Acrylic Painting- Learn to paint beautiful Sunflowers using Acrylic Paints- Easy painting techniques | Meenakshi Muthuraman | Skillshare

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Acrylic Painting- Learn to paint beautiful Sunflowers using Acrylic Paints- Easy painting techniques

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Materials Required


    • 3.

      Learning the Basic Brush Strokes


    • 4.

      Observing the Reference Photo


    • 5.

      Transferring the design to the Canvas Board


    • 6.

      Painting the Background


    • 7.

      Painting the Base Layer


    • 8.

      Painting the Shadows


    • 9.

      Painting the Center


    • 10.

      Painting the Leaves


    • 11.

      Floral Wreath Part 1


    • 12.

      Floral Wreath Part 2


    • 13.

      Class Project


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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to paint beautiful Sunflowers using Acrylic colors. This is a semi-realistic painting class, because it is not exactly like a real sunflower. But, I've explained a fun and an easy way of painting Sunflowers. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to begin his/her journey in acrylics and also for those who knows the basics, but want to experiment more. Acrylics might seem challenging, since it dries too fast. But, it just takes a little bit of practice. That's it!

In the class,

  1. I start off with the supplies you'll need and then I'll teach you some basic brush strokes;
  2. Then, I explain you how to choose the right colors using a reference photo.
  3. Then I'll be teaching you how to transfer the design to the canvas.
  4. After that, we will paint a Sunflower using our reference.
  5. Finally, I'll teach you a fun way of experimenting the techniques  by showing you how to paint a Sunflower floral wreath. (I included this project to teach you to paint sunflowers in all angles.)

When you're done watching the class, you'll be able to able to paint Sunflowers based on your own reference photo. This is absolutely a fun class!


  • Canvas Board (size 9*12 inches) [But any surface would be fine- Acrylic painting paper, wood ]
  • Paints (Scroll down for colors)[I used Camlin Kokuyo acrylic paints. You can use any good brand]
  • Painting brushes
  • Waste cloth 
  • Water Jar
  • Palette

Canvas Board- 9*12 inches

Colors for the Background:

  • Sky Blue
  • White

Colors for Sunflower:

  • Lemon Yellow
  • Permanent Yellow Deep
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Umber
  • Burnt Sienna
  • White

Colors for the Leaves:

  • Sap Green
  • Olive Green
  • Permanent Green Light

Paint Brushes

  • Detail Brush
  • Round Brush - 10, 12
  • Filbert Brush - 18

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. I welcome you all to my last. My name's Meenakshi and I am an artist and a teacher, and all my works would have something to do with nature. Well, nature's my inspiration. I trained a lot of birds and flowers. If you are interested in my work, check our bridge. Ah, work with oils and an actor licks, but im so obsessed with actually mix in this class, I'll be teaching you how to paint some flowers. Some flowers are trendy, colorful and also easy to paint in the first part of the loss of be teaching you to paint this large sunflower and in the second part will be teaching you to paint a total read. This class is broken down into several parts for you to understand, and I'll be teaching you right from the basics, like how to choose the colors and how to design your palate. This is gonna be absolutely a fun class. I'll be teaching you to paint the basic brushstrokes. Following that, we'll be learning to paint the sunflower step by step. If you are new to actual legs and want to try. This new medium in this class is for you and with classes. Also for people who knows the basics. But what extra? So what are we waiting for? Let's get started. I'll see in the class, but by 2. Materials Required: Let's know, see the requirements for the class. First of all, you need account this boat horn acrylic painting paper the size amusing as nine by 12. Candace scored. You need pure on brushes to paint the flowers on. You'll also need a detail brush. You'll also need a thing she to trace out your design. You can use a bottle paper for this regarding the pains. Amusing camel actually creams, but you can use any good brand on for the colors are using few shades off. No to paint flowers on world number two Pain Center part few shades of cream to paint the leaves. You'll also need a few pencils to help you draw the outline and finally need a job off water to clean your precious. That's all regarding the requirements. Just a recap seemed annexation by 3. Learning the Basic Brush Strokes: Now let's learn the basic brush strokes and for this catcher palette, ready lemon yellow and permanent. Elodie, Dip your brush in a water jar and drain off excess water. And for this amusing around rush number 12 I'm fully loading my brush with lemon yellow and adding a little bit off form and Elodie to the tip, and I'm going to just apply pressure and release it. And when we do this, we get a nice double shade. Maids don't have big or how small you are just on flubber. You can still up or scale down your brush size. You might know people affected. If you are a beginner, just practice it again and again. You don't have to be perfect about the shape. Just go with it instead, off using two colors at the same time. You can use lemon and first and followed by that you can use opponent Tello Deep. As you can see, I'm not washing my Russian between. I'm just using the same brush. This technical simple and very easy. Even if you are you to actor licks, you can still do this. It's very simple. So that's it. I'll see in the next listen, but by 4. Observing the Reference Photo: Now let's talk about our reference like how to choose colors and more kind of angles and all that. So this is our reference photos Short. By keeping the camera below the sunflower, we cut all the greens and have one leader sound slumber. For a reference, you can find the reference below the review. Now let's see the steps in Morgan painting the sun. The first step is to transfer the design to the canvas, and then we'll be painting the background, followed by painting the base layer. And then comes the fun part, painting the shadows in the highlights at last week. Finish off by painting the greens before all these things have gotten. Know how to choose the right colors for son's lover. So as an old reto will be a great pain. Two layers one base layer on one layer for the shadows. For the basically, I will be using the light of shades like Oh, Dinello and lemon Yellow on the shadow layer would have dark tones life in local cadmium red on. So this is a place that are painting is gonna get a realistic look and for the center will be using burnt umber any loca you can also add lacto this. That's it. I'll see the next listen that will transform the design to the countless by 5. Transferring the design to the Canvas Board: Now let's see how to transfer the design to the canvas. It is a very easy three step process and I'll explain new step by step. Before that. Make sure you have your reference. If you don't have, you can find it below the video. Here comes the first step. And for this you need a thin sheet like tracing paper or about a paper. I'm using a normal drawing pencil to trace out the design. Once you complete, this will go to the next step. The next death is a fund step. Turn the tracing paper upside down and global using a normal pencil, you don't have to scribble the entire paper. But one lee on the parts where you have the design. After you complete the step, go to the final stage off transferring the design to the canvas. For this, take a canvass board. Position the tracing paper correctly using a pencil draw over the design. Rather, you apply pressure. You are going to have prints on the canvas. Do this for then die flower. - I'm done Time to take the tracing paper out. Regard it. I'll see in the next lesson. Goodbye 6. Painting the Background: Now let's paint the background. And for this I'll be using two colors white and sky blue, undoubtedly applying the paint on the canvas. So I'm adding sky blue. Now. You can also use a palette and then transfer your paint to the canvas. But I usually pain background using this technique. I'm using Phil Blood Rush number 18 to paint the background, but you can use any brush. It is just for filling the space, you know, find any shoes painting the background. It is a use ist part in painting one lee shoes that actual X drive fast. So you have to speed up your painting process way are done painting the background. I've seen the next session goodbye. 7. Painting the Base Layer: as we have discussed already for the Baisley will be using three colors lemon and low permanent ello deep on a loca. So get your palate ready. And for this I'll be using round rash number 12 before your load your brush with paint. Make sure your brush has a little bit off water content. Right now. I'm using one the lemonade. Gently apply pressure on Release it. Pain the complete petal after this, um, adding a little bit off deep Hello Instead, off painting this way, you can also load your brush with two colors at the same time. Finish one pedal and go to the next. Similarly, paint all the petals you need, not audio, sunflowers noted. Attracted. Real magic comes when you paint the next layer. If you want to paint a big sunflower than you can scale up your brush size, you can also add a loca then and that why you think it is necessary. Once you complete the base layer, wait till it drive and then go to the next layer. I'll see in the next lesson, but by 8. Painting the Shadows: Welcome back. Love pain. The second layer. We'll use three colors again. Burnt umber permanent Elodie on a loca. It is a three step process, and I'll be explaining each step in the day. Get around rushes and your palate ready so we'll get started. Dip your brush in a water jar and drain off excess water for the fall step. I'll be using a loca on a little bit off. Bon Tambor I'm using around Rush number 10 on. This will be a first step. Just give the outline. On the next step, I'll be using a dry brush to blend it. If you have troubling blending, try adding some more water. Similarly on painting all the petals. I'm no changing the brush for blending. That's it. It's very simple. Before getting started, understanding basics off what you want to paint the shadows. Shadows will fall when the two metals meet the better, which is behind. The 1st 1 will have shadow. I'm still no Come to my birthday. I'm just doing the 1st 2 steps again and again. No, I'll show you a little step, and for this I'll be using a line. A brush makes the do Carlos for Mantello Deep Loca on UM, adding details just here. And that gives few strokes. If you think you need a darker shade, you can also add burnt umber. - Increase the intensity by hiding burned number. So these are the three basic steps to create shadows in the fall. Step re added. A loca on formed and tell Adi on just gave outline on using a dry brush. We blended it, and in the total step, we are the details and increased intensity. Repeat the steps again and again. Take one pedal at the time. This is indeed a time consuming process, but trust me, it's worth it. There's no till that battle in our reference, but I won't teach you one for this load. Your brush with white paint faint over one side of the battle. After this loja brush with burnt umber and paint below the white girl, you said Dr Rush to blend it at last. Increase the intensity by adding more bullet number. So that's how we pain for a tilted petal. Once you're done painting the sunflower, give your flower natural look by giving little strokes. Using for Mantello deep on a loca way are almost done. I'll see the next lesson. Rival pain. The center part of the flower Goodbye 9. Painting the Center : Let's pain the same Tendo. I have added burned number to my canvas directly on. I'm using a round brush with You can see that our reference at the docks in the pot, and that's why I'm using bones number. They also use phone Fianna. Use a line of garage to give the D days. If you have any doubts regarding this class, you can always contact me. Actually, really. The pain and the drink is to have the right rushes. It takes a little bit off time to do this, but it is important to have the perfect finishing. We are done with maize. It's time to add additional layers, and for this I'll be using two colors. Loca on Bond. Yana do this. I'll be adding a little bit off water. Just a few drops off water will do and mix well. If you think the water content, it's more you can add a little bit off pain. You saw kind of the brush to do the days, and I'm using a local first. Just grab it on the kind of this. Get some paint and capital. Candace, that's it. Very simple. Make covering right now. We got the string structure on the move towards the centre as they moved us a cent on reducing the size of the dots. When you apply a lot of pressure, you're going to get a large dog on. When you apply just a little pressure, you're going to get small daughters on a matter. The honor of the ages do the same technique as evidence for I'm adding a little goes in is that you can also add black the center. But I'm just vomiting black for no yeah, almost done. I'll see in the next session that will be painting, believes but by 10. Painting the Leaves: Finally, let's pain the leaves and finish off this painting. Use a wide charcoal pencil to draw out lying. I'm not gonna make this ponsi justice stand on Dewey's first. I'll be using stock green. I'm radically applying the paint on the canvas, but you can also use a pallet in the entrance for the color. You see number 12 round brush to paint this, but you can use any brush. It's just fulfilling this base on top. I'll be using a lot of green to clear the shadows. Let's pain the step. I'm using all of dream. It's because behind the petals you have shadows. No, I'm going with a dream all the green again. You can also try using every green burning green lies it all great chains for leaves. But I'm just going with this. I don't want to make it fancy. One more layer off stop and also a little bit off. All agree way almost down the next Listen, I'll show you how to faint. A total greed, of course, off sunflowers. One reason I included the floating Greek project in my classes that I will teach you how to paint some flowers of different angles. Thing is going to be a fun project on seeing the next listen, but by 11. Floral Wreath Part 1: Let's paint a floral wreath low and this is a preview or what we're going to paint. Let's get started. First step is to draw the outline. I'm drawing the diamond shape using a ruler and a normal drawing. Pinson. I'm usual obeyed, but they visit Kyoto. - I'm using the paper. They finally put three sides, leaving one side empty. Use a normal attention to draw the outline. You need not give completely days, but just draw the basic shape. Don't give out line too thick. Just for your reference, make it as light as possible. Using eraser to raise off the line is just for your evidence. That's it. The next step is to paint the sun lovers and for this will be using two colors golden yellow and lemon yellow. I'm dipping a brush in water on drain off Texas water. Amusing number. $10. Rush unloading my brush with the Lord off lemon and low and a little bit off holding alone . Apply pressure and release it. Do the same again and again then, and I can change the color by adding a little bit more off. Coordinate you want because you can feel of your brush size. - We are done with the first lover. Similarly, paint all the sons love us. No. One painting a sunflower candle repainting the copper shape. For this, I'm adding one whole. Natal figures before the bottom completely painting it with a mixture or lemon and low on golden yellow. Use the same technique and paint all the some plumbers. Whenever you feel your brushes to dry can add a little bit off water to it. - I'm painting another full bloom lover. - This would be our final lover, this level so you have to paint two layers for this. Finally, um, adding more lemon yellow to the body. We are done with the first layer and for the second layer will regarding shadows to the sunflowers. And for this will be using two colors golden, yellow and orange. I'm using a detail brush to do this. Create shadows behind gradually blended. Using lemon yellow. - We go to the next love off, rewarded negotiate, and you can add a bit more ordinance to go Danelo and landed you seeing normal lemon yellow and golden your body. If you mess it up, you can always got into it. This takes a little bit of practice printing a larger sunflower cc. But when you're playing a smaller one, it is really a big challenge. I'm adding lemon. Alona, go to the next lover, use the same technique. Gray shadows valuable to petals. Meat. Similarly, paint all the flowers. So I've seen the next lesson. Violence saying the greens and the center part. But by 12. Floral Wreath Part 2: Let's no pain the center. And for this I will be using a deer food brush and the column using is about. Yana can also use bond number. If you don't have to brush, something can use a normal around rush. It's just for fitting this face. - I'm using a line of rush to give the final details. That's it. Well, not the final layoff fainting off sunflowers. And for this amusing balls, Yana Onda beaded brush rather well. You think you need shadows? Used Montana, Just like I told you earlier. I'm using a line of brush, and I will also be using a dry brush to blend the colors. It is just like we painted the last son level in a previous loss. It is just the same technique. Similarly, paint or the lovers are no be showing you, all of them. I don't make my class too long. That's why nothing before the flowers. But it is just the same technique. If you have any doubt, you can always be free to contact me. That's not the greens. And for this I'll be using number 10 round brush, and the color I'm using is a mixture off dark green, and you can also use the course screen. If you have this part, needs a little bit of patients and control. It just takes a little bit off practice. And after that you master the art of painting leaves. I wanted to give a dark shade off into my leave so that distracted body it is after you to choose the Carlos. You can also choose light shades like burning green light and leave. Gleanings of giant is up to you to paint the small stems. I'm using Aditi and rush for the small leaves. Amusing dark green and the paint amusing is liquid acrylics. If you don't have the redacted Mexican die, you paint with water. I'm not applying too much pressure. I'm just touching my canvas. So the suppose if shot, you can now see that I'm just touching my Candice. I'm not applying too much pressure, and the trick is to completely load your brush with paint. You don't have to be an advanced athletic painting artist to paint all this. Even if you are a big enough, you can still do this so perfectly. This is the best part of painting the floor agreed I love this. So from the gaps were painting a lot off leaves come up with your own ideas. Just feel free. - I just believe that God with Lord of Peace, - I'm using the same technique to paint these little cute leaves. - So that's it. Just one more step to complete this class painting the highlights for the lease for this I'll be using line are not doing too much. Justin is a bit off highlights. Wait Time to remove the tape. You have to be ready capital by moving the date. Do it slowly. Finally, regard it have also made a circular floated Greece using the same technique. Try to limit your own ideas I'll see in the class project session by. 13. Class Project: way have gone to the end. We enjoy the class we learned drive from the basics like Dr Paints on clothes You through a reference for dough. I have also talked a few tips and techniques to improve your painting skills. Way also love you. Fund projects like painting a total greed. No, let's talk about your class project. Your class project will be applied The things we have learned on the paintings you can drive painting a cycle total basket or the floating weed. What a flower waas give Russian because they just explore your own ideas. Do not forget to post your projects. I would love to see them, but by