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Your Handlettering + Woodburning = Custom Cheese Board

teacher avatar Cassie Brenn, Creative Person

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Introduction


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    • 3.

      Design Your Custom Cheese Board


    • 4.

      Practice Wood Burning Techniques


    • 5.

      Final Project


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      Bonus Project


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About This Class

Turn your hand lettering into something beautiful for your home.  

In this class I will show you how to take a plain wooden cutting board and turn it into a custom cheese board.  

You'll learn how to use a wood burning tool to create a handlettered look.  

The results will be a custom cheese board you'll be proud to display at your next get together or to give as a gift.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Cassie Brenn

Creative Person



Start a Creative Project Today!

I want to help you be more creative every day.  Whether that's through starting a daily art challenge, learning a new craft, or taking a deep look into creativity, you'll find a class here that will inspire you.  

The creative process is my passion.  I learn about it everyday so that I can share the information with you!  

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NOTE:  As of 11/16/2019 I will no longer be posting new classes on Skillshare.  They have closed 6 out of 9 of my classes for not meeting their minimum A/V standards.  I could spend hours re-recording those classes or I can spend that t... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: turn your hand lettering into something beautiful for your home. In this class, you'll learn how to use a wood burning tool to create a one of a kind cheese board that you'll be proud to display in your home or give us a gift enrolled today and let's get started. 2. Materials: Here's what you'll need for the project. You'll need some paper for designs and your favorite designing tools. You'll need a wood burning tool like this one from Walnut Hollow. It comes with several tips. I used the calligraphy tip and this shading tip. You'll need a piece of scrap wood to practice your techniques, and you'll need a cutting board for your final project. This one is bamboo, that's it. So let's get started. 3. Design Your Custom Cheese Board: for this project. I wanted to make a cheese board that I could use when friends come over. I started by creating a mood board on Pinterest. I included images of other cheese boards, but also some fund quotes and design elements that I liked. I wanted to be inspired to come up with my own design ideas. I really like the playfulness of the quotes and the cartoon. I like the reef is a design element, and I like the way some of the designs work with the cheese itself. I think I'll be using these elements in my design. Once you filled your head with lots of design ideas, it's time to thumb now, a few sketches here. I played around with some different elements different ways of laying out and different wording. So I decided I wanted to use, um, one of these play on words using Brea. So this is the idea that I wanted to work with. I decided to put a read shape, and instead of Brie mine, I'm gonna use Bree happy. Then this gives a nice space toe, actually put debris and also be able to still read and see the design So once I decided on a design, I measured out the space I had used of a circle tool and my favorite pens and pencils to mark out the design. Now I'll transfer it to my board. An easy way to transfer your design is to work on the back of your paper and leave a heavy line of graphite just color in the whole area. Make sure that you cover all of your design elements, man. Position it right side up on your board where you want your design. Now you can trace the design and it will leave a transfer on your board. Of course, if you have a carbon paper or another favorite method of transferring it, go ahead and use that. But this is what I'm gonna use. Don't worry about being to exact when you use the wood burning tool, we're going to cover those lines. And then after we finish burning, we're gonna erase any pencil lines that are left. But you can see mostly. Did I have a light line here that I can follow what I'm or burning. And if it's not dark enough for you to see, you can always come in and fill it in with your pencil 4. Practice Wood Burning Techniques: okay, Before we get started, we're going to practice on a piece of spare. Would we're going to use are wood burner from Walnut Hollow with a calligraphy tip. Always remember to keep safety in mind. Hold the pen by the plastic and the rubber handle never touched the metal. It's very, very hot. All the pieces of the metal get hot, so just like when we use a calligraphy pen, we're going to do thin and thick thin up Strug's thick down strokes. So hold your your wood burner like you would a pen. Of course, it's gonna act a little different that the nip of the wood burner is not flexible like a calligraphy pen. But you can still get nice, then strokes and thick strokes, - and you can go back over any section, make the fix a little thicker, clean up the lines, so give this a try. Practice. Get comfortable with it, and then we'll move on to the cheese board 5. Final Project : Okay, now I have my cheese board. I've practiced and warmed up, so I'm ready to go. But first, let me share one tip with you. Tape your stand to your work surface Now it won't move or fall over while you work. When you're finished with your design, don't forget this tool is very hot. Let it cool completely before you change the test. Now I'm going to make the reef using the flat shading tip on our cheese board to do the leaves. All you do is add the shading tip and press down rocket a little bit and you'll get a nice leaf image. And there you have it erased. Any stray pencil marks. And you can treat your cutting board with mineral oil. Thank you. And I hope you enjoyed this class. 6. Bonus Project: your project is done or is it? Flip over your board, and now you have the opportunity to create another project. This time I'm going to create a monoline letter in quote using the flow point. This will give you a similar look to using a Sharpie or a paint marker. Follow the same steps is before decide on your design and transfer it to your board with the flow tip. You want to hold it upright and then just draw your letters like you're using a marker. Just remember, go slow and even. Okay, here's the part where I go really fast and that's it. My new cheese board is done.