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Adobe Illustrator CC Full Course: Tracing Images ( Part Four )

teacher avatar Youssef Zidan, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      0 Introduction


    • 2.

      1 Vector VS Raster


    • 3.

      2 Placing Images


    • 4.

      3 Unlink and Edit Original


    • 5.

      4 Tracing Images


    • 6.

      5 Tracing Panel in Details


    • 7.

      6 Project Part 1


    • 8.

      7 Project Part 2


    • 9.

      8 Project Part 3


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      Thank You


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About This Class

Welcome to part four of learning Adobe Illustrator.

In this course, we will talk about tracing.

Illustrator provides an automatic tracing feature.

Tracing in Illustrator is converting Raster images into Vector ones.

So we need to understand the differences between vector and raster first.

And we will learn how to insert images inside Illustrator and how to link it and edit it inside another application like Photoshop.

Then we will learn how tracing option works.

After that we will trace a hand drawing jaggy image, smooth it and color it.

The final result will be much better and cleaner if you used a traditional way like Photoshop for example.

We will discuss a lot of important topics in this course.

So let’s get started.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Youssef Zidan

Graphic Designer


Learning and Teaching is what I do and it’s what I’m good at.

During life journey, I was struggling to find my talent, I didn't really know what I am best with.   

So what I did is learning a lot of skills in many different fields.

I started with Graphic Applications, I learned Photoshop and Illustrator then I felt I need to learn Photography and I transitioned to music, I learned how to play the Guitar and I found Web Development will be such a great skill to learn, and much more, I learned all that during my University study as an Interior Designer.

But I didn't really find something to fulfill my passion.

Then I found out that what satisfies me is not a particular skill, it’s learning itself, and teach... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. 0 Introduction: welcome to part for off learning other We illustrator in this course we will talk about tracing Illustrated provides an automatic tracing teacher tracing in Illustrator is converting raster images into Victor once. So we need to understand the differences between victim and rest first, and we will learn how to insert images inside illustrator and held to link it and meditate inside another application. Then we will learn health racing option works. After that, we would trace the hand throwing Jaggi image, and final results would be much better and cleaner. Used a tradition way like off the shelf, for example, there is a lot of important topics will be discussed in this force, so let's get started. 2. 1 Vector VS Raster: In this lecture, I will talk about the differences between Victor and Blaster. Any application is one of these two kinds raster application, such as photo shop or victor application, such as illustrated photo shop or in unison. Application is a big so based with photo shop. You deal with a raster graphics. You deal with photos, which are created by pixels, this time the tenders that you see when you really zoom in a photo illustrator or any victor application is a vector based. It's baseball mathematical calculations. With it, you can eat shapes or fax, which are lines connected with dots. Scaling inside rest replications is not flexible. An image can easily lose quality when you skillet up or down in the air application. You will never lose quality off any shape you create when you scale it up or down. When you create a document in photo shop, you have to choose the resolution, which is the number of pixels inside a rectangle, one by one inch or one by one centimeter. In illustrator, you don't have to choose the resolution when you create a new document, because you do that when you finally export, you work starting from the next lecture, we're going to deal with rest a graphic photos and converted into victor graphics minutes. 3. 2 Placing Images: in this lecture, I will show you how to place images inside Illustrator. First, we need to know that important images inside illustrator is a bit different than in father shop. When the import and image inside Patricia, you don't have to keep the image in the same location in your hard drive where you imported it. You can delete it and it will be saved inside the PSD fire, they can show you an example. I am opening an empty document inside photo shop and I would go toe the exercise file placing images inside the images folder and I will drag this image inside photo shop. I will save and close and I will delete the image Now I would open the document again. You will find the image is still inside the document without any problems, I will do the same thing inside Illustrator. Now, when I open the document, it will tell you the image is messing and asking you to replace it or just ignore. And when you click on ignore, you will find an empty outline layer named length fire. So let's understand what is going on. I would believe this and I will go this time toe file place. If you just click, the image will be pleased with the original size. All you can click and drag to decide it. However, what is important here is this. The image has an X shape on it. It says here length file. When you click on it, you will see the original file and here you will find some information about it, including the location. That means illustrator will always look for the location off the image, which is this folder. Whenever you open the documents, if you move the image toe any other folder, you need to re link it to the new location. 4. 3 Unlink and Edit Original: in this lecture, I will tell you the advantages off linked images. Firstly, it will not increase the final size that much. Eventually your work inside illustrator will be lighter and faster. Secondly, Illustrator is not an application for editing photos. It's the job off Photoshopped, so you will find here an option named edit original. With it you can edit the image inside the shop and it will be updated inside illustrator. But the problem is, when you click on it Finally it will be open inside pains which is the default photo editor in windows. So you have two options to solve this problem. The 1st 1 is to click on in bed toe break the link. Now this image lives inside Illustrator, the same behavior off for the shop you will find the X has been gone and it seems your image and the location is gone and then click on unembedded. You will find it asking you to say the image with only two extensions is the enter. You need to choose PSD save and you will find the X came back and here it's saying length pile and now it's linking to the B is the fire. So now when you click on edit original, it will be opened inside photo shop. Make your adjustments and say, and you will find the changes inside Illustrator. The second option is to change the default photo viewer toe for the shop by right clicking on the photo open. Win Jews another AM and choose for the show on Mark this option. Always use this ebb toe open J big fights. And of course, you need to do that with any other extensions as well. But of course, that way, whenever you want toe preview an image, it will be opened inside partition brother, then Windows Photo Viewer. That's why I don't use this method. The last thing I want to talk about is opening images directly inside. Illustrator, without any open documents, will not make a length image 5. 4 Tracing Images: now, after understanding the differences between Victor Arrester illustrator provides a powerful option to convert Pressel images into Victor past. Here I have two layers. One of them is rest image, and the other one is people pass and the first look. They look identical. But when we zoom in, we will see the pixels off the image and the backs off the victor. And there is a mood called outline mood from view Our plane. Oh, just press control. Oy with it, you can see just the outline if you work, which is very handy option. When you work with very complicated project, it will make it easy for you to select shape Chris Clinton. Why again? Now let's convert this image in tow. Victor, pass. When you selected, you will find here an option named Image Trace, and when you click on it, you will find several options. It doesn't really matter which option you choose because after clicking, you can cycle among these options until you find the results you are looking for. Let's Jews High Fidelity Photo Child chose to trace this one here and here you can open the image three spinal you will find here the presets that we saw and you will find here some options so unjust and basically what these presets do is changing the options here. For example, let's choose three color. As you can see it. Change the number of colors to three less juice bacon white logo Now with the color changed toe threshold. And what you are going to do is to choose one of these presets emboli with these options with the creepy option until you get the effect you are looking for, for example, increasing the colors. As you can see, it did trace the pixels itself, or maybe increasing the packs to get more details or the opposite to simplify it. But that might cause some issues like these gaps. Here. You can solve this problem by changing the method here from overlapping dio a puting, and you can see here the number of packs, colors and anchors. More of those means bigger file size. Of course. Personally, I use this option most of the time with black and white logo. I am play with these options to trace the outline off the shape automatically, and instead of doing this manually using a mental for example, and I use this option as well beacon of light, because by default it will have a white background. And when you have me with your results, you can click on expand, and it will be converted into a regular pass and by default in a straight up with them inside a group so just based controlled ship G to ungroomed. 6. 5 Tracing Panel in Details: letters took about the tracing. Bam! Ill in details. When you click on image trace, it will ask you about the starting point to trace your image and interstate. It provides some useful work flows. To start with, I would choose default and open that tracing panel. Default is the same as black and white logo, by the way, and these icons are shortcuts for the popular presets here with any preset, these advanced options are the same. You will find beds, corners, noise, etcetera. But for this auction here, which is currently threshold changes depending on the preset you are choosing, let's choose any color preset. You will find it. Change it here toe colors, which is specify the number off colors to use in the tracing result, and you can see here it's uses only three colors. Let's choose shades of gray. You will find it. Change it to Gray, also to specify the number off grace to use in that racing results. Let's go back to black and white, and let's understand that threshold option threshold specifies a value for generating a black and white tracing result from the original image. All Texans lighter then that threshold value are converted to white and all pixel darker than the threshold value are converted to black colors in graphic. Applications are from 0 to 255 do is black and 255 is white and everything in between all shades of gray. So when I drag it to the left with the value of one, that means any pixels darker than one would be converted to black. So it will convert all of the image to white and if a drug it to the right. So now any Becks ALS dunker them, 255 will be converted to black, which is the entire image. Let's make another example. Let's make it 210 and let's see the original image from here. Or you can just click and hold on this icon. We will find these pixels. Here are the brightest off this image. That's why illustrator it didn't convert them to black. It will convert any pixel darker than 210. Let's make it something like 30 and see the result you will find here in the region image. These areas are dark areas. They are darker thing. 30. That's why Illustrator converted them to back. I hope that makes sense. Advanced options are very simple to understand. Next Jews High Fidelity Color as a starting point. Paths here are for details. By increasing the pets, illustrator will trace the image in more details, and the opposite off course is true. Corners specifies the emphasis on corners. IR value means more corners. Noise specifies an area in pixels that is ignored, while Tracy ah higher value results in less noise. For example, in this area here, let's increase it to the maximum. You will find illustrative ignored this tiny, unnecessary area. The method specifies a method for tracing for a beautiful thing. The edge off one bath is exactly the same as the edge off its neighboring pecs. For over leading. Each bet slightly overlaps its neighbor elect. Use a beauty to good thread off any gaps. These options work with black and white, so let's choose it first great filled vision in the tracing result. Strokes creates stroke pads in the tracing result, and here you can adjust the web off the stroke, depending on the traced image. Snap curbs two lines specify if slightly curved lines are replaced with straight lines and , of course, ignore why it's to get rid off the white background in the final tracing result, as we saw before. And here are the numbers off pets, colors and anchors in the final trays image. Finally, if you want to save you on presets, you can click here and seeing new presets. Give it a name, and if you want to delete it, flick on the same icon and choose delete. 7. 6 Project Part 1: it's time to make a project. We will convert the species part that I made on an E for paper into a scalable vector. I will open the gym big image inside photo shop and save it as if he is the fire. And I will make a new document inside Illustrator any size it doesn't matter for now and I will insert the P is defined inside these documents before tracing the image. I need to clean it up a little bit inside Photoshopped so I will click on it. It original. It would be opened inside for the shop. First, I will goto image image size and show you the resolution 300 peopie I That's ah, high resolution, The higher resolution, the better results you will have when you trace inside Illustrator first, I will smooth it a little bit. So I will start by deleting the white background by unlocking the layer and choose the magic reason to and click you. Now I will hold control and click on the layer to select it and I will goto select What if I smooth? I want to smooth it by 30 pixels. But if I did that in one step we will get emerged selection among the individual parts and you can see our Chris control de to de select. So I will start with 10 and I will goto select in verse. So now I'm selecting the outer parts Empress delete. And then I will diss elect. I will repeat this two more times. Much better. The second thing I want to do is to delete behalf off the image because it's not perfectly identical. I will use the crop tool to do that and I will save. And when I goto illustrator, it will tell me there is a modification. They want to update our Chris. Yes, and now our image is ready to be traced. 8. 7 Project Part 2: Now let's trace our image. I was selected and click on Image Trace and I will choose the default tracing. Once I click, I will get a pretty good results. But of course it needs more modifications to improve it. So I will click on this icon and expand the advanced options. Let's start with the threshold. I will increase it a little bit to increase the number of pixels that would be converted toe black in order to get rid off these gaps. I don't want to increase backs because the original image is really Jaggi and I don't want that and I will decrease corners. I don't want any corners. We will find some sharp areas like this right here. So I will just uncheck snap curves, two lines to get rid of it and I will take signal light and this is the best I can go with this venue before clicking on expand. Noticed the X is still on the image, even its saying here. Object type. I can still make modifications inside protection or any other application, and illustrator will retrace the image with these values here, for example, I have lost one circle here during this moving in photo shop. So let's bring it back. I will open the PSD file and I wont select this one here. Empress, control t to skillet up. Then I will hold old and drag with the move to make a copy and skill it down. Let's save now with illustrator, it will tell me there are some modifications we want to update. So our PCs Now I'm really sure that I want to expand it and it would put it inside the group. So our press control ship G two I'm group. Of course, it needs some more smoothing in some areas like those. So in the next lecture, I will talk about smoothing. 9. 8 Project Part 3: there are more than one way to smooth vector shapes Inside, Illustrator, the 1st 1 can be found in object menu. I was select this part here and go toe object bath Simplify. What simplify does is reducing the anchor points eventually to smooth less elected shape. I would take the Revie option at 100%. There is no simplification at all. So I will use the scroll wheel toe Use it a little bit something like 90% and you can see the original past Here it will be highlighted with red angle. Threshold here controls the corners And since my image doesn't have corners so I will not touch his option. Same with straight lines. My image is all about curves. I don't miss okay And I will do the same thing for each board off our image. - The second way for a smoothing is a tool name. Smooth too. You can find it with the shaper to I will select everything by prison, control a and click and drag with a smooth tool on the areas you want to smooth like so I will keep doing this. - The final step is reorganized. The spacing among the shapes are just moving them and maybe route dating them if I need to . Now let's sneak a flip called me to complete in the shape our basement for our to bring the rulers. Make sure snapped toe pixel are turn it off from the human you and I will Joe ever to guide here. As you can see, the lift edges are not at the scene lying. So to fix this, I will draw a line I will hold shaped toe make it perfectly vertical. And what did here? Well, I am still select mates. I will goto object but divide objects below so it will divide over the objects below it. If you can see, I was literally Spartz and our press delete. Now I was like everything and said like Reflect toe and make a flip copy by holding old and click here and need vertical copy and it's united them and I will fix these areas by just selecting the points and drink these circles. Finally, let's colorize our beds and here we go. We converted a hand drawing Jaggi Presser image into a smooth, scalable vector shapes 10. Thank You: thank you for watching part for off my Siri's about learning Illustrator. If you enjoy the schools, I will be glad if you live review. And if you have any questions or recommendations, don't hesitate to ask me in the community section off this course. And don't forget to press the follow button toe. Get notified whenever I upload a new course. Thank you one more time and see you in the next course.