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Aristotle's Three Modes Of Persuasion to Sell Anything To Anyone?

teacher avatar Vinay Kumar Reddy, Founder at | Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Why Should You Enroll Now?


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      What Are The Three Modes Of Persuasion?


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      Mode Of Persuasion-1


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      Mode Of Persuasion-2


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      Mode Of Persuasion-3


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      Bonus: Case Study


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About This Class

Why is humor an integral part of every successful ad campaign? Why do Brands use celebrities to endorse their products? Why do we love the Ads those bring our old memories back?

Because all those advertisements use effective persuasion. These persuasion techniques date back to more than 2000 years given by the greatest philosopher of all time Aristotle. From then, these techniques are an integral part of every successful ad campaign.

If you want to be a great marketer creating effective advertisements is critical. And to create an effective ad you should master persuasion. So this is the best place to start.

Take Action & Enroll:
Enroll now take your first towards creating great ads.

With this course, you are going to learn same methods marketers use to come up with successful Ad Campaigns.

Ability to create innovative advertisements and effectively persuade prospects is the modern super power of marketers. I can't wait to pass on that power to you.

See you inside.

Meet Your Teacher

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Vinay Kumar Reddy

Founder at | Digital Marketer


 I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

   I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

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1. Why Should You Enroll Now?: Would you like to know how to persuade your audience? Tau Bay? What if you could push hot buttons off your audience and influence them to take action? Imagine if you learn all the secrets that make a great advertisement. Creating ads can be frustrating when they're not converting by. The Redskins took a blocked off money, so it's stained. Noto create ice that are effective and converting that is, or discloses all abode. In this course, you learn about Aristotle's three more self preservation. He'll also alone. Porter Leverage emotions to sell on order, leverage, logic to sell. I hope to use credibility to sell on water, the components that make a great advertisement. So stop spending time on creating ads that are not looking Lynn Aristotle's proven more TSA preservation that are used over 2000 years to influence your prospects to buy. So let's get started. This amazing information heard convert to see you insane. Thank you 2. What Are The Three Modes Of Persuasion?: or some gays. Thank you so much for joining this course. You took a great decision, but end off this course. I can't do that. You learn all the techniques that go into creating a successful advertisement. You'll also be able to create awesome advertisement that will pose for it people away from you. So let's Dave into the course rate of it. Her distorted is one of the greatest philosophers off all time, but also he's the greatest sales ever. His works art off rhetoric is referred as one of the best works. Everton on Preservation. This rhetorical triangle is a part off his work. KGO three appeals off perspiration Beat us locus and eat us. Let's see each one off them detail bid us with us mainly a Bill Stowe audience. Emotions and feelings. Speedos is all about convincing the consumers by creating an emotional response. Emotions can be positive. Late emotions like happiness, Joy. Oh, emotions can be negative emotions like fear and sadness. The ads that nigger's lof on the arts that make aside or the most effect doings. So the second appeal off preservation is locus locus, mainly a Bill Stowe logic and reasoning off consumer. It uses fax statistics on data to persuade people to obey. Lucas mainly uses studies service and recorded evidence or science to prove its point. For example, is so very shows that we're not off seven people on planet smokes. See the effect you if we didn't do believe this fight because at the start, it said, according to the survey. So the Soviet is involved, so there's a logic. So locus is mainly about clothes. It us mainly a Bill Stowe credibility and authority off the presenter. Ito's transfers incredibly different presenter to the product. Presenters should be credible, trustworthy, honest and ethical. We believe people whom we admire and respect, for example, if Ebola selling in a shooting. So these are the three modes off preservation. Beddoes appeals to emotion logos, appeals to logic. It does appeals to credibility. This post vision techniques are almost used in every effective advertisement. So let's take a deeper into each of these appeals and learn How can we use them for Are you teasing? Thank you guys soon ish mortal, very lockable Beddoes 3. Mode Of Persuasion-1: great going lease. Welcome to the first appeal off observation Beddoes Beddoes is most frequently use Pose, situation, picnic in the ads, people by on emotion and justify with logic emotion is the driving force behind all the buying decisions we may so appealing to emotion is really effective. So let's see some of the emotions that are integral part off every successful ad campaign human Many off the successful had Gambon's off humanise because audience low to be entertained. They're watching television ARB Rosen through a YouTube videos only toe get entertain. It's only humor that can grab the audience. Attention, humanist add So memorable on Get More says to. So let's see an ad which is really humorous on my favorite phase. I mean, look, I salute you going. No way . Load this address. It is your more than the two million times on YouTube. What makes it so effective? You. Human humor helps you to obey that emotional bridge between your audience on your brand. Once that Bridges creator was reading consumers to take action is really easy. So create fun stories around your brand, Think, or can you make fun or joyful about your ad camping remember, If you can make them love, you can make them by, so the next emotion is for you. Fear is one of the most effective emotion that post words. People don't take action because nobody wants to be scared. Tree. You want to get over our fears as soon as possible. So marketers tap into existing fears off consumers and provide the service or brought it as a solution. This l tears but tapping into our existing fear off safety on the road this l sanitizer by tapping Indo or fear or falling sick. Let's see on our in rich Liesel cells disinfectant by tapping Indo the fear off the Children falling for flu. This is the time of year when the flu starts to spread before the first knees help protect with a spray before the first tissue. Help defend with a white and help prevent with Lysol to get 10 times more protection and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. This'll season. Help protect your family with Lysol. Start healthy. So I think, what are the solutions your product or service is going to offer? Identified the fears consumers already have regarding those problems on no typing. Tow them no proven your product or service. A solution that feel valuables consumer stored see action more faster than any of the other emotion. Happiness. What is the ultimate goal off every human? You'll be happy, right? Many food banks uses emotion to sell. Many brands show that their products or services evoke happiness. Do you remember the tourism arts with happy people? In them, Gula Liver is happiness to sell. Oh, McDonald's created Happy Meal So both of these brands added Happy do their brand image. This will make people think that using this products will make them feel happy on by this products more often desires. We all have dessert straight. A woman wants to be six year on morning control. Man wants to be more powerful, self confident on appealing to a woman. Many brands leverage or inner desires to sell their products. Accident access for taps into diseases off the men who want to be more appealing to women. Marlboro Marlboro brand leverages men's deserve to be seen as more powerful and cell phone for him. So we actually buy things to make up forward, we believe is like any no personalities. So these brands stopping your desires and shows that using their products will add up forward. We're lacking in your personality. Axe will make you look more appealing. My bro will make you more confident and seen as more powerful nostalgia. How many or few things that your child who goes much better as humans we long for or past memories, very goal and Siri's them again and again. Vedova Low. It is music on named this gardens because those things will help us story. Experience our past and make us feel young with everything we are inside. So many companies live. It's the emotional snow. Salter. They re create the memories from tailored to sell their products. Let's see hold. Wind is effectively used. No soldier. It certainly is a big bomb. Very big fun, Big Gylfie. It's a very big fluffy. Some hamburger places give you a lot less beef on a lot of bun. Where's at Wendy's? We have a hamburger, we modestly closing and windows. He has more beef in the Whopper or Big Mac. When do you get more and less? You want something better? Your wind is kind of people. That was the Eid back in 80 force. They used the same dangling. Where is the beef in their new act? No, says a pulls it hot shrinks. Tapping into nostalgia makes the ad memorable. So they hope. Can you use nostalgia to sell your products to? So the last emotion we are going to talk about is sympathy. Basic human tendency is to help below giving. Let's see the art which effectively taps into the emotional sympathy and shows us how the Children around the world couldn't even afford the basic needs. My name is I am nine years old. I like food. I I'm doing a 10 years. I like next. Hi, I'm Jonas and I'm 10 years old. I like to play idee han sick Children everywhere just like us. Yet for many, their lives are very different. My mother died on my father lived. I miss my mom. I go far toe, get sorted. They were That doesn't taste night. I have one meal a day. There is never he loved. Please sponsor a child like me. Sapper Jr or Jonas Core World Vision 0 804 0 5000 Change the life of a child. 0 804 0 5000 Emotion is leveraged for the charity purposes. It really is a shores decide things that are happening around us, and such a spoke in real make it better. So these are all the emotions you can appeal toe. Pursue it. Your prospects to buy. Identify Vogtle the emotions your brand can effectively tap into and cleared a story around that emotion. Always remember people by an emotion, so there is nothing more effective preservation than tapping into their emotions. That's all over this video case. Thank you. See, in the next video, we will talk about bogus 4. Mode Of Persuasion-2: the second. A bill off preservation is locus. Locus appeals to logic and reason. Venable. We have to buy a hair press product or subscribe toe higher priced service over logical brain fixing. It was all analogies, facts, statistics, arguments To make the baying decision so appealing to logos is very important. Let's see some of the examples, according to survey, 19% off the people cannot live with or the Internet. We believe this fact because it's based on a survey. The sick. In fact, no. Gordon reaches the brain within 10 seconds after the small is in Hill. I believe this fact because there's signs supporting it. Lucky's are less irritated. Decides also seems trust reality, because 20,617 and physicians said lucky, shirtless, irritating so their statistics to prove this point, the often see arts that say or processes is for weeks. Foster off a vehicle gives true games moment. It's all desserts effectively leverage statistics to prove their point. Let's see one of the successful Kickstarter campaigns off or dim, and how they use locus to persuade people to support their campaign. Maybe eso see the uppity logos from rated the stock. Maybe it's your haggling. Better experience. 70% less water C 70% less water They're appealing to low Gus. See this diagram? The beautifully sure that neighbor here takes only 0.75 gallon per minute when compared toa in. This is rendered off to burn five gallon per minute, so the creatively comparison deliveries in the statistics. So see these statistics? They say that using Libya, you can save 27,000 gallons for you, which gun words to almost $397 per you. The effectively used all the statistics and created figures to support their points. These figures and facts, character, toe or logical brain and persuade it to make a buying decision. So how do use locus college stats and facts about your product or service? Use graphs and figures effectively display the points like neighbor guarded. Prove aid service and differences to support your fax. Satisfying logical brain is very important because it then it is our logical brain that makes the decision. So use locus for preservation. So that's a level Drogas case. Thank you so much. See, in the next video, we'll talk about the last moored off perspiration. It does 5. Mode Of Persuasion-3: amazing these you're in the last moored off perspiration. Great going. It does mainly appeals toe reputation incredibility off the presenter. The presenters should be trust reality that people should believe them. So there are mainly three tapes off capability. It was delay from one is Celebrity Toe is expert. 3rd 1 is testimonials and reviews. Let's see each off them. Maggie uses at least scalability to sell its politics pretty care. Man's leverage. Credibility off beautiful actresses with the flawless skin to promote their dreams. So the credibility is being transferred from the celebrity to the product they're endorsing . Celebrity endorsements work because Vicento believe them. We had made an ambulance celebrities there, the people we want Toby Lay. We think using the same products are celebrated, as is a very Toby like them. People also byproducts out off their low for celebrities. Lindsay on ad in which tell us if in low Cisco Gola it feels like a perfect night. It feels like a perfect night Dress up like hipsters make fun of our access. Uh, I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. Everything will so the values off cooler brand on devalues Tell us if chairs are same, which makes the add more appealing SoHo do toe celebrities for rights. I didn't if a photo, the values your brand stands for, I go for the celebrities who share the same promises, values and esteem. So the next authority we're going to talk about his experts, the blue, diffident, distant and I say that stood based will differently, Writer noted. Oh, if a definite oldest in an art says screamed, illiberal, every dog sport on your face because the value their open him, they're the experts in their field. The know it all. It's like having fuzzy slippers on your teeth. But the real word for it is plaque, and that news came straight from the dentist. His advice. Switch to Colgate Total. When I saw a little pink in this think I thought, I'm just brushing too hard. No big deal than the dentist said. A little bleeding is a sign of gingivitis. And to switch to Colgate total only Colgate Total has an antibacterial ingredient. It attaches to teeth to form a protective shield that's clinically proven to protect against a complete range of oral health problems. For a full 12 hours, no other toothpaste could do that. Onley Colgate Total reduces plaque by up to 98% and gingivitis by up to 88%. So vinegar invite go talks about all the things the product in his hand is going to do. You better believe because right God gives him the credibility and he chance was that credible data? The product or service is selling testimonials on reviews. What do you do when you want to buy something, retake opinions off all or beers? Because we value the opinion testimonials on previous work in the same vein on They are very common in the Azov Internet, the sea testimonials and reviews almost everything people believe in testimonials because they're seen as unbiased opinions. Testimonials are the opinions from the people like us, the whole family beside, which provides is the options off base movies, unknown testimonial center views. All the movies are rated by viewers like us. That makes us to believe it. No, so testimonials and reviews are very important. So what makes an effective testimonial? Testimonials should be results oriented. For example, you're selling a course on how to publish a Kindle book. Your testimonial should contain a sentence or two about the publishing book. But the person who took your course proofs claims the testimonials should prove the claims . The studio Nelson also contained a sentence. Or do the customer talks of a prude or claims testimonials should be taken from someone people can relate to? So if you're selling, distill marketing product or a toll, better get a testimonial from a distant marketer. Include photos Yes, group for those because that makes it testimony and more personal is so that's all aboard. Eat those gates. Solo board Credibility on the credibility can be transformed from a celebrity or an export off from the testimonials or reviews. Thank you. 6. Bonus: Case Study: Let's see against 30 days. Video maker FX is one of the most amazing tools to create promo obedience. Let's see how they use it OSS, potatoes and logos to create this copy, which persuades uses to may see easy to use on master. They're appealing toe or potatoes, making us get an image that is really easy to do. You need to stop making those boarding sleigh chose. A boarding slideshow is not a video anyone wants towards. They're tapping indoor fear off Slater's being not worst by anyone. They're selling the scare. We was hated them. You probably couldn't sit through watching it, and it's just itching to scream or spam or ever scan selling the skin. And they're offering their product as a solution for our fear. The tap, the emotion feel I'm prorated solution. As a product. See, they used locus the Breuder's statistics about their product. 20 royal Different music tracks. Andi does see they're selling a promo creating software. So they so the collected testimonials from the people returned. No, bill, you he's someone like us. They even used personal pictures so that people can relate it to them more. See again, Logos, proof of to place awesome animated slating, windy, great royalty free music tracks. So they added, of course, off all the things they're parading, they effectively used price off its component to show the value off the whole software. See to 97 to 99 on the whole package adds up to $5965 and they say they're only broadening it for 67. So it's great a pillow Logos are Brain 10 starting that, we're getting value off the package, which costs $5695 for only $65. So this is one of the greatest copies on Internet. They used potatoes by selling the scare that nobody will be going to read or slay chose. They used logos by adding, Uphold the value of the package, which comes out to be more than $5000. I'm providing it for only $67. The blade, with the statistics short numbers on appeal door logos on day appeal to Ito's by taking testimonials from the people like us. Thank you. That's all it were discussed today, I hope. No, you clearly understand what the state owes locus, and it does. I know on how to use them 7. Conclusion: but some case you differently deserve a pattern here back. Most of the people don't make it till here you learn three months of perspiration, potatoes, locus and Ito's. No, you have at your disposal the most effort. Superstition techniques ever. You're no a marketing doctor. I want to wish you all the best for all your future advertisements. I guarantee you that they'll cannot and bring you more prospects if you use the techniques learned in this course. If you could take one minute to reveal discourse positively, that will help me to create more amazing courses and help this course to reach more people . Thank you guys.