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teacher avatar Isa De Gonzalez, Artist and Letterer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Aprende Lettering paso a paso Intro


    • 2.

      Materiales para la clase


    • 3.

      Diferencia entre Caligrafía y Lettering


    • 4.

      Fundamentos de Lettering 2


    • 5.

      Tu propio alfabeto


    • 6.

      Practica de abecedario


    • 7.

      Lettering y Acuarelas


    • 8.

      Diseño/Layout y consejos finales


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About This Class

Hola, soy Isabel de Gonzalez  y estoy muy contenta de compartir contigo ésta clase.  Esta clases la he diseñado especialmente para ti, que deseas aprender a hacer letras lindas desde el paso uno.  He impartido ésta clase en Talleres presenciales en mi ciudad Guatemala, y ha sido muy gratificante ver como mis estudiantes, de todas las edades, han aprendido y hecho creaciones realmente hermosas.

En esta clase aprendrás los conceptos básicos del Lettering  y las diferencias entre Lettering y Caligrafía,   también aprenderás  a utilizar tus acuarelas para Lettering y cómo diseñar tu propia creación la cual será tu proyecto para la clase.  En los archvios adjuntos encontrarás las 12 hojas de trabajo para descargar, las cuales utilizaremos a lo largo de la clase.

Los materiales que necesitarás:

  • Hojas de Práctica (para descargar)
  • Lápiz
  • Borrador
  • Marcador punta de pincel
  • pincel No. 2 o No.5
  • Acuarelas
  • Papel para Acuarela

Tu proyecto;

A lo largo de la clase aprenderemos varios  conceptos, los cuales aplicarás en tu propia creación de un diseño utilizando la  frase especial para ti. 







Para recibir tu DIPLOMA personalizado, tendrás que compartir fotos del desarrollo de tu proyecto e instalado en un marco, seguramente lucirá hermoso.  Así que ven y acompañame en ésta clase.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Isa De Gonzalez

Artist and Letterer


Hello there!   , I am  Isabel de Gonzalez from Guatemala!!    Happy wife and mother of three.  I am an arquitect in love with florals, letters and watercolor.  

I have always loved letters and typography but it was until five years ago that, because of my work, I deepened  more into this topic,  since then  I have been practicing Lettering and watercolor.

I am very happy to be here on Skillshare and keep learning from all great teachers !!

Here some of my creations:






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Level: Beginner

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1. Aprende Lettering paso a paso Intro: Ola, Indonesia, hammock, lazy. Don't have been lettering by soft pass the numbers. These are a ligand Silas, he has some goods document companies. Again, in his pet glassy, a branded as lettering the economy today most dietary and center left any fear. Well as Ono's fundamentals, the lettering at a muscle cell into propelled later. That may happen that a muscle can occur unless you put multimodal, rarely Sarah's to the center. Personally Sal Khan reactor set out to for us if our E E alphanumeric bother us in Medicare. Trust. The sparrow thing I'm seeing in theory there. 2. Materiales para la clase: when in a stereo very most material is given most class in a real acero sort. Yourself, hunters and Contreras hissed. A group of your housekeeper simply made a try hard in like this. I am absolutely city most because my car is upon trapped in self. It's a typical galore. He the market mark your voting goes to school. So Mark a very mean thing. 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Later bar honestly say David anthems 5. Tu propio alfabeto: Infosys a sample. Come on, We're asking Joey a everywhere you look at most to listen, Mr Lee. Singular lettering. Iraqi Sieracki putting him global. Musil says, Look, it's important. Take SK almost lose trestles dresses. He ran this? No, no trestles Morning and cost was common for him. He came to a particular Karius j getting enough to prop your people Travel most that letter and when a hamper. Okay. And what happened when the bomb was pretty tricky at the sport is especially different. He put him, bro. You say there's a coma. One only doesn't of this industry. King is still stressful. This is looking. I think the police there wasn't anything or see anything. 6. Practica de abecedario : - Jonah ghetto until really causes Don't let respirator No misma boy in tow. It doesn't know. Simply tell me integrity. A commenter. Take a Muslim. It doesn't. People literally brassica topo is Barry Arlo. Mask it to his. 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A says a currency, Seattle Grace and go Go has been sitting on a perfect I know that Ministro Royal letters around. He care course practical looking and does this place him? But look. 7. Lettering y Acuarelas: Mr Miss Acquittal Escaped. Said they got your market go time being in Notre skills. Keep us to kill us. He was better. Kevin. Sk places are people acquitted came Boyata Lee said those colores 40 Okay efecto in total have intermittent letters. Carlos mismos dress was K Hemas practicality in Was Apprendi you? So? Yes. This coming in the movie soiree? No, No quarters in Guantanamo. Swollen was almost was that for intensive? I am process. He come away That security, I think a lot of peace. Okay. Whereas Creavy he was asking me familia made sore. What else could be really sorry e quando bajo by a passer presidents or any sets? Enormously Exactamente Camilo care oppose by every celebrity. Haouari, take a moment. Just almost bean tunnel. Different Osemele's so a terror attack. 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