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What makes a good logo? - create the best logo for your client with Inkscape

teacher avatar István Szép, Designer and design teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Your first task!


    • 3.

      The good logo


    • 4.

      Types of logos


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    • 6.



    • 7.

      Clever and creative


    • 8.

      Gestalt games


    • 9.

      The logo design process in a nutshell


    • 10.

      Do your research!


    • 11.

      Research example


    • 12.

      Sketching for creativity


    • 13.

      Creating the 2nd logo idea in Inkscape


    • 14.

      Creating the 1st logo idea in Inkscape


    • 15.

      Continuing the 2nd idea


    • 16.

      Creating a 3rd version


    • 17.

      And a 4th version of the same logo


    • 18.

      Colors in logodesign


    • 19.

      Coloring our logo in Inksape


    • 20.

      Type in logo design


    • 21.

      Add text in Inkscape


    • 22.

      Presenting your ideas to the client


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About This Class

In this course I cover the theory and the creative process of logo design from the first client brief through finding ideas and creating sketches, until the presentation of the final design to the client. According to this, half of the course is about logo design theory and process, the other half is about designing logos in Inkscape - with all the practical tips I can give.

Inkscape is a great free vector tool you can use to create real, professional level logo design for real clients. Clients care about results, they need a good logo from a flexible, professional designer. To achieve this, you don't need expensive software. You need to be clever and creative, and I show you how!

  • work like a professional logo designer
  • create creative and smart logo design
  • understand what makes a good logo

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

István Szép

Designer and design teacher


I am a graphic designer and design teacher from Budapest. I draw cute characters and clever logos, build websites and sometimes videogames. My main tool is Inkscape, a great open source design program.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to the inescapable design course. I'm istan. I am glad you enroll the course us, I said earlier. Discourses not about teaching everything about escape. So probably these interfaces already familiar, if not, go to escape the torque and don't know the escape from free. As I said, it's amazing tool. And if you don't no the basic tools and your way around the escape it's OK. You can find some help in the bonus lecture in the last lecture. Let's talk a bit about what will be in the course. So mostly I will talk about the theory. So what makes a good logo? And what is the local design process? I'm using? How I created these logos and I will also show you a process from the start to the end from the basics research and sketches till the final design. I'm showing to my client, and that is an actual real life logo I'm working on. Now. I will show you several methods. I will tell you how to get the best results you can. Denvir, you are working in escape. I am home was sure that there are a lot of people using escape, but not professionally. And I am also assured that if you're following the course, you can do it professionally in heaven mindset and an overview about this game which didn't have before, and you will create amazing logos. And I'm really, really looking forward for you to show off your work in the common section. Okay, so let's start, but first going to the next lesson and check out your first dust. 2. Your first task!: I will treat you now like a people most my students. And with this I give you a task. Usually in the semester I have only one tusk. I don't ask a lot of homework. I only ask one thing and this is your first us. If you want to succeed in this course, just take care about this one thing. Do it for you. Get a real company now and do your first local design for them. It can be a school. It can be your local church. It can be your friends. Little start up. It can be Remember for a big company. Amazing. Congratulations. But But it can be anything. I just say Get a real life really challenge and work for them because only a real challenge can provide real leader learning. If you are, make up a logo for yourself, for example. I am into running and I say I want to learn. Ah, logo design And I make up a logo for ah running association. That's something pleasing me, something I'm interested in. But for example, I'm not interested in cars at all. And someone is coming to me. Can you design a logo for a car dealership. I have to make myself interested. I have to listen to my client and I have to get real life feedback and please my client and make good logo. So this is a real challenge. Go out now and find something real around you and create a local for them. I always say, Don't work for free. Ask for payment over for problem. Pro bono is nothing for for the greater good to go. Come on. Good. And by this, I mean do a logo for an association. You would like to, um, do charity work for, like, your local church or, um, with the local dog shelter or something. A place where you were for out off your heart. And this way it will be free work for you. Great help for them and you will feel better about. And it will be also, um, a big learning process for you because even if it's a client who is not paying for it, if they are, let's say a dog shelter and you drove the MCAT. They will be very pleased, but they will say we are sorry. We need We are doctor to the cat is not a good look good logo for us. That's real life for you in your face. It's real. Change your process. Also, I see a lot of designers and putting a logo design portfolios for companies they just made up. It means they had a good idea somewhere on the way they created the local out of it, and then they need the company out of it. A made up company, This is a good stuff. You can practice with it, but it's not really it's not to you. It's like showing something, but it's it's fake. I'm sorry. So aim for something really? Look out, ho, you can happen on you and create really logo for them. If you're following the course, you will be able tow I brooms. 3. The good logo: in this lesson, I will talk about what makes a good local what I think makes it look. But first, I will tell you what is a logo Exactly. We know that we want to make logos. No, and generally we know what it is. Ah, in my opinion, logo is a symbol. Ah, used to differentiate the company from the others and all these by making recognizable and memorable. So it has everything. A logo is a simple symbol to make the company differentiate, which means stand out from the crowd. So makes it recognisable. And, ah, it also makes it memorable. So people remember the logo and by the logo they remember the services the companies providing. They recognized the camp. That's it. Is this simple? But what makes a good little the good logo for me has and several qualities first of all, its unique. What I said before, it has to stand out from the crowd. So it has to be unique. And it has to be Yeah, easy to differentiate from the from the competition. It has to be your logo, your company's logo. It cannot be general. Second of all, I think this is the most important for me. Also, it has to be simple. It has to be easy to understand. Sometimes you just see a logo for a split second from a car. You have to understand it or you see it in a very small size, so you lose all the details. It still has to be good and understandable. It has to be simple. Simplicity doesn't mean it has to be done. It's Ah, it's Ah, it can be complex but it has to be visually simple. And cream, sir, The logo has to be. The good Lord wants to be created. It has to be interesting. Intel provoking. If it's boring stuff like my logo is this circle? Well, have fun. It's nothing if it's not, doesn't have a creative story, something clever behind it. If it doesn't say something creative, it's not working. It's not going to get their attention off. The people are not going to keep the attention, and a good no go has to be versatile. It means it's flexible enough to use an Ennis, any sore faces and, ah, in any circumstances almost unchanged, which means if I have a logo on and it's Ah, I want I want to put it on the side of a truck in, ah, big size where I want to use it on the insides and a business card that that means that the logo is first. I can use it anywhere, and we still the same with almost the same logo. Maybe it's black and white but still recognisable, and it's my logo and the last one that the logo is. I see I use a simple bore. The logo is fitting for the company. It means it's appropriate for the company. I cannot make a childish looking logo for a serious company with serious message or, ah, local company wants to emit trust or wisdom like I don't know, for the bank. I cannot have a logo with a little bunny. You understand? That's what I mean, that the logo has to be appropriate. So these are the five values I'm looking for. A good logo has to be creative, simple, unique, versatile and printing and appropriate for the company. So the if you keep these in mind and check your logo during the process all the time. If it's matching over the criterias, all these five criterias. I am sure that you will make a good local. If any of these is missing, you are not on the weight creating local the best level you're plying their client needs. 4. Types of logos: before starting the logo. You have to know what type of logo you would like to make, or so better say you have to know what type of locals you can make, because probably you will have a lot of ideas and a lot of different variations between the types of global's. There are a lot of way you can differentiate between logos, but are you simply how they visually look? So I made three groups off logos. There are the iconic locals. I don't have to tell any of the signs. He reaches reach and you recognize them. It's one symbol represented the brand. It can have text to it, of course, like the Nike logo has a special or the EPO has their fund. How it's written related to the apple. Sign the symbol. But the symbol E alone can stand clearly in any size. For the brand. You can represent the Brent easily, and there are the verdot, Lugo's Ah, these are the ones which have no iconic part. No symbol but only built up from text products is a bit off different here. You will know it later on. Why, I said or you might know it already. But if you look at the merchant, but the world isn't logo, they are created only by text. And these they are good. They are recognisable. Logo doesn't have to be only a symbol. This is one way you can go. And there is a certain version which I called makes the logos, which has clearly, um, which is consisting two parts. A clean export and a symbol. And this image and the text parts are separate herbal. They can be used together. They are fine, but they also can be used. So the iconic part, the symbol part, can be used as an iconic level. That's why I make the mix local. Call the mixed doubles. It's a mix of the previous two, and this is what I do most of the time because the text is planing what is in the symbol and the symbol is happened. Attacks like in a good gonna cartoon, the good caricature in the newspaper good illustration. The text and the same will are working together, but the steam symbol is strong enough to be interesting and good logo enough to stand on its own. And, um, that's why most of the time I do, This type of flow goes when I'm creating locals. I'm also sketching ideas for all three. So I am for different versions. And, uh, I'm not limiting myself that this time I only gonna make that's levels are big stomach gonna make only symbol. I'm open for all three. And I suppose you do the same. Okay, lets go in for the next listen. 5. Simplicity: very important and interesting aspect. Off logo design is simplicity because we think a lot of times a simple something simple it has to be dumped on you. Do we just fast Because it's simple. No, it's usually the opposite way around because you have to revolve the details. Remove some details toe. Make your design more understandable. On the left, you see a drawing of a hand I created on the right, the small from simpler version off the hand, holding a pan. I don't say it's a logo. It's a good start thinking about the logo. It's its iconic. It's very simple and still well recognizable and doesn't have us much details. Having. B this is not a problem. Oh, having unnecessary details. Easy. It is the problem. So you really have to zoom in and out and evaluate which details are creating noise in your local designer makes your knees I look fuzzy or dirty. And what are the details which are needed, and I also you will see I'm designing logos which are made from small parts, but the small parts end up together toe create one sold shape. So that's also interesting prospects of 40 simplicity level main point. The point is, if you want people to recognize and memorize your logo and to understand that first of all , what you are showing, it has to be simple. It cannot have too many elements because people simply want understand it in the split second they see. I mean, they see that, uh, side of a building while resuming bust with a taxi so they just see for a second. Really, if it's not simple, they don't recognize it. What? They see it on someone close for a second. It has to be simple. So if it sooner too many things. It's not working. And a typical design mystic, I want to point out, is when people try toe push so many ideas and so many stories in tow. One local. When I made a I made a logo like this. You see so many like this online and especially begin the local designers thing that okay, I listen to the client. He said 10 things. He wants toe body in the logo and they want toe tell 10 messages and 10 stories. No, it's not working like that. You have to simplify. I mean, I made up this company named Royal Property Rental. I made the local for them. You see the ground, you see the letter air on the chain and the metal. You see the diamonds. I know it seems funny, but you see so many local like this. Believe me. And there the houses like properties, everything. What I usually say. Don't cramp. Don't push all the ideas into one local. Why would you? You can separate them, create clean and simple local designs out of this one over packed logo and then even have some more creative ideas because even just a simple one with the royal property. Randall, it's it's working with the crown. The next one. It looks a bit weird, but who knows? If I would were kind of more, it could be a good local. The 3rd 1 It's already something creative. It has the house, and it has. It is in the crown, but it's already has a metaphor. The story is ordered, the beauty, the crown and the house. There real estate, so in the text is not on it in text is just under it. So this could be a nice, iconic local and I got to this idea because I was separating my initial idea, which was pushing everything into one design. So lots of times this is happening and designers are asking, is my local good eight times out of 10? This is what they do. They cram everything into. So take a step back from your logo and ask yourself or us someone around you for a feedback . Is it too much? Is it to money ideas? Do I want toe make too many things in tow? One. If it's if the answer is yes, then just separated. 6. Unique: If you want to create a good logo, you have to aim to be unique. And I mean that the logo has to stand out from the crowd because the unique logo is attractive, so attracting the attention of the view work and it's also memorable. You have to do this because we are surrounded with so many logos every day and so many just the sheer amount off visual information we get each day in the modern world is overwhelming . So if you want to be visible, you have to be outstanding. And, ah, by being outstanding from standing off from the crowd, I also mean stand out from the niche. So if you are for example, creating a logo for a company making there shoes, you can create a logo with a shoe in it. But if you look up during your research period, you see that a lot off other people are creating logos. We choose in it for shoemakers or little handmade shoe stores, and this is a good way. You have to stay in your niche and you have to be recognizable. You have to communicate in the local whether companies doing etcetera. It's important but you still have to stand out. You don't want to look like every other single logo in the competition, so you have to fit in. And I know this sounds ambivalent, and it's heavy, too. Do you have to fit in your niche you are working for and still look different than the competition? One more important aspect of being unique and creating unique logo is simply don't copy. Don't steal other designers ideas even if the client is coming to you. Okay, I would like to have this and this logo coping. Can we have the same idea? No. Please tell them it's not possible because this well ah, really ruin your reputation as a graphic designer because in the age of the Internet, it will. People will know that you cheated and stole a logo in like, an hour. Everyone will know it. You put it in your portfolio. Everyone knows it, so you will not get away with it. And secondly, the client will be harmed as well. Ah, it can be also go into legal case us, The other company who had the local earlier we sue the company, but also it's some just simply bad reputation for each off you. So don't copy. Aim for a unique, clean, fresh idea. And use that as a logo and set and educate your client about it. Because I see a lot of young designers coping. Others work. That's not the way to do. The way to do is in being spired. So see. OK, this is already done. I'm not gonna do that, but okay, wait. This gave me an idea to take it even further and make it even better. That's doable. But copying and stealing logo ideas from other designer is not debated. 7. Clever and creative: good logo is creative logo, but it also have to be clever. So it's not enough of it. Simply beautiful. Okay, it's a great thing, but it's not enough. You have to keep the attention off the people. You have to be memorable. And to do that, it has to be clever and creative solution in Europe. So let's do a quick test. Okay? Think up a logo for a buyer shop. You know, this environmental friendly shop where you can buy this homemade soaps and foods and organic foods and drinks. Okay, Think of local for them. You have five seconds. Okay. Did you think about Leaf? Did you think Think about three or a son or a drop off water? Um, something green. Something like these. Very simple ideas. These will. Your first ideas. I did, too. It's not a problem. First ideas are usually visual. Cliches are cliches something which was once a great new fresh idea. But now it's so overused that you see everywhere. So it's not the solution you are looking for. If you want a unique, clear, create even clever solution for your logo instead of that, try to tell a story because As I said, being simply pretty is not enough. So you have to tell a story inside your symbol and, uh, use these first ideas. Was the first stepping stone a support first? Ah, um, step off the stair to create better ideas. And to do that, you have to create metaphors. And there are two levels you can create. The 1st 1 is you are picturing the name of the company and combine it with the image of their service. So different name of the company is ah, gorilla. And it's ah, car dealership. You create a gorilla in the car together. This could work. This is the level one or what I did here in this example. For example, I made, um, a bridge out off the bottles because the bridge is a symbol for the city. Budapest, which is where I leave. And we have this iconic bridge. And the service is a home delivering off booze. Basically. So this is why I created this legal local. Put them. If you're living with the past, you recommend the bridge immediately. Then you realize it's oh, it's built up from bottles. Okay, there you go. You have a clever solution. But this is just the first level. What I like more and it's gifts even better. Ah, results, even for companies were not without a product what you can touch like I don't know companies. Ah, what about intellectual property, for example, or or anything with has not ah, clear and product, like the drinks or assure card a lotion. You can create a symbol for the values. And the message is the company would like to communicate. And in this case, I made the logo for Castleberry. Ah, because it's a consulting consulting company. And okay, there is a scene. It you see, that's nice. It stands for the Castlebury, but also in the negative space. There is a new old symbol, wisdom. And, um, you can I got the idea because they had a big park in this place and it's beautiful and full of the birds famous about the old. So that's a good point to this is where I got the creative idea from, you see during my research period. But the end point is that the old is this is ah, sign off wisdom and thirst, Fullness. So this is what they would like to communicate with their clients. Well, you know, don't stuck on your first ideas. Don't drove the first ideas. You can sketch them, but don't use them. USAA Final design work on them and create metaphors out of your first ideas and create metaphors from on the from the solutions the company can provide. And on the second level, the values the company would like to communicate. 8. Gestalt games: in this lesson, I will talk about something I really, really like to dio to give the twist to my local design and to make people stop and think for a second. It helps them toe appreciate the logo and remember the logo. Because if you make someone smile or think for a second, they remember the local when that's great for the brand. So these things are called. I call them guests out games. I guess that is Ah, psychologic term from the start of 20 century. It's German German term for ah, it means unified whole. So it's, ah, about how our mind is organizing visual information. If we see ah bunch of dots, um, similar to each other, we we create a group of them if we see a pattern, how we organize, how we organize the pattern for ourselves to understand, simplify and understand the world better. So this is helping us to understand the world better and perceive the world better. But as local designers, we can use it to create interesting visual tricks and implement some metaphors. But I was talking about earlier So, for example, the 1st 1 is closure if I to If I show you the images, you will immediately understand what all these guest out stuff is about because our brain is simply rigged the way that it's finishing the known shapes. If I ask you what lotteries on the right side off the off the screen, you know it's a letter. A. You see only the half of it. But your mind is just mirroring because it's it's a familiar shape. You just finish it in your mind. You know it's a cut. A. If you use this in the local design, it could work. People will recognize it or is the same. We don't see the square and the triangle. There are no continuous lines, but, ah, the dark spheres are helping us to recognize the sphere, the square in the triangle and our mind is continuing the line around the edges off the square and triangle. And that's amazing. Our our mind is building this up for us, so you can. You would use this also in the local design. The other things are proximity, similarity and continuities, something like the same. Like I said, with the closure, it's Ah, our mind is continuing a pattern or ah, putting similar things in a group, for example, on the figure on the left you can easily see that is a group off objects shaping a square, but one is out of line. This is a great stuff. Used a lot, administration that someone is, ah, standing out of the crowd. Someone is going against. That's a great That's a great way to play. Ah, with order and on order. So approximate and similar T works Proximity means that the the distance off between the objects. So if things are closer to each other, like in the heart shape for the key ah, shape I used for logo designs earlier. You understand the small object as well. But if you look at it from a distance, you see that they are shaping something different. I know it's not a simple in local a solo go because I always say Okay, you have to do a very simple logo, but it is certainly clever and is throwing a simple shape. So from a distance, it's a simple shape from close up. You see the little details, and these stops people and make them think for a second. And this gives them the ah ha moment I'm talking about when they realize that. Ah, it's a key, but it's made from flowers. You get my point. Um, so you should use this, Ah, creating partners of similar object and using ah, objects. How close or how far from each other to create some of mind tricks and the implement that in your logo designed and all these approximately similar to continue it and closure. It's awesome. It's really good stuff, but what is even better is negative space. I love negative spacing, nobody's. And I don't know how many locals I collected and how maney I did myself. Almost every time I give a client a logo design, I present like 23 ideas. As I said, one of them is negative space because it works so well. A lot of people don't know it, and they look at it and they're like, Oh, what is this? Negative space is basically the foreground background illusion. Ah, you can look at this image and you see a chalice or a ways. This is called experience. This experiment called Reuben Ways, um, it's a chalice and two faces two men facing each other you can see the nose, the eyes and the lips and the chin. Ah, and what is amazing about this? If you look at it, try. Try. Try to trick yourself. You can you know that it's Ah, two images, the chalice and the two faces. But still you can only see one. Your mind and your eyes are constantly jumping back and forth, back and forth. You cannot see everything in the same time how we use it in local design. This is some locals. I created the negative space. One of my favorite, um ah. About winning logo is, uh, the one on the right on the left. And ah, that's for Bailiff Bistro and Bailey. If there is ah, like a big grown and the fork for the restaurant. Ah, and that's a very simple solution. I created the fork and I didn't drove before. I'm just assuming or with the other local design concept. I made safe hands. The two hands are forming with all our side because this is like your money is in safe hands. This is for ah company working with financed on. There are a lot off different solution. You can make and also for the Korean company. I made this. There is the crane hook and the ropes on the on the hook, creating the negative space off the letter M. It works very well, and it's very, very simple. Ah, and this still gives the client that Is something there? Ah, a few tricks and tips about negative space. If you want to do a negative space logo, I definitely say go for it. But you have to take care that the you cannot with any shape or any object into another object and say this is negative space local. No, it's an object in an object that that's not working like that. Um, I made up this local for a company. Let's say Atlantic and an Atlantic is like blood saper up. I don't know company for shipping or something. I just oh, are bolting. And, um, you can see that on the first example, I was using a ship with a square sail. On the second. I used the ship with this ah, blown by the wind triangle like shape. Ah, seals and it works better. Why? Because that triangle ISF eating better into the negative space the triangle that's supposed to be there at the Capitol. A You know what I mean? Use the negative space. What is already there? How I usually started. And I got this place logo. I have the letter or the shape I would like to have. And I try to bend the other object I would like to have inside, like here this time the sales and the boat. And ah, I try to bend it. That is still recognisable, but it feeds the negative space. The space it guts. A smart as I can. So I'm not bending the negative space off the latter. I'm bending the object in it on, or I try to find an object which is matching the space. I hope it is clear, um, you received if you do it yourself, sometimes it feels forced. If it's feel if it feels forced to yours to yourself, then it probably is. Then your client won't like it, and it wouldn't dare come, people. Okay, lets go on something else. This is a great way to create metaphors. So just remember, do your games to be playful. That's why I call this exercise guest out. Games 9. The logo design process in a nutshell: during the lessons, I will talk about the logo design process. I regard you the whole thing. Kauai, Burke and all. I'm making clever and creative logos. The process How I do with is built up from five steps preparation, Curation. This is the best part presentation refining the logo and follower. Um, preparation is what have you talk about now is what it says. Getting prepared to start to create the logo. The creation part is the actual drawing and making the logo and ah, getting it ready to present. The two declined to show the ideas you have to do. Client. I will also tell you how to do that properly. And then you got some feedbacks from the client and you do some re findings. So usually how I do I present a few ideas to three. I get some feedback. I refined my logos, change the colors, descend that it's ah, communicate with client. It's really a dialogue. And then when the client accepts the logo, there is the follow up state, which is I don't let the client out of my sight. If they need anything we're doing with the logo or the nude in the best part. They need additional design from me. I'm there and I'm ready to work. That's the follow up. So I let started the preparation. Reparation is nothing else just getting ready. As I said, it's all about gathering information. What you need to create your logo. One part of the preparation. The first part is the kind brief briefing is on. The client first contacts you. Why our email or personal or I don't know, sending you text message. Whatever. I need a logo. I would like to. I have a local for my company doing this and this. The client brief is giving you a basic information about the project on the future logo. So this is what the client thinks the logo is. I say the client pinks, because after that there is always a consultation after you say your price or ah yeah, every few. If you see down, there is a consultation where the client says a lot off more. A lot more information for you, and you still have to pay care and ask a lot of questions and you have to listen very good and take notes about what the client says because you want to make a local which is good for them. Also, I would talk about it like you have to make a lover which is good and works general for the people for the target market. But also the client has to accept it. So listen good. And look for what is missing from the brief. So ask additional questions. What was not said in the brief, for example, What is the company doing exactly? Because sometimes people just RVR an I t company. Okay. What is your special? What I specialize pasteurized in what is your main thing, guys? Because I am a designer. I'm not reading mind. You have to tell me everything, so I'm always looking for what was missing. What additional information I need ask about the company. And also I ask about the logo, what they want and what they what they like what they don't like. Did you see any ideas? Any logo from the competition? You like any logo in general you like? Is it something that you totally don't want? Is it something you hate in your log when you wouldn't like to have that? I know this seems very very big and very unprofessional. But on this level of consultation, I'm just open to the client and I'm asking questions and then opened for ideas because, as I said in the preparation part, I am gathering information and exactly This is why it is important to do the research reaches the next lesson. Research is also about gathering the information you need. 10. Do your research!: I will talk about the beat, the importance of research. It is so important that you never start to design anything without doing your homer. You probably got a brief from the design from the client, and that's good. But it's not enough. You have to know more about the fear you are doing for. You have to resource the topic, so you have to research the product on the service, the companies providing the meaning of the name of the company. It can be a name of a person, a name off a place or a lot inward foreign word or just made up word. What does mean? It can be an observation? You never know. You have to look it up. You have to learn. You have to know the creed of the company. The mission They would like Toa do what the values they they go for or the ideas they would like to communicate. You have to know what they would like to have, what they would want to communicate towards the clients, and also you have to collect visual ideas. The main point behind research is to gather a lot of creative fuel, which real later on. In the process you will use to create the best logos you can and toe have a lot of great ideas. So now it's gathering part of gathering information and later on news all that data to create the best ideas. You also have to research the niche which means research the competitions. This is I love to do this because okay, I'm a bad person. But I laugh a lot about about Don Blow goes because some people just don't take care about good level design. And I learned a lot from their mistakes. I also see a lot of great ones and I applaud them and I say, OK, nice idea. I already know this idea is taken, so we're not gonna copy and I take inspiration. I don't copy and I don't steal logos accidentally, maybe, but never happened to me. But I'm always aiming to learn and not to steal. So I look for similarities and similar logos that I want to have and what I have in my mind maybe what the client would like to have. But I'm not not copy. So I believe now show you an example of how I do research. It will be very short example for ah small logo I'm creating right 11. Research example: So I said I could show you us in the process on an example and a live one. I was just talking to some friends. Three girls who would like to create, um, craft eso and cosmetics brand mainly for an online shop on the target group. He's consisting of women between age off 18 and 16 and ah, also they want to reach out for men, obviously through the women. So probably we've been gonna buy products for their partners, and it will be first a small lap shop. So I have to make just a logo for the web shop and then packaging and branding later on. But now we just started a symbol over the name of the brand is verbena. And now let me show you how I usually start the research. We are in this amazing age off the Internet and the global is everywhere and all the other places. And first of all, I want to say this is just how I started were much more on the research part. And don't just search online. Also talk to people if you, for example, if you know someone with a herbalist in this case I know my clients. I gonna definitely us them, like, show me this plant or what are you doing? How is the process going? I want to understand more about the product more about their services so I can take Ah, a look in the in the books about herbs and her bob lands and the craft soak making it said the etcetera. So what? I mean, not Don't just heat up uncle and typing, Okay? I want a logo for thermal salt. That's also a very important step, but not the only one. Okay, so what I do is yeah, I dive in the name in global. And as I said in the research part, I am looking for the topic. So I'm researching the name because it can give me good ideas. I didnt know how their been a looks, and I didn't know that it has about It's not just one plan, because about 250 different species Ah, most of them on the end, off different colors on different shades, off being purple and violent. This one, this image, it's extremely nice. And it's also connected to vampires. Okay, You see, this is what this is what I do when I'm researching and taking with the notes. And ah, I can totally lose myself in this part of the research. But it's okay. You can be. You can let yourself go a B because you never know where the very finest violation. So I look up the topic first, and I look up what other people are doing in this niche. And for that I go to be hands behest dot Net, as you might know, is, ah, big portfolio psychographic designers of myself and probably yours. You're so you can upload your products and show and we can talk about it. We can discuss it. And then I just did a search for craft so and I can go around and see what people are creating and how they are differentiating their products. And ah, yes, you can see there are a lot off birth colors and I love this one. And I know because three young ladies on their target group is also women In their age, they love something like this handcrafted illustration included in the logo. These type could be one off the logos because I said yes, you will see a movie is giving different variations to decline. Not a lot, but just a few. Why would talk about this later? So this one could be a good type of flow, Like a handcrafted illustration. I will really much think about it because you have to balance the illustration and the simplicity of the logo. So the logo has to be simple and understandable, but still illustrative. We will see how much ornament can take so I can go around Ba hands a lot. And this is what I also drew. Do I usually check out also dribble and I take a lot of time and again I'm saying I'm not looking for anything to steal. I'm not looking anything. Toe copy. If I have a great idea, like Okay, this is what is gonna be. I'm checking it immediately. Someone else or ready made if they made it. It's off limits for me. I'm sorry. I'm talking about this this much, but you will see it's very, very important. And the sir place I usually heat up to continue my search. And exactly because of the reason I said previously is I go to look upon dot com or I go to local muse or, I don't know, there are several pages like these like a local spire. Local favor, a lot. A lot of websites feature of local galleries. The designers can show off Onley logo design work And it is a great place to collect also inspiration and to see what people have done before what they didn't do yet. What? What inspires you? What you can find. For example, I've just stopped typing on the top flower design flower logos. And this logo is very nice if you see and, uh, a lot of them is removed. All right? No, this one This one is also ornamented but much cleaner. So maybe I would go toward this direction and I don't mean competed. Work off these designer, I really appreciate this work. I do not copy it. It's just a good direction to go. It has a nice circular shape. It has Ah, it has a good wife because it has a floor of I, which is also working together with the name Verbena. If I go back in my mind, it's already something coming up from with the research And this is why do the research guys is that I want to implement the name, the color and the whole feel of this type of plans, like these images. And look at this. Water is beautiful. So I want to implement this one and combine with the logo like this one, which are each other showing this ornamental local. So the research local design has to be gathering informations, and but it has to be gathering. He's violation. I would say more so, Whatever his bite is you and whatever is helping you toe come up with great logo ideas. That's the part of the research. It take it like you are filling up your tank with the different ideas. So later, when you have all the guests to go on and create an amazing logo ending the coming lessons , I'll show you all. 12. Sketching for creativity: Yes, I said in the beginning you have to give the best logo you possibly can to your client. This is your duty as a graphic designer. So to find the best ideas. So logo designer, it's in available that you are sketching and I mean drawing by him. Okay, don't be alarmed. A lot of people say, OK, I cannot drove. And how is catching? Sketching is for yourself. I rarely share my ideas and my sketches in my client's. So how to sketch, Take sketch us brainstorming. Did you ever you disturb? Basically, brainstorming is about people sharing ideas together as a group and every idea is recorded written down. Ah, widow judging. So when I'm drawing my sketches, I'm brainstorming alone. I tried to get all the ideas from the back of my head in front of myself on the paper and catch each idea. So I drove down every little stupid idea I have and I don't stop and say Okay, stop. Just want. This idea is stupid. You cannot do this. No. I drove down everything I recorded Joe everything. And that's it. After that, I be lovely. Evaluated every talk about this later. So take it a Take it easy and let your mind go and drove all your ideas out there. I always Drollet of Mickey Mouse. I always throw their flowers. Whatever coming in my mind circles, I try to write the name of the kind of the company a lot of times, playing with the initials everything. And don't judge and select the best ideas later. You don't have to stop for a moment and hold on to you. Is how many sketches to do us long us. You possibly can. When you get tired of style of sketches, Just take a take a break and ah, as you see on this diagram, I made you make hell out of sketches on paper. In my case, I usually take a good few pages and my sketches are 12 inches all. So let's say I don't know, 2200 sketches on several pages. 5200. And ah, there are a lot of similarities because from one idea, next one is coming a draw, A circle. It looks like a Nagai Drone AG after that. And, you know, one idea I speeding the next one. So that's the point of sketching to get all the ideas you got. All the information you got during the research period. Get them out. US ideas, this creative ideas in front of you. So I do a lot of sketches on the paper. And then, though designs on the computer and then only a few the best ones I present to the client. And then there is emerging one meaning final. Local designer. That's amazing. So when you do a lot of sketch peak, the backs sketches I wanted to take a little marks during the sketching period. Like putting with a question Marcy in that that maybe this one. This idea is interesting, but I don't take my time. I just really just take. And later on, I evaluate all my ideas for creativity, simplicity and viability. So is it creative enough is it's simple enough. Can I do with simple looking? Is it good looking will be a good logo. Is it viable? I mean, is it a fitting logo like a flexible logo putting it on every surface. A client, Possibly country Most Yes. So I believe, my dears, I'm not sure sketching is not about being sure. This is what I said, I'm not sure if the logo will be great, but the idea seems okay and it's in front of me. Savannah. Develop it on the computer later on. And here is a page after the verbal and I was talking about it after the research period. I was looking at all the verbena materials over the other logo's. These are all the information in my head. This is just one page of what I did and you can see in the middle of this lady head logo. I think it's a bit of a cliche, but why not? I was playing the letter B a lot, and just on the right side you see this V in the negative space that seems interesting with little flowers around it. I will definitely, though, drove that one on the computer. Yeah, no. So on the left, one on the left side, that is this interesting. With the time they are in the end connected. That would be a nice idea. When you're following this course, I don't say you have to draw like me or you have to follow my logo totally. Try to follow the idea or the method I'm using. You see, I'm using very low, very low Z very is going sketches and a lot of text I'm writing here and there. My ideas. It's like I'm taking notes for my future self. Okay, that's about sketching. Drawing a lot on paper and less on the computer. Know you move onto the next. 13. Creating the 2nd logo idea in Inkscape: So what are finishing one of the logo ideas? I mean, finishing. I just started that I overcome the more, uh, just want to show you another idea. Regiones around w in the negative space. I was talking about negative space earlier. It's a very good, uh very to create something interesting. As I said, and I used nice every letter of the phone can be like this. Now this could be a nice level. I would just talk. Take care of all that. It's matching up Nice, leaving the edges snapping. So, yes, I said, those on the schedule looks to people than that the but and I don't want to go there. But what I can do he's I can you you. This we modified to beat planet is catching the edges here on the top. Okay, one more one good aspect off logo design is Joma tricks and bolus. You have to create some balance with your local. So what? I mean, like this. It's off like this. It's off. It's going to one side or the other, and a lot of designers are using circles and angles to measure the distances and use the same distances And this is what I mean, like in the previous three logo you. So I use the circle and then I deleted it as a measurement. So why all my elements are aligned in a circular shape and all the way deleted the circle. After all, it's a still remaining. There s a shape holding the logo together and keeping it balanced. And what designers do A lot of times, we are using the lines to measure, uh, elements if they are in the same angle and go if they are in the middle. So and so, for example, if here is the middle used guy, then I see that the middle of the W is around here. Uh, but if I look at it like this, I see that this side has a bit more space, then the left side. So what I do, I pull this visually I pulled to the right, and visually I will have the same space. You see, a lot of us are doing these circles because you can use a circle. Okay, here's so you used pink outline. So see what I mean? If, like, if this is a circle here and then I see that the this is a circle here and then I see that this is a circle here. What I see is why logo is not really my thing in the middle. So I arranged these objects touching each other. When they take care of the logo, these lines are going in the same. So what I have usually is the same distance here, here and here. If you were out and use the course or keys, you can Moving objector left or right. So this is it. And also on that opened the bottom. I can use the same so I can use circles for measurement. It's the same distance here on the top, in the middle of the level. I can use the same on the bottom if I want to. In this case, I'm fine because this is exactly the half off that circle. It looks good Mr Don't like is that the lack of the W W V is not good. Sorry can be out. So something like this I want to create on Duh. I talk about these the government three uploaded and also in other let lessons. It's very important just now. Here I took care of it that the logo is in the balance. Yes. And, uh, if you create an image which is balanced, you wanted to create something we're looking at the other thing. I want to show you this lesson. He doesn't matter what color I used. When I am designing, I'm zooming in and out so the size doesn't matter much. Just this is my confortable size and I look closer. The local small and I'm also doesn't matter what is the color because I will recall the regulator When I find the perfect color matching my level, I will talk about that as well. So what I want to create if you checked out the so if you check the sketch, I was showing what I want to create these a local made with re in the negative space. And here's up from small elements. So it was a bit similar. Like the previous idea. It is a circle with small elements, but also it has negative space in it when the little elements are just differently to a floral elements and Berries and every week, flowers. I just made the elements now just to have just following the trays off the three for a while. Okay, so yeah, So I'm following the shape of the V on them. You see how it works when I'm creating these shapes, I'm thinking these alleys and these are flowers and Berries. So different, so called circular, uh, or leaner shapes the areas again of the flowers. It's all so many images of flowers in my research barrier that I can make something by looking at them creating, So I can. This is what I said about the research period. Your head is full now with visual ideas about this type of plan and, uh, another. I'm Brooke like flower. So my head is full with this and our motives toe go for if I want to create something nice and, uh, with this I mean, I'm doing now some simple shapes. And then I really should refined them to create the logo viewed up from small elements. More here also, what is working is that not just following the line here would be aligned like an invisible line on the top. But let's break it with a big shape. It's like if you know, Tom Grammys in Game four shaves. It is something like that on this one can be here so far this understand? Okay, something like this. And you can be another little there yourself. So what I didn't know is kind of a prototype for my blow. And I removed the W just for now just to see how do I look in a small shape on a small scale w in a small scale. It's a V steel. I see there are some issues here and there. I need to follow the shape better. So it's visible. I have to work on the objects now. And, uh, sorry about that. I have to work on the objects and, ah, create the little shapes I want and use them. So what I will do now is refining the shapes. It will take a lot of time. So, like in cooking, show that you're jumping time now and that show you. But I am, You know, moment 14. Creating the 1st logo idea in Inkscape: after doing the research and doing some okay, a lot off sketches. It's time for me to actually start working, escape or other graphic design of programs if you choose So But what do I do with the sketches? Should I scan them to put the year and the Drover them? We shouldn't die. A lot of designers, like the Scandal logo's love local designs nobody's and sketches and use them off the base and over drove them. I like to just put the sketch here next to me neatly on the desk and use them are secretive ideas because still here, in this part off drawing in escape, I can still be creative and change my ideas. So the first thing I do usually when I create a logo is any escape I mean, is I put the sketches next to me, and then I go to the document properties and turn off the page border. So I quicken show pity border. I turned it off. Sorry, there is no page. That page board is only there for printing, you know so and I just want to be free and drove wherever I want. You solder three local ideas like the most. Maybe I will create those as the final locals. Maybe I will change them. Maybe during the process of growing with the vector and escape, I will create something new, a new idea, Really? Merge this type of creativity. This type of creative freedom will have me to make the best level for my client day really need. So I usually just start with the one of the ideas which are like the most because time like impatient and they like to enjoy what I do. So my favorite idea so far is the one with, uh, little plans going around the drawing a circle in designing logos. This is one good, uh, method to use is I want to create the shape of very basic shape. In this case, it will be, ah, a circle made up from smaller elements. Us. If you check the previous lessons, you know that this is ah, guest out game. So the small elements together we're four. A bigger object. I want to be Yes, still, now just what I want to have. He's different lines now. I just paying for the lines and I definitely the top Later I can't even replicate, but it doesn't really matter. Yeah, putting one more bit looking like parallel with this one. Uh, I'm just glancing at my sketch. Well, conditions see, it won't. For example, that's you see, I'm pretty loose with this because also in this man, in this part of the process, I don't want to limit myself. There can be some crossing lines that can be non crossing waas And the trick that I use the circle in the background. I feed the edges. Sewa. What I also do now is create the flowers on the toe and they look like small umbrellas. Never. Just do some. I know just for now. I just make them like this over. Yes, this can be shorter than and this when I want whoever inside as well turn off the stroke. Okay, so this looks like a little flower. It can be a bit bigger. Yes, I use deprecate so controlled the a lot. This is what I just did. If you're using escape a lot like I do, you get used to pretty much and I will show you also in a minute. Why? It is a great being doing when you are doing logo this and also in character design video games, or I cancel whatever de plicating, an element filament. He's the huge thing escaped because us you see now, for example, helps me with some sparing some time as well. I'm just pushing constantly. A lot of times it's not control C control. So it hurts him a lot of time with these, but also not just the small elements. But I can select the whole object going through the and put it aside and see how it looks. And it doesn't look like a circle. Uh, when I removed the back because this was my initial idea, it doesn't look like a circle. It is elegant with little lines, but I need or speaker lines or shorter ones, because this part of the circle is not wrong. My go back control Z and I got some more lies. And if I make a mistake, my at some lies that I changed them. If I make a mistake, it is easy to go back to the previous state. So this is why duplication is so because I have the previous one. I'm working here. I changed my mind It's easy it see if I can go back and I use control s and save my design a lot. There is also save. You can set it up where you can get used to the habit. But I do with push control s or he deleted safe. I can a lot of times, Definitely when you have a good idea. But also, when you're just working safe, safe, safe, safe. You don't need different version because escape has a lot of space. So you can just, you know, duplicate your locals and we'll be there and have us measuring versions off you want. It's really just about no. Comes to the memory. How much memory? Your computer. But I would say escape is dead. Uh, okay. And I want to change me with this one. Yes. You see, the circle in the background is more off the place where the then Ah, actual part of little. So I try to Yes, those No. I selected shipped clicking, morning shift and creaking. Or the lines they go to stroke style. And I called them. Yeah, even more visible, they do. I will shrink the logo of it. You see this one this icon has turned up there turned off. So it means that I'm shrinking my logo. The lions will get bigger. I always see in a second. Good idea or not most sure of it. But when I'm working in escape, the other thing I do. He's, I assume, a lot. I like to work us, You see, in big scale. I like to work on the details and us. You know, I go for simplicity. So I work a lot on removing details and, um, I zoom in and zoom out a lot. I want to see my logo in different sizes. So what is helping me? I'm holding control and I'm using my most rial up and down and up zooming in adultery debt or I'm can use. If you're lucky like me, you can use the of course the zoom to like the magnifying glass. I don't using my body. Okay. Or you can use go simply plus and minus on your numeric keyboard. If you have one like you do. Okay. This is a smaller version. Control D on. Let's remove this thing just to see, not bushy enough. So what I do is out some more, and then I will show you some more. Stuff this and to be a holding shift. Create a stroke, wheeler. Maybe you don't need it here. Yes, and maybe one. No one? No. And yes, your business flowers everywhere. Condo details more. Learn more here. Okay, let's remove it. Almost. I don't think I don't want to do with me to be to direct about this circle I want. You were to build up this circle himself. You know, that's why it's a game. It's a guest of game, which I said earlier, so I don't put the circle behind. And I don't want to put, um, any of the lines on the edge. So I don't want to have a line like this, like, okay, drawing perfectly around the circle because this is not not what I want. I want to want this to be as Bush ah taken out off nature like it's a photo when there is a mass. Can it with the circle crew. So there's a different plans, different branches, your things taking more. Oh, gosh. Maybe one more here like this. It's not to find no one. Of course it s easy shoes. This is the point that I'm not sure what to delete and what to keep. So I'm duplicating on they Okay, while I am changing this element, trading this one or this one and this one's can cross here it's nice. And I just put this one big lower. So the the the circle is not perfect is just almost That's a good one. And maybe a small here. Kate, this with age shifted, right? Theoretically, yes. And maybe this one is can come from the same root and too much crossing in the bottom. Okay, so what we have now he's here are Yes. Double click and the old and a little. So what I have now is something wrong? Like to have I just use common cause g group it. Let's see what I have here. If I remove what really divides circle, it still looks like a circle. So in small I can see a little scratches, little fine lines and branches and also I can see almost almost glued circle what I view as well and use. He opened the group chief complaint G I add some more flowers here. Something like this. Maybe this handles snide. Of course, I were more on these than I can show in the small lectures. But you get my point and using the tools and escape mostly replicating, zooming in and out and checking what I can do. Okay, lets see. Home make. Yes. Maybe I don't need a little caps here. You can just add. So lines here has a Viatri alike like this. Now it's here. It's a big picker than on this sign. So see, if I remove this, what do I look? Maybe if I put him here just quickly. Any color on the back. You see, when I was skating, the stroke is not scaling because I do it. It's time we turned off the scare stroke properly, okay? And no, I didn't see what you know. Okay. Group Mr White or Bleated? Okay. I have Now this logo, it looks a bit It's too much. I just have an idea. Try something, and this is what I say. Ah, that you can be grateful. I'm just curious how Lucy Tessa, this will be a level with the letter o. It would be perfect. So I can still use this idea for that vehicle. Uh, must you now I have a little circle. It's not personal because to let me sing some part here and there, you work on that. But I'm already just for trying. It was just a base sensory Florence coming within escape. I do. I got some big, quite stroke just to make it looking, But bit of cheating. I just don't look at it. How would my over and it looks reading much? Oh, I imagine it. So if I zoom out, I see little circle you, Feisal. Me, I see a circle with some plants in it, or they're looking like nails. But I have to work on the top off each rubber. Well, you get my point. I created one of the ideas I scared up earlier. So now I move on to the next one, and then the next one. And then I finished some of them to risen to my client. And I'm also be looking toe this idea because this could be good to see because I was using the application from the start to hear. I have some ideas, and this is what I love. Inning Safe to look back to all my ideas because I never know when I look back to these, I maybe see something different. So maybe, like, now I can say, Okay, this is nice, but how about having a stroke Pain? That six, but four. And they went a bit to see They went to be lighter. And we, uh I just want candy Even. What? I mean, obviously have a look up the phone, and I will talk about that phrase like just for now is also a sketch for me. Okay. And let's see the next one in the next lesson. 15. Continuing the 2nd idea: So here are a few leaves and shapes. I created a little flower. Uh, and there he is going to be perfect for the curves off the saref where the surface meeting the like of them off the we and also I created two different type off leaves reach. I also bend using the Noto. So note at this part that I am only using the Noto to six of the shapes. And I tried toe follow the simple shape off the via as much as possible I created in the previous video. I created the big version off the logo, so I just saw more or less how the idea would work out. It's very important. It is like the sketch in part. You know, I see how the idea of work out, even before actually doing it and putting a lot of working, because now this one is quite an amount of work. I was taking, uh, good amount of time to create all these elements. And no, I didn't want to rub your time. So I'm just showing how I scaled them and refined them to fit into the shape. And this logo design is seemingly Asai said in the lesson about simplicity. And I say it in the book to seemingly going against simplicity because it has so many little details. But many companies are using this type of flow goes and I also like them because they're clever from a close up view. You see the little details and then zoom out. You see them? Yes, it's something he received. Um, come on, merging together so that the little parts are disappearing, creating logo, the big shape. And these works perfectly for this kind of stuff. Uh, also about the colors, I tell you, three heroes. So as well. I've even the part about the colors and logo design. I don't care what color I'm using when I'm designing a logo. It's something that I feel comfortable with. So it's really it doesn't matter what qualities now I'm using green because this is, you know, uh, ecological homemade so product. So I'm using that. Okay, Just jumped a bit individual because took also a lot of time to feeding. But as you see already, the shapes are coming up here. I'm just starting a little weeds. I'm using the no tool again, grabbing the edge and ending unknown here and making other curves. This is helping me a beat. This is my favorite part, actually, next to the B. How the leaf is bending over the other one. That's a very nice one. Maybe the parts are being think I will leap into the later I mean, maybe they are a bit too close to each other. But if because I made this thickness with the elements, I have to keep it up. Eso the logo is looking us A whole I mean us to seem us of one single object with a V cut out in the negative space. This is a very interesting type of local design for myself as well. I'm I like simplicity, but I'm sure this works. No, I just had a little Ben on the grass blade. So we lose cute and also feeling of the space e I'm using the note handles toe, fix the notes, fix their curves. That is so much easier to do. We escaped by the radar. I think any other vector program I know. Uh, I just convert the friend from illustrator. Yeah, it's coming up together nicely. It's even I'm zooming out I already see that the logo is looking good in the small size. I'm just putting this leaf a big more because I want to follow the shape of the V as much as possible. But if you check on the top, there is this big leave hanging in. The point is that Gates, how to say, breaking the space between the top part and the middle part of the week. So it's hanging over casually and it's not taking old. Okay, here I also try to add a little detail. Okay, Just a little leave were sprawled just to feel on this edge. I really like it, and I want to keep it. I'm sure my friends, my clients will like this very much, so it was never okay, And I'm almost done and you see a against kept a bit in the video because eighties hours to create this much detail. And, uh, I'm already showing you what you need, So I'm really using and reusing a reshaping the same elements. And it's still not boring because I turning them and then shaping them in the Noto. So Oh, this one is fitting here perfectly such a good feeling. It's like ordering. Get able on. Do you see? Everything is in falling? It's base in place. Okay, I'm just cutting yourself. So the point is that I am creating the elements and duplicating them. But I'm not using them as they are. I'm reshaping, creating a bit of fun to say controlled Katya's, which means I am shaping the elements. Lovely. I'm shaping the elements What I work. So they're not only you can looking like a potter. Okay, I zoom out and you can see this works very nice. Let's move it. Amazing. This is what I had in my mind. It's so good to see that zoom out. Looks good. It looks almost a speak. Ask. It was in the black and white version, so I know this will work. I know this good work for the client, and I order deceit in my head How it would look on a sold books order. What is it? Package Under under. So I made a mistake there. I put the V two high up. That's why I made another version. I had to push the really down and build up the leaves and stuff from the top you're fixing a bit of the spacing again. So the elements are not covering each other. That's not a good idea, but only know I am satisfied. 16. Creating a 3rd version: Okay, So I had another idea. Because now I have a local with a V shape in the negative space. And I have local read the little bullshit things building up a circle, all of them standing from little objects. So I want to make something simpler still on the line, following the ideas about the V. What I do now, I haven't image here, and I'm looking Call. These flowers are looking. I like that. This little flowers on the bottom and I looked up again and a lot off. These type of plants are looking like this, actually, that small flowers on the bottom and small. Uh, what is the sprouts or or Yeah, flowers on the top. So what have you do? I use this part of the reference like this ones and create stem here. So I will delete dental. I feel you have to remove some of the things you do. I use the order General color. So what's he that I'm closer to the original shape? Ok, I can keep this because I don't want to goto wide or to not about anything like the original shape. So what I do, I will remove these side totally and exchange it toe flower like this. How I will do that. I look at the photo, you can trace it or you can learn from what you see and say create different flowers. You see, I'm just drawing roughly what I see here. And then I will make lots of these little fellas this but flower butts too, to create these shape. I really like nature is organizing everything into nice structures into Parker's click. See, I'm drawing shapes. Very first, people don't get by a draw shapes that request because I just tried to build everything us holy guns. So I'm just later on adjusting them. So I tried to get the basic shape. I don't care how Baalke easy it or that it's not a perfect shape. But I do know is that I tried toe control, click on them and they tried toe during the edges and occurs. Forget, grab some of the curves to make them the shapes. I won't. Okay. Okay. Good. Wanted to flower canvas. So I told you earlier I just use one color Now I don't care whole hazing things or what is the color? I like coloring later. Probably this purplish pink preaches common for disciple plan. So what we have here also is these things on the top. Which little hooks on from the front. They just look like cucumbers. Okay. I just try to understand the shape when I'm tracing. Withdrawing something from From what I see, Try to understand you. So the image is not mine. I just found it online. I will do it in a minute. I just used it as a reference us. I told you already we are not using 4000 logo design. That's that's not good. The point is to use photos is maximum to use them as the reference. So this is not so what I do here. I removed the top part and the revered again jobless I just selected. Or three object duplicate Under prepared. I make it smaller, closer to the top. I don't care if there are little differences that just makes it better. Action and okay, I removed is here, and I use one off the other flower the objects. Tell me why. Because I like this Sarah, on the top of the form, this little arm and you go what you do you? I take care about the small details. I take care about it because this will give the smallness to my logo. And, uh, the less small problems out there, the less dirty look. Bigger picture. Okay, I like how these but it looks very straight. So thank you. And you know what I love is bend. So to say what I do and they end up plicating have they tried to make this better? Let's reach toe the frame. You okay? Then they make a long gait, these shapes. So it doesn't matter if he's not perfect. I mean, test to be clean. And there are no edges around and just like a difference. Okay, Has a bit of a band. Now let's check in to the what? Did you know Blatter? More or less. Good. But I would add I could Yeah, nineties, even. Maybe this one concern into little Just a lot of fun off it. We'll see how it looks. It creates if one off the top little tiny kind of plateau battles is out of shape out of a straight. I'm a design that I have to play. And this is what I supposed todo. So you have to play. You have to me. It's like looking all right. That's fine. It looks more or less what I was thinking about. Looks in a small It looks okay to be bigger shape. You see the little flowers and NTC's, uh, flower buds? Yeah. Same cleaning up constantly. Okay, It looks nice. Look, so I wanted on just because they see that hold. All right, So it looks more or less the night, and I can add some leaves. This plan has money. I tried to match as well. The edge of the leave the grass blades. Duh. Okay. Like you like him. I don plicating them back to our needs. They had an idea tohave the same little of late here, but in the bit of the negative here. So no, I use the speaker part picker leg off the letter. Also, that's a background from where little white objects. They also feel doing problem. Museum? Yeah, More or less. What to do? I would like to talking at least one I can make followed. Are you do it? - It's more. It's more. Okay, So this is more or less. What I wanted is that, uh, looks like a little plant. That's good. I'm playing with the shape of the the That's also fine on now is the part When I complicate and I see what I have and what I want to keep, we'll see. So my maker vaginal ladies, we doubt and I see that may be read out to you cleaner. It's even nicer. In the next one, I will show you how I color it and how used text. And I also want to make a word out logo. So we're being a but we only taxi. So it already on this case Okay, let's move and I'm excited. 17. And a 4th version of the same logo: So I was just talking about that. What type of phone stews. And I'm thinking it. I can use make a type of logo only from, uh, type. And this response is called hunters. And I really like it. I had one idea in the sketches blinking there are to the A and we will see what I can do. No, it's a lot of experimenting. Visit if you select text your old and you can set the turning. Which means spaces between the letters and stuff, man. Yeah, it's bathroom and you can set individual. So select one point what I do. I complicated and I turn it with the sheep control, See or objective part. I turned it into part. What does make what you saw already? This is an outline now. So the in outline view which visible it's apart It made it into a group. So no, these are several individual objects. Why? I need this? Because I like this form. But I don't like how the are is going down. I wanted to meet the aid. No, it sounds between But you understand me I want something like this and I want the same stuff happening here. It doesn't matter if it's not in the middle. What I can do about it is he's a bit closer. These when I order the noted miser while I was catching after every eight in this catches that I want this to distance is the same then the He's been a child. Well, I have toe I had something here. Maybe you really the floor or something. And I don't These Sevilla gobies in balance. So three letters, three play spaces. What I can do, I can put it on the end. But it's not working that well. Perfect. My great Don't mean this. I've received later. I just look at that. So I like the I like the front. I just mean toe change it to my own life. You do the lead here. Just select and delete these notes. Okay? I ordered my own. That's good. And I just made this shape, but I didn't want to do I want it. They said it's very important. That is on a perfect shape. I almost did Good. Perfectly. This is no see, I'm matching the circle here. Here. That's good. There. Okay. What I really do want duplicate the circling the ship control. Cool it. Let's see why do this? Because now the to legs which I was drawing earlier, are following the shape of the phone perfectly there. I have to balance it a bit. He's not touching I only I also have to do its stuff here and located. So I want to achieve smoothness. I was talking about Have to take care of this one. Anything. Okay, okay. It's speaking nicely. It's like one big stroke here is not so much nice. So what I do? I remove these parts mostly the other leg. That's cool. And I have emerged done. I know some adults here. So is more back. Yeah, my problem is that it's not following perfectly So that's why it's good. I have the surgery or they can go back. Control Z doesn't matter. Okay? My problem is that I want this. I want this to follow this girl. So, like this people which controlled l to simplify shape of it and really try to humiliate the phone us less as possible. So I try to keep the origin informed as much as possible because they really like and it's meeting I just want toe bills. Sorry. I want to be with my idea. Okay, that's what. And that's better because to beat small there, but I want to do so. Want to cut the crap? This thinking goal division, the vision is, is creating parts off the objects. It's very good they requested. We like they held end. It's finished. I mean, he was that What a finish Archer's looks like we'll be sandwich bread. I know, really sometimes. But if I wouldn't have this comment visual images, I wouldn't be able. Local designer. I see shapes everywhere. Okay, I take it it's going go spars their own. The effect. The blockade fleet with age do the same, Kate. But I do a year cut more small tender. Yeah. What I have here with this little endings I stole from one end. Actually, these are This is how Fonterra made. They are using government, and that's good. I don't like that. The enemies to very close being, and I just get It's a flowering there from the from the what? It can be little doubt, but I think the little flower. So this is it. It's my idea. I had toe modify. I will put the little flower there later, and I will show you the how to pick the type for the other two locals I made earlier some very clean, simple forms. 18. Colors in logodesign: this lesson. I will talk about the colors in logo design colors, helping us to recognize a local in a split second. If I say what is the blue off Facebook and which one is for Twitter and I would put the two next to each other, you would pick even ease, which is reach because we know it and they're so different. There are about 70 million colors on the computer, so it should be easy to pick a color. Well, it's not that easy because there is so much confusion I would like to have with simple um, di apology. I'm using four colors. There is to type of effects off colors. There is the biological effect, which is born with us, and the social effect which will learn the biological is symbol. If there are the warm and the cold colors, for example, quote what colors are pulling to the background and calming us like booze and grease and warm colors and making us feel warmer. And they are more friend there, and they're more pushing like reds and arranges and yellows. If you go into a room painted orange, you immediately start to feel a bit warmer yourself, Onda. Your appetite is higher, etcetera, etcetera. This is what people use in movies, for example, to setting the feet, the feeling coloring the whole of movie in tow. One color, like a green, goes very nice with science fiction because it's alienating of it. Um, but there are also the social effects which we learn, and they're not as the proving inside us like the biological effects social effects, for example, that the color green is going for everything biological, ecological environment of friendly products. And it also is the color of the money. But this this one is only for the U. S. So the social effect you have to consider what is your target do? Where are they living in which society they are leaving and use the social effects? According before example, In the Western culture, black is the color off death and grieving. And in other cultures, like in the Japanese culture, it's white, and, uh, so you always have to consider with your tax group by using the social effects. But if you know these few things about biological and social effects and you dig a bit deeper into that, it is making for you easier to pick a color for your client. So picking color for the logo. It's first of all, considering the effects. I was just talking about Second of all its simplicity in the simplicity lesson. I was talking about how important it is to keep your car logo a simple It's possible, and the same goes for colors used three or four maximum if it's a gravy. And yes, there are several colors into that, but it's still just one or two colors going into each other. But not it's not the rainbow. So don't use to many colors because it will just make your local complicated and less easy to understand. A to blink. And also, if it doesn't have a main color, it's heavier to build on identity on it. A visual identity building from the same colors of the logo. And yeah, it was very good. Certain awful when you picked your colors. Test your colors, um, which means show it to clients, show it to friends and toe other designers before showing the kinds to get some more feedback about how do they feel about it? One great website. I could say you should use this color. Lovers that come well color lovers is letting people create color Pollitz from the 17 million colors we have and let them name it. So you can you have David database the database with fool off color palettes. You can search and see what people think about one. Um uh, things like, let's say you search for coffee. You would think only brown stuff would come up and brown colors, but no, there is so many fresh colors, um, combined with the idea of coffee. So it's virtually color. Lovers dot com is a great side, so don't rely on color. It's also good because colors are great and you have so many to pick from. But, uh, if you do, we all over this and only around one idea or one visual joke or visual game about colors, then you're gonna feel. And I tell you why. Because a lot of locals are used in black and fighters, where your logo have to be good in one color, printed on a T shirt on the side of the track, painted on the sidewalk with water. I know I'm saying crazy stuff, but believe me, a local has to be good only by the shape and not read color as well. It has to be good enough contrast that is standing against the background, and they're standing on its own. So here's a little example. Let's say I'm a typical ah logo for a company working with water. Let's say it's motor works, um, company creating water pumps. Okay, I just made it up. But if you see the W ending the blue Square and the the name of the company, you would understand what it is making. If you say it in a gray or black square, then you want to understand what the W. Is, or it would make it heavier to understand. That's why I created under version where I'm helping with the shape of it. Using the shape of a wave breaking on the shore and some water drops toe make people understand this is a liquid. This is water, and this helps do differentiate the local also when it's in black and white, and it makes it more understandable. So when you are creating your logo and give it the color, always jacket in black and white or what I like to do from the beginning. I'm drawing my and that you will seed and you see it when I'm drawing. I am creating my logos in whatever color I would like toe and then later I recall or them. 19. Coloring our logo in Inksape: one of my favorite part of escape. I have a lot of favorite part, but one of the favorite part is the field I am. This is a color wheel. I know it's in every program, this color picker, but I really like it because it's so intuitive. I like to say to my students, Just roll it a room and find all the millions of colors he don't inside. And when you are coloring what I said also before, don't use the base colors. You are not doing Tesco design like basic blue and red and stuff. I know what that works, too, but if you want to give something more to your plan, you can use a lot of colors. And one of the ways, uh, toe find new colors is toe check color plates. What I said already in color lovers call or check and sample colors from photos. And these I'm talking about in the book as well. And the other version is. Just look at photos and and try to think of what color match. So it's like with the name of the company playing with the topic. I know that the flower itself, the bourbon eyes a type of purple and pink and magenta color and the leaves is not yellow green about this dark green and almost blue leaves. It has, like a lot of spices. So what I would do is I would make make some of my own colors. So I know that it has some purple. Any dark wasn't like awas, and I need my only took better. That's a nice one. If is this so dark? I'm getting a middle of rights and the doctor section Same again. I am looking for greens. I want dark degree. I want yellow A screen. Maybe that we worked for some high edges. Uh, sometimes. But then this one is out of the picture. So I make makes a coloring escape. And I really like this color because if you hold it, you can make two colors mixed. So what I did is just all the color picker make a circle or and just for the fun of it, this is a blue one. This is the right one. Uh, usually, I'm not this past. Of course. I just tried to explain what I am doing, So I have harmonic colors here and somewhere more than colors there I could flip it upside down. So you see, it goes deeper and deeper and what I would do with this one I will make this okay. Before I do anything, I made two steals merge into one object. I'm selecting all the strives for denies. The second under de selecting these waas when I goto path stroke. No, I consider all of them on Um okay, so that he's like these. It's good bloodies, but there is a big dissonance. So how about using the same color or Moxon using these? Let's agree it's not really visible. But this good work. I really see it in front of me and I mean show you what I do know that something is this thing. I want to know how it would work against the background and for creating a visual identity or something which I showed to my client. This is what I do. This is it. It works in white as well on docker background. Then this one for me already could look like package designed the base of packages and they don't I don't think this is a finished work, but I could imagine. And baby like this is ah, a lot of soul. And this is how it would look together with the with the selling and with everything that is. You see, I'm always very playful even when I'm doing just because playing So even when I'm just doing the colors, I'm thinking over the upfront. Why do, however, you with this in another type of I said back. Okay, this was just a complete. So the same goes for here. I can I have to create this, make this green because, uh, because it's speak leaves and stuff. I don't want to make it look like a flower. And this one could be green or diaper. Both. Doctor is a big difference between these two columns. So I can give this one to the text as well. Here, this one. Really? Even in the same dark as well. But sometimes you do with this one. I would imagine it to be one object. I will do a gravy in Throwem Burkle. No, the green. And let's see next other forming between. How does that? But I really like you. Can't you see? I made a new color in between from the Grady, and I picked it up from here. It's something between the purple on the green, but I like here that the flower is standing out so nicely that it's it's looking like a flame of it. And with this one, I can play to make it. Okay, this is shouting. So before making like this one. So broker Purple one and I picked these colors, and if you look up them, all of them are some kind of the same. And the client can say why I didn't because their colors. It's because this is what matching the flour. And I think matching the Brenda's well off for a small company creating handmade sums Ryan by women with the same A mentality. They have the same Mr Mission on the message they have. This is what much and, uh, you see, it's Ah, only be picking a few colors. In the beginning, I could make a nice color palette for myself to use to color my levels. I could make orange audition in tow reds and greens logos, but because my main idea was coming from nature itself. I think these are matching, and I could really think toe that I'm able to present these to my club in the next one. I will show how to make a small presentation from this and what not to do. 20. Type in logo design: locals are usually consisting off a little image symbol and texts so or just access, you know, So it's important we talk about how to pick a phone for your local designed whole type. What type place is appearing Global design, Why it is important on it, has a message of scholars off shapes, everything us in local design. It has a message of love always so compact. You cannot leave one element. You cannot have one element, not communicating what you would like to. So the colors and the phones and everything is going toe won the election. Toe your message in the logo, and I want to talk about this a bit. But before please read this, okay, Was it first? It says, Read me. But was it was it pleasant? But it first. I don't say it's a probably phoned, but it's It's just It's just too much. The most important rule. Why using text is readability, legibility, the ability to read the letters off a text and understand. So keep your text readable. Don't be a metal band. You if you if you don't know what I'm talking about, search for method that logos and you will know and try to read them. They are fun to look at if you are in tomato but believe me, they are not readable and understandable. So the most important rule ever off using text the text is there to read the text is there that someone read it and understand it. If it's hard to read or it's ah, bit slower to read the other text around it like I mean comfort these crazy Read me phone to the other one I'm using on this side You want to understand what I'm talking about. So readability is a must in your local don't overuse fancy points and thanks. Fancy text effect. Um, the other important thing is back to the where I started that the phone has to have a message so choose a matching time. There are several different types of phones. There are phones with serif widow serif. The little legs on the phone is called sensor. If there are hand written phones and they're around involves, like here in the bottom, left like good for kids stuff and and friendly phones. And I'm not I'm not going to show you all the matching types. You can go online and get your phones wherever you want. I will give you fuel the stuff wings for free phones. It's okay to use refunds. Just they care about the rule, I said earlier, Get very, very good phones and I also by phone, sometimes because they are just amazing and typographic. And artists. A graphic designer who is into type is creating amazing phones for readability and having a great look and feel for your levels. What I want to talk about is getting a matching type. So I just made up this local for cooperative solutions. Or it could be corporate solutions. Whatever is just blend blank level idea and match the compare the one on the left to the right. It's the one on the left is cleaner without Tom any misunderstanding, it's Ah, it's Ah, murder. The one on the right Looks like funky are even know in cartoon form from from the fifties. It's ah, it looks fun, but it would be nice and an invitation or something or a cartoon exactly, but not in a local for a serious company would take themselves and their the message, and there goes serious. The other things for goes for the Kids Yoga studio. The left one is matching the logo itself us with these big friendly shapes. The other one could be also for kids. But first of all, it's breaking the first rule that is not very readable. Second of all, it's not matching the size of the shapes off the logo, so it's 13 and we're looking comfort. This clean shapes off the little figure meditating, so always considered this match the type to the mish and the message off the symbol and also match the type for look and feeling. The symbol is pick than the type has to be at least a bit bigger than you orginal wants, so you cannot use a evaluate being phone. If the If the symbol is very feminism and bean and light, like one of the locals and creating here in the lessons, then the type cannot be thick and heavy. It would pull down the floating feeling off the the symbol, so just think about the type but is matching. Ask people get their opinion and show them How do you feel? How do you feel about this? It's very good to get opinions and feedback some. One more thing is what I see a lot with the beginner local designers doing is that they are over using effects and the general use of text effects. It's great that you can do effect. It's amazing Drop shadows and Grady INTs and shiny lights and three D effects. It's good that you are such a graphic designer that you can create those, but you don't have to. It's a lot of times against readability a lot of times taking away the edge of the logo, and it's not clear in smaller shapes. So check out the white board level I created for the Hungarian Quadrant. Bettin. It means they are guys who are now in a wheelchair, but they're cool enough to create a rugby team. So if you've never heard about quad rugby, look it up. It's amazing with strong people, but they asked me to make a local for them, and I made the one on the left that was thinking if I would more out more effective when you look more like Major league American football and I just overdid the effects for a test . So if it has drop shadows in three d and everything. It's not also readable and not a school in the world like the simple one under the same goes on the kids logo with a lot of times it's happening that people are just mixing colors and getting the letters out off the base line, which means they're pushing it down and up, and they are tilting them like a deed on the bottom, right. It's not us readable and taxi jumping up and down. And you can be simple but still friendly looking like I lied on the or engine blew version of the kids you Google ago, and you can be simple and friendly and still readable. And that's a good stuff here because on the other one, the first letter you see first is the I and the gene, because they're hoping out there also downward and the rest. So your head is literally your eyes, a little jumping up and down. Try to read what is written there. It's hard working, and a lot of people try to do this. Also, it's too much colors. So think about what I said in the colors. Uh, section it's must be a boat 34 different colors. Maximum. So not more. Okay, so this is about text and I will show you my big stakes high pick text myself for my levels and any escape. You can do a lot of text. I visually 21. Add text in Inkscape: I want to talk a bit about how to use type in the escape or how I'm using it for my logos. I usually don't do this, but just for the sake of the lesson, I capital the four versions of the logo, which I created into one file. So I see you teeing escape. I don't need to search a typeface for the last one because I already found it and they already used it here. And that's a typo type based logo, and it looks quite good on I was finished. It has this old who would feel and let's focus on three other ones I have to locals. They just circle, which means the text can either go under it or next to it. The same goes for here, so the text you will probably hear or it could go around in old way. I really don't like it when the text is created around, like on a coin or bent their own. I think it is taking a bit of a from the logo from reader building. I don't have all the phones I want, Then I go for a phone home. First stop for mutual response. Quero. It's a free side, so you can just go there and find millions of pounds for three or four money. And it's totally okay to pay for a good point because, as I said, will you the type of referenced we're creating phone families are working very hard, like as graphic diner. So wish it's Davies of the money. It it's good stuff. So, for example, here I found core Bert. I always don't know that for myself, and I use it with this one because that one he's a very thing. Uh, guy praise. What I will do is a bit I open it up. So as you see, even I'm selecting the text. I can play with the spacing of the letters. Double spacing. Okay, what I would like to do here I have lines almost us take as the lines in the circle are drooling and or so the same spacing is between the letters us between the lines off, the off the symbol. So if I look at that from a distance is quite clear and quite modern. OK, I know it's for a handmade so brand, but still it could look very nice I don't vacate these. And you see what I was talking about When I said each one needs informed type, each single, the type, which is matching, because if I look at it, it's your thing. It's not working with tick logo. Also in the logo is a sense Isa Seri formed. So with a little legs like this one. So if I want to work with these, I have to select and give another phone reach for years. Cain on these bond. Yeah, Let's see. Do I have a normal? Yeah, something like this. Okay, this is take enough. This has a nice, uh, this is thick enough. And it has a nice wife do it with not so more than look like this one, because it's a sad infants usually sensor x forms. So we don't the legs. They tend to be more more than and I do the same with this one. Perfect for this would be to have the phone chain used to create the the V. They're not gonna do that. They're gonna do it. Communities, Mr. Okay, so this one is can be separated. This one too. But I just want to see how well, the is matching into the text. So maybe us more. Counselor, how does it look in small? It's good. The is a bit picker. So I'm gonna need a phone, which is matching better. So has the left side of the letters. That's also a speaker and something similar to this. But you get my point now. I am playing with the phone very much visually, So I keep in mind what I want to communicate, what the clients would like to achieve. But I'm also taking care that visually they are matching, so they're not toe think not toe think not too big, not too small compared to the shaves. OK, and now let's move on to colorize thes ones because color is building up the first step to have a great visual identity, and I say you saved too. 22. Presenting your ideas to the client: so no, I will show you how I represent local ideas for my client. I always say these are not final and I opened dialogue because creating something good local with a client together, that's the important part. They know their business. They know what they would like to have. And I know what is good designer. I hope I know. So I'm sorry. So I give them the best possible thing I can and they tell me the best they can, what they are doing and who they are doing it for. So with the target audience. And for that I create usually very, very simple presentations. I can scale this up. So each logo now each region of the logo is one page. But this is just what we usually I send over or I present myself. Then I make them into slides there, President and Mrs Natural. Now nobody is. You see a lot of more cups and they really like those. They're very fancy. Then you put the logo and your design to screen off laptop next toe, hot cup of coffee or you make it look with one clicking for the shop like it is imprinted in boot or extreme mood or printed on a T shirt that said that settle, You can do some very good stuff. Show the client how the logo would look on products. That's nice what I do. Usually he's I just seem to show what is the level. And there was no kind Whoever said okay, this is not enough showed me more how it you kind of cars. Sometimes I also do that because you can also do the escape. So what I do now given this background and they show, show them what is the symbol part of that go. I get enough space wandered into Yes, and here I play a bit off. This would look if this will be discussed so I can make the same. Meanwhile, this earlier beating the Scott so well I can put it in the middle show like this is how it would look so or something like a simple idea. Or I can have another thing showing them how my idea came to be. And that's very, very fine. Like putting leaks, getting an image. So jen together image to show the client what was my idea behind? I would also explain. But just for now, just show them what was the idea. I make a clean and I'm showing it like this is coming like this one too. So showing them like these was doing, you know, images. So reach fired. Die These idea in my head this simple. It's a nice sheet. I can give it to the guy and I can explain them later. Okay. Look at the circle on this. How it is standing on its own. It is made from the slower thing. This club which this is, how the local look on on normal in the text. This is a vital going to agree on green background. I can also show them on the logo looks black and white and also what they like to do and show them how the local skills. So this is a nice balance sheet. You can give the client and he will understand what you meant off course. This is not the final. You can work on it and you can export it and are graded them. And you can export this in a pdf where you can export. This is just a PNG from being escape and send it over to the client. Let's do another one. My I'm sure I would share this one with the client, but I also like this version so I would do the same to present. I will also make the black and white version and I made get these green because this is an upside. For example, they have a website. This could be a nice heather color. So this is getting it together. Are we invite? It's even coming nice on TV because our mind is Richt. That letters are usually dark on wide back now, so it's even better you ingredient here just to have some time. That's it. Here I can I am not showing any ideas. I congratulate this simple showing the client what I am doing more. You see, I found that after all, the nice the only general won't I used here and what they find for myself a V He's doing the same thing. In short, these show black and white. I know it works. You see, that's why are you playing with that thing Colors later and work on the shapes and I show it pieces. Good. No, go on this whole plan, actually, more space in the same version. I can't came a white one, but I would try more here. Just a bit. Justin Idea. Two gravy, please. It is early. Scinto motherly off hers. So you just under green. This could be like start of the webpage or something. It's clean website. So I'm not doing the four. Surgeon what you get what? I mean, this is what I'm usual. Sending toe my kinds very simple and clean. I could do more, more cops. And sometimes I do when I feel so, but not all the time. Sometimes being simple and under Make the kind Understand verbally what is what and show them personally by a cup of coffee over the nice projected image. What you meant when you were creating how you were following the and their creed, their message. What they want to communicate his company. This helps a lot. You don't always have to do the best. More cops and these. So I just created very first inning escape. Now it's very important that the logo is not standing alone. A logo is always part of visual identity. This is not a visual identity. It's a very, very basic presentation off the logo design, which I just had. These are not even final logo design, but they are good base for a visual identity because, as I said, Well, you're like at the first level year I can imagine how I made this into a business card into a soul rep. The package. Hold toe how I would make this into a header on the website with some illustration and nice photos in my head. I'm already having a lot of different ideas. If the client is speaking one of these versions or we can agree, merge toe or change one off, these are we get the final solution to find a logo. From that, I can definitely be a the website and individual saw the website and the visuals for business card and ever related objects. Okay, so just do a simple, more capsizing, simple shows like these it works. If the logo is good on, this is the most important. Let the logo speed speak for itself. It doesn't have to be very fancy, very shiny. Put it in a nice neutral background, heavy stand out and have it say OK, I'm the best you can. Okay, be confident and have the local speak for itself. 23. Conclusion: Well, I hope you enjoy the course as much as I did. And you learned a lot of interesting and useful tricks and tips, innings, game and also a lot about the theory of logo design. If you didn't do it yet, don't load the PdF read through the pages each month. It is much more in it. What I uncovered during the course. Also, if you have any questions, please ask. And I'm always here, and I'm really glad if I can see new designs from you and if I can answer questions about logo design and escape. So I was talking to the client already, and I asked them their opinion about the logo ideas I'm having and the really like this one with the we built up from the little Element because it has the shapes of nature in it. And I already made Justin idea like, this is how I would put it on a soap bar package. And this is the total Open. This isn't decide. It's like a brick soap like a homemade soap. Uh, we are only talking about the colors so and maybe changing the type to, uh, better one. But it's really, really, really simple changes. And we are done and hopefully see this liberal. And I hope you gonna have very good professional success is also winning escape because I would like to see much, much more designers using escape. Professional. Thank you very much again Taking the course. Check out the bonus lecture for some additional info. Want help?