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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      10 Top Benefits of YouTube


    • 2.

      Kickstart your YouTube Channel


    • 3.

      Your Story


    • 4.

      Riding Waves


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      Music Covers


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      Music Videos


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      Share for Free Strategy


    • 9.

      YouTube Algorithm Explained


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      YouTube SEO


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      Keyword Research


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      Mike's Quick Guide to YouTube Success


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About This Class

Build and Grow your Fanbase on YouTube
Would you like to Create a Super Successful YouTube Channel? Now is your chance to take action and build a YouTube Channel that will grow your audience and fanbase as a music maker and artist, by implementing amazing strategies, special tricks, and by creating a master plan for your YouTube Journey.

Examples of things you will Learn
My 21 Step Quick Guide to YouTube Success
How to Kickstart your YouTube Channel
How the YouTube Algorithm Works
YouTube SEO and Keyword Research

So get ready to Kickstart your YouTube Channel as a Music Maker and Artist today!

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Don't wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end. Invest in yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow. So enroll now, and I’m waiting for you inside the class! =)

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer | YouTuber

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Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer


Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

Friendly regards,
Mike from Sweden
Compose | Artist | Educator

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1. 10 Top Benefits of YouTube: Why is YouTube so super important to focus on for building your fan base as a music maker and artist? Well, in this video, I'm going to share my top 10 reasons why YouTube is my number one platform for building my audience. I hope these insights will help you decide to take action and make YouTube a high priority for your success journey as a music maker and artist. All right, so you are on your road to get 1000 super fans as a music maker and artist. Congratulations. The first part is always to make up your mind and set your goals, which means that you have already started your journey. Let me know briefly tell you my story on YouTube to motivate you even more. I have been on YouTube since 2010 and even though I hardly make coffee money per month from the ad revenue, you to be still my number one favorite platform for building my audience online because by sharing videos that are engaging high quality and the people find value in, I see my subscribers and views increasing all the time. YouTube is about you sharing your story, your journey what's going on behind the scenes, how you do your creative work, etcetera. It's the best way to turn viewers into subscribers, subscribers into fans and in the end, super fence, because people holy become super fans. If they really care about you, I don't have millions of subscribers. You don't need it to be successful. I get so much engagement in the comments from people that really like my videos and share their ideas and thoughts. I get so much positive and encouraging energy from my viewers on YouTube, which is a motivating factor to continue my journey in music. I have also been contacted by brands and companies with offers, even though I only have thousands of subscribers, not millions. Once you have established an audience on YouTube that follows you and care about you, you have so much power and potential to promote whatever you want. You can have all of this, too, but you need to have a YouTube channel to share your journey and story in music. Here are my top 10 reasons why YouTube is such a super powerful platform for audience and fan base. Building one supreme impact off content. Let's think about this. What is the best type of content to get emotional impact from the people consuming your content if you really text article or block post How engaged all you? Really? If you watch through your feet of images on Instagram or any other kind of image based platform, how many of them do you actually remember and get a high impact from? Know that many video has so much more power, they say that an image is worth more than 1000 words. Well, I'll say that a video says more than 1000 images to get the point. Video is king for emotional impact to this competition. All right, so first you need to know that YouTube is very competitive. It's not easy to build an audience, but let's again make the comparison between text, images and video. How many tweets Facebook posed an other short form text based content or published every minute in the world, and how many times the people posed an image online, for example, on Facebook or instagram. Now compare this to how many times people produce and share a video on YouTube. Well, first of all, I would estimate not even 1% of people actually even post videos on YouTube. And second, it takes a lot more time and effort to produce videos compared to text and images, which means that the competition is way less with video content than image or text based content. Three. Higher relationship factor YouTube videos have a very high potential for personal branding and building a strong connection with your audience. Four. Search engine Power YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. This means that your content can actually be searched for and found loan after you published it. Compare this to other platforms that rely mostly on the feed. Five. Incredible branding opportunities. You can add so much branding into video content. For example, a short intro, your logo. Lower third graphics, including your name, title and even website address, an outro and so much more six. Amazing promotion opportunities. Many social media platforms don't let you do much promotion at all, and if you try, they down grade your post in their algorithm Well on YouTube, you can promote with YouTube courts. Add call to actions on your video, use the video description to add links and even promote in the comments section off the video. Several great sharing options. The embed videos options is amazing. You can use it to embed your videos on your website, and Blawg on other people might do these as well. Imagine what happens if a big music tech blogger in beds one of your YouTube videos. Also, the social sharing options are huge. Viewers can easily share your videos to most off the social media platforms online. Eight. High audience retention Compared to other content and platforms, YouTube videos have been much higher audience retention than most. For example, right now, most people don't watch long videos on Facebook and on Instagram and many other platforms, you can't even publish long form video content. Nine. Ability to monetize your videos. You can actually make money directly from YouTube through their AdSense program. It's not much, but compared this to other social media platforms where you don't get any money at all. 10. Fantastic for fan building. YouTube subscribers can become fans and even be turned into Super fence. This is because the more videos they watch from you, the more value they get on, the stronger the relationship and connection they get to you simply put, they will care more about you than more off their duty videos they watch and engaged with. Now it's time for you to take action. These top 10 lists shows the true power off YouTube, and my hope is that it will empower you with energy and motivation to kick start your journey on YouTube as a music maker and artist. So your action item is to first pause this video and go through these least again to really let these powerful results off YouTube sinking. Then I encourage you to go to YouTube and start looking for channels from other music makers and artists. Find channels that inspire you and subscribe to them so that you have role models for your YouTube journey. You can get ideas for new videos, content styles, topics and so much more. I Mike, helping you kick start your success journey on YouTube as a music maker because you rock my friends 2. Kickstart your YouTube Channel: Now it's time to kick start your YouTube channel, and you should start by creating your own YouTube master plan. There's so much you can do, but I will make it easier for you by sharing the seven main things I recommend you to focus on first, when you create your master, plan an overall strategy for your YouTube channel. All right, To get the most out of this video, I really recommend you to open a note pad up or use a simple pen and paper. You should then pause this video and take notes throughout all the steps I will share with you because that way you can actually create your YouTube mass plan and strategy while watching this video. Awesome. Right now, let's start going through the list channel type and tags first. You should define what type of YouTube channel you will have. For example, you can have a gaming channel, a travel show, a tick review channel or, in my case, hand obviously yours as well. A music channel. But channel type is very generic. It's not enough because there are millions of gaming channels, millions of music channels and so on. That's why the next step is to define your channel using Hashtags, for example, on my channel, I make a lot of videos sharing my story and journey as a music composer, sound designer and artist. I also do many videos, sharing tips, advice and tutorials for other music makers. So I have Cheryl Hashtags like music, composing, music production, sound design, story, journey, motivation, education tips, tutorials and so on. Basically, you should define your channel further by adding hash tags that describe what your channel is about. Suppose this video no, and first, write down your channel type, for example, Music Channel. Then take a few minutes to come up with at least 10 hashtags that describes the overall theme off your YouTube channel. Add them as at least below your channel type journal pitch. Next, it is time to create the main pitch for your YouTube channel. This is basically what you communicate to people. To get them to check out your channel and hopefully subscribe. You need to really define what value you delivered to your viewers. Let's compare this with the wrong way of doing it. If someone asked what your Youtube channel is about and you say well, I upload my music. I do some reviews, logs and stuff like that. Do you think they will feel excited to subscribe? Well, obviously, no. That's why having a good pitch is super important. You should be able to pitch the value of your YouTube channel in one single sentence. This speech is what you should include in your channel branding as well what you say in your actual videos to encourage people to subscribe. And so one I have found that it helps to think of your channel. Pitch off your YouTube shuttle like creating a slogan. The pit should define what your channel is about, but also the main benefit for the viewers. Basically, think about why you want to share your videos with the world. For example, here is my YouTube channel pitch. I share my story and journey as a music maker and artist to empower and motivate creative people like you. So right after hearing this pitch, people will know that my channel is focused on music and that I share my journey and experience as a music maker, but also that they will gain no less and motivation for their own creative journey. so include the what and the why in your channel pitch. What is the theme of this channel, and why should I subscribe? That's what people think when they find a new gel. And that's why you need to also those two questions in your channel Pitch target audience. If you try to target everyone, you will end up reaching No. One. That's a classic quote because it's true. But why? Because if people don't feel like the content was made for them specifically, they will not care as much. So your next step is to define your target audience. How will first define your big target audience, the broader terms, so to speak, in my case, my big audience, our music makers and artists. But that's too broad to work alone. You need to be super specific. When you define your target audience, I recommend that you imagine the people you mostly would like to watch your videos, your best friends off your YouTube channel. And once again, I recommend using hashtags. For these. Make a list of hashtags that defined the absolute perfect person to subscribe to your channel. Define his or her interests, passions, personality and so on Let me share some examples of hashtag I use to define my absolute target audience. Music composer, music producer, sound designer, positive friendly, curious nerd, tech geek and so on. Now take a few minutes to define your target audience, using a main B target audience with a sub list off hashtag that define your absolute core target or aeons content strategy. Now it's time for you to define what content strategy you will have for your videos you will publish on YouTube. I would say that it's based to have a mix of content. Don't only make tutorials, don't Onley make vlogs and don't Onley upload music videos, etcetera. First, let's define the four main types of content. Four Videos on YouTube. Here they are entertainment, education, information and social interaction. Entertainment type videos can be music, comedy, parody and someone education type content can be tutorials, tips and tricks. Teaching concepts, strategies, etcetera, information type content can be news reviews. Demel videos, etcetera and social type videos are mainly focusing on building a connection with your viewers by sharing your story your perspective and inviting people into your life. Things like Vogue's behind the scenes content, etcetera all right, So now you know the four main types of content for videos. It's time now to create your content strategy, and I recommend assigning a percentage for each of these four main content types. So if you will focus mainly on music videos, right, a high percentage on the entertainment content type, you can always adjust your content strategy throughout your journey. In fact, I really recommend that you try things out and change as you go to increase the results. But start out right now by defining your main content strategy to begin with, right at least with the four main content types and then assigning percentage for each type . And finally, add a colon to each type and further defined more specifically, what kind of videos you will create for each content type and bring value to your viewers. Channel branding Do you know how the McDonald's logo look like or what color you associate with Coca Cola? I'm certainly do. And why is that? It is because of the power off branding. Branding is basically everything that we associate with the brand things like the color theme, Loga type slogan, sound logo, and so on. you should use the power of branding for your YouTube channel. It will make people remember your channel much more and get a stronger connection to your brand. Yes, your YouTube channel is in fact a brand in its own way, even if you don't have your own business. The most important branding elements for a YouTube channel. In my opinion, our your channel graphics, your avatar or your local type, your cooler theme, your custom lower third graphics, your video intro and outro start by creating a professional looking and attention grabbing channel background graphic. Then continue with your avatar picture. Make sure you include your channel pitch in your genographic so that people that visit your channel can see the channel theme and values straight away. Video branding. Next It's time to actually brand your videos to get more recognition, but also to build your authority and promoting your website and other platforms. One of the best ways of doing this is by using lower third graphics. Lower Third graphics is the branded graphics with text you see in the lower part of the image that describes the name of the person orphaned the title and often includes a link to a website as well. I actually use letter boxing to have my branding present throughout the video letter. Boxing is the black bars in the top on the bottom of the screen that makes the video more cinematic and also frames the image in a professional way. You can also brand your videos by making custom graphics and text overlays, for example, by choosing a main form to use using your color theme, etcetera. Then you can also brand your videos with a custom intro and outro. If you use an intro, make sure it is short and snappy because people have very short attention spans on the Internet. Your outlook can be longer, though, because you have already delivered the main content and value. For example, my ultra is exactly 20 seconds long because that is the length off the YouTube end cords feature, which enables you to promote other huge of videos you have made. Set up your video production system. The final step is to actually get all the gear and tools you need and set up a video production system because you want to be able to produce videos fast and efficient while also having high quality in both the image on the audio. Here's a short list of tools you need to get started. One. A video camera I recommend starting with either a good Webcam like the Logitech C 9 20 that I use personally or your smartphone. You can always upgrade to a better video camera later. But let me tell you that my iPhone, for example, has almost the same Coolio video as my big Panasonic camera to a good microphone. It's better to invest in a good microphone for your videos because bad audio makes viewers click away fast. If you film in front of your computer is using a Web cam. I recommend a good use being microphone. If you film with your smartphone, you can go with a love a year clip on Microphone Road. Smart left Plus is the left Mike I use when I film with my smartphone. Three. A video editing saw for you can start easy with I movie or Windows movie maker, which are both free. I personally really recommend screen flow if you're using a Mac or can't Asia if you're on PC, especially if you feel videos with a webcam because then you can do both the recording and the editing in the same software. That's what I personally do, even though I own final cut pro X for a camera mounting system. Basically, a simple tripod will do nicely if you film with your smartphone. You need a smartphone to try pulled adaptor like this one. There is also another cheaper and light remounting solution, which uses flexible joints so that you can either use it as a meanie tripled that you can place on a table, for example, or even attach it to something by bending these joints around it. Five. A lighting system All cameras need light. The more expensive cameras can produce a good image with less light, but your webcam or smartphone has such a small sensor to recall the video that they need lots of light. The best light you can get is natural light from windows like I have here, so if you can make sure you're facing the window when you feel amazing now you have learned my seven top tips for kick starting your YouTube channel. Let's do a quick recap of them one channel type and tags to channel pitch and value. Three Target audience. Four Content strategy. Five channel branding, six video branding and seven video production system. Now If you haven't paused the video throughout all these steps, it's time for you to take action right now and go through each of these steps to write down your master plan for your YouTube channel. Some of the steps required designing and creating elements, but he can still define them in a paragraph of text. First. Congratulations. You are on your way to YouTube success because you were doing something that 99% of YouTubers miss. You are creating your master plan and strategy for your YouTube shadow. I might guiding you to create your master plan because you broke my friends. 3. Your Story: YouTube is about you, your story, your journey, your life and experiences. This is one of the key points you should focus on if you're truly determined to become successful on YouTube. I have personally experienced that by sharing my story and journey as a music maker and artist, I get much more viewers and listeners. I billy connection with people that care, people that want to see me succeed, because there are few things that are as captivating and engaging as a story and especially a story about a person. Well, your life is your story. You don't need to write a script and add fictional characters to create an engaging story that people want to hear. It is enough to share the interesting things that happen in your life as a music maker and artists. So how exactly can you share your story to gain more followers that become fans and even super fans one day? Well, here are the best ways, in my experience. Video blogging Blogging was huge back in the days, but today people want visual content images or not even enough. Today you need video to engage people the most. One way is to start voguing Vlog about what, exactly? Well, you can make videos where you share what you have been working on, what's new. Wins and fails, etcetera. Focus mainly on sharing things related to your music journey, but also add in more personal things now and then to strengthen the personal connection with your viewers. Voguing mediums will most likely not getting lots of use, but those who will follow your vogue or the people that have the strongest connection with you and they might become your super fans that will support your journey to success as a music maker and artist lied streaming. One of the best ways to build a relationship and connect with your viewers is to do live streams. The live factor and engagement you have with the people in the chat is a great catalyst for attracting new viewers and subscribers. So what can you do in your life streams? There are so many ways to make a livestream interesting for the viewers, but the main factor is to prioritize the live element, keep an eye on the chat and engage with people as much as possible. Here's a list of examples off topics for live streams. You can do one Q and A. Live streams, letting your fans and viewers ask you anything or on a specific topic that you decide beforehand to creative production. Live streams, for example, composing and producing music. Doing some design, etcetera. Live three discussion live streams. Basically discussing any topic relevant and interesting to your audience and four demo live streams, for example, testing and demonstrating a new software plug in or hardware unit behind the scenes. A great way to share your story is to share what is hidden behind the scenes, for example, showing how you made your latest track and explaining your foot process, sharing teasers and revealing secrets of how you work, what cool stuff you're working on, what is coming soon, etcetera. People always love to look behind the scenes off creative people and their journey. All right. Video blogging, live streaming and behind the scenes videos. Those are my top three recommendations for ways to share your story in a compelling way that build a stronger connection with your audience. Now it's time for you to take action. Decide on how you are going to share your story and your journey as a music maker and artist. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there. After all, it will always be the human connection and relationship building that has the highest potential to open new doors for you and grow your personal brand. People care the most for other people. So share your story, my friend. I might pushing you to tell your story as a music maker and artist because you rock my friends. 4. Riding Waves: one of the best strategies I have found for gaining more views and subscribers is riding waves. What do I mean by riding waves? Well, I am talking about sudden peaks in search on YouTube for a particular searcher. If you act fast, you can ride the full cycle off that wave from the early wave until it peaks and slowly dies off some ways or a super short, while others can lost for a longer time. The key point is that you should get your video up as fast as possible as soon as you see a wave coming in the distant because there will always be competition on every wave. But the point of riding a new wave is that the competition is super small compared to an ordinary video, especially if you are one of the first. So what kind of waves? Other? Well, there are all kinds of new waves starting every single day. Product releases new movies, games and music, drama and basically new things happening all the time. And as soon as something new comes up, a wave is formed and search will build up forced. Let me give you some examples of how successful YouTubers take advantage of these waves. Some make Unboxing videos and reviews of new products. Some make reaction videos and parodies of new movie and game traders. Some make demo videos, tutorials and how to videos on brand new products on the market and so on. Now let me give you a practical example from my own experience. I have been using many different software products for making music since 1998 when I started. But just recently, I switched back to a software called Propeller Head Reason. Just after they announced their new update, which included V S T support. These instantly became a hype in the music production circles, since there are very few YouTube channels that focus on making videos in this particular software. My videos with recent 9.5 in the title All rank tie in search because I jumped on the wave early and I'm still riding it. At the time of this recording, let me show you the impact it has had on my subscriber growth. So let's say you are a music maker and want to use this strategy off riding waves. Here are some examples of what you could do one. Make it cover or remix of a new song from a popular artist to make a review, Video or demo of a new V S T Plug in or sample Library three. Vogue about your thoughts on a new topic in the music production World four produced a comedy, parody or satire video on a new trending topic. All right now you have learned how super effective it can be to ride waves on YouTube to boost your views, subscribers and channel growth. You also have some practical examples that you can use as a starting point to come up with your own ideas for riding waves. Now it's time for you to take action. Look around for new waves in your niche, and if you know of a trend that will come up, start planning a video on that before that. That wave comes that where you will be prepared so that you can be one of the first who jumps on that specific wave. Being one of the first will give you a huge advantage, especially if the quality and value of your video is good. I might showing you how to ride waves on YouTube because you look my 5. Music Covers: Now I'm going to share the absolute best way in my experience to boost your YouTube channel as a music maker and artist. Here's how you can turbocharge your music channel on YouTube Make covers off popular songs . I'm sure you have seen lots of music covers on YouTube, and he might have noticed the high number of use those videos have. Why is that? It's because they are basically hitchhiking on the success off the original song. This is because YouTube is a huge search engine where every single day millions of people search for the title of songs they want to listen to. And if you make a cover off a popular song and include the exact title of the song in your video title description and Tex, you have a chance of getting your capital ranking searched or featured as a suggested video when people searched for the original song well, right? So what songs should you make? A Kabarole? Well, it can basically be any song that is popular and people search for, but as always, it is a matter off supply versus demand. So if you find a popular song that not many people have made a couple of yet that is a good that to go for. It can be anything from an old classic to a brand new release. It can be a Pope song or even a soundtrack from a TV show, movie or computer game. If you produce a cover off a brand new release of a song from a popular artist, you can also benefit from riding the initial wave in search. That song will get so you can try to be on the lookout for new releases and produce a cover version as soon as you can offer that Released is published. The only downside with music covers on YouTube is that he will not be able to monetize those videos with ads because that will go to the original artist due to copyrights. But I still believe making covers of popular songs is well worth it. For the extra rocket boost you will get in views. How much extra views will you get? It is impossible to say for sure because it depends on so many factors, like how many people are searching for the original track, how much competition you have, where your video ranks get featured etcetera. But in my experience, I have had anywhere between 10 and 100 times more views on my covers compared to my original music on my YouTube channels. So let's say I averaged a total of 1000 years on an original track. I have gained between 10,000 and 100,000 views on culture songs. I hope this makes you realize how hugely powerful the music cover strategy really is. My name is Mike sharing the powerful strategy or music covers on YouTube because you look my friends. 6. Music Videos: a great way to add quality and value to the audience of your YouTube channel. S, a music maker and artist is to make music, videos, music and motion picture or like milk and cookies. They can be great on their own, but together they create an overall enhanced experience. That's why there are very few scenes with no music in TV shows, movies and video games. You can use this audio visual synergy off music and video to enhanced experience for the audience off your YouTube channel. But making full scale music video productions with film gear, lighting, performing etcetera is a big project. I recommend that you start out with a simpler version off a music video, because basically all you need is visually compelling moving pictures to enhance your music with. I have compiled a list of examples or various kinds of music videos you can make without the need to film a professional looking music video production music visualize er videos. These are advanced animated graphics templates that you can use to create a kind of light show in sync with your music. Most of them used to suffer adobe offer face. There are thousands of variations that people have already made. So all you need to do if you have access to adobe after effects is to apply an animation template you like. Add your track to it and render out your final video. You should know, though, that the render time for these advanced animations can take a long time as much as several hours for a single track, depending on the template length of your song and the CPU power of your computer animated image Music videos I have found this to be my personal favorite because it adds a lot of visual interest without taking a lot of time to produce. I use Final Cut Pro X to add the animation effects like dancing particles, animated slides and assumes, animated lens flares and other kinds of graphical and lighting effects. But it all starts from finding a compelling image or images to use as the base for this kind of music video. I may this one where I use a picture off space because, well, Hyman nerds, I find the universe beautiful. D. W. Or Cynthy see a music video. You can feel the actual DW project when you play your track or export the MIDI and use the software called synesthesia, which basically shows the music as falling notes. For some reason, these kinds of visual representations of your actual music works great. It certainly adds a dimension off audiovisual sink, which is a powerful effect of video and music in the perfect dance together Beat making videos. These kinds of music videos are fairly popular on YouTube. Basically, you feel in yourself by playing certain ports and instruments of your fact one at a time, in sync to the music you're not actually playing live. It is like leap sinking. But for the performances off your instruments, I have done a couple of these music videos myself. Split screen performance videos If you have the skills and time to implement them, a split screen performance music video can work great compared to a full scale music video production. You don't need a huge set lighting, camera gear and all that fancy stuff. You simply need to be able to perform various ports over the track, live in sync with your music and add them as separate layers in your video. Editor. All right now you have some examples of music video styles you can try out for yourself. It is actually super filing creative on It is not that difficult that you might think I recommend you to start easy with music videos that you don't need to use a video camera to create there in the video editing process for creating a music video first, then take things up a notch by filming performances like a beat making video, split screen performance video or any type of music video that includes film, I might guiding you into the visual power that comes with a music video because you wrote my 7. Collaborations: YouTube collaborations. It's one of the superchargers for boosting your subscribers and views. So how does it work? Basically, collaborating with other YouTubers will give you momentarily access to the other you tubers audience. And if you are both in the same niece, you have a high chance of getting a boost in subscribers, since you are automatically introducing your channel to his or her subscribers. So how does it work in practice? Well, one of the most common ways of collaborating is to do two separate videos and upload on each other's channels. So let's say I make a video about sound proofing your home music studio. And let's say I want to collaborate with another channel with the same target audience as me run by a fellow called David. Then I skip my ordinary intro, and outro sections and Onley produce the meat off the content. And then, instead of uploading it to my own channel, I send the exported video file to the channel. I collaborate with David's channel and he takes my video fire and produces the final video . He adds his branding, his interest and his outro to the video, so to his audience, it looks like one of his videos, but in the video he introduces me and my channel before cutting to my clip, the one I sent him. Basically, he will be promoting me in front of his audience to make them interested in my channel and hope way. Some of them will subscribe to me by doing this. Then we switch and do the opposite. He sends me a video which is only focused on the content, and I add my branding intro Outro and serve on Introduce him and his channel. And that's one way of doing a collaboration. Another way to collaborate is to integrate content into one video. Let's say I make a music video where I perform the keyboard parts. Well, then I can find a good guitarist YouTube channel and do the collaboration by letting him at his guitar performance to the music and the video. The third way of collaborating is to do a live stream and have a guest to discuss things with or interview and then promote his YouTube journal in the live show. That's just three examples. There are so many ways you can collaborate with other you tubers, and I'm sure you can come up with creative ideas for the actual collaboration yourself, but I do want to give you my advice on what you should focus on as a strategy when finding YouTubers to collaborate with and how to maximize the results for both respective YouTube channels from the collaboration strategy one. Find channels in your niche. You will both gain the best results if you have a similar target audience and even better results. If both channels have a similar overall theme strategy to focus on equal value, look at the number of subscribers, average views per video subscriber growth rate, etcetera, and then find channels that are close to your channel in size. Growth factor, etcetera. For example, let's say you have 1000 subscribers on your channel and your videos generate an average off 100 views after two weeks. Then try to find channels in your knees with a similar subscriber base and view rate per video. If you go off through a channel with double stats compared to your channel, you will have to do something else that creates that added value to the channel. You want to collaborate with strategy. Three. Develop a cross promotion strategy. Make sure to communicate with each other when starting the collaboration, so that you both promote each other's channels in a positive way and encourage your viewers to go to the other channel and subscribe. That is, after all, the very thing you both want to get out of the collaboration. All right now you have learned the main benefits of doing collaborations on YouTube. Waze off doing the actual collaboration as Louis strategies on finding the right shuttle to Kulaib with and how to maximize the results for both parties. Now it's time for you to take action, find channels that you would like to collaborate with, subscribe to them and get to know older style first. Then reach out a couple of them that meets the conditions I mentioned in this video. My name is Mike, teaching you the benefits and strategies for YouTube collaborations because you look my friend 8. Share for Free Strategy: How can you get other you tubers to link to your YouTube channel so that you will get more subscribers and fans for your music by sharing your music for free? I know it can feel it. Be tough to share the music you have worked on so hard for free. But the's is actually a great strategy to build new connections and get more people to find out about your music. How, exactly? By sharing your music with people to use for free in their media productions. Like, for example, there's YouTube videos. The only thing you ask for is a credit in the video description, including a link to your YouTube channel so that people can find you. Think about this. There are millions of YouTube channels that need music to head to their videos, but they can't afford or have the rights to use popular music, so you can actually help them out by letting them use your music as background music in their videos for free. The first way of doing this is to reach out to individual YouTube channels and ask them if they would like to get your music for free to use in their videos in exchange for you getting credited and your YouTube channeling in the video description. A medium sized channel with, Let's say, 10,000 subscribers might even be nice enough to give you an actual shout out in the video to thank you for contributing with your music or at least a graphic and text overlay. Bigger channels probably won't give you a shout out, but you will benefit a loft anyway, from getting your YouTube channeling and credit in the video description over video that might yet millions of years. There is an even better way to share your music for free in exchange for getting credited, at least in my opinion. And that is to release some of your music as Creative Commons. This means that anyone can use their music without asking you or paying you anything. If you add the cc license link on your website where you have your music, Google will index it and people will be able to find your Creative Commons music to use in their projects. It also takes away the risk for the YouTubers your approach because otherwise they will have to take your word for it when you say they can use your music for free. As soon as you apply a Creative Commons license to one of your tracks, it will be free forever for anyone to use. However, there are a couple versions you can choose for your Creative Commons license, for example, Onley allowing people to use your music in a personal project. But for commercial use, they still need to pay you. My advice is this. If you really want to use the Creative Commons strategy, I think it is best to pick out some of your tracks to share with a full CC license so that even commercial use is for free. But do be careful. You probably don't want to share your very best work as Creative Commons. But those tracks beats background music pizzas that he can produce in a shorter time or great candidates to use for Creative Commons. Once you have a package of music to use for the share for free strategy, go out and hunt for YouTube channels that might need music for their videos. I would focus all channels with at least 10,000 subscribers and about 1000 views per video arm or so that it generates some clicks for you channels that already used background music in their videos or great candidates to approach an Oscar. All right, now you have learned about the share for free strategy, which can were great if you get properly credited with a link back to your YouTube channel in ALS. The videos that use your music so take action. Now, if you want to use this strategy to get free promotion, Mawr views and subscribers on your YouTube channel, make it package of some of your tracks that you feel can work good as back from music in YouTube videos and that you are OK with giving away for free. Then add a creative Commons license to them if you like, but really created comes terms. First, to see if this is for you. Then finally go out and find as many YouTube shuttles as you can and approach them with your proposal. I Mike sharing my belief that you always get something back when you give value to others for free and you can, too, because you rock my friends 9. YouTube Algorithm Explained: in this video, I'm going to teach you the essentials off how the YouTube algorithm really works and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. YouTube Joost Thousands of data sources in their search algorithm, but there are three main ranking factors that really stand above the rest. These are the three factors you really need to focus on to boost your YouTube videos and shadow one relevancy. The YouTube search engine is focused on delivering relevant search results. That is their mission to show videos that are relevant to about the view researched for that is why your video titles, description and tags, or super important to audience retention audience retention is how long an average viewer watch your video. So if people click out right away off just watching a few seconds, it will hurt your video rank. On the other hand, if you deliver high quality content and value that makes people watch longer, your video rank will be boosted in the YouTube algorithm. This is why it is super important to focus on the value you give to the viewers especially focused on the first minute of your videos. Compare this to music people want to get to the chorus as soon as possible. Three. Total watch time YouTube focuses heavily on watch time in their algorithm. Both average watch time called aliens retention like I mentioned in the previous point, but also total watch time per video. So let's say you get 1000 use on a video with an average audience retention off two minutes . That is 1000 times to which equals 2000 minutes off total watch time for that video next up in the YouTube algorithm or the main Discovery Ability sections. Even though YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, people still find most videos through the discovery by browsing and watching other videos. There are two main discovery ability sections your video can drive use from on YouTube by being featured. One. The homepage. The default starting point When you open up the YouTube app on your phone, all the YouTube website on your computer is the home section. This is a section where YouTube uses all the data they have on your viewing history to try to suggest videos they think you're interested in. It is a mix of videos from Challenge See or subscribe to and channels YouTube. Things have similar content to what you have watched before to the suggested videos section . If it water YouTube video either in the APP or on the website, you will see a number off suggested videos next to it. These are videos that you two believes or relevant to the video you are watching and videos that they believe you will be interested in. All right. So how do you get your videos to the YouTube Home section or Suggestion videos section? Well, this is the difficult not to crack. Basically, you have to prove to YouTube that your videos and channel will keep viewers watching both your videos and staying on the YouTube platform for a longer time. Because that is what makes YouTube money keeping viewers on YouTube so they conserve more ads. And how do you keep viewers watching your videos and increase their time on the YouTube platform? Well, first of all, your videos need to deliver value and be of high quality so that you have a high average audience retention. But you also need to have a positive momentum and growth of your video views and your channel as a whole, especially the YouTube home section, seem to favor channels on the rice. This does not mean you need to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but you do need to have a decent amount of views on a video to get to the home page or suggested video section. I would say that when a video has post 1000 views and still is on the rise, you have a high chance of getting your video featured on the home page or suggested video section. These one factor is why bigger YouTubers do have an advantage. But keep in mind that everyone starts at zero, and it is in YouTube's interest to help new and growing channels that deliver good content and quality that people want to watch. One way to increase your chances to get your videos featured is to focus on smaller topics and knishes. For example, I noticed a huge growth in my search rankings and getting my videos featured when I started doing videos on a specific music production. So for called reason. Before, when I made videos aimed at all music makers, it was much harder to rank videos and get featured because the competition was too huge. So my number one advice for you when you grow your YouTube channel is to focus mainly on topics and video titles that are very specific. Let me give you a practical example. Let's take my channel. Which main theme is to share my story and journey as a music maker and artist to empower and inspire creative people, So the target audience for my channel, or mainly music makers and artists. So how can I make videos that are more specific to rank in YouTube, search and get the videos featured? Well, basically, by focusing on a small area or my main theme. So, for example, if I make a video with the title how to use the reverb effect in music production, that has a much higher chance for me to get the video ranked and featured. Compared to making a video with the title Learn music production, for example, even though the target audience is larger on the second option, the competition is huge and there are thousands of bigger channels that will outrank me for that term. So specific beats generic for small and medium sized YouTube channels. Great, now you have learned the essentials off how the YouTube algorithm works, the three main search ranking factors on the two main Discovery ability sections. Also, you have got my tips for winning in the YouTube algorithm competition because, let's be honest. It is a competition between you and all the other you tubers that makes videos in your main ish, so by nine itching down making videos that are more specific but that people still are searching for you will essentially minimize your competition, which is extremely important when you build and grow your YouTube channel. My name is Mike, helping you understand how the YouTube algorithm works and how you can optimize your content with the algorithm in mind because you rock my friends. 10. YouTube SEO: S e o. I'm sure you have heard of it, but what is it and how do you use it to your benefit? E o stands for search engine optimization, and it is basically everything you heir to your video publishing process. In an effort to boost your rank in the search results, I am now going to give you a list of the things I've have personally found. Most important for S E O on YouTube video title. I have found that the YouTube search algorithm seems to focus mainly on what is in the actual title off the video. Sure you to have more data from the description of the video, the tags and even the closed captions they automatically try to get from analyzing the audio of your videos. But still, the title seems to have the highest priority by four. So when you come up with topics and ideas for your video, focus on the actual video title and when you are in the uploading and publishing process, make sure to use the title that includes an exact match keyword phrase that you want to try to rank for video description after the title. I believe they rank the description next, and it seems they favor what is being mentioned in the first part of the video description . So make sure to have an exact match for the same search term you include in the title somewhere in the first paragraph of your video description video takes, you can add a lot of tags to your video, but make sure to focus on tags that are more specific and that you believe people actually type into the search engine. Don't add single bird Tex, because they won't help you at all. For example, if you make a tutorial on how to use the vector tools in Adobe Photo Shop, don't add the word tutorial as one of your tax for the video, because is way too generic. Instead, their tags that are related. Keyword phrases like 40 shot victor tool tutorial, how to use the victor tool in photo shop and so on. Well, adding tags for your video, make sure to start with this. Specific tags for the video, like the example, are just mentioned, but also have a least off branded tags basically tags that you want to own. For example, my brand name is peak 11. So in every video, I make sure I add the tags peak 11 as two words and Peak 11 as one word this way, I basically connect all of my videos by having some similar texts that no one else uses. This will, in turn, increase my chances of getting my video suggestion by YouTube. When of you were washes another one of my videos closed captions, even if you don't manually add closed captions, also called subtitles for your videos, YouTube still automatically analyzes the audio to try to create close captions for all your videos. This will add yet another data source for YouTube to use in their search algorithm, and it is only logical that they use this data as a factor in the search results because this data is actually based on the content inside the video. So how can you use this to your advantage? Well, I recommend that you mentioned your keyword phrase that you try to rank for in the very first part of your video. Let me give you a practical example. Let's say I want to make a video and try to rank for the search term. How to use a compressor on vocals. Well, I can simply start the video by saying, Do you want to learn how to use a compressor on vocals in music production? In this video, I'm going to explain what a compressor is, how it works and how to use it on various ways on your vocals to make your music shine. As you noticed, I started by having the exact match keyword phrase within the paragraph. I actually speak in the video. All right now you have learned the main factors. I believe YouTube uses for ranking videos in the search Indian write these down and focus mainly on the video title. But I would also suggest focusing on mentioning the keyword phrase in the actual video, especially at the start off the video, because I believe it will become more and more important as time goes on and as you to becomes more intelligent in analyzing the actual content inside your videos. I Mike, helping you understand the fundamentals off a CEO for YouTube so that you can include and optimize the most important data to improve your rankings in the search results because you rock my friends 11. Keyword Research: whether you are a small medium or big youtuber, keyword research is key, but if you don't have that many subscribers, it is even more important. So what is keyword research? Basically, it's trying to find out what people actually search for within your niche, the main tools I recommend for doing keyword research or the YouTube or to suggest and the Google keyword planner the YouTube order suggest feature is when you start typing in the YouTube search bore, you will see suggested search terms coming up those search terms, or what people are actually searching for the most based on what you already started to type into the search bar. The Google keeper planner is a to within Google AdSense, so you need to have a Google AdSense account to use it. But you don't need to spend a single cent on a ad campaign. You simply need to sign up to a Google AdSense account, Logan and use the tools they make available to you, including the keyword planner, which I personally use a lot. Let me show you how to use both of these tools in practice. So to use the YouTube auto suggest feature, you simply go to the YouTube website up to the search, bore and start typing in anything at all. Let's say I want to do a video on using the reverb effect so I can start typing in how to. And you see, it already shows me some suggestions how to use reverb. Alexey, I can see that most people that start typing how to use reverb used the phrase how to use reverb on vocals, so that can be a great keyword phrase to target for my next video. All right, so that was the YouTube or to suggest feature now for the Google keyword planner. So to use the Google keyword planner, you first need a Google AdWords account. Then you sign in and go up here to tools and choose keyword planner. So here you have a couple options to choose from. But I really recommend Onley focusing on this 1st 1 because the 2nd 1 on Lee shows the volume off search for a particular keyboard phrase, whereas this one actually gives you alternatives as well. So if it's used that one and type in, let's say how to use reverb and then click on get ideas first, you will get the amount of search per month on this particular phrase. So between 101,000 people serves on how to use reverb on Google every single month on average. But if you scroll down further, you actually get lots off alternative search phrases, including average monthly searchers. So let's say I want to rank for vocal reverb that also has 100 to 1000 searches per month. But let's say this one best reverb plug ins. It has 1000 to 10,000 surgeries per month. You actually get several pages off key word phrases that are relevant to the search phrase you started from. So you can really use the Google keyword planner to come up with ideas for video titles and also see how much people search for that particular search phrase. When you are using the Google keyword planner, you only need to focus on the key word phrases and the average monthly searches. The Competition column on the suggested biblical um, or Onley for advertisers. All right, now that you know how to use these tools, let's get right down to business. How do you find keyword phrases to use for your video topics entitles in order to try to rank your videos in search. Here are my list of top strategies for keyword research. I personally used myself, So take notes and pay attention. Top strategy one. Study Popular Channels in your Niche A good way to kick start your YouTube journey is to subscribe to a lot off channels that make content in similar topics that you want to focus on. Take a few hours to find both bigger channels and smaller channels that make good content. You personally enjoy watching. Then, when you have a list of channels in your niche that you are subscribed to, go to the respective channel page one at a time and go through all their videos whenever you find a video on their channel that seem to perform better than average right down the title off that video in a document as a long list, I recommend using a Google spreadsheet for this. Once you have made these analysis off all the channels in your niche you subscribe to you will have a long list of video titles that you know have performed well. The final step is to go through this list to really get a feeling for what type of video titles and topics that seems to be working on YouTube in your particular needs. Top strategy to study the YouTube Discover sections the two most common places where people find videos to watch on YouTube or the home page and the suggested video section. You should be watching channels and videos in your niche on a weekly basis to learn what your competition is doing. Get new ideas, inspiration and even find people to collaborate with in your knees. But a positive side effect of watching all those videos that are related to what you will do on your YouTube channel is that YouTube home page and suggested video section will feature videos that already have high ranking points in the algorithm in your particular niche. So the home page and suggested videos can become a gold mine for getting new ideas for video topics, titles and content. But this strategy will, as I just said, only work if you actually watch a lot of videos that all related to your knees. But I don't believe that is a problem, because you should be doing videos and focus on content that you enjoy personally, which automatically means you will watch those kinds of videos. Top strategy. Three. Using YouTube order suggest plus keyword planner Together The best way I recommend you to do manual keyword research topic entitled Selection for Your Videos is by using the two main tools I mentioned together the YouTube all to suggest on the Google keyword planner, and I'm going to tell you why. Imagine that YouTube is a marketplace and you are one of the many vendors. Well, your market is the people watching videos, right, and every market has one golden rule. It's all about supply and demand. So how do you apply these to your keyword research? Easy what you won't find or keyword phrases with a high number of searches, which equals the demand, and a low number off competing videos in the search results, which equals the supply. And while the shorter and more generic search terms might have millions of searches every month, you will also compete with many millions of videos on those shorter search terms. Basically, you need to be a huge channel with lots of channel authority to rank for those generic search terms. Now let me show you a practical example. If I type cars in the YouTube search, that is a very generous title, and I can see that by quaking search on the amount of competing videos are around 163 million so you can niche down into Well, let's take. Since I'm Swedish, I will go for Volvo, which is a core brand, and now you only get around seven million in the research result. Well, let's take a specific model or Volvo the X C 90 and now we only have 508,000 and we could take it a step further. What's a liver? Two word review into this search phrase. And now we're down to 301,000. And if we put all of these in quotation marks, that means that all the views that include the exact search phrase will be included in the search. And as you can see, we are now down to only around 8000 competing videos. The important thing is that even after finishing down to more specific search terms using the audit, suggest you will want to see results on the first page with at least thousands of views per video. So compiling a list off more specific search titles using the YouTube alter seediest in This Way Onley include search terms that have videos on the first page with a high number of use. Because there is no point in ranking number one if there's hardly no one interested in the topic, use a Google spreadsheet again. And in the first column, you write down the search term in the second column, you write in the number of results in the YouTube search on that search term, and I recommend using quotation marks when you search to only show the exact matches, which means that a search raised in the video title has an exact match to your search. If you don't use quotation marks, YouTube will show every result, which almost matches the search term as well. When you have a long list of video title ideas from this practice, you go to the Google keyword planner to check how many people are searching these exact search terms that you came up with. Finally, you compare the numbers on each video title and evaluate the supply and demand for each single video title. Great, Now you have there in my personal top strategies for doing keyword research to come up with your topics, titles and content for your videos. Now it's time for you to take action. Make sure to try out all these strategies yourself and go through them thoroughly. These works but on Lee, if you truly do it properly and you should not expect results overnight, it still takes time. And you won't rank your videos if you don't deliver high value and quality, because in the end of the day, the value and quality or your content is the single most important thing to succeed on YouTube. But if you have that covered keyword, research is extremely important to kick. Start the girls of your YouTube channel and increase your video views because you actually follow the golden roof off the free market. Contribute where there is higher demand than supply and you will benefit enormously. I might teaching you how to marston keyword research on YouTube because you look my friends 12. Mike's Quick Guide to YouTube Success: in this video, I will share my complete 21 step quick guide to succeed on YouTube based on my personal experience as well. A studying YouTube experts, big YouTube channels, YouTube analytics and so on. I really want to ignite your energy. Empower you with knowledge as fast as possible to boost your motivation. This is my YouTube success guide. Step one. Define your channel. Focus. Channel focus is often called your niche. Basically, if you try to reach everyone, you will end up reaching no. One. That's why you have to decide from the start while your channel focuses and make sure it is a field you are truly passionate about. Step to establish your channel. Creed. A creed is basically a core belief. You have something you feel strongly about. Your creed is essentially the answer to why you are so passionate about your niche and why you believe it is so important. The purpose of your channel. Step three. Define your target audience. Basically, who are the people you are making your videos for? Who are you trying to reach? That is your target audience. Step four. Create content with value. People who watch your videos should feel that they got some value after watching through one of your videos, the four main types of value you can focus on in a video, our entertainment, education, information and social indirection. Step five. Produce high quality videos. If you really want to create a successful YouTube shallow, you could create high quality videos, which means every aspect off the video, such as good video quality, audio quality, lighting, background presentation, editing and so Step six Brand your channel. You need to create a great profile picture or a rabbit or a clear and interesting channel banner, perhaps a local type. A cooler profile, etcetera. Think of your channel as a business. People should recognize your brand wherever they see it. Therefore, it is extremely important that you have a consistent branding profile on all your channels . Like your website. Email list. Social media accounts, etcetera. Step seven. Brand your videos. Next, it's time to brand your videos so that people immediately recognize one of your videos. Having a short into which includes your website address and logo can be great. Just remember to keep your in crow's really short. Then you can brand your videos with for example. Lower third graphics, graphic overlays and text. Your brand Kohler profile, specific style of music and so on. Step eight. Learn and use S E O Issue is short for search engine optimization. You should learn how to make videos that people cert for and then optimize the title description, tags and even your content for your main keyword phrase of your video. Step nine Upload videos. Consistently, people need to see your content orphan so they don't start to forget you or ignore you in their subscription feed. Another reason is that the YouTube algorithm loves channels that upload new videos often and consistently. I would even recommend most channels to upload three times a week or more. Step 10. Engage with your audience. YouTube is not only a video careful. It is also a social media platform where people discussed things, always questions and share their thoughts in the comments, so make sure you engage with your audience as much as you can. You can even ask them questions or their opinion right in your videos. But make sure you also spend time going through the comments and replied, in engaged with people on a personal level, Step 11. Build a community When you build your subscriber base. Try to think of your channel as a community. Make your subscribers feel special and take extra notice off your super fence That comment on almost every video. If you create a community around your channel off like minded people, it will mean a lot for the growth of your channel. Step 12. Listen to your fans. Everyone wants to be heard and noticed. People who share their ideas and suggestions also want to know it is appreciated. So always thank people. If they come with ideas on, let them know that you listen to them. You can also make pose to let your viewers vote on ideas. You have Step 13. Create your own website. You want tohave plays you own yourself. A personal website is great for a lot of things, like sharing your latest news. Post your new videos, promote products and basically market your brand. Step 14. Start a bog on your website. You can create a blawg, and you don't even need to spend much time to write long block posts. But you can, for example, make it posed for every video you published to YouTube, then simply embed the video, any title and a short paragraph of text that describes it. Step 15. Start an email list. You should start your own email is that people can subscribe to. Then you should send emails regularly to those people who are basically true fans. You should share valuable content in those emails, but you can also add your latest due to videos and special updates. Think of the people in your email list as your V eyepiece Step 16. Use call to Actions or C. T. A s. Adding call to actions is very important in your videos. It call to action is something you would like your viewers to do, for example, to subscribe to your channel but don't include too many called directions because then most people will take no action at all. Focus on one or perhaps two. Call to actions that you think are most important. You don't always need to say them either, adding them as graphics or text overlay works as well. Step 17. Take advantage off social media. I recommend you to focus on Onley one or perhaps two social media platforms on top of your YouTube channel, for example, I may not focus on Facebook, where I have a Facebook page. Any couple of Facebook groups that I run, choose the social media platforms you feel gets you the best results and where you interact with the community the most. Step 18 start live streaming. It is the forces way to build connections and relationships with new people, Since you can interact with them in real time. You can, for example, do Cuban a Shells interview shows tutorial live streams or simply stream your creative process when you make something for your channel. Step 19 Created Video production system. The system should include all aspects off the creation process, from idea to recording to editing and even publishing. You should also make check lists for every step in the production chain. It will speed up the process and also make sure you don't forget anything important. Step 20. Collaborate with other you tubers. Find other channels in the same niche that you can collaborate with When contacting people you want to collaborate with. Make sure to focus on the benefit and value they will get. Step 21. Follow your passion success on YouTube or in anything in life is always dependent on hard work and long term determination. If you start to do things that you don't enjoy just to please your viewers, you will get tired really fast and probably even create your YouTube journey too soon. Therefore, you should always follow your passion. Continue to make videos that you truly like to make, and you will have a much higher chance of succeeding on YouTube. Awesome. Now you have my complete creek guy to YouTube success. But to create success, you will always need to take action, work hard and continue producing value. So now it's time for you to kick start your YouTube channel using ALS. The strategies you have learned. My name is Mike, wishing you good luck and great success for your YouTube adventure because you roped my friends.