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ASL | Fingerspelling Exercises | American Sign Language

teacher avatar Able Lingo ASL, American Sign Language (ASL)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Course Introduction


    • 2.

      Four (4) Fingerspelling Rules


    • 3.

      Fingerspelling | All ABCs Random Order


    • 4.

      Recognition | All ABCs Random Order


    • 5.

      Fingerspelling | 2 Random Letters


    • 6.

      Recognition | 2 Random Letters


    • 7.

      Fingerspelling | Common Letter Combinations


    • 8.

      Recognition | Common Letter Combinations


    • 9.

      Fingerspelling | 3 Letter Words


    • 10.

      Recognition | 3 Letter Words


    • 11.

      Fingerspelling | 4 Letter Words


    • 12.

      Recognition | 4 Letter Words


    • 13.

      Fingerspelling | 5 Letter Words


    • 14.

      Recognition | 5 Letter Words


    • 15.

      Fingerspelling | 7 Letter Words


    • 16.

      Recognition | 7 Letter Words


    • 17.

      Conclusion & Thank You


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About This Class

In this course, we’re going to focus on improving your fingerspelling and recognition skills by using LOTS of exercises.


  • Already know the ABCs in American Sign Language and how to correctly sign them
  • Already know how to recognize and understand all of the letters in ASL when someone signs them to you

If you don't know the ABCs yet, here's a course for you:

ASL | American Sign Language | The Alphabet


  • Hello! My name is Michael. When I was three years old, my younger brother became sick with spinal meningitis. In the process, my brother became deaf with an almost complete hearing loss. This difficult situation provided a unique opportunity for my family and I to become fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Unlike some deaf children, my brother was not sent away to a deaf or hard of hearing school. He grew up with us, his hearing family, and we were active in the deaf community.
  • As a police officer and federal investigator, I often used ASL to communicate with and interpret for witnesses, victims, and perpetrators. I decided to create ASL courses because it’s a useful and practical skill to have. Like learning any language, it opens your mind and creates the ability to communicate with a whole new group of people. That’s enough about me. Check out my profile if you'd like to learn more. Keep reading below to find out more specifics about this course and see screenshots. Have a wonderful day!


  • Students will improve their ability to fingerspell letter combinations and words in ASL
  • Students will improve their ability to understand and recognize fingerspelled words
  • Students will be tested on their ability to sign, recognize, and understand fingerspelled words in ASL


  • Signing and recognizing the ASL letters quickly
  • Fingerspelling letter combinations and single words
  • Understanding fingerspelled words of multiple lengths


  • Students will be confident fingerspelling in ASL
  • Students will be able to understand someone who is fingerspelling in ASL
  • Students will be able to use fingerspelling as a way to communicate with others
  • Students will have a strong foundation to continue studying more advanced sign language


  • You have a desire to learn, improve, have fun, and be more confident fingerspelling and communicating in ASL
  • You already know how to correctly sign the ABCs in American Sign Language
  • You're already able to understand all of the individual letters in ASL when someone signs them to you
  • You have a computer, tablet, or smartphone to access the study material


What is the main focus of this course?

  • The focus is improving fingerspelling and recognition skills when someone else is fingerspelling.

Do I need to have prior knowledge or experience with ASL before taking this class?

  • Yes. We assume you know how to sign the complete alphabet in ASL and are able to understand when someone signs all of the letters to you. Here's a course if you need to learn or practice the ABCs in ASL.

How can this course help me? I already know some of the ASL alphabet and can fingerspell at a basic level.

  • In this course, we have LOTS of exercises and activities to improve your speed, recognition, and understanding when fingerspelling in ASL. It’s a great way to boost your ability and confidence with fingerspelling.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Able Lingo ASL

American Sign Language (ASL)

Level: Beginner

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1. Course Introduction: Hello. My name is Michael. Okay, so in this course, we're going to study A s L American sign language. And more specifically, we're going to focus on finger spelling and recognition exercises. Mm. So first, I'm going to assume a few things about you first that you already know the A B. C's in American sign language. Okay, second, that you know how to understand the A B. C's right. If I show you, you're like, Hey, that's an H. If I show you, you're like It's an X right? So maybe you don't have a super high ability with a B C's, but you recognize them, you understand them and you know how to make them. Okay, that's what you need for this course. Okay, if you don't know your A B C's, I recommend another course where we go into a lot of detail. It's like 2.5 hours long, and we really focus on the ABC. Okay, all right. So once again for this course finger spelling and recognition exercises, the first thing we're going to do is talk about four fingers spelling rules, and this will make your communication much more clear and easier. Okay, then, once we jump into fingers spelling, I will show you words or a series of letters. Right? And you have to sign them. You have two fingers. Spell them. Will also use a timer. That's right. So it makes it a little bit more exciting. You can race the timer and, you know, kind of compete with yourself and the timer and improve. So after the timers up, I will finger spell, and I will show you what? The right answer. Waas. Okay, when we get to recognition exercises, I'm going to finger spell something, okay? And then I'll probably do it twice, and then I will pause, and I will wait for you to let it sink in, and then you provide your answer, okay? And then I will show you what word I was finger spelling. Okay, so in this course, I'm going to push you right. We're going to go step by step. It gets more and more difficult, but it should push you right will push your ability and force you to improve. By the end of this course, you're going to be like, Yes, I can finger spell and I can understand, Like, crazy. All right, so I'm ready. Are you ready? Let's get started. 2. Four (4) Fingerspelling Rules: Okay, so let's talk about four fingers spelling rules that will help you have better communication. Clearer communication. Okay. All right. So let's see, the 1st 1 is us. Find it here. All right, Number one, use your dominant hand. Okay, so this goes for finger spelling and signing. Okay? Use your dominant hand. So I'm a righty. So when I finger spell, unless I'm holding something in my right hand, I will use my right hand a B C d and so on. Right. Hi. Hi. Right. If you're a lefty, use your left hand. L E f T left h I Hi. Right. Okay. So you is your dominant hand. It's the same for signing and finger spelling. Eight. Right. Rule number two, Sign in front of your shoulder. Okay, So if you're lefty, sign in front of your left shoulder. If you're righty, sign in front of your right shoulder. Now we're not talking like right back here. That's just uncomfortable. And it's not gonna work. All right, imagine there's kind of a TV screen or a square or a ball or an area right in front of your shoulder. Okay. We're trying to put our hand in there. OK, it could be a little bit in front of you. That's fine. Just right there, kind of lined up with your shoulder were like h e l l O Hello, How are you? Hi, A B C's and everything else idea is when you talk with someone who in sign language, you make eye contact because there are so many facial expressions and everything. When you make eye contact, it's that you can take it all in. So when we're finger spelling, if we put our hand like right here, it's fairly close. You can still make eye contact with the person and see the hand right now if I sign, like, way off over here. Hi ABC, then the person who has to move their eyes right? They look at you and then they look over there. They look over there, and it's just a headache. There's no need for right. It's inefficient. Well, the most efficient way is right there because you can maintain eye contact, keep it in front of your shoulder. Imagine there's like a little barks and you stick your hand in it and then you talk and you finger spell all right. Let's go to rule number Real. Right? Okay. Double letters. Okay. Repeat a little to the right. Right? There are different specific rules, but this is the best. General one are that I've found that works pretty much for all of the double letters. Okay, so the let the word Hello. Right. H e l l o Did you see it? H e l a little bit to the right. Oh, okay. So h e l l o All right now, we're not gonna want to go like this. H e l l o No, because once again remembered the shoulder thing. If you go h e l l the person's eyes like where they going? They're running away. Get back here and fingers spell. OK, so h e l l o right. Let's see. Let's take another one. How about door the, uh the word for door D 00 r c my Oh, just a little bit to the right. D 00 r. Okay, how about the name Jenny? All right. Two ends and end. J e N N Y right. J e and N y any. Okay, let's do the hello again. H e l L o all right. It's a slight movement at the least l l o. So if you don't do it, if there's not some sort of movement, then it looks like this. H e h e l l o right hcl Oh, you don't know how to spell, right? So it's a t l l o. Okay. It works a little bit from one side to the other. Okay, let's go to rule number four. Don't bounce. So think of a basketball, right, And it's going Boing! Buoying, Buoying. It's moving up and down. Okay, Now let's see how that would work when someone balances too much when their fingers spelling. OK, so I'm going to say the words. Hello? I'm gonna finger spell the words Hello. And you tell me which one is easier. So this is option number one. Hey, here's option number two, right. Obviously, option number one is better. H e l l o All right. It stays right there, stays in that little area. And if we go like this, if we bounce h e l l o you know, it's like you're doing a lot of action. What? The person we're talking to is like. Ah, alright. It's not good, right? The whole purpose is clear. Communication, right? Yes. Okay, so let's review We just talked about the four finger spelling rules. All right? Remember, Number one, use your dominant hand whether your left your right ear, your lefty use that hand. Same thing for finger spelling and signing. Okay. All right. Number to sign in front of your shoulder. There's, like, an area right here. A nice, comfortable area, right? Not way back here. Not over there, but, like, right here. And the reason is because when you talk, you make eye contact, and then it's very easy to see our hand spelling HCL. Okay, Right. Rule number three was double letters. Repeat a little to the right, so H e l l o j e N n y All right, d o r. There's a little movement to the right to show that you repeated the letter and number four to have our communication partner not go crazy. Don't bounce. H e l l o r u. I'm dizzy. Right. Okay, so in this lesson, we talked about the four finger spelling rules. Mm. That will help you, you know, communicate in a clearer way and have better communication. Overall. When your finger spelling Okay? 3. Fingerspelling | All ABCs Random Order: Okay, So first let's do all of the A B. C's in random order. And each time I show you a letter, you'll have two seconds to make this sign, and then I will show you the sign. OK, here we go. Let's get started. Going to start in 321 Okay. We haven't s right. It's an s moving forward. Next one. Here it is. Hey, we haven't f It's an f en. It's an end. Don't be you. It's a W g. It's a G and a G. Okay, It's a k Oh, it's an o e. It's an e. We haven't em. J j got to make the motion. J Oh, right. L we have a nice l They're very straightforward. That letter A Okay, are we haven't arm. See, we have a c I never The pinky is the I. Why? Why? Que que right? It's like a G, but we just turn it down. It's a que que de right We make a d t. All right, so we have a tea little turtle head that sticks out a t p. Right p. It's like a K, but we just rotated and put it down P X. We haven't x the right the victory or a selfie V. Okay, Z right. We just draw it in the air with their index fingers. E be be you. We have a you just a V. But just close it. So it's a you each right, it's an h. It's just a you that we rotate around. So it's an h. Okay. All right. So we just did all of the A B. C's in random order was a refresher. If you need to repeat, go back. It's fine. Do it again, okay? 4. Recognition | All ABCs Random Order: Hello again. OK, so we're going to do the A B. C's again Random order. This time I will show you a sign. I will show you an alphabet letters sign and do it with me. And then you say What? The letter is okay. If you do it with me, it helps you brain, remember, cause you've already been making those connections. I will do a sign. Whatever it is, you do it with me and you tell me I will pause for a moment and then I will show you the answer. Okay, let's do it right here is the 1st 1 All right, here is the answer. It's in our right. Okay. Next one. All right. The answer is see, Right. You should have been saying See and doing. See with me. Answer is a That's right. We haven't a I'll just keep doing it. What letter is it? All right. Here's the answer. It's a j, right? Because we're drawing with the tip. We're drawing a little J Ah, hook. Right. A next one. Here's the answer. It's a P. Did you get it? It's a p. All right. Here's the answer. It's an s. It's an s next one. All right. The letter is M. It's an M. Here we go. And the letter is F course, it's an f next one. It is a be right. It's a B. You like. I'm calling out bingo. Here. Okay, Next one is and the answer is and right. It's an end. It is a over You, right? I'll just keep doing it. What is it? The answer is Z, right? We draw it just like the J. We draw it now we draw the Z. I ain't. Here we go. The letter is okay. Right? Okay. Next one butter is Oh, this is just a great one. It's so easy to remember next one. The answer is you, right? You well, answer is que it is a que We have an l remember l for loser. Very easy. Way to remember it. L Plus it just really looks like an l. Here we go. We haven't I? That's right. It's ah, Why? That's right. We go. Sometimes you go like this. Some people go like this. You take your pick. It's an E s. What is it? Well, it's a d. Of course it is. Next one. It is an ex go v for victory. Yes. What is it? All right, it's a G, right? What do we have? We haven't tea. Next one, we have and h Okay, so All right. So we just did all of the letters. Randomly recognition. How did you do? 5. Fingerspelling | 2 Random Letters: All right, let's do another race. The timer And this time will be doing random letters, but to letter pairs. Okay, So for example, I will show you the letters right after I show them to you. The timer starts. All right. So you have three seconds a three second timer, and you need to say the letter sequence before the timers up. Once the timers up, I will go. I would show you the answer. Okay. Are you ready? Let's reset this timer. Let's do it. Here we go. Okay. The answer is W m moving forward. We have our e r e que h? Okay. Age e l e l e Over you g w No. Oh, l o see. H c h r z rz de yes, d s. Why k Why k t h th if and f n yes. E s p Q W q w m Why and why X and ex n are ill are ill. E x e x. You see? You see? Yes. And s n I l bu I w Okay. H k eight. I m okay. M kay z x g x e t e t. Okay. Yes, K s a okay. A que h g h g he the TV? Why? T Why teeth e Okay, e que All right, we'll do one more. We've been doing a lot. Que s us? Okay, sounds good. So this time we did random to letter combinations. Great. 6. Recognition | 2 Random Letters: All right. So let's do recognition for two random letters. I will sign the letters and you watch and you tell me what I'm signing. I will pause and then show you the answer. Okay, here we go. Let's jump right in. Great. Did you get it? Answer is e be E b. All right, let's keep going. RG r g k s k s All right. We have X j x j, right. They have o d o G c Z c z All right, so do it with me. Do the signs with me and it will help build your brain De en the end And you and you All right, we have f x f x you have the a be a You be you be l c l c p f p f w z w z All right. I did. P Q e que? All right. I be I be all right. Let's do one more. Here we go. All right. I did B s b s. Okay. So we did two letter combinations. Random letters. Wonderful. 7. Fingerspelling | Common Letter Combinations: let's to common letter combinations. OK, so these are letters that you will frequently see together when your finger spelling. Okay, so I will show you the letters and then I will pause and then I'll show you the answer. If you need more time as the video, immediately after you see the letters and then take a much time as you need to finger spell . All right, let's do it. So this one, we have Oh, you right. Let's let's see. Let's see some more t are t r T r S p r S p r. Three letters Great. S p r S p r were improving If are if our f r e w e w e w p l p l e l p l s que you sq u s q u s qu three No b l b l b l e why e why e why, yes. Hey, s que s k t no view t W t w T w double letter. Do you remember how to do it? E right? It's not just E. It's e little movement to the right or the left, depending if you're Lefty E. If you're writing e e? Yes. Him s m s m s w s w s w p r e r p r. All right, quick tip. While you're waiting for the next letters, I urge you to put your hands like this in the rest position. Right? If you watch interpreters when they're not signing their hands air here because they're ready to sign. Okay, let's move to the next one. Que you You you qu qu s c are s c R s c R S c r a w a w and you w a w never know bouncing right a w a w Try to keep it here in the same position. A w a w e i e i e i e I see. H c h c h c eight g are g r g r g r be Are b r b r b r b r b r a Why a why a Why a why? Oh, I oh, I oh, I oh, I I e i e i e i e i e s p l S p l s p l as pl S h r s h r s H r s h R as h r s c eight s c H s c eight f o F l f l over you h w h w eight t h t h t eight n t h n t h n t h w r of you are w r s h s h s h g No g l g l s l s l s l s l in g and g N g and g s t s t s t s t t h r t h r t h r s p s p S p S p See No c l c l e u e u e u e u Hey, I a i a I Hey, you a you a you a you see? Okay, C k c k c Hey, de are b r d r See are c r c r S t r S t r S t r who letters 00 oh oh s c s c s c g h g h g eight e a e a e a e a oh! Why? Oh, why? Oh, why? Yes, And s n s n g h e h p h e eight. Um, don't view o w o w o w. Okay, so we went through the list of combinations of letters that are commonly together. All right, Hopefully you were doing it with me. Great practice, OK? 8. Recognition | Common Letter Combinations: Okay, so let's do recognition for common letter combinations. So I'm going to say something wherever you are at home to shout out, Say what I'm saying. He's saying, f l f l all right. So after I say it, I will show you the answer. All right. So it was f l Okay. Are you ready? Let's do it. Answer was G l g l We went forward. C k c k as l s l e e Remember when I'm making what I'm making the movements, the signs I go. You shouted out to say what I'm saying? E He's doing e. Yes, he's doing e. Okay. A you a you W h w eight a w a w b l b l b l Yes, I am s m s, P, S P and G and G. Oh, why? Oh, why? Okay, how are you doing? Remember, Just shout out whatever I'm signing. Okay. S c h s c h c l c l All right. So when I saw you the answer Do it with me. Do the signs with me. C l que you You You s t s t b r b r s que you sq u S p l s p l e. Why e why t w t w Well, I'm not sure it's supposed to show the answer there. Well, don't. You are So you are. All right, We'll put that one back in the mix. S W s W s que as que t ell e l t h r e h r s c r s c r Oh, I Oh, I s C s c e w e w g h g h s n s n a letter o oh, e a e a You you you p h e h a Why a Why, as each s h c r c r p r E r Oh, you Oh, you g r g r i e i e t h t h s h r s h r s t r s t r w r dove, You are t r t r and t h n t h e i e i d r the are a i a i If our if our c h c h s p r s p r Ow! Ow! Okay, so we just finished our common letter combinations. There were a lot. How did you do 9. Fingerspelling | 3 Letter Words: Okay, let's do finger spelling for three letter words. I will show you a word. I will wait a moment, and then our wills fingers spell the answer. Okay, So if you need more time for your answer, pause the video right after I show you the word. Take your time. Come up with your answer. Push play again and you can see my answer. Okay, let's put this word back in the mix. We will see it again. All right, Here we go. Here's the first word. De e n, then. Okay. B i z b i z is s o w s o w So how have you o w wow b o b Bob p u p up f l Why? Why? De a d dad j o t John p a n Hand b e e bu o w l o w l owl c o p comp f a r far e e t It s k I ski o l d old a l e ale t I p. Yep. B i t it. Why e n again? A r k arc g a l g a l gal h u e. You are Why e rye? Okay. We made it through the list. Three letter words. Finger spelled. I like it 10. Recognition | 3 Letter Words: All right, let's do recognition for three letter words. So I will finger spell a word to times pause and then show you the answer. Okay, So when you see me making the letters, shout them out. Right, Make the connection. You can do it. All right. Here is the first word we have. How c o w right. We have toe e o W toe. All right. The answer is T I t it. All right. Did you get it? T o e toe And we have toy T o why, boy, h a t that l a g leg T u b tub s a w s a w Okay, would b u d But we have acts. A x e x in o d Nod j a r jaar j o g jog b o Why boy, are you in Run r o t Run e a r year s a c s a c sack d o g dog j u s j u s l o w l o w lo a i m aim que i de kid b A r bar. All right. We made it through the list. That was three letter words. Recognition. How did you do 11. Fingerspelling | 4 Letter Words: okay, It's time for finger spelling for four letter words. I will show you a word. You finger spell it. I'll wait a moment and I will show you the answer If you need more time. Positive video, right after I show you the word and then figure out your answer. All right, let's do it. Here is E Hey, here's the first word s a i l s a i l sale. All right. E u r r uh, S o a k soak soak j o c k jock c o m b comb f i n d find g u l p gope b r e w through b e t Beat p a r t part f a l l no s t u D stud w h i p Whip s w a p swamp r o p e rope g a p e Cape f a t e ST r e a l rial w o r m Worm c l u e blue g l a d glad e v i l evil g l u e blue m o d Mood 12. Recognition | 4 Letter Words: Okay, let's do recognition for four letter words. I will sign each word two times, and then I will pause and show you the answer. Okay, You could do it. Here we go. What am I saying? R e f reef. All right. What did I say? I said F l o w lo w i s h wish h a c k Yeah. U r g e urge. See you are be curb m a r k m a r k. All right, and quick note when I'm signing the answer, do it with me. Right? We can practice as we go. Great. B e s t best s I g eight s I g h sigh s e m seem Remember double letters, Little bit movement. Yes. W i m p whim b i n e the i n e line a u n t and or aren't okay d r i p rip w i p e w i p e wipe. Why a w end gone race r a c e. Why e l p. Nope. E i l e Auriol r e a m r e a m Dream b i A s bias s L A M s l A m slam c u f f cuff s w a n swan d I m e dime. All right, We just made it through the list for four letter words. Recognition. Wonderful, great and fantastic. 13. Fingerspelling | 5 Letter Words: Okay, let's do five letter words. Finger spelling. All right. I'll show you a word. And you finger spell it. How does the video after you see the word right away. If you need more time because I'm gonna wait a little bit and then I will finger spell it. I'll show you the answer. Okay, here we go. The first word is s h a k Y Jakey s h a k. Why? Okay, We've been forward. W R O N g Wrong. R e a c h reach c r e d o rito b l u f f luff b l u f f s h a k e ache l o c a l Local r A N c h r a N c h ranch c r o W d Proud p r e n preen s p e d speed. All right. And spell it out with me, OK? Do the hand movement movements and say it out loud if you want. Just do it with me. U r i n e You're in S h a w l show s p i r e spire. And you are s e nurse e n e m. Why enemy? C r u e l three a u d i o Are you a r e n a arena r o m a n Roman. You are b a n urban e n t r. Why Entry o c c You are occur. H o u n d owned c r I S p crisp. Okay, we did five letter words. Finger spelling. Great, exciting, wonderful. And everything in between. 14. Recognition | 5 Letter Words: Okay, let's do recognition for five letter words. Okay, so i will sign the word two times and then I will wait a little bit and I will show you the answer. So figure out what am I signing, what is the word? And when I show you the answer, I'm going to finger spell it. Finger spell it with me. Okay, here we go. Here is the first word. Es h, o, t. What did I say? Why? Why? Why? There'll be you seek wacky. Embed B, E a leak, V S, S salsa. S, shred. Gee, they'll be worth reuse. Wn sneak, SK II. T U C T U S T U M P stone, d w, e l, l. See, see, ROS. F, i, our rhino. Okay, wonderful. We just did the five letter words. This is fantastic. 15. Fingerspelling | 7 Letter Words: Okay, here we go. Fingers spelling seven letter words this time. Okay? Yes, I will show you a word. Use finger. Spell it. I will wait And then I will spell it. Pause the video after I show you the word. If you need more time, let's do it. Here is the first word word. T r a c k E r tracker. Okay, great. W a y s I d e wayside. I m a t c h e d matched. Okay. How you doing? S h o c k e d Shocked? Okay. M a n a g e d managed f a l l a See why? Fallacy r e g u l a r regular l a U N D E R launder C U l t U R e culture r E S T o R e restore p U d d i n g putting p u d d i n g okay, s why n e r g Why synergy s t o p p e r stopper t a l k i n g Our king f i t t i and she f i t t i n g duties all right, if I t t i n g. Okay. Here we go. I n c e n s e incense i n c e n s e s a t c h e l satchel m i l l i n g milling m i l l i n g Okay. S p o u s a l spousal. Who? All right, almost finished. R e c r u I t recruit a c c o u n t account. Okay. All right. We just did seven letters. Wonderful. 16. Recognition | 7 Letter Words: Okay, It's time for seven letter words. Recognition. You need to try to figure out what am I? Finger spelling. Okay. All of the words will have seven letters, and I will say it twice. Each word twice. All right, you figure out what I'm saying, and once I show you the answer, fingers spell with me. OK? We can practice together. Right Here is the first word. All right. What do you think? Ah, surgery. Let's do it together. S u R G e r. Why? Okay, good, good. All right. More of a challenge now is seven letters was evacuee. Here we go. Let's do it together. E v A c U E. All right. Did you get Bassist? All right, let's finger spell B A s s I s t okay. The answer is contact. C o N t a c t steward s t e w a r d Okay, carrier. Let's sign it together. Finger spell with me. C a r r i e r carrier element e l e m e n t Cleaning f e d i n g Spotted good together s p o T T E b. Did you get Arness together. Let's do it. H a R N e s s Torrente. All right, let's do it together. T o r r E n t. All right, a lot more double letters. This times Remember our our e t n and just a little bit of a movement to let the other person No. There are two of the same letter Apostle a p o S t l e. The answer is perform okay together p e r f o r m And the answer is subsidy together s u B s I d. Why we have blossom b l o s s o m. Okay, The answer is massage M a s s a g e subject s u b j e C t. And the answer is nightly. Let's do it together. N i g h t l y n i g h t l y Lately proceed E r o c e d invader i n v a d e r. - Okay , The word was nagging and a g g i n g nagging. All right. As to the last one. Let's do it. Okay, Here's the answer. Article A r t I c l e. Okay. Wonderful. We just did seven letter words. Fantastic. 17. Conclusion & Thank You: Okay. Thank you for study with me in this course. I had a wonderful time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, that's it. All right. See you later.