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Adobe Rush - Crash Course for Video Editing for Social Media

teacher avatar Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      ADOBE RUSH INTRO June 2021


    • 2.

      Introduction to Adobe Premiere Rush


    • 3.



    • 4.

      Opening an adobe rush project in premiere


    • 5.

      How to do a voice over in adobe rush


    • 6.

      Adobe rush stock work flow using blackbox


    • 7.

      Adobe Rush Full Workflow Hero's Journey


    • 8.

      Heros journey Adobe Rush


    • 9.

      Adobe rush edit chiang mai renegade 2021 update


    • 10.

      Adobe rush summary


    • 11.

      2021 - New Content - Adobe rush fast track intro


    • 12.

      2021 - New Content Adobe rush tour interface


    • 13.

      2021 - New Content - Adobe rush sharing


    • 14.

      2021 - New Content - Adobe rush adjustments & effects


    • 15.

      2021 - New Content - Behind the Scenes Client Edit


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About This Class

Adobe Rush is an excellent choice to begin video editing basic videos for social media. It's simple and powerful and offers the vast library of fonts and graphics that is available in Adobe Premiere. You can also open projects on Rush on Adobe Premiere 2019 and above.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Hung

Travel Videographer


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school making my own short films and tennis video and editing on a VHS.  In 2011 in Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) I rediscovered my love for video while filming an earthquake hiphop safety video for a Media Course. 

After I graduated from Simon Fraser University (BA Communications) in Vancouver Canada I went on to pursue a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto to complete my MBA in Technology Management SFU and found my Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own travel video business in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution. I sold my downtown Vancouver Apartment, bought an iMac, a Can... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. ADOBE RUSH INTRO June 2021: Welcome to the Adobe Rush Crash Course. This course is designed for beginners, anyone that's interested in creating easy to use video editing software for social media or any type of videos. Adobe Rush is a pretty cheap piece of powerful software made by Adobe. And it's about $10 a month. You're going to get access to their vast library of fonts and graphics. And there's an upgrade path to Adobe Premiere that you can open your Adobe Rush projects on. You can also use Adobe Rush on Windows, Mac, and some mobile devices. My name is Greg Hong. I'm a Canadian videographer. I've been doing this since 2011. Flying cameras like drones go pros shooting for K video with SLRs, mirrorless cameras, Gimbels, cranes, you can look at some my other courses. I've also done a lot of corporate client video edits on Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X. So I'm going to bring all that experience into the course. We're going to go through creating a brand new projects. Ain't Adobe Rush. And I'm also going to show you I bonus project using footage shot in Chiang Mai. You can see the entire workflow of how we create a video project and show you how to use some of the features like transitions, color, grading, and publish this video project all the way over to YouTube. And I'm also going to go ahead and show you how you can open that project in Adobe Premiere. 2. Introduction to Adobe Premiere Rush: What's up, everyone? This video. I'm going to introduce you to a video editing software by Dobie. It's called Adobe Premiere Rush, and this is to answer the question I often get from friends that are starting to create video content, photo contents and I get asked. Question. Greg, what video program do you recommend for just starting out to do some basic video editing for social media? Maybe you wanna start posting the YouTube and you want something that's pretty simple, not too expensive. And this is the answer. So don't be Premier Rush. You can start for free. There are some limitations on how many videos that you can export, but it's as you can see from the adobe paid share. It's designed for social media. It'll give you a leg up on the competition because most people are just not making the effort. The other benefit of using this is they've got the mobile version for IOS and Android, so you can even added on your mobile device. And maybe on future episodes will do a will be Premier Rush video at it. So here in the plans, we've got a premier rush free plans, so you got three exports, two gigabytes of cloud storage. If you do the pay plan, you're gonna pay 99 a month US. So you have to the side If you want to continue Dio to do this If you're a social media influencer, maybe it's good choice. You just got to be aware that it's an ongoing cost myself pay for Don't be premier, believe 20 something us. So you know it's not that much more to go to Italy, Premier. So maybe Rush is your introduction to video edging on the adobe ecosystem. And you can see here that it does play well of premier pro, so projects that you create onrush can be opened in the premier pro program and we'll do a test in with that after. But just to start out I'm gonna take an existing project is the very simple project of some cork space footage. And ah, then we'll just go through some of the basic features just to get started and create a video that you can use for social media. And we'll try to publish this out to Instagram as well and then try open it in Premiere Pro . Okay, here we go. This is Premier Rush. And so if you're gonna create new project, you click here. I've got an existing one. So could care. I'll create another video and we'll go through a brand new project. Okay, so here we go. We can see that we've got a basic timeline. We've got a video track here when we got a truck for our text and we got some audio tracks . So on each of these tracks, we can hide. So if I check it, I can hide that font, and we just keep our attention over there and let me just see if I can juice or increase the size off the preview she can over there. And we could even hide the track. And we have the option to mutes and a need for every track that we have, and we can lock it so no changes can be made. And for the audio tracks, we can even do a voice over Buck tests, voiceover tests, voiceover test voice. Okay, so that doesn't sound great, because just using my laptop, Mike. And here is a music truck. Okay, so that's the timeline. It's over here on the monitor. We've got, um, see, if we moved the plane needle, we've got the exactly had position and we've got sea. If I go all the way to the end, we can see how long this sequences. That's how the language that Adobe likes to use that they don't call a timeline or project called the sequence. Okay, this will go back to previous editing points, go back. One frame and space bar is a short cut to play caving and click right to go forward One frame and we can go to the Knicks at a point here. Over here, we can go to full screen. All right, This one is to loop and change sequence orientation. Okay, so this will be good for different social media, maybe even Instagram. But the default is for landscape. OK, moving on. So let's look at the left side here. So over here we can do something that created new title media or voice over. So we created new title. It's gonna open up adobes, vast selection off fonts. So if we want to do something like put a call to action for someone to subscribe to our YouTube channel, that's where we do it. I'm just gonna hide my face there because you don't have a lot of real estate, so you can see here adobes got a treasure trove off fonts, and this is one of the strength of using adobes ecosystem. So these are free. And because click down here too, insert them into your project. Some of them are paid. So, um, somewhere free, some are paid, but there's still a good selection of free ones. And yeah, these air the default. So these are available to me. And let's just say that I bring this flaunting here, and I want edit its I can click the edits and they make quite easy to just change it. So you got a big selection of fonts. You've got different font styles, font sizes, text color, so pretty powerful. We even have the ability to change, you know, the color of the box, etcetera. So, you know, that's the text. Okay, so those are the styles, the titles, and so we can just simply drag new ones over into the timeline if we want to do that. So that's pretty nice for one that's included. All right, so let's just delete that because doesn't make sense. And this one was this change that back, back to subscribe. So if you want to add it, the tax, you can simply just double click in it. Okay, so transitions. So there's a limited amount of transitions here. We've got crosses, old dip, the black tip, toe white. So you just simply drag transition in between two clips and you get you know, the option of choosing the duration C. It's a bit longer now with more pronounced, but you don't get a lot of different options to a just transition, or you don't get along transitions compared to premier. So moving on, let's go over to color and got a whole range of presets that we can choose from. And, um, we can drag over the cinematic one because everyone wants a cinematic look and we can edit the colors over here song. It's gonna be myself over there, and you got some events options here got a faded film look all right and change the exposure. And this history said everything back to default. So the look and feel of Adobe Russia's similar to premiere and yeah, so these are pretty good basic options to adjust your color living some vignette ing feathering, which is nice that can play around with things there. You can even just turn off all the color setting. So that is nice. As you can see, I've got this one Cinemax. Look, Aziz. Well, and maybe it just I want to turn it down a bit. Maybe I don't want it to be too intense, so I can even just dial down the intensity of that preset. This one looks a little too much as well, so I just change that. That's 39 so we should be consistent. Okay, so we can't change the color from multiple clips, So that's that would have been nice. Okay, so all these clips have already being colored with cinematic preset, and I'm just going to Okay, doll that down over here, we've got the ability to change some speed. We can even do a ramp so we can choose the section off the clip that will speed up or slow down J so I can adjust it there. Macon choose which portion we want to speed up. So I got the first half at 182%. We'll see what that looks like. Okay, In the future project, maybe we'll get some footage that this will be more compatible to play around with the speed. This is just mostly static footage. All right, over here, we've got some options for the audio so we can turn down the music for the entire project and or you can just turn off. All their settings are global settings, nor it's over here. I guess we can change the truck to music voice much short. The other is we'll just leave in a music. And although ducking, I believe, is a new feature to automatically adjust the levels automatically and we've got left and right audio channels. Okay, we're here. We've got the crop tool. So we click crop and you highlighted clip. Let's just experiments. We've got our basic options. We can change. Your whore is ENTs. Horizontal position can even rotate the angle of it as well as the opacity. So this is not actually just the crop. This is transformed. So if you want to just a clip eso a little bit, maybe not the best label, but the actual cropping options are further below. Over here, we have the ability to change our scale. Okay? And maintaining the properties. So something that's missing compared to premier is ability to key frame. Okay, so this is the rial cropping area. So if I wanted to crop some of the top Okay, that should be cropping. I'm not sure why not showing up. So we compress minus and plus minus Izumo. Plus zoom in. And I'm just going to see if I can crop this part. There we go. So if you want those Hollywood style block borders, you know, I could just make them equivalent Just say 15 okay? Little Hollywood style and got a choice of feathering some stuff. So this just softening the edges. I did see then yet earlier. Maybe it's fighting. Okay, so I do like those black borders. Let's see if we can just add him to the beginning here, showing my So let's just go with 20 and 20 over here, Okay? So just click that when you're done. So I think this is a good basic video, right? I think we've already done quite a bit. And, um, you know, hopefully I will do some more videos as I spend more time with Premier Rush. I'm more of a premier user, but I think it's not too bad of a transition. Let's just quickly look at some of the buttons over here on the left so we can actually duplicate an object. So text or let's just say clip if I highlighted, okay and control Z just to undo and we can cut something or you can split a clip. So if I wanna split this part of that clip and let's say I wanna do something different, like I want to scale Zuman or I want to change the color I couldn't do that. I'm just going Teoh, undo that. Okay, this expands the audio, so it's easy to fine tune. So these are the actual, um, audio in the video track. Do you want that muted? Okay. Lastly. Okay, so this allows us to looks like compress the trucks, see if we click it again. We've got all the controls to lock them, hide them. Okay, so I'm pretty satisfied with this. I'm just gonna play it back on full screen tests. Voiceover test voice will probably want to take that out. This is the coca Holovko workspace in Chiang Line. Beautiful Bali. Selkoe workspace. All right, so I think that's a good first attempt. I'm just gonna fix the the part there with that voice over. Okay, let's go over some quick export options. Let's click on share. Okay. So I could just name this and just save it to my hard drive. Or if I expand the advanced settings, I have the option to select different presets. So different resolutions for different social media platforms. So I'm just going to select 10. 80 p. But this is actually a four K project. So let's just do four K and I could select the frame rate. I'll just leave. That is automatic and quality of conflicts low, medium or high notice. We've got some options to select to social media, so I'm just going to see if this works. I've never tried this before. Co work space preview, and we have some options to pre fill in some of the fields. I prefer to do this in you tube and we can keep a copy of the file very nice. And the last thing we need to do just gonna select this on as unless it first and We can even select the name of the We can customize this thumbnail. I want to make it that one. So set. Turn frame. Nice. All right, I'm liking the software. Ready. So one last thing. All, um, let's hit export. Something that just popped in my head is that if you're premier subscriber, the rush software is free, actually. So I think Good to know if if you wanna download this on your mobile device, I think it's, you know, maybe a way to if you have some free time. And if you're doing things like me If you have, like, the memory card slot in your phone or your mobile device, you can actually take the footage that you shot on your big camera or your drone or whatever. Pump that memory card in your phone. And if you have some time on the plane, you can use Adobe Premiere. Rush to video added on the fly. Now, something that we need to test for the future is to see whether we need Internet access while we're opening the software. If we did, that would be pretty silly. And yeah, so that's basically it in the next video Let's take a look at the finish product. We will see if we can open this project in Adobe Premiere and ah, in the future will create a new lesson. And, uh, see, we can explore Mawr. This software Don't be probably Rush if you like this video, please, like subscribe and good luck editing your social media videos. 3. ADOBE RUSH NEW PROJECT: What's up, everyone? We're in Adobe Premiere Rush, and I'm going to create a new project. Just a very simple project just to walk you through some of the steps of important your media. And we'll just put together a pro checks and let's try it in under five minutes. So let's find and overcoming Rush. We got 1.5 and do a project on my workouts. My recent workouts. Okay, so we're gonna select No, not gonna upgrade. Now. Select new project. And then first thing we need to do is just find some media travel, Jim. Okay? We'll just call this one my healthy day. So looks highlight the clips that we want. Okay, get one more here. Okay. We'll select create. Okay, it is preparing the media. And let's just click this icon here. It's going to give us more a better track for you. And first thing I think that's missing is some music. Let me just see if I could find a quick track. Okay, I was just add this one, so click add. Okay. Now I need more space, So I'm gonna compress the project by pressing minus, and I'll just close that for more riel states. Okay. We just want very short cuts on the zoom in by pressing. Plus. Okay, that's three seconds. If I highlighted, they won't be too long. Okay? I want a quick transition. Just a crossover, so I'm gonna drag it there. Okay, Let's just see weaken speed this clip up of that. Okay? Almost just under 200%. Thank Okay. Something that I want to changes. Take of that on you. So I was gonna meet that clip. Here we go. Another transition. Let's just have a little fun. Dip to white a little bit too short. Let's just make that tradition a bit longer, all right? I actually don't have much action in this clip, so I'm just gonna bring it up there. There we go. I just wanna quick portion dragon and okay, so something a little bit off of this clip so we can change the orientation. Uh, that's not what we want. We want toe scale in a bit. Either. This might be a four k clip, and the rest of the clips are HD. So we'll see soon when I tried to just change the aspect ratio, Can there we go. So it was just fine portion that I want. Oh, that's not actually the clip that I want. Let's just put this one first. Is this Actually, I think this is an image, so just make this short. Okay? So I want to get because it is a slow motion. I want to get a part where I'm actually doing something here. I'm just gonna zoom out. There we go. Then just gonna trim that music clip. Okay, Maybe at some quick title. That's that's pretty nice. One of the strengths off Adobe Premiere and rushes the choice of fonts. Okay, so we got a front there and we can edit a few things. All right, so I think that's pretty close to five minutes. Let's go. We go to share, and then we'll just create that 4. Opening an adobe rush project in premiere: Okay, We're in Premiere Pro 2020 and I'm gonna see if I can open up the premier rush projects. Remember the Chiang Mai project that we were working on? Well, here it is. Looks like there's a button hiding here. I think it says open. And, um, I'm just such full HD right now. Full HD resolution and things are a little bit squashed on the screen. So let's just see if it opens and you can see where the project is saved on my hard drive. So it's called first because this was my first adobe rash project. Okay, so let's just take a look at the media browser. This is a good introduction for those of you who use, um, there'll be rush. So it looks like all the media has been transferred over to premiere, which is nice. And let's just expand the timeline there in premiere. So it looks like everything that was in Adobe Rush hasn't brought into the timeline. But something has happened to the music here. A little strange because all the all your trucks arm unit. Okay, So what queen make out of this? I would say it was a pretty good transition, but looks like the audio is baked into the video track now. And I can't fix the problem with fading out in Premiere, but it's a good first start. We've proved that we can open the Adobe Rush project in premiere and file exported. Correct me so it's over here. 5. How to do a voice over in adobe rush: this lesson. We're gonna learn how to do a voice over in Adobe Rush. So to begin to do this lesson, I would recommend attaching a external microphone if you have one. If not, that's okay. You can use your laptop or your computer, Mike. So I've already created a projects, and now I'm just looking for my folder with my files. So I got to say the I wish Adobe Rush would improve the way the navigation file system because we've got So we seem to be stuck on this icon view. Unless I thought, though, changed a list view, but doesn't. Anyways, here's a folder I wanted and yeah, I think I'll just take all these and ah, actually, maybe if we can in you berate these clips, I'll select them in the order that I want. Okay. Okay. They are taking a long time, so I'm just gonna control a crates. I will reorder them in Dobie rush. Okay, so it's propping the media. So once it finishes importing, I'm gonna meet the sound, and then we're gonna record her voice over. Okay, So this is a mix of four K and HD clips and Ah, yeah, There's quite a lot of work that needs to be done. So control eight. Highlight them all and selecting audio slick mute. Here we go. And when I click this icon to open up our tracks Okay, so this is our voice over. Okay, so it's saying my mic isn't set up. Please open the preferences menu to set it up. So we go to edit preferences. So we're concerned with the audio input because these are my laptop speakers. That is fine. I'm wearing some your phones and the H five is my external mike. Okay, let's try it now. Testing 123 on adobe Rush. Voiceover, That's me running into the ocean in Hawaii. 2020. Okay, let's stop. Let's play this back here. Testing 123 Okay, can on adobe Rush. Voiceover. That's me running into all right. It works. Okay, so I'm gonna record a voiceover now. So if I was to do this for riel, do it properly, I might write out some notes, so I'm just gonna wing it based on clips that I see here. Okay. So don't laugh. This is just purely for this lesson. Now that we're on lock down. It's a good time to look back at the memories, starting all the way from 2000 where I was going on my early trips to Hawaii with my point and shoot. Oh my God, that video looks bad. Somewhere along the way we found that we have expectations from us, too. Find a good job and follow our dreams. Make a lot of money, find a partner. But we final that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness following your passion fall in your heart. And I like to think that maybe I did find that and this is a preview off where it's taken me this past decade. Okay, so let's just play that back. I think we got the essence. Now that we're on lock down, it's a good time to look back and the memories starting all the way from 2000 where I was going on my early trips to Hawaii with my point and shoot. Oh my God, that video looks bad. Somewhere along the way, we found that we have expectations from us, too. All right, so that sounds pretty decent. Let's just go over the audio and see what options we may have. Um, there's a bit of background noise. I do have the air conditioner on there so I can try that. We found that we have expectations from us to I can even try and had speech. I'm not sure it's your time to look back at the memories, starting all the way from 2000 where I was going on my early trips to collide. Okay, so it's autumn eyes, her voice, and we can also reduce the echo. Why not check? All these options was played back 2000 where I was going on my early trips to Hawaii with my point and shoot. Oh my God, that bigger looks bad. Somewhere along the way, we found that we have expectations from us, too. Find a good job and fall our dreams, make a lot of money, find a partner, but we final that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness following your passion on your part, and I like to think that maybe I did find that's this is a preview off where it's taken me . Okay, so that's how we do a voice over. And, um, I'm thinking, since we've Rennie got the building blocks here. What we can do? The next lesson is broken. Ah, add some music. I'll show you how I find the music and maybe I'll try to trim these clubs to make it in. Ah, cohesive short video to go with my voice over. So that's how we do the voice over anyways. And, um, we to recap. I showed you how we could set up the preferences, actually do the voice over and some of the events options we have with Adobe rush to enhance her voice over audio. 6. Adobe rush stock work flow using blackbox: What's up, everyone? And this lesson, we're going to use Adobe Rush to create a stock whitish clip. Gonna take a clip that shocked by smartphone, and we're just gonna prepare it to be sent to a stock agency. I was gonna name the stock agency, and we don't need to sync with the creative cloud. So this give me a straight for lesson. But we, um yeah, we're just going to show how Weaken use premiere for stock footage use. Okay, so and click that icon mystics spend the tracks, spend the drawer. We're setting up our workspace here. Okay? So we don't need both all the clips in at the same time, All right? Just going to start off by muting it because we don't need on you with stock footage. And let's just press the space bar in the timeline and let's see what we got. We've got some inconsistent exposure. Okay? This is not the best clip because of the exposure here. Got another one mental. Read this. Let's take a look at this other one here. Well smeared it. We're looking for about a minimum of seven seconds. Okay, so this one is better, because you don't see the changes in the lighting. So when I shot this, I was under a time constraint, and I wanted to filming with my SLR. But, you know, it's whipping out an SLR right at the pharmacy. Could be intimidating some people. So I just shot this with my phone, and we have about eight seconds here that we can use. Okay, I think this is pretty much good to go. We don't really need to do much, so I'm simply just going to change the path. This is full HD and just gonna change it to where my mother stock footage clips for this are stored, and I'll just call this one Masks. All right, let's see. Weaken. Custom set. This full HD here is gonna check. I'm gonna double check. This is not a four K clip. Okay? It's just slept on properties. It's a full HD. Okay, If it was four k, then I would select this, but I think we're good. Let's export this, and it's pretty fast. This isn't, you know, high powered footage, and that's it. That's how we can export a stock finished clip. So, yeah, if you're curious, then that's how we do it. Sometimes we may need to trim clips we may need to stabilize, and we may need to put a little color. But the way I shot it was it's fine. It's fine for stock footage. I pretty much just removed the sound. So let's just ah, find it in exploring playback. And as a bonus, I'm gonna show you how I upload my clips over to a stock agency called Black Box. Okay, so this is the clip here. There we go. Okay. So I'll just show the other clips that I've got here. So these air shot with my phone? We're living in this corona areas, so some of them are just shot with my phone. These air shot with my Marylise camera. Okay, So you can stick around if you want to see the workflow for what happens after, or if you're just curious about how we use no be rushed to curated clip, then that's it. Okay, so So for those of you want to stay on, I've got a program called Advance re neighbor. Because, as you can see, these video clips have a filing over here. And when I uploaded batch I want them. When I look at a file name, I want to get a lot of information from the file. I wanted to be able to tell what type of footage was. It was food. In this case, it's Cove it. I want to be able to tell what date what month and year. And if it's four K, then I'll put four cave. It's a drone clip up a drone if it's GoPro up a GoPro. Um, because I I'm in this video game. I can tell that just by these acronyms here what cameras is like FBI's from my s lore. Prg is from my Marylise camera, and vivid is from my smartphone. Eso that's, you know, these air just unique identify are so that each falls unique. So let's just drag the mask up there so we can depend a similar, uh, prefix. I think that's what we call it prefix. So start batch and boom. Well, uh, got our ah prefix added to our clip. No, we want to upload this to the FTP, so I use an agency called Black Box. You can upload directly to agencies like shutter stock, and I have these set up on my FTP. I recommend black walks starting out because it takes care of sending your clips to the top main agencies Bonfire Shutter stock in Adobe Stock. Okay, so I'll put a length to black box if you choose to use it. And I'm just waiting for my connection there. So that has my credentials all set up. And this program is called filed. Zillah. It's a way just to connect to FTP. It's the way that you upload video clips to stock agencies. Okay, so I've uploaded some clips already. Black Box is actually imposing a 10 file daily limit. So because they are in Eastern Canadian time, I'm not sure if that one day deliver it has laughs. But let's try here. Let's just select 10 clips. 12345 67 Um, just going to open up my block box, actually, and see the last of which was 83 85 83. We got 83 So just this sent here. I'm going to Dragon in, and that's how we upload our clips. Okay, if you want to find out more about stock footage and you want to see the rest off the workflow for black box. You can check up my stock. Which course? So I put a link to it, but ah, you can see how Dobie Rush fits into the picture. And ah, I think with, ah, a lot more people spending time A home. I think there is increased demand for stock footage, so it's worth your time. Okay, thanks. 7. Adobe Rush Full Workflow Hero's Journey: Hello, everyone. We're looking for just some music to put to the video, So I'm on a site called Story. Sorry. Cycled Storey blocks. And I have the subscription to this at the moment. So pretty easy to find. What in need? I'm just looking for a short one minute track. I'm looking for something inspirational. An epic. It's good to Okay, I could spend more time on here, but I think that is good. I like thesis on one. The rial. Okay, so we need to pop open this. Let's try to find our track. She could be pretty tricky because of this system here, so I'll show you how I deal with this. Okay, So I'm using Google Crumb and showing folder. And let's just drag us over to Hero Journey. Strike all those songs I downloaded. Okay, Now we've got an easier destination to find. We're gonna head over to full screen and gonna look for heros journey even a bit hard to read the entire file name. Okay, I believe that sits Let's add the track. Now that we're all locked out, it's a good time to look back. Memories starting all the way from 2000. Where was Okay, so let me just trim beginning. Now that we're all locked up, it's a good time to the back of the memories starting all the way from 6000 where I was on my early trips to Hawaii with my point and shoot. Oh, my God. That video that well, somewhere along the way found all right, so I'm just gonna go pretty quickly here. Um, I want to expand that. Maybe just overly. Some texts. This looks interesting. That that could cover the borders. Okay, it's click on the download icon there. Okay, that check box means it's available. Got so many. Can we find it? What was it called? Film stock? Overly. Okay, Slocan search back in the memories starting all the way from thousands film stuck. Maybe I could just drag it over. Yeah, Okay. That search was taking a bit too long. So it's just overly that on top of see how this looks. Nice. I like that. Nice way to cover it up and okay, so starting. All right. So let's look up a quote and actually a riel inspirational quote that ah kind of got me started on this path. um oh, your heart. Ah, great, Steve. Jobs rest in peace, Steve. Okay. And Steve was right. I mean, he did. Sees something about you know what? You follow your hearts. It just gets better. When I started this journey, I don't know that I would be actually recording this right now, sharing it with other people. So yeah, pretty amazing world we live in. And let's just find a more compressed I want destroy 40. Time to look back, the memories starting all the way from 2000. Now that we're all locked out, it's a good time to look back. The memories starting all the way from 6000. Where was my early trips to Hawaii With my point and shoot. Oh, my God. That what's not? Somewhere along the way, we found a way. Have expectations from us, too. Find a good job. Okay, This photo needs some work. Hey, look. Look, like I have a hangover there somewhere along the way, Um, I actually want to add some other shots here that we kind of fit the the mood. Thanks for hanging around. I'm sure you're gonna learn something here. Okay, Hopes. Let's see. We can squeeze us in here. I want to make this, but emotional. Um, that video looks somewhere along the way we found would extend that. Oh, my God. That video, Somewhere along the way, we found a way. Have expectations. Okay, we go actions from us, too. Find a good job and follow our dreams. Make a lot of money. Find a partner that over there from us, Teoh. Find a good John. And for Lord, find a good job. And for all our dreams, make a lot of money find a partner way Final that life has other plans for us. Music's actually will allow. Um, we can reduce sound a little bit Control. What? A duck adapter for music. Well, that's too loud. Let's manually just do the volume here. Check. No, there's things come. Okay, sorry. These aren't pre selected, so I'm actually just doing that from the timeline. Okay, so I'm tryingto fit the clips so they match the narrative my voice over. And that's why I recommend that you planned this out a bit better shoot. Oh, my God. That video looks bad. Let's put it over here. Expectations from us. Teoh that clips on the way, Find a good job and fall our dreams Make a lot of money find a partner. But we finally that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness while your passion for your heart and I like to think that maybe I didn't find that. Okay, just in your clip. Mm. I don't need to include all this stuff doing include the motorbike seen. I think that's pretty Matches the voiceover We found that we have expectations from us too . Find a good job and fall our dreams. Make a lot of money, find a partner. But we finally that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness on your passion for your heart. All right, You speed things up here where it's taken me this past decade. Okay? Zooming out, sir. I'm just zooming by because I want to get this cut quickly. So I'm just trimming it so it makes sense, and I won't have a climax. So I think cut up this. Yes, that would be nice. That would be very nice to transition from the drone to these beautiful clips of croquettes that makes me want to travel again. Okay, let's see what we got. Many find a partner, but we finally that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness while your passion won't your heart. And I like to think that maybe I did my nuts. This is a preview off where it's it's other glands for us. Okay, I want that, like, clip. Okay, So when a cut to the part where I'm bringing the camera of the bag, the cats out of the bag type of idea being you there, that's a nice cut there, case. Let's drag that before there. Partner way Final. That life has other plans for us. There's things called on Half Happiness. Will your passion on your part And I like to think that maybe I did find that. Okay, that drone clips a bit too long. This nice have a bit of slow mo fashionable in your hearts. And I like to think that maybe I did find that. Okay, we can cut those clips out. And this is a preview off where it's taken me this past decade. Okay, this clip has some borders, so just gonna quickly trim them. Give it a cinematic look. I did not add a transition. This is a preview off where it's taken me this past decade. Okay, this looks like it's an image. Oh, no, it's a video club. So let's spend it high sticking. Okay, Maybe I could just end it here, but then the music picked up. Okay, So maybe I could speed this up, going over here like Super speed up E. What's not that clip? That's a new This is the clip we want to speed up. Take of the audio. - Okay . All right. Off toe, cut up this clip because there's some talking parts in here that a I don't need. So let's bring out the blade tool on and bring it over here. Bring it over here. It was better just to make all our cuts at one time. Okay, this will be the end here, Taipei. Okay, let's get to work. It's going to reduce. That doesn't need to be done. Okay, let's cut that there. - Okay , so we zoom in, we can get away. Better view. Um, smoothest down. - Can anyone more tenants, though? Some of these clips, maybe, actually, even four k. I was just checking their when a just scaled out there because that may be cutting off the texts, but it wasn't so Okay, let's just kind of that parts. You know, I don't need me talking. Just election, - okay ? I think we can cut right there. We don't need to repeat that. Seeing we can start to slow things down here, so finishes finishes. Um, where the video is. One more cut. So when you zoom in, you can really see the details of the clip do a better job. I'm just going to slow that down more. Okay. And then we can Okay, this music's really throwing me for a loop here. I gotta end up with something super dramatic. Now, what clip can I find that fits the bill? Maybe this clip no one between these three. - Let's try again. Sorry. It's pretty tough trying to do the edit on Also, commentate. So that's why I've been silence have been concentrating. Okay, let's get the black. Let's extend it. So it's a long one. Take the audio out, speed up. So this transition year is showing my talking. We're gonna make this sooner Press that even sooner? - Okay , this clip is four k expanded its all right that's in with the coal action. Subscribe? All right, almost there. We need toe adding a few transitions just to smooth this out. Those videos two minutes long. So this is Ah, pretty quick edit. So thanks for hanging around. Now that we're on lock down, it's a good time to look back in the memories starting all the way from 2000 where I was going on my early trips to Hawaii with my point and shoot. Oh, my God. OK, I'm just gonna leave it on transition. So we're ready. That video looks bad. Somewhere along the way, we found that we have expectations from us, too. Find a good job and fall our dreams, make a lot of money, find a partner. But we finally, that life has other plans for us. There's thing, Okay, that's where I think the transition will be good. Something's gonna drag that crosses all over way Final That life has other plans for us. There's he has been longer, so just expanded of that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness. Another one I don't want to over use these. Usually, if it's a change of scenery, happy appropriate. Well, you're fashionable in your parts, and I like to think that maybe I did find nights. This is a preview off where it's taken me this past decade. All right. I think that clip of the ocean is a little bit too long. I think there's one more clip that could overlay just to keep the audience attention. What's where did it go? Okay, let's just spend that. Okay, let's get back on their crosses off. I think we'll need need to use this quite a bit. - Uh , it's there we go. Thanks for hanging around. We've just cut a two minute video with the voiceover I've out of music, added some texts and created a what? I think so. Logical story. Of course I could polish it up. Mawr use probably better clips, but given the time, I don't want you to hang around for too much longer. So I hope you've learned a lot from this. We'll just finish up by going through the exports. I just called us Hero's journey. Adobe rush lips. I have to choose the folder file name is here. Toby Rush. Okay. Hope you've learned a lot in this lesson and all right. One thing I noticed. They put it at 7 20 p. All right, let me just play this back. Maybe I did find that. Okay. And the preview looks fine, so I'm not sure why it picked 7 20 p. So this is where it's good, too. Just select custom settings. Full HD 24 frames. Standard cinematic Look, and we'll just let that render around, okay? Thanks for sticking around. Hope you learns. Um, quite a bit. Follow me along. That was 42 minutes, And you basically saw me take a video from beginning to end. So hopefully you've got enough there to work on your own projects. I'll try to make some practice footage available for you, or you can use their own. And, uh, yeah. Good luck. Sure. Your projects on the course with other students to take a look and be inspired or shared on your YouTube channel and provide the length by 8. Heros journey Adobe Rush: now that we're on lock down, it's a good time to look back at the memories, starting all the way from 2000 where I was going on my early trips to Hawaii with my point and shoot. Oh my God, that video looks bad. Somewhere along the way, we found that we have expectations from us to find a good job and follow our dreams, make a lot of money, find a partner. But we final that life has other plans for us. There's things called unhappiness following your passion for your heart. And I like to think that maybe I did find that on this is a preview off where it's taken me this past decade, you 9. Adobe rush edit chiang mai renegade 2021 update: What's up, everyone? So we have a another project edited on Adobe rush. And I think this is a great style of video that works well for platforms like Instagram, Instagram stories, or tech talk. It's a short form video that I've mixed up with footage from my regular camera, from my friend smartphone. I've added some text, some music, It's a mash up, so let's just play it through and then we'll go into the actual edit. And they said that they prefer to think of a sentence. Okay, so that was pretty fun to make and doesn't take a long time. But compared to the posts that your friends are probably doing from their phone, this is more likely to stand out. So I'm going to cover up the components that make up this video or using some features available in the latest version of Adobe rush. And it's 2021. And let's just cover the version I'm using 1.5.40, build 35. We are using a Mac on big sore 11.1 and it runs great on the system. This is the new M1 chip from Apple. So let's cover the actual edit here. Okay, so we started off with a clip that is emotion lops, time-lapse, so it really keeps the attention. It's a great video to start with, to just hook people and I added a title. Titles are really nice here if you go to graphic. There's a great selection of titles there. And yeah, you can simply just at the click the one you want and audit. I also added the music from Adobe rush. So that's really nice. You've got everything within the program. And I can even do a voiceover If I wanted. But I just added some audio. They've got some good sound tracks here. Later on in the video. There's a sound effect there once I promote my video and editing course, and my gear actually got a sound effect. If you change this soundtracks to sound effects, you've got some nice usable sound effects you could use for social media. And of course, I added the media simply by clicking plus media. We've covered that in other lessons. So let's just close that off. So we had the music truck. And what I've done for the rest of the trucks, I just muted a doubt. I highlighted the mall and then I went to the audio, mutilate them all so we can just hear the music. I've used the new transitions. So if we go over to the effects there, we've got some different transitions there. I've use push, right? I try to make the transition is appropriate for the movement in the video. And if you can get it to the beat even better. Okay, as we move on, I added another transition here. So it's a pretty fast pace video, very good for social media, I think. And over here we got another transition. So there I've got little lower graphic pop up, as well as the sound effect. And then, whoops, Command Z to undo that, it's very easy to accidentally delete your texts because if you press the spacebar while it's highlighted, it'll just remove it. Okay, and then very important, and I ended up by applying a dissolve effective both the video and the audio to faded out. And I kept it under a minute, which makes it qualify for most short short form platforms. So the last part was just sharing it out. And I just created a video as it was, put the file name, and I hit Export, and that's basically our edit. So I think Adobe rush is grey for social media. And I'll just show you how I shared it out on tick tock. Tick tock over here, uploaded it. And there we go. Probably could have changed the cover. And then for Facebook, I went to Facebook creator's studio. And then I just click the Instagram icon, created a post for my feed, and simply just uploaded the video. So this video is going to hopefully get a lot of mileage. So hopefully this video helps you out with editing a video for social media using a lot of the features available in Adobe rush in 2021. 10. Adobe rush summary: Okay, so we are done. The dhobi rush course. Thanks for taking it. Congratulations on finishing it and hanging in there. So I just want to recap, uh, what we've gone through and just my thoughts on Adobe Rush. So video editing is obviously gonna be an important skill, given the popularity off video as a mainstream medium now. And Adobe Rush fits in there as a pretty decent program to edit for social media. And I think it's good enough to start off a YouTube channel. You can also cut stock footage. It can handle four K footage, but it does have obvious limitations. Some of those things include there's missing key framing, so you can't do, uh, a key frame zooms. You can't do any scaling. So, um, if you want Oh, do things like if you have four K footage in HD Project, you can't crop that footage while the video plays on. You can't, um, do things like rotate the texts as the video plays on. So that's one big limitation. It also doesn't have multi cam supports. Its got limited color grading and so on. The final navigation system to even find files is a little bit annoying. I mean, that could be easily fixed with an update. So I think it will be Rush is good if you're just starting out with videos and it's got an operate path to Premiere Pro, and I've showed you in the course how you can take a rush project and open it in Premiere Pro. So that's a really nice, uh, path to be aware of and to follow if you're gonna remain on Adobe. So Premier Rush is a belief $10 a month, so it's not too much more to get premier. So maybe you, for the short term you want toe start off your channel. For whatever reason, your video editing. Maybe it's for some basic freelancing. Start off your YouTube channel on your social media following, and if you find that you like this, the next logical step is to upgrade to Premier pro. And if you enjoy taking the course with me, I've got a course on Adobe Premiere 2020 as well as 2019 and my approach is very practical . I like to follow a full workflow where I teach you fundamentals. I supply you with practice footage to allow you to also create your own projects. And that's basically my approach. So you can, ah, check out my course at Phantom three dot teachable dot com and a big thank you for taking the course. I hope you enjoyed that. And, uh, hope, he added. Lots of awesome videos by. 11. 2021 - New Content - Adobe rush fast track intro: Hey, what's up, everyone, this is Greg Kang and we're going to be going over some of the fundamentals of Adobe Rush. One of the reasons why I like it is that it's user-friendly. It's got a good library of music. It's got sound effects and transitions, and it's not that expensive. There's a good upgrade path if you want to go over to Adobe Premiere Pro, which is more advanced. So let's just start off with some fundamentals here. So we've created a new project. So I'm just going to call this test. And if you've enrolled in our course, I will give you access to some free practice footage. So the first thing we need to do is just create a project name. So you can do that on the bottom left. And then we need to select some media to begin. All right, so I'm just going to browse on the left-hand sides to my downloads folder. I've downloaded some footage. So that's give me a second here. In the meantime, you can download your footage as well, just looking at the name of the file here. Okay. So mine's called Kelly one of two. It would be nice if they had some filters here so you could easily find your footage, especially if you've got a lot of falls like I do. Okay. So there I've found the file, so it gives you a number on top. So actually want Kelly one of two to be first, but it's okay, we can just reorder it in the timeline. So highlight your clips. Next step is to click Create. 12. 2021 - New Content Adobe rush tour interface: Okay, so now that we have our media, we're going to learn a few things about the interface. So if you want to see where your media is, you can go over to the left-hand side. You can click this button. You can see everything in your project. These are your project assets. Alright? If you want to find any type of music or sound effects, you can hit plus. Now, depending on which version of Adobe Rush you're using, you may or may not have consistency with the music and sound effects and transitions. I'm using the Adobe Rush on the M1 Mac. I'm using the version on the cloud, Build 931.5.50. I think this is pretty current as of February 2020 one. And here's my MacOS. Big sore, 11.1, and this is the Apple M1 chip. All right, so some basic controls. So on the left-hand side we have the ability to duplicate a clip. We can delete a clip and we can expand the audio portion there if we want some more fine tune control. Alright, we can control different trucks if you want to get a bit more advanced and do things like voiceovers, have separate music tracks, et cetera. All right, so once we have our media in our project, we can sort it. I think Adobe Rush should have had this when we were importing our media would have made things easier. Also on the left side is our ability to add any different type of graphics. So we're going to add a title right over here. So we highlight the title and we can click Add. All right, So our title is right over here in the timeline. The timeline is where you're going to be creating your video project. If you want to play your video, you can click Play. Okay, we'll go over how we actually edit the text in a second here. Just also wanted to point your attention to there's different transition graphics and more titles if you click More, so anytime you see more or an arrow, it's clickable. All right, so there's a whole lot more graphics there. And I think I actually might choose that title there. The very first one I chose is more of a, what we call a lower thirds. So we can see over here we've got two trucks now in the timeline. And we can actually hide them by clicking on the I icon over here. We can also mute and unmute music using that icon. And we can lock and unlock the truck so no changes can be made. Okay, so now we know how to add titles. Let's look at how do we add some music over to this. So let's click on the Plus again. And we can go over to Audio. So there's two different types of audio. If you click on the drop-down, you can see that there's some sound effects, There's some loops and soundtracks. So I'm looking for some music. I'm just going to search for some massage music. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to find what we need here. Let's see meditation. All right, well, that music track is okay. What I would recommend is trying out a stock library. If you get a bit more advance. I'll just show you how we can add that music track right there. And I'll create another video on where you can find better music. But for included music, It's not bad. So now we're on the timeline in this bottom area. And I just want to show you just some basic controls for how you can control your view of the timeline, just to help your video editing experience. So when you're done creating your audio or your titles, you can close this area to give yourself more real estate. It's nice to have real estate, especially when your video editing, because you find that there's competing visuals, whether it's from other applications or just other open funnels. So once you are in the timeline, you can zoom in by pressing plus, and you can press minus to zoom out. So when we zoom out, we have a whole lot more real estate. So some other important indicators are in the timeline. This blue playhead tells you where you are in the video project. It also tells you how long this video is. So if I click Minus, I click Minus a few more times, I can see, okay, this goes all the way past 13. So this is a 13 minute video which is pretty long. We're going to shorten that a whole lot. You can also do a voice-over. If we click over here. If you want to break up a clip, which we will later on, we can split the clip or we can press F. Continuing our tour. We can also view our project from here by pressing Play. Great, actually wanted to find that parts. So that was a nice fluke. So we can browse the entire project using our mouse over here. We can go to the previous edit points, or we can start by going back one frame. All right, if you want to see full screen, you can click here, press Escape to go back, or sorry, click over here to go back. And we can loop the playback just by clicking there. If you wanted to change the aspect ratio for something like Instagram or a phone, that's where we would do that. Okay, so let's just see, this video was filmed in landscapes, so the phone was horizontal, so I'm just going to leave it as it is. Okay, so on the right-hand side over here, you can give feedback to Adobe. You can undo your last action. Now this is a very important area. Over here, you can open other useful features. 13. 2021 - New Content - Adobe rush sharing: Okay, so we've covered most of the functions there. And lastly, we've got the share area. So under share, you have the ability to create the name of the file where you're saving it a two, you get the estimated size. You can preview things before you hit Export. And then we're going to actually render the video, which means create it. If you have social media profiles and you're gonna be using this program a lot, then you can link these directly to Adobe Rush so that it's easy to export directly to your social media platform rather than creating the video, video file separately and then re uploading than settings here allow you to set the resolution. So 720 P, I would say is the minimum. I would go for in 2021. If you have shot with a recent phone, then probably shoots full HD. So you want to maximize the footage resolution that you have. So full HD is good. If you have a newer or mirrorless camera, probably want to choose for k. If you shot the video in for K, you can change the quality over here. Let's change it a medium and then change where you're going to save it. Okay, so we would select a drive and a folder, and my drive is just a little bit slow. Okay, so we've covered a lot of the fundamentals. So now we're actually going to go into the project. I'm going to let you peek over my shoulder while I added this video for one of my actual clients. 14. 2021 - New Content - Adobe rush adjustments & effects: So you can add a graphic from here, similar to how we did it before from the left-hand side. Just two different ways. If we click here, this is the effects area. This allows us to do things like add a transition. So transition is a way of making smooth movement between two clips. So if I add is dissolve, which is one of the most common transitions, you just simply drag it between the two clips and I'll just press space bar to play back this video. There you go. You can see that dissolve transition over there. Another popular transition is to fade out your project at the end. So you can actually drag dissolved to the back of it. And that's just a good way to end your project. You need, may need to zoom in to see your transition in the project. So it's this little icon over there. And you can actually change the duration of the transition using your mouse over in the timeline over here, or using the slider, whichever works for you. So let's just move the playhead here, press Space bar, just to see how that works. All right, a few more useful tips. If you have a photo, you can pan and zoom. And auto reframe is if you are, let's just say you're changing the aspect ratio of your video project. This a little bit more advanced. It's going to keep the auction in the frame. So we'll look at that later on. Let's go over to the presets area. This is going to lie to add a different color look. If you want to start off with the color look, you can just click any of them just to see how they look. And you can even adjust the intensity of that look over here. You don't want to overdo it. These are usually a good start. And let's just say you wanted to adjust some of the basic color settings. You can click at it. And over here now we can adjust things like the contrast, the highlights, a little bit of saturation, which is the color. Again, we don't want to overdo it. Now if we've come up with a nice color presets, our own custom preset, we can click the three dots here, creating a Presets. I'll just call it massage. Save it. And now that preset is available under Presets. And one thing you should be aware of is that you need to apply these presets per video clip. So in the timeline here, this is highlighted, that's already applied, the preset. But if we go over to this other clip, it doesn't have the preset yet, so we can simply click that preset we just created. And boom, there we go. So we've applied our color preset over to both those clips. And now I'm going to teach you how we can read time our Eclipse. So let's go over to the speed function area. So let's just play this back and normal speed. All right, so we can play around with the speed over here. We can choose the range of the clip. Let's just say we want to focus on that area and speed it up by 245%. Let's play it back to see how that looks. All right, so I apologize, It sounds like great because my Mac mini doesn't have great speakers and usually I would put on my headphones, but then you wouldn't be able to hear any audio from the project. Okay. So you can also turn on a ramp if you want to do something like a speed ramp just to make things a little bit smoother. Usually those are good for few film video with high frame rates. So 60 frames per second. And yeah, if you just falling from your phone, you probably don't need to do that. Maintain audio pitch will keep the audios normals possible even though you speed it up. Because when you speed clips up, the audio also speeds up and some sometimes you can get that chipmunk type of sound. So yeah, that's what that's for. I believe. Over here is the audio section. So we can actually browse for sound effects. Let's see what they have here. Let's see we can find a bell. Okay, So let's try add that. Okay, so some very important controls. Let's close the sound effects here. If you want to adjust the clip volume, highlight the clip, make sure this is enabled. And then we can adjust the volume so as it is the normal sound, as it was important as 50. If you wanna make it louder, just move the slider to the right. If you wanna make it softer, move it to the left. And you can manually put in a figure there if you want to be accurate. If you want to mute the entire clip, just click the checkbox there. There you can see it's completely quiet. I'm going to uncheck that. So we have some advanced features here. And I covered these in another lesson. But let's just say that you've got some speech in your project, you've got some music. And you can just define what type of audio it is. And they've got some presets there to help adjust the audio so that it all sounds great. Let's just say we've got some music. He got some people talking and it's all at the same time. That's where you can do that. Over here, you can adjust your audio channels. Let's just say you want to do things like make sure it's stereo naughts. That's where that is. Alright. Lastly, this is where you can make some fine tuned adjustments. So if you've, Let's just say you've got a video and it's not filling the entire screen, then maybe you want to play around with Phil and fit. Let's just say if we put it at a one-by-one and you've got some blank black borders. This is, this is where you would want to play around Phil and fit. Let's go back there. You want to adjust the horizontal position and you can do that over there. Vertical position over there. And you can always just reset to default, rotation over there. You can adjust the opacity. Remember, we can always go back to default as our safety. We can flip vertically. We can flip horizontally. So let's just go back. Oh, back to our default. All right, so we can zoom in and zoom out in this area is called scale. So basically because maintain proportions is checked, it's going to make the changes that both the width and height at the same time. If we uncheck that, we can just increase one without the other. So I'm just going to click Reset to Default and we're back to normal, okay, under advance, this is where you can do some crops. Let's just say we want to adjust the top over there. Or we wanted to have some cinematic block bars. That's one way to make things cinematic. Just make sure that they're even. You can even manually put it in, let's just say 10 or eight. And then change that to eight there. And then we've got feather, which will smooth things out sort of like a vignette. 15. 2021 - New Content - Behind the Scenes Client Edit: Hey guys, So we're going to actually go over my edit. So I'm just going to select where I'm going to save the project. Let's go back to edit here. So I actually haven't done anything to the clips since I've imported it other than apply a color filter. So let's actually make for this video makes sense. My goal is to make it pretty short. Maybe maybe a two-minute video. I'm looking for the part where there's an emotional release. All right, so this is where I actually want to create a title. Flips. It's happening there. So let's create the title again, something a bit wonky with. Okay, let's go the one. Alright, what's her name? Kelly. Okay, so to edit the text gets going to double-click. This is a pretty tacky fonts. Just going to quickly adjust that so we're going to hit title. Let's change the font here. Let's just go with few chara. There we go. Kelly and Terry. All right. Okay, Now we can speed up the playback by pressing L. We keep pressing L goes even faster. Okay, I'm just going to change this title here. Okay, In rush, we just highlight the assets. We click Duplicate there. All right, so I'm going to just make a cut over here. So click that or press S. Want to add some music. Alright, so I'm gonna go over to my site. Over here. I pay for this site. Let's just see if they have any massage music. Yeah. Quite like that one. This one's good. I might use that later, so I'm going to download the MP3. This one is good. This is four minutes and 20 seconds. All right, let's pause that. Let's see if we have any massage footage we could use at the beginning for an intro. Okay? Now having these stock footage clips can add some production value. Alright, great. So let's import these new assets we've downloaded. So we're going to click on plus your media. Fortunately, we have to browse. So what I'm going to actually do is just create a folder called rush. So it's easier. So all the assets I want to import are going to be here. Alright, so I've got some other assets here. I use Adobe Spark for these. And Yeah, these are great for creating intros. So I use my clients assets here. And we want to downloads this one. So that's a photo. And we'll download this one. This is a video. Just resize it. So if I'm going fast here, just want to complete this one. So we're going to do similar thing. Just drag the assets into the rough folder. It's highlighted. Drag it in. Let's go back to rush. Let's try find the rush folder now. Alphabetical order, M, N, O, P, Q, R. There we go. So just highlight these all. Well, we'll just, we'll just add the ones we want first. Okay, let's add these 2 first. Okay? And so they went in the middle. Let's just drag them over to the beginning. All right, so let's just finish this project. We're going to create a quick intro. So let's just add that music truck there. Okay, So I think we need to adjust the scale. So this is a photo here so we can actually add some motion to it. Let's go to the transitions. So let's add a transition right there. And for the photo, we can add padding zooms. So that's nice. We have two songs playing at the same time. Let's just move that over. Whoops. Okay, So actually want to find the part where there's an emotional release. Okay, let's add one more song here. The Psalms, but allow lists is just the volume. Maybe 30. Okay, we'll delete this clip and then we'll just fade it out. So added dissolve. And then we'll just add our two sets from the beginning to the end. Let's duplicate this. Duplicate that. And then we'll drag them over to the end. Let's just close this to give us more real estate. And I had told you it's always good to have real estate when you're editing. Okay, and one last tip is to fade out the audio. So let's apply dissolved to the end of the track. All your truck that is. And this click and drag. There we go. Very good. Okay. Let's just going to drag that truck a little bit there. So it was short portion without us music truck. That's okay. Right. I think our texts got removed somehow. Here. You've got to be careful when you're editing the project is very easy to delete something by accident. There we go. So we're ready to export this video. Let's go over to share and we're going to call it Kelly, emotional release. And that's it. We've already set everything up from before, click Export. So thanks for watching this Adobe Rush tutorial. Hopefully you've learned some tips for editing your projects in Adobe Rush.