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You Can Draw Christmas Cuties! Step by Step Cute Characters

teacher avatar Yasmina Creates, Artist & Creativity Cheerleader

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Do You Want to Build a Snowman?


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      Santa's Cutie Helper


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      My Deer Cutie


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      The Man of the Party


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      Let's Play Dress Up!


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      Let's Decorate!


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About This Class


Christmas is almost upon us, so snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and get out your drawing pencils and pens. It's time to make some cuties and decorations and don't worry I'll guide you through every step of the way! We will only use basic lines and shapes, so you can definitely do this! You will learn how to draw:

  • A Snowman
  • An Elf
  • Rudolph
  • Santa
  • Winter Clothing Ideas
  • Seven Christmas Decorations

You can put your cuties on Christmas cards or just draw for the joy of drawing cuties, so what are you waiting for? Let's make some cutie Christmas magic happen! :D

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Yasmina Creates

Artist & Creativity Cheerleader

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I strive to make every class the highest quality, information-packed, inspiring, & easy to understand!

Creating is my biggest passion and I'm so happy to share it with you!! :)


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Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: You can draw a Christmas cuties step by step. You don't need anything fancy to start. Just grab your pencil, your eraser and a brush pen, micron pen, or just a simple ballpoint pen. I will guide you through four Christmas cuties, from start to finish, and I'll show you tips and tricks along the way. We will also talk a little about wardrobe ideas, and I'll show you how to draw a cute Christmas decorations quickly and easily. You can use these lessons two make adorable Christmas cards for your loved ones, or just for the joy of drawing cute Christmas theme things. You can color them in with whatever mid that you like. Since you already have everything you need, let's draw some holiday cuties. 2. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?: Welcome to the class, let's jump right in. Our first Cutie is a snowman. I usually start with sketching a big head, which is just a simple circle or oval. Then we sketch in a small circle for the body because the big head to small body ratio always makes things cute. Now, draw a curved line across his head and close it off into rectangular shape. Then draw another curve line to his side and connect through the second line to make a point. Add a circle at the point for the finishing touch on the Christmas hat. This is optional, but you can make snow on the ground just by adding sum wavy lines. He also has three buttons and a simple triangle nose, which can be drawn in a couple of different ways depending on the angle and shape. Next, we add in button, eyes, and a mouth, which are just small circles. Just simple straight lines are used to make the arms. You also have the option of making a line go into a glove. Next, I put in three lines with the bottom one slightly curved and two curved rectangles with the top one overlapping the bottom one for the scarf and our snowman sketch is done. This was done with just simple shapes and lines. Next, I get out my brush pen and start inking everything in. I'm using a zebra brush pen, but you can use anything you have from ballpoint pen to a micropen. When inking in, just be careful with only drawing the things you want to see and pay attention on what is on top and what is below. For his hat, I'm going to give it a fir trim. As you can see, this can be done in many different ways. Just keeps your strokes loose and fun. I erase the pencil marks and add a simple stripe pattern on the scarf and now it's time to color him in. I love watercolors, so I will always use them. If you want to do the same, but don't known how you can checked out my Anyone can water color class. It will walk you through everything you need to know to get started. But you can use any medium that you have or that you love to use or you can even leave him black and white. It's up to you. If you want hymn to be super cute, there is one rule with adding color. Just keep them light and soft. Once he's dry, I use a uni-ball Signo broad point gel pen to add slight highlights and he's done. This little guy was super easy to make and he's super cute. If you change simple things like proportions, or the shape you use, or where you put things, you will get different results. The snowman on the left is not that cute because of his arms, he's expressive, and he looks older. The snowman on the right is super cute, but there are slight differences in his shape and wardrobe from the previous one we did. Notice that his head is a little smaller proportion to the body of our original snowman. It's the one that we did first was the cutest. I just want you to see that very slight changes make things look very different. Play around with all the drawings and try to add a touch of your style. Now, let's make a cute elf. 3. Santa's Cutie Helper: Again, I start off by drawing the head, which is just a big oval or circle. His body will be a simple triangle. You can make it taller or rounder like candy corn. I decided to make it really short because this body to head ratio is super cute. Now I draw two symmetrical lines from the edges inward and then draw straight lines to connect them to the body. I draw symmetrical lines inside and little lines going outward for some cute boots. Next I draw on a simple belt using parallel lines and the rectangle. Next I draw on the ears which are just made up of a curved line and a straight line on top. Then the nose, which is just two curved lines that match the ear. Next I'll add the eyes and notice how they're a little lower than the nose for extra cuteness and character. Then let's sketch out a rounded line over its head and it's tilted to the side like our previous drawing. This just make things more interesting to look at and give some more character. I used two straight lines connected into a triangle and add a small circle on top and a bunch of half circles for a cute trim. Then I sketch in his hair which can be done in numerous different ways. Just keep it loose and get creative with it or you can just do a straight line. Now I draw simple lines and close them off through on triangle for his arms. I kept them as simple as I could. I draw on the candy cane shape which looks like a backwards question mark. It's really just half a circle and a straight line. I draw the same shape a little lower and inwards and I connect them with a rounded edge which is just half a circle. Now the sketch is done so I can start inking. This one is a little more tricky than the Snowman because so many things overlap. Be extra careful in pay attention to what is on top of what. I draw on a cute stripe pattern at his neck and a small line inside his ear. Ears are super fun, there are so many ways of doing them. I make his hat striped by adding a curved line all the way up and do the same with the candy cane. Now that the drawing is done, I color him in and add highlights. Notice how I only used Christmas colors and the yellow looks like gold which is also Christmassy. The end result is super cute and super simple. Now let's draw a Rudolph. 4. My Deer Cutie: For this one, we start out with an oval but make the bottom a little bit pointed for the [inaudible]. If you're having trouble with this, just draw a Y triangle. I draw a circle nodes and this time I'm going to make the eyes close with just simple half circle lines. To make the antlers, I start by drawing a long teardrop shape and make it symmetrical on both sides. Just tweak it and use the eraser if you need to. It doesn't have to be perfect. Little imperfections give things character. I draw the same shape but smaller around the antler base. If you're finding this part hard, just practice making teardrops. Whatever I do on one side, I mirror on the other side. Take your time with this and get creative. This time I'm going to make the hat straight in the middle. Start off by drawing in an almost complete oval and then a smaller one inside. We draw a long curved line going behind the antler and close it all with a little circle at the end. This is just made of simple, slightly wavy lines. Next, we'll add a small circle for his body and this is optional but you can put a little circle in for his belly. The arms are just made of two lines that go out of where the head meets the body. By adding a simple line, he has hoofs. Next we'll draw two lines that angle towards the middle from the edges of his body and a straight line between them. Then I draw in two more of the same lines inside and two small ones for the hoofs. Next we draw an oval around his neck and two overlapping curve triangles for the scarf. He's pretty much done but I want you to get an idea for what you can do for backgrounds. Snow flakes are very simple to add, since they're just a bunch of lines. To make them more detailed, just add more lines inside. This is very easy to do and you can get very creative. I finish by inking him in and add a slight texture around his body for a fur effect, they're just short lines and dots. Then I color him in and add highlights. Notice this simple polka dot pattern on his scarf and the sparkle effects on his hat, just by adding a bunch of small white dots with a gel pen. Also notice the little [inaudible] for a cute belly button. Another thing to notice is I used Christmas colors, and notice that his nose is red so it automatically gives him the character of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Small details and choices make a big impact. Now, let's try the guy of the party, Santa. 5. The Man of the Party: Like always, I start with a big head. Next, I do the two curves and a circle for the hat. I also add in the curved rectangular shape for the bottom of the hat, we give him eyes and a small button nose. For his mustache we'll just draw two circles around his nose and then we'll add two slight curves at the ends. It's just a circle and two curved lines, like the elf's nose. Next we use a lot of half circles and ovals, there are a lot of different sizes to draw on the beard. You can also use this technique to draw a clouds. It adds a very fluffy feeling, I also add a small half circle for his cute little ears and a simple curve line from the hat to the ears for his hair. I also add in thick eyebrows, which are just rounded rectangles. For his body I go with an X shape and make the left side more rounded and protruding, so that he looks like he has his cute trademark belly. Then I draw his little feet like I did with all the other characters using simple angled straight lines and a small one at the bottom. If you tweak the little line at the bottom, the boots can look like they're facing any direction. We divide the body circle in half, and add a simple belt. This is a little tricky, but you can do it. I start by drawing a little oval and then make half of a long oval come out of it at an angle, then I'll draw in a triangle coming from the left side and a big circle behind him. Here's the arm again, it's just a circle and a rectangle with rounded corners beneath it at an angle, you can also add a small circle two signify the thumb. You can make his hand thinner or you cannot show the glove at all by simplifying his arm and making it look like the elves. We draw two curved lines coming out of the top of his torso and add simple glove with two half ovals and straight lines, he looks like he's waving. While inking him in, I decided to make his belt and pants black for some contrast. I also added small creases in his bag by just putting in curved lines and dots. I erase the pencil lines and paint in the cutie. Where almost Santa has a trademark red outfit, but I sneaked in some green gloves. After adding highlights, he's done and super cute. I hope you had fun making these cuties, and don't be afraid to do them in your style or add a fun twist to them. Get creative and share what you make in the Project Gallery. Let's get a little creative with some wardrobe ideas. 6. Let's Play Dress Up!: If you've taken my You Can Draw Cute Animals class, you've learned how two draw any animal cute from a reference and in this lesson, I will show you cute clothes and accessories you can add to your animals or anything else that you draw to make them Christmas themed. I start by sketching out my cutie penguin like I normally would, but in the sketching phase, I draw in a sweater and a hat. I add a mistletoe onto the sweater and voila, he's a Christmas penguin. Notice how I kept the clothes simple? But they do look really nice. You can add fuzzy hats and put different patterns inside, cute gloves, sweaters with Christmas drawings in them, Santa's trademark hat, boots, or silly elf shoes, bells, or scarves, or striped socks, or belts, earmuffs and fuzzy coats, or even ice skates. These are just a few simple ideas and they're really easy to draw. It's up to you how creative you want to get. In this example, I just added a Santa's hat and a snowy backdrop to make a Christmas bird. Also, be sure to use a trademark Christmas colors of red and green, and you can even add gold. I hope this lesson got you excited about dressing up your characters. Now, let's finish off the class with drawing sum cute Christmas decorations. 7. Let's Decorate!: Let's start with the centerpiece of any Christmas, the tree. You can tweak the body of it to your liking but it's essentially a rounded triangle. I decided to make mine wider and shorter because it's cuter. Next we're drawing small square or rectangle for the stamp and our traditional star on top. Don't worry about drawing a perfect star, you can just make it with crossing lines or make it vary around it like a flower or even make a snow flake or a diamond shape. Next we add circles all around the tree. I varied the sizes for variation and when inking in your tree keep in mind that you can make the islands of the tree in any way you want, like we did for the hair and the characters. Now I'm ready to ink. Be sure to ink the star and circles first since they're on top. Then do the islands of the tree in anyway you like. Next we'll do presents. Just draw a bunch of rectangles of different sizes clumped together and then add ribbons and bows. Bows are very simple. They're just a small circle and two curved out tear drop shapes and two curved lines on both sides. To make the ribbon extra cute, close it off with an inner triangle. Using simple lines, just add ribbons and string around the presents. Vary which side we are seeing with each present for interests, now to ink it in just draw one line from the bottom and outline the rest. This will look very cute sitting under the Christmas tree we just drew. Now mistletoe are very easy, Just draw a three overlapping circles and three curved lines that go out of them. We're going to use a bunch of half circles to make the outline of the leaves. Practice this motion if it seems hard. I drew it around each leaf making sure to connect at the ends. I didn't like how the leaves are arranged so I simply erased one and re drew it in the middle. When you're happy with it, you can ink it in, be sure to draw one circle at a time so that they don't overlap. That was super easy to make and you can add this to the clothes or hair of your characters for extra cuteness and the Christmas spirit. Next is two ornaments. They can be a simple circle or a circle with a triangle below it. Just make sure the line is curved inward or a long oval with a triangle below it. Just add a small rectangle to the top and you can make the top of it a dashed line or a hook or just a normal line. Get creative with the patterns inside your ornaments and you can even draw Christmas branches by just doing a line and loose strokes. This is similar to the hair I showed earlier. Or you can just do a bunch of straight lines and dots. Now let's do a candy cane with the bow. Start by drawing half a circle and make the right side and with a long straight line. Then close it off with little half circles on each side. Put a little round of square in the middle and make a heart shape on each side. Then draw a curved line from the middle to the end of the top to make it look dimensional. Now we draw two parallel curved lines on each side and close them off with inner triangles like I showed earlier. Now I'm ready to outline. Notice a little teardrop and line details I added inside the bow to make it look more crinkly. I'll outline the rest of the candy cane making sure to use rounded lights inside since its form is round and not flat. Next I draw a Christmas stocking, which is just a simple oval or rectangle with the slight triangle coming out on this left or right, and a rectangle on top. I also give it a slight pattern and a small half circle to show the sole. Now I can fill it up with candy canes and presents. Let's do a gingerbread house. I start with a rectangle and add two lines on top to make it a triangle roof. I outline the frame and roof for a feeling of frosting. I add in windows, a door and a chimney using simple shapes and then I outline, adding more detail. Notice the half circles as gum drops around the roof, the floor and the top window. I also made the sides tripe like candy canes and put some candy canes and gifts in the chimney. Now that I'm done drawing my cute Christmas additions, I can color them in. Using watercolor, I start with the Christmas tree. Notice how I left small highlights in the ornaments. I did the same thing with the mistletoe. I continue coloring the rest of the drawing and notice how I used the same three colors red, green and yellow, which is gold. I also left paint a lot to give a slight texturing and to keep it light. I go with my gel pen for small highlights and now I'm done. Now you know how to make four a cute characters, how to dress them up and also seven additional cute Christmas extras. Along the way, you learn that anything can be made using simple and basic shapes. If you haven't already checked out and you can draw cute animals, I highly recommend it because I break down the process of drawing anything cute from a reference. It will be very helpful if you want to make up your own characters. So that's it for the class. If you have any questions, leave them in the community section, be sure to share your cuties in the Project Gallery and if you're interested in learning how to watercolor other drawing techniques, check out my other classes. Lastly, I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and cute holiday season. I hope these cuties warmed your heart and I'll see you in the next class.