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Art Journaling for Self-Care: 9 Prompts for Reflection and Growth

teacher avatar Karishma Hira, YouTuber + Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Grow From Your Experiences


    • 3.

      Find Your Mantra


    • 4.

      Write To Let Go


    • 5.

      Celebrate Yourself


    • 6.

      Empower Yourself With Affirmations


    • 7.

      Transform Your Beliefs


    • 8.

      Set Healthy Boundaries


    • 9.

      Express Your Emotions


    • 10.

      Give Advice To Your Younger Self


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About This Class

Whether you are a writer, artist, or a big lover of personal development, these journal prompts are created for everyone wherever you are along your journey. Journaling is a great tool to encourage self-awareness and reflection. 

Join content creator Karishma as she guides you through 9 journal prompts designed to help you love yourself a little more. You’ll use frameworks and tools to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you and empower you through positive reinforcement so that you can discover how extraordinary you are. 

You’ll discover how to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of your internal self
  • Use a range of journaling styles to express self-love
  • Set up a daily self-love journaling habit to reflect and reset
  • Empower yourself with confidence

We all deserve to set aside time to practice self-love, so join Karishma in today’s class and let’s make self-care a priority! Remember to have lots of fun and take your time as you work your way through these journal prompts. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karishma Hira

YouTuber + Content Creator


Karishma Hira is a YouTuber, content creator, and spiritual mentor living in the United Kingdom. She guides people to live their most authentic life by providing tools that will help them create positive changes.


She is a lover of books, nature, and anything that inspires her to be a better version of herself.


Visit her YouTube Channel:

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1. Introduction: When we carve out time to give ourselves a little love, we can change the direction of our lives. Hi, my name is Karishma and I'm a YouTuber and content creator, and I like to help people live their most authentic life. Sometimes the outside world can take up a lot of our time and energy. That's why checking in with ourselves often is important. and that's where journaling comes in! I believe there's beauty in journaling where allows you to make self-love and growth at priority. Self-love can mean different things to different people. In a nutshell, it can mean speaking self with kindness, setting healthy boundaries, trusting one-self, carving time out for self-care, Self-love drives us to make healthy choices in life because everything starts with how we feel about ourselves. In today's class, you get a chance to practice self-love using creative expression. We will be covering nine journal prompts that help you explore your thoughts and emotions and empower you with positive language. This is a chance for you to glow from the inside by putting self-love into practice. This class has been designed to make you feel confident, worthy, and empowered, so that you can recognize how extraordinary you really are. Loving yourself is not an easy journey. There are many moments where we can become our own critics, but with the power of journaling, it gives us a chance to reflect and reset. Loving oneself is not about being perfect all the time. It's about how we choose to show compassion towards ourselves after we fall down. In today's class, join me as we consciously choose to make self-love a priority together. 2. Grow From Your Experiences: The first thing you want to do is write the title, my gratitude, and then drew a picture of a jar using a pencil. This journal prompt has been designed for you to recognize that despite the painful experiences and challenges even through, there is always something that you can take away from it. Whether it's making love yourself more, perhaps made you stronger, or even changed the direction of your path. You can express gratitude in all areas of your life. But this journal prompt is focusing on saying thanks to your experiences and challenges that have shaped gene. The next step is to start drawing any sort of pattern you like. I am getting ahead and drawing some flowers and plants inside my job. You can get as creative as you want and draw anything that helps you express yourself. The reason why I have chosen to draw plants and flowers is because it reminds me of growth from experiences and challenges. This job should be an expression of happiness. The next thing you want to do is go over the pencil drawing with a black pen. When we're going through a painful experience or challenge in that moment, it's difficult to see the good. It's only when we look back on it after five or ten years down the line that we truly start seeing the silver lining. We may not understand why we are going through certain experiences that simply having hope and trust in life is enough. Every experience we go through is here to help us become a better version of ourselves. And if we can take every experience as a blessing, we would definitely become more open to experiencing more of life and what it has to offer. I am now going start coloring in my gratitude jar, using colors that make me feel joy. You can use felt tips, colouring pencils or even paint. There are so many benefits when you practice gratitude. Physically, it lowers your blood pressure. It allows you to sleep better, and it also boosts your immune system. Psychologically. You can experience more joy, compassion, empathy, and happiness with yourself and life. I really like this quote by Eckhart Toll and it goes something like this. Acknowledging the goods that you already have in your life is the foundation for all of this is about taking the good in all the challenges and painful experiences expand three, when we choose to live an abundant mind-set, we are more open to learning and growing from these experiences. Gratitude is. About being thankful for just the positive experiences, but also the difficult experiences they have shaped you into the person you are today. Practicing gratitude every day is a great way to retrain your mind to focus on the good. It's about shifting your perspective on past experiences and setting the intention from the start so that you can cultivate an environment that expresses appreciation. You past experiences don't get to define you and the person you are today. In fact, you get to change that belief. The more we start changing how we see people experiences, the more likely we are to grow. The next thing you want to do is write a challenge or painful experience that you have had to go through. And then below it, you want to write down why not grateful for that challenge or experience. An example of a challenge might be how you are earning low income. Then you might write down that you are grateful for your low income because it allows you to get creative by coming up with ideas on how you can add more money. Another example you might write down is the pain of experiencing heartbreak. Then you might write down how grateful you are for experiencing this outbreak because it's major stronger and it's made you realize what you are looking for when it comes to love. There are endless amounts of reasons to be grateful. This is about honing in your power to focus on the good. When we start trusting life, we start opening ourselves up to taking on even more challenges that might come our way. We start getting better at responding rather than reacting. Painful experiences and challenges shouldn't hold us back from the common greatest version of ourselves. This is all about becoming the greatest version of yourself, regardless of their experiences that you've been through. Our hardships helps us understand ourselves better. Sharing appreciation for our painful experiences can also teach us about love, hope, peace, forgiveness, strength, and healing. Now, I'm not saying it is easy to express gratitude in our memories, painful times, and it can be emotionally challenging. But if you can start practicing gratitude every day, and if you can start being more patient with yourself as you heat along your journey, you start to see positive changes as time goes by. Challenge yourself emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Pain is something that we all have to go through. If we didn't go through sadness, we wouldn't know what it is like to know happiness. If we didn't go through anger, we wouldn't know what it is like to feel calm and relaxed. If we didn't go through pain, we wouldn't know what it is like to be strong and resilient. The more we run away from pain, the more it will keep coming back in our lives, the more we face our experiences head-on, the more likely we are to heal. Gratitude can help you with that. This journal prompt is something you can do often say that you can focus on the good because it is all around us. 3. Find Your Mantra: A mantra is a word or phrase repeated over and over again, which helps train your mind to stay focused in the present moment. You want to start out by writing the title, my mantra, and then drawing a box that covers most of the paper. The next thing you want to think about is a mantra that resonates with. You can use the internet to helping. Or if there is one you can think of in your head, in gray, choose something that you know instantly makes if those strong, confident, and most of all happy. For example, you might write, IM kind, I am strong, universe, I am focus. I left can surrender. There are endless amounts of my trust in you could use. Remember, you can carry out this journal prompt every week or every month whenever you feel like you want to use in the mantra. Now to make this journey prompt creative, you want to go ahead and write this mantra out loads of times until you filled the entire box. Get creative by writing this mantra using different colors and fonts. You can display this journal prompt when you home to remind you to reset. So you want to look at something that is going to be eye-catching. Having a mantra that you repeat yourself every day and use to guide you is a great way to start the day. And we train your brain to choose more positive emotions and tackle any challenges that come your way. Practicing to use a mantra can increase self-awareness. Where you have the ability to tune into the choices you are making every day. And recognizing when something isn't working well, when you are experiencing a particularly a motion that doesn't serve, go ahead and change it. It's a great way to stay focused and connected with your life. The first person who inspired me to have a mantra was an author, life, business coach and entrepreneur called Marie fooling. Her mantra is that everything is figure out. The moment I started applying this into my life was the moment things really started changing. Anytime I would work on a project that was out of my comfort zone or perhaps there were two lanes. I would always tell myself everything is figure out, oh, it's just somehow seem to put the pressure of till this very day. I use this mantra to guide me through life. It eases the pressure of things, but sometimes we get overwhelming or stressful. The reminds me to reset back into the present moment. Also that I am capable of figuring things out, giving me confidence I need to get through challenges. It also reminds me to trust in the divine universe, to assembly the right experiences, resources, signs, and people to help me figure things out. In life, I believe works in our favor. So choose a month that resonates with E and makes you feel connected, makes you feel lined, makes you feel strong and competent, and gives you that little push to help you recognize all the wonderful things about yourself. Once you are happy with your journal prompt, you can go ahead and display it somewhere secret. It can help remind you to stay focused anytime you walk past it. 4. Write To Let Go: Letting go is about releasing control, accepting the way things are, and trusting life to show you the way you want to start off by writing the type to letting go, and then drawing as many places as you would like to. Because each of them, you are going to write some things. You would like to let go. You want to make sure that you leave room at the bottom corner because we are actually going to go ahead and draw a box. You now want to go ahead and choose colors to fill in your beliefs. There will always be things we cannot control, no matter how much we plan ahead. Life is unexpected and sometimes the best things happen when things don't often go as planned. I believe that letting go is about giving the feature chance, a chance to start again, the chance to rebirth yourself, and a chance for you to grow into the person that you are meant to be. It's about letting go of the stories you have made up your mind based on your past experiences. Like I am or enough or I didn't deserve this because someone caused you pain or a situation didn't quite work out in your favor. The more we hold on to the stories of the past, the more we experience disconnection, the weight of holding on to heavy burdens on the past prevents us from opening ourselves up to new experiences. The past does not get to define you and the person you want to become right now. Take your past as opportunities to learn lessons and grow. Letting go requires you to cut the emotional cord that you've gripped cementite E2. This general point has been designed to help you become self-aware of things you need to let go by recognizing your attachments is the first step to healing. And that's why gentlemen can come in its great tool to help increase your self-awareness. And once you collaging you're believes, you wanna go ahead and start writing about the things that you would like to let go. If you are stuck for ideas, ask yourself the following questions. What feeds are you holding on to? How is the power of impacting your present Raman and the choices in the future. In your current life. Are there any situations or people in your life that sterile, unpleasant emotions? Answering these questions will help you identify what beliefs and attachments you are holding on to. To help you fill in the box below. If you want to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and visualize yourself letting go of these balloons one by one. As you are doing this, how are you feeling? Once you've done this visualization meditation, you want to write down how you feel after letting go. You might feel happy. Free app please. This is about getting a little glimpse of how you feel when you work on lingo. I'm practicing it every day. Learning Pascal isn't easy. So it's necessary to be patient with yourself as you practice the art of letting go of the past pain. This generating product has been designed to help you recognize what sort of emotional attachments and beliefs that you need to let go. 5. Celebrate Yourself: There is nothing more wonderful than discovering how much you can give to yourself in this lifetime. When you choose to prioritize self-love and self-care, you are inviting more kindness, compassion, and confidence into your life. I have just gone ahead and written my tied to things I love about myself. I am now going to draw a heart in the middle where the pencil, and then I will go over it in black pen. I am now going to color this heart in when as many blocks as I can. The longest relationship that you will ever have is with yourself, say working on it just like your other relationship. It's important. Self-love allows you to treat yourself with respect and invites thoughts and emotions that serving. So what does self love your client? It's when you choose to speak kind words to yourself. It's about accepting, overview, and living your most authentic life. It's about celebrating in progress and challenging yourself to reach for more. It's about valuing new feelings without judgment. It allows you to set boundaries, enabling you to establish healthy relationships. Putting self-love into practice requires time, effort, and patients, the more you practice the art of selfless, the better you will be prioritizing self can be patient with yourself because you aren't always going to get it right all the time. This is about setting the intention and putting in the effort on a daily basis. Sometimes we can shy away when someone compliments us. When we get asked what we love about ourselves, it can always be perceived as arrogant or self-centered. This is your chance to remove this limiting beliefs and take step forward into appreciating yourself and being confident in human. For each block, you get to write down things that you love about yourself. The reason why I should join so many blocks in the heart is because this exercise has been designed to help you recognize that there are so many points that you could write down when it comes to identifying what you love about yourself. So don't shy away. If you're stuck for ideas. Think about your physical attributes. Do you like your eyes? Do you like your gloss in shiny hair? Do you like the way your hands? All say? Think about your personality as well. Do you like the fact that you are more introverted or extroverted? Do you like how creative you are? May be loved the way you dance when no one's watching. Perhaps think back to a kind actually carried out recently and write that down. This journal prompt is here to remind you that there are so many wonderful things to be celebrated about e is to show you how the GUI and all the things that make you what you can do this general prompt every week and come up with even more things to love about yourself. 6. Empower Yourself With Affirmations : Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome limiting and negative or patterns. You want to start writing the title daily affirmation. If you find yourself getting caught up in negative growth patterns, then this journal prompt is a great way to transform your negative dialogue. So what does negative self talk? It's when we say things like, I am not enough. I wish I could stand up for myself at work or I am not worthy of muddy. These negative affirmations make a small size, angry, regret, shame, and guilt. The reason for positive affirmations is to replace those eruptions with more positive ones like joy, happiness, hope, and love. In this journal prompt, you want to choose between one to ten affirmations that resonate with de jure picture and then write down your exhibition next way. So when choosing your affirmations, the key is, and make sure that these affirmations and make you feel empowered and confident. To help you identify what affirmations you would like to focus on an area, belief, or behavior that you find challenging in your life. It could be to deal with your finances, your health, relationships, or even your career. The affirmations are best written in the present tense. For example, starting with statements off with I am is a good affirmation. I am confident, I am worthy. I am limitless. As you can see. I've already started filling in my drawings with color. Feel free to you paint motives or colouring pencils. You can use this journal prompts whenever you are about to do something out of your comfort zone, perhaps you are trying to overcome a habit that doesn't serve you. You might even use affirmations to replace negative thought patterns with more positive ones. You could even use it when you're trying to improve your competence levels. There are just so many ways in which you can use cost of explanations. This is about seeing himself in a different light and light that will help you reach your potential and allow you to experience connection and happiness. When we set the intention and change our inner dialogue, by choosing wisely uplift us. We can expect to experience more positive emotions. The key is to believe that these affirmations are true so that we can start the positive changes. The more we start speaking positively about ourselves, the more likely we are to recognize ourself is the sheet of paper every day and speak with affirmations out loud to yourself in front of the mirror. As a morning and evening ritual. Focus on feeling when you are saying is affirmations out loud. When you feel it, you become it every week. Ii can go ahead and change these affirmations and adenine wants to work on for the week. This gentle prompt is about making me feel empowered and confident. 7. Transform Your Beliefs: This exercise has been designed to help you break through negative beliefs that limit E. For this exercise, you want to write the first title on the top, self-limiting beliefs. Next, you want to go ahead and draw a circle that fits within the first half of the page. After that, you want to go ahead and write the second title, transforming beliefs. Then draw your second Sacco below it. Finally, you want to draw one vertical line on one horizontal line on both circles. In each section, you want to start by writing down one limiting belief that you express in life on a daily basis. To help you identify your limiting beliefs, you can start your sentences using the following words. I don't, I mustn't. I can't or I am not. He might write, for example, I'm not enough. I'm not worthy of love. I can't succeed because I am not educated. I don't have enough money. I am not good at math. Once you've written down your for limiting beliefs, you now want to choose the color of the each limiting belief that reflects how you feel when you say this limiting belief out loud to yourself. For example, you might choose to color one of your sections in brown because it reminds you of a lack of creativity. Choosing colors should be an expression of how you feel about these limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs can hold us back from reaching our potential. It stops us from staying true to ourselves and living an authentic and abundant life. Many limiting beliefs are created because of our past experiences from childhood all the way up to the remaining. Somehow, we think that these limiting beliefs in the particle identity. And so we start to define ourselves based on these beliefs. These limiting beliefs can sort of act like a safety net, which prevents us from going out of our comfort zone. There are a number of reasons why we might hold limiting beliefs. They mainly stem from our past experiences and emotions that it caused us to fail. It can also stem from holding fear, fear of rejection, fear failure, and fair criticism. Now reflecting on one of your limiting beliefs, you want to go ahead and transform your belief into a positive one. For example, I've written down IN not enough as my leptin beliefs. If I wanted to transform this, I would then say, I can accept myself for just the way I am. You just want to go ahead and do the same for all the limiting beliefs. The way we speak to ourselves and the way we feel about ourselves is important because it can determine the direction of our lives. I believe we are the narrator of our lives. And in any, when we have the power to change our beliefs and how we are speaking to ourselves. It's about reprogramming your mind to choose words that empower and make you feel good. We can also question to what extent is our limiting belief true? Who told us it was true? Is this belief useful? And what evidence is there to tell us that we can't do something or that we are this way and that way we replace our limiting beliefs with encouraging words. It can help us achieve all. I realize that our past experiences or other people's opinions do not get to define it. We are now going ahead and choosing colors based around how we feel when we think about these transforming beliefs, we are going to go ahead and collect each segment. I recommend you to say these transforming beliefs slash affirmations out loud to yourself every day. So that way you're training your brain to focus on the emotions that uplift G, visualize yourself in the best version. I would also recommend you to read books or biographies, documentaries, and quotes that support your transforming beliefs. When we constantly consume ourselves with uplifting and inspiring resources, we're naturally going to stay on track. This journal prompt will help you feel more confident. Hey, you are with an unlimited supply of inner power. With this inner power, you can choose to change or in a dialogue. This journal prompt has been designed for you to take back your power. But recognize that EUR limitless. 8. Set Healthy Boundaries: You want to start off by writing the title might boundaries. Next, you want to draw a picture of yourself keeping the top of the head emptied since you want to draw something that represents boundaries to you, I am going to draw some flowers, plants, and the leaves to represent the blossoming of myself when I stepped boundaries. Boundaries help people understand how we want them to behave around death. And it plays an important role in our mental and emotional well-being. Setting boundaries lets people know what makes you comfortable and what makes you not say. So what do you crossing boundaries? Here are few examples. You might have a family or friend who is invading your privacy and were an ever again, when it makes me feel upset, maybe don't like being verbally shouted at and passing continuously, doesn't it? When we have people walk all over us, then decreases our self worth. Having healthy boundaries helps establish healthy relationships. I am now going to fill my page with color. I'm using felt-tip pens for this journal prompt. Cell-free teens came all colouring pencils. Instead. Setting boundaries helps people understand how we want to be treated so that we can cultivate a relationship based on trust and respect. When we set boundaries, we treat ourselves with kindness and compassion. Since we recognize that our feelings are valid, just as much as someone else's. Boundaries can be broken down into two areas. Area is the violation of physical boundaries, which include your personal privacy and stays. The second area are emotional boundaries, which include sacrificing your own needs for someone else's, taking responsibility for another person's feelings and allowing someone else to blame me for that problem is to help you identify where new boundaries are being crossed. Pay attention to what dimensions and how you are sealing our bodies can give us the most obvious signals if we take the time to chain into them. Notice if you are feeling anxiety, guilt, stress, discomfort, or fear when you are around certain people, these are signs that your boundaries are being violated. To help you understand your boundaries, it's important to understand what is of high quality for your life to help you understand your boundaries, it's important to understand what is of high priority in life. This is about understanding your needs, what is important to you, and what your core values are. Sometimes we might be getting too much of our time and energy away to people, causing us to feel drained. Landing to say yes and without pressure is a great way to protect your energy is important to remember that we can't change people, though we can change ourselves. Our power lies in taking action and communicating to others. And when you set your boundaries, it's also important to make sure that you have consequences in mind if someone didn't follow through with the boundary. This journal product is about helping you to recognize, validate your feelings and needs. It's about expressing more kindness and compassion towards yourself. 9. Express Your Emotions: The emotions will is a great way to identify your emotions and express them through color patterns. Sometimes we can find it difficult to express how we're feeling. So color is a great way to express yourself. Along the color. This emotion will has been designed to help him navigate which experiences in your life. Making sad, happy, angry, exemption. This journal prompt is about helping me to recognize that you have the conscious choice to change your emotions in Indian women. First, you want to go ahead and draw a circle in the middle. You then want to split the circle in six chunks. I am just going to go over it with a black pen. Now, go ahead and label each section with an emotion. You can use my list of emotions that I used on my wheel, which includes scanned, happy, angry, excited, sad, and proud. Begin to choose the sort of colleagues you would like to use for your emotion. I'm starting off with dimension happy, and I'm going to choose colors that represent what happiness means to me. Once you've colored in your section, right down all the time, you have felt happy in your life. This is about recognizing experiences that bring you happiness and creating more of various experiences. Many famous artists who have used color to express their emotions. When Van Gogh painted his artwork called sunflowers, he used warm yellow tends to represent joy, hope, and energy. Between 19011984. Because I was going through a dark days in his life or saner in essence three periods. And so he used pollutants to show his low psychological state in which he felt sad. Jim Dine used a vibrant colors to express fun and excitement in his painting called seconds, where he wanted to show the excitement of the audience, the energy of performance, and the fine atmosphere. Now, they're all colors associated with these emotions that you might want to use. For example, red is often associated with anger. Yellow is and associated with happiness. Enjoy. Vibrant colors are often associated with excitement. Blue and gray is often associated with this emotion. Will is something that should resonate with you. And what colors help express how you are feeling with each motion. So don't feel pressure to stick with the common colors linked with particular emotions. This is about tuning into what goes right gene. You can return to this emotion will, whenever you write, any time you feel angry or scared, you can look at this wheel and hover over to a different emotion. For example, if you are feeling sad, once it giving yourself the time to processes emotion, you can hover over to this journal prompt and choose activities that you've written down on. The emotion that you would like to fill more of. The emotion might be more happiness or more excitement. Remember that it's a cage feed a range of emotions, including anger and sadness. The important thing is that we are becoming aware of how we are feeling, expressing them and then replacing these emotions with more uplifting emotions that service so that we can move forward. Decimation, we'll, we'll give you a chance to increase your emotional intelligence and connect you with your feelings. Having emotions is a wonderful thing because it helps navigate us through life. And what feels right. It feels not quite right. The more we express our feelings and how it makes us feel, the more likely we are to consciously spend our time and energy on emotions that sevens. 10. Give Advice To Your Younger Self : As adults, we all have an inner childhood waiting to be heard and careful. Writing a letter to our younger self helps us practice forgiveness and increases self-love. We have to do is quiet no mind, and listen to our inner voice that speaks to us every day. This exercise has been designed for you to give advice to younger self and what it needs to hear from me right now. Writing to our younger self that makes room to invite more compassion, more empathy and love. It helps bring closure from any payments or attachments we cannot let go of yet. And it also helps us to heal us along our journey to find love and peace in our hearts again, first, you want to draw an image of yourself using a pencil. You can go ahead and print an image of your younger self to stick in the middle. I am then going to go ahead and draw some speech bubbles on the outskirts. And till I filled the whole page, I am now ready to go into my drawings with a black felt. This journal is all about giving yourself more compassion and love so that you can truly experience connection and happiness. The more we express compassion and love onto ourselves, the more likely we are to trust ourselves and make decisions based on what feels right to us. We start to speak kindly to ourselves. We treat ourselves with respect, and we even begin to recognize our self-worth. When we're writing to a younger version of ourselves. It should make us feel empowered, competent, and good about ourselves. It will also allow us to express new self-love and self-care as she processed all the things that are going on in your life right now. Now, we can move on to adding some wonderful color onto this page. You can use coloring, pencils, felt tips, or paint. It's completely up to you. For today, I'm gonna go ahead and use some pink. This exercise is a chance for you to give yourself the love that you deserve anytime you put yourself down when you've made a mistake or have experienced painful event. Remember to talk to your younger self often. Your younger self slash in a child is like your best friend. The person you can always talk to whenever you want to share something. You can tap into it anytime. There are so many other ways that you can ignite more of you in a child to show more love and compassion. One way that you can spend more connecting with you and the child is by looking back and thinking what sort of childhood activities used to do when you were young. It could've been blowing bubbles, floating sand castles, painting, or even going bike rides. Think about the things that you really enjoy as a child and bring them back to this present Amun, spending time doing more childhood activities is a great way to activate your child-like spirit and bring in an element of connection TO enter child. Now you wanna go ahead and write down a title for this journal prompts What I would say to my seven-year-old self. You can get creative with this exercise by writing a letter to younger self through different age groups. Perhaps as your three-year-old cell or maybe your 12-year-old self. Now we are ready to fill the speech bubbles out with advice. Approach your words with kindness. The advice should feel uplifting TA, let the advice naturally come from your heart. Think about something that is bringing YOU disturbance in your life. Whether you are meeting strength to continue pursuing your dreams, where you giving through a mental illness or going through a heartbreak. Base. You advice around areas that you need more time and energy and focus on. Here are some examples of advice, iframe down to my younger self. You could use these examples. This is a chance to speak to you in a child every day with love and compassion.