Pintura acrílica em tecido: como fazer uma camiseta fofa de um gato rabugento. | Ruxi Vlad | Skillshare

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Pintura acrílica em tecido: como fazer uma camiseta fofa de um gato rabugento.

teacher avatar Ruxi Vlad, Artist/Illustrator/Semi-crazy cat lady

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 4.

      O esboço


    • 5.

      Umbrella - primeira camada


    • 6.

      Cat - primeira camada


    • 7.

      Detalhes - Primeira camada


    • 8.

      Umbrella - segunda camada


    • 9.

      Cat - segunda camada


    • 10.

      Detalhes - Segunda camada


    • 11.

      Corações - primeira camada


    • 12.

      Corações - segunda camada


    • 13.

      Como passar roupa


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About This Class

Olá, e boas-vindas a todos!

Se você adorar de coisas artesanais e quer aprender como aprender a fazer qualquer camiseta E roupa personalizada e única, este curso é para você!

Aqui você vai aprender a:

  • Crie facilmente um design bonito para uma camisa, usando apenas algumas formas simples
  • criar o design pop com apenas algumas cores
  • técnicas que você pode aplicar em uma variedade de itens de roupas, desde camisetas até cascos até cascos aos jeans até castas de denim

Este curso é super fácil e adequado para todos os níveis!


A música de fundo:

O final do dia pelo Purrple Cat
Purrple o Day’s |


A música na introdução:

Ela Vater, by The Mini Vandals.Music
da biblioteca de áudio do YouTube.

Conheça seu professor

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Ruxi Vlad

Artist/Illustrator/Semi-crazy cat lady


Hello there, I'm Ruxi! I'm a freelance artist and illustrator from Bucharest, Romania. Since I can remember, I've loved drawing and painting. And I did it on everything I could put my hands on, including the house walls and on the back of the geography quizzes my dad had to grade :))) 

Having finished the graphics departament at the National University of Arts, I am very fond of going into great details in my artwork, be it etching, illustration or acrylic painting. Lately though, I have been making handmades, like painted totebags, t-shirts and broches and earrings.

I live and create in my studio apartment that I share with my furry darlings, Usagi, Ami and TziTzi. I would love to share some of my skills and ideas on this wonderful platform that is Skillshare, and al... Visualizar o perfil completo

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1. Intro: Everybody loves cats. Well, maybe not everybody, but we all love a good cat video or mean our t-shirt. Hello everyone. My name is Rosie. I'm a freelance artist from Bucharest, Romania. And today we are going to paint a shirt. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I decided to make a fun design featuring my very own little Valentine. You tailor also very much DHT and get a little grumpy sometimes. That's why in this design, She's hiding under a big umbrella, sheltering from all the love in the year. For this project, we're going to use textile colors on a plane cutting T-shaped. The design is easy and straightforward to make. And you don't need to be an expert illustrator because we are going to use just a few lines for the sketch and foreign colors for the painting. I'll guide you step-by-step from sketching to ironing. And the end result will be a beautiful t-shirt that you can work yourself or you can give to your significant other loci. Are you ready? Let's jump right in. 2. Supplies: So to make this awesome t-shirt, I'm going to use the following supplies. Masking tape for board clips to secure the t-shirt in place. A sponge for erasing. Some people. Two cups of water, a few different brushes. An angled one, a medium filled Burt, a small field Burt, a small round LAN. And the thin liner. For tracing the sketch. I am using a white chalk pencil. For painting. I'm using textile colors because they're the best choice for painting on cotton. My colors are from PEBO and the column. We have violet, blue, turquoise, white, black, red, and yellow. A plate for mixing the colors. This is basically a piece of cardboard covered in scotch tape that you place inside the t-shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding to the backside. And the 100% cotton t-shirt. I'm using a plain black one. You're also gonna need an iron to hit set everything in place. And to speed the drying process, you can use a blow dryer. All right, let's get started. 3. Preparation: We begin with placing the cardboard inside the t-shirt. I've already marked the area where I wanted the painting to be with some masking tape on the front of the t-shirt. Make sure the cardboard is at least as big as the surface you want to paint. After sliding it in. Security in place with the clips, one on each side. Stretch the t-shirt to get rid of any wrinkles, but be careful not to over stretch it either. Ok, ready for the sketch? 4. The Sketch: Using the white chalk pencil, start tracing the shaft of the umbrella and the handle. I began with the umbrella first to make sure the cat fits nicely underneath it. Next, trace the outline of the canopy and try to make it symmetrical. Also, leave some space to the left and the right for all the little hearts. Then divide the canopy into six equal sections, three on the left and three on the right. Okay, next up the Get Started with tracing a circle for the head, then continue with the neck and the body. The overall shape should resemble effect bowling pin. If there are any lines that are too faded, just retrace them while keeping the materials stretched with your hand. Layers are almost horizontal to suggest the cat's dislike for her current situation. Then tries to front paws, which are holding the handle and the back pause peeking from underneath the body. They are just a couple of little ovals. If you make a mistake, the chalk can be easily erased with a damp sponge. Drawl, a tail in a U-shape sitting on the ground. Then finished the umbrella by tracing six semi-circles on the bottom, one for each section. And then the ribs following the rounded shape of the canopy. Last but not least, the cat's face. Draw a vertical line down the middle of the face, then a horizontal one where the top of the ice will be. Using this lines as a guide for other features of the face. To frowning lies an upside down triangle for the nouns and the potty little mouth. The sketches finished. 5. Umbrella - First Layer: Okay, let's begin painting. I'm going to start with the umbrella and take the colors I'll be using and give them a big shake before opening them. I like to use the paint that stuck on the lead instead of pouring it on the plate when I don't have to mix it with other colors because this way I'm not wasting any of it. Now. Think the angled brush, dip it in water and fill it with a generous amount of paint, and start applying it on the first section of the canopy. Because I'm left-handed. I'm going to start from the right side of the umbrella so I don't smudge the width paint as I move along the t-shirt. If you're right-handed, start from the left side and go right. The angled brush is very useful for painting curved edges because of the way the longer hairs follow the short ones. That way, you get a nice crisp edge. Well first though, all the turquoise sections, then, then the purply blue ones after finishing with a color, but the lid back on to keep it from drying. Next, we'll do the remaining sections. For them. I'm going to make a shade of blue by mixing equal amounts of violet and blue. It's best to wait for the paint to dry before coloring these sections. And you can use a blow dryer to speed up the process. But I got lost in the spur of the moment and skip this step. After you're done, let it dry or use a blow dryer, and we'll move on to the cat. 6. Cat - First Layer: I'm going to need more pain then what's in the lead? So I'll just far some on the plate, then cover the whole cat with an even layer except for the eyes and the umbrella handled unchecked. Here's a bigger brush or the overall area and the smaller one for the face and find our edges. Leave everything to dry. And that's it for this step. 7. Details - First Layer: First, I'll do the shaft of the umbrella. Take a pinch of black and mix it with white to obtain a light gray. Paint the shaft with the smaller Hilbert. Then using the small round tip brush. Thank the handle blue. Next, the eyes. Remember to shake the bottle that you haven't used until now. Fill in the eyes with yellow. In general, yellow paint is more transparent, so you either have to paint several layers, use a white undercoat. Our makes the yellow with a bit of white, which is what I'll do later on. Because my cat has a black tail, fell trace a white contour so it stands out better against the background. Whoops, I nearly forgot the bug, that tip of the umbrella. I'll discover it with the same blue as the handle. But the lids back on and leave everything to dry. 8. Umbrella - Second Layer: We'll cover the umbrella with the second layer. This layer will make the color spot and help to really define the edges. I'm using the small failed bird to have better control and the small round depth for the fine details. After finishing with the turquoise section, picks the blue and violet again and continue painting the other sections. What are the two colors? Meat, it can slightly overlap them. Saw the edge is nice and crisp. Finally, with some blue refine the shape of the tip and the handle. 9. Cat - Second Layer: This step is pretty straightforward. After everything has dried up, second layer of white on the cat. Remember to use the smaller brushes for the more detailed bits. You can really start to see the painting coming to life. 10. Details - Second Layer: As I said earlier, I'll make sense some white with the yellow. So I don't have to use a 100 layers. So I'm starting to realize that the eyes look a little creepy. So I'm going to modify them to look more cartoony. And by that, I mean, I'll make them the shape of a semicircle. Yeah, that's much better. Next, using the liner brush, we'll do the nose, mouth, and ears with a pastel shades of pink obtained by adding just a pinch of red to white. Start by tracing the bridge of the nose from the inside corners of the eyes and unite them at the nodes. Make a little upside down triangle for nulls. And then the paltry little mouth. And finally paint the inside of the ears. Next, add a dash of black to the pink and trace the contours of the front paws. After that, add more black to the pink and paint the nostrils. And the back pulse. Now I'm going to trace the spot pattern of my beloved queen with some black paint. Then using the small Hilbert, I'm gonna fill in that tail. And the spots. At the edge of the spots, I left a little white contour to give them some more contrast against the background. Thank the pupils with the liner. Cover, any imperfections around the nose, dry everything applied to wine dots for the highlights of the ice. This small detail will really bring them to life. To keep in line with the likeness of my kidneys for I'll paint some white hairs on the tail. And on the spots. Faint over the edge of the black spots with the white to make it look a bit fuzzy. Next, I'll trace the ear hairs and the whiskers to make the line steady. Your hand from the elbow, not the rest of the shaft of the umbrella. Awesome. Shine with a little bit of white. Here. I'm just making some small corrections to the Umbrella handle. Finally, and with the same blue at some tips to the ribs of the umbrella. Okay. Cap your paints and leave everything to dry. 11. Hearts - First Layer: So I'm going to move the cardboard up a bit and take the top strip of tape off so I can paint the rain aparts. T-shirt sticks to the cardboard, don't worry, it's perfectly normal. This is why you must have something made of plastic like my scotch tape over the cardboard to prevent it from sticking to the t-shirt. If you're a cardboard is bigger than mine, you can skip this part. Secure everything back in place, and start tracing where the hearts will be with the white chalk pencil. Draw them above and on the sides of the umbrella to make them look like rain. Then with the red paint and the small round tip brush start filling in half of the hearts in a scattered pattern. It can also feign some hearts on the canopy of the umbrella. After they have dried, take a generous amount of white, mixed it with some red and paint in the rest of the hearts. Thank the ones that have reached the ground on their sites. Ok, we are almost done. 12. Hearts - Second Layer: For the final step of the painting, I'll just add a second layer of red hearts. And I'll leave the pink ones as they are because the paint is opaque enough. Ok. Leave everything to dry completely and prepared to hit set that t-shirt. 13. Ironing: Take everything out, the clips, the tape and the cardboard. Turned a t-shirt inside out. Minimal damage. Place it at the back side facing up and clean land from it. Then take the Iron, set it to cotton and iron that t-shirt for two to three minutes. Enjoy your personalized handmade T-Shirt. 14. Thank You!: Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you enjoy painting this t-shirt as much as I did. I hope to see your works in the project section and would love to read your feedback or answer any questions in the comments. Also, if you enjoyed this video, check out my other classes and give me a follow to be notified when I post any nuance. Bye for now.