Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation, Flexibility and Wellbeing- Class 1: Chill (15 min) | Sacha Heath | Skillshare

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Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation, Flexibility and Wellbeing- Class 1: Chill (15 min)

teacher avatar Sacha Heath, www.yogawithsacha.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Yin Yoga Part 1: Chill Sequence Introduction

    • 2. Yin Yoga Twists, Forward Bends and Heart Openers

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About This Class

Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation, Flexibility and Wellbeing- Class 1: Chill (15 min)

Today's session is a quick restorative yin yoga taster practice to help you chillout and reconnect to your body :) Yin yoga is a restorative style of yoga featuring poses held for a longer time than usual in order to increase flexibility and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the part that relaxes you). Yin yoga not only stretches the muscles but also the ligaments, and this allows health and vitality to flourish from a very deep level. 

    This is an awesome practice to do before sleep!

I hope you enjoy today's practice,

Namaste, :) s

Meet Your Teacher

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Sacha Heath



Hello, I'm Sacha.

    I'm a yoga teacher (among other things!)  and I am at my happiest sharing what I love with the amazing people who cross my path. 

   I was very lucky to start practicing yoga over 20 years ago. I was just a kid at the time but yoga has seen me through the hard times and the good times and has shaped my life in ways I could never have dreamed.  It is my passion to keep evolving and keep sharing what I learn with anybody I can.

   I hope you enjoy these skillshare courses,


        :) Sacha

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1. Yin Yoga Part 1: Chill Sequence Introduction: Hello and welcome to Yoga with session. Today's session is assured in yoga secrets to help you check it out. It features some simple poses and movements for releasing tension through the back and the Sheldon say get into something nice and comfy. And I will see you on the map. Now my state. 2. Yin Yoga Twists, Forward Bends and Heart Openers: And you can begin by making your way down onto all fours. Bring your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. We're going to take a few minutes to just come through cat, cow pose. So if the first movement is on the inhalation, lifting the head and arching the spine. And the next movement is on the explanation. Tucking the head over, bringing the belly button towards spine and carving everything in soil on the out-breath, everything curves in. And on the in-breath. Everything calves up. Allow your belly to be relaxed as you come through these movements, letting it move completely with the in-breath and out-breath. Giving yourself this time to warm up your spine. Timing the movement with your breath, allowing the whole of the upward movement to take place with the whole of the annihilation. And the whole of the outward movement to take place with the whole of your excitation. Bringing online fully into this. And notice exactly how these movements feel. At the sound of your own breath. Bio mantra for this practice. Let the awareness, everything in an article body take up the whole of your mental awareness as you make your way through these movements. Hey, you can talk your toes under and bring yourself down to lie down flat minima, and then prop yourself up on your elbow, allowing your elbows to be directly underneath the shoulders, lengthening the neck, attacking the chin ever so slightly, and lifting your heart. Sphinx pose. Lifting your white out of your shoulders by pressing three or forums. Pressing down through the NACLO is of all of your fingers. Just allowing your bread. Just tell your awareness. Take a deep breath in and out tab. And when you're ready, tuck your toes under pressure up to your full backup through Hansen to a seated position, CT cross-legged position. Once or in this cross-legged position and take moment descent to yourself. Sitting up nice and tall, inhaling you can bring your arms up over your head. Exhaling. You can twist, bringing your left towards her right knee and no right behind you. Now with all twists, he really want to be coke screwing from the kind of lower or mid back, the head and the neck and the shoulders are the last things to turn around. So really starting this twist deep within your core, because this is the ng class, we're going to be out in this twist for a little bit longer than we might normally do. So allow your breath to informed. And if at any point it feels like it's being held too long for you, then of course, you can make your way out to the bonus. Whenever you are ready. Observe how when you breathe deeply, you can slightly move the twist. But the explanations might just allow you to twist it a little bit. Yeah. And taking your last breath in and our hands for reaching your arms overhead, bringing the palms together down through the center line of the body, back to the heart center. And again, lifting your arms up overhead. This time bringing your right hand to the outside of your left knee and your left hand behind you? Coke's going around over your back shoulder failing this twist. Any adjustments so that you feel comfortable and ready to stay for a little while. The sensation in your body. I'm watching your breath. Right? No. Taking on now spread in him as he lift your arms up overhead and kind of out of the twist gently, gently. Bring the hands down through there. Santa. Raise your arms up overhead one more time. Bring your palms together, and this time bowing forwards. You can place your hands on the mat right in front of you. Now you welcome to creat behinds fluids. As far as those Katyn, you can place blocks underneath your forearms are underneath your head if you're able to get all the way down. Well, you can just do this without any purpose at all, just bringing your weight up and over. You may wish to play with finding a little bit more length through your spine and your enemies, and a little bit more folding forwards. I know exhalation. However you choose to play this one. Allow it to be relaxed. Allow your body to release. That was the ground. In whatever way feels best fear. Taking one more deep breath in and out. And then switching over your legs. So the opposite leg is in front. Settling the spine again. And then inhaling, lifting the ions apart, exhaling, bowing through it's committed to the same pose on the opposite side. Adding those that arise just dissipate while you focus on your breath. And focus on the sensations in your body. Taking a final brat Han, slowly, slowly working hips back towards the body, trying backup right? For PE, you can shift yourself around and come to lying in Chavez. She may wish to have your legs all the way down. Oh, you may wish to keep your knees bent. Whichever position is comfortable, feel. Tenure pumps to face up, and then spend as long as you in like hearing this position.