. Phew! 23. Seller Plus & Fiverr PRO: Fiverr Seller Plus is a subscription based loyalty program for Global Seller community. It has the potential to boost your freelance earnings by more than 25%. Currently in beta testing, it is available through an invite only form for a limited freelance community. However, if you do get an invite to the program, this doesn't indicate the approval confirmation. You may have to go through the waiting list until approved for the program. Seller Plus gives you a dedicated mentor who guides you through every part of business life on Fiverr. From optimizing your gigs to communicating with the buyers. It also gives advanced analytics, priority support, and many other business tools such as these benefits. It is a game changer for thriving individuals and agencies to enhance their growth. This is an insight page of my content writing gig at its performance. Pretty encouraging, right? What I like is a growth program, strategy and exclusive events benefit. Even though it's a little expensive at $29 a month, I think it is worth it. Especially that gigs optimization assistance that I receive from my success manager. Next is Fiverr Pro. Fiverr Pro is when you have been handpicked by the Fiverr team as best in class talent. That means that you will get certain perks on the platform, like faster payment clearance, which is 7 days instead of 14, your gigs can be priced up to $20,000 and you receive a "Pro" badge that highlights your exceptional skills and symbolizes trust to potential buyers. Pro Gigs cost more than typical Fiverr gig, due to the high level of experience, nearly every facet of the platform is the same for Fiverr and Fiverr Pro. A typical non-Pro gig can be as low as $5, although you will find most of them in $20 to $40 range. Pro gigs usually start somewhere at triple digits, though Pro writers may charge as high as $70 for an article. But Fiverr Pro sellers go through an extensive verification process to prove their skills and work experience. Only 1% pass the vetting process! The best part is that anyone from a new seller to top rated seller can apply for Fiverr Pro. In this process, Fiverr conducts a textual interview in which they ask you about your professional background, your education, and the major projects you've worked on, et cetera. Once they get to know you, they audit your application and notify you whether you are eligible or not. 24. Fiverr Ban - Reading Terms of Service (TOS): Here are two ways you can get banned on Fiverr, which is why it's important for you to read the terms of service (TOS). Number one, asking for a five-star rating. Who doesn't want a five-star rating for the work done? While it is not forbidden to ask for a review, you should explicitly ask for a positive review or even five-stars. If you did follow my tip of buying a gig before making your own gig, will you know that Fiverr helps you out in this case. Your buyers get notified twice to review the work after you've delivered it. This means that you do not have to nudge your buyer as well. Some buyers might get annoyed if you ask them for their review and might give you a lower rating. Also, don't worry about the rated order percentage here. I have seen a lot of level 2 and top-rated sellers with low rated orders. It does not matter as it is not a criteria for evaluation at Fiverr. You should rather focus on your work, being professional in your communication and making that money. The next is creating multiple accounts on one device. Some sellers prefer to cluster topically similar gigs together. For example, they may wish to have one Fiverr account that says SEO related services and a separate account that sells graphic design-related services. The idea is that a buyer would see that your profile is specific in a specified area and would rather be more likely to buy from you than from somebody with a generalist account. But you can get in trouble for this. You see how Fiverr detects is if you use a different account over the same internet service, Fiverr can track your IP address. Or if both accounts get paid to the same Payoneer or PayPal accounts, it's easy for Fiverr to see that accounts are connected. This is a major reason why Fiverr accounts are often disabled and no, unfortunately, VPN does not help you. 25. Bonus: @Fiverr_Feminist: As we near the end of this course, I wanted to leave you with some bonus tips that really helped me. Here we go. Number 1, answer all of the inquiries. Do not ignore them, even if they are of no interest to you. Your reply rate will get affected, which will then affect your seller level and potential promotion later on. Fiverr will constantly monitor your performance and they have set criteria you have to meet and maintain. Your response rate is a part of that criteria. Poor performance can also affect higher-ranking sellers through the demotion of their current level. Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn't have the means to filter out spam messages so that they wouldn't affect your response rate. Ignoring messages is generally a bad practice. It can cost you sales as you have no way of telling who might end up purchasing your gig. Next. Complete your gigs quickly. Fiverr loves it when you complete quickly so much that it's taken a metric. Heck, customers love it too. Quick deliveries are so good that sellers often charge extra for express delivery within 24 hours. Bear in mind, a fast delivery doesn't have to be completed within 24 hours. It just means that delivering your work sooner than when your delivery timer is set to run out. So for example, if you specify your gig completion to three days, you can deliver it in two days. However, avoid having late deliveries and cancellations. Remember, if a customer leaves a negative feedback, it will be visible to everybody and can never be removed. Next, offer referral incentives. One way of leveraging reference is by inviting a friend to join Fiverr. Another is this one. When you deliver completed work, an excellent way to drive new sales is by offering your customer, incentives. You could offer a discount on your highest services if they direct a new client to you or offer them a gig extra - free of charge. These incentives you offer can be anything you like. So as long as it makes it worthwhile for your customers to refer you to others. Next, use the Fiverr Affiliate program. If you already have an audience from a blog or YouTube channel, Fiverr has an affiliate program you can use to drive traffic to their site and earn a commission on any first time sales, made. You can promote relevant Fiverr services if you are already creating content that fits with what's on Fiverr. This I think is an excellent way to earn extra passive income from Fiverr services without doing any work. However, this tip isn't directly related to boosting sales within Fiverr. So it will not have any effect, be it positive or negative on your gigs. As we come to an end to this course, I just want to thank you for sticking with me. Fiverr is ever-changing and I couldn't capture everything in this course. This is why I have started talking about new Fiverr tips and tricks on my Instagram, which is @Fiverr_Feminist. Finally, before we part ways, this is a tip that a lot of my Fiverr freelancer friends asked to definitely mention. It has helped them. I know it will help you too. I am very confident of it. So here's the ultimate pricing tip. Keep the patience, keep applying to buyer requests. And the way to increase your pricing is when you have a lot of orders lined up, only then do you increase the pricing. Never before that! That's it! I wish you the best. I look forward to seeing you succeed and live your dream life. Cheers!