Authentic italian - Learn the tricks of a professional pizza maker and bring them into your kitchen. | Fabio Errante | Skillshare

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Authentic italian - Learn the tricks of a professional pizza maker and bring them into your kitchen.

teacher avatar Fabio Errante

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome - Introduction & overview


    • 2.

      The elements of the dough: Water


    • 3.

      The elements of the dough: Flour


    • 4.

      The elements of the dough: Yeast


    • 5.

      The elements of the dough: Salt


    • 6.

      Kneading: Before we knead


    • 7.

      Kneading: Let's make some dough!


    • 8.

      Kneading: Windowpane test


    • 9.

      Kneading: How to roll dough balls


    • 10.

      It's time to eat: Before we stretch and bake


    • 11.

      It's time to eat: Stretch and bake


    • 12.

      Toppings: Tomato sauce


    • 13.

      Toppings: Mozzarella


    • 14.

      Toppings: Other toppings


    • 15.

      In conclusion: Goodbye!


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About This Class

Making pizza is easy—even making good pizza is easy.

However, there are many little things you should know about mixing flour, water, yeast, and a pinch of salt. Once you understand these details, your pizza-making skills will skyrocket, and you will surpass some "real" pizzerias.

Thanks to this course, you will be ready to offer your friends and family a true, authentic, absolutely Italian pizza, crafted to perfection in your kitchen!

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily designed for beginners, as it explains the fundamentals of pizza making. However, it's also ideal for those who have already baked several pizzas but still don't understand why certain things happen—or don’t happen—when they make pizza.

The approach: DIY and practical

You won't be asked to buy any fancy tools, and you certainly don’t need one of those specialized ovens like Ooni, Gozney Roccbox, and the like. You can bake a great pizza without them.

About the Instructor

Fabio, a professional pizzaiolo, has left the pizzeria, but pizza still puts food on his table (pun intended). He works as a consultant and teaches pizza making at various levels, both remotely and in person.

His book, Fabioulous Pizza, became an Amazon best-seller on the day of its launch. His YouTube channel has exceeded 1.6 million views, and his online video courses have more than 800 satisfied students.

Meet Your Teacher

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome - Introduction & overview: Hello everybody. I am Fabio I am a pizza maker and I am an author. My book Fabioulous Pizza recently ranked best seller on Amazon. First of all Let me say thank you. Thank you so much for choosing this course. I promise I will give you back as much as I can. I will tell you plenty of stuff I have learned over the last eight years working in many restaurants. And the idea will be to learn the trick of a professional, in this case me, and bring them back in your kitchen in order to make a Fabiolous pizza. I will show you exactly how I make my homemade pizza. You'll get to see me making the pizza from scratch. You will also get my exact recipe, the one I use every time I cook my dinner, basically! Beware though: this course is hands on, for sure. However before you get your hands dirty I really want to explain something theoretical, in particular about the basic components of a pizza dough. I'm going to tell you something about the water. Something more abut the flour and the difference between various kinds of yeasts and so on and so forth For me These are very important pieces of info and I think you need to know them. I'm pretty sure you even if you've baked already few pizzas or several or many pizzas, I'm pretty sure you're going to find something new on this course. You going to find something helpful, something useful that will help you understand the logic behind pizza making so you are building again nice and strong foundations. Now, I'm sure at this point you noticed already my Italian accent. Yes I am Italian and actually I'm going to tell you about Italian pizza. I don't want to mean that Italian pizza is the best one between the countless kind of pizzas there are around. I'm going to tell you about Italian pizza just because that's the one I make, that made it since many years ago. And I know how to make it! In the end, even if we have the New York style pizza and the Detroit pizza and Grandma style, Deep Pan and Thick crust, you know all of these are variations of each other. So once you get a good grasp of one of these kinds is going to be easy for you to add that just the little tweaks to change the style of your pizza. I will also tell you something about the tomato sauce. I will tell you something more about mozzarella and toppings in general although the focus will be especially on preparing the dough and on cooking our pizza. What else what kind of tools we're going to need. I'm gonna ask you to buy If you don't have it already, only one single tool. I'm talking about a scale. As I said we're going to use my recipe, is pretty precise and is going to be easier for you to use the scale for flour and water while we can still stick to volumetric measures for yeast and salt because the amounts are pretty small. Other than that you're going to need something that is probably already in your kitchen. I'm talking about a bowl or maybe a couple of bowls, a spoon, a teaspoon and a chopping board or even a cardboard, maybe an old box for a pair of shoes you have. Possibly some parchment paper. So I'm not going to ask you to buy for example a standing mixer to make your dough, we're going to knead by hands. I'm not gonna ask you to buy a baking stone or a baking steel let alone a whole pizza oven. We're going to do everything with what we have in our kitchen, a kitchen like this one. Speaking of which since we are not in the restaurant I want to make myself comfortable, I'm going to remove my jacket. Okay. I'll see you on the first video bye. 2. The elements of the dough: Water: Let's start talking about the basic components of a pizza dough. We said we will talk about water, flour, yeast and salt in particular. It starts with water. I have heard many people saying that the secret to a very nice pizza is the water, a special quality of water. I'll tell you something. I made pizzas professionally in three different cities in Italy and then I made pizza professionally here in London. To be honest I must say my pizzas look quite the same regardless of the city I made it. Different cities means different water. So how come my pizza is basically the same everywhere I go? This is enough for me to tell that there is no real role, real importance of the water in the taste of your pizza. Of course there are real differences between water and water: from my tap water Probably I will get a little bit more mineral salt. Maybe yours will test a little bit more like chlorine but as long as we don't have like heavy chemical treatment, as long as your water won't be really really hard, it's unlikely it will have a huge influence on your dough. And then on your final product so to make our pizza dough, we're going to use just regular tap water, room temperature so we don't need to warm it up even though many recipes all around say you should actually warm up the water. But bear with me. Now, there are a couple of alternatives let's say, or addition to the tap water. For example you could use sparkling water and this makes sense in my opinion just because the bubbles inside the sparkling water are made adding carbon dioxide and that's basically the exact same gas produced by yeast when its breathing starts. And so this makes sense. It is also said that sparkling water gives some kind of crunchier texture to your crust. For the same reason, for the same logic. You could also use some beer for example, because even beer has some bubbles inside made out of carbon dioxyde. And more over, beer has a taste of its own of course. So if you used it inside your dough you could expect to have some extra feature on the taste of your dough. If you feel like daring you can also make pizza dough using only beer. I tried it myself. Do it yourself and see if you like it. Just a question of taste. Still talking about liquids. We should mention milk. Now, milk contains grease and anything greasy makes our dough a little bit more soft and fluffy. So the point is if you like it soft. Just try and add some milk. You can also try and make it using only milk, although I never heard about any colleague using milk in their pizza dough but it's just a question of experimenting. Enough with water and watery stuff. It's time to move on, head to next video and learn something about flour. 3. The elements of the dough: Flour: Let's talk about flower now, or I should say flowers. Pretty sure when you go shopping to your favorite supermarkets, you'll notice that there are plenty of different kinds of flour. The all-purpose flour, plane flowers and bread flowers, gluten-free flours, Self Rising Flour, you name it. All. Those difference are not important for us because we are looking in, if for one single feature, we are looking for a Trump flower. If you think about it, I know you notice that some of the banks on the shelves mentioned strong flower on their bag. Whereas when there is nothing written, we assume the kind of flower is weak mistake. Now, why do we look for a strong flower? Because this will affect the timings of our dough. In particular, we are talking about the rising tide. We want to allow our dough to rise for as long as it's possible. Endolymph sunflower will allow us to do this. Now what's the point? Why we should aim for a longer rising time? We want to eat quick our pizza, right? No, this is not exactly what we're looking for. We want our pizza dough to rise as long as possible because during this time, something will happen inside our dough. Now other words you got to nerdy here are the ones to talk about chemistry and whatever. But I'm gonna tell you about a couple of processes that happens inside our dough. Then what kind of effect they will have our dough and on our final product. When you are writing, there is not only the increasing volume, but there are two processes. We're talking about the maturation and the fermentation. Now then maturation is basically the decaying of all components of flour. Talking about the proteins, talking about the starches and sugars. This decay is needed, of course, to make our pizza easier to digest, but it's also needed to make our dog weaker when it's time to stretch it. I bet that it happened to you once or twice or many, ten times that you were stretching your pizza base. But the base was really elastic and the truck back giving you a hard time. The reason work around to fix this problem, you will basically just wait for 20 seconds, 30 seconds, and then you start stretching once again until the dog is not shy anymore and it opens itself. However, if you wait the right maturation time, you will see that your though, it's not gonna be resistant and it's gonna be very easy to stretch. Let's see about the fermentation. Fermentation is basically the breathing on the yeast in absence of oxygen. This is the nerdy stuff. You don't need to remind them, but it is important to know the fermentation gives a slight acidic touch to your dough and it's gonna be dead. Civic torch that will become flavor Once you bake your pizza. The whole point for us would be to reach out the right amount of maturation, the random manner of fragmentation More or less at the same time, we start stretching our pizza when the dough is mature enough week for us. So it's easy to stretch and the force is going to be easier on our stoma. Possibly at the same time. We want our door to be fermented enough. So this is going to be testing and its flavor would be a nice thing once we bake it. Remember the difference strength of how our flower will affect the maturation time? I'm gonna give you one more rule of thumb. Not precise measurement and numbers here, but pretty good approximation. When we use a flower, the maturation time is around three to four hours. When we use a strong flower, I will say something around eight to ten hours. When we use a very strong flower, we should really wait 24 hours in order for I will go to be mature and easy enough to stretch. Talking about fermentation instead, there is just one easy rule to remember. The rule is, the longer the better, the longer you live. You do. Often meant that taste year it will be once you eat it. Now we are assuming here that we have found a bag of flour with the commercial name of strong flower. However, I'm gonna tell you how you can understand it. A flower, it's strong or weak or very strong. For example, even though there is no mentioned on the bag, It's all about the content in proteins. Because the more profit inside our flower, and the stronger the flower we'll be. Going to give you a rule of thumb here. They are not hard and fast and precise measurements, but there are a pretty good approximation. Flower may be considered weak when the content in protein is around 10.5, maybe 11%. You just have to look at the nutritional facts only, usually on the side, women on the back of your bag of flour. This is the kind of flower you not want to use to make pizza. They are good for best way, maybe our cake and cookies and whatever. If you go higher with content in proteins, we're talking about 11 to 12.5%. We already have a fairly strong flower. Let's use it for pizza. Finally, in both 13%, product is on our flower. We talked about a proper strong flower. Very good to make our pizza. It can be, you will find a higher quantity in proteins, something around 40%, even higher. We'll talk about a very strong flower, probably my friends from Canada knows what we're talking about here because we're talking about Manitoba flower. It's really, really strong. You can still use it to make your pizza. Of course, a few last words about the difference between strong and weak flower. They are different because the water absorption, basically considering the same amount of flour, the same amount of weak flower, the same amount of strong flower. The flower will absorb more water. We're talking about the difference around 67%. It seems small, but it's not, it really makes a difference. This is why I really don't understand. When the recipes or pizza dough you see around on the internet or whatever. And I didn't understand why they don't specify the kind of flower you should use. Maybe you stick to the same flower. Suddenly you buy a different flower. You don't realize you both a stronger or weaker flour and your though is different, is not like the one you always get from the very same recipe. Now you know, understand the differences between the different kinds of flour. It's time to move on. Now, you can head to the next video. You will see something about yeas and then a basalt. 4. The elements of the dough: Yeast: It's time to talk about yeast. Yeast is an amazing thing, is this living thing and it carries out its own metabolism, eating sugar in producing gas. Why briefing? Producing carbon dioxide? To be precise, this gas in what we need inside our dough, because it's what we will make. The dough itself lacks implant. It will make it increase is dimension. In fact, the gas will be trapped by the gluten match we built while needing. This explains why we need to need very well, because we need the blue tend to be a strong. Otherwise we can lose some of the carbon dioxide. I will DO, NOT rice enough. Now in nature there are around one hundred, ten hundred species of yeast. But luckily enough we don't really need to know them all because we only need to be aware of what's on the shelves over our supermarket. Typically, the marketplace offers us for three attorney. First of all, there is the fresh is if you use it, you should have crumbled it on top of the flower, but you could as well dissolve it in water. It will work any way. It's not too easy to find hearing loved them where I live. If list, this is not a big deal, I can easily make do using some dried yeast. We had two kinds of Dr. years. There is the active yeast countries, small granules made all the starch we're supposed to The, use it in water so the starch of metal away and it will release deeper actual yeast. Basically you are activating the yeast will using this procedure. Then there is the incident is also called quick yeast, quick capsule keys, fast action, geese. Anything related to its speed? Let's say it comes in a teeny tiny sticks. It doesn't need any activation. You're supposed to sprinkled it on top of the flower and use it straightaway. Both active and incentivised are just regular fresh yeast dehydrated. They've removed the water and they give us an octave, or Vincent teased, and they work through as well the work both very well and in our procedure in the recipe I'm gonna give you, you can use anything you have. You don't need to choose one over the other. The main difference between the French and the drive yeast is the amount you're going to use it, there is a ratio you should use, one to 2.5. It means that one grammar, Dr. years, corresponds to 2.5 grams of fresh sheets in any recipe including the one I'm gonna keep you. How to store the yeast. Fishes must stay always in the fridge. You can also use the freeze that issue or to extend a little bit its life after the expiry date. The drive He's instead should stay in the fridge only after you open the package for the first time. They would usually lasts around 34 months. However, they start to decrease their strengths and they own a TV. So if you cannot really remember the opening date, meg is better. It is better if you test your ears before you use it, but otherwise you risk to her waist your dough. How to test the yeast. You're going to put one teaspoon of yeast and one teaspoon of sugar in a glass or lukewarm water. Adjust used by macro for a few seconds, 67 seconds, depending on the power of your bathroom. After ten minutes, the HESI still alive, it will start breathing of reproducing. So the water, the surface of the water will start bubbling. If you can't see any. It after 1015 minutes, this means your miss this gone. You can say February. Finally, how much she's reached reduce. Difficultly, the producer suggests us to use 750 grams of yeast in 500 grams of flour. These will give a very quick rising of the dough. We're talking about around 60 minutes to double up the sides. However, I'm sure you remember, we are looking for a fermentation. And one Howard is really not enough for us to achieve for meditation. This is why we're going to use when lesser yeast, I'm gonna give you a spoiler here. One gram of years is going to be enough for up to 500 grams of flour. This video, and here you can go and watch the next one. We're going to talk about salt. 5. The elements of the dough: Salt: I'll tell you something about solved now and when I keep it short and sweet. Besides the obvious reason we want to be improved the day solo don't write, sold several benefits. It will provide some extra strength gluten you would give your final product is slightly bigger, volume will improve its color. And it will also slow down the activity of material, which is good because it's gonna take a long time for our top to be ready. However, the most important feature of the soul is its ability to absorb moisture from the environment. This can be both good and bad. This is good because it will give the door is likely try your feel. These news sorted told. Most probably you will be a little bit sticky. But the same feature may also be bad as we said, because salt may assault the water from years as well. And this will result in kidney. They stay too close for too long and let's say longer than the friend mediates, the result would be not rise at all. This is why you play safer. We use a workaround and keeping us to enemies far away from the shoulder. You will see more details. Iran leaf, you realize you forgot to assault him inside your dough. You can still add it even after you finish. The problem will reward. Break, reap the gluten network you build before. This may also cause some of the water to separate from the whole mass. You will need to be patient, but fixing the problem will be only a matter of minutes. 6. Kneading: Before we knead: So far we alert plenty of information about the basic components of our pizza dough. We're seeing plaintiff information of water, flour, a basalt, and about TCE. It's time to put all this stuff together is sent to need the finally, and it's time for me to give you. My exact recipe is the very same recipe I use both in the restaurant in here, in my kitchen. And they're gonna give you the doses to make the pizza dough for one single beat seven, we will stretch to around 12 inch size. Here are the doses were talking about 100 rounds over water, dark water, room temperature, 150 grams or strong flower, five grams. So sold one gram of yeast. Of course, is, if you are plenty to prepare more than one pizza, I say two pizzas, you will need to adjust the amounts accordingly to underground water, 300 grams of flour, ten grand sort of assault. And here he is exceptional because we will not adjust the amount of peace. That up to a three pizzas, you will leave the same amount of peace we're talking about in one single ground, right? One grandmom yeast, it's enough for four hundred fifty five hundred grams of flour. If you blend to prepare more than three pizzas per se, 456 pizzas, then you will increase the amount of BSN. You will use. Wraps obese into your pizza dog. Don't bend it now you don't need to do this calculation yourself. There is my fabulous dark calculator. You will find the link software in the course. It's pretty easy to use and very handy tool that SSL we'll do. The calculation for you is going to be okay Enough with the Tokyo or no, he sent to get our hands dirty. Let's go grab the flour and water. I'll see you in the next year. 7. Kneading: Let's make some dough!: Let's prepare the door now. Using my recipe and the doses are gave you already. We're going to prepare the door for two Betas. So we have two underground water, 300 grams over strong flour, salt. And yes, there are going to use a teaspoon to measure my grandmother yeast and my ten grams. So this is the exception, let's say aloud. Instead of using a scale, it's probably easier to use a teaspoon just because the amounts are so small that it's unlikely we will we will get the doses are wrong. So let me make a little bit of spaces. And you are not a CIA Spoon, Do you? Only two levels need to start prepare my dough. As I said, we will not buy any machine, at least for a start. This is the ball, I'm going to use. This ball, the water. One gram. It's half a teaspoon, like this, more or less sprinkled. Now this is in this occasion I use some instance. If I had to follow the directions for use by the producer or shouldn't sprinkled within the flower. But it's not a problem really. Following my procedure, I can use both active and needs in the same way. In the light to use them in water. Using my spoon or with just a little bit so it will melt. Okay, now it's time for me to add around half of my, my flower. I prepare, let's say a layer to keep separate my yeast from the salt. I told you already salt and yeas ago, this absolute best friends for my flower, more or less half of my flower here. And I started stirring. This phase. I don't need to be especially careful to follow any particular technique. I just need to incorporate the flower a boot in Federal Water. I don't really need consistency or whatever, even if it's lumpy right now, No big deal. I just need to prepare the layer to separate the yeast from the salt, salt that I'm going to add right now. I know the dose for one single pizza is five grams. Five grams means one teaspoon. That since I'm preparing to, pizzas, are going to add two teaspoons. Cool. Now continue stirring so I can incorporate the salt. It's time to add a little bit more flour. Let's say half or what's it's inside the more bold. I'm going to show you in a while. My own technique I used to knead the dough. Basically I try to emulate the way Stanley mixture. Probably you've seen it once or twice or there is a spiral to the gauze inside the door. And it just mix the mixture while the ball rotate. What I do is basically trying to emulate the condo movement. And I use my spoon like this spiral rotating my bowl, just like a machine would do. Here. I don't really need it, but I can start getting news tweet. This is what I do. Rotating my ball and incorporating the flower inside the rest of the mixture. When we meet the door, it's also a matter of incorporating some air inside just because the keys will need a little bit of oxygen to start breathing. This is why we try to fold on itself. We will go underneath, we fold it and we bring it to the center. Like this. Right now it's still too steep, tea not solid enough. But this is the whole point of my technique. I'll tell you something. There are several techniques, but the goal is always the same building gluten. If you do it, then it's okay. There is no right or wrong really. It's time to add most all the flower. Always leave a little bit of flour in your board and your container. It's gonna turn out useful later on to clear Carlo clean our hand The Because in a while I'm going to put my hand inside. It's going to be easier to work with. For now. We just continue. Explained to you. We go underneath the dome, we fold it. Now we're going to, let me do. We need to find our own movement and our own momentum. It's also important to leave one hand. Always clean. Rap song thing, like one last minutes, maybe some day shoe, whatever. To me, it seems like it's dry enough. It's time to start using our ends. The waste here to start using our ends but our hand, but the movement will be the same. So I will go underneath. I fold the door and go inside. Rotating. I repeat the movement with my right hand. It can be your left hand if you're left-handed, Of course. I fold, integrate side, rotate, fold and green side. Rotate my ball Fold and go inside it. Celia, Don Dan said to be holistic. I'll start do it a little bit weaker. Well, for me, it's time to move to the table. Going to be easier to handle. Everything does are more and more. Ai fits better. Again, try to leave one on my hands clean as possible for emergency, so I'll try meeting only with one hand. The point willows be go underneath, fold and go into the middle. Then I will rotate the whole double instead of rotting the ball and going to the middle. You probably notice I'm using my fingers. It is better to avoid using the palm of your hands because it's warmer, usually, will stick easily to the whole surface. Anyway. Also using your fingers you will feel moment is smoother and fold. Massage. Some love in this operation. 8. Kneading: Windowpane test: Okay, let's try this window pane test to three minutes ago. I finish kneading. My dough, will cut a good chunk. There are some bubbles array. This will start my test on this chunk. The point is, using my finger. I need to stretch it, stretch it, stretch it off thin as possible to the point. I will test it with a light to see if the light goes through the panel. I'm building up here. I stretch. I stretch. This point should be okay. I leave it here for 1 second. I take my light. My left is my phone, so I don't want to blind knew. We meet 1 second. You see the light through the window pane. This means I built a nice mesh. I can try and go. You see, this is pretty solid. Windowpane test passed. 9. Kneading: How to roll dough balls: Here we are again. Around 44045 minutes. After I finish kneading, my dog should be rested enough. It's time to split it in two. So I can have my dinner tomorrow. I use a scale, you don't see it, but I use escapes that because I'm pretty nice guy. We're going to split it in two. I'll show you how I roll. Doubles. Basically, it's just like playing with play-doh. Will follow them. This. Then I folded like this, roll them and follow them in this, you see the surface is still very smooth. And then I will roll them in my hands. This nice. Here he is not smooth, so I want to close it like this. This is the first one, a little bit here. There is another technique you could use to roll the low-born. You basically use your table like this. You help you, your thumb here. Notice the movement of my thumb. Cool. They are pretty much the same. There is still a little bit of bridge here. I want to close it with my own hands. There you go. This doubles. Now need to prove we need to lead them rising. I will suggest finding somewhere small containers like this. I was pretty lucky to find this, this plastic container. They were so cheap. Spend probably one pound for four or five of them. They are pretty much more than I need to put my, it doubles inside. However, there is a little trick where you need to use. Globals will be easier to remove from the bowl. I use this. You can't see what it is. It's a sprite. Once again, I want to be careful because they're the ones who show you the the brand. I don't particularly indoors. I bought this spray oil just because it's so easy to use and I don't get my hands dirty. You spray your containers. 12. You put your globals inside. You say bye-bye. You've put into sleep. I had the converse. They're not a tight I don't particularly need the Leads to be airtight. Adjust them here. Likely. I would leave them here resting for another half an hour, one hour, and then I will stick him in the fridge for probably around 1718 hours tomorrow. I will remove them from the fridge and bring them back to room temperature at least a couple of hours before I blend to bring to eat. Tomorrow around let say around 5513 or later. I will remove them from the fridge because around 815 maybe I want to stretch them and make them and then finally eat them. 10. It's time to eat: Before we stretch and bake: Before we stretch and make armpits, I'm gonna tell you briefly what we are going to need. We're going to need a cardboard like this. This is pretty cheap. I bought it for just one parent. Is meant for cakes. You supposed to replace a cake or thought of it, but it doesn't matter. I was looking for a certain size. This side is 12 inches, which is basically the size of the Beta angle. Stretch later on. You can also report was for example, an old shoes box or even a chopping board as long as it's east to handle it for you, it shouldn't be too happy. Next you're going to be so parchment paper, also called baking paper. I'm going to cut from this rolling might be somebody cut it to size so you will feed the carpet. And I would place to be told talk. So he's gonna be super, super easy to slide it inside the origin. Last but not least, we're going to need a tray. This is what usually comes with. Any organ, is called the JP and bang. You can use it. We will leave it inside the oven while we bring a heated, and so it will become nice and hot and they will cook the other be to ANDed with. This is not a perfect solution because overtime the heat may deform the drip pan. However, you know, my purpose is to picture started into pizza making without buying anything. He was just want to have in your kitchen. So start using your dripping trade. Append. Some point. Maybe you will feel the need to buy a baking stone which works very well, or maybe a baking steel, which works even better. 11. It's time to eat: Stretch and bake: It's finally time to stretch, making eat. Here it's our domain. As you can see, it's nice and blank. The volume, it's 2.5, even three times. Increased it. You will remember, I put some oil inside the bowl so he's gonna be right now is going to be easier to remove it from the ball. I'll show you how I do it in a second. We will need to dust a little bit. Our table. We can use some flowers on regular flour or some similar Lena. You can also mix them together if you want. Depending on what you have in Europe entry, we need to prevent a little base. Finally, we went for our double to come out. It took a while, no effort at all. You can see, I have no rolling pin here. I belonged to the rolling pin Liberation Front. And I think it's useless for our purpose because rolling pin will really stress our double. We will do only blow up all the bubbles inside the dough. Pizza would become so flat. It will resemble probably toward the left as much as they can. A lot of t has to be harnessed. I want to make a pizza here, so Marie limping, we're gonna do it with our hands. We're not going to use our fingertips. We are not going to do like this because otherwise we would get a uneven surface and we won't do pizza base to be as plain as possible. So we're going to use This part of how our hands, the whole, let's say the whole fingers. We need to dust a little bit the whole pizza and try to make it as strong as possible. Okay, Let's start. I always try and keep a little bit of grass outside because I like to see it nice and thick when a bake. You will do this the first time. You can then put your pizza upside down and we're 30th. So you can do on the other side. Then you rotate it once again, upset down in 90 degrees C, upside down and rotate 90 degrees, slowly, becoming bigger. You can now follow the crust. The more I touch my pizza base, the worst, because as I said, I'm blowing the bubbles inside the DO Daddy Yo will be to do the stretching with as few as possible touches. Needs a little bit of experience, which you will get once you stretch the first ten and then 20, and then 100 pizzas. Now, the problem with this base here is we have a blend of flower over it. We need to shake away the excess of this flower because when it goes inside the oven, it will leave a kind of a sour taste, especially the regular white flower, The similarly and I said it's not a big problem because if he stays on our base, it will give Canada Crunch updates. By the way, I'm going to show you now in here a technique to shake the excess of flour. You grab a side of your base. You can lift the base and put it on top of your hand. Like this is your base. It's all on one of your hands. Even just doing this, we check a little bit of the flower. The point is you want to pass your pizza base from one hand to the other. You can see I'm shaking away more flower. Let's do it again and again and again and again and again and again. You can also, once the pizza is sauna, one of your hands, use your knuckles. You will then need to stretch a little bit. You'll see there is a little bit of a similar Lena with SSH. This is not this is not the problem. This is still not 12 inch size. We can do a couple more moments. You'll see Landis say, this is more or less to be in Germany, fits 11 is not a big deal. Now we want to place these bays on cardboard with parchment paper and can you remember them? What I will do? I will keep my pizza based on one hand. We're up my days. Let me center it. Let's make our pizza as round as possible. It's easy now because it's on the parchment paper, which is not sticking. We are the edges. It's time to put tomato sauce. We will cook our base. Two different phases. We will make our red base with five or six spoons or tomato sauce first. Now we spread it with a kind of circular movement. If you want, you can fill the gaps here and there. If you don't like them. Cool, It's finally time to make. D01 is now ready. I turned it on around 40 minutes ago. Now It's a bit hot in old, so my drip in band is ready to cook. Now, I gently slide the pizza and the parchment paper in Murray easy. This OVN reaches 275 degrees, or at least this is the claim. I know my first baking will last around three minutes. However, I baked in an organ whose temperature was only 220, and I needed around six minutes. You can consider these temperatures general reference to figure out the timings you will need. Nevermind that Ms. Light, sometimes it just goes out. It will turn on at some point, I will come back in a while to complete my pizza. You later. After three minutes, the first Bacon is over and I can grab the pizza. I will use again my cardboard to help myself. The drop-in pen goes back inside the oven so it stays hot. This is my bread pizza base. After around three minutes baking, I will remove the parchment paper. Since it's not burnt yet, I can still use it, maybe for a second pizza. It's time for me to add my mozzarella. You can see there is an icy crust on around, we call it the coordinates on it. Usually you would put around 90 grandma mozzarella. All depends of course, on your tastes. There are people who would like to it very cheesy. I don't know. I don't like it too cheesy because of the y's the texture. The most neurolemma mouth will be overwhelming. Pizza back in the oven. For a further a couple of minutes. To finish cooking, the tray must stay in the middle, closer to the upper grid, DO or broiler. I slide back the pizza using the Convert. Again, my diming here is two minutes, but the rule of thumb will be to wait for the mozzarella to melt. When the temperature is as low as 220, it may take up to four minutes. It's about time. Let's have a look. It seems okay. My trusted cardboard comes in handy once again. Here we are. Pizza is ready. It's warm and fragrant, wrapped around a nice is smoky haze, hover, loving, sent. Want a potato? 12. Toppings: Tomato sauce: Let's prepare the source for our pizza. What you can see here are the ingredients I will need to prepare the sauce, tomato sauce for my pizza. These are bead, plump tomatoes. I don't want to show you the sticker because I don't particularly endorse any brand. You're going to find your favorite and you will stick to it. The only thing you need to know if these are, as I said, Bill, plum tomatoes and they are whole. Please avoid buying like chopped tomato. Avoid buying Posada or something like this. You're going to buy whole pizza tomatoes just because they taste better. They taste better. This is just because they are not so processed compared to chopped tomatoes, of course, compared to Posada. The other ingredient is a pinch of salt. The doses are usually a one gram of salt per gram. So tomato, the typical team tomatoes is 400 grams. So we're going to use foregrounds salt. That's it. I know this sounds kind of disappointing because probably you are thinking about a special secret recipe to get a nice tomato sauce. But this is not what we do. In Italy. This is a traditional source. Tomatoes and salt. Many odds of lethal battle. A few ads on Reagan know somebody also add some olive oil. You decide the most important point is keep it row. We don't cook tomato sauce for pizza. We like the tomato sauce with the slightly row. Let's make it ring now. I'm gonna show you how I do it. Let me open this. Here we are. Tomato sauce and four grams of salt, sorry, Bill tomatoes and four grams of salt. We want to crash our cells. Do peel tomato. You can fork. You would just go like this. As you can see, you squish lot of liquid side from the tomatoes. And it's okay. It's okay to leave big chunks because not to fill them under your teeth when you bite. Now, to be harnessed, the old tradition of our master's Neapolitan pizza makers. Wants you to stick your hand inside at this is what I do. You can go deeper. You can squish and squash. Just like our grandmas used to do it. If you are a little bit peaking, just continue using your fork. Now I feel just a few chunks. Cool. Is now ready. The array m is now ready to go on our pizza. I alluded in the fridge for a while later on, well, I will bake my dinner. I will use five, maybe six spoons. The source, of course, there is a question of likings, but I would recommend to stay below seven, spawn several school, several spoons stops because otherwise your pizza will be a little bit watery and it will struggle to cook. At the bottom. Let's set to five or six teaspoons of this beautifully simple tomato sauce. See you later. 13. Toppings: Mozzarella: Look at those beautiful mozzarella, both materially, typical, traditional cheese you want to use to make pizza. It's very moist. It has plenty of water inside. This can be a problem because we feed on the use some trig. We will end up with a nice milky pool in the middle of our pizza. As you can see, it comes with its own water. We need to discard it before we cut it. Here we go. Of course, we need to cut it. I will do first beat slices, thick glasses. Then I like to do some sticks, chunky. Now, how can we drive? This was really low. The more the longer it stays in this fall, the more water it will lose, it will release. So let's use again now we'll bold news. Let's see. I will put my mozzarella. I will leave a tier four hours. The longer the better I can even use it tomorrow, for example, it would be way more dry. I will leave it here for a few hours later on, I will show you what happened to these mozzarella. He ran in the end. They wanted to wait 24 hours. And now I'll show you what happened to the mozzarella. Still here. But look at how much McKee water. The reason in my bowl, if I didn't do this, it all this water will go on top of my data. Mechanisms. Soggy, watery. Now this is ready to use. Let us run. I'm going to make one or two pizzas with this mozzarella. Enough with the mozzarella. See you later. 14. Toppings: Other toppings: We have just a simple margherita, which is my favorite, by the way, very simple pizza with tomato sauce and more certain probability. Notice I didn't even put a few of these hold Basil. I don't really like bicycle, but please keep it secret because I don't want to give back my Italian passport. Better way besides Battle, of course, we can think about using manual topics. Unique to blend a little bit, what kind of topics you are going to use. You need to know where your toppings, especially their cooking types. Remember those topics will stay in the oven for a relatively short time. So maybe not gonna be enough for some of them to cook them. So think about a fleshy ingredients. For example, bet burst, potatoes, origins, pumpkin, and stuff like this. The opposite when instead of Hepburn for adopting slide Marshall's, they're very delicate or a cherry tomatoes and fresh democracy in general, you need to understand what kind of topics you should cook beforehand. So they will be fully booked at the end. Or you could also think about using a solution. For example, lightly, very seemingly Monday fleshy ingredients like the peppers even put out, as we said, you put them all together. We do not say Hindi will still be cooked. The rupee different probably even somehow the days, it's up to you, but do a couple of experiments to see which one you prefer. You should also consider how to reserve some kind of ingredient. It's a perceptive from the excessive heat. I mean, because we think about pepperoni or harm, for example, if we cook them for too long that we've been really drive that they were not beat. So nice to meet. You could think about placing them on the mozzarella. Basically, the material will provide candelabra, protective layer for these kind of topics. Since we are talking about cure meats here. A very common drug, like on our Betas of brushes. You're supposed to eat it, roll. The best way to use it. The most from pursuit of itself is just to put it on top of your pizza after you bake it. Because if you cook, protrude TO, it will become salt. I know there are people who likes it bait. I don't think he's the best way to enjoy the Dirac if you've taught beings which are best used, let's say Rob anyway after baking, as well as the lithium ingredients, think about a rocket for an example of some kind of solid leaf. Let's say I use plenty of them on top of my pizzas and even totally know matters have pretty good when you used to. Only after baking, there are plenty, plenty of toppings, a weekend. Boot on top all our B2C possible for me to give you a complete list I just gave you here. I just saw some guidelines, let's say. And then the way they are influenced by my personal life, I would recommend keeping in touch, we mean by socials. And I will be happy to share or being in somebody a different kind of topics are above our pizzas. 15. In conclusion: Goodbye!: The video course ends here you watch all the video and I'm sure you're grabbing plenty of information. You are ready to up your pizza gaming. Really wish you do. Skyrockets your pizza again. Before I say goodbye. I also brushed my hair for the occasion. Before I say goodbye, dog would recommend to stay in touch with me. I got social network account. You will find my Facebook page called chromate and fabulous. And you will find my Instagram account homemade and fabulous and where I share plenty of pictures of my dinner, basically. Where she, again, Tips and Tricks. Be honest, you shouldn't need this fifth centuries, but I refresh. It, can still be good. And as I said, is still a way you will have to stay in touch with me. I like to interact with all my contacts on my socials. Well, it's time to really say goodbye right now. Thank you very much. Once again, I hope I can meet you in person at some point in life by.