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Awaken your Channeling potential & connect with your guides.

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      How channeling your Spirit Guides will transform your life! Meet with Fer!


    • 2.

      Who are the spirit guides and how they connect with you.


    • 3.

      Types of Spirit guides and their roles in our life.


    • 4.

      Purpose of our Spirit Guides in your day to day life.


    • 5.

      First steps to connect with your Spirit Guides.


    • 6.

      Spirit Guides Exercise 1


    • 7.

      A short meditation to feel your Spirit Guides


    • 8.

      Deepen your Skill: Connect with them for you, and for other people.


    • 9.

      Spirit Guides Exercise 2


    • 10.

      Meet with your Spirit Guides through Meditation


    • 11.

      Open your ability to automatic write.


    • 12.

      Spirit Guides Exercise 3


    • 13.

      Understand both the Mechanics and common Pitfalls.


    • 14.

      Learn how to receive messages from multiple channels and for others.


    • 15.

      Develop a Day to Day relationship with your guides.


    • 16.

      A bit more about Spirit Guides, and how your life will change.


    • 17.

      How it is for me to connect with the Spirit Guides?


    • 18.

      Guided Meditation Collection: 40 - Maximize Love in your Life Today


    • 19.

      Guided Meditation Collection: 41 - Be present within your Physical Body


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About This Class

Do you want to talk about your spiritual guides? Thanks to channeling, you can get messages from your spiritual guides, and loved ones, through clairvoyance, automatic writing, and meditation. Channeling is something that, with a little work and perseverance, you can achieve.

In this course, you will learn everything about channeling, from an easy to understanding point of view. 

Get to know who your Spirit Guides are and their role in your life. We all have a set of Spirit Guides that accompany us throughout our lives. Every single Spirit Guide has a different purpose in your life. In this course, you will understand the nature of Spirit Guides.

You will learn to maximize your connection with your Spirit Guides and develop a robust day-to-day relationship with them. This is a direct course, and you will see that it does not have any complications. It is much easier than you think if you put aside labels, ego, and unnecessary beliefs. 

I want to share some points that will help you see how this course is:

  • I explain clearly, from a personal experience point of view, who are and how to connect with the Spirit Guides.
  • There are no theory or step-by-step sections in this course, as I think it is unnecessary.
  • This is only a foundation. From here on, your effort is what pays off. It will be your hard work and dedication that will give you the expected results. You will enjoy this course a lot, and I can tell you that you will succeed with an open mind and a desire to connect.
  • You only need to understand these very simple teachings, let go of labels and unnecessary complications, and open up to the light.

Your guides will change your life!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. How channeling your Spirit Guides will transform your life! Meet with Fer!: Welcome. My name is Fernando and I wouldn't teach you how to channel your dispute nights, talk with them, receive wisdom, and improve any areas of your life. I'm going to teach to you everything in a few easy steps. And in a short time you're going to get started and channel your spirit guides. And with these exercises, you are going to identify your spirit guides, their purpose in your life, and how they can help you. In fact, when you invest a little bit of time every day and willing to practice, you're going to see that progress will pay off and that it will become easy for me to channel your guides. I wanted to share a having communicating with my guides scenes many, many years ago. And my life since then has become easier because with their wisdom, I have been able to be one step ahead in life. Don't worry if you don't have any prior experience. Minorities, easy enough that anybody can do it. For a class project, you're going to go over a problem or situation in your life with your sweet guides, you are going to receive other tools and the information and new to address. In order to channel and receive proper preparation, you're going to learn that we're keeping track of your messages and your dealings. You're going to be able to reach to accomplishment. So I am very excited to help you join me now and let's get started in channel in commands, you in class. 2. Who are the spirit guides and how they connect with you.: In this class, we are going to get to know our spewed guides and how they are connected with us. I wanted to get started by stating that we all have a student I've seen Sour time of birth. We are really half some of them connected and throughout our life they will be changing. I wanted to share then going to be sharing a lot based my own experience as saving, communicating with my guides for many, many years. And also I work with a screwed guides of many people. And I came too many conclusions that I went to share in this course. First of all, I went to mention that dispute guides, they are only love. That's the most important aspect that you should think. The loan jet you, they don't question you in a bad way. They don't have an agenda or an interest on their own. Understood guides half unconditional love for you. And this is a very significant and important lesson for you to become aware. As you are going to realize to his scores that love is going to be one of the main cornerstones for you to get to connect with your guides. Also, I went to share that you're strict guides are your friends. You don't want to approach to your spirit guides as if they are superior to you. Or as Steve, you had to pray to them or to acknowledge them as respectful beam. There is no need for that. In fact, you're going to realize as you connect more and more with your Butte guides that what they desire each for you to be and to treat them as friends. Because they, in the end they haven't conditional law for you. This is the only emotion, the hand for you. The one to be part of your life as a friend is you're going to realize that your spirit guides, they hold two node linear time. And here's one reason why we get a lot of synchronicity with our spirit guides. Many synchronicity is in life that they happen in ways that they surprise us. And many times, and especially when you become aware, you can notice that this is your spirit guides that you are going to be able to move forward with something that you are doing that moment that you are thinking about or maybe that you have. Ask also, I want to mention that we always have a spewed gates. They are always with us at all times. There are no moments that we are alone in that degree day. The change. We're going to see this in the next class, but you're going to notice that there are many different types of spirit guides. And these guides come to your life with different goals and different reasons. You might be questioning. If you do have a spirit guide or modern one. I went to share you though. Definitely. Every single person has more than one spirit guide. They changed across our lives depending on our spiritual development or even our very life progress. Our spirit guides may change. Also, I went to mention, if you are concerned and thinking, how about religion? I went to share, there is no belief necessary. Your spirits are going to be there. You don't have to believe in them. You don't have to create them. You don't have to approach them with any, any degree in terms of approaching them like you are inferior or that you have to retool to connect with them. Obviously, there are a few requirements and a few things that you have to do. And I will explain during this course, there are reasons why and how you're going to know how you're going to discover how to connect to your guides. How you're going to be able to reach them out. In many, many ways. You're going to have a complete understanding about them. Your guides are binded to the energy constantly. All traditions and religions, they disgraced them in different ways. They put them many labels, many names, but in the end, they are all spirit guides. So this does not conflict with any other beliefs that you may or may not have to come up with your guides, you'll have to find the desire in your heart. And that starters also, I want to point out once more that every person has one spewed light, possibly modern one, but definitely an at least one. To give you a few more tips, a few more guidance before we go deeper into the course, I'm going to share that for an instance, once you have a more frequent connection with your spirit guides, you are going to realize that ideas will be coming out of the blue. You might find yourself in a pinch. You might find yourself seeking for guidance, for help. And then suddenly best solution comes to you. This is your strict guides. This is their potential to reach out to you in a very easy way. We are going to be seeing these more as we go deeper into the course. But you're going to notice that your spirit guides also connect with you through emotions. Working on your emotions is going through something very passive for you in this course. But for an instance, is starting to feel that things are going to be alright. Or it's starting to feel that maybe things are not so nice. After all, you're going to be getting insight and intuitive guidance this way. And you are going to be able to reach out to many solutions thanks to this. So I want to share it. This is something progressive. This is something that improves, that expands, that grows. The practice, makes it perfect. And as in a regular relationship, you are going to be able to develop a relationship with your guides. And it's going to get to be easier and easier for you to connect with them. You will realize that the more time you put into it, the better every person can connect with them in one, a different way. Maybe faster, maybe slower. But I assure you that you are also going to be able to connect with them. You need to find the, the satire in your heart. As with everything in life, practice and education is what makes the perfect. I wanted to point out that your spirit guides don't bend the freewheel. Never, even if you ask them, they are not going to be able to bend your freewheel. This is a universal law and no one can step on it, even if you give it permission, they give a base. And you will be able to develop a connection with your guides where you can say to them, hey, if I'm going to go wrong, if I'm going to make a mistake, let me know, let me know in one or another way. This is where those emotions come. This is where you are going to feel that maybe renting that cool car with air, it's going to get in trouble. It's kinda like you feel about BIF when you got the car. And you can notice that this is your spirit guides maybe telling you that car has a problem, don't grab it. But of course they cannot tell you don't drive a car. In this course also, I wanted to point out that you are going to develop your connection with your guides in a way that you're going to bring certain bending moments in your life that you wouldn't have brought beforehand. Because what your guides half as a goal is for you to be successful in your life and not to be successful in terms of professional or down to earth references. That may be, but also for you to professional as far as your life purpose, your soul agreements, and everything that you pursue in this lifetime to learn from, to heal or to grow from your screwed guides are going to help you out for you to be able to accomplish all of those intentions that you have set, especially those that you have set before, you were incarnated in this current life. Therefore, you're going to realize that your connection with your guides who is going to be fantastic and it's going to be very easy. You're going to realize that this course is going to help you out in ways that you are going to love. And you're going to find some guided meditation that you're going to enjoy very much. And also you're going to be able to reach me out and SME questions and they will be very happy to reply to you, as well as to bring future bonus glasses and a lot more information. So now it's time to for the next class, we are going to talk about a different spirit guides and about word that they bring into our lives and weight. Do they connect with us? Okay. 3. Types of Spirit guides and their roles in our life. : In this class, we're going to talk about the different types of spewed guides and the roles they play in our life. As we do have many, many, many different types of spewed guides. Unless you have learned from the prior lesson. You know that are spewed lights are connected with us in a very profound way. They are binded to our energy and they are connected to us as we are experiencing our life. However, as I explained, there are many, many different types of spirit guides and they all have different purposes. In fact, I went to mention that there is no better or worse spirit guides. Something that can bring to a misconception and a misguidance. All Spirit Guides are worthy. Their presence and ESA blessing to have any spirit guide that then connect with you. Because all the spirit guides that are connected with you, they surf very specific purpose in your life. In fact, the penny on the soul type, this period guided team can differ. It, it's not a requirement and it is not set in stone. But for an instance, and encourage angel soul is more prone to have Angelica spirit guides. But these are some quite anti that this person, it's only going to have Angelica spirit guides seen. Cv's person would need a different type of spirit guides for any reasons, this person would likely experienced the connection with his knee or spewed guide. So this is something very significant and very important to keep in mind. So to get started in here, the first type of spirit guide is what they would say. A regular astute guide, to put it in a label, to put a name. Here, I would mention that we can defer many types of spirit guides as ancestors who are loved ones, possibly current loved ones in the here and now today are also regular stromatolites. They may be some souls actually can connect and can become a dispute bytes. So it is possible that some of your late friends or your family in spirit could become a spirit guide. We're going to see some of those aspects later in the course. But I want to mention that also a spirit guides who are human nature could also be in the group. And this group is only to make a label. As far as sputum later, there are regular spirit guides. I feel that they have to share here that actually, even though they labeled regular doesn't sound ideal. It is for the lack of a better name. But the history rates can be the most powerful spirit guides. They can be very, very significant spirit guides because they nearly ancestors for many, many years or many centuries ago, or a very dear person to you. This is pretty the guides. Normally they appear at some point in our life. Some of them might be with asked from the beginning of our birth, but others on most of these type of spirit guides, we'll actually show up throughout our life. Then we have our master guide. The master guide has been with us since the beginning of our current lifetime. In fact, this master guide many times connects with us across many different lifetimes, throughout different lifetimes, it may change, but it is not common even we're going to experience the same master guide from many, many lifetimes. They must be right? Knows everything I would ask. This is a spirit guide that knows the most about us. That we'll sort of direct the other spirit guides using important to point out that there are no leader sheeps and dairies know hiker or lower rank, distribute guides work among themselves as one single beam. They work in oneness. And if they have to make themselves present as individual beings, they are always going to be in a similar vibration. The next table for spirit guides are the standard masters. The masters are some of those that really tunes follow as such, Lord Ganesh uses Christ, Lord Buddha, and many, many, many more. These ascended masters. They have an elevated in nature in terms of energy, but again, they don't feel superior to others. They yes, vibrate at a different frequency. Post-surgery Hagar, but in the end it has a different frequency. Then masters, normally they have a very Significant purpose, and it's certainly estimated master has a different type of energy at different essence. For an instance, someone that would work very much with energy healing may find in their life. For an instance, master uses Christ or someone who helps people or even one self to address out of challenges, problems, and overcome great, great victories, maybe connected with Lord Ganesha. And as with these two, they are many, many more reasons to have a certain ascended master connected with your energy. This doesn't make you a better person. This isn't maker superior or anything whatsoever. However, this yields you the possibility to maximize some of your gifts depending on their study, the master and it's connected with you, you can experiences. And this is developed, it is empowered by a day-to-day relationship because you would approach any spirit guides the same way that you would approach any other. The next type, and this is a more rare one, is the older, the elder. I feel this is a spirit guide that belongs to a higher dimension whose vibration is extremely high. I haven't seen many people to have an elder connected to their energies. However, it is very powerful when you find one. Because these elders, they have a very specific recently it's hard to generalize, hard to say. But there's always a specific reason for a person to have an elder in nature. It might be even for the person to be much more difficult to connect with the older because they may breed the very, very high, but without of practice. My following all the steps in this course, you are actually going to be able to even connect with the elder. If you had one In these can take more time and maybe it will be a long time until you find out if you even have an elder, because most time they render and sin because of their high vibration. You're going to notice that if you have a connection with an elder, you're going to really have a very good outcome in terms of a specific purpose that you would learn at some point in your life. Next one are the angelic spirit guides. These would fall under the category of angels. Angels for an angelic realm that generally come here for ringing betterment, for bringing healing and bringing help. Most people have angelic spirit guides because they've been protection. They bring positive energies and they help for you to have greater by British in your life. These are quite common and they're quite nice to connect with because they have very peaceful energy. Then there are the archangels. And the archangels. These do have also like definite masters, a more specific purpose. For an instance, we know that Archangel Raphael, it's a very good Archangel for healing us. Come on for healers to have archangels such as Raphael. But then there are other archangels such as Smith at R1, that they are going to provide a fortification on your personal power and give you the strength to overcome a challenge, to overcome a block. So it depends on what you need in your life. You may be connected to a different type of archangel. And once more, these doesn't make you perfect, doesn't make you better. Whether you have an archangel and other people don't. It doesn't mean anything. It only means that you are needing this type of energy and that this type of energies going to bring a fantastic betterment to you. They are also the extraterrestrial spirit guides. These come from many, many star systems hackers the universe. And each one of these guides are very unique. And their orals real reason why a specific etc. Style guide connects with you. Most of the stars, it's souls and most resulting general hagfish that there are steels are started. But also other souls like human or angelic, for example, can have them to the way they work and the energy of the handpiece very unique to the individual. They can have very specific gifts. And also it means to work in your energy for you to reach to your Haggis purpose. Also, they are most of the times part of a bigger collective that is helping to bring love and light to you and also to this planet. You're going to find that working with these guides is very, very interesting. Then you got the elementals. The elemental spirit guides are more connected to those who are shamans or who have the gift of Shalmaneser him very down to earth people very grounded and elemental dispute guides. They can nurture our physical bodies very much and they can give us a lot of support if we work with earth energies, where they eat for healing, for researching, or for any goal. People who work very much with earth energies are going to find in their spirit team elementals. And then one more interesting type are Cemex. These generally work with people who work with energy at a more profound level. For an instance, some psychic mediums might have cemex as their spirit guides, especially if they are able to provide a type of medium ship called physical medium ship, where you can find evidence about the afterlife. These type of people, they are going to have gimmicks in their spirit team. And these beings, they work generally with the energy to blend energies that twice. Some healers may also have some Cemex at a spirit guide member team. Because these beings are able to manipulate the energies to shift them and to make energy comparable and to promote energies to clear or the potential for a specific energy to maximize. So as you can see, these are the main groups of spirit guides and you can get a lot from every single group. So he's fantastic to connect with any type of guide. And it's wonderful to have anyone in your life because you are going to receive what you need the most. Because it is something important to remember. The combination of a spirit guides that you have, has a reason and that's to serve what you need the most in this lifetime. So we're going to go deeper into checking the purpose of our spirit guides. We're going to see why they are connected to us and what do they are for. This is very significant and very important for you to be aware in order to cement your awareness of them, because these will maximize your ability to connect with them. So, see you next lesson. 4. Purpose of our Spirit Guides in your day to day life.: In this class, we're going to learn the purpose of our spirit guides. Why do we have a speed guides? Why do they exist? What they're for? And the first if I wanted to take is one that will sound familiar to you. And that is that we do have His Spirit Guides since the very first moment we are born. They just something crucial for you to understand and also for you to be grateful about. Because this means that it is a relationship that you have had your entire life. Also is important for you to know that the different spirit guides can comb and can't go. It is common for your spirit guides theme to change across your life. Here we can warp person who works with energy. It's very much, you are going to notice this a lot more because you are going to be aware of the subtle changes. That half great, great significance. So every single person and every single leading bean has spewed. It is very important to know that throughout the entire life, there is going to be also spirit guides. So this is the first purpose that disputes have for them to live our lives in tandem, for them to be a guide, for them to be support. Because many, many, many, you have the purpose of guidance. Guidance and enabling us to do in our lives the Haigis goods that serif our purpose too. It makes sure that we are able to find our ways in life. Many Stewart guides also provide healing. And as you work with them, you are going to receive healing because they guide essence is going to be around that, around the healing. You are also going to be able to find that there is even possibility for interactions across life things. As your guides can see a lot more. You can perceive a lot more. And this is something that they, something that they make them what they are, because they are much more aware of what's going to serve a greater purpose or not for you, it is crucial, crucial that you see yourself, that you are indeed very strongly connected person with your stromatolites. Ve got to spirit guides can help others to help you. And this is something very, very significant. Obviously. You are able to connect and to channel your spirit guides. And actually this is something that we're going to see in next class. But if you find yourself that you want to help someone and that personal dispute guides are not approaching to you. You can always ask your spirit guides to lend your hand, to lend your hand and to this for you. You're going to notice that by doing this, you increase the connection and you bring moral betterment and more expansion. You're going to notice that when you listened to your guides, you go by the gut feeling that many times they provide you, you can start to be able to step into the right direction of life. And you are going to be able to help yourself by connecting with your spirit guides, but also you are going to help others. Sometimes, yes, because they are going to be approaching to you that as another great thing that you might find yourself with someone with an acquaintance or friend and then you might get a spontaneous message, arrowhead person and that friend. Right now, it can feel a little bit odd, but it's something you quickly become used to. Because say I'm sensing that these energies are going to grow, are going to expand. And definitely it is something that will make it easier for us to connect with our guides more and more often. And that's why they come here to help us. They gave the cone here to help us and to assist us, it is super important. Super important to know that our data are really getting closer to us and it's easier to connect with them. But as I have explained before, you have to have a really clear intention. And many times they are going to help you, to help others, such as approaching to you in the name of another person for you to bring a message and to lend a hand for that person. And you're going to see that the more you connect with your spirit guides, the more you are going to feel your energy changing. Because it is true that they affect your energy, but not in a negative way or not in intimidating way. It changes the energy in terms of racing, the vibrations. Racing your vibrations to be able to receive as much as you need to receive. Our spirit guides can connect with us only if we do have a strong vibrations. And a very strong energy. So this is why they are affecting our energy. Because when we make changes in our energy, they sort of bind again. And especially when the energy is liberated, it sort of 45s the connection. Because you are able to connect to your spirit guides. You are able to receive some wisdom, to receive some guidance, and to receive some energy. And this is something that you are going to continue to be learning in this course. But you're going to see that by identifying the type of his spirit guides that a specific person has is going to tell you a lot more about the person. It's going to tell you, how can you help this person and what can you do to bring any degree of betterment? So definitely it is very significant that you realize that the spirit guides collectively have the purpose for humanity to transform and for thriving in this planet. Because he's not only humanity as animals also have a spirit guides. They are a very strong assistance in terms of living our life to the fullest and to go through these human experience, this is the main, the main purpose they have for you to get the most out of your doings and for you to start to connect with them at a much more profound level for you to feel that there is going to be many, many more purposes. There's going to be potential STP. I can help you to gain more ideas. They can help you to feel more fit within yourself. They can help you with basically any goal. But these were important to acknowledge their presence and to acknowledge their energy as our good friend that say explaining our prayer class. But to approach regardless, it is significant for you to know that also a strict guides have a purpose and a half depending on their types. On their types as we have seen in the prior class. But definitely it will differ ultimately. Ultimately in a way that you are going to find that your needs are always going to be covered because the spewed nose. And when you start to get intentions and when you find that a sire in your heart, the shift happens. There's a shift and there is a strengthening in the connection between dispute guides and between you, especially those that are more significant for you in that time. So give this a try. Go ahead. Try to clear your mind right now briefly, for about 510 minutes. Try to clear your mind, try to reduce ideas. Try to reduce any, any monkey borrowed. Okay? Then, yes, setting tension from your heart. Remember using your emotions to feel and to want to feel the presence of one of your spirit guides. Don't specifically asked one, but enable yourself to be open to receive, to be open, to meet with one of your guides and remembered to feel loved in your heart. To He'll laugh to heal potential. And remember that if you enable this a little bit, you are going to start off serving your guides. Allow yourself five minutes of a to set the intention to connect with your guides. Because this is going to be a very important foundation. You're going to learn more throughout the classes and next class, you already are going to learn the first steps to connect with your guides. But it is very important for you to go ahead and to keep this as a very big understanding. And now we are going to be heading into the next class and to get started to know how to connect with them. 5. First steps to connect with your Spirit Guides. : In this class, we're going to check the very first steps to connect with your sputum nights. We said on the last class, what was the most important aspects regarding new and you're screwed guides is that they have a purpose, they have a reason of existing and they have a reason of connecting with you, and they have a reason of being individually. And generally. The first step for you to start to reach out to your guides is to be completely aware about the importance of emotions. The emotions rule. It's the highest form of communication. And it's how the spirit guides will mainly communicate. Don't worry, you wouldn't get visions. You will glare it. Sometimes even sounds, feelings, sensations, but also emotions. In fact, as food guides are always tapping to us through our emotions because this is how the most energy can flow and the most power, the most power. It's very, very present here. That's why the heart chakra for our ancestors have very important chakra to work on. This is something that you are going to see. It'll read more ahead into a later class where we're going to talk about common pitfalls and issues that you can encounter in your practice. But for now I want to share that raising the energy of your heart chakra as matter as possible, place a very significant role here. It's going to make the connection to read the easiest. It's going to make it to flow the investors. And definitely it's going to make it be the clearest. You're going to realize that with the right emotions, you are going to witness the clearest messages. I insist in practice for over ten years. I have learned that in the end, he goes down to something as basic as the emotions, as having your heart open and to be willing to receive. These must be the very first and most important step for you to follow through. The most important one. Next is for you to set aside some pain where no one is going to bother you and possibly where you have plenty of time to invest. No rushing. Don't do this when you have ten free minutes before heading out to your next errand, ben, better leave it for later. Make sure that you have half an hour for your ten minutes session. That should be it. You're going to experience and related. Sometimes these sessions can become a lot more significant and can sharpen in, in value. So it's very important that you don't feel rushed. Because if you feel rushed, that connection isn't going to work in the right way and it's going to possibly prevent for a nice flow of information. After all our sp2 gate on half linear time. So they are never in her rush. But anyway, a joke, society, it is important to always set aside and space. Okay? Play that makes you feel nice, it makes you feel safe, that even makes you feel welcome. And especially that no one's going to bother you, and that there are no distraction sounds or any other problems that can get on the way. This is a foundational step to take. If you skip it, it's not going to work well. Things are going to get more difficult for you. The next step is to clear the mind. This is something very significant. Me notation can help you very much to learn to clear the mind. And I am going to lend your hand with that by yourself finding a meditation in this course that will help you to clear your mind and to connect with your spirit guides will be very significant and very important that you Dane your mind a little bit. You at least at first you don't have to have a complete cleared mainly Aldo, I'll be frank. It is ideal to have a clear mind, to have a completely clear mind that will help, that will help and that will assist in making the progress. Your guides success. So it's very important for at least two, The able to, at first to not have our chatty pirate in your mind constantly feeding you with thoughts and with ADS that will get on the way. If you have a very racing mind, then you need to start to get your mind used to moments of Morris stillness. It starts adding and start allowing yourself moments of silence. This way you can feel better your guides, because usually when you shut down all of the external stimuli, it is when you get to feel your guides a lot closer to you. And with practice comes perfect. With practice, not only you are going to start to feel her presence, but you also are going to start to get some messages from them. Work in your mind, it's very, very important. In this course, I'm going to make sure that you can help yourself with this with bonus exercises and bonus glasses. So if you have issues, let me know. The next important step is to relax the body as well. You didn't have to go into a complete trans and complete deep bore the relaxation much especially at first, if you're not used to adjust yourself to the energy of your spirit guides, then you want to go ahead and you want to pursue it. And did a simple way to do it here. First, it's significant to get started to work on the tense areas because those are going to be the most distracting. Any areas that are 10s makes sure to call them and to slow them down, to release them, to release any intentions, any energy stuck. This angles for any areas with pain. If you are able to address the pain, then go for it. If unfortunately you are unable to address the pain, then try to find moments at the pennies more bearable or that you can shut down and ignore it to the best of your ability. At some point with practice, regardless of pain doesn't matter. You're going to be able to easily connect with your guides. It's Morris treated first for a sake of practice, but then it's gonna get easier and you're going to be able to connect with them even while working out. Then also, you want to call them as much as you can your heart, and to slow down your heart rate and your breathing rate. So much for working out and connecting with your guides. Well, this is only at first for practice. You want to be in the most calm state. The beauty of this, as things get the Vader with progress, then you are going to be able to easily connect with them doing anything and in any area. But for our foundation, for a start, these are the best steps. From here. You can clean up their room and start to raise the vibrations. Some people may prefer to clean said before relaxing their body and their mind. That makes no difference with a Lego set intention to change the vibrations all at once. Because they focused on clearing the room fairs by a smudging with white sage generally, if you like it more, you can use palo santo. I personally prefer sage, but both are fantastic. Then it is also important for you to start racing your own vibrations. When you raise your vibrations, it becomes easier to connect with your guides. When you raise the energy in your heart, when you erase these powerful and beautiful energy is when your gate are able to connect with your easiest is not so much that they need this help to connect with you. It is that you need to have these vibrations, these high connection to connect with your spirit guides to match their energy and to be able to receive the information. So you want to start to focus on boss if emotions, bossy feelings on gratitude. It's very important. Set of intentions. At first with practice, you can sit intentions to receive something from your rights, maybe a message, maybe energy, maybe thinner presence and name that will be up to you, but set clear intentions, especially at first of what do you need for your spirit guides. These will help you to focus. And from here, mainly with a heart, with plenty of gratitude, it is very important for you to start to feel them, to start to set intention to fill them in your heart by checking on them to feel their energy. You can even sitting tension for them to send you sort of a tick of energy or something for you to notice that they are connected to you. That they're connected to you. You want to do these in different ways because you are going to find a great degree of connection with them and this is going to become easier for you. And when you already have everything that you need and you Yes, Wait. You are going to get something at first might be your sliver of an information, something small, something that might feel insignificant. But then you are going to see that that will grow. And the significance and the connection with your spirit guides, we'll definitely grow and we'll definitely make a big difference. I'm going to give you a few quick steps. Can you take a quick exercise? What they would do it for you to first call your spirit guide seen from your heart, makes sure that you feel the desire in your heart called limine. And to bring them forward. Then take a couple of deep breaths. And for every breath you take, you focus on love. You focus on gratitude, and you focus on the desire to receive your message. You want to continue writing this bath, maybe enabling up to 30 seconds of silence. And then once you finish, you can yes, they can already breath and then come back. And this is under a minute, two-minute stops. And you view these every day. You're going to get progress. You're going to get development in terms of connecting with them and you're going to love it. And I'm also going to invite you to try out a powerful guided meditation that you are going to see coming up in the next class, we are going to actually deepen deeper to connect with your spirit guides, as well as to connect with a spirit guides for fathers. So makes sure it cannot miss it. 6. Spirit Guides Exercise 1: In this exercise, we're going to make a first connection with our spirit guides. And we're going to do this exercise together. So make sure to try to get in a comfortable sitting or laying down position. And then set intention to connect with your spirit guides. Feel it in your heart. As I have explained to you. And take a deep breath. And as you exhale, visualize that you are letting go of everything that no longer belongs to you. Focus on love, focused on the desire to receive a message. See yourself connecting with your spirit guides. Allow yourself to have for a few moments and slowly take a deep breath and slowly let go the air. And this has been a very brief exercise. You can extend it and prolong it for as long as you need. I always recommend 510 minutes. But if you followed me, you possibly failed already. A little bit of a difference. And it's been only 20 seconds. So you can see that your guides are available for you and only seen as sighted time for them. It's going to bring the difference that you need. 7. A short meditation to feel your Spirit Guides: This meditation, we're going to connect with our spirit guides and get a sense of it. So it is time to get comfortable and greater state of complete mental and physical relaxation. Notice how powerful way for energy starts to fill up your body, starting by default. Notice that your feet are getting all warm and cozy. And very soon you realize that both your legs are becoming very heavy and very relaxed. Breath. As you exhale. These sweaters is warm. Energy is spreading throughout your entire chest area. Relaxing your entire back, and even relaxing all the tension in your neck. Your whole face is very relaxed. Allow your job. We're going to relax the mind for this point to ask you to take another deep breath. As you exhale. I want you to visualize all of your thoughts. Emotions, concerns, wondering, Yes, flow what we now take another deep breath. And as you exhale, realize that you are reaching a profound sense of who you are now in a state of relaxation. You notice you are in a larger field lab which white light and loving energy. You've realized that you're screwed guides created this reality for you. You have gratitude in your outer. You become very aware of your screen guides. You can connect with them in this room. I am not going to call you back. Am going to allow you to connect with your guides for as long as you need. When you're ready, open your eyes. 8. Deepen your Skill: Connect with them for you, and for other people.: In this class, we're going to start deepening your connection with your spirit guides. As this, the next step that is very significant to take after a few sessions of briefly connecting with them. Once you have connected with them a few times and you know their energy, it is important for you to know that you need to start to seek for a significant guidance to start to get more out of this connection is started to make it functional. Don't worry, you will know wintertime. In fact, sometimes you can feel that within you because it will be your spirit guides pushing you forward so you can expand. So don't feel rushed. Don't be concerned when you have to start deepening because in most cases you are going to start doing it by instinct. You're going to not even notice it's going to happen is spontaneously. Because you're going to realize that it gets easier to connect with your dates as you keep working with them. This is something that you know already I shared with you. And also it helps to make the connection is stronger. So it's very, very important to always find that there is a significance to continue to improve day after day and it's going to come naturally to you. Channeling your spirit guides is very important. In the next classes, I am going to share about automatic writing and also about our psychic senses. That they are going to help us here. Because the communication from our spirit guides is very clear. The air going to use our sacred sensors to communicate with us. And with practice, it's going to be easier for us to connect with them and to work with them. It's also important to make sure that your mind is always clear. This is something very significant. You need to practice on clearing your mind that will help you out. You will find here some help if you need, in order to get to clinch your mind and have some control over your thoughts. It is important that you make sure to set clear intentions about your questions. Especially at first. When you are starting to connect with your guides, you want to clearly know what do you need them to answer. That way, the answer is that all over the place. I wanted to remind you, don't feel discouraged when you are meeting with a pitfall. Remember, this is a learning process and you are going to be meeting with pitfalls and we are going to be talking about those when they arrive. Serve them as an opportunity to learn and to improve yourself. That is going to pay off the most for you. Also want to share with you. I think formation comes in a split second. It comes out of the blue. This is something very important that you will need to expect. It will help you very much to know and to get used how your spirit which communicate. You're going to realize that at first you can confuse it with imagination. That you are going to see something is that imagination will start forming in your mind. And we'll develop Like a movie, like thinking about something. But when you received from your guides is either split-second out of the blue. So the first and most important thing, you know, once you have a stronger connection with your guides is to start touch basing on important topics. That it is something very significant for you to keep in mind. Because it's how you are going to start seeing results in connecting with your spirit guides. First, you want to reach out to situations that unique to address that might come to your mind. Some things. Especially at first, it will be you who puts some thinking about this and who panders on it and brings it up as a topic to discuss with your guides. But then when you get going, many times it can be your spirit guides that encourage you to think about something or to question something because they know that you're going to reach them out for that. And you also can start witnessing and getting messages from other people, which is something very nice. When you have especially friends throughout at friends or people that you see often that maybe they know that you can connect with his crude rates. It's going to be common that sometimes a spirit guides from other people are going to approach two, you are available. If you want. You can go ahead and shut this down also. You only have to sit in tension that you don't want to be disrupted and that you don't want any information. And then the split guides from others will respect you. Even your very own spirit guides will not approach you if you don't want to. In fact, if this happens, you can choose to listen to these messages and to pass them, or you can decide to let them go. You didn't have to pass the message forcefully. But if there is a willingness, you might get a piece of guidance that you can use to help someone else. And this could be their spirit guides, either connecting with your street guides to get information or connecting with you directly. And then IS1 to share that one fantastic step to be able to develop your connection with your spirit guides. It is also automatic writing. This is something that can strengthen the connection a lot. Something very significant and important. And this is something that we're going to see in the next class. So see you then. 9. Spirit Guides Exercise 2: In this exercise, you are going to get a message from your spirit guides. So remember to follow everything has shared with you. And to summarize, I wanted to share with you to first make sure to set the intention mixture to ask what you need and what you desire. But makes sure that it is something that you need guidance about. Something important for you. Then make sure to follow all the steps to help yourself to connect with your guides. Make sure to invest ten or 15 minutes here. Once the time has passed. And the session makes sure to feel plenty of gratitude regardless of the result. And take notes of how everything went. And if there were messages, make sure to write them down. And with this, you are going to see that your connection with your guides will amplify a lot. So make sure to practice this exercise plenty of times. And your connection will grow. 10. Meet with your Spirit Guides through Meditation: It is time for you to get ready for your meditation. We will get started in less than a couple of minutes. You may start relaxing while the music plays. Until the meditation starts. Me. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Let go of all your thoughts. Focus on is one of my goals. Take a deep breath and hold. Keep holding it. And let go. Another deep breath. As you exhale, you feel deeply relaxed? Not falling asleep. Very much aware of what I'm saying. Yes. Evenings, relax. You find your feet and your legs and very heavy, very relaxed. You notice your lower back is very relaxed. You can barely see that. Your arms and hands are also very relaxed. They feel so heavy that you can move your marks. Even if it's right. You couldn't move them. Notice your upper back, your neck. Relax. Let go. Take another deep breath. And you notice all the muscles in your face relaxed. Very relaxed. You are consciousness. You are a soul. You can feel your PC. You feel beautiful and very uplifting energy. Next, you noticed that his eye being applied. Maybe an injury. Maybe I miss any, I love the one. Weakness, fear. These beautiful energy. Gently whisper to your ear with a very sweet boy. It's traveled one physical body, even more relaxed. Insertion of floating free. Urea, nitrogen or fluorine about your body. Here, you see that the beautiful cocoon of white lights around template takes your physical body. No one can touch. Easiest. Mistake. So is surrounded by a golden unsafe as well. Notice how your mouth starts flowing away. See the different colors. Here. Beautiful, nice. You can feel a lovely scent of roses. And your bubbles feels like fancy. You start wondering, where are you traveling? Traveling to the ashram plane here. One thing of like, hey, I'm taking you to a secret chamber. You, so we'll connect me. Here's phenotyping and very busy. Nothing. Fancy feeling of love. And this is volume within your heart center. You can see the stars, many of whom are passing light. You can even see the initial planning. You're traveling. We are almost there. Saying was like opening your heart center and allow a few moments for this beautifully energy can flow with him. You can see many spheres floating around. All of them have different sizes and different colors. You found that your Bible has stopped moving. Light is made. We are here, the one in front of a great sphere. Imagination, memorize what the colors. Are there any sounds? And she's the incidence of your soul. You feel at home. You feel one with the universe around his fear. And get the full experience of it. Look around these vehicles here. Tonight, holds your baked into a beautiful golden door. Laura, we've seen yours here. This is a chamber of wisdom. Think I'm going to study the vehicle carbons around it. You can feel very ancient inch. You can feel Mason. You can feel he was dancing, at least gotten a different presence. The presence of high values. Or maybe you realize this is your totem animal. Standing by. Whoops here. And asked me, what animal or what are you? What are your corners? How about your sights? He's the one guardian who's guarding your essence. Talk to your total field and conditional love you received from it. Notice how the doors slowly opens and you can see a massive amount of bright white. Light is bright. Your eyes, I agree with it. You feel drunk to explore this beautiful, gently blank. And you look around. You aren't like you only see light. I'm a very patient. Miracles have happened within the boundaries of this chamber. So allow this beautiful energy to feel yourself. As you keep exploring this tumor. You never once more to this important one I've been waiting for is here. What looks like a door of life appears in the middle of it. And it slowly open. You feel that youthful energy coming out from it. You see that the one on the other side That's not respecting your freewheel sacred space. We do allow him. Sure. Uv light enters the room. Use now realize that this is the one that you have in your body. This is one of these two guys. You can feel a huge amount of unconditional love. Use your heart center to connect with your guy. Is this someone you know? Maybe you have connectivity the best. Maybe you have a really nice one. Nice very timber. Someone named in telling us what this means, maintenance. Master. The median or meeting interchangeable. Meaning you come from the stars. How does each energy field? Male, female, neither or both? Maybe something entirely different. What does this mean? You hear any sounds? Are there any visitors spend some time with these being applied? You notice means always with you. If you can come back here whenever you like. You can even need meaning even get to know more. Abuse. That's happening. Slowly. Live in these chambers with a current. Say things one more time three are taught him anymore. Slowly inflate away from your team. And for mesosphere, the beam of light with a sweet voice, say, he's thing to go home. Remember, you can come back whenever your heart is actually wonder Ms. Martin has been has been his court can do for your prevalence. I'm protecting you. He said maybe another of your street dates and spend some time with it when you level to you are now approaching your physical law. In fact, you can see at resting peacefully in the corner of golden light as you use your Kubernetes. And it gives me my flight. Slowly re-enter your physical block. Directly back. Makes sure to journal your experience. Especially if you receive a name or a single finger hit, starts feeding your neck. Gently start moving your fingers, as well as your toes, your arms, and your legs, your back, your chest. Slowly and gently stretch. I'm going to come to see. Once I see fluids, you will need that. And pressing in your physical loved one, your entire body now. Well aware of your surroundings. And three, y, right away, right? When you're ready. Open your eyes. 11. Open your ability to automatic write.: In this class we're going to talk about automatic writing. And I went to get started by sharing that our automatic writing. It is a form of getting David's. This is a way also to receive wisdom from your exclude guides and erase. Actually quite fantastic if you get to learn how it flows. I wanted to share with all of you that I got started with automatic rating. Actually, when he was gainers started. In my end, it helped me to build my confidence because he no way I was able to see and observe how the energy field, how then she felt when this three gets changed, it when they favor of information change, and when he wasn't channeling anything at all. Which helped me very much to identify when a m3 channeling or when am not read channelling. This is a mean that automatic rating is going to be easier for everyone. Because for some people it is harder this way. For others, it is easier, but it doesn't make you better or worse where they're automatic rating, it is easy for you or not. They will share how it flows. Because for me it started to flow very easily from the start. If you can get these from the beginning, it's going to be very easy for you to get to connect to your guides through automatic rating. And I went to share something as our first of view. And this is that you will not know what you are writing. This is a very, very specific characteristic from automatic rating that you have no idea of what you're writing. So it is midst, cannot read it while you are channeling it. For one main reason. When you are channeling, you are using your right brain. When you are reading, you are using your left brain. So you didn't want to create a conflict here. Therefore, it's much easier for you. Yes, Right Without question in it. This way, you will be able to bring much more information. In fact, when you do it this way, it will yield two separation results. To a point of amazement. In fact, you are able to do this with music. You can do it also by taping, even by drawing. There are many ways you can do our automatic rating. In fact, many painters are channeling through their painting and the Earth's sort of automatic painting. It's very cool when you allow your guides to take control and to direct you. The first step here that will help you very much. It's for you to invade your gates and other beings off late to stepping to connect with you. First of all, if you know your data already, make sure to put all of your feelings on all of your thoughts into them. To make sure to connect better unit, to remember all of those sports, all intentions. The Gosling tensions is where they truly be off. You're going to realize that putting the feelings, the thoughts are going to help you to connect much easier, but much issue into a surprise, how much easier it gets. Then usefully, at this point, it's going to be your master gate, the one that will show up. It can be other dates. In fact, you can sit intention to connect with any other specific dates if you want. By the view open up. Initially it's going to be your master gate, the one that approaches, and the one that says, hey, hearing them. Other times you're going to notice that you are going to be connecting with more than one Spirit date. Don't worry because you are going to understand them and everything will make sense. If you feel that they are all talking other ones, you can ask, hey, only one hour time police or slow down. I'm trying to grasp everything. But generally your gates know very well what they can and they cannot do for you to understand their messages. I want to share that also a spirit animals can communicate. And you're going to see that sometimes you're going to feel the presence of one is spirit animal. And you're going to notice that they also are shown with them. You want to here to this wisdom because they have plenty. Also. They are always going to speak in your very own language. They just note characteristic. You're always going to get the information in the language that you think that way it will flow Vest. There are exceptions, but it is rare. And if there is an exception, there is some meaning behind it. So then you have to follow through with exception and try your best to bring it in that different language. The next step now is to set the questions, intentions, and set production. It's very important to truly want to set the time. Do not rush. We just note about doing your 50 minutes workout that you tried to fit them in any moment in the morning? No, this is growing in relationship with other sentence thinks the same way you invest this with other person. You have to invest it with your dates. So makes sure to set it aim to not rush and to really want to do this. That's the way it's going to be off. Then make sure to get your body a little bit relaxed. You want to completely relax your remainder, the body? Yes, the naughty narrows and to v, well, but the mind needs to be completely shut. And then you want to set intentions to connect with your gates or any beings off later on and help you out. Furthermore, you go make sure to have high vibrations. You can do this by V swell async, wavelength surrounding your heart. Your entire beam also makes sure to fill in your heart what you need from the session. Any feelings, any emotions unique to ensure the data. Because of this rule, you're going to notice that this indeed rule. Now, it's very important also to see yourself with a channel message. I'm very happy. This also helps you to move forward. This also helps you to make a difference. You want to feel gratitude with results before it happens. Because stem is not linear. So you want to cement they already happened. You feel in your heart that it has already happened and you are grateful for it. You are going to multiply it. And it's going to be a Mason. From here is about good mental control. Have no thoughts getting the way and to start creating everything that comes. So it's very important to control the monkey brain. Very important. You want to allow yourself daily moments of silence and sales contemplation. You get used to this. It's going to be easier for you to control your mind and to do it when you want to start automatic rating. Also make sure avoid to have out of worries and concerns, especially negative emotions are heavy hearts. If that's your situation, try to address at first before attempting automatic rating. Then it's also super important to have no judgment. Don't question things. Yes, write everything that comes, everything. This connection, what you are exactly channeling. Don't pay attention to a year's. Know that you are channeling, that you are connected with your guides and that you are grateful That's it. You are protected, let it flow. You need to be patient, so make sure to loan to overdo it. The first sessions Broglie would fail and that's okay because it is not a fail really, it is practice and practice brings development and it is important. Make sure to set aside then 50 meter. They don't extend the session, especially if you are not connecting. If you have a great flow, then go for it. But if you are trained at first, yes, makes sure to flow within this time. At first you will see that it will be only your memories and liberties, but don't get frustrated because this is normal. And after some time you will see slivers within your English child pieces that will make you very happy. Sort of saying, Oh wow, where did the scheme from? And then that's going to be super awesome for you. On our steam flows. You're going to write more and more and you are going to be able to see more complete channeled x. And that's going to make you feel great. And these greatness is going to help you to exponentially progress. Yes, a few more aspects are automatic rating that are very significant. First of all, bad grammar is very normal. In fact is a chain of channeling. Same mixture of that user saying a clear saying. So don't break the flow to fix this grammar issues. Yes, let them be. Then you're going to notice also there are time discrepancies. A spirit guides on half linear-time all happens at once for them, it is asset perceive, linear thing. You're going to notice something's missing your text. The timelines are going to be organized. This is no sign. Also somethings you are going to receive wisdom about more than one topic. And sometimes even messages will mix in, especially when there is no experience because you would not know how to handle the energy. Well, this is okay at first and it gets better with time. Well, don't forget, you could channel in their words or names from different languages. And don't question those because they are going to be very significant for you at some point or for the person you are challenging for. And without the practice, you actually can channel formulas, code an impressive things connected with the right beings. So yes, open up and be willing to receive and you can see that this can turn out to be awesome. These are safe for automatic grading. Next class we are going to talk about the mechanics of channeling and the common pitfalls. See you next class. 12. Spirit Guides Exercise 3: In this exercise, you are going to get started with automatic writing. So the first thing you want to share with you is that you need to invest ten or 15 minutes in this session. Make sure not to rush it and make sure to set clear intentions for what you need from this session today. I'm going to say something to you for the first try. You want to set intentions to yes. Receive anything that you need. It's going to be easier for you. And remember, at first you may receive nothing or it might be yes, gibberish. Don't get frustrated, don't get upset. When the session finishes. Make sure to be grateful and to protect gratitude regardless of the result. Remember, things are going to get better. You're going to develop more and more. And you're going to end up getting a lot of information through your guides this way. So make sure to invest plenty of time to use your automatic writing skills. 13. Understand both the Mechanics and common Pitfalls.: In this class, we're going to talk about the mechanics and the common pitfalls when trying to connect with your dispute guides and trying to channel wisdom from them. If first thing I want to share is that as with everything, especially at the beginning, you can encounter bumps. This is especially true when learning automatic rating as a shared with you in a prayer class. But only scratch. Be patient. Be patient and don't rush. Don't set goals based on timelines. Don't compare yourself with others. You only have to observe your progress and be grateful for air, really good progress you get. If you do otherwise, you are going to find blocks. You are going to limit yourself. So it's very important to gain a started easily. The first steps are the ones that go first and the first one here it is for you to learn how to raise your vibrations. Briefly shared within the prayer class by focusing on be selecting white late, expanding from within you and surrounding your entire body. Makes sure also to focus on your heart center. This will ace your heart checker expanding and becoming more empowered did is super important. You can also ask to your guides for help. Sail sort mentioned prior year gates are willing to help. They want maybe even modern you, for you to listen to them, for you to receive their wisdom. After all, that's what they're for. So always ask your guides for help. You can also help yourself by preparing their room, by burning some white sage or some part of Santa. If you smash their room, you're going to raise the vibrations physically. Remember, these are physical ways to raise the vibration. And the physical plane is also important to keep in mind at the time, to protect and to empower. And of course, gratitude. It is always essential. Always. This is something that you should never forget. Feel your heart with gratitude and make sure that gratitude flows through your entire beam at all times. You don't only to be grateful to your gates. Of course you have to be grateful for them as they have shut properly, but on.So you want to be grateful for the outcomes experienced, thanks for the information received. Since there is no linear time, you can make sure that if flow it's expanded, its empowered. If you are really grateful beforehand, you will encounter some common pitfalls, even though you take these steps at first, especially yield might see that things don't go in there. They diction that you want. And that's okay. That's part of the development. As with everything in life, requires practice, practice, and more practice. So it's very important that you understand that you will have drawbacks and you would have moments of no happenings. In fact, you can have moments of great success and then go through a dry spell and seen no progress whatsoever or even a drawback. Don't worry, it's part of it, It's normal. Also, your imagination can get in the way. It is essential to identify imagination. Between channel imagination. You can identify it by observing your mind and notice in farming thoughts, thoughts that start to form slowly. Swing, you are thinking something. And there is also going to be some logic awareness. However, channel information appears out of the blue. When their thought is complete. It doesn't develop. Which means that you want to see progress like a movie. No, you will see the thought like in one split second. The whole thing. It's like if they will describe to you a movie in one single split second, your brain is tapped able to understand it. So don't worry about being overwhelmed. This is the clear sign that you are connected. Also another point, fear. Fear is always a problem. This is an absolute block. If you have a little bit of fear in your heart, you need to make sure to work on these first. You don't have a choice because fear is a permanent block. And if you don't manage your fear, then you are going to be able to struggle more. You're going to be able to find yourself without any progress whatsoever. These yields to more frustration and you can search for the nature of that fear. You can check him the Akashic Records scores. How to clear this type of fear. As I teach it, they're also mutation. May addition to going with your guides can help you to grade that great sense of them. If you are having a hard time to understand in order to train, to feel your Spirit Guides and you are having a hard time to connect with them. Then you want to help yourself with guided meditation. Because it helps you to connect a lot faster. It will help you to remove fears, to remove limiting beliefs. You will help you to raise vibrations to start proceeding. The energy of your spirit guides that then you can use to attempt to connect with them. So definitely, guided meditation is a great tool for you. And you're going to find that bonus meditation to connect with your spirit guides in this course that will help you out, for you to segment your connection with them and for you to feel their presence because filling their presidencies, what will help you the most to find progress and to find their development. You can also raise your vibrations through the pin within this session. This is a very significant aspect when you are connected, you can strengthen the connection even more. Racing your aberrations. This is what will help them on. These would make it easier. It will make it much, much fluent. And you are going to be getting used to adjust to a higher frequency. So even if you already have a great connection going on, you always want to race your vibrations even more. Because the Hagar they are, the better, the easier the connection is going to be, and the more significant it will play out for you. You're going to visualize white light surrounding you. And you can visualize its pulsating. That it's very, very peculiar. And for me it helps very much to visualize your heart center and visualize kinetic or pools of white light that starts in your heart center and spread throughout your entire body into the infinite by filling up the entire room. It's fantastic and very passive to Lewis. And you want to replicate feelings of love, but a very caring love as supportive and nurturing love, that type of love you wanted to visualize and you answered channel always mixed with gratitude to all things. Gratitude is essential. Don't ever forget that. Crystals also will help you to raise the vibrations. To have a crystal within you. If there's a crystal you feel connected with, you can bring it to your challenge session. You can ask the crystal to raise your own vibrations and to lend your hand with your connection with your spirit bytes. Unless weathered list, you still can always burn a little bit more of palo santo or white sage. And if you haven't learned anything yet, then right now it's a fantastic moment to do so because that will raise the vibrations also. These is really all of the aspects that you need in a way to be able to get the most out of your sessions. In the next class, we're going to talk about the capabilities to receive messages from multiple channels, as well as receiving messages for others. See unexplained. 14. Learn how to receive messages from multiple channels and for others.: In this class, we are going to learn how to receive messages from multiple channels, as well as receiving messages for other people. Sewing the prior class I watched sharing already what you need to do in order to connect better with your guides, as well as to keep into account the common pitfalls and other challenges that you may have. In this one, I wanted to really share with you that once you have foundation, you're going to notice that there is a constant growth and a constant progress. Because you are going to realize that you can get messages from more than one spirit guide at once. You need to practice to make it easier to keep more than one connection flowing. This is going to come naturally at you. So you don't have to rush it. Yes, allow it to happen. This is why channeling is all about allowing things to flow. Then depending on the type of dispute guide, they will communicate using different colors. Maybe even more than one of them. It really depends and it is something that you will get to learn as you progress more and more. I wanted to share about our glare senses, sight senses that they will help you very much to connect with your guides. To get started with clairvoyance. This is where you see clearly in your head very clear images. In fact, here you can zoom and you can ask for retail. It can be very, very detailed when you practice your Claire volumes. It can be very pretty, but it stands for It's I think requires a lot more to interpret. Then you have to go sentience. And this is filling the heart. These feelings can be very powerful and even you can have more than two feelings at once. And you're going to be able to process and understand these emotions. And you're going to understand the message through these emotions. It's going to come naturally at you. Then you have clear continents. Here. It's knowing things out of the room. Strong awareness, strong assurance, knowing things, but without knowing how. This will represent an awareness of knowledge that will be deposited in your subconsciousness. This can yield very clear information, then you have clear audience. And this is another that can be very clear because she's hearing with clarity. You can hear complete words, you can hear names, places, you can hear music. It's a very direct form of communication. In fact, it may be the easiest form of communication since it's very literal. Then you have a couple more clearly and circumstance. These are cents and tasting flavors, and this is how it more uncommon. It doesn't happen as often. It happened to me. A couple of times. Bulinus chance session, having a strong sense instead of potato chips and uncertainties in the mouth. And these can mix even a tummy rumbles. But these are extra signs that they may leave you to the core reading or to give additional detail, but they are normally not used. The Spirit is always going to use the ones that flow vests for you that generally are clairvoyance or key audience, followed by clear sentence or pure components. Then you are going to see that all these Claire's can combine. It's very important to realize that they combine. You can give information from more than one of his senses with practice, the same way that you are capable to hear music and CNIT scenario through your eyes. You are going to be able to process it the same through this channeling stage is also good for you to letting go as much as you can of everything surrounding you. These will work better if you can remove any external stimuli, is also going to be positive because they leased the stimulus you have. The easier these sensors are going to work. My end, I normally see up lace and I can feel it as if I was there. This is both for good and for bad. Most of the time say I'm very aware of what's going on and what's happening. So this would be a combination of clairvoyance, Claire sentience, and clinical governance. You're going to see that this is something that for you is going to flow in a different way, but it's gonna feel very natural to you. Other times you will feel like you're in a movie. I can hear a tone of voice or even a musical tone that represents something. Sometimes I also experienced that. And if you are clairvoyant, sometimes you're going to experience Curry audience. And the other way around, if you are a clear audience, you are going to experience clairvoyance. You're going to learn out from practice. This is the key element, practice, practice, practice. You can be really taken away. You allow these to flow. Your consciousness can completely warp into a different consciousness. Okay, it can be quite, quite amazing, but you need to allow it to happen. You need to make it happen. The next step for you to be aware is that sometimes also the street guides will use your own memories for you to understand better messages that you need to deliver. And since guides know you well, they're going to know how to do this. So you're going to see that in a challenge session or even a reading. You're going to see that it's common that spirit guides show you situations that you are familiar with. This. That's not necessarily mean that it is your thing, but it is for you to understand that this person might go through a similar experience. Or that you are going to go through a similar experience out from something that you already know. It's very important to observe clearly the emotions. You're going to also most likely see that they will relate with your memories. And here you have to do a little bit of narrowing down. I need to make sure that you are seeing the emotions that you have, that they don't mix with, what do you think that they should? Because it may be a good memory for you, but you might feel a negative emotion. And you have to deliver that this situation is going to be a negative outcome for the other person or for you. If you try it again, you get confused. This memory. You can ask to your guides some help. You can ask them and you will know the meaning of the memory or wine, that specific memory. And that will help very much. But generally, you know, especially if you are doing this reinforce other person when you describe the situation to the person, it is very likely that the person we'll relate. It might sound odd to you, but you need to share it because a person might say, Oh, yes, I understand. Then that will make you super happy because you will see how much you are helping the person. Then you can notice that it will be easier for you as you describe. Your gonna describe easily or you're getting there, put a chunk of information out of his memory shown in this aspect is going to be simple. You can say, well, I am seen these, these and there, that might mean these decent net for you. You're going to set this practice is going to be easier for you to ascribe these memories that your spirit guides implant in your mind. Then you are able to read for other people. And in here, the main foundation is that you will need permission. And if it's granted, that graduate, truly the person knows what the person are doing. This trigger tool approach. You can ask help to your own spirit guides if you're having a hard time to connect with the spirit guides of other persons. And you can connect with your guides and your guides really the ones gathering information from the spirit guides of the other person. But you can connect with the spewed guides off the other person. Deadly as well, depending on how it feels to you and the best way it flows, you will be able to meet many guides. They have their waste to be. Some talk fast, some talk with a more loving stands while others bringing them on empowerment. It's time. And it's connecting with many, many guides to get to know them all. It will be very similar as if it's connecting for you when you get farther pressure swing to feel as if you are doing it for yourself. So you are going to see that it flows well when you step aside and allow the information to flow, it becomes fantastic. I went to point out that you might get visions that mean nothing to you or that make no sense to you whatsoever. But this, as a shared a little bit ago, will make more sense to the other person. Never judge any information you receive. That's it matter. The cilia, as it sounds, I once saw a captain eating cocoa, chocolate cookies in a corner hiding from everybody else. And these are random and crazy as it sounds. She was the most valuable piece of information in our reading done many years ago. You're going to find yourself in situations like this. Also deliver the message with the intention of serving the Haigis purpose of a person. That's it. You don't need anything else. You will see that you will connect and you will be able to help that person and you will love it. Now in next class, I'm going to share with you how to build our day-to-day relationship with your guides. 15. Develop a Day to Day relationship with your guides.: In this class, we're going to learn how to develop our way to the relationship. We fear gates. In the prayer class, we talked how to communicate with them and how they express their messages. In this class, I went to share something that they have brought to me that has helped me wonders, which is something I learned many, many years ago over advocate ago. And since then my approach to spirit has been very different. This is to remember to trust, respect may leave this spirit. You will realize that these three words will help you a lot. This is something that you will see that with time it's going to cement because they trust in yourself is going to grow. They trust on your guides. It's also going to grow. And you're going to notice that things will become easier. This is why it's very important to always trust, respect, and belief. These three are magical words that every single time that you doubt yourself or you are concerned if something's going wrong, you need to remind yourself of these three words. And that alone will raise your abrasions and make it easier for you to connect way. Because you would have cleared your ego way. You're going to notice that for a successful day two, they reached with your guides, you're going to have an ongoing telepathic connection. And he's going to happen by daily attempting to connect with them as a shirt and a prayer class. This is not about ration decision of the competition. This is another 15 minutes workout, training, his connecting with your guides. So given daily work, it's going to be very significant. And it's going to be very decidable action to take vehicles at first you might have to remember to connect daily, but then you're going to be able to keep a telepathic connection running. It's going to be sort of an ongoing thing. You need to make sure to invite them in your mind and in your heart and your throat to make sure to keep a good mental regimen mixture. Do not load your mind with unnecessary negativity unnecessarily, God's sheep, and things that do not serve a purpose for you. This is a mean that you can't do any of this. You can do anything you desire. By the clearer your mind is, the easier it's going to be for you to connect with them. So you will have to clear your mind from all unwanted thoughts as you have learned in a prior class. These cuts coordinate. Also, it's very important to stay connected to your heart because one of the many benefits from doing this, it said you are going to keep your guides a lot closer to you. When you are connected to your heart, You are a lot more in sync with the universe, which is something fantastic. And you can see very good results short-term and long-term. Another step that it's important is for you to invite them and involves them in your life. Like are they to the very basic connection? For an instance, you can consider them like a very close friend or someone who is sharing your apartment or your house with you. Because after all, they are your closest friends. Make sure to also seek their wisdom. Often. Don't hesitate to ask. The only stupid question is the one that is not asked. So you have to go ahead and make sure that you involve them in your life, that you want to keep them into account. Same way you would do with a friend, like you would say, Hey bud, What do you think if we heat the pop and have a drink? You can add a saint. The rates, of course, you're not going to share a drink with your guides, but maybe they are going to say, well, why not? Then maybe you're going your own and you need someone wonderful or you have fantastic time. Or they say that maybe it will leave asked if your state of home that night and then maybe you would have skipped a problem or maybe you have a wonderful time at home or swell. It is called took into account. It helps a lot. Also asks them for their energetic support in every situation. Because if you keep it in mind, they are going to be connected with you. See what you think, what they think. And consider both when making the efficients. They cannot decide for you. They cannot bend your freewheel. But they might have an opinion. They might have an awareness that you are missing or something that you are not understanding. So it's very good to keep. Also their wisdom into account. These are some mean that you have to follow and obey, know you and you have to consider. Because maybe sometimes even combining both, you're going to come with a better conclusion. Remember your guide scanner decide for you. You cannot ask them directly. Do I have to do this? You need to be guided by them and this is what they're going to provide to you. It is essential to keep these in mind. Because if you do, you're going to have a very ongoing and fantastic connection with them that we'll bring to your life a lot. And in the end, it gets way simpler than that. Way simpler because it is yes, about cash. Well, he talking to them. There is no magic rituals, there is no regime, there is nothing that you have to do in terms of being able to reach out to them on a daily basis. You can telepathically comment on things with a clear mind, allow yourself to receive. This is where a vu all the times. Many people are on the, I think the thing about very contemplating and a very thinking type of person. And while it's true, most of it, it's y equal time also connected to my guides and I'm also many times keeping them into account. They didn't even ask them, Hey, SRE do this, hey, what's up with that? But it is sort of a situation and then they empathically a look at my guides, sort of saying, you guys have something throughout most of the times, they may have nothing to add, but there are times and even unexpected moments that they have. This is an x-point they wanted to comment. Sometimes you can get unexpected help from them when you keep that relationship. You can see that something's fewer gates can jumping, the gun, jumping and they can trigger unexpected answers. Sometimes really encouragement or turn of events that you would think is a terrible thing, but you feel that suppressing your adviced. And then you follow you say why not? When a train? And then you realize that it can be a good thing, which is very significant and very important for you to keep this into account. Sometimes you can even get a no for an answer for something significant. And remember, this is not a commandment. This is a no in terms of an advice, hey, what do you think about this? Not really. That should be something like that. Or maybe you get an unexpected answered that you were in keeping into account. And to a point of feeling frustrated or feeling like almost like, like, like, like way not it's, it's fantastic. But this is important to keep into mind. For an instance, to share a situation of mine. I remember one day, many years ago either side to do everything that's maggots have suggested, even if he wasn't significant. And they decided to buy something online, something very irrelevant. And they said, No, don't surprise a weld. This is to make a big difference In question IS followed and to see where it turned out, it happened that eight hours later there was a sale, six or eight hours later there was a sale of that very item. I understood. There is the non-linear time that maggots were able to see and perceive the possibility for me to do that for Chase at a later time. It can be very significant for you when you are including your spirit guides to your day-to-day decisions. Because even though you might ask them very mundane, very insignificant things, sometimes they can give you a magnificent answer with a no, the path for flavor that we are taking. So somethings can have unexpected outcomes of situations that we don't even plan for these. How in the **** before Gates is fantastic. It's a very, very good point. And a recommended to read something you follow through with. Because you're going to feel that your life will really make a positive impact and a positive growth through their best you could give you are getting into account and you have, are they do they connection with them? And after several weeks or even several months, yet along years, you are going to be super happy. You took the efficient one day to start to keep your gates into account. So I invite you to go ahead to try and three for a few weeks and see how things turn out for you. We have one more class and we're going to talk a little bit more about spirit guides on wrap up some stuff. 16. A bit more about Spirit Guides, and how your life will change.: In this class we're going to talk a bit more about spirit guides. To sum up a few things and to wrap up. The main thing I want to share. The most important thing is that in the end, is a growing relationship. Various, no right or wrong with your spirit guides. Only a continuing connecting relationship development. In the end. That's it. After all, it is two beings connecting, one human and one Spirit gaping. Astral being, nomothetic. That's the only difference. I wanted to share that their relationship that builds up from the heart. It's always awesome as it is with your guides. As you're going to notice that it's going to be a very healthy and are very positive relationship. Your study guides have no agenda, no authority. They will not commend you. They see you as equal. They want to be equal. They will in Lake, if you pray to them. He had threatened him as if they were superior? No. They always deliver from a point of love, unconditional love for you. They will always managed to support you. If you clearly ask, you only have to ask. This can happen if you ask for help in gaining strength, gaining confidence, or maybe you need a boost of energy. Many times they will work to bring betterment in your chakras. The violence them to empower them. It is great with your spirit guides because you can even joke around low. They are not very fun jokers and they didn't react like a person. And you will but you will feel Herat okay. You will feel hurt. They will not yes, to start laughing. Like a personal started laughing. But they will even some things make you see something or make you feel something that could amuse you back. This is something great. I want to mention that the spirit guides are a very positive impact in life. Because you know how I see it. I see it like having a powerful eraser. Always accessible. These are baser, these people ligand save you from mainly negative experiences. But this is of course, only if you keep them in mind and ask. And you can cut out of corners by following their base. You will make you go through life with greater Swift. You have to keep in mind though, that some things you will not like the answer, but you need to understand that even if you don't like the answer, it is for a better outcome. And in the end, in the end, you will love it. You will love the outcome. So it is very significant that you always accept the guidance, whether you like it or if not. If you loop, it's going to be a lot harder for you to miss an opportunity because you're going to be more focus in doing more observant, even with the support of your guides. You are growing to some things to be guided a straight towards where you want to go. It might be that the path to get there, it was completely different at what you initially thought. And what you initially thought wouldn't have brought you to this desire path. So you can see that many times your guides will be a great asset in your life. However, your gates one push it. This has to be you. In fact, I wanted to share that millions might go through a lifetime without connecting with the guides, completely unaware of them. Keeping in mind that our spirit guides cannot interfere. They can't bend the freewill. We love us and they will enable us for any efficient we take US support in the biggest way they can. They can't change us. We need to make the changes. Means sync with your guides allows you to in sync with the universities have very passive and are very important aspect of all of this. It is very necessary that you understand this. That if you're in sync with the irrigates, you're going to be much greater in sync with the universe. And these will enable you to always pursue what serifs your Haggis purpose. Really there is not much more to it. Because from here, it is you to get to connect to them, to get to know them, and to get to meet with them. I want to give thanks. And I went to say this was a huge pleasure. I went to invite you to ask any questions you have. More classes will become in our sweat us more courses to help you in your speed or live element. And for me it's a huge pleasure sharing all of us. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you once more for in here with me. And I wish you have a wonderful connection with your spirit guides. And you get to develop a very empowering and very significant relationship with them. So, see you next course. 17. How it is for me to connect with the Spirit Guides?: So this is a little bit of a different class. I wanted to share my personal experience when connecting with the spirit guides. So first of all, since I started as a kid, I always would approach them as the typical invisible friends that one kid would say they have. And they will feel a connection with them without having the awareness that it is a spirit died. You know, sometimes he would ask them questions, random questions, you know, nothing really significant, but sometimes something more important. And then also, as a kid, I would love to hear in silence and two, yes. Allow things to flow in the way they have to. Then when I became aware and when I started to notice the potential that one has with their guides, I started to allow an invite them in to be with me at all times to work with me and to jumping if they need to, because a spirit guide cannot bend the freewill. But if you address and if you set intention to receive their health, even in a moment that you need to, but it serves your highest purpose. They are going to step in and you're going to help you out. So it's something that I do on a daily basis, keeping open and keeping the intention for them to jump in and to comment on something if it's necessary. And I always enjoy in a situation that they have to give it a quick thinking, you know? Or maybe when I have more time to think about it, I like to allow little space and no time in my mind to make sure that the spirit guides say something because maybe they have something that chip in. But to a friend, we have to enable them. And given the opportunity to say, Hey, you want to try this out? This is something I do on a daily basis, like I have this friend right next to me that can and will give me some advice when necessary. So I always enabled time to listen and I always, never time for them to jump in and to say something. So it is something super helpful that they wanted to share with you with this bonus class for you to become more familiar with your guides and for you to know that the day-to-day relationship really pays off. And it really becomes a relationship that flows massively well. So with that being said, See you next class. 18. Guided Meditation Collection: 40 - Maximize Love in your Life Today: Time for you to start feeling the true love, you, the surf to materialize it in grab your life completely. So make sure to get in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath. As you exhale. When I see yourself letting go completely. The other breath. As you inhale, the swell ice, a beautiful healing light entering your body. You can feel a very warm sensation within your body. You feel as if you are taking care of. And as you exhale, visualize your physical body. Going deeper and deeper into relaxation. So take another deep breath. I let go. Completely. Good. No. Focus on your breathing. Noticing how the air come see her now. And now. You also feel beautiful feeling of gratitude. As you realize how precious the air Easter you and how reliable your lungs are to keep you alive. You come to the realization of understanding. Your lungs are precious. And so it eats your entire body, enabling you to experience life. You feel warm in the center of your heart, growing and spreading throughout your entire being. Yourself. Once you have this love to grow, you are precious to this world. In many significant ways. Yourself. A few moments to feel self-love. As you feel completely love for self, you come to realize that you are being left to. Love manifests in many forms. Nice Kimmy, someone's significant or close to you. Maybe it's a client or a colleague. Or these could be a furry friend, loves you unconditionally. You only need to realize that you are vulnerable, capable of receiving. So make sure to allow yourself to hear and to receive love yourself. A few moments. To notice those who love you. You remember these precious beings that love you. Realize as you observe your heart, that you loved him, to. Understand, that you loved him very dearly. Your heart is full of love. Neighbor, forget that. For every heartbeat. Your entire beam field with even more. If you ever feel Cloud and you can always come back to this moment, to this wonderful here and now. Only room for laugh. You are capable of self-love and to love others. The same way that you are constantly love. Always remembered this. Allow yourself a few moments to feel the love, that theory Senior Life. Now, it is time to take this love with you and for you to get the most out of your day. So take one more deep breath and asked you to visualize your lungs feeling once more with this beautiful, loving it. And as you exhale, understand that you are pure love. And slowly opening your eyes. Coming to the realization that you will have an excellent V-to-V. Lots of love and light. 19. Guided Meditation Collection: 41 - Be present within your Physical Body: It is time to be more present and to feel your surroundings with greater clarity and greater foundation. So make sure to get comfortable and slowly close your eyes. Focused on your reading. And make sure to focus clearly for every single time that the air comes in. And now. And now. Visualizing the precious oxygen, entering and nurturing your physical body. Feel physically how the oxygen feels, your lungs, how your chest area grows. It's going to feel wonderful and fantastic. You're going to find that for every breath you take, you go deeper in relaxation. But you want to be relaxed and you want to be focused. And you're going to pay attention to your physical body. So pay attention once more to your breathing. But now three, feel in your heart. Your lungs are keeping you alive. I'm free to be grateful for all of his oxygen available to you. He can notice how your brushes heart, it's beating, beat after beat. Giving you life oxygen-18, your entire physical body. You exist. And you are listening to this because your heart keeps the light. Feel free to place your hand on your heart if you feel. Put all of your attention on your heartbeat and notice the beautiful energy that also goes through here. Try to focus now on your physical body as a whole. Has one single beam that it is. And try to pay attention and to observe how your physical body feels. Free to notice that your physical body is oppressors vessel for it to get the most out from life. So make sure to invest your time to listen to your body. At any time you want. Give yourself a few moments and try to observe. If you receive any message. Duty to remember that you can come back here anytime you want. These are very simple relaxation. Slowing down, free us a few minutes, and giving some attention to your physical body. Visualized white light flowing through wherever you feel it's necessary. Set good intentions for this area to feel wonderful until we completely reliable for you. And Korea likes knitting a state of balance as you have right now. As well as focus and good intentions. You will meet with Helen as you are being healed right now. You feel gratitude. You feel gratitude because you can come back here anytime you want, seeking physical body restoration or yes, to empower your energy to start a magnitude today. So now it is time to start to perceive, again the entire room around you, on your entire surroundings. Attempt to perceive the entire consciousness that surrounds you at all times. And piecewise clearly in your mind say that today it's going to be a fantastic day. Take a deep breath. As you exhale. Feel the wonderful energy. Slowly. Open your eyes.