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Art Of Leaving Blank: Abstract Landscape Painting With Blanks

teacher avatar Alina Harvi, Ukrainian Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Materials Needed


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      Creating Oil Painting With Blanks


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      Final Words


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About This Class

In this lesson, you will learn completely unique technique of leaving blanks in your artworks. 
I will take you through the whole process of creating the landscape oil painting, showing you the beauty of leaving areas unpainted. You'll learn how vital the blank spaces can be for the composition of your artwork and how much meaning and idea you can put into it.

For this class, I will use oil paint, but if your medium is acrylic, watercolors, pastel, anything else, I still encourage you to go through this class. I hope you'll consider using blank spaces in your artworks, whenever the medium you are using! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Alina Harvi

Ukrainian Artist




Hi! I’m a Ukrainian artist currently based in France and I’m here to guide you into the world of oil pastels and colorful drawings and paintings :)

Hope you enjoy!


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1. Introduction: Hello and thank you for joining me in this class today we will create something unique. It's gonna be abstract landscape oil painting with thanks faces you must have noticed depending on the cover off this class. So you must have an idea of how it looks like. But let me first say a few words about these techniques. How I started creating paintings like this and what makes them so unique and beautiful. So it all started with canvas. I have found beautiful line and canvas in some little local art supply store in Germany on I just couldn't resist them. So I bought them and decided to experiment a little on, uh, I've created eventing, leaving blank space on it. So my goal was to create an abstract painting, even some space untouched. I felt like even blank spaces untouched. My canvas was some kind off fresh air to breathe Freedom to leave something undiscovered. I especially love how it works with the landscape paintings. It gives them a new level off purity on painting. Sense of freedom leaves a space for imagination before the start. In next lesson, I just want to show you really quick some materials gonna need for creating these fainting 2. Materials Needed: for this class, you are gonna need a blank canvas. I'm using mine and canvas because I like its vibrant texture and color, but you're free to use any unless you want. Let four color mixing oil paint palette, knives, brushes and to maskin tape. 3. Creating Oil Painting With Blanks: now then have all been needed materials. We can start working on our painting. I'm going to show you the full process, all creating a painting. I will speed up some parts of the video, making sure you will able to follow all the steps. You're free to follow my lead and create the same painting. Oh, just use the basics on to improvise Great in your own landscaping with. I want the spending to have blank waters. So first thing I do for this painting is I use masking tape. Well, here you can see me using regular tape because I ran out of masking one, and it's currently in self isolation. So I have to use thes love, But I recommend you to use the masking tape, if you can. Now I want to start with this kite. I'll comment all the colors amusing about You're free to experiment with your Carla Paulette. I'm in the motor for really bright, vibrant Scott today, so I'm going with blue and pink. As you can see now. I don't cover all the canvas with pain here and there. I leave it planned for me. It was really hard. The first time not to cover all the surface. So I was trying to leave bigger space untouched This way you can always add something but you can never take it back. So I think I'm done with sky for no. As you can see, I left. Some space is untouched. No. Now I want to add some mountains to this landscape. I'm British or the spending will be all about mountains. So I want to start with a dark brown right now. So I'm working on the mountains right now. I wanna at the some light brown to the dark ones to brighten up the painting and to grade more contrast, I recommend you to experiment with colors. So for example, I will add the some blue and green right now. Great in this kind of painting gives you more freedom. I really like that You can leave so much canvas untouched. - As you can see these things, spaces are also vital part off composition. You can see that in the sky. The blanks are as just important as painted basis. This very adding more air to the painting more freedom base. And it shows that there's so many undiscovered places in the world. - So what I want to do right now is to create some kind off under painting to set up the mood for the painting and composition. So we have, uh, some kind of heels and mountains in here. I want to make sure the painting is tech shirt and its vibrant and colorful. So I want to add more dark colors to the top of the heels. I really like adding some unexpected colors, like red or being really bright colors. So if you want to make it a more abstract, I, uh, I recommend you to consider using, you know, some unexpected colors, like being and red and yellow. Do your mountains? No. So what I'm doing right now is for I want to add some last wide strokes off. Failed here and there, toe at some light. So at some darkness, So I made in last strokes off paint toe. Make it more abstract. But to save these idea off mountains or for heels, it looks like it's ah hills with full flavors pink and yellow farmers and with like somewhere NYSE being sunsets guy and the banks on the canvas. As you can see They are great in their kinds, off for secrecy. In here, it's like you have to come closer to see what is hidden in there. This blanks in the sky, they great, more air, more freedom, some space for your imagination toe. So I think this is it. Now it's timeto removal of the tape. Be very careful with it. Very gently. Remove the tape and look at your bending. What do you think about it? Do you like it? I really like the results. I think it's great. It's vibrant and stuck shirt and, uh, thes banks basis. They're great in so much air. You need so much freedom. Yeah, I can't wait to see what you have created. 4. Final Words: So that's it. Thank you so much for taking these classes. I'm issued a lot of inspiration for this painting, and I can pay to see the results of it. So show your art books in the project gallery and feel free to ask any questions you might have. I will be happy to answer them so the next time.