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Your Guide Into the World of Illustration.

teacher avatar Olga Hashim, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      How to Get Started as a Professional Illustrator.


    • 3.

      How to Create Your First Portfolio


    • 4.

      How to Find Your Illustration Style


    • 5.

      Experimenting With Style.


    • 6.

      Choosing Your Drawing Media.


    • 7.

      How to Find Inspiration.


    • 8.

      How to Find Ideas in the Ordinary.


    • 9.

      Achieve Fluidity in Your Illustrations.


    • 10.

      Composition Tips That Hit the Spot.


    • 11.

      Illustration Mistakes.


    • 12.

      Communication With a Client.


    • 13.

      Receiving Feedback.


    • 14.

      Final Thoughts.


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About This Class

This class is all about how to get you started as a professional illustrator. 

I based it on the knowledge I’ve collected over the years of working as a full-time freelance illustrator. Today I’m sharing it with you!

This class answers the most common questions beginner illustrators face.

It’s all in here! From creating your first portfolio and finding your style, to tips on communicating with a client.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to get started as an illustrator.
  • How to create your first illustration portfolio and what to include in it.
  • How to find your illustration style.
  • What media to work with.
  • How to communicate with a client.
  • How to improve your drawing skills and achieve fluidity in your work.
  • Is receiving feedback as scary as it seems?
  • Illustration mistakes to avoid.
  • Top-notch composition tips.
  • How to find inspiration & fresh ideas for your illustrations.

This class is designed for beginner illustrators who want to jump start their illustration career.

Class requirements:

  • Knowledge of a graphic design program of your choice or being familiar/skilled with traditional media.
  • Drawing skills.

Useful resources:


  1. Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff They Don't Teach You in Design School, But Should by Michael Janda
  2. Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines
  3. Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators by Tad Crawford 

You can find me here:



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Hashim

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


Hi! I’m Olga Hashim.

I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Houston, TX. Besides lovin’ illustration, graphic design and art I also enjoy yoga, healthy lifestyle and mindfulness. 

Let’s stay connected!

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my illustration work, sketches, before&after images and much more. Don’t forget to mention me if you share your project from my class on your IG. It makes me happy when you do!


I also have a YouTube channel where I share useful stuff for illustrators and designers such as book reviews, tools that I use for my creative workflow and fun speed up videos showcasing my illustrat... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction.: Hello, Goodman and all the Hoshin and MF full damages judgment with no background in Beijing and graphic design. If I was to describe myself, I'd see that reside somewhere in between, all really steep and stylized. I also enjoyed inclusion backgrounds into my illustrations. I think they're attaches mystery. I create hundreds of illustrations every year, both commercial and personal. I learned everything about how to actually be a professional negotiator all by myself without hitting any Mencius or friends in his field who I would reach out. Today, I will be sharing with you a wide spectrum of lessons, ranging from my favorite composition tricks on communication. I will be talking about how you can get started as a professional illustrator. How to create your first portfolio, how to find your illustration style isn't a gate to work in different styles, to communicate with the client what the distribution mistakes to avoid, keeps on compensation and much more. I will also provide you with an amazing resources that will serve you as fantastic tools is you are making your way through the world of illustration. This glass is suitable for everyone who enjoys illustration and wants to become a professional illustrator. To follow along, you will require a knowledge of a graphic design program of your choice and some drawing skills. If you don't work with digital tools just yet, it is, absolutely okay. This class is suitable for a traditional illustrators as well. I'm excited to get started. I hope you are as well. So without further ado, let's dive right into it. 2. How to Get Started as a Professional Illustrator.: Illustration is a fascinating field offering you many exciting opportunities. You can create illustrations for web and mobile. Go MAN, medicines, bring products and whatnot. But how to get started? Holland, you put yourself out there. This is the question I'm going to answer in this lesson. The first step of your journey is to create an online portfolio. It's important to have your own website where you will showcase your best work information about the administrator and finally your quantitative information that your future clients will use do reach out to you. Yes, you can't avoid heaven erupts. But believe me, you will score yourself some extra credit just by having your own professional page. Imagine a situation where you are looking for a service provider. You will feel much more confident to work with somebody who has their own web page with all of their information needs to write. Your plants will feel this surge of oxidants when debt have MFC, it gives you an extra credit and makes you look more professional. Rightfully, my LSAT is currently powered by weeks, but there are, I don't know if said building platforms available via Cuban. Overall, there are many options that you can choose, bro, according to your personal preferences. Don't forget about GI Bill and Instagram and all these platforms are major source of traffic and this is where you want to market yourself as an illustrator. Do not. They both are amazing in terms of promotion of your work. Just don't forget to link your website on there as well. Google and Instagram aren't the only two platforms where you can, from what you work. There is also Behance and interests. For example, Instagram and Dribble are my personal favorites, but I encourage you to try and promote yourself on other platforms as well to see what works best for you. This brings us to the next step, which is to create, obviously need some work to showcase on your brand new beautiful website, Instagram and don't delay the step saying that you will start tomorrow, and we're never cuts. Meanwhile, illustration requires daily breakfast and your foyer new Artworks, right? You might ask me, where do I start? What kind of illustrations should agree? Don't worry, we'll get to it very soon. One of the next lessons. There is no point in creating illustrations and the key condemn yourself. You'll ask boldly out there, you must share your work with the world in order for your future glance to find you share it on Dribble, Instagram, Pinterest, Behance. Share your sketches and your process really frequently and you will get Discovery. Sharing your processes and nice patch by the way, as everyone enjoys it. And as a result, it helps to attract audience and potential glance. When I was starting out as an illustrator, I made it a point to plus as frequently as equity in order to build that my audience. And breakfast. Every morning, I sit down in front of my computer with a couple of goals through my social media platforms, imagining that I was working on my marketing company, I'd update my left side bytes in some new work on their shirt on Instagram Pinterest. Remember that's small but consistent steps needed to be Greece out. Show your work and conditions we'll follow. So these were the steps that you should follow to get started as an illustrator. Remember that every goal you'll become a reality as long as you make steps towards it. And the steps in short-term creates a domino effect. And look in a chain of events that will help you to get where you want to be. But remember that it's not like these events are just happening to you while you are sitting still. Rather, you are making them heaven by continuously moving towards them step-by-step, bringing yourself closer to becoming a professional. 3. How to Create Your First Portfolio: As I said in the previous lesson, heading aware, rounded illustration, but whatever it is necessary for administrators, you may ask me, but what kind of history leveled and oh, wait, I haven't done so. Is it ok? What do they do? A lot of folks who wants to get into the industry had warned, get high. They don't have any commercial work showcase on their website. They bust form, putting themselves out, sound and feel confident because they think they don't have enough experience before the rate. How long can they forever to be ready? Profession is very subjective. Even seasoned acids not find their work perfect. So don't they? Yes, it can scary and intimidating. But it is the only way to get started. When looking for a stranger. Plants usually look for US Steel or style, which makes the visual epigenetic certiorari associations were important. Years of experience on hand. I understand how challenging me basic field to start. Hating students under your belt. But we all have to start, right? No one is born a skilled professional with their long beast of class. Remember to do your baby steps and find themselves. Should you have your, well, this number again, when a cloud looks at your bread for Hannah keener, understanding what style your work working and help us distant, you can stay in it. There is no particular rule on how many pieces you should have total, but it should be enough to highlight the actually blends I've just met. The more important thing. So remember, you can rate your RESTful, you're well and share their work you want to become mission for. It brings us to another very important question, which is, What kind of illustrations should you create for your first? Think of what your ideal conditions would be like? What would you like to focus on in your career? And you want to focus on but you don't have any actual shooting through your rent and looks for an artist to create a specific into your virtual ion-spinner. What they have in mind for exploiters, special permissions, askin degree, well, you guessed it. Fashion illustrations. That will get us industry. Greek cuisine for example. So instead of waiting or act directors would say something that is excellent in your virtual oil will end, actually illustrate whatever it is you want to get permission for their own instructors who focused on nutrition or one specific area, like food from my previous example. Restrain yourself to one subject as well. If you enjoy creating regular situations. But in this diverse portfolio, that's when he shows what you are capable of. This way you'll be able to score borders commissions. So the first exercise for this class, you'll be too great an illustration that you would allow me to be a fashion Orban or country landscape in animals or maybe Zika sexual. Directly into logic section of this class. I am excited to see what you create. 4. How to Find Your Illustration Style: The nice question that may be your streets, your space times. Which is important to understand that illustration style. Something beds or done. He takes try analogy for end up notions experimental and patients. And even when you think you already and you're actually practicing, it is changing and it will stop. At this point, you weren't drastic changes rapidly. It is suddenly bed as you work. That was done, let's say a year ago. It's going to be such satellites was last changes as, for example, a different color and a lady IS NOT drawing them UDL or a blank texture that he's goes on. But let's get into the nitty-gritty of how you actually find your illustration style. So still you have to set a goal that you want to find your illustration style. It is important to write it down. And often, this is where your subconscious comes into play and you'll help to blink. You either write erection, invisible hand. Next you should determine by me she wants to achieve these goals. This duty, you'll be different for everybody depends on where you are. With your illustration practice. For me, it was about five months from today. My goal is important and in levies and this one, I had already been working and extermination that different styles for awhile. I knew what I like, what I didn't really care for. Here, I want to stress that experimental plays a very important file on your journey of five-year style. It gives you a sense of where your preferences. So if you haven't done it yet after estimate for experimentation as well, I'm mentioning that is very easy to get overwhelmed with this goal of yours before arrogant man to break it into small but doable steps slash action, which you can easily blend into your schedule. This will give you some structure in clarity without getting or answer the following question. What do I need to find? My style? This is a tough one. I know. It is also different for everybody. I encourage you to read every action you should take that you'll bring your finding your style. Well, right down five. If you think you can't change yourself to write, Dante can do ten. Well, this guy, just hillshade and it'll change. Last you'll come up with good ideas. Via doesn't look all that hard. We'll examine some of the things I personally erode down, where two books about art and the illustration that inspire me, great, due every month, little scene or being consistent with my style will do. Try and worship experiment is collar. Brings us to the second and thanks for you. Write down your goal, will find your illustration style, cinco five class actions you can take that will bring you to achieve. Now go ahead and write them down somewhere. Unless your dynamited estimate, nothing happens without every little step. That may seem insignificant now actually brings you closer to the desired. So don't procrastinate. The sooner you start, the faster you will have your beautiful staff. During this process is also important to have a sensory image in your head. Oh, how you feel. When you finally have your style. You can, for example, think of a few, have fooled by gorgeous, consistent style. Feeding prints you. As I said previously, finding your spouse takes time. But it doesn't mean that you can't be an illustrator until it's perfectly normal to work in different styles, to painting or economic, profession and fun. Not dimension that helps you understand what Illustration approach gravitate towards. For example, I realized that I didn't want my style focus on release. But on the other hand, I didn't want to break it to extract or stylized. Let me define a style and it sees somewhere in the orbit looking at night, as you can see, dark proportions, I actually give them return to normal, which is more realistic cells. So I keep general proportions. All I understood and stylized character species, such as, for example, the faces, hands, and feet together, it makes my balance between realistic. And now, let's summarize this lesson. First, write down the goal, declaring that he wants to find your illustration style set. Make an east of action, which will help you to bring your goal. And don't forget to give us a sense of how good you'll feel to have your own distribution center. And the last thing to remember here is that whatever actions you should be mindful of, and remember to say well-being or others, as well as your own mind and stapled it. Isn't button. 5. Experimenting With Style.: Don't worry, I'm looking to you without any after old and goal setting. And let's get started. As I mentioned previously, it's important to experiment with different styles is you are socially or your own voice. As you move through this process, you will much like working in some cells, some styles for you. And all of this is great because this is what actually brings you closer to the desired outcome. Finding your own style, a ledger knee or finds in my illustration style, I experimental characters, body proportions. Trying to figure out I like to exaggerate. Or this one is a good example. Teahouse head company. I also used a very sizable ground, this one compliment that extracts figure in the foreground. I always liked simplified official features and I experimented with a, I can find them. You see what approach I prefer? There are many reschedule them even in a specialized manner during adolescence. And air status on these knock, one of my recommendations to you to try as many as you can as it is something that raise rather than defining your SPAP. Then I experimented more. I intentionally made it human bodies, ooh, bigger and even somewhat. Sometimes it was fun. It didn't stick though. This is another example. All shapes in this one are very stylized. And I had spent trying to figure this one. I wanted to make sure that the great peace, extra enough characters. I also tried a more realistic approach for Join Features. And this didn't see though, as you can guess, my, my second recommendation is to try and experiment with visor proportions. For example, you can make her legs and arms very long and while heading their heads or as an opposite. Arms and legs. And a long while keeping their heads small. You can make code or dorsal, very short. Make it you'll edit their rigs, are growing almost through their heads. Or you can dry and more realistic approach now in stores in any proportion central idea is to try as many different options as you can so you can get a feel of what approach you enjoy them lost, my next recommendation is to try using different dexterous and brushes. For your district. I love to use the heavy grainy texture in my illustrations for a long time. I still do, but I make it look more saddle while combining it with another texture. Dexterous can add additional fields as well as to make them more. So, try for yourself and see how you feel about it while on the journey of finding your style. On some day, you'll be all over the place. On Sundays, you will see interesting at particular approach and really enjoyed for some time. And on Sundays weren't to try something. I'm not gonna lie. It can get kind of frustrating at times being that you don't really want to wait for our style to develop. You want to try to weight right? On such a day. So it's important to remind yourself that everything big Stan, and stick to your plan. This is when it comes in handy by providing structure and support. I want to stress once again that it's important to show the world and update your portfolio frequently, even though you might not have a consistent illustration style just yet, it you'll see like chucked audience and potential. So make sure to do that. You will most likely get to work on projects where you will have to execute different styles. And it will help you bring you closer to finding your own life. Because as I mentioned earlier, this way you will get a better feel of what you gravitate towards. I recommended not to stress out over an old headedness foul, but instead of working, keep sharing and make small but important steps towards your goal everyday. 6. Choosing Your Drawing Media.: There is an infinite amount of media you can work with as an illustrator. Like Photoshop Illustrator or ROI for instance. Or it can be, for example, one color bacillus. Or there is no right or wrong here. It is absolutely up to you which programmable material to use. In the end, it all depends on what you personally gravitate towards. There. One thing to remember here is that when it comes to illustration, usually means fast turnaround. So if you are towards traditional media, I would choose a material dries up quickly because you will most likely need to scan your artwork to send it for a feedback or as an option, you can replace your physical essence and brushes with them so that you can find inside graphics programs as straighter, workshop and grow. Usage of digital tools helps you to be more efficient. And that of course, requires you to be white. If you haven't had an experience working in format just yet, it is most likely you'll take you longer to create a piece as an opposite all if you were creating it in traditional means that you are accustomed. It doesn't mean that you are bonded to traditional media forever. You can start to learning any rotor while continuing to work in traditional media. Once you feel like you are familiar enough with it, you can transition into the world of digital. I, myself work in both illustrator and Photoshop. And escape. I render my illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and then proceed by agent shadows and extra infomercial. So as you can see, you don't have to seek to just one program. Unless this is what you want. It's not going to strangers. One-shot sound has an exchanger and sand is broken. And some years old, it is up to you. Roll rate is awesome for working on the goal. But because it was an iPad, you can draw a basically from either be fresco is at Woodland tool for that purpose. If you are scheduled person is perfectly fine. Again, whatever you feel most comfortable and gravitate towards, it is important to enjoy the immediate future. It's always nice to be able to work. Was fellowship administrator, in his judgment, gives you an ability to Greek and the artwork that you can scale up to any possible size without getting, getting pixelated. Something that you get to do with rest and functional images. Well, for the show is great for working textures and all kinds of different brushes. It gives you more flexibility in this area. And then the last node, it's always nice to know your way around flesh. Even if you are a traditional artists. Often after you scan, your network, needs to be patched up or enhanced. Photoshop lets you play with virus adjustments that can help me to bring your illustration exactly where you want it to be. 7. How to Find Inspiration.: Now when you know a bit the entities in your wishes, what do I do? How they come up with ideas? Where do I find inspiration? I often here at Western commenced to expose yourself. Like for example, obesity, races or backing up your backpack. Glenda, exploring parks, or going hiking, either options. This is an excellent addresses because our brain requires novelty in order to help us do our best selves. So, yes, new experiences, however small or big, an important role for our creativity, may inspire new ideas. You will want to illustrate later. But here's some of us don't have that kind of lifestyle. I, for example, of work from home and hence stay at home for most of my time. My big repeated measures, grocery shopping. How do I find inspiration and ideas? This is what I'm want to talk to you about. What inspiration is for imagers. Files just show up and get to work your way around, flow that glass. And at Boulder leg, strike you. You are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process. They come out of the work itself. And this is true. Yes. Sometimes you experienced his drag of inspiration while just sitting around. But it doesn't happen often enough to keep you. On the other hand, when you work, you often get Soul evil Ross and she's like, well, inspiration, you don't want to stall Eurasia storage and you don't notice holiday time flies by. This is known as a flow state. To get into it must start working. It just as simple as that. Yes. Some days it will be harder on the others. Sometimes you'll be you'll have to push yourself, reminding yourself that there is no progress without reticent work, there is no magic recipe. Don't wait for inspiration, but created yourself. 8. How to Find Ideas in the Ordinary.: How do I find ideas in ordinary? As I mentioned previously, I don't go on adventures until I stay at home. Where from do I store all my ideas? My answer from the ordinary? Yes, there can be a great source of ideas. You'll just much dented. Surrounds nice day-to-day. But what if we don't? Let me give you a couple of examples. I go on a walk around my neighborhood. If I fall over in much the same rule, everytime, I see the same stuff over and over. Lunch. I was walking around this when I sold FI hydrogen. It was there all along, but I never really, unless they're great use for my next illustration. So I stopped. And I always liked fire hydrogens is accounting for some unknown reason and steal them. So I started thinking how Apple, as a result, was born. This is about how early blockers can actually be seen as feedstocks on their way to your success. Depends on your point of view. You can use them to regrow and continue your journey or you get joined BET. You're probably curious about my Moses. Well, I brainstorm all kinds of narratives that would happen around the hydrogen. For example, there could be something could happen or someone could play in the water. And I usually try to sketch as an anion and then membrane. So this is what happened. Ideas, well, I find that it's always somebody saw by Wait, wait, you say, but there is no actual fire hydrant in this illustration. And you are right to say so. I replaced it with their road blocker because it building to my concept better. But they initially by hydrogen was a great sort starter for me that led me to come up with this concept. Another example or being inspired by and enjoying the weather in my, Again, it's a variably nothing special, no raises sculpture store contents there. I was looking at the live comments Ulysses Diener fans. And I saw that I could draw. I sound like I'm trying to I felt they had this vascular fence as a background aid in making a struggle. So I decided to expand on this idea that somehow connected to search and exploration. As a result, this illustration was born. It's called IMC. There is no bicycle. So this was another example of how the ordinary can inspire you or be a great thoughts starter for a future concept. Here is a little time-lapse of what my typical brainstorming session for a personal project looks like. Basically, I do a lot of doodling until I arrive at that one idea I want to illustrate. This helps me to visualize my ideas a lot. I kind of throw it all on paper and see if there is anything interesting that I can develop into full blown illustration. My method of finding ideas requires some mental work. But again, I will wait for a mystical source of ideas to open up. Just like that. Well, I can wait forever. It works the same way does with inspiration. You put some work and don't get discouraged though if you build a clustered around the ordinary right away, I have bled to have pictures on my phone that I took thinking that I would incorporate them into my illustrations. But no, they just stay there on my phone. I delete those from time to time actually. So yes, this happens, but it's much more rewarding when he finally work your way to that level. And once it worse, all of their work you access for this lesson is to find the old joke. If you see every day and build a closet Duran. In fact, it doesn't have to be an old gen DLSR. Or for example, I created a series of illustrations based on my thought about how much more swiftly Aquafina. I, myself, don't forget to share your sketches for finished illustrations with me in the project section. So I can give you a sheet that I'm excited to see what you come up with. 9. Achieve Fluidity in Your Illustrations.: In this lesson, we'll be talking about how to achieve that. You'd lines to your illustrations so they don't look rigid or So, what's the name of a magic tool that helps answer sketch? Let's look into sketches. I am not only estimate first step in your process may also serve as a fantastic tool that can help you to improve your drawing skills tremendously. I'm talking about sketching for life. Such sketches should take you anywhere between one to ten minutes on is on practice to start to be that curricular sketches and then gradually increased dark. Let yourself spend over ten minutes. It can be very empty, but brief sketches are most beneficial. You can also practice 123. These are great because they not only but also force you to really concentrate on the process. Because the rest down you have Amish something, they're tempted. You. Get yourself distracted. We sketch to help you do Olson up maybe if I can say so. They push and eventually make you were what? Your end goal is, boldness, newness, and confidence starts to show up soon after. And then all of a sudden the last amount. And it will happen with enough practice. Of course, nothing happens without a sketch. The faster you brought us making Fi sketches per day is a good idea. But of course you can do one. Just imagine how many sketches you can do in an hour. You can sketch people, animals, inanimate objects, trees, birds, and so on. Basically. If you want to improve enjoin people who is better to focus on sketchy humans, I always recommend is escape from life. But if you don't have anybody Iran for you, you can do self portraits. For this. You just need em. Try different causes, change your alphas to make the process more harm. As of materials, it can be traditional media like Bessel and paper, charcoal or even watercolor. Or you can use brokerage like I do as a host Kitchen style. It is something that is completely up to you. You can be stylized or reading whatever feels right to, you know, restrictions. Here. I served with him towards a combinational boil because this year's needs with my current illustration style. I also want to mention that sketches don't need to be liberated at all while working that SX short back rain is important. Main features of an object you scale. Like for example, if you sketch a bigger, bigger alliance and for us, like legs, arms, dorsal and general position of providing. You don't have to go into detail and draw all five fingers on each hand. Via sketches, however, can be and should be more detail. If you have, let's say an hour or so for sketching, can do several. 1-2-3. That says time for five minutes and make a few of these and finally, finish with one or two. Then minus one. Here is Epicureans in their headphones. When did your family that you start to react pioneer sketches and you see this diamonds quite generous after making a bunch of 123. I mean as lines looking like no big deal in zone effect that diode you spend on your illustrations, watches your self join plaster. It's extra UK individually if you'd like. Don't seem to manage to draw anything. Don't get frustrated. And increased net type. For example, you can do file and then end feasting sketches. When you feel comfortable with these span law, change yourself with 123 million swans. Don't get too relaxed. Meal often get very dense up well, Xuan, because of such thoughts like, What if it doesn't come up with if I can do it no longer lag and so on, it inevitably contributes to stiffness in your work. So try to release the tension that you soft relax. Man started drawing. Don't worry if your sketches you awkward. You don't have to show them to. You. Look at them as your secret tool that helps us improve and just sketch. So remember, sketch what you want to draw, better. Sketch, set timeliness, and see yourself. 10. Composition Tips That Hit the Spot.: In this lesson, I'm going to share with you some tips that I use in my workflow. Planted the focal blank. I learned this much area along tangle from one of my first are school teachers repack. It is about how do doormen focal point, your composition? All you have to do is to draw lines, one from one corner of your artwork. And all. What, where is the center of your canvas from that center point? And then to the left. Well, one of the objects of your illustration, and it will help us better grasp and travel sewage. He's not one of those rule of some kind of seems. So it is not absolutely necessary at this school. But he is a subject for you at the mind or issue or just about a composition of a particular piece. This vignette, you get shades of grey as so-called. Yet FA will help tie your illustration together and focus on the action they invented. Arranged for a very long, very sound for instructions executing black values and more pronounced, or illustrations that have darker values. Or it'll be mindful, look do over larger, overlapping objects. One of the options to visually tie your composition together is to have a large object in your registration and then overlaps. Once. Let me give you a visual example. Imagine that we are building our position and we have objects here, and maybe here. Right now none of these objects has a way to interact with them together. Let's enlarge the circle behind them. The circle creates Ashland. Each smaller objects. Helping to. This makes a lot of difference. To better grasp this concept, let's look at how I implemented this Greek characters. They fired off a large object. I will remove it from my illustration. And now you can see that this iss started dual kind of scheduling because all the small details that don't have a way to interact with each other. This year. In the same way as it helps to tie her face hair. It sounds weird when I see if you'll make sense last I speak. Now this is interesting. As in light, England illustration acts in the same manner. See how the light is interacting with all three characters. Visually connecting them. Small and big objects tried to create some visual interest by combining small changes in your illustrations when all the elements of your piece are about the same sounds. Kind of boring. For example, in a small dog. In contrast, when they're on their left. In this situation, they are orange. Glow. Contrast. The screw Mendocino trick in most, if not all of my illustration. For example, here you can see barrel plant sitting on the floor between two large. Notice though that mirror is taller than the Euro. I wanted to point out that it's also important to make shifts a little smaller and a little larger in relation to each other. Each will add more appealing to your piece. For example, if I make the stool the same size starts to beat off gradually. Dan, a great dynamic in your illustrations by incorporating Engels piece. Let me give you an example. We can see white, yellow here. And angle is alive on the role in an opposite direction and trusting below angle and angle as well. And similar to the law created by the deal to support each other. It's an interesting trick, by the way, you can add in so-called supporting shapes into your illustration that each other's Dan. It enhances your actual Similar to excellent collared us. Back to our angles. Here, creates an angle contrasted. These Shadow creates an angle as well as the composition of the piece. It's important to mention that there is no master recipe for a perfect. Even those are. Composition is a lot about trying different oceans and angles, moving things around and making adjustments. The trips I showed you in this lesson are extremely helpful in this process and impact when implementing them into your work. So make sure to try. 11. Illustration Mistakes.: Let's look at the most common mistakes made so you can avoid them. Incorrect usage of volume contrast. Value conscious is basically the contrast between dark and light colors. When you use the same or very similar values to you, or it will fail to stand out even if its composition and once at the correct usage of Baal countries is very important as it can do wonders to your piece. So volume contrast, you can emphasize the key elements of your organization, as well as separate them from M and a more supportive role. I changed the values in a couple of my illustrations to give you some visual examples. Let's go through them as I talk you through what role value conscious plays in each one of them. In this is we have a very dark background that helps do emphasize a character in the foreground. Let's lower the value or the background color. Now, you can see it right away that the distribution of lost, its appeal. It started to look kind of scattered and our ISR wandering around it with no place to rest. It feels off. So this is an example of how you can direct and to force viewers attention using conscious value. In the specific conscious value is mainly used to emphasize light and shadow. I used it to create a sense of lifetime from behind the characters. They contrast with the background and cast long shadows, which in turn helps to create the illusion of bright light coming from over here. Let's now look at the example with incorrect usage of value conscious. See the difference. It looks less interest in now. It lost the dramatic contrast created by contrast and shadows. To take it even further, let's look at their pumpkins here. We can clearly see that they are linked up from the inside. Let's lower the volume of this one and see what happens. Notice the difference. This is an example of how you can create the illusion of fluoride in your piece using the above quantity, as well as to emphasize their characters and make your illustration look more dramatic. Here is another example of how you can use volume conscious to create the illusion of light. The character here is cheating on her balcony. When you look at your data, you will only see a significant conscious between moles and the outside world will always look much brighter than the walls inside of your rule. This is a great example of Bali unconscious in real life. If you want to improve your sense of value conscious, I recommend to pay close attention to light and shadows behave around you. Pay attention to little things like my previous example with walls and windows absorbed and then practice vengeance engines. It, glom. Objects are touching each other but do not overlap. Like this. It creates a visual discord. You'll have to watch out for them because they can easy rules your position. When you found at dendrite, or you make do shapes, overlap one another? Or you can run them apart depending on what looks better in your particular case. As super fix, that makes a big difference for an object's growing from your character's head. Well, it's funny, but an important one. Let's move the scepter over here for the visual examples. Doesn't it feel like integrals right from the depot head? That's right. Pay attention to such details to make sure that nothing feels like it. Put boundaries on dope off your character's head. It stills of composition and look. Just to experience. A fixed here would be to move an object in question to this site looks so much better now, cropping. You want to crop your character and have legs only partly visible in your industry. And you crop it like so right by her, out, wrong. At the joints. It just looks really bad. It looks much more appealing when you crop it like this. So remember, not cropping at elbows, ankles, or fingernails. I will add that disjoint under the resources for you to use as a visual guide. Illustration salad. It's very tempting to use all the different colors. Illustration, but it doesn't do any good. In effect, again, easily you make your piece look like a Garden salad with all the different bright colored veggies. When an illustration has rainy colors appears very scattered. It makes it hard for an AI to grasp what's going on in your piece and it can make your illustration on it. It's always a great idea to color bedded or monochromatic class. Just compare auctions lying next to another. You can difference. Be aware or these mistakes when illustrating and your pieces will look much more. Hess's at four pi. 12. Communication With a Client.: Communication is a big fire in your illustration career. It's not only important to be able to produce what is work, but also good communicator. What does it mean? Juries, judges, most of our communication happens via email. He's important to stay on your seat as a professional. In this lesson, I will show you My best practices that helps move it subject line if you are in your mail. So be sure to have a clear subject line. If you will help you and your plan you do, you will make it easier to later Stuart through emails and find the lambda not dimension death your land and you appreciated for exit, same reason. You never know how many emails, recipe after goals or wherever. And they clear subject else to stay organized through medicine. And example of a broader subject would be something like project X, route to project. Why loss? You get the idea. Be friendly and relaxed. Address people by name instead of just saying hello, say hello. For example, if it is a potential now to you, don't link it to him for you. It can be as simple as Thanks so much for original, or thank you for your email. It is awesome, nice. Startlingly, days gland, or hope your week is often in the beginning of your email. Being-ness, never write your emails professionally and ending to your email. And it can be something as simple as I look forward to a mixture of you or thanks so much and have a great day. Don't make your plans, gets explained everything beforehand when starting a project, and make sure to walk with them through your process. For example, I always give my glance null, I start a sketch. And then once the 2mm high-scale addresses to render in Adobe Illustrator. Once this ranging rod, assert texture, well show if it's needed. Here you can ask how many rounds of plan, how long does it take to finish? And I think it deals that are specific to your process. And it'll give you a clear idea of what to expect. And many natural worked out well because no one likes that certainty. Don't make your plants. For example, if you are sending your initials interested ranked, I'll round your ideas clearly in writing. Darkness your ground. Can you interpret what's going on in your illustration? Same. Indeed, a clear explanation goes along way. Not dimension that I lackey radius and explain why using the work best for this particular project. Even if what's going on is pretty obvious. Try to describe it in writing. It will instantly make it with a more professional lets you stands in. Each one sends an updated that land. After incorporating their feedback eastward, all adjustments you made is also a good idea to include your professional. They update illustration. You can mention, for example, if using that word or maybe you think it's a better just to try something else or move it to the previous version. In the last case scenario described her why using dates work for these particular each. So don't just so back images to your client. Community gate. Ask questions. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them. If you needed to clarify something about the project, go-ahead. And it's always domestic portion to gather as much information as you get older to successfully complete your assignment. It will save you a lot of time down their old. There's absolutely nothing wrong in asking questions. So don't be afraid to double-check everything. Rare, sending an email sketch, or a coffee to nutrition to your plan. Make sure to double-check everything. Just barely. Makes sure everything that needs to be in your association is aligned. Nothing is missing and your clients request our address is always better to double-check, send it off to only find out major that you miss the time. You obviously are not machines and every now and then, but we can still do everything in our power to prevent your files is important to name your house. It can be ending of your assignment or Roger and round number. If you are not only you're working on a project, it's a good idea to also include your name into the, remember that you want to make a life of those who work with you. And not more complicated, it will be much easier to read. Like let's say roject x second Jiang As an opposite, or if it was just a random things did. So metonym is unimportant. Dash digital help you to see that by loss of unnecessary confusion down their old. You don't want to push yourself and your land deposition where you have to spend extra that socialism files and emails figuring out once will never know. Raj, steel glass, Portland. So organize everything that you get on your end. Your client will receive your project. You will also thank yourself when all your files organized on your computer, instead of having a bunch of final knew sitting on your desktop, reply to your email regarding your emails in a timely manner. Don't make a gland guess was going on with the project on your side, if, for example, your land, us in a good few adjustments, you can email them. How much time it will take you to our own niche. And when you get back the PICC lines request for you, it is not necessary to see the data. But all I said, whoops. The timeframe will be especially pressing deadline. Even if a deadline is not a good thing to read, they're not dimension that will make you look more professional as well. But progress. It doesn't mean that you have to answer emails at 05:00 AM or evening, establish your business hours and then will email us. And yes, there might be when you have bool and extra work. But it's best to answer you. Established hours. You can always let you plan what they don't forget dimension, zone. So there however, when as well. When writing an email, remember to have a clear subject line. Be friendly and black people by their needs. How important these sirens explain your process to describe what's going on in your sketches, even when it's obvious. When sending end of day, you mentioned what? You may ask questions, that budget ever and I mean, every menu or files, reply to your emails, timely manner. 13. Receiving Feedback.: Well, then one can do choose candidate. Let's look into the subject of feedback and find out if it is as scary as it may seem. A lot of the beginner illustrators or draining to receive a negative feedback to the point where they can't pass by humans such simple step as sharing their work on Instagram. But as a matter of fact, feedback is just a tidbit. It refers to your artwork specifically end not to you as a person. Feedback is something that can help you to improve your work. And as a result, to become a better illustrator. I don't look at the hit back as something that first of all, has a high potential or bringing my artwork to the next level. Often when we look at our work for a long period of time, are as gets accustomed to it that simply aren't able to see what can be improved, as well as somebody who sees it for the first time. Often, epidemics suggested by your peers or an art director can make your artwork shine and stand out even more. I recommend to welcome feedback rather than fewer bugs when receiving it or avoid it receiving it whatsoever. I understand however, how the subject of feedback may be scary. When you are at the beginning of your career. It is understandable that you may feel that your client may not like you work well. They chose you out of so many others for their project, which means that they already like the work you bridge. It is important to remember that because it is something that can encourage and mitigation as well as help all those fears. In. Another great thing about feedback is that it can widen as well as your perspective. What do I mean by that? We often look at things through our own lenses and filters. When somebody gives you feedback, let's say about your class that they bring to the table. And he like it is precious because it widens your Olin Vision API every time you are open to receive the new Soul, it creates the possibility of something. Unless well being your own books in your and it has an impact on the final work on other scenarios where a gland just lost your work and doesn't request any revisions whatsoever? Yes, in Iraq. And lastly, feels great. As much as I appreciate feedback. It always feels nice to know that work this lot and your efforts are acknowledged. Here. I want to notice that it doesn't mean that a client requested revision. It means that something is wrong with your, your revisions are normal in the world of illustration, I would even say that it's a, it's a part of the process. It is also important to remember that your client has a specific goal in mind. Then they want to be conveyed via your h. So it is very important to them and to understand what their goals are. When you listen carefully, it will put you in alignment with your client and their goals. The result in a successful project and of possible requested. 14. Final Thoughts.: So this is it for today's class guys. While you've learned the MLF today, there's also will sample the key points of the glass to refresh your memory and make sure they're all set. Then more than Joel, the faster you progress. So make sure to set some time aside for illustrating every day. Even 13 means cons, create an elaborate foil. It will make you feel and look more professional. Arrivals. Show your work, do good discovery. You can use dribble, Instagram, Behance, or any other social media platform of your choice, experiment with different status. This is how you will gain quantitative approach, your briefer, and eventually you'll be able to find your own illustration style. Inspiration comes through work. Don't wait around for it just to get to the join table. Sketch often do improve your skills. Be friendly, polite, and reply to your emails and Diane when communicating class, it will help you to leave the best impression. Don't be afraid to receive feedback. Rather, welcoming feedback helps you grow. I really hope this class was helpful and they had to have enjoyed following yellow. Be sure to Chicago the class description and the resources to find additional materials that I found very useful and higher. You go through. Also, if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask away by creating a discussion under this glass. And I will get back to everyone. Don't forget to show your growers in his class exercises and projects section. I'm really excited to see what all you and I will be more than happy to give you my feedback as well. You'll finish account my other classes here on skill share to learn even more cool stuff. You can also visit my Instagram at all and you see what I'm up to these days. Thank you so much for watching guys. See you in my next class.