WordPress for Beginners + Google AdSense - Earn More with Complete Implementation 2023 | Axl Mulat | Skillshare

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WordPress for Beginners + Google AdSense - Earn More with Complete Implementation 2023

teacher avatar Axl Mulat, WordPress / eCommerce Developer / SEO /

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

59 Lessons (7h)
    • 1. 1.1 Course Preview

    • 2. 1.2 What is WordPress and How WordPress Works

    • 3. 1.3 Difference of WordPress, WordPress.org and WordPress.com

    • 4. 1.4 Inspirations and Goals

    • 5. 1.5 The Preview of the WordPress Site we build

    • 6. 1.6 We Start in WordPress Localhost, then Moving to Live Site

    • 7. 1.7 Downloading XAMPP and WordPress package

    • 8. 1.8 Install XAMPP, WordPress Localhost and Set up Database

    • 9. 1.9 Accessing your Site and WordPress Admin Interface

    • 10. 1.10 Creating a New Post

    • 11. 1.11 Boost Up your Blog Engagement Using Free High Quality images

    • 12. 1.12 How to use Canva.com for your Blog Post

    • 13. 1.13 Adding Categories and Tags to Blog Post

    • 14. 1.14 Adding Internal Links and External links

    • 15. 1.15 Adding Images to Blog Post

    • 16. 1.16 WordPress image Gallery to Blog Post

    • 17. 1.17 How to add Video from Youtube and Vimeo

    • 18. 1.18 Using Post Formats

    • 19. 1.19 Using Revisions

    • 20. 1.20 How to Add Pages

    • 21. 1.21 Using Page Attributes

    • 22. 1.22 How to Create and Add Navigation Menu

    • 23. 1.23 Using the Media

    • 24. 1.24 Using Attachment Pages

    • 25. 1.25 How to customize WordPress theme

    • 26. 1.26 Using widgets (Adding Facebook Widget)

    • 27. 1.27 Configure the Permalinks SEO Friendly

    • 28. 1.28 How to Customize the Home Page for Business Website

    • 29. 2.1 Preparing on Moving WordPress Localhost to Live Server

    • 30. 2.2 Purchase your Domain Name from Godaddy

    • 31. 2.3 Purchase a Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting

    • 32. 2.4 Accessing the Cpanel, Walk Through and Features

    • 33. 2.5 WordPress Local to Live Server (Ftp and Database)

    • 34. 2.6 Accessing your Live WordPress Self Hosted Site

    • 35. 2.7 Setting up WordPress Domain Email Address

    • 36. 2.8 Editing your User Profile (Gravatar and Author Box)

    • 37. 2.9 Managing Comments and How to Stop Spam Comments

    • 38. 2.10 How to configure your WordPress settings

    • 39. 2.11 How to Add a Contact Form to you WordPress Site

    • 40. 2.12 Choosing a WordPress Theme

    • 41. 2.13 Install and Customize WordPress Theme Using Customizer - Part 1

    • 42. 2.14 Install and Customize WordPress Theme Using Customizer - Part 2

    • 43. 2.15 Install and Customize WordPress Theme Using Customizer - Part 3

    • 44. 2.16 Setting Up WordPress Jetpack Plugin

    • 45. 2.17 Useful Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins Must Have

    • 46. 2.18 Managing WordPress file System

    • 47. 3.1 Effective Google AdSense Requirements

    • 48. 3.2 Create a WordPress Child Theme for theme modification

    • 49. 3.3 Creating AdSense Ad Units

    • 50. 3.4 Adding AdSense Ad Units to Blog Post and Best Placement to make them click

    • 51. 3.5 Adding AdSense Ad Units to Home Page

    • 52. 3.6 Adding AdSense Search to WordPress Site

    • 53. 3.7 Adding AdSense Page-Level ads (AdSense Auto ads)

    • 54. 3.8 How much earned in AdSense

    • 55. 3.9 How to Use AdSense Native Ads to Increase Earnings

    • 56. 3.10 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Posts List

    • 57. 3.11 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Post Lists (continued)

    • 58. 3.12 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Sidebar

    • 59. 3.13 Next Step

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About This Class

Welcome to my class WordPress for Beginners + Google AdSense - Earn More with Complete Implementation

This class is the Essential of Creating a Blog or Website and making money on AdSense. 

In this class will teach you how to create a Blog / website using WordPress self hosted site in step by step.

We will install a WordPress application in the desktop or laptop computer then and we will play the WordPress, we will create a...

  • Blog post
  • photo gallery
  • pages, 
  • adding navigation menu, 
  • using widgets
  • and how to customize the theme using customizer. 
  • WordPress Child theme
  • AdSense
  • AdSense Native ads
  • and many more

Domain name and Web Hosting is not required on this course, if you can't purchase Domain name and Web Hosting, you can follow on on this course while in local computer (Localhost) also internet connection is required.

After we play a WordPress in Localhost, we will purchase a domain name and best cheap web hosting for your WordPress website, then we will upload to the live server to get your site live in the internet.

In the live site we will continue the development and choose a new Beautiful WordPress responsive theme and install and customize to look nice, we will customize the navigation menusidebar and footer widget and many more.

and the last chapter on this course we will Implement Google AdSense ads and Native ads and you'll learn how to add the Native Ads correctly to the site.

I know some of you don't have a AdSense account yet, don't worry the have video on this course Effective Google AdSense Requirements for your Website, my advice follow the Requirements and i guarantee to you your application will  be approved.

In AdSense ads section will Implement the ad using a little bit basic HTML and CSS, this is the best way to put AdSense ads in the most clickable part on your website to boost up your Earnings

If you don't have a knowledge in HTML and CSS for now don't worry i will attached the WordPress Child Theme With AdSense Implemented code to this course, so you can download the theme for your reference in the future.

And also we will Implement AdSense Search and Page Level Ads for additional earnings on your WordPress Site.

All links presented in every video are included to the article on this course you must check the article for the links in every video.

If you have a thought
 in every video, kindly ask here in the course, and ill be response as soon as possible.

I design this wordpress tutorial and adsense tutorial for everyone, if you want to share your passion in your own website, like Travel, Cooking, Fashion, Web Development and soon you can create your own website and share, with this tutorial.

You techear:

Axl Mulat
WordPress / eCommerce Developer / SEO / AdSense Expert

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Axl Mulat

WordPress / eCommerce Developer / SEO /


I'm Web Developer and eCommerce Developer since 9 years also i have a knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and AdSense, i also run a personal website axlmulat and Icraftwp with AdSense ads implemented. my learnings all over the years well share to my websites, YouTube Channel and Premium Course in SkillsShare.

Also i have video tutorial on Blogger which i teach for FREE in my YouTube channel, feel free to subscribe if you like.

Thank you for your support, more Premium Tutorials here in SkillsShare nearly soon.

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1. 1.1 Course Preview: hi dice. Welcome to this course word breast tutorial for beginners and Google AdSense implementation . Mining this axle mullah and thank you very much for purchasing this course. I know there are lots off word breast courses out there. This my course, I guarantee to you you will be learned onward Breast Self hosted site in step by step. First, we'll install our dress application to the desktop or laptop. Then they will play. The WordPress will open a blood post, a photo gallery pages adding navigation menu using widgets and how to customise slippin abusing customizer after we play were dress and local host, we'll purchase a remaining and cheap Web hosting for your website. Then they will upload to the live server to get your website live to the Internet in the life site will continue the development and choose a new word, breast Responsive team and install and customized to look nice and many, Many more will cover in the last chapter in discourse. It's very exciting because who will implement a little AdSense ads to this where breast self hosted site and also the uptake of discourse AdSense, native ads. If you have a question on this course kindly message from here in Alberta. Response as soon as possible. And after you're done on this course, kindly, please wait in a five star if you can. Kylie message me first and I'll do my best as I can this course for you and let's get started. 2. 1.2 What is WordPress and How WordPress Works: in the Web there have to domain used by word breasts we're pressing up or and where breast up come and you'll find that with a search. Our breasts. Word in Google Search Engine Some people confused and think What is the difference off these to the means? But this is understandable. Let's clarify this terms when speaking about word breasts. We need to clear this distinction in three different terms. WordPress. We're dressed up or and were pressed up. Come WordPress is the application itself and available to download for free at Were Pressed up or you dollar that WordPress package and stole in the Web server and create a content the correct turn use for work breasts. Word IHS. My new website is probably powered by word breasts work. Best not orig s, the website that hosts the word breast open source project, including the application teams, plug ins, forums and development. You can download the word breast package and we're breast up board. And this is also you'll find the word breast official The communication for application, an official support forum for work. Best's the correct term off using were pressed up, or this if you have a problem in your WordPress site. Try asking question in were best up or forum. Wordpress dot com is a site Distribute where breast as a software and as a service application for free or for a fee, you can build a side using wordpress dot com, but there have a restriction. For example, you can install your own plug ins and teams on a wordpress dot com site. The correct turn off. Using wordpress dot com. I build my first blawg on where. Best dot com. Now I want to add more functionality, so I'm moving to our breast self hosted site there one morning we mentioned here. Automatic Automatic is a company founded by WordPress co creator Matt Pulling Big that owns were dressed up com and the leader Off Work Breast Open Source project. In this course, we will download the word breast package from where Breast of Ward and we will install to the Web server 3. 1.3 Difference of WordPress, WordPress.org and WordPress.com: before we get started, it is important to know what it's worth. Breasts. We will talk this in a real quick WordPress is an open source website creation toe written in beach be pH. B stands for hypertext pre processor, and Ph. B is a language in Web development. It probably the easiest in the most powerful blogging and Web site content management system. You don't let it installing a server, connected a database and start publishing a content on the Web. Once were breasts and stole in configure, you can build any type off website you want. Inward breasts, a blawg, upper folio, e commerce, business side, community side forums and the possibilities has, Unless, for me, WordPress is a interface between the publisher, the database and the busy tours. WordPress is a tool you use to publish a content on the Web in a two for visitors to access the content inward breast access the database entries. The application, called Work Breast falls under classification in CNS or content management system. There have other open source Seamus out there, like Jumla Andrew Paul. For me, word breast is best and the next ISS how word breast application works this event will be happened when you create a pose, a page and when you install a team and plug ins us. I see word Breast works along sides on your database server forward breast works. You need three things. Howard Best application itself. A Web server supports Beach Me in my school. Well, end of my scale database. Later, in this course work best tutorial for beginners, we will learn how to set up these things. For now, let's look how what best works once and everything up and running inward breasts. We make a type off content blood posts, pages and media items. This three are associate with each comments. When you create a posts, a new entry will be stored in your database in the w b Post table, the post title The Post content The author probably three date uploaded files and so on. This event happened when you create a posts a page. When the busy tours post our comments in the posts, or when you add a users to understand how word breast works, I create a simple flow chart for you in the left side that is your were dressed website in the right side that issue your database off your work dress website in the center that is your Web hosting server when you type Ah, your ill in the Web browser. The browser talked to the Web server in the Web server. Talk to the database and fetch the data and no observer echo or display data on the browser , which is your blood posts. That's how we're breast works. In the next video, we will talk about What is the difference between work? Best work breast aboard and we're dressed up. Come. Thanks for watching my presentation. See you next video by 4. 1.4 Inspirations and Goals: hi dice in this video. Let's talk about Blawg inspirations. Why do you create a blawg? Do you want to share your knowledge or skills in the Internet? Do you want to share your passions or to express yourself or to make money for your blogged ? Why not or create a random stuff like tech blogger or viral content? Why not the next question? ISS? Do you have inspirational blawg, If you ask me guys, yes, I have inspirational blawg and let me show you some example off inspiration. Blawg. We're here in absence, website like ads and said, Turn your passion into profit. You can Rosa success stories if you want. But for now, let's roast the inspirational blawg. Travel this blow. Guys, I like this blawg about trouble. You can explore this website if you want. And ah, next inspiration. Blawg is the Buddhist kitchen. This bog is all about food receives and about food stuff. How to create Ah Luciano No butter chocolate cake, All about food stuff and the next inspiration blawg iss about technology about IOS 10 Release here This stuff is all about technology and the next inspiration blawg iss all about fashion dress hot sunglass all about fashion, jewelry and so on. And the last one iss the page Be a gang that come. This is the one off my inspiration website. This is all about Web development because I'm a Web developer. And also you can find another inspiration. Websites in google dot com. Just type here. Travel Blawg. There have a bunch of result about travel. Blawg. You can rose inspiration. Blawg. The next question is, Do you have a goal for your blog's? What will happen to your website after five years? My suggest guys great a plan for your blogged. Build a vision mission if you ask me guys, what is my vision and mission? Since I'm a Web developer for almost a years, I want to share my knowledge to other people. But a simple 5. 1.5 The Preview of the WordPress Site we build: Hi guys. In this video I will show you the word breast website we build on this course work breast tutorial for beginners. And as you see, guys, the Blawg is pretty simple, nice and clean. And this team, guys, is the free team comes from World breast repository. And this blood guys, it's not finished yet will finish this block ahead on this course. And this team guys, it's very general to any topic. Whether travel, cooking, blood tech, blogger or personal blood. This is very general Tow us and thus you see there ever image behind the logo. This is smile, logo, tagline and friendly navigation meaning home and categories. We drop down menu and a stun lord search box in the page about in contact. This is the contact page with standard conduct form and as you see there but carousel, the image will move automatically every five seconds. But you can adjust this if you want. Below that caress older have ah, bloodless scroll down with pagination. Next is not next bloodless And as you see guys, if I scrolled a scroll bar, it will be popped up The navigation meaning with social media buttons with search box. It will be pumpkin if we scrolled up age in the sidebar. There have, ah, social media buttons. This design guys comes from this team and ah, featured posts, recent comments, popular posts, categories, archives and the fourth or also recent posts, pages and the categories. This categories is same in the for the Regents categories. The tags and ah tweets. This widget dies comes from the 33 dot com. We will grab a code from 2/3 up, calm in pace here and let's click the sample posts, and this is the sample post with Primary Image. You can remove this if you want. The sidebar off the single post guys and home page post is different during the latest post here in the single posts, but in the home page. No later. Suppose because this is the latest posts. The latest posts, same featured posts, popular posts, and you can add also photo gallery if you want in the posts. Also, you can add a video if you want there have a video icon here because this is the video. This is no video. We will start guys the basic. We will use the WordPress nickel team first. We will upload this team later in this course, and let's get started 6. 1.6 We Start in WordPress Localhost, then Moving to Live Site: we will start our WordPress block to our local computer. Yes, you can stole a WordPress blawg to your desktop or laptop. We will play the Wordpress website first. Before we upload to the live server, we will add Oppose a page image, then little purchase, dummy name and we're boasting. Then we'll chance for our were Breasts website from our local computer to Web hosting service. In the next video, we'll download the record mints to run the word breast website were local computer. 7. 1.7 Downloading XAMPP and WordPress package: In this video, we will download a software for our local web hosting sump. And we're breast package from where? Breast up or I choose Sound because some ISS for everything. Web application. Also, you see the home page. I played a video and actually see your WordPress. Not only were breasts can handle some also other CMS like Drew, fall, Djamila, model and magenta There have other option like, well, im server from Guam server dot com This is an option and another option. ISS server pressed up Calm This suffer guys is pre optimized for were breast on Lee. I didn't try this. I believe this sulfur for were breasts Onley pre optimized for WordPress And the sum is complete for everything. Everything. Web application Ph b. Okay, guys, download this too. So fair download. Click the download and download this and I already dollar guys. So see you next video by 8. 1.8 Install XAMPP, WordPress Localhost and Set up Database: Now we don't load already to sound package in the world breast package and ready to install our local web server quick. So you see, made by a bit NAMI and click OK, quick necks. No touch here. Next, The best installation directory guys is the next and a c c were press for group all Raju Mullah some It's for everything. See, Miss, maybe uncheck this next and next and we will wait after Finish this and guys, this will be popped up. Click allow access and a stalling our continued. And finally don, our local Web server are installed and click, Finish save And after installed Sam the application will be added to the what do you call this? This area and it will be star and start this Apache. Miss you If this pop up guys allow access and also the file Zillow start allow access to and thats access that local Web server and Google chrome time. Http colon slash slash local hosts Click enter and welcome to the Samp home page. This page guys is accessible without Internet because this page ISS hosted her local computer access your database. We will add a database for our blawg. Later in this video and your page be in full and let's access the D directory because we installed a Sam to the the directory. The This is not the directory. This is the sound folder. This is the extraction file. This is a extra trash. Guys from some I believe this comes from Sam. Delete this. Delete this and remain this Sam folder. And this is the directories, Guys comes from some package in us, you see there of a bunch of Wilders here. But the important polders here is the HD docks and PHP and pastry. My admin. Let's collect the HD docks. This directory HD docks, we will be saved Our WordPress website, local hosts and this files are this page. If you have a knowledge in HTML so create a folder here for our local where breast website . I grabs the bullet P this is my wordpress blogged named guys. You can enter here any want Name your name or your blood name. Enter click. Let's dust this directory file you, Tess the name html enter. If you want to see the extension of the file, guys, quick view and check this file. Name extension, it will be showed a file extension check to edit the each Stammel extension clinic open with no pad. And let's does this p be close P tag. Hello? And let's access this guy's to our bro. Sir, Hit back and bringing this copy. This is the folder our were breast local hosts. Copy and remove this dashboard pace. And this is the folder we created. And this file this file and this file are the same. This isn, uh, folder I craft. That will be P and click this. And now our file is running in the grocer. Hello Now, guys, we will run our word breast here. Go to desktop caught and back to HD dogs. Delete this pace in X track X track. By the way, guys, this software is win war. You can download this free in the internet. Just type in Google when rar and install and, as you see again, extract asleep while no, guys the package are finally extract. We don't need this. You can delete this if you want. And this is the inside of the package. Cut this and pays out lower breast folder and delete this. And this is your WordPress Local hosts. This is your site Name in your local host. You can add a folder here if you want any site. Ning my side. One without space, guys or this My website to my WP site to any name guys. And let's access this guys. You know this We access the root directory off. I craft WP the folder itself HD dogs Click this and ah, finally the were breast local hosts up and running English. Your language quite continue. And also guys, we create a database first, go to your local host slash page be my admin. Create a database like this new create a database name any name you want Guys, I suggest guys use our unique name off this in this case, this is example. I use the same name copy, same name, but in live guys, I will not use that name. I will use the unique name because this is a local hosts. That's fine. A database And this is your database. Look, let's back to HD docks. Click this. Let's copy, Disguise, copy pace. And as you see the file are duplicates and rename this and remove this like that they have a sample config in the belief p config dot PHP. Let's edit this in the editor. No part plus plus you can download a no path plus plus guys, just go to the Google that calm type notepad plus plus, Let's the database here. What is the database? Name? The database name. We create ISS ID craft The Willie P, the database name I craft. That would be that if we'll use her name Guys in Sam in your local Web hosting ISS route, we don't password, but in a live Web hosting guys will at a real passer, the rial user name and the unique database name. And copy this copy. We already add. Ah, database. Name the user name off your database in the past Third. If in case it's really it's blank. Copy this. Go to your will, sir. Pace, Competence, Salt Cay Copy back to editor and replace this Same also guys, this is very important that table perfects. We need to change this in the unique character, but we will do this in the live server, but for now, I'll leave for WP. But we'll changed up in the live server later in this course and finally save and it's back . And let's reload this well again, Just a language. And finally, we are in the welcome page at your side title in your user name, of course. This example. User name in my password. Very weak, I strongly suggests. Replace. Ah, strong password guys in live server. If we that swine for local hosting your email, of course email. And because we're in and Web development, I check this discourage search engine from indexing. But we will turn this pawn in the live server and finally click Install WordPress. And finally our were breast local host installed. Let's access the public side. This is the admin side. Guys, this is your public side. And finally guys swing stole our local WordPress to our local computer. In the next video, we will access this. So see you next video by 9. 1.9 Accessing your Site and WordPress Admin Interface: to access your local where? Breast website. Be sure you're some is properly running. Let's go. The Samp directory This is the Sam directory from the drive and scroll down and click this some controlled up XY. And this is the control panel we saw in the previous video. If I stop this Apache, the local website will be not running. As you see, it's not running because the Apache is top Also, this is the mice QL file Zilla start and reload and up and running again. And make sure guys you're some is up and running. If you turn off your computer, this modules will be off to automatically start the Sam when you restart this computer closeness and this right click and Ron, US Administrator Quick. Yes, And check this I stopped first. Stop! Stop! Stop this Check! Yes, Yes. Check. Yes. Installing those service from the background of your computer. Start, start, start. When you turn off or restart your computer, the something now will run automatically. Close this and back to the website And this is your database guy. So he created This is your tables. The posts, the user name, all user name will be listed on this table. Post meta posts in the comments and let's look in the admin. And now, guys, the our word breast local host is up and running. This is the post. You can create a post here a pages appearance. And this is not team we use in every year. Repressed the or release a new team for were Breast self Hosted site. This team has installed already in WordPress installation process. As you see in the section there have a tree teams here 2017 15 16 You can choose a one team in activate a slow us the following off this course the learning off This course it's pretty the same process in admin interface New preinstalled team Does it matter? You can follow me along Whatever your team you activated 2015 16 18 2019 in so on. In this course, we will be used 2017 team In the next video, we will create a riel blood post. See you next video by 10. 1.10 Creating a New Post: in this video, guys, we'll add our new blood posts for this blawg and us. You see, this is the public side of this Blawg and there have a test post here. Hello, world. We will do it. This test post guys in the admin area. I already logged in guys. And let's choose this menu and no posts. And this is the test post, guys. Hello World Just deleted trash. And after a delete, now we can add our new blood posts. Click this post or add new artist bottom at you and add a new post. Guys, this is for blogged title. I share my passion guys through this blog's. So this is the block title of this posts and I start typing the content. And as you see, guys, the blood post is done and let's scroll down. And we need to add a featured image. Guys off this blood posts or private image, click this said hatred image. You can upload your image guys through this button and choose the image you want to upload . You can drag also to this box if you want. I have an image here drag dropped to this box and starting upload and set Patriot image. And as you see, guys, the featured image displayed Let's scroll down and let's publish for now. Hit. Publish. Okay, so let's rule out to this public page. And as you see, guys, this is our new blood posts. This is the blog's title, the featured image and the blood content along blood content. And thus you see, guys, this is the home page. This is not the blood posts and Asciano test. The blood posts are displayed full in the home page. The full content. We need to add a more tag to show the excerpt off this blood posts on Lee back to the editor and Adam or tag like this insert read more and update and reload us. You see, guys you see now are continue reading instead of the full posts and ah, posts in the home page shows the excerpt paragraph only to read the full post, Click this image or this. Continue waiting like this. We shortcut to the more tag and the below off the blood title. If you click the continue through reading guys, she will be start reading in here instead. Off the up, Let's back again. If we click this prime image or featured image, you will be go on the top and us. You see, guys, the featured images very large because this team guys, the 2017 team are set of the large image in the single post. That's why us. You see the featured images? Very large. But some other word breast themes are not so large like this. Let's scroll down. And this is the blood posts and is the full posts and it's scroll down. And this is the common box section. It's back. And now, guys, we add our new blood posts. We will add another post later in this course, so see you next video by 11. 1.11 Boost Up your Blog Engagement Using Free High Quality images: Hi guys. In this video, I will share to you my tough five favorite free, high quality images to your blawg. Using this high quality images can help to boost up your blood engagement to the visitors, and this is the one off my favorite free images that calm. You can grab the free image here to use for your blawg. Let's search for food, and this is the free images like this. You can free download this guy's download and choose here that mentioned you want For me, this dimension is sweet to my blawg and let's rose the second website on Splash the calm. This also Ah, free, high quality image. You can download this, too, and the number three guys. My favorite also is thus talks. Not that I owe there have, ah, bunch off categories related to image, business, love, nature, food and let's quit this business. This image is related to business. I like this image two, and the 43 images is picks obey dot com. It's just one of my favorite. I grab some images from this Web site, and I used to my blawg and ah, last one is the pixels that comes this one for my favorite too pixels. And let's search images, guys, for our blogged on this course, it's go to my favorite. Let's search. Let's find our image dice related to my new blood posts. Ah, I guess this is a good guys. This image, guys, It's related to my next blood posts. You can download to this button. Click this free download button and you can choose the dimension off this image. The fit to my blogger is this dimension. Want to 80 by 853 and click Download. And I already don't let this image guys, let me show you my desktop. This is the image, guys. In the next video guys, we will upload this image to Canada that common, I will show you how to use can bad outcome for your blood post. See you next video by 12. 1.12 How to use Canva.com for your Blog Post: Hi guys. In this video, I will show you how to use can datacom player blood posts and use it to featured image. And this is the website off Canda that calm. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up or log in via Facebook or Google. Plus, I have an account and I log in nfcc Guys, this is the home page off your can va account and to create a new album, Click More. And as you see guys, there have ah lists off categories here. Space off the images and the dimensions popularity Signed time social media posts for social media posts that mention as you see the Facebook they mentioned. Post is 9 40 by 788 Documents. Blogging in a books. Let's roast this this Dimension Guys is good to my blawg 5 60 by 3 15 But I want a larger dimension image guys, because I want to fit all my images. If in case I change or dressed team in the future personally, guys, I use the YouTube Tom Nail, then mention here. Each of Tom Nailed they mention, is 1 20 by 7 20 pixels. This dimension, guys is sweet to my blawg. Why not? You can use any dimension guys off this categories, but in this course we will choose the each of Tom Nail dimension. And let's talk anything, guys. And as you've seen the left side of the screen, you can drag this about. Some are paid, some are free, and this is the dollar icon Dissipate implant. There's some free here. Free. You can drag this if you want, but we will design our own guys. Or you can copy the design off the pain image. Design your own scratch, for example, dragged this. This is really made guys. You can edit this and use it to your block, but they will create our own. Delete this lead now billeted. Let's upload. Ah, free images. We get in the pics, obeyed up, calm the desktop drag or upload by a lot on drugged and as you see the images uploading after upload, guys dragged to the editor and stretch the fifth stretch stretch. No, they need this and this is the center off the image. And let's start to edit guys for our blood posts. Jogged the shape, drag the square, make it center us. You see, guys, the line are showing up. That means the square is centered a drag, and we can move this around and dragged attacks. My block title guys for my New Blood Post is how to protect your AdSense ad from click fraud or click bumming. And I guess the title are too long. But this is fine. Let's change the signature fund Rabbo toe. It's changed the size 42 and upper case. All JAG remain center. Let's duplicate this tax guys to tree copy copy and the rubber tree copies off this tax. I want to. I want a different style guys, every texts. That's why now the title are separated too. Three section. We can use a different style in every text now, guys. So let's increase the size of the stacks. Let's turn this to lower case, and that's uppercase s. And let's change the color to Dark Gray. Let's increase the size guys, I guess. Oh, very large for data. Guess change this to for a and let's enlarge the box and reduce the transparency. Uh, drag this jag and let's ana another square. We'll make this a line Turned this to black color, and that's at another tax. So heading for our long you are well, makes this center change the font or a Balto and reduce this center. I guess the footer off the primary image is fine. That's arranged. This the main tax. It's played. Ah, sizes, guys, the techs. I guess this is good to increase 64. Good. Okay, guys, what do you think, guys? The primary images. Good. This is the style one guys, we will create another style. Let's competent ISS covetous slide and same guys that will add another style of prior image . This is the style, too. Some bloggers doing this. Okay, guys, I think that's good. What do you think you like the 1st 1 style or the seconds tile? That's decrease of transparency like that. Can you guys That's how to create a primary image or featured image in Canberra. This is my style, guys. And let's download this. I guess this is good for me than this. Download and choose the for us page download. I already don't look, guys in the best stop and let me show you the final result. And as you see guys, this image I used to my next new posts CNX video guys by 13. 1.13 Adding Categories and Tags to Blog Post: categories and tags are too mean. Taxonomy ease in WordPress pose that associate with each other. Before we used this, it is important to know how to use them categories first and every WordPress posts must belong to one category or, as Mahaney categories, a satellite. If you don't file a category off the posts, it will be automatically filed to categorize, which makes no sense. As you see, if my new book posts it filed automatically to uncap ago Rise because I didn't file this for a category. But we will do that later. In this video, I will show you a live website house ah, bunch of categories in this Web site for this kitchen that Tom the categories here, ISS, this appetizers and snacks very just bread and so on. These are categories and another website. The categories here is beach B, html degree and so on. And as you see guys in the bottom left off the screen, Peach began that com slash category slash category name and also my website. I have three category only up this time that categories here iss at sense Look, tips blogger. These are categories. It's back to the food is get chin. The tags tells information about the posts, and all these tags are must be relevant. Let's rose post here. The title of the post is Oreo Truffle Easter eggs, and let's click this. Let's find the tags. The post is about the Easter eggs Oreo receives. It's fine the tags and this is the tags dessert, Easter, Easter eggs and so on. All these tags must be relevant to the posts. Tags are the smaller factor may connect to the post together. If you see a tutorial, guys or video and they say you should adds a lot off tags to this up your S. Il. That's not true. Adding tags for the sake off sale is pointless for a blood site. Tags are there to help your readers to figure out the connection off your posts. Let's click Miss Oreo. There have a connection with these tags about Oreo and us. You see all this lug posts are connected to the Oreo, so this is the categories and tags it's all about. In all categories can make hierarchically. For example, this receipts IHSAA parent category in these categories. Under the receipts ISS, The child category This cold categories are hierarchically as you see in the bottom left of the screen. The food is kitchen that com slash and English slash category slash receipts slash appetizers and Snacks that receives in the Euro is the parent category and a child category under the receives ISS Appetizers and snacks. Let's view this If I hold Brodus I over Beach began dot com slash category slash j. Carey. This category is a single category. Only these category is a single category only assigned to the posts, which means not hierarchically. You can do this guy's finger blood if you want hierarchically categories. I will show you how to do that. And let's assign our categories off my new blood posts because it did not assign yet. Scroll down in the category section in the right side of the screen. There have a categories way Jet add new. The category of this is Jake ready, and this is not hierarchically. Uncheck this and let's add up tags. Guys, that tags must be relevant. Your blood posts separate like kama separate like Kama and click add and these are my tags , which is relevant to my posts. Let's up the this or save, and that's reload the home page. And I see you see, guys, I have one category off. This posts us. You see guys in the bottom left of the screen level hosts because we're in our local computer slash craft, they will. P slash category slash category name, which is J. Crew. We Let's click this posts, scroll down and let's find the tags. Yes, this is the tags off this posts, which is relevant to the blood posts. Okay, guys, let's do an example for categories hierarchically back to and it's her. And let's e uh, receipt. This is the parent category for our higher Italy category type. I knew and uncheck this for now. And let's add a child category. Brad. To assign this category, guys in a child category, which is the parent, is received. Click this and choose the parent category. This is the child category bread, and this is the parent category of the bread. A new You can assign a parent category in any categories if you want, but this is, for example, on Lee Quick Update. And by the way, guys, you can add a categories here in this category menu and you can add a tags. This also in this menu this is the shortcut guys you can add also ask. You see, guys, all I add category are listed here J coury received and ah, child category name. If you want to assign this child, get ago in the parent categories to receive click Edit, choose parent category and save in the tag section you tab. All your tags added will be listed here. You can add a tags here, too, if you want. SEC. This is my tags and ah, posts are count one because this tags belonged to one post for now. And let's reload this posts well, we'll go to the widget sidebar. And as you see guys in a widget, there have two categories, as you see in the bottom left of the screen. Guys category slash received. That's the parent category in the Brad This a child category. If I over this, this is the parent category. This category type guys, it's like in the fullest kitchen, which is hierarchically type categories. Vitaly guys adding the categories in the navigation menu like this. We will do this later in this course. That's all for this bigger guys. See you next video by 14. 1.14 Adding Internal Links and External links: In this video, we will add a internal ing and external ing to our blood content. What? I will do that in my new posts. And let's add a new posts. Add new We will add, Ah pupils, real quick blood title, blood content and at ah, category category and also tags add the system Maytag's assigned to category of new and off course guys that featured image, upload the featured image and set Patriot image and publish. Let's view this our new posts. And as you see this is my new posts. It's back to the editor and let's add a external ing first. It's at a external ing. Add a link on this Google it and this is the link guys on the key word to add Ah external link in the word of your posts like this and pays the external link. And be sure all external ing must be opening a new tab. Check this update and we'll add this external ing, too. Copy and I go go. And this is the length off this key word and click this insert it link and pays the external ing off this keyword and click this assigned to new tub update and update. And let's reload this. Let's find Ah, externally, this is external ing. Now, guys, why we should add a new tab in all external link. If the visitors click this, it will open in a new tab. If we did not assign a new tab on all external link, If the visitors click this, it will go to another page which is cost high bonds rape to avoid high bounce rate through bug. All externally must be assigned in a new tab because this link is outside of your blood like that, all panting in your tub. Okay? And let's add a internal ing which the link inside off your blawg. For now, guys, I can add lots off internal ing because I have to post only. But someday my posts are growing. I can add a internally in my blood posts. For now, this is an example We will add Ah, one internal ing on Lee at Internal Inc and I don't have a link for a post in the skewered . For now, let's add Ah, link copy the link address in pace and we don't need to add a new tab because this feeling is inside to our bug. Click apply, apply and update update And let's view this in public. And this is internal linking, which is the link inside your blog's site. And let me show you Ah, website dice HASA internal ing an external link and we back here again and let's find ah, link off the post. And as you see, this is external ing link to Facebook and also externally, I taught this is an internal ing. But this is an external link. Yeah, this is the life example. And let's back to the editor. You can add ah internal ing in external ing in every unique word or you can do it by 100 word if you have a lots of posts. But in this case, I have to pose only. And let's remove this link, guys, For now we will add a internal ing and externally in the live because this link I add is our local computer. If we transfer this to the lab site this link local host will remain in this content and let's remove this link, highlight and removed the link can remove. But I'm sorry, guys, this is And now the internal ing is removed, but the external ing will remain off the post. This is fine, because this is the live link. OK, guys, that over this video and see you next video by 15. 1.15 Adding Images to Blog Post: Hi guys. In this video, we will add a images to our new blood posts. Yes, you see, guys, the content, our show up in the home page, the full content because I forgot toe odd. The more tag in the previous video, let's click this and as you see guys, the content. ISS warring. No images inside a content and no H tags. No bold tags, italics tags and there have only external link. Let's do that in the dashboard, all posts and click it it. And let's add more tag. I forgot in the previous video, you can do this. Enter in. Click this insert. Read more and you can click this guy's to add the other functionality in The Post Editor. Click this. And as you know, this guy's there ever shortcut key and every function off this editor. Shift all control Z for bold control. Be like in Microsoft Word Metallic Control I and you get a loan center, a line left, and also the H tag has ah shortcut key chief all plus Juan like in Microsoft Word. Let's add a images worse. Remove this with this to add images, click this at media bottom upload and upload your images to the box and check this and it's Addis dice and at this for a second. And let's update reload the page. And as you see, guys there have images inside the content. But the images are small time. Neil. You can adjust this guys you can and it and you can adjust the size guys. May Jim too full size. There have ah list of sizes here. Tom Neal. Large, full size or custom size. We choose the full size and you can assign to or align to laugh center right, but we're now non update it. It full size and let's update and we load the page. Us. You see, guys, the image. Our show up in full size. Let's back full size. Let's get it again. Let's link to custom mural attachment page or media file for now, cause a mural media file. Yes, Media file and edit this linked to media file update an update. Now the image guises clickable click and ah image show up the full size, the rial size of the image click back, and also guys, you can add the image like this. For example, if you add a image. This a media at this image guys, for example, insert to the posts and you can do like this. Yes, you see the image are folded to the left, and the tax are folded to the left to or begun. Click the image first, and as you see it's look like in the newspaper or magazine update. Reload. And as you see an issue, see the image are full. Did the left that's up? This that we load? And yes, this is right you can add to in the center. If you want to add a image here, a new an image can aliant into the center like that if needed to your content. Okay, guys, let's remove this because that is the example. Only remove this. Remove. This is the real images. Guys off this posts and let's at a H tag guys, because our content looks Boeing. Know each tag. No bold knight, Alec at age tag, Mrs Our Age tree or shortcut key Guys, you can do this in short cut key H street tag highlight H tree tag. That's my age tree tag. And also we can add ah, black coat. I add a black coat off this tax and let's adding a bold guys bull tax. Let's great this content look nice. Bold control. Be control, be you can bold it or italics in update Reload. Now, guys, our content look better done before There are bold tax, uh, black coat and the images and h tree tags bold and the content are looked better than before In the next video guy swivel at the image gallery to our blood posts. So see you next video by 16. 1.16 WordPress image Gallery to Blog Post: Hi guys. In this video, we will add a image gallery to our blood post. If image gallery is necessary for your blood content, why not? You can add to click to the dashboard, all posts. Let's do this an example. Guys, Image gallery. It's not necessary to my content. But if your blood content it's all about food travel, I guess. Image galleries necessary to content. Okay, let's add this below. Let's add an image gallery like this ad media create gallery. And if you have ah, 10 images guys, you can add to 10 or five or eight. Check. Be sure the images are check all For now. I have a four images again, guys, this is an example create you gallery insert gallery. And as you see the gallery are added to the posts. Let's update and click this to view the posts. And as you see, guys, there have ah image gallery. You can click this. Yes, this is an image gallery, but we need an additional in it That's quick and edit and linked to media file Update up the reload the page. Click this. Yes, it go to the file image. This is the image gallery guys in WordPress. In the next video, guys will add a each video to our blood content. See you next video by 17. 1.17 How to add Video from Youtube and Vimeo: hi dice. In this video we will add a video to our blood posts, video from venue and YouTube from the dashboard, all posts and edit for this example let's add Ah, vim. You'll video here. You can copy that direct link guys off the video copy and pays the direct link in the content in the this wall tab. And as you see, guys, the venue video is show up in the content can update and let's view the video and there we have it. You can play. Okay, let's add for YouTube you can capital. So the direct link delete this removed. By the way, guys, you can add a video this well in tax if you have ah knowledge in html, the tech side is more on tags. Html tags. As you see, this is an age tree tag and this is ah, a tag The link tag H ref and ah, bold tag iss Yes, a strong tag is a bold tag opening strong tag and close strong tag if you have a knowledge in HTML guys again at a content in the tax tab. But for easy you can go to be swell tab and we will do this in this world tab. Okay. And a YouTube link Pace, N s. You see, guys, the YouTube video show up in the content up there. Really? The page we load and a YouTube video Addicts here content. Let's back to the editor and remove this An update in the next video. Guys, we will try to use the post format in the editor. As you see there have a post former widget here. This is the post format and see you next video by 18. 1.18 Using Post Formats: Hi guys. In this video, we will talk about post format, as you see on the right side of your screen there. Ever form a panel here, The Post for Matt Haas ability to specify what type of post you're creating, depending off the team guys you've activated. You may or not me to see this post format panel of oh different teams guys hassa different posts for much support. For example, guys, I choose the video post format in I add of video, and I add a video competence laying at a video, and I choose the post format in it. Update. Let's reload and this is the posts format. We edit a video, click us you see guys, nothing happened. Nothing happened. And, uh, post format video. Let's try the image update. Reload and also nothing happened to image format. I guess this 2017 guys is not supported for post format, but some teams guys are supported for post hormone. If I choose image and they update some teams displayed a post image alone in home page or image alone in post page. What will happen here? ISS. Let's greatness all posts, adding a post format icon to my next post. This is post for my image icon. Let's do a post form up in the preview website. This is the Trivial website off this course, and this posts. Let's try the video post format and click this posts what will happen dice with me adding a post format video. It will add a video icon so this team is supported for post format. Let's change too. Image, Post format. Reload. It changed to image icon, post format. Something special here is the icon on Lee, but some teams guys displayed image alone. If you choose the image format, let's click the home page, and what will happen here is adding a image icon in the featured image. And let's back. If you use a post form up guys to your WordPress blawg, then you change to another word. Breast team. You don't have an idea what will happen. I recommend stick to the standard post format. Click The Standaard and Hit update. Using post former guys is entirely team dependent, so you had to test how post form up works in your world breast team. Like this team, the post four months works for adding icon on Lee, remove this An update for now. Guys, my advice. You should avoid using the other post format in stick to Istanbul. Our format. In the next video, I will show you how to use posts. Revision. So see you next video by 19. 1.19 Using Revisions: post revision is a log off post activity saving update. Yes. You see, guys, I have, ah, 23 revision off this post. I hit the update 23 times in this post and we can backtrack this provision in this screen option. Pop down and click this revision check and top up, and that's crawl down. This is my revisions off this post. Us. You see, I have lots of remission because I hit up late in updating update and all update hit are saved the revisions. If you think your previous post is best done updated posts you can back track your previous posts by time. Three hours ago, 49 minutes ago, for example, let's click this one hour ago off my posts. As you see guys in the left side of the screen in the right side of the screen. The left side of the screen is the two hours ago. This post is two hours ago. Is this is my new updated posts. If I decide this is best the updated posts, I can restore it to this revision. This revision posts will be replaced to your updated posts if you click this. But I won't do that. And you can also scroll this to track your backtrack off this post. Us. You see, the time has changed. This and a C c guys, this red color has a image. We added in the previous video in the top of the posts and updated post iss. This without image in the top of the posts. If I think this revision post is vest than my updated boasts, I will click Restore this remission. But I won't do that, guys. Because my post is best than my revisions. It update that's all for revisions dies in the next video. We will add a page to our WordPress blawg. See you next video by 20. 1.20 How to Add Pages: In this video, we will add a several pages to our WordPress website, like about US page, Contact page and privacy policy page, dashboard, click pages and old pages. Delete this sample page trash and click a new page about and type your about gun dent here for me, I have already and publish. Let's viewed about Paige. This is the about page dice you can add also. Ah, Richard Image. Depending of the team support. 2017 Team has a support for featured image for pages. Click this and upload the image set. Pictured image. They reload, and there we have it the title about and, uh, content off the about page. And let's add another page. Conduct us contact on Lee. We will add a contact form guys in the live server. For now, I will leave it blank tests for now and it publish and add another page or privacy policy. We get ah, privacy policy in this website. Feel your site title, your site, your l and your email website email and yes, and for now, AdSense and like this, generate HD email. Copy this underlay control. See a copy and back to the editor. If you copy of HTML guys. Juice this text time. This is where HTML Because you copy our HTML tags like this, eh, Trev? Break bold and click to this wall. And this is the privacy policy page for this website Hit publish. And let's view the privacy policy. And there we have it, our privacy policy page. 21. 1.21 Using Page Attributes: Now we have a pages to our Where breast website. These pages are visible to the public side, but the link it's not visible for visitors. Let me show you. As you see, there's no pages here. You can add a pages by a widget in the sidebar, but little add up in our friendly navigation menu. We will do that later in this course. For now, let's explore about page attributes. Click this privacy policy us. You see guys in the right side of your editor there have a page attributes panel, but this team has not supported for the page template in a page attributes panel page template guys, depending off the team support. But this team 2017 is not supported for page template in the page attributes section. So we will switch to the preview website because that team is supported for page template. This is the website previous discourse, and we are in privacy policy page. And, as you see guys in the right side panel of your screen there have a page attributes, and there have another option page template. Page Template has supported pretty steam like this. There's no page templates. Support page template support depending on the team, something Blitt has support. Some are not. Same case in the post format. Let's update this. Let's view the people template. What looks like Click this you tab. And as you see the view is the default bill off the template with sidebar and the left side is the content. Let's switch to the another option full with they and reload this page. Yes, you see, guys, that privacy policy page looks different now because we choose the option full who head off this template and, ah, sidebar has disappear. Full ed template Dice hus Perfect for privacy Policy Page Because this page is her generated content. We copy this content from the Internet. In this case, the 2017 team has not supported per page template. We will leave this for the default template for now. Later, in this course, we will change our template in the live Web server. Another option in a page attributes section, is the parent. This option is about four page Herrick E. Same we do in a previous video for categories hierarchy. In this example, this privacy policy page is the child and the parent page off this privacy policy page iss about, as you see guys that Perma link ISS a graft that will p slash privacy policy if we update this page uh, per mailing added with about let's check this and also the about page is accessible, we added About Biggest about is the parent off Privacy Policy page. Remove. The privacy policy about is accessible to, but the new Perma link of privacy policy page is added with about texts. Because we set a parent for privacy policy Page about. Remove this because this is an example. An update In the next video guys, we will add a friendly navigation meaning to our where breast side CNX video by. 22. 1.22 How to Create and Add Navigation Menu: In this video, we will add a friendly navigation meaning to our WordPress website building a dashboard in this section appearance there have a minute's section here. First thing to do is create a mini name. My advice guys create a unique meaning name to avoid confusion in the future with Dr Space . Create mania in the left side. Off the screen, there have poor panels, the page posts, stumbling and categories. These page we added in a previous video privacy contact and about. And this the post page we added in the previous video and the categories. Let's Addis page to the Minnis Click this all abdomen Ooh! And also we need to add a home page menu. This is live version off link and dragged us up the next, and the home is about the Nixon about is conduct page and the Lasses privacy page. Check this top Manu and a saved. That's well Oh, the page. Now, guys, us. You see, we have ah friendly navigation menu. We can also add the categories and this Manu back to the admin in the category section. Check this too. Add to the minute first, and let's add ah main category name of this category from the desk. Replace the sharp tax categories and and move this category next to the home. But and this category under to the categories. This is the submit off categories. Save Mina. Reload Now, guys, we have, ah, meanings for categories. If I hope for this, the category will pop up from the parent categories. Minu Let's back to the have men under Have another function guys. The social link Minu These function guys. Depending of the team's support. Some team have this function. Some teams are top meaning alone or this to only well, let's add a link for this because this 27 team has support for social link. Minu. Let's create a new manu for eight of new Mina and the meaning name is unique name. I graphed Dash social Dash Manu to eight million, and we need to add a link for this Minu for social media on Lee Custom Link. I have my link here. This is for Facebook. Add Manu Twitter for Google, plus add Manu in same. Let's hear the public side and where are you? So show? I believe there have there ever miss config. That's why it's not showing it's back to the admin. I forgot to check. Guys, check this same and reload Yes, depending of the team support the Social Minu has displayed in the folder Facebook, Twitter and Google. Plus, that's all for adding up. Minister Guys, I hope this video's helpful to you. In the next video, we will explore the media section in the admin page, see UNIX video by. 23. 1.23 Using the Media: Hi guys. In this video we will talk about the media, the media library, here, media and library This section guys, all images you upload in the editor in a page. It will be listed here also, you can upload image here if you want. What you will do is click this or this. If I click this the dragon Gulp Action will displayed, you can drag image here from your computer or select the image. And also you can delete image here directly in the media library, for example Click this. Do you have a link here? Delete permanently. Remember, guys, if you delete this image, this image will be deleted permanently. You can retrieve this image once you delete. And also be careful the letting on image in the media library because this image are used to the this posts in the previous video, we use this image to my blood posts. So if I delete this, that post displayed the broken image because we delete the source of the image. And also you can collect this to navigate the image. Close that media library. It's not for just for the image you can upload also the media file like word PDF and text file. And let's do that, for example. Click this add new and this is my media file. Dragged to the media library, we'll upload and uploading Stand a tree Media file. PDF WORD IN TAX You can link this file guy story post if necessary. Let me show you how to link this posts. Click this at it and the test a file to the end of the content. Down and out of media file and juice MEDIA file and enter. Add media file. PDF MEDIA file Insert and let's update in its view and this is a link Let's test this. As you see, guys, the word has download. When I click the link, let's test for pdf click and ah, pdf's show up. Pdf viewer Candela the Pdf lay this button Okay, let's back to the media lab. Marie Under have another view guys for Media Library. This is the grid version of the media will ever be. This is the grid version view, and this is no Listsview. Let's click this and this is the this view. You can delete it or view it. And the author of this upload er In the next video, we will try to use the attachment page for our images in the Post CNX video by. 24. 1.24 Using Attachment Pages: in this video, we will talk about the Tuchman page in the posts. Let's go to the dashboard and let's choose, oppose. Click this and scroll down, for example, for attachment page attachment page guys, depending off the team support. There have other WordPress team not supported for attachment page some team have supported in this example. This team is not supported. Guys I already tested. Let me show you what I mean. Click this and it and this is for linked to Meet your file and let's change to attachment Page hit update. Let's be the posts scrolled on And this is the image we applied for attachment page attachment page guys, if you click the image you'll be, Go to the page, not in direct media file. Let's click this as you see, we go to the page itself in the WordPress site, But the image ISS Small time Neil, which is not supported for attachment page for the large Tom Neal. Some teams guys for attachment page, house supported were large. Tom Nail, let me show you on that later. Let's back. And this is for linked to media file. Quick, this as you see, guys, we go to direct media file. This is not a battering page back. Let's back to the editor. Since this team is not supported for attachment page, I will show you my website because my website supported for a catchment page. Edit this and changed, too. Media File Update and let's go to my website. This is the page for now, this image is linked to media file. Click this. As you see it, go to the direct media file and let's edit this posts Click Media file to Attachment Page they and update. It's back and that's reload. This and this is the image with attachment page. If we click this and as you see it will go to the page with large tongue nail. So this team is supported for attachment page as you see the title of the image date in the image itself. The large Tom Neal. If your team guys showed a small time nail when you test the attachment page, that means your team. It's not support, but this is the best option. Guys were images. If your team supported for attachment page, just use this features because this is best done. Media file. In the next video, we will customize our team using customizer See you next video by 25. 1.25 How to customize WordPress theme: Hi guys. My name is Axel Mullah. In this video, we'll customize our WORDPRESS website using the WordPress customizer. Let's jump into admin up Iran's customize these customized option guys in the left side of the screen. Depending on your team support. Some other WordPress team has a different custom I support but this team 2017 This is the available customized option. Let's customize this. For example, for site title, we at attacks. As you see guys, the site hettel Change automatically. What? This is not save yet. If you have ah, modification and customize option. What you will do is to save and publish. Click this before you see in their public side reload this As you see guys, the site tackle has changed using the customizer. Let's back to this and let's edit the tagline. This is my tagline and also you can unchecked and check this to display the site title and tagline These section guys, the site icon. This is the paragon of your website. Let's upward of five pecan and that Dimension guys also must be 5 12 by 5 12 I have ah five pecan the size of my sight icon or fabric anus 5 12 by 5 12 Drag this upload and juice select. And as you see, guys, the site Fabrikant has applied to the WORDPRESS website, you see? And ah Tab. This is not site icon saving publish and let's view to the public See the site icon house in the tub. Scroll up. Click this to back, for example guys in the collar. You can change the color of your website if you want. For example, click dark and as you see the background of your website changed, too dark color. You can choose costume wise also, but I will choose the light and you can change the header tax of your web. Aside us. You see the text are changed color, but I leave it toe white. Invite away guys. You can choose this to view in a different version like mobile tablet and this stop and you can Hi. This controls or view the controls. It's back and let's try another customized option. Header Media. In this option, guys, you can upload a header video of you want. This image will be replaced. A video the size Sister Corman is to talent Son by 1 200 pixel in the file extension must be dot mp poor Okay, let's change the header image. This is the before image of this team. Let's add a new image. This is my image. I already have JAG. Let's choose this first skip cropping a new image. This is the 2nd 1 Skip cropping and let's add 1/3 1 Skip cropping. Let's choose this guys randomized up old header saving publish. Let's view to the public. And as you see guys, the hitter image are changed. When you reload the page, we load control F five guys in your keyword the full reload the page. As you see the image will change when you load the page. Look, last one. Yes, it change and let's back. We need to add a logo. Guys, let's back to the site identity. Let's upload a logo for this website. Guys, select a logo. I have a local here Logo jog in select logo. Let's crop this logo forfeit size. That's good crop and I see you see guys the logo has displayed in the header Saved publish , reload, and the logo has this weight in the header that's back. The widget customized option we will do later in this course and also the stopping home page. The last option is the additional CSS. If you have ah, knowledge and CSS you can put through here. I have a knowledge in services. Add up these SAS is guys because this logo has a large patting space between the head attacks and the tagline, Tex, let's remove this. As you see, guys, the header tax moved to the right and I need this s s to move the tax to the left. Saving publish, reload. And now, guys, our team has cost some ice with these teams support. In the next video, we'll customize the widget area in the sidebar CNX video by 26. 1.26 Using widgets (Adding Facebook Widget): Hi guys. Mining this accessible up in this video will cost some eyes. Our website and widgets jumped up. Men, you can customize a rigid guys in customized Manu here Widgets here you can customize. This is the tree widget in your WordPress website. Also we can customize through here end up Iran's and we didn't itself widget ties off the team depending off the team support us. You see guys, I have tree widget ties area other WordPress team has Ah 3 to 6. Would you guys area in this team there? Have DRI digitize area only sidebar footer 1/4 to in this area Available widget This widget are built into the word breast self hosted website itself Archive calling dar or is s that cloud tex and let's pop down this These are widget already displayed in the public side Search person pose comments, archive categories meta tags here search reason pose comments are God categories meta tags we delete this guy's because this widget it's not necessary to display. They need this clip and the middle immediate goes away reload. And now the meta widget our goes away that let's add a widget in the food er area, for example, at a page. But page, you can add a title here. If you want. You can exclude a page by I D. If you want. Let's find a page I d open in a new town. If I harbored this as you see on the left bottom of the screen, the robber I. D. Post equals 71. That is the idea of this page. The idea of the Contact Pages 74. If you want to exclude the I d off the page, you can and they're here in separate Make comma and let's add a tag widget Tag Cloud Select the food or two ad budget and Attack Cloud has displayed in a folder to Widget. Let's reload a page. Reload. Let's crawl down the filter and this is the weather widget. This team guys us a three digitize area only Sidebar Footer one importer to digitize area. Depending on your team support, let's add a text widget and let's add it to the side bar. You can drug also this drug up. Let's put this below and let's add a title. Let's add a text, for example, same reload, and this is the widget, we added in the sidebar area, It's back, and also you can add HTML tags here. HTML tags me ball. HTML tags are working the legit Tex Let's add a Facebook page plug in to our WordPress website because the Facebook page plugging code is each team ill. Let's add a Toto our text widget built in this website page. Plug in and enter your Facebook. You're all here. This is for fan page only, not for profile Page. This is my fan page of this website there. Have a timeline removed this to hide a timeline. Click. And this is the widget for Facebook. Page plug in. Get the code copy. Think of this. Enter that a copy Save Reload an sec, Guys, we have a widget problem. Facebook page plug in. Also, you can add a widget from Twitter and Instagram in this text widget area. In the next video, we'll config our blood. Your old Perma links you next video by 27. 1.27 Configure the Permalinks SEO Friendly: Hi, guys. My name is Axel Mullah. In this video, we will edit our log Perma link. What ISS Perma link Perma link is the link off your blood posts. Perma link. Click this. So you see the your old guys. This is the site name in local. This is the date and it's the post name. This is the Perma link. We can change this paneling in the admin area. We will change this paneling. Two s a friendly or l two site name slash category slash Post name back to have men go to settings family. And I say, See, guys, this is the default juice off Family day date and post name. This is the date. This is the post name and you can choose some Permal in care but the best for maling iss custom structure, Perma link and remove this. Replace our own Permal ing slash percent category, percent slash percent Post me percent slash. That's the essay A friendly your ill Perma link saved. Let's reload the home page. Let's click the posts and now guys s u C, the your L priming has changed to this custom Perma link category and post name This is the site name and, as you see site, name, category, name and post name and the next video guy swivel customize our home page Soon X video by. 28. 1.28 How to Customize the Home Page for Business Website: WordPress is not just for a blogging flat form. In fact, this is Jude of the park. When we set up were breast website like we don't in this course before the home page or front page automatically display the recent posts which we understood the blood posts and work Bresil hosted site You couldn't build a business side e commerce, community website and the development has a limit less. In fact, most of the site I built to my client the blood page is a small part for all over the site which is listed to the navigation meaning light him the customization in home page or front page, depending off your team. Support other where breast Team has a different customization team support. And from page in this Team 2017 team, I will show you. Okay, guys, we will cost demise this front page to the local business photography. Let's jump into admin. To do this you need a pages for your local business website. I already created a pages for this business. Old pages I already created A page is for the from page. Is this my craft? Will you be photography? This is the local example Name off this business. New tub I create a page this call your page restaurants, services, the ceremonials and weddings. We will see this guy's each This page a graph de loopy photography has a plane tax on leave ID text bold the sample texts and without featured image, the portfolio page. It's no business work for you to engage clients this page, this text setting to H tree tag and bold and a plane tax view more. Only this is the gallery images. We done this in the previous video. You can create this in your own It it you can add up more images, guys, if you want this gallery linked to media file tree columns and said too large. Seeing here in this page has ah, large featured image. The size off this featured image is 1920 by 10 80. Close this out. The next page I created is privacy policy. No, we done that before restaurants. This page restoring page is not child page off the portfolio page. Remember, in the previous video, we set the page attributes of the page to become this page a child page off the parent page in this section. What fool you? Yes, up the and also the wedding's page, restaurant page and wedding page is the same content. Plain Tex with gallery Plain Tax with gallery The parent of this page is sport Fool You update. This page has no featured image and the last one iss the last two services and this pneumonia walls It's close this close. This page has, ah, tax on the lid large patron image. I said this through h tree in the price example for this services in this page, the testimonials page This page can helps to engage your potential clients be the plain Tex base image with name it it I said that Capture name, for example size 1 50 by 1 50 And I linked to media file Close it up. Can set this to right. Laugh left, right This text I said to black coat and that's really old page reload. Close this up. No guys ask you See, This pages is under the for polio page, which is the parent page of this two page. Because we set this page to the child and this is the parent in the page attributes section the last thing. I create page ISS, the blood page in the blood page. There's no text here empty with no featured image and the last one I add some text in Contact page Contact course. There's and I add example Company name. An example. Address example. Pone number and email. V. Scher. They have, ah, male to Colin and your email company a meal, and I add ah, Google map to this page. I grab a piece of code from maps that go that calm in the share the address off the business location, quick share and in bed map and get your I'm frame code to your business location. Okay, that's all pages I created. Let's customize the front page customize in this section Static front page and assessing guys, the front page ihsaa blood posts. Let's change to the static page. Let's find us. This is the page I created a plain text on Lee. This is war front page, and as you see guys in the front page, the blood post Haas disappeared and replace to the page and the blood post page. We transferred to the blood page, which is I created. This is the blood page. This is a prom page saved in publish Let's view no close First Mrs Left Side, it's back to customize. And as you see guys, the front page ISS Only this page alone back to. If you turn this to s static page, this option will be displayed. Quickness again said to one column. See the title are floated to the top left, but I prefer to two column in the first section that scrolled on there have, ah four section placeholder, depending off the team support in the first section. Let's the what fool you. This is the featured image off that page, and this is the content there. Second section is services. This is the featured image and attacks off the page. The 3rd 1 is testimonials, I guess. Let's replace this, too. Contact. We will add up testimonials in the menus. This is the contact page, and let's leave this blank. Let's add a tree. Pages on Lee saving publish. We load and as you see guys, the featured image content off this page. What polio? And the last one is the contact it's on. Let's close this. It's back to the page and let's add uh, open you tab. Let's edit this. We need to link this to the parent page Highlight Click this. Let's find this is the wedding Wedding Wedding at length. Highlight. Find a restaurants, ad link update. Reload. And as you see, they have a link link from the child page of this page like this. And this is the image portfolio of this business. Let's modify the menace. I'll see you see Guys, the blogger are set it to Post Page and this page are set it to front page to the menace. Let's switch Teoh Main Minal Select. This is the page. Let's remove this categories removed. We will revert this guys Teoh blood site privacy policy. Let's at a page for Blawg at Manu about contact. Let's remove the privacy policy. This is for blood side. Let's add up. Testimonials, testimonials, testimonials Long. Okay, I think that's good. Save me new and let's reload. Think of this reload and us. You see, guys, the navigation has a new blawg page. Let's check this Now, guys, our blogger are listed to the blood page about This is about page with large Patriot image testimonials. Contact page home. Oh, I'm Sorry. Remove this home page. And did you notice guys there have ah edit link because we're look in off our work breast side that slug out and reload the page. And as you see, guys, the edit link has disappeared. That it linked will show up if we like in US Administrator. And this is it. Guys, this is our local business website. The Navigation Minnis. Welcome, Tex portfolio with you more services page and a contact page. And we need to replace this guy's back. Teoh, look, because we like out, we need to log in again. And Dr Widgets at, uh, recent posts the folder one and remove the page. See him again, reload, and we replace the latest post widgets. And now, guys, our website for local business is done. The business name the welcome Tax, though for polio page with child page, the services page and a contact page. That's all for this video. Guys, I hope you like this video. Thanks for watching. See you next video by 29. 2.1 Preparing on Moving WordPress Localhost to Live Server: Hi guys. In this video, we're breast local to live. We will prepare our WordPress files and database and ready to go to the web hosting server. Actually guys, you can play where breast directly in the web hosting from the start on this course. And because this course is WordPress tutorial for beginners, I decided to play in local host. If you stay in local host, that's fine. You can follow me along on this course as long as you have Internet connection. Okay, let's go to the directory and HT docs. This is the sound folder. The HT docs, this files is your work files folder we created in the previous video. This is our website and local hosts, and it's the WordPress files. We will transfer these files to the live web server. Copy to the desktop, first, copy, paste to the desktop. And after successfully copy all the files, Let's go to the PHP, my admin, built-in localhost web server, HTTP colon slash slash local host, enter. Go to your PHP. My admin will export our database in our website. This is the database we created in the previous video. Click this. Go to export. We will export old tables. Go. This is the database file guys dot SQL files saved the desktop. And this is the database and ready to go in the next segment of this course will purchase a domain name and web hosting. See you next video. Bye. 30. 2.2 Purchase your Domain Name from Godaddy: In this video, guys will purchase a domain name for our WordPress website in godaddy.com. If this is your first time to purchase a domain name for your blog, you can get a discount for your domain name just for $1. Only. Just go to my website, axial molap.com and go to the details page under the deals page, derive a deal there for $1 a.com domain and grab that deal this time guys, is really, really hard to find a great domain name for your website. Luckily, I find not so great the meaning, but This is good domain name for this blog. Let's go ahead. And this is the domain I choose. Yes, this is available Add to Cart. And click Continue to card. No tanks for now. And scroll down, click Continue. I don't need this. And this is for five years. I think two years is good. It costs 27, 34 bucks. And let's check, double-check. I don't need this. Check. Make sure that domain name only. No other add ons. Yes. Demeaning only. Proceed to checkout. I login to my account guys. In this page, guys, I made a purchase in off-screen end up payments section, you can enter your credit card or debit card or PayPal account to make a purchase. So see you in the next page. Now guys, I successfully purchase my domain name for my WordPress website. The next thing to do is go to your manage my domains. And let's check the newly purchased domain. Scroll down. And as you see guys, this is my newly purchased domain. It's almost ready for you. The next thing to do, guys, is config this domain to talk your web hosting server. 31. 2.3 Purchase a Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting: Hi guys. This video is very exciting because we will purchase a web hosting for our WordPress site. We will choose the most cheap and reliable web hosting later in this video. But before that, we will compare this tree. Famous hosting provider, Host gator.com, bluehost.com, and stable hosts.com. Most web hosting provider offer a specialized hosting for WordPress. And any beginner in WordPress. They get attracted on this WordPress hosting plan. They say, well, they have a hosting for WordPress. You do not know what features providing on that WordPress hosting plan. This the thing you need to care when you buy a web hosting is whether they use SSD storage spaces, how much input, output, bandwidth, and the bandwidth speed they providing in the tank. You need to care about whether they allow you to customize each and everything in your web hosting. You cannot expect this on WordPress hosting plan. I strongly advise guys, you should avoid this type of package, WordPress hosting plan and any web hosting provider. Because this is pre optimize for WordPress, you can customize each and everything you need. We will purchase our hosting package suitable for everything, not only for WordPress, all web application. Because you can customize each and everything you need. We will know this guy's after we successfully made a purchase. Of course, we will choose wisely and the best price. Let's click this. And Bluehost shared hosting web hosting package. Let's choose the web hosting package of three famous web hosting provider. Now guys, all web hosting provider offers a different plan, hatching plan, Baby Plan in everything. We're Bluehost basic plan plus plan and for stable host, starter in Pro plan. If you need a single domain for your web hosting, you can choose this if more than one domain name. Of course, you proceed to this plan. Unlimited domains, limited bandwidth, metered, unlimited, Unlimited. This plan is good for one website only. And this table host one domain only where it is plan. And this is the unlimited plan. I like these pictures guys, SSD powered from stable host.com. Let's search. Let's try the search. There's no SSD word is the let's view the technical specs. There's no SSD word. Okay? Of course guys, for the first time costumers, they offer a discount coupon. 43% of 40% off in 60% of same. On these two web hosting provider, they offer a coupon for first-time customers. In my case, guys, I choose this plan because I have more than one domain. Select this. We're comparing the price guys. Let's start in Host gator.com. Okay, for Baby Plan, the best choice for billing cycle is 36 months, which is, you can get a higher discount. If I break down to 12 months, only 25 per cent off. It will choose 36 months, 40% off. And remove this add-ons, remove this, remove this add ons, remove this add-on. And also for the first-time customers, you can get a discount. And final price guys for 36 months is to $14 in your discount is $144. Let's scroll video. Notice this guy is $9.95 a month. This is the renewal price. Meaning after 36 months, the price of your package will be $9.95 a month. For me, this is expensive. Let's compute this. For the next 36 months. Yes, this is the next we pay after 36 months in Host Gator. Let's comparing the price, Host Gator for renewal price. Let's go to Bluehost. Scroll down usefully guys see you get a discount for first-time customers in as you see, 45 per cent off for 36 months, if I break down to 24, you get 37 of these GAN the best option is the more months, 36 months. Remove this, add ons, guys, we don't need this. You can do this in your own. I will teach this how to back up your WordPress website in my YouTube channel. And final price for 36 months to $14, and the renewal price is not displayed here. Let's go to this website. I made a research guys about the renewal price for Bluehost web hosting. Let's scroll down. Let's see the table. This is the table and this plan we choose. And this is with discount for the first time customers. I see after the 36 months, the price will be increased. So there have a renewal price increase after 36 months. This is very expensive for me. Five times 36. This is so expensive after three years. Normally for the first time customers, you get a discount. But when you renew no discount anymore, you can get a discount in renewal guys because that's against the term of service. That's for an every web hosting service. No discount in renewal price. Discount made by first-time customers only. Lets go to stable hosts. Let's back. I choose this guy's Pro package. Choose this, I have my domain name. Continue. Let's see. We will choose the best option guys, 36 months, because I want to stay a long time in web hosting service. If you choose one month, three months, or six months, that's too short. The best choice is 24 months, or the very best is 36 months. Like I choose. C, if you choose a 36 months, the more you get a discount and the price is 70, that's not final. This is not discounted yet. Dice continue. In Bluehost, This is already discounted. As you see, this is the discounted already stable hosts. We apply the discount Jew here. I have a promo code for Sarah. Sarah E J5 validate code. And as you see the eyes, the discount applied and a price for today, $160. And as you see guys, the renewal price is $270. For an every three years. This is cheap done. Other is to yes, stable host is cheap for renewal price. And let's compare the price today. For the first time, customers 16 $2 in stable hosts to 14 in Bluehost and do 14 also in Host Gator. This is cheap guys other than to web hosting service. Let's review this before we purchase. Review, review the features of this web hosting. Unlimited, this space, bandwidth, limited domain and SSD powered online. Web builders ender have a features here, guys. In this plan, they have one for core. This is good memory, two gig, this is very good memory for web hosting. And also see panels and OS Apache, this tree, web hosting is quality in reliable web hosting service. I finally decided I choose stable host other than these two web hosting service. Because the price is cheap, no high renewal price, the same price when I renew this package. And I fill in this guy's in offscreen. The payment is credit card or debit card or PayPal. I will do this dies off screen. So see on the next page. Okay guys, I successfully made a purchase. This is the order confirmation page. And after I purchase, I received an important email from stable host.com. And let's see that email. This is the email letter regarding setup time. It can take up to 12 h dairy View Guides and every each account they review my debit card if they have a problem with fraud or not, but I'm not a fraud. If in case the Rayleigh problem of my debit card, I need to submit a copy of my photo ID or utility bill. This is normal guys. This is in every web hosting service. You need to cooperate on this. Another email I received after I made a purchase is your cPanel username and password and control panel, which is the C panel. And also this is the important information of your server. We need to add this in GoDaddy to our purchase domain. We will add this guys to talk the domain to this web hosting server. Copy this, copy. Go to your GoDaddy account, click your management domain and scroll your purchase domain. Managed DNS. Scroll up. And let's change this to costume and enter the NS S1 and S2. Copy. This process is talk to your domain in the web hosting server, stable host. Save. It takes up sometime guys to propagate the domain and web hosting. And this is fine. Close this. And let's see the control panel URL or C panel. And this is the C panel URL. Once your domain name and web hosting propagated, this is your new C panel URL. In the next video, we will explore the features of this seat panel. So see you next video. Bye. 32. 2.4 Accessing the Cpanel, Walk Through and Features: Hi dice. Now it's finally propagated between my domain name and my web hosting server. Stable hosts. It takes up 48 h the propagation process. Now my web server is finally up and running and ready to use. We will log in and the C panel. And let's see what's the great features of this web hosting, stable hosts. And I'll be walked through you in a real quick. Let's log in. Now guys, we're inside the C panel, which is my web hosting, is stable hosts. As you see if the right panel of the screen, the general information, the primary domain which is we registered when we purchase this web hosting package. The statistics usefully, add ons domain is unlimited. If you have a new domain or newly purchased domain in GoDaddy, you can add your new domain through here. Be sure you add a name server and godaddy.com, like we do in a previous video. A limited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts. We will add the domain email guys later in this course. Unlimited FTP account. They important here, which is very good, is to get gram. This to get Graham guys is very, very good for this web hosting. Let's walk through the left panels in there. Real quick. File Manager. You can upload your WordPress local files through here, or upload via FTP account in FileZilla. We will do that guys later in this course database section. We can create your new database here In upload a SQL file to here, or create a table to here. We will upload this SQL file later in this video or this course. Domains. You can add a new domain to here. Or if you want a sub-domain for your domain, you can add, you hear e-mail accounts, you can add a new email here for your domain. Metrics, your bandwidth usage can see through here, which I alike in the stable hosts, I like this feature. Let's Encrypt SSL. Let's click this. Now, we are here in, Let's Encrypt SSL. What is, Let's Encrypt SSL. Ssl is a free SSL certificate or OpenSSL for your website. Meaning I can issue an SSL certificate for my website, which is free. Yes. Let's Encrypt SSL S3 as long as I host in stable host lepton. We will issue a SSL certificate for my website. We will do that in a separate video here in my YouTube channel. Let's search about SSL free certificate. This is the website of, let's integrate SSL certificate. As you see, there are major sponsors. It's back in the software panels section, which I like. The feature is that Cloudflare. You can configure a cloud pair here directly in the stable host, web hosting. We will do this in a separate video here in my YouTube channel. Lets down, Let's select this. Like I said guys, in the previous video, I can customize my web hosting package each in everything I need. E.g. if I switch to the latest version of PHP, I can choose this in set as current. And I can choose here everything I need for my future development. E.g. Memcache, upload, process, X cache, and everything I need. I use this guy's in the feature development. Switch to BHB option. Also, I can adjust the upload max file size through here. The limit of upload files on my web server is two and b, I can adjust to J22 NB hit Apply. And also the memory limit. I can adjust to do any MBI one. It's back to the mean. Like I said, dice in the previous video. This web hosting package is suitable for everything web application. This hosting package is different from WordPress hosting package, not just for WordPress, you can install other CMS like Joomla, Drupal and forum page BBB. And also you can install our breaths here directly in the web hosting server. You can play a WordPress guys here directly. Be sure you purchase domain first and web hosting. But we play our press and local installation, but that's fine. If you don't want to play in local, you can play directly here. Install in add a domain. Of course, the domain I purchase site name period is saved in the WordPress Registration. Click Install, and ready to go. But there will upload our WordPress local files. Let's back. I say guys, I'm happy with my new web hosting is stable hosts nor regret. I'm happy because it's table host is support For, Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which is free SSL certificate for my new website or any number of my website. And also a stable host. Web hosting package is cheap other than web hosting service and no higher renewal price. Like other web hosting package has a higher renewal price. And guys, I recommend stable hosts for you, for your WordPress site. If you have a plan to purchase stable host, web hosting package, I have a 40% coupon and my website. And also your price reference. This page is under the deals in Promo section. I have a coupon here, 40 per cent keeping off. You get a discount when you enter this coupon. And also I write a feature is three SSL certificate via, Let's encrypt.org and the price comparison as your reference. And that's all for this video guys. In the next video we will upload the WordPress local files to the web hosting server, stable host. See you next video. Bye. 33. 2.5 WordPress Local to Live Server (Ftp and Database): Hi guys. In this video we will upload our WordPress local hosts files in database to my web hosting server. We will upload the files first, then we will create a database for my website. Then we'll create a domain e-mail. First, let's do the upload for my WordPress files. There are two ways to upload the WordPress files. The first way is the file manager. The second way is the FTP FileZilla. Just download this FTP client, this, download this and install to your computer. I already installed on my computer, which is this FileZilla. And also download the editor for editing the WP config. Download this editor here. Okay, let's access my domain, which is already up and running in the live. This is live already guys, since my domain name and web hosting propagated. Back to admin, Let's do the first way. Let's access this website, my FTP, and see this files and rename this homepage. I can log in to my web hosting files via FileZilla with my cPanel username and password, which is given by stable host email when we purchase this package. Or you can create a new FTP account via this option. Okay, click this and add new. And interior my site name. And the host, which is my primary domain name, and cPanel username and password. And choose this protocol to SFTP. And click Connect. If this pop up, check this. And okay. Okay guys, this is the web directory of my website. Click this public HTML, and this is the page. You can access this directory to the File Manager. And let's see in the File Manager version new tab, this directory and FileZilla directory is the same in the File Manager. As you see, I clicked the public HTML and this is also the public HTML directory. And if you use FileZilla and editing the web files like this, click this Edit Settings and be sure your transfer, maximum simultaneous transfer is ten. And file editing option, be sure choose the Notepad Plus Plus to edit the files. And also in the file type association is unchecked and click Okay. Okay, let's right-click in view edit. Okay, this is the file. This HTML script is this page. Okay, Let's edit and try. Remove this all in tests, oxo, Save and click the FileZilla and yes, the file or re uploading and save and reload this reload. And as you see the text appear when I edit the page. Yes, axial. Let's delete this. Delete. Delete. You can upload this Word, Press file directly in the FileZilla jog and upload layer here, but it takes time. Let me show you what I mean. Let's create a test file to see what you get. Html index. Yes, and let's edit this and test, upload this file like this example Guys, Drag and upload to the web server directory. Your main URL. Okay, already upload, reload, control F5, axial. Hey, okay guys, you can upload this WordPress local files where dragging to the FTP, but it takes time to, if you want to do fast, use the File Manager in the C panel. We will do in the file manager, highlight this, and send to zip. This is the fast way to upload the WordPress local files to the live, instead using the FTP FileZilla. Okay, Now this is the zip of my WordPress local files. Let's rename this to any name. Click this upload and upload a zip file. Let's drag, drag, drag. Now uploading. And now it's finally complete. Let's back to the whole public HTML. Click this to go back. And this is the zip file we upload, click and right-click and extract the zip file, extract. Extract to the public, dash HTML, underscore HTML, sorry, extract. And as you see, the WordPress SIP is extracted close. And this is the file, WordPress local files. And now we're in live web server. The lip, this zip file, delete, delete, and now our WordPress local files are going to lie. Let's create a database for this. The main create the database. New tab. I say guys, these database name and username and password, which is very sensitive, which is not gonna be shown in public discourse. Wordpress tutorial for beginners. Let's test this for now, but I will rename this, which is this course will be published. This is the database name. Copy this database name, which is we put to the WordPress WP config. This is the database name. I will rename this guys after this course. And let's add a database username, oxo, user. Copy to Notepad. This is the database username. The, the base name, you user. And strong password. We generate a very strong password and hardly to guess, copy or generate, copy and paste the database password. And let's check and use the password and create a username. Low back. And as you see, we have a database username. Where are you? I, this this is the database user. And the database we created. I forgot. I miss. I didn't save. Copy again. Save create database. Okay, the database are created. Let's check. This is the database I create and username. Database username. Let's go to the PHP, my admin. Right-click. Let's close this. This is now a live PHP admin of my website. This is the database I created in this section. And let's upload the SQL file to here. Click Export. No tables found. Import, I'm sorry, import. And the max upload size file is 50 mb. Choose file and upload the database SQL file of our WordPress local host side. Upload and hit go. Now our database are successfully imported, which is same database in our WordPress localhost. Let's rename the WP config file Zillow version. You can do this guys in the file manager to, let's do File Manager. For the easiest way, File Manager. Right-click code edit, edit. And let's rename this database name. This is the database name, the database name, and database username, and database password, which is blank, and the local hosts. But now we're in live. There have a password and save. Yes. Save, Save Changes. And let's access the live site. Control F5 on your keyboard. Well, what happened? Let's check. I guess guys, I have a mistake in the username or password. Let's backtrack and a real quick back to main and click this MySQL. Sorry for these guys, Let's backtrack my username. I create the database. My username. Yes, I have a mistake in the username, which is Miss typo. Remove this. This is the username I created. And I forgot to add permission of this username to use to the database, which is this option, Add user to the database. And choose the database in click add, add. This is her name to the database. Permission. And check all privileges and make changes. Okay, go back. And let's back to the editor WP config and replace this miss typo username. Databases correct? Username is correct and password is correct. And save changes. And let's reload finally, control F5 on your keyboard. Now guys, my website, I graphed WP is alive in the Internet and SUSE, it's live now up and running and live. And I'm happy to. In the next video, we will login in the admin site and let's see, and we will rename some data in database to run perfectly this website. See you next video. Bye. 34. 2.6 Accessing your Live WordPress Self Hosted Site: Since we start developing this WordPress website and local hosts, then we will transfer to the live web server. And this side is not perfectly running yet, and we need to edit some entries in the database. Let me show you what I mean. And as you see, if I hover my mouse to the primary image, as you see if the left bottom, the URL is pointing to the local hosts. If I hover to the categories, it's pointing to the local host to it, it, this guys, this is easy to fix this issue. As you see, the page is pointing to the local host to, let's edit this. Let's go to the database. In your database. Click this and click this table name, WP underscore option. As you see if this two entries, these are costs of this. These values are entries. We will rename these guys to the live ration. Click Edit. Remove this local hosts. And though, another one. Remove this locals and go. And let's reload the page. That's hover my mouse. And I'll see you see guys, the primary image is pointing to the live site. Now, impose categories in page. Let's login to the admin side, WP slash dash admin. And let's log in and we need to fix someone additional issue or two issues, I guess. If I click this pose, Let's see what happened. Go to the fluorophore error page, which is cost this the permalink. We will re receive the permalink guys. Go to the settings, permalink, copy this guys, we will re-save the permalink settings. Copy. Choose Plain in save, and back to Custom Structure and paste again. Now our permanent is re-save for the live version that permalink settings guys is for local version, which is cost for this for all four error reload. And now the pulse is up and running. And let's find another issue we need to fix. If I hover my mouse to the image in the posts, as you see guys, the image is pointing to the local host, to the URL, as you see on the bottom left of the screen. To fix this issue, we need to reedit or re-save the image, remove the image in the posts, and save again to get live of this image. If you have a bunch of image when you develop in the local host, we can do this as well. If you upload a database from local host to live server edit with Notepad Plus, Plus. You can do this as well, guys, before you upload into Allied PHP, my admin, edit the local host value or entry before you upload into a live PHP my admin, we will find that value here, Control F on your keyboard to pop up the tool and find, find this quickness, find X. And as you see, this is the entries are value in the WP option you can edit to hear before you upload. Let's edit all of this value here. Click this, replace, and find this value and replace with this live version and Replace All. And as you see, the local hosts are already replaced with live URL. Close this control S save, and upload to the light PHP, my admin. We're not gonna do that because we already uploaded. And let's back. We will re-save this to the blogposts all. Because my policies to only edit. It's pointing to the local hosts. Can delete this, delete and add. Again. That's fine. That image, insert, pose, delete, and update. There's no image here. This is the texts are LI k reload. If I hover now guys, as you see, the image in the polis is pointing to the live site. And my site now is fully working, no issue anymore. When I go to the every page, the link is fully working. Since this website is working perfectly. In the next video, we will create a domain email. See you next video. Bye. 35. 2.7 Setting up WordPress Domain Email Address: Hi guys. In this video, we'll create a domain e-mail for this website. My tape guys, when you're applying an AdSense domain e-mail hassle factor to getting a probe your AdSense application account. When you register in Google, AdSense just use the domain e-mail instead of a Gmail email. That is based on my experience, I apply in Google AdSense. I use the domain e-mail instead of Gmail. Okay, let's go to the C panel and let's scroll down and click this section email account. Let's create a domain e-mail. My domain e-mail, a simple only. I use this email if I registered to my social media accounts of this website, contact app, I graph wp.com and a strong password, hardly to guess. Rcc, very strong password. Mailbox caught on limited. Let's choose this for now and create account. And my domain e-mail is successfully created. Let's access the web mail. This is the web mail. And the More button click access webmail. And this is the homepage of webmail. Got it. You can choose e-mail, you guys, of this tree. I like this Run Cube. Set Default. And click this Run cube. And as you'll see, we're in the domain e-mail of my website. Let's test this. Compose. Let's send to a Gmail for a test, tests, tests message. Click this and let's check to Gmail. And as you see guys, my message are sent to my Gmail. And this is the doing email. And let's test, reply, reply, message and send. And let's back to webmail reload. Now guys, as you see, my reply in Gmail has received my domain email, which is my domain e-mail is really full working. And this is the test reply message. And also guys, you can access your web mail directly without logging in your seat panel. Just access this URL, your domain name, and colon, and port 2096. Let's try tried to another browser Firefox. I'm not logging in and see panel which is I'll log in directly in web mail. It now guys, I'm logging in in my webmail. In the next video, we will continue our development and WordPress. See you next video. Bye. 36. 2.8 Editing your User Profile (Gravatar and Author Box): Hi guys, My name is OXO Mallat. Now my website is up and running in the Internet. Let's continue the development of this WordPress self-hosted site. Let's go to admin side and let's edit the profile. Go to user and profile. This profile section in the admin area, you can change the admin color scheme if you like, from the default color, which is this black. Let's change the color scheme to blue. And as you see, the color has changed in the panel. Coffee, midnight, and I liked the default. Let's back to the default color. If you want to hide this, this toolbar when you visit the admin side, this toolbar will show up if you log in your WordPress admin. Let's uncheck this Update Profile and reload. And as you see, the toolbar has disappeared. If you want to back the toolbar, just go to the profile and check it back and save. And let's scroll down your username, firstName, of course, Let's fill this in. Lastname and nickname and display name as public, publicly ***. And your e-mail of course, and website. Let's fill this. You move. And also about yourself, biographical info. I have one. Hi, I'm Axel mullet, web developer and so on. And profile picture. This profile picture in the WordPress admin area will display if you register in grabber.com, groundwater invert breasts are same company Automatic. This as CCF, the top-left in the bar, that is the image, a tiny image that is a grab a tar. And this is the grabber tool bar. Let's click this register in groundwater.com, collect this sign-in button. If you click that, they have a sign-up button behind this page. When you register in groundwater.com, just upload your profile image and be sure your email address is the same in your WordPress self-hosted site. This is email. Use this e-mail when you sign up in groundwater.com. And after you successfully sign up in groundwater.com, your grabber tar image will be displayed in the admin area in WordPress site. Okay? And also guys, use the very, very strong password to secure your WordPress admin, generate password and copy this somewhere in your computer or take a note on this and update profile. The profile. And let's see the biographical info in the admin. By the way, guys, biographical into depending of your team support, other teams has not supported for biographical info. Let's go to the pose. Let's see biographical info. Display that in the bottom of the article or post. And see guys, this team is not supported for biographical info. There are team supported for biographical info, the 2015 team, let's switch to 2015 team 15, activate level back guys, this team, Let's see the biographical input of this team. Activate. Reload this page. Scroll down and as you see guys, this is the biographical info this team has supported for biographical info. But this 2017 team is not. Let's back activate. If in case guys, if your team choose is not supported for biographical info or Otter Box, you can extend your team with this plugin, extend the functionality for author box or biographical info. Let's go to the plugin section and add new plugin. And let search box. And as you see guys, there, I have a bunch result about Otter Box plugin. Just choose here with your choice and install, inactivate. Once you activate and install and configure this plug-in, the Otter Box will be show underneath the post section. I like this plugin which I used to my website axial molap.com. Let's click this more details and let's see the screenshot. Screenshot. And as you see, this is looks like just install this plugin guys if you want to show the otter box in the post section. And lastly guys, if you want to add a new admin in your WordPress website, just add new user, add new user. And fill up this form, username, email and website, and strong password and select a role for our new user admin. The super user is Administrator, the editor role is this editor can be adipose and edit only and add new user. And that's all for this video guys. In the next video, we will manage our comments and spam comments. See you next video. Bye. 37. 2.9 Managing Comments and How to Stop Spam Comments: Hi guys, My name is axial MOLAP. In this video, we will be managed the comments to our WordPress website. In how to stop the spam comments. Let's go to Admin and go to the comments section. Click this comments. Let's add a task comments. I go to the, another browser, which is Firefox. And let's add a sample comments for dispose. Very helpful. Thanks. In the name and email and pulse comment. This comment will be display in the upcoming section in the admin area, post comments. Let's back to the admin area. As you see guys, this comment is awaiting moderation. Let's check, reload this comment. And I'll see you see the comment has appeared, did a section, but we need to approve it before it display. Let's reload again. This will be disappear because this comment is not approved yet. Reload. I think this is the cookie session, but if I visit to another IP address or another computer, this comment will not display. Okay, Let's prove this. Click Approve. Approved. And the comment is approved. And let's back reload. And as you see the comment has displayed. You can also reply a comment and say, thank you, I appreciate that. Or trash. Or if you think the comment is not make sense, just click spam or delete trash. Now guys, we will proceed to the spam comments. If your website became popular, the spam comments will be attack your WordPress self-hosted site. Let's see some screenshots of this example. I searched in Google image, WordPress, Pam comments, and let's see some screenshot example. And as you see, this comment is a spam and this comment has not make sense to the pulse. How to stop this comment? Wrap a solution and this, let's activate the plugin. Go to the plugin section and click this install plugin. This plugin is already installed in the installation process and you need to activate it. Delete this test plug-in held Ellie delete and activate this assessment anti-spam plugin activated. And also you need a word dressed account to set up on this. Almost done. Click this click in this page dice. You need to get an API key for this. Like this. Get your EPI. You will go to the academy.com slash wordpress and click this, get an API key. If you have an account and groundwater.com and wordpress.com account, that is the same company. Just click Approve. If not, go to wordpress.com and sign up. In my case, I already have an account and wordpress.com. Click this approved authorizing. And as you see, choose this basic. This is three. Get basic. And this section drag this to the $0 and lonely icon and continue. And Assisi, awesome. And copy this API key and back to the admin and enter your API key and connect with API key. And SEC enforcement is now protecting your site from spam comments, happy blogging. And back in now, your WordPress website will be protected to the spam comments by a kinsman plug-in. All spam comments will be go directly to this section, spam section. Click this. Or you can change the settings in the assessment plugin. Go to the Settings and go to their kinsmen settings. Click NSSE and this settings, all spam comments put to the spam section. And this strictness always put spam, spam folder or section for review or you can delete it automatically by choose this option in saved. But I will review first to verify if that spam or not. I will check this. And that's all for this video, guys. Thanks for watching. I hope this video is very helpful to you. See you next video. Bye. 38. 2.10 How to configure your WordPress settings: Hi guys, My name is axial MOLAP. In this video, we will customize the important settings of this WordPress self-hosted site. Let's jump into the admin, admin area and go to the Settings. General first. In this general section, if you want to edit your site title tagline, we can edit this field if you want. This option is also available in the Theme Customizer, like we do in the previous video. This option. If you want to change your admin email, we can change this and save. And you can choose your preferred time zone, date format, Time Format, and language, and week starts on day. You prefer this language. If you change this language, this function take effect in the admin area. If I change to dodge, this tax will be changed to Dutch language. Okay, let's back to this option, the WordPress Address, URL Insight, URL address. If you want to add triple W on your website, you can do to this option, just add a triple w in save, and let's see what happened. Save changes. And as you see, we're logging out. Let's log in again to the admin. And let's reload the public side. And now guys Assisi, the URL is added a triple w and also the admin added a triple w. It's your choice, guys, what do you prefer if you add a triple w to your website? That's fine. If you want non, WOW, That's fine. My website axon will have.com has a non-trivial w. It doesn't matter. Adding a triple WTO website has no impact to their SEO. I research. It doesn't matter which you use as long as you set correctly preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tool. And let me show you my Google Webmaster Tool. And as you see, my website axial molar is non-trivial W, But I add a triple W version. I add both. As long as you said correctly. The preferred domain. Let me show you the preferred domain of this triple W version site settings. And I said to the preferred domain to the non, WOW, It's your choice. I will teach this guy is in a separate video to my YouTube channel. Be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to get word dress, latest tips and updates. Okay, let's back. I prefer the non triple w, I will eat it. The URL, remove this, and save. Okay, back to writing. The generalist done. Okay, This section. Option here, the default post category. If you create a new pulse, if you forgot to assign a category, it will be file automatically to uncategorized, which is no sense. You can change this default pulse category. Let's change this. Go to posts and categories. Categories. At the new categories, this is the new default categories, updates and add category. And now added, Let's back to the settings, writing and choose the your new default category. If you create a new post, we will file automatically to update category, but you can change if you want to. Save changes. And let's back to the post categories. And let's delete the uncategorized delete. Okay? Okay. We will go to the reading guides, we will back to the writing. In this section, rating settings, the rabbi option here from page display. This option will be changed your homepage display. We've done this guy's in the previous video. We changed the homepage displayed to the simple business photography website. If you want to use this and select your new homepage display. If you want to assign your blog post to another page, you can choose this page, that page, guys, I already deleted because that is example. Let's back to this. You're like dispose. If you want to change your number of posts display in the homepage, you can change this value. E.g. I. Have to post only. Let's change this e.g. to one and save. The number of posts will be displayed to one only reload. And the number of posts will be displayed to number one only. And the next pose will be in the pagination. This is the next pose. Back to the first page. I prefer this number of blog posts to the homepage is number eight. And save changes. Since now guys, we're in the live in the Internet in the previous video in the local WordPress Web Development, we check this, discourage search engine from indexing. Decide, Let's uncheck this because we're in the Live Save Changes. That's all for reading settings. Let's back to the writing because we need to add one more additional settings. This option will display this update service if you uncheck the discourage the search engine. And now it display. Let's update this service. Click this new tab and copy this URL. Copy and paste. Let's back. Okay. This services guys is a ping services. When you publish a new post, WordPress, automatically notify the following site. Update service. Save changes. Okay, Let's go to the discussion settings. Click discussion. In this section, discussion settings there I have a list of options here, but we will talk about important option, e.g. this comment is held for moderation. If you want to moderate a comment before show to the post page, just leave it checked. If you don't want to moderate a comment, that comment will be automatically display to the post page or post comment. Just leave it. Check. If someone put a bad comment of your blog posts, you can block his IP address by putting his IP address here. And every comments there have IP address here. This is IP address. Copy this IP address and put it to the comment block list section. If you have a lot of bad comments, you can separate by line. And if you save this, that guy can access your WordPress website. In this section, avatar, I'll leave this default. If someone leave a comment to your blog posts, of course, the user put his name email, website in East comment. If that email doesn't have groundwater account, his profile picture. Display three comments section of this default groundwater icon. Let's back to the comment section. And this is me. And because this email has a groundwater can grab a guitar, pick the profile picture and display it or comment section. If the email doesn't have a rabbit, our account, it will display to the this default. Grub out our icon. Okay. Any modification, save changes. Let's go to the media. I guess there's no option here. Yes, leave this default guys. This is for team support. Lastly, permalink, we done this already. Just choose the costume structure and put this slash per cent category percent slash percent post name per cent slash. This URL guys is SEO friendly or L. I hope this video guys is very helpful to you. See you next video. Bye. 39. 2.11 How to Add a Contact Form to you WordPress Site: Hi guys, My name is axial. In this video, we will add a contact form to the contact page. And as you see you guys in the previous video, we add this contact information, e.g. business photography. We will remove this and replace a standard Contact Form. We will extend the functionality of this WordPress website may installing a contact form seven plugin. Let's visit the contact form seven page from WordPress plugin directory. And this is the contact form seven plugin. You can download this plugin, download the zip file, and upload to the WordPress plugin section. Add New Upload plugin and upload the zip file. You can also install directly here in the plugin section in your WordPress admin. Search contact form. Yes, Contact Form seven. Just click this install now and activate after Install. Click Activate. Now, Contact Form seven is activated. The next thing to do is add a short code to the contact page. Let's go to the Contact Form seven settings. Contact form. This, this is the contact form seven settings click this contact forms. And this is the default one. You can edit this if you want. Edit, edit the name like that. And let's add a receiver of this contact form in the mail tab. Click this mail tab, and you can enter here a Gmail or domain e-mail. Let's add a domain e-mail. This contact message will be sent to domain e-mail like that and just leave it default guys. This is a basic contact form and save and copy this, copy this short code from Contact Form seven. Let's click this again. Contact form. Copy this, copy, and go to Contact page and find a contact page. Edit and remove this text. This is in the previous video, removed. Juice this visual tab or tax and pays the short code and update. Let's reload this page. Reload. And this is the contact form, the standard conduct form. Let's test this name. This message will be sent to the domain e-mail, my domain e-mail, this website. We added in the Contact Form settings, sand. And let's see the domain e-mail reload. And yes, the message has arrived to my domain e-mail. Click, this guy is stuck. Contact form is working. Let's add a tax to the contact form that to contact. I have attacks, dice. This is my example texts. You can add your own texts and update and reload. Now the rubber example texts. And that's all for this video guys. Thanks for watching. Bye. 40. 2.12 Choosing a WordPress Theme: Hi there, My name is axon ruler. In this video, we will choose a writing to our WordPress self-hosted site. There are lots of free teams in the wordpress.org team directory. And let's go to that website. Go to the wordpress.org slash teams, and you will see our feature teams, this recording there have a one feature team called hash one. Go to popular tab. And as you see there, I have a list of free themes here for your WordPress self-hosted site. And as you see guys, the 2017 team is here in the popular section. We use this team and customize of discourse. And let's scroll down. Let's try to scroll down and let's find a nice team. E.g. if you like this, team, e.g. if you like the steam, click more info. And as you see they have a ratings, the screenshot of the team, the description. If you like, click this preview and preview the team, collapse this collapse and scroll down and click the Pause. And as you see, this is the pose of this team, the blog posts. If you find another one, just click this and close this team and hit back. E.g. you can filter a team you like by features. Example, if you won three columns and a blog, flexible header and apply filters. And this is filters. You choose. Travel magazine, preview, collapse. And as you see, this is the team. Close it back. And let's go to the latest team, the latest uploaded team. I already find a team. I like guys. We will find out later in this video. This is the free teams. There have a paid teams. If you want a very, very nice WordPress team, you need to buy it. If you want, go to this website. Theme forests that net under this category go to, We're brass and blog magazine. There have also are lots of categories here for Teams, e.g. this is a premium teams. I choose this, open a new tab. And there are beautiful team here and the page number to live preview. And this is also live preview. Removed frame. Let's back with the first remove brain. And this is the live preview of this team, this team called Tee Mak magazine, NSSE. The team is very nice. If you want this team, you need to purchase. The team costs $39, e.g. this team, as you see guys, the WordPress team is very, very nice. This price costs $49. It's your choice if you want premium team by a team. If you want a free, if you don't have a budget, go to the free team. Okay, I choose this team. Just writing more info. And let's preview this team before we download collapse. And this is the preview of this team. We will use the steam guys on this course. Hit download, download, and save to the desktop. Also, you can install a team and directly through WordPress admin thereof, a tree waste guys to install our WordPress theme. Number one in the WordPress admin theme section. Just go to Add Team and find a team here. Okay, and click install. A second way to install a team is upload first to your WordPress theme directory. Upload team, and choose the zip file you download from the wordpress.org team directory. The third way guys is to upload the zip file team to the File Manager or FileZilla. Go to File Manager and click this WP dash content. Go to the themes folder. All teams will be inside this folder and plug-ins teams. And this is the team installed in the WordPress admin team Directory, Connect teams. And as you see, three teams, this is the three teams. This is the WordPress file, team 1,517.16. You can upload directly here. Does it file, upload and extract? Let's back to the admin and let's add new. This is my choice, team dice choice, just right. In the next video, we will activate this team. This team is a complicated to customize. I will customize this team in a real quick. See you next video. Bye. 41. 2.13 Install and Customize WordPress Theme Using Customizer - Part 1: Hi guys, My name is Axel molar. This video is very exciting because we will change this team to another WordPress theme, which is the just right team. Since you have a knowledge on how to use a widgets and how to use the Theme Customizer, like we do in the previous video. Just write team is complicated to customize derived a lots of options and configurations. And I will show you how to do that on this video. And let's install the team. Jumped to admin, appearance in teams. And let's find a team, add new search, just writing and install, and activate. Now that just right team is activated, let's review the public side. What's look-alike? Reload. And as you see guys, the team is change, which is the just right team. The previous customization of the team, which is 2017 team, is still there. It didn't loose. If you want to back to your previous team, just go to Teams and click, Activate and reload. And as you see, the customization is still there. But if you change to another team, change to just write team and reload. You need to customize this theme, again using the Theme Customizer. Before we customize this theme, we need to regenerate the images we upload in the previous video. Because inevitably in there have different posts image dimension. We will install the regenerate thumbnail plugin to regenerate the image. We upload it in the previous video. This is the plug-in regenerate thumbnail. Copy and install the plugin directory at noon. Enter and click Install. Inactivate. We will regenerate the thumbnail or images we uploaded in a previous video because we switch to another team in this description or had a change to a team with a different featured posts image dimension. If you switch to another team, they have a different image dimension. So we need to regenerate the image. Again. This is fine. Your image will not be broken. Go to Tools, and this is the plug-in we installed, click and click, regenerate all thumbnails. All images we upload in the previous video will be regenerate by size. And now the regeneration of the new thumbnails is done. Let's customize this new team. The just right team. Reload. And let's customize this theme. Go to Appearance. Customize. Like I said in the previous video, every team has a different customization support. You might see a different customization here in the panel section. In as you see, the customization is different from the 2017 team. Let's add a logo, site identity. I have a new tagline, guys. This is my new tagline. Replace the tagline. And this is the site title and the header option logo. Let's upload a logo. I have a logo guys, the size of my logo is 335 by 41. Of course, you design your own logo. If you can design your own logo, you can buy it. If you like. Go to this website. If you can't design a logo, of course you can buy it. For an easy way. Go to this website and derive a logo here for your website if you can design your own. E.g. I. Searched travel. This is a logo for travel. Let's click this and let's see the logo. And this is the logo. Purchase it and use it to your website or card. Okay, let's back. Let's upload a logo, select the image and my logo, jag, and checked and choose image. And as you see, there's a smile ago. And the site description or tagline, Let's change the color to white. Let's say what's look like in the front. And let's try to see this. I said, let's put this to the center. Click this center. Okay, let's back. Let's add a banner header. The size of the banner I upload is wanting to buy 1279 and select the image and upload the banner. This banner will display behind the logo juice image. And as you see the banner appear behind the logo. And also guys, you must match the color of the banner and logo, which is my logo, is color white and the banner is colored gray or black. Save and Publish and back and back. Actually guys, I have a cheat sheet here because this team is really complicated to customize. This is done in the second one is layout option. Let's go to the layout option. And slider. We will add a slider underneath the menu. We will remove this later in this video. The tags. Check this in the slider section. Check and check this slider displayed to three posts in that transition delay is every 5 s, which is the slider will be scroll to the left. Every 5 s. Five thousandths means 5 s. And of course, you need to add at least three posts to show the slider. And as you see, you need to add at least three poles marked as featured for the slider to show up. Let's add a slider. Copy. Let's do in separate tab WP admin. And let's add a post to a slider. Let's add is three posts, a new tab. Open in a new tab and open in a new tab. And there it is. This panel guys is came from just right team support. Check, update. Mark dispose us featured in update. And close this. Close already save and close, and save and publish and reload. And as you see, there have a slider show up underneath the tag top and the posts. We will remove this guy's later in this video. Okay, There have a slider. What snacks back in a cheat sheet. Go to the mini slider and check this disabled mini sidebar. Check back in a cheat sheet. Miscellaneous, go to miscellaneous and disable demo widget, check this, and back. We go to the global option. Drag another option here. You can play this if you like. Global option. In the basic option, choose the style for which is the font family of this blog posts. As you see, the font family has changed. If we choose Style and retreat. Nothing change style number one. And as you see the change, let's choose the style number four, which is I like. And also it can change text color if you like, but I leave it to default. It's back to the cheat sheet. Okay, We will go to the social menu. You can play this, guys if you like, change the global color, change the background color if you like. Social option. And let's add a Google Plus URL. I have a URL here for my Google Plus. And as you see the Google Plus added, okay, dreaming is added, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. And it's what's next folder option? Go to the folder option. And the texts here, my texts. Let's scroll down to the footer and let's see the footer. And this is the texts we replace. And as you see, the texts has changed. Lego texts and copyright techs. What's next? Minuss, Let's add a minibus. Back, go to menus and menu location. And I already choose from select, Choose your main menu, which we created in the previous video. Main Menu, choose the main menu. And this is the main menu. Of course, under the categories there have a sub categories. Click, this is the sub categories. It's back, it's back. And the next is the widgets. We will remove this Widgets under the menus, go to widgets. And that is before the posts, which is this, and this is the tag cloud. And remove this tag, we will add a tag cloud in the footer area. And as you see, the tag cloud is removed. Save and Publish. Let's check to the public side. Reload. And now as you see the tags are removed under the menu. The next step is the widget area, which is the sidebar in the filter. And as you see, the widgets is still there. We added in the previous team because the widget name in the sidebar is the same name of this team. That's why the widget are still there. The folder is gone. Let's check this. I have a mistake guys in Twitter as ECF, the link in the left bottom of the screen, the link is wrong, which is, we need to edit. Let's map to customize back. And social option, which is the tweeter field, is username only. Save and publish, reload. And let's see the tweeter. Okay, It's right. Let's digitize this sidebar and footer. You can add a widget through here, but we will add in the widget section in the Admin menu, close this. 42. 2.14 Install and Customize WordPress Theme Using Customizer - Part 2: We're here in the widgets area under the appearance section, click widget. And Assisi. This team has ten. We digitize areas, support main sidebar, post sidebar. There are two sidebar widgets, which is the homepage in the blog post page. And the footer derived for digitize area, area one to four and digitize area in the before posts, in after posts, after header and footer. And also the revenue widgets here came from just write him featured posts, popular posts, AAC resembles AAC, social buttons and so on. And let's see the main sidebar, widgets, which is already have a search for widgets because this team has a built-in search box. Let's remove this because they don't have a built-in search box of the just right team. Remove this search widget. And let's see, reload and remove. Let's back. I have a cheat sheet guys for this, because this is complicated to customize. Let's add a AC social buttons first. Under the Facebook widgets. This is already the Facebook widgets came from Facebook page plugin, Twitter link. I will do this in a real quick. Twitter you or I, we already have a Facebook. Okay, and don't forget to save dice, derive a save button. Save. Let's flip up this. The next is the AC tabs. Ac tabs under the social buttons. And check this featured posts tab and recent comments. Check this. And you can play this along guys if you want to save. Flip up. The next is the popular posts. Next of AAC tabs. See. Next to popular posts is categories. We already added this categories widget. Just drag next to the popular posts and remove this recent posts because the homepage is already the recent posts or latest posts, delete this. And archives and recent comments. This is for main sidebar widgets. Let's reload. And now the widgets is added to the main sidebar. Let's check and see social media buttons, featured posts, recent comments, popular posts, categories, and so on. This widgets is came from just right team. And let's check the search. If it's working, enter the search bar is working. You can add also a widget came from Twitter. E.g. enter your username. Enter in, choose your choice, e.g. Tweet buttons and copy this and add a widget, add a text widgets. This main sidebar, and add widgets. And this is the widgets in pace that we did scheme from Twitter, save and reload. Let's check. And this is the Twitter Follow button. Also, you can add an Instagram too. Let's remove this because I already have these buttons. Okay, let's add for a sidebar flip up and for the sidebar widget, which already have a resident pulse, delete this, delete. And let's add an AAC social media buttons. Again, I will skip the video guys. Save. Let's add for the next widget, which is recent posts. And let's replace this to the latest polls and save. Next is AC tabs. In popular tabs. Tabs, popular tubs. Check this, check this C. C. Next is categories in archive. Flip, flip up. The built-in categories. Pause sidebar widgets. In archive. Here, both sidebar widgets. Okay, let's add a Facebook widgets in the post sidebar widgets. That to mean sidebar. Copy this, copy. Flip up and let's add a text widgets. Pulse, sidebar, add widgets and peace and type the text, save. Flip up and drag to the first widget in the sidebar. We'll have a mistake. Both sidebar. Okay. And let's see in the post section, click this. And this widget is different from the homepage widget. As you see there, I have a latest posts. The same widget in homepage. Okay, let's add for our footer widgets. You can add widgets here, like here in the filter, we digitize area. But I add a widgets in the footer is missing pulse. Set to three. Replace this too. They dispose up. Popular pose. And the tree poplar pools and category in the footer area, three categories. And add the footer area tree, add widget and flip up up. And the last one is tags. Tags, click and add, widget and save. And let's see the footer widget area. And as you see this is the footer widget area. Latest posts, polar posts, one popular posts because they don't have a one comment only in the post. And this post, if you have lots of comments, it will be displayed here with a limit of three. Because we set the limit tree. And categories and tags. And customization is done for this team, but we need to add one more fix. And we'll talk later in this video. Let's check the post page. Check. If you want to show up the featured thumbnail of this post. And as you see there have no featured toenail of this pose. To pose, pose and edit. And this panel, this panel is came from just writing. Check this, update and reload. And as you see the featured image display in the post content, the rabbi option to display the featured image. Just choose the billboard. And uncheck this. If you want. If you can check this to update and reload. And as you see, this is the billboard featured image of the posts. And also there have a featured image in the post content. And let's remove that because that is an example only update and reload. 43. 2.15 Install and Customize WordPress Theme Using Customizer - Part 3: Let's fix one more issue that the homepage and scroll down. And as you notice, I notice to the thumbnail it's not cropped correctly. And you have two more. The thumbnail is not cropped correctly. And this thumbnail is not cropped correctly. If this team is cropped correctly, your primary image, this is not necessary. If, in case this team just write team is not cropped correctly, your primary image will fix this issue. And remember this team only just right team. We will edit the functions that patriot file directly to the team folder. You can do this to login, to cPanel and go to file manager. And you can do this as well to the FileZilla. Just log in your cPanel account to the FileZilla. Editing the team is not a good practice. If you want to edit your team, you must set this team as a child team. Regarding child team, I will teach that in a future video in my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get the WordPress tips and tricks. Let's edit the filename. For now. I will do in the FileZilla. Just log in your cPanel account in FileZilla. I'm already logged in, go to WP Content and go to the teams and just write team. Again. Editing a direct file team, it's not a good practice. If you want to edit the files of this team, you must set the steam as a child theme, which I teach in a future video in my YouTube channel. For now, let's edit directly, go to Function, View Edit and scroll down and let's find that function upload process. And this is the function, and this is the size of this image, the width and the height, which is this, this is the width, 600 and the height is 400. Let's change this to 515 copy and 300 insane. That's all. Back to FileZilla and update the file. Click Yes and Dan, and let's regenerate the thumbnail again. Back to regenerate thumbnail, to regenerate thumbnail. And regenerate thumbnail. And finally done. Let's reload the page and let's see the new regenerate thumbnail image. And as you see guys, the thumbnail is cropped correctly and the title is readable in the thumbnail. And as you see, n, As you see, is readable and crop correctly. If you edit your team directly, you must not update the team. If in case there have been new update of the just right team. Because if you update the team, you'll be loose the modification of the team. E.g. go to Teams. As you see, the 27th team has a new update. If in case they don't have an update of this team, don't update because you have a modification of the function's dot PHP file. If you want to don't lose your modification, you must set this as a child theme in, edit the team, and you can update this team. And I will be teaching that in the future video. And finally done, we're finally done of customizing this team. See you next video, guys. Bye. 44. 2.16 Setting Up WordPress Jetpack Plugin: Hi guys, My name is axial molar. In this part, we will install I useful plugin jetpack from wordpress.com. Jetpack plugins adds a lot of features available in wordpress.com, which is not available to the WordPress self-hosted site. Jetpack contains a lots of plugins and we will bring up that plugins to the workplace self-hosted site. And you can activate, you need, and they activate in configure them. We will configure the social media sharing and related posts. We will add that to later in this video. Setting up the word pass jetpack plugin wordpress.com account. If you don't have a wordpress.com account, go to wordpress.com and login and click Register. If you already have an account, we can proceed if not, just registered first. Okay, let's go to Plugins, Add New, and install this a jetpack installed. And activate. The jetpack installed. What you will need to do is connect to wordpress.com. Like I said, wordpress.com is needed to this plugin and login your account. And click Approve. Authorizing your connection to your WordPress self-hosted site. And click finishing up. Okay, go to free, select this free. And finally the jetpack plugin is installed and we need to activate the recommended features, which is click this. And as you see, the recommended features is activated. Let's go to apps. Close this this page is the headline for jetpack features. You can read this if you want. Let's go to Settings. And as you see, the jetpack recommended features is already enabled. Check the spelling. Scroll down. There are lots of features of this plugin. You can enable if you need. We don't need this for me, I don't need this. The sharings. And let's add a social media sharing. Of course, we will enable this. And I don't post automatically to the social media I want to pose manually. I turn this off. Let's go to discussion. Of course, that feature is needed. Go to traffic. And let's turn this to show the related posts underneath the blog posts. Check this. Check in check. And as you see, this is the related posts looks like. And as you see guys, this is an XML sitemap. I will turn this off because we will install XML sitemap is a separate plugin, which is the Yoast SEO turn off. This section. We can do this in a separate plugin like site verification. Go to Security. And spam folder is already installed, already the assessment plug-in and of course enable this. You can enable this too, if you like. You can log into WordPress WP admin with your wordpress.com account. And that's all for this pictures I need, which is, Let's go to the public side. Go to pose. Scroll down. And as you see, there have already read post comes from jetpack plugin and the social media sharing. We will add additional social media sharing like LinkedIn and so on. Okay, let's back to this. We'll go to sharing this options comes from jetpack plugin. Click this sharing option. We will add another Sharing Option. Drag LinkedIn, Pinterest, pocket. There have a WhatsApp and e-mail. You can drag to this. What's a right-side? What's up? Okay. Facebook first, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. And you can change this to another style like official buttons like that. And Jews pulse. If you want to show that the page check this. If you want to show in the media page, check this. For now. I choose this pose by default. And save changes and reload this page, reload. And as you see the social media buttons is changed, the official buttons. If in case in your team doesn't show the related posts, maybe it takes a day or you should add additional posts to show up. The related posts. Don't have a debug function on jetpack. Go to dashboard. Scroll down and click this debug. If there have no error, there's no have a problem of your jetpack. Your jetpacks set up looks okay. That's all for jetpack plugin. We already set it up. We add a social media sharing related posts. And also guys, we add a Stats, go to dashboard home. And as you see there other stats here. For now the sidesteps as empty because we install and set up the plug-in. This site stats came from jetpack plugin after a day in a week, site stats data will show up on this section. That's all for this video guys. I hope this video is very helpful to you. See you next video. Bye. 45. 2.17 Useful Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins Must Have: Hi guys, My name is axial molar. In this video, we will talk the top ten free WordPress plugins must-have to your WordPress self-hosted site. Wordpress is a powerful blogging application, but it has limits to get more extend functionality of your WordPress self-hosted site. There have a series of plugins issued, installed. Some plugins are alternative solutions and they cover anything like search engine optimization. Your WordPress, self-hosted site, Sharing to the social media. All plug-ins I mentioned here is available in wordpress.org plugins directory. Or you can install the plugin directly to the WordPress admin and the plugin section and installed, they're the number one useful plugin is the jetpack by wordpress.com. What jetpack does is adds a lot of features available in wordpress.com. When you install this plugin, all the features will be bring up to your WordPress self-hosted site. We can activate and deactivate that features and configure them. This plugin is a smart solution because there are other features such sites that's related posts and social media sharing and so on. The second useful plugins is a kinsmen plugin by automatic assessment is a spam folder. It catch a comments Panther comments section. And it keeps your site protected from the spam comments. Even while you sleep. Don't have a way to get a free API key of this assessment. Just watch the previous video titled managing comments in how to stop spam comments or check to my YouTube channel. And let's login to my WordPress admin because I receive a one spam comments and I'll, will show you what's Hello, Clyde. Let's go let's scroll first. And as you see guys under the starts, this is the one spam comments blocked by a kinsmen, thanks to a kinsman, they block the spam comments of my website. And let's see the common, what's look like spam section. And as you see, this is the spam comment, which is not a make sense to this pose. And they leave a link to this website. And if you read, this comment has not make sense to your posts, which is the spam comment. Spam comments are not made by real people. Spam comments are made by software. This comment will be deleted after 15 days, or you can set this automatically to auto delete. What we'll do is change the settings of their kinsmen settings. Since we installed the jetpack plugins, the assessment settings will be transferred to the jetpack section, which is this. Okay, Let's proceed to useful plugin is cellulose. The number three is SAS or Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is very important because it changed the contents appears in search engine. In a word, it makes easy to search engines to find your content. Wordpress, Yoast, SEO, this plugin is more advanced option and it's more complicated to set up, but it has more powerful features. There have many SEO plugins out there in the plugins directory. However, if you want a complete detailed control of SEO juice, Yoast SEO number for plugin is backup and restore Dropbox. Like in a computer software, there's always a risk. Something may go wrong. There were parasite or it could get hacked or service down. It's a good practice to have a proper backup to your website. Dropbox is a cloud hosting service and it's free for a basic plan. You can upgrade if you want to set up this plugin, you need a Dropbox account first, once installed. And you need to authorize the Dropbox allowed to connect your best self hosted sides. Once they connected, you will accept a schedule and backup to your WordPress site, including that database to the Dropbox. Number five is Contact Form seven, if your website is about company or blogging or what your website is all about, you should create a contact page depending of your website. Contact form is a great because they allow your visitors to send you a message without giving you the email address. If you put a contact form, people can see easily and send you a message directly through your website. We install this plugin in the eye craft wp.com. We added our contact form in the contact page. Number six is google Analytics for WordPress. Google Analytics is a mass on every website. They still can track your visitors where it came from. How many seconds they stay through pages and many more. In WordPress self-hosted site implementation is easy. You must have a Google Analytics account or tracking code and install this plugin and add your tracking code. There have a meaning Google Analytics out there in the plugins directory. But I like this plugin because it's very, very simple, simple and straight in, lightweight and works well. The number seven plugin is reduce bounce rate. This plugin help to reduce your bounce rate through WordPress, post it, send a real time on a site, and bounce rate, and send to your Google Analytics report. High bounce rate is not a good for your website, which is affecting your search engine optimization. Your site must be very low. Bounce rate equals very good ranking in search engine. High bounce rate costs. If your visitors leave very quickly through a website, why visitors leave quickly to your website? Number one reason is your website speed. If your website is very slow to load, of course, the visitors lead quickly to your website that costs high bounce rate. Be sure you choose a quality in reliable web hosting service, which I choose this table host. You can choose any web hosting you want as long as that web hosting quality and reliable. Number two, is your content. If your content is very boring, the visitors leave quickly because no image or no entertainment like video in image. If your website is host to the poor web hosting and your content is boring, this plugin is not a solution for you. In the future video tutorial, I share how to create a better content and avoid the high bounce rate plus this plugin. So stay tuned. Number eight, plugin is the W3 Total Cache. This plug-in speeds up your workplace self-hosted site significantly by doing your site, caching. W3 Total Cache, like doing or taking a snapshot of your webpage or blog posts. And like doing kind of storing it. If visitors to your website, they see that snapshot page through your site without load all the things of your WordPress site. Smash image compression in optimization is an image optimization plugin in WordPress self-hosted site. By default, WordPress Media Upload for image is not optimized by file size. However, this plugin can help to reduce the image file size while in uploading process and ready to attach your blogposts. Large image file size is slowing down your WordPress site without you even knowing optimizing the image file size can help to increase your site load fast. Number ten plugin, which is the all-in-one WP security in firewall. Wordpress self-hosted site is a very secure platform. However, it helps to add additional, extra security in firewall to your WordPress site by installing this plug-in, this enforce a lots of great security practices. This plugin help to reduce security risks by checking for vulnerabilities for your WordPress site and by implementing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques I mentioned we're best self-hosted site is a very secure platform. There are already a security features, let's say the security features of so-called state site is the first barrier. And we installed already the work best jetpack plugin, which is has a security features itself, which is let's say that it's the second barrier. And we install this additional plugin. And let's say this is the third barrier for extra security and firewall. And I'll update this course guides on how to set up these plug-ins, especially the Yoast SEO and all in one, the value p security in firewall. Just stay tuned to this course. All this top ten WordPress useful plugins is tried and tested to my WordPress website, which is axial molar.com. And work well together to make your site a better place to be for you and for your audience. That's all for this video, guys. I hope this video is very helpful to you. See you next video. Bye. 46. 2.18 Managing WordPress file System: Hi guys, My name is axon wallet. It's been spending time on developing of this WordPress self-hosted site. Now it's time to look what's behind the curtain of this website. Go to cPanel and go to File Manager, or it can login this via FileZilla. I'm in file manager to show up the full files of this WordPress files, go to settings and check this show hidden files and save. And all files will be show including the HT access. And this is files behind the curtain of your WordPress website, which is us. You see the file is prefixed by WP and the folder is prefixed by WP. The important file here is WP Content, which is very important. And WP config. The WP config, it stores your database name, database password, and database username. And remember guys, in the previous video, the WP prefix table, we did not change. We will change that in the separate video in my YouTube channel. Just stay tuned. And also the last one is HT access, but this is replaceable, but we can include this as an important file. This tree I highlight is not replaceable and the remaining files I did not highlight is replaceable. Meaning you can replace this file from the WordPress package. Sip can replace this file. And you can replace this file because this file contains a database name, username, and password. If you replace this file, that will be Config. You need to read, input your database credentials. In this HT access file contains the security code for your WordPress self-hosted site. Wp content is definitely not replaceable because this folder contents your images of your posts. Let's click this. Go to upload images arranged by year and month. Man, four equals April. And as you see, this is the images you'll be uploaded in the post. And this is the original without crop name about dash this dot crop file of the image version. And as you see this image or regenerate by regenerate thumbnail plugin. It, regenerate by crop size. Okay, let's back. This folder is very important. Back. And let's go to the themes folder, which is all teams you installed will be inside of this folder. This is the team we activated. Let's visit the teams in the admin area, go to Teams. Back to File Manager. If you want to delete a team, there's no delete option here. You can delete the team directly to the File Manager and be careful doing the leading on file stir, WordPress files, e.g. be careful in doing this. Delete. We will delete the 25th, 17, delete and confirm. And let's reload. Now that 2015 team is deleted. You can upload a team directly here, just download the zip file from the team directory and upload the zip file here and just click Upload and extract the zip file. Let's map to this folder and let's take a look. The plugins. This folder is very important too, because all plugins installed will be listed in this folder, which is the important is a catchment jetpack contact form. If in case the plugin you install there have error message, you can delete the plugin here directly to this folder, just right-click and delete in. That plug-in will be gone to the plugin directory. If I delete this plug-in, the plugin will be gone to this section installed plugin. And as you see for plugins, and this is for plugins except this index. Let's go back. Let's go back. And lastly guys, remember, backup in your website is very, very important. Whatever happened or server or may have or service down or get flood. At least you have a backup. You should install the backup and restore Dropbox plugin. And that's all for this video guys. I hope you like my tip. Thanks for watching. See you next week. Bye guys. Bye for now. 47. 3.1 Effective Google AdSense Requirements: Hi guys. I know some of you don't have an AdSense account. In this video, we will tap the effective AdSense requirements for your website. First thing to know is the eligibility to participate in AdSense. First eligibility is, do you have a website? We already have a website. Are you at least 18 years old? Must be 18 years old. Thus, your site comply with our program policies. We will talk this later in this video. Has your site been active for at least six months? If your website is WordPress self hosted site, you don't need to wait for six months, for this, for months is fine. As long as you complete the AdSense requirements. That based on my experience, I sign up in AdSense using axle load up.com, which is my website. And before I signing up in AdSense, I comply all the requirements of this website before I signing up in AdSense. And second is languages support. Your website must be supported of these languages. Most website is English. And the first step to know is, the first step is the AdSense program policies. Before you signing up in AdSense, you must know this invalid clicks and impression. If you have AdSense account already done, click your own ad. That's against the terms and condition in AdSense. Encouraging clicks. Don't ask your friends and relatives, this is a very, very bad practice. If you do that. Content guidelines, your content or blog posts must be child safe, no. *********** or adult mature content. Violin content, hacking, cracking content, malware or adware, drugs and so on. No illegal, no crack through blog. Copyright material. Do or write your own original blog posts. Don't copy from others. If you copy from others, AdSense will be caught you, if your content is pretty obvious, copy from others. Your AdSense application will be rejected. Just write your own content. Traffic source. Your traffic must be genuine. Use tropic spam. And just read this guy's AdSense program policies. This link is included to the notes on this next video. Okay, The second step is your template website design. Your website must be responsive and mobile already, which means your site is compatible to any devices such as tablet, iPod, and mobile. I will show you a Android emulator. And this website is compatible to the Android mobile devices and tablets in iPod. And as you see, this template is responsive and compatible to any devices. The step three is create a blog post, at least 15 to 20 posts. Don't sign up in AdSense, if your site is empty, your side must have a blog post, at least 15 to 20. In my experience, the axial mlb.com, I sign up in AdSense. My side has 15 posts. My original posts, I don't copy from others. Because if you copy from others, your application will be rejected. E.g. in one month I have four posts or eight posts. In two months, I have 16 pulse, and three months I have e.g. in three months, I write 20 posts. That's really, really good for AdSense requirement. Don't rush on grading. Oppose. Don't rush. In one day you created a fight bulls, that's not good. Just do in step, in step. The step five requirement is create important pages of your site. Your side must have About page. And contact page. And privacy policy is optional. Already have a categories. The important pages is must-have. Okay? This is the important pages. About in contact page. The step five requirements is build your social media fan page. As you see, I have a six slides, which is not good if your Facebook or Twitter and Google Plus, in Facebook, you must have at least 100 likes. That's fine. Or a tail lights, that's fine. And Twitter, you must have at least 100 followers. At least your social media is active and already likes and followers. The step six requirements is your site must be top level domain name or you must have a domain name for your website. Don't use a sub domain name in signing up in AdSense. This is a top level domain name. The sub domain name example is like this. Like that. That is a sub domain name. This is not allowed in AdSense in signing up, use the top level domain name like this. Okay? And don't use illegal word on your domain name, like crap, track that calm. How to hack.com. That's not allowed in AdSense. Don't use illegal where your domain name. The step seven requirements is you must set up Google Analytics to your website. In the previous video, we talked about the top ten were dress plugins. And remember, there have Google Analytics on the less, just install Google Analytics plugin to your WordPress site. Go to plugins directory. There have a bunch of Google Analytics plugin, plugins directory, which we mentioned in this course. This plugin, which is my favorite because this is lightweight and simple. Install this to your WordPress website. And after install, go to Google analytics.com, analytics.google.com. And add your website and grab that tracking number and add to the Google Analytics plugin to your WordPress site. The step, a requirement is set up your website on Google Webmaster Tools. Set up a Google Webmaster Tools website and submit a XML sitemap. Yes, this is the part on S IO. There're a lot of SEO resources in the internet. Also here in Udemy. For now, install the Yoast SEO plugin to your WordPress website. After installed the plugin, go to the IO section, then grab the XML sitemap URL. Then go to the Google Webmaster Tool, set up your website and submit your XML sitemap. And also submit to the Bing Webmaster Tool in Yandex. Webmaster Tool being Webmaster Tool. Here in Yandex, web master tool being in yellow is the same. Just submit your site through here. Google Webmaster Tool, big wig master tool, and Yandex web master tool. Submit your sitemap in this tree search engine, and you'll get at least traffic. Traffic is required and AdSense requirement. Your site must be at least 50 plus unique visitors per day. At least derive a traffic. That is one of the important requirements for a website, which is really important. At least there have traffic, not all traffic from your likers and followers and don't share your site, dice their friends and relatives without any interests. That's a bad practice. You must share your site if there have interests. Okay, the approval process when signing up in AdSense, it takes two to three days before. But this time it takes a week, sometimes more than two weeks. Some of my followers message me there. Adsense application takes more than two weeks. I think, because it's huge list of registers, That's why it takes two to three weeks, but before it takes two to three days. And again, guys, don't rush applying in AdSense. Be sure you meet the requirements and good luck. And that's all for this video. I hope you liked this video. See you next video. Bye for now. 48. 3.2 Create a WordPress Child Theme for theme modification: Hi guys, This is axial Mahler. In this video, we will set this just writing to the child theme for the future team modification. If in case you need to edit the steam or you need to add the AdSense ads that this team, you need to set this team as a child theme in. I will show you on this video and we will do this in the File Manager in C panel. You can do this too in FileZilla, if you like. Login your cPanel account and go to the File Manager like like in a previous video. I'm in File Manager. And is the site root directory of this team. Go to the folder that will be content. This is one of the important folder. Go to Teams. And this is the team just right. And click No, no. Just click this in File Manager new folder and type the new child team and create a new folder. This is the child team. This is empty for now, and let's click this. Click and add a new file. I'm sorry, again. Click this file in file manager and style.css. Create a style, and click this file again, create a function. The PHP. Great new file. And that's for now. Got this back. And let's click this, the parent theme, just right. Functions. Let's go to the style that CSS click this and edit, click this, edit, edit. And as you see guys, warning though, this file, if you would like to modify or add your own style, please use a child team, which is we will do in this video and have a documentation URL. Copy this. And let's browse the documentation and copy this information if this team copy. And let's back to the child theme folder and edit this, edit and paste this information. And let's wrap this to the forward slash asterisk. Asterisk forward slash. Wrap this information that is character like that. And let's see that documentation. This documentation about child team. In this example, we need to add this information template. We already have the information pace and just type the value of the folder name, which is the just write lowercase, a lowercase folder name. Let's edit this, that team name to the child team. Like that in save. And he already saved this and this is empty for now. And let's back to the dashboard. And let's go to the Appearance teams. And as you see, there are new team here, which is the child team. And we need to add more information guys, to fully working with this child team. I already download this team. I redownload. Again. Just go to this link, wordpress.org slash teams, where slash just right and click Download. And I already save to the desktop and I already extracted. And this is the sorry for this. This is for a future video. And this is the folder of this team. We need to, we need, we need a screenshot dice of a child team. Back to the directory upload. Okay? For child team with a vacation, we need to override some files of the parent team. For now, let's upload that. Go to just write and screenshot only. Just the screenshot for now. And let's see what happened. You can do this in FileZilla guys for easy. You can drag and drop the files you need to override in this video purposes, I need to use cPanel after upload load. And this is the screenshot. And let's reload. There's no screenshot yet. We already uploaded a screenshot. Let's reload this. And as you see there, I have a screenshot for this child team. And let's activate this click, Activate, reload. And now guys, as you see, the child theme is already activated and we need to include the style that CSS from the parent team. Back to the documentation. Scroll down and copy this. This functions include the style parent of that team. Copy back to the File Manager and edit the functions that BHB edit and click, Edit and Paste in functions.php and WordPress. We don't need this speech. We end tag just for speech p tag. No spaces below. Save Changes. And let's reload. And as you see, the parents style CSS is included to the child team and I see dice. We need to re-upload the logo again because this is the different team, child team. You need to remove this. We already arranged the widgets and let's back to the customized in a real quick and let's re add the logo. Go to the header option. Logo in description. Select. This is their logo. Choose Image. Check center. And description color f, f, f, f, f, f, which is color white. And let's back and let's remove this Slider. Go to Layout, option, miscellaneous, and check this disabled demo widget. Check back. And go to mini sidebar and check this. And back, and go to slider and lead three, add a slider, check this. And the sliders back and check this. And save and publish. That's all. And reload. And the team is back, which is already a child team. This is not just right team, a child team of not just write n. We will modify the steam if we needed. Remember guys, in the previous video, we edit the functions that PHP directly to the team, which is not a good practice. Now we said a child team. We will add that function to the functions that PHP and the child team. Let's back to the File Manager and let's close this, close, close, and close. And let's go to the parent team and find that functions we modify in a previous video. This is edit functions that PHP edit. In the previous video, we edit this, this. And let's copy this piece of functions. Start from team set up, copy at the end of the function with an action. Copy. Copy and paste the functions that BHB child team, pace like that and save changes. And there's no problem at all if in case in the future. And Teams section, if in case this parent team, this is the parent team, this is the child team. If in case in the future there have a new updates of this team, you can update the steam without losing the modification of the child's team. As you see, the 2017's team has a new update. And I can click this update if I like. In a future video, we need to edit some files from the child team. Or we need to edit this file in the child theme, which is we need to override this file index. We will edit this in a future video. Let's copy this to the child theme folder header and copy this template. Copy. And we will copy this to the child theme folder. This file's guys will be copied to the child theme folder. Copy. And let's back to the child theme folder. And as you see, the header in index.php file is copy from the parenting and post template. We add, we will delete this swivel, edit, the single that BHB, delete. We will modify the files, guys, if we need it, I will need this one only single. Edit this in a future video, we will add the absence adds to this single post, and then we'll add a Adsense ad to the index.php. Here we will add this, will modify this. And that's all for this video guys. Now the child theme is already set up and ready to modify. See you next video, guys. Bye. 49. 3.3 Creating AdSense Ad Units: Hi guys, This is axial mullet and welcome to this video. This video is very exciting to us because we will implement the AdSense ads to this website. I know guys, some of you don't have an AdSense account yet. At least you have a reference in the future. We will implement the AdSense ads on this website in advance. Yes, in advanced way. But this technique is guarantee boost up your earnings. This is based on my experience. This is my own way and this is my own style. We will use a little bit HTML and CSS. We will wrap the AdSense code to the div tag and style them with CSS. This technique is not against the terms and condition and AdSense. Okay? First thing to do, we will implement the ads in their posts area section. We will put the ads in the most clickable area in your blog posts. I click this. And let me show you how to do that. Okay, go to AdSense that. Come by the way, guys, I hide some information in my Google AdSense this information not gonna be shown in public because that's against the terms and condition in AdSense. And I don't want a travel from AdSense. Hopefully you understand this. Thank you very much for your support and let's continue. And first thing to do, go to my ads. In here. First thing to do is add a URL channels. What is your old channels? By the way, URL channels. This channels can track your ads for four months to the website. How much page views, how much clicks, how much impression. And this channels can arrange by a group of ad. First thing is create a channel URL. And as you see, this is my channel URL in my one website, axon will add.com. For this website, create a channel, URL channel, that new URL. And back. The next thing to do is costume channels. We will add a custom channels on every ad group. Because in every ads, we will assign to our channels to track the performance of that ad. And as you see, I have two channels in my axial mlb.com website, the article pages and pages channel, customer channel. I already know on this. And this is the channel name. Channel name. We will put an ad in a post pages. Not yet for now for ad units targeting, check this appears on both pages. The ads there'll be appear on both pages. And move the pole location and add a description of this channel that multiple ads located to every blog posts. We will add an ad unit later in this video channel name. This ads appear on post page multiple location and the description of this channel. And language, English and say, okay, second channel is we will add, adds in homepage and pages. Copy my site name. And we'll add home in pages. Check this. Targeting appears on site pages including homepage and so on. Multiple pages. And description of this channel name like that. And say, okay, we already added channels. Let's add, adds to the website. Go to, adds this video guys, we will add the ad unit. In the second video, we will add, adds in search. In the third video, we will add a page level ads. Click, Add unit. Okay guys, In this page, we will create, I guess six adds to their website. I already know this. And let me show you that node 1234567, we will create a new ad unit, seven new ad unit. We will create all responsive unit because that is the most popular and this time responsive ad unit. Sorry, Ms. Typo, responsive. Okay, first thing to do is we will add first the responsive, add link. One, copy, this is my notes. You can create your own notes. Create new ad unit. And that is the name of this ad responsive link at one. And find that link adds responsive texts, add style. You can create your own style or choose this tile. For now, I'll leave it to default. Default. And this is the custom channels. These channels can track the performance of this ad. We created this already. This ads will be displayed on the post page. Include and limit blank dice. And save and get a code, say, and get a code. Copy the code. And I will paste this to the notes. This is for the first ad. Pace like that. We'll grab this code and paste to the site later in this video. And close. Okay, this is the ad we created and assigned to the this channel I graph. That will be.com. Okay, we'll do this in a real quick. Add new unit. Go to notes and copy this name. Just create your own name, guys, if you like. Responsive. Link ads default, assigned to a channel. And save and get a code. Copy the code. Saved to note and close, close. And we have already created a two ads. We will create a two link adds only the next ad is the square. Add you. To my note. The next ad is the responsive add. One will create a tree responsive add know 512345. Okay, first, this one, copy the name and choose this automatic size, responsive. And you can create your own style if you would like to create your own style, click this for now. I'll leave it to the default and assign to the post pages channel. Save and get a code. Get the code, copy, paste to the notes. And this is the code like that. And close this. Add additional, more ads. Okay guys, go ahead and create that for remaining responsive, adds this. You can do this in your own. I will skip the video because if I create that by one in by one, it takes time. Okay. 50. 3.4 Adding AdSense Ad Units to Blog Post and Best Placement to make them click: And now guys, I already created the five adds already. First, we created the responsive link ed to responsive lean ad and assign to this channel. And I created this five responsive bucks ads and assigned to this channel page, post page. And the responsive add three is I assign to the homepage or pages. And this ad will be put in the sidebar because the sidebar will display in this post page, homepage and pages and responsive add 4.5. I hope you create these two. Okay, let's add first the responsive link. Add to the side, to the post page. We'll add adds above of this tax will add in advance. And let's see this. Let's see the HTML code of this area. And Google Chrome. Go to More Tools and developers tools. And click this and hover this. And let's see what div tag holding this content. It hold the single content div class single content. And let's see this tag to the file name. We're copying the child team K. Go to your cPanel or FileZilla. Why do we guys, if you edit a file of your team, if you, if you using a caching plugin for WordPress, just turn it off. Quick. This child team. And we already paste the content single, and this is the file of this page. If you need to modify the team, just copy to this child team if needed. Edit, edit. Like I say, we add the code in advance. We will wrap the code in the div tag. This is the tag we see in the developer's tool single content. And let's paste the first ad we save in the notes. This is the responsive link and paste that NO. And arrange to look nice. That arranged to look nice. And let's give it a name. Because we will add a style on this. We will add this piece of the ads between the tax. That's why we add a class name. And let's add another one. The responsive, add the box ad. Copy the div to make fasts. And we'll rename the name, go to nodes. We add this already. And they're responsive. Add one, copy and paste a range. Depending of the team guys. On this tile. This ads will be shown up above on this tax. And let's give it a name like that. Single responsive, add one, add one, and this is responsive. We'll modify these guys. This is not against of the term of service in AdSense. Okay, we will change this to the rectangle. Let's see first the documentation. This link will be included to this course, notes to this course. Just check it in how to modify your Responsive Ed code. We will make it a rectangle. And this is the documentation. I guess another ad we make in the rectangle. Let's add a width on the rectangle. Click this. You can add a data format like horizontal, vertical, rectangle. And you can also add a style. Where are you? You can add a class also. And also you can put a style directly to add in the box ads. I guess in the box ads only kill its back. And then we'll set a width of this ad based on the documentation, you can add a style width of this add colon and set it to 300. And you can change a data ad format to horizontal or rectangle. This is for responsive add only rectangle. And that's it. Let's add a CSS for this div tag because it will add spaces margin between the ads and content. K back to template and edit this CSS style. Edit. And put a note here, my CSS for AdSense. And I will paste the style here. And this is the style I will explain. This means div tag and that means the class. And this isn't a class name, single responsive, add link one. And let's back. And this is the class name, this is the dot and the CSS class. And this tag, I'll give a margin bottom 30 pixels. And this tag, this ad, will be uploaded to the left. And I'll give a margin. Top, left, 20 pixels, no, right and bottom 15 pixels in the laugh. And there are pixels. Okay, and let's save this CSS, and let's see what will happen. Save this to save. Ok, Control F5 on your keyboard to full reload. If in case guys, the ads is not appear to the page, I guess you need to wait a minutes. That's for a new ads of the new website. Control F5 on your keyboard. Now guys, the ads is very, very beautiful. Very, very look, nice. And as you see, this ad is a box. I said this add to 300 pixels in a style, and I give it a margin. This is the margin of the ad. And I gave this margin to the bottom 30s pixels. And let's see that in the developers to, let's see. Click that. And this is the tag we add, add up. And as you see guys, the color, maybe orange, that is the margin bottom 30 pixels. We gave a space between the second ad. In this ad. As you see, the color orange, that is margin, and this is the float left. This ad will be floated to the left. If we replace this to the right, it floated to the right. That's why we set this to the left. Left. Okay. Okay. The next thing is, you notice this guy is the gray color. We'll adjust the team because the AdSense code has ins tag and this team has a tag to and assign that own style of this team. Let's back to the style and let's remove the override. I have explain this. This is the tag, Adsense ad have this tag. And also the team just writing, have also said their own style to the team. And I override important means, override the background color set to transparent and set two important in the boarder set to none. And I said two important, Save Changes. And back to the page and reload. And as you see now, the color gray disappeared in the background of the ad. Okay, the next thing to do is add, adds. Below the content, not here. We will add, adds below of this content. In this case, guys, we can edit or add the adds to the this file content single PHP. We will add, add through the functions that BHB, okay, go to Functions, back to the file. And let's close this content. We done on that though two functions and edit. And I have a code dice and I have to explain, don't worry about this code guys. I will include this child theme to this course. You can download steam if you want, and you can add your own ads and paste the functions. And this is a dual ads in the content below. And this is the function name. And this is the function to show up this code or HTML tag underneath the posts. And as you see guys, I assign a div tag all already. What you will do is put your AdSense code through here and go to the notepad. The second responsive link at, is this responsive link. Add your spoke to hear. It already wrapped to the div tag like that, and just arrange k. That's very good. Don't worry guys, I will include this child team to discourse. You can download anytime. All functions and files back to node. And the second is the second responsive add here, second, copy the code and put to this, we will see what happened in the content. This is the best techniques I ever done to boost up your earnings and arrange it. Range to look nice. And to the tag into ads, ad link and Responsive Ed. And also set this to rectangle. To make look nice. And let's see what will happen. Save Changes. Go to pose, Control F5 on your keyboard. Assisi guys, the ads appear underneath the pose, but they'll have a problem of this team. We will fix this. Okay? The problem is this paces. Let's back to the CSS and override the style of the ends. I guess the ends are a break. Back to the CSS and paste my style here. And this is the style I added. Responsive, single responsive, add link to. I give it a margin bottom and I'll leave it blank to the responsive add number two. And I override break because this ad has a break, the cobe function. That's why it gives you this pace. I give it two and a single. In this class, target the break. And this single responsive AB to target the break and give it to none. Display to none means disappear that break of this spaces. This is the break tag in HTML. Okay? Save Changes. And let's see control F5 on your keyboard. Now guys, as you see the ads, very, very, very nice. I will not set a width of this, just I set a rectangle. Okay, one more time. Reload control F5 on your keyboard. Very, very beautiful ads implementation like this. See very, very beautiful adds Implementation. Okay, the next thing is we will add, add in the sidebar widgets. We will not need to edit the code. We can add that via widgets though to the dashboard. Go to appearance widgets. Okay, let's add a text widget supported with HTML and JavaScript. Let's find that it will add both homepage and post page, depending of the team support. Main sidebar and post sidebar. First main sidebar. And close up for now. And let's add or post sidebar. Sidebar and add widget. And flip up. Let's transfer this underneath the social buttons. Let's transfer this to underneath the social buttons. And we will add a div wrapper for the AdSense code. And I give it a name, class name, sidebar Responsive, Ed. And let's go to the notes in this ad for sidebar. Responsive add three bays that, and let's replace this two rectangle. Copy, saved, post sidebar, paste, and save. And let's see what will happen. Let's see the ad. It's still loading. And this is the ad in the sidebar. Very, very look nice. Okay guys. We put an ad in a post page. Number five of ads on this post page. Okay. How many ads and every page on your website? According to AdSense. Before there have a limit. Then this source, Search Engine Journal, Google removes the Adsense ad limit policy, but put an ad in moderately. My personal advice, just limit your ad on every page, three to five ads on every page. Don't put too much ads because that's very, very top heavy to your website. Okay. So we will put a five ads on the post page and we will add, adds, by the way, total of three adds in the homepage because this sidebar is also displaying in the homepage. This sidebar add. Let's see that in the homepage. And as you see the ads is displaying in the homepage. 51. 3.5 Adding AdSense Ad Units to Home Page: Okay, In the homepage, we will add the add above of the post lists, and also we will add, adds in loops tile. We will add the second after this post, we will add here. Okay guys, let's do that now. Let's back to the file manager. Most WordPress template, the posts lists will be coded to the index.php to the main template directory. And let's see this edit. Click Edit. Close this function. And this is the index file. And let's find that code for pulseless. If you have knowledge in PHP or any programming language, you'll make sense of this. And I guess this is the post list. If have posts, while have posts and get the post content posts template or else no article. And this is the pulseless. And let's add the Adsense ad above the post lists. Let's back. We will add this isn't the pulseless. Pulseless is this code starting this? Depending of the team guys, but mostly the pulseless in the homepage told it to the index.php. Let's try to add back to the notepad and copy this for home. Copy. And let's first div tag class and add a note like that. And we will add a name like that, home responsive, add one. And arrange that to look nice. And don't forget to change this to rectangle. And let's add another one. Like I say, guys, we will add, adds in advance and loop style. Don't worry, guys, I will include this team child theme to this course. You can download this team for your reference anytime. Okay, Let's do the loop style of adding an ads. In PHP. We will start the zero. And let's close this. This is the opening tag, BHB. We will close the beach, be in open to other side. Beach B now, and let's add this code. Open curly brace. Of course there have a close curly brace, BHB and close curly brace. And let's add a code, the last one and paste the final ad. I will explain this guy's. After adding the ad. Change this to rectangle and give it a name. Copy. This is number two. And let's arrange this to look nice like that. So what's the meaning of this? If the post is equal to the fourth posts, meaning underneath the pulse of this page, 1234, the ads will be displayed here underneath the board posts. If you want the displayed. And after the third pose, you can change this to 3125, changed to five. But I will put this on the board posts and save. And let's see what will happen. Save Changes. I forgot guys, we will add a CSS class name. Let's go to the CSS. Let's add that for CSS pore spaces. And this is the CSS home responsive Adwan into, I give it the margin, bottom 35 big cells and bottom 50 pixels. And save, and save. And let's reload control F5 on your keyboard. And let's see what will happen. Okay guys, let's see now what look like. Let's see the first said. And as you see dies, very, very beautiful implementation. The first ad and the second add. The loop style add very, very beautiful implementation. Sometimes guys, this adds display, a square, sometimes displayed full rectangle. And let's adjust the space on this. This too much. Let's back this style. And let's add a CSS of this. This is the CSS is a lighter wrap because this div tag, this is the slider or rap, and we will adjust the CSS and this will override to 30 pixels important. Save Changes and Control F5 to your keyboard, the full reload to take effect the CSS. And now as you see, the spaces is adjust. We will give the ad between the other element on the right pace. Not too much. Just the right spaces. Okay, Looks beautiful. Let's test this to the mobile devices. There have a Chrome in more tools, developer's tool, and set this to iPhone six. And this is looked like in mobile. Let's reload to mobile Control F5 in the keyboard. And let's scroll down. Looks very, very nice guys. And let's see. The ad. Yes, looks very nice. And let's see. This is not right guys. Too tiny spaces to this button. We will adjust this. We will add space. This is not right. Okay, let's back to the style and lets the CSS. I will explain this media screen, meaning we will execute. This says is if the screen size of the screen is not more than 500 pixels or below 500 pixels, which is for mobile devices. And this is the div class class, and this is the name of that, of this, of this Add. Ok. And it will give it a margin and override two important unsaved changes. And let's reload. Control F5 on your keyboard. Okay, dice. Now the spaces is right, not too much to near to the button. Looks very, very good. And let's see the posts. What's look-alike? What's look like the ad and mobile. This is very good guys. This is fine. Not too much. Not too much paces. The space is fine. And let's see that. Okay, The adds looks fine and very, very nice. Last one. We will talk about this. If you use the drop-down menu, don't add AdSense underneath the drop down menu. That's against the terms and condition in AdSense, e.g. you add adds at the back of this, meaning they have documentation about this. Don't I don't understand my policy violation. What violation that you receive, accidental clicks and natural attention because you put the ad behind the drop-down menus. So don't put behind the drop-down menus. Okay, I think guys, that's all for this video. Thank you very much for watching. See you next video, guys. Bye for now. 52. 3.6 Adding AdSense Search to WordPress Site: Hi guys, This is axial MOLAP. In this video, we will add, adds in search to this website. In WordPress, there have already search, like search widget. You can drag that widget to the sidebar to show up the search widget on the sidebar. And this thing that just writing the Rabaa built-in search here. Let's try to search WordPress. We will remain this search box. What we'll do in this video is replace this search result from Google. Adsense. Search results will replace this and it will remain this. And also the search box will modify the header that PHP and search the beach p. Okay, let's do that and go to File Manager and the site directory. Go to your teams. Teams and child team. I forgot to copy guys the search file on the parent team. Let's back to the parent team and copy that file. Yes. Right. Team. And down and copy this to the child team. Copy. Copy. Ok. already copy back to the child team. And this is the search from the parent team. Okay, we'll rename this file to rename. Do page dash. Google does search the PHP. Rename. The file is rename. Okay, we will modify this to Heather and this file. Edit. The header will open already and open this edit. The file. We already opened the header and page a Google search. Okay, let's go to Google AdSense and go to my ads and search. First thing to do is create a custom channel, costume channel for that website. Save. Okay, back though to custom search engines. And click this new custom search engine. And I already have a note here. Just follow me along, guys. The name of this is the graph. Wp.com search. Just put your site name here in search and keywords. Check this only sites I select. Obviously, I craft the Willy P, the thumb, and your side keyword, your website keywords. And just leave this option because some channels choose this search box style. Just leave it, guys. We will not use the Google Search. From this adds in search, we will get the result only. Add style. Just check to default. Just choose default for now. And search result on my website using I-Frame. And copy your URL here. Copy if your website is https, just put HTTPS here. If not, just HTTP only. Okay, Save and get a code. Okay guys, just copy the search box code to the notepad. Copy and paste to the notepad. And we will use the alternative code for search result. We will not use this one. Okay, close for now. And let's click this again. And as you see, guys do have a link here, access more advanced search features. Click this open in a new tab and just choose this to page. Let's check the thumbnail. Be sure this turn it on and go to search features. And let's turn on this enabled promotions on that. Let's back to look and feel and go to Customize. You can play the fungi, the color if you like. For now, I'll leave it to default. Go to Teams and you can choose the teams you want. I choose the default one. And I guess that's it. And save and get a code. This is for search form guys, we already have, we will get the search result code. Only. Click the snacks and copy this. Copy, paste to the notepad like that. And that's all for this. And let's back to header. Will find the Search. We will find this form. Let's click in the Google Chrome developers tool and click this and hover this defined idea of this form, the rabbit ID header search. Copy that. We'll find that. Where is that located? Click on the editor inside the editor, Control F. And here found the search form. Okay, close. And let's give us pace like that. And this is the search type. This is the search failed. This code is this, this search field. And this code, this is the submit button. K back to Notepad and copy this three input type, hidden. Copy, and pace under the search input, like the Arrange. And that's back to the form. There have search here and form action. Copied this search, this is the page guys will create this page later. Let's find the action. This, this is the action, this is the dynamic PHP code, and this is the site URL. Let's add the search here. Add forward slash. Next, the Q, Q in the input name. That's query. Let's find q. We will replace this from S to cue. Like that. I guess that's all for Header save changes. And let's go to page Google search will replace the name of this, will all turn this into a page, removed and paste the name. Like that. We turn this guy on to the WordPress page with this syntax template name, column, Google search, we had wrapped on forward slash asterisk, asterisk forward slash. Okay, Let's find that in this is the search result less. Get template part, get content. Let's give us pace. And let's close the PHP tag because we will add a code here. Open PHP. It's a good practice to add. And then wrap the dead. Go search and back to Notepad and copy this search result code, paste and save changes. And don forgot to create a page on this book, guys, I forgot to comment out this, this get template part. Just add the wall slashes, forward slashes to coming out. And save and let's back to Heather. And I guess this is not need for now, let's try to remove this. The important here is the search in the action. Here, we added this and the q and the name. Save changes. And let's create a page on this. And let's back to dashboard. Go to a page, add new page. And let's create a page on that page name search, leave it blank the content. And let's find out here. Google search, this page template. Is this, this name. Okay? In be sure the permalink URL string is match the search name to this, this mismatch. Mismatch. And that's all for this and publish. And let's try now, go to homepage first. And that's already I'll reload. Let's try search WordPress. Now guys, us, you see it's working. This is the ads from ads in search, and this is the search result of your website. So you see this is my blog posts and the URL link there have a problem. There, have a line here, and this is from that template. Just write template. We will override this style. We'll add the CSS. Let's back to template and edit the CSS. Let's add a CSS to override. This, CSS can override that line. And as you see, I add a comment for Google Search and Google Search table. This div is the div tag we create in this page. And we add a code div class, table and border style none. Save change. And let's back and reload Control F5 on your keyboard. And as you see now, the line has disappeared and looks fine. Well, this is already responsive guys. And as you see, powered by Google Custom Search. And there have one more thing to fix. The search result for. Word is gone. And let's fix that issue back to Heather. And let's I have a code already on this. Just grab this code to the template here. I attach in the course. I guess in page Google search, not here. Click this, and let's find that here. Sec search result. This is not working anymore because we'll transfer the search to the Google ads and search k. Let's comment out this coming out with this HTML coming out like that. That is coming out in HTML. And paste this code. And Assisi guys, I, this is the same. I explain this. This is the page title search we solve for. And I echo and I add a span tag like same here. And I get the Q value of this. I get the q, I get the value of this in a cadet echo. And I get the AC icon. Same on this rap to H1. And save changes. And let's reload control F5 on your keyboard. Now guys, works perfect, like the same in the built-in template, but we will replace the result into Google. Adsense. Search result works perfectly. I guess that's all for this video and thank you very much for watching guys see you next video. Bye for now. 53. 3.7 Adding AdSense Page-Level ads (AdSense Auto ads): Hi guys, This is axial mullet. In this video we will add the page level adds to this website. This is very, very easy to implement and let's do that. Go to the AdSense. Go to my ads, page level ads. And be sure you turn this on. This is off, this is on color blue and get a code. Pretty easy. And copy this to the header dot PHP on your template. Copy. And actually guys, you can edit the code in the dashboard. Also you can then file manager to, of course, in this time we will do in the dashboard. Go to Appearance Editor. Actually you can edit, you can edit a team here, your team to the editor section. As you see, this is a child team inherit template and so on, just right. And this is your files on your child's team. And this is your style and so on. And let's add a code. Let's choose the header, choose the header that PHP. And this is the header. You can do this in file manager to add the code after the closing head tag. This is the closing head tag in pace, and that's it. And let's save update file. In That's it. Let's go back to Google AdSense and let's collect this, test it out and see guys test page level ads on your site. We will test this in the mobile devices. Copy this sharp or Google ads copy, and let's go through mobile devices. I have an emulator here. Here. This is Android emulator, Nexus five, add debt and enter, reload. And now guys, as you see the pop ups appear, page level ads. And Assisi guys, the DNA tests there have an ad here, Deposit Photos. And as you see guys, the ads is working and the bottom of the screen of the phone works fine. And let's try the VNets. Vnet, sorry, and loading. And let's see now the anchors is working and let's test the big nets. Add. I guess this is line here, square line around the WordPress category. I guess this is the big net ads. Let's click this click. And as you see, it's working, working perfectly. And it's working guys, the page level ads. And that's all for this video guys. Thanks for watching. See you next video. Bye. 54. 3.8 How much earned in AdSense: Hi guys. In this video, we'll talk about how much earn in Google AdSense. In this video, I will show you the real example how much I earn in my previous website, which is that website is not exist anymore. This earnings is not gain from Axel molar.com. This earning came from my previous website. That site now is not access. And as you see on this line page views, impression and estimated earnings. Us dollar. This is per day I earn every day on that previous website, e.g. September 1, September 2, three, and so on. In this day, at least guys, you have an idea how much you earn if you get this impressions, number of impressions, number of page views. If your site gets around 700 page views and impression that day, you earn this amount. And every day not so lucky because sometimes you get a low amount like this and sometimes you'll be getting lucky because there have a day you earn like this. If you get around this page views and impression, you earn like this, depending of the advertisers to show up on your website. If that advertisers is, has lots of budget of their ad, you get a higher earning. If that advertisers is low budget, their ad, you get a low earning. Like I said, not every day is lucky in this day. I earn 0.5. In this day I earn this amount, which is one day only $10. At least dice, you have an idea how much you earn. If you get this page views every day and impression in how much amount you earn if you get this impression. That time, I'm not so expert on SEO and that time my traffic is not so huge. Today, social media traffic is very, very popular. What if, if your site page views reach around 5,000 to 10,000 or 8,000. What earning you earn? Just imagine if you reach like that page views impression a day, e.g. if you get the impression per day, how much you're earning, I guess it's around $30 a day, depending of your social media fans. If you have a huge social media fans, if you have around 100,000 likers through your fanpage. If you have a lots of followers and Twitter. If you have a new post, just share it to social media. If your likers are followers interested of your posts day, we'll click your posts and you get a page views and impressions. And also you must be expert in EC2 to get your page views going, traffic from Google search engine to get much page views and oppression. And that's all for this video, guys. I hope you liked this video. See you next week. Bye guys. Bye for now. 55. 3.9 How to Use AdSense Native Ads to Increase Earnings: Hi guys, and welcome to this update video in this course. In this video we will be talking about how to implement the AdSense native ads to increase your earnings. If you have a right traffic on your site, and if you implement your Google AdSense ads correctly, of course, your earnings will be increase. Let me show you on my side. And as you see guys, this is the blog posts and this is the AdSense native ads, the color of the title, and the image is close to the post title. The secret of increasing your AdSense is to match the color of the ads to your post title, the description and image size of native ads. You should match. And let's scroll down. And this is the AdSense native ads. And this is the AdSense native ads. Another example in this graph, wp.com in the sidebar in Assisi, this is the AdSense native ads in the latest post, post title, and this is the AdSense native ads will be re-implement. This adds on the next video. And in this AdSense, okay, back first, go to ad unit and click Add unit and click select this, select this in feeds ads and view example. And as you see guys, this is the AdSense native ads, this fresh blueberries delivery. And this is the post title and the Wolfs title. And I shoot implement like this in my side, axial wall at.com. And again, guys, implementing AdSense native ads correctly, you should have a knowledge in HTML, CSS, and a little bit of PHP. So this is not a PHP HTML CSS course. At least you have a knowledge and to implement the AdSense native ads correctly. If you don't have a knowledge, I will be attach the team files on this course. You can download it as your reference. Don't worry about that. And let see you in the next video, guys, Bye. 56. 3.10 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Posts List: Okay guys will be replaced. This Fabius adds to native ads and will be replaced these two, and we'll be adding additional Google AdSense native ads and post lists in the last of the post lists. And it will be add additional native ads here. And of course, you must have knowledge in HTML and CSS and a little bit understanding of PHP. You should play the native ads together on your team. You should be played team, post title, color, the image size, the color of the description, and so on. You should play the configuration of the AdSense native ads to match on your WordPress theme. So go to your AdSense account, of course, and click a new unit. And this is the new AdSense native ads to native and Ruby choose this, and this is the P views Adsense ad type text in display, and select this in feeds, add, select. And there have four examples here. Image above, image on the site, title above and x only view example. And as you see guys, the title of the post is right. Together with the image, left image, and I guess will be choose this type of ad. Yeah. Okay, What will be choose this image on the side, add because the title of the post is on the side. You example, okay? If this, the title of the post is above the image, so it will be choose this select. And this is the AdSense native ads configuration and add the ad unit name. This is your ad unit name, I graph. They will be, of course you can add your own name here. And first click this global option to like that. Click that Global Options, and this is the configuration image, headline, description and so on. Click Global Options. In this option, the Rabaa fun text wrap and so on. In the font. Choose a font here closest to your team. If you're team, font is Open Sans juice up in science. If your font name is Ariel, Ariel by default is Roboto. If in case the font here doesn't exist, courses to your team. You can customize your team, the font, and your team in this case. So it will be cost to mice, will be choose Roboto. Roboto and will be replaced this font Roboto. Back to. Okay, go to your file manager of course, on your WordPress theme directory and WP content teams. And this is your current team. And click CSS edit. And we will be modified. This team. And the AdSense font is about those, so will be changed. The font of this team to Roboto. Roboto is from fonts.google.com. It should be this font. Click this plus, and we will be grabbed this font. Roboto customize will be checked the regular by default and add 700 font. Bold and click Embed. And click import will be add this to the CSS and copy this, copy and go to your CSS and B. And here we will be override the font to Roboto. And if you have knowledge in CSS, this will be easy to you. So body tag, whole team, body, font. Family Roboto and sans-serif as a backup. And important to override. And font weight is 400, 400 and save changes. And let's reload now. This is now our rebuttal. And as you see guys, the font changed to Roboto. Font is different now. So, okay, that's the first step. Let's double-check this guys. I believe something's wrong here. Google Chrome, just open the developer's tool. Just press F2 in your keyboard to pop up the developer's tool. And this is the developers to, from Chrome and will be inspect the element here is, the font is really, really working. And click this, click this and hover to the post title, and click again. And just click this H2, this is title. This is depending on your team, will be investigated. So the font is still Poppins. This is the theme base font. The font is not totally change. So the only change is the the body tag. But there are some elements doesn't affect to the font changing because this tag is declared to this font. Poppins. So again guys seems have knowledge in CSS, the easy understanding of this. So it will be due here, is who'll be grabbed this all elements mean, mean, new sidebar, heading, navigation, and so on. And it will be override to reward the font. So to grab this, it should be clicked. Double-click, and copy. Copy this. And back to your CSS in peace. And this is the main menu tag. All texts tag H1, H2, single content and will be override to Roboto font copy. So now the font weight is 700. And save and reload the page Control F5 on your keyboard, the full reload control F5. And let's see now, I guess this is the real Roboto. So yes, this is the real font, Roboto. So to double-check, press F 12 in your keyboard and inspect the element. Click this and click this. Again. Another click. And Roboto, where are you? Click this H2 title. So the team font is crossed out and replace two font, family Roboto, so it's working now. Let's proceed now to Adsense ad native ads back to here, and now the font is sold. So click this up and go to image. Of course, cliff align and choose the pixels from where let's say 150, the size of the image. Again, you should match the configuration here to your team. So scroll down and F 12 in your keyboard. To pop up the developers to click this and Hubbard S. And as you see guys, the wedge size of the image is 208.98 by one to 1.73. And I guess we should entered the 208 here to the configuration. So the size of this is to 08. Again, depending on your team, you should play the width of the Adsense ad to your team. In this example, two through eight. If doesn't match, just adjust here, just back to this configuration to adjust to match on your team. And the padding. This is the padding of the image and right. So it will be, so the padding is click again. Padding. There's no padding and the image, the padding is the content have a padding. So padding post content class, post content class. So top left, bottom, top, right, bottom left. So 45 pixels. Copy and back then figuration. And this is a 45 pixels. So see it match the padding to the pulseless this pace. And the headline. Short is a good choice board. Of course, click this bowl. And I have a reference here to do this. Fas 24 pixels for style and the color 222222 guys, the color of this is 2222. Let's check now. I guess you should reload this to take effect again. Okay, font is two to two, and headline is done. Description. And 19 pixels. Because this is 19 pixels guys, we should match the font size to the native ads, 910 pixels. And for, for, for the color of this is 444. Let's see now. 444. Yeah, this is for, for, for for, for, for Let's go back here and will be replace these 2444. Like that. And bold, I guess. I guess not bold or not bold. Okay. So description, URL and 11 pixels, font size and 444 again, because this is the color of the font of my team, 444.44, 4444. And that's it. The image size match. The size. And font color match today's color. And save and get a code. Save. Okay, copy this script. This is native ads script. Copy and radius guys, it can take 20 to 30 min for the ads to appear on the page. So the rubber possibilities on this, but we will be try and lobby, add this, add to their pulseless on the team. Go to your file manager and WordPress theme directory. Mostly pulseless will be display on the PHP index.php. If you need a reference for teaming in WordPress, just go to Google and type. Wordpress. Theme is structured. Okay. Back to index and it will be edit this, edit. Scroll down. And this is the ads, the close this and this is the PBS one of the ad. And this is the previous one of the ad will be replaced this to native ads. Remove this, remove and replace to maybe bads. To look nice and clean. Like that. And copy again. And as you see, the new newest code, data add layout key. And this is the native ads because they add layout key in the code. So in the loop guys, as you remember in my previous video, this is the loop on this pulseless. This is the loop on the pulseless will be removed. This swan remove and paste like that. And we will be at another one here. Scroll up pose prefix. And we add additional here. And will be copy this copy. And let's see what will happen. So about olive tree, add in the index, copy, responsive to tree. So we will be here native, native and non-native. And save changes. And reload this page to see now what's look like the Google AdSense native ads Control F5 on your keyboard. 57. 3.11 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Post Lists (continued): And native ads take effect quickly because I already implemented this. So probably in your end guys, I guess it takes 20 to 30 min, so works well, but the alignment is not working well. Again, if you have a knowledge in HTML and CSS, you can fix this issue in your own. Deriva, add zeros, so it looks nice. The AdSense native ads. So as you see guys, the font is matched to get Roboto. Roboto, and this is Roboto. So the image size is matched to this size. Will be adjust the font size on this later. And we'll be arrange the styling on this. We will be fixed the issue on the spacing on this. Okay, back to style that CSS. And as you remember, the holder element of the ads is this responsive add one or zero. Remember in my previous video. So home responsive add to the second one will be replaced this to new CSS. So native, native. Third one is not here. So we add a margin bottom 75 pixels, and it will be add the margin bottom here. And Assisi guys have a little space here. So we need to adjust this spaces to margin-left to negative ten pixels. So it will be go magical to laugh, laugh, yeah, marginal f, negative ten pixels. So we will be seed up. And this one will be add additional margin bottom too, 50 pixels. So it will be copy this copy, right? That's right. And save changes and reload the page. Again, guys, you can play this configuration to your team in your own. You must have knowledge in HTML and CSS to play with it. So you need to reload again. Sometimes it's show the default AdSense ads, sometimes it show native ads. So reload again. And it's working guys. And as you see, the padding is match to this post title, the image size, the robot, the font will be adjust this font size later. And yeah, you can play this. You can play the ad since native ads to match on your team. Of course, you have a knowledge in HTML and CSS and also WordPress and a little bit of PHP for the loop. And yeah, it's working. Something's wrong here. I guess the spaces will be back the styles later. And the third one is, looks well, so it will be back to the style and what's going wrong on this. And let's press F2 in the keyboard. F2 L, and will be adjusted. Now, click this here in the top. Yeah. Click this title, and click this H2 title. And let's find the element holding that post title and font size title class. Okay, let's break down to, I guess 28 is fine. And max width. Okay, you must have knowledge in CSS again on this. For now, Let's copy this. It's difficult to copy. Copy and back to style and add this here. Diem costs to mice. And like that. This is not included. Remove that. Okay, just override important. That important. Again, you can play in this and your own. And I have a mistake on this. I did not put the colon and copy again for three AdSense native ads tree. So Save Changes in control F on your keyboard. So it's working the font size resize. So sometimes they change, sometimes not. So that's the native ads and it's working here. So good work guys. The next video will be implement the AdSense native ads to the sidebar. I guess, open in a new tab in this sidebar, guys. So see you in the next lesson, guys, Bye for now. 58. 3.12 Adding AdSense Native Ads to Sidebar: Okay guys, the next implementation is on the sidebar. And for this example, on this pose. And the latest posts, this is depending on your team guys, other team have built-in latest posts or popular posts or recent polls other team doesn't have. Or we can implement this latest post through plugins will be at native ads here and here. And adding the native ads on this list is a little bit complicated because you need to implement a little bit of PHP loop. Okay, We will be override this part of the team to child team. And I already tested guys, it can override this part of the team. So we'll be modifying the team directly to the parent theme. In that case will be, take no ourself. This team has modified the parent team. If in case the update of this team, We can replace a new implemented code to avoid override from the Update Team. Okay, go to this theme directory. And as I said, we'll be fine this part of the team. So this is depending on your team. And this team. This is not a variety yet. This part, this part latest posts. So we'll go to the parent theme and accustoming on this team. Widgets, because this is the built-in of this team, the latest posts and yeah, recent posts and Moby view this edit. And this is the this is it. Yeah, this is set in an editor or just click this legacy editor if available to your end to expand all. Or you can edit this via FileZilla in Notepad Plus, Plus. And this is the latest posts. And yeah, this is it, and it will be implement the native ads here. So let's try this now. It will be closing div tag. This is the title, this is the image. This is the number of comments. And let's try an experiment first. Let's see this. If really this in this area. Reload control F5. Yeah, the XX appeared. This is a test txt. So this file is really this. So remove that. And let's create the ads now and will be implemented later. Of course, your AdSense account, click Add, new unit and click in feeds also select. And this time we'll be juicing this again. Yeah, Again. We'll be juicing this again because the title is the right-side. Select. And click this and input your title. And this is the title of the ad and global option. Roboto. This is fine. And click Image left aligned and I have a reference here. So the way the image is one serious six. Let's back in. Click F 12 in your keyboard using Google Chrome. And let's investigate this. So you see dice, the weight of this thumbnail is 106 by 14. So what will be, change this to pixels. And once your six, the wind, once or six, and the padding, this space is 20 pixels. I play this, I already played this, guys. This is 20 pixels padding. So it'll be there, it'll be replaced this to 20 pixels. So as you see it's paces in real time. So this is fine image and headline short, fine. And see my reference 19 pixels for the title and bold, of course. And the font color is two to two, like that. And headline is fine. Go to description. Description is off because this is, does it have a description? Close? This doesn't have a description, so it will be turned off and the description and URL is 11 is fine. And this is for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for, for. That. Url is fine and button is same, also 2444444. Okay. So save and get the code. Click. Okay, copy this code, copy and paste to the notepad. For now, paste it in Notepad. And let's back to the this file and scroll down. And I believe here, this is the UL, this is the yoga guys. Ul, UL LI, LI l i. So this is the image. This is the image. This is the post title. This isn't the comments, so we'll be adding additional LI for ads. And I guess I already added this in the previous day. So if you don't have this variable count, so this is a simple variable on PHP. Count equals to zero. This is a loop, loop. So I add here. And this is opening tag. If count is one and another, LI, if count is equals to three and another LI will be at neatly beds here. Again, you must have knowledge on PHP on this, a little bit, knowledge on PHP for reference on PHP, you can learn a PHP on this side. This terrible variables switch and for-loop. And this is for loop. This is the for-loop guys. So let's try now for the meantime, test two and test to this test1, test2. And I started account on zero if this is while, while looping this variable, Starks count the 01 and so on. So if fluid reached one, add this, if rich 23 or this. And let's see that example now. And reload. And Assisi guys, I add a test one and test two. So this is, let's back to the, this is one, this loop. This is the loop 12010123. So the loop starts to zero. Okay, just play with it. So we'll be adding native ads here. Copy this native ads, that will be the same. And to look nice and clean. To look nice and clean. And also be implement a style on this later. So for now, save changes. And let's see the native ads. Reload the page Control F5 on your keyboard. And let's see now, the page is loading. And now guys, you see this is the native ads on the latest posts implemented. And as I said, we need to add CSS on this ad. And I see notice guys, the image height doesn't match in this, you can regenerate the image using the generator, I guess the plugin, which we use in the previous video. So the next step is smooth, this image to the left. So go to style, and it will be add a CSS and this, and this is the style you a series in booths, native one, native do margin left, it moves to the left, margin top, the first one, it moved to the top and save changes and reload. And as you see guys, it aligned to the image, at least guys see you have an idea how to implement the AdSense native ads to the latest, both recent posts or popular posts in the sidebar. And this element is not override the child theme. And we should take notes ourselves, and we should be copied this. Let's back to the child diem and accustoming. Let's copy this as reference for the future because this is not override. Create a new file and this new file sidebar bump, bump up the texts. This is a tax. So if in case there have a team update in the picture, this code will not loose. Okay, Save Changes. And that's it for this implementation. I hope guys like this video, please review this course, guys, to help me on this course and thank you very much for your support. And see you in next video, guys. Bye. 59. 3.13 Next Step: Thank you very much for watching on this course we all already done. And what next thing to do? The next thing to do is build your site, traffic, optimize your website, or search engine optimization. Durable, lots of SEO courses here in Udemy. Also guys, build your social media fan pages. Social media traffic is very, very popular these days. The more get your traffic in your website, the more you get earnings in AdSense in also guys, I made an effort on this course for you. Please rate it a five-star. And thank you very much guys. See you next on my course. Bye.