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Watercolour and Fountain Pen Sketch

teacher avatar Umberto Zanoni, nerodivenere

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sketching with Fountain Pen

    • 4. Sketching the Nose

    • 5. Sketching the Mouth

    • 6. Sketch, Final Result

    • 7. Setup the Skin Tone

    • 8. Wet on Wet Background

    • 9. Painting the Face

    • 10. Second Layer on Face

    • 11. Painting Details

    • 12. Final Result and Greetings

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About This Class

Hello Artist :)

how are you ? I wish you the best everyday ! :)

do you feel creative today ? do you feel creative ? fantastic ! :)

well, in this class, I'm going to show you an artwork done with fountain pen, and watercolour

I took a picture of a model, and I started to work on it, with pencil to have an idea about the sketch, and create the base for the final sketch done with a fountain pen.

I used a Wordsworth & black fountain pen, with carbon ink 100% waterproof

I finished the portrait artwork with watercolour, warm skin tone and some Payne's grey as background.

I really hope you will enjoy it

will see you next class, and keep on painting ;) 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Umberto Zanoni



Hello, I'm Nero di Venere,
[well my real name as you can see is Umberto :D ]

I am fro italy, but i live in the UK, and I started to be a professional artist, in march 2000.. :O long time ago

I am specialized in airbrush painting, and watercolor techniques, about traditiona Art, but I also started a couple of months ago, to do some Digital Art, Digital Illustrations, and Digital Watercolor on iPad, and in particular on Procreate

I'm also a photographer, in fact most of the time, i paint from my picture.
I really like to paint some of my friends and model :)

I actually can't live without Art :)
Be creative is the real center of my life, and I think this feeling is the same of any other people love Art, so this is the main reason about I really love t... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, artists. Welcome back, Narrowly Winner Channel today something easy. But I think really good effect and good impact. And the inter would be really quick. I just show you the final result and then we'd see you again for the fund or, um, bye bye. In front of considerations so today and control you how I did these watercolor and phone tin pan sketch. So I took a picture off. Friend of whining is a model. She's model. And then I try I start to trace to sketch like a comics or something like that. And then I got some watercolor effect around on the face and around the mean subject like to make some background and some blending into the paper. Ah, I'm going to show you every single, every single tool. I use a lot of stuff. I set up the car with you. I show you in the middle. So when if he's just the sketch or with the phone Tim Pen, I show how I made England called the skin tone. Yet this is a little bit warmer because I got a lead that increments and basically, that's it. Just to show you what happen step by step. Everything is quite easy. But I think is a really good affect impact, that's it. Keep your tools and go to paint. 2. Materials: There we go. This is the our tool and the staff I'm going to use for these heart project. So this is a reference image is a model. And, as you can see here, iPhone mentor and some image. Ah, I like the final style and the final result. So I went to make the reference image Looks like one of these picture. So yet take this picture like reference toe, transform the base image. So the reference image first image like the style, the ink and watercolor life they seize. The paper I'm gonna use. So is watercolor arch channel drums. You can see the underside content. You can see the size. And yeah, I already did the sketch in pencil. It's really a rough. So the paper is really rough is not not small. That allows you can see here. I quite like this kind off paper because I think for the final result, probably this is my favorite paper to do. Water column. This is the fountain pen. The brand is war dwarf and black. The phantom pain with converter. That's mean. I'm not going to use the cartridges. Pen gather converter means you put raising is a carbon in completely waterproof. That's why I am using the converter. Because I I won't be sure. The ink is under percent waterproof and you unscrew the spring and you carry on the ink, then a few brushes. This is the only synthetic I'm going to use today. Is a prince it on Neptune on going to use this one because it's carry on a lot of water and I will use that basically to do the weather wet. So to get the paper wet and then up to the front of color and over the weather What squiggle fuel? Squirrel. This is a DaVinci Kolinsky sable. And this is another one Kolinsky sable. Three different size for medium to details. I'm Graham would call. That's it. You can just stuff to pain right now. 3. Sketching with Fountain Pen: I'm going to start to sketch with the front in pen and ink. I show you before. So the car burning because he's absolutely under a percent waterproof just to try. If the pen works fine and then I sort of race. I'm following the reference image and I'm sketching like a comic. So the paper is not really comfortable to sketch with this kind of man because it's really rough. But actually doesn't matter, because with this pen, I have no problem. It'll I want to spend one minute to talk about this. Ben, this is a front in pen and usually usually, you know, the front impanel are quite expensive. This brand is ward words worth and black and actually paid these front, um, pen £25. So is really quite cheap. I think the price is absolutely honest. And ah, this is not the first drawing I'm doing with this pen. And I got to spend more or less one week ago, and I used to spend basically every day before I do this war came showing Right now, this pen works really fine. There is no problem. I used on any kind of flavor cotton paper. Normal paper rough moved. Well, there is no problem at all. As you can see, the workflow off their spending is absolutely amazing. So I'm going to highly recommend thes pen if you like. Of course, this kind of site. Now, we stopped talking, and probably I do. I cut off some part off the sketch just to avoid you. Get bored because this is actually really personal style to draw and comic. So I'm basically for low, uh, reference image. I will stop when they do some main part off the face from the portrait. Like the eyes, the nose and the mouth. Because for dresses just lying and and you can see the spend works really good. Their lines are absolutely clean. Fine. And I didn't find any problem. I told no, - no . 4. Sketching the Nose: when you have to draw the nose often is a kind off nightmare because people Dr Crazy, because all know their noses really difficult. Yeah, basically, the nose has no lines apart for their two holes for dresses, just shadows. So make the nose looks good in a comics or in a sketch, sometimes difficult. Um, well, for me, often I use the airbrush. So for me is a kind off search. The volume off the various part of the nose knows is I kind of complicate part off the body . Probably the worst part, I think with the hands to draw some time. If you miss the nose, you can change the day interface and not the expression, but is not the same girl or the same subject off the reference image. So just pay attention. Remember, there is shadow on the neath So when you have the two holes Ah, just pay attention off the shadows and the highlights and should be fine. You already see the other I Well, this is basically feel what you have in your mind. Follow your style for yourself and your style to draw. So there is no specific rule in this part off the work, right? No, 5. Sketching the Mouth: with the leaps and the mouth. Basically the main part off the face and the portrait are done. So this is the last main part off this catching. I'm going to show you because for the rest is just basically black. And then the Harris few lines and the other one dressed around the face is few feathers. So you just make and the shape like feathers. Nothing gets. And remember, the top leap usually is in shadow, as you can see here, and that the don't leap has the highlights in highlights in the middle, probably 90% off the mouth you would draw in your life would be in this way and and yet usually reuse Ah, kind off, hard trader in this point. So under the the leap down leap, the crisps between the leaps is completed up to you because it's not really easy to do. You have just to decide if you want to spend a lot of time and make a lot of details is completely up to you. This is a sketch. So I'm in my mind. I can see this part with watercolor. So maybe now I'm not going toe draw too much details because I will have the color in the second time 6. Sketch, Final Result: There we go. The sketches done. I did everything on Lee with the fountain pen. If you like, you can use for the to feel in black, you can use Ah, kind off. You know, my big marker or, ah, brush deep in the black. I prefer leave thes sketch everything. I mean, with the front of Ben. Now it's time to prepare for the watercolor, and I'm going to show you how create the skin tone. 7. Setup the Skin Tone: skin tone are basically really light brown, but the tonality is a little bit orangey and yellows, so that's why I'm start to make a base. We this is Indian yellow, and then I will add some. Yes, cut off from the camera story. This is White Wash. Why am using a wash? Because is more a pack so you can cover? Definitely better. As you can see, it's quite easy to create the skin tone and then I'll make. This is skin tone more warmer with the color palette. Cering from Easy is Dark Red in is are in this area off the pallet is you can see on the left you can see a kind off brownie is Ah, bird, Humber and sepia. I will use that color to make the skin a little bit darker, But stay on the warm size Ah, off the bullet. Well, with the lizard and cream easy, you can see now definitely a skin tone. You can play with the the cholera Aziz you like, because now I'm going to add a little bit off to Coy's bluestar voice to make this skin more brownie. Is that the point off the skin is the brown coral. So what's to Pinky? A few minutes ago? Now you can see he's a little bit better. And also, if you have to make some shadow is better. Go on on the value close to green or bluish. It's a kind off complementary color is not a really complimentary core, but for the shed is a good contrast. Burden Humber to make some part a little bit more darker, and then basically you have full value off skin tone for this kind, this specific kind off work artwork. 8. Wet on Wet Background: I fixed the paper on ah, rigid surface like a rigid board just because now I have to made to put a lot of water. So I want to avoid Keurig, a shin too much gradation off the paper on the left. You can see one off the reference See Major found online just to make this time this style possible. So these is a synthetic brush can carry on a lot off water because I need together paper really wet and now basically disease. I'm going toe. Leave the car award by his own, so I'm putting on the water. Why hide? Amount off color gray and Payne's gray so you can get a little bit off Bush and not heart black. This is a squirrel brush. Clear brush is really important because he can keep between the hair a lot off water. So now basically, I am removing the excess off water and color, and I making the blending and the trading just a little bit under counter my control. So I'm going to move the color to get the best final result. I have him amount I can make, like trading Aiken blending I can create some um, blending into the weapon wet area. This is possible until the paper still wet when the paper get dry, especially this kind of paper. The effect. It's basically impossible to change, so now you have to pay a little bit off attention and play now to get a good result. 9. Painting the Face: the background is completely dry because we need tow. Avoid. We have to avoid actually the cholera off the background. So the gray and some black or dark don't know what color you will use in this case. But the thing is, we have to avoid the coral bleeds into the skin tone face I'm trying to do is not wet on wet because, well, many artists like to do wet on wet on the entire surface off the face. But I prefer do. In this case in this particular case, I do prefer a kind off wet on dry. I'm saying wet on dry because I want to leave some part off the face in this particular artwork in this particular project White. So the same call off the paper, so I don't want touch the color off the paper. Also because the court of paper match some part off the background. That's why I shade in ah e blend before from Dr White. Anyway, here I'm putting some skin tone, sometimes dark in the edge, and then, with the little amount off water, I can play like they did with the background to blend and make some soft shading, but basically I e I start with basic skin tone on the layer I will wet that part would be dry And then I will go dark, dark, dark, dark. So I will arrive to put some bird Humber in some particular Ah, point off the work, like here in the top, off the I between them in the eye and the nose maybe down underneath the mouth. I will leave a drop off dark brown and then I'll play with the brush to blend everything. Also in the last part, I think I will add a little bit off a leasing cream. Easy just to make everything more, uh, read told. So just go. Don't rush because this is really delicate. If you make some mistakes here, you can trash all the work, so pay a little bit off attention and I think would be absolutely fine. You can play take shoes. Um, sorry. Shoes. A brush like this can carry a lot of water because you need to remove the excess off the ink off off the color. Sorry. You put on the paper. Right 10. Second Layer on Face: second step and second layer on the phase and going to add some bird humber. So some brown dark brown I changed the brush because this is in ah, sable kolinsky sable. So he this brush carry less water compared to the squirrel, and I can, As you can see, I can avoid to make the paint toe wet, but at the same point, the hair off the brush still a little bit more rigid, and I can use the point to blend the color and make the shade absolutely softer. Take your time, Don't rush and don't boot. Um, a big amount off color. Wait the lay year. You just they just done would be completely dry or wait. If you want to make some shading on some blending, wait. It will be moist, humid, but don't insist with too much color in a short time because you will made too dark and the shading will be too strong. So the blending and the shading is beautiful when you take your time and the details off the painting, as you can see here now I'm going to extend the color because this is a quite large sir face. I can connect some some shadows, but I'm taking my time. As you can see, this is not speak painting. This is normal. Um, normal speed if you take your time 30 minutes more than you think in a paint like this will make your work absolutely better and, uh, a level absolutely higher. 11. Painting Details: last step. Details. Make some dark shade. Something in the eye, of course, is is Ah Payne's gray. I will add Payne's gray at the end of this video to the feathers as well, and between the the hair. Ah, but here I'm going to up the elite Ziering cream. Easy. In this step, I'm not going to shade and blend too much the color because I want make thes paint some something characteristic, some unique, so make this really watercolor style like a kind of splashy colors. I decided to use a little in cream easy because his ah is not a bright red but still read. So is no, like red van Dijk or Dark red is a completely different color, probably is one off the most used color and one of the main color every every watercolorist has in the palate. I think the's littering cream music will add some specific tonality to the Spain and, as you can see, is quite dark. But make this paint on the right value, right, tonality, and this is busy. What I have in my mind before starting this painting 12. Final Result and Greetings: This is the final result completely dry after overnight, I think. And yet this is a cup off the color we used or a couple off the tools. And this is the paint. We'll see you at the end of this video for the grievance. Thank you for watching. There we go. High up. You enjoy these classes. I hope you can find thes subject in this kind off technique. Interesting for you. It's quite easy because you can You're really free toe For what? Your riel style. If you like sketching comic in with a call. I think this is a really good mixing as usual, every any question. Anyone. If you want something wondering some things are just let me a common message me Contact me somewhere I will here for you. And if you need something specific I do for you just let me know and I'll be happy to do that for you. See you next classes and keep on painting. And I wouldn't have a never never stop practice Practice practice