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Watercolour Techniques For Florals Painting

teacher avatar Esther Peck, Educator, Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Ready Your Art Supplies

    • 3. Colour Swatches

    • 4. Leaf & Comma Strokes

    • 5. Techniques for Florals Painting

    • 6. Painting Poppies

    • 7. Step by Step Tulips

    • 8. Painting Tulips

    • 9. Step by Step Anemones

    • 10. Painting Anemones

    • 11. Drawing & Painting Pansies

    • 12. Wrapping Up

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About This Class

In this 'Watercolour Techniques For Florals Painting' class, I am teaching 4 types of florals- tulips, poppies, anemones and pansies. Besides, I will show you how to create mini bouquet and floral wreaths  At the end of the 11 lessons, I hope that you will be able to make some pretty cards. 

I will cover various techniques:

1) Wet on Wet
2) Wet on Dry
3) Graded Wash
4) Variegated Wash
5) Brush marks on semi-wet paints
6) Comma Stroke
7) Leaf Stroke
8) Colour Mixes and Blending
9) How to hold your brush
10) How to draw pansies
11) How to compose floral wreath and bouquet

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck

Educator, Author


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest in watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Floral... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Esther Peck. Oughta of a guy to flora. What color? I'm so glad to be able to teach you more floors in this online class. I got you the basic techniques of graded washes. Variegated washes wet on wet, wet on dry leaf and commerce strokes to form this pretty floors. Put piece pensees money's on tulips. Besides, I will teach you how to add and layer the leaves and for many flora re Okay. At the end of the class, you'll be able to pay some cuts for yourself or your friends do Show me your projects. I would love to see them. 2. Getting Ready Your Art Supplies: Hi. I'm so glad that you're back here with me. And for today's class, I'm going to teach you what a color techniques saw Flora painting. And I'm gonna teach you four different flowers Pensees, Adamonis copies and to let's And you can see that this are very colorful flowers. We're gonna use lots of pretty colors and for the supplies I'm using today is a bit different. I'm using botanical At what color? The 24 color set from hoping artists with the colors and the sort Just that I have learned over here I have let them in my palette. Ana, I probably using quite a lot off propose year. I'll be doing a swatches later on. And, uh, I definitely need my trusty Ronald brushes. And this time round again, I'm using silver black velvet number eight, number six n number two round brushes and the papers are left most. I think by now you will really know that I used a lot a lot off actress co Priss, 100% cotton paper, 300 gram and I have them cut it up. And for parties, I like to use the urinal also cotton paper because if you use those that is not cotton that you felt you, Stephanie very different. And of course, you need two glasses of water, one for washing your brushes and one for getting clean water. So with everything, Radi, I'll see you soon for the next lesson for color swatches. See you soon. 3. Colour Swatches: So for today's lesson, I'm gonna show you the colors that we're going to use As mentioned earlier. I'm gonna use Hobie in a case where the colors and there's a variety of Ricks purports and Bruce in this lesson, the real include orange too. And OK, let me try to get back as close the colors that I have used before because of this pain, things that are used. I used to insinuate that today I'm going to use Pope Ian. So this color that I'm using is called Carol Rate, which is this color. I'm just showing you the swatches over here. First color. This is full a piece. So this is the highest Pickman and I use water to I leave it to give it a lighter value as you can see how long you can go. And at the Santa, um, I'm using pins. Greedy Payne's gray Over here. I am going to use it over here. His greatest almost like black. So I'm again using water to dilute it. So I'm trying to get achieve this. Let me just show you it's very cruise. They have little achieved this Rick and Black over here. Use black. But now I'm gonna use pins Gree, which is very close to black. So I have the poppies color most here ready for puppies. Let me write down. And if we want slightly orange in color, I will get but 1,000,000. This is my opinion. You the orangey Carla that is small for a different kind off color range. Tomeo poppies. Your red poppies looks a bit more interesting. Yeah, you can see that Some of these I have looked a bit off different color and eso I will use Kevin and your lemon yellow over here if I want to add Berries. I can't have that. You see, if I run a bit off the Orange Insight, I will get this color. And once again, four flowers. I can teach you flowers, justice, flowers. I need to teach you leaves too. So I'm getting a little bit off different colors again for the green. And I'm using permanent green and set green. I definitely after use that tree different greens this time. So I have this. The permanent green in Hobe in is I think it's similar to yellow green and I have set green . I want to put them very close together so that we can see the blending off the color. I get a higher value. Hi, you're Pickman missile. And now I get who cause green, which is docker. And a lot of colors can be Mix together even darker color. Yeah, so I can't have even Dakhil green here later on. I'll show you okay if I want a doctor Green. Okay, this ease hooker's green. And if I think that hooker's green is not in a In some cases, I need a darker color. I will have to get a little off off the brain, Amber. Okay, I get a big number and I have them mix. I will get a Dr Green for today. Sir. Painting. We actually need quite a lot off Carlos. And so are introducing. You are not more different colors. And I'm going to miss them over here to show you This is my brother number, and this is my second I mix them over here. I think the number is not really that much. So I yet again to make it look stacker. I actually get a bit off olive green yet this one is a little bit too brown. Yes. So I get this color just at again. So in color swatches you get to play with the colors and you record it down. Can you need to record your colors? So I'm showing you home. This one is some of this color really has a challenging name Pyre. Old rate this one East ping scree G r E y. And this is the median Que This is lemon yellow. Yeah, I did. Now, before I forget the curso this time round, that's a lot of color. Permanent green. Okay, It's a very bright colors over here. And this is set green. This is Hooker's Green is docker. Is the doctors of them? Or so this is who cause plus when Amber. Okay, so this is who cause again. Also, hookers, green plus burnt umber. So we have this colors for puppies. I will be using these a silver minyan orange and I think I need a doctor. Rick, Which spot? Debris This'll commune. I would pin here, so sometimes we doing it too blend colors to get the colors that we want, because we may not even be able to get a direct color from here. So with more water just to show you. So it's probably something like here on, I think here I may have to add a bit open. Sienna, too. Yeah, some of these colors and definitely for yellow. I need toe another one, and this one is a little strong to more image. That stolen yellow but a mouthful. It's a stronger color than lemon yellow. It's like me ducker stronger than lemon yellow. So, yeah, this one is quite so similarly for you. It is better to right now before you forget, because some of these colors are really new to us. I saw them use Holbein Carlos. But today I'm going to try hoping colors and they look pretty good right now. As I look at it, a one more color Kevin and yellow deep. The colors that we need for this to flowers are peace and to let which is off this two colors. But before that, I need to write down the Carless again, Captain, in your low deep, I'll be painting the blue animal knees and perhaps try out the proper 12 So, for the blue and monies, this, uh, is between his two colors trump marine like, which is quite bright. Probably use a little of this, just adding water for, like, value again and push em blue, which is discolor. So this will probably be using a mix of these two colors a brighter hue for this, because from my Carlos is basically East Prussian blue. In case I won something brighter, I would use this. So I'm discussing a little bit more about colors over here. So once again, I right. Ultra marine light and ocean blue. This one four in the mornings, throughout work. Okay. And, uh, let me see again for the Berries. We have a mix. Okay. Early on, I think I use a number, but this time round for the Berries. Really use Britain Sienna. He come up very nicely, Indiana. I probably were at a little bit off. Really? Dish in sight. Yeah, to bring out the Carlos for the animal knees. So now I have these colors and for the pole, I was starting with cobalt violet light, and I had a bit off water again. The colors they use here. This is cool, but like, and the blue is probably outer Marine blanked for this pensees I used loss of papa and blue so I can see that. Does this several bamboo here? So? So As I say, this flowers really neat slots off color. So if you have a four set off pain like this, it would be definitely good, whichever brand it is all right, but a full set with lots of colors, if you can. On that it will be very good. This color, Cooperman in by what? Record it down. So yes, more proper will be better because you can create a more variety off colors like this. I'm quite sure I use Outer Marie like here. And so I used this Kobach blue, which is okay, I haven't pickup cobalt blue. So there's lots of couple and threw in this series of flowers and will teach you so for the greens. We will be using that the same. So I don't need to do the searchers again. I'll be using that this green for the leaves. That's quite a lot of colors, and I will lease them out later on 4. Leaf & Comma Strokes: Hi. Today I'm going to cover the strips Mini one Brit, and to let me leave stroke. They're from my book. A guide to float or what? The color. I'll be using number eight brush and holding my brush about 75 degrees. This is about 75 degrees. And if I'm with a hole up Right. Okay, I'll show you. This is small up, right? 90 degrees. I get a stroke. Basically, this week it is thine. But if I want my brush to hold about 75 degrees about this week, I start again. Give me a broader certainly broader leaf one more time, Chris, And allow the restored to go back. Do the tea and you get a shot. Yeah, So when you're pressing this way, all the pain will Can't get that here. So you can. She pushed them back. So if I have all my pin here, I can't You just do this way. Pin it. Disrespected bet again. This because we press very long. So a lot off students asked me. See? Why is it that they get a lot of pain here or even the tip here? Okay, If I were the whole solo the pain where that's any. Hold it there. So in order not to have that I still can Paying it back here, you see? All right, so this is a one Brit leaf. Now I'll be showing you to break one one one up and one. Now, I got a bigger leave with a number it brush. Show you one more time. One to welcome back. I'm going to teach you some basic struck first comma strokes. So let me show you how to paint the comic strips. I'm loading my brush with very light value off permanent rose and holding my brush about 30 degrees this week. This is 30 degrees and I hold a brush and I press pull the brush to you, and you slowly release as the Mr Heston. Let me show you one more time. Who the brush, Lewin. About 30 degrees. Press the brush down to create around hate. Pull the stroke to you. Release pressure as the misters has return to a point, It seems the return nickel. But you have to practice this again. Hold a brush about 30 degrees Press the brush down a prep Asia And as it moved to with you . You release the pressure and the Bristol hair returned to a point. This one site. So let's do one more. I'm going to press a little bit more to make it a bit round press. Yeah, You saw this a little too. So this is full one site and everyone on the Edison yet? A site? Probably. You have to Yeah. Make yourself comfortable with the right angle. Okay. The brushes. Okay. Give me more time. I usually have difficulty with this. This site. You need to look quite a bit off pain in order to get that. Yeah, and because the paper is up the pain. 5. Techniques for Florals Painting: Hi. It's good to be back again. And for today's lesson, I'm going to teach you various watercolor techniques to paint these pretty floors. And I have my paints, Lady. Ah, high value off cobalt violet light. Start from here. It's like you are pending a petal. And then you add in water you actually have a petal. Can you see that? If I have too much water, just remove it. Yes. So I have a better like this. I'm going to write down. What does this technical as? Over here? Great. It wash. I have a lighter value off cobalt violet light this time and I'm painting a petal. Can you see a PETA? Yes. So a very light one. And with debt, I in permanent violet, maybe on top, ages of the petal or even race that to and the color will blend. And I'd wash my brush and make sure that this less water there. Or maybe them And I just do a little bit off. Men were blending, which I thought in a few of my classes. Maybe I show you this again, Then you can see. But before that, I would right now again, should be. Spell this debt irrigated wash This is the one and why it is still our wet. And if you want to get in a higher value off the coming in violence, give more that you can. That's how it looks like. So now let me show you one more time. A light wash key. Not to worry the ship you have to figure out later on when I teach you how to draw this. So I do it. Step one. I like to do this. That months That too. Because by the time you see all my stuff together, you probably forget how I get this. So I need to go back to one step one Step two. So this is my the first wash. And in this the age is off the petal. He and I wash my brush. If I want to have something like this, I need the pool in the line. This will be like the pensees petal. Sometimes they do have these lines. And if I want a bit more value, I need to get in. Why? It is vet so far. The tiny that taught you in my earlier on my classes, many about common strokes. Leave stroke. Now I'm teaching. Knew this different technique for the flowers that you're going to learn today. Right? So this is another petal. And yet this and the other one this time round. This is thesis the techniques used there often. So this is called irrigated. Wash this one. I just have water. So if I just plain water, you probably can't see. So let me have a very like proper so that you can see. Can you see better? No, I just show you so that if water on people, you probably can see. So this is the first batter. So now I, uh, one more time. Step one water onee this one you in in a doctor color at this site? Yeah. So let me kind of get that. I had a purpose. All right. So, firstly, you have your lighter color, which is mine. Cobalt, violet, light, cobalt, violet, light in. If you wanted to be on the talk. Okay. Maybe a heavy on the top. You just at this week. Very lightly already. And then that's what I hear. Still went I will at in permanent Violet just here. So you have to Karlis. And if this colors didn't blend nicely not to worry. I always wash it. And so make sure that the brush has no water on just of them brush that is wet but not dripping with. So you have this petal okay? Because these interrogated Washington. But this time around, we're walking wet on wet. Yeah. So this is a wet paper, And then like the color and Dr Color. So because these, uh, variegated wash Brett on went, we're going to use this technique to pay pensees in the mornings. Another technique there like to teach you its core working brush Max on your wet pain. So I'm going to create this yellow color. It's like for mine. Chill it just a really rough one. So it is still wet. Okay. When money was too wet, it is still way. I'm adding on a bit of rate, so it's a little bit to get. Yeah, but it's fine. You can, so you can see that I'm having this line. I'm using a very my color off my ring to create the lives for the tulip like this. So these are the brush. But let me just show you. I'm using the relight brush, man. I'm joining this over here. So to create these, they show you one more time. This is the petal. I'm showing you the technique now, but later on, I'll be showing you how the pin the tulip. They re like. We have the lives. We have the lights number. Of course, I need to clean off the bloom. So you have a very, like, lying sell here by the brush marks that I've created here. All right, so we have this and the next technique that I have to cover. There's a few techniques that any to cover. I have got ready here for the copies. So this is my puppies. Better. The whole thing is just really. And I could have to wash it my brush and fill this pins Greed. As you can see, this is called wet in. So, uh, this is how both for any monies and for puppies has this method. So we are gonna cover that over here, you see. So if I want to have yellow, I can at on still right. So a few techniques that I need to teach you for this flowers and I hope that you will be able to practice them early on this. And then I have, please. So just practice on some of these techniques and come back again for the class so that I'll be teaching you in details on how the pain the flowers, cuz. 6. Painting Poppies: Welcome back for today's class. I'm going to teach you how to paint poppies, Rick Puppies. So with my eight round brush, I'm holding my brush about 45 degrees and they create the stroke to the top one. And then I have one here. And then I have one more here while my kids are still wet. I am on the black tell here in I was in the fish at the same time in the green. We're showing you a few more pounds. I'm just going back. For those who have never joined any of my class, this is the stroke that you can learn to create the mental. So if you have not joined my earlier class, you can still practice thes. I hold my brush 45 degrees and I turn it this way is a little bit like a commerce stroke. But in this case, not as Zachary one. And then a close back. I have a whole step one Step two. Where? Cruz, sit up. Okay, let me show you again. So the x class, this mini on for peace, and I'll discuss a lot more on the ship. So you need to practice these for those who were just coming in my class, It's a little bit like my site flower, except we do a little bit more anger. So it on the black, it shouldn't be so much water. I think this one has a lot of water on my brush. That's why I got this. I will pick up the in that game. Too much water. I bring in the ring again. Yeah. So I'm going to show a few other colors. And then finally, I will show you maybe a small at the bouquet off a piece. What other variation of colors that we can get from these I'm using a bit off orangey this time, one to tree. So one more here and then I just cover it up is the experience of the U. I need to make sure that my brushes really ripped off water. Only the black pin, and then I just edit here so that you wouldn't really spread so much of this part here. And I can still get on. I can't do it on. Yes. So this is the after it is dry. I can add in for a piece. We know that is that these? We can just make this putt around a little bit and then using the tip off my brush just in dots. And these two Not that dry yet. Okay, this one. I need to be patient to it for you to try. Sometimes I just want to quickly show it. And, uh so you see, in painting, we really, really need to be very patient. Toe. So for those who really need to practice on the ship, I suggest that you take some time to practice before you go into the food design that I'll be showing very soon. So a suggestion a few more times before I go into the design getting these again, Or you can be in one to there's a lot off a different way. We campaign where three at those. I did it. Then one to show site here. More then just before you to driving for me, It on the black. So most of them I painted this way, You see? 123 and the last one close up This one the same thing. 12 tree, close up. Even for these, I have one. Do tree. A small one and I into more, I'll show you. Maybe this one key, the total one. I'm adding in a bit off orangey to I hope you can see me this way. So I have one more smaller one. So I want you to take me off the ship. Yeah, It's like these is from big to small because we had to create the angle, right? And then I will have one more here, this one you have to treat Pinter in, and then you will have one more to close up. Yeah, I actually need to practice it. So for the black, I'm not adding it so soon because the color spread in law. So I just before you to dry a little like this one, then I Yeah, so here. I think it's a lot more drier. And I can Yeah, this one is a coyote dry. So I in you can use your smaller brush. You're number two. I'm just finishing up here to show you. Yes. So this one has kind joining you? This one still not dry. You see this? What happened? He spread a lot. So I suggest that you really have to be yes for Dr Totally. This one haven't really dry. This one has priority. So I used my black smaller brush, please. So this my poppies right now For those of you who need to practice, you think of maybe 10 minutes the practice on this ship? Yes. I'm going to proceed toe teach you how the pain poppies in. Okay, so this is the straws. Sometimes I demanded to be close up, so it's a little bit Regula like these. So I have one more here, and I have it this week. I think I just e it's a bit faster now. Became blend just enough. Washington? Yes. Mines next four piece of him over here. I'm just so going back to this design to show you how I plans the poppies Tree one small one and have this close again. Yeah. Then I washed my brush. Make sure days dry again before I in. I just at here very close. After a few practice, you should know when you have to get in your blood. Okay. All right. So is debt. I'm going to add in my green leaves. So it here just a very simple stock to teach you using my number X deal. And then this is for the puppies that he's not open yet, Tindall. And for the leaves are just simply penitence one to a little bit. You regular one. So you can make a very simple if this week let me use my number to brush further details Way for you to be slightly drive. I feel Yeah, this stuff is not dry yet. This one is dry already So that details issue just in dots. And perhaps I can teach you these two. Okay, so we have one api display, so I'm using lots of really? You should use a bit of orangey Put me in and cut Name. You're loaded for the variety of calmness, the smaller the one 12 Just adding in the cover tree you can find your paper. Okay, so we have something like these and then you can be in one more here and then one more here for that Smaller. The anger. Yeah, I'm not going to end in the colors now, so another one would be here key, So I have to So I'm gonna turn it upside down the pain these salat and see the pain this week, one to tree and then close it up. So in flowers, you always need to pin them different anger to make it look very interesting. I need to endure you, Ziggy. So that leaves. You can actually pin 12 thes. This leaves over here. Didn. Hi. We could this week Interesting. More interesting with two big petal. And then over here. So this is a very, very simple to show you. And besides that, I think I should have some Berries or in Juba. So I just this way to buries a few Berries here and just with the this additional color, you just bring up the whole piece. But for that, I need to wait for it to dry. Okay? I would like to create a simple piece that is, uh, halfway open and maybe something like this. A small one. So I need to wait for these to dry before on in case he kind off broom again and spread the colors. So everyone So with the common strokes and leave stocks that you have learned earlier, I hope you're able to paint this poppies with me now with the big commerce trucks. We're going to create the petals off the poppies. And this is how it goes. I'm gonna paint something like this. I start big, the top one and the two silent. And then I have one. What a sight in one more this week and now I'm gonna in the Finsbury here for the puppies. So most of the time for puppies repainting as site in this week. Maybe I work in a few puppies that they said just this. So one polo one again is this angle is just I moved them and change them about the Apollo one and two site and one more. And then I have this way and on the pin scree again Just over here, our on the details later because the potatoes as do wet I shouldn't under Stillman just a debt firsts. And right now, I would you this book or read ihsmay with the leaf stop that we have learned would be this way. I create release so we can have the drop down this week and more interesting look this week . So I tried to a pain to do more a piece. Okay, this time Well, I want the poppies to turn this week. Probably this one. So it will be easier for his attend my paper. See, if you have enough in this way, you'll be a lot easier to pain. So my polos, one a bit irregular. Then I have another to site my pain. And then one more here. And then I get on this week. So when you tell your paper back again, it isn't falling apart. Pieces that you're attending this week. Did you go to the poppies view? Which I haven't gone to you? Can't you see at in Kapisa bending down this way? Yeah. So we are just making a lot more interesting way off contender poppies, and you can create cuts from here. I will show you more samples very soon. Yes. So we have Poppy said that I'm just waiting for them to dry before I could get on the filament. Let me move on to another one. So with more practice, I'm sure we will get better. So I would like to use available Orrin G one this time The Dominion You, which we have trail early on, you know, switches. So this time around, I think, uh, let me see how I will create one desire like this. Okay, But I used under the beautiful orangey hue. So 12 you notice that intentionally won the patterns to be a little bit irregular not to around. So I have 12 tree so you can tell your people. So again, this is the center. So you have to roughly know how you want the patterns toe turn this way yet. So I have I had these but those like that I were right now just in a little bit off black around here center. He was spread a little bit. So not to worry. I believe the bill, Rick for duration 12 tree full. I'm painting the flowers, the poppies a little bit closer and okay, this last Petters pick up a bit more. P. Yeah. Must get those here and one more time for the last flower. I would like it to be upset there, so I found my people one. I want a lot more Pickman for it to be reader because it's a little bit like here to tree. So again, I would like to remind you that your copies have been in this direction, but the first paper that Penis the tallest one and then the two sides. And then I have a smaller one. So it depends on your individual how you like to go pain from which we just take Note that there will be one patter bestowal and then I have a close it up this way. Yes, sir. They will have one. A piece that is tough. This one is a lot dry year ready. So I just get on here and now in the lease. So you get to pin Neco a few booky sen Gouda to petal kind 12 for the release. And here 12 I usually likes the pain the leaves very close to my flowers so that you will have this kind of unity which I discussed a lot in my flora composition class which is cherry blossom. If you can be full, it is also still in skill share. Yes. So I have the this little flora receiving this way for the composition that is a bit off the Crown Loca semi circles, smaller leaves and yes, in the Barry's, which I will use a little bit off orangey. You just kind of paying a small over ship. Who was She? Looks a little bit regular. So make kits. Mordor. Usually I like my Berries to be in in tools so they don't look so lonely. Sometimes it can be he didn't But this and I can at a, like orangy on this again. Yes. Not dry yet, actually. So they can't get on. I think by now they should be quite dry. Really? So I changed my smaller brush so that I won't pick up so much like or rather pins gree. And in the dick use. I pulled the line and at the dots. So you really add a lot of interest of these peace. A very simple one. You have a receipt for peace, but and yet you can make it into a smaller cut. Okay, I will pin something inside. Just lines in lines, irregular huts, some polar, some shorter. And then you just got them this way. Yeah, and for the greens. I'm talking about the green cell just in some green color here in the center. And perhaps I would like to in different greens. Yeah, this is the wet on wet, but the poppies just in a little bit of green to make it more interesting right now it is a kind of dry already. I just leave into this. This is not dry. I will not get in. And I think I should like this piece. I should get in a small piece. A small puppies at this Or perhaps one days that this one to tree open half way scythe site . So, please. Yeah. Okay. Let me come back to this one that I didn't finish it up. Right, Because it's not dry yet. So going back to the pin screen, I need toe on this for the center here. It's very important toe in the details. Without that details, the hope up Aegis will looks that pretty So tear lying, irregular. They cannot be the same height or else it will. Looks very official. And I just thought them not a very round up against. Yeah, all right. Trending this way was easier for me. I just painted a little bit more of a semi circle. I feel that three in this ray looks a little bit place. So perhaps I would like to get a few more. Uh, let's see, Probably one more. Here And this time I in a little bit orangey. So for this puppy's class, I, uh yeah. I hope you can pin at least like to pieces. So one more here. Yes. So far, I've been showing you a lot off this site. Human too, Right? And one more here. This one is very low. And yeah, this way. I just joined them up again. We can always on for the composition look interesting, because sometimes when you have so few off these copies in a puppies view, it doesn't look that nice. So I have some more here, This one. I will have one have a bit more intense color puppies. That is just so at one sighting Cyprus peace. And this one I would pain and upside down one again, a taming without turning the paper this way. Yeah. So we have just something by that Very simple one. Okay. So you can see the composition. It's a lot more interesting. And I need to at least of course, this intervene is dry already. Yeah, so probably I just in something else. Someone grass here. And finally I hope this is drying I on this color. It could have been there. I use and number six is no. So they won't become so much off my pins, Gree. Because we have a bigger brush, It will probably pick up too much, and then it may spread again. So I just got here for the poppies here. I think I will not get much because he was spreading. So So just on here, a bit more layering, more leering again because the black color has the pains. Great has been installed into the people. All right, so we have two pieces. I hope you're able to create something. Yeah, but this and I'll see you soon for my next flower. 7. Step by Step Tulips: welcome back. But to this lesson, I'm going to teach you how the paint tool it's and festival. We need to draw the tulips. I draw my tool it in this way so that I can trace it on for the different steps I will be supplying you with Destroying is a good news, right? Okay, So step one. Of course I joy in. I'm going to explain to you in steps first before I posted toe painting. So instead, one, I draw it out, I trace it up. So what I do is that after that I apply layer water. I will be using number eight brush and I apply a clean layer off water over here very near to the pencil line. But if you have happened to touch the pencil line, it's fine to because most of the time after painting, we can really see the pencil. I have a layer water in my kevin and yellow dip, but the site off the Petr and the center of the Peto. So let me show you so that you understand. So every off this pattern here is the yellow. They don't depends, but for this but platoon in the design is this week That's I painted this week Yellow So But it doesn't mean that you pin every petal because you can only pain one at a time. I'm just showing you here. So one, because if you want the pin to together, the pain would be so first batter for us Yellow on the next step to do Is that you in your rate? So I in my rick color And you know, when Rick mixed with yellow, it kind of becomes orangey. That's how it happened and what it is still wet. I actually use my brush to create lines. So when the yellow, the yellow and the Rick were together, I actually pull up the lines to create this. So that's how it happened for all these. So you see that even for every piece that I do, they looks different. Depends on the amount of pain that you So everyone still looks different Sometimes The yellow then disappeared and I have to paint over again. And for this one I added in and not the Rick Blind here but the thing because some off the tulip has this. Yeah, but not every time I do that depending on how you, Giulio, how you interpret your two lips? Some of them have this year. And so for every Petr I walk this way. So you need toe. Take note. Is that right for this to finish, I mean to dry if this is dry, not dry yet you can book on this one because this pattern and this pattern is very far away from one another. So you can book on this one. And after this stuff in his stride, I suppose you can book on this. So you just have to watch up that the pattern next to it is not wet because it's wet, the colors were bleak. And then it will cost you a lot problem? Yes. Yeah. So later on, I'll be showing you this. This is the piece that I have picked it, which I will be teaching later. Yeah. So let's say you are painting this better, and this is not dry. You can vote on the other flower, right? So I hope you enjoy the session 8. Painting Tulips: we'll come back. But to this class, I'm gonna teach you how to paint two lips. And we're going to apply that that next Devlin earlier the various techniques like the Great Wars, their gate awash and variegated wash bet on. So if the colors that we have prepared So I start with this pattern with just water very near to the pencil line, even if you touch the pencil line is okay most of the time you just keep your pencil. I'm very and in Kevin and Yellow dip just at the site because I'm going in the great leader , maybe a mix of Rick and orangey here. So I start from the bottom off the to lip, and I just continued to pull it up. And if a bit of orangey color without so much water, I pull it. Remember the technique off. When the paper is wet, you use the lines to create the muss. I had a lot more darker color here, and I tried to say I'm going to have more off thes kevin and yellow because the color looks a bit weak there and here, too, so that it looks more intense a bit discolor because the tool, it is a bit right. Supposed be bright. Okay, I'm going to pull it. Don't know for the lines. And here, too. I use a little bit of a Dhaka Rick again. Okay, over here. I'm going to blend in a little bit. I just make sure that my brush is not too much. Water is just wet. Tony and I do. A little bit of men were blending with the water pain water. So I get this. This struck that one. The center off the tulip is actually yellow. So I create another yellow line here. Yeah, I just paint it in. Yeah, I just did that. And if let's say I want a bit more full look, I can lift up some pain. Yeah, I can lift up some pain before a clean brush, so I need a doctor Karlovic earlier on in our colors. Just I have a come in. So it here, where the two lives that so I got one pattern done. And when you're painting something like this, you cannot pin here because it just do it. So I need to go to this better this better. My paper is a chose and this color is not standing. I can clean it quite easily. If you ever staining color, you can actually clean it. Yeah, we'll talk a little bit about stealing colors in future, but this classic they just keep to this now and all right, So I'm just talking about if I have finished this better I campaign this or this. So I need to go to this or else that colors. It is where you were bleak. So I need another I'm using on number six because number eight sometimes it's so big, too big. This battle has to claim you, so I would. Right now I'm using the very gator wash with the something with water first. And then I in the canton in yellow. I can industry and you'll see that I used another technique. Now the Rickman they were blend in nicely. Yeah, they're cheap bending very nicely. And if I want here to be Ducker, I get back my coming? Yes. So I get this right now. I'm quite happy with this color, but I think I should get a little bit Duck girl here. Yes. So this part should be dry. Let me take a little bit of Reese so that I can pin to show you this This truly I can't you work on this s o I think it is drying. So I apply water again. The paper I'm using. Nice adjust. Cotton paper. 300 grams. So here you go. And I need that very bright kept named yellow again because my tool, it is actually a yellowish orangey that camp color. So I need this again. I'm holding my brush a little bit lower so that they can blend the colors. I need to get a bit more. Yeah. So you go. I have this now, so at least I know this is dry. You can get a little bit more yellow, Kevin and yellow. The brush is a little bit. And my hand keep getting pink. Color probably is here. And it clean off on the stock here. Yeah, I think I will go ahead with working on this one earlier on I Pinter. All right, so this PETA, this patrol will be again, huh? Care at water to work on the blending putt. You see the idea in one a lot off water because you will copy floating. So I just one. And you want the pain to be floating around, so I just have a teen layer off water. But again, cotton paper There's up the water a lot. So I need to go one more round again because he called dry. All right, so I in kept them yellow. You're loaded and doesn't like, hearing which I will have my written. Now, here. I need a bit off a doctorate for the separation color here because this is very this site here is in cyclone, which has to be very dark. So when I pain and then the water, the pain were just flu is still is do it. But as I say, it dries up very fast. So I need to get my rig again. So, you know, you have to prepare a lot of colors. Yeah. So I am trying to get a bit more. Yeah. So bring in the color springing the lines for me. Yeah, So you can see it brought lice out. Yeah, threatening. That taught you earlier. So for these I need toe Wait a while to I feel that this color has kind offer get lighter even this is that lighter? So I need toe on. Actually, the paper uses cotton. So the pain. Actually, kid being a stopping, I wanted to be very vibrant. Okay, Is there looks good And let me see. Yes, this part. I was saying that I wanted to get more stronger color and the base year has to be a bit darker. So I on So this that may is call. We're on dry because it's a really drunk. I just lay it over. So this matter is driving me at on water again Key my brush Hessel, My brush has a bit of your low Kevin and yellow and I need the orange Do come up from here B mor e Zachary if the orange over here. So I have this over here, doctor, for the separation off the petal so that you can see clear. So I lay up layer water on this particular petal. This better is right in sight. So it has to be that good. So this, uh, usual. I will start Mr Outer One. And this is Captain and Yellow, a very strong color. And the center to is Mr Center off the to live and very could clear wash my brush. I wish my brush and get, uh, this rig color. I think I need a bit Dominion YouTube who Just get mix it to get a bit orangey color. So I would just add on here and I will kind off pull it. Yes, for the brush Mark, I think that yellow has kind of gone. So I need toe on a little bit here in the center. And I wanted a duck a color that this is coming Had a bit of Dr Color here. As I said, because this better inside these I want more year low, So I need toe on. I want more. You look over here. Yeah, kind of. Ah, this burst a year low. So and I can actually pull in this way too. So I have one pepper off this done. And because you're both these sites still wet, I cannot work on it. So I will go back to here. I li a what on this part here is yellow again. Very first. Sometimes I get us I want a stronger pigments at more yet more, a bit and I on to the rate it should be. It should be more in judo, but later on, the color will be less intense. They dry yet get like toe. Yeah. So I shouldn't be too worried about this, but let me just do a little bit off blending, okay? And so for this better over here. Think I'm kind of done to make this more interesting? I in a vein off the for the to. But we're here, so I can look on this because this is still not dry. So I work on this at on water. This is a technique that teach quite often for pathetic a flora. So you see that I do layering the very gator washed it. I talk about a year earlier on issue relay early of water. And then we can add a lighter color, which is yellow. And I were at a darker color and then they were bled. So you see this How your books. So I have a small one here. Yeah, I can just pinch in light a very like one, because they are slightly further away. So I can just pain a very light one. Eso all these petals you can kind of, but look them once. It's dry. Okay? And I have one more here. Okay? After it is dry. I s, uh I mentioned they get lighter, so here I wanted to be slightly brighter, so I can at on still Yeah, I wanted to be certainly bright. So this site I have finished. So now I go back to here. When it is dry, the color can you get a little bit dollar right, So I can get on again. And this meant that we call it so wet on dry. This thing is a little bit close to pathetic. A painting? Yeah, except that I did not a lot off the twos. Okay, I just a little bit darker here, and okay, let me go to this one, because it's just a very small portion day. I would just add a little bit off orangey color here. I'm using a number eight a round brush. Now, sometimes I do use the six for smaller portion, but right now I'm just using the tip off the I'm a big to paint this little portion. Yeah, but you can actually change the number six if you won. Yeah. I mentioned that the color or he is up by your people because this is a cotton paper, and they kind of keep absorbing the pain in. Yeah. All right. So Okay, this looks dry, but I'm just doing a little bit of manual painting. Okay, let's go to let me see this one. Should be okay, This one. Okay. The out. Uh, fatto, let me just show you my reference. This this is my reference. So over here is so yellow. Yellow Kevin in yellow deep brother there. So usually I was started this first, all so yesterday I'm taking a little bit of Greece here by painting. Took so close together, I think I would try not to go too near should get bit I'll be a Rick you. So this is the Peto now. It is very You see the center off the peace. Peto has a yellow being knighted. Yeah, I'm not sure how What do you call this? But it looks like of being here, so we just referred as a being. So I in this and when this to color come together, they were just kind of blend. I see. It's a little bit small here, so this but I didn in. So now maybe I should on now. You see, you can you can treat at you even after you finish painting. If you want it to be a bit blurry. Yeah, bluish look that you can use place again. The pain. So on I on the yellow okay for the leaps. We have this cuts about using set green yesterday. I'm just going to make it quite simple for the least, so not so much details. So I just kind of use set green and hope goes green. Who calls going? Plus a little bit off when Sienna? Yes. So I have been mixed, and I work on this because this is not dry yet, so I have to have to work on something else. Yeah. Okay, so it's a round brush stroke, but I pull it and I, and actually for the leave is better for you to leave it. I don't have to join up because it's actually quite easy to paint this. Let me show you separately. So it beat up the joint. It will free you a lot. Let me show you here. So if this is, uh, but one that I didn't enjoy anything like I can just kind of may look a bit more so that it can cool. I can point Mom. So you can't you just pool and then if you want a bit darker, you can just at you. If this is the part that you want it darker, you can just pull here. And then I washed my brush and a tepid to remove the excess water. Okay, The leave actually has some lines, but after it blend in, you cannot seem so. This is what I mean. You can do Sri head. You're leaves can be free him. Okay, how about this? This is the stop. Usually I would like to book the stock together with the peple. That means when this is what I liked opinion so that the red color would actually go in a little bit. So now I'm just adding on the rig for it to go, okay. And then I just put it down. Same thing this is set green. And if I want they stopped to have two colors means that one. Some shadow I have to add in my green. This part shoots I actually so that the center is later. Yeah. Okay. So, uh, yeah, in this. So, in this julep in thing, we have to watch out a little bit for that. The pain the penguin over let So Because I'm gonna paint this so I don't paint this. So for this leave. I'm not working that on it. I'm giving a little bit low for lighter green. The green here is called permanent Green, which we have talked about in our watchers. So probably I have one year just toe make it more interesting with different colors. Okay, I because I am in this painting off the green. So I thought I just paint this just paying these. So I wanted to keep that set clear off pain, right? Just now. I mentioned but and then some greens here, some greens. I'm just in some a little bit of the two. Although I mentioned it's not so much due to we can actually in Justin line this way. If you're not comfortable, Big brush, you can move on to a slightly smaller brush. He will still disappear. But I didn't want it to show so clearly. Eso Yeah, so they go. I have some of this leaves here and we are left with three patios only We're finishing our to let very soon they can move on to this one. So it's year low again. This is where I start again with the centre at the corner here and the scion a catchy pull them in. It should be dry now and then I washed my brush again and I get my read This time around, I want to get a written because the orange is a little bit light and I just drive my brush over there so that I read off less Rick here and I put it this way. Pull up for the line and same thing. So this one, I managed to do it a lot faster because and I want a knuckle color at the base. You? Yeah, this is a very strong colors competitiveness. Anyway, this is closer to us. Okay, so right now, let me see returns at edge opinions when it's dry. So at this angle, the better off the toilet is at this anger. Let me show you. So we'll be seeing a lot more yellow and some Rick here. So I will be applying a lot more yellow wreck. So because of all that water for us, this is not dry yet. But never mind, because it's the basil and a cookie. All right, so a lot off yellow, deep breath. And then I pull the pain in. I pulled opinion, and I quickly wash my brush. And I, uh, after I watched, have to rip off the excess water. Because if I wash and then there's still water there and I picked up my pain, my pain will get lighter value. So I have to pep it here and pick up my pain so that my pain will not be like again because that's what they're here. So back to these again, Pull up a little bit, pull up. You see that? There's a lot of water in your brush. You just come access water, and then you pull and then you get the lines here. So that's what I want. Yeah, something like this does the part that I was a bit careful because they were both wet. So now I just on okay, I just poorly the pain just like that. Yeah, so I'm left with. So just one more Peto here So you have to work Pepper by Petr. Still, even for this here, this one. There's a slight Tonder over here, a compact. So I will leave this part off the tongue. Okay. And then I use a little bit off the orange color. My pain on my pallet dry up. Very fuss, because I have a lot of spotlight here. So it dries up very, very fuss and sometimes after the mix after mixing. So I am actually almost done with this piece except for the smaller the corner. So I need to check, like where I need to do a catch up, and I'm not sure if you can see, but they're somehow it's little spots here that I didn't go close to it. Right. So I should have touched a little bit by adding in P. But be careful when you're doing this Just in very little, very little water, so so that you won't spoil your painting. Yes, So you can see that I am actually heading in. Let me just kind of on a little bit more distant common, so you can get the ship off a jury that a small round because we are working on them. Pepper by Petr. So when you're working, petal by petal, you probably were me. Someone's not a corner. Yes. So now you want to make them more or less like s one piece tonight while waiting for these two. Joy just touch on a little bit on this. So I want here to be a bit Tucker and some off the recall er to go in again. You hear that? The doctor look. And every time I watch my brush, I dry off the excess water because I want to do a little bit off manual blending here. Yeah, you can see my brushes. Uh, it's not very wet. It's good enough for me to do some blending. This one, I just a bit Yeah. So I'm I'm kind. Finish over here. Let me work on this year is dry, so I can get on is a very small pepper or over here is a ton pattern. So it is yellow. I was just pain, yellows direct Instead of adding water, we have learned this before, so it's also called a variegated wash. So I in right along here, and as soon as I finished that I add on a bit off redish over here because this part has to be ducker just very later and be debt again. I washed my brush and make sure there's no excess water. And then I blend in again. Very small. Me this area. So that's a small come here. Right. So let me start this again. So you, Is there any part that I need to show you here? I want it to most now. A little bit more. Yeah, and perhaps here we still can pull in a bit more. Yeah, I think I need a doctor because yeah, it needs to beat. You need to show Dr all these have to be doctor. And if you are working on this like that, you need to do manual blackness again. Means you wash your brush There have been repeating these places because it's very important to know this technique. After washing, make sure that it is drive a tapping excess water and then you do blending because if you watch and you don't take off the water, you will just destroy your painting. It happened to some of my students before, and of course it happened to me. before too. That so I'm able to tell you this technique. Okay, I'm I have finished. Let me at all noted a bit doctor here every time when two petals kind of overlap. Yeah, like this one is behind. So this one has to be doctor. Okay, so we have finished the tulip painting and I hope you enjoy the session. The next one that I would be painting will be any mornings, so I see you soon. 9. Step by Step Anemones : Hi. Welcome neck for today's class. I'm going to teach you animal niece Flora and I teach this animal knees in my book. A guy to floor or what? The color. So to Rao's com a stroke three. So I have six over here. And I had all my that girl color here and he will bleed. And I elected Brit. I wanna be off pins. Agree. And a pains Ray looks ah, lot better here. Yeah, So this is my step one. I have to do them kind of together. Yeah. So this is step one. A kind of a poor, some teen line here, so And Step two Steptoe means I have to go back to step one to show you so back to this. Okay, So, back to getting the I don't cook. Hola. My pain is green. And then it was spread. See you just at on your color. He was spread. It's quite that. But later he would dispose again. I know can pull up again. If the color is a little bit like that, you can get on pushem brew, which is a little bit brighter. I bet on because the color has kind of espresso. I want to show a little bit brighter. So now I'm still at step one over here. Show you a little bit untidy here. So I just clean up. I just read in the in numbers was step one, Step two. Okay, I way for these to dry again before I can move under step to So I, uh pin my step tree first I pay my step tree first my step one. Step two and anything I pay my step tree. So this is the one. Very, very dark just on to make it light a little bit. So you need to practice in order. I always tell the students, So you need to practice another campaign it without turning the paper. It's Yeah, but you can it return the paper to get yours. The ship off, the pet, those And then there you go. Let me it on this. Okay, so now I can actually look on. This is my step one. My step three. Okay. I can work on my step to now. Step two, maybe I show you separately separately here, so I need to work on the back petal. So I actually have my pains Gree pence cream makes a bit off pushing do else. It's a bit too that they use at here first, right? And then a little bit off fresh embu. And then you get water toe it's in sight. Recorded a back Peto. So I'm trying to make it as, um simple as possible so that you can see this That pit bull This one is called front petal . Continue with this to show you how start before that value Payne's gray press pushing room I shall write them so you can also watch it, Pence. I agree. And this is pushem Spaces. This is water. And this that is cool. I just wrecked the technique here. Greed wash Greater wash which I thought in my techniques class The only class that I thought you this one instead of from pop go down. I have it from that Go up yet so great at wash So this is the technique and that's continue here again. And I just at water. Is this water for the outer Peto? Yeah, just continue here. You have to watch, like a few times. Actually in pain thing is like that, especially this new to you. You're probably has the watch a few times too groups it? Yeah, As I said, this is just a decorative pig. So it's not exactly Ah, very realistic one. So they looks very even. Okay, now I'm looking on this one. I get some pain again that Petters a usually doctor, because in the in between these two flowers, they give a shape. It's not that the Paterson backer is just that. That's a shit. So you see as DACA So it on some more pins Great here, t So we have a bit off darker color in sight. And right now I can work on center off the flower. I will be getting a lot of pins green now, because it's this area center traders. But on it dot I'm using the so whether it is a blue animal news or is a purple any mornings . So you will look this way a lighter front of Peto and tackle back petals, okay. And the center is still the same. We're still going to use black off pains, grief and I noticed that the color here has kind over this purse, so I need to bring in some blue collar gin. I'm doing a little bit off placing, so I can't draw the lines. Now, I will just wait for it to dry. But men Wow, this is what you should do for for every way. Yeah, just pull up. So the end result should be this way. Yeah. So maybe now I would just show you how I paint the Barry's eso a big very You're very can be a bit over. She like this. Okay, let me try toe drawer a smaller one. Because for our painting, my Berries is quite some more so, as I say, I always I always been there in tools they like partners to see, varies, Loved to be together. Actually, they're always in Bunches. Right. Okay. So hey, bows. All right, So you have a first lady here. This this can't be my 1st 1 I in some blue here and I wash it toe blend it. Whichever part that you think you want to have a bit off highlight, you can actually pick up some people. Yeah, so I have a very simple one here. So this is so I will write down two Step one. Step two. This one step one. Step two for my bear. Reza. I haven't finish it for this one, so I think it's getting a little bit dry up. I hope not actually having dryer. So for this one, I have a little bit of the proper I can get, you know, a little bit of brute to So this is a pretty swell berry. So later on in my class, I'll be teaching you the loop Adamonis, the proper animal knees and a Berries. And the lives, Of course. I will show you the layering for flowers I usually like to have from release here. And then I will have a second a release which comes in another color. And I like to have a shared oh leaves. And I have a lighter this time. Shadow leaves. Well, I like this cutting us. Yeah, And then you can at and if you like it, you can still at in. Okay, I can actually, in a pains gree, We called it a sealer. Leafs. But if you want to a little bit more detail of this, you can go to my Rosa's class. I have this lesson on how to a year I think it's not very driver. I just on the lines. It's quite pretty, too. If you want to know what other colors that I use, I actually have a palate this mix because I did this class verse and then I have this video . So it's a mix off blue and the green that I get this color. All right, so you have toe experiment it out yourself by. The colors are basically day. I use a mix of set green and a mixed with booth, and I get this very beautiful blue green. Yeah, Sometimes you can just get on your beans very lightly, very likely. Once. It's so kind of a semi dry, not fully drying. It was fully drunk. You would you would get a very distinct kind of Vince. So I'm pretty happy with what I have done here. And, uh, if you want to practice, you can put on this and I'll be showing you a full day 10. Painting Anemones: welcome back. But today's lesson I'm going to teach you any morning explorers, and I'm going to use the very gator wash again. I'll be showing you step by step. And this time, well, I'm doing it. Free head. And I had all my pains ready. I'm using quite a lot off pro Shambhu, but a much diluted one. So I'm going to test on here again and for the purple. I'm going to use permanent by a lot of so. But again, I'm going to use a very diluted one like this, So all right, you will notice that I'm using quite a bit off my my I start with the centre one. So a commerce short right to I see, I'm going to lift up a little bit. So less being here. I'm leaving a little bit off space, so I have one more here. This one looks a little bit, though I just I looked it. It's a little bit off water. So are you counting with me? I by no sorry. I have fought that those I can't come sometimes if I see we need to love it ourself. So am I. Right now. Six If it touches a little bit. Never mind. Don't get toe. Worry it. All right. And okay. Here, center. I'm Ed ing in so wet into wet and again washing it and make sure that is just the money. And I pull it so that the pain when get kind of get stuck there. Okay, so pull it a little bit. I don't quite like this one here, so I just kind of pull the pain out of my brush. It's actually quite dry, so I wouldn't kind of destroy the little patio there. Yes. So I have it here. That and I'm going to leave the center here for a while, and, uh, okay. I'm going to paint another blue one here. The real act again. I think you're going to like this anymore. Needs because it's free him. The only one that thought is to lip to lip is very pretty, But you need to dry off. Okay. This time I got it quite far. Sissy six and I don't do manually counted the color have kind off lost years. So after on again, it will keep happening because, as I said, the cotton paper keep a sobbing before the pain disperse again and disappear. I went on a bit of put put, and I moved up a little bit. Somehow particular were small, like this looks cute and pretty, but this All right. So I always mentioned that flowers that just kind of one anger. It doesn't look so nice. So, as usual, I like toe in some drop one some different anger floors. So let me see how I should arrange them now. So they re like their view. Make sure that it's very liked. All right, let's move on to the purple one. Okay. I'm going to do a psych one. Now, if you remember how I taught you how to do this site one. No. Maybe this one just shed in a bit. And later I do a bit off site one. So this is my papa one for those of you who won me to show you poor, he didn't hear. So I'm not going to show like a full one, because that will make the composition more interesting. We come up a composition in my other class, so I don't want to keep repeating that on my online class. So if you have missed that. Just go to my first class cherry blossom, which I talk about composition off your floor, A reef in all this, I'm going to pay in a site. Purple on over here using public and vibrant again, but very like value of it. So at more water, whenever I said at more water doesn't mean it's a very watery. It's just getting a lighter color. So I'm picking up a very little about. Oh, so but it's getting a light color. Better value. Yeah. So erect. Over here. Let me see how I would opinion. I mentioned that I went to paying a site. One. Right. Okay, one to tree full. You will see that they are very similar to puppies, too. Yeah. Uh, okay. We are not exactly painting botanical floor or so they are not, like a very realistic. So they are kind over that creative only. All right, I can go back to this already. You see that? I'm painting the front pet. Those with So now I am working on the back. So they are dry. Ready? I'm quite sure. The entrance. So this how you paying your backpack? Those? And at on this the one I had done a bit off pins. Gree Because to give that a little bit more debt, this is the back. Better. I'm actually using pains Green now and a mix off. Push Embu. I will give you a least off the color so that you don't have to worry now. Like what colors? I'm using this color here. Car gets that so A better, More? A little. Okay, since my brushes the pins, we're sorry. I'm like, have to get on here or else of the people She my brush This is the center and I'm using pings agree And there's quite a lot of pins agree on my brush So I thought if I had one here in my spread, so I just quickly it on here. Payne's gray is really looks like a black is quite that color But it's a very beautiful color somehow independently users So it looks very nice. I don't go, I just pull out and then I at on I could hear Yeah, this is the back patio. So it has to be Doctor. It has to be Ducker. And over here. Okay, there you go. And OK, now this by new and buy new one that I need to work on that petal. And then just at on a bit more off the pains. Agree? I'm kind off done over here, and okay, Now I'm go back to the center because actually, the color keep, uh, disappearing, Jimmy. Okay. Over here. That's at on. As I say, if you're using a pickle brashness kind of a control it with the tip only just used that tip off the brush. But if you're not comfortable with using the big one, switch to us number six. Or if you have a number four, you can switch to a number four can even here I can get on. And here, too, can get on. This is covered. So just remember, don't go full. This is a couple one. So I have a four radia. Very fuss over here. Okay? I have to get a little bit off a docker proper here, so I think I will add a little bit of pains. Great to my papa and I get this color pens. Great. Prospal, give me this color. Okay, that color first and then Okay. This is a little bit off the greater washed. But I start on the small corner here, and I at water. It's a very small area. Okay, here, too. So a very small and no, I get back to, uh, pings gree again. And I draw a long, short, long, short again. And mornings. I think my life is a little bit sick, though, so I better go back to my round number to brush. And this little any monies Florida Reeve looks cut. Cute. Yes, I can't like. Okay. You see, we have blue on. We have proper to. So what might go to do with this couple and, uh, blue? I should have one more blue now pin scree, which is my pain street. I find it a carla Carla disappear so I can add on a bit if I won for the color to show a bit more blue. So I'm going to Ah, pain, maybe. Okay, I thought about this, uh, upside down one. Right. So paying one upside down one. So using that, that Nick that we learned and poppies 23 small petals like this one go down right now. I think I would do this. I would like to get on the leaves very soon. Okay, for the least I think I need to go back to mine Set green because I'm following a little bit off this and t that's on here for the doctor color the greedy in to come up. So they're looking really sweet and pretty now. Well, so I in my leave, sir, I have taught you the leaves to I always talk about this layering off leaves is that I have my I'm relief source, which is the bigger one key. They are in a bit of blue. So I'm mixing a little here and there So that there some green some blue in these leaves because I didn't want the leaves toe stand out so much So I cut some pain. If I think that and I have yes, I have a bit off a blue to as I mentioned, so I'm creating some primary leaves here again for the layering off lease. I went at here again because I have talked about the layering off leaves in my roses class . So I'm liking these green a lot now. So I have some. You see, when comes to the smaller one. The job one. I will kind over have a smaller lease. So you have to get yourself the bigger one I have regarding the smaller one off course. My prime really smaller. And right now, I think I have quite a lot off. I'm really sorry. And I wanted I look my color a little bit more, meaning a lesser value. And I was to ever be off blue here, more water, water. So I get a little bit off different Carla and I'm going toe in my second the release. So the colors are looking very pretty. Well, I like this color, so I'm not sure if you like it, but personally, I like this range of color a lot. Green is my favorite color, actually. So you see, my previous moving this week. This already cost shadow a little bit off secondary and shadow leaves, shadow leaves. I think I on some pains. Great class, papa. And a very different Kyle's. So you see that we just kind of let from our payload. We just at on shadow leaves, uh, and nada color. But it is a lot lighter. I find it in my this piece. I don't really need toe a lot of shadow leaves, though, or else it will be overpowering. So you have to get yourself sometimes that whether you need to get more, something is lacking here. You know what I think instead of this Lindsay Anna Berries, I would like to have a proper Buhari's some I changed my mind, and I think I like to have a little bit of blue. A bit of this blue compound lease they were looks pretty just a little, and I'm layering it over just a the Jubilee year. As I say sometimes in painting, you really have to get yourself, like, what? Color toe in toe. Make the painting stand up. So we ducked this little bit off blue. I think it's still quite lucking there, so I only hear it over. I kind of like this the way this go. So let me see where my Barry Schickel my berry should go this way. Let me change to a number six, then a very like color. And then you just maybe a little bit off blue, a little bit off proper insight, and you get a Drew. Berry looks like a blueberry. I always mentioned that in Barry's. I don't like them to be alone. I like them to come in two or threes. Most of the time is in twos. Yeah, so probably here. Probably here. And that A one more. You just make ah bit off over or around in this case, a train to make a wrong one. And then you just in your purple color because my palate now is very message. Because just now it on for the you say so. Usually the top is the doctor one the top here because I'm dropping down que vote into at some osteo. And there you go. I have to hear so your reef can look this way or your you can look this week right now let me just end it by Okay. I need my pain is great for these again. Buy a new one. Okay. I hope you enjoy the session, which I myself enjoy a lot painting off course. I like the pain. Yeah, So I hope you will come back for my next class, which is Pensees. See you soon. 11. Drawing & Painting Pansies: come back. I hope you have been enjoying the last few flowers I have taught you. And for today's class, I'm going to teach you Pensees and this other pretty But take Penzias that have pinned it so far, and they're basically in booze and purples again. And I will teach you how to draw these Pensees too. So we have been a used a Bruin Papo gin. And we're going to use apply the very gator wash again. Looking at this, let me see. Be up. We're gonna use the very gator wash with wet on wet technique again. And some of this is also very gated wash dropping in the pins this week. So for this class, is Stephanie a lot off this technique? Yeah. So I'm gonna show you how to drop us. Okay, we start for Centrepoint. I actually didn't want to draw it too big, though. Yeah, but I started drawing quite a big pet, Brody. So never mind. Uh, yeah, so someone says that this looks like a little bit Afraid? Yes, it looks like about a priority. And then we have this uttered A is this way. It looks a little bit like a seashell became painting. We always talk about ships enjoying. We always talk about ships that you need to look out for. This is the centre here. I don't want to drive to to, uh, back, but I'm actually holding a to be pen. Save you. Can you get a to hitch? Mansour would be better. And we have another potato like this. So I have one pence see here. And I intend to pain like you see any kind of pain to to show you. So let me draw one more here. But I'm not going to paint a penguin. I'm going up in a perhaps. Let me see. Blue one. I haven't decided between some grip nd's haven't been decent. Maybe opinion these So it's a little bit, uh, kind of Ah, he didn't again. I like toe pin it this way that they are not totally sink one full one and one he didn't. So you start making center point and then you draw to better shaped like a seashell like that. Then another one here and there. One here. So all together there are five. Pat does. Okay, five Pettus. And for the Leafs, I would not draw them. I would probably have them pain here. So this is my composition, which I always talk about in most of my classes. This is called rules put. So that means Is that one my focal point somewhere here? Yeah. So I have them plan this week. Okay. At me. Start. I'm using Cobalt. Violet. I'm going to use the very gator wash s I see. And I was stuck with this plateau again. You lay the water, so I was not from this point for the color to flow up, one is slightly darker. I get more Pickman. So I I really enjoyed this this part of the painting because when the pains that the flow is so beautiful. Okay, One point of technologies that whenever the Pepto, that's a full. This is the part that you need toe on more people. Okay, let me point. It's up to you. For example, This this is the part that there's a forward. So it on more people, that's a full here too. Here. So I am more pain. I can add a little bit off my pull here. The good one. I realized that missing I should add in a bit of blue. If I want to get this color, This is the full. Okay? I wash my brush. So very likely I just blend them. So I have one better done. I want to have a bit more color. So at on more Pickman off the blue for it flew up. Make sure that my brush don't have so much pain. Yes, so I just blend it out. Did I saw with these Petr Done? I should hope on this year I should work on this one. So this one, I will have water again. Okay, you're noticed that mystery at a patters is basically white background. So I will be I will be living it with less pain. And also, I have to keep this part here quite so that I can in the yellow later on. So it's just basically adding in water. Now make sure that it's not too wet too. And, uh k, I'm like adding in a bit off a mix of Carlos. So just at the each off the Penzias pet bull not too much. Don't spread it too much by having a clean brush because I didn't want it to spread that much so but with my brush having a little bit off the light blue. I just create this. Yeah. So I had this done. Okay, by now, this should be dry. I mean, they should be dragged so I can work on this one already. Just work on this again. You lay water because there's not much pain. So I had to go quite near. Yes. I said, make sure that it's not too wit. I need to go over this part again later. Getting a bit off blue and papo. So I just paint at the beach with me. I think I go over here a little bit for the because I understand. Not a little bit more. Kate, That looks pretty good now. And okay, I can work on this, but here because it's a little bit darker, so I use a little bit off pains. Grief for the shared. Oh, here. See, I just on a bit of a shared door to show the full. So this But there this part here there's a full. So I need to show a full, and I need to get on a little bit more off the pains agree to show more shadow. I see. And here to a little bit. So now I need to move on to this decide Let me just do a little bit off blending. So every time when you're painting you make sure that your Paterson dry before you go on to the next one. In case the pain were kind off. I actually forgot about the each year. OK, but you still can't look on it in a way. Get dry year and quite nice to less water, and they would that you wouldn't spread that much. So I got the each off the pendency done. And also I got some of these shading here, but I think I need a little bit more. It's over here. When I was painting these, I was referring toa photograph. So now I'm referring to dese. It's always better to refer Toa photograph or a real flower. Then you're painting. Can you see that? There's a bit of yellow here. So we, uh, again with the pain despite first and this is mine in midazolam in my color swatch here I mentioned about this, so be can on here If the color is not dip in that you find that you want and matter off the you can actually use captain in yellow in sight. So you have a bit of stronger color. So right here I have a doctor proper. So let me because the yellow is not fully dry. Okay, So for the lines, I will use feminine violet, the lines you have tow pin them in such that I'm making a little bit mix of color so that the colors will get a little bit doctor mix of it. Yeah, for the lines. You have to make sure that it's not to Steve because that would actually spoil your hoping thing a little bit more water for it to flow better. Something like this. So something like this with a little bit more water so that the pin can move better. So the lines, as I say have to be slowly cannot be a strict line on that. OK, sometimes they, uh, pensees that the lines are quite strictly this one. This one is that you're quite strict. Yeah, but for this one, is that you? Quite smooth. The lines are like flowy. I think I need to have more sheets here solely on us. So some people say this looks like a bout of fried this way. Que Kind of quite like this city. Okay, I think for here I would like to add a little bit more off the blue. Some opinions agree for the shadow. So that's a ship. This is she. So I get a ship off yellow. I graze it over. Grace that yellow. This is not dry yet, so I got careful. So if you under Grace, maybe weak point is a fully dry I have a graze a bit off yellow. So So I always talk about when you have a flower. If you want to have some colors, make sure that the whole flower has a tinge of that. So So they look like they're together last year, looking on this one water again. And so this is a back patter. I need to have a tackle color for this. As I mentioned, if this a that's us right in, then you need to have a darker color here. So So you kind of see a full? I just saw a bit off. What? So I need to work on it before you dry up. So this one also So I have this done. I'll be working on another one, maybe something like this for before here. So it's like if we hide No, I'm using a number six brush lay water again with on any to use that makes up football. Okay, so going to the beach at just move it a bit. If I won a stronger color, I just more Pickman. I can't have a bit of Pupo too, because this one that's so there's a bit of mix all this flowers that I have cots, they really make very, pretty small cuts. Yes. So I really hope that your were try painting each one of them. Hey, and then All right, so I have one site done, and then I will just work on this same thing again. You just at all. Who? Uh, my prism. Bahir used my brush the tip of my brush tool to bring in the lines, but as a mix of color so you can actually use you refer back to your color church. Your watchers, Cobalt, violet light is thes. Is this color So I have it here also. Yeah, I have a bit off this color so that this you will be able tow. Find out your color. Is it so? I went a bit of a blue line like this. So Okay, so I have this done. Cobalt blue mixed with a bit off King's Greedo. So I pull it up going quick coast of this one. So over here the center of flour is stuck. So I need to use my pains. Greater the pain. You see, I just this way to get that you fed you can happen with the bilge water. And same for him. Yeah. So now I under center again and it is the captain in yellow again. Over here. We saw that that begin to give it a bit more. There. You Okay? So that's two here again. One last hope. Eto. And then you use your blue. Then read were at the pain. Yes, the part where small in then you on so that you can see the full. I hope by now you understand it because this is a very important technique to learn so that whenever you see full But even then full, you impede and then you can see the effect So with that, I pull in, pull in the color if it has come disposed okay here because there's a shit. So I won a little bit more pain or so, and I like here to have a bit more pin. So I on if the colors have kind of disappear, you can get on the big moon. I say, sit this people and stop your pin. And then here, the last petal, I would just add it in. So we have finished two off the pensees and I'm going to paint in the Leafs. I'll be working on here. So one to three. I make it this week. 12 Sometimes you don't show the whole leaves a. So So that's half way, and I like to have a mix off some blue, too. So because this is a bill for foot pole, maybe a bit of purport to getting on this color and that you see yes, over here because I'm going to have a small floor at Visa. Quite a set me get back some clean set green again. So because so there's a match day or else this one looks a little bit dirty. And now I get a little bit off the mix that I have here. I got a bit of a pull. Been working here so pretty the colors here. So a little bit Mix off this again in case it looks to the t. So I just have a pure color. So once again, we talk a bit about leaf layering off in my earlier classes. So So you can also learn from there. So these are the shadow leaves, you see, without this leaves, it does look very plain. So, Emma, making this whole reef looks a lot more interesting before some shadow leaf. Some I'm relieved to see these primary leaps than my shadow leaves here. Yeah, and sometimes my shadow leaves It looks a little bit that I just at a little bit off this robot copper in. So I in in the lines And, uh, yeah, in my earlier classes. So it will you say, if you enter in, this one is a little bit semi dry, so I can in some teen lines here if I want again, your lines cannot be to ST Okay. You need to learn how to pin it. Yes, Mordor like this this money is still Yeah. So when I draw in evil come this bus. So it's a little bit to bit maybe in a bit more small of small pensees this not really open yet. Maybe here, maybe. Here. Yeah. So, some off thes tendencies, maybe a bit off a blue one. So with that, I'm going to finish this last piece, my pensees flora, and, uh, I hope you enjoy it, and you're able to in a few cuts, so I see you soon. 12. Wrapping Up: So in this last class I would like to go through the flowers again. So you have done pop piece and I show you how to from a little puppies bouquet. And then I teach you how to paint an emo knees With that technique that taught you except one step close Step three and also the Berries. And you can form something like thes the blue and the po one. So the proper one you can paint in this format to all I can be in this week. Yeah, when you pin it this week, it can be done here and there. You can do your writing here, or you can be in this way. So there's many who his Yeah, you can actually for make this the lay up and then I teach you to live so that can be done in s one. It's so it looks very pretty. Yeah, you probably want the challenges self with three. So that lastly I taught you how the pain Pensees and I have individual pans easier. And I will also put up so that you can see how you can pin these and I painted one earlier on on my own with a pink color. But with you I went through two off the pensees and with the leaves. And I like this a lot better because I think the flow is very They're united, and I I just kind of like it this way so you can make into small cuts, And I hope you enjoy my addict glasses to see you.