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YouTube Success - 7 Step Guide to YouTube SEO

teacher avatar Mikael Baggström, Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to the Course


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    • 3.

      Step 1 - Keyword Research


    • 4.

      Step 2 - Video Title


    • 5.

      Step 3 - Video Description


    • 6.

      Step 4 - Video Tags


    • 7.

      Step 5 - Video Thumbnail


    • 8.

      Step 6 - Closed Captions


    • 9.

      Step 7 - Video Series in Playlists


    • 10.

      Bonus Tip 1 - Focus on Quality + Value


    • 11.

      Bonus Tip 2 - Optimize your Channel SEO


    • 12.

      Bonus Tip 3 - Importance of Consistency


    • 13.

      Final Video + Bonus


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About This Class

Get More Views on your YouTube Videos by Learning SEO

Hey friends! First I want to welcome you to this class, where you will learn my easy 7 step guide to YouTube SEO. Imagine what impact you could have if you had your videos watched by thousands of people.

Instead of getting 20 views per video, you could get 200 views from the same video, if you do proper SEO using this guide. And if you continue to release videos of good quality and value, you will eventually get thousands of views for every single video you release.

Think about the possibilities you would have to make money, get opportunities, and become an important influencer that people look up to, and brands want to sponsor.

All this while doing the things you love, and being able to work from home with complete creative freedom. Sounds pretty great, doesn't it?

What Benefits will You get from this Course?

  1. You will get my 7 Step Guide to YouTube SEO
  2. Learn why each step is important
  3. Get specific tips and actions to use your new knowledge

Why Should You Take This Course?

If you interested in getting more views on your YouTube Videos, then this course is perfect for you. The SEO guide you will get in this course, is the result of several years of observing, researching and learning from top YouTube experts such as Derral Eves and Tim Schmoyer, Successful YouTubers such as Peter Hollens and Casey Neistat, as well as my own personal experience from testing what actually works.

Enroll Now to Learn YouTube SEO

I am super excited to get started teaching you this course. So, are you ready to learn? Awesome! 

- Just click the enroll button, and I am waiting for you in the next video, my friends! =)

Your Friendly Instructor,
Mike from Sweden

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer


Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

Friendly regards,
Mike from Sweden
Compose | Artist | Educator

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1. Welcome to the Course: Hey, friends. First I want to welcome you to this clause where you will learn my E c seven step guide to YouTube CEO. Imagine what impact you could have if you had your videos watched by thousands of people. Instead of getting 20 views per video, you could get 200 views from the same video orm or, if you do proper S CEO using this guide. And if you continue to release videos off good quality and value, you will eventually get thousands of use for every single video you release. Think about the possibilities you would have to make money, get opportunities on, become an important influencer that people look up to and brands want to sponsor. So why should you take this course? That's easy to answer. If you are interested in creating and growing a successful YouTube channel, then this course is perfect for you. You will get my seven step guide for YouTube CEO, and this is a Seo guide. Is the result off several years off observing, researching and learning from top YouTube experts such as Deer Leaves and Tim She Moyer. Successful YouTubers such as Peter Hollins and Casey Nice dead as well as my own personal experience from testing what actually works. I am super excited to get starting teaching you this course. So are you ready to learn? Awesome. Just click the enroll button and I'm waiting for you in the next video. My friends in rule No, and learn YouTube s CEO in seven steps. 2. Introduction: Hey, friends, I would like to start by introducing myself. My name is Mike, and I am a music sound and video producer from Sweden. I have around my own media production business scenes 2004 and I have a true passion to teach, share and inspire as many people as I can so that you can improve your skills and be inspired and motivated to take action. I am also a true old school nerd who loves science, technology, hand coffee. After you have taken this course, I would really appreciate your feedback. And you can do this very easily by leading a review. It really means a lot to me. All right, let's start this course by making sure you are fully prepared. You will need the following your own YouTube channel, a computer with Internet connection, a positive mindset and willingness to learn. Now what is YouTube CEO S. E. O. Stands for search engine optimization, and it is basically the things you can do to Dr Maura views to your videos. It all starts with a good topic that people are searching for. Then you optimize the video title to match the phrase people search for and follow the rest off this YouTube CEO guide. The result you want is to have your videos ranking high in the YouTube search algorithm. And why should you care about is you? I am sure you will want to get more views on your videos, right? Well, if you follow this s e o guide For every video you make, you will definitely get more views on your videos. What a final note. There is no magic fix or quick and easy solution. It is still up to you to work hard, stay consistent and always improved. However, no knowledge is power. Let's continue to the first step off the S e o guide. I am waiting for you in the next video, my friends. 3. Step 1 - Keyword Research: Hey, friends. And welcome to the first step in the S e o guide for YouTube, which is keyword research. So what is keyword research? Basically, it is a process where you find out what people are searching for when they go to YouTube. And why should you bother taking time to do keyword research before making a video? Well, simply because there is no reason to make videos that nobody will find. There are actually several free tools you can use to do your keyword research. The 1st 1 I recommend is Google keyword planner. Google keyword planner is actually a part off Google Edwards. So you need a Google Edwards account to use it. But you don't have to spend any money on creating a campaign to use this to all right. So after you have created a Google AdWords account and logged in, you go to the menu, choose tools and then keyword planner. Then I usually go to use this option, which has search for new keywords using a phrase website or category. And let's say I want to make a video about learning piano so I type, learn piano and click on get ideas. Then I see the search volume range for a lot of different variations off this keyword phrase. You then go down this list and check for a keyword phrase that you can use for the title of your video, like this one. How to Play Piano. It has between 10,000 and 100,000 searches per month, and the competition is low, so this could be a great keyword phrase to target. The second to you can use is the YouTube or to suggest feature, And this is when you start typing something in the search bore. You will get suggestions automatically from YouTube, so let's start by typing something in here. Let's write piano and right away you get a lot of different suggestions from YouTube on popular search term, starting with the piano so he can use this feature to test various search phrases to find a good one to use for your video title, for example, you can go even deeper by writing. Let's say piano to Torrey away, and you can see that the most search for term for piano tutorial is piano tutorial for beginners. The next one is piano tutorials for popular songs and so on. And you can use any of these search terms s two title for your video, and he will know that people are actually searching for this title. So what keywords and phrases should you target? Well, your goal should be to find keyword phrases with high search volume and low competition. But the most important part is that people are actually searching for the term. You contest this by applying the search and see how many views the videos on the first page or getting. I recommend that you target Onley keyword phrases like this one that has many off the videos on the first page over 10,000 years. Because then you know that there is demand for the search term. All right, so now let's continue to step number two. 4. Step 2 - Video Title: Hey, friends. Now it's time for Step Number two, which is video title, so your video title should be based on your target keyword phrase, so make sure that you start with that one, and then you can extend it and spice it up to add interest to the title. So how can you spice up your video titles to make people more interested? There are several ways to do this, but here are some common ways to add interest to a video title. You can use what's called a least title a how to title. You can use questions or any other way to spark curiosity. Let's look at a practical example. So if we choose learn piano as our main key would phrase to target, and we want to spice this title up, we can use a least title a least. Title is basically a number followed by, for example, ways or steps. So let's say five ways to learn piano or we can reverse the title and right learn piano in 30 days least titles like this works great by themselves, but you can also add some more emotion to the title, and you can do this by writing, for example, five mistakes to avoid when learning piano. The next kind of title that works great on YouTube is a how to title like, for example, how to learn piano for beginners. You can also add a question to a title to make people more interested like, for example, the keyword phrases learning piano and then to spiced up We add Colon. Would you like to learn piano today? Question mark. So these were just a couple of examples of how you can spice up your video tattle from your keyword phrase. But basically the main point is that you want to spark curiosity so that people are more interested in clicking your title. Your video titles should not be too short and not too long. This is actually a great length for a video title. I recommend keeping them between 40 and 60 characters, and also consider using a subtitle like this if you're creating a longer video title. All right, so what is a bad video title? And what is a good video title? For example, I can teach you to play Piano is a bad video title because people are not actually searching for these search term. Now let's use some of the techniques we discussed in this video to make a great video title . So you want to make a video? Where do you teach people to play the piano? All right, so we can start by using the how to style. So how to learn piano. And then we can also include a least type in the same title. So let's say how to learn piano in 90 days and we can even spice it up by adding colon e c guide. So why is this a great video title? Well, first off, we have included the main keyword phrase that we are targeting, which is learned piano and people are actually searching for learn piano. But we have also included how to, which is a great term to include in video titles on YouTube. When you do tutorials and teaching videos and people are actually searching for how to learn piano as well. We have then added in 90 days to add even mawr interest and also easy guide to make it even more appealing. Finally, I want to show you a to you can use to test your video titles regarding how appealing and interesting the or to people. So it's called the Headline Analyzer, and it's based on signs, statistics and re lots of research. And you go to this website co schedule dot com slash headline dash analyzer. And then you simply write in your title here so I will place it in how to learn piano in 90 days. Colon Easy Guide. Click on Analyzed Now and then you get a score. So my video title got a score off 69 which is actually quite good. I recommend using video titles that get you a school off 60 or more. We're making progress here, so let's continue to step number three. 5. Step 3 - Video Description: Hey, friends, I hope you all ready for step number three, because here it comes. Video description. YouTube needs as much information as it can get to rank videos, and one way to add information is in text form. Using the video description. YouTube actually relies a lot on the video description, since it cannot really know what is going on inside the video. So I recommend you to write at least 500 characters or more and include your target keyword phrase in the first paragraph, as well as a variation on it in The Lost Paragraph. Here is an example off a video description on one of my latest videos How to Become Successful on YouTube as a music artist. The key would phrase I am trying to rank for is how to become successful on YouTube. And as you can see, I have used this exact keyword phrase in the beginning, off the first paragraph in the description. You can also use a variation on your main keyword phrase in the last paragraph, but I have written Are you interested in creating and growing a successful YouTube channel ? So the keywords successful and YouTube or repeated both in the title in the first paragraph and in the lost paragraph. So what should you include in the middle section of your video description? Well, first, if you have any cool toe actions on links, put them right after the first paragraph. Some people even put the link at the top of the video description, but I usually recommend you to use your main key would phrase here. This middle section is not as important for the ranking factor in the algorithm, so I usually use it to brand myself and let the viewers know who I am and what I do and also what my YouTube channel is about. Basically, you can use almost the same middle section in all of your videos. And if you choose the strategy to repeat your middle section like this, I recommend you to include a couple off key word phrases that you want to build up an authority on in the YouTube algorithm, such as I have done here using music composer, audio producer and video creator. If I include these titles in the middle section off every video, YouTube will start to recognize me as a music composer and so on this strategy will make it easier for me to rank videos in these specific fields that I build up my authority in. All right now, let's move on to step number four. 6. Step 4 - Video Tags: friends. Now it's time for you to learn the fourth step in YouTube sale, which is video tags. So what is the video tags? Basically, you can think of them as hashtags that describes what you're video is about. YouTube allows you to use up to 500 characters total in your tag area, and I really recommend you to fill up your tags until you hit this limit. So what tags should you include in your video? Well, of course, he should include your main target keyword phrase, but also try to come up with lots of variations of your target keyword both shorter forms and longer forms such as YouTube success or how to become successful on YouTube. And now I have a really powerful bonus tip for you because these tags are not only used for search, but also for these recommended videos that you see when you watch another video. So my bonus steep for you is that you come up with a unique tag that you can include in every one of your videos, like I have done here with my brand name, Peak 11 and I even included the twice by separating the words and writing it in as one word here. By doing this, you will increase your chance of getting more of your video's here as recommended videos when people watch one of your videos. Okay, so let's continue to step number five. 7. Step 5 - Video Thumbnail: friends. Now we have come to a really important step that many people don't spend enough time on, which is video thumbnails. The video thumbnail is what people see first, so you have to make it stand out and grab attention. One thing that people are instantly drawn to our faces off other people and especially if they portray emotions. Make sure to use a close up image so that you can see the person's eyes and try to not use stock photos because people really like authenticity. So it generally were expressed. If you include an image of yourself in the video thumbnail, remember that YouTube is a place for you and your personal brand, so including yourself as much as you can in the videos and in the video thumbnails is what works best on YouTube. You should also make your thumbnails high contrast and use strong colors to bring more attention to them. If you decide to use text in your video thumbnails, make sure to use a large and clear formed and also a few words because people have to be able to read the text even though the video thumbnail might be really small for example, on a mobile phone. Finally, you might want to add a branding element such as, for example, your logo type or your avatar so that people will recognize one of your videos as soon as they see the video thumbnail in the YouTube interface. All right, so now let me show you one of my latest video thumbnails for one of my YouTube videos. So s you can see I have included a picture of myself with some emotions shown here. I have also a high contrast ratio using the darkest blacks white, sharp, yellow and so on. And you can see strong colors here with a bright red saturated dark blue, some blue here and the yellow band here. I have also included a large and bold formed for the text and only used a couple of words to make it really clear. And finally, I have included my local type here as a branding element in all my video thumbnails. Great job, my friends. Now let's continue to step number six 8. Step 6 - Closed Captions: Hey, friends. All right, so now we come to a step, which is optional. But it can still make an impact for your CEO rank. And that is closed Captions or subtitles? So what is closed captions? Well, basically, it's the words being said in the video. It is often also called subtitles. And you can see it here on YouTube if you turn on C C on videos. So if I just play this video here with the muted sound, these are the words actually being said in the video. YouTube actually uses the closed captions as a ranking factor in the search algorithm. And on top of that, some people really appreciates having the ability to turn own closed captions to see clearly what is being said in the video. Basically, by adding closed captions, you're making your video accessible by more people. Well, right, So how do you add closed captions? Well, first, you go to the video in your creator studio that you want to add closed captions to. Then you click here on subtitles and CC, and as you can see, YouTube automatically adds a English close caption to your video. If your video is in English, of course, and most often these close captions that are automatic is not very good, but you can use them as a starting point. So if you click here, you can see that YouTube has tried to add closed captions by the automatic function, and you can simply go in and edit it. If it is wrong, you can click on edit and add whichever of these lines is wrong. And then when you're finished, you just click on publish edits. Another way of adding subtitles or close captions is to click here, Add English over right, and you can either upload a subtitle file or transcribed and auto sing, which is, if you have the script in, for example, a note pad document. You can copy and paste it into here and then click on set. Timings and YouTube will automatically adjust. The timing's off the transcript to the closed captions. All right now we can continue to step number seven 9. Step 7 - Video Series in Playlists: Hey, friends. Now we come to step number seven, which is super important and has a great impact on your search rank. And that is video serious in playlists. So what is a playlist? The playlist is a great feature on YouTube, where you can organize related content into a serious videos that people can vote one after another. So if you go to your video manager, you have playlists over here and you can add a new playlist by clicking the button here. When you do, you get to choose the title off the playlist. I have already created some playlists here for my channel. Like, for example, this one. Music makers, tutorials, tips and discussions. If I click here, I get to a serious or videos that I have added to this playlist. So if a person comes into this video, for example, the next video in the playlist will play automatically after he finished watching this video. Another advantage of using playlists is that YouTube loves it and will boost your videos in the search algorithm, and you can also boost your authority in a specific niche. For example, I focus on music makers here in this playlists, which means that I will gain more authority in this term for all my videos that are included in this playlist. So make sure that when you title your playlists used key words that you want to build your authority for nice work, my friends. Now you have learned all the seven steps off my YouTube S C O guide. But I also want to share a couple of bonus tapes with you. So let's continue in the next video, my friends. 10. Bonus Tip 1 - Focus on Quality + Value: Hey, friends. Now I want to share some booze tapes with you and bonus tip Number one is focused on cruel ITI and value. So by making videos that are high cruelty productions and by delivering value to your viewers, you will get more watch time and shares, and watch time is actually the single most important factor off YouTube CEO. For example, if you make a five minute video, you want your viewers to watch as much off the video as possible. If the average viewer only watches 10 or 15 seconds, it is a bad signal that shows YouTube that your video isn't what the view will wanted to see, and that will decrease your CEO rank. But if you deliver quality and value in your video, people will watch more, which will increase your watch time and also get you shares. Likes and comments, which YouTube also uses to boost your CEO rank. So make sure that you produce high quality videos, which means good image quality, audio quality, good editing and so on, and also that you deliver value to your viewers, which can be entertainment, education, information or anything that your viewers really appreciate. Watching So my bonus tip number one is focused on value plus quality. Please remember that value and quality are the two most important factors for YouTube success. Now let's continue in the next video where I will share yet another bonus tape with you. 11. Bonus Tip 2 - Optimize your Channel SEO: Hey, friends, I have a second bonus tip for you, and that is optimize your channel is you. You should keep your channel focused to build your authority in one or a couple of targeted niches. And you can do this by writing your about page with S E O In mind, go to your dashboard view channel and then click on the about page. And here you can write a description for your channel. I have included a presentation of myself using the titles I want to build my authority in, as well as some targeted keywords that I want my channel to rank for. You can also use overall tags for your entire channel. If you go into creators studio, then click on Chel Advanced. And here where it says channel keywords, you can write in keywords or keyword faces that you want your channel to target. Overall, on my channel, I am using music makers, music, composing, music production, sound design and so on for my overall tags on my channel. Great. Now let's continue in the next video, where I will share 1/3 bonus tip with you 12. Bonus Tip 3 - Importance of Consistency: Hey, friends. So bonus tip number three Importance off consistency. So why will uploading videos consistently benefit you? Well, there are two main advantages. The 1st 1 is that YouTube loves channels that upload videos often and regularly. And if you can, you should upload on a consistent schedule, for example, and you video every Monday. If you're really serious, I would recommend you to upload three times or more per week, for example, and you video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. YouTube will definitely boost your search rank if you do this, but the other advantage is that people also love consistency. So if you upload new videos often and regularly, people will be reminded of your YouTube channel and brand again and again. And the more a person is reminded of you in your channel, the more videos he or she will watch, and the stronger the connection to you will be. Basically, you are building your fan base for your channel. Amazing job, my friends. Now let's continue to the final video off this course to reach 100% 13. Final Video + Bonus: Hey, friends. Amazing job. You have gained a lot of powerful knowledge on how to do s CEO on YouTube to boost your videos in the YouTube search results. I want to congratulate you for completing the full course. This means that you are a person who finish what you start. You keep moving forward and you don't quit. In my view, these are attributes off successful people and winners. It is awesome and you have my respect for it. Now, I would really appreciate your support and you can do this very easily by leaving a review of this course, let me know what you think, my friends Also, I want to invite you to join my V I p e mail list which is 100% free, and you will get access to V I p content free courses and bonuses straight into your email inbox. If you sign up now, you will get a free pdf with the complete list off my seven step guide for YouTube. Assail simply. Go to my website on. Sign up with your email address. I'm looking forward to having you as a V i p. Now it's time for you to take action and use your new knowledge by creating your close project. Action is what creates winners. And I believe you are a winner, my friend. So create your claws product. Now I'm looking forward to see it. Finally, I want to thank you for taking my course. And I hope to see you soon in one of my other courses. I wish you a great day on, Remember, you look, my friends.