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YOUTUBE SUCCESS: How to create ENGAGING THUMBNAILS earn your Clicks and increase your views

teacher avatar LAMZ, Camera Addict & Medical Student

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (2h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Class Project

    • 3. The anatomy of a Thumbnail

    • 4. Screenshoting a Thumbnails

    • 5. Combination Thumbnails

    • 6. Sourced Thumbnails

    • 7. Lets create the thumbnail of this course

    • 8. Thank you note

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About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome to the complete thumbnail creation course for beginenrs. In this course we will be focusing on how to brainstorma nd create eye catching thumbnails that will skyrocket your views!

The Thumbnail is the most important part of a youtube video. If no one clicks, it doesn't matter how good the vido is... no one will see. It is crucial to get this right.

I have tested thumbnails on my own channels; removed, changed, taken down and reedited to see the effects a good thumbnail has on a videos and channels success. Let me share with you the secrets to get growth.

Also, there is not a one-size-fits-all with thumbnails. Depending on both your niche and demographic of viewers, your thumbnails success with depend on several factors.... let's learn!

First we'll discuss the theory of why the thumbnail is so important and look at my analytics and see how we've changed as an audience, knowledgeable with clickbait and how thumbnails that worked 5 years ago wont today. Also "real" looking thumbnail over "staged" and different results in different niches.

Also, get personal feed-back by commenting on the course below the lectures and i'll get back to all of you personally.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • YouTube Beginners
  • YouTube Creators

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Camera Addict & Medical Student




Hello everyone! My name is Lambros and I am a part-time filmmaker from Greece!

If you think about it - I am the perfect person to teach you about about cameras. I have never been in film school and I have never really sat down with someone to teach me filmmaking and photography. Everything that I have learned is purely from hustling countless of hours, grabbing my gear and shooting outside.

Join me in my journey to share knowledge that I have acquired through the years on anything camera related!

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1. Introduction: Hello everybody and thank you very much for clicking on this video. My name is lambdas and I'm a fifth year medical student and part-time filmmaker. And I would like to welcome you in this complete masterclass on how to design and create thumbnails for our YouTube videos to give you a perspective about my work I haven't uploaded on YouTube for the past four years and I have owned the three YouTube channels. My first YouTube channel, again, about 4,000 subscribers in three years of hard work. And this happened in the fact that I pretty much did every single mistake that a YouTuber can do after learning from my mistakes and gaining knowledge out of the first channel. Liquidity is second channel and run it up to 27,000 subscribers in one-and-a-half years. And then the third YouTube channel I just launched and you can subscribe from my profile. Now that being said, I know from personal experience that the number one mistake that every single beginner YouTuber does is the fact that he devotes countless or virus on shooting and editing the perfect video. And then just spend 10 min on coming up with a title and designing it perfect thumbnail for this video. And obviously what happens is that no one ends up clicking on this video because the title and thumbnail or bad, this is exactly why I created this course right here. This is a complete masterclass that people go through a step-by-step process on how to design the perfect thumbnail for your YouTube videos in more detail. We're starting with the first lesson of this course in which we are going to be analyzing how to capture screenshots from your video and then combine them with text to create very basic and simple thumbnails that work. In the second lesson of this course, we'll be discussing on how to combine screenshots from your video with elements that we will downloading from the web to make more engaging thumbnail. Finally, in the third lesson of this course, we discussing on how to create 100% thumbnails from elements that we're going to be downloading from the web. And this means that you don't need to know any photography principles or any videography principles to follow along. Again, this right here is the final guide and I wish I had when I was starting out on YouTube. So thank you very much for sticking up until the end of this video, and I'm gonna see you in the first lesson of this course. 2. The Class Project: Thank you very much for joining me in this course to master the art of creating YouTube thumbnails. There's gonna be a very short lesson in which we're gonna be discussing the class project that you're called to complete by the end of this course. Now, obviously this is a course that we will be discussing about how to create thumbnails for YouTube. So the class project is going to be the creation of a YouTube thumbnail using the principles and applying the principles that we will be discussing in this course. So you can create either a YouTube thumbnail from screenshotting part of your video and adding titles. Or you can create a YouTube thumbnail with combining elements from your video and elements that we will be downloading from the web. And finally, you can also create a thumbnail completely from elements that we will be downloading from the web, just as we're gonna be talking about in the third lesson of this course. So this is gonna be the class project. I encourage you to complete the class project. I will be reviewing every single one of the submitted projects. So I encourage you to submit a project B is also a good way to get feedback on your work and get in touch with me. So enough talking. Let's move to the first lesson of this course. 3. The anatomy of a Thumbnail: So welcome everybody. I'm very happy that you clicked on the first video and you join me in this course again to Master thumbnail design and creation. Now before we launch our editing software and before we start actually creating thumbnails, we need to have some things in mind. So this is why I created this first lesson of the scores in which we're gonna be answering this very simple and basic question. What makes a good thumbnail? Now, this question has many answers, but pretty much if we need to narrow down in a very basic answer, the answer is this. A good thumbnail? So D for thumbnail. Okay, I want you to remember this acronym t en t. The duties. The two very important piece of YouTube is the thumbnail and the title. A good thumbnail is a thumbnail that dancers, okay, if you will, with the title, with the result of Earning, earning the click. Okay. So this is very basically what makes a thumbnail good. A thumbnail complements the title, so we earn the click. Now, the second question after this is, who is clicking our videos? Okay, Who's Glick? Are we earning? Who? And this who refers to our audience. So this who is pretty much our audience here. Now, different channels have different niches, and different niches have different audiences. Audiences could be anywhere from 12 years old up to eight years old. So as you can imagine, a 12-year-old needs a completely different thumbnail from an 80-year-old. What a 12-year-old and NAD year-old need to have in common to click on your video. So what you need to do in both those cases to earn the click is one, to grab their attention. So grab attention. And there are specific tweaks that you can apply it at play with human psychology and human physiology that grab attention in every single human being, e.g. having a hot female right in the title and the thumbnail or having a sock damage in a dipole. And number two is to raise a question. Raise a question. I'm also going to add number three, which is make them feel something. This could be make them feel angry, anger them, make them feel sad, make them feel happy. Feelings is something that people on YouTube look for. We want to feel something when we're trying to get entertained. Those Winder Daymond in general, in television, movies, sports, all of those make you feel a certain way. So these are the three things that all of the audiences aged 12-8 years old ask for. We want to have our attention grabbed. We want our thumbnail entitled combination that Tn T2 raise a question. And we want to feel something when we see this thumbnail in order to click it and get redeemed later on on the video. Now, depending on your niche, depending on your audience, you're going to need to adjust your titles and thumbnails. Okay? Obviously, you have to earn the click on all of those different categories of people. Let's start now by analyzing some certain videos of people that have earned the clicks and have mastered this combination of title and thumbnail. Now we're going to start with this masterpiece of a title and thumbnail again, that the NB right here from Mr. Beast, one of the most established graders in the space. Now this video is called I survived 50 h in Antarctica. And this right here is the thumbnail. Now, if we didn't see the title at all and you solve this thumbnail, you would still be surprise. Why? Because first of all, right, here you can see his face. Let's analyze this nominal number one, the face, he has increased facial expressions. Number one. Number two, the text, he added text in the thumbnail. What does the text do? The text raises a question, and the question is, why did he really survive until they do? Or is he, is he dying? He seems like he's struggling right there. So the audience again feels something. This is the perfect example of a thumbnail that has increased expression, a text. And the combination of the expression and the text makes the audience feel a certain way. In this case, they feel sorry for him. They wanted to see. What happens? Why does he struggle on day two? Now, when it comes to those human physiological factors that make people grab their attention. Okay. What does this thumbnail due to grab your attention? Number one, okay. Vibrant color of the subject. So vibrant color. You can see that he's wearing a red jacket and this jacket could even be red and maybe they manipulated in postproduction when they were living with family. And so you can see there is a huge color difference between the red that he's wearing and the blue in the background. This immediately catches your eye. So when you're browsing on YouTube, you know you have milliseconds as a creator to grab your audience's attention. Mr. did this by changing the color of what he's wearing to make a bigger contrast. The last thing that I want you to note from this terminal right here is that the phase of Mr. Beast? It seems to be a bit cartoonish, right? And then the background seems to be a bit cartoonish. This is due to the fact that both his face and the background has been highly manipulated in post production. And we're going to figure out how to do this in future lessons. But again, this was an amazing PNP. Again, dial-in thumbnail from Mr. Beast. And again, the title complements perfectly the thumbnail, a thumbnail dancers perfectly with title. And we had this amazing result of nine to 5 million views, but move to the next one. So this right here is a video of one of my favorite creators, Nerd writer. And nerd writer creates videos, which are essays to means that those are longer videos that apply to a specific meet again, of people, the age group that targets are usually 15 to 30 year old people. So again, a bit more mature audience. Again, those are eight minute videos with not that much editing going on. Video essays. This is why He optimized his title and thumbnail to appeal to this specific age group. So let's see how the title dancers with the thumbnail. But I live, this Top Gun scene is like a perfect pop song. So what can we learn from the title? Well, this video is about Top Gun and it is like a perfect opsin. The title alone and wants to remember them and you do the title is more important than the thumbnail. The thumbnail needs to complement the title. The title doesn't need to complement the thumbnail. The thumbnail needs to complement the title. This data along raises a huge question mark. How can a scene be like a pop song? What does a scene, how in common with a pop song give the fact that this title is so perfect and so unique. And it raises question marks. The thumbnail just has to basically tell the viewers. But yes, you read correctly, this scene is like a pop song. So this is exactly what the thumbnail does. The thumbnail literally has the title written in it with a different color than white and an arrow pointing at, again, the character, the main character of the scene implementing that it refers, do less seen. Okay, now, again, some basic, very basic principles. We have a huge face right in the middle of the thumbnail. So increased phase, phase in general, people are attracted to faces when we see a phase, when we say a human face without any specific expressions, we want to see what's going on. Why is this face so close to the view? Next? Arrows, arrows, our attention grabbers. So we grab attention with the arrows. Again, this has to do with the human psychology. Whenever we see an arrow, we're like, okay, what is going on? Whereas this arrow pointing up. And finally, you can see that the font in this image right here, right, the text is written in the second half of the image. So right here, where in general it is dark. So we have again, a contrast between the letters of the font. Contrasts between the letters which are on this light yellow color and the background. This contrast makes the image more vibrant. And again, this nominal didn't have to do a big amount of work that the fact that the nerd writer came up with an amazing title for this video. So again, this Top Gun scene is like a perfect pop song. You can see that the thumbnail just compliments this title. And this is why this video did very, very well for the nerd writers channel. Let's move to the next domino, another video from Mr. Beast. And I think that now you're slowly getting the hang of it on how to criticize the combination of a title and a thumbnail. Okay, so let's start with the title because again, the title is more important than the thumbnail. 1,000 blind people see for the first time. Very, very interesting titles. You can see that this video. Performed absolutely amazingly with 108 million views. So this needs to be investigating. The first thing that we see is that right in the middle of the frame, we have this huge face of a child crying gate. So we have, let's see, this Chuck's little yellow boxes, increased emotion. Okay? In Greece, the mountain huge phase, which grabs attention to that 1,000 blind people see for the first time, this title right here appeals to a huge audience, okay, Pretty much all YouTube users from the age of 12 to the age of API can watch this video and we'll be amused by the fact that 1,000 people see for the first time in this video. In addition to that, another thing that Mr. Beast does with his videos, which is absolutely genius, is the fact that because he knows that he's a celebrity and he knows that these videos are unique, and he knows that you will choose his video rather than someone else's video. Where is it easier to see that this video isn't Mr. nice video from the channel DAG or from the huge face that he has added in the thumbnail. But right. Mr. Beast ads his face in almost all of his thumbnails. The fact that, you know, this is a Mr. Beast video. This video has the Mr. Beast stamp of approval. And this man has satisfied you over and over and over and over again with these videos. So you know that in this video, Mr. Beast made 1,000 blind people see for the first time. So again, we have check on, let me just say this green check for increased emotion. Check for grabbing the attention with a little crying child in the middle of the image. Jack with adding Mr. beasts phase. So you know that this is a Mr. Beast video and you will be redeemed if you click on it. Again, check for the huge question mark with this combination of title and thumbnail raisers, right? Because the thumbnail of the dialogue goes like, people that watch this dial will be like, how will 1,000 blind we will see for the first time, this makes absolutely no sense. There is no way that this is true. But the thumbnail confirms that it is true with the kid that is crying in the middle of the frame. Bear that up with the background, which is almost completely white. So all of the attention is grabbed by the child that is flying. Now let's move to the final thumbnail that we're gonna be analyzing in this lesson. And this is this video right here from Nico Rosenberg. Now we need to add, for the sake of this tutorial right here that Ny Carlsberg has about 1 million subscribers. This means that this video that has 2.5 million views exceeded his amount of subscribers, which means that it was, it entered browse features of YouTube. It was recommended by YouTube. And this is a video that we want to analyze again to understand what videos YouTube recommends and how we can achieve the same video. I'll start with the title again, is a dream come true with capital letters. Ferrari F 40 in Monaco, and again then his name. Now, what does this thumbnail pretty much dance with the title. Let's see. First of all, a dream come true. First thing that grabs our attention is obviously the Ferrari F 14, because this thumbnail is very small. We need to make sure that the audience knows that this is going to be a video about a Ferrari. A 4M is just not a random variety. This is why he added this text right here. He pretty much tells you, yep. This is the Ferrari of 40. So immediately attention grabber the Ferrari, right? Attention to the Ferrari. You go like, okay, red, red car. What is this? It is a Ferrari F 40. And if you don't know that, for every 40 is a highly collectible card or less than 500 Florida 40s in the world. So just by the fact that the title and the thumbnail have the word Ferrari a. This makes this video highly valuable. That you can see that we have a huge phase in this third of the thumbnail. So we have a phase, and the phase increases the emotion. And how do we know this? Well, this is very simple because the title literally says, a dream come true. And this, the face of a man that has made his dream come true. So in this part of the frame, in this third, we have the face of the man, which has his dream come true. In this part, we have the dream, which is the variety of 40. And right here at the lower part of the lower third, which you can see, we have this battle that says pretty much, yes, this is a Ferrari or 40, this is what you came for. Now, let's add something more. We can see how perfectly okay, the image of the variety, because the sun is probably somewhere here and the sun rays go this way. You can see the sun creates this amazing dreamy atmosphere and pretty much glow in this side of the Ferrari as well as on Nichols head. And pretty much this adds to the dreamy vibe that Nico wants to deliver with this thumbnail. And again, Monaco is pretty much an amazing destination for car enthusiastic. They absolutely love Monaco and it is a great place to drive your own variety of 40 if you have one. Again, this is how Nico Rosenberg pretty much surpassed by 1 million subscriber count and created this amazing video. So let's do a small recap of what we discussed in this lesson right here, so it's easier for you to digest before we move on to the next lessons, we're going to be analyzing and creating our own thumbnails. So small recap. Again. The thumbnail sued complement. Thumbnail should complement the title. Okay, In add this to that, the thumbnail needs to grab attention of the viewers. And this is done with increasing the emotional drive that we show. So show emotion pretty much. We need to grab the attention. We need to explain in some sort the title. In addition to that, we need well, it's pretty hard to do that, right? Because this is why not everyone goes viral. But in addition to that, we need to raise a question, so make we blast why, how is this possible? And again, this is done in combination with a title. This is why I'm stressing the importance of making your thumbnail complement your title. Again, we need to grab the attention is what Mr. did with coloring. Read his jacket in contrast with the white of the Antarctic in the background. This is what we do when we add sued faces would solve emotion in our thumbnails. This how we grabbed our dense, the viewer's attention. After the attention is grabbed, we go ahead and read the title. So let's say that number one, grabbed the intention. Number two, they read the title, then they go back to the thumbnail. And this is where they make this connection between title and thumbnail. When this connection is made, this is where we want to raise in their mind the question which is going to make them click. Now, this is very, very easy to show millions of thumbnails and analyze them and show you and tell you like, Hey, this is why this thumbnail did great. This is why this thumbnail didn't do great. But this course is not about analysis. This course is about implementation. So from the next lesson, we're going to start creating our own thumbnails. And one thing that you need to understand is that there are many, many ways to create thumbnails for the different levels of YouTube channel, if you will, professional YouTubers create different thumbnails from amateur YouTubers. And the first type of thumbnail creation that we are going to be focusing on is to create a thumbnail after grabbing a screenshot from our video and just adding text. This is the most basic thumbnail, but a creator can create. It is very easy and you don't need to have excessive knowledge, you know, in post-production editing and in photoshop, Premiere Pro on our annual lab. All you need to do is just add text on a screenshot of your video. So this is exactly what we are analyzing in the next video. Thank you very much for sticking up ultimately, this lesson, and I'm gonna see you in the next one. 4. Screenshoting a Thumbnails: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second installment of the scores, to the second lesson of the scores in which we are just completely diving into thumbnail creation. So enough with the theory, okay, enough with analyzing different thumbnails and what makes a thumbnail good and what doesn't make a thumbnail good again, we discussed in the first lesson of the scores about the combination of title and thumbnail and helping amounts. Titles dance in an harmonic rhythm, if you will, with the thumbnails to earn the click and afterward and click. Okay, There's another story how we keep our viewers engaged in the video. But for now, in this video right here, we're focusing on the first type of thumbnail that we're going to be creating in this course. So again, there's gonna be an in-depth course about terminal creation. And the first type of thumbnail that we are going to be grading is gonna be the easiest one to create. And it's pretty much going to be a screenshot from the video. So to make things clear, there are three types of thumbnails that we can create. The first one is capturing a screenshot from the video and then adding some titles, if you will, or some generators on top of it to make it more engaging and just to earn a click a bit more, again, the second type of thumbnail that you can add is diplomats. Combine completely artificial elements, e.g. images that we download from the web or anything. We're going to look on the web with screenshots of the video. Again, this combination again is made to intrigue the eyes of the viewers in order again to enter click. And the third type of thumbnails that we're going to be creating and analyzing if discourse is completely artificial, thumbnails meaning that we don't produce the images. We take everything from the web and we compose them in an amazing image as a thumbnail. Now, before we start and we launched our editing programs and our photo editors and video editing programs. And pretty much start manipulating those thumbnails. I want to make something clear. You don't need an amazing editing program or anything crazy. You don't only need Photoshop to give you this example to create perfect tunnels, I create all my thumbnails from literally the video editing software that I make my videos, then this is pretty much as basic as it gets. This is what we are going to be doing in this course. I guess that if you have a YouTube channel, if you have, if you create videos and you want the scores, you want to know how to create thumbnails. You have already an editing software installed in your PC. So this is the bare minimum. Of course, if you create videos, you have an editing software. This is why in this course, we are going to be creating our thumbnails from our video editing software. And we do this for many reasons. The first one is that we don't want to just have 1 million different softwares in our computers. We want just one software, both for videos and photographs. And this is very important. The second reason is that pretty much thumbnails are pretty small, so viewers don't see huge images of our thumbnails. Thumbnails are pretty small. Review them on their phones or on their inherent in on their PC and the homepage. So we don't need to pay that much attention to details in thumbnails. Okay, So this way we don't need the best version of Photoshop to create thumbnails, we can just create them from our editing software. Now that being said before, we will answer anything software, let's have some notes here. So again, this is a screenshot, thumbnail video. We're going to be creating thumbnails from screenshot of our videos. And for the sake of this lesson right here, Let's say that I will be creating a video and I will be creating a thumbnail pretty much about, let's say YouTube growth. So the subject is going to be due to growth. And we need to have a title before we start working on our thumbnails. Let's say that the title of my hypothetical medieval we're creating is going to be how I grew. Okay, my channel on YouTube. So this is going to be the title. So title, okay, and we need a thumbnail that compliments this title. Now, let, of course, if we were discussing about screen, so thumbnails, we can't manipulate them that much. This is the pretty much the most basic thumbnail that you can ever have. So we can't really intrigued the viewers and create those question marks that will make us earn the click. If we're just taking a screenshot from our video and adding some text to it. But that being said, we need before we start designing our thumbnail to think of ourselves, who is going to watch this video? So who is our target audience? If I'm creating this video? How I grew my channel on YouTube, okay, this is not a video that someone would see in be recommended page of YouTube. This could be a search based video. If it can be asserted based video, this means that most of the viewers, most of the years that we'll see this video in their homepage e.g. that are called to click on it are going to be my subscribers. So this video targets my subscribers. Okay, and what do all of these people have in common? This is the answer me. This is why we're taking a screenshot from the video because my subscribers are attracted by me. So they know me, they understand me, they know that I create content and this is one of my videos. So I mean, just like Mr. Beast in the previous lesson, uses his face to attract more views. This is why I'm going to use my face, e.g. let's say in this hypothetical scenario, because I will attract used because they know that its mean is going to be a good video. So my viewers know me. This is the first thing that I wanted to have on my thumbnail, so I wanted to see my face. And let's say that I know my target demographic is people that have YouTube channels. So people that have channels are also interested in reverse engineering challenge, which means that they're not like 12-years-old. They're more of like, let's say, 20 to 50 years old. So this is a very, very basic analysis that we perform on our target audiences before we start constructing our thumbnail. Again, this is my video, how I grew my channel on YouTube. And it targets my subscribers, which are 20-50 year old. Now let's launch our editing programs and let's dive into creating this thumbnail. So here we are in Final Cut Pro, which is the editing software of my choice. If you're interested in learning how to add a little conical, bro, I have a complete course on, again, Final Cut Pro editing for beginners. It is a very easy program to use and it targets MacBook users. So this is the video that are just important, as you can see, it is a full ready video for YouTube. Obviously, the video is not how I grew my channel on YouTube. It's a completely different video. So we're going to be creating three thumbnails, three screenshot thumbnails from this video. So the first thing that we're going to realize is we're going to pretty much outlined in our minds what we want to create. Again, what thumbnail we want to weight. The first thumbnail that I would love to create is a funnel with just me in the middle of the frame doing some stuff with my hands. So it feels like I'm talking to the camera, I'm analyzing something. Again. I'm thinking I'm going to take this screenshot from the video. I'm going to blur the background and perhaps add some sharpening, some contrast and some texts because those are again, some cheat codes, if you will, do pretty much, make the people click on the video. So let's just move the cursor on the video to see a part in which I am just moving my hands and there is no B-roll murals, by the way. Those pictures that show up in the video right here, as you can see, there is a part of the video in which I'm just talking and I'm emphasizing in what I'm saying. So this e.g. could be a great screenshot right here. I'll give it could be a great screenshot. So I'm pressing, I'm gonna be here, File Share, save current frame, save current frame, thumbnail test, right? Or saving it, saved your desktop. So we've got the first one. Let's see now, this could also be a thumbnail, but I don't like my facial expression. So it's pretty much like a finger of figuring out which frame represents what your title says, right? So this is also a great thumbnail just right off the bat. My festivals much and it's kinda weird because I'm talking, but okay. No, I don t think that that's good. Now, let's hit the start of the video, maybe. Okay, This is also great expression, like a great screenshot. So let's go File, Share, save current frame, like a thumbnail test to rate. That's the upside. Okay, so let's start with the first type of family. The first type of screen, so thumbnail that we want to create. Woods again, just mean in the middle of the frame with a blurry background and some contrast and some sharpening. And we're going to see if we're going to add titles. I'm not sure yet. So we close those menu fit. Let's just import the thumbnails, which are these two. Great. So now we have our screenshot number one, which is this image right here. Screenshot number two, which is this image right here. So the first thing we're going to do as a rule of thumb whenever you're creating a thumbnail, the first thing that you do is that you go to your Color Grading Panel, which we can manipulate our exposure and our saturation. And we're going to just increase our mid tones. We're going to make this image brighter. Very, very important. As you increase your mid-tones, we can decrease our shadows to add more contrast to the image. In addition to that, we can increase our highlights and there are ways to further manipulate them Colgate into precision, but we're not looking for precision when we're designing thumbnails because again, they're not shown very large scale. So this is the first payments. This is the second image. You can see the difference in the color between the two images and to replicate our color grading profile. Okay, we'll just copy this and paste it here. This is basically the effects pretty much from one image to another. Now, every editing software also, just like it has a lighting panel, it has a saturation panel. And when it comes to saturation, okay. Thumbnails need to be saturated. We can have a non-saturated panel. But about saturation is the vibrancy of the color, how vibrant? Art galleries, if the thumbnail is unsaturated, it is black and white as you can see, if it is saturated again, the colors are more vibrant and we're looking for vibrancy obviously because we want to attract the viewer's eye. So pretty much we increase saturation a lot, not that much because then it looks just very no bearing down. So we don't want that. But still we want to increase saturation. Now after that, we are going to add some blur in the background. Okay? I'm gonna do this. We're going to effect right here and focus. So this defect in follicle growth, e.g. it's called focus, but every single editing program has an effect that just pretty much blur the background. Now Falcon Pro is a pretty old program, so it doesn't really blur the background. So you have to change it to blur the background yourself. But there is a very easy way to do this by mapping out the subject of the video. Now, pretty much what we're gonna be doing is that we're gonna be changing the parameters here. Okay? Just play with the parameters until we have the sweet spot, which is pretty much there. It seems a high and a bit. I'm just changing the focus right now. It's nothing insane. Just depends on the editing room that you're using. But there, how about there? Okay, there some think this is good. Okay. The shadows right here, out-of-focus. So this is good and you can change the positioning of the folks, okay, Sure. I think there is perfect. So now another very easy thing that we can do is to add sharpening to this image. So we go just riding the effects sharpen and we drag and drop this effect right here. You can see that we can check how much we want to sharpen our image. Okay, this looks like a meme. It's deprived, but okay, let's just stop it suddenly here. Remember, we need to over edit our thumbnails. These are not immediately going to go into an art gallery visitor. Literal thumbnails that we want to grab people's attention so we increase the sharpening. Okay, And another thing we can do is that, remember this is a screenshot so we can manipulate it as much as we want. So let's crop it in. Okay, let's zoom in a bit. We zoomed in to hear what our eyes to be pretty much in the middle of the frame. So this how a particular basic screenshot from our video and made it such like an interesting thumbnail. I don't think we can do in the screen to write here is to add text. So we'll go in to a basic title. Okay, now we need to remember the title of RDD video. It's gonna be how I grew my YouTube channel. And a very easy thing you can do is to pretty much just write the title in the thumbnail. So we're going to write in capitals how I grew my YouTube channel or wrong here. So try it with your editing software. As I'm doing this, bold always we use bold phones in alpha males. And we just move this in right here, e.g. between my hands and it could be a great place to add this. A very common problem with text of titles is the fact that when we have a highlight in our thumbnail, which you can see the texts. So e.g. right here in my hand, right, we have a highlight, so you can see the text. A very easy way to go around. This is just add drop shadow and this adds a black background around my text. We can just manipulate, okay, Drop Shadow, change it a bit to our preference. So I'm thinking that this is perfect. The thing is that, remember the thumbnails are gonna be very small. So we want them to be clearly visible, that the titles need to be very clearly visible when we add them in our thumbnails. So one thing that I would propose the change in the salmon right here, e.g. is to delete my YouTube channel. How I grew. This looks weird without YouTube channel. Okay, but copy the title, paste it on top of that, and just write here my YouTube channel. So emphasis on YouTube channel. Okay, This I think, is just a bit better. Another thing that you could do, e.g. is to select YouTube and change the color to red. How I grew my YouTube channel, this is better, this is a better thumbnail, so no more you play with it. The more, the better you will become the bat. You know, finding the correct. Parts of the video, the screenshot and the correct gestures will get the screenshot. So the more you pretty much experiment, the better it is. Now, let's say that I like the titles. I like the title that I have in my thumbnail that the text, how I grew my YouTube channel. But I want to use this thumbnail, this screenshot right here. Let's do the exact same thing. So we're going to punch in a bit. Okay, and what I like with this image right here is that I have my hand here, but this part is empty of the frame. So look at what I'm thinking of doing. I'm thinking of counting the image in and adding me right here, keeping this third of the image clear. What we're gonna do is that we're going to just add the same exact text over this image. So how I grew my YouTube channel is just stream it here. So we have two formulas to work with. What I'm thinking is just moving the text at this part of the video. So at this part of the frame, how I grew my YouTube channel, or perhaps I just put my here, I'm just brainstorming up the spot so you can see live what I would think if this would my channel, how I grew YouTube channel here, and we could increase this, increase the size of it. Perhaps doesn't want to increase right now how I grew my YouTube channel again. So this, I think this is also great. This is great thumbnail. So how about we, okay, sure. How are we going to YouTube? And you can see that this is in this third of the image. It's more, the title is pretty much more emphasized because there's a wave from my body, whereas in this, it is in the middle of my hands. So again, the hands move people's attention into the title. So now just going to manipulate this image again with sharpening. Sharpening it until I think this stage right here, it's better. So this is again, another great screenshot example of a thumbnail. So we've got this amine right here regraded. We created this terminal right here, just from screenshotting from the videos. Right? Now. Let's try some more advanced screenshot thumbnails. So let's say again that we don't want to go to the web and download different images from the web. We're just going to use the images from my videos. I'm going to fuse two screenshots of this video to grade the third thumbnail of this lesson. And what I'm thinking is actually that I'm going to propose a mechanism to my viewers in which I grew my channel. So let's look at my video, okay? And at this stage, at this part right here, you can see that I have this bureau of someone noting a analysis or a different mechanism. This is also a agonize Bureau limits that we can use with graphs that are growing. So lets just grab this, Share, save current frame. Let's say thumbnail test three. Right? This is also a great screen salt to grab. Also like this one. But I think we can also use like the previous ones that we had. They were pretty good. Let's see. Sure. Let's use this one. Let's use this one again. So we'll just pasting it here again, the same exact formula that we used before. Let's downscale it right there. Now let's import the other screenshot that we took, which is this one right here. So let's see, let's see what we can cook. Okay, so we have this and this, and I'm going to divide my, my image in half. So we pretty much intrigue the audience. So look at what we're gonna do now. We're going to grab this. And the important part of this image is pretty much the hand in the iPad. So I'm thinking is to crop this right here and right here. Okay? And then we're going to transform and set it at this part of the frame. And this, okay, We're going to move it to this part of the frame perhaps or this one. I'm thinking about it. Okay. Let's, let's put it here. Let's put it here. Cool. So now we combine those two images. And you can see that we just fused two images from our videos to screenshot, screenshots from our videos in one thumbnail. So pretty much this is how we create this question mark in our viewers. This is how we make our ears question. How did he grow his YouTube channel? He is showing us our graphs in the thumbnail. Now I'm intrigued. Now I want to click. So this is a great week just with screenshots from our videos. To create thumbnails. So how I grew my YouTube channel. And in order to add another layer of questioning in our viewers, Let's try this. I'm just going to copy this title, which because the highway grew mine and we're going to change it into automation. So we put automation here. Why did we put the dimension? Let's change the phase also do a more vibrant color. There's more easily seen automation. I'm going to explain to you right now why we use automation. We use automation because it is a very random word. Okay? People with finger that, hey, how can you grow your YouTube channel with automation? And I'm intrigued because you see a graph there and you see a guy saying that he grew his YouTube channel with animation, but I don't know what automation is and I have fear of missing out. So I'm going to click on this video and on top of that, another thing you can do to cultivate this psychological feeling in the viewers, the fear of missing out is to copy automation. And right here, say you make it even more random and have you in red. Okay, So check this out, check what we did. Okay, You automation. Now we're directly playing with the psychology of arguers y, and this is pretty much a Visegrad thumbnail, e.g. this is a genius. Normally I don't want to blow minds armpit here, but this is a genius thumbnail and y is the genomes thumbnail because we have my face in the frame, which means that my viewers are going to note that this is gonna be one of my videos and they're gonna click. So we've got one layer of clicking on this video right there. Then we raise a huge question in our viewers. I know that my viewers, and again, 20 to 50-year-old YouTube channel owners. So they can relate with this part of the image, which is you. Okay? They all sat in front of a camera and being like, hey, okay, let's grow my YouTube channel and they'll know that it's hard to grow a YouTube channel, but they all don't know about automation. Again, what is automation? And they see those graphs and those electronic stuff and anything of like, Hey, ease automation really better than me. So they relate with me. They see that they propose a new idea of growing a YouTube channel. This cultivated feeling, a fear of missing out. So this is how again, we increase the emotional response of our viewers to click on our videos. This is an absolutely amazing thumbnail. Okay. I might have been in this the best of all three. So this is the first one. Again, this looks like an educational tutorial, e.g. like in this video, I'm going to be explaining to you how I grew my YouTube channel. This looks also like a tutorial. There is no twist on it. But there is a huge twist in this thumbnail right here. And I'm very proud this time it actually, so I hope that you follow this video. I hope that you understood how we created. Again thumbnail just by screenshotting our videos and this just me. This is just the beginning. Like if it's just the beginning, in the next lesson, we're going to unlock the door of the web and the count list of images that you can download from the web you can play with the psychology of our years because this is what thumbnail design is. We're just playing with the psychology of our viewers to create the best thumbnail. So now that we are done with screenshot thumbnails, it's time to move to the second type of video, the second lesson, which is pretty much downloading images from the web and combining screenshots with images from the web to have a perfect thumbnail. So thank you very much for sticking up until the end of this video. I'm very excited with the outcome of the screen. So thumbnail, I'm gonna see you in the next one. 5. Combination Thumbnails: So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third installment of this course. I'm very happy that you have followed along up until this point. This lesson right here is gonna be very groundbreaking. It very interesting because as we analyzed in the previous lesson again, we discussed about how to take a screenshot from your video and how we create a thumbnail using titles and other screenshots from videos to make those titles engaging. But the real fun is when we unlock the power of the web and only utilize the power of the web to combine it with elements of our videos and create more engaging thumbnails. Because again, sky's the limit when it comes to the Internet gave we can pretty much download stuff to boot on our thumbnails and make them even more engaging, even greater. So that's exactly what we're doing in this section right here. In this doesn't again, we're going to combine elements from our video and elements that we're going to take from the web to make the most engaging thumbnails possible. Again, in the next lesson, we will discuss about how to create thumbnails solely 100 per cent from the web. Now, this lesson right here is also going to require some more advanced editing principles. But again, it's not that advanced. It's very easy. And we're gonna go through step-by-step, through the whole process. Again, there's not gonna be any great stuff. You're going to see how I do it in real-time. So I really encourage you to follow along and create your thumbnails as I will be doing in this video, I'm going to thinking out loud so you get the feeling of it. Now, in the normal fashion of the scores, Let's launch our sketch bad before we move on with our thumbnails. So again, we're discussing hybrid thumbnails in this lesson right here. And let's say that we're going to be creating three thumbnails again. Let's say the first term is gonna be about a video on how to make money on YouTube. So this is gonna be the first time mill about the video on how to make money on YouTube. The second family is going to be a video on how to grow on YouTube, just like the screen to partners that we did in the previous lesson. So grow on YouTube. Let's say that in the final thumbnail is gonna be completely random. Let's say that it's gonna be about a camera review. So camera review. Now, normally we would think of titles to go with these videos. So e.g. a, title of a harmonic money and gt Video could be e.g. how I made, how I made, let's say, one k a month on YouTube, right? So we would imply that there's a secret to make more than one K month on YouTube. This is the first thing that I'm thinking, okay, to, again raise a question for the people to click on this video, I want to have some mystic thing going on in the title and thumbnail. So I'm thinking of raising a question here or implying that there is a secret. How to grow on YouTube? Again, pretty self-explanatory how I grew my channel. Okay. These are the titles again to one K subs in a month. This could be good. Okay, or how I blew up my channels, something like that. Again, we would imply that there is a secret to do so in the thumbnail, then there is no secret on a camera review. We just want to show the camera. Okay, so let's say that it is the Canon. I get the title is going to be canon 200, the review. Okay, So we're going to show the camera and pretty much we don't even have to show our fate is here. So now that we're done with the three Donald's, let's just move ahead and talk about the demographic again because we want to know which people we are targeting with our thumbnails before we start grading them. So having one game on for you, let's say that if we have a YouTube channel that specializes on how to grow on YouTube or how to make money on YouTube, then people know us. This means that we won't have our phase in the thumbnail, have our faces. And obviously we're going to show money to get intrigue the viewers are some factors that are going to make them be like, okay, how did he do this? Now on the second one has to my channel to one case, I'm Samantha again. Let's show our face to grab attention. Let's, I want to show a graph. I'm thinking of something like a graph of growth again to increase the viewers. And finally in here I'm just going to need to show what gamma obviously. And perhaps our face. We're going to think about it later on in the video. So let's start with this. Okay, V, money and YouTube, how I made once a month on YouTube. So this is the first thing that we're gonna do. And now we're going to go ahead and launch our editing software to start with. Here we are in our editing software again, this is the time that we have from our previous video. These are the three thumbnails that we created again in the previous lesson. Now, we are going to grab some new screenshots for this term right here. Or in fact, we can just use the ones from the previous video. So this was a screenshot. Let's copy and paste it here. This was another screen so that we have, Let's copy and paste here. So we use this three times. Let me see this screenshot. We have zoomed in a bit, so let's try to zoom out. Okay, so this is again one screen so that we have, this is the second screen so that we have it is also zoomed in a bit, so let's just keep it right there. Okay, so we have those two screenshots. Now, this can be a good screenshot on for the heart, make homemade money on YouTube. I'm feeling like this can be used. This one again also. Yeah, sure. Let's just see the timeline for some other screenshots we could get. But again, the other ones are not all already calibrated. So I feel like we don't have to grab new ones. They'll be good. This is also pretty good, but my facial expression is weird. This is good. This is good. I don't know if we've grabbed this before, but let's just also make this a screenshot from your best. Sure. They'll test three. Oh my God. That's okay. It's pretty similar with this one though. So let's let's just see how it goes. So we got these two thumbnails and we're going to combine them now with elements from YouTube. How we can do this again. So when we're thinking about how I made 1,000 bucks a month from v2 are obviously I'd want to add cash. I want to cast to be seen in the thumbnail. I'm going to do is that we're going to go to Google. Google and we're going to type money. Png. Png images are pretty much transparent images, right? So they're already transparent. So we just drag and drop them into our editing software. And you're going to see they're transparent so the background is pretty much be raised. So this is a PNG image. So let's go ahead and save image as falling might have been Jima took a great save. Okay, so let's go ahead and import it right here. Okay? So you can see that it's immediately like and golden, so it blends pretty much with the background. Now as you can see, once we import this image right here, it overlays me. So you can see me again, the money is there. Okay. It's cool. You can see it, but you can see me in front of the money. I want to be in front of the money. I don't want them to be in front of me. I won't be in front of the money. So how am I going to do this? Now I'm going to introduce you to a very, very, very important concept, and this is the concept of masking. It is part of an advanced family of creation method. But if you want to create good thumbnails, you need to be comfortable with masking. So what is masking? Pretty much with masking. We can select a part of the image and detach it from the rest of the image. What do I mean by that? First, we'll go ahead and duplicate our thumbnail. We put one thumbnail on top of the other. Okay. Now we are going to go on our Effects panel. If you're using file that bro and drop type, drop mask, grab the Mask, drop it into our thumbnail. And now we have this cursor right here. So we can select the part that wants to mask off. And I'm going to select myself. This is a very, very common principle in thumbnail creation, okay, to mask out the key subject of the thumbnail. Now, you can go very detailed on masks. Like there is people that are people that really, really pay close attention into masks. I am not one of those peoples because again, as we said, thumbnails, It's all about making it engaging with the least amount of time and effort. You don't want it sticking out your thumbnail for ages and ages. Well, hominins are very, very, very important. But again, I just don't want to be very, very specific with my terminal. So again, this is a very basic selection of my figure here. Let's just do this for the purpose of this video, a bit faster. Again, obviously with editing softwares, you can zoom in and punching. And B again, very, very specific on how you 2s to grab a part of your frame. But now we're just going to do some basic masking and detach ourselves from the image. Note also that many editing softwares can do this artificially and this is way easier actually about chemical, a relatively old software. So you can, unfortunately we have to do this manually. So this is a very basic mask. Let's zoom out a bit so I can end it right here, right here, and right here. The mask is now ended. And you can see a big difference. But if I go ahead and disable the second clip, you can see that we have masked out ourselves. Now the possibilities are literally endless. As we know this, Let's go here. In the last panel, we can change the feather to see how much minimum ask ourselves, and this I think is perfect. Now when we enable the second clip again, you can see something very cool. This is what we have before, right? So the money was on top of me, like above me. If a layer of money was above me. Now I want the money to come below me. And what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna just drag money right here and check this out. Look what happens. Now we can move the money behind me. You can see it's like we add a new layer to the formula. So this is very, very interesting. And you can see here in my hands. We have small distortion, and obviously this can be changed by altering the feather. So you can see some minor changes can make big, big differences. So this is pretty cool. As you can see, we made a great thumbnail. So let's add money here. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to copy this, paste it, so I'm going to duplicate the money layer and this image. I'm just going to completely reverse it. Okay? So we have the exact same thing going on from the other side. Perhaps. Make it bigger right there. Okay. So this was a very basic way. Okay, Let's do it there. I feel like this is better. I feel like this is better done. This is a very basic Camille, again of me and behind me money to intrigue the view and grab the eye of the viewer. Just like Hey, man is lying everywhere. What has he done? The thing is that it is completely irrelevant with the title will not completely, but it doesn't really add up to Tidal, right? Because battle was like how I make more than one K a month on YouTube. The thing is that you can see YouTube thumbnail. You can see one day a month on YouTube. Are we going to do now? Very simple. We're gonna go to here. I'm going to write YouTube logo, PNG. So we just want to add pretty much the YouTube logo and a thumbnail here. Save Image As YouTube logo. Okay, for some reason doesn't let us with, I'm going to drag and drop it. Cool. So now if we go here, The Final Cut Pro, which is decreases, It's just a weird way. Two important files don't worry about that. So right here you can see that we just important the Google logo PNG into our timeline. Now, let's manipulate the bid. Okay? So let's put it in the middle of the frame. Perhaps. This could also be a good thumbnail again, like YouTube logo. But we don't raise a question to the viewers and we want to raise question the viewers. So how about, how about we increase the YouTube logo here? This one I'm thinking like right off the box. And I'm going to also add some titles here. Basic, basic title. And we're going to write in the title. Let's say we're going to write in the title, one K capital is always a month. One K per month. Let's make it bold. Alright, drop shadow. And we're going to drop a black shadow. I feel like this is great. Now let's, I think there, Let's increase the size a bit. So I came out of, or a lot. Make the shadow more vibrant. This one I'm feeling. So there, okay. Okay. Here I don't want to do, but I don't like the positioning of the YouTube logo. So let's put it here. One k a month on YouTube. Now, the thing is that again, I don't like one day a month because I think that it is just too much. So what I'm gonna do is I want to make the title more vibrant. I want to grab it and over here from the title. So what do we do with generators? Generators, and let's say that search for shapes, shapes. Okay, so we're going to add this shape and I'm going to make this a rectangle. And how about I make this a black rectangle? Okay, so I just added this black rectangle, which can be used, again make one month more vibrant. So let's put it here. Okay, perhaps transform it to make it a bit bigger right there. Okay, So this a bit better, one good month on YouTube, but decrease the YouTube logo, but I think it's too big right now. I think misdemeanor is pretty good. Again, this one is pretty good. The only thing that we don't have, that we haven't raised a question exactly. So I want to increase my viewers to click on my thumbnail. So let's say there's a secret method. How can we imply that there is a secret method? I think that's a good way would be to add an emoji. So let's say that secret emoji, secret emoji PNG. Again, this one, this is the secret imagery and this really intrigues Viewers. So we're gonna do is I'm going to grab this, place it right here. Okay? I'm going to import it into our editing software right here. Now, we could also massively more jobs, but a faster way is just go here, press luma here, import the lumen here effect. And this will pretty much just after we tweak it, get rid of the white part. So get rid of the white background. This is not perfect as you can see obviously. I feel like, okay, this is obviously not the best emoji would you get the point? Let's also add an emoji. You can add it here perhaps. So you get the point, if this was yellow would be more perfect. But again, the secret multiple modes intrigues the viewers. They're gonna be like, hey, okay, there is a secret so he doesn't want to tell us. So this will be going to click on our video. This will be a combination of a screen, so thumbnail, again, pretty self-explanatory. It's cool. Now let's move to the second thumbnail, which was how I get my channel to one K. How I grew up, I grew my channel on YouTube. So this is gonna be way faster. I'm going to show you how. Okay. No title, no tax, no nothing. We're going to use this screenshot right here. Okay. Let's increase it. Okay. Now been thinking about it. We also, we have already masked off this part. So let's just grab this. Let's copy it actually again. Let's copy this. Let's copy this. So this again, the first layer of the thumbnail and the second layer of the thumbnail. Now I'm going to go here and write YouTube growth logo. Youtube growth logo. And I'm going to not logo growth chart, let's say IT growth chart. Let's see, let's see, let's see. I want something that YouTubers who would recognize. This is something that every YouTuber sees on their YouTube stats. And it is this graph right here. So this is completely recognizable by YouTubers. Anything else that is recognizable? This are graphs that are recognizable by YouTubers. This is a graph that is recognizable by YouTubers. I think that this can be used, this can be used here. Let's go here. Grab this, place it here. I'm going to import it again. My Final Cut Pro editing software here. Okay, grab this from the web. Nothing crazy, nothing crazy. Now let's go ahead and trim this case. I'm going to trim this crop here. And just the part where it grows exponentially. So here, this is the image that we're looking for. Transform. Okay, and let's just increase it here perhaps. Okay. Let's see, let's see, we got increase it, increase it. Okay, now obviously you can see us. But if we place this downwards, here we are, the mask is obviously not the best. This is why we can feather it out to here or here. Just add this. Okay? Okay. Let's grab ourselves from this image. We can move ourselves whatever we want. Okay, So let's move us here. And now, what I've done is pretty much we show our viewers, okay, this graph which they are organized from the YouTube studio. And I like the fact that the mask isn't perfect because it looks like I blow outward. So this is usable. This is a good formula by itself, but I want to add this layer of questions so yours would click on this video. And one thing that I think that would be perfect is to add an arrow. You're going to load arrows being Arab PNGs from the web. But I can just important for my final Cut Pro editing software. So we're gonna do this. I'm going to add shapes. Arrow. I think that it should have an arrow. Yes, there you go. Let's make it a red arrow, okay, Because we read in general attracts the viewer's eyes. Again, I want this arrow to go here. Let's make it a bit more elegant. Okay, so here, here. And let's show my viewers this part. Okay, how about I show the viewers this part? And then this is how we add the question. Okay, we'll play with the psychology of our viewers. Here. Basic title, it's already here. Okay? And we're going to type. You are here. Let's just change the title. You are here. Make it bold. Face. I'm gonna make this red just like our arrow. Boom. So how about the stomach? How about the stomach right here? I'm feeling that this terminal, let's make it a bit more symmetrical rate. Let's move it here. Okay? This terminal right here is, is very interesting. And I'm going to change a final parameter because I'm very excited about the stomach right here. Let's just drop shadow. It's always better to add drop shadow because it makes us letters more vibrant. So we're gonna drop shadow to completely black background here. There you go. In my opinion, this is a very intriguing Camille, okay? Because they see our face, so they know that we are talking about. We are in this video, we are explaining how you can code, how I grow my YouTube channel. And then with this arrow, we're implying that they are here, so they're static. And I implemented a secret on my YouTube channel e.g. and this is why we have exponential growth. So I really like this tunnel right here. And again, the fact that the cigarette thumbnail is a good thumbnail due to the fact that it again raises a question in the viewer's mind. And the question in this case is, what did he do? And he grew exponentially or wow, he knows that I am starting with my YouTube channel so he can help me. So again, this is pretty much how I would create a thumbnail in five-minutes if I were to call to create one of these videos. Now that we have masks, well, let's just call me again and paste our mask clip. And let's say that we are making the final thumbnail of today. I'll wait. Let's say let's try to fix this. Let's say we're creating the final thumbnail of the day. Oh my God. Okay. Let's just try it from here. I manipulate the Calypso. It's weird. Give me a second. Let's say again that we have master ourselves out again, this is the mask, this is the previous one. And we want to create a review of a camera. As we said, the canon 200, the review was going to do here. We're gonna go here. Okay. Canon 200 D camera. So this the current hundred D. At this point we're combining in a screenshot from our video and a element from the web. So if I were to grade review for this camera, I would just use a intimate from the web, not even include my face. But for the sake of this video, we are going to blur face. So let's find the great image of the canon 100 d. We just look at the web. Look at the web. This is not bad. This is also not bad, but you can see that it is the Canon 200 d. So let's just keep looking for a second. This is good. This is good. This is even better, but it's a very small image. I think this is the best. I think this is the best image. By the way, the Holiday Inn in USA, it's called rebel SL2. So it's the exact same thing. Let's just copy this image here. Okay, And now we are going to import it on our Final Cut Pro editing software. So here it is. This is our image. Let's increase it to the size of the thumbnail. Okay, so right about here. Right about here. Okay. And how about we put ourselves or if we want to again in glial cells in the thumbnail. So this could be it. Let's just increase the size. And I also want to play with the mask and bit to make it more fun. So here I think that I'm covering the camera a bit. So I don't want to combine in this way. I don't like this thumbnail. Let's just change it. So in the middle of the framing, in half of the frame, I'm thinking of using the camera Here, let's say, and then the other half of the frame using my image. But I think there'll be other family that we had was actually matter. So I think that this would work better. This time it will work better. So let's copy this. Okay, We're just compromising adopting right on the spot. So let's move this part here. Again. This, we're just going to crop. So we have just the camera there and they're transform. Okay, here we go. There you go. Okay. We could have a better experience it ourselves. Let's be honest here. And another thing that we could add here was, I feel like I need to separate myself and the camera, the two frames. And how we gonna do this is from a generator. Again, we go to shapes. And let's just add again a rectangle, a white rectangle. I think it's gonna be good. So do this. Okay, the Shapes panel in Final Cut Pro is very, very easy to use and very helpful in fact. So let's see right here, I think this is separates the two frames in a good way. So right there. I think it's actually not. No. I think this is straight, gay. And obviously we're going to add the title. And the title it could be. Let's just copy this title which is ready. Let's add for the title. With capital letters review. We don't want to keep the red. We don't want to keep the red in a review video. So we're just going to change the color here. And let's change the color to, I think I blew would be good or vibrant. And also green in general, strikes like a good feeling of the viewers. So we're gonna go with green. So this is a very basic and easy way to implement that you're reviewing in this video, this camera. So they know that it's you, they know that it's a canon 200 d, all rebels or do whatever you want to call it. They know that it's a review. So thumbnail one, done, family, I'll do again how to grow, how I grew my YouTube channel exponentially and you create a subconscious feeling of the viewers are not wow, I want to do this also. I also want to grow my channel. And thumbnail number three, which is how I grew my good channel in. How I made one month from my YouTube channel and I gave this element is weird. So again, we can just erase it and keep this as a cabinet, which in my opinion is spot on a great thumbnail for this video. So this is pretty much how we combine screenshots of our videos with elements from the web to create a more engaging in a more intriguing thumbnail. Now that we're done with this lesson right here, we're going to move into creating 100 per cent artificial thumbnails from the web. So this is exactly what we are analyzing in the next video. And I'm gonna see you then. 6. Sourced Thumbnails: So hello everybody and welcome to the fourth lesson of this course. I'm very happy to have you here now, as we explained in the previous lessons, we started by creating thumbnails by screenshot than them from our videos and then adding dials, you know, and other stuff and making engaging. Then on the previous lesson, we combined screenshots from our deals with aspects that we downloaded from the lemon, then we made engaging families that way. Now, in this lesson right here, now that we have discussed about some advanced editing principles in this class, right here, we are completely making thumbnails out of the internet. Now, for who is this lesson? If the own e.g. that he keeps on which you don't want to show your face. This is an absolute perfect lesson for you because you will learn how to create thumbnails completely from the Internet without having to do any photograph work yourself. In addition to that, you might not be able to find the screenshot that you like in your video. So you want, again to enter the web and create a thumbnail from the Internet. In general, it is very, very essential for you to know to be done a complete creator, how to create thumbnails are completely out of nothing, out of thin air from the Internet. This is exactly what we will be discussing in this data right here. So in the normal fashion of this course, let's launch our Sketchpad and let's start analyzing before we dive into R&D software, what we're gonna do with those thumbnails. So again, these are going to be in the terminals. Now let's think of three videos in which we could create thumbnails for. So the first thing to think about is, let's say the story of Elon Musk, okay, just out of my head. The story of Elon Musk. Okay, So this is a family level will create. The second video that we could create a thumbnail off is e.g. the rise, the rise of TikTok. And the third video that we could create a thumbnail about is, let's say, Why you should be using fountain pens. Just very random stuff. Should be using fountain pens. Now, let's start with the brainstorming process. These are the three titles of the thumbnails, videos of the thumbnails that we will be grading. So let's start with the typical analysis that we do in each one of those titles. As we said, we want the diode perfectly dance with the thumbnail to earn the Glick. So let's say the story of Elon Musk. So this refers to Elon Musk fans, enormous trans or not that young. So the target audience would be, let's say, 16 to 30-year-old people, usually males. These are usually going to be males. What is Elon Musk associated with? So we have some keywords. We have a Tesla, okay, we have SpaceX. Spacex. We also have Twitter that he bought now. Okay, So these are some of Elon Musk patient zero. We also have this incident in the Joe Rogan Podcast, which incorporated in the thumbnail. And we have some people saying that he perhaps is evil. We could perhaps use this as the question mark of our thumbnail. So we keep this for now. Now let's move to the second one, which is the rise of TikTok. So let's go ahead and analyze this title. What could we use in the thumbnail of this? So we obviously, TikTok is more of a story-based video, refers to kids. It say again about the same age category, 16 to 30, both males and females. Okay, so what do we know about TikTok? There are some things that TikTok is bad for you because it decreases the attention span on the short form content isn't the best. So perhaps we could again use TikTok as something evil in this thumbnail. How could we use a phased out? We didn't ask Adam the story. I've been unmasked. We need to use his face. Obviously, we need to use Elon Musk to face to grab the attention of the year. So what could we use in the rise of TikTok to make it seem like it's bad, perhaps you could download the face of it. Depressed, depressed person. Okay, so we make the viewers, again regard the viewer's attention from a depressed the person's face. And then we add the TikTok logo. So this could be it. We would give me this for now. Finally, let's move to the final one, which is why you shouldn't be using fountain pens, extremely random stuff here, why you should be using fundaments? So let's see what I'm thinking is a photograph of a philosopher, philosopher writing with a fountain pen and some texts. Remember, thumbnails, don't need to be that over complicated again, simplicity is key. Sometimes you just need to be seamless. So this is what I'm thinking. A philosopher with some text and this text, we don't know exactly what's going to be writing, but we're going to write something to grab people's attention. Okay, so enough with this analysis, I think that we're going to move to the first domino, which is the story of Elon Musk. So let's launch our editing program, and I'm gonna see you there. So here we are in the editing program. These are the different thumbnails are created in the previous lessons right here. And we're gonna start with grading the first time, Neil, which refers to the story of Elon Musk. So let's just type here Elon Musk. The first thing is that we need to find a picture of the man and good-quality picture of man. So let's see what we got. We got all those pictures of Elon Musk, this facial expression I really, really like. So perhaps we're gonna use this. Let me just drag and drop it into my desktop. This is a great image of Elon Mask. Let's see other ones. Okay. This could be eight, it is already edited. This could be it. Of course, Elon Musk is a person. You know, it's very this is almost ready thumbnail here. This is almost ready thumbnails here. We can definitely use this, but I think it's kind of, it's kind of cheating. We've totally use this. I think it's kind of cheating. Let's go to grab this. Let's grab this one and perhaps you add more elements to it. Okay, let's see what else we got. This. I also like this non-linear. I also like because of the black background. And I'll tell you why this is actually great for the thumbnail. So we grab it enough. This because Elon Musk again is a very Google man, so we can really create many thumbnails with him. So we got one, we got to, we got three to choose from. So let's make this full screen to check them out. So 123 and the video style, as you can see here, the story of Elon Musk. And we want to imply that Elon Musk is it has this bad side of him, right? So I don't feel like this one, this one is already made. I don't want to mess with this nominal, so let's just go with this one. I like this first thing that we're gonna do. The first thing that we're gonna do is that I don't like this light here because we're going to add more elements to this. I'm thinking of completely masking it out. We're gonna do this. But first, let's think of some other things that are associated with Elon Musk. Tesla was at Twitter, he was at SpaceX. So let's go ahead and write on our browser about that. Right, on our browser here. Okay, That's the logo. Okay, test lab logo. Trying to find a PNG image. This is a PNG with a transparent image. So we grab this logo, go to Twitter. Logo. Okay, great. Another PNG image of Twitter. We grab this and let's go to SpaceX logo. Okay. This is it. It's transparent. It is transparent. Great, great, great, great, great, great. So now that we're done with this, let's import those images that we just downloaded from the internet. So we got Twitter. Okay, Tesla SpaceX. Now, let's see. We have the same problem we had in previous thumbnails. The fact that the thumbnail of the image that we're adding, I want this to be behind Elon, okay? Not to cover him. And we're pretty much going to cycle around this by masking out. And a very easy way to do so is to add, when we have a black background, to remove the black background, we can do this with the luma gear effect. Here. Well, he's wearing a black dress, so it's gonna be pretty hard to mask it out. Let's see if it works. It actually it doesn't work actually because he was wearing a black background, so let's scrape it off. It's fine. Let's adapt here and press Mask, draw masks. And we're just going to draw a basic mask around. Let me just copy this. Paste it here. Okay, so let's draw a mask now around the subject is very important and it's relatively easy. Okay, especially this masking would say, great, great image. So we just draw a mask around him. Okay, Let me just decrease this a bit. Okay, So we mask here. Again, you don't need to be an expert in masks, especially in thumbnail, just some very basic stuff. Especially if you're on a black background behind him. Just don't stress about this. Just give me a second to complete this mask. Here, here, here. Oops, sorry about that. And the mask is completed. So we've got to fit now. And if we did this correctly, Twitter sign should go behind Elon here, which it does. Let's change the mask. Let's feather it up to here. Great, great, great, great, great, great. So we keep Illinois. He is. Twitter, people love when logos go behind the person. In general, if we add a three-dimensional layer to our thumbnails, people, absolutely. Lovers. Again, it's something to do with the human psychology, but I can look at those company logos that go behind Elon, how engaging is it? I don't think that the space X logo really fits here. I don't, I don't feel, I think it's too much with Tesla and Twitter. I feel like it's too much. At this point. We've got Twitter. We've got Tesla. I'm thinking that at this point, Yeah, sure. We have a great thumbnail and this could be a thumbnail by itself. The thing is that we don't have this this layer of question perhaps that we want to add for our viewers. So they don't question really stuff. So we could do two things. Now. You can either go to title's, search, very basic title. Okay? And just add writes something weird. Let's say. What could we write? Intrigue the viewers. Let's say liar, e.g. I'm not imposing a little mask is a liar obviously. But I'm just adding weird stuff that the viewers would be like. Why does this random guy thing that Elon is a liar against? This very much way we need to include the viewers somehow. So liar is Elon Musk a liar? This could work. You know that a lot of drop shadow right there. E.g. why is this on the layer? Thumbnail? This is not about thumbnail. I like it. Let's see. The other thing that we could do is to search here for flying in g. We will love flames in general, this is exactly the image I'm looking for. Yes. This is exactly the same as what I'm looking for. So people like fire in general, the fire alarm and also it's called by the human eye. So we just go like this, this, look at this now we just added flames here. Just another layer which could intrigue people. Obviously we're going to add this behind Elon. So there, how about this? How about this? This is a very interesting company and I think this was a great idea to add the flames here. So this is a great thumbnail. I'm very proud of this thumbnail. We added flames, the Twitter logo, the Tesla logo. It's interesting, Let's just saturate the flames a bit to make it more vibrant. Okay? Okay, okay. I'm actually very proud of this thumbnail. Now we just add exposure of Elon, the contrast. And I'm just gonna create a compound clip here. Okay, compound clip to just fuse them altogether. Sharpening. Sharon Boone, go here, the amount we can change it. I think that this is interesting. This is, this is very interesting. And we're done with the Elon Musk thumbnail. So this is some little created when it comes to the Lawn mask, I'm very, very proud of it. And hold it, you're following along with your editing software. Now let's move to the second video, which is, let's see here the rise of TikTok. And we're going to use this viral limit again. But I'm gonna go to TikTok PNG. I want to take up in G, Okay. So I want TikTok logo. I want that TikTok logo. Logo grade. We got it. And let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see. What could we do? So we could, first of all, let's import the book logo. We imported right here and great. And we're just going to import the flames again. Okay, So we got TikTok, we got the flames. Let's put the click above the flames. Because again, you want, there you go. Okay. So sure. The thing is that it's not that special. I feel like it's not that special. I feel like it's not that special. So let's go here and say, we want to link TikTok with depression, as we said, the depressed wall jack. So this is, these non-metals sell a lot those days. So it's this sketch of a depressed person. Again, it's, it's like our dune. So I'll say this could be good. Let's see, let's see, let's see if this can be good, whether it's a G, If we can really use it. How about no, no, no, no, no. All this again, this people that this guy that is lined, this is good. This is good. This is very good. So let's just okay. As a scrub this, this is also a great, This is also great. I'm thinking of these two. So we've got these two candidates for now. So 12, let's import them into our final Cut Pro editing software here. Check what's going on. We got one. We got to know this is I think it's too much. I think this is great. Let's keep it here. Okay, and how about we get the TikTok thumbnail here? And we have it here. Okay. How, how are we going to see, how are we going to cooperate? Tiktok thumbnail to this. Let's see the flames. Dynein up here. Maybe. Famous too much, I feel like flames or too much for this terminal right here. Okay. How are we going to incorporate ticked off? I feel like this image is not it. I feel like this image is not it for now. Well, we could go. Let's see again the title, the rise of TikTok. Okay, the videos, the rise of TikTok. The rise of TikTok. So what I'm thinking, I just, I just thought of it. Okay, let's go here and say rising Shariff. They will want to link TikTok with depression, but it's not that easy. Let's see what we're gonna do though. We got a rising chart. Okay. Let's go to rising line. And on two lines, again, I'm going to show you why exactly. This is good. So I'm looking for two lines here. Two lines at rise, rising lines. You'll see where I'm going with it. It's interesting. So this can be one. There you go. There you go. That's the one. Just the one. Great. We grab it. We go here. Okay, imported into Final Cut Pro software. So we've got this, pretty much got this. What we're gonna do is we're going to add TikTok thumbnail here. Okay? And perhaps we're gonna go to Basic Title and bright depression rates. Depression rates. Okay? So look at how, again, we want the person who needs to be more visible. So to do this, we could imply that this is a depression rate chart. But depression rates up there. Okay. Like this. Tiktok in the middle. Okay? And perhaps we also add the fire element. As we said. Let's put it here. Let's see how that looks. Not bad. This is actually not bad. This is actually a great thumbnail. This is actually a great time. And then I'm going to say right now why? I'm gonna explain to you right now why this is a great thumbnail. Let me see if I can distort the fire just a minute here, okay? Okay. Okay, so let's transform this. I want the graph to be a bit more visible. Okay, how about this? How about this as a thumbnail? So I don't like the way that the fire ends up there. So let me just sure. We're going to make this bigger. There, there, there, there, there, there there. Let's make the title a bit more vibrant and we're done with this thumbnail. And I'm going to explain to you why this is actually an amazing thumbnail in a minute. So I'm filling white for depression rates, I'm feeling white. Let's drop shadow also. Yep. They're great. Thumbnail data. Why is this a good thumbnail? Because we're talking about the rise of TikTok. So we have the graph behind TikTok globally haven't got logo or grabs attention. We have no graph behind the logo that implements the TikTok is rising, but the title suggests depression rates. So the viewers are like a little bit about TikTok, but why is there fire and why is this guy implementing that TikTok causes depression? I want to see the video. This is also a great thumbnail. So again, you can work wonders. And you can work wonders when we're creating thumbnails from the web. So this is second thumbnail. Again, Let's see what we've created date. Below mass downhill, very battled this one. Tiktok thumbnail. Let's add some sharpening here to make it a bit cooler. So I feel like this is the best move to the third thumbnail of day, which is very random. And it is why you should be using a fountain pen. Let's see if we have people using fountain pens, people using Lin bands. Let's see, let's see, let's see. I'm looking for a great image of someone using a fountain pen. What do we got? This is not a bad image from them and there's actually a great image of fountain pen. Let's keep this one. Let's see what else we got. Okay, I'm not seeing anything crazy here. Let's see. I'm gonna write philosopher griping. That's exactly what I was looking for. Some old images. Some old images of a person writing stories down, e.g. this could be it. This could be it, but it's not on its vertical. We want horizontal images. So let's see this bad. It's not bad. Oh yeah, that's right. Let's have more artistic thumbnail this time. Okay. Let's make a mark distinct amulets time. So check what I'm gonna do now. Completely different types of thumbnails that I usually create law, it's fine. So we go here. First of all, we increase the image to fit on our aspect ratio. So there you go. There you go. The title is why you should be using fountain pens. So what I'm thinking is to just keep it very minimal with this classical image here, add a title and on this tile and we're going to say, Let's say, I'm going to write something, God t, you know, something that will grab attention. But in a very subtle way. Let's say why you should be using fountain pens. Why you should be using fountain pens? Let's say classic. Classical. Alright, e.g. we might change this from my changes, but I'm going to change. The first thing that we need to change is the font. We don't want the bold font here. We don't want to grab the tension. We're targeting people that use fountain pens, right? And these are not 12-years-old, the 12-year-olds. These are people interested in another layer of elegance perhaps. And the final thing that I would do in this title is perhaps to change the face to something yellow for some reason, yellow strikes me here. So how about this? How about this, this, okay, and have this number right here. Very easy to make, right? It was very easy to make. But it grabs the viewer's attention. Let me just add some drop shadow here. So drop shadow, I want to make this more vibrant. So how about blur there? There, that's a great thumbnail. So let's say the privacy that feminism greater today. Okay, I'm, I'm having very much front of it. This one, why people should use fountain pens. And they will be like, hey, okay, he's implying that is classical art to use it on the pencil. Let's see this video, perhaps then the rise of TikTok. Now implementing that TikTok associated with depression. And I like this because again, it raises the question mark in the viewers, I really liked this thumbnail we created, again out of thin air, right? Or nothing. Just downloaded this stuff, put them together in a way because we analyse, we understand and analyze the mechanics of thumbnails. And finally, my favorite one of the day, this, they're not amazing. This is amazing. If you can make this dominance, you could charge, probably like I could charge a YouTube channel for creating thumbnails. This and this is the third thumbnail. So very proud. 123. I would like to thank you for sticking around to give this lesson. And this concludes the three lessons series again, how we created thumbnails from just screenshot of our videos. How we combine screenshots and elements from the web, degrade thumbnails and how we created the thumbnails solely 100% from the web. Now completed the course, but in the next lesson, together, we're going to brainstorm the thumbnail of this course right here. So the thumbnail that made you click this course right here, I will be creating in the next lesson. So please join me to just end this lesson, the discourse in the best way and create a thumbnail for future viewers to see and enjoy this course. Thank you very much and we'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Lets create the thumbnail of this course: Hello everybody and welcome to the final lesson of this course. I am very excited that again, you stick up until the end of all of those lessons. Now there's gonna be a very interesting lesson because in discretionary here we are creating the thumbnail that you saw and you clicked to reach up to this point of this course. So exactly, we're going through my whole thought process again to create the thumbnail that made you click on this course. So obviously the stomach was successful because you clicked on this course. So let's see how I designed it. And we're going to be designing it together in this lesson right here. Enough talking. Let's launch our sketch back here and let's brainstorm the type of thumbnail that we want to create. The first and most important thing is that this is a course thumbnail. This is not a video. Thumbnail gave. This is a course. Thumbnail is not a video of a meal. What does a course have indifferent from a video? Well, it is long form. Okay, so perhaps you're talking about a more mature audience. So let's add this here. This means that we have a mature audience that wants to stick with your course for a while. Okay, This also means, okay, What about Skillshare subscribers? Subscribers are not exactly very young. You know, they're a bit older, more mature people. So let's say that we're talking about a beam to 35 or even more than that again, years old. Okay. And what is the course title? Let's see, the title. Because obviously we want the title and the family of the dance together even if this is a course. But that is going to be about something like how to design thumbnail that haven't brings in the title yet. How to design thumbnails for beginners, or how to create thumbnails for beginners or for YouTube for Beginners. I'm thinking about it. We might have the YouTube logo in the thumbnail, but the course title is have designed thumbnails for beginners. This means that in our thumbnail we need to show skill. So we need to show some of the things that we learned, going to learn, you guys learned in this course. So we need again to show skill. We need to show that it's me because I have some falling on Skillshare. So perhaps people were going to, so I'm going to see my face. I'm going to click on this video. And let's just show again some of the example thumbnails that we created in this course. So these are the three things that I want to focus on, my thumbnail. Now another thing that is very helpful when you're creating this type of formulas is you can research. This is a research topic, right? Holiday, the thumbnail is a very research topic. So we can go ahead and research other people's thumbnails and pretty much copy the ones that are successful. So I'm not competing on YouTube and competing on Skillshare with the scores. Which means that if I go on YouTube and I searched for how to make a thumbnail and found that, bro, look at all of those thumbnails. Those are thumbnails on how to create thumbnail videos on foreign Cut Pro. So let's see the view 6,172.6 K, 4.72, 0.1 k. Not that many views. But look at this one. It has like 8,000, 800,000 views. This is a very successful thumbnail. So let's try actually to copy as much as we can let standing right here, what I'm gonna do then I'm going to take a screenshot of it. Okay, so right here, imported, so we have it here. I'll put a thumbnail. Now I want to import the thumbnail. We're gonna do this. Great. So this is a great example of a thumbnail that we could, if you will, copy what this guy has done this a complete analysis that we're doing right here. So what this man has done is that he has put his face with a glow effect right in the middle of the frame. As you can see, then a title here. So this could be again our thumbnail. We can have ourselves in the middle of the frame, a title here. And some examples of our thumbnails will be created here. So this is actually a great idea of a thumbnail. And this, I think, is what I'm going to replicate because again, this video had 100,000 views. This is very successful in a very saturated market, something that I've actually grading one of those thumbnails. What is the first step? The first step is actually grabbing my face. Photograph of me like this guy. So I'm going to pause the video and we're going to come back in myFunc operating software after I've taken photographs or a video of myself. So laser and welcome again to the editing software. I've bought this video, grabbed a video of me posing for the thumbnail. And now what we're gonna do, this is the video right here, just imported it on Final Cut Pro. I have some poses okay, to just use for the thumbnail. Ok, so let's go ahead. It's kind of crazy, but it needs to be done if you want to have a good thumbnail. So let's say this is one. Let's go ahead and grab a screenshot of this. Okay. Thumbnail one. Thumbnail one. Okay. And then we got this can be it also. No. This is good. This good. Let's grab this as thumbnail to okay, so thumbnail to just screenshotting parts of the video which you just find that good work as a thumbnail. This is also good. I like this. So lets just grab muscle. This one. They'll save current frame, thumbnail three. Yes. Anything else? No, no, no, no, no. Vehicle. So let's import our thumbnails. I don't know if they have exported yet. They are thumbnail one thumbnail to we're still waiting on thumbnail three. Okay. I don't know what happened with the military. So let's see. We got we're just going to grab a family of three from here actually. Ok. So here, hold this, just a way to like grab a big a screenshot on the video. So hold, we delete this part and we got 123. I'm thinking of actually grabbing this one. This is the best thumbnail. I prefer it. I think this one is the best. So what is the first thing we do? We duplicate, delete those two. So we've got this first name we're gonna do is we're going to duplicate it. So copy paste from this clip that is duplicated, want to mask out ourselves. So we'll go here, mask, draw mask right here. And again, this is the thumbnail of this course, so I'm gonna be a bit more careful with it. Let's go ahead and actually mask ourselves out. So pretty much the periphery of our body, okay, right here. Here. Okay. Obviously, I am going to spend a bit more time because okay. This is the thumbnail of the courts that have been created. So let's see. We are masking it out pretty basic and it won't take you more than 5 min to Moscow to be editors Kate, masking things out. But honestly it's not going to take that much. Like Mom, go, boom, boom, boom. We are masked out. Grab this here. Now, an interesting thing we could do is that we can, first of all, we could change the background. That's the first thing that I'm thinking about. Let's change the background and I'm going to show you a great trick now. Going Google and type lava and information. People love the color red. People love the color red. So if you find a great animation image of lava, e.g. this could be it. I'm going to show it sounds weird. You probably sounds weird right now, but trust me, it will make sense once we implicate this into our formula. So, see this one. This one is good. Let's see if it's of good. Yes, Good. Call it. Great. Let's grab this. Let's grab this as an image. Okay, now let's import it into our editing software. What's this now? I want a background, right, because we have ourselves in the foreground, but I also want a background. So how about we add ourselves in lava? But now it looks weird, right? So it's going to have focus and we're gonna pull focus in the lava. So it isn't just weird. Let's see here. Here. See this better, this kind of better. I'm thinking about it. We might believe the lava for now. Now. Now, let's copy ourselves, the math part of ourselves based at right here. And I'm going to take a trick. I'm gonna show you how to add the glow effect in your thumbnail. Look, we're going to do, I'm going to select this second clip, the clip, the rest below the first layer. The second layer, if you will, we're gonna go here. Exposure, increase the exposure. And then saturation increases saturation. Go to color and move our master color to blue. Then we're going to focus on this clip. And here you have a very basic way to outline your subject with this glow effect, if you will. Let's go here. We can tweak with low the amount, how much you want to glow here, here, here, okay. We can also change the mask of this to make it a bit more chill. Let's see. This is cool. Okay. Now, what I'm thinking is that we're having kind of a creator, an issue here. And our issue is that I don't like the lava. So let's see what this guy had behind him, right? So let's go here. And you see this man has this glow effect and a relatively a black background behind. So let's see, let's go here. Let's go on. In the Internet and say photo studio. Photo studio. Let's search for a black photo studio. Okay. Let's see what we got. This could be just right off the bat. There's going to be, I like this image, so let's keep this. Actually, if it loads. This could also be okay. So we have many options. Again, when we combine elements from the web, we have pretty much countless of options. This is good. This is good. I really like this one. I think it's, it can be distracting. This is absolutely amazing. Let's see the quality isn't that good the right? This could also be. But I'm thinking of this. I don't know. I like this one. Let's grab this. Let's see what else we got a cool photos to your studio rental perhaps. I hope it doesn't give us commercials. This kind of good. It's too dark. Well, I feel like it's going to, it's going to make the viewers feel weird. Okay, This is good, this is good. We're grabbing this one. So let's go here. Scrape off a lab or gave us, obviously with trial and error, we're going to find the perfect formula. So this is Studio. We have, Let's increase the size to there. And let's replace the lava. The studio spit here. You can see ourselves now in a photo studio. Let's also focus so we make the studio blurry. Make us do blurry again. I feel like this is good. This is good, yeah. Because one of the people do not see that it's a photo studio photo setup here. And let's go ahead and actually decrease the exposure of a photo studio. Because still we want our viewers to focus on us, not the photo studio. So this is good. This is good, this good. Let's tweak a bit the focus on the blur effect. I'm thinking. Okay. I'm thinking I'm also changing the color of it. So we're going to color. Let's change the color. Let's find a color that pops. Let's see. I think this is better. Should we, or should we decrease the size of it? Because I think it's a bit detached from us. How about this? No, no, no, no, no. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Not bad. Very beginning. Another thing that's mandate is that he added those elements, those, you know, those light beams, those blue light memes. And this is something that I would also like to add. So let's say light beam. In G. It's hard to identify how to write, how to Google what this is, right? Let's see light. Perhaps we see light elements in G, right? Elements PNG. This is better. It's something like this, right? This man had something like this. Or this, something like this. What is white light effects element or this? Bulgur, it goes bulgur bulk elements, PNG, I think this one we're looking for, Yep, exactly this what we're looking for. Let's see if we have Bluebook and now transparent. So this is kind of weird to find the correct one. Well, that means that we can change it in follicle. Alright. Let's see, let's see, let's see. I don't want to bore you guys, but again, you know, it's, it's, a lot of research needs to be done here. So bolt guy lemons bulk elements, this is what this guy had. I just don't know. And I think it's very interesting. How about this one by I11 in a better resolution, right? Let's see. No, no, no. Let me see exactly. Did it has added some let's say Yeah, let's try that. Let's try to add the first one that we see. How about we try to add? I'm going to find one that's a bit limited. You know, about this one. The size is bad. How does one? All right, let's try this. Let's try this. Let's try this. Let's try to import this. I don't know how this is gonna look. I don't know how it's gonna look. Let's try it. Oh, where is it? There it is. Okay. Okay. So we're going to blend it with a background and how you said it blended rescue luma. Here. It's a good background by itself. By the way. I'm gonna feeling this background both started blended with the other background. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. We're getting there. We're getting there way better than I thought there. I feel like this would be cool. We got to change the color to the right. We're going to change the color blue obviously. Okay. Now we're definitely getting there. We're definitely getting there. This getting better and better. So I just want to diminish. They're okay. Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure. I'm feeling that this is one of my favorite brushes when it comes to thumbnail creation. When you're just starting to feel like you're getting there. Okay. So let's again, just check what this guy did, right? So it has not done many, not that many Bokeh effects. So what I'm thinking of doing is actually adding a blur on those elements. So let's try to have them out-of-focus. Okay, I think that's good. I think that that's appetite will be good. Yeah. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. And I'm going to obviously take some of them off because I feel like it's just too much. So let's mask some of them All. Mask, mask here. Let's mask, Let's say. Okay, I want to mask these off first. So these are just going to mask off. If this happens with your master's press invert mask. So we're going to mask this off. Let's also mask, let's say these off. It's just too much at this point. Okay? So invert mask right here, This is getting better. Getting better. Feather it out to make it more smooth. Feather out the other mask, make it more smooth. Okay, So this is what we got right now. Let's see now what else he did is he added the style, how to make YouTube thumbnails. And this is exactly what we're adding because we trust this video. It great. So let's go to basic title. Is the title here with capital letters. How to make? The first one is how to make bold. Okay. It's a bit on sideways. You see? It's a bit sideways. And also the letters are taller, humid letters taller. So I'm going to do this. I am not sure. I mean, I know a way we can do term here. Go to transform. How to make, okay, cool. Go to face. It's white. It's white but with a shadow, drop shadow and opacity, full blur. About there. Cool. So increase the size. Yeah, there. Now let's add some angle to it. Let's add some angle to it because it's more angled. So perhaps here. How to make, okay, cool. So how omegas down copy paste to have the same title. And now we're going to write YouTube thumbnails. You Governor letters. And thumbnails is on a different phone, right? Yeah. Okay. Well, so you've got to know that as we increase the size of YouTube, obviously, and I think it's bigger than how to make here. How to make YouTube. Okay, Let's change the color of YouTube. Obviously. I think he did yellow. Bright yellow is a color that grounds the, I grabbed the attention of the viewer very much. So YouTube, let's just find the correct yellow. I think it's here. Youtube, great. Thumbnails, exactly the same as YouTube. So we're going to call PUT, copy, paste. Again, thumbnails. Thumbnails, we decrease. So how about here? One thumbnails to be at the same length with YouTube, right? Yeah, exactly. At the same length. So here, great. Thumbnails. We could add course. Like, how do I get you from those cores are masterclass. I'm a masterclass. Masterclass. How did we get two tunnels? Masterclass and I have a small Easter egg for you guys. A little bit. We're going to do. How to Make up here? Youtube, up here, thumbnails up here. Okay, and masterclass, we are having this here. Little we're gonna do now. We're going to make masterclass. We're going to try to hide the title behind us. Check out how we're gonna do this compound clip masterclass mask. Again, we're going to decrease the opacity. So good, just going to mask it out exactly at this spot right here. So check out, how are we gonna do this? Okay, Done. And now Let me go to, oh, wait, another mask. Mask this out there. Let's increase the opacity. Now. You see that masterclass just hides behind us. So that's pretty interesting. Let's see if it works. If it worked. Okay, I think you can see masterclass that well, let's just scrape off masterclass and I don't feel like we're using it. So how do we get deep thumbnails? Okay, How to make I think it would go, they're better. Let's make these a compound leaf so we can manipulate them together. Okay, so now we're just going to add some of our family. It was just like this guy did. Just prove that you guys have yours. But this thing works. So cool. This one, share, save current frame one. So this was a thumbnail that we created in the course. This is a thumbnail that we created in a, in the course. Okay, let's see the third one. The third, okay, so share sapiens drain. Um, three. Cool. Let's see if they have exported. We have level one here. Okay? So this the first layer that we have done videos. Let's add this. Okay, and we're gonna decrease, decrease the size of it. Okay? Stuff like down there. Make it a bit like this. Just to give you guys the, you know, the, the, the information that we were going to deliver it in this course. Again, this is the second time you live. We created, just put it up here. Second time will be created with Elon Musk conveyor belt is actually okay. Yes, there and see exactly the layer that you used. So 1231 rests on top of each other. Okay? Okay, okay. 33, This is the third formula we did. 123. Okay. So they're there and they're feeling like it. This is cool. So when decrease this, I think this is better there. Now let's add a background in those thumbnails. I'm going to do this, copy them based with, Based on top of it and in the, later, in the first layer. So this one is the top layer, the second layer. The second layer we go here, exposure increase the exposure saturation and increase saturation color. We pretty much choose any color we want. We're going to choose this yellowish to read because we have the flames. And then we pretty much go to focus. Focus here. And changing the amount. This is very small, right? This marriage small. That's why we can see that. Well, okay. Wait. Oh, I got it. It doesn't work on those that easily. That's a problem. Okay, let's just delete them. Instantly them. So how one, we have two, we have three. This is not mad. I just want I just want to emphasize those thumbnails a bit. I don't know how to do. Let's see, let's see, let's see. Okay. So I think I found a solution. It's gonna be a bit weird, but how we will hear, okay, and we mask, thumbnail out. Draw mask. Okay, this is a bit of a generic way to do this. Let's still go here, here, here, here, and here. Let's grab this. Here. I don't know if it's gonna work well, let's see. So exposure, increased exposure, as we said, we increase saturation without color to here. And then we apply the focus effect. Focus, focus, focus. Just a. Now, once we do that, we're going to increase the size of it. See? Yeah, it worked. I knew I knew it. I knew it. Okay. So pretty much what we did is that it didn't have the area to stay focused. So let's see, how are we going to do this here. Here, okay, like here. Here, this looks good. Let's change the color a bit. I don't like this color about there. Okay, Cool. Change the parameters a bit. So I wanted there. I want it there. So this is a great way to emphasize the formula, right? Let's do the same thing with Elon Musk, thumbnail here. Let's do it actually here. Or we could completely copy this. No. Mask. Again, some things have have to be done manually. It's just the way it is. So mask. Okay. Go here. Mask, thumbnail out right there. Okay. Callers exposure. We increase exposure. We increase saturation, the color. Let's just keep it blue for now. This year. Now, focus, focus, focus. Here it is. Let's change the parameters of focus to here, we increase the amount and now we also increase this and there you have it below most Camille is right there. I like this color, actually kind of like this color. I actually don't like this color. We can literally keep it that way. We can literally keep it that way. If you wanted to go there. Yep, that's good. That's good. That's good. Now saying there's one copy, again based here, mask. So we draw a mask and we mask out this part. Okay? Like they're cool. Now let's move this to here. So it moved exposure, increase saturation, increase color. Just going to keep it that way. Honestly, I'm not thinking of changing that much. So we've gotta focus now. Focus while you're literally sign real-time how I figured it out. Okay, so we go here, focus in Greece, Athens in Greece. Now I'm going to increase the size of it and we should have yep. There it is. There it is. And what? It's, once, it's extremely distorted, we can change it with distortion. So this could also work like this. I don't know if I'm going to keep the white. Honestly. I don't know if I'm gonna give you the white. I'm probably going to change it. Let's change the color. Change the color to something that contrasts with the others. I think this is actually contrasting. Cool. So let's go ahead and change some small parameters. So here we change this, we change this, we change this. Cool. So I've got 123, the three thumbnails. Again, let's make this a compound. We can move those around. Let's make this a compound with. So we can move this around, just those Final Cut Pro things about the language. So transform. And now we can move like Elon, Elon, thumbnail, just a whole of it. It's going to change the layout a bit, but I feel like it's cool. Final thing that I'm going to change here, I'm thinking of changing is the color of my image, pretty much the color of my image. I want it to be more there. I want to increase the exposure a bit. So how about the quality of the image? Isn't that high as you can see? Sure, sure, sure, sure. Let me try something else. Let me try actually doing it with this. I love this going to work on this thing. This is going to work. Let's try to increase the exposure of the titles. Yeah, it makes them it makes them glow. It makes the Titans glow. It's titled drop shadow. It's exactly the same as the drop shadow one. So maybe we can decrease the exposure to make them black. Okay, there you go. Sure. To add focus. So we make it more blurry. Okay, come on, got it. There. You just play with the parameters of the titles honestly, titles a bit more cool, a bit more engaging. So there we go again, increase. The exposure is decreased overall way. Yeah, so you make them Okay, cool. Copy. We can face the same effect here. Oh, okay, No. Cool. How to make Egypt emails. I feel like this is a good Daniel. I honestly feel like this is a good time. Yeah. I would change a bit. My I would call wait a bit my stuff. So there I feel like Cool. So now we're done with the thumbnail. We're going to do is choose it compound clip. So this is the final thumbnail right here. Let's add sharpening. So this one we're gonna do, let me full-screen this sharpening. Sharper and sharper and sharper. And right here, go to here. Amount. Not that much. But I feel like this is perfect. For this perfect. We could also add contrast. No, no, not on, there's not gonna be that good. Let's try crisp contrast. I think it's definitely too much. I feel like it's too much. So this without this is width there. So there's the final thumbnail. Let's, let's let's let's save it. See how it did. I'm kind of proud of it though. I'm kind of proud of it. I mean, I feel like it's a good thumbnail and you can see right here, It's actually not bad. It's actually not bad. Thumbnail course. Thumbnail course. Save this on desktop. And let's watch it with all of its majesty. Somehow. It hasn't exported yet. But this is it, this pretty much it. There's a thumbnail right here. I'm kind of proud of it. I'm kinda proud of it. Like we have the examples how to make good. You've Daniel's meat, the middle of the frame. So I kinda like this one and I'm gonna keep it going, keep it. Great. 8. Thank you note: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for making it up until the underscores. I am very personally honored by the fact that you stick along all those hours, okay, and I believe that you learned some stuff from this course. I know that this might, wouldn't be the most professional course ever, but I think something very valuable that you should take from this course is the brainstorming process that goes behind the thumbnail. Because I can sit here and show you some of my best moments and be like this. I made this. I made this, but this wouldn't be a learning experience for you. I feel like the best learning experience is to sit with me and go through this brainstorming process, again to make the best thumbnails. This is why at the beginning of each lesson, of course, we have this small brainstorming session with our sketch pads. So thank you again very much for sticking up until the end of this course. How many other courses in my profile, if you're interested in how they complete course on how to grow, how do you know a complete smartphone videography masterclass. So again, thank you very much. I am monitored by the fact that you're still here and I'm gonna see you in the next course.